Chenoweth History - Index of Surnames [C-D]

Descendants of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

(based on database cutoff date: September 22, 2003)


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Surname (# of listings) Note: A surname without a number indicates only one instance of this name in the database. Bracketed numbers indicate how many listings there are for this surname
Caballero, Cabe(3), Cabinis, Cable, Cabral(2), Cacy, Caddic(2), Caddy(16), Cade(5), Cadle(2), Cadwalder, Cadwallader(8), Cadwell(3), Cady(7), Cage, Cager, Cagle(3), Cahill, Cain(33), Cairns(5), Cairy, Calamusa, Calaway, Calder(3), Calderon, Calderwood(47), Caldwell(12), Cale(8), Cales(2), Caley(3), Calfee(4), Calhoon, Calhoun, Calihan, Calkin(8), Calkins(2), Call(5), Callahan(14), Callan(2), Callarman(2), Callaway(207), Calleja(3), Callender(4), Caller(3), Calley, Callis, Callison, Callori(5), Calloway(2), Callup(2), Calp, Calton, Calvert(13), Calvin(5), Calvo(3), Camara(4), Cambell, Cameon, Camerer, Camerlo(2), Cameron(20), Cammack, Cammeron, Camp(7), Campagne, Campbell(132), Camper, Campi, Campidille, Campmire, Campoli(4), Campos(4), Canada(6), Canady(5), Canapp, Canavan, Candelaria, Candido(4), Candini(2), Candler(8), Canfield(25), Canizales(2), Cannady, Cannon(28), Cano(3), Canoles(11), Cantebury, Canterbury(3), Cantrall(10), Cantrell(24), Cantwell(3), Canup(11), Capa, Capello(4), Caples(3), Capley, Caplinger(58), Cappadony, Cappel, Cappelutti, Capps(11), Capra, Car, Carbaugh, Card(2), Carden(9), Carder(8), Cardey, Cardinet(2), Carender(3), Carey(10), Cariglo, Carillo(4), Carinier, Carl(4), Carleton, Carlile(2), Carlin, Carlisle(4), Carlock, Carlson(41), Carlsward(4), Carlton(5), Carlucci, Carlyle, Carmack(2), Carman, Carmen, Carmichael(14), Carmickle(23), Carmine, Carnahan(17), Carnathan, Carnell(3), Carnes(78), Carney(8), Caro?, Carolus, Carothers(3), Carpenter(61), Carpentieri(3), Carper(5), Carr(51), Carraco, Carran, Carrao, Carraway(2), Carre(4), Carrell(3), Carrick, Carrico, Carrie, Carrier(3), Carrillo(3), Carrison, Carrodus(3), Carroll(49), Carruthers(4), Carse, Carsella, Carskaden, Carson(27), Carswell(3), Carte(2), Carter(583), Cartmell(2), Cartnal, Cartright, Cartwright(11), Caruso, Caruthers, Carvalho, Carver(12), Cary(48), Caryer(10), Casady, Casarez(3), Casberg, Cascarano(4), Case(21), Casebier(309), Caselman, Caseres, Casey(12), Cash(10), Cashatt, Cashdollar(2), Casida(3), Casillas, Caskey(7), Cason(2), Casper(3), Casperi, Caspers, Cass(4), Cassel, Cassell, Cassena, Casserly, Cassidy(5), Cassingham, Castagani, Castanheira, Castanien(4), Casteel(20), Castell, Castellanos(6), Castenborder, Caster(3), Castetter, Castillo, Castle(8), Castleman(4), Casto(9), Castor(3), Castro(5), Caswell, Catalono, Cate(6), Caterall(4), Cates(5), Catheda, Cathermann, Catlett(5), Catlin(2), Caton, Catron(3), Cattaneo, Catter, Cattibiana, Catton(4), Cauble, Caudell(2), Caudle(6), Caudy, Caufield, Caughlin, Cauley(3), Caulfield(11), Caulkins, Cavanaugh(13), Cave(4), Cavenaugh, Caves, Caviler, Cavinder, Caviness(4), Cavitt, Cavnar, Cawkins, Cawood(7), Caynor, Cayzedo(4), Cecil(2), Cedar, Cednik, Cehak, Ceilo, Celesky, Celli, Cener, Center(16), Centu, Cepin, Cermele(4), Cerney, Cerullo, Cervantes(3), Cerventes(2), Cessa(3), Cetak(3), Chacon(2), Chadburn, Chadd(5), Chadderdon, Chaddick(15), Chadrey, Chadwick(5), Chaffin(7), Chaikumwang, Chalender, Chalfant(6), Challacombe(8), Challis(8), Chally, Chalmers(2), Chalus, Chamberlain(9), Chamberlin(3), Chambers(46), Chamblee, Chambliss, Chamness(2), Champion(2), Chanay, Chancellor, Chancy(5), Chandler(37), Chaney(6), Channell(26), Channing(3), Chansy, Chaon, Chapdelaine(3), Chapin(7), Chaplin, Chapman(51), Chappel, Chappell(11), Charlebois(3), Charles(24), Charleston, Charlesworth(3), Charron(2), Chase(31), Chason, Chastain(5), Chasten, Chatham(33), Chatman, Chatt(11), Chatterton, Chauses(3), Chavana(3), Chavenne, Chavers, Chavez(4), Chavis, Cheatham(32), Cheatum, Chee, Cheek(5), Cheesman(2), Cheetam(2), Chen, Cheney(4), Chenoweth(10261), Cherino, Chernoff(3), Cherry(32), Cherryman(3), Chesser(2), Chester, Chestlet, Chestnut(4), Chevront, Chew(2), Chewing, Chewning, Chezem, Chiamis, Chicarelli(3), Chidsey(4), Chike, Chilcoat(8), Chilcote(4), Chilcotte, Child, Childers(11), Childress(4), Childs(8), Chiles(2), Chilgren, Chilla(3), Chinchilla, Ching, Chinn(2), Chipman(5), Chittier, Chittum, Chitty(7), Chlarson, Chlebanoski, Chmela, Choate(3), Choina(2), Cholwek, Choroser, Chovis, Chrisenberry(4), Chrisman, Christ(3), Christe, Christen(13), Christenbury(3), Christensen(22), Christenson(17), Christian(22), Christiansen(2), Christianson(8), Christie(5), Christine(5), Christison, Christman(4), Christodoulou(2), Christofferson(2), Christom, Christopel, Christopher(5), Christy(17), Chrysler(5), Chrystal, Chu, Church(12), Churchill(3), Chynoweth, Chynweth, Chytla, Ciampa, Ciastko, Cicab, Cink, Cirasuolo, Cirrincione(3), Cisco, Ciskowski(6), Cissil, Civiello(7), Cizek, Cizza, Claar(3), Clabaugh(2), Claborn, Clagg(3), Claiborn(5), Clair, Clairborne, Clanin(5), Clanton, Claphan, Clapier(3), Clapman, Clapp(8), Clapsattle(3), Claridge, Clarisey, Clark(210), Clarke(36), Clarkson, Clary(10), Clattenburg, Claunan, Claunch, Claus(3), Clause, Clausen, Clawges, Clawson(2), Clay(15), Claymiller, Claypool(2), Clayson, Clayton(23), Claytor, Clearwater, Cleary(4), Cleaver(3), Clee(2), Cleland(8), Clem(14), Clemens(3), Clement(15), Clements(13), Clemmens, Clemmer, Clemmons(7), Clemons(7), Clendenen(10), Cleveland(3), Clevenger(9), Cliburn, Click(26), Clifford(3), Clift(6), Clifton(5), Clinch, Cline(27), Clingaman, Clingerman(3), Clinkenbeard, Clippenger, Clise, Clodfelter, Cloe(7), Cloninger(13), Clopper, Clore, Close(8), Closs(2), Closser(5), Clotfelter, Clothier(2), Cloud(17), Clouse(2), Clouser, Clover(21), Clovis, Clower, Clowers, Cloyd(2), Cluck(25), Cluff, Clugage(6), Cluggish(2), Clugh, Clugston, Clute(5), Clyde(12), Clymer(35), Cmar, Coakley(4), Coalson(3), Coan(4), Coartney, Coates(7), Coats(3), Cobb(33), Coberly(83), Coble, Coblenz(2), Coburn(2), Cocca, Cocheran, Cochran(32), Cochren, Cochrun(2), Cockburn(4), Cockerton