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The Board of Directors and your Newsletter Staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours Seasons Greetings and a Joyous Holiday. There are many exciting things on the calendar for the Chenoweth family in the upcoming year. We all are looking forward to our third bi-annual Family Reunion in Portland, OR. during August and hope that all of you can attend.


New Column: Down Under

This edition contains a new column. On a regular basis we will have a column about our cousins "down under" in Australia. Darryl Lloyd Chenoweth will be our guest columnist for this series. It is hoped that we can add more columns dealing with Chenoweth cousins, that have not been linked to John and Mary Chenoweth. Anyone wishing to contribute an article should contact the editor at p.chenoweth@comcast.net.


According to Social Security Records during the past year 35 Chenoweths have passed away. We extend our deepest sympathies to the families of these individuals. Of the 35 there are 3 that can not be identified. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated:
  • Gloria C. (8 Mar 1924-15 Apr2003) Last residence: NV SS# 544-16-5597
  • Jeanine M. (13 May 1942-4 Apr 2003) Last residence: AZ SS# 470-46-5454
  • ODell W. (Oct 30, 1931 - Apr 24, 2003) SS issued: AL SS# 422-74-1231

Genealogists never lose their jobs�They just go to another branch!!!




(The following e-mails have been received from members of the family with regards to the newsletter. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated.-editor)


Please add my email address to the newsletter. Thanks.
24 Aug 2003
William A. Chenoweth (Birmingham, AL)


As always I was delighted to get the newsletter. I always print it just as a reference, if nothing more. Thanks a million for all your hard work.
24 Aug 2003
Barbara Loyall


Thank you for your enlightening newsletter. I have forwarded it to "male" Chenoweth, my brother, who says he's not interested in genealogy. He has the Harris book and has been to Cornwall. He is currently working on putting my father's industrial motion pictures that have just been located in DVD format. Thanks again.
24 Aug 2003
Jean Tuchino


Just read your email re: "Updating the Chenoweth Database" and realize that I may have a lot of data on subject lines that you don't. I just got a copy of the Rowan Family Records that have been kept in association with the annual reunion held in Mabie, WV at the Rowan Memorial Church since 1954. These data start in the 1930s and 1940s, continue to date and a large amount of it includes Chenoweth descendants (of the two Chenoweth sisters that married Rowans and lived in Mabie, WV). These records are hand written on more than 150 pages.
24 Aug 2003
Ken Rowan


Thank you for the newsletter. I continue to be interested in the family history. My grandfather, William, was a child of Gideon. It might be of interest to any of the descendents of Gideon to know that I have his civil war verification of service and discharge issued by the AG (Adjutant General) of the State of Illinois in the 1880s. It contains his service dates, unit, and the details of his discharge on disability. Any one who has an interest, if you send me your address I will have copies made and mail them to you. I would be interested in knowing how you are related as well.
24 Aug 2003
Bill Morrison


Thanks for the mailing, I have not finished reading it all, but copies it & will get it all read before long. Hope this finds you well & having a cooler summer than we are, it was 101 today & to be 103 tomorrow & school starts with no air conditioning in the class rooms. Good to get the Mailing.
24 Aug 2003
Mary McNeese


I don't know if you're the person to contact, but I seem to be missing out on some emails. I know that we (the Chenoweth's in the South Bend, IN area) would've liked to come to the reunion, but never received any information about it. I get emails from the site sporadically, but want to be sure I'm getting all of them. Hopefully we can make the reunion next year!
Can you please make sure that I start getting all of the updates?
25 Aug 2003
Lisa Blye (South Bend, IN)

(Current information on the Reunion is available at Bill Chinworth's site. This site is linked in several places from the database website. All cousins listed on the cousin list maintained by Jon Egge will receive notice of the Reunion announcement when available as long as their current Email address is valid. Mailed notices will also be sent to cousins who no longer have a valid Email but have furnished a street address with their original sign-in at the web. Site Emails are sent very sporadically and only as needed, usually to announce major updates or changes. Newsletters are sent quarterly. - Jon Egge, webmaster)


I'm Roxie Munro, a great-great grandchild of Lemuel Chenoweth, and the author/illustrator of 21 children's books. My husband, Bo Zaunders, and I are writing and illustrating a children's book called "Lemuel's Bridge," to be published by Abrams Books, New York�we hope it will be out in time for the Reunion in August 2004. The book focuses on the story, told by my grandmother, Esther Baird Chenweth (Daughter of Lemuel's seventh child, Zachery) about Lemuel walking across his miniature bridge model to win a contract to build covered bridges in what was then western Virginia. The book, in full color, will also cover his youth, his other accomplishments, the building and history of the bridge, and will give information on the Lemuel Chenoweth Museum in Beverly. Bo and I went to Beverly in July to research the book � we had a great visit with Randy Allan at the Museum, and visited the covered bridge at Philippi. (I've traveled to West Virginia since childhood and owned a cabin in Webster County for 15 years). "Lemuel's Bridge" will be available by late summer 2004 on amazon.com (go to BOOKS, then "Roxie Munro"), at Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores. I may be doing some book signing tours for it, possibly including the Museum in Beverly. After the book comes out, if a SASE is sent to me, I'll sign a personally autographed book plate for the person (or the book can be snet with a SASmailer for signing). My website is

If you'd like any more information, my email is rxstudio@aol.om.
25 Aug 2003
Roxie Munro (Long Island, NY

