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Chenoweth History: 4th Generation

The Families of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

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ABSOLOM(4) 1774-aft 1830

Absolom was born in Hampshire Co., VA (now WV) on April 17, 1774, where his parents, Arthur Chenoweth and Elspa Lawrence were recorded in a 1783 Census by John's uncle, Levi Ashbrook. While still young, his parents moved to Jefferson Co., KY where other families of John(2) had located. Absolom married at the age of 20 to Eleanor Duvall in Nelson Co., KY on February 19, 1795. She was of similar age, the daughter of John Miles Duvall and Anne Rosella Philomena Tarleton. John Duvall had died enroute to Kentucky from Maryland. Absolom was incorrectly placed in Perry Co., OH by Cora Hiatt and given the wrong family. Instead he and Eleanor had a family of 4 all born in Kentucky and went to Illinois about the same time as his brother John, just before 1820. It is believed that Absolom and Eleanor both died there while the children were not yet of age. The dates and places are unknown.

CENSUS: 1800 KY: (tax list) Jefferson Co, 1810 (wife, Eleanor) KY: Jefferson Co: page 18, 1820 IL: Lawrence Co: page 272
LOCATIONS: Hampshire Co., VA (now WV), Jefferson Co., KY, Clark and Lawrence Cos., IL
BOOKS: Harris page 331-2 (family incorrectly listed), Hiatt page 84
OTHER SOURCES: Peter Chenoweth of Georgia, research of Virginia Duling and Pat Obrist, Census Work 1880, WFT Vol 6 # 4225


  1. Mary b. Bet. 1795 - 1801, Kentucky; m. (1) WILLIAM C. ASHBROOK, January 26, 1819, Jefferson Co., KY; b. Abt. 1799, Campbell Co., KY; d. 1828, Floyd Co., IN; m. (2) JOSEPH ADAMS, March 29, 1830, Floyd Co., IN; b. Bet. 1790 - 1810.
  2. Matilda b. Aft. 1795, Kentucky; m. HENRY REINEYKING, September 21, 1822, Lawrence Co., IL; b. Aft. 1785.
  3. Elizabeth b. Aft. 1795, Jefferson Co., KY; d. February 1846; m. SAMUEL ADAMS, December 23, 1823, Lawrence Co., IL; b. 1775; d. February 19, 1846.
  4. John Miles Duvall b. September 01, 1814, Jefferson Co., KY; d. January 11, 1870, Lawrence Co., IL; m. (1) ELIZABETH FAIL, August 29, 1835, Lawrence Co., IL; b. Bet. 1809 - 1817; d. Abt. 1836, Illinois; m. (2) MARY FAIL, May 19, 1844, Lawrence Co., IL; b. February 07, 1829, Lawrence Co., IL; d. November 17, 1889, Lawrence Co., IL.

Descendant Outline

NOTE: Dates for living individuals have been excluded. A number in brackets after the name indicates either the person belongs to more than one Chenoweth line of ancestry. (i.e. a marriage of cousins occurred or a person married more than one family member) or has multiple marriages.

Absolom Chenoweth b: April 17, 1774 in Hampshire Co., VA (now WV) d: Aft. 1830
... +Eleanor Duvall b: 1775 in St. Mary's Co., MD d: Unknown Father: John Miles Duvall Mother: Anne Rosella Philomena Tarleton
.. 5
Mary Chenoweth [2139] b: Bet. 1795 - 1801 in Kentucky d: Unknown Comment: 1st cousin marriage
+William C. Ashbrook [2138] b: Abt. 1799 in Campbell Co., KY d: 1828 in Floyd Co., IN Comment: 1st cousin marriage Father: John Ashbrook Mother: Mary W. Chenoweth
.. *2nd Husband of Mary Chenoweth:
+Joseph Adams b: Bet. 1790 - 1810 d: Unknown
.. 5
Matilda Chenoweth b: Aft. 1795 in Kentucky d: Unknown
+Henry Reineyking b: Aft. 1785 d: Unknown
.. 5
Elizabeth Chenoweth b: Aft. 1795 in Jefferson Co., KY d: February 1846
..... +Samuel Adams b: 1775 d: February 19, 1846 Father: William Adams Mother: Doris ?
.. 5
John Miles Duvall Chenoweth b: September 01, 1814 in Jefferson Co., KY d: January 11, 1870 in Lawrence Co., IL Burial: Howard cemetery, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., IL
+Elizabeth Fail b: Bet. 1809 - 1817 d: Abt. 1836 in Illinois
.... 6
Arthur Chenoweth b: July 25, 1836 in Lawrence Co., IL d: April 01, 1870 in Lawrence Co., IL Burial: Howard cemetery, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., IL
.. *2nd Wife of John Miles Duvall Chenoweth:
+Mary Fail b: February 07, 1829 in Lawrence Co., IL d: November 17, 1889 in Lawrence Co., IL
.... 6
Emily Chenoweth b: 1848 in Lawrence Co., IL d: Unknown
+James N. Thompson b: Bet. 1833 - 1853 d: Unknown
.... 6
Mary Chenoweth b: January 29, 1850 in Lawrence Co., IL d: October 14, 1853 in Lawrence Co., IL Burial: Howard cemetery, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., IL
.... 6
Ellen 'Ella' Chenoweth b: 1853 in Lawrence Co., IL d: Unknown
+Tighlman A. Curry b: Abt. 1851 in Sullivan Co., IN d: Unknown
.... 6
Amanda Chenoweth b: November 23, 1854 in Lawrence Co., IL d: October 31, 1875 in Lawrence Co., IL Burial: Howard cemetery, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., IL
.... 6
Alice Chenoweth b: 1858 in Lawrence Co., IL d: Unknown
+Edward H. Robinson b: Bet. 1843 - 1863 d: Unknown
.... 6
Mahala A. Chenoweth b: Aft. 1850 d: Unknown

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