Chenoweth Family Papers 1796-1993

Collected by Richard and Shirley Harris

Bowling Green, KY


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This is a reproduction of the index used at Wesern Kentucky University for the collection of Chenoweth genealogy material gathered by Richard and Shirley Harris during their 20 years or research. The culmination of this research is their book "The Chenoweth Family in America, pub 1994. Richard Harris donated this research to the University to perserve the basis for the book in honor of his wife, Shirley Harris, in 1993. In part it was his desire to avoid the loss of this material to future researchers. Mr Harris own words from the introduction of his book are pointed in this regard: "It is unfortunate that the raw data used by Mrs.Hiatt is not available. If it were, it would greatly facilitate the evaluation of conflicting, but credible, information found since then. Recognizing this, after this book is published, the research information used in its preparation will be given to the Kentucky Library of Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101."

Bowling Green is located in South Central Kentucky on I-65, 120 miles south of Louisville and 60 miles north of Nashville. The town, population about 50,000, is home to Western Kentucky University. This campus is located near the center of town in a landscape of rolling hills and broadleaf trees common to this area of Kentucky. The papers are found in the Kentucky Building on campus which also contains the Kentucky Museum. The Kentucky Library is on the second floor and the papers are found in the Manuscripts section, Department of Special Collections. The catalog card to these papers reads: MSS 90 Chenoweth Papers 1796-1993. Genealogical materials collected by Shirley and Richard Harris related to the Chenoweth family. Especially noteworthy are the military pension records of various Chenoweth family members from the Revolutionary War through World War II: 16 boxes, 188 folders, 4319 items. Original and photocopies. Gift of Richard Harris, Bowling Green, Kentucky 1993 in honor ofhis wife Shirley Harris

Patricia M. Hodges is the Co-ordinator of Manuscripts and Archieves. This section is open Monday thru Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. The address is The Kentucky Building, Western Kentucky University, 1 Big Red Way, Bowling Green, KY 42101-3576, Phone: (502) 745-6434 Fax: (502) 745-4878 Email: Patricia M. Hodges

Library Index

Manuscripts Department of Library Special Collections Kentucky Building Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY 42101
MSS 90 CHENOWETH Family Papers Inventory COLLECTION

This large collection of genealogical materials was collected by Shirley (Bales) Harris (I 928-1992) and Richard C. Harris (1 927- ). Mrs.. Harris became interested in the history of her family in 1977 while living in Honolulu, Hawaii. The collection is the result of 15 years of gathering information and was used to compile The Chenoweth Family in America: Some Descendants of John Chenoweth B. ca 1682 (Scottsville, KY.: Gerald Printing Service, 1994). The collection was a gift of Mr. Harris in 1994.

The collection traces the family of John Chenoweth, Sr. (ca. 1682-????) and Mary Calvert Chenoweth from his immigration to America in ca. 1715. Approximately one-half of the collection consists of family group sheets; a flow chart is attached which explains the group sheets and their numbering. The remainder of the collection includes research notes taken during trips made by the Harrises, census records on the Chenoweths, a valuable grouping of military pension records for Chenoweths, miscellaneous research notes, and various documentary sources sited on the family group sheets. Fifteen books were separated from the collection and are housed in the Kentucky Library (see attached list) as is The Chenoweth Family in America (CS 71.C519)

CATALOG CARD mss CHENOWETH Family Papers - 1796-1993 90 Genealogical materials collected by Shirley and Richard Harris related to the Chenoweth family. Especially noteworthy are the military pension records of various Chenoweth family members from the Revolutionary War through World War 11. 16 boxes, 188 Folders, 4,319 items. Originals and photocopies. Gift of Richard Harris, Bowling Green, Ky., 1993 in honor of his wife Shirley Harris.


Family sheets

(Partial breakdown)

The Family sheets are contained in 7 boxes. In my brief time in Bowling Green I only examined 2 boxes. The listing below is a partial location for Box 2 part of John(2)s line. Included is the Harris reference number for each individual. Behind each family sheet are associated materials for that sheet.

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