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This is a list of the male Chenoweths in the family of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert that we have not found (and believe we still might) in the 1860 Census. If you have any insight to where they are, or can find any of them, you help would sure be appreciated.

You can reach me, Jon Egge, by e-mail at:

  1. Marshall - married w/2 daughters s/b in Randolph Co., WV
  2. Edwin Duncun & Family may be on the way to Kansas from WV
  3. James William Chenoweth (age 13) & mother Sarah Shoemaker last seen in Pike Co. - may be in MO
  4. Andrew Fairleigh (single age 42) - never found till he shows up in California in 1870
  5. Miles hart, Jr. (single age 42) - never found till he shows up in California in 1870
  6. Halsey White (age 5) - father is listed with parents in Pike Co., IL but Abraham Birkheads family not found may be in MO
  7. family of Elias Birdine, s/b in Fulton Co., IL
  8. Elias (b: 1817) & wife last seen in Perry Co., OH in 1840
  9. John Thomas s/o Nicholas Ruxton never found after 1820
  10. James Frances (& family) s/o Thomas last seen in Botetourt Co., VA in 1820, believed to be in Greenup Co., KY in 1820
  11. Thomas John (age 26) will marry in KY in 1867 (Mason Co.) father is living there (single)
  12. Thomas age 16 s/o Alfred W. s/b in Missouri - maybe be the same a james
  13. John Henry, married, doctor & family s/b in Jefferson Co., KY
  14. Morton L., recently married in Clark Co., IL
  15. Havilah A. & family should be in Indiana (Illinois?) - remarried in Johnson Co., IN in 1859
  16. William Newton Chenoweth (single) s/b in Indiana will marry there in 1865
  17. William Douglas, single will married in Arkansas in 1861
  18. Osmund last seen in California in 1850 is in Arkansas in 1870
  19. John A. 'Gus' - never seen until 1870 in Arizona
  20. family of Washingtom Chenoweth, last seen Hartford Co., MD - 1850, widow is there in 1880
  21. JOhn M. s/o William Bond, never seen until 1900 s/ in Cincinnati
  22. Francis Asbury (single) will enlist in Civil War.
  23. family of Edwin Milton s/b in Randolph Co., IN
  24. Charles E. s/o Richard Belt age 18 should be in Baltimore Co. died in obit in 1869?
  25. Ferdinand single, 15 will marry in 1874 in Baltimore
  26. Benjamin Thomas & Family s/b in Baltimore Co.
  27. John s/o Arthur age 30 last seen in 1850
  28. John m: Catherine Rizer & family last seen IA, will be in CA in 1870
  29. Richard m: Jane Hough & family s/b in Illinois, will go to TN
  30. Hamilton J. D & family s/b Massachuseets? seen 1850 and again in 1880
  31. children of Oliver Buckman last seen 1850 s/b in Baltimore Co.
  32. William (age 39), widowed in 1856, with daughter Laura s/o in Baltimore Co.
  33. Richard Turner not listed with family of Horace at age 9 maybe an ommission
  34. William s/o George, age 12, will marry in Baltimore in 1869
  35. Joseph s/o Joshua (per Rosella, dies 1889?) is this the Joseph who married and Eliza and is misplace? - never seen in a census
  36. John s/o Thomas b: 1814 last seen 1850 in Clarke Co. dies 1869? Franklin Co.?
  37. Jacob m: Mary A. Pritchard & family in Greene Co in 1850 and Warren in 1870
  38. John m: Elizabeth Lincoln & family s/b Warren Co.
  39. Absolom, Jr., age 37, single, s/b Warren Co., OH
  40. John age 71, widowed s/o Warren Co., Oh dies 1862
  41. John, age 21, Ison's son may be John who married Chrintina Hall
  42. John, s/o James Walton by 1st wife, age 6, not with father?
  43. Isaac Jackson age 26, single will marry in Iowa in 1865
  44. Benjamin m: Rosannah Ludlow do not have Census for Wisconsin s/b Gren Co
  45. James Foster & family s/b Texas
  46. Absolum Loraine, married June 1860 s/b Ross Co.
  47. Isaac N., age 34, will marry in 1862 in Henry Co., IN, went to gold fields in 1850
  48. Edward, s/o George, single?, will be in Texas in 1870, brother is in MO
  49. Arthur, s/o Hiram 26 single will marry in 1864 in Tippevcanoe Co., IN
  50. John, s/o Hiram last seen in 1850 in Benton Co., IL may be the John Wesley in Piatt Co., IL
  51. David McElwain, age 22 will marri in 1862 in Morgan Co., IL
  52. Hiram L., age 33, last seen in Missori in 1850 - never seen again, maybe dead?
  53. Samuel, age 25, last seen in Missori in 1850 will fight in Civil War
  54. Richard Addison, age 1, not in 1860 Census, either birth is off 1 year or he was skipped
  55. Thomas D., single age 28, will marry in Warren Co., IN in 1864
  56. Wilbur Fisk, Rossiter Rowley 'Ross' - parents dead, age 17 & 7 not found.
  57. Somerville 'Samuel' by 1st wife of Francis, never found until 1870 in New Mexico
  58. William Preston not in Census with parents may have died young
  59. Thomas age 47, last seen 1840, never found in Census
  60. John F. age 38, will died in Civil War, should be in Madison Co., OH
  61. John W. age 14, not with father (IL), mother died Ohio, will show up in Illinois
  62. John W., family of Samuel B. not found in Darke Co.
  63. family of Abraham C. not found s/b Pike Co., OH - Harris says he is there

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