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�Chenies� meet in Mesquite
by Jon Egge

I can�t believe that we have had six reunions now. It hardly seems like twelve years past, when Joyce Wiegand of Lafayette, IN suggested that we hold a National Reunion. What is more, I can�t believe how interesting each has been, and though the basic format has been similar, each has been unique, filled with its own aura. Mesquite, TX was no exception to this, and yet it was exceptional and exceptionally well done. The flavor was definitely Texan, hickory-smoked and bar-b-qued on a hot grill, but the biggest part of this warmth was the friendly embrace experienced by attendees as extended by their Texan cousins. You just knew you were welcome at home and about to experience a fine family event. It all started with our hostess, Lawra Duy, who would lead us through a well conceived program over the next 4 days with charm mixed with dashes of mirth and family fun. We all donned the familiar family colored T-shirts, which bore an Armadillo as the newest symbol of reunion lore. According to Lawra, Armadillo�s have many common traits with Chenoweths, both seeming to thrive in the hot Texan climate, maybe out of sheer orneriness. [Mesquite] Throughout the event Lawra tasked us with ice-breakers in the form of blackout bingo games called �Chenoweth�. There would be many highlights and discussions as well as presentations on the family history.

Highlights included a new how-to-internet approach to genealogy by Tami Glatz of the Dallas Library and a presentation on Texas and Chenoweths with veteran reunion attendee, Teri Chenoweth, warming us up and �newbie� Joe Chenoweth leaving us with a poignant story of his grandfather, William Benjamin Chenoweth, who was born in Dallas on December 10, 1868. These were a fitting pair, as Joe had a picture of his grandfather, standing beside Teri�s grandfather. These two third cousins had met and greeted each other in the same warm family embrace decades before that we were experiencing in Mesquite.

Echoing the hospitality of the 2002 Elkins reunion, this reunion had good local support and that was a welcome facet to another gem. I was a little disappointed that none of the family of my great grandfather�s brother, Dr John W. Chenoweth of Grayson Co., TX bothered to show up. The total attendance was equally short as the reunion numbers continue to dwindle. Well, they just don�t know what they are missing as each reunion finds new cousins that open their eyes to the larger family and a network of family that spans the country. It is all about opening a door to something within you that is large and resonant. The opportunity that these reunions present are a unique journey that should not be missed and will not be forgotten.

Greg Wulker presented us with the promise of 2012 in Winchester, VA, one of the oldest areas of the family�s historic march to the frontier and west. If you can�t believe that this was the frontier in the 1740s, well just join us and find out and do a little bonding. Winchester, nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, is a charming delight that houses many of the family�s early records and minutes away from ancestral lands. This area of Virginia was home to the family for some 40 years before the way west was opened up by the Revolutionary War. It then became a 50 years launching pad for the road west. Yet today there are still a number of family members to be found in the Winchester area of those few that stayed behind from John2, Hannah2 and Arthur2.

Honored at the reunion were 6 time attendees: Bev & Dick Buchanan, Teri Chenoweth, Joyce and Dick Wiegand, Greg Wulker, Myra and Butch Crusie, Carolyn and Harold Newby and John Egge. Joyce has been our long time registrar for the reunion. Teri helped Lawra with some of the planning and helped us learn a little about Texas. Bev is still researching her Algers as a part of the Martindale family of Barbara Chenoweth Martindale. Myra and Butch had come via a detour through Yellowstone, still choosing to ply the roads via motorcycle. Greg had brought his mother and aunt, both ladies opting for blue T-shirts, as the cousin marriage descendants from Warren Co., OH have their choice of William�s yellow or John�s blue. Carolyn, from Florida, along with Greg has kept the presence of William�s Warren Co., OH descendants a fixture at the reunion. Jon Egge was honored as the 2nd recipient of the �Eugene Victor Chenoweth Award� to signify service to the family. [DIRECTORS]For once he was speechless. Bill Chinworth was the previous family member to be honored. Jon also won the award for the farthest traveled (�as the crow flies�), though Myra and Butch may have actually traveled more because of their labyrinthine loop through Yellowstone.

So who did come? John�s line was led by Helen Bollen of Utah, a 4-time reunion veteran. She was joined by her near cousin, Sue Eagle Sparkman and her husband George of Texas. Both were from Jonathan�s son Samuel and his son Daniel, who died in the early spring of 1852 in Iowa, leaving his widow Elizabeth with 4 small children. Three of these would migrate to SE Washington Territory including Helen�s and Sue�s ancestor Martha Jane, who married Charles Augustus Alexander. Helen had written a book on the Alexanders, and Sue had sent me the material on the extensive Alexander family way back in 1997. I was pleased to finally meet Sue, cousin #112 on my list. Helen had found me later. Once again, Helen had her van packed for travel as the reunion was only one stop on a summer tour. It is all quite remarkable considering Helen�s 88 years. As mentioned, Bev Buchannan and her husband Dick from Illinois, newly elected to the board at this year�s reunion (and elected by the board as vice-chairman), were like me attending their 6th reunion. Dick has contributed thoughtful input over the years to help shape the reunions and was the moderator of a group discussion on how we could improve future reunions. There is something remarkable about all of this that in spite of a steady decreasing attendance, actual attendees are always enthusiastic about continuing the tradition and staging another event. Why else would we have so many returnees over the years?

Florida Mike and his wife Pam came back for their 4th reunion. Mike hails from the Morgan Co., IN Chenoweths from Ephraim and is presently serving on the board. Robert Dean Chenoweth, his wife Elizabeth and sister Vesta were first time attendees and part of the large contingents of Texans at the reunion. Bob and Vesta descend from William of Nelson Co., KY via his son James Hackley who lived in Pike Co., IL. Our motorcycling gang of Myra and Butch Crusie, represent Elias of Jay Co., IN, one of the sons of John Chenoweth of Hampshire Co., VA. Malinda and Vilot Duff from Georgia were representing one of the oldest family lines descending from Robert�s daughter Susannah. One of her sons, George Milton Stalnaker, went to Missouri and his son Andrew to Idaho where Malinda�s husband Michael was born. I, of course, was there representing the line of Thomas of Botetourt Co., VA.

Mitchell Ingram, a new found cousin, and also a native Texan was in attendance from the Tucker�s of Phoebe, the d/o Mary Chenoweth. I would refer readers to the article on the Ingrams in the reunion newsletter for more on this family. Also from Mary and from Texas was Jodi Ratica. Whereas Michael�s Ashbrook line had gone to Pike Co., IL via Ohio, Jodi�s went to Grant Co., KY in the form of the cousin marriage of John Ashbrook and Mary Chenoweth. Katherine Weber-Wolff completes the families of John, being the first descendant we have had to the reunion from Rachel. In all we had John�s children of William, John, Thomas, Absolum, Mary and Rachel, 6 of the 8 possible descendant lines.

We had no Richard�s, disappointing as there are any number of the Tennessee lines that passed into Texas via Arkansas. We did have a Hannah in the person of Anita Bird and her husband Bill. Another native Texan, Anita�s mother, Barbara Mole, corresponded with me in the first year of the website. Barbara passed on in 2006. And we had one Arthur with Beverly Thompson and her husband Bill, a part of the Randolph Co., IN Chenoweths. Beverly�s ancestor, Mary Etta Chenoweth Bowen, one of the 5 Chenoweth-Bowen marriages, was an aunt to Cora Viola Hiatt (author of the 1925 Chenoweth Family book). Without Cora�s work probably none of us would haven here to attend a reunion in Mesquite. And there were William�s aplenty, all from the cousin marriages of Warren Co., OH and the three sons who William, Jr divided his lands to. The families of these three Williams have continued to live in this Ohio area to present day. Attending from these cousin marriages from other areas were Robert James Chenoweth and his wife Janet from Tennessee, veterans attendees Carolyn Chenoweth Newby and her husband Harold from Florida, Virginia Marie Partch and her husband Gene from Wyoming, Anne Larson Schatz of Texas, Greg Wulker and his mother Margaret and his aunt Claire Roedel from the Cincinnati area of Ohio.

[Mesquite] There were Thomas descendants aplenty. Carl Lee Chenoweth and his wife Arlene from the Pike Co., OH son Arthur, came from Colorado. He was part of a large contingent from Arthur�s son Luke and his son Benjamin Franklin. Joining him from Oklahoma were Evelyn Marie Chenoweth, Pat Chenoweth Crume, Evelyn Chenoweth Felix, and Leon and Peggy Hayes. The trip to Mesquite was the culmination of a vacation that took them to New York City to see their niece, Kristin Chenoweth, in the Broadway play �Promises, Promises.� Also from Arthur was Sue Ellen Peglow of Arkansas from Luke�s brother Hiram. From the Thomas line of Richard was our long time reunion registrar, Joyce Wiegand and her husband Dick. From Thomas, Jr were families of Texan natives from Benjamin Franklin Chenoweth of Taney Co., MO. They were Joseph Thomas Chenoweth and his wife Kathy and his closer cousin Rita Schimpff. From Elijah, another of the many sons of Thomas, was Vida Chenoweth and her niece Lee Ann Lawson from Oklahoma. Vida is known as the first classical Marimbist. I have enjoyed corresponding with her over the last 3 years. From the youngest of the Thomas brothers, Abraham, were two long time reunion attendees, both from Texas, Denise Chenoweth from Jacob and Teresa Chenoweth from his older brother, William. Denise�s father was Levert Voltair Chenoweth, one of the more distinct names in our database. Terry, having been a nurse in the military, made sure we were all aware of how to deal with the heat of the Dallas summer time. Joe, Terry and Malinda helped our host Lawra plan the activities and helped with presentations. Joe�s story of his inventive grandfather was reunion highlight.

Two lines of Chenoweths from later immigrations rounded out the reunion attendees. Peter, the family�s current Chairman, and his wife Janet from Florida put on another enlightening explanation of the DNA project. And there was of course our Texan Hostess, Lawra Duy and her husband Franz and family, whom the Board of Directors selected to fill the un-expired term left with the resignation of IN Mike Chenoweth. Another attendee was her cousin Justin Chenoweth from South Carolina. Lawra�s hard work on this reunion was evident throughout the well planned program, highlighted by the Rodeo and Bar-b-que dinner in the Resistol arena.


25 Jul 2010
Dear cousins,

On my 4 hour drive home I had time to reflect on my first Chenoweth Family Reunion. I am still not quite sure what compelled me to attend, not having met a single person. You see, I differ from the rest of the pioneering Chenoweth�s in that I am a little shy, but I guess curiosity or maybe a little push from one of my adventurous ancestors along with the chance to meet Jon Egge, Pete Chenoweth and my newly found �close� cousin Joe Chenoweth was what spurred me on.

I jokingly, yet seriously told my husband not to be surprised if I was home early (you know, finding family with 3 eyes and such! I did find folks with strange toes � just like mine!) As it ended up my husband and children had a hard time reaching me or getting a timely call back. And all the back-up reading material I brought � went back home untouched.

Over the weekend a few of the histories I have read before were retold. But I can tell you that having them passionately repeated in person by family to family that �owns� that history �is most powerful. It should be experienced.

So, what started out as a journey with mild expectations (you know, set your sights low enough, and you will never be disappointed�.) progressed into fun days, with a better understanding of my ancestors journeys, to real help with aids and sources for research and ended with a totally unexpected, and emotional bond to previously unknown family who share a single, special drop of blood with me. I found myself overcome and really not easily willing to say goodbye.

So it is not goodbye, but as we like to say in Texas�.


Rita Schimpff (Francis McQueen Rozelle8, Erma Camille Motley Smith7, Samuel David Smith6, III, Missouri Independence5 Chenoweth, Benjamin Franklin4, Thomas3, Jr, Thomas2, John1)

Dear Rita,

What a wonderful testimonial of what we are about! Thank you,

Joyce Wiegand



I too would want to second Joyce�s accolades over the sentiments you expressed in your email after the reunion. It tells us we are on the right track. There is something quite extraordinary going on here in assembling all parts of a vast colonial family and taking the time and energy to include all the known daughter lines as part of the family. Your journey of that discovery was well put and done in a lovely manner. I have long felt that this is the best of the genealogy and reunions, the inclusions of all the family and the history they bring back to us. In this reunion we had several long reach daughter lines that attended: that of Hannah�s Carters (2nd generation), Mary�s Ashbrooks (3rd generation) and Rachel�s Seatons (3rd generation). They help to shift the focus away from just a name to the actual family. You, Joe and Bob Derryberry are pieces of a large and wonderful subset of the family that resides in the Dallas area that has exceptional potential to regain a family cohesion in a larger fashion than now experienced by the Oklahoma families of Benjamin Franklin s/o Luke that also attended the reunion. I wish you well on this journey and look forward to future communication and reunions. Lawra and Pete are testament that there is something here even larger. A good time was had by all as far as I can tell. Welcome back to the family and thank you for coming.

Jon Egge


Hi Rita,

You now have a whole bunch of newly made friends (cousins). This is one of the beauties of Chenoweth Reunions � getting to know the folks. Hope to see all of you at Winchester, VA in 2012. I am sure it will be a really great gathering. Put it on your calendar.

Dick Buchannan



What a great experience. See ya in Virginia in 2012, maybe sooner if you join us in Oklahoma next June.

J. Leon Hayes (Vida Viola7 Chenoweth, John William6, Benjamin Franklin5, Luke4, Arthur3, Thomas2, John1)

Time at the Top

[PETE]Peter Clinton Chenoweth, Chairman of the Board/Newsletter Editor

It is with great pleasure that I accept the decision of the Board of Directors to serve as your Chairman for another 2 years. Much has been accomplished in the past 2 years and much is hoped to be accomplished in the next 2 years. This family is made up of a great group of individuals. If you have a talent or skill to offer, please, step forward and let me know what it is and we will let you know how it can be utilized.

I am happy to announce the addition of Lawra Duy and Dick Buchannan to the Board of Directors. Lawra is filling the un-expired term left when IN Mike resigned. Dick was also elected by the Board to be the Vice-Chairman. The Board would also like to welcome Sue Ellen Peglow, who has volunteered to be the Association Treasurer. Your Board is looking for an individual to volunteer as the Recording Secretary to assist Joyce Wiegand with the taking of board and general membership minutes at the reunions. Anyone interested in assisting with this job please let me know.

