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With this issue we venture into new territory with the Chenoweth Family Association. Since 1995, Jon Egge has been webmaster of the Chenoweth Family website (www.chenowethsite.com). We have grown from a few hundred individuals to over 100,000 descendants of John & Mary (Calvert) Chenoweth. Unfortunately not everyone has access to the Internet This newsletter is designed to reach all members of the Chenoweth Family, address topics of interest, foster growth, answer individual questions, latest information on each of the 2d generation lines and place unknown individuals. Currently the editor-in-chief is Peter Chenoweth
(pchenowethl@prodigy.net) and suggestion and questions are welcomed.


For the second reunion in a row the proposal is being made to have individuals pay dues to belong, to the Chenoweth Family Association. Proceeds from these dues would pay, for publishing and mailing this newsletter and maintaining accurate records for locations of individuals. The proposal is that it be S15 for an individual and $25 for a family. [NOTE: This proposal was tabled at the Elkins Reunion until the family corporation was actually formed. People were encouraged to subscribe to the Newsletter directly to Peter Chenoweth to help get it started. An amount of $25 was suggested.]


A recent e-mail from Bill Chinworth indicates that a change in attorneys to complete this process is in the future. After nearly 2 years with no results from our Indiana contact, Bill has asked Darroll Hawkins, a Kentucky attorney, if f he would take over the incorporation proceedings. It is hoped that this matter will come to a satisfactory conclusion in the near future.



June 22, 2002


By Jon Egge
Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
Descendant of Dr Henry S. Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

Dear Cousins,

I would like to take this opportunity, on the occasion of this inaugural letter of the "Chenoweth Family News", to acquaint you with the many genealogy happenings with the Chenoweth family in the last several years. The 1994 publication of "The Chenoweth Family in America" by Richard Harris of the 20 years of research of his wife, Shirley Harris, updated and expanded the knowledge of the family of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert that was set forth by Cora Hiatt in her 1925 book, "The History of the Chenoweth Family". In 1996, Peter Chenoweth and I joined forces to expand on this knowledge base. Using Peter’s extensive files and the power of the internet we have been able to build the family knowledge into the largest known database ever assembled of this unique Colonial family. Along the way we have been able, with the help of many family researchers, to find and correct many of the past mistakes found in Cora’s book. It has become an extraordinary genealogy record that will be a rich heritage to pass down to the future. For those of you interested in the family genealogy there are a myriad of new opportunities to participate in this process. For those who just have an interest in their family background, there is a rich history available. Any and all support is most welcome.

This is not the first time a Chenoweth Association as been formed. To persevere it takes energy and participation. With the knowledge base we have and the magnitude of the present known family, we have a unique opportunity to build the association and the root genealogy knowledge into one of the finest and most extensive family trees in existence. I would urge you to support this effort and participate in anyway you can. I am sure you will find this a very rewarding association and endeavor.

The association can use people who are interested in active participation. The Bi-Annual Reunion committee can use help to insure continued family gatherings throughout the country. Peter can use researchers interested in Census work to assist him. Peter could also use help to insure that a quality newsletter is published on a regular basis. I would like to add depth and detail to the website by connecting other dedicated Chenoweth websites as part of the effort to broaden what a single individual can do. There is the new possibility of the use of new DNA technology to confirm present knowledge and solve old riddles. This is a time of new and exciting opportunities for the family.


DNA, The Lastest in Technology

What is DNA?

Webster's Dictionary defines DNA as: D(eoxyribo) N(ucleic) A(cid) - "A polymeric chromosomal constituent of living cell nuclei, having two long chains of alternating phosphate and deoxyribose units twisted into a double helix and joined by hydrogen bonds between the complementary bases adenine and thymine or cytosine and guanine, each of which projects toward the axis of the helix from one of the strands where it is bonded in a sequence that determines individual hereditary characteristics." Wow!!!! What does this all mean in simple terms? It can be summed up in the last sentence ....... a sequence that determines individual hereditary characteristics." DNA research, with regards to genealogy, traces the Y sex chromosome, which is passed intact from father to son. It allows families to identify what line of a family they belong to with minimal effort. This new technology has been featured in major magazines, newspapers and genealogical magazines.


Having read numerous articles on the subject, Bill Chinworth approached Jon Egge and myself about having a meeting with individuals at the BYU Moledcular Genealogy lab. After much discussion as to how it would benefit the Chenoweth Family research, a meeting was set up for June 2001 in Provo, UT. After our meeting we were encouraged in our efforts to use this latest technology to try and unravel some of the mysteries of our family.

