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EDITOR: PETER C. CHENOWETH - E-MAIL: p.chenoweth@comcast.net
WEBMASTER: JON D. EGGE - E-MAIL: jegge@chenowethsite.com

Find-a-Grave is a Marvel

Every time I look at Find-a-Grave I am a bit stunned by the continued devotion and activity its many supporters exhibit. It is like a hive of worker bees that are building something quite exquisite. In January I decided to capture a list of the Chenoweth names presently found at the site and organize them into a spreadsheet. It came to 2,679 names. Now 4 months later the list is at 2,816. I handed the rough draft of this off to Pete to process by identify the names and highlight new facts. By 1930 about 3,000 Chenoweth males had been born in the family that had been recorded in at least one Census. Add in unknowns and other lines and we are at about maybe 3,600 and doubling this for females we have maybe 7200. [DIRECTORS] The Chenoweths born since 1930 in our SSA list numbers only 400 spanning the last 30 years. Maybe we could project 8,000 plus possible graves, which mean the present find-a-grave listings may encompass about 33% of what is out there. That is a significant number. And it never stops. But the fun doesn�t end there as the people who do this work will often work with you to add in information and links.

Links! That was a new element to find-a-grave added a few years ago. What a stunning new feature and clever idea. As all grave memorials have a unique ID, you can now link graves, so husband to wives and children to parents. I have been able to get my mother linked to her parents, then grandparents, then great grandparents. All of a sudden the information found on find-a-grave becomes magnified as information is linked together. This is all the more amazing when you consider that this massive labor of love is done daily by hundreds of people giving their own time and energy. Now at my finger tips, from my seat looking out on to Saratoga passage, I can view more graves than Richard and Shirley Harris found in their years of travel. The best pages are those that have a picture of the grave. Some of these are stunning. The digital camera has made this so easy that it is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the site.

Now granted, though lots of bits and pieces were found in this exercise, we didn�t find a lot of new people, a tribute to the thorough process of Chenoweth genealogy begun by Cora Hiatt, expanded by the Harris book and now the website. Here are those however that Peter identified in the list:

These added names along with a host of other details, represent a fine expansion of our family knowledge. If you at all like genealogy, you need to take a look at what is happening at find-a-grave.

[Bertha Gabel (Chenoweth) Keyes]

Bertha Gabel (Chenoweth) Keyes
Born: 2 Dec 1884, Madison Co., OH
Died: 29 Apr 1966, San Mateo Co., CA
Married: Paul Crawford Keyes
Father: George Washington Chenoweth6
Mother: Mary Rowlen
Ancestry: Jeremiah Browning5, John Foster4, Elijah3, Thomas2, John1

Time at the Top

[PETE]Peter Clinton Chenoweth, Chairman

Jan and I would like to take this opportunity to announce the arrival of the latest addition to the �Other� line, our granddaughter, Emily Jewel Chenoweth on 19 May 2011.

I want to thank everyone who responded to the request for transcription of the bio of Arthur Ellsworth Chenoweth to put on the webpage. The project has been completed and I�m sure everyone will enjoy reading it at

  • website.

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    With thanks and appreciation to Dot Tucker-Houk of Maryland who makes much of this list possible each newsletter. We achieved a 94% identification of the SSA listings. Of the 138 identification, 128 are female and a good many of these 2nd wives that we don't know about. We have 5 unidentified in the last three years. They are:

    • Jack Chenoweth b: Feb 20, 1929 d: Jan 13, 2010 SSA: issued: MO
    • Jerry Murray Chenowith b: Apr 22, 1937 d: Apr 19, 2010 SSA: 551-48-4527 issued: CA res: CA
    • Marie A. Chenoweth b: Aug 07, 1938 d: Oct 26, 2010 SSA: 496-38-5166 issued: MO res: MO
    • Betty L. b: Mar 20, 1958 d: Jun 19, 2009 SSA: issued: AR res: AR

    age63 - HAROLD DALE 'BUTCH'11 CHENOWETH, JR. (HAROLD DALE10, OKEY EVERETT9, ULYSSES THOMAS8, LLOYD HYRE7, EVERETT6, JEHU5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 21, 1947 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, and died February 14, 2011 in Gilman, Randolph Co., WV. He married BRENDA E.

    age77 - CURTIS LEE10 DANIELS (CECIL LORRAINE9, ICIE8 CHENOWETH, LLOYD HYRE7, EVERETT6, JEHU5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 24, 1933 in Akron, Summit Co., OH, and died April 28, 2011. He married (1) JOANNE ALICE ZABER February 02, 1952. She was born February 10, 1937, and died September 28, 2003. He married (2) SHARRY A. HUBER August 12, 1976 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV

    age74 - SCHERRIE RAE10 BUSSINEAU nee HUTZELL (EUGENE HALL 'GENE'9, REBECCA JANE8 CHENOWETH, COFFMAN7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 26, 1935 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, and died April 26, 2010 in Virginia. She married GERALD JOSEPH BUSSINEAU November 22, 1958. He was born April 25, 1934 in Flat Rock, MI, and died April 10, 2000.

    age83 - EDNA LOUISE CHENOWETH nee FREEMAN , daughter of RAY FREEMAN and LILLIAN HENDERSON, was born September 02, 1927 in near Kim, Las Animas Co., CO, and died February 11, 2011 in Colorado. She married March 19, 1946 in Kansas ARLIN CLEO9 CHENOWETH (IRA8, DANIEL MCLEAN7, ISAAC NEWTON6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born February 21, 1921 in Baca Co., CO. � JE: This was also my mother�s maiden name Edna Louise Chenoweth

    age82 - LINDA ISNER nee McINTYRE, daughter of CHARLES McINTYRE and RUBY PERRY, was born October 26, 1928 in Union Co., NC, and died January 09, 2011 in Winston Salem, Forsyth Co., NC. She married about 1944 ROBERT BURNS10 ISNER II (LENA REBECCA9 BUCKEY, WIRT C.8, REBECCA J.7 CHENOWETH, GEORGE WASHINGTON6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born September 10, 1920 in Randolph Co., WV, and died December 29, 2005 in Wingate, Union Co., NC

    age84 - HELEN EBBING nee STONEKING, daughter of JOHN STONEKING and MARGARET JACOBS, was born March 03, 1926 in Illinois, and died March 26, 2010 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL. She married ROBERT J.10 EBBING (REGINA BONAVENTURE9 MAYFIELD, ARTHUR JOSEPH8, FRANCIS M. 'FRANK'7, SARAH 'SALLY'6 CHENOWETH, JONATHAN5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born May 31, 1925, and died February 01, 1985. � JE: several Stonekings of this same family married into families of William Chenoweth of Fulton Co., IL

    age95 - EVALYNE CHENOWETH nee WALDEN was born October 12, 1914, and died September 18, 2010 in California. She married KENNETH WILLIAM9 CHENOWETH (GROVER CLEVELAND 'DUTCH'8, WILLIAM M.7, WILLIAM6, SAMUEL5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born July 10, 1915 in Polk Co., IA, and died January 16, 1998 in West Des Moines, Polk Co., IA

    age74 - KENNETH FLOYD10 BROWNING (FLOYD CHARLES9, ASA LESTER8, ALZADA BRISCO7 CHENOWETH, MILES BRISCOE6, ABRAHAM5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 28, 1935 in Pike Co., IL, and died July 13, 2010 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL. He was married.

    age67 - BRENDA J.10 ROOF nee BROWNING (FLOYD CHARLES9, ASA LESTER8, ALZADA BRISCO7 CHENOWETH, MILES BRISCOE6, ABRAHAM5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 17, 1943 in Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL, and died October 18, 2010 in Quincy, Adams Co., IL. She married (1) CHESTER ROOD. She married (2) JERRY D. ROOF July 24, 1982 in Gulf Cove, Charlotte Co., FL.

    age76 - MAE E. CHENOWETH nee ANDERSON, daughter of ELVIN ANDERSON and MILLIE JACOBSON, was born April 05, 1925 in Cylinder, Palo Alto Co., IA, and died May 07, 2011 in Urbandale, Polk Co., IA. She married DALE GROVER9 CHENOWETH (GROVER CLEVELAND 'DUTCH'8, WILLIAM M.7, WILLIAM6, SAMUEL5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 15, 1921 in Polk Co., IA, and died May 1977 in Iowa.

    age58 - CATHY A. CHENOWETH nee NOWELL was born May 04, 1952 in Portland, Cumberland Co., ME, and died May 01, 2011 in Scarborough, Cumberland Co., ME. She married ROGER WOOD9 CHENOWETH (EDWARD EMERSON8, CHARLES BRUCE SEACORE7, WILLIAM SMITH6, JACOB5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1)

    age89 - LOWELL EUGENE9 JENNINGS (MIRIAM AILENE8 COULTER, ANNA JANE7 CHENOWETH, JOEL6, JACOB5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 17, 1921 in Jefferson twp., Huntington Co., IN, and died December 28, 2010 in Brevard, Transylvania Co., NC. He married MARY FAITH GIBSON February 20, 1944 in Marion, Grant Co., IN.

    age61 - AUDREY EILEEN9 ELLIS nee CHENOWETH (IRA WILLIAM8, WILLIAM ALVA7, HEZEKIAH STITES6, CASPER5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 20, 1940 in Pratt, Pratt Co., KS, and died April 29, 2011 in Kansas. She married (1) CHARLES E. CROUSE September 29, 1962. He was born March 18, 1937 in Coldwater, KS. She married (2) RAYMOND CARPENTER January 01, 1982. He was born July 26, 1929 in Bentley, Sedgwick Co., KS, and died August 1989 in Greensburg, Kiowa Co., KS. She married (3) LARRY ELLIS February 14, 1992 � JE: Audrey�s son Dewayne was an early cousin contact signing on in March 1996 (#36)

    age74 - JOAN PRISCILLA9 KILBOURN nee PAYNE (IRIS MATTIE8 CHENOWETH, ALVA CLEMENT7, WILLIAM THOMAS6, CASPER5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 12, 1936 in Juneau, AK, and died May 10, 2011 in Portland, Multahomah Co, OR. She married LEE FERRIS KILBOURN June 11, 1961.

    age75 - JAMES DALE9 SOCKRIDER (EDITHMAE8 CHENOWETH, EDGAR C.7, JAMES EDGAR6, JAMES H. 'LEWIS'5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 12, 1935 in Lima, Allen Co., OH, and died May 08, 2011 in Lima, Allen Co., OH. He married (1) JANICE. He married (2) MARGRET D. STEVENS October 02, 1971 in GERMANY. He married (3) VIRGINIA (BOGART) EVANS May 16, 1984 in Ohio.

    age81 - MARILYN CHENOWETH nee MYERS, daughter of ELKIN MYERS and KATHRYN BARKER, was born May 15, 1929 in Ardmore, Carter Co., OK, and died April 18, 2011 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK. She married April 11, 1952 in Ardmore, Carter Co., OK PHILIP ANDREW9 CHENOWETH (JOSEPH ANDREW GAYNE8, JOHN ANDREW7, WILSON6, JOSEPH5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) He was born August 21, 1919 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL, and died October 04, 1994 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK.