The Board of Directors created two standing committees:

  1. Reunion Advisory Committee. This committee will coordinate and assist with preparation of reunions. It will consist of the host/hostess for the next reunion (2012 reunion will be Greg Wulker and Darlene Dolby), Lawra Duy (representing the Board).
  2. Awards Selection Committee. This committee will determine what individuals are deserving of recognition at reunions. It will consist of Terry Chenoweth (representing the Board), Carolyn Newby, and Myra Crusie

(FL) Mike Chenoweth has agreed to pursue the Incorporation of the Chenoweth Family within the state of Florida and prepare the paperwork for us to obtain a tax exempt status.

It should be noted that we were already incorporated in the state of Kentucky. However there was certain verbiage within that incorporation that the Board did not agree with: (1) We were registered as the Chenoweth Family Reunion Company when it should be the Chenoweth Family Association. (2) the purpose was listed to �facilitate family fellowship of the descendants of John Chenoweth born 1682 in Cornwall Co., Wales.� The Board felt that this ignores any other line that would like to participate in the Chenoweth Family Association (i.e. your editor and chairman, as well as Lawra Duy).

As you have noted we have been including photographs within the newsletter. If anyone has any (especially older ones) that they would like me to include please send me a scanned copy with information about the photo and I will include it in future issues.

This issue contains the conclusion to the story about my ancestor Jope Chenoweth. I hope you found it as interesting as I do reading Jon�s articles on the family of John1. In future editions we will be including articles about the personal testimony of Eli Ashbrook (the son of Mary3, John2, John1) sent in by Lorraine Smith and an article about Missouri Independence Chenoweth sent in by Rita Schimpff. If you have any articles about family members of our past that you wish to share, please send them in.


With thanks and appreciation to Dot Tucker-Houk of Maryland who makes much of this list possible each newsletter. So far we have 38 reported �Chenoweth named� deaths in the SSA listings for 2010. Three are yet unidentified.

  • Jack Chenoweth b: Feb 20, 1929 d: Jan 13, 2010 SSA: 493-28-5513 issued: MO
  • Jerry M. b: Chenowith Apr 22, 1937 d: Apr 19, 2010 SSA: 551-48-4527 issued: CA res: CA
  • Rebecca D. Chenoweth b: Dec 29, 1977 d: Mar 31, 2010 SSA: 514-78-8249 issued: KS res: KS

age 39 - PATRICK JUDE11 SMITH (ALBERT ERWIN10, CHARLES ALBERT9, ADAM REIP8, ELIZABETH JANE7 REIP, EDITH AMANDA6 CHENOWETH, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 08, 1960 in Orange Co., CA, and died February 01, 2010 in California. [Amanda was one of the many daughters of Robert found on page 19 of the Harris book. This extensive line was researched by Luverne Harstine. Joan Smith Underwood notified me of Patrick�s passing this June]

age 62 - LARRY G. FOSTER was born October 18, 1945, and died June 15, 2008 in Ohio. He married REBECCA11 MCINTYRE (IRA ERRETT10, PAULINE9 CHENOWETH, JOHN TULLEY 'TULLA'8, WILLIAM WORTH7, ROBERT JAMES6, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) [Larry�s name was added by George McIntyre during a phone call. His daughter Sheri reported his passing this spring. Larry died on Father�s Day. The line of Robert James represents the second oldest 6th generation male line in the family. John Tulley 'Tulla' Chenoweth is found on page 24 of the Harris book]

age 63 - GEORGE ALLEN10 MCINTYRE (PAULINE9 CHENOWETH, JOHN TULLEY 'TULLA'8, WILLIAM WORTH7, ROBERT JAMES6, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 08, 1937 in West Virginia, and died August 10, 2010 in West Virginia. He married JANET MARION SPINKS February 02, 1963. [George was added through a phone call to him in 2000 at his residence in Charleston. His passing was reported by his grand niece Sheri .]

age 99 - ZOLTON L. BAKOSS, son of MICHAEL BAKOSS and MARGARET NEMETH, was born July 01, 1909 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH, and died February 19, 2009 in Pennsylvania. He married August 21, 1937 MARY ELIZABETH8 SPRINGSTON (MASSALONA7 CHENOWETH, ROBERT JAMES6, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1). [Zolton was part of the early research by Peter Chenoweth through his contact with Jackson Arnold Springston. Dot found his obituary this July. Massalona is found on page 23 of the Harris book]

age 98 - EVA RUTH8 PAYNE nee CHENOWETH (CAPTAIN KNOTTS7, ROBERT JAMES6, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 23, 1911 in Walnut, Calhoun Co., WV, and died August 21, 2010 in Winchester, Frederick Co., VA. She married ALVIN FRANKLIN PAYNE 1949. He was born September 29, 1919 in Marshall, Fauquier Co., VA, and died July 16, 1995 in Boyce, Frederick Co., VA. [Eva Ruth is found on page 26 of the Harris book. Dot found her obit this August.]

age 27 - JUSTIN D.11 CHENOWETH (KENNETH RICHARD10, DAVID RICHARD9, DENVER OSCAR8, DAVID OSCAR7, DAVID WASHINGTON6, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 19, 1983 in Ravenna, Portage Co., OH, and died July 14, 2010 in Ravenna, Portage Co., OH. [The Harris book lists Denver Oscar on page 29, the next two generations came from Kenneth Richard. Dot added Justin by his obit this year]

age 59 - FRED ODELL10 EIDSON, JR. (NORMA ELOISE9 CHENOWETH, BEEBE8, MARSHALL7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 27, 1950 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, and died September 19, 2009 in Florida. [The Harris book lists Beebe on page 34. Norma and Fred were added by Okey McQuain. Beebe had married Hattie McQuain, and Beebe became Okey�s father-in-law when he married his cousin Kathleen. Okey�s mother was Ada Belle Chenoweth. In June Dot found Fred�s obit.]

age 71 - DWAIN LYNN10 CHENOWETH (ISHMAEL WASHINGTON9, HOMER WASHINGTON8, JACOB7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 27, 1939 in West Virginia, and died July 18, 2010 in Goldtown, Jackson Co., WV. He married JOSEPHINE MILLER, daughter of DEMPSEY MILLER and PEARL O'CONNER. [The Harris book lists Ishmael Washington on page 36. Dwain was assumed as a son, by a phone listing and confirmed by his recent obit which Dot found.]

age 50 - KENNETH CLAUDE11 YATES (NORDEAN RUTH10 CAMERON, RUTH MILDRYE9 CHENOWETH, TRUMAN TIMOTHY8, DANIEL MCLEAN7, ISAAC NEWTON6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 15, 1960, and died May 28, 2010 in Pasadena, Harris Co., TX. He married DEB JACOBSEN [Isaac Newton moved to Barbour Co. in the late 1840�s. Two of his sons, including Daniel McLean, went to Kansas then Colorado. Truman who married in Baca Co., Co is listed on page 46 of the Harris book. Ruth Mildrye�s family is from the work of Ann Young of Los Angeles. Dot found this obit this June.]

age 80 - PAUL DOWNS10 STALNAKER (FENTON K.9, WILLIAM ANDERSON8, JEHU CHENOWETH7, ELI CHENOWETH6, MARY M.5 CHENOWETH, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born March 28, 1930 in Orma, Calhoun Co., WV, and died July 04, 2010 in West Virginia. He married LENELL FAITH MCKEE January 14, 1951 in Calhoun Co., WV. [The Stalnaker family of Mary is listed on page 49 of the Harris book. The family is then traced by the Stalnaker Family Chronology, yet William Anderson Stalnaker, re-enters Harris with his 2nd cousin once removed marriage to Laverna Chenoweth on page 23. Now falling under Robert�s line, Jackson Arnold Springston added the right information on Fenton and his son Paul. Dot added thus obit in July.]

age 99 - FLODA IRENE10 WHITE nee HART (ALDA MAY9 FRAME, HUBERT DYER8, RACHEL D.7 STALNAKER, ELI CHENOWETH6, MARY M.5 CHENOWETH, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 18, 1909 in Braxton Co., WV, and died March 15, 2009 in West Virginia. She married ALBERT RAY WHITE March 05, 1930 in Braxton Co., WV, son of ALFRED WHITE and DORA VAUGHAN. He was born April 04, 1905 in "Cub Fork", WV, and died April 03, 1990. [Eli Chenoweth Stalnaker is listed on page 49 of the Harris book. His daughter Rachel is found in the Stalnaker Family Chronology on page 327. From here the West Virginia work of Don Norman carries down to the marriage of Alda May Frame to William David Hart. Floda was found on WFT vol #4 tree 1121 and in the 1930 Census. Recent work with West Virginia records led us to find Floda in the SSA records.]

age 77 - FRANCES WEYMOUTH nee SANTIAGO, was born May 08, 1932, and died April 15, 2010 in Maryland. She married November 13, 1954 in PUERTO RICO, JAMES WEYMOUTH10 WILL (MARY LEE 'LEAH'9 WEYMOUTH, CHARLES LEE8, MARY 'MOLLIE'7 CHENOWETH, LEMUEL6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) [Mary 'Mollie' Chenoweth listed on page 53 of the Harris book was one of the daughters of Lemuel. The daughter of her son Charles came from the research of Noble F. Conner, Jr. carrying the file to James Weymouth Will. His son James contacted me about his mother�s death this June. Lemuel�s family was heavily affected by the Civil War. His oldest son Joseph died in an early Battle at Winchester. His son Zachery would serve for the South as well and while Mollie�s husband, John Harvey Weymouth, also served the South, her sister Harriet was won over by a Yankee who was part of the nearby guard on the bridge that Lemuel had built. This was Thomas Jefferson Edwards. They immigrated to Iowa shortly after the wedding.]

age 92 - ELIZABETH ELEANORA9 HILL nee BERRY (JANEY WILSON TAYLOR8 CHENOWETH, ZACHARY TAYLOR7, LEMUEL6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 21, 1917 in Baltimore City, MD, and died November 16, 2009 in Virginia. She married (1) RONALD F. HILL June 19, 1937 in Randolph Co., WV. She married (2) MALCOLM BERRY. [Elizabeth Eleanora Harris is listed on page 55 of the Harris book, her marriage to Ronald F. Hill is found in the Hart book of Katherine Frame. Dot found her obit this June. Zachary Taylor was married 3 times. Information on his first marriage was not found until the Elkins reunion presentation of Bill Rice.]

age 62 � KENNETH FREDERICK10 RESSEGER (JOHN ERYL9, ABIGAIL HART 'ABBIE'8 CHENOWETH, CHARLES WILBUR7, LEMUEL6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born March 04, 1945 in Akron Summit Co., OH, and died February 18, 2008 in Ohio. He married RAISA ELUPINA DE LOS MILAGROS MATEO-SOLIS June 18, 1999 in St Augustine, St Johns Co., FL. [Kenneth�s father John is found on page 57 of the Harris book and more was added by the Hart book. Kenneth contacted me in 2000. His wife Raisa told me of his passing this July.]

age 84 � KATHERINE EMILY CHENOWETH nee EVANS, daughter of HARLEY EVANS and LENA LOWTHER, was born August 15, 1925 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, and died June 01, 2010 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV. She married LOREN RAYMOND9 CHENOWETH (ROY PERRY8, PERRY WEESE7, JOHN SKIDMORE 'JS'6, JEHU5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1). He was born May 15, 1921 in Randolph Co., WV, and died March 17, 1986 in West Virginia. [The line of Perry Weese is one of the strong continuing Chenoweth male lines still in the Randolph Co., WV area. Loren Raymond is found on page 72 of the Harris book. His wife�s name first came from the Chapman book on Randolph Co. burials, in one of those situations where the wife�s name is inscribed on her husband gravestone, even though she is still living. Later I corresponded with their grandson, Mark. Dot found the obit this June.]

age 60 � JEFFREY LINN10 TAYLOR (NANCY9 JACOBS, LUTIE PEARL8 TUEY, WALTER CHENOWETH7, HESTER BRISCO6 CHENOWETH, JACOB VAN METER5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 24, 1959, and died February 01, 2010 in a VA medical center, MO. [Hester Brisco is found on page 83 of the Harris book in the line of William of Nelson Co., KY that went to Pike Co., IL. Hester married James J. Tuey, an immigrant from Canada who soon died, leaving Hester with 3 children in the 1860 Census. Later Hester would remarry to Charles Bowen and go to Missouri. Shirley Calfee Acebedo and William D. Tuey extended this Tuey line to Lutie Pearl Tuey and her husband Joseph Franklin 'Frank' Jacobs. This summer I found an ancestry tree posted by Marilynn Taylor Henry and Jeff�s recent obit.]

age 96 � DOROTHY M. SHANKS nee LABAR, was born April 23, 1912 in Linn Co., MO, and died March 5, 2009 in Missouri. She married RICHARD9 SHANKS (NELLIE GERTRUDE8 GOOCH, MARY ANN7 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM6, ABRAHAM5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1). He was born September 02, 1906 in Linn Co., MO, and died April 23, 1994 in Linn Co., MO. [Mary Ann�s Gooch children are found on page 104 of the Harris book. William had died in route to the California gold fields. His widow Sarah remarried to Henry Dickerson and took the children to Missouri where Mary Ann met William Henry Clay Gooch in Linn Co., MO. The family is still there. Recently Ora Taylor contacted me informing me of the deaths of her mother and brother below]

age 72 - JOHN GEORGE10 SHANKS (RICHARD9, NELLIE GERTRUDE8 GOOCH, MARY ANN7 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM6, ABRAHAM5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 23, 1933 in Linn Co., MO, and died August 03, 2010 in Linn Co., MO. [see above]

age 100 - MAYME9 CLYDE nee ENLOW (ROSA8 THURMAN, QUEEN VICTORIA7 HAWKINS, CHRISTIANA CRUME6, LETTIA VAN METER5 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 23, 1909 in Larue Co., KY, and died February 25, 2009 in Kentucky. [The Harris books leaves off with the marriage of Lettia Van Meter and William Hardin Hawkins on page 116 and the addendum added Christiana Crume Hawkins as a child. We had already acquired much of his family from Cindy Cunningham. The 1870 Census added Victoria, whose full name in the Kentucky death certificates turns out to be: Queen Victoria Hawkins Thurman. Rosa was found in the 1900 Census and a recent email from Kris Holden led me to obtain the proper SSA listing for Mayme.]

