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Chenoweth History: 2nd Generation

The Families of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

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Richard was the second son, third child, born about 1710, probably in Pennsylvania or New Jersey before the family came to Maryland. Richard married in Baltimore County, Kezia, her parents, surname, and age unknown. Richard would remain in Baltimore County all his life. Three of his sons would serve in the American Revolution: Richard, Thomas, and Joseph. According to Elmer Haile, Jr., "Richard started buying land in 1746 with the acquisition of 100 acres of Merryman's Adventure from Samuel Merryman. This farm is south of Great Falls of the Gunpowder, probably north of Towson." He and Kezia had nine known children, all mentioned in his will, written October 1, 1781, about two months before his death at age 71. Over the years, Richard's land holdings in Baltimore Co. came to over 200 acres, which he divided by will among 4 of his 5 living sons: Richard, Jr., Thomas, Arthur and Joseph. For their share, these four were to pay monies to the youngest son, William.

Of note is an increasing problem with the dates given for Richard's marriage and children by Cora Hiatt. None of these dates has been found on any document. In 1737, Richard is living with this father and 3 of his other brothers. There is no indication that Richard is married at this point in 1737, though Hiatt gives the birth of the first child as 1734. The earliest sighting of Kezia (Cassiah) as Richard's wife is in the early 1740's as a witness in a Quaker marriage at the Gunpowder MM. The marriage dates of at least his sons Arthur and Thomas would indicate that they were not as old as Hiatt claimed.

Cora placed the marriages and lives of three of Arthur's sons and one of his grandsons as children of Richard. In reality we know very little of this family after Richard's death in 1781. Most of them seem to vanish without a trace. Only the lines from the deceased son, John, whose family went basically to Tennessee, and the lines of Hannah and Thomas who went to Harford Co. are known to us. Something seems to have happened to this family. It is known that there was a long disputed estate claim between the children of Richard and the widow of the deceased son John. In the end, Frances seems to have won out and the lands of Richard were disposed of by a sheriff's sale.:

As stated, Richard died on December 12, 1781 leaving a will naming his living wife Kezia, his 5 livings sons and 3 living daughters, and his deceased son John, and a grandson Richard by his son John. Today, it is believed that many of the unconnected Chenoweths lines that live in the Baltimore today come from the lines of Richard [Harris text]

WILL: Baltimore Co., MD: dated October 1, 1781
CENSUS: 1737 (tax rolls) MD: Baltimore Co: Back River Upper Hundred, 1754 (tax rolls)Baltimore Co., 1763 (tax rolls)Back River Upper Hundred, 1773 (tax rolls) Baltimore Co: Kingsbury Furnace
LOCATIONS: Baltimore Co., MD
BOOKS: Harris page 241, Hiatt pages 78 & 129
OTHER SOURCES: Richard Harris: The Chenoweth Family in America, Cora Hiatt: Peter Chenoweth of Georgia, Elmer R. Haile, Jr., Census Work 1850, WFT Vol 6 # 0434

    Children of RICHARD CHENOWETH and KEZIA ? are:

  1. Susanna b. Abt. 1743, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Aft. 1820; m. ? PRICE; b. Bet. 1735 - 1754.
  2. Richard b. Abt. 1745, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Abt. 1815.
  3. John b. Abt. 1746, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Bef. December 04, 1781, Baltimore Co., MD; m. FRANCES HAILE, 1757, Batimore Co., MD; b. Abt. 1739; d. 1815.
  4. Arthur b. Abt. 1751, Baltimore Co., MD; m. CASANDRA BOSLEY, March 24, 1784, Balitmore Co., MD; b. Abt. 1752; d. September 02, 1793, Mercer Co., KY.
  5. Hannah b. Abt. 1752, Baltimore Co., MD; d. March 15, 1836, Harford Co., MD; m. JOSEPH ASHTON; b. October 04, 1742; d. November 13, 1819, Harford Co., MD.
  6. William b. Abt. 1753.
  7. Kezia b. 1755, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Unknown; m. JOHN CHRIST KEMPFF, October 09, 1783, Baltimore Co., MD; b. Bet. 1740 - 1760.
  8. Thomas b. Abt. 1756, Baltimore Co., MD; m. RACHEL NORRIS, January 01, 1788, St John's, Hartford Co., MD; b. Abt. 1761, Harford Co., MD; d. Unknown.
  9. Joseph b. Abt. 1758, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Unknown.