(Sounds like this could be a enjoyable book to have in ones collection � editor)


Aw come on, tell the truth. You're getting the Chenoweth DNA to do some cloning. Our Chenoweths are becoming extinct. I have 4 daughters and an unmarried son. He's afraid to have children since I tease him so often with horror stories that he'd have ten daughters.
25 Aug 2003
Cathy E. Chenoweth

(Cathy, I just had to reply to this. I am in the process of adding Chenoweth Males that were born in the 1930s and 1940s to our Census spreadsheet for reference. In those two decades there are in the neighborhood of 500 sons born with the Chenoweth name that we know of with the Chenoweth name and our universe is hardly complete. The Chenoweth name is alive and stronger than ever. In a twenty-year period my total list of Males born will grow from 2800 to 3300�..albeit some lines die out, others flourish like wild flowers. My grandfather's line has no males left to carry the name, but his half brother, Albert Wilson Chenoweth has 8 great grandsons with the Chenoweth name. � Jon Egge)


Hi there! We changed our e-mail isp and my cousin, Arthur Mott, Jr sent me the current newsletter. I thought I would write and just give you our new e-mail address. I know this has to be a royal paid keeping up with all of us that do this. I do want to get the newsletters. There is always so much of interest in them. You and Jon Egge truly have worked hard on the Chenoweth site. It is awesome! Thanks for all your hard work.
25 Aug 2003
Susie Kretzer (nee Mott)


Thanks for the mention in your latest newsletter. I have long been meaning to get my updates to you and still hope to. I have some hand-written notes from one old branch (Doris Borror � whose mother-in-law was my great-aunt, Elsie Chenoweth)
29 Aug 2003
Roberta Burnes


I just located the Chenoweth Family Newsletter yesterday. I may be able to identify Jennie Chenoweth, 10 Mar 1878 � 15 Jun 1966 (issued in OK). The Jennie I know of born on that date died on 5 Apr 1966, Woodward Co., OK. On page 561 of the Harris book she is listed as Sarah Jane Trisler, wife of Charles Henry Chenoweth (the brother of my Grandmother, Clara R. Chenoweth Parkhurst). Since the death dates do not coincide, perhaps she is not the one you listed. Thank you for your dedication to the Chenoweth Family History and Research.
1 Sep 2003
Grace Van Winkle

(Grace: I think you are right. SSA deaths are not always exact, and sometimes what they have is the date when when they got notice of the death. The use of the 15th is often a default date which means it could be either the 15th or anything. The place was Woodward Co. and that matches. I did not have an exact date of birth for Jennie, but you apparently do and I see, as you said, that matches as well. It would be a huge co-incidence for this not be right. � Jon Egge, webmaster.)

Request for Assistance

(Every once and a while we get a request for assistance in locating a lost relative. We attempt to connect the individuals to the best of our ability, maintaining the discretion that we are responsible for. Once again we have received such a request but this time we lack the information in our database to assist, so we are asking you to help. It is understandable if the parties indicated do not wish to make contact with the requestor, but maybe we can provide a 94 year old lady with some information as to Lanny's status. If anyone can assist with this request please contact either the editor � Peter Chenoweth at p.chenoweth@comcast.net or our webmaster, Jon Egge at jegge@chenowethsite.com.).

I just discovered your site and hope it can help me to locate my step-son. He is Lanny Wesley Chenoweth born in Wichita, KS on January 17, 1957. His mother's maiden name is Betty Jean Dicus. I was married to her at the time of Wesley's birth. We moved to Miami, FL the following year and separated in 1960. My mother took care of Wes during the time Betty was working for Avis at Miami airport. I haven't seen Wes since 1962. My mother, Maurine Williams, will be 94 in Nov and she keeps asking if I've ever found out how Wes has turned out. I saw his mother, Betty, in 1968 by chance and she told me he was fine and he was a boarding student at Miami Military Academy. I've tried all kinds of searches in various white pages, but have not found him listed. I hope you can help my search. Yours truly
1 Sep 2003
R. Williams


If this looks repetitive its because we want to keep this subject in your mind. Since starting this project Bill Chinworth (Board of Directors President) and I are the only individuals to have contributed (scientifically). It is a major project that will have a positive impact on future generations. So please, if you are a Chenoweth male, give this project some serious consideration. We are trying very hard to get volunteers so that we can establish base lines for 2nd generation males. It should also help us place unknown lines that we have a supposition as to where they belong. Further information can found at the website and in previous editions of the newsletter.


Many a Family tree needs pruning!!!
My family came on the Mayflower�.or was it Allied?
My ancestors must be in a witness protection program!!!

(The Chenoweth's in Australia)

I am Darryl Lloyd Chenoweth (b: 21 Apr 1961) and the following is a brief outline of my lineage and a little about how we came to be in Australia. I would like to say thanks for opportunity to contribute to this wonderful newsletter. I can be contacted on email at dchenowe@austarnet.com.au.

The following information was compiled using a number of resources but I would like to acknowledge the contributions of Clara Ruth Gilmour nee Chenoweth (b: 28 Feb 1920) and Lynda Fae Gibbins nee Chenoweth (b: 8 Sep 1957). Their research and effort over 2 generations have enabled us all to share this great wealth of information about our Australian cousins.

