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Welcome to my family tree page. Of the 262 webpages I have published, it is the most popular. It is also the gateway to 185 pages devoted to related families at this site. Besides the surname list of my family tree below, there are four separate families (CHENOWETH, LAPRATH, WALTMAN AND WIBE) with indexed names and descendant outlines covering over 83,500 individuals and nearly 12,000 surnames. Moreover there is a resource links for several other family surnames given below. My
LAPRATH pages are an ongoing search for every descendant of Hans and Margaret LaPrath, my great grand parents. The CHENOWETH pages are a large growing database that has 82,000 descendants and spouses (11,300 surnames) of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert. The largest family ties are with the SMITH, HALE, CARTER, MILLER, JOHNSON, STALNAKER, WILSON, WILLIAMS, DAVIS, BROWN, CASEBIER, DANIELS, JONES, MOORE, TAYLOR, SCOTT, WHITAKER, THOMPSON, SIMMONS, MORGAN, ANDERSON, KELLEY, MARTIN, AND DOWNING families. I don't think there is a better family data base presentation on the web. (personal opinion). The last update was done 5/15/00. A new addition is my WALTMAN page covering the desendants of Conrad Waltman and his wife Katherine Bierly who arrived to settle in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania in the fall of 1738. My WIBE page is another ongoing search for both American and Norwegian descendants of of this family. In the 4th generation three brothers and a cousin immigrated from Norway just prior to the turn of the century. An unindexed HOLT page is now in it's infancy as well for descendants of Robert Holt.


Chenoweth [Cornish]
Holt [English]
Laprath [German]
Waltman [German]
Wibe [Norwegian]

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Attention: Austill, Carter, Chatham, Farthing, Hoyt, Kendall, Orr, Phares, Rarick, & Swann, Tyler, Whitaker and Wilmoth searchers

In the course of my reaserch I have run across Austill, Carter, Chatham, Farthing, Kendall, Orr, Rarick, Swann, Tyler, and Wilmoth Family researchers who have large databases. There is website information below for Austills, Chathams, Hoyts, Tylers, Whitakers, and Wilmoths. Email information is available for Carters.

My Ancestors

This is a list of surnames in our family tree. Like most American families it is filled with immigrants. Eighteen separate family or individual immigrations and 75 family names are cited below spanning more than 200 years from pre 1700 to about 1915. They say if we go back far enough we're all related. Perhaps, for a few, the journey back won't be as far and you will recognize someone. Any additions or corrections to our list would be most welcome. I used four source books I have as well as family records: The Chenoweth Family in America by Richard Harris (which replaces The Chenoweth History by Cora Chenoweth Hiatt), The House of Waltman and its Allied Families by Lora S. LaMance, and YONCE Families, by Luther V. Yonce.

If you want to view these lines in graphical form you can look at 4 Visio charts I made or one chart for my children made in Family Tree Maker by Broderbund. You can also view the more than 800 names (the Chenoweth database is not included here) presently in my family database as a alphabetical table with dates and places of birth where known. This is a HTML 3 document and uses a table format that can only be viewed properly by a Netscape 1.1 browser or equivalent. If you have interest in one of these relatives please write me.