Descendant Outline

NOTE: Dates for living individuals have been excluded. A number in brackets after the name indicates either the person belongs to more than one Chenoweth line of ancestry. (i.e. a marriage of cousins occurred or a person married more than one family member) or has multiple marriages.

Richard Chenoweth b: 1710 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey d: December 12, 1781 in Baltimore Co., MD
... +Kezia ? b: Bet. 1705 - 1717 d: Unknown
.. 3
Susanna Chenoweth b: Abt. 1743 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Aft. 1820
+? Price b: Bet. 1735 - 1754 d: Unknown
.. 3
Richard Chenoweth b: Abt. 1745 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Abt. 1815 Military: Revolutionary War
.. 3
John Chenoweth b: Abt. 1746 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Bef. December 04, 1781 in Baltimore Co., MD
..... +Frances Haile b: Abt. 1739 d: 1815 Father: George Haile Mother: Elizabeth Chaffinch
.. 3
Arthur Chenoweth b: Abt. 1751 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Unknown
+Casandra Bosley b: Abt. 1752 d: September 02, 1793 in Mercer Co., KY Father: William Bosley Mother: Elizabeth Dimmitt
.... 4
Elizabeth Chinewith b: 1786 in Maryland d: Unknown
+Elias Passmore b: 1784 in Virginia d: Unknown
...... 5
Mary 'Nancy' Trapnall Passmore [5061] b: June 1815 in Kentucky d: August 03, 1892 in Mercer Co., KY
+Thomas Hanna Chenoweth [5060] b: May 10, 1810 in Kentucky d: May 05, 1848 in New Orleans, LA Comment: 3rd cousin marriage to Nancy Father: James S. Chenoweth Mother: Martha 'Patsy' Smith
........ 6
James Quilbert Chenoweth [5062] b: February 09, 1841 in Jefferson Co., KY d: June 20, 1909 in Elks Home, VA Military: Civil War: Confederacy
+Scota M. Inskeep [5063] b: November 1851 in Ohio d: Bet. 1871 - 1872 in Kentucky Father: Henry Ward Inskeep Mother: Cassandra ?
.......... 7
Ward Hardy Chenoweth [5064] b: 1868 in Kentucky d: Bef. 1900
........ 6
Julia Chenoweth [5065] b: 1844 in Kentucky d: September 05, 1890 in buried Springhill cemetery, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY
........ 6
Thomas Hanna 'Tommie Ann' Chenoweth [5066] b: February 1846 in Kentucky d: Unknown in buried Springhill cemetery, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY Comment: no children
+Turner J. Fisher [5067] b: January 1844 in Kentucky d: 1913 in buried Springhill cemetery, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., KY
...... 5
Cassandra Passmore [5069] b: 1819 in Mercer Co., KY d: Unknown Comment: 3rd cousin marriage
+William S. Chenoweth [5068] b: October 03, 1816 in Kentucky d: Bef. 1850 Comment: 3rd cousin marriage Father: James S. Chenoweth Mother: Martha 'Patsy' Smith
...... 5
Arthur Passmore b: Abt. 1825 in Kentucky d: Unknown
...... 5
E. Holman Passmore b: Abt. 1828 d: Unknown
...... 5
Sarah Passmore b: Abt. 1832 d: Unknown
.. 3
Hannah Chenoweth b: Abt. 1752 in Baltimore Co., MD d: March 15, 1836 in Harford Co., MD Burial: Rock Spring cemetery, Harford Co., MD
..... +Joseph Ashton b: October 04, 1742 d: November 13, 1819 in Harford Co., MD Burial: Rock Spring cemetery, Harford Co., MD
.. 3
William Chenoweth b: Abt. 1753 d: Unknown
.. 3
Kezia Chenoweth b: 1755 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Unknown
+John Christ Kempff b: Bet. 1740 - 1760 d: Unknown
.. 3
Thomas Chenoweth b: Abt. 1756 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Unknown Military: Revolutionary War
..... +Rachel Norris b: Abt. 1761 in Harford Co., MD d: Unknown Father: Thomas Norris
.. 3
Joseph Chenoweth b: Abt. 1758 in Baltimore Co., MD d: Unknown Military: Revolutionary War

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