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Cottage Lake is 78 acres located between downtown Woodinville and Duvall. Though outside the city limits, it is considered a Woodinville address by the realtors and the authorities at Snail Mail. The lake is open to the public via the King County Park on the north side. It is also the home of the Woodinville Branch of the King County Library.

The lake has two inlets, Daniel and Cottage Creeks, and one outlet, Cottage Lake Creek, which empties into Bear Creek and eventually into Lake Sammamish. From there thru the Sammamish Slough the flow goes thru Lake Washington, thru Lake Union, and out the canal thru the Hiram Chittenton Locks to Puget Sound. These are Salmon spawning tributaries. As you can see I go fishing for salmon once in a while. Cottage Lake is not a great fishing site, but does have a few trout, bass and crappie. Salmon do migrate through the lake however as evidenced by a posting on my fish page.

[PICTURE]About Woodinville Woodinville has a population of 10,000 and was recently incorporated as a city in 1993. Located in the north of the Sammamish Valley along the Sammamish Slough, the community dates back to the 1870's when it was a logging site. A suburb of Seattle, it is located on what is locally known as the Eastside (of Lake Washington), North of Redmond and East of Bothell, along the I405 corridor, exit 23 East. According to the Chamber of Commerce (1995), Woodinville is the fastest growing area in the State of Washington, and is essentially rural in style. The median home price is $245,000 and 66% of the families have an annual income of $54,000 or better. Favorite recreational activities in the area are horse riding, air ballooning, and bicycling or jogging along the Burke-Gilman trail.

Patti Smith, a realtor, has Woodinville: city info at her site. Even better is the History of Woodinville. One of the great Woodinville events is the Basset Bash held at the annual All Fool's Parade each year on the closest weekend to April 1st in downtown Woodinville.

About Washington - from Seattle Hometown News The Census Bureau says Washington's population has grown ten percent in the past four years, adding 476-thousand people. The bureau says Washington is the seventh-fastest growing state in the nation. The state now has 5.3 million residents.

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