The earliest known ancestor of our lineage is the marriage of Richard Chenoweth and Honor Cornelius at Camelford, Cornwall, England on 16 Sep 1762.

Richard and Honor had 3 children: Richard (bapt: 29 Dec 1762), Ann (bapt: 22 Nov 1767) and John (bapt: 13 Oct 1771).

There is also a record of a marriage between Richard Chenoweth and Sarah Canning on 16 Mar 1882. It is unclear as to which Richard this refers to.

John (bapt: 13 Oct 1771) married Elizabeth Cock on 24 Apr 1804 at Lanteglos. They had 10 children:

  1. Ann (bapt 11 Aug 1806)
  2. Grace (bapt 2 Apr 1808)
  3. Catherine (bapt 19 Sep 1813)
  4. Susan (bapt 24 Jul 1815)
  5. William (b: 19 Nov 1816)
  6. Susan (bapt: 20 Jul 1819)
  7. Edwin John (b: 1 Feb 1821)
  8. Susan Jane (b: 1 Feb 1821)
  9. Sarah (bapt: 30 Jun 1822)
  10. Henry (b: 15 Jan 1827)

Edwin John Chenoweth (b: 1 Feb 1821) and his wife, Jane Cornelius (b: 9 Apr 1819) arrived in South Australia on 23 May 1856 aboard the "Aurora" from England. They brought their eight children with them and later had another two children.

Edwin was prompted to emigrate after a letter from his older brother William (b: 19 Nov 1816). William had arrived with his family on 26 Dec 1849. He traveled from South Australia to the Victorian gold fields where he was quite successful. After returning to South Australia he wrote to his brother and related his great experiences.

Edwin John and Jane's 3rd child, Mary Ann (Apr 1844) gave birth, out of wedlock, to a son on 17 Oct 1861. He was named Philip Chenoweth and he retained this name even after his mother married John Varley on 7 Mar 1870.

Philip married Mary Anne Yates on 26 Mar 1884 and they had 9 children. The eighth, Lloyd James (b: 28 Dec 1894) married Kate Caroline Hamlyn (b: 20 Jul 1897).

Lloyd and Kate were the proud parents of 10 children. The ninth was Mostyn Lloyd, who was born on 1 May 1931. On 9 Feb 1957 he married Dorothy Pratt. On 21 Apr 1961 yours truly arrived to be greeted by 2 elder sisters. Lynda Fae (b: 8 Sep 1957) and Sonia Kay (b: 5 Feb 1969). Anita Rose (b: 12 Aug 1963) and Shane Douglas (b: 5 Mar 1969) completed the set.

In the early 1990's Lynda Gibbins put together a book outlining all of the different lines that had traced in Australia. That wealth of information has yet to make it to the digital age, but I am sure that one day soon it will. I would love to make contact with any other Australian cousins who are interested in furthering our information or contributing to the research.

(We thank Darryl for this informative article and look forward to it continuing in future newsletters. � editor)

Family Tidbit

We know of 88 great grandsons. We know with some certainty only 11 of the middle names of these. As to the 5 original names, John heads the list in frequency with 12. There were 8 Williams and 8 names Thomas. Richard had 6 and Arthur had 5, for a total of 39 of the 88 names. Absolom was very popular with 7 instances. The first George Washington appeared, beginning the practice of using famous people for naming children. � Jon Egge


Coat of Arms Research Update

Hi, cousins. Bill Chinworth here. The following e-mail was received from my English contact with regards to researching the Chenoweth Coat of Arms.

Dear Mr Chinworth:

I am at last able to begin research in the Official Records of the College of Arms to find whether I can identify the descriptions you sent me of the Trevelisek and Chenoweth Arms. The blazons (or descriptions) of the Arms which you sent are:

  • For Trevelisek: Sable on a Fess Or three Clough's heads.
  • For Chenoweth: Sable on a Fess Or three Griffin's heads erased Gules.

On 22nd January you sent me an email with information from "A Cornish Armoury" describing the Chenoweth Arms as having Eagles' heads. A griffin has the head of an eagle with ears.

The description of Arms is legally precise, as all Arms are unique to the family concerned. A dictionary definition of a "clough" is "a ravine, steep valley", it is likely therefore that the Trevelisek Arms would have three "chough's heads". (in your first email you mentioned choughs as being birds).

The research you have paid for will authenticate (or not) the Arms in question and give you the name of the grantee and the date of the grant for each of the blazons you have sent me (if they are in fact recorded at the College of Arms). I will not be researching the names but the descriptions you have sent.

I am not able to send a photocopy of our Records, but I could commission my artist to produce a painting or a black and white drawing of the Arms for you, which would incur a further fee. What I suggest is that I research the blazons and send you my report as to whether they are authentic.

I do however want to research the correct blazon, which is why I am writing to you. I think we can assume (unless you tell me otherwise) that the Trevelisek Arms have Chough's heads. I will search for Eagles' and Griffins' heads in the Chenoweth Arms.

Yours Sincerely
Henry Bedingfield
York Herald

Of course I'm telling Henry to carry on with the project and after he has the facts sorted out, I'll pay his artist to make a visual representation of the results. I'm responding back about the cloughs in that the internet clearly mentions cloughs as big birds, though; not yellow with a funny childlike voice, and choughs as little birds similar in size to crows versus ravens or the California conger.

Bill Chinworth
Board of Directors, President
Tucson, AZ.