    age102 - MARY M.8 SWEDELL nee THOMSON (SARAH ALICE7 CHENOWETH, EDWARD WOODWARD6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 12, 1908 in Fulton Co., IL, and died April 10, 2011 in Metamora, Woodford Co., IL. She married BERNARD F. SWEDELL August 12, 1929 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL, son of CHARLES SWEDELL and LENA McHENRY. He was born October 01, 1907 in Illinois, and died October 22, 1983 in Peoria, Peoria Co., IL.

    age80 - DORIS MARIE9 STONEKING nee CHENOWETH (LEO VICTOR8, CHARLES WILFORD 'BIG CHARLIE'7, JOSEPH W.6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 22, 1930 in Marietta, Fulton Co., IL, and died January 06, 2011 in West Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA. She married DUANE EMERSON STONEKING June 21, 1951, son of WALDO STONEKING and MABEL FREEMAN. He was born August 28, 1926 in Illinois, and died December 30, 2000 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL.

    age79 - SHIRLEY ANN9 MANUEL nee LAFARY (INA ILENE8 CHENOWETH, JOHN BIRDINE7, JOSEPH W.6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 16, 1931 in Bernadotte, Fulton Co., IL, and died December 02, 2010 in Smithfield, Fulton Co., IL. She married GLEN GREGORY MANUEL June 19, 1950 in Illinois.

    age62 - MELVIN L.9 RIDEN (PAULINE M.8 CHENOWETH, EZRA WILLIAM7, MILTON ANDREW 'MILT'6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 09, 1948 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL, and died May 25, 2011. He married PEGGY A. PASCHAL August 01, 1986 in Monmouth, Warren Co., IL.

    age68 - GEORGIA LEE9 DOTSON nee GEETING (ARTHUR LLOYD8, CLEMENT LEANDER 'CLEM'7, JANETTA6 SWITZER, MADISON MONROE5, ELIZABETH4 CHENOWETH, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 04, 1942 in Preble Co., OH, and died December 27, 2010 in Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL.

    age82 - JACQUELINE A.11 YOUNG nee SURBER (MILDRED CATHERINE10 CHENOWETH, LLOYD ATLAS9, JAMES MILTON8, WILLIAM7, JAMES FRANCIS6, JAMES FRANCIS5, NICHOLAS RUXTON4, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 06, 1929 in St Louis, MO, and died May 07, 2011 in Anchorage, AK. She married JOHN CRABTREE YOUNG December 09, 1950 in California.

    age81 - JAMES EVERETT10 CLOUD (RICHARD9, MARY ANN8 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM7, JAMES FRANCIS6, JAMES FRANCIS5, NICHOLAS RUXTON4, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 08, 1929 in Marion, Williamson Co., IL, and died January 01, 2011 in Herrin, Williamson Co., IL. He married BARBARA JEAN WANGERIN October 31, 1962 in Nashville, Washington Co., IL.

    age88 - PEARL (ELMORE) MORGAN was born March 12, 1921, and died July 06, 2009 in Tennessee. She married ALBERT MAYFORD10 BURKHART, JR. (ALMA GRACE9 CHENOWETH, PERRY EDWARD8, RUFUS M.7, JOHN P.6, THOMAS5, JAMES FRANCIS4, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 09, 1914 in Knox Co., TN, and died December 23, 1997 in New Market, Jefferson Co., TN.

    age70 - JERRY DON9 CHENOWITH (MACK BURGASS8, JAMES GARRISON7, JOHN P.6, THOMAS5, JAMES FRANCIS4, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 18, 1940 in Pope Co., AR, and died March 03, 2011 in Marion Co., IN. � JE: Jerry was married.

    age59 - WILLIAM10 HEYBURN III (WILLIAM9, NANCY CREEL8 CHENOWETH, JAMES SHREVE7, JOHN HENRY6, STEPHEN ROSS5, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 05, 1950 in Kentucky, and died December 06, 2009 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.

    age83 - ALICE M.8 BETTS nee RAGSDALE (EMMA JANE7 CHENOWETH, JOHN H.6, EPHRAIM B.5, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 06, 1927 in Mooresville, Morgan Co., IN, and died December 30, 2010 in Huntsville, Madison Co., AL. She married (1) FRED EDWARDS. He was born September 09, 1920, and died May 1978 in Indiana. She married (2) GERALD NOBLE BETTS. He was born April 30, 1919, and died February 19, 1994 in Indiana.

    age63 - ALAN EUGENE9 ASHBROOK (DOYLE8, RAY WARD7, LOUIS DENTON6, TUNIS P.5, ELI4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 07, 1954 in Ohio, and died January 25, 2011.

    age20 - RONNIE MILLER10 PERRY, JR. (REBECCA9 ASHBROOK, DOYLE8, RAY WARD7, LOUIS DENTON6, TUNIS P.5, ELI4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 06, 1990 in Parker Co., TX, and died May 19, 2009 in Texas.

    age73 - MARILYN SUE9 RHODEBACK nee ASHBROOK (BURTON GUY8, CHARLES ALBERT7, HIRAM MUNSON6, HIRAM5, ELI4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 18, 1936 in Johnstown, Licking Co., OH, and died April 07, 2010 in Johnstown, Licking Co., OH. She married LARRY RHODEBACK August 06, 1955 in Liberty, Union Co., IN, son of LORAINE RHODEBACK and LOUISE BULLOCK. He was born February 27, 1937, and died August 09, 2006.

    age79 - CARL GENE9 CHENOWETH (THERON AUSTIN8, HOMER SCOFIELD7, MATHIAS ROSE6, LEWIS ROSE5, JOHN4, ARTHUR3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 29, 1931 in Oklahoma, and died May 25, 2011. He married (1) ANNA MAE LASHBROOK September 15, 1951, daughter of GLEN LASHBROOK and NELLIE ALEXANDER. He married (2) PAULINE TRAUTZ July 18, 1970 in Santa Barbara Co., CA. He married (3) KATHLEEN SUE GAUTHIER. He married (4) VIOLET MAURINE (SCHERRINSKY) YEALICK April 26, 1983 in Orange Co., FL. He married (5) GLORIA L. JONES June 22, 1985. She was born September 11, 1932 in Wabash Co., IN, and died November 05, 1995 in Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN. He married (6) SHIRLEY A. HARRIS May 11, 1991 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV. He married (7) JUDY LOUISE EVANS October 25, 1994 in Las Vegas, Clark Co., NV. She was born January 03, 1943 in Oran, Scott Co., MO, and died July 08, 2010 in Oklahoma.

    age90 - VIRGINIA BELLE8 DOYLE nee CHENOWETH (WILLIAM OTIS7, ISAAC NEWTON6, ARCHIBALD S.5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born January 08, 1921 in Barren Co., KY, and died March 02, 2011 in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. She married JOHN B. DOYLE.

    age82 - GEORGE C.9 GARY, JR. (GEORGE C.8, MARY EDITH7 CARTER, GEORGE F.6, JESSE5, JOHN4, JAMES3, HANNAH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born April 25, 1926 in Sturgeon, Allegheny Co., PA, and died March 21, 2009 in Pennsylvania. He married ANNETTA BEALL.

    age90 - WANDA NADINE COX nee REITENOUR was born May 20, 1919 in Randolph Co., IN, and died November 10, 2009 in Randolph Co., IN. She married February 16, 1974 KENNETH S.9 COX (CLARA EMILY8 ROWE, ELNORA7 CHENOWETH, JOHN THOMAS6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) He was born April 09, 1906 in Indiana, and died December 1979.

    age85 - HARVEY GLENN10 PENN, JR. (MADGE MARIE9 CHENOWETH, LEONARD COLUMBUS8, WILLIAM HENRY7, WILLIAM COLUMBUS 'LUM'6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born September 20, 1925 in Randoph Co., IN, and died May 07, 2011 in Southaven, DeSoto Co., MS. He married (1) IRIS VIRGINIA CLANTON February 11, 1949 in Mississippi. She was born June 10, 1929 in Mississippi, and died April 23, 1992 in Desoto Co., MS. He married (2) JEANINE

    age80 - NORMA JEAN8 PASCHALL nee CHENOWETH (CHARLES RICHARD7, WILLIAM ANDREW6, RICHARD5, RICHARD B.4, JOHN3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born August 27, 1929 in Springville, Henry Co., TN, and died November 08, 2009 in Paris, Henry Co., TN. She married JACK WILLIAM PASCHALL May 29, 1947. He was born July 23, 1925, and died June 21, 1999 in Henry Co., TN.

    age87 - CHARLES WILLIAM THACKER, son of JAKE THACKER and ESTHER HEINY, was born November 27, 1922 in Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, and died August 31, 2010 in Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN. He married August 16, 1947 in Owen Co., IN CAROLYN LUCILLE10 DALTON (ORAN LEON 'GRIZ'9, LESLIE FERNANDO 'PESKY'8, MINERVA7 APPLEGATE, CYNTHIA ANN6 WHITAKER, BLANDFORD B.5, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 SEATON, RACHEL3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1)

    age33 - MENDY RANEE12 KENT nee THACKER (HAROLD MICHAEL11, CAROLYN LUCILLE10 DALTON, ORAN LEON 'GRIZ'9, LESLIE FERNANDO 'PESKY'8, MINERVA7 APPLEGATE, CYNTHIA ANN6 WHITAKER, BLANDFORD B.5, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 SEATON, RACHEL3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 10, 1976 in Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN, and died December 02, 2009 in Martinsville, Morgan Co., IN. She married RONALD KENT.

    age90 - DONALD CATROW9 WELLER (GEORGE ALLEN8, JOHN WILLIAM7, SARAH 'ELDEGEST'6 KERNEY, AURELIA 'EMILY'5 CHENOWETH, PHILEMON CROMWELL4, SAMUEL3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born July 27, 1918 in Berkeley Co., WV, and died March 20, 2009 in Carroll Co., MD. He married MADALYN BECK. She was born July 01, 1916 in Pennsylvania, and died November 21, 2009 in Westminster, Carroll Co., MD

    age82 - KATHERINE L. CUSHWA nee FOLTZ was born September 04, 1928 in Berkeley Co., WV, and died February 07, 2011 in Williamsport, Washington Co., MD. She married DONALD OTHO9 CUSHWA (HOWARD OTHO8, MARY S. 'MOLLIE'7 MYERS, HARRIETT6 KERNEY, AURELIA 'EMILY'5 CHENOWETH, PHILEMON CROMWELL4, SAMUEL3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) He was born December 10, 1923 in Berkeley Co., WV, and died August 28, 1997 in Berkeley Co., WV.