Families of the Tree

Rachel Roberts, (1660-1729) wife of Richard Owings, daughter Of Robert AP Pugh
Katherine Bierly, (Baravia, 1718-1786, died Northampton Co, PA) wife of Conrad Waltman, immigrated to America with him in 1738, daughter of John George Bierly and Anna Marie ?
Brown or Braun:
Allie Brown, wife and cousin of Peter Yonce, (Wythe Co., VA 1805-1878) & daughter of Michael Braun (1776-1849, b: Pensylvania) son of Christopher Braun (1750-1816, b: Philadelphia, PA) son of John Michael Braun (1720-1785, b:Germany, immigrated to America). Anna Margaret Braun (1755-1807, b: Lancaster Co., PA) daughter of this same John Michael Braun was the wife of Nicholas Cassell
Barbara Borst wife of Leonard Umberger married 1742 Pennsylvania
Ane Olsdatter Bruem (Norway 1724), wife of Lars Stenkjaer
Mary Calvert, (1687-1745, b: Pensylvania), wife of John Chenoweth & daughter of John Calvert (Belfast, Ireland 1648-1699, immigrated to America), son of Thomas Calvert (Lygasory, 1617-1685), son of John Calvert (Yorshire, England, 1587), son of Leonard Calvert (abt 1550), son of John Calvert
Catherine Cassell (1780-1859, lived Virginia), wife of John Yonce & daughter of Nicholas Cassell
(Edna) Louise Chenoweth (Hobart, WA 1915-1981) wife of Richard Egge & daughter of Edward Harry Chenoweth (Pinville, MO 1883-1967), son of Dr. Albert W. Chenoweth (Chillicothe, Ohio 1835-1883, surgeon for the Union Army in the Civil War), son of Dr. Henry S. Chenoweth (Hampshire Co., VA 1804-1869), son of James Francis Chenoweth (Maryland, 1774-bef 1825), Son of Thomas Chenoweth (Maryland, 1737-1780), son of John Chenoweth (Maryland, 1706-1770), son of John Chenoweth (ca 1682-1746, Conwall, immigrated to America before 1702)
Agnes Clark (b: ca 1702, IRELAND) wife of Samuel McKean
Susana Cobb: (b: January 17, 1765, Virginia) wife of Alexander Driskell, daughter of Thomas Cobbs Sr. b: February 1737/38 (Virginia)... There is supposedly some sort of Cherokee connection here.
Alicia Crossland (abt 1555), wife of Leonard Calvert, daughter of Thomas Crossland (Yorkshire, England)
Susana Driskell: wife of Littleberry "Berry" Holt, daughter of Alexander Driskell (abt. 1753, Albermarle Co., VA) s/o Daniel Driskill (Abt. 1730, Cork Co., IRELAND), immigrant
Margaret Dunlap (1761-1820), wife of Henry Safley
Jon D. Egge (Seattle, WA 1943-), son of Richard D. Egge (Elma, WA 1915-), son of Gustav A. Egge (Trondheim, Norway 1883-1953, immigrated to America 1897), son of Olas Egge (Norway), son of Andrea Egge (Norway)
Jane Glassford wife of Thomas Calvert & daughter of Hugh Glassford
Mary Gilliam wife of George Holt
Janet Graham, Wife of Samuel McKean, Jr. married January 24, 1754, daughter of Hugh Graham
Anne Haba (North Platt, NE 1873-1967) wife of Mathias LaPrath & daughter of Joseph and Josephine Haba
Elsbeth Haberling (abt 1617, SWITERLAND) wife of Adam Steyger
Anna Margarethe Hasch (GERMANY 1700s) wife of Peter Marten Peters
Joanna Hawksworth (Yorkshire, England) wife of Thomas Crossland
Dorothy Heywood (of Lancashire, ENGLAND) wife of Robert Holt.
Anna Magretta (Margaret) Cathrina Himpkamp (GERMANY, 1827-1902 immigrated to America ca 1870) wife of Hans LaPrath and daughter of Marten Himpkamp (GERMANY, 1796-1862), son of Hans Himpkamp (GERMANY, 1753-1808), son of Magnus Himpkamp (GERMANY, 17??-1763) and Margarethe Suhrs. also Catharina Himpkamp wife of Andreas Adam Laprath, relation to Margaret and Martien unknown.
Barbara Holdimann (b: abt 1610, SWITZERLAND) wife of Conrad Wilhelm
Minnie Holt (Boliver, MO 1889-1984) wife of Edward Harry Chenoweth & daughter of Napolean B. Holt (b 1857-1934, b: Morgan Co, MO), son of George Washington Holt, Sr (Tennessee 1828-1905), son of Littleberry "Berry" Holt (Amelia or Prince Edward Co, VA b: abt 1797) son of George (b:Bef. 1765, Prince Edward Co., VA) and Mary Holt, Virginia, son of Plunkett Holt, Jr, son of Plunkett Holt, Sr, s/o Richard Holt, s/o Robert Holt of Lancashire, ENGLAND.
Hannah Jamerson wife of Nathaniel Patterson
Maren Jens b: 1781 (GERMANY), wife of Andreas Adam Laprath, Jr.
Anne Juliana Karger wife of John Michael Braun
Elizabeth Keller wife of Peter Yonce & daughter of Martin Keller, Jr., son of Martin Keller (Switzerland 1707-1770, immigrated to America with family), son of Peter Keller born about 1675-80 (immigrated to America)
Elizabeth Kern, wife of Conrad Umberger, 1600s Born SWITZERLAND, died GERMANY
Barbara Knipp, 1700s wife of Michael Brown (or Braun)
Mary Alice Laprath (Osmond, NE 1889-1951) wife of Gustav A. Egge & daughter of Mathias "Matt" Laprath (Simonsberg, GERMANY 1856-1924, immigrated to America 1870 with father), son of Hans (Germany, 1824-1910, immigrated to America 1870 from Hamburg, GERMANY), son of Andreas Adam Laprath, Jr. b: January 17, 1787 (GERMANY), s/o Andreas Adam Laprath
Hans Larsen (Norway 1664-1739) {father of Ole Larsen Stenkjaer} son of Lars Nilsen Rade (Norway) and Ingebord ? (Norway)
Pearl Luokkala (Esko, MN 1914-1995) wife of Axel Sundvick & daughter of John Luokkala (b: 1888, Seibi, Finland immigrated to America)
Anna Marie Mason wife of Christopher Braun
Mary Ann McGlothin, (1806-1847) wife of Nathaniel Patterson McKean, daughter of Cornelius McGlothlin
Rachel Ruxton Moore, wife of Thomas Chenoweth, (b: January 08, 1747/48 Baltimore Co., MD d: 1775), daughter of James Moore, Jr. (1720-1769) and Hannnah Wilmott, James son of James Moore (b: 1681)
Gustava Muotka wife of Henry Pera, b: February 1860 Finland
McKean [also McKeen]:
Sarah Jane McKean (1830-1916, Missouri), wife of George Washington Holt, daughter of Nathaniel Patterson McKean b: ca 1802 in Belfast, Waldo Co., ME, son of Abner Graham McKean (1774-1820), son of Samuel McKean (1731-1815) b: in Londonberry, Rockingham Co., NH, son of Samuel McKean (1700-1784) B: in Balleymoney, Antrim Co., NORTHERN IRELAND, son of John McKean b: 1675 in NORTHERN IRELAND, son of James McKean b: 1640, in Argyleshire, SCOTLAND, son of William McKean b: 1615, in Argyleshire, SCOTLAND.
Anna Sophie Nyman (Munsala, Finland 1873) wife of Karl N. Sundvick
Ingelborg Olava Osteras (Norway 1805-1878) wife of Peder Jacobsen Wibe, daugther of Ole Larsen Stenkjaer and Ingelborg Sakariasdatter Stigum
Rachel Owings (Anne Arundel Co., MD 1683-1761) wife of John Wilmott, daugther of Richard Owings and Rachel Roberts, Richard s/o Owen Ap Humphrey b: 1629 WALES, s/o Humphrey and Elizabeth (Verch) John, s/o Hugh & Catherine (Verch) John, s/o David and Mary (Verch) Hugh, s/o Howell (Note - in early Wales the naming system referred to the given name of one's father)
Anna 'Antje' Palms (GERMANY, d: 1800) wife of Hans Himpkamp, daugther of Nathaniel Jahren Tochter von Andreas Palms and unknown Fraucke
Sarah Patterson, (1779-1813) wife of Abner Graham McKean, daugther of Nathaniel Patterson
Martha Pederson (Norway) wife of Andrea Egge
Hilda Lydia Pera (Cloquet, MN) wife of John Luokkala, d/o Henry b: January 1852, Finland immigrated 1880 and Gustava Muotka
Anna 'Antje' Peters (GERMANY, d: 1801-1875) wife of Marten Himpkamp, daugther of Peter Marten Peters and Anna Margarethe Hasch
Elizabeth 'Eliza' Phillips b: March 01, 1832 near Lynchberg, VA wife of James E. Yonce, daughter of George Phillips and Malinda Nye Umberger
Ann Phillis (b: ca 1630) wife of Richard Owings
Mary Pruner (b: 1788) wife of John Umberger, Jr
Anna Marie Rambler (1700s) wife of Michael Umberger
Anna Christoffersdatter Risberg (Norway 1703) wife of Hans Larsen
Frances Ruxton (James City, VA, 1679- 1747) wife of James Moore, daughter of Nicholas and Alice Ruxton
Rebecca Safley, James Francis Chenoweth, (Virginia, 1784-1813), daugther of Henry Safley and Margaret Dunlap, Henry s/p Valentine Safley (immigrant, 1728-1802)
Janet Seafoam, wife of John McKean, b: late 1600s in IRELAND
Sarah Selph, wife of Silas W. White, b: ca 1834 in Virginia
Mary Smith(1700s) wife of John Chenoweth(2)
Anna Elizabeth Scheider (1700s) wife of Valentine Safley
Judith Stamper (1652) wife of John Calvert & daughter of Hugh & Bridget Stamper
Margaret Stannillis wife of Hugh Glassford
Ole Larsen Stenkjaer (Steinkjer, Norway 1755-1835) {father of Ingelborg Olava Osteras } son of Lars Stenkjaer (Norway, 1724) son of Hans Larsen (Norway 1664-1739)
Juliana Steyger (GERMANY 1685) wife of Heinrich Umberger, immigrated with husband to America, daughter of Hans Steyger (1656-1727) son of Adam Steyger b: 1617 in Switerland and Elsbeth Haberling
Ingelborg Sakariasdatter Stigum (Stigum, Norway 1771-1830) wife of Ole Larsen Stenkjaer daughter of Sakarias Nilsen & Ragnhild Andersdatter Stigum
Deanna M. Sundvick (Vancouver, WA 1946-) wife of Jon D. Egge & daughter of Axel Sundvick (Hirvlox, Finland 1909-, immigrated to America as a child), son of Karl N. Sundvick (Munsala, Finland 1887, immigrated to America)
Margarethe Suhrs (Germany 1700s) wife of Magnus Himpkamp
Malinda Nye Umberger b: June 16, 1809, Wythe Co., VA, wife of George Phillips, daughter of John Umberger, Jr b: 1790 Wythe Co., VA, son of John Umberger b: May 04, 1759 Lebanon Twp. Lancaster Co., PA and Mary Umberger (Mary was a 1st cousin once removed to John daughter of Henry Umberger, son of Leonard Umberger, brother of Michael), son of Michael Umberger b: March 21, 1716/17 immigrated to America with parents and brother Leonard, sons of Heinrich Umberger (1688-1787) b: in GERMANY immigrated to America and died in Pennsylvania, son of Rudi Umberger (1645-1699) born in SWITZERLAND, son of Conrad Umberger and Elizabeth Kern
Elizabeth Watkins: wife of Daniel Driskill from ca 1751 marriage in Virginia.
Margaret Waltman (b: 1738-1815, Pennsylvania) wife of John Yonce & daughter of Conrad Waltman (1715-1796, served in the American Revolution), son of Valentine Waltman (B: ca 1678 Barvaria, immigrated to America 1738), adopted son of Count Hiram von Frundsberg of Barvaria and Barbara Waltman, Valintine's foster sister, and Count Hiram von Frundsberg of Barvaria
Elisabeth Weidler (1647-1730) born SWITERLAND, wife of Hans Steyger
Sarah Ann White (1858-1924, b: Marshfield, MO) wife of Napolean B. Holt, daughter of Silas Little White (b: ca 1820 GA) and Sarah Selph and Levina Frances White (Ohio, 1811-1880) wife of Dr. Henry S. Chenoweth, daughter of Robert White, (b: 1764, Pennsylvania)
Oline (Lina) Wibe (Norway, b1840) wife of Olas Egge & daughter of Peder Jacobsen Wibe (Norway, 1812-1874), son of Jacob Wibe
Elizabeth Wilheim (1647-1697), wife of Rudi Umberger, born SWITZERLAND, died GERMANY, daughter of Conrad Wilhelm and Barbara Holdimann
Hannnah Wilmott (Baltimore Co., MD, 1727), wife of James Moore, Jr., daughter of John Wilmott (1683-1748) and Rachel Owings, John son of John & Jane Wilmott (John, immigrant Staffords, ENGLAND 1655-1719)
Yonce or Yant:
Laura Victoria Yonce (1857-1939, lived Missouri) 2nd wife of Dr. Albert W. Chenoweth, & daughter of James Edward Yonce (1828-1872), son of Peter Yonce (1800-1854, lived Virginia), son of John Yonce (1782-1813, lived Virginia), son of Peter Yonce (1757-1804, served in American Revolution), son of John Yonce (1734-1790, born GERMANY, served in American Revolution), son of Melchoir Yant (palatinate immigrant from Bavaria in 1738)
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What about the women?