(3), Cockey, Cocking, Cocklin(2), Cockman, Cockran(18), Cockrell(2), Cockroft, Cockrun, Cocran, Code, Cody(2), Coe(8), Coen, Cofer(22), Coff, Coffelt(10), Coffendaffer, Coffer, Coffey(7), Coffield(5), Coffin(8), Coffing(11), Cofflin(2), Coffman(43), Cofield, Cofiell, Cogar(3), Coggeshall, Cogswell, Cohagen, Cohee(2), Cohen(2), Cohoon(2), Coker(3), Colarossi(3), Colbert(4), Colborn(13), Colburn(5), Colby, Colclasure, Coldsmith, Cole(97), Coleburn, Colegrove(5), Coleman(33), Coles, Coley(9), Colglasier(4), Coll(2), Collard, Collatz, Collett(48), Collette, Colley, Colli, Collier(8), Collingham(9), Collings, Collins(68), Collis(4), Collison(39), Collister, Collom(26), Collum(11), Collver, Collyer, Colmenero, Colocci, Colpetzer, Columbus, Colvert, Colville(2), Colvin(22), Colwell(6), Comargo, Combs(28), Comer(5), Commerford, Compfield(5), Compton(16), Conard(3), Conaster, Concepcion, Conde(4), Condit(13), Condon(4), Cone(2), Cones, Conette, Coney, Congdon(3), Conger(3), Congleton(3), Congrove(5), Conkel, Conkley, Conklin(5), Conley(27), Conlin, Conlon(2), Conn(6), Connally, Connaly, Connard, Connarn(8), Connatser(3), Connaway, Connell(6), Connelly(10), Conner(38), Conners(4), Connery, Conningham, Connlee(2), Connolly(2), Connor(20), Conrad(20), Conrath(2), Conroe, Conrow(2), Conroy(5), Consolver, Constance, Constant, Constantine(4), Constantino(4), Conte(3), Conti, Contreras(2), Converse, Conway(8), Conyers(2), Cook(168), Cooke(2), Cooksey, Cool(2), Cooley(18), Coolidge(2), Coombs(7), Coon(13), Coonce, Cooner, Cooney, Coonrod(11), Coons(10), Coonts(5), Coontz(37), Coonz(2), Coop(4), Cooper(96), Copas, Copass, Cope(14), Copelan(29), Copeland(77), Copenheaver, Copher, Copner, Copp, Coppell, Copper, Coran, Corbely, Corbett(21), Corbin(6), Corbit, Corby(5), Corcoran, Cordell(11), Cordenio, Corder(20), Cordes, Cordle(2), Cordray, Core(3), Corey(6), Corgill, Corley(24), Cornejo, Cornelius(2), Cornell(25), Cornett(5), Cornier, Cornish, Corns(15), Cornwell(7), Corp(2), Corra(4), Corrado(7), Correll, Corrick(17), Corrie, Corron(4), Corsa, Corson(7), Corthay(2), Cortner, Corum, Corwin(3), Cosby, Cosgrove(3), Coski, Cosner(12), Cosse, Cossens, Cossi, Cost, Costa(3), Costello, Coster, Costley(7), Cotner(4), Cotter(3), Cotterell, Cotterman, Cottingham(2), Cottle(4), Cotton(6), Cottrell(5), Cottrill(4), Couch(21), Couchman(17), Coughin, Coughlin(7), Coughron, Couler, Coulombe, Coulson, Coultas, Coulter(45), Coulthurst, Coumb, Council, Councill, Counter(6), Countryman(14), Counts(10), Countyman, Coursey(4), Courson(4), Courtney(17), Courtright, Courts, Courville(3), Couse, Coutrer, Couture(3), Covahey(12), Coventry, Coverdale(31), Coverston(12), Covert(10), Covey, Covington, Cowan(30), Coward(4), Cowart, Cowden(2), Cowell(14), Cowen(2), Cowfer, Cowgill(6), Cowherd, Cowin, Cowley, Cownan, Cox(209), Coxe, Coy(5), Coyle(53), Coyner(4), Cozack, Cozad, Cozadd, Cozine, Cozzi(3), Crabb(3), Crabbs, Crable(3), Crabtree(24), Craddock(8), Cradt, Craft(14), Crafton, Crafts, Craig(17), Crain(7), Cramblett, Cramer(16), Crandall(6), Crandell, Crane(13), Crank(2), Cranor(5), Cranston, Crater(2), Crates(3), Craven, Cravens(4), Crawford(58), Crawley(5), Cray, Craycraft, Creager, Creagmile, Creamer(19), Creasey, Creasy, Creath, Creech, Creeger(12), Creek(13), Creel(4), Cregeen, Creger, Cregg(2), Crema, Crenshaw(8), Cresap, Creset, Cress(8), Cressey, Cressman(9), Cresswell(16), Cretney(2), Crew(11), Crews(7), Crick, Crickard, Crickbaum, Cricket, Crider(6), Cridling, Criger, Crill, Crim(3), Criner(3), Cripe(17), Crippen, Cripps(3), Criscillies, Crisi(2), Crislip(3), Crismon(17), Crisp(3), Crispinand, Crissman(5), Crist(6), Criswell, Crites(2), Crittenden, Critton, Croan(27), Crocker(3), Crockett(9), Crofoot(8), Croft, Cromer(4), Cromley(6), Cromwell(4), Crook(5), Crooks(4), Crookshank(3), Croom, Cropper(11), Crosby(19), Crose, Crosier, Crosina(4), Crosley, Croslin, Crosovolt, Cross(21), Crossan, Crosser, Crossland, Crossley(19), Crossman(4), Crother(7), Crotts(2), Crouch(18), Crouse(9), Crow(8), Crowbox, Crowe(12), Crowell(2), Crowl(6), Crowley(8), Croyle, Cruea(10), Cruikshank(15), Cruikshanks, Cruise, Crum(5), Crume(17), Crumm, Crummitt, Crump(4), Crumpler(2), Crumpley, Crunk, Cruse(3), Crusey, Crusie, Crutchfield(10), Crute, Cruz(8), Cruzan(3), Crye(6), Csokmay(2), Cubbage, Cuccinetia, Cudd, Cuddihy, Cuddy, Cude, Cue(2), Cuellar, Culer, Cull, Cullar, Cullen(2), Cullison, Culp(21), Culpeper(5), Culpepper(22), Culver(7), Culwell, Cumberledge, Cummer, Cummings(12), Cummins(36), Cumpton, Cundiff, Cunkelman, Cunning(5), Cunningham(44), Cupler(4), Curme(27), Curran(4), Curren, Currence(21), Currey(2), Currie(3), Currier(2), Currin, Curry(17), Curtis(52), Curtiss(5), Curtner(2), Curts(2), Curtsinger(2), Cushard, Cushing(3), Cusick(3), Custer(4), Cuthrell(2), Cutler(2), Cutlip(7), Cutright(4), Cutsinger, Cutting, Cutts(3), Cwiklinski, Czerniak(5), Czjakoski

Da Silva, Da Vall, Dacal, Dacca, Dack, Dadisman(15), Daffron, Dages(5), Daggett(2), D'agostino, Dahl, Dahle, Dahlem(32), Dahlgren(3), Dahlin(2), Dahlke, Daigh(10), Dailey(6), Daily(5), Daingerfield(5), Dainles(3), Dains, Dair, Dakin(10), Dale(16), Daleiden, D'Alesio, Daley(7), Dalkin, Dalquist(4), Dalrimple, Dalton(18), Daly(3), Dalziel, Damarin(3), Dame(5), Damewood(4), Damm(3), Dammen(3), D'Amone, DaMoude, Damron(2), Dance, Danderson, Dandurand(4), Dane(2), Danforth, D'Angelo, Dani, Daniel(13), Daniell(57), Daniels(340), Danielson, Daniher, Danler(4), Danmeter, Dannar(11), Danner(20), Dansberger, Dansie, Dant(3), Dantas, Danti, Danzig(4), Darby(20), Dare, Darling, Darlington(2), Darnell(9), Darr(5), Darrell(2), Darrington(9), Darrow(3), Darter(8), Darville, Darvin(2), Dashen(8), Dashiell(4), Daspit(15), Daubenheyer, Dauber(9), Dauer(7), Daugher, Daugherty(29), Daughtry, Dauguetee, Dauphin, Daurity, Daus(2), Dauterive(6), Davenport(33), Daves, David(2), Davidson(39), Davie, Davies(12), Davis(494), Davison(9), Davisson(5), Davy, Dawes(2), Dawkins(3), Dawley(2), Dawson(27), Day(90), Dayhuff, Dayley, Dayton(3), De Bejare, De La Camara(4), De Land, De Melo, De Moss(3), de Oliveira(4), De Ortegon, De