    age81 - MILDRED EILEEN9 ROBERSON nee CUSHWA (HOWARD OTHO8, MARY S. 'MOLLIE'7 MYERS, HARRIETT6 KERNEY, AURELIA 'EMILY'5 CHENOWETH, PHILEMON CROMWELL4, SAMUEL3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born October 03, 1928 in Berkeley Co., WV, and died December 06, 2009 in Berkeley Co., WV. She married WILLIS ASHBY ROBERSON. He was born August 11, 1928, and died March 08, 2008.

    age78 - LOLA BETTINA 'BETTY'11 BUCK nee BEARD (ALMEDA MAE10 BRADLEY, CHARLES WESLEY9, MARY8 HILL, CELIA7 HEATON, SAMUEL6, ABRAHAM5, JOANNA4 SUTTON, MARY3 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born December 27, 1930 in Cass Co., MN, and died August 13, 2009. She married JOSEPH BUCK, JR. He was born February 20, 1932, and died September 01, 1972.

    age74 - LOVICY DORTHEA 'LIZ'12 HUSETH nee HELMER (MAYME MAE 'MINNIE'11 BEARD, ALMEDA MAE10 BRADLEY, CHARLES WESLEY9, MARY8 HILL, CELIA7 HEATON, SAMUEL6, ABRAHAM5, JOANNA4 SUTTON, MARY3 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born August 27, 1935 in Cass Co., MN, and died May 27, 2010 in Shafer, Chisago Co., MN. She married MERLE ORVILLE HUSETH. He was born April 05, 1926, and died May 27, 2010 in Shafer, Chisago Co., MN. � JE: note Lovicy and her husband Merle died on the same day.

    age70 - PHYLLIS MARIE ALMEDA 'PAT'12 HAMILTON nee HELMER (MAYME MAE 'MINNIE'11 BEARD, ALMEDA MAE10 BRADLEY, CHARLES WESLEY9, MARY8 HILL, CELIA7 HEATON, SAMUEL6, ABRAHAM5, JOANNA4 SUTTON, MARY3 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born May 18, 1939 in Walker, Cass Co., MN, and died October 30, 2010 in Summerset, Meade Co., SD. She married (1) ALLEN LEROY APPLEGATE. He was born January 06, 1935 in Princeton, Mille Lacs Co., MN, and died August 01, 2010 in Onamia, Mille Lacs Co., MN. She married (2) NATHAN GILBERT. She married (3) ARTHUR ELMER KENDRICK Aft. 1988. He was born March 22, 1929 in Tiger, Pend Oreille Co., WA, and died April 29, 1995 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN. She married (4) RICHARD DEAN 'DICK' HAMILTON. He was born September 24, 1944 in Anoka Co., MN, and died April 16, 2003 in Anoka Co., MN.


    age63 - LARRY EUGENE10 CHENOWETH (CARL EDGAR9, HARVEY CLAUDE8, JOHN HENRY7, WILLIAM C.6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born May 15, 1937 in Bourbon, Marshall Co., IN, and died September 17, 2010 in Florida. He married (1) LINDA RAE SMITH. He married (2) BARBARA L. WILLIAMS March 22, 1975 in Elkhart, Elkhart Co., IN, daughter of JOHN WILEY WILLIAMS.

    age88 - GERALD CLINTON9 NEASE (ELSA MAY8 CHENOWETH, CLINTON ABRAHAM7, WILLIAM C.6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born October 25, 1922 in Rankin, Vermilion Co., IL, and died March 09, 2011 in Wisconsin. He married KATHERINE MARIE KUNTZ January 07, 1945 in Hoopeston, Vermilion Co., IL.

    age84 - THOMAS DALE9 NEASE (ELSA MAY8 CHENOWETH, CLINTON ABRAHAM7, WILLIAM C.6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born March 03, 1926 in Vermilion Co., IL, and died January 12, 2010 in Florida. He married BETTY JEAN KENT 1957

    age72 - MARTHA ANN9 CHENOWETH (ELMO CHARLES8, CHARLES NELSON7, WILLIAM C.6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born October 12, 1937, and died June 03, 2009 in Columbus, Bartholomew Co., IN. She married (1) AN UNKNOWN WHITMER. She married (2) EUGENE DOBRZYKOWSKI Private. He was born April 07, 1930, and died October 30, 1997 in Columbus, Bartholomew Co., IN.

    age90 - MARY CATHERINE CHENOWETH nee LACHAT, was born October 25, 1920, and died March 05, 2011 in Ohio. She married CLARENCE JAMES8 CHENOWETH (GUY LEVERING7, JAMES HAMPTON6, THOMAS BENJAMIN5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born April 19, 1915 in Warren Co., OH, and died March 28, 1982 in Ohio. � JE: I was able to speak with Mary by phone in 2001.

    age35 - MICHAEL HEATH11 TIMMONS (BRIAN DOUGLAS10 NEWBY, CAROLYN LOUISE9 CHENOWETH, JOHN HENRY8, ORIEN STEELE7, GEORGE WILLIAM6, GEORGE HENRY5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born May 20, 1975 in Mountain View, Santa Clara Co., CA, and died October 03, 2010 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR. He married MARY ELIZABETH ZULEGER June 24, 1995 in Melbourne, Brevard Co., FL. She was born July 16, 1969 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.

    age73 - JERRY DONAHUE10 ASHBY (MARY ELLEN9 DONAHUE, ELIZABETH E. 'LIZZIE'8 QUINLAN, ELFA MAE 'EFFIE'7 SPRINGER, LORANA MAY6 BETZ, CATHERINE5 CHENOWETH, ISAAC J.4, ISAAC3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born July 13, 1936 in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, and died February 24, 2010 in Grant City, Worth Co., MO.

    age89 - GRACE ANNE8 nee ORR CHENOWETH (CHARLES EVERETTE7, CHARLES BARTLETTE6, ISAAC NEWTON5, ISAAC4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born January 23, 1921 in Cerro Gordo Co., IA, and died November 12, 2010 in New Hope, Madison Co., AL. She married RICHARD WILLIAM ORR May 28, 1949 in Illinois. He was born January 15, 1923 in Keokuk Co., IA, and died May 01, 1986 in Linn Co., IA.

    age69 - RODNEY LERAY10 RESH (THURL B. 'BUS'9, ISAAC E. 'IKE'8, JOHANNA7 FLOOD, MARTHA S.6 CHENOWETH, JOSEPH FOSTER5, JOHN C.4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born August 02, 1941 in Hastings, Adams Co., NE, and died January 24, 2011 in Grand Island, Hall Co., NE. He married JUDITH 'JUDY' SCHMIDT February 14, 1960.

    age86 - KENNETH H.8 HILER (SYLVIA L.7 HINTON, BERTHA E.6 CHENOWETH, JAMES PRATHER5, JOHN C.4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born July 26, 1923 in Sherwood, Calhoun Co., IA, and died October 14, 2009 in Rockwell City, Calhoun Co., IA. He married MARGARET D. MINECK May 02, 1943 in South Sioux City, NE.

    age71 - GARY BRUCE YAHR, son of LEROY YAHR and MILDRED SMITH, was born July 26, 1939 in West Bend, Washington Co., WI, and died April 20, 2011 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. He married February 24, 1968 in Waukegan, Lake Co., IL JANICE ELAINE8 HENDERSON (ROBERT CURTIS7, MILTON HENRY6, MARY 'POLLY'5 CHENOWETH, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1)

    age39 - MARC DOUGLAS10 CHENOWETH (CARL DOUGLAS9, JOHN CARL8, JOHN CARL7, REASON COLONY 'REESE'6, ARTHUR5, JOSEPH4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born October 19, 1971 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH, and died April 11, 2011 in Ohio. He married KIMBRA ANN BRAITHWAITE May 27, 1995 in New York.

    age32 - REBECCA DAWN GRAHAM was born December 29, 1977 in Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., KS, and died March 31, 2010 in Clearview City, Johnson Co., KS. She married WILLIAM CHARLES11 CHENOWETH (MICHAEL LEE10, FRED CHARLES9, FRANK AMBROSE8, FRANK PETER7, GILBERT ALLISON6, PETER H.S.B.5, THOMAS T.4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1).

    age80 - HENRY WALTER HAAS was born January 24, 1929, and died April 06, 2009 in Massachusetts. He married SANDRA JANE9 CHENOWETH (PAUL ARLIE8, IRVING EVERETT7, RICHARD ADDISON6, URIAH5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1)

    age95 - DOROTHY8 SPENCER nee CHENOWETH (MERLE7, SIMEON6, HEZEKIAH5, JOHN FOSTER4, ELIJAH3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born April 20, 1915 in Sacramento Co., CA, and died March 20, 2011 in Sacramento Co., CA. She married ROY MELVIN SPENCER Abt. 1937, son of FRANK SPENCER and MARY MURPHY. He was born October 28, 1915 in Sacramento Co., CA, and died August 07, 2009 in California.

    age94 - HELEN GENEVIEVE MEAD nee KIEFER, daughter of JOHN KIEFER and NAOMI GILL, was born April 13, 1916 in Washington Co., IN, and died January 01, 2011 in Salem, Washington Co., IN. She married November 02, 1940 in Bradford, IN to WILLIS CHENOWETH8 MEAD (ELSIE MAY7 CHENOWETH, ROBERT P.6, JOHN JOHNSTON5, WILLIAM4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born January 06, 1914 in Salem, Washington Co., IN, and died January 07, 1992 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.

    age86 - NELLIE MAE9 BURNETT nee STAPLES (HALLIE DEAN8, FRANCIS WAYMAN 'FRANK'7, CORDELIA CORINTHA6 APPLING, CALTHA CLEMENTINE5 PETEET, JOHN RICHARD4, RICHARD3, RUTH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born April 26, 1924 in Texas, and died August 22, 2010 in Montgomery Co., TX. She married JESSIE CALVIN BURNETT Abt. June 1945. He was born July 16, 1925, and died December 19, 2009 in Montgomery Co., TX.


    2012 National Family Reunion

    By Greg Wulker, Host

    Dear Cousins,

    The Chenoweth Family Reunion host committee is excited to announce the location of the 2012 Reunion as Winchester, VA. We are currently working on the details which will include a family picnic and cookout, a car tour to include locations of the properties of our Chenoweth ancestors, several homes, places of worship, and burial sites.

    Winchester was a pivotal place for our Family from c 1740 on, as they moved west from Baltimore area. Many original wills, records, estates and many other family records are found at the Winchester/Frederick County Court House. Excellent genealogical facilities are available at the local library, which has a dedicated section for local research.

    So be sure to mark your calendars for July 25-29, 2012 for a Chenoweth Family event that can be shared with all generations. We will add updates in future Chenoweth Family Newsletters, so you�ll want to make sure you check them.

    For more information or questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at jwulker@cinc.rr.com

    A Window To The Past

    Copyright 1948 University of California: In Memoriam


    Source: Compiled by P.O.W. Network 2 Mar 1997 from one or more of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews, �Love & Duty�, by Ben and Anne Purcell (In 1992, Ben and Anne Purcell wrote a love story entitled �Love & Duty� � the remarkable story of a courageous MIA family and the victory they won with their faith. This short biography was written with information from their book.)

    Rank/Branch: E5 United States Army, crew chief
    Unit: 58 Avn Det, 223 Bn, 17 Gp, 1 BDE
    Date of Loss: 8 Fen 1968
    Country of Loss: South VietNam

    The 101st Airborne Division had a new battalion just outside of Quang Tri City. �Charlie� was everywhere around the city. Radio contact was yet to be established with logistics. A single band radio needed to be delivered there ASAP. Colonel Ben Purcell was the executive commander of the 80th General Support Group and deputy commander of the Dan Nang Sub-Area Command. Purcell decided to hand carry the radio on their way to Dong Ha to check on other troops.

    Warrant Officer Joe Rose was flying the UH-1 �Huey� and Warrant Officer Dick Ziegler was his copilot. The crew chief was SP/4 Robert Chenoweth, and SP/4 Mike Lenker was the door gunner. Pfc James E. George, a refrigeration mechanic from Purcell�s command, sat in the jump seat.

    Purcell handed the radio he had come to deliver to Capt. Drake. Private George, the refrigeration mechanic, hurried over to repair the disabled reefer truck, which was his mission on this trip.

    Captain Drake and his commo sergeant got in their jeep and drove off. As Purcell started back toward the helicopter, he saw that the two pilots and Chenoweth had a panel raised and were looking at something.

    One of the radios was out and they could not fly back up through the overcast skies without it. They had to cancel the rest of the trip up to Dong Ha.

    Rose turned the helicopter toward the southeast and headed toward the coast. They were flying about three hundred feet or so above the ground � not high enough to be out of range of small-arms fire.

    Suddenly Warrant Officer Ziegler turned toward Purcell and shouted, �We�re being fired on!� His next message was, �We�re on fire!�

    The helicopter gave a sudden lurch and then the inside flared brightly with an orange light. Only seconds after the first round hit, the fire was already hot just forward of the transmission housing in the center of the passenger compartment of the helicopter. Private George and Col. Purcell were sitting on the outside seats as far away from the heat as it was possible to be.

    The helicopter made a sweeping turn to the right and toward the ground trailing fire and smoke. Rose fought to control the helicopter and to land it as quickly as possible.

    The helicopter hit hard and the tips of the rotor blades dug into the ground and broke as they struck a large granite monument. The helicopter was ripped to shreds by the ground impact and the flailing rotor blades.

    George, Chenoweth, Lenker, and Purcell loosened their seat belts and jumped out, but the pilot and copilot couldn�t get out through their respective doors. They were trapped in their seats by the �chicken plates,� as the aircrews humorously called the armor shields installed between them and their doors. The door gunner ran to the front doors and slid the panels back so Rose and Mr Ziegler could get out. By the time he opened their doors, though, the pilots had already butted their way through the windshield.

    Ziegler was hit in the leg. George ran back to the ship to recover his M-14 rifle, which was lying on the floor between the pilots� seats. He drove right into the middle of the flames and the fire engulfed him instantly. Lenker and Purcell had to reach in and drag him out. Flames had licked at George�s hands and face, and his skin there was hanging in strips.

    Lenker and Purcell had a hold of George and they half-carried and half-dragged the badly burned young soldier away from the burning helicopter. Ziegler was limping badly, his leg was bleeding, and George was in great pain and groaning softly.

    Soon after, the crew was surrounded by twelve Viet Cong. Realizing they had no chance to fight with few weapons and ammunition, the crew surrendered.

    As the VC forced them to move, the injured George asked Ben Purcell to pray. The VC soon put an end to the prayers - - Purcell was forced to move off and a shot was heard. James E. George was believed executed that day. His remains have never been found.

    Robert Preston (Bob) Chenoweth spent time in 2 jungle camps (Laos), Portholes, and the Hanoi Hilton.

    Contributors: Greg Nelson, a genealogy field man
    (28th Installment of a series)
    by Jon Egge

    Having met Greg Nelson in 1996, this article is long overdue. Greg, number 20 on my cousins list, was actually the first Chenoweth cousin I met in person, when he paid me a visit in Woodinville on a trip to Seattle in the Fall of 1996.

    Greg had been interested in Chenoweths for years, having made pilgrimages to the Ft Wayne Library in Indiana. He had also transcribed the whole of the Hiatt book�s genealogy into a genealogy file. I was in awe of his experience, not having even looked at a Census page then, and not even knowing really how to go about this. It was all sort of daunting to me. Greg had done yeoman�s work with the family of Samuel and in particular with the descendants of his son Gideon who came west to Oregon. It is a very rich tree that now extends 64 pages from this 5th generation Samuel of Logan Co., KY. Over the years Greg helped me with research on Samuel that helped with our decision to realign Samuel to Jonathan rather than his grandfather William.

    Gideon died on December 11, 1867 in DeKalb Co., MO. He had married Mary Magdalena �Polly� Simmons, and by her had 12 known children, 7 of whom would marry. Five ended up in Oregon along with their widowed mother Mary and Gideon�s brother John W. Chenoweth. This was in Douglas Co., OR, nestled in the heart of Southwest Oregon, a region that has been home to a varied array of Chenoweth lines over the years. Hardin, who never married, the oldest son, became part of early Oregon history piloting steamboats up the Columbia River. Susannah married William Edward Thornton and died on December 16, 1928 in Eugene, the mother of 12. Elizabeth would marry 4 times with 2 children, Mary Rose Gormerly Stillson and Minnie Ahlf Nelson, dying in Portland on September 20, 1938. Charlotte, Greg�s great grandmother, married Edward Morgan, III on November 16, 1879 in Happy Valley, Douglas Co., OR. They had six children. Louisa married William Henry York and also had six children. Hardin, never marrying, the Chenoweth name was carried down in the area by their uncle John, who married the widow Adamson, Melinda Dixon. It was their son Creed Lee who corresponded with Cora Hiatt.

    A story that sticks in my mind, was that of Creed�s brother James, who operated a quicksilver mine. As retold in the Harris book, when workmen at his mine refused to handle the processing of the mercury, James took this upon himself leading to his early death at the age of 40. This was long before OSHA and the �right to know� laws that we have today. James would have benefited from a few safety programs. It appears that his workmen had a bit more sense.

    A number of years later I was able to find a descendant of Gideon�s in Missouri from John Milton Chenoweth who had remained in the Show-Me-State when I located Harold Leslie Chenoweth as a result of a cold call. Harold and I had a long conversation and exchanged some letters. As a result of this I was able to give back to Greg, a small down payment on the debt I owed him.

    In the process of writing this article, while looking at this family, I tried, as I always do, looking for things that appeared missing. I finally found a continuation for Mary Rose Gomerley. I had looked before, she was said to have married a Stillson. In the 1910 Census of Seattle, WA she is newly married to Leroy W. Stilson, 26 years her senior. It appears that Mary was previously married to a Conway as she lists two sons who appear as Leroy�s stepsons. Now I have some more things to look for. Sweet. This is why I never seem to get anything done.

    GIDEON6 CHENOWETH (SAMUEL5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 17, 1814 in Logan Co. KY, and died December 11, 1867 in DeKalb Co., MO. He married MARY MAGDALENA 'POLLY' SIMMONS June 10, 1834 in Pike Co., IL, daughter of JONATHAN SIMMONS and MARY TROUTMAN. She was born July 16, 1818 in Meade Co., KY, and died May 22, 1906 in Douglas Co., OR.

      Children of GIDEON CHENOWETH and MARY SIMMONS are:

    1. HARDIN7 CHENOWETH, b. May 10, 1835, Pike Co., IL; d. January 08, 1859, Douglas Co., OR.
    2. SAMUEL C. CHENOWETH, b. February 19, 1837, Lee Co., IA; d. September 01, 1923, Winfield, Cowley Co., KS; m. (1) SUSAN V. HAYTER, July 29, 1869, Mayville, DeKalb Co., MO; b. August 20, 1848; m. (2) SARAH KATHERINE (NEWLAND) MCCULLOCK, April 27, 1879, Ten Mile, Douglas Co., OR; b. 1846, Iowa; d. November 25, 1888, Douglas Co., OR; m. (3) LUCY OGLE, January 13, 1890, Mayville, DeKalb Co., MO; b. 1848, Fulton Co., IL; d. 1905, Mayville, DeKalb Co., MO.
    3. SUSANNAH CHENOWETH, b. March 28, 1839, Lee Co., IA; d. December 16, 1928, Eugene, Lane Co., OR; m. WILLIAM EDWARD THORNTON, February 18, 1858, DeKalb Co., MO; b. February 27, 1841, Clinton Co., MO; d. February 27, 1910, Springfield, Lane Co., OR.
    4. WILLIAM M. CHENOWETH, b. December 20, 1841, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO; d. September 19, 1861, Battle of Lexington, Lafayette Co., MO.
    5. MARY CHENOWETH, b. March 01, 1843, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO; d. April 25, 1922, Perry, Noble Co., OK; m. ELISHA BENTON OGLE, September 13, 1865, DeKalb Co., MO; b. March 08, 1846, Fulton Co., IL; d. April 28, 1914, Orlando, Logan Co., OK.
    6. JOHN MILTON CHENOWETH, b. February 16, 1846, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO; d. February 09, 1938, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO; m. PHOEBE ANN McCOWEN, October 27, 1864, Amity, DeKalb Co., MO; b. March 15, 1849, Missouri; d. October 30, 1920, Buchanan Co., MO.
    7. ANDREW J. CHENOWETH, b. June 09, 1848, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO; d. September 19, 1887, DeKalb Co., MO.
    8. NANCY CHENOWETH, b. March 15, 1851, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO; d. September 09, 1856, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO.
    9. ELIZABETH A. CHENOWETH, b. May 17, 1853, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO; d. September 20, 1938, Portland, Multnomah Co., OR; m. (1) FRANCIS MARION 'FRANK' GORMERLY, May 28, 1873, Buchanan Co., MO; b. March 01, 1843; d. December 06, 1932; m. (2) JOHANN JOACHIM 'JOHN HANS' AHLF, June 20, 1878, Douglas Co., OR; b. 1852, Burg, Dithmarschen, Schleswig Holstein, GERMANY; d. Unknown; m. (3) ? BENSON, Bef. 1902; b. Bet. 1838 - 1858; m. (4) WILLIAM E. HAYDEN, October 05, 1902, Clark Co., WA; b. 1843.
    10. LOUISIANNA CHENOWETH, b. February 25, 1856, Andrew Co. (Now DeKalb Co.), MO; d. September 12, 1862, DeKalb Co., MO.
    11. CHAROLETTE SIMMONS CHENOWETH, b. October 05, 1858, Stewartville, Dekalb Co., MO; d. August 22, 1945, Condon, Gilliam Co., OR; m. EDWARD MORGAN III, November 16, 1879, Happy Valley, Douglas Co., OR; b. December 16, 1855, near Roseburg, Douglas Co., OR; d. July 28, 1944, Condon, Gilliam Co., OR.
    12. LOUISA ETHEL CHENOWETH, b. September 13, 1862, DeKalb Co., MO; d. February 25, 1913, Salem, Marion Co., OR; m. WILLIAM HENRY YORK, May 19, 1884, Wasco Co., OR; b. July 16, 1856, Oneida Co., NY.