age 72 - NEESA CHENOWETH nee ROJANAVEE was born December 15, 1937, and died May 12, 2010 in Florida. She married MELVIN DOUGLAS 'DOUG'10 CHENOWETH (HERBERT FREDERICK9, AURELIUS PEARL8, ENOS ADDISON7, JOEL6, JACOB5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) [Jacob was one of the two sons of William that married Cabe sisters. Both brothers would die young and both sisters remarry and move to Indiana. Joel settled in Huntington Co., IN. Melvin Douglas is found on page 504 of the Harris book, as William�s line is misplaced. Doug was an early submitter of a WFT and though I contacted him at the time in 1996, I have never heard from him again. This summer Pete found the SSA listing for his wife Neesa]

age 93 - CLARABELLE9 THOMPSON nee CHENOWETH (GEORGE ELBRON8, JAMES MONROE7, JOEL6, JACOB5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 27, 1916 in Huntington, Huntington Co., IN, and died June 28, 2010 in Hilton Head, Beaufort Co., SC. She married DAVID SWAIM THOMPSON June 17, 1936 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN, son of FRANK THOMPSON and HELEN SWAIM. He was born July 26, 1916 in Bluffton, Wells Co., IN, and died October 31, 1984. [Another of the Huntington Co., IN line, Clarabelle is found page 505 in the Harris book. Dot recently found her obit.]

age 96 - GEORGE ROWLEY was born February 05, 1912, and died September 11, 2008 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO. He married DONNA FAWNETTE9 AXTELL (ELSIE FERN8 HICKMAN, ELMER CLINTON7, ELIZABETH JANE6 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM I.5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1). [The lines of the daughters of William I(5) are new to the database, the Harris book mistaking the family of William on page 506. Rosella Vohs and Greg Wulker added William�s marriage to Rachel Cassell and his father�s will indicated that there were children left behind by William�s early death. Rachel remarried to Solomon Best. Elizabeth Jane was identified by Warren Co., IN marriages as a probable daughter of William and Rachel. Elmer Clinton Hickman was found in the 1870 Census and his daughter Elsie from a recent contact by Richard Spence including Donna�s marriage to George Rowley and the death of him and their son Ross below.]

age 60 - ROSS10 ROWLEY (DONNA FAWNETTE9 AXTELL, ELSIE FERN8 HICKMAN, ELMER CLINTON7, ELIZABETH JANE6 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM I.5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 09, 1949, and died June 20, 2010 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO. [see above]

age 90 - FLORA ALICE9 MCKINNEY nee SELLENS (MARY ELIZABETH8 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM ALVA7, HEZEKIAH STITES6, CASPER5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 15, 1917 in Russell Co., KS, and died August 13, 2008 in New Jersey. She married HOWARD WESLEY MCKINNEY August 07, 1941. [Flora Alice Sellens was a 1st cousin to Rosella Vohs, whose research on the family of William Chenoweth and Catherine Rinker was incorporated into the early database. Flora�s mother is found on page 515 of the Harris book. An SSA search turned up her passing.]

age 63 - PEGGY ANN10 YOUNG nee ALGER (JAMES DALE9, JAMES MARTIN8, MARY JANE7 DOWNEY, AMANDA ELLEN6 MARTINDALE, BARBARA5 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 27, 1935 in Castle Rock, Cowlitz Co., WA, and died March 06, 2009 in Anchorage, AK. She married MICHAEL CHAVEZ YOUNG March 08, 1960 in Palmer, Matanuska-Susitna district, Alaska.[At the Dallas Reunion, Bev Buchanan caught me up to date with several recent deaths in the Thurman and Alger family she researches as part of the family of Barbara Chenoweth Martinadale found on page 509 of the Harris book. This part of the database was an extension of the work of Betty Lou Hart, who died of cancer shortly after the Oregon Reunion.]

age 85 - BRYCE LEROY9 ALGER (THOMAS LEROY8, MARY JANE7 DOWNEY, AMANDA ELLEN6 MARTINDALE, BARBARA5 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born March 08, 1924 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI, and died February 24, 2010 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI. He married MARGE LOU LOOMIS June 05, 1948 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI. [see above]

age 85 - MARSHALL ALGER9 BREHM (BIRD MARIE8 ALGER, MARY JANE7 DOWNEY, AMANDA ELLEN6 MARTINDALE, BARBARA5 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 12, 1923 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI, and died April 05, 2009 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI. He married (1) EMILY CLAIRE MINTHORN December 28, 1946 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI. He married (2) ELAINE ? He married (3) BARBARA COLE August 16, 1959 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI. She was born March 19, 1924 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI, and died September 14, 2009 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI. [see above]

age 94 - IVORA ILENE 'BOOTS' MACKMER nee TIMMERMAN, was born October 03, 1914 in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA, and died March 27, 2009 in Washington. She married March 21, 1933 in Kelso, Cowlitz Co., WA EARL LOUIS 'LOU'9 MACKMER (PEARL JANE8 ALGER, MARY JANE7 DOWNEY, AMANDA ELLEN6 MARTINDALE, BARBARA5 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1). He was born August 03, 1910 in Tustin, Osceola Co., MI, and died April 1956 in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA [see above]

age 93 - WESLEY HOWARD9 WOOD (LULA8 CHENOWETH, JAMES HARVEY7, JOSHUA6, JOHN K.5, JAMES4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 20, 1916 in Sidney, Champaign Co., IL, and died August 19, 2009 in Marysville, Union Co., OH. He married ELMA HARRAMAN BOYD July 10, 1968. She was born August 25, 1908. She died April 11, 2006. [Lula is found page 333 in the Harris book. The line is misplaced under Absolum of a different family branch, a mistake originally made by Cora Hiatt and corrected by the will of James Chenoweth of Grant Co., IN. Alan Wood had added in Lula�s children and Dot found Wesley�s obit this June.]

age 73 - GEORGE ALBERT9 CHENOWETH (RALPH ELMER8, GEORGE ELMER7, LEVI6, PHILIP C.5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 30, 1936 in Harvey twp., Cowley Co., KS, and died May 04, 2010 in Texas. He married (1) JUDITH ANN TOLBERT June 04, 1962 in Atlanta, Cowley Co., KS. He married (2) DOTTIE ? He married (3) PATSY S. DOSS January 11, 1985 in Waller Co., TX. [Ralph Elmer is found page 170 in the Harris book part of the vast families of John Chenoweth of Washington Co., IN. George was added in 1999 by his daughter-in-law Debbie. George just showed up in a regular check of the Chenoweth SSA listings.]

age 82 - GENEVA MAE9 KEPPLE nee STEELE (LIZZIE GLADYS8 CHENOWETH, JAMES HENRY7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 27, 1927, and died June 08, 2010 in McComb, McDonough Co., IL. She married GALE KEPPLE, JR. 1951. [The Fulton Co., IL Chenoweths of William represent a large and active subset of John(4). Curiously William was omitted in Cora�s book and restored in the Harris book in such detail that Geneva Mae Steele is found on page 173. Dot found her obit this June.]

age 84 - VIRGINIA MAE9 LITCHFIELD nee JOHNSON (LOUELLA MARIE8 CHENOWETH, JAMES HENRY7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 03, 1925 in Table Grove, Fulton Co., IL, and died March 04, 2010 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL. She married JAMES LITCHFIELD August 10, 1947. [Virginia Mae Johnson is found on the same page as Geneva and Dot found her obit as well.]

age 75 - CARL EUGENE 'BUSTER' DANNER, son of CARL DANNER and JANIE CURLESS, was born September 04, 1934, and died June 03, 2010 in Missoula, Missoula Co., MT. He married RUTH ELLEN9 CHENOWETH (OREL KENNETH 'PECK'8, JAMES HENRY7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) in 1959 [Ruth Ellen Johnson is found on the same page as Geneva and Virginia. Dot found her obit as well. Peter�s early work had added Carl and Dot recently found his obit.]

age 83 - ROBERT EUGENE WOERLY was born October 26, 1926 in McComb, McDonough Co., IL, and died August 15, 2010 in Good Hope, McDonough Co., IL. He married September 06, 1948 in McComb, McDonough Co., IL BESSIE LEE9 CHENOWETH (LEO VICTOR8, CHARLES WILFORD 'BIG CHARLIE'7, JOSEPH W.6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1). She was born January 06, 1929 in near Marietta, McDonough Co., IL, and died July 17, 2003 in McComb, McDonough Co., IL. [Bessie Lee is found on page 176 of the Harris book as part of the same family branch. Marjorie Long added Bessie�s husband Robert and Dot found this obit this August.]

age 90 - NEVA IRENE8 BAUGHMAN nee SMITH (ADELINE MAY 'ADDIE'7 CHENOWETH, EDWARD WOODWARD6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 03, 1918 in Table Grove, Fulton Co., IL, and died May 11, 2009 in Canton, Fulton Co., IL. She married HERBERT WILLIAM BAUGHMAN January 25, 1937 in Lewistown, Fulton Co., IL, son of GEORGE BAUGHMAN and RUTH BROWN. He was born May 25, 1917 in Table Grove, Fulton Co., IL, and died August 21, 1986 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL. . [Neva Irene is found on page 177 of the Harris book as part of the same family branch. Julie Terstriep added Neva�s husband Herbert and Dot found this obit this June.]

age 91 - DOROTHY RUTH CURTIS nee BALDNER was born July 27, 1918 in Illinois, and died May 31, 2010 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL. She married February 14, 1940 AMOS EVAN8 CHENOWETH (ROSS WARNER7, EDWARD WOODWARD6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1). He was born September 30, 1908 in Fulton Co., IL, and died May 08, 1976. She married (2) LOREN S. CURTIS. [Amos Evan is found on page 177 of the Harris book as part of the same family branch. Julie Terstriep added his wife Dorothy and Dot found this obit this June.]

age 84 - WALTER TERRELL8 BASS (MARY ANNABELLE7 BEDDINGFIELD, LAURA BELLE6 ASHBROOK, IRA A.5, THOMAS4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 11, 1924 in Leon Co., TX, and died May 06, 2009 in Jewett, Leon Co., TX. [The younger Ashbrook children of Mary went to the Fairfield Co., OH area. Mary is found on page 238 of the Harris book with too many children. Virginia Duling sorted this all out for us very early on. Thomas then migrated to Illinois and his son Ira married Wealthy Clark from Census work and the fine IL marriages database. Recently I traced the family to Texas. See the related article in the reunion newsletter. Walter came from the ancestry tree postings of Jerry Lee Ivey.]

age 57 - SHANNON LEA10 VOIGT nee HARRIS (L.E. MILTON9, AMANDA ELIZABETH 'MANDY'8 HANNA, SUSANNA AMELIA7 PURCELL, AMANDA JANE6 INGRAM, AMELIA5 TUCKER, PHOEBE4 ASHBROOK, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 22, 1952 in Travis Co., TX, and died March 01, 2010 in Austin, Travis Co., TX. She married CARROL RODNEY VOIGT June 06, 1970 in Bastrop Co., TX. [Jennifer Lane Smith�s continued research into the families of Phoebe Ashbrook Tucker, Mary�s oldest daughter, has added another child, Amelia Tucker whose Ingram families went to Texas (see related article in the reunion newsletter). Information on Shannon and others below was part of the material Jennifer put together from two found cousins Donna Estes & Mitch Ingram]

age 92 - ROY MILTON10 SMITH (LAURA9 HANNA, ZAC HENRY8, SUSANNA AMELIA7 PURCELL, AMANDA JANE6 INGRAM, AMELIA5 TUCKER, PHOEBE4 ASHBROOK, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 31, 1915 in Bastrop Co., TX, and died February 29, 2008 in Texas. He married (1) EDNA CHARLOTTE COOKE. She was born June 28, 1918 in Texas, and died April 09, 1962 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX. He married (2) GLADYS MATTIE BARSCH [see above]

age 89 - VERNON DAVIS9 GRUMBLES (EDWARD DAVIS8, JANE PIERCE 'JENNY'7 PURCELL, AMANDA JANE6 INGRAM, AMELIA5 TUCKER, PHOEBE4 ASHBROOK, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 26, 1920 in Texas, and died May 09, 2010 in Pleasanton, Atascosa Co., TX. He married IDA MARIE WELLS, daughter of ALVA WELLS and VINA RICHARDSON. [see above]

age 86 - MARION CLARENCE9 GRUMBLES (EDWARD DAVIS8, JANE PIERCE 'JENNY'7 PURCELL, AMANDA JANE6 INGRAM, AMELIA5 TUCKER, PHOEBE4 ASHBROOK, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 20, 1922 in Texas, and died December 22, 2008 in New Braunfels, Comal Co., TX. He married DOROTHY ROSE DIERLAM. [see above]

age 82 - CHARLES ELLIE9 GRUMBLES (EDWARD DAVIS8, JANE PIERCE 'JENNY'7 PURCELL, AMANDA JANE6 INGRAM, AMELIA5 TUCKER, PHOEBE4 ASHBROOK, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 24, 1925 in Ingleside, San Patricio Co., TX, and died February 11, 2008 in Bay City, Matagorda Co., TX. He married VIRGINIA LORRAINE VASEY. [see above]

age 67 - JUDY LOUISE CHENOWETH nee EVANS was born January 03, 1943 in Oran, Scott Co., MO, and died July 08, 2010 in Oklahoma. She married CARL GENE9 CHENOWETH (THERON AUSTIN8, HOMER SCOFIELD7, MATHIAS ROSE6, LEWIS ROSE5, JOHN4, ARTHUR3, JOHN2, JOHN1) October 25, 1994 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV. [Carl Gene is on page 342 of the Harris book. His wife Judy was added from a marriage list. Dot found her obit this July. This line which belongs to John(2) and his son Arthur who settled in Jefferson Co., KY with his siblings. It is misplaced in both the Harris and Hiatt book.]

age 84 - MARTHA ROLL nee GALL, daughter of THOMAS GALL and MARIE KUHN, was born June 06, 1924 in Indiana, and died December 12, 2008 in Elkhart Co., IN. She married (1) ERNEST FRANKLIN9 CHENOWITH, JR. (ERNEST FRANKLIN 'FRANK'8, HENRY NELSON7, NELSON HENRY6, JOSEPH5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1). He was born August 02, 1923 in Grove, Delaware Co., OK, and died February 16, 2006. She married (2) CHARLES ROLL [Ernest Franklin Chenowith, Sr. is in the Harris book in the unknown section on page 607. The line from Nelson has been placed as a son of Dr. Joseph Chenoweth and Lydia Bean of Madison Co., AR. Joseph and his brother moved to this area of Arkansas in the 1840s from Washington Co., TN. Nelson who was married had stayed in Tennessee for a few years before joining these families. Ernest, Jr. was added in 1998 from information from Penelope Callender. His first wife, Martha, was unknown until Dot found her obit, and puzzled, I called her daughter-in-law Judy. Judy�s information helped place this previously unknown marriage for Ernest.]