The lines of women have begun to fascinate me as I make connections on my Chenoweth and Laprath pages. There is a vastness and a complexity that is like threads in a tapestry. Out of my 496 Laprath descendants I have found 81 are males sons to bear the name. 407 were daughters or sons of daughters. I know there are at least a 60 more to find, all non-Laprath named, making the male sample only about 13% at most as we edge further into the 6th and 7th generations. And this is from a family that started with seven sons and a daughter. It took me 7 years to find the only daughter of the immigrant family: Mary Catherine Federson. The lines of women seldom die out. They have a chameleon like property that blends into family trees across the board. It is sort of the glue that binds us all together. To have a family name, you are the son (or daughter) of a son of a son of a son as far back as the name existed. Everyone is born with one line like that. It defines their name. But for each generation back a geometric explosion of other names and lines happens. For the Chenoweths ranging between the 9th and 13th generation today in America, there are over 1000 descendants with names other than Chenoweths for every male bearing the family name. The immensity of the ocean around a family tree is the texture of our society. Collecting the names of sons is easy and ordered, but can you find the daughters? If your father gave you a name, didn't your mother bring you another family? My mother's father was a 7th generation Chenoweth in America, son of a son of a son et al.. He had one son, who had three daughters. The name in this line is lost, but the 8 children of my mother and her brother will always carry Chenoweth blood. How long will their descendants remember it? My line of Lapraths is through Mathias, the second son. Through the 7th generation there have been 138 descendants. Nine were males bearing the name Laprath. One son bearing the Laprath name exists today in the sixth generation to carry on the name, but there are 48 other members of this generation. So far there are 27 in the seventh generation and none carry the name. The sheer size of the problem as well as the difficulty in finding the daughters restrict genealogists to limiting their descendants to the males. They miss a lot. If this idea intrigues you, you should look at the Casebier subset lines on my Chenoweth pages originally researched by Mary Elizabeth Padden of Washington and augmented by Rodger Smith of Ontario, Canada. The complexity I allude to is very richly evident in their work. Have fun with your search.
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Bob Kinsman's Home Page - Bob has about 5,000 names; Kinsman and other Cornwall families at his site at Half Moon Bay

Comments appreciated - Jon Egge

You can reach me by e-mail at:
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Laprath Family

In case you missed the links above, you can link to 4 pages of seven generations of Lapraths. This is an on going research that covers 1,035 family members including spouses from 1824 to present day (newest descendant born April 27, 2001, Montana):

1st Generation   2
2nd Generation  16
3rd Generation  80
4th Generation 167
5th Generation 332
6th Generation 328
7th Generation 107
8th Generation   8

Chenoweth Family

You can link to a 285 pages of over 82,000 descendants and spouses of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert with a linked surname summary, a linked alphabetical list and a descendants outline. I will be adding to this from time to time. Last update 5/14/00

McKean Family

Visit a McKean research page at Broderbund by William Earl and Janice Louise Angle.

Wibe Family

This section consists of 3 pages covering about 460 descendants both in Norway and America of this family of my great grand mother Olina Pedersdatter Wibe . Last update 6/11/96. This is an ongoing project.

Waltman Family

This new section consists of 5 pages covering about 1,000 descendants of Conard Waltman b: 1718 and his wife Katherine Bierly. Both born in Bavaria, they immigrated to Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania in 1738. Last update 8/31/97.


Austill Family

Through my Chenoweth page I found an Austill link, David E Austill. David has an Austill web site and can be contacted by EMail David Austill. As a point of interest both the Chenoweths and Austills came from the area around Cornwall, Great Britain.

Carter Family

Through my Chenoweth page I have found found two distant Chenoweth cousins that are Carters from James Carter I, b: ca 1670, England, immigrated to Bucks County, PA: Marie Eberle of Illinois and Margaret Skyles of Oklahoma. Marie has written two books on the Carter lines and researched the Carter name for over 20 years. Marg generously gave me over 900 descendants from Hannah Chenoweth and James Carter.

