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This is a list of the known family of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert that we have not found (and believe we still might) in the 1850 Census. If you have any insight to where they are, or can find any of them, you help would sure be appreciated.

You can reach me, Jon Egge, by e-mail at:

  1. John P.7 Coberly (Margaret6 Chenoweth, Robert T.5, John4, William3) married (1) Prudence 'Prude' Bennet
  2. Martha Ann6 Chenoweth (Robert T.5, John4, William3) married George R. Gibson
  3. Isaac White6 Stalnaker (Mary M.5 Chenoweth, John4, William3) married Harriett Ann Talbott
  4. Ann6 Stalnaker (Mary M.5 Chenoweth, John4, William3) married George W. White
  5. Peggy6 Chenoweth (Jonathan5, Jonathan4, William3) married William Fletcher
  6. Elizabeth6 Chenoweth (Jonathan5, Jonathan4, William3) married Sylvester Bell
  7. Elizabeth5 Chenoweth (Jonathan4, William3) Widow of David Casebier
  8. Absalom Burdine6 Casebier (Elizabeth5 Chenoweth, Jonathan4, William3) married Eleanor Lafors
  9. Betsy6 Simmons (Chloe5 Chenoweth, Jonathan4, William3) married Richard Orr
  10. Samuel C.6 Simmons (Chloe5 Chenoweth, Jonathan4, William3) married Mary Ann Kindred
  11. William Smith6 Chenoweth (Jacob5, William S.4, John3) married Charlotte Davis
  12. Martha5 Chenoweth (William S.4, John3) married Barzillai Osborn
  13. Harriet5 Chenoweth (Absolum4, John3) married John Gibson
  14. James5 Ashbrook (Eleanor4 Chenoweth, John3) married Frances Dooley
  15. Elias5 Chenoweth (Elias4, John3) married Athea Malhon
  16. Rachel5 Chenoweth (Elias4, John3) married William Stonebarger
  17. Bartlett5 Switzer (Elizabeth4 Chenoweth, Thomas3) married Sara Catherine Reed
  18. James C.5 Switzer (Elizabeth4 Chenoweth, Thomas3) married Ann Schenck
  19. Nancy5 Chenoweth (Thomas4, Richard3) married Henry K. Kalfred
  20. Ann4 Chenoweth (Richard3) Widow of Joseph William Bonderant, Jr
  21. Ann R.6 Bell (Rachel Bruce5 Chenoweth, James4, Absolum3) married John Linsency
  22. Thomas Richard6 Westrope (Sarah 'Sallie'5 Ashbrook, Mary W.4 Chenoweth, John3) married (1) Sarah Ann Huntsman
  23. William Boone6 Westrope (Sarah 'Sallie'5 Ashbrook, Mary W.4 Chenoweth, John3) married Sarah Rebecca Evans
  24. Phebe Susan7 Tucker (Levi6, Phoebe5 Ashbrook, Levi4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Ephraim Mckenny
  25. Rachel5 Tucker (Phoebe4 Ashbrook, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Brice William Alsbury
  26. Amelia5 Ashbrook (Aaron4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married William Cherry
  27. Mary4 Ashbrook (Mary3 Chenoweth) married Philip Peters
  28. Francinah5 Peters (Mary4 Ashbrook, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Salvester Bell
  29. Jonathan L.5 Peters (Mary4 Ashbrook, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Harriet Hopkins
  30. Rhoda4 Ashbrook (Mary3 Chenoweth) married Owen Williams
  31. Cecilia5 Ashbrook (William4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Benjamin Bowman
  32. Mary5 Chenoweth (Absolom4, Arthur3) Was Born Bet. 1795 - 1801 In Kentucky. married (2) Joseph Adams
  33. Mary5 Chenoweth (Arthur4, Arthur3) married Ephram M. Jefferson
  34. Mary 'Polly'5 Rose (Elizabeth4 Seaton, Rachel3 Chenoweth) married Samuel B. Buckner
  35. Apphia Ward5 Seaton (George4, Rachel3 Chenoweth) married Matthew Meddis
  36. Sarah 'Sallie'5 Seaton (James Kenner4, Rachel3 Chenoweth) married James Stout
  37. Margaret5 Frederick (Sarah4 Seaton, Rachel3 Chenoweth) married Elijah Allison
  38. Richard4 Seaton (Rachel3 Chenoweth) Eleanor 'Nellie' Mundel
    Insufficient information for details of missing married families