age 92 - KENNETH EUGENE9 CARY (WILLIAM ABRAHAM8, NANCY JANE7 CARTER, HARVEY6, HARVEY5, JOHN4, JAMES3, HANNAH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born January 21, 1918 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK, and died June 18, 2010 in Broken Arrow, Tulsa Co., OK. He married LEONA MAE MCKEE October 16, 1938 in McCune, Crawford Co., KS, daughter of LEO MCKEE and ONA MCBRIDE. She was born May 12, 1919 in Edna, Labette Co., KS, and died December 02, 2001 in Oklahoma. [Anita Bird added this information at the Dallas reunion. It was nice to meet Anita having corresponded with her mother Barbara many years ago. Kenneth can be found in the book, �Our James Carter and his descendants� on page 96. He was the father of Margaret Skyles who helped me get my first start on Hannah�s Carters.]

age 90 - CONSTANCE MAKI nee MCKIM, daughter of OHMAN MCKIM and WINIFRED SUTTON, was born October 09, 1919 in Quincy, Norfolk Co., MA, and died June 24, 2010 in Massachusetts. She married 1938, DALE MURRAY8 CHENOWETH (ERNEST ELIHU7, JOHN MURRAY6, JOHN BAXTER5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1). He was born June 22, 1911 in Randolph Co., IN, and died 1964. She married (2) LAURI JOHN MAKI [Dale Murray is found in the Harris book on page 302, part of the Randolph Co., IN Chenoweths that Cora Hiatt was a part of. Constance was added by her son Ernst Emerson Chenoweth. �Cap� as he is called has been very helpful to me over the years. I am sorry for his loss.]

age 78 - LOUISE9 BORAH nee WEBER (LOUISE8 CHENOWETH, BAXTER BAILE7, RICHARD MARSHALL6, JOHN BAXTER5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born July 18, 1932 in Olney, Richland Co., IL, and died August 13, 2010 in Olney, Richland Co., IL. She married WILLIAM EDWARD BORAH June 24, 1952. He was born August 20, 1929, and died June 16, 2003 in Illinois. [Louise is found on page 303 of the Harris book, part of the family of Richard Maxwell who stayed in Maryland with John Baxter when other parts of the family migrated to Randolph Co., IN. Her son Ben Weber added in current family information. Dot found this obit, this August.]

age 66 - JOHN BAXTER9 CHENOWETH II (JOHN EMORY8, BAXTER BAILE7, RICHARD MARSHALL6, JOHN BAXTER5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born September 30, 1953 in Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA, and died June 19, 2010 in Westminster, Carroll Co., MD. [John Emory Chenoweth is found on the same page 303. His son John Baxter contacted me in October 2000. I was sorry to learn of his passing, he certainly bore one of the more recognizable names in the family history. John was a music instructor and taught guitar in Westminster for many years at Stu's Music Shop and most recently at Coffey Music.]

age 85 - MARILYN LUCILLE9 JACKSON nee MILLER (ETHELYN MAY8 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM LINCOLN7, JOHN THOMAS6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born December 28, 1923 in Winchester, Randolph Co., IN, and died March 07, 2009 in Muncie, Delaware Co., IN. She married JOSEPH WILLARD JACKSON June 06, 1948. [Marilyn Lucille Miller is found on page 309 of the Harris book as part of the Randolph Co., IN families of William Thomas. Dot found her obit this June.]

age 97 - NELLIE GERTRUDE8 MILLER nee CHENOWETH (ARTHUR TRIMMER7, GEORGE F.6, RIXTON5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born December 20, 1912 in Shipoke, Dauphin Co., PA, and died May 30, 2010 in Middletown, Dauphin Co., PA. She married CLARENCE J. MILLER Abt. 1929. He was born May 24, 1908, and died September 08, 1989. [Rixton is found on page 251 of the Harris book. The line is misplaced as Richard was the youngest son of Arthur, Jr. Pete added his son George from census work in Pennsylvania. The family of Arthur Trimmer was added from contacts with that family, Arthur was supposedly named after the doctor who delivered him. I was able to talk to Nellie in 2001 when we made this placement. Dot found her obit this July]

age 75 - VERNON HOLMES9 CHENOWETH (JAMES HOWARD8, EDGAR GREEN7, WILLIAM6, GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born July 02, 1934 in Cub Hill, Baltimore Co., MD, and died June 18, 2010 in Towson, Baltimore Co., MD. He married FRANCES ELLEN GARRETT November 05, 1960, daughter of CHARLES GARRETT and MARIAN MCCOMAS. [the Harris book leaves off with William(5) on page 254. Genevieve M. Trump added his son Edgar Green along with work by Pete. Edgar�s son James Howard. Vernon was one of my phone calls into Maryland. This line as part of the many sons descending from the marriage of William(4) to Amy Davis represents the largest branch of Chenoweths in Baltimore today.]

age 88 - CHARLES WALTER LAUGEL was born June 28, 1921, and died September 15, 2009. He married MARGARET ISABELL8 WARD (EDNA EMMA7 THOMAS, MARY ELLEN6 CHENOWETH, ALEXANDER M.5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) [Mary Ellen is found on page 258 of the Harris book, albeit, Richard(3)�s line is misplaced. Her marriage and family down to Edna Emma Thomas were added by Pete from Nell Dewine Shannon. When Nell signed in as a cousin she added Margaret Isabell Ward and Lauren Buschle Aldaz added Charles as Margaret�s 2nd husband.]

age 81 - EMMA H.8 BERWAGER nee SMITH (NELLA ROENA7 CHENOWETH, SAMUEL JAMES6, JAMES M.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born August 08, 1928 in Xenia, Greene Co., OH, and died May 08, 2009 in London, Madison Co., OH. [Part of the Warren Co., OH cousin marriages, Samuel James is found on page 147 of the Harris book. His marriage and daughter Nella are found in the unknown section on page 613. Nella�s marriage to Ray Smith was from 1930 Census work by Dot and Emma�s passing from an obit.]

age 87 - NORMA LEE CHENOWETH nee RECTOR was born September 25, 1922, and died May 15, 2010 in Indiana. She married May 11, 1996 in Marion Co., IN, HOWARD EARL8 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM HENRY7, WILLIAM HENRY6, HARVEY R.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1). He was born March 24, 1923 in near Coldwater, Branch Co., MI, and died December 26, 2004 in Carmel, Marion Co., IN. [Part of the Warren Co., OH cousin marriages, William Henry, Jr. and his marriage to Bertha Mae Morris is found on page 500 of the Harris book. Their son Howard Earl was part of Pete�s extensive survey work. Dot added Norma as his 2nd wife based on her obit.]

age 85 - NORMAN J. BECKMAN was born March 08, 1924, and died March 10, 2009 in Wisconsin. He married KATHERINE SOHN9 MOORE (JAMES HAMBLETON8, JAMES HAMBLETON7, MARIA JONES6 CLARK, CAROLINE5 SCOTT, THOMAS4, SARAH3 CHENOWETH, THOMAS2, JOHN1). She was born June 05, 1924 in Waverly, Pike Co., OH, and died February 20, 2009 in Appleton, Outagamie Co., WI. [Thomas Scott is found on page 500 of the Harris book as part of the family of the oldest daughter of Thomas, Sarah, who married John Scott. The children known by the writing of Thomas Scott have been researched by various descendants of this line. Pete�s research found this line down to James Hambleton Moore and his wife Letitia McNeill as part of that effort. James Hambleton, Jr. and his family were added by Lisa Moore Murray. Norman was her uncle and Erica Mercer White added the notice of his passing to me this Spring.]

age 82 - ALBERT HELLER8 CHENOWETH (OSCAR LONG7, JAMES WILLIAM6, THOMAS LEWIS5, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born December 25, 1927 in Denver, CO, and died June 16, 2010 in Oregon. He married (1) HALLE ? He married (2) MARIE PEREZ. He married (3) DOROTHY JANOWSKI. He married (4) DOLORES E. (GROSSMAN) WILLY November 05, 1971 in Reno, Washoe Co., NV. [Thank goodness Albert showed up that night that Bill Chinworth, Albert Chenoweth and I spent in Portland trying to jump start the Oregon Reunion in 2003. Albert was immediately a friend in his gruff manner. I know that he and Bill formed a bond in all the hard work that they did to make this reunion possible. Al even set up a fishing trip for reunion attendees that wanted to try salmon fishing on the Columbia River. Al was a World War II vet. From his obit, this passage says it all: �He was a rabid sports fan, sun-lover and gardener who will be remembered for his free spirit, laugh-out-loud sense of humor, willingness to help others, and his "Al-isms." He often "stood watch" in the garage of his Cedar Hills home where he lived for 36 years or on the deck where he proudly flew the American flag.�. Al and his wife Delores also joined us for the 2006 reunion in Baltimore. Al descends from the Taney Co., MO lines of Benjamin Franklin Chenoweth who came to Texas. The Harris book carries this line to James William on page 437]

age 93 - DOROTHY MARIE CHENOWETH nee HORTON, daughter of ERNEST & CORAL HORTON, was born October 18, 1916 in Merkel, Taylor Co., TX, and died July 28, 2010 in Texas. She married March 31, 1938 in Abilene, Taylor Co., TX, CECIL BATES7 CHENOWETH (CHARLES CECIL6, THOMAS LEWIS5, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1). He was born 1912 in Texas, and died June 25, 1960 in Evergreen, Conecuh Co., AL. She married (2) OLAND WEATHERSBEE [Charles Cecil is found on page 437 of the Harris book. Pete�s research added his wife Alma Bates and son Cecil Bates. Dorothy was found as his wife from the Texas birth records. Her daughter Connie notified me of her passing this August. Like the entry above this is all part of the many Texan families of the children of Benjamin Franklin Chenoweth, son of Thomas, Jr.]

age 89 - CLYDE HERBERT KASPEREIT was born March 24, 1921 in Oil City, Carter Co., OK, and died August 01, 2010 in Oklahoma. He married BETTY LOU7 CHENOWETH (GEORGE EDGAR6, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, LUKE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) [Betty Lou is found on page 461 of the Harris book. Patricia Ann Crume and an obit from Dot added her husband and his passing this August. This is part of the large families of Luke�s son Benjamin Franklin in Oklahoma who had a large contingent at the recent Dallas reunion.]

age 46 - BRIAN STAIR10 CORNS (CHARLES EDWARD 'JACK'9, ANNA MARGARUITE8 CHENOWETH, CHARLES LEWIS 'TOT'7, THOMAS DANIEL6, IRA M.5, THOMAS T.4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born April 11, 1964 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN, and died June 18, 2010 in Dale Hollow Lake, Pickett Co., TN. He married BARBARA BROWN in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN. [Joyce Wiegand sent me this tragic obit of her nephew Brian, who died in a boating accident on Dale Hollow Lake in northeast TN, where his father owns a marina. Joyce, our long time reunion registrar is responsible for the information of the families of Anna Margaruite who is found on page 474 in the Harris book as part of the Tippecanoe Co., IN families of Richard the s/o Thomas]

age 80 - VIRGINIA CHENOWETH nee LEWIS was born November 10, 1929 in Routt Co., CO, and died July 17, 2010 in Colorado. She married ROYL HOWARD 'ROY'8 CHENOWETH (JOSEPH WRIGHT7, GILBERT ALLISON6, PETER H.S.B.5, THOMAS T.4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1). He was born May 21, 1917 in Beaver Crossing, Seward Co., NE, and died May 12, 1973 in Lewis Co., WA. [The family of Gilbert Allison is found on page 476 of the Harris book, but Joseph Wright is missing as he apparently was omitted in the 1900 Census. Joseph became one of our unknowns from an inquiry by his grandson Johnny Lloyd Chenoweth. The SSA application of his son Royl and 1910 Census work has led us to place Joseph as the son of Allison. Dot found this obit of Johnny�s mother this July. This line is part of the same Richard s/o Thomas line as above.]

age 47 - STEVEN EDWIN10 SELLEN (PATRICIA ANN9 KELLEY, ADELE ARLENE8 ANDERSON, IDA EVELYN7 HARRISON, LAURA ISADORA6 CHENOWETH, LEWIS FOSTER5, JOHN FOSTER4, ELIJAH3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born May 17, 1962 in Fort Riley, Geary Co., KS, and died April 19, 2010 in California. He married JANICE RENE PENA June 20, 1987 in Gallup, McKinley Co., NM. [Ida Evelyn Harrison is found on page 536 of the Harris book as part of the large families of Elijah. Patricia Bagley has added in the descendant family from Ida�s marriage to Charles William Anderson including this recent obit for Patricia�s son Steven]

age 79 - MARY MAXINE8 EAGON nee CHENOWETH (ROBERT LOUIS7, NOAH LINCOLN6, ABRAHAM J.5, JACOB4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born March 02, 1931 in near Woodward, Woodward Co., OK, and died August 09, 2010 in Oklahoma. She married (1) MARGIL WARREN WADLEY May 29, 1953 in Woodward Co., OK. She married (2) DENNIS G. EAGON July 29, 1967 in Oklahoma. He was born February 15, 1922 in Gage, Ellis Co., OK, and died June 11, 1986 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK. [Mary Maxine is found on page 562 of the Harris book. She contacted me by letter in 2000. Dot found her obit this summer. Abraham�s line is the youngest male line of the 3rd generation.]

age 85 - REX WARREN8 CHENOWETH (ELMER ELLSWORTH7, JOHN ARTHUR6, ABRAHAM JOHN5, JOHN4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born December 08, 1924 in Livingston Co., MI, and died August 14, 2010 in Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., MI. He married JANET LILLIAN GOUIN February 26, 1949. [Rex Warren is found on page 572 of the Harris book. Dot found his obit this August.]


age 59 - PHILLIP GEORGE KOGA was born August 15, 1950 in Fresno, Fresno Co., CA, and died May 05, 2010 in Bel-Air, Baltimore Co., MD. He married December 23, 1994 LORI ANN7 CHENWORTH (LAWRENCE REID6, GEORGE HENRY 'BROTHER'5, WILLIAM REID4, GEORGE WASHINGTON3, THOMAS2, GEORGE1) [This is the line of the unknown George of the Back River Upper Hundred. Though Harris mentions his son Thomas on page 630 of the unknown sections, Thomas as part of the family of George was first introduced to us by Patrick Daspit. The line which uniquely uses the Spelling Chenworth has been detailed by Dot Tucker-Houk as part of her own family. Dot sent me the obit of Phillip this June.]

age 88 - JACOB REECE4 CHENOWITH (JOHN C.3, MILLARD FILMORE2, THOMAS J.1) was born August 15, 1921 in Baltimore Co., MD, and died July 19, 2010 in Baltimore Co., MD. He married MARY LOU. She was born February 20, 1922, and died November 21, 1990. [This line is part of the unknown Thomas J. who married Telitha Brown which uses the spelling Chenowith. Millard Filmore is found on page 631 of the Harris book in the unknown sections. Pete�s Census work extended this to Jacob�s parents and Kathleen Pearce added Jacob�s name. Linda Harlow sent me his obit this July finding it in the Baltimore Sun]

DNA Breakthrough

For years now we have been struggling to acquire DNA samples from the various male branches. Pete has headed this project since 2002 and has the ambitious goal of taking this into the 4th and 5th generation. This detail requires hundreds of samples and so far we have only have 22, and three were just acquired at the 2010 reunion, one of which matched John 100%. Why so many Chenoweth males are reluctant to help is still a puzzle to us? We have had amazing success with reunion attendees, who become enthusiastic once the big picture is explained. Unfortunately this success has never carried over to our written appeals. However, the few results we have made to date have been rewarding. What could be would be even so much more.

