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Descendants of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

(based on database cutoff date: September 22, 2003)


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Surname (# of listings) Note: A surname without a number indicates only one instance of this name in the database. Bracketed numbers indicate how many listings there are for this surname
Maag(2), Maas, Mabbutt(4), Mabe(3), Mabee, Maben(5), Mable, Mabry(3), Macaulay(4), MacBeth(2), MacDermott(4), MacDonald(14), Mace(17), MacFarlane(3), MacFee, MacFeeley(3), Machen(4), Macher, Machovina, MacIntosh, Macis(5), Mack(10), Mackay(12), MacKenzie(2), Mackett(2), MacKey(50), Mackie(3), Mackin(4), Mackinder(4), Macking, MacKinnon, Macklin, Mackmer(34), Mackrill(2), MacLaren, MacLean, MacLennon, MacLeod, MacMackin, MacMillian(10), MacMinn(9), MacMurdo(3), MacNeil(16), Macomber(3), Macon(2), MacQuown, Macy, Maddelena, Madden(8), Maddex(2), Maddox(8), Maddux, Mader(5), Maderazo, Mading, Madison(5), Madou, Madro, Madrone, Madsen(4), Madson, Maenohama, Maestri, Mafarland, Maffet, Maffett, Maga, Magee(19), Mageroni, Maggard, Maggliochetti(2), Magisos(5), Magness(9), Magnone, Magnus, Magnussen, Maguire(2), Mahaffey, Mahaffie, Mahan(6), Mahaney(3), Mahitter, Mahler, Mahlman, Maholm(2), Mahon, Mahoney(23), Mahurin, Maidlow, Maierle, Main(4), Maine, Maines(3), Mainhall, Mair, Maise, Major(23), Majors(3), Maki, Mako, Makowski(11), Makrevis, Malay(2), Malchow, Malden, Male, Malee(3), Maley, Malhon, Maliss, Malkowski, Malkus, Mallahan(11), Mallard(11), Malles, Mallett(5), Mallinak, Mallory(2), Mallow(3), Malloy, Malmberg, Malmgren, Malmstrom, Malone(9), Maloney(6), Malot, Malott(2), Maloy(3), Malsam, Malsey(5), Maltan, Maly, Malzow, Mammen(5), Manchester, Mancini(4), Mancuso, Manderscheid(3), Mandery(3), Mandes, Mandolitis, Mandt(3), Mandy, Maner, Manering(2), Maners, Manes(15), Maness(11), Manful, Mangan, Mangas, Mangels, Manger(4), Mangini(2), Mangum, Manion, Manis, Maniscalco(2), Mankins(2), Manley(5), Manlove(10), Manly(3), Mann(31), Manna, Mannan, Manning(32), Mannlein(5), Manns, Manquette, Manriquez, Manry, Mansell(3), Mansfield(4), Manson(2), Manthe, Manthey(3), Mantle, Mantooth(3), Mantz, Manuel(5), Manzella, Manzeo(3), Mapes(2), Maple(4), Maples(5), Mapp, Mappin, Mar, Mara, Marague, Maravel(3), Marble(3), March(11), Marchand, Marchant, Marcina, Marcott, Marcum(2), Marcus(3), Marcy(11), Marek, Mar-Horstman, Mariani(9), Maricic, Marie, Marinelle, Marino(7), Marion(7), Maris, Mark, Markee(2), Markel, Marker(5), Markis(4), Markle(3), Markman, Marks(13), Markus, Markussen, Marlatt(3), Marlette, Marlow(2), Marney, Marohn, Marolt(4), Maros(3), Marple(4), Marquardt, Marquess, Marquette, Marquiss(2), Marra(5), Marrero, Marriott(2), Marrow, Mars, Marsalis(4), Marsh(44), Marshall(62), Marshino(3), Marson, Marstellar, Marstiller(32), Marston(2), Mart(4), Martas(2), Marte, Martella, Martenet, Marteney(12), Martens(3), Martig(3), Martin(300), Martindale(101), Martindill(5), Martineau(6), Martinek, Martinelli(4), Martinez(24), Marting, Martinie(7), Martino(3), Martinson(3), Martinuk, Martlett, Martorell, Marts, Martyr(13), Martz, Marvin(3), Marx(3), Marzola(2), Mascher(6), Masden(2), Mash(5), Mashbur, Mashburn(3), Masi, Masias(3), Masko(3), Maslonek, Mason(64), Massey(6), Massie(4), Masson, Massoni, Massung, Mast(4), Masten(7), Masters(15), Mastin(2), Masukawa, Matassa(2), Matchinga(2), Mateja, Mateo-Solis, Matgens, Mathena, Matheny(5), Mather(2), Matherly, Mathers(2), Mathews(21), Mathewson(10), Mathi, Mathias, Mathieson(3), Mathis(8), Mathisted, Matlick, Matlock(2), Matoney, Matrey(5), Matsumura(2), Mattern(8), Matterson, Matteson, Matthew(8), Matthews(76), Matthewson(4), Matthiesen(3), Matthis(2), Matticks, Mattingly(6), Mattlock, Mattock(3), Mattox(71), Matts(11), Mattson(6), Matty, Matzdorff(4), Mau(2), Mauch(4), Mauel(4), Maughan, Mauk(9), Maul(3), Maule(5), Maulfair, Mauller, Mauney, Maupin(18), Maurer(5), Maurice(2), Mauritzen(5), Maury(13), Maust(3), Maver, Mawson, Max, Maxey(6), Maxon, Maxson, Maxton(21), Maxwell(36), May(48), Mayafi, Mayall(2), Mayberry(8), Maybon, Mayer(3), Mayes(16), Mayfield(110), Mayhall, Mayhew(2), Mayle(6), Mayme, Maynard(13), Mayo(6), Mays(4), Mayse(3), Maze, Mazzuca(3), McAboy, McAdams, McAfee(51), McAlester, McAlister(4), McAllister(5), McAnally(2), McArthur, McAtee(22), McAury(3), McAvoy(29), McBane, McBath(39), McBee(7), McBrayer(5), McBride(51), McCabe(17), McCafferty(3), McCahan(3), McCain(11), McCaleb, McCall(18), McCalla, McCalley(4), McCallister(7), McCallum(11), McCammack(7), McCammon(5), McCampbell, McCandless(10), McCanlies, McCann(13), McCardle, McCardle-Blunk(3), McCarroll(9), McCart, McCarter, McCarthy(11), McCartney(14), McCarty(12), McCasland(3), McCaslin, McCaughan, McCauley(7), McCaulley(3), McCausland, McCellan, McChesney(2), McChristian(2), McClain(31), McClaine, McClane, McClaskey, McClaughlin, McClaughry, McClean(5), McCleary, McCleery(4), McCleese(2), McClellan, McClelland(3), McClellen, McClenathan(12), McClendon(18), McCleney(3), McClennan, McClenny, McCliggott(6), McClimans(2), McClincy(2), McClintock(2), McCloud(2), McCloy, McClung(27), McClure(53), McClurg(4), McClusky(3), McColgan, McColgin, McCollam, McCollum(3), McComas, McComb, McCombs, McCommis(2), McConchie, McConkey(5), McConnaughey, McConnell(24), McConnold, McConville(4), McCool(2), McCoppin, McCord(16), McCorey, McCorkle, McCormac, McCormack(10), McCormick(60), McCoullgh, McCowan, McCowen, McCown(6), McCoy(103), McCrabb(4), McCracken(8), McCrae, McCrander, McCrary, McCraw, McCray(2), McCrea(3), McCready, McCreary(4), McCristal, McCrocklin, McCrory, McCubbin(5), McCubbins, McCue(6), McCuen(3), McCuiston(3), McCullah(6), McCulloch(6), McCullock, McCullough(13), McCully, McCulty(3), McCumber(7), McCumbers(2), McCune(8), McCurdy, McCurley, McCuthen(3), McCutheon, McDaniel(31), McDaniels, McDermand, McDermith(2), McDermitt, McDermott, McDevitt, McDiffitt, McDonald(142), McDonaldson, McDonough(6), McDougal(6), McDougall(3), McDowell(56), McDuff, McDuffie(3), McDuffy, McElhaney, McElhanon, McElhinny, McElhol, McElligott(2), McElraft, McElroy(14), McElwain(3), McElwee(2), McElyea, McEntyre, McEwan(2), McEwin, McFadden(12), McFall, McFarland(9), McFeaters(2), McFerrin(3), McGaffick, McGaha, McGarigle(5), McGarr(4), McGarty, McGary(5), McGaugh, McGee(16), McGeehon, McGehee(6), McGew, McGhee(8), McGhie, McGibbon(3), McGill(10), McGillem, McGinis, McGinley(6), McGinnis(11), McGinty(6), McGlade, McGlassen, McGlaughlin, McGlehy, McGlothin, McGlothlen, McGlumphy, McGough, McGovern, McGowan(3), McGowen, McGranahan, McGrane, McGranor, McGrath(3), McGraw(18), McGreath, McGree, McGreevy, McGrew(3), McGriff, McGuff(3), McGuire(27), McGuirt, McGuirter, McGunegill, McHale, McHenry(14), McHone(2), McHugh(9), McIlrath(3), McIlwain, McIntire(2), McIntosh(38), McIntryre, McInturf, McIntyre(15), McIver, McJilton(3), McKanna(2), McKay(16), McKee(29), McKeegan, McKeehan, McKeen(2), McKelvey(3), McKelvy(4), McKemey(3), McKenna(8), McKenney, McKenny(7), McKenzie(17), McKeown, McKewen, McKey(5), McKibben(12), McKibbin, McKim(13), McKimmey, McKinder(8), McKindley, McKine, McKiniss, McKinley(32), McKinney(114), McKinnis, McKinnon(8), McKinny, McKinsey(2), McKinster(3), McKissick(6), McKnight(7), McKonic, McKoon(4), McKown(5), McKuras, McLain(13), McLanahan(4), McLand(3), McLane(4), McLaren, McLaughlin(10), McLaughlyn, McLaughton, McLay(2), McLean(34), McLear(8), McLearen, McLellan, McLelland, McLenn, McLeod(9), McLoughlin, McLuer, McMahon(26), McMains(2), McManus(3), McMaster, McMasters(7), McMenamin, McMichael, McMillan(16), McMillen(2), McMilliam, McMinn, McMorrow, McMullan, McMullen(7), McMurdo(3), McMurray(16), McMurren(3), McMurry, McMurtry, McNab, McNabb(7), McNally(4), McNamee(6), McNanny, McNatt, McNatton, McNaught(2), McNaughten(8), McNaughton(9), McNeal, McNeece(2), McNeel, McNeeley(3), McNeely(5), McNees(2), McNeese(3), McNeil(3), McNeill, McNemar, McNemmee, McNett(3), McNew, McNichol, McNitt, McNurlin, McNutt(8), McOrear, McPartland, McPeak(6), McPhail(6), McPhearson(9), McPheeters(4), McPherson(41), McProuty(5), McQuaid, McQuain(39), McQueen(23), McQuillan(5), McQuillin, McQuinn(5), McQuire(2), McQuown(15), McRae(3), McRee(2), McRobbie(3), McRoberts, McShaffry, McSherry, McSwegan(3), McTague, McTeer(6), McVey(7), McVicker, McWaide, McWayne(7), McWhorter(3), McWilliams(4), Meacham(4), Mead(18), Meade(2), Meader(4), Meador(2), Meadors, Meadow, Meadows(36), Means