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1940 Census First Blush

April is that time of the year when the taxman cometh. But this year April brought a pleasant present to genealogists in the form of the long awaited 1940 Census. It took them less than a week to get all the pages copied and posted to the web. Now comes the indexing. Without indexing, to find someone, you really have to know where they lived and it helps to be familiar with the neighborhood. I found my father, he and his twin brother were still living with their parents, but all the older sisters were married and living with their husbands. I�ll have to wait for indexing to find them. I found my Chenoweth grandparents, Harry and Minnie on Ashworth Avenue, but mom was not there. She would be marrying my Dad within a few months. I wonder where she was living? I went to Pineville and found just one Chenoweth family still there, my grandfather�s half-brother, Joseph Harry Chenoweth.

Ancestry almost immediately posted indexing for Delaware and so far after a month and a half, has added Nevada and Washington, DC. The LDS Family Search site is leading a separate effort. They have vowed to make a free index available for all to use and are way ahead of Ancestry�s effort at this point. It is sort of fascinating to see the progress. Anyone that has the time, can volunteer to help, they provide the software and instructions. So far, they have put Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Oregon, Vermont and Virginia on line. The indexing is complete for Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, [DIRECTORS]Wyoming, Mississippi, and Florida. There is another step needed to process the data for posting and formatting, so I am waiting eagerly for the indexing of those nine states to be enabled. For Kansas, it took about 2 weeks to be posted after the indexing was done. There were no Chenoweths in Vermont or Delaware. I am not surprised. My count, including my grandparents and his half-brother in Washington and Missouri, is 332 people, 164 males. So far we haven�t experienced much growth. The general population grew from 123 million to 132 million in a period that spanned the depression, but family men in the available states declined by 8%. As I am confident the family did not shrink, there is some migration going on, not surprising given the turmoil in the country. One casual observation in what I have seen so far, the days of the big families was disappearing.

While I am just gauging things and cherry picking males, Pete is starting a more detailed spreadsheet. The Family Search site posts indexing progress and it is fun to watch. Washington is at 70% and California 46%. New York, which will have few Chenoweths is 6% and a tough job. West Virginia and Indiana, two important states for us are at 24% and 43%, respectively. All this is as of May 11th about a month into the process. I am amazed at the progress. When you read this, you should check out the site and see for yourselves how much progress has been made � [https://www.familysearch.org/1940census/]

PS: since I wrote this Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, New Hampshire, Montana, Louisiana and Mississippi are on line and searchable!


Inspired by My High School Band Teacher

Jon recently received an email from Richard Dickson, Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Conservatory. For many years he has been searching for contact with the family of his high school band director, Bob Chenoweth (Robert Denslow Chenoweth). Richard was in Bob�s band in Atlanta, Georgia in the early 50�s at Brown High School. Richard later became a band director and invited Bob to be his guest director in 1961 or 1962. Richard left town, joined the Navy, came back, and has had his career in Florida. Richard had heard that Bob lived in St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island, Georgia. Richard states Bob was a great inspiration to him and would like to know about his family. Richard said he had taken private horn (French horn) lessons from Bob in his home and knew his wife and believes he had three sons

Robert Denslow Chenoweth is the father of 12th cousin Paul Chenoweth, Professor at Belmont University.

Robert Denslow Chenoweth;

[Greenwood cemetery]
Married (1) Olive Pauline Mize (2) Ethel Lavern Swallow
Family links: Parents:
Ephriam Bowen Chenoweth (1878 - 1937)
Mina K Chenoweth (1884 - 1965)
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Atlanta
Fulton County
Georgia, USA


Birth: Apr. 7, 1912 Death: Jan 22, 1996
Johnson County Cherokee County
Indiana, USA Georgia, US

A Visit to Cornwall
(by Alex Brown)

The house pictured in Hiatt�s book is at Cubert. This is a very small town, so it is not on maps, which cover all of England. It is on my map of Cornwall. It is located about halfway between Newquay and Perranporth. The main road in this area is the A3075. About halfway between Newquay and Perranporth, you turn northwest on a smaller road to Holywell. Cubert is about halfway to Holywell (2-3 miles from the A3075). I would certainly recommend the visitors to look up names in the local phone books (Chenoweth and those I list below) in order to arrange to meet and talk to some local people. I hope this is of some help and I would be curious to get a report back.

Here are my notes from trip in the fall of 1981:

Took the bus from Truro (left at 12:30 arrived at 1:15) [at this time I did not drive a car]. Left my case at the petrol station. I had arranged to meet a Mr. Hocking at his cottage of �Chy-lan-yon�. It was easy to find at the end of town on the main road to Holywell. I met Mr. Hocking and he gave me soup, toast, spam, homemade pickles, and jello with Cornish cream. (Mrs. Hocking, who I have talked to by phone, was at a meeting in Truro that day.) After eating and having tea, I went over his backyard fence and was on the small road where the cottage in Hiatt�s book is located. Dr. Clifton Green, a veterinary surgeon in Newquay, then owned it.

