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A DNA Breakthrough, persistence pays off

In 2001 Pete Chenoweth, Bill Chinworth and I met in Utah with Relative Genetics to see if the new techniques of DNA would serve us in understanding the genealogy of the Chenoweth family. Since that time we have had a DNA presentation at every reunion, and over the 10 year span since, obtained nearly 30 samples from various branches of the family and other lines. It became apparent to me at that first meeting, for DNA to be a real tool for the family genealogy it would require a large number of samples. Whereas most DNA genealogy usages help sort out strains within a given surname, sorting out various immigrations and groups, since the Chenoweth name in America is basically attributable to one known family (90%+), the Chenoweth name would yield fairly uniform results and it would only be by the mutations that randomly occurred in the 300 years since John Chenoweth that we could possibly gain real knowledge. The undertaking quickly becomes large as enough samples have to be obtained to establish a proper base line to sort out these 1 or sometime 2 mutation samples in order to understand what they mean.

We did have an initial success, in that we were able to isolate the DNA pattern for John Chenoweth the progenitor. This was done when some of our initial samples matched exactly even though we knew they were from different sons of John Chenoweth. A second insight was that Pete�s own sample turned out to be only one mutation off from that of John Chenoweth. That nearly half the samples we have are also off one mutation, albeit different mutations, shows how close Pete�s own line is to that of John. Surprisingly two of the samples we obtained from what we dub �unknown lines� matched 100% with John�s DNA, telling us in all likelihood these lines were, as we suspected with all the unknown lines, indeed part of the descendant family of John Chenoweth. Unfortunately, this [DIRECTORS] DNA result does not tell us how; it only ensures that it is near certain. That is part of the beauty of the genealogy work we have been able to do on the family. The structure has been firmly established. We have a broad, well documented framework we now can use for the family. The DNA project is an attempt to assign values to the known knowledge base.

This December, we obtained a sample from the unknown line of John P. Chenowith, �the marrying man�. It yielded a single mutation that matched a known line we had for Nicholas Ruxton Chenoweth. John certainly was not part of the family of Nicholas. Our present knowledge tells us that John P. was a son of a Thomas Chenoweth who married Rachel Ann Swane on February 18, 1822 in Ross Co., OH. I have often speculated that this Thomas may well be a son of James Francis Chenoweth, a brother to Nicholas Ruxton. The list of children we have from Cora Hiatt lists a son Thomas among the 6 children of James Francis. Documents have confirmed 4 of those children, and tell us that a 5th was alive in the late 1830s. When we were notified of this result, I immediately sought some confirmation by asking a 2nd cousin for a sample in my own line which goes back to James Francis. I don�t know why it took me 10 years to think of this. I had asked my uncle repeatedly without success to help us in providing a sample of the line of Henry S., one of the sons of James Francis. Sadly Harry has since passed away, and limited the line of Henry S. to Albert�s son, Albert William. Voila! The sample I now sought and obtained had that same mutation.

This tells is two things. The mutation occurred with the father of Nicholas Ruxton and James Francis, that being Thomas, the son of the oldest son John. All descendants of this Thomas should carry this mutation. This is the first time we have had enough data to isolate a mutation to where it occurred, in this instance in the 3rd generation. It tells us that John P. was part of this family and our records tell us that Thomas who married Rachel Ann Swane was then indeed the brother to Henry S. and John W. and part of the family of James Francis and his first wife Rebecca Safley. It also tells us one more thing. The Thomas Chenoweth who married Ann Quick in Louisiana, whose DNA matches 100% with that of John, the progenitor, cannot then be the son of the Thomas who married Rachel Ruxton Moore and fathered Nicholas Ruxton, James Francis and John Thomas. More likely this leaves Thomas the son of John(3), himself a son of Thomas(2), as the only candidate we know who could be this Thomas in Louisiana. Unfortunately in this case we do not have a mutation to seize upon and it remains a guess without proof.

The thrust of all this, besides being our largest success in the DNA sampling we have acquired to date, we know now who John P. was and can fold his many descendants from his several children into their rightful place in the tree. This is a validation of the work and theories we have put forth and a celebration of adding to the family knowledge. Now it would be great to have a DNA sample from John P.�s child with Ruth Mickle to help confirm our theory on John�s many marriages.

JOHN P.6 CHENOWITH (THOMAS5, JAMES FRANCIS4, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 11, 1822 in Ross Co., OH, and died August 02, 1913 in Virginia. He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH HOWARD September 26, 1845 in Hardin Co., KY. She was born Bet. 1810 - 1827. He married (2) LUCY J LUMSDEN February 20, 1848 in Sumner Co., TN. She was born Abt. 1826 in Virginia. He married (3) HENRIETTA CHENOWETH November 20, 1850 in Knox Co., TN, daughter of RICHARD CHENOWITH and ELLEN HAMMER. She was born April 19, 1822 in Knox Co., TN, and died Unknown. He married (4) MARTHA J. ARMSTRONG April 10, 1852 in Butts, GA. She was born Aft. 1820. He married (5) RUTH MICKLE June 11, 1859 in Braxton Co., WV, daughter of REUBEN MICKLE and MARY MARTIN. She was born Abt. 1830 in Greene Co., PA, and died in Adams Co., IN. He married (6) HARRIET LEONARD January 23, 1867 in Miami Co., IN. She was born Aft. 1820. He married (7) RACHEL (DISBROW) ? November 25, 1869 in Neosho, KS. She was born Aft. 1820. He married (8) MARGARET WILLIAMSON Bef. 1873. She was born Bef. 1853. He married (9) MARY FRANCIS WILKERSON July 28, 1879 in Muhlenberg Co., KY. She was born Abt. 1847 in Kentucky. He married (10) SARAH ELIZABETH MOORE November 16, 1882 in West Virginia. She was born November 25, 1846 in Barbour Co., WV, and died Aft. 1920.


  • RUFUS M.7 CHENOWITH, b. February 23, 1853, Knox Co., TN; d. May 16, 1932, Hillsborough Co., FL; m. (1) MARY J. MCFADDEN, August 22, 1873, Blount Co., TN; b. December 29, 1854, Tennessee; d. January 05, 1908, Tennessee; m. (2) PEAMA A 'PEARLIE F' QUEENER, June 15, 1908, Campbell Co., TN; b. 1892, Tennessee.

    Children of JOHN CHENOWITH and RUTH MICKLE are:

  • THOMAS N.7 CHENOWITH, b. February 16, 1859, Monongalia Co., VA (now WV); d. April 26, 1878, Adams Co., IN.
  • REUBEN CHENOWITH, b. Abt. 1861, Indiana.
  • JOHN P. CHENOWITH, JR., b. November 18, 1863, Indiana; d. Adams Co., IN; m. (1) MARIA C. 'MARY' CLOSS; b. Bet. 1858 - 1964; m. (2) MARY C. SMITH, August 15, 1892, Adams Co., IN; b. August 1866, Adams Co., IN; d. 1956, Adams Co., IN.
  • RACHEL ANNA CHENOWITH, b. Abt. 1866, Indiana; m. ROBERT A. PERKINS, February 07, 1889, Adams Co., IN; b. Bet. 1851 - 1871.


  • JAMES GARRISON7 CHENOWITH, b. July 20, 1873, Pope Co., AR; d. May 25, 1958, Pope Co., AR; m. (1) MARY ELIZABETH 'LIZZIE' JUDKINS, September 20, 1892, Pope Co., AR; b. November 1875, Evansville, Vanderburg Co., IN; d. March 29, 1934, Pope Co., AR; m. (2) SALLIE DAVIS, October 09, 1936, Pope Co., AR; b. April 19, 1888; d. October 01, 1962, Arkansas.


  • SARAH MARGARET7 CHENOWITH, b. September 27, 1883, Indiana; m. H.W. CASH.

    I am somewhat flummoxed by the reluctance of Chenoweth males to submit a sample. If this process fell to the gentle gender, we would have legions of volunteers. Males are squeamish without cause. Finding volunteers for samples has been a long hard process, much more daunting than I originally anticipated. Most of our successes have occurred during reunions where attendees go through a presentation and are asked on the spot to help. But the reunions are not that well attended to provide the broad spectrum we need to understand the mutations we encounter. Not only could we use samples from the remaining unknowns and the recently �assumed placements� we have made, but we could use more samples across the 4th generation of the tree. Yes it is a large undertaking, but it only lacks the cooperation of those Chenoweth males that could easily contribute. There are two hurdles, cost and muddy thinking. In this case, I volunteered to pay the cost. I easily spend far more than this in pursuit of this hobby on a continuing basis. In my view it is far easier to find the money than it is to find willing volunteers and the future of this project needs a bit more peer pressure



    Time at the Top

    [PETE]Peter Clinton Chenoweth, Chairman


    The top photo is a 4 generation picture taken on my first birthday (1949). Top left to right (paternal grandmother) Mildred Frances (Frederick) Chenoweth, (father and mother) Harold Richard and Dorothy (Elliott) Chenoweth, (maternal grandfather) Willard Mount Elliott. Seated left to right (maternal great aunt) Olive P. (Mount) Kahle and (maternal great grandmother) Genevieve (Mount) Elliott Stevens with Peter Clinton Chenoweth on her lap.


    The left picture was taken 28 Jul 1929 and is my maternal great-great grandmother, Sarah W. (Stiles) Elliott, on the occasion of her 89th birthday.

    By Jon Egge, WA
    (26rd Installment of a series � 17th installment on grandchildren.)
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    Mary�s Suttons with help from Mary Lou Hermiller

    What a find Mary Chenoweth Sutton has been. This 3rd generation line omitted in the Hiatt and Harris has grown and grown rivaling the family of Mary Chenoweth Ashbrook in size. Pete and I had found this April 23, 1760 marriage in Frederick Co., VA early in our partner work, but it took us until 2003 to place Mary in the tree. This placement was largely with thanks to Greg Wulker who remembered a mention of the name Sutton in William�s estate records. This detail makes it clear that the Mary who married Abraham Sutton was William�s daughter. The confusion of this started with Cora�s book that indicated that the three females mentioned in William�s will were granddaughters. Mary�s family is detailed in a bible record first sent to me by Carol Sutton Kunz of Michigan who contacted me in 1997. There is some very solid genealogy work available on the Suttons, and in the 6 years between our introduction to Mary and her eventual correct placement, we gathered cousin contacts and data which we would eventually use once we had determined who Mary had been. All this resulted in a substantial tree incorporated in to the database in 2003. Shortly thereafter Pete found a large file on the Petro family based on the database of Leland Dale 'Butch' Strahl and posted by Peggy Redinbo. Later Pete found a Fox branch that settled in Warren Co., OH, a discovery highlighted in the December 2005 newsletter. So I was quite surprised at the 2008 Ft Wayne reunion when MaryLou Hermiller handed me a 120 page study on the family of Abraham that she was working on. This wonderful study nearly doubled the size of what we knew and helped answer some vagueness on the early family.