  39. Joseph5 Rees (Elijah4 Ann 'Nancy'3 Carter) married Isabella Houston
  40. Eliza5 Morgan (Nancy 'Ann'4 Rees, Ann 'Nancy'3 Carter) married Thomas B. Sturgis
  41. Mary6 Carter (Isaac5, William4, James3) married John Jones - Note: may be the John and Mary Jones living in Fall twp., Washington Co., PA - needs proof.
  42. Family of Sarah5 Carter (Henry Bowen4, James3) deceased married Thomas Morrison Bonham
  43. Sinah5 Burson (Ruth4, James3) married Thaddeus McFarland Horn
  44. Permilia4 Carter (James3) married Samuel Weir
  45. Evelinah5 Chenoweth (Richard B.4, John3) married John Shocky, Jr.
  46. Margaret Eveline5 Chenoweth (Thomas4, Thomas3) married Lewis A. Zell
  47. Elizabeth Ann 'Eliza'5 Chenoweth (Thomas4, Thomas3) married Andrew Carter
  48. Sarah Ann4 Chenoweth (Richard3) married Ralph Gregory
  49. John C.5 Gregory (Sarah Ann4 Chenoweth, Richard3) married Mary S. Mcpherson.
  50. Hannah6 White (Mary5 Heaton, Joanna4 Sutton, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Samuel Vance
  51. John6 Petro, Jr. (Mary5 Sutton, David4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married (1) Keziah Frazey
  52. Family Of Anchor6 Petro (Mary5 Sutton, David4, Mary3 Chenoweth) deceased, married Joseph Armstrong Montgomery
  53. Absolom5 Sutton (David4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Jane Robb
  54. Mary Jane6 Sutton (Jonathan5, David4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Henry S. Collins
  55. Joseph5 Mason (Eleanor Nellie 'Newly'4 Chenoweth, Joseph3) married Mary Bell
  56. Absolum C.5 Jennings (Jane4 Chenoweth, Absolom3) married Julia A. ?
  57. James5 Fullerton (Hannah4 Chenoweth William3) married Nancy Mcwhorter
  58. Lorena6 Lent (Hannah5 Wilson, Susannah4 Chenoweth, Isaac3) married Henry B. Carnes
  59. Jerimiah5 Wilson (Susannah4 Chenoweth, Isaac3) married Jane Moore.
  60. William5 Gordon (Elizabeth4 Chenoweth, Isaac3) William Lurena ?
  61. Robert5 Gordon III (Elizabeth4 Chenoweth, Isaac3) married Mary Wilson
  62. Jane5 Downing (Sarah4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married William Clarke
  63. Adeline5 Downing (Sarah4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Simeon Field
  64. Rusena5 Downing (John4, Mary3 Chenoweth) married (1) Samuel Day
  65. George5 Morrison (Susannah4 Downing, Mary3 Chenoweth) married Nancy Hobbs
  66. Betty5 Rodgers (Sarah4 Chenoweth, John3) married Jacob Kester
  67. Rebecca5 Rodgers (Sarah4 Chenoweth, John3) married James Denny
  68. Family Of Serepeta5 Carter (Rebecca4 Chenoweth, John3) deceased married Thomas Groom
  69. Rachel5 Carter (Rebecca4 Chenoweth, John3) deceased married John Meyers
  70. Lavina5 Chenoweth (Absolom4, Arthur3) married Wesley Ditts. The only Wesley Ditts in Ohio in 1850 is in Highland Co. close to where Lavina's sister Clarinda is living. Lavinia is not listed.
  71. Ira L.5 Chenoweth (Richard4, Richard3)
  72. Ruth4 Chenoweth (Richard3) married Samuel Findley
  73. Thomas N.5 Chenoweth (Thomas C.4, Elijah3) married (1) Mary Ann Magness
  74. Sarah 'Mary'4 Chenoweth (Elijah3) married John Haines
  75. Lewis Foster5 Haines (Sarah 'Mary'4 Chenoweth, Elijah3) married ?
  76. Sarah H.5 Chenoweth (Joseph4, Elijah3) married Richard W. Hayes
  77. Cassandra C.4 Chenoweth (Elijah3) married (1) John Morgan, (2) Joseph Morgan
  78. Rebecca5 Chenoweth (Jacob4, Abraham3) married William Blizzard Borders
  79. Susan Delphia5 Peteet (Chenowith4, Richard John3) married Frederick Hanslip George * thought to be in Canada
  80. Martha5 Peteet (Chenowith4, Richard John3) married Thomas Harris

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