Then I walked down Chenowen Lane and a country road (1/4 mile) to the �Chynoweth� farm. The Angus cattle followed me as I walked up the drive to the farmhouse. I heard someone in the barn and met Mrs. Phillips. She told me a little about the house. The bottoms of some of the walls were 5 feet thick. Some parts of the walls were �cob�, which she claimed made a very tough wall. It was cemented together with mud and straw. The roof on the house had been repaired on one side, but on the other side it was quite old and caving in at spots making a very waving appearance.

Mr. Hocking providing the following information:

Cubert then had about 600 people and several good restaurants. One of them was the �Lantern�. Steven Chenoweth (who had lived in the cottage) had one son (Samual Arther) and four daughters (Doris, Agnes,�?). Samual Arther had two sons (one of them, Steven, who was 65 years old in 1981) and two daughters (Luie and ?). Luie Chenoweth married Morley Hocking (who is the one I talked to). J.R. Rodliff had one son (Harry) and one daughter (Mary). J.R. was still alive and was going to be 104 on November 7th.

Harry Rodliff married Doris Chenoweth. Joseph Phillips married Agnes Chenoweth. Joseph Phillips brother, Herbert, owned the Chynoweth farm and passed it on to Alfred Phillips. He then passed it on to Lenard Phillips. It was Lenard Phillips� wife Anthia, who I met at the farm. Mr. Hocking mentioned that Alfred did not get along well with visitors, so they did not take people into the farm.

Cubert is on a hill and has a very nice view of the ocean from Newquay to as far away as St. Ives. There is also a very old parish church, which I visited (but I do not remember finding any Chenoweth related items there).

Below is an email from Marcia Chineworth Higgins dated May 3, 2002, reporting her visit to Cubert:

Hi Jon,

I wrote you last spring for directions to the family farm in Cubert. Well, I wanted you to know that we finally made this trip last month. The directions you gave were very easy to follow. Since I haven�t seen the Hiatt book, I wasn�t able to spot the house on the cover. Was that in Cubert or was that the farmhouse? Also, we weren�t able to spot a house named �Chy-lan-yon�. We stopped and talked to two older people who both were old friends of Stephen Chenoweth, who had died in 1990. Mr. Pope and the other woman we spoke to, both thought highly of him and thought he was a �real card�. He had never married, so it appeared to be the end of the line for that leg of the family. Mr. Pope admonished me to �Keep the name going!� (apparently not noticing that I am well into my fifties.). They directed us down a small walking path which brought us into Chynowen Parc. This was part of the old farm, I�m assuming, but has since been divided into a housing development. We walked down the lane and passed the old school on Chynowen Lane, which borders one edge of the old farm. We then drove to the farm and followed the drive down to the farmyard. There didn�t appear to be anyone around. The house looked to be in good shape and everything was kept very tidy. We then continued up the same road just past the farm to an old cemetery that had several Chenoweth graves. When we visited the old church in town, we didn�t find any evidence of Chenoweths buried there. We were really excited to get to see all these places and had a lot of fun poking around and visiting with Mr. Pope and his friend. They were both pronouncing our name �Shi-now-waith� (or maybe you already knew this). We took a lot of pictures and have attached some of them to our website for my brother to view. Feel free to take a look. They are on the �England� page. I have pictures of the gravestones that I located and can certainly mail a CD with all the Cubert pictures on it to you, if you�d like. I hope we are back in the states for a reunion before too much longer.


JE: I have sent these wonderful accounts of visits to Cornwell to many cousins asking me about information to use on their intended visit to this origin of the Chenoweth Family. Thank you Alex Brown and Marcia Higgins.

Time at the Top

[PETE]Peter Clinton Chenoweth, Chairman

Looking for good recipes and volunteers

I have formed a special committee to gather recipes. The intention is to put together a Chenoweth Family Recipe Book. Do you have a favorite recipe? Entries could be a favorite [Corwall]salad, meat , side dish, dessert. It doesn�t have to be an original recipe just one that is your favorite.

As a side note we would like to have a photo of yourself OR your Chenoweth family descendant that we could include with the recipe, perhaps a bio or interesting story item about the family.

Would you like to assist with this project? I am looking for individuals to serve on this committee with me and help put the recipes together.

Email: P.chenoweth@comcast.net or mail to 1045 Hancock Mill Lane, Hephzibah, GA 30815

Less than 60 days and counting

There are less than 60 days until the family gathers in Winchester, VA for the 7th biennial Family Reunion. It looks to be a great time with an old fashioned picnic on Saturday. More information and registration forms can be found at the end of this newsletter. Hoping to see you there.

Directors seats open

Three seats on the Board of Directors will be open for nominations and election at the General Membership Meeting this reunion. Three individuals have been nominated, and agreed to run, for these seats: Joyce Wiegand, Lawra Duy and Sue Ellen Peglow. Anyone interested in nominating an individual or running for a