But here is the latest news: As you might be aware, early on we were able to identify the DNA of the progenitor John and show that Pete�s line is very close to that of John, being just one marker off. With the latest results we have isolated a marker for William Chenoweth of Frederick Co., VA, the oldest great grandson, having found the same mutation to match both the lines of John of Randolph Co., VA and his brother William of Nelson Co., KY. This becomes the first instance of isolating a 3rd generation marker that should apply to all of William(3)�s descendants. If we were to acquire a marker from Jonathan, we would expect it to carry the same mutation.

  • Samuel4 - Gideon5, John Milton6 has male descendants
  • Samuel4 - Daniel5, John6, has male descendants
  • Samuel4 - William5, has male descendants

A second sample for Benjamin of Thomas, Jr. matches, telling us that the mutations here either begin with Benjamin or his father Thomas, Jr. We will have to find some more volunteers in this line of Thomas, Jr. to find out.

  • John C.4 - has 6 sons that samples could be obtained from
  • Joseph4 - John M.5, Emory Walter6, Earl Richard7 has male descendants
  • Joseph4 - Isaac N.5, Bert Otis6, Nathaniel Bert7, has male descendant

IS ANYONE OUT THERE LISTENING? To be a part of the sample, you have to be a male with the Chenoweth (or variant) name, meaning a direct father-son link back to John(1).

4th generation males

[Note: The numbers used in this article are taken from a Census Spreadsheet of Chenoweth males through the 1930 Census. The spreadsheet was supplemented with births in the 1930s and 1940s for a total of 3,498 known males in the family born before 1950. Admittedly, the 1930 and 1940 births would be incomplete, not having a Census to conform to. Moreover, males were omitted who never lived long enough to appear in any Census.]

There were 91 male great grandchildren with the Chenoweth name. 46% of the male lines today come from just 7 of these 4th generation males. Four were Williams, 2 Johns and one was Nicholas. In terms of the original family, 4 were from John, the oldest son, 2 from Arthur and 1 from Richard. In sequence they are: John of Randolph Co., WV, William of Nelson Co., KY, William S. of Warren Co., OH, John of Washington Co., IN, William of Hampstead, MD, William of Reisterstown, MD and Nicholas of Washington Co., TN. The families of four of these seven are of somewhat similar size ranging between 160 to 190 male Chenoweth descendants. In second and third place are William of Nelson Co with over 206 and Nicholas with 205 and top spot goes to John of Randolph Co with 394.

Thirteen of the 91 either never married or we do not know of the event. Another 11, though they married, had either no sons or male grandsons. Of the remaining 67, sixteen have failed to extend now to present day and nine more are in danger of dying out. As already mention, of the 42 remaining, 7 comprise almost half of today�s family. 16 of John�s 19 male Chenoweth great grandchildren have lines to present day making him the largest body of the family. Richard is the smallest. We know only seven of his 4th generation males and only two comes down to present day. One of these, Archibald, is very slim while that of Nicholas is robust. Thomas had the most in the 4th generation, 36 in all, but only 17 of these have thrived. Arthur had 21, but only 11 extend down to today and 3 of these are on slim footing. William had only 8 with six making it to present day.

These figures all attest to the strength of early blood in the family. Placing or proving the nine major unknown lines would improve some of these figures. It is probable that 6 of these are Richard, 2 would add to the 4th generation population, and at least 2 would resurrect lines that have died.

Jope Chenoweth - Part III

The following is a continuation of a presentation with the permission of Derek Miller (derekmiller745@btinternet.com), from his website. Jope Chenoweth (previously thought to be John Chenoweth) is my GrGrGrGrGrGrandfather. � Peter Clinton Chenoweth (editor and Chairman of the Board)

Previous Articles: Jope Chenoweth - Part I & Jope Chenoweth - Part II


Their second child, daughter Elizabeth, died at Gillingham in 1849, at the age of 27. During the years 1849 to 1851 John's pension was being paid at Canterbury and he now had to pay income tax of �1 5s 6d per quarter out of his pension, as income tax had been re-introduced in 1842 at 7d in the �1. In the census of 30 March 1851 John and Elizabeth were living at 35 Castle Street in Canterbury with their now three surviving children, all young adults, and they had 24-year-old Eliza Berr as a live-in general servant. John occupation was given as 'Royal Navy'. The Post Office Directory of the Six Counties for 1851 listed John Chenoweth Esq. as living at 35 Castle Street, Canterbury. Later that year John died at Canterbury on 6 July 1851, at the age of 75, and he was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 11 July 1851, in the grave that already contained three of his daughters, and was marked by an inscribed headstone. The last payment on John's naval pension for the 2nd & 3rd quarters of 1851, of �42 9s 6d and �2 15s 4d after tax, were paid on 25 September 1851, presumably to Elizabeth who was an executrix of John's will.

So it seems that John would have lived the life of a Gentleman after he retired in 1822, at the age of 46. For the next 29 years he had his naval pension and he had probably amassed a considerable sum from his activities as a Purser and Agent that he would have invested, and he also had the property that Elizabeth had inherited from the Muddle family.

In his will made on 31 October 1848 and proved in London by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on 26 August 1851, John left �50 to be spent on his funeral, so he was expecting to have a lavish funeral. He also left �50 to be paid to his wife immediately after his death for the immediate support of herself and their family, and �10 10s to surgeon Henry Weekes for his care and trouble as the only non family member appointed as an executor and trustee of the will. To his wife and surviving daughters John left his leasehold premises at 35 Castle Street, Canterbury and all his household goods for their use during their lives and to be finally inherited by the last survivor of them, which turned out to be his daughter Jane Donnelly Chenoweth. John also put aside up to �600 to be spent on his son John Jope Chenoweth to pay for his studies at university and to enable him to take Priest's Orders, any unused balance to be paid to him if and when he actually took Priest's Orders, but it seems he never took Priest's Orders after gaining his M.A. in 1858, becoming a teacher instead. John left all the remainder of his real and personal estate in trust, with the trustees thereof to pay his wife �50 per year for the rest of her life as long as she didn't remarry, which she didn't, and the rest of the annual income to be divided equally between his surviving daughters and son. There are clauses about what was to happen if his daughters and son had children, but none of them married and had children, so as each one died the remainder had a greater percentage of the income. His wife, two of his daughters and his son were alive when John died; his wife died in 1874, his daughter Ellen in 1888, his son in 1895 and finally his daughter Jane in 1896. There now being no surviving descendents the will specified that the remaining estate was to be divided between any surviving grandchildren of John's brothers Edward and William; but William is not thought to have had any children and so no grandchildren, and the estate was finally divide between the fourteen grandchildren of Edward living in England, North America and Australia, and each is understood to have received $2200. The executors and trustees of the will were John's wife, his surviving daughters and his friend Henry Weekes, but not his son and one gets the impression that John didn't trust his son with these duties, and the son's later life seems to confirm this.

The Post Office Directory of the Six Counties for 1855 listed Mrs Chenoweth as living at 35 Castle Street, Canterbury. Then sometime during the next five years Elizabeth and her surviving children moved to London, and in the census of 7 April 1861 Elizabeth and her three surviving children, now all unmarried adults, were living at 24 Sutherland Place, Paddington, London, and they had 25-year-old Ann Cheal as a live-in general servant. Then in the census of 2 April 1871 Elizabeth and her two surviving spinster daughters were still living at 24 Sutherland Place; Elizabeth was described as being an annuitant and they had 20-year-old Sarah Bell as a live-in general servant. Elizabeth's other surviving child, son John, was lodging in Shoreditch. Elizabeth was still living at Paddington when she died there at the age of 82, and was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 6 January 1874.

[signature]John and Elizabeth's eldest child was Laurentia Alice Chenoweth who was probably born in early 1820 at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and moved with her parents to England in 1822. Laurentia died at Gillingham on 2 June 1836 at the age of 16, and she was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 6 June 1836. An inscribed headstone marked her grave, which also contains two of her sisters and her father.

John and Elizabeth's second child was Elizabeth Garden Chenoweth who was probably born in early 1822 at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and moved with her parents to England later in 1822. In the census of 6 June 1841 Elizabeth, at the age of 19, was living with her parents in Saint Johns Lane, Canterbury, Kent. Elizabeth never married, she died at Gillingham in Kent on 19 August 1849, at the age of 27, and she was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 24 August 1849. An inscribed headstone marked her grave, which also contains two of her sisters and her father.

John and Elizabeth's third child was Jane Donnelly Chenoweth who was born at Rainham in Kent, and baptised at the Church of St Margaret of Antioch in Rainham on 29 October 1823. In the census of 6 June 1841 Jane, at the age of 17, was living with her parents in Saint Johns Lane, Canterbury, Kent. Then in the census of 30 March 1851 Jane, now aged 27, was living with her parents at 35 Castle Street in Canterbury. Jane's father died on 6 July 1851 and in his will he left Jane, with her sister Ellen and their mother, the use of his leasehold property at 35 Castle Street in Canterbury and all his household goods, also Jane was to have a share of the income from the rest of his real and personal estate that had been left in trust, Jane being one of the trustees.

Sometime during the late 1850s the family moved to London and in the census of 7 April 1861 Jane, at the age of 37, was living with her widowed mother, sister Ellen and brother at 24 Sutherland Place, Paddington, London. When her uncle James Muddle died in 1865 Jane inherited �10 10s from him and also one fifth of the proceeds from the sale of her aunt Laurentia Muddle's property called Pockams and Dickens Mead. In the census of 2 April 1871 Jane, at the age of 47, was still living with her widowed mother and her sister Ellen at 24 Sutherland Place, and she was described as having no occupation.

Jane's mother died in 1874 and in the census of 3 April 1881 Jane and her sister Ellen, who were both described as being of independent means, were continuing to live at 24 Sutherland Place in Paddington, and they had 24-year-old Julia Bell as their live-in general servant. In an indenture dated 9 April 1885 Jane was made one of the trustees of the marriage settlement of her aunt Elizabeth Strover Canney. Then when her cousin Anna Searle Stunt died in 1888 Jane was left the annual income from �1,000 of stock in New 3% Bank of England annuities for the rest of her life.

Jane's sister Ellen died in early 1888 while they were both living at 24 Sutherland Place and Jane was the sole executrix of her will. In the census of 5 April 1891 Jane was still living at 24 Sutherland Place; she now had her bachelor brother John living with her, and they were both described as living on their own means. They had 37-year-old widow Ellen Cray as their live-in domestic servant.

In 1893 Jane was one of the executors and trustees of the will of her cousin Elizabeth Strover Canney. Jane never married; and her brother John was still living with her when he died in December 1895. As the last surviving descendent of her father Jane would have inherited anything that was left of her father's leasehold property at 35 Castle Street in Canterbury and the household goods, though the leasehold property had probably been sold many years earlier when the family moved to London.

Two months after her brother's death Jane was still living at 24 Sutherland Place when she died on 14 February 1896, at the age of 72 (not 68 as given on her death certificate and burial record), and she was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 18 February 1896. Administration (with will) of Jane's estate, which valued her effects at �122 16s 1d, was granted on 22 May 1897 by the Principal Probate Registry in London to widow Caroline Eliza Ramage.

John and Elizabeth's fourth child was Frances Iden Chenoweth who was born at Rainham in Kent, and baptised at the Church of St Margaret of Antioch in Rainham on 21 October 1826. Frances died at Canterbury on 29 March 1838 at the age of 11, and she was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 4 April 1838. Her grave, which also contains two of her sisters and her father, was marked by an inscribed headstone, which described her as being the fourth daughter of John and Elizabeth Chenoweth.

John and Elizabeth's fifth child was Ellen Muddle Chenoweth who was born at Rainham in Kent, and baptised at the Church of St Margaret of Antioch in Rainham on 20 April 1828. In the census of 6 June 1841 Ellen, at the age of 13, was living with her parents in Saint Johns Lane, Canterbury, Kent. Then in the census of 30 March 1851 Ellen, now aged 23, was living with her parents at 35 Castle Street in Canterbury. Ellen's father died on 6 July 1851 and in his will he left Ellen, with her sister Jane and their mother, the use of his leasehold property at 35 Castle Street in Canterbury and all his household goods, also Ellen was to have a share of the income from the rest of his real and personal estate that had been left in trust, Ellen being one of the trustees.

Sometime during the late 1850s the family moved to London and in the census of 7 April 1861 Ellen, at the age of 33, was living with her widowed mother, sister Jane and brother at 24 Sutherland Place, Paddington, London. When her uncle James Muddle died in 1865 Ellen inherited �10 10s from him and also one fifth of the proceeds from the sale of her aunt Laurentia Muddle's property called Pockams and Dickens Mead. In the census of 2 April 1871 Ellen, at the age of 43, was still living with her widowed mother and sister Jane at 24 Sutherland Place, and she was described as having no occupation.