(3), Mear, Mears(5), Meatheny, Mecham, Mecum(4), Medcalf, Medders, Meddis, Meddler, Medeiros, Medford, Medica, Medina, Meece, Meecham, Meeds(2), Meek(16), Meeker, Meekins(7), Meeks(22), Meengs(3), Meerdink, Meers, Mees(2), Mefford, Megenity(9), Meggison, Meharg, Mehelis(3), Mehl, Mehlhop, Mehnert(19), Mehring, Mehrkam(3), Meiden(3), Meidinger(3), Meier(9), Meindl, Meinecke, Meininnger, Meinke, Meireis, Meis(2), Meise, Meisenburg, Meissner(3), Meister(3), Mejia, Mekelburg, Melacky, Melancon, Melbourn, Melchi(2), Melching(7), Melendez(2), Melendez-Torrez, Melick, Melim, Mell, Mellgren, Mellinger(2), Mellott(2), Mellows(3), Melms, Melo(3), Melone(5), Melroy, Melson(4), Melther(3), Melton(18), Melugin(4), Melvin(8), Menard, Menchaca, Mendak, Mendenhall(8), Mendez, Mendler, Mendosa, Mendoza, Mendrin(3), Meneely(2), Menefee, Meneley(15), Menes(2), Menetrey, Meng(15), Menje(2), Menke(2), Menken, Menley, Menohr, Menold(4), Menser, Mentel(8), Mentzel(4), Mentzer(4), Menza, Mercer(14), Merchant(6), Mercy(2), Meredith(38), Meredity, Mereshi, Merkel(3), Merkert(2), Merkin, Merkle(2), Merkley, Merklin(16), Merlino(3), Mernin(3), Merrell, Merriam(4), Merrick(5), Merrill(13), Merriman(3), Merritt(8), Merryman(4), Mertz(2), Mesecher(63), Mesham, Mesnard(4), Mesner, Mesorole, Messal(2), Messenger(13), Messer(21), Messerli, Messiman, Messinger(2), Messino(3), Messler, Messuto(2), Meszaros, Metcalf(4), Metcalfe(5), Metchen, Metheny, Metherell(6), Method, Metler, Metras(4), Metsinger, Mette, Mettille(4), Metz(12), Metzcar(11), Metzger(6), Metzler(5), Meyer(52), Meyering, Meyers(39), Meyett(3), Meyn(6), Meza(2), Mezel, Mhoon, Miccucio(3), Michael(28), Michaeli(2), Michaels, Michalos, Michel(2), Michelcic, Michelini(2), Michelle, Michels(8), Michelucia(3), Mickel(4), Mickle(2), Mickleberry(5), Mickunas, Middaugh(3), Middendorf, Middlebrooks, Middlesworth, Middleton(6), Midgett, Mielecan, Mienershagan, Mienert, Miensie, Mieres(4), Mierisch, Miethe(2), Mihm, Mihu(6), Mikesell(29), Mikeska, Mikkelson(2), Mikkonen(2), Miko(2), Mikulec, Mikuls(3), Milam(2), Milan(4), Milberger(3), Milburn(9), Milby(2), Mildenberger, Milder(4), Mildred?, Miles(20), Milich(5), Milkovich, Millar(15), Miller(625), Millerd(2), Milles, Millhouse, Milligan(13), Millikan, Milliken, Milliner(3), Millington(2), Million(2), Milliron, Millron, Mills(68), Millsap(2), Milne(4), Milner(3), Milsark(8), Milseau, Milton(2), Miltz, Minaker(2), Minear(4), Mineau(4), Miner(9), Mines(3), Mingst, Miniard, Minick, Minigh, Mink, Minnear(32), Minney(7), Minnick, Minor(15), Minter(4), Minthorn, Mintz(2), Miracle(4), Miro, Misby(2), Misch, Miskelly(2), Misner, Mitchel(4), Mitchell(138), Mitchener, Mittienzwei, Mitzel(5), Mitzenburg(4), Miura, Mix(7), Mixaer, Mize, Mizio, Mizner(5), Moats(11), Mobby, Mobeck(3), Mobeley, Moberly(7), Mobley(8), Mobra(4), Mochle