    I found MaryLou in 1997. She descends from the marriage of a Sarah Chenoweth to Moses Sutton, Jr.. Moses was a nephew to Abraham. He married Sarah on January 27, 1814 in Licking Co., OH. Harris has this marriage on page 465, but it is misplaced. This error was discovered by Joyce Wiegand when she went through the estate papers of Richard Chenoweth of Tippecanoe Co., IN. His daughter Sarah died before Richard�s death and is not mentioned in his estate. Moreover Licking Co., OH does fit well at all with Richard�s family. There is no Chenoweths this early in Licking Co. Sarah was born in Maryland.

    Abraham Sutton was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. He was born March 22, 1739 in Somerset Co., NJ to David Sutton and Sarah Trembly. In 1760 Abraham was a neighbor of Thomas Chenoweth on Back Creek in Frederick Co., VA. As we now know he married Mary Chenoweth, a niece of Thomas. Most likely he met Mary through Thomas. Like Thomas, Abraham and Mary would move west and north to Maryland, going to Ft Cumberland and then later settling in Washington Co., PA. The Suttons were a strong Baptist family with several of the family being ministers. There are these curious records found in church records of the Ten Mile Baptist Church near Lone Pine: dated Sept. 6, 1775 - "Proceeded to business and first an accusation brought against our ministering brother James Sutton (James was the pastor of the church) by Mary, wife of Abraham Sutton. Upon her oath, she chargeth him with indecent behavior toward her. Postponed to our next meeting of business". Entry dated Sat. Oct. 13, 1775. - "Consulted upon the scandalous report brought against brother James Sutton by Mary, the wife of Abraham Sutton, and found no cause of accusation" Abraham is buried in the Lone Pine cemetery, Washington Co., PA. We presently know of three marriages for the five children of Abraham and Mary, all likely happened in Washington Co., PA. These families would move west to Ohio and Indiana. At least part of the family settled in Warren Co., OH concurrently with the beginnings of the movement of the family of Mary�s deceased brother Joseph.

    MARY3 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born March 22, 1744 in Frederick Co., VA, and died Aft. February 1797 in Lone Pine, Washington Co., PA. She married ABRAHAM SUTTON April 23, 1760 in Frederick Co., VA, son of DAVID SUTTON and SARAH TREMBLY. He was born March 22, 1739 in Somerset Co., NJ, and died Aft. May 03, 1791 in Washington Co., PA.

    Children of MARY CHENOWETH and ABRAHAM SUTTON are:

    1. JOANNA4 SUTTON, b. May 23, 1761, Ft. Cumberland, now Allegeny Co., MD; d. April 01, 1837, Indiana; m. EBENEZER HEATON, 1778, Washington Co., PA; b. June 18, 1750, Morris Co., NJ; d. January 12, 1837, Fayette Co., IN.
    2. ANN SUTTON, b. February 18, 1763, Ft. Cumberland, now Allegeny Co., MD.
    3. MARY SUTTON, b. August 30, 1764, Ft. Cumberland, now Allegeny Co., MD.
    4. DAVID SUTTON, b. March 15, 1766, Ft. Cumberland, now Allegeny Co., MD; d. August 15, 1845, Jennings twp., Fayette Co., IN; m. ANCHOR FOX, February 17, 1788, Washington Co., PA; b. August 24, 1772, Amwell, Washington Co., PA; d. August 11, 1855, Fayette Co., IN.
    5. SARAH SUTTON, b. September 12, 1767, Ft. Cumberland, now Allegeny Co., MD; d. June 07, 1850, Warren Co., OH; m. DAVID FOX, February 15, 1787; b. July 04, 1764, Louden Co., VA; d. January 23, 1847, South Lebanon, Warren Co., OH.

    Joanna Sutton married Ebenezer Heaton, a veteran of the Revolutionary War. By 1800 they are found in the tax roll of Warren Co., OH. Before 1820 they were in Indiana, settling in Fayette Co. We know of 11 children all of whom married. Abraham Heaton, the eldest, married Catherine McCray, d/o Samuel McCray, a Scottish immigrant, and Rebecca Douglass, in Warren Co. on March 25, 1802. They would have 11 children, the last four born in Indiana. Abraham died in Elkhart Co., IN. Daniel Heaton married Mary Furgason, d/o Samuel Furgason and Elizabeth Blue, on June 12, 1806 in Preble Co., OH. They would have 13 children, the last six born in Indiana. Daniel died in Howard Co., IN. Mary Heaton married Joseph White, s/o Amos White and Mary Wells. All five children were born in Ohio, but by 1820 the family was in Fayette Co., IN where they lived until Mary and Joseph�s deaths in 1858. Ebenezer, Jr. married Mary Ann Ross on January 06, 1812 in Warren Co., OH. Five of their seven children were born in Fayette Co., IN. Mary Ann died here in 1828. Nancy Heaton married her 1st cousin once removed James Sutton, Jr. on June 21, 1812 in Warren Co., OH. They had 4 children before James died. Nancy remarried to Samuel Vance on October 27, 1822 in Fayette Co., IN. David Fox Heaton married Celia B. Coggswell on April 13, 1818 in Preble Co., OH. He remarried later to Mira Shannon and had one son. David, a lawyer, took his family eastward to Scioto Co., OH on the Ohio River and is found there in the 1850 to 1870 Censuses in Portsmouth. Eli married Mary Gottingham and had 4 children all born in Indiana. Asa married Mary M. Cory, probably in Indiana, They had 5 children and lived in Henry Co., IN. John is said to have married a Rachel, but nothing more has been found. Hannah married Robert Woods on January 03, 1828 in Fayette Co., IN. They had 6 children and died in Henry Co., IN. Joseph married Edith Peppers on August 16, 1827 in Fayette Co., IN. They had 8 children. In all Joanna and Ebenzer�s had 66 grandchildren by 10 of their children. By 1850 Joanna�s families numbered 36, all but three were in Indiana (2 being in Ohio and 1 in Illinois). By 1870 this had grown to 80 families in 7 states, though three quarters of these were still to be found in Indiana.

    David Sutton married Anchor Fox, d/o Absolom Fox and Christian Bonham. Anchor�s brother David would marry Sarah, the sister of David Sutton. Three of their eleven children were born in Washington Co., PA., the last 7 in Warren Co., OH. Mary Sutton, the oldest daughter, married John Petro, s/o Leonard Petro and Mary See, on July 24, 1812 in Warren Co., OH. John�s brother Michael See Petro had married Mary�s sister Ivah the year before on July 04, 1811 in Warren Co., OH. Mary and John had 10 children all born in Warren Co., OH., before the family moved to Indiana. Ivah and Michael had 14 children, the last 11 born in Fayette Co., IN where both Ivah and Michael died. Absolom married Jane Robb on December 30, 1813 in Warren Co., OH. His one known son Andrew would go to Missouri. Though Absolom is said to have died on February 20, 1873 in Fayette Co., IN, he has not been found in a modern Census. Jane is believed to have died before 1850. There were a number of children listed in the 1840 Census in Fayette Co., IN. Other than Andrew, their names are not known. Rebecca married William Remington, they had one son John. She later would marry a Montgomery. By 1820 the family was in Fayette Co., IN where David would die on August 15, 1845 and Anchor on August 11, 1855. By 1850 David�s families numbered 17, all but three were in Indiana (2 being in Illinois and 1 in Missouri). By 1870 this had grown to 44 families in 6 states, though three quarters of these were still to be found in Indiana.

    Sarah Sutton married David Fox s/o Absolom Fox and Christian Bonham. David was a brother to Anchor Fox who married Sarah�s brother David Sutton. The Foxes moved to Warren Co., OH from Washington Co., PA between 1796 and 1799. They had 12 children the first 4 born in Washington Co. Unlike the Heatons and Suttons most of this family would remain in Warren Co. Some of this family was detailed in a Dec 2005 article called �Foxes in Warren Co., OH�. Of the 12 children we know of 11 married, raised their families in Warren Co, and all but 3 are known to have died there. There were a total of 71 grandchildren. Absalom Fox, the oldest, married Sarah Jane McFarland and fathered 11 children, 8 of whom married. After Sarah�s death he remarried to Elizabeth Mendenhall and lived to the age of 88. Mary, called Polly, married Joseph McKinney and had 4 children, 2 of whom died as young adults. We only know of a marriage for Absolom Milton McKinney to Helen Wicoff. Charles Fox married Rachel Morton and 4 of their 5 children were known to marry. Christianna Fox married Henry Bunnell and we have marriages for 3 of their 6 children. Sarah married Isaac Stelle. By the mid 1820s they moved to Fayette Co., IN, a place where other branches of Mary�s Suttons also settled. All 4 children would marry, 2 to cousins of this Sutton family. Ann Fox married Eden Edwards and had 2 sons before dying a young woman. Both sons would marry and end up in Peoria Co., IL. David Fox, Jr. married twice, his first wife, Mary 'Polly' Cammel and their child, John, dying on July 27, 1829 in the 3rd year of the marriage. By his second wife, Catherine J. Spencer, he had 10 more children, 8 of who married. All died in Ohio. Joanna Fox married William Piper. They had 10 children the last born in Fayette Co., IN in 1846. 9 would marry. J. William Morris Fox married Margaret Houk and had 7 children. We lose track of them after 1850 and know of only 2 marriages. Margaret, a widow in 1880 in St. Francois Co., MO with 2 of her unmarried children. Amos Fox died when he was 15. Morris Fox, the last, married Alice 'Hannah' Hawthorne and had 8 children, 4 of whom we have marriages 4.

    By 1850 Sarah�s families numbered 22, all but 15 in Warren Co., OH [9 of whom bore the Fox name], 6 in Indiana and one in Illinois. By 1870 this had grown to 43 families in 7 states, half though still in Ohio and 16 of these in Warren Co. The other States were Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri and Tennessee.

    All this comes from 3 of Mary�s 5 children. What happened to the daughters Ann and Mary has not been determined.


    With thanks and appreciation to Dot Tucker-Houk of Maryland who makes much of this list possible each newsletter. As I am in the middle of an extensive addition to the lines of John Richard Peteet there are a number of inclusions in Ruth�s line. So far we have 51 reported �Chenoweth named� deaths in the SSA listings for 2010. Five are yet unidentified.