Ellen's mother died in 1874 and in the census of 3 April 1881 Ellen and her sister Jane, who were both described as being of independent means, were continuing to live at 24 Sutherland Place in Paddington. Ellen never married. In early 1888 Ellen was living at 24 Sutherland Place when she was one of the executors and trustees of the will of her cousin Anna Searle Stunt. This will left Ellen the annual income from �1,000 of stock in New 3% Bank of England annuities for the rest of her life. But only a few months later Ellen died at 24 Sutherland Place on 5 April 1888, at the age of 60, and she was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 10 April 1888. Probate of Ellen's will, which valued her effects at �553 18s 1d, was granted on 10 July 1888 by the Principal Probate Registry in London to her sister Jane Donnelly Chenoweth.

John and Elizabeth's sixth child was John Jope Chenoweth who was born at Rainham in Kent, and baptised at the Church of St Margaret of Antioch in Rainham on 14 April 1830. In the census of 6 June 1841 John, at the age of 11, was living with his parents in Saint Johns Lane, Canterbury, Kent.

John went to Cambridge University, entering Pembroke College on 3 July 1848, at the age of 18. In the census of 30 March 1851 John, now aged 21, was living with his parents at 35 Castle Street in Canterbury. John's father died on 6 July 1851 but had put aside �600 in his will to be used to pay for John's studies at university and to enable him to take Priest's Orders, out of which his father had recorded on his will that he had already paid out �155 13s 1d by 31 July 1850. John gained his B.A. in 1852 and then his M.A. in 1858. During this time the trustees of his father's will would have supported him with further payments from the �600 and he was due to have received any unused balance of this �600 when he took Priest's Orders, but it seems that John became a teacher and didn't take Priest's Orders.

In the late 1850s John's mother and her surviving children moved from 35 Castle Street in Canterbury to London, and in the census of 7 April 1861 John, at the age of 31, was living with his widowed mother and sisters Jane and Ellen at 24 Sutherland Place, Paddington, London; he had an M.A. and was working as an assistant master. Then in the census of 2 April 1871 John was lodging with the family of carpenter James Young at 49 Bookhams Street, Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch, London, and he was a private teacher of music with an M.A. from Cambridge. At the Surrey Quarter Sessions held at Saint Mary, Newington, London on 19 October 1880 John Jupe Chenowith (sic) was tried and acquitted of attempting to steal from the person.

In the census of 5 April 1891 John was living with his spinster sister Jane at 24 Sutherland Place, and he was described as living on his own means. John never married. He was still living at 24 Southerland Place when he died at the age of 65, and he was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 13 December 1895.

John and Alice's ninth child was Patience Chenoweth who was born at Chatham in Kent on 30 July 1779, and baptised at the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Chatham on 1 August 1779. When she was 27 years old Patience married Charles Chidwick at the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Chatham on 27 August 1806. Patience was living at Gillingham when she died on 17 March 1829, at the age of 49 (not 50 as given on her burial record, which also gave her surname as Chiddick), and she was buried in the Churchyard of St Mary Magdalene at Gillingham on 23 March 1829.

Daugther lines OF JOHN1
By Jon Egge, WA
(25th Installment of a series)
Menu of previous series articles

One of the great fascinations of genealogy is the tracing of daughter lines. It is easy to see the beauty of a straight line of father to son links that carry down a name. The Harris book concentrates on the Chenoweth name basically cutting off daughter lines to marriages and sometimes a listing of the children. Early on I got involved with daughter lines. There was the wonderful tracing of the Casebier family from Elizabeth Chenoweth that was so well documented by Mary Padden. There were the books of Carters that traced the lines of Hannah Chenoweth. We quickly made the connection to the Seatons of Rachel and the Whitakers of her daughter Margaret. Virginia Duling straightened me out on the Ashbrooks of Mary and got me pointed in the right direction. Donald Smith sent me the Clymer study that connected into the Downings of Mary Chenoweth. Much later we made a modest start of the Scotts of her sister Sarah. In 1998 I found the correct spelling of Ruth�s Peteets through Walter McMillan of Texas and off we went to the deep South. Once we placed Mary Chenoweth to William, her Sutton lines blossomed to a point that rival her cousin Mary Ashbrook. Lately we have been working on the Butlers of Ruth and the Ashtons of Hannah. But though these lines are a generation older, they pale in comparison with the known detail of the Baxters of Sarah and the work of Jane Ryan. Jane�s explorations of early Baltimore helped me with the correction of Arthur�s lines. Daughter lines led us to Elmer Haile, Jr. and his vast knowledge of early Baltimore. There is much more: Martindales of Barbara, Thurmans of Mary, Wings of Elizabeth, Formans of Ruth, Percefulls of Mariah and Larues of Sarah�s two daughters. Then there are the 10 daughters of Robert in West Virginia as well as all the other Randolph Co., WV lines that crisscross one another.

The database is certainly richer for tracing and including daughter lines. It is a tradition perhaps exemplified in Cora�s book and the detail there that is not carried over into the Harris book. Daughter lines form a rich tapestry, and sometimes they carry knowledge of the family that would otherwise be lost. Certainly Census discoveries are made by knowing the daughter line connections to the surrounding families. When all is said and done the drop of blood I have from the Chenoweths is just one of many surnames from distant ancestors, all equally part of me. The only thing daughter lines lack are the DNA marker and the name carried down, otherwise the blood is the same. One of the most wonderful early descriptions of the Chenoweths and the details of the Thomas family�s life in Old Towne, MD comes from the daughter line writings of Thomas Scott, a grandson and namesake of Thomas from Sarah as written to his children from Chillocothe, OH.

This inclusion of family has been carried in the attendance of the reunions. The recognition that we are all one vast family has been a hallmark of the camaraderie that is found at that these great events. As I have often written, the early bias of the family is skewed towards the male name with 29 of 59 known grandchildren being Chenoweth named grandsons. A normal distribution would be 15. Time and generations would inevitably erode at that dominance. By 1850, 223 of the 976 families we track are Chenoweth head of households. This is still a surprising dominance of near � of the family, owing in part to our lack of good knowledge on some of the early daughter lines. But now that the family has emerged into the sunlight of the detail of the modern Censuses, the shift to daughter lines accelerates. By the 1860 there are only 262 Chenoweth families among the 1,527 households found. My database currently has a little less that 10% of the family born with the Chenoweth name, even though our research of the male lines has been exhaustive. The real size of the family that would easily expand the present 177,000 to well over 500,000 is to be found by adding in the daughter lines.


(The following e-mail was received from a member of the family with regards to the reunion. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated. - editor)



Sorry we were not able to come to the Dallas Reunion. Hope things went well. We missed not being able to see everyone. We have a busy and hot July. Our oldest daughter, Megan, was married on July 11 here in Delaware. We had several relatives out from Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina come for the wedding. She was a beautiful bride.

I am very busy at work as we closed our old library and moved into a new library building this summer. We did not hire movers so the staff has been busy cleaning, packing and now unpacking all our library things. We are busy with trainings on how to use our new phone system, security system, etc. Our grand opening is August 4 at 4pm and we are still waiting on the final delivery of some furniture. Best wishes.

28 July 2010
Elaine & Jerry Fike

You and Jerry were missed indeed. We had a lovely time, and met several new �Texas cousins�. Hope we put the Chenoweth hook in them and they follow us to Winchester, VA in 2012. Hope to see you and your family there as well. � Joyce Wiegand


I love getting this newsletter and the attachment. Keep them coming.

20 Jun 2010
Theresa Bartlett

So glad that you enjoy it. We too enjoy the effort that we put into it. � editor.


I�m happy to receive your email with this wonderful newsletter! Thank you for your time and effort and your kindness in sharing. I descend through Elizabeth Chenoweth & Robert Gordon. I am really confused because the records of the Adamsville Baptist Cemetery in Muskingum Co., OH show two children of Elizabeth & Robert buried next to them, but the death dates & ages of those children don�t seem to fit.

13 Jun 2010
Susan Norton

There are two articles on the website (newsletters Vol6-2 and 8-4) that discuss Isaac and the Gordons. According to Betty Cruishanks these 2 children are of Robert Gordon, III (son of Robert, JR & Elizabeth Chenoweth) and his wife Mary Z. Wilson.. � Jon Egge


Just printed the newsletter (I can�t read it online) and was shocked to see the death notices of Katherine Sohn Moore Beckman and Bessie Davis Moore Mercer.

Is it possible that you might have an e-mail address for Erica Mercer White? I have not heard from Lisa Moore Murray in years and I have no idea what happened to her. I have never met Erica, but she is my cousin � what few I have. Should you prefer to send my information to her, it is alright with me. You could tell her that I am Callie Moore Howsn�s granddaughter.

13 Jun 2010
Lesley Howson Stavola

I forwarded your request to Jon and he should have responded to you by now. - editor


WOW � This was the first time I have received a newsletter from the Chenoweths and I must say our family is just amazing � I cannot believe the grandeur of this and how much time you and, I assume, others have had to put in to get this where it is today, but it is amazing and so very interesting. Thank you very much for your efforts and for sharing them with me � can�t wait to see what happens next.

13 Jun 2010
Debra Claunch

I am glad you enjoyed this issue. Pete started the newsletter at the 2002 Reunion at Elkins, we have been publishing them ever since. I suppose it is sometimes a bit of a surprise to recent cousin contacts that contact has also put you on the newsletter list. All past newsletters are posted at the site. Thank you for your kind words. � Jon Egge


I read the latest issue of the Chenoweth newsletter last night, and I felt the need to email you about it. I am concerned and disappointed that you would publish Jon Egge�s comments concerning the census. Jon is wrong about past census only counting citizens � the language in the Constitution says nothing about only counting citizens. In fact, the original language mandated counting slaves as three-fifths of a person, and slaves were certainly not citizens. In addition, I believe that the Chenoweth newsletter is not the place for Jon to present his political views. He has a website where he can do that. I have no problem critiquing the census � I agree with him that it should have asked a birthplace. However, to then make the jump into an opinion that this was left out because it would make �illegal aliens feel uncomfortable� is something that should not be in the newsletter. Thank you.

16 Jun 2010
Michael Maben


Couldn�t agree with you more on the 2010 census! When I first saw it, I immediately thought what a waste of time and money. It was obviously nothing more than an effort by Obama to count what he hopes will be future voters for him. The lack of worthwhile and future information was appalling, just like everything else about this current administration.

A dear neighbor lady in her eighties decided she wasn�t going to fill in all of the ethnic stuff and was subsequently visited/harassed by 2 census workers who verbally abused her about her lack of compliance in filling out the form; she politely told them where to go.

Then another person who described himself as �a quality control person� called on her about her failure to comply and sort of threatened her. After that she called the Heritage Foundation about what the law was re: filling out a census form; they told her that the law said fill it ALL out or face the possibility of fines which usually were not enforced. She hasn�t heard any more about it.

More close to home, we own some land about 100 miles from the ranch that is on a lovely fishing river. There is an old, small, log barn on which we replaced the roof a few years ago; mind you there is no mail box on road, no electricity to the barn and to the normal person, it is obviously not inhabited. My husband uses it as a shelter if it rains when he�s fishing there. Would you believe that we had 2 phone calls from the census bureau about who was living there. The second one wanted my name and phone number when he had already called me Mrs Bedford and dialed our number!! They had obviously gone to the court house to find out who owned the land --- talk about snooping and stupidity!!

14 Jun 2010
Kay Bedford

The above 2 letters are printed in their entirety. As editor I do not edit the content of any letter. There is an article by Jon in his section below


[Jon] By Jon Egge
Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

2010 Census revisited

I should have known that my article on the Census might touch some buttons. I guess it did and I am sorry for that. This is genealogy and politics belong elsewhere. I confess I may have vented a little too much, but it is still true that for a genealogist the 2010 Census is a disappointment and an opportunity wasted. Of course the Census was never intended to be the Genealogy gem it has become. And of course it was not of much value until 1850 when they started listing all the names in the household. I guess I was not clear in some of what I said, and I didn�t know some of the recent past of the Census. In the Comments from the Clan are two clearly different reactions to my article. I don�t agree with either. I don�t think that President Obama had any input as to the Census, this has been going on for years. I did not say the Census should not count all the people in the country, of course it should, but I stand on my view, that it should also sort out who is a citizen and who is not. In the course of reflecting on this I found a good article about this census controversy. Here is the link.

GOP senators want census funds cut if citizenship isn't asked

I had not known that they stopped asking about citizenship 1960 and birthplaces in 1970. Like most, I suppose I never thought about it. I was not involved with genealogy until 1995. I had limited exposure in 2000 to Census material as the access and every name indexing of past Censuses were not yet available. 2010 was the first time I looked at the Census with a view of a genealogist. I was jolted by what it didn�t ask. For the record: �The citizenship question first appeared in the 1820 Census and remained there in various forms for 170 years, until it was dropped for the 1960 count�. More important places of birth were asked from 1850 through 1960, when they were dropped in 1970. But we did not have an immigration problem in 1960 and I don�t think in 1970. We do have one now and it is large. The US is a land of immigrants. It is part of our fabric. But we are also a nation of laws. We do have immigration laws. The first was passed in 1790 and required 2 years residency to obtain naturalization. Like all laws, things began to get complicated. In 1921 we established quotas on immigration. Whereas all of our ancestor trees branch back to an immigrant, they rarely branch back to an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigration is a problem that Congress must address and yes, I do not like the thought that my congressional representation is not based on a citizen count. I do apologize if I was stirring the pot in my dismay of what the Census did not ask. Enough said, let�s get back to genealogy.

[John] An unexpected gem

One of the things that has made it slower this time around to plow through the 1870 Census, besides the growing size of the project (better than twice the size of the 1850 listings) and the increase in dead ends, has been my recent ability to use ancestry.com. This came about in my failed attempt to upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2008. Chatter on the internet alluded to the ability to purchase version 16 at Amazon at a nominal cost with a 6 month free trial. I have really enjoyed the access, but now when I reach a dead end, instead of just moving on, I take the time to see if there is a tree out there that will give us a clue forward. It is a startling resource. Whereas I have found a large share of the pre 1850 stuff very questionable, trees back to the late 1800s are usually good and often lead to a living cousin. So on a dismal Saturday, I had progressed to the Ashbrook trees. The lines of John Ashbrook and his cousin wife, Mary Chenoweth, are substantial and usually based out of Kentucky where John and Mary spent most of their lives. But late in life John and at least two of his sons went to Illinois.

