A listing of Chenoweth Males and Census Locations

1682 to 1930

The Families of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

from Aaron to Zenis

(research by Peter Chenoweth & Jon Egge)


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The following is an alphabetic list of male Chenoweths and the locations where they are found in each Census. The trailing brackets give the line within the family and the generation. Reference pages as to where they can be found in the Hiatt or Harris book are also listed. In December 2007, we had documented 3,426 males born with the Chenoweth name that were thought to be alive when at least one Census was taken, which would include the start of the 11th generation. 2,423 of these are detailed in the Harris book; 916 of these are in the Cora Hiatt book. Of the 2,423 in the Harris book, 806, or roughly 1/3, are misplaced. These numbers do not include lines that we have that have not yet been placed within the family, nor does it include the unknown Harris listings that have not beem placed. In 1930, it is believed that about 1,717 of these individuals were living, though we have only located and identified 1,403 of them in the actual Census.

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