Chatham Family

Debbie Chatham, a Chenoweth descendant, has a homepage for Chatham, Viles, Chenoweth, and Lofgreen families. She is an avid resercher. You can Email her Debbbie. Or go to her genealogy page at Debbie Chatham's Home Page .

Farthing Family

Farthing researchers can contact Barbara Bonham of Massachusetts or Thomas Michel Farthing Sr. of Georgia

Hoyt Family

Jill E. McLeester, has a nicely done homepage for Hoyts with a large database connection. You can Email her Jill. Or go to her genealogy page at The Pumpkin's Roots .


Sandra Duncan of California has been a marvel. Her links and sources to Randolpd County, West Virtginia have meen invaluable to me. She has a database of over 10,000 names at her hompage and can be contacted by EMail Sandra Duncan.

Whitaker families

In the course of looking for my Chenoweth-Whitakers, I ran across this great family site for Whitakers: Whitaker Family History & Genealogical Research Homepage run by Allan Whitaker.
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Sons of the the Ameriacn Revoultion

The SAR has a website maintained by Donald Frank Evans of the George Masion Chapter of the Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. I know of three lines of eligiblity listed on these pages. They include several Chenoweth lines, My Waltman-Yount line, and some Peabody lines mainatined by Velton. If the SAR is of interest to you you might visit this site.
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Statistical U.S. Distribution

               ------ per 93 Phone disk------------------------- 
WEST EAST TOTAL Est People US Census Rank*
Bierly: 128 306 434 1,194 41319
Brown: 147,020 182,203 329,223 905,363 5
Calvert: 3,538 2,708 6,246 17,177 1747
Cassell: 909 1,824 2,733 7,516 4652
Chenoweth: 1,177 602 1,779 4,892 6272
Cobb: 8,705 12,238 20,943 57,593
Crossland: 749 457 1,206 3,317 7491
Egge: 440 82 522 1,436 29060
Glassford: 187 128 315 882 23802
Haba: 80 34 114 319 NR
Hawksworth: 73 67 143 400 NR
Himpkamp: 0 0 0 0 NR
Holt: 13,774 14,809 28,583 78,603 291
LaPrath: 19 2 21 58 NR
Luokkala: 28 2 30 83 NR
Keller: 18,559 17,049 35,608 97,922 321
McBride: 10,246 9,186 19,432 53,438 433
McKean 1,110 785 1,895 5,211
Nyman: 746 748 1,494 4,109 11806
Osterass: 0 0 0 0 NR
Pederson: 5,589 595 6184 17,006 2444
Pera: 203 190 393 1,081 19498
Phillips: 49,863 60,848 110,711 304,455 45
Smith: 226,091 285,773 511,864 1,407,626 1
Stamper: 1,445 2,268 3,713 10,396 2488
Stannillis: 0 0 0 0 NR
Sundvick: 18 2 20 55 NR
Waltman: 699 788 1,487 4,089 8776
White: 80,595 98,296 178,891 491,950 14
Wibe: 467 1 468 1,287 NR
Yonce: 71 279 350 963 36454
Yant: 231 176 407 1,119 22517

Top Ten Most Common Surnames in US

  1. SMITH
  4. JONES
  5. BROWN
  6. DAVIS
  9. MOORE
  10. TAYLOR
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*US CENSUS Rank: 88,799 surnames from a summary of about 2.6 million: These files contain frequency information about the names used by the American population in 1990. The data comes from a sample of about 1 million households included in the 1990 Census. To protect the privacy of respondents, the least common names used by about 10% of the population have been surpressed. Another useful tool in surnames is a website that will generate a distribution map for the 50,000 most common surnames in the US: U.S. Surname Distribution

NOTICE: New at the US Census Genealogy: Age Search Service. The Census Bureau provides an "age search" service to the public: They will search the confidential records from the Federal population censuses of 1910 to 1990 and issue an official transcript of the results (for a congressionally mandated fee). Individuals can use these transcripts, which may contain information on a person's age, sex, race, State or country of birth, and relationship to the householder, as evidence to qualify for social security and other retirement benefits, in making passport applications, to prove relationship in settling estates, in genealogy research, etc., or to satisfy other situations where a birth or other certificate may be needed but is not available. Information can be released to the named person, their heirs, or legal representatives. Details and/or application furnished upon request. Contact Mary Lee Eldridge at
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