A little girl was sitting in her grandfather's lap as he read her a goodnight story. From time to time she would take her eyes off the book and reach up and touch his wrinkle cheek. By and by, she alternately stroking her own check and then his again.
Finally, she spoke, "Granddad, did God make you?" "Yes, Sweetheart," he answered. "God made me along time ago."
"Oh," she said. Then "Granddad, did God make me, too?"
"Yes, indeed, Honey," he assured her. "God made you, just a little while ago."
"Oh," she said. Feeling their respective faces again, she observed, "God's getting better at it now, isn't he!"

(by Anonymous)

A very weird thing has happened. A strange old lady has moved into my house. I have no idea who she is, where she came from or how she got in. I certainly did not invite her. All I know is that one day, she wasn't there, and the next day, she was. She is a clever old lady and manages to stay out of sight for the most part, but whenever I pass a mirror, I catch a glimpse of her. And whenever I look in the mirror to check my appearance, there she is, hogging the whole thing, completely obliterating my gorgeous face and body. This is very rude. I have tried screaming at her, but she just screams back.

If she insists on hanging around, the least she could do is offer to pay part of the bills, but no. Every once in a while, I find a five dollar bill stuck in a coat pocket or some loose change under a sofa cushion, but it is not nearly enough.

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I think she is stealing money from me, I go to the bank and withdraw $50 and a few days later, it's all gone. I certainly don't spend money THAT fast, so I can only conclude the old lady is pilfering from me. You'd think she could spend some of that money to buy wrinkle cream. Lord knows she needs it.

And money isn't the only thing I think she is stealing. Food seems to disappear at an alarming rate, especially the good stuff like ice cream, biscuits and sweets. I can't seem to keep that stuff in the house anymore.

She must have a real sweet tooth, but she'd better watch it because she is really packing on the pounds. I suspect she realizes this, and to make herself feel better, she is tampering with my scales to make me think I'm putting on weight, too.

For an old lady, she is quite childish. She likes to play nasty games, like going into my wardrobe when I'm not home and altering my clothes so they don't fit. And messing with my files and papers so I can't find anything. This is particularly annoying since I am extremely neat and organized. She also fiddles with my VCR so it does not record what I have carefully and correctly programmed.

She has found other imaginative ways to annoy me. She gets into my mail, newspapers and magazines before I do and blurs the print so I can't read it. And she has done something really sinister to the volume controls on my TV, radio and telephone. Now all I hear are mumbles and whispers.

She has done other things like making my stairs steeper, my vacuum cleaner heavier and all my knobs and taps harder to turn. She even made my bed higher so that getting into it and out of it is a real challenge. Lately she's been fooling with my groceries before I put them away, aplying glue to the lids to make it impossible for me to open the jars. Is that any way to repay my hospitality.

She has taken the fun out of shopping for clothes. When I try something on, she stands in front of the dressing room mirror and monopolizes it. She looks totally ridiculous in some of those outfits, plus she keeps me from seeing how great they look on me. Just when I thought she couldn't get any meaner, she proved me wrong. She came along when I went to get my picture taken, and just as the camera shutter clicked, she jumped right in from of me!

No one is going to believe that the picture of that old lady is me!

Nov 2003


[Jon] By Jon Egge
Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
Descendant of Dr Henry S. Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

A Patient in Nogales

One of the more intriguing stories in the Harris book is that of the friendship that was struck up between Sommerville Chenoweth and Dr. William Fitzwilliam Chenoweth of Nogales, AZ [page 451]. Most Chenoweths are always curious when they meet someone else of the family name as to what their relationship might be. The story of Somerville and William Fitzwilliam is typical in that respect. Both in themselves have interesting lives.

Sommerville was a patient of Dr. William Fitzwilliam and would see him on occasion when came up from Sonora, Mexico. Both had married women of Mexico. He and William wondered what their relationship was, but could never determine it. We now know that they were 3rd cousins. Sommerville's father Francis was a grandson of Elijah who had settled in Franklin Co., OH. William's father, Absolum Loraine Chenoweth, was a son of Arthur of Pike Co., OH, who was a brother to Elijah. Third cousins are not in living memory. They had come to Arizona by very different routes and times.

William Fitzwilliam was one of 3 children of Absolum Loraine and Emma S. Kelley. Their mother died when William was just 10 years old. Absolum remarried three years later to Alice F. Wilcox and had another 3 sons and a daughter. These sons died young. Absolum Loraine also was a doctor, had served in the Civil War, and died at age 53 in Ross Co., OH when William was 26. William Fitzwilliam, his brother, Harry Kelly, and sister, Mary Lillian, came to Arizona after their father died. Arizona was quite a change from Pike Co., OH. William and Harry married Mexican sisters, daughters of Vicente Escalante, the Mayor of Hermosillo.

I know that Dr. William Fitzwilliam had an interest in genealogy. It was William who put together the picture of Chenoweth doctors that was used in Cora Hiatt's book. Recently I was in contact with William Fitzwilliam Chenoweth, II, a grandson of the good doctor of Nogales. It turns out that this picture collection is far more extensive than the small portion that was arranged for the 1925 book. Another near contact with this family is Debbie Chatham. Debbie contacted me when I first was starting this whole mess. She had a wonderful genealogy helpfulness about her and did some checking on my Laprath Family at the Salt Lake center.