    [Nellie Mary Kilgore]

    This is a 1937 Oil self-portrait of Nellie Mary Kilgore
    b: 7 Dec 1883, Marshall Co., IL)
    Wife of Hemboldt John Klinge
    daughter of Eliza Alida Chenoweth7, Mathias Rose Chenoweth6 Lewis Rose Chenoweth5 John Chenoweth4 Arthur Chenoweth3 John Chenoweth2 John Chenoweth1

    Rededication Ceremony � Chenoweth Cemetery, May 30, 2011

    By Steven D. Hart (Mildred Leon Coberly11, Addie Dollie Taylor10, Ada Mae Schoonover9, Judith Chenoweth8, Marshall7, John Kittle6, William Pugh5, John4, William3, John2, John1)

    I just wanted to pass along a picture from a buddy who attended a Chenoweth Cemetery Ceremony over the Memorial Day weekend. The SAR Chapter of Hocking Valley, OH, Keith Kaufman, Chapter President, forwarded it to me.

    [Rededication Ceremony]
    I am related to you through the Coberly lineage of Randolph Co., WV

    I was told about the event only two days before to be part of the SAR color Guard but had things planned before I had known about this, I am sorry that I missed a Family event as this.

    Members of the Hocking Valley Chapter - Ohio Society, "Sons of the American Revolution"

    SAR Compatriots ( and Charter Members ) of the Hocking Valley Chapter, SAR.

    L / R: Colonel Tom Moe (Veterans Chairman of the Hocking Valley Chapter, SAR). and Director of Veterans Affairs in Ohio. Compatriot Tom Moe, was appointed Director of Veterans Affairs by Ohio Governor - John Kasich ( Col. Moe was the Keynote Speaker ); Anthony Beall; Keith Kaufman, Charter President; Paul Irwin ( Flag Chairman ); Martin Byron; Jake Reynolds; Kurt Ayers - Color Guard Commander.

    Shown standing next to the grave of one of the Honored "Chenoweth's" We participated in the honors .. of remembering 4 Revolutionary War soldiers .. and 4 Civil War soldiers.. buried in Chenoweth Cemetery, located outside of Grove City, Ohio.

    Congratulations .. to a fine group of dedicated Patriots.


    (The following e-mail was received from a member of the family with regards to the reunion. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated. - editor)

    Jon, Hey we do have a few additions to our family line, I am the granddaughter of Arthur and Renetta Chenoweth. I love reading the newsletter and getting your emails, thank you for doing this for us! I will get back to you as soon as I can with all the new current info of our family.

    3 Mar 2011
    Donna Chenoweth

    Glad you are enjoying the newsletters. It is amazing to me that we have been doing this now for 10 years and what a great tool it has become to keep cousins connected. I always think how much greater it could be if we had more people contributing stories, I am sure people get a bit tired of me droning on and I certainly don�t know all the stories. The few we have received and featured over the years have been stellar contributions.- Jon Egge


    Thanks Jon! Fascinating DNA story! And I loved the pictures.

    8 Mar 2011
    Diane Parrish

    I too enjoyed Pete�s family picture. It made me realize how much he looks like his maternal grandfather. Like Pete I have a lot of my mother in me, but in my case she was the Chenoweth. Besides, I have something very nostalgic for pictures in the 1940s as they remind me so much of my boyhood and my grandparents, black and white, plain and simple �Jon Egge.


    I love your newsletter, Jon. Hope to make a Chenoweth gathering soon.

    7 Mar 2011
    Peggy Wheeler

    We�re glad that you enjoy them and look forward to meeting you at a future gathering. �Jon Egge.


    Your newsletter is really amazing. I noticed a reference to the singer, Kristin Chenoweth. I recently read her autobiography, and she is not a �blood Chenoweth,� but was adopted by a couple name Chenoweth. You might like to at least skim her book; interest. (That is, if you ever find time to anything other than genealogy!)

    Question: Chenoweth is a Welsh name � and according to a TV show years ago is pronounced with the accent on the NOW. I wonder, do you know where in Wales the Chenoweth in the US cam from?

    Celin Schoen (My mother was a Chenoweth.)
    8 Mar 2011

    I am well aware that Kristin Chenoweth is an adopted daughter. It is not the type of information, since it pertains to details about a living person, that I post at the website, though it is common knowledge in any of her biographies. Many people have been adopted into the family.

    As to the Chenoweth name it is not Welsh but Cornish. I would refer you to this lead article posted at the website background page.


    The Cornish pronunciation is described in Cora Hiatt�s book as Sha NOW eth�(page 10) The accented or stressed syllable being the middle NOW. Perhaps the spelling (used even today by some Tennessee lines) of Chinouth comes closer to this pronunciation.- Jon Egge


    Long time no communicate! I have a question on the DNA project. I descend from Emiline Chenoweth who was married to William Martin Ashley. I was wondering if my brother would be eligible to participate in this study even though our direct descendant line come from a female? If so, how much does this study cost? My brother has been unemployed for over a year and just recently started back to work. Thus, if the cost is too great, I would be willing to pay the cost if it within a reasonable range.

    Hope all is well there in Washington. We have had a very snowy winter and we are looking forward to spring! Take care.

    8 Mar 2011
    Dawn Carr

    We too have had a little snow, but much more rain and lots of gray. The sun has been much missed, a typical dreary NW winter and Spring cannot be too soon for me. Our DNA project is limited to the Chenoweth name. Your brother (who by the way is not in my file � certain indication that stuff is missing)? would only have Lesburg DNA markers and tell us nothing of Chenoweths. The Marker is carried from son to son, no daughter lines allowed ( or at least of help), their sons tell a story of a different surname. I think the costs are about $150 now. �Jon Egge.

    Well darn it�..thought we might be able to help out with the DNA project! So you are missing my siblings�well here ya go, I�m going to add some work for you�

    And by the way, the surname Lesburg was a mistranslation when my grandfather entered the service for WWI. Our real surname is Laskodi. He is of Hungarian descen and he spoke rather broken English at the time and the name somehow was translated to Lesburg, which is a surname he kept for the remainder of his life! So I guess we could start a DNA project for Laskodi?

    Hope all is well there in Washington. We have had a very snowy winter and we are looking forward to spring! Take care.

    9 Mar 2011
    Dawn Carr

    You now have something unique. There are only 6 people in the SSA with the name Lesburg, all I suppose part of your grandfather�s unique naming, (there are 17 Laskodi). Lots of stories here. I�m glad we preserved Emeline�s family. I just saw the gravestone on find-a-grave. � Jon


    Hey Jon, could you refresh my memory and tell me how the Lockard family is related to the Chenoweth family? Thanks, Scott Willard Lockard, son of Willard Murray Lockard, son of Willard Lockard from Ohio

    9 Mar 2011
    Scott Lockard

    Hannah Chenoweth d/o Abraham Chenoweth and Rebecca Kerr [Abraham was the youngest Chenoweth male grandson of the progenitor family] married Thomas Blackstone on December 30, 1832 in Pike Co., OH. Their son, John Blackstone, married Isadore Jane Downing d/o Mesheck Downing and his 2nd wife Sarah Hayden [his first wife was Sarah Downing d/o Mary Chenoweth]. Their son Claude D. Blackstone married Emma A. Sharp d/o Leander Sharp & Amanda McAllister on September 20, 1900 in Pike Co., OH. Their daughter Helen E. Blackstone married George E. Bateman, your mother�s parents. All very Pike Co., OH for a long while � Jon Egge


    Thank you so very much for always an informative newsletter, Jon. Happy Spring to you and yours.

    9 Mar 2011
    Mary K. George


    Thank you for the info and the newsletter update. I was wondering is the nation reunion the only one scheduled for 2012? For some reason I thought there was going to be a reunion in Pennsylvania also. If there is could you tell me when and where?

    9 Mar 2011
    Beth Mullins

    Many years ago, when they first set up the reunions, Bill Chinworth made a long range schedule that included Philadelphia. This last year, everyone involved (except Bill), felt it would be better to stage one in or near Winchester as this latter location has a rich family history (and records) whereas the family was really not very involved, if at all, with Philadelphia, though the Calverts came from just north of there. So the reunion got changed from Philadelphia to Winchester. � Jon Egge

    Chenoweth named School Superintendent


    On Wednesday, April 13, 2011; The Perry Daily Journal headline was, :Perry Board of Education names Chenoweth superintendent of schools, and went on to say that the Perry Board of Education had announced that Scott Chenoweth has been selected as the new superintendent of Perry Public Schools for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2022 school years.

    Chenoweth, a 1986 graduate of Perry High School, was hired as head wrestling coach in 1995 and has held positions as social studies and computers teacher, junior high football and wrestling coach, assistant principal and athletic director for Perry Mid-High/High School, and transportation director. He'd earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from the University of Nebraska and a Master of Educational Leadership from Southern Nazarene University. His educational certifications are secondary teacher, secondary principal and superintendent. He is a member of the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration and CCOSA Principal's Leadership Academy.

    A past president and past vice president of the Oklahoma Wrestling Coaches Association, Chenoweth now serves as the association's executive secretary. He is also the Oklahoma state representative for the National Wrestling Coaches Association.

    Residing in Perry, Chenoweth, his wife, Sage, and children Sebastian and Savannah, are members of the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church.

    Oklahoma Holds Annual Family Reunion, 11 Jun 2011

    Just thought to send a note telling you what an exceptional event we attended at the truck stop in Hinton, OK over the weekend. There were about 70 in attendance, most of them from the Thomas line and they have made these gatherings an annual event for YEARS! What a lovely group. We even met Kristin Chenoweth's parents who are really kind and sweet.

    I was able to spend much of my time talking about the family association and even got up and spoke about the reunion in Winchester. There seems to be a lot of interest. Evelyn (Chenoweth) Felix who is the matriarch of the group) is planning to attend and bring along as many as wants to go. They talked a lot about the Dallas event and how wonderful it was � Lawra Duy (Chenoweth Family Association Board Member)


    [Jon] By Jon Egge
    Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
    Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

    [THOMAS] The family of Gideon, with help from John McCall

    John McCall is number 262 on my cousin list that is now almost 3,060 people, but I had first connected with him over a year earlier, in January of 1997, when we had just completed our first year building the website. I had gotten his name from Joe Thompson of Port Townsend who had been a wonderful resource in the Jaques line of Mary Chenoweth, d/o Jacob Van Meter Chenoweth. John had been active in the genealogy world and I ran across his name more than once. At the time John was living in Lake Ozark. He has since moved to Henderson, NV. John wrote me back and provided me with information his line from Gideon�s son Edward Benton Chenoweth. But he didn�t stop there. Soon, after he came on line, John was taking on research projects and would often provide me with meaningful information. He was especially helpful with the unknown line of John Chenoweth who married Christina Hall. John had an abiding interest in tracking things down and his was far more skilled than I was at the time in doing research.