The only Chenoweths I know of that went to Illinois this early were the two sons of Arthur of Kentucky, John and Absolom. In Cora Hiatt, Arthur is given a wife Margaret and the rest is a blank. This treatment is repeated in Harris. But Arthur�s real wife, life and family are misplaced under the guise of Arthur, Jr. This has all been corrected and Absolom�s line found and resurrected. John went to Knox Co., IN in 1814 and by 1816 was across the Wabash River in Crawford Co., IL. Crawford Co. was spun off of Clark Co. in 1819 and Lawrence Co., in 1821. Harris tells us that John was operating a ferry on the Wabash in 1816 and donated land for the courthouse of the newly formed Clark Co. in 1819. Absolum was in Crawford Co. in 1823. Two of his children married in Lawrence Co. Virginia Dulling has that John Ashbrook died in Lawrence Co. in 1819. It was still part of Crawford Co. then. John Ashbrook�s son William married Absolom�s daughter Mary in 1819 in Jefferson Co., KY and they moved across the Ohio to Floyd Co., IN. Levi Ashbrook, John�s son came to Lawrence Co., shortly after his marriage to Sarah Ferguson in Harrison Co., KY. His brother John Ashbrook married in Lawrence Co. on August 08, 1832. It is evident that John Ashbrook, Sr. and his family hooked up with his cousin, Absolom in this Illinois area.

Part of John�s land in Lawrence Co. went to his son William in 1823 and I assume that maybe the part that went to Levi as well or Levi ended up with William�s share. Levi is found there in Lawrence Co. in both the 1830 and 1840 Censuses. He died in Lawrence Co., IL in 1841 and his widow Sarah is living there in 1850 and 1860. We had made little progress with these Lawrence Co. Ashbrooks beyond 1860, so the 1870 Census came up against the proverbial stone wall. We have 5 children for Levi and Sarah. Their daughter Elizabeth is last seen in the 1850 Census of Lawrence Co. with her mother Sarah and her sister Mary Ann Ashbrook Lewis. Five houses away are Nancy Ashbrook and her husband Thomas T. Lemmons, a native of Tennessee. At present, in all, we have 5 Chenoweth families in 1850 in Lawrence Co., IL, 2 from Absolom Chenoweth and 3 from John Ashbrook, including the widow, Eleanor Robinson Ashbrook of John, Jr. and the two married daughters of Levi, Mary Ann and Nancy. By 1860, the Ashbrook grouping is joined by William Thomas Ashbrook, the son of Levi, and his cousin wife Sarah Ferguson. Sarah was a niece to William�s mother Sarah, as her father, John Ferguson who married Margaret A. 'Peggy' Ashbrook, was William�s mother�s half brother. Peggy was Levi�s sister. A grand jumble of relationships! There was also another son of Levi�s John Ashbrook who married in Lawrence Co., IL on September 14, 1843 to an Eliza. We have never found this couple.

But our knowledge of these Ashbrooks basically ended with the 1860 Census. Now as I looked on ancestry I found Nancy�s son, George Thomas Lemmons, with a wife Mary and a son James. Living with them was his sister Sarah Lemmons. I could not find Nancy or her husband. A posted tree led me to Kim Smith a descendant of Nancy and my first cousin find from Levi. Later the same day, I found a Lewis tree that led me to Patrick Ryan, a descendant of Levis� daughter Mary Ann. This was a real gem as Mary�s daughter, Maria Louise Lewis, had apparently been adopted by John LaPlant of Knox Co., IN after her parents had died. In 1870, just prior to marrying an Irish immigrant, Henry McCabe, she was listed as Marie LaPlant living with her adopted parents in Knox Co. Of course without Patrick, I never would have known this.

Patrick Ryan had found the adoption records for his great great grandmother in his research and hit a wall as to who the Lawrence Co., Ashbooks were. My email to him hit true and Patrick called me within a few hours. I am quite elated, two leads to descendants of Levi Ashbrook of Lawrence Co., IL in one day, and one surely, we would have never found without Patrick�s research and posting.

LEVI5 ASHBROOK (JOHN4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1796 in Campbell Co., KY, and died April 05, 1841 in Lawrence Co., IL. He married SARAH FERGUSON July 1818 in Harrison Co., KY, daughter of HENRY FERGUSON and MARTHA ?. She was born Abt. 1797 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1850. Children of LEVI ASHBROOK and SARAH FERGUSON are:

  1. NANCY6 ASHBROOK, b. Abt. 1822, Kentucky; m. THOMAS T. LEMMONS, August 10, 1837, Lawrence Co., IL; b. Abt. 1815, Tennessee.
  2. JOHN ASHBROOK, b. Bet. 1820 - 1825, Lawrence Co., IL; m. ELIZA (FLOWER) ?, September 14, 1843, Lawrence Co., IL; b. Aft. 1830.
  3. MARY ANN ASHBROOK, b. Abt. 1826, Lawrence Co., IL; m. (1) THOMAS H. FLOWER, July 04, 1843, Lawrence Co., IL; b. Bet. 1811 - 1825; m. (2) RICHARD LEWIS, October 07, 1846, Lawrence Co., IL; b. Abt. 1827, North Carolina.
  4. WILLIAM THOMAS ASHBROOK, b. Abt. 1832, Lawrence Co., IL; m. SARAH E. FERGUSON, October 10, 1852, Grant Co., KY; b. December 26, 1828, Williamstown, Grant Co., KY; d. March 30, 1892.
  5. ELIZABETH ASHBROOK, b. Abt. 1835, Lawrence Co., IL.

[Arthur] Cora leads to the Ohio families of Richard B. Chenoweth

Some time ago, I found a probable Census listing for Evelinah Chenoweth, the daughter of Richard B. Chenoweth and Mary Gorrell. This is one of the Virginia Arthur lines from Arthur�s son John who settled in Berkeley Co. Evelinah is a unique name within the family. According to Cora Hiatt she married John Shocky. They have not been found in the 1850 Census and I wonder if Virginia, called Jennie, was an only child. In 1860 Evelinah and her daughter were living with the family of Augustus How in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH. Cora said that Jennie married a Duboise and lived in Fayette, OH. In my indexing run through of Cora�s book, I looked again at this entry and found Virginia and her husband in Fayette Village in Fulton Co., OH in 1900, right where Cora said they would be. They were there as well in 1880 and Jennie, widowed, in 1910. Her age matched the 1860 Census listing, confirming my previous discovery. Fulton Co. abuts Lucas Co., on the west. Virginia and her husband, Lemuel P. Dubois had no living children by the 1900 and 1910 Censuses. Jennie did state that in 1910 she had had one child who died. Lemuel P. Dubois, served in the Civil War in the Ohio Infantry from 1863 to 1865.

Though this line is not one that continues, it is now somewhat documented to the last person listed in Cora�s account. Possibly Virginia had contacted Cora. The line of Richard Chenoweth is still an area of inquiry. After listing the children and marriages for Richard�s children, Cora only was able to include descendant lines of Mary and Evelinah. Today we know more of the other lines than we do of these two. For the most part the grandchildren of Mary, who married Daniel Rizer remain in our files much as she left them in her book. Most of the children of Richard and Mary went to Ohio after the deaths of their parents. The Christians of Hannah lived in Licking Co. and I have one contact, Paul Ingersoll, in my file. John married Daniel�s sister Catherine Rizer and migrated to Highland Co., OH, then to Iowa where Catherine died in the 1860s. John and his family continued on to California where a number of descendant cousin contacts still live. We only know of one child from Richard�s son, William who went to Pennsylvania and married Lucinda Definbaugh. Their daughter Mary Ann married first Daniel T. Gates in Clinton Co., IN and then a distant cousin Thomas Chenoweth. I am still uncertain as to why Mary was in Indiana. Her parents continued to live in Bedford Co., PA. As a curiosity, Pete found this Census listing in 2001. We have never been able to find any of these people in any other Census.

1900 census for 5th District Allegany Co., MD lists:

Chenoweth, Definbaugh 42-PA Mar 1857
                    Ada 41-PA Oct 1858
                    Mark A. Feb 1889 11-MD
                    Margaret H. Sep 1891 8-MD
                    Jerry T. Jan 1893 7-MD

Julia Ann, another of Richard�s daughters, married Samuel B. Johnson and lived in Darke Co., OH before migrating to Iowa. I have found 3 descendants of this family. Another daughter, Rachel married twice and died in 1860 in Michigan. There are no known children. Richard, a younger son, married Jane Hough and eventually settled in Henry Co., TN where many of his descendants still live. Another son Joseph, Cora said, married Frances Downing and went to Louisiana. I have never found a trace of Joseph or his wife Frances.

RICHARD B.4 CHENOWETH (JOHN3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born 1768 in Baltimore Co., MD, and died October 1823 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV). He married MARY GORRELL November 10, 1800 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV), daughter of WILLIAM GORRELL and MARY VAN METER. She was born Abt. 1782 in Martinsville, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV), and died Aft. March 22, 1833.


  1. HANNAH E.5 CHENOWETH, b. March 02, 1804, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. 1876, Newark, Licking Co., OH; m. THOMAS JEFFERSON CHRISTIAN, April 06, 1824, Washington Co., MD; b. 1801, Virginia; d. 1891.
  2. JOHN CHENOWETH, b. September 23, 1805, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. 1875, Sonora, Tuolumne Co., CA; m. CATHERINE RIZER; b. December 13, 1803, Virginia; d. Iowa.
  3. WILLIAM CHENOWETH, b. May 03, 1807, Rock Hall, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. 1883, Bedford Co., PA; m. LUCINDA DEFINBAUGH; b. 1814, Pennsylvania.
  4. MARY G. CHENOWETH, b. May 24, 1809, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. October 01, 1861, Martinsville, Clinton Co., OH; m. DANIEL RIZER, November 01, 1827; b. 1809, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. August 07, 1858, Martinsville, Clinton Co., OH.
  5. EVELINAH CHENOWETH, b. February 14, 1812, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); m. JOHN SHOCKY, JR., March 18, 1833, Morgan Co., VA (now WV); b. 1818.
  6. ELIZA ANN CHENOWETH, b. February 05, 1814, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV). died young
  7. JULIA ANN CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1816, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. May 10, 1865, Tarkio Twp., Page Co., IA; m. SAMUEL B. JOHNSON, May 22, 1839, Montgomery Co., OH; b. Abt. 1811, Chatham, Morris Co., NJ; d. Aft. 1882, Hepburn, Page Co., IA.
  8. RACHEL G. CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1817, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. March 1860, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., MI; m. (1) JOHN B. DAVIS m. (2) A.H. BALLARD, Abt. 1840; b. Aft. 1807.
  9. RICHARD CHENOWETH, b. November 25, 1819, Rock Hall, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. October 11, 1875, Paris Landing, Henry Co., TN; m. JANE HOUGH, November 12, 1844, Hamilton Co., OH; b. September 22, 1819, Hamilton Co., OH; d. July 16, 1904, Henry Co., TN.
  10. JOSEPH CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1821, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. in Louisiana; m. FRANCIS DOWNING; b. Bet. 1816 - 1836

[THOMAS] A marriage for Ruth Helen

Dot found an obit in May 2008, and sent it to me captioning it �here is a puzzle for you�. A Henry Clinton Barnett had died at 98 in Washington DC. He had been married to a Ruth Chenoweth for 54 years. Ruth died in 1987. How fortunate for us that the family had included these clues. Dot included a SSA she had found for a Ruth Bennett that died in 1987 in Kansas. Whereas the location compared to Washington DC was ill fit, the obit said that Henry had only recently come east with his daughter, having lived in Kansas City. I had a Ruth with the same birth date in my file and was hopeful that we had a match. She was the daughter of Elmer Thomas Chenoweth and his first wife, Josephine Hulda Lemke. Ruth and her parents can be found in the Harris book on page 412. Elmer and Josephine had divorced and Elmer had remarried to Elizabeth Anderson Haddow and had two more children. In the 1920 Census Elmer and his 2nd family were living in Montana. Josephine and Ruth were living in Chicago. They were here again in 1930.

Ruth�s mother Josephine had died in 1962 in Jackson Co., MO, so this was a good fit, and a great find, as there had been an obvious break in the line. It was unlikely that Ruth�s children knew much about the Chenoweths. Fortunately with the information provided, I was able to find a phone number for Ruth�s son Brian in Florida. In today�s world there is less than an even chance that you will find a phone number that actually works and connects you to the right people. This one did, and Brian confirmed my �educated guess�. It was a pleasure to welcome another cousin into the matrix we have built. The line is that of John, the s/o Thomas and John�s line is perhaps skinnier than it should be, so even though this is a relatively modern addition, any extension to John�s line is helpful. The Chenoweth name in John�s line is only carried to present day through his son Isaac, who was the executor of John�s estate and lived in Vermillion Co., IN. The grandfather of Elmer Thomas, was Isaac Newton Chenoweth, one of 6 sons of Isaac and Isabella McElwain. And even though 5 of these sons married it is only in the line of Isaac Newton that we find the name carried into the 9th generation. There are many loose ends here never resolved. Elmer Thomas, himself apparently did not fare well. In 1930 he appears to be a patient in an insane asylum in Wyoming with his 2nd wife Elizabeth, still living with her children in Montana. It is never clear what this really translates to in modern standards. Elmer died seven years later in Wyoming at the age of 52.

ELMER THOMAS7 CHENOWETH (JEFFERSON HAMILTON6, ISAAC NEWTON5, ISAAC4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born February 17, 1887 in Manning, Carroll Co., IA, and died June 22, 1939 in Sheridan Co., WY. He married (1) JOSEPHINE HULDA LEMKE May 05, 1911 in Cook Co., IL. She was born March 16, 1886 in GERMANY, and died April 21, 1962 in Jackson Co., MO. He married (2) ELIZABETH ANDERSON HADDOW November 24, 1916 in Cascade Co., MT. She was born August 19, 1886 in Hill Co., MT, and died December 15, 1958 in Cascade Co., MT.


  1. RUTH HELEN8 CHENOWETH, b. February 07, 1913, Iowa; d. April 21, 1989, Johnson Co., KS; m. HENRY CLINTON BARNETT, Abt. 1934; b. Abt. 1911, Missouri; d. May 12, 2008, Washington, DC.