Debbie is a great granddaughter of Mary Lillian who married James Johnston Chatham in Nogales on January 18, 1891. Her family always referred to William Fitzwilliam as "Uncle Doc". Just this Spring we connected up again and traded material on William Fitzwilliam. He died in Santa Barbara while on vacation on August 20, 1941. There was some confusion over the death record as it lists him as William Frederick. On occasion, death certificates have errors. It is probably not the best of circumstances to seek accurate data. We concluded it was indeed Fitzwilliam. Harris has Fitzwilliams, but William's namesake grandson corrected that as well, dropping the "s". He also corrected the name of his father, Joseph William Chenoweth, the son William Fitzwilliam. (Harris had this name as William Fitsimmons, which is incorrect.)

WILLIAM FITZWILLIAM6 CHENOWETH (ABSOLUM LORAINE5, ABSOLUM4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born September 16, 1865 in Bainbridge, Ross Co., OH and died August 20, 1941 in Santa Barbara Co., CA. He married (1) JOSEPHINA ESCALANTE September 9, 1890 in Pima Co., AZ, daughter of VICENTE ESCALANTE. She was born bet. 1860-1874 and died in 1895 in Arizona. He married (2) SANRADA "LAURA" ESCALANTE in 1896, daughter of VICENTE ESCALANTE. She was born December 22, 1875 in Hermosillo, MEXICO, and died December 1968 in Arizona.

Children of William Fitzwilliam Chenoweth and Sanrada Escalante are:

  • I. MARIA7 CHENOWETH, b. January 1897, MEXICO; m. ANDREW BETTWY; b. Bet. 1882-1902
  • II. DELORES LOLITA7 CHENOWETH, b. November 1899, MEXICO; m. LEWIS A. PAGE; b. Bet. 1884-1904
  • III. JOSEPH WILLIAM7 CHENOWETH, b. March 19, 1906, Santa Cruz Co., AZ; d. December 1980, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ; m. RUTH ADELINE SODERGREN; b. August 29, 1909; d. December 25, 1985, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ.

Sommerville, too, had lost his mother, but at an even younger age. He was 5 years old and the family was traveling from Iowa to Oregon. Her name was Maud S. "Hannah" Logan and it was 1849 near Fort Laramie, WY. Sommerville had a brother Heber, which leads me to suspect that there is some sort of Mormon connection to this. Frances went on to Oregon and remarried to a Elizabeth Ann Findley in Clackamas Co., OR the following year. In 1850 the family is in Clark Co., of the Oregon Territory. This is now where Vancouver, WA is. Neither Sommerville nor his brother are with Francis. Ten years later Francis is at Coupeville, on Whidbey Island, where I now share a summer home with my siblings. I can't imagine what it was like to winter on Whidbey Island in 1860. Folks go bonkers with just one winter nowadays. I can't count the number of people I know who wanted to move up to the island and didn't last the first winter. Of course, our early Chenoweths were made of sterner stuff.

But again Sommerville was not with the family. He finally shows up in 1864 at Corvalis, OR to enlist to fight the Civil War. One wonders where he had been for the last 15 years, for he has not been found yet in a Census. Heber was never heard of again. Sommerville never made to the War, but ended up fighting Indians instead. Apparently the life suited him as he re-enlisted and in 1870 is at Ft Wingate in New Mexico. This is the only US Census Sommerville was ever found in though he lived to be 81. Somewhere in the 1870s he headed south to Mexico. On June 3, 1888 in San Miguel, he married Matilde Acosta. He was 44 and she was 24. They had 11 children. When I read this, I wondered what happened to this family.

SOMERVILLE SAMUEL6 CHENOWETH (FRANCIS A.5, THOMAS C.4, ELIJAH3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born March 25, 1844 in Scott Co., IA and died October 14, 1925 in Carbo, Sonora, MEXICO. He married MATILDE ACOSTA June 3, 1888 in San Miguel, MEXICO. She was born Abt. 1864, and died March 3, 1934 in Sonora, MEXICO.


  • I. TERESA7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. July 20, 1888, Sonora, MEXICO; d. Abt. 1955; m. RAMON BADILLA LOPEZ; b. Bet. 1873-1893
  • II. ENRIQUE7 "HENRY" CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. Augusta 5, 1889, Sonora, MEXICO; d. Bet. 1916-1918, Cananea, Sonora, Sonora, MEXICO
  • III. HERMINIA7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. May 20, 1891, Sonora, MEXICO; d. Abt 1965; m. FRANCISCO PRECIADO; b. Bet. 1876-1896; d. Abt. 1950.
  • IV. ERNETINA7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. March 27, 1892, Sonora, MEXICO.
  • V. MANUEL7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. June 29, 1894, Sonora, MEXICO; d. January 15, 1968, Yolo Co., CA; m. LOLA ROMERIZ; b. Abt. 1916
  • VI. RICARDO7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. January 1, 1896, Sonora, MEXICO; d. July 11, 1925, Butte Co., CA.
  • VII. RAMON7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. February 18, 1898, Sonora, MEXICO; d. 1972, Chihuahua, MEXICO; m. ELONOR NORIEGA; b. Aft. 1895, MEXICO; d. Abt. 1980, Illinois.
  • VIII. ELISA7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. July 27, 1899, Sonora, MEXICO
  • IX. CARLOS7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. December 4, 1900, Sonora, MEXICO; d. 1950, Hermosillo, Sonora, MEXICO; m. DELFINA VIDAL; b. Abt. 1915, Aconochi, Sonora, MEXICO; d. 1951, La Palma, Ures, Sonora, MEXICO.
  • X. ALBERTO7 CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. September 4, 1905, Sonora, MEXICO; d. 1969, Hermosillo, Sonora, MEXICO; m. MARIA DOLORES GRANILLO; b. 1904, Rayon, Sonora, MEXICO; d. 1984, Hermosillo, Sonora, MEXICO.
  • XI. MARIA7 LOUISA CHENOWETH ACOSTA, b. July 9, 1907, San Miguel de Horcasitas, Sonora, MEXICO; d. June 30, 1980, Hermosillo, Sonora, MEXICO; m. TORIBIO ACOSTA; b. Bet. 1892-1912; d. MEXICO.