    Gideon was the youngest son of Jacob, the s/o Abraham who had settled in Darke Co., OH with his brother John. Gideon was not yet 13 when his father Jacob died. His older sister Rebecca had married William Blizzard Borders. They had settled in DeWitt Co., IL and it appears that Jacob�s widow, Sally Foster Chenoweth, took her family to Illinois where Rebecca and William had settled. Gideon married there at the young age of 17 to Mary Ann Bryant, the daughter of Cornelius Rueben Bryant and Agnes Sims. Mary was almost a year older than Gideon and 18 at the time. They had two sons in DeWitt Co., IL and in between Gideon went off to war. He volunteered in April of 1861 as the battle in the East had just been joined. He would serve under Grant�s command in the West, taking part in the early victories at Forts Henry and Donaldson that propelled Grant to prominence. In the fall of 1863, he cut his arm and had to be hospitalized. He was soon thereafter discharged in Missouri and returned home to Illinois. A few years after the war, Gideon and Mary moved to Piatt Co., IL where they would reside for the rest of their lives, rearing 4 sons and losing one daughter in early childhood. John McCall would help me with the development of each of these families, but as I mentioned earlier, John over the early years sent me an assortment of information on the family.

    In June 2008 I had the occasion to run across John�s 2nd cousin in California, Harry Kaufmann. John had originally placed Harry�s name in my file in 2003 from information from Bill Morrison, who John had located and enabled me to contact. For 4 years the information on Harry had sat in my file, unmatched, because of a misspelling in his name. While plowing through our California list of unidentified children of Chenoweth Mothers, I had found and finally contacted Harry and was able to sort the whole thing out. It was good to be able to help John with something for a change.

    GIDEON5 CHENOWETH (JACOB4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born March 16, 1840 in Darke Co., OH, and died April 06, 1907 in Deland, Piatt Co., IL. He married MARY ANN BRYANT August 27, 1857 in DeWitt Co., IL, daughter of CORNELIUS BRYANT and AGNES SIMS. She was born April 18, 1839 in Morgan Co., IL, and died December 03, 1899 in Monticello, Piatt Co., IL.

    Children of GIDEON CHENOWETH and MARY BRYANT are:

    1. GEORGE HARRISON6 CHENOWETH, b. January 19, 1860, DeWitt Co., IL; d. November 05, 1892, Argenta, Macon Co., IL; m. EMMA HUGHES, June 14, 1883, Willow Branch, Piatt Co., IL; b. Abt. 1861, Monticello, Piatt Co., IL.
    2. FRANCIS HUBERT 'FRANK' CHENOWETH, b. June 22, 1866, Clinton, DeWitt Co., IL; d. May 24, 1917, Coles Co., IL; m. SARAH AGATHA BODWELL, January 06, 1890, Cook Co., IL; b. September 07, 1865, Illinois; d. April 27, 1937, Coles Co., IL.
    3. EDWARD BENTON CHENOWETH, b. January 04, 1869, Cisco, Piatt Co., IL; d. January 01, 1933, Charleston, Coles Co., IL; m. OLIVE SAMANTHA MITCHELL, May 27, 1891, Weldon, Clarke Co., IA; b. August 02, 1866, Copley twp., Knox Co., IL; d. May 02, 1949, Charleston, Coles Co., IL.
    4. ELIZA A. CHENOWETH, b. August 22, 1872, Piatt Co., IL; d. May 04, 1874, Illinois.
    5. WILLIAM CORNELIUS CHENOWETH, b. June 28, 1878, Piatt Co., IL; d. April 21, 1939, Casey, Clark Co., IL; m. GERTRUDE MAE HARLAN, October 20, 1901, Cisco, Piatt Co., IL; b. Abt. August 1879, Galesville, Piatt Co., IL; d. July 23, 1967, Cloverdale, Putnam Co., IN.

    [John] Kittle Glue

    I wasn�t far into my first year of Chenoweth genealogy when the uniqueness of Randolph Co., WV reared its head. The families that settled in this remote valley of the Tygart River became a separate world while the other Virginia families marched west. I found out how remote this place was driving to the 2002 Chenoweth Reunion in Elkins. What was a winding up and down half day car trip to me from Winchester must have been an arduous journey by wagon in the late 1700s. I joked to Deanna that the reason few of John�s family left the Valley was that Mary Pugh put her foot down and said �We�re not doing that again� and made certain that her children knew what a tough journey it had been. Of course that is just a notion. But many of the families of the area stayed close instead of following the westward movement. And that is where my fascination with Randolph Co. begins. These families intermarried so many times, there are so many cousin marriages, everyone in the valley has a large extended family of relationships. As of this writing, 100 of the 267 identified cousin marriages in my file are in West Virginia. Few are close cousin relationships. Only half of these are Chenoweth cousins, but rather have common roots to one of the other many early families of the Valley. I have tried whenever possible to connect these family names together.

    One of the early families was Kittle, stemming from Abraham Kittle, Sr. who died in Randolph Co., in 1816. The Kittle name, to me, brings back fond childhood memories of the �Ma and Pa Kittle� movies of the 50�s based on Betty McDonald�s book, �The Egg and I�. Granted the book was based on a family living in Washington State, still the Kittle name resonates with me. The earliest Kittle tie with the Chenoweth would be the marriage of William Pugh Chenoweth to Lydia Kittle. Like many of the subsequent ties, they would involve Kittle female descendants, so the Kittle name is not prominent in the database. The biggest exception to this female rule was the marriage of Mary Chenoweth�s daughter, Terza Stalnaker to Cyrus Kittle. In my file I count 13 grandchildren of Abraham Kittle that led somewhere to a marriage to a Chenoweth descendant of the Valley. Subtracting Lydia, the 12 grandchildren ties become 24 in the next generation. It is remarkable glue.

    Of course it pales in contrast to the Stalnaker ties. There were 10 Stalnaker children of Jacob Stalnaker, all contemporaries of �Revolutionary John�. There were 22 grandchildren of Jacob Stalnaker that led somewhere to a marriage to a Chenoweth descendant of the Valley. In that generation two were with children of John, Robert Chenoweth to Rachel Stalnaker and Mary Chenoweth to John White Stalnaker. Robert�s daughter Susannah, by his 2nd wife Edith Skidmore, married John W. Stalnaker. These two marriages of Mary and her niece Susannah insured a large male Stalnaker presence within the Chenoweth family. Of course there are many other families that connect in the Valley, Skidmores, Phares, Kelleys, Hart, Weese, Daniels, Collett, Caplinger, Rennix, Rowan, Hyre, Helmick and more. Still, the Kittles, as background glue to the family, remains one of my favorites.

    Lines that lead to Chenoweths: [note: listing is only the descendants of Abraham that lead to a Chenoweth tie]

    • 1 Abraham Kittle, Sr. b: 1731 d: 1816 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) Military: Revolutionary War
      +Christina Westfall b: August 04, 1754 m: August 04, 1754 in Deer Park Church, Ulster Co., NY
      • 2 Jacob Kittle b: July 26, 1757 in Sussex Co., NJ d: October 04, 1842 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) Military: Revolutionary War
        ..... +Mary A. Henderson b: October 03, 1758 in Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY m: in New Amsterdam, NY d: March 03, 1834 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV)
        • 3 Gean Kittle b: November 25, 1776 in Port Jervis, Orange Co., NY d: Unknown
          ........ +William J. Kelley b: 1779 in Pennsylvania m: April 20, 1798 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: Unknown Father: William Kelley
        • 3 Sarah Kittle b: 1782 d: March 1850 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV)
          ........ +James S. Skidmore b: August 16, 1784 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) m: February 14, 1805 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: 1860 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) Father: Andrew Skidmore Mother: Margaret Johnson
        • 3 Christina 'Sallie' Kittle b: 1783 d: March 13, 1836
          ........ +John Triplett b: August 28, 1778 in Maryland m: Abt. 1800 d: 1876
        • 3 Lydia Kittle b: March 05, 1785 in New York d: September 23, 1852 in Elkins, Randolph Co., VA (now WV) Burial: Arnold Hill cemetery, south of Elkins, Randolph Co., WV
          ........ +William Pugh Chenoweth b: February 02, 1784 in Hampshire Co., VA (now WV) m: January 25, 1807 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: September 26, 1855 in Elkins, Randolph Co., VA (now WV) Father: John Chenoweth Mother: Mary Pugh Burial: Arnold Hill cemetery, south of Elkins, Randolph Co., WV
        • 3 Jemima Kittle b: September 15, 1788 d: November 22, 1860
          ........ +Abel William Kelley b: June 06, 1787 in Pennsylvania m: September 24, 1809 d: November 17, 1878 Father: William Kelley
        • 3 Benjamin Wilson Kittle b: 1794
          ........ +Nancy A. Stalnaker b: 1799 Father: George Washington Stalnaker Mother: Susannah Hart
        • 3 Mary 'Polly' Kittle b: 1798 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: November 09, 1823 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV)
          ........ +Joseph Hart b: July 16, 1797 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) m: April 09, 1819 d: April 04, 1881 in Randolph Co., WV Comment: 2nd wife Susan Pickens: October 08, 1826 Father: Edward Hart Mother: Nancy Ann Stout
      • 2 John Kittle b: November 28, 1764 d: December 25, 1834
        ..... +Elizabeth Wells b: 1769
        • 3 Hezekiah Kittle b: October 04, 1786 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV)
          ........ +Margaret Smith b: 1789 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) m: 1806 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: 1856 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV)
        • 3 Henry Petro Kittle b: 1803 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: June 1875
        • 3 Simon R. Kittle b: 1805 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV)
          ........ +Jane Clark b: 1808
      • 2 Daniel Kittle b: 1765 in Sussex Co., N.J. d: Bef. 1816 in Wood Co., VA (now WV)
        ..... +Catharine CHENOWETH b: April 20, 1766 m: 1789 d: April 25, 1855
        • 3 Soloman Kittle b: September 16, 1793
      • 2 Abraham Kittle, Jr. b: February 18, 1773 d: April 17, 1814
        ..... +Margaret Marteney b: November 04, 1777 in Maryland m: 1794 d: 1837 Father: Charles Marteney Mother: Anna Marie Morris
      • 3 Elijah Kittle b: December 24, 1796 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: 1869 in Randolph Co., WV
        ........ +Lucinda Waldo b: 1801 m: October 07, 1818 in Harrison Co., VA (now WV)
      • 3 Prudence Kittle b: April 24, 1801 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: September 04, 1869 in Barbour, VA (now WV)
        ........ +John Chamberlain Holden b: June 15, 1791 in Barbour, VA (now WV) m: November 03, 1819 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV)

    [Thomas] The happy find of Susannah

    It is not often anymore that I am able to find a daughter in the 5th generation that we have not previously located in the Census. In 2009 I found one. While plodding through some stuff, I noticed Luke�s daughter Susannah had never been found. Harris gives us that she married a Kreklow on page 458. He also included the date of her death in November 19, 1903, so someone had to have known something. Susannah was born in 1835 in Vermillion Co., IN and was last seen with her mother Mary A. 'Polly' McElwain in Iowa in the 1850 Census shortly after Luke�s untimely death in the winter of 1847. We had looked for her in the 1860 Census review without success, but now we were plodding through the 1870 and why not try again. Kreklow is one of those names that is bound to be messed up in Census taking and transcription. The every-name indexes now available make things possible now that before were useless to try, and I am becoming more adept at milking ancestry for misspellings, so the process began. BAM, there was a Susannah Krecklow in Callaway Co., MO. She was the right age, but born in Illinois. Still this was very close with a good possibility. This Susannah had married a Charles Krecklow and had 4 children.