, Mock(12), Model, Modica(2), Moe(3), Moechs(3), Moellring(2), Moen, Moers, Moes, Moffat(2), Moffett(13), Moffit(5), Moffitt(9), Mofford, Mogster, Mohler(3), Mohney, Mohr, Mohrman(3), Molacek(2), Moldal, Mole(5), Molholm(3), Molinari(3), Moller, Mollise, Mollohan(32), Molnar, Moloney, Molyneux, Moma, Monahan, Monard(4), Moncrief(2), Monet, Money(2), Moneypenny(3), Monfross, Mong, Monger(9), Monhan, Monical, Monier(5), Moninger, Monk(3), Monnington, Monohan(3), Monore(2), Monroe(55), Monson(3), Montagna, Montague(2), Monteagle, Montellano(3), Montero(4), Montgomery(97), Montoya(12), Montroy, Moodey(3), Moody(23), Mook, Moon(10), Moone, Mooney(33), Moor(2), Moore(360), Moorehouse, Moores(3), Moorhaus, Moorhead, Moorman, Moots, Mopin, Moragn, Morain, Moran(7), Morasch, Morast, Moravec(6), Morawitz, Morber, More, Moredock(5), Moree(4), Morehead(8), Morehouse(12), Moreland(8), Moreman, Moresco, Morey(2), Morgan(267), Morganroth, Morgareidge, Morger, Morice(6), Morin(3), Moriorty(3), Moritz(2), Morlan(2), Morley(2), Morlock, Morman, Morphis(2), Morre(3), Morrell(2), Morrical, Morrin(3), Morriot, Morris(189), Morrison(111), Morrow(30), Morse(10), Morss, Mortensen(13), Mortimer, Morton(7), Morvan, Mos, Mosbarger(4), Moscowitz, Mosebaugh, Moser(5), Moser., Moses(8), Mosher, Mosier(6), Mosley(3), Mosow, Moss(24), Mossbarger, Mossburg(4), Motchenboker, Mote(7), Motley(7), Moto, Motsinger(6), Mott(19), Mottice(6), Mouck, Moulden, Moulton(6), Mount(10), Mountford, Mounts(2), Mourguiart, Mourier, Mouritzen, Mouse, Mousel(3), Mouser(5), Mow(2), Mowell(4), Mower(2), Mowery(2), Moxey, Moxley(3), Moxon, Moye, Moyer(24), Moyers(13), Moyes(6), Moyle, Moyler, Moynahan, Mozzone, Mraz, Muc, Muchow, Muckey, Mudd(2), Mudgett, Mueller(12), Mueller-Wilson, Muenchow, Mugg, Mugrudge, Muhrer, Muhrer-Irwin, Muinzer(2), Muir(2), Mulder(4), Mulford(21), Mulholland(5), Mulkey(41), Mull(5), Mullans(4), Mullen(2), Mullenax(2), Mullenex, Mullenix(3), Muller(7), Mullet, Mulligan, Mullihan(4), Mullikin, Mullin(2), Mullinex(3), Mullins(5), Mullvain(3), Mulnix, Mulock, Mulroney, Mulrooney, Mumah(7), Mumaugh(40), Mumma(4), Mummaugh(4), Mumper, Mun, Munch(17), Munchin, Muncie, Muncy, Mund, Mundel, Mundell(4), Munden(4), Mundin, Mundy(7), Munger(5), Mungiven(3), Munguia(3), Munley, Munn(5), Mu�oz, Munro(10), Munroe(11), Munshaur(2), Munshaw, Munson(4), Munyan, Murat, Murdock(2), Murdough, Murell, Murell-Waters, Murley, Murphey(3), Murphy(95), Murr, Murray(63), Murrell(2), Murrey(2), Murry(7), Murtaugh, Musa, Muse, Musgrave(2), Musgrove(8), Musial, Musick(5), Musseman, Musser(2), Mustain(8), Mustard, Mustello, Mustin, Mustoe(2), Muszynski, Muth, Muto, Mycoff, Myer(5), Myers(114), Myerscough(3), Myettey(3), Myklak, Myres(2), Myrick(2)

