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The Families of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

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This new feature from [Thanks to Bruce Chenoweth] allows you to search the site for page locations of specific information.

After viewing some of the searches, I though I would give the fustrated some hints.

This is a very powerful feature. To effectively use the search capability of this search machine, search for a single word, or more than one word IN QUOTES. [If you search for John Chenoweth you will get every instance of John and every instance of Chenoweth and likely a listing of every page in the file. If you use "John Chenoweth" in quotes you will get every instance of JOHN CHENOWETH. Even that will be many pages.]

It does not support boolean logic. If usings a phrase, or a two-word or more combination enter the words in quotation marks: Example - "Darke Co., OH". ONLY USE QUOTES AROUND word combinations that will be exactly found in the same order and format. For places that include counties use this format: city, countyname Co., ST = Seattle, King Co., WA or King Co., WA. Do not spell out the state in combination with a city or county. To search on just the state spell it out, but the results will only be instances of a state where the more precise location is unknown. To find other State locations try "Co., ST(ate)" like Co., WA. A City and State will yield little, you need the county. Or try the City alone without any thing else. It is not case sensitive.

Examples: [note - hits are pages]

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