Remarkably in 1999, Alain Chenoweth Carrillo contacted me. Sommerville's family was thriving very well in Sonora, Mexico. Alain's English was limited and my Spanish non-existent from the 6th grade, so we struggled with the language barrier. Alain was a grandson of Samuel Chenoweth Granillo, who was a grandson of Sommerville. Two years later to the rescue came Daniel Fred Chenoweth, whose father, Mauel Rogelio Chenoweth Granillo, was a brother to Samuel. Daniel Fred has done yeoman's work restoring Sommerville's family to the family tree. We have even located some in California and Chicago. He, along with his uncle, Gilberto from Arizona, came to the reunion in Elkins in 2002. It was a treat to have these relatives from Sonora in the wooded hills of West Virginia, where cousins are often kissin'.

There are a couple of cases of the Chenoweth family that have gone to Canada as well, so when the Harris books says the Chenoweth Family in America, he means North America. There is a marvelous connection to all of this. I suppose Fred must some day visit with William Fitzwilliam, and celebrate this friendship between cousins of their respective great grandfather (Daniel Fred: Sommerville) and grandfather (William Fitzwilliam: William Fitzwilliam).

As Daniel Fred carefully explained to me, Mexican traditions use both the father's and mother's name. Fred's name is actually Daniel Fred Chenoweth Chenoweth as both his parents were Chenoweths. Fred was very much at home in Elkins, his parents being first cousins. It was a marriage of Manuel Rogelio Chenoweth Granillo and Herminia Chenoweth Vidal. The first last name is the father's line and the second the mother's line. What a boon to us genealogists if this practice had been part of English culture. The children use the father's name passed down from each parent, hence Daniel Fred Chenoweth Chenoweth. How much more Chenoweth can you get.

From a response to the last newsletter:
Daniel Fred 26 Aug 2003, great grandson of Somerville "Samuel" Chenoweth

"I was reading the newsletter, I think once I told you how names are formed here in Mexico and I believe also in Latin America and Spain. Most Mexicans have surname and middle name. In my case, before I was born, my parents watched TV series "Dennis the Menace" in Spanish translated to "Daniel el Travieso". So was in my dad's mind to name me Daniel despite traditions rule to name 1st son as the Father's name. My father is name is Manuel Rogelio Chenoweth Granillo. As you can imagine Manuel was in honor of the lost uncle Manuel (now we know he was in California.) [Note: Manuel is Daniel Fred's great uncle.]

OK, back to my name! My mom liked short and foreign names, maybe because of the movies or artist, she likes. 'Not usual and short names', she had several in mind Fred, Ivan, Wiston, Alfred, Lui. Finally she decided to name me only Fred. But I was born on July 21, and another tradition is to choose one from the calendar. Each day of year has one main saint name, and some others, well. In many calendars, July 21 is Daniel's Day (in others it is December 11), that became Daniel Fred.

Next year my mom had a chance to name my brother. In 2nd place was Ivan, and my dad choice was Rogelio 'cuse nobody call him Manuel since he was a child at school. My dad 'till now is called 'Rogelio Chenoweth'. So that's how my brother is Ivan Rogelio. The ladies on the block we lived in liked the name so much that 3 more kids were named Ivan after my brother was born (either 1st or middle name). I think they don't know that 'Ivan' is a Russian name with a dark history (see Ivan the Evil biography). My sister is Wendy Isis, Wendy for my mom, again a foreign name. I've never heard of Wendy until I saw 'Casper the friendly Ghost' cartoon, and when I visit USA for 1st time, the Wendy's burgers! Anyways something similar happened with Wendy name here. One friend and one neighbor named Wendy to their daughters. Isis comes from an Egypt queen or goddess. My youngest sister is Iza Iriz. I don't know the origins of the Iza name. I think could be a short for Isabel, in Latin Spanish Isa sounds the same as Iza, and my dad liked Iris, it seemed like Isis."

The SSAs

The Social Security System has turned into a bonus source for genealogists. It is the only thing we have in the United States for vital statistics on a nationwide basis. Moreover the information available from it has improved from earlier data. Each year now some 50 to 60 Chenoweths die and are picked up in the system by various spellings. The spreadsheet we have developed has at present 1,839 names in it. We have identified or guessed at all but 280 of these. This means we think we know who 84% of these people are. Of the 1,559 so far identified, 1,328 have been identified as belonging to the family and another 181 identified as belonging to what we call "unknowns lines", which, we believe, belong to the family though the link is unknown. Only a total of 50 have been identified to what we call "other" lines. Of the 280 we have not identified, 187 of them are females, obviously stemming from complications in our society of identifying females and spouses in genealogy records.