Nabers, Nachtman, Nadler(3), Naehrbass, Naffier, Nagle(3), Nagy(2), Nairn, Nairns, Nakama, Nakurack, Nall(9), Nalley(4), Nally(2), Nance(5), Nanny(2), Nanto, Napier(2), Naple, Napoleon, Napolski, Napper(3), Naprawa, Narcross(5), Nargher, Naron, Narr(3), Nartker, Narum(20), Nasca, Nash(38), Nason(9), Nastoli, Nate(2), Nathan(2), Nation, Natke(15), Natross(4), Nau(5), Naughton(2), Naugle, Nauheimer, Nauman(3), Naumann(2), Nauta, Navarre(7), Navertz(3), Naylor(5), Nazelrod, Nead, Neal(18), Nealis(5), Nealon, Nearmyer(2), Nease(25), Nebeker(28), Neckorcuk, Nedderman, Nedeff, Nedergaard, Nedson, Needham(19), Needler(7), Needles(3), Neel(6), Neeley(5), Neely(12), Neeper, Neer(12), Neese(13), Neeser(4), Neff(5), Negley, Negrete(6), Nehous(3), Neiderschmidt, Neidlinger, Neighbors, Neihouse, Neil(16), Neilan, Neill(2), Neilson(2), Neithus(2), Nell, Nelms, Nelsen(4), Nelson(119), Nemeth(3), Nemphill, Nerit, Nerton, Nerud, Nesbit(2), Nesbitt(7), Nesmith, Nespor(3), Ness, Nester(2), Nestor(5), Netherland, Netherton(13), Nethken(3), Nethkin, Nett, Nettles(2), Nettleton(4), Netzley, Neubeck, Neubert, Neuenschwander, Neuer, Neuharth(6), Neuhaus(2), Neuhauser, Neuhold, Neuls(2), Neuman(2), Neundorf(6), Neve(3), Neville(4), Nevitt, New, Newbauer, Newberg(3), Newberry(3), Newbold, Newby(20), Newcomb(14), Newcomer(4), Newell(20), Newhouse(2), Newkirk(3), Newland, Newlin(4), Newlon(2), Newlun, Newman(35), Newport, Newquist, Newsam(3), Newsome(4), Newton(30), Neyme(4), Ng(4), Nguyen, Niblack, Nicely, Nicewander, Nichelson(2), Nichol, Nicholas(15), Nicholes(11), Nicholls(18), Nichols(82), Nicholson(22), Nickel(9), Nickell(3), Nickels(3), Nickelson, Nickerson(3), Nicks(2), Nicodemus(3), Nicolai, Nicole, Nicolia, Niday(11), Nidey, Nielsen(11), Nielson(3), Niemeyer(5), Nienberg(3), Nier, Niese, Niewoehner, Nifong(26), Niggel(2), Nighbert, Nightengale(6), Nightenhelser(10), Nilles(12), Nilson(6), Nininger(15), Nissen(4), Nix(3), Nixon(18), Nizic, Nobile, Nobilicihi, Noble(18), Nobler, Noblin(2), Nobriga(3), Nochols, Noe(27), Noel(10), Noell(3), Noffsinger, Noggler, Nokes(9), Nolan(44), Noland(6), Nold(3), Nolin(5), Noll(3), Nollner, Nolte(5), Nolza, Nonenmaker, Noohan, Noonan(10), Noragan, Norberg, Nordblad(3), Nordby(5), Nordeen, Nordenbloom(2), Nordgaarden, Nordin, Nordquist(5), Nordstrom(2), Norfleet, Norg(2), Noriega, Norlin, Norman(21), Normand, Normandin, Norris(35), Norsby, Norsworthy, North(10), Northington, Northrop(6), Northrup(2), Northup(3), Northway, Norton(69), Norwig(3), Norwine(2), Norwitz, Norwood(5), Nossaman, Notary, Notestine(3), Nothstein, Notorono, Nott, Notter, Nottingham, Nouvel, Novack, Novak(3), Novel, Novy, Nowak(2), Noyes(2), Nuamnuei, Nugent(2), Null, Nulph, Nunes(3), Nunez, Nunley, Nunn(10), Nunnally, Nupp, Nussbaumer, Nussey, Nute(2), Nutt(6), Nutter(7), Nuzum(5), Nyatt, Nye(6), Nyer(3), Nygaard, Nyhus(3), Nyman(2), Nystrom(5)

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