    Year: 1870; Census Place: Cedar, Callaway, Missouri; Roll: M593_764; Page: 289; Image: 133

    • Charles Krecklow 37-PRUSSIA
    • Susanah Krecklow 35-IL
    • Rolla V Krecklow 17-IL
    • George Krecklow 10-IL
    • William Krecklow 8-IL
    • Ellen Krecklow 6-IL

    Others of Susannah�s family had ended up in Missouri. I turned to ancestry trees and found nothing until I used her son �Rolla�. BAM up came a personal tree with the entry Rolla V Kreeklow Craiglow born 1853 in Illinois. Surely there was not two of these. I am not sure why people enter personal trees. I seldom respond to them, but my interest was great and it was of a tree of only 701 people, so I gave it a shot, writing one of those improbable letters to �Username Withheld�. I always find this uncomfortable. I explained the Census listing and my interest. A few days later I got this missive back from Patricia Miller.

    �Hi/Apparently we are looking for some of the same relatives. My husbands' great-grandparents are Charles Krecklow and Susannah Chenoweth. They had a daughter named Dora who married George S. Carroll in Missouri. The last information I have on Charles is, on the 1910 census he was widowed and living with Dora and George. I assume Susannah died in Missouri but I don�t know. I haven�t had much luck on finding Rolla, George, William or Ellen. Dora was born in 1877 and died in 1952 in Joplin, Missouri. If you have any information maybe we can come up with some dates or something. Anything you can help me with and I'll do the same. Thanks in advance. Patty�

    Well that is a good start. We were matching in on the same Census. Patty gave me some information I did not have, the daughter Dora as well as her marriage. Like her I had not found Charles, Susannah or any of the 4 children in another Census. So I tried Dora and the 1910 Census came up with this:

    Year: 1910; Census Place: North Howell, Howell, Missouri; Roll: T624_784; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 80

    • George D Carroll 44-MO (TN MO) farmer
    • Dora Carroll 32-MO (GER IL) married 15 child 7/7
    • Oca Carroll 14-MO (MO MO)
    • Charles Carroll 13-MO (MO MO)
    • Oscar Carroll 11-MO (MO MO)
    • Oliver Carroll 8-MO (MO MO)
    • Frank Carroll 7-MO (MO MO)
    • Lesley Carroll 2-MO (MO MO)
    • John Carroll 3/12-MO (MO MO)

    This had to be right but Charles was not there. In 1930 Dora finally listed her mother born in Indiana. As this was Missouri and Dora died 1952, I was able to look for the online MO death certificates. �Thar she be matey!�, the d/o Charles Kreelow and Susannah Cheneworth. HAR! proof enough! Patty then replying to my response giving her the correct Chenoweth information chimed in with:

    �Hi/ I accidentally gave you the wrong census date for Charles Krecklow. It was the 1900 census when he was living with Dora and George. Thanks for all the information, I really appreciate it. I didn't have a clue for most of the information you sent. Thanks again. Patty�

    Information from Patty is bits and pieces and slowly I am putting some of this together, but obviously this explains why I did not find Charles in the 1910. With renewed interest I pounded the 1900 Census and finally found this ancestry garble:

    Year: 1900; Census Place: Bourbois, Gasconade, Missouri; Roll: T623_855 Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 38

    • George Canell Jun 1866-MO (MO MO)
    • Dora Canell Jul 1877-MO (GER IN) married 6 child 3/3
    • Asia Canell Jun 1894-MO (MO MO)
    • Charles Canell Mar 1896-MO (MO MO)
    • Rusker Canell Feb 1898-MO (MO MO)
    • Charles Kreeklam Feb 1833-GER (GER GER) immigrated 1857 father-in-law Widowed
    • John R Canell Mar 1878-MO (MO MO) nephew

    I admit the page was written by someone with a crabbed hand and almost impossible to sort out without knowing what you were looking for. As Dora was born in Gasconade Co. by her death certificate, I then found the missing 1880 Census, by narrowing the search to Gasconade. I have had to look this county up as I have never found a Chenoweth there prior to this. It borders to the Missouri River to the south and is kitty corner to Callaway Co.

    1880; Census Place: Bourbois, Gasconade, Missouri; Roll: T9_686; Family History Film: 1254686; Page: 310.4000; Enumeration District: 81

    • Charles Crazleton 47-PRUS (PRUS PRUS) farmer
    • Susanna Crazleton 34-IN (IN IN)
    • Ellen W. Crazleton 15-IL (PRUS IN)
    • Mary Elizabeth Crazleton 6-MO (PRUS IN)
    • Dora Luiza Crazleton 2-MO (PRUS IN)

    You can easily see the problems involved in this work. But here Susannah did say that she was born in Indiana. Census work often contains anomalies but this was pushing the envelope. I have been completely unsuccessful in finding this couple in the 1860 in Illinois. Still we have found the family and extended Susannah�s line. I have no idea what happened to anyone one but Dora, but Dora had a passel of kids and I am still waiting for Patty. I have yet to explain the Harris date of death, if Charles is indeed a widower in 1900.

    SUSANNAH5 CHENOWETH (LUKE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born November 08, 1835 in Vermillion Co., IN, and died November 19, 1903. She married CHARLES KRECKLOW July 26, 1870 in Missouri. He was born Abt. 1833 in PRUSSIA.


    1. ROLLA V.6 KRECKLOW, b. Abt. 1853, Illinois.
    2. GEORGE KRECKLOW, b. Abt. 1860, Illinois.
    3. WILLIAM KRECKLOW, b. Abt. 1862, Illinois.
    4. ELLEN W. KRECKLOW, b. Abt. 1864, Illinois.
    5. MARY ELIZABETH KRECKLOW, b. Abt. 1874, Missouri.
    6. DORA LOUISE KRECKLOW, b. July 09, 1877, Bland, Gasconade Co., MO; d. August 01, 1952, Joplin, Jasper Co., MO; m. GEORGE STEVEN CARROLL; b. May 27, 1865, Bland, Gasconade Co., MO; d. May 1946, Joplin, Jasper Co., MO..

    JULY 2012

    Reverend Eli Ashbrook (2nd installment)
    (first installment)

    Presented by: Lorraine Joyce (Tatham) Smith, James Earl Tatham, Abbie Joyce Moore, Aura H. Ashbrook, William Albert Ashbrook, Eli Ashbrook


    I had known for nearly fifty years there was in existence some manuscript written by my grandfather relating to the Ashbrook family, but it was not until Easter time, 1934, that I was privileged to examine it and type this copy. It was through the kindness and courtesy of Laurabelle Ashbrook, a teacher in the Johnstown schools who is a daughter of H.D. Ashbrook of Granville, OH., who is a son of the late H.M. (Munson) Ashbrook, who was a son of the late Hiram Ashbrook, who was a son of my grandfather, Rev. Eli Ashbrook.

    This manuscript was written in 1871 when my grandfather was in his 90th year. It remained in the possession of Uncle Hiram Ashbrook until his death, then in the possession of his son, O.D. Ashbrook, who lived at Marshalltown, IA, for nearly fifty years. At his death, a couple of years ago, it came back to Ohio to his nephew, H.D. Ashbrook. It gave me a thrill to read this manuscript, twelve pages of foolscap paper, and now to make sure that it will be preserved for future generations, prompts me to here include it in �my line a day�. It reads to-wit:

    I here write something about the Ashbrook descendants rising hone hundred and fifty years ago. There was a man by the name of Aaron Ashbrook settled in Berkley Co., VA. He had a family of five sons and one daughter.

    John Ashbrook married and raised two daughters and was suddenly killed by falling from a horse.

    Thomas emigrated to Washington Co., PA, where he was killed by the Indians. He had two sons, John and James. James became a noted lawyer.

    Moses emigrated to Tennessee and was never heard from thereafter.

    Aaron, one of the five sons, removed to Hampshire Co., VA. He had two sons, remarried and emigrated to Kentucky.

    Levi, the fifth son, married, had one son and three daughters. His wife died and he again married to a Miss Chenowith and there was born to them six sons and eight daughters. Two of the daughters died when small children.

    Levi, the son of the first wife, married and emigrated to Kentucky. He raised a large family of children, one of his sons becoming noted for his immense wealth.

    John, the first son of the last wife, married and emigrated to Kentucky. He raised three sons and three daughters; sons died without families.

    Absalom married and emigrated to Pickaway Co., OH. He had three sons and three daughters and was there killed by the falling of a tree in a windstorm.

    Aaron married and emigrated to Fairfield Co., OH. Their progeny consisted of five sons and five daughters, two of the sons amassing handsome fortunes.

    Wm. Ashbrook married and emigrated to Fairfield Co., OH. He five sons and four daughters, and there died.

    Thomas married and emigrated to Pickaway Co., OH. He had two sons and two daughters. His wife died and he married again and had four sons and emigrated to Illinois in the year 1854. He lived there two years and died.

    I, Eli, now a pioneer of Licking Co., OH was born in Hampshire Co., VA. September 28, 1781, a son of Levi Ashbrook, who was the father of 18 children, seven sons and seven daughters, four by the first marriage and fourteen by the second. My parents were members of the Predestinarian Baptist church and I was brought up under their care until I was about thirteen years of age when father died of smallpox at the age of 56 years. Mother was left with eight small children to bring up as best she could.

    After father�s death I took much liberty, as boys of my age usually do after being left without a father. I became very wicked and took an active part in dancing and frolicking in other immoral practices to the great grief of my mother. I so continued until I turned into my seventeenth year.