  2. INEZ ELIZABETH8 CHENOWETH, b. January 30, 1920, Montana; d. December 12, 1984, Cascade Co., MT.
  3. VIVIAN ELMERA CHENOWETH, b. February 19, 1921, Montana; d. October 18, 1992, Los Angeles Co., CA; m. ELMER JACOB WIEDERRICK;

Weekly contacts and ramblings

Each week generally brings new cousins. Now in our fourteenth year, the count of contacts is at 2,999, with 2,265 signed-in as cousins. The process of signing-in is simple, a street or mailing address and enough information to get one into the database, if they are not already there. Is it amazing that we get 75% of the contacts to �sign-in� or is it sad that we miss connecting with 25% of the contacts? This is the age old �the cup half full-half empty� question of perspective. But cousins are the life of the website. There are at least 500 more that were contacted and written letters, that don�t use the internet. We are dealing with a very large robust family. There is no place in the US that you can go and not be able to find a cousin relative of the Chenoweth family. How many people are really now part of this family? The 2000 Census has some 4,600 Chenoweths in the US. As 90% come from the root family of John Chenoweth and his traditional named wife, Mary Calvert, we can pare 10% out, but then when we add in the other spellings we are probably right back to the same number. My average contact is in the 10th generation. We know there is an early male bias to the family in terms of the Chenoweth name. In the 1860 Census for every Chenoweth named descendant we have 4 daughter lines that we know of in the 5th generation. In the 6th generation just still forming, it is 8 daughter lines to each Chenoweth. Given the norm, each generation should double the ratio. When you come to the 10th generation you would get the multiplier of 128. That would give us 588,000 people in 2000 as a possible figure to work with. 407 of my 3,000 contacts are Chenoweth named, which is far short of a 128 ratio, but one would expect a heavy bias to the root name for site contacts. I have used several different methods over the years to come to some sort of estimate. They all tend to say that there is at present over a half million people in the family.

Let�s try a different approach. In 1850 we estimated there were 587 Chenoweth males. By 1930 there were 1,778, roughly a growth of 3 times in 80 years. If half of our 2000 Census is male we have 2,300 in the next 70 years of a growth or a growth of 4 times. Does that say the 5,217 family count in 1850 is only 4 times that now or some 21,000 people. No, because that does not account for the multiplier of daughter lines in each generation and the absorption of spouses in each generation adding to the family growth. The measured family growth between 1850 and 1860 in what we have located (obviously we have not located all the family, particularly in terms of daughter lines) was 21% for the Chenoweth name and 55% for daughter lines. When we finish the run through of the 1870 and 1880 Censuses, we will have a much better base line to look at to measure the family size. I do know that no matter what I do, I can always add names into the file on a daily basis.

But I really didn�t set out to write this article about the family size, but rather, my original intent was to focus on cousin contacts. My thought processes often digress as I look at things. This week there were 5 cousins who �officially signed in�, out of 6 contacts. 5 of these 6 were out of the blue, people who happened across the site and one that I had contacted by phone and followed up on my subsequent email. The site is very easy to find. Go to almost any search machine and type in �Chenoweth Family�, the site will appear near the top of the results. Most cousins however find the site searching for a particular name in their family. Often they are puzzled by what they have stumbled across. This week there were 2 contacts in the line of John, one from Hannah, 2 from Thomas and one in the unknown lines. Two were already in my file and 4 were names I did not yet have.

David Phares was part of the Randolph Co. lines living in Indiana. Phares is a name I recognized as one of the long time families of the valley. I had exchange information with Dick Phares for several years before he died. Dick was not a Chenoweth, but there were so many inter-ties, that we both benefited greatly from the exchanges. Now David found us, I had his name from Dick. Remarkably he was the first to sign-in with this surname. There are some 160 Phares (Pharis) named individuals in my file. David�s line tagged in the Daniels of Jersuha Chenoweth who married Allison Daniels. The Phares tie came when one of Jersuha�s granddaughters, Hazel M. Daniels, married Okey Blaine Phares. Much of my Daniels knowledge had come from Phyllis Daniels of Elkins. Just ten days prior I had had another contact with a descendant of Jerusha. This was Colleen Clark Willis in Minnesota. She was part of the Channell family of Jerusha�s daughter Mary Elizabeth, who married John Eldridge Channell. Colleen had cleared up a mistake in the file, correcting the marriage of her grandmother Lina R. Channell and I had relayed that information on to Phyllis. Janyce Cooper, was a 2nd Randolph Co. contact, now living in Virginia. She was from Eleanor�s Harts and finding the site, Janyce had queried her father and opened her past back to John Hart, �the Signer�. What a wonderful heritage to find.

Dorothy Steinicke in California was one of Hannah�s line, through Hannah�s daughter Ann that married John Rees. Many of this line today use the spelling Reese. Her line became Morgan then McCormick. The McCormicks had been an early addition by �Mac� Carlson in 1996. Dorothy was only my second contact from Mary Morgan besides Mac. The line here ended with Mary�s grandson William G. McCormick, Dorothy�s grandfather, so I am hoping that Dorothy will help fill out more of this line as it had left off in the 1880 Census. Beckie Pendergrass of Colorado contacted me from the unknown line of John P. Chenowith, in this case from the Pope Co. lines of his son James Garrison Chenowith. Though we have a lot of this family, it needs some attention and work and maybe Beckie will help with that. She told me that she had been involved with staging local family reunions. Another California cousin, Stacie Garcia, found us exploring the internet. Stacie is from the line of Richard, the son of Thomas(2). One of her uncles had contacted me 5 years prior but had never followed that up with any sort of information. Now Stacie had begun to fill in some of the blanks, grateful to have found some of her heritage. This particular line had gone through Richard, Jr. who had gone to Missouri and his son Joseph Smith Chenoweth. The Missouri lines had been well documented by Cora Hiatt from families at the time, but it is surprising that Stacie and her uncles today are my only contacts from the 5th generation Joseph Smith Chenoweth.

The sixth cousin, Mark Lee, was my own find, based like so many others from an obituary that Dot had sent from Maryland. Mark lives in Illinois and had followed up on phone conversations I had had with his mother and wife. This was the line of Foster Chenoweth and son of Hezikiah Chenoweth and Lucretia Sidenor. The line goes back to John Foster Chenoweth of Madison Co., OH and Elijah. My other Hezikiah contacts were in California as many of Hezikiah�s children had migrated out to the sunny climes of the West Coast. But Foster was one of those lines that was a bit lost to us. Foster had died in Iowa at the age of 39. He is listed in the Harris book, correctly, but Harris did not connect the marriage and his widowed wife Alice is listed in the unknown sections of the book from the 1900 census of Butler Co., IA. Sylvia B. Chenoweth was one of the 3 children of Foster, raised by the widow Alice. In 2002 Doug Hobbs had contacted me with the marriage of Sylvia to Emmett Lehr Lee with the names of their 3 children. Now Dot�s obit had filled in the life of one of these children, Robert Emmett Lee. The obit had allowed me to contact his widow, Geraldine. It is sad that I had not been able to find Robert before he died as Geraldine told me knew so much about the family, but not Foster�s connection back to Hezikiah. Geraldine did help me identify Foster�s son Jay Hesikiah Chenoweth in Michigan in 1930. Jay had married but had no children. Geraldine did not remember immediately the wife�s name, but maybe Mark can help with some of this. I wonder what the next week will reel in.

My favorite Reunion

Each reunion has a flavor of it�s own. I have now attended, with some others, five and plan to attend the sixth this summer in Dallas (it should be noted that this was written prior to the Dallas Reunion). At first blush it would be hard to top the first reunion in Bowling Green. There was an excitement of cousins coming together on a national level for the first time. There was the chance to meet Richard Harris. And there was its size, still to date the largest of any reunion to date in terms of numbers. Other reunions stand out as places to see. The trip to Elkins was a window on West Virginia and a chance to visit Winchester. It was special for the gracious hosts that the Elkins cousins were in allowing us to be part of their annual family picnic, and event that stretches over 90 years. It was my chance to meet Virginia Bird Johnson. And surprise, there was Daniel Fred and uncle who made this long trek from Mexico into the hills of Appalachia. The trip to Baltimore was great for sites and side trips to Gettysburg and Cheasapeake Bay, lifetime places I wanted to see. What it lacked was participation and any sort of level by the many family members that still live in this, the family cradle, though the family that hosted it was special. Indiana was another place I wanted to see, and the library at Fort Wayne a marvel. There was the wonderful side trip to Louisville and the Ohio River and a guided trip by my cousin and friend Greg Wulker to Richard�s springhouse, Rachel�s grave and the grave of William Jr. near Waynesville, OH where we happed on William Stubs. Another great opportunity was missed as the Indiana Chenoweths failed to show up. Bowling Green didn�t need local participation, it wasn�t a Chenoweth place. Elkins couldn�t help but have local participation, the whole town is half Chenoweth. Baltimore and Indiana could have been so much more, they certainly were set on grand stages in terms of history and family population.

But if I have a preference for now, noting that I have thoroughly enjoyed each event, it was the Oregon reunion. For an area not as steeped in the family history there was a number of �locals� that found their way to Portland. It was �sorta� my backyard so we didn�t have to jump on a plane. The one day picked for the picnic to Mt Hood was the only day of rain in weeks that summer, but it hardly put a damper on the event. What I remember most about the Portland Reunion were the people. I met my 4th cousin Alice from nearby Longview who I had corresponded with for so long. That was a joy. I met Florida Mike and his wife Pam for the first time, not knowing what a fine friendship laid in store. But so were 3 others, each of whom has now passed on. Wynne Henderson from Yakima was bubbling with his new understanding of his roots to the family of Gabriel and West Virginia that had migrated to Illinois and then the Palouse. In retrospect it was like a shooting star, he would die suddenly 6 months later, but his warmth and enthusiasm are etched in my mind. Then there was Elmer Haile, who at the age of 94 came across the country from Baltimore to be with us. I regard the moments with him as special. He was a gentleman in every respect, well versed in genealogy and the Chenoweths. The third of this trio was Brown McDonald from Eugene, OR. A retired doctor whose family line was from Robert of West Virginia, Brown brought a picture of his grandfather, James Faris McDonald, dress in his Civil War Union blues, that broadened Brown�s smile and made his eyes twinkle. James married Gerutia Reip, daughter of Edith Amanda Chenoweth. I learned to my chagrin in December that Brown had passed away when his newsletter delivery bounced. Oregon was that special chance to met and share some time with these wonderful people.

That is what a reunion is all about, people, special people who are family. When I think of it, each reunion has been about people, not the place. The Dallas reunion should be no different. I am hoping for a BIG Texan Welcome, as Lawry puts it, hotter than the weather outside. If you have the opportunity of coming to a Chenoweth reunion, it is something to think about, an opportunity that presents a unique experience. In truth, my favorite reunion will always be the next one.


In this issue we ask you to take a look at information that we have gathered from the 1930 Census with regards to Chenoweths. These are individuals that we have been unable to identify. As always with this column any help in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated. [Maryland-Missouri]...

  • Maryland
    • Baltimore Co: Baltimore
      • Chenoweth, Mollie (widow) 62-MD (sister to Martha J. Hill 40-MD widow)
      • Chenoweth, William E. 19-MD (prisoner � Baltimore City Jail)
      • Chenoweth, Rosalie 52-MD (widow) 1st married at age: 27
        • Alvin W. 36-MD vulconing (tube works)
      • Chenoweth, Mary 53-MD (widow) patient � Gundry Sanitarium
      • Chenoweth, June R. 5-MD
      • Chenoweth, Katherine M. 22-MD married (d/o George E. Jude)
      • Chenoweth, Hilda 41-IL (widow) 1st married at age: 18
      • Chenoweth, George E. 36-MD � carpenter (1st married at age: 23)
        • Mamie K. (Ellis) 31-MD (1st married at age: 19)
        • Dorothy M. 11-MD
        • Edith W. 2-MD
      • Chenoweth, Evelyn 20-MD single
      • Chenoweth, Emma 57-MD � patient (Mt Hope Retreat)
      • Chenoweth, Elice 28-MD (single) � nurse
      • Chenoweth, Charles 24-MD driver (milk truck) 1st married at age: 23
        • Marie 22-MD 1st married at age: 22
      • Chenoweth, Adie 57-MD (widow) sewer (millinery)
  • Massachusetts
    • Suffolk Co: Boston,
      • Chenoweth, Elizabeth 64-CT (mother-in-law)
        • Alfred E. 34-CA (brother-in-law) pottery work (foundry)
        • Dahlquist, Henry L. 33-MA � pressman (printer)
        • Minnie 32-CA
      • Chenoweth, Raymond H. 30-CA � machinist (scales) 1st married at age: 23
        • Elvira 30-MA (parents born: Sweden)
        • Ruth M. 3 6/12-MA
  • Michigan
    • Delta Co: Canada
      • Chenoweth, Nancy R. 56-Canada (widow) physician
        • Roger S. 23-Canada
    • Kent Co: Grand Rapids
      • Chenoweth, Robert 24-MO single (insurance adjustor)
    • Washtenaw Co: Ann Arbor
      • Chenoweth, Mertis 25-MI (single) nurse
    • Wayne Co:
      • Detroit
        • Chenoweth, Celia A. 64-Canada (widow)
          • Jay S. 44-MI - brick salesman (1st married at age: 34)
          • Eleanor M. 39-MI (1st married at age: 21)
        • Chenoweth, Harry 34-MI salesman (retail) 1st married at age: 27
          • Mary 32-OH (1st married at age: 25)
      • Plymouth
        • Chenoweth, Clyde 24-IN � lineman (public utilities) 1st married at age: 23
        • Mary E. 21-IN (1st married at age: 21)
  • Massachusetts
    • Pipestone Co: Pipestone
      • Chenoweth, John 14-AL
        • Wallace 12-AL
        • Marjorie 10-MN
  • Missouri
    • Jackson Co: Kansas City
        Chenoweth, Carrie 63-MO
        • Harvey E. 1 5/12-AZ
      • Chenoweth, Joseph W. 23-MO � laborer (1st married at age: 22)
        • Lottie (Miller) 20-KS (1st married at age: 19)
      • Chenoweth, Robert 27-IN � furnace installer (1st married at age: 18)
    • Pulaski Co: Liberty
      • Chenoweth, Iris E. (widow) 37-MO (daughter of Marie J. Ellis)
        • Beth 11-CO
    • St Clair Co: Chalk Level
      • Chenoweth, George 62-IL - farmer
        • John 46-IL (widower) nephew

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