    • Evalyne Chenoweth b: Oct 12, 1914 d: Sep 18, 2010 SSA: issued: CA res: CA
    • Jack Chenoweth b: Feb 20, 1929 d: Jan 13, 2010 SSA: issued: MO
    • Jerry Murray Chenowith b: Apr 22, 1937 d: Apr 19, 2010 SSA: 551-48-4527 issued: CA res: CA
    • Marie A. Chenoweth b: Aug 07, 1938 d: Oct 26, 2010 SSA: 496-38-5166 issued: MO res: MO
    • Rebecca D. Chenoweth b: Dec 29, 1977 d: Mar 31, 2010 SSA: 514-78-8249 issued: KS res: KS

    age 93 - VIRGINIA PEARL nee HINCHMAN CHENOWETH, daughter of JOHN HINCHMAN and AMY PRITT, was born December 10, 1917 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, and died January 01, 2011 in Beverly, Randolph Co., WV. She married November 22, 1944 in Baltimore City, MD CLEE BUS9 CHENOWETH (HOLTIE ARCHIBALD8, JACOB7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born September 17, 1916 in Chenoweth Creek, Randolph Co., WV, and died September 10, 1984 in Randolph Co., WV.

    age 87 - EDGAR ALVA9 CHENOWETH (ALVA ELMER8, JOHN DOTHERDY7, ISAAC NEWTON6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 02, 1923 in Worland, Washakie Co., WY, and died January 11, 2011 in Houston, Harris Co., TX. He married CAROL JEAN HELD September 07, 1949 in Lusk, Niobrara Co., WY, daughter of GEORGE HELD and JENNIE CARLSON. She was born October 23, 1929 in Lusk, Niobrara Co., WY, and died February 19, 2008 in Houston, Harris Co., TX.

    age 89 - SHIRLEY JOAN CHENOWETH nee PETERSON, daughter of HAROLD PETERSON and BARBARA HUNTER, was born October 02, 1921 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN, and died January 31, 2011 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. She married PETERSON July 28, 1946 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN DEAN BION9 CHENOWETH (CHARLES FLAVIUS8, CHARLES WILBUR7, LEMUEL6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1)

    age 94 - HELEN LOUISE CHENOWETH nee WATERMAN, daughter of GEORGE WATERMAN and HELEN LEONARD, was born May 29, 1916 in Massachusetts, and died January 28, 2011 in Fort Myers, Lee Co., FL. She married November 26, 1935 DAVID ARTHUR9 CHENOWETH (ARTHUR ELLSWORTH8, DAVID BLACKMAN7, GEORGE WASHINGTON6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born August 29, 1906 in THE PHILLIPINES, and died November 10, 1996 in Fort Myers, Lee Co., FL.

    age 102 - ELLEN MARCELLA9 MICHAEL nee CHENOWETH (ARTHUR ELLSWORTH8, DAVID BLACKMAN7, GEORGE WASHINGTON6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 06, 1908 in Delaware Co., OH, and died July 20, 2010 in Gainesville, Alachua Co., FL. She married (1) CAULDWELL A. DUNHAM 1931 in New Jersey. He was born November 05, 1901 in West Hoboken, Hudson Co., NJ, and died July 15, 1992 in Rutherford, Bergen Co., NJ. She married (2) STANLEY H. MICHAEL. He was born November 20, 1907 in Newark, Essex Co., NJ, and died November 1983 in Miami, Dade Co., FL.

    age 91 - BESSIE MAE9 NANCE nee DANIELS (OLIVER WARNER8, DAVID HOBART7, JERUSHA6 CHENOWETH, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 20, 1919 in Cavendish, Clearwater Co., ID, and died April 14, 2010. She married CLELL CHESTER NANCE August 1935. He was born November 1918, and died February 1997.

    age 89 - JEWELL ESTHER CHENOWETH nee THORPE, daughter of BILL THORPE and MANDY YARBOROUGH, was born August 14, 1921 in Sonoma Co., CA, and died November 26, 2010 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., CA. She married January 27, 1942 in Reno, Washoe Co., NV LESLIE CLAIRE9 CHENOWETH (HARDIN TALLMAN 'HARDY'8, CHARLES JASPER7, JOHN HENTON6, JACOB VAN METER5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 11, 1921 in Sonoma Co., CA, and died November 07, 1987 in Bodega, Sonoma Co., CA.

    age 95 - BETTY F. DAWDRY nee MARSH, daughter of T. MARSH and BERTHA ANDERSON, was born February 07, 1915 in Aurora, IL, and died November 08, 2010 in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL. She married October 01, 1938 HARRY KENNETH9 CHENOWETH, JR. (HARRY KENNETH8, JAMES WILLIAM7, WILLIAM6, ABRAHAM5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born January 16, 1914 in Morgan Co., IL, and died in the 1950s in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL. She later married WILLIAM LEE DAWDRY

    age 93 - GLADYS FERN9 DUTSCHKE nee DUNN (MARY ELIZA8 PERCEFULL, JAMES CHENOWETH7, MARIAH JANE6 CHENOWETH, ISAAC CALVERT5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 26, 1910 in LaRue Co., KY, and died February 21, 2011 in Navasota ,Grimes Co., TX. She married CHARLES O. DUTSCHKE. He was born May 11, 1904, and died March 09, 2005.

    age 96 - JAMES WILLIAM9 DUNN (MARY ELIZA8 PERCEFULL, JAMES CHENOWETH7, MARIAH JANE6 CHENOWETH, ISAAC CALVERT5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 26, 1913 in Hodgenville, LaRue Co., KY, and died November 27, 2010 in Hodgenville, LaRue Co., KY. He married FRONIA MARIE SMITH September 05, 1937, daughter of MARVIN SMITH and ADDIE NICHOLAS. � Barbara Loyall, daughter of James, has been a long time contributor to the database.

    age 91 - VERA MADLYN9 nee CHENOWETH VONTZ (JOHN JAY8, JOHN CASPER7, HEZEKIAH STITES6, CASPER5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 23, 1919 in Russell Co., KS, and died December 07, 2010 in Holdrege, Phelps Co., NE. She married (1) HAROLD PEDERSEN. She married (2) RAYMOND JOSEPH VONTZ December 29, 1950 in McCook, Red Willow Co., NE, son of CASPER VONTZ and JOSEPHINE. He was born June 17, 1915 in Nebraska, and died December 10, 2000 in California.

    age 76 - BARBARA JOANN CHENOWETH nee MAXSON, daughter of HAROLD MAXSON and LAFERNE CAMERON, was born May 16, 1934 in Bernadotte twp., Fulton Co., IL, and died February 14, 2011 in Canton, Fulton Co., IL. She married December 27, 1951 in Smithfield, Fulton Co., IL HOWARD PAUL9 CHENOWETH (OREN WILLIAM8, ELIAS MILTON7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born January 25, 1925 in near Abingdon, Knox Co., IL, and died March 10, 2002 in Canton, Fulton Co., IL.

    age 65 - CARL WAYNE9 BUNDY (MAVER8, ELSENA 'SENIA'7 DEREMIAH, ELIZABETH6 CHENOWETH, LEVI5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 21, 1945 in Hardinsburg, Washington Co., IN, and died December 07, 2010 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. He married BARBARA FREE July 30, 1966.

    age 94 - VIRGINIA L. CECIL nee FLANAGAN, daughter of C. FLANAGAN and NANNIE BEASLEY, was born October 15, 1915 in Wythe Co., VA, and died August 30, 2010 in Wytheville, Wythe Co., VA. She married WILLIAM LEE9 CECIL (WILLIAM CLYDE 'WILLIS'8, MARY E.7 BUCKINGHAM, JOSEPH BENSON6, RACHEL5 SWITZER, ELIZABETH4 CHENOWETH, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born February 13, 1908 in Pulaski Co., VA, and died December 25, 1962.

    age 76 - DONNA ROSE8 PHILLIPS nee ROBERTS (JUANITA LOIS7 CHENOWETH, JAMES HARTSOCK6, JAMES5, THOMAS4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 08, 1934 in Marion, Grant Co., IN, and died February 15, 2011 in Anderson, Madison Co., IN.

    age 86 - MAXINE FORSYTHE LYNCH was born December 12, 1923 in Virginia, and died November 04, 2010 in Florida. She married December 31, 1971 in Collier Co., FL GORDON EDWARD8 CHENOWETH (CHARLES ROSS7, JOHN RUSSELL6, JAMES ROSS5, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born May 11, 1933 in Blytheville, Mississippi Co., AR, and died August 31, 1985 in Naples, Collier Co., FL. � 2nd wife

    age 80 - ROBERT BURTON9 ASHBROOK (BURTON GUY8, CHARLES ALBERT7, HIRAM MUNSON6, HIRAM5, ELI4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 09, 1928 in Johnstown, Licking Co., OH, and died June 10, 2009 in Hamilton, Butler Co., OH. He married LINDA LEE STRATE August 14, 1955, daughter of FLOYD STRATE and RHEA FUNDERBURG.

    age 71 - HARRIET HOWE9 nee BRADBURY HALL (THEODORE AMBROSE8, ERNEST FRANK7, ALICE PINK6 ASHBROOK, ELI5, ELI4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 27, 1939, and died November 28, 2010 in Illinois. She married (1) MERLE MARION PEPPER. She married (2) LUTHER MAX HALL

    age 93 - LESTER RAYMOND8 HARSHMAN (EDNA BLANCHE7 CHENOWETH, CHARLES A.6, WILLIAM NEWTON5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 01, 1918 in near Colfax, Clinton Co., IN, and died December 24, 2010 in Austin, Travis Co., TX. He married BIRDIE KATHERINE LAUBENTHAL February 22, 1943 in Athens, Limestone Co., AL. She was born December 10, 1917 in Alabama, and died April 23, 2009 in Austin, Travis Co., TX. � William Newton was an unplaced line in the Harris book on page U636. The understanding for this line came with the recognition of Arthur�s second marriage to Jackealina Wall, also misplaced.

    age 102 - MILDRED A. 'MAE' CHINOWTH nee SCHOCK, daughter of FREDERICK SCHOCK and EMMA, was born July 15, 1907 in Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH, and died April 30, 2010 in Poland, Mahoning Co., OH. She married August 06, 1930 BRUCE EDWIN8 CHINOWTH (CHARLES W.7, WILLIAM H.6, RICHARD5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) He was born March 10, 1907 in Washington Co., TN, and died July 15, 1985 in Mahoning Co., OH. � I was able to talk to Mildred by phone in 2001


    age 80 - RALPH DEPP9 SHIPLEY (MARY KATHERINE8 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM OTIS7, ISAAC NEWTON6, ARCHIBALD S.5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born January 01, 1931 in Barren Co., KY, and died January 27, 2011 in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. He married GLORIA JONES, daughter of HERMAN JONES and OLIVE BRAY.