Pete and I began this spreadsheet some 5 or 6 years ago from a 1993 SSA listing CD available from Broderbund. At the time I think we had some 1,100 listings. Now we obtain new listings from Online sources. In November 2000, we first posted the page of unidentified listings. This page has helped us identify many on the list and actually found many new cousins. In the August 2002 newsletter, we stated that there were 1,750 names on it, so you can see that some 83 names have been added in the intervening year and a couple of months. At that time we had about 400 unidentified names. So not only have we pared this to 285 but with the additional names added we have actually identified some 200 individuals. Several of these have come through responses to the listings we sent out with the first 3 or 4 newsletters.

The SSA listing tell us several things about the family. 87% of the names are spelled Chenoweth. Another 5% Chenowith and the remaining 8% a variety of other spellings. Half of these various spellings are specific branch lines from Tennessee (Chenowth, Chinowth and Chinouth), Baltimore (Chenworth) or Robert Chenoweth of Wabash Co., IN (Chinworth). We have not included any "Chy" spellings in our listings. Of the use "Chenowith" over half of these come from the Baltimore area, generally identified among the unknown lines. The figures also seem to confirm our contention that roughly 9 out of 10 Chenoweths in the United States belong to the colonial family of John and Mary.

Another aspect of the Social Security system is the ability of obtaining the actual application. It is one of the few genealogy documents that is actually filled out by the person himself, often giving the place of birth and names of parents. Unfortunately this is an expensive and cumbersome item to obtain, so we have tried to ID as many as possible without resorting to the actual application retrieval. Pete has however paid for dozens of these himself.

Recent listings have become more complete. First, unlike the earlier years, everyone who dies with a reported number is now listed. In earlier years only those who actually were receiving benefits were listed. Recent listings have included middle initials, which help with the identification. Dates of death have become more precise. Early listings often use a default date or an approximation. When reviewing dates a day of 1 or 15 is more often than not a default and not the real date.


In the May 2003 issue (Vol 2 #2) we started looking at Birth Records. These are individuals that we have been unable to place. We listed 20 individuals. We list 111 more individuals in this issue and as always any help in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