Saliva versus Blood

Both tests are valid, but choice of one over the other depends on the purpose of the DNA sample. Blood (a 8cc draw from the arm) contains more DNA and of a better quality. The main purpose of these projects is to build a unique genealogical genetic database that will help in understanding the relationship and origin of the different family lines. From an average blood sample about 250 simple DNA markers are obtained.

The blood sample is used for no other purpose than to obtain a DNA sample for the Chenoweth Family database. Each individual, submitting a sample would be assigned an identifying number so that no names would be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will individual information ever be released to anyone such as participants in the study, other professionals for research, or to a personal physician?

A: Information concerning participants will not be released to ANYONE. Personal privacy is integral to the study and is maintained throughout the process of data collection and analysis and information storage. The information and genetic data that is compiled for this study is intended for genealogical purposes only.

Q: Where will the information from this study be stored? Will it be accessible over the internet?

A: All information and data related to this study will maintained by the company that has been contracted to proved us with this service. In order to maintain complete privacy for each participant, all data and results are stored in locked files and secure computers without internet or network access. Any query to the database will required a certain amount of interpretation and requests for this will be made directly to the contracted company. Only places and dates of birth are used in the database. No names are used for this stage of the project.

Where are we headed

There will be a presentation of this technology on Saturday at the Second Family Reunion by Relative Genetics of Salt Lake City, LJT.

Jon Egge will put together a cross section listing, of individuals that would be of immense benefit to program is they would be willing to participate. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to this research.

Peter Chenoweth

Roy, UT (pchenowethl@prodigy.net)


[Webmaster Note: The DNA Presentation in Elkins was well received and many of the attendees volunteered to participate in the general study of tracing world immigration DNA presently being conducted as a general study. We did learn that the technology as presently evolved is really only suitable for identifying common ancestry among different Chenoweth groupings and the main Chenoweth family of John and Mary Calvert and not yet for identifying the various different lines within the family itself]


The Chenoweth Family website has access to many databases that are utilized to make the data as complete as possible. One of these is the Social Security Death List extracted from Ancestry.com. Out of more than 1750 individuals with the surname Chenoweth (or one of its many variations) more than 400 have yet to be identified. Do you know any of these individuals? Communication can be done with Jon Egge at Jegge@chenowethsite.com or PO Box 1188, Woodinville, WA 98072.

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  2. Chenoweth, Agnes 9 Sep 1910-1 Jul 1972 issued in OK
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  4. Chenoweth, Albert 22 Sep 1900-1 Apr 1965 issued in DC
  5. Chenoweth, Albert 26 Aug 1907-1 Nov 1979 issued in TX
  6. Chenoweth, Alice 5 Oct 1890-1 Jun 1967 issued in CA
  7. Chenoweth, Alice 3 Mar 1908-1 Jul 1986 issued in MT
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  13. Chenoweth, Amolee 19 Apr 1919-1 Dec 1976 issued in AR
  14. Chenoweth, Amy 27 Dec 1917-1 Apr 1985 issued in OH
  15. Chenoweth, Ann 17 Apr 1878-1 Dec 1969 issued in FL (ID'd as Ana Wright but who is she)
  16. Chenoweth, Ann K. 10 Apr 1918-22 Dec 2001 issued in KY
  17. Chenoweth, Anna 24 Oct 1882-15 Feb 1968 issued in IN
  18. Chenoweth, Anna 30 Jan 1906-16 Dec 1987 issued in OH
  19. Chenoweth, Anna 4 Jul 1910-1 Jul 1984 issued in MO
  20. Chenoweth, Annie 8 Jun 1889-15 Nov 1973 issued in CA (ID'd as Annie L. born in SC but who is she)
  21. Chenoweth, Annie 4 Feb 1906-26 Mar 1995 issued in ?
  22. Chenoweth, Annie 26 Apr 191 1-1 Sep 1985 issued in WA
  23. Chenoweth, Arrena 7 Sep 1887-1 Jun 1977 issued in NY
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  25. Chenowith, August 15 Sep 1909-1 Jul 1977 issued in MD (son of Charles & Sophia, but who are they)
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  49. Chenoweth, Carl 10 Feb 1895-1 Jun 1971 issued in ?
  50. Chenoweth, Carl Clinton 16 Mar 1915-18 Oct 1969 issued in MI
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  100. Chenoweth, Elizabeth I Feb 1884-1 Mar 1965 issued in NJ

(Continued next issue) [Webmaster note: Charles in WV was immediately identified by the folks in Elkins as Charles Randall, the s/o Howard Lee]

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