    About that time a Baptist preacher providently came along looking after the destitute churches my father had left. I, with my mother, went to one of his appointments, the preacher taking for his text: �There is a river, the stream thereof shall make glad the City of God�. I was convicted there of sin, and saw I was a rebel against God and exposed to eternal ruin. I there saw a beautiful enclosure, with persons dressed in white robes and a person standing facing the entrance. In my imagination someone spoke to my understanding: �This is not your place � there is your place�. And then the awful pit was opened to my view. The sensation was so great that I exclaimed aloud, �Good Lord, is this my condition?� I sat down and tried to hide my face by bowing my head on the table. When I arose all were gone except the preacher and the lady of the house. When I got to the door my eyes fell upon the preacher. I then went home with my mother. The next day there was to be a meeting in our house. When the preacher and people came I hid myself in the room as well as I could. The preacher took for his text: �I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but, now mine eyes seeth thee�. Job said he saw his Redeemer, but I feel as if I was without a Redeemer. I felt as if all eyes were upon me. The preacher, the people and even the devil saw me and above all the Lord saw me. Language here fails to describe my feelings. I went to Methodist meetings afterwards. The sermons I heard there terrified me to the overflowing of tears.

    I married a daughter of Deacon Peters, January 5, 1802. In April following, I settled down with mother on the old farm where I was born, In October I was taken with a spell of sickness and during that sickness my heart was heavy and I thought I must send for a young brother preacher, but that would not do for the people would know. I was in distress so I called my mother to come and pray for me. Her answer was, �My son I have prayed for you often, now pray for yourself�.

    Time passed along, my distress subsided, but I was again aroused by a vision. I thought the great day of the Lord had come. There appeared to be an enclosure and the Judge stood near the gate and there was much people moving on, but few entered therein. I saw my turn come next to move, and seeing so few had entered I refused. Then there appeared to be sparkling rods similar to blacksmith�s hot iron which pierced me on one side and then on the other, and something seemed to say �Won�t you be tried?� which forced me to submit. I moved on, and to my surprise entered in at the straight gate without difficulty. I then had hopes it might be so at the final day of accounts. I again went to Methodist meeting and they said if sinners would read the Bible, go to meeting and pray, salvation was certain, but I found that did not suit me. I quit going to meeting and fell into a cold lifeless state.

    I then moved down North river, seven miles distant. I there had the privilege of hearing a Baptist preacher who had just moved into the county to preach to the churches my father left when he died. When I was at one of those meetings I had a sensation which I never experienced before. Looking around over my neighbors I scarcely knew any of them and I was thereby encouraged. I hitherto had thought I could address the good Lord as well standing as kneeling, but my stubborn heart gave way and I was brought to my knees. I went on pleading for mercy for some time. I then knelt by an old stump as I thought for the last time, when, behold I heard a voice saying, �Son be of good cheer, thy sins are forgiven�. Then my load of trouble was gone and I enjoyed sweet peach of mind such as I never did before. I at that time thought I would enjoy that sweet peace of mind evermore.

    I went to see a Baptist preacher, a brother of my wife, to tell him what I had found, and he requested me to tell the church my feelings. I did so and the next day was baptized. It being the fourth Sunday in April, 1806. My name was recorded in the church book of my father�s care along with six of his children. My father preached to that church near one hundred years ago. We were so happy so many of us in union in the church, it gave me great joy indeed. My companion here united with us while father and mother and five of their children could meet together and hear the word of God preached. It was comforting and consoling in the greatest degree.

    Sometime after, my wife became somewhat deranged occasioned by the loss of her babe. She was for some time in fear she was deceived, but by moving about from place to place, sometimes at her father�s, then at the preacher�s house. Then a brother preacher came along and preached for us. I took him home with me and she was considerably cheered and began to recover.

    Now we, with three of my wife�s brothers and their wives, who were my sisters, were preparing to emigrate to Ohio. On the 11th of October, 1810, our preacher preached his farewell sermon to us children, as he called us, for he had married us and baptized us. He and Father Peters went with us three miles and the preacher said he had parted with his own children before but this was beyond any parting he had ever experienced.

    We bade adieu and started for Ohio and landed in Pickaway county on the 27th October, 1810. This location being very sickly, we did not stay long. We took up another location in Fairfield county and mover there the next April. We there located near a Baptist church of 96 members. We handed in our letters immediately, but as we had not heard there were two orders of Baptists, we were deceived. We then went looking in search of our kind of Baptists and found a church of our faith and order fifteen miles distance, and gave in our letters.

    My mind being much exercised about preaching before, I commenced in 1812 and tried from place to place, succeeding poorly, as I thought. Three years after I started back to Virginia on a business trip. There I met an old brother and he would have me try to preach. On my way I met with an association and preached with the greatest liberty I had ever had. A brother requested me to preach at his house next day on my journey. When I arrived there I could not preach. I then thought I would never try again, but when I got to my journey�s end they compelled me to try again. I took for my text in the third chapter of John, �As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up,� etc.

    I returned home and still continued trying to show sinners their condition by the word of God, sometimes with pleasure and sometimes in darkness. I saw what a poor ignorant creature I was. I thought I could show sinners what a state they were in, but the Lord alone can show them their condition. I was anxious the people should know what I knew.

    Not long after this time a brother wrote me and said that the Lord had made use of me in bringing in one soul to a knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus. That gave much encouragement and I started off to preach again and fell in with a brother who I knew before had made a profession of religion and spent several days with him trying to preach. I made a trip to see my mother back in Virginia and other relatives. I met my former pastor and at one of his appointments I tried to preach and had much pleasure. An old Deacon asked me to preach at his house. I failed, which greatly discouraged me.

    Went some distance and fell in with a very able preacher. Felt very small before him, but traveled with him several days, hearing him preach and trying to preach myself. Traveled over 500 miles and had a pleasant time. On my return journey I preached wherever there was opportunity. Found all well at home after being gone over five months and soon started to see a brother-in-law, a Baptist, and found there had never been a Baptist sermon preached in the place. I commenced to preach there monthly and crowds flocked to hear. In the course of three years I baptized a number and organized a church. During this time I preached at several other points.

    When I settled near Johnstown I bought fifty acres of land in the woods with a view of settling on it. Having a large family, I rented an improved farm until I could fell the timber. I put my son on it to raise a crop. The following April moved on the farm. Brought some stock along and in June a windstorm blew a tree on one of my cows and killed her. The next day the wind blew two trees on the roof of my home and smashed the roof in. In the fall a horse died and within two years six horses. All I had had died. These were some of my trials, but I was shortly cheered for we had a revival of religion and I baptized several. A glorious work commenced and before it closed, twenty-three were brought in the fold, five of my own children. On one day I baptized seventeen. Then came two charges against me; one by a Baptist and one by a profligate which caused much trouble. A council of five ministers was called to settle the difficulty. The council from the best evidence they could get came to the following conclusion � Give me a gentle rebuke for some of my hard talk and requested the church to give me a letter of dismission.

    I took my letter and gave it in to the church which I had been instrumental in organizing and went to preaching here and to other churches. Then I started back where I was raised to see my sister who had lost her husband and had been confined to her bed some years. On my way I fell in with a brother minister and tried to preach for him and went on to an association and there had the best time I ever had in trying to preach. A brother said he would go on home and make an appointment at his meeting house for me. When I got there I could not preach. Leaving there on my way I came across a minister that I had heard before I made a profession. Stayed with him some time, hearing him preach and trying myself to preach.

    Went on my journey to my sister�s. Had a pleasant interview and talked to her about baptism. Wnet to bed and in the morning found her smiling and she asked me what I thought about baptizing her. I replied, �My dear sister, that can�t be done, for there is no water within three miles.� She said, �Yes, I think there is in yonder meadow where the spring cuts its way through the bank�. Finding sufficient water there, a meeting was appointed and a large concourse of people assembled to hear and see the woman killed, as they thought. I took my sister from her arm chair, in which the brethren had brought her, into the water, baptized her and placed her back in her chair. When she got home she was so animated she took some steps.

    I left her and went to search of an able preacher I had heard of, trying to preach on the way. I overtook him as he had started on a preaching tour. His venerable appearance and the account I had of him scared me, but he said �You must preach�, and in trying I was given considerable liberty and lost my fear. Continued with him several days, hearing and preaching, which was very pleasant.

    [to be continued]


    As with any new website that we source for information there are always individuals that we cannot identify. The lead story in this issue was about the website Find-a-grave. So we ask you to take a look at some of the individuals that we have not been able to place. As always with this column any help in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

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    2. Chenoweth, A.S. (no dates) Poplar Log Cemetery, Temple Hill, Barren Co., KY
    3. Chenoweth, Albert E. (1868-1925) Dayton Cemetery, Dayton, Tippecanoe Co., IN
    4. Chenoweth, Alfred (1820-30 Sep 1820) Hillside Cemetery, Williamsport, Warren Co., IN
    5. Chenoweth, Alfred E. (1894-1948) Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA
    6. Chenoweth, Anna Z. (20 Mar 1873-11 Nov 1915) Maple Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., KS
    7. Chenoweth, (baby) (no dates) Grandview Cemetery, Mason City, Jefferson Co., OR
    8. Chenoweth, (baby) (no dates) Pullman Cemetery, Perry, Sevier Co., AR
    9. Chenoweth, (baby) (?-12 Aug 1890) Lewis and Clark Co., Poor, Helena, Lewis and Clark Co., MT
    10. Chenoweth, Benjamin Lloyd (7 Feb 1985-7 Feb 1985) New Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Placer Co., CA
    11. Chenoweth, Bernice (15 Jun 1913 - ?) San Jose Burial Park, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX
    12. Chenoweth, Bertha Callyn (25 Sep 1842-22 Feb 1925) Denmark Cemetery, Langlois, Curry Co., OR
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    14. Chenoweth, Bobbie Nell (Moore) (1 May 1934-2 Apr 2004) Marked Tree Cemetery, Marked Tree, Poinsett Co., AR
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    17. Chenoweth, Carol L. (13 Aug 1939-15 Aug 2000) National Memorial Cemetery, Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ
    18. Chenoweth, Catherine (? � 1954) Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI
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    20. Chenoweth, Charles (Jan 1895-15 Apr 1895) Hazelwood Cemetery, Springfield, Greene Co., MO
    21. Chenoweth, Charles (? � 1 Nov 1910) Old Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Placer Co., CA
    22. Chenoweth, Chloe Pearl (1864 � 23 Sep 1892) Board Cemetery, Reedy, Roane Co., WV
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    35. Chenoweth, Edward (no dates) Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Sterling, Madison Co., OH
    36. Chenoweth, Eliza A. (no dates) Bethel Cemetery, Range, Madison Co., OH
    37. Chenoweth, Elizabeth Jane (? � May 1856) Mount Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore, Baltimore City, MD
    38. Chenoweth, Elsie P. (23 Nov 1924-19 Jan 1999) Kingston Park Cemetery, Kingston, Adams Co., IL
    39. Chenoweth, Emma (1857 � 1866) Lowe Cemetery, Perrysville, Vermilion Co., IN
    40. Chenoweth, Emma & Sister (? � 29 Feb 1888) Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield, Greene Co., MO
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