Wolf(7), Deadwyler(2), Deakin, Deal(9), Deamude(7), Dean(43), Deane, Deardoff(2), Deardorff, Dearing(8), Dearmin, Deas(2), Deason(2), Death(11), Deathridge, DeBarr, Debbon, DeBernardi(3), Deblau, deBoard, Debois(2), DeBolt, Debord(2), DeBrask, Debrie, Debusk, DeCesere(2), DeChenne(2), Decicco, Deckard(4), Decker(28), DeClerk(2), DeClerque(3), DeCosta, DeCoster, Decoteau, DeCoutaux, Decrevel, DeDobbeleer(4), Dee(3), Deeds(27), Deem(3), Deems(2), Deepen, Deering, Deery, Deese, Deeter(6), Defauw, Defenbaugh, DeFields(10), Definbaugh, Deford, DeForrest(4), DeFreese, Defue, Degler, DeGroff(2), DeGroot(32), deGuzman, DeHart(3), DeHass, DeHaven, Deherrera, Dehn, Dehority(2), Dei(2), Deihl, Deisher(2), Deitrich(2), Deitrick, DeJesus, Dejohg, Deken, Dekle(16), Delacrois, DeLaCruz, Delaney, Delange(7), DeLaPaz(3), DeLapp, Delauder, Delbeke(5), Deleon(3), Delgado, Delikat, Dell(4), Dellinger(2), Dellow, DeLonay, Delong(10), Delos Reyes, DeLozier(4), Delucia(5), DeLuise(2), Demaio, DeMallie(3), deMan, DeMarco(4), DeMarino, DeMars, Demastus, Dement(6), Demetris, Deming(3), Demire(5), Demmon, Demorest(33), DeMoss(4), Demott(4), DeMotto(4), Dempsey(8), Demski(2), Denard(4), Denault, Denbow, Denham(8), Denhartog, Denison(8), Denman(3), Dennany, Denney(3), Denning(4), Dennis(22), Dennison(4), Denniston(2), Denny(24), DeNolf, Densmore(4), Dent(3), Dentel(4), Denton(27), Denty, DeNune(4), Denzer(3), Denzler, Depaoli, Depau(2), DePeuw, Depew(2), Depp(22), Depue, Derby(4), Deremiah(45), Derenberger, Derhyden(2), Derose, Derr, Derragon(8), Derrickson, Derricott, Derrow(2), Derry(2), Derryberry(117), Derzhavina, Des(4), DeSanno, Desbien, Deselmas, Deshler(3), Deskovich(4), Desmonde, Desoso, Desrochers, DesRoches(11), Dessert(3), Detherow(6), Dethier(4), Detrich(5), Detrick(5), Detwiler(2), Deuer, Deuley(11), Deulley(15), Deuso, Deutch, Devans, Devans-Johnson, Devaux, DeVeau, Devenny(3), Dever(9), Devese, DeVidal, DeVies, Devin, Devine(3), Devinney, DeVoe(8), Devore(6), Devork(3), Devoto(3), deVries, Dewars, Dewater(2), Dewees(2), Deweese, DeWesse, Dewey(2), DeWine(21), DeWitt(66), DeWitte(4), Dewolf, Dewolfe, Dewrock, Dexter(3), DeYaeger, Deyo(3), DeYoung(22), Dezarn, Dhillen, Di Chiara(3), Diamond(2), DiBacco, Dibble(2), Dick(5), Dicke, Dickens(2), Dickenson, Dickerson(4), Dickey(7), Dickinson(12), Dicks(2), Dickson(28), Dickson., Dicola, Dicus, Dida, Diedenhofen, Diederich(3), Diehl(12), Diel, Dierdorff, Dieter(3), Dietrich, Dietrick(4), Dietz(9), DiFiori, Diggins, Diggs, Digirolamo, Digman(6), Digsby(3), Dihm(4), Diischer(5), Dike, Dilionardo, Dill(9), Dillard(2), Dille(3), Dillenburg(3), Dilley(2), Dilling, Dillinger(3), Dillman(11), Dillon(7), Dillow(9), Dillsaver(3), Dilts(2), Dilworth(55), Dima, Dimassimo, Dimeff, Dimick(2), DiMinico, Dimmitt(2), Dimoff(2), Dimond(26), Dinamore, Dine(5), Dineen, Dinerstein, Dinger, Dingess, Dingy(2), Dinkins, Dinkle(6), Dinkledine, Dinnuer, Dinsmore(4), Dion, Dios, DiPasquali, Dir, Dirks(2), Disbennett(3), Disbrow(5), Disch, Discher, Dishman, Dishner, Diskell(3), Dismore(2), Disney(5), Distaulo(2), Dittmore(3), Ditts, Ditzles, Divelbliss, Divine(3), Dix(3), Dixion(3), Dixon(63), Dixson(3), Doan(4), Dobbels, Dobbins(34), Dobbs(7), Dober, Dobie, Dobler(2), Dobresk, Dobson(13), Doby(4), Dobyns(4), Dockery(4), Dodamo(2), Dodd(14), Dodds(3), Dodge(23), Dodgion, Dodrill(2), Dodson(18), Dodt, Dodworth(3), Doeden(2), Doering, Doerr(13), Dogett(2), Dogged(5), Doggett(3), Doherty, Dohner(5), Dohse(3), Doke, Dolan(6), Dolbey, Dolbow(3), Doll(4), Dollar(4), Dollard(2), Dollarhyde, Dolley, Dollins, Dollison, Dolly, Dolson(30), Dolven, Dombrowski, Dominello(3), Dominguez, Domville(2), Domzalski(5), Donahue(2), Donaldson(16), Donalson(15), Donan(6), Donatello, Donegia, Donkin, Donlan, Donley(3), Donlon, Donnell(4), Donnelly(5), Donner(3), Donoghue(2), Donohue(5), Donovan(9), Donthnier, Donz�(2), Dooley(18), Doolin, Doolittle, Doom(2), Dopps, Dorendorf(2), Dorenkamp, Dorfler(3), Dorland, Dorman(8), Dorner, Dorney, Dornon, Dorr, Dorris, Dorrough, Dorsch, Dorsett(31), Dorsey(39), Dortmundt, Dory(4), Dose, Doss(14), Doster, Dotson(7), Dotterer, Doty(21), Dotzert, Double, Douce, Douden, Dougan(3), Dougherty(7), Doughty(3), Douglas(28), Douglass, Dover(2), Dovey, Dovre, Dow(20), Dowd, Dowden(5), Dowdy(4), Dowell(5), Dowers(4), Dowhon, Dowler, Dowles, Downard(3), Downer(6), Downes, Downey(53), Downing(226), Downs(4), Doxen, Doyle(5), Doza(2), Dozier(2), Draeger, Drafton, Dragoo, Drain, Drake(58), Drapeaux, Draper(13), Drawdy, Dray(2), Dreery(3), Drefs, Dreiling, Dreise, Drese, Dressel, Dreutzer, Drew(2), Drewery(2), Dreyer(2), Drier(5), Drill, Drinkwater(3), Dripps(4), Driscoll(4), Driskill(2), Drobila, Drobin, Droesser, Drollinger(6), Drom, Dromgoole, Drotar(2), Droullard, Drown(4), Druce(2), Druen, Druin, Druley, Drummond, Drury(9), Drushella, Dryden(2), Dryer, Drysch(3), Dublin(6), Dubner(3), Dubois(4), Duboise, Dubose, Dubree, Dubuque, Duchene, Duckman(3), Duckshire, Duckworth(9), Ducote, Dudding, Duderstadt(3), Dudley(16), Duesing(2), Duff(6), Duffer, Duffield, Duffit, Duffy(8), Dufresne(2), Dugan(3), Dugas(3), Dugdale(3), Duggan, Dugger(2), Duguid(8), Duitsman(3), Duke(45), Dukes(7), Dulaney(7), Dulany, Duling(16), Dulinsky, Dulley(6), Duly, Dumas, Dumford, Dumire(5), Dumke, Dummprope(4), Dumolt(4), Dunagan, Dunavant(2), Dunaway(2), Dunbar(18), Duncan(54), Dundas(3), Dunegan(3), Dunevant(2), Dunfee, Dungan(10), Dunham(13), Dunhaur, Dunigan(49), Dunkelbarger(11), Dunkelberger(38), Dunken(4), Dunkin(5), Dunkle(2), Dunkleman(2), Dunlap(11), Dunlavy(2), Dunlop, Dunmire(3), Dunn(53), Dunnick(13), Dunning(2), Dunphie, Dunphy, Dunsdon(3), Dunson, Dunsworth(2), Dunton, Dupler(3), Dupplau(2), Durand(4), Durant(4), Durben(2), Durbin(17), Duren(5), Durfee(23), Durgan(18), Durgy, Durham(6), Durkee(8), Durm, Durnall, Durnil, Durr(3), Durrant, Durrett(2), Dusdieker, Dusenberry, Dushee, Duski, Dustan, Duterrow(4), Dutkevich, Dutrow, Dutschke(2), Duva(3), Duval(2), Duvall(37), Duve, Duyvetter(4), Duzan(2), Dvorak(3), Dvorcek, Dwyer(8), Dyck(6), Dye(11), Dyer(182), Dyke(2), Dykehouse, Dykes(4), Dykman, Dykstra(4), Dyre(6), Dyson

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