    age 50 - CYNTHIA LYNN CHENOWETH nee NIDEY was born September 02, 1960 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN, and died December 07, 2010 in Indiana. She married July 28, 2005 in Negril, JAMACIA WAYNE EVERETT10 CHENOWETH (DALE EUGENE9, EVERETT SIMPSON8, JOHN PORTER7, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1)

    age 92 - CARL ANDREW PETERSON was born May 31, 1918 in Hastings, Barry Co., MI, and died January 23, 2011 in Volusia Co., FL. He married October 17, 1943 in Union City, Randolph Co., IN MARTHA BELL9 CHENOWETH (CARL WILLIAM8, WILLIAM LINCOLN7, JOHN THOMAS6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1)

    age 77 - BETTY CAROL9 McCALLUM nee SUTTON (ROY ROSCOE8, CYRIL WEAVER7, LEONARD HUBBLE6, JONATHAN5, DAVID4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born April 10, 1932 in Portland. Multnomah Co., OR, and died January 07, 2010. She married DANIEL BOULTON McCALLUM, son of NORMAN McCALLUM and ZORA GOODMAN. He was born August 31, 1925 in St. Helens, Columbia Co., OR, and died March 18, 1993 in Portland. Multnomah Co., OR.

    age 61 - EDWIN DAY9 SUTTON, JR. (EDWIN DAY8, CYRIL WEAVER7, LEONARD HUBBLE6, JONATHAN5, DAVID4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born June 14, 1948 in St. Helens, Columbia Co., OR, and died October 11, 2009. He married PAULA J. KELLY, daughter of CLARENCE KELLY and MARTHA ROBERTS.

    age 9 - TYLER JAMES12 CHENOWETH (GERALD LEE 'JC'11, GERALD LEE10, MARION LEE9, RUSSELL EMERSON8, JOHN HENRY7, WILLIAM C.6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born January 18, 2001 in Beloit, Rock Co., WI, and died December 24, 2010 in Madison, Dane Co., WI.

    age 69 - DUANE EARL BENEDICT, son of WESLEY BENEDICT and CARRIE ELWOOD, was born March 28, 1941 in Osbornville, Christian Co., IL, and died January 01, 2011 in Lovington, Moultrie Co., IL. He married November 09, 1963 in Decatur, Macon Co., IL CAROL MARIE10 CHENOWETH (ROSS CLINTON9, EARL HENRY8, CLINTON ABRAHAM7, WILLIAM C.6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)

    age 89 - MARGARET V.8 CHACONAS nee COYLE (GRACE LORAINE7 CHENOWETH, CHARLES ABSOLOM6, JOHN5, ABSOLOM4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born September 15, 1921 in Newark, Licking Co., OH, and died February 14, 2011 in Newark, Licking Co., OH. She married GEORGE J. CHACONAS. He was born December 02, 1920, and died December 04, 1993.

    age 90 - MILDRED LOUISE CHENOWETH nee GILLIKIN, daughter of CHARLES GILLIKIN and TILLIE. was born June 04, 1920 in Washington DC, and died December 06, 2010 in Bernalillo Co., NM. She married December 18, 1942 KENNETH PAUL8 CHENOWETH (LOUIS CASPER7, CASPER6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) He was born January 26, 1915 in Illinois, and died August 23, 1996 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM.

    age 84 - DEAN LYLE10 FERRIES (INEZ PEARL9 BURCH, CHARLOTTE V. 'LOTTIE'8 PEASLEE, MARTHA ANN7 MALOSH, CAROLINE6 DOWNING, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born June 01, 1925 in Ontario, Vernon Co., WI, and died September 02, 2009 in Viroqua, Vernon Co., WI. � Dean was married

    age 80 - JOSEPH B.9 PEASLEE (JOSEPH BUELL8, MARTHA ANN7 MALOSH, CAROLINE6 DOWNING, JAMES5, WILLIAM4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born December 07, 1928 in Waukesha Co. WI, and died July 08, 2009. He married MARGARET

    age 81 - MARJORIE JEAN8 SHAW nee HILL (THOMAS WILLIAM7, SEREPTA VIENNA6 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR5, JOSEPH4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born May 22, 1929 in Xenia, Greene Co., OH, and died November 08, 2010 in Springfield, Clark Co., OH. She married WAYNE EDWARD SHAW

    age 69 - HAROLD ELLIS8 CHENOWETH (GEORGE ELLIS7, GEORGE EDGAR6, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, LUKE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born March 26, 1941 in Oklahoma, and died February 11, 2011 in Oklahoma. He married MARLENIA SUE 'MOLLY' TEMPLE March 11, 1960 in Oklahoma, daughter of WESLEY TEMPLE and LILLIE WHISENHUNT

    age 63 - SHIRLEY ANN CHENOWETH nee HALL was born January 03, 1947, and died December 06, 2010 in Texas. She married DWIGHT ARTHUR8 CHENOWETH (RODERICK JACKSON7, ARTHUR LOGAN6, ANDREW JACKSON5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM B.3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) � This line was one of our assumed placements this last June.

    age 88 - SUSAN8 ROTHE nee FRAHER (RUTH7 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM DICKEY6, ELIJAH5, JOHN FOSTER4, ELIJAH3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born April 24, 1920 in Ohio, and died March 24, 2009 in California.

    age 92 - DOROTHY MARIAN 'DOT'8 BEASON nee GATES (LELA MARIAN7 CHENOWETH, EDWARD BENTON6, GIDEON5, JACOB4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born August 06, 1918 in Deland, Piatt Co., IL, and died February 04, 2011 in Mattoon, Coles Co., IL. She married GEORGE PRESS BEASON January 14, 1940 in Montgomery Co., IN, son of CHARLES BEASON and EMMA MENDENHALL. He was born January 12, 1917 in Danville, Vermilion Co., IL, and died July 05, 1974 in Urbana, Champaign Co., IL.

    age 88 - JOSEPHINE MARIE CHENOWETH nee SIMONS, daughter of ROBERT SIMONS and NELLIE, was born July 01, 1922 in Richmond, Wayne Co., IN, and died December 19, 2010 in Tipp City, Miami Co., OH. She married NORMAN DALE8 CHENOWETH (JAMES ABRAHAM7, JOHN ARTHUR6, ABRAHAM JOHN5, JOHN4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) He was born November 13, 1917 in Wayne Co., IN, and died December 19, 2001.

    age 91 - ZADIE MAY9 WEST nee HOKE (OLIVER LEE8, SALENA ALMIA 'LENA'7 APPLING, WILLIAM MERCER6, CALTHA CLEMENTINE5 PETEET, JOHN RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RUTH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born July 15, 1918 in Kingsbury, Guadalupe Co., TX, and died April 21, 2010 in Jourdanton, Atascosa Co., TX. She married CHARLIE WEST.


    age 86 - EDWARD EMIL SCHIEVELBEIN, was born March 01, 1923, and died February 27, 2010 in Texas. He married MARY LOUISE9 BRIDGES (CLAUDE ELMER8, MARY ETTA7 APPLING, WILLIAM MERCER6, CALTHA CLEMENTINE5 PETEET, JOHN RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RUTH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) She was born July 27, 1924 in Guadalupe Co., TX, and died October 06, 1981 in Bexar Co., TX.

    age 62 - FAYE10 JUBELA nee SCHIEVELBEIN (MARY LOUISE9 BRIDGES, CLAUDE ELMER8, MARY ETTA7 APPLING, WILLIAM MERCER6, CALTHA CLEMENTINE5 PETEET, JOHN RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RUTH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born October 26, 1947 in Guadalupe Co., TX, and died November 06, 2009 in Guadalupe Co., TX. She married (1) WAYNE MCCUTCHEN. She married (2) ROGER P. JUBELA August 01, 1981 in Guadalupe Co., TX.


    age 63 - HERMAN ANDERSON10 SCHMIDT, JR. (JENNIE MAY9 APPLING, CARL WONSLEY8, ROBERT CICERO 'ROE'7, WILLIAM MERCER6, CALTHA CLEMENTINE5 PETEET, JOHN RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RUTH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born January 27, 1947 in Guadalupe Co., TX, and died April 19, 2009 in Texas. He married SUSAN GAIL RANFT April 13, 1974 in Guadalupe Co., TX.

    age 90 - CLARENCE RHEA9 JENNINGS (JAMES RHEA8, ETHELINDA7 DUNLAP, NANNIE LOUISE6 APPLING, CALTHA CLEMENTINE5 PETEET, JOHN RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RUTH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born August 25, 1920 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX, and died November 13, 2010 in San Marcos, Hays Co., TX. He married CHARLENE ALTENHOFF April 29, 1948 in San Marcos, Hays Co., TX.

    age 91 - ANNIE PEARL PERTEET nee CARSON, daughter of MELVIN CARSON and INEZ ALLEN. She was born March 16, 1918 in Greene Co., GA, and died March 02, 2010 in Rabun, Co., GA. She married ALVA J.8 PERTEET (MERCER M.7, JOHN J.6, JOHN RICHARD5 PETEET, JR., JOHN RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RUTH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born July 04, 1914 in Georgia, and died March 09, 1985 in Dekalb Co., GA. � Perteet is a variant spelling of Peteet


    age 92 - RICHARD JOHN5 CHENOWETH (HARRY WEITZEL4, JOHN BERRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 08, 1918 in Nutley, Essex Co., NJ, and died February 25, 2011 in Tennessee. He married ELIZABETH MAY 'MOLLY' DYER. She was born April 14, 1922 in Belfast, IRELAND, and died June 10, 2003 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN.

    A Window To The Past

    The Day I met Charles Lindbergh (by Henry Breckinridge Chenoweth)

    We had just sat down to dinner in our home in Glendale, California on an evening in November of 1927 when the telephone rang. My father, a retired army officer, answered the call. On the other end was Colonel Henry Breckinridge, Under Secretary of War during President Woodrow Wilson�s administration and attorney and advisor to Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh had made his historic flight from New York to Paris earlier that year in his Spirit of St. Louis and had returned to the United States to receive accolades only a few now living will ever forget. I�m one of those few.

    Colonel Breckinridge and my father were the closest of friends. Both had distinguished military careers and each had enormous respect for the other. So much so that when I was born, I was given the name Henry Breckinridge Chenoweth. Colonel Breckinridge called to say he and Lindbergh were passing through Los Angeles on their way to San Diego and invited the family to spend a few days as their guests at the home of Colonel E.S. Mahoney who owned the airport in San Diego which is now Lindbergh Field. OF course, my father accepted. The next day we were off to San Diego.