name, birth date, state, comment

  • Chenoweth, Angela M. b: 30 Apr 53 in Illinois possibly wife of Frank Cleame Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Angeline F. b: 05 Mar 30 in Alabama
  • Chenoweth, Anita b: 17 May 58 in West Virginia
  • Chenoweth, Anita V. b: 03 Nov 19 in California
  • Chenoweth, Ann E. b: 02 Aug 50 in Wisconsin
  • Chenoweth, Ann L. b: 13 Dec 32 in Maryland
  • Chenowith, Ann M. b: 19 Nov 59 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Ann M. b: 02 Sep 47 in Massachusetts
  • Chenoweth, Ann R. b: 20 Feb 62 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Anna D. b: 11 Jul 1914/15 in Ohio listed on SSA with birth year of 1914
  • Chenoweth, Anna M. b: 12 Dec 57 in Wisconsin
  • Chenoweth, Anna M. b: 12 Oct 59 in Illinois
  • Chenowith, Anna V. b: 06 Oct 21 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Anne E. b: 20 Aug 66 in California
  • Chenoweth, Anne W. b: 04 Nov 28 in Texas
  • Chenoweth, Annette A. b: 14 Feb 60 in Ohio possibly wife of Lewis Henry Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Annie M. b: 12 May 21 in Missouri
  • Chenoweth, Anthony J. b: 30 Mar 78 in Colorado
  • Chenoweth, Arlene b: 11 Sep 38 in New Jersey
  • Chenoweth, Arthur b: 22 Mar 23 in Oregon maybe Arthur C.
  • Chenoweth, Arthur b: 13 Jun 64 in Maryland
  • Chenowith, Arthur L. b: 12 Oct 46 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Arthur L. b: 12 Dec 50 in Ohio
  • Chenoweth, Arthur P. b: 11 Aug 49 in Maryland
  • Chenyworth, Audre b: 10 May 31 in Illinois
  • Chenoweth, Barbara b: 26 Jan 44 in Kansas
  • Chenoweth, Barbara A. b: 12 Jun 55 in Missouri
  • Chenoweth, Barbara C. b: 06 Jun 48 in Florida
  • Chenoweth, Barbara J. b: 26 Dec 54 in Texas
  • Chenoweth, Barbara L. b: 16 Sep 36 in Illinois
  • Chenoweth, Barbara M. b: 14 Jun 39 in Florida
  • Chenoweth, Barbel b: 08 Nov 47 in Illinois
  • Chenoweth, Beatrice J. b: 28 Jun 00 in California possibly wife of Richard J. Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Becky b: 06 Apr 55 in Wisconsin
  • Chenoweth, Benjamin R. b: 11 May 63 in Oregon
  • Chenoweth, Bernard C. b: 29 Sep 63 in West Virginia possibly son of Franklin Bernard Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Bernice b: 31 May 10 in California
  • Chenoweth, Bessie M. b: 27 Feb 01 in West Virginia possibly Bessie Kittle
  • Chenoweth, Betty b: 14 Jul 28 in West Virginia
  • Chenoweth, Betty B. b: 07 Nov 43 in South Carolina
  • Chenoweth, Betty C. b: 01 Aug 64 in Maryland
  • Chenowith, Betty E. b: 13 Feb 31 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Betty J. b: 18 Jan 25 in Illinois
  • Chenoweth, Betty J. b: 14 Mar 53 in South Carolina
  • Chenoweth, Betty R. b: 02 Oct 09 in Iowa
  • Chenoweth, Beverly J. b: 29 Aug 53 in Ohio
  • Chenoweth, Beverly K. b: 13 Nov 58 in Colorado
  • Chenoweth, Beverly W. b: 03 Oct 57 in South Carolina
  • Chenoweth, Billy b: 15 Jan 43 in Arizona
  • Chenoweth, Billy G. b: 31 Dec 37 in Oklahoma
  • Chenoweth, Bina L. b: 19 Jun 66 in Illinois
  • Chenowith, Bonnie L. b: 26 Jun 40 in Maryland
  • Chenowith, Brandy L. b: 05 Dec 68 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Branny b: 06 Feb 61 in Washington
  • Chenoweth, Brenda E. b: 03 May 52 in West Virginia
  • Chenoweth, Brenda K. b: 02 Nov 62 in Ohio
  • Chenoweth, Breton K b: 25 Nov 65 in Oregon
  • Chenoweth, Brian D. b: 05 Apr 67 in Oregon
  • Chenoweth, Brian K. b: 08 Aug 65 in California
  • Chenoweth, Bruce M. b: 01 Jan 51 in New Jersey
  • Chenoweth, Bruce W. b: 03 Jan 69 in Ohio
  • Chenoweth, Bryan K. b: 05 Dec 61 in Maryland possibly son of Roger Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Burnice b: 26 Jan 15 in Kansas
  • Chenowith, C. Ray b: 15 Nov 44 in New York
  • Chenoweth, C.C. b: 16 Dec 16 in California listed in SSA (SS issued in PA/died in NV)
  • Chenoweth, Cameron T. b: 16 Sep 66 in Texas
  • Chenoweth, Candace M. b: 14 Jul 57 in West Virginia possibly wife of Matthew A. Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Candy A. b: 07 Oct 53 in Iowa
  • Chenoweth, Carl b: 16 Aug 71 in Ohio
  • Chenoweth, Carl T. b: 30 Dec 54 in Wisconsin
  • Chenoweth, Carla L. b: 11 Dec 52 in Wisconsin
  • Chenoweth, Carlton L. b: 18 Jul 51 in Virginia there is a Rick M. Chenoweth in the same household
  • Chenowith, Carol b: 13 Aug 39 in Arizona
  • Chenoweth, Carol A. b: 03 Jun 52 in Florida
  • Chenoweth, Carol A b: 25 Feb 49 in New Jersey
  • Chenoweth, Carol H. b: 01 Mar 47 in Georgia possibly wife of Michael C. Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Carol H. b: 25 Jan 59 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Carol J. b: 31 May 47 in Ohio possibly wife of Jerry Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Carol J. b: 29 Oct 64 in California
  • Chenoweth, Carolyn b: 08 Aug 37 in Washington
  • Chenoweth, Carolyn J. b: 18 Apr 40 in Virginia
  • Chenoweth, Carolyn J. b: 20 Nov 58 in California
  • Chenoweth, Carolyn R. b: 18 Jul 72 in Oregon
  • Chenoweth, Catharine J. b: 10 Feb 53 in Wisconsin possibly wife of Carl T.
  • Chenoweth, Catherine E. b: 06 Nov 50 in Missouri
  • Chenowith, Catherine M. b: 11 May 59 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Charlanne S. b: 27 Sep 30 in California
  • Chenoweth, Charles b: 01 Jan 18 in Indiana possibly Charles Donald Chenoweth
  • Chenoweth, Charles b: 04 Feb 17 in Arizona
  • Chenoweth, Charles C. b: 21 Jul 34 in Washington
  • Chenowith, Charles H. b: 03 Jul 30 in Maryland
  • Chenowith, Charles H. b: 04 Jun 56 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Charles K. b: 09 Nov 62 in Maryland
  • Chenoweth, Charles R. b: 26 Jan 36 in West Virginia
  • Chenowith, Charles W. b: 18 Nov 47 in Mississippi
  • Chenoweth, Charlotte b: 27 Nov 15 in Texas
  • Chenoweth, Cheri A. b: 14 Mar 54 in Illinois
  • Chenoweth, Cheryl A. b: 15 Aug 74 in Texas
  • Chenoweth, Cheryle M. b: 09 Jul 62 in Oregon
  • Chenoweth, Cherylea b: 30 Aug 41 in California
  • Chenoweth, Chris A. b: 24 Jul 64 in Oklahoma
  • Chenoweth, Chris R. b: 15 Apr 44 in Washington
  • Chenoweth, Christina M. b: 10 Jul 37 in Kansas
  • Chenoweth, Christine b: 19 Feb 48 in California
  • Chenoweth, Christine A. b: 02 Nov 60 in Colorado
  • Chenoweth, Christopher D. b: 20 Feb 78 in Wisconsin
  • Chenoweth, Christopher D. b: 08 Feb 64 in Ohio
  • Chenoweth, Christopher E. b: 06 Sep 72 in Kansas
  • Chenoweth, Christopher W. b: 14 Jan 77 in Texas
  • Chenoweth, Claire C. b: 30 Jul 45 in California
  • Chenoweth, Clarke b: 13 Sep 51 in Florida

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