    I was seven years old at the time. November of 1997 will mark the seventieth anniversary of an event so vivid in my memory it is though it happened yesterday. The drive to San Diego was uneventful but long given the absence of freeways. Our car was a 1927 Hudson sedan which my father had purchased a few months before. In those days, four door sedans were so roomy two small children, one seven and the other nine years old, had no difficulty sleeping comfortably in the back seat on long drives but sleep was out of the question on this trip.

    When we arrived in the San Diego area, Colonel Breckinridge met us at a pre-arranged location for the drive to the home of Colonel Mahoney. It was late afternoon by that time. We were shown to our rooms to freshen up before dinner and to put our things away for a two night stay. We were not to meet Charles Lindbergh until dinner time. After what seemed to be an interminable length of time, actually it was only an hour or so, we were called to dinner. My long wait was about to end. My father and mother had counseled both my sister and me to just be ourselves as though we were having dinner at home with guests at our table. We both passed muster, for Lindbergh asked if the family would like to see the Spirit of St. Louis the following morning. It had been returned to San Diego from Orly Field outside Paris some months after the transatlantic flight. I think that was my first sleepless night.

    After breakfast the next morning, my father, mother, sister and I got into our Hudson and followed Colonels Breckinridge, Mahoney and Charles Lindbergh in a separate car to the airport. The Spirit of St. Louis was parked in a small hanger by itself. Colonel Mahoney opened the hanger and there it was � the first airplane to be flow solo across the Atlantic Ocean from America to Europe. But the best was yet to come.

    At seven years of age, the full significance of what Lindbergh had accomplished was not known to me then. What was known to me then happened shortly after we entered the hanger. It was a longing to sit inside that airplane but I had been told I could not ask. Lindbergh opened the door to the Spirit of St. Louis and asked if I would like to sit in the cockpit. He placed his two hands under my arms and lifted me into the airplane. I remember sitting on a wicker chair with its legs cut off all but maybe six inches or so which served as the pilot�s seat. I remember there was no forward vision, only side windows provided a view to the outside. What I remember most is thinking that some day I too would become a pilot. And I did.

    A few days after we returned home, there appeared an article in the Glendale News Press, our local newspaper, describing our visit to San Diego and our meeting with Lindbergh. It was the first and only time I saw Charles Lindbergh in person. This event had such a profound effect on my life I cannot help but wonder why parents don�t go out of their way to create experiences the like of which have a positive and lasting effect on their children. They all don�t have to be Lindberghs. Any local person held in high regard and is a person of accomplishment and is well respected can serve as a role model. There are such people who would welcome the honor and would be willing to give of their time if parents would only make the effort. Then there are museums, libraries, churches, parks for family picnics, sporting events and a host of other activities and events, many at no cost, waiting to cater to America�s youth. But who will take them if parents don�t? That�s right. No one. It�s time some parents realize children make wrong turns and lose their way in life for no reason other than a lack of sign posts from home. - H.B. Chenoweth (April 1997)

    Contributors: Lynne Robinson, the line of James Bruce
    (27th Installment of a series)
    by Jon Egge

    In April of 1998, Lynne Robinson contacted me about the line of James Bruce Chenoweth of Bureau Co., IL. Lynne proceeded to detail for me the line of Rebecca Bruce Chenoweth, one of the daughters of James. The Harris book did not have her marriage to Oran S. Thompson. Lynne was able to give me a good deal of information on these Illinois families. I wish I had the knowledge I now possess to explore the early family of James and Rebecca Bruce with her. At some point her email had gone bad and the sadly I found her name in the SSA rolls. Looking back for some material I found a story she had related to me 1999. I thought it a worthy piece for the newsletter

    Lynn: �Several months ago I was asked by my long time friend [we graduated together in 1950!] if I would do a little genealogy for her mother, Mary, who is a young 95. One of Mary's grandchildren had given her a "Grandma Remembers" book and although Grandma has a fantastic memory...she never knew her two sets of grandparents and she did want to complete the family tree in the book. Not a hard task as the family was in Indiana from about 1850 on. Through census records I did determine both maternal and paternal grandparents. She was quite pleased and I went on to other projects.

    Checking out the Chenoweth page this weekend, I noted a link I had not pursued previously...Indiana and the 1860 census. I recalled seeing a lot of Chenoweth's when I was going page by page through the 1870 looking for Mary's Lockes and Kelleys.. I decided to see just who the Chenoweth's were in Randolph County, IN. Scrolling down the first township noting various Chenoweth names, I was surprised to see "Kelly" highlighted. "No!"...I thought...then I clicked and went to the Chenoweth tree...there was Mary's grandfather...John W. Kelley...whose mother was Caroline CHENOWETH!!!

    It couldn't be!! I grabbed the Harris book...there he was again...John W. Kelley...son of James and Caroline Chenoweth Kelley...right age. Still then I looked at my photo copy of Cora's book...my gosh...Mary Locke, daughter of Font Locke and grand-daughter of James W. Kelley whose mother was Caroline Chenoweth...was in Cora's book!!! All of my spinning the film reels at the Family History Center...and Mary's maternal line was sitting on my book shelf!!

    And...my life long friend...we each got married in the same year, had our first babies 10 days apart...we find now we are cousins...7th...but still COUSINS! Isn't family history a hoot?�

    Lynne�s line is from Ella May Thompson who married Harlan Collins Stimson. I am sure she is happily with her ancestors and smiling at finding all the answers to the mysteries we are still pondering down here.

    REBECCA BRUCE6 CHENOWETH (JAMES BRUCE5, JAMES4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 10, 1836 in Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL, and died April 21, 1916 in Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL. She married ORAN S. THOMPSON November 25, 1855 in Arispie, Bureau Co., IL, son of JOHN THOMPSON. He was born October 21, 1832 in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY, and died October 17, 1877 in Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL.


    1. FRANCIS ELLIOT 'FRANK'7 THOMPSON, b. October 03, 1856, Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL; d. January 15, 1934, Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL; m. LAURA FRANCIS BROWN, March 15, 1882, Tonica, La Salle Co., IL; b. March 04, 1861, Indiana; d. 1936.
    2. ELLA MAY 'NELLIE' THOMPSON, b. November 17, 1858, Platsmouth, Cass Co., NE; d. June 03, 1941, Woodriver, Hall Co., NE; m. HARLAN COLLINS STIMSON, October 31, 1878, Penn, Stark Co., IL; b. June 14, 1853, Franklin, NY; d. February 17, 1902, McPherson Co., NE.
    3. MARY BETHESDA 'MATE' THOMPSON, b. September 02, 1863, Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL; m. RICHARD RANSOME McFEELEY, July 19, 1888, Tiskilwa, Bureau Co., IL; b. September 1865, Illinois.


    (The following e-mail was received from a member of the family with regards to the reunion. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated. - editor)

    A bit of Christmas history. During the holidays I received a seasonal letter from Dick and Beverly Buchanan. Contained within it was a reference to the First Nowell. I questioned her about its spelling and this was the reply - editor

    The traditional Christmas carol The First Nowell is English and therefore uses the English spelling. A French Noel uses the French spelling of Noel, but since The First Nowell is English traditional, it follows the English spelling. I did research on this over 10 years ago and have stuck with the English traditional (that I always used anyway). The French spelling just doesn�t look right although it is sometimes used. However, if a carol is French in origin, I use the French favored spelling and also with all of the organ Noels that have been written. The music for The First Nowell dates back to perhaps the 16-17th centuries, and the occurrence of the music with the words is attributed to the 18th century. You might find the following interesting:

    The word �Nowell� is indeed an Anglicized version of the French word for Christmas, �Noel�. However, all historical evidence indicates that the song emerged from the remote Cornwall region of southwest England in the mid 16th century. Whether the name was changed by a Francophile publisher or just a lazy typesetter seeking a shorter word is unclear, but sometime between 1870 and the early 20th century, the switch was made.

    21 Dec 2010
    Beverly Buchanan


    Please change my email address as I don�t want to miss a single newsletter. Thanks for all your hard work.

    7 Jan 2011
    Arlene Glenn

    We appreciate the compliment and will change your email address. Thanks for keeping the link. � Jon Egge


    I just want to say you guys are amazing and I truly appreciate what you have been doing for so long, keeping us informed about our family. I love being able to tell my friends we have a website you all have put together that shows the family tree so far back. I hope to someday have the time to make it to one of the family reunions.

    12 Dec 2010
    David Chenowith

    Thanks for the kind words. � Jon Egge


    In reading the discussion about whether there may be commonalities among a group such as the Chenoweths and related families, I was reminded of my similar thoughts when I learned that Kristin Chenoweth and Judith Ivey, a first cousin of mine, are both Tony Award winning actresses. They are 5th cousins through the Ashbrook-Chenoweth connections.

    17 Dec 2010
    Jerry L. Ivey

    I did not know this about your cousin Ivey. I will add her to my list of noteworthy Chenoweths. Thank you for the information. There is no doubt that the Ashbrooks are a talented part of the family and there are quite a few great entertainers in this large Chenoweth family. � Jon Egge


    If your stepping away, let me tell you that you have done a huge job over the years. . . and you have engaged my interest in the family name. Sad to say that my 89 years have been too busy, too swift for much more than using my career to support my interesting and productive family . . . recall, I am a true hill billy from West Virginia, which prompts a second reason � can you pass this on to Richard (Ric) Chenoweth, also WVA . . . would like to talk with him . . .he sounds like my kind of politics.

    16 Dec 2010
    Doral Chenowth

    This is Richard Rollin Chenoweth of Isanti, MI. I have copied him. He is from Robert�s brother John to Elijah to Lafayette who took his family to Minnesota in the 1880�s from Beverly. Ric is 10th generation, you 9th. As �Revolutionary John� is the common ancestor, that is 4th cousins once removed. [You and I are 6th cousins.}

    I hope to ease away from this slowly, but really need to get the database in someone�s else�s capable hands. We may just have to wait until we have a method of multiple users to a single database, I hope not, I am just slowing down too much to even hope to keep up with it all, whereas a few years ago I was on top of it all. Sad. It will not be a bad thing to get some new blood into this effort. New eyes. � Jon Egge


    Thanks again for all the work you do with the family research! I have some updates to my side, some pretty sad.

    My Cousin Charles Roger Sanders b: 12 Jan 1956 Arizona d: 01 Oct 2005 San Diego, San Diego, CA He had a heart attack on his way to a Padre's baseball game.

    His daughter Sarah Christine Sanders md Waylon Schaffner 23 Oct 2007 Santee, San Diego, CA

    Charles father Roger David Sanders b: 22 Dec 1928 Grand Rapids, Michigan d: 21 Nov 2009 San Diego, San Diego, CA of Alzheimer's. Son of Ralph Maynard Sanders and Ruth Elenor Campbell married my dad's sister Gussie May Chenowth 15 Jul 1950 Coronado Baptist Church Tucson, Arizona His ashes were spread at sea.

    Also this line Stephen Roger Sanders wife La Vonne's last name is Schooner Tappendorf

    My dad Terrance Hale Chenowth b: 18 Feb 1932 Lordsburg, New Mexico d: 24 Aug 2006 San Diego, San Diego, CA Buried at Greenwood Memorial, San Diego and La Cienega Ranch, Rodeo, MN (He was cremated and we separated his ashes.)

    His youngest sister Margaret Ann Chenowth Adams Watts Hawley b: 06 Apr 1944 Arizona d: 26 Jun 2008 San Diego, San Diego, CA She was cremated and her ashes are at my house. To be buried later at Greenwood when, god forbid, her husband Stephen Alan Hawley.

    His sister Mary Agnes Chenowth Glenn b: 22 Apr 1940 d: 07 Dec 2009 El Cajon, San Diego, CA Buried at Greenwood Memorial Park. She died of complications of dementia.

    We lost our daughter Cassandra Cathleen Chenowth Chase b: 9 Mar 1989 Chula Vista, San Diego, CA d: 19 Jun 2010 Santee, San Diego, CA. She died of an accidental drug overdose.

    If I can help with the research or input on the data base please let me know.

    17 Dec 2010
    Candace Chenowth Chase

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I am sure that must be very painful. My own daughter Amanda graduated from Reed College a heroin addict. Fortunately we were able to get her in treatment and she is now 10 years clean and engaged to marry, but I understand the tragic consequences of drug use first hand that effects so many families. Children do not always make good decision no matter what you do. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Thank you for the update. You were the instrument to start us down this path. � Jon Egge


    Thank you so much for the recent addition of the Chenoweth family newsletter, as well as your Holiday wishes. My family in return wishes you and yours . . . and all Chenoweths a blessed Christmas.

    16 Dec 2010
    Billene (Statler) Nicol


    To Webmaster John Egge and Editor Peter Chenoweth ------ thank you again for the remarkable research and record-keeping.

    Thanks for sharing this information. The December, 2010 Newsletter is excellent. We were naturally very interested in your remarks about Cora's book and the information from Jennifer Lane of Arkansas. about Phoebe, the daughter of Mary Chenoweth and the Rev. Levi Ashbrook.

    My husband's line is one of the Daughter Lines tracked in Cora's fine book. ------ Mark McKinney b 1931 IN, Giles McKinney b 1898 IN, Harvey J.McKinney 1870-1960, Asa McKinney 1837-1917 and Lydia Ann Thurman 1838-1889, Mary Chenoweth (1800-1870) and Elijah Thurman; Absolom Chenoweth (1769-1842) and Lydia Ann Ross, Absolom Chenoweth (1745-1773) and Ruth Morgan, John Chenoweth Jr (1706-1771) and Mary M. Smith, John Chenoweth 1682-1746 and Mary Calvert.

    Thank you again.

    12 Dec 2010
    Mark G. & Julia McKinney, Tipton, IN

    I appreciate what you added to our database. Yes, despite the fact that the Harris book is more detailed and full of genealogical verifications especially in regards to census data, Cora�s book is remarkable for pinpointing her contributors and where they lived. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of re-reading her book and comparing it with the fuller database. I found many things I would not otherwise have known. Cora was a giant. I hope someday someone will forgive me in my mistakes as I forgive Cora, and thank her so much for what she preserved which is the essence of Genealogy � preserve the information � Jon Egge


    The newsletter is amazing and I commend you on it along with all who are part of your family organization. I should have provided you with an updated bio but alas it is all fine. Thanks for sharing. All the best,

    17 Dec 2010
    Claire V. Brisson-Banks

    And we thank you for allowing us to reprint your article on DNA � editor


    The following individuals were reported to the web site as new arrivals to the Chenoweth Clan during 2010. Individuals are listed by birth month and their 2nd generation lineage is in parenthesis.

    • January: (THOMAS) Greta Madeline Lee Gary, Bennett Cornish
    • April: (JOHN) twins: Addison Rae & Kyle William Chenoweth, Anna Bell Chenoweth, Rowen James Chenoweth
    • June: (JOHN) Paisley Rose Chenoweth, Jacob Clee Chenoweth, (unk: Sarah Sutton) Kayla Addison Busick
    • July: (JOHN) Avery Lynn Collins
    • September: (JOHN) Callie Ann Sinclair
    • October: (THOMAS) Dana Marisa Chenoweth y Aguirre
    • December: (JOHN) Carter Robert Parsons, Carston Kincheloe Ronal Patterson
    • no month given: (JOHN) Cameron Gahn


    [Jon] By Jon Egge
    Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
    Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

    [John] What a week!

    Quite unexpectedly during February in 2008, I was contacted by 2 cousins from previously underdeveloped lines of William S. Chenoweth who married Catherine Rinker and Ann McCool: the first, Mary West of Atlanta, is from Ellen Chenoweth who married Eli Franklin. We had struggled to extend these Franklin lines in the Census and last month I stumbled across a connection to one of Ellen�s sons, James Franklin, in a tree posted at ancestry. It had been submitted by Dewey Hill, who unfortunately died in 2006. Not knowing this I had contacted his widow in Ohio who passed the information along to Mary West, Dewey�s daughter. Mary called me and we have since established an email connection. Dewey had never made the Franklin connection back to the Chenoweths, but I am sure glad he submitted the material, as it is always a good feeling to open up a line to living descendants. Ellen and Eli were last seen in the 1860 Census of Allen Co., OH. Greg Wulker has that Eli died March 18, 1863 in Hendricks Co., IN. We don�t yet know what happened to Ellen, or Nellie as she was named in William�s will. William had a very large family, 15 known, all of whom married. Ellen was from his second marriage to Ann McCool, after his first wife, Catherine Rinker died in Virginia and is not to be confused with William�s daughter Eleanor, who married Absolom Chenoweth, one of the three cousin marriages of Warren Co. James Franklin married Rosanna Martin and is the only child of Ellen we could find with a family in our census research. Dewey�s work gave us her maiden name and the fact that their daughter, Belle Ann Franklin, married Rowland Rollo Hill, Dewey�s grandfather. Dewey included this passage in the tree about his father: Dewey Rowland Hill.

    �Dewey was born on the farm in Perry township, north central Ohio where he spent the first 18 years of his life. He came to Dayton in 1916 to live with Kenny and his mother Belle Dorney who had remarried since her husbands� death in 1904. He worked as a machinist at the B&O roundhouse and later worked for Delco Products on Second Street as a punch press operator. The depression forced him to other work and for some time he tended bar at a place on the corner on Third and Dutoit Streets. In 1937 he took a job with Leland Electric on Leo Street where he later retired from.

    He met Mary Brady and was in love immediately. However the romance did not go anywhere and Mary married William Emerick, had a baby, remet Dewey and he wooed her away. She divorced and they were married. Little D [the author of this rendition] was born in 1924. Little Wilbur was accidentally drowned in 1926. Three other boys didn�t make it. They had a hard life because of the depression �separated - and then reunited after the death of Kenneth and Belle Dorney. He became a Grandfather in 1948, retired in 1962 and lived 22 years as he wanted doing nothing if he desired��

    This is such a narrow line, I can�t thank Dewey enough for preserving it in the manner he did. I wish I could have seen it early enough to give him the information of its connection to the Chenoweths.

    If this wasn�t enough, at the end of the week, I got an email from Susan Webster who is the current mayor of Berkeley Springs, WV. Susan descends from Mary Chenoweth who married Abraham Cresswell. Mary, one of the older children of William and Catherine Rinker, was the only one of his line to remain in the panhandle of West Virginia (of course back then it was still very much Virginia). In fact Mary was the only one of the 5th generation to remain there of all the original 3 Chenoweth brothers that first settled in Virginia: John, William and Thomas. Of course a line of Hannah's Carter stayed and is still in the area. Also there are lines from John and Samuel, sons of Arthur who moved down from Baltimore about 1790. Through Census work and Greg�s research, we had brought down the line of their son, James Cresswell, through his marriage to Margaret R. Cline, and the marriage of their daughter, Bessie Ouada Cresswell to Smith Reid Brill. Susan�s information tied into this. Susan is trying to establish proof for a DAR submittal that James was indeed a son of Abraham and Mary Cresswell. For my part, I was not much help, but certainly glad she contacted me. Not only is she our first Cresswell contact, but it is always good to have a cousin living still in this old settlement area of the Chenoweths. The Harris book has James and his marriage listed, but the source of this information is tucked away in Bowling Green. James is newly married living in the 24th district of Hampshire Co. some ways from his father Abraham in the 1850 Census. Susan had found a listing of Abraham�s will probated July 28, 1856, but the will and its contents have not been found. I relayed to her that that Bill Rice at the 2002 Elkins reunion had mentioned that many old records had been uncovered in the basement of the Hampshire County Court House and had still to be properly catalogued. I am afraid, extensive as my files are, I cannot supply some of the proofs now required by the DAR, though I have no doubt as to the lineage of James. There were few Cresswells in Hampshire Co. Anyway, it was a good week for William S. Chenoweth families. Of his 15 children we now have contacts in 12 of them. The latesest being from William, who I wrote about in the Dec 2006 newsletter. Still missing are Sarah, who married Eli�s brother, John Henry Franklin; Martha Chenoweth who married Barzillai Osborn, and Mason who married and left a number of wives, always moving on.

    MARY5 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1788 in Frederick Co., VA, and died Abt. 1838. She married ABRAHAM CRESSWELL April 20, 1807 in Frederick Co., VA, son of JOHN CRESSWELL. He was born 1780 in Frederick Co., VA, and died 1858.


    1. JANE6 CRESSWELL, b. December 07, 1809, Hampshie Co., VA (now WV); d. December 10, 1851; m. DAVID PUGH, Abt. 1832; b. February 08, 1806, Virginia; d. January 29, 1899, Hampshire Co., WV.
    2. CATHERINE CRESSWELL, b. Abt. 1813, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV); d. November 22, 1895, Cisco, Piatt Co., IL; m. JAMES RINEHART, September 03, 1835, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV); b. June 22, 1811, Edwards Run, Hampshire Co., VA (Now WV); d. November 22, 1883, Cisco, Piatt Co., IL.
    3. JOHN CRESSWELL, b. Abt. 1814, Hampshie Co., VA (now WV).
    4. JAMES CRESSWELL, b. April 23, 1817, Hampshie Co., VA (now WV); d. April 18, 1878; m. MARGARET R. CLINE, 1848; b. April 23, 1829, Virginia; d. March 09, 1907.
    5. ELIZABETH CRESSWELL, b. June 08, 1821, Hampshie Co., VA (now WV); m. DARIUS PUGH, 1840, Hampshie Co., VA (now WV); b. 1819; d. 1849.
    6. ABRAHAM CRESSWELL, b. Abt. 1828, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV); m. FRANCES ELIZABETH MILSLAGLE; b. Abt. 1833, Virginia.

    ELLEN 'NEDA'5 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1811 in Ohio. She married ELI FRANKLIN July 27, 1830 in Ohio, son of THOMAS FRANKLIN and HANNAH SIBLEY. He was born 1800 in New York, and died March 18, 1863 in Hendricks Co., IN.

    Children of ELLEN CHENOWETH and ELI FRANKLIN are:

    1. JAMES J.6 FRANKLIN, b. 1833, Ohio; d. July 18, 1904; m. ROSANNA MARTIN, August 11, 1867, Allen Co., OH; b. Abt. 1846; d. 1916.
    2. HANNAH FRANKLIN, b. 1835, Ohio.
    3. LEWIS FRANKLIN, b. 1837, Ohio.
    4. WILLIAM FRANKLIN, b. July 24, 1839, Miami Co., OH.
    5. NATHANIEL G. FRANKLIN, b. 1842, Ohio; d. May 14, 1862, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.
    6. E. JANE FRANKLIN, b. 1846, Ohio.
    7. E.S. FRANKLIN, b. Abt. 1854, Allen Co., OH.

    [John] Birds of a feather

    Apparently, the ways of John P. Chenowith, pretender preacher, described in previous newsletters (Dec 2004 & Dec 2005) were not unique within the family. Greg Wulker has long been in pursuit of more details on the elusive son of William S. Chenoweth, Mason. Greg had found 5 marriages for Mason over the years, and apparently there may have been more, but probably not as many as we have found for his shirttail cousin John P. Their methodology however now appears to be the same. Greg had originally described some of his findings on Mason as follows �I have a great article from the Allen Co. museum, which states William�s son Mason deserted his family, remarried in Illinois (bygamy), had a tailor shop in Manchester, IL, his wife dying after a year, [there was supposedly a child], then was ordained, went to Maine, came back and remarried his ex. wife in Allen Co., OH who had remarried and was now a widow, and went to the south of Indiana and Ohio, to preach to Dunkards, and evidently was a wife beater, who was arrested for forgery, and returned to Lebanon, OH. This left Greg wondering who the Chenoweth child in Illinois was, commenting that his wife was a Ruth Clement there, and her parents probably raised the child.

    Now Greg has found another source on Mason, based on similar articles contained in �The Champions of the Church: Their Crimes and Persecutions� by De Robigne Mortimer Bennett, published 1878:

    �Rev. Mason Chenoweth, alias J. Mason Wells, was arrested in a church pulpit, at Bangor, ME, and taken to Springfield, Ill., on a charge of bigamy, or rather polygamy. The Springfield papers gave the full details of his sinful career, how he was first married in Ohio, where he lived with his wife seven years, when one day he left suddenly without giving her any notice of his intentions. He went to Iowa and acted as a class-leader in a Methodist church where he married one of the sisters and lived with her two years when he left her to journey alone, while he took another wife in Manchester, Scott Co., Ohio [JE: this should be Illinois], and led a gay life. After seven months he again became very pious and joined the church anew. He joined the Baptists this time and was soon licensed to preach, when he deemed it pleasant to take for his fourth wife Miss Ruth Clement, aged nineteen years. He was now very godly, and assiduously devoted himself to the ministry, preaching in some eight different towns. In the fall of 1865 his Manchester wife died, and he married Miss Wrightman of Auburn, Ill. In 1874 he got into financial embarrassment and left Auburn. He changed his name from Wells to Chenoweth and preached at Aurora, Ind. Then he married again. He next returned to his original home in Ohio and found that his first wife had procured a divorce from him and had married another man who had died leaving her some property. The clerical gentleman then made love again to his first wife, pretending that he was unmarried and promising the utmost future faithfulness. They were remarried; when he tried to obtain possession of her property. She was shrewd enough to prevent this, when he treated her cruelly and left her again and returned to Aurora, forged the name of one of the deacons, and fled. The friends of his Aurora wife pursued him and brought him to justice.�

    Apparently there have been a few rascals in the family and Mason and John P. seem to be cut from the same fabric. These itinerant ways have made Mason, like John P. elusive to find in Censuses. The only sightings we have for sure is in 1850 in Hancock Co., IL where Mason is a tailor, living alone, apparently already separated from his first victim, Mary Howe. And in 1870, where living under the alias of John M. Wells, Mason is living with his wife Ann and two children. In 1880 Ann is divorced, living with her father with her son Justus and another daughter Ruth.

    MASON5 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 04, 1821 in Warren Co., OH, and died Unknown. He married (1) MARY LOUISA HOWE November 13, 1842 in Allen Co., OH, daughter of NATHAN HOWE and MERCIE CRONE. She was born 1826, and died 1913 in Mercer Co., OH. He married (2) RUTH G. CLEMENT January 15, 1855 in Scott Co., IL. She was born Abt. 1836 in Vermont, and died Abt. 1856. He married (3) ANN WRIGHTSMAN July 04, 1866 in Sangamon Co., IL, daughter of CHRIS WRIGHTSMAN. She was born Abt. 1845 in Illinois. He married (4) MARY LOUISA HOWE January 07, 1875 in Warren Co., OH, daughter of NATHAN HOWE and MERCIE CRONE. She was born 1826, and died 1913 in Mercer Co., OH.


    1. (DAUGHTER)6 WELLS, b. Abt. 1856.

      Children of MASON CHENOWETH and ANN WRIGHTSMAN are:

    2. JUSTUS W.6 WELLS, b. Abt. 1868, Sangamon Co., IL.
    3. RUTH WELLS, b. Abt. 1874, Sangamon Co., IL.

    [Arthur] The Case of Sarah

    For a dozen years of my research and many years before by Peter Chenoweth and Richard Harris the marriage of Sarah E. Chenoweth to Dr. Abraham Hoover of Knox Co., TN has been puzzling. When Joyce Wiegand made a spreadsheet of recently available information on Tennessee marriages at ancestry.com, I took the opportunity to re-look at this entry. Searching in Knox Co. in 1860, I found Sarah and Abraham. They had one son Carson, 10 months old. Surprisingly, living with them was Henryetta Chinowith, the daughter of Richard Chenoweth and Helen Hammer, and the deserted wife of the bigamist John P. Chenowith. Henryetta�s son by John, Rufus was also with them. I had not previously realized in this record that Sarah Hoover, the 18-year-old wife of Abraham was a Chenoweth. But what was the relationship between Henryetta and Sarah? Dr. Hoover died in Knox Co. I do not know what happened to Sarah, but Carson Hoover is living with Henryetta and her 2nd husband Allen Dalrimple in 1870. He is there again in 1880, and listed as a grandson. The only conclusion to be drawn, is that Sarah was Henryetta�s daughter born about 1842, apparently out of wedlock and well before her 1850 marriage to the �traveling reverend� John. Looking back to the 1850 Census, Sarah is listed with Henryetta with Henryetta�s widowed mother Ellen Hammer. We had never understood who she was. The answer was always there, but the 4 successive Censuses had to be viewed together as a whole.

    HENRIETTA4 CHENOWETH (RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born April 19, 1822 in Knox Co., TN, and died Unknown. She married (2) JOHN P. CHENOWETH November 20, 1850 in Knox Co., TN, son of THOMAS CHENOWETH and RACHEL SWANE. He was born December 11, 1822 in Ross Co., OH, and died August 02, 1913 in Virginia. She married (3) ALLEN DALRIMPLE July 04, 1860 in Knox Co., TN. He was born Abt. 1803 in South Carolina.


    1. SARAH E.5 CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1842, Knox Co., TN; m. ABRAHAM HOOVER, July 23, 1858, Knox Co., TN; b. Abt. 1822, Pennsylvania.


    2. RUFUS M.5 CHENOWETH, b. February 23, 1853, Knox Co., TN; d. May 16, 1932; m. (1) MARY J. McFADDEN, August 22, 1873, Blount Co., TN; b. December 29, 1854, Tennessee; d. January 05, 1908; m. (2) PEAMA A 'PEARLIE F' QUEENER, June 15, 1908, Campbell Co., TN; b. 1892, Tennessee.

    Finally a Peabody

    When I first started working on genealogy, the Laprath family, I was contacted by a Velton Peabody who had seen my posting of the marriage of Charles Frederick Laprath to Mattie J. Peabody. Velton knew Peabodys. Most of them go back, as I understand it, to New England and a Francis Peabody whose son William Peabody was born in 1645 in Hampton, NH. This is very early to be in America and you can imagine what a family tree would be like that predates the Chenoweth by 60 years. There were Peabodys at Bunker Hill. In the 2000 Census there were 5,310 Peabodys, a little bigger than Chenoweths. Velton and the Peabodys had always stuck in my memory bank. I know Velton has a Peabody website that was launched about the same time as our Chenoweth site.

    So I had always looked for a Peabody in the Chenoweth file. These are two old Colonial families and each somewhat unique, but New England is a very different place than Maryland and Virginia and I know that there never was a marriage of a Chenoweth and a Peabody in the great melting pot of the westward movement. In 2007 after a dozen years of this memory floating in the back of my head, Dot sent me a marriage of Terry Douglas Chenowth and Raylene Peabody. Unfortunately the occasion was an obituary for their son Augustus Ray Chenowth who died in New York at the age of 23. Augustus Ray has quite a story on each side of his parents, Terry�s grandfather being Howard Pinckney Chenowth, the gunslinger of Silver City, NM. I am sure that this curious little story has little interest except to my own curiosity. Part of it is an insight into how unique a marriage between surnames can be. With well over 100,000 surnames in the US of any size, the union of two surnames can be very unique (the 65,000th sized family in 2000 was 285 people and the Lapraths are well down further on the list). Certainly Deanna and I are the only Egge-Sundvick couple in the country as her parents were the only Sundvick-Luokkala marriage. My grandparents are only one of 2 Chenoweth-Holt marriages that I know of. The more common the surname, the more occurrences, but has taken some 280 years for a Chenoweth to marry a Peabody.

    [Baltimore Unknowns] A Remaining Enigma

    On page 82 Cora describes the children of Joseph, the son of Richard as Abraham, John and Samuel. She then proceeds to say that Samuel married Elizabeth Shipley and lists children that belong to Samuel the son of Jonathan, who married Nancy Orr, sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Orr. There is no known combination of children that matches the 3 children of Abraham. One can only speculate as to what family she is possibly describing. The logical assumption would be someone from the Iowa family of William, the son of Samuel, sent her information on their line, and was confused about who Samuel was. Cora had already entered Samuel�s family on page 55, and William�s family on page 56. Given the massive amount of data and letters that Cora had to sort out, it is understandable that she maybe didn�t realize that she was doing a double entry. There are several of these in her book. With greater sophistication at his disposal, Richard Harris failed as well to recognize this duplication and repeated the entries on page 294. In this listing Daniel is misnamed as David.

    No trace of Joseph has ever been found and, though named executor by his father Richard, he does not appear to complete that task. His brother Richard, Jr.�s name appears in the sale of Richard�s land by the state. The estate was apparently tied up in a lawsuit brought by Frances Haile Chenoweth the widow of Richard�s son John against the legatees in the will. Frances apparently succeeded somehow in this suit and the will�sdistribution is not carried out.

    Cora gives a date for this marriage of Samuel and Elizabeth as June 28, 1820, citing #104 by Hickle. I have never determined what this means. In the 1830 Census of Baltimore, in the 7th collection district where William the s/o Richard who married Amy Davis lives is a listing for a family of a Samuel Chenoweth. There is one son, age between 5 and 9, and two daughters ages under 5. This would fit the marriage. There are also two females whose ages are between 10 & 14. The parents are aged between 30-39 and there is an older woman, possible a mother or mother-in-law. Who is this Samuel? He fits nothing, but he would fit Cora�s description of a Samuel and Elizabeth Shipley. The children are not those she described who we know are of Samuel and Nancy Orr.

    	< 5	5 - 9	10 - 14	15 - 19	20 - 29	30 - 39	40 - 49	50 - 59	60 � 69
    M	0	1	0	0	0	1			
    F	2	0	2	0	0	1	0	0	1

    Whereas one could easily imagine some of this Samuel being some link between the family of Richard and the lost lines of Baltimore. But then why is he living so near to the family of William Chenoweth, an Arthur line. There is no other instance of these families living in proximity with each other. Arthur�s family is well enough defined that it is puzzling how this Samuel would fit into the Arthur line. Could Samuel be another name for William�s brothers, Joshua and Arthur?

    In 1840, we have a listing for an Eliza that could be the widowed Elizabeth. The family does have the appearance of the family of Samuel aged 10 years. So far we have no good explanation for any of this.

    	< 5	5 - 9	10 - 14	15 - 19	20 - 29	30 - 39	40 - 49	50 - 59	60 � 69
    M	0	1	0	1	0	0			
    F	0	1	3	1	0	0	1	0	1

    [Thomas] Miss Mustard placed

    For over a decade now, one of the puzzling unknown marriage records unplaced in the Harris research was that of an Elizabeth Mustard who married Arthur Chenoweth on September 21, 1843 in Pike Co., OH. The logical fit was Arthur the son of Joseph and Isabel Bristol Chenoweth, but he had married Elizabeth Beekman. in the Harris book. I did not see that Elizabeth Mustard might be Elizabeth Beekman, lost in the forest of the family tree. The new access to the OH death records through the LDS pilot project however turned up a listing for Mary Alvina Messinger who was a daughter of Elizabeth Mustard and Arthur Chenoweth. I recognized this as our unknown marriage listing. Mary was born in 1846 in Adams County. That is where Arthur and Elizabeth are found in 1850 and their first daughter was Mary, born 1846. This triangulation of information pinpointed the right family. We had not known what happened to her. Finding the death listing of Mary�s brother Reason Colony Chenoweth, he too listed his mother as Elizabeth Mustard. So Beekman appears not to be right and she should be Elizabeth Mustard. I am not sure where the Harris research came up with Elizabeth Beekman. The Beekman researchers of the family of Catherine Chenoweth who married Oliver Perry Beekman could never place Elizabeth and her cited father William Beekman. But now we have a marriage date for Arthur and a new family, the Messingers, to explore.

    ARTHUR5 CHENOWETH (JOSEPH4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born August 05, 1821 in Pike Co., OH, and died January 21, 1890 in Adams Co., OH. He married ELIZABETH MUSTARD September 21, 1843 in Pike Co., OH, daughter of SAMUEL MUSTARD and MARY VAN METER. She was born May 10, 1822 in Ohio, and died July 20, 1890 in Highland Co., OH.


    1. MARY ALVINA6 CHENOWETH, b. July 24, 1846, Adams Co., OH; d. February 06, 1910, Bratten twp., Adams Co., OH; m. NOBLE MESSINGER; b. December 06, 1840, Meigs, Adams Co., OH; d. April 18, 1923.
    2. SAMUEL C. CHENOWETH, b. December 05, 1849, Adams Co., OH; d. January 17, 1929, Mifflin twp., Pike Co., OH; m. ELIZA HOLTON, Abt. 1888; b. July 1852, Ohio.
    3. SARAH J. CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1851, Adams Co., OH.
    4. SEREPTA VIENNA CHENOWETH, b. September 18, 1854, Adams Co., OH; d. March 12, 1926, Xenia, Greene Co., OH; m. JOHN W. HILL, April 1892, Adams Co., OH; b. December 1842, Ohio
    5. REASON COLONY 'REESE' CHENOWETH, b. November 1857, Adams Co., OH; d. March 29, 1932, Peebles, Adams Co., OH; m. ROSEBELLE 'ROSE' DUNBAR, Abt. 1879, Franklin Twp., Adams Co., OH; b. September 08, 1859, Locust Grove, Adams Co., OH; d. November 08, 1936, Peebles, Adams Co., OH.
    6. NANCY CATHERINE CHENOWETH, b. June 1860, Adams Co., OH.
    7. CLARINDA L. 'ELLA' CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1864, Ohio.

    JULY 2012

    Reverend Eli Ashbrook
    (1st installment)

    Presented by: Lorraine Joyce (Tatham) Smith, James Earl Tatham, Abbie Joyce Moore, Aura H. Ashbrook, William Albert Ashbrook, Eli Ashbrook

    Taken from: New Historical Atlas of Licking County Ohio, Illustrated By L. H. Everts, 1875, page 321

    Rev. Eli Ashbrook. This gentleman is the oldest citizen of Licking County. He was born in Hampshire County, Virginia, September 23, 1781, united with the Baptist denomination in April, 1806, began to preach in 1812, and continued in the ministry for sixty-three years, a period longer than has ever served any other man in the state, if not in the country. He preached his last sermon in January, 1875, in the vicinity of Johnstown, this county. He was then aged ninety-three years and four months.


    His wife was Caty Peters, of Loudon County, Virginia, whom he married January 5, 1802. His family numbered seven sons and seven daughters; two died in infancy, the others became heads of families.

    Mr. Ashbrook came to Ohio in October, 1810, resided in Fairfield County some twelve years, and in 1823 moved to Johnstown. A large part of his life has been spent as a traveling preacher, and as such he has visited nine different states. He has been a very energetic, active man, and has faithfully consecrated the energies of his long life to labors for the welfare of his fellow-men and the glory of his Master. His wife died January 1, 1871. She was a devoted Christian woman, a fit companion for so worthy a man. Mr. Ashbrook lingers in his ninety-fourth year, "Only waiting by the river," for summons of "the boatman pale," to cross the stream and join the loved ones on the other side.

    [seconnd installment]


    1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.
    2. Nothing is worse than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.
    3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.
    4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.
    5. How the heck are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?
    6. Was learning cursive really necessary?


    In this issue we ask you to take a look at some more information that we have gathered from the 1930 Census with regards to Chenoweths. These are individuals that we have been unable to identify. As always with this column any help in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated.


    • Toledo, Lucas Co.
      • Chenoweth, Marian 71-OH (married age 20) patient at Toledo State Hosp for Insane
    • Marion, Marion Co.
      • Chenoweth, Lorna 38-OH (widow)
    • West Milton, Miami Co.
      • Chenoweth, Rose 42-OH (clerk-plumbers) married age 42)
        • Rose E. 57-OH (1st married at age: 20)
    • Scioto Twp, Pickaway Co.
      • Chenoweth, Jane 16-OH (Institution for Feeble Minded)
    • Clear Creek, Warren Co.
      • Chenoweth, Joseph 75-OH (single) farm laborer


  • Philomath, Benton Co.
    • Chenoweth, M. Carol 19-NE (married) granddaughter to James S. Campbell
  • Portland, Multnomah Co.
    • Chenoweth, Bernice K. 24-OR (married)
      • Dolores 3 7/12-OR
      • Richard 2-OR


  • Middletown, Delaware Co.
    • Chenoweth, Martha A. 68-KY
  • Scranton, Lackawanna Co.
    • Chenoweth, Alice 78-NY (widow).
      • Gertrude 55-PA
  • Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co.
    • Chenoweth, Charlotte 29-PA (married)

    South Carolina

  • Beaufort, Beaufort Co.
    • Chenoweth, William T. 19-MD (US Marine Corps)


  • Nashville, Davidson Co.
    • Chenoweth, Lizetta 26-MO (Single) teacher
  • Memphis, Shelby Co.
    • Chenoweth, Francis O. 37-IL � auto mechanic
      • Claire 27-FL
      • Betty R. 7-AL
      • Dorothy F. 9-AL


  • San Antonio, Bexar Co.
    • Chenoweth, Vivian 16-TX
  • Dallas, Dallas Co.
    • Chenoweth, Evelyn 15-TX
  • Houston, Harris Co.
    • Chenoweth, J.T. 16-TX
  • Sweetwater, Nolan Co.
    • Chenoweth, Ollie 28-TX - teacher
  • Prct 6, Van Zandt Co.
    • Chenoweth, Gertrude 31-TX


  • Clifton, Clifton Forge Co.
    • Chenoweth, Walter C. 32-VA
  • Richmond, Henrice Co.
    • Chenoweth, Ryland T. 27-VA
      • Anna M. 32-VA
    • Chenoweth, Richard R. 38-VA
      • Ann M. 36-TX


  • Seattle, King Co.
    • Chenoweth, Paulyne 16-OR (married)
  • La Crosse, Whitman Co.
    • Chenoweth, Beatrice 24-IL

    West Virginia

  • Nutter Fort, Harrison Co.
    • Chenoweth, Elizabeth 20-WV (divorced)
      • Alice 1 7/12-WV
      • Eva 16-WV (sister)
  • Fairmont, Marion Co.
    • Chenoweth, Verna 48-WV (widow)
  • Reedy, Wirt Co.
    • Chenoweth, William 83-WV
      • Alice 63-WV


  • S. Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co.
    • Chenoweth, Helen M. 21-CO (nun)


    [Sarah Marie]From Greg Nelson � this is my great-great grandmother, buried in Oak Creek Cemetery, east of Roseburg, OR. Mary Simmons Chenoweth

    [PETE]Peter Chenoweth, editor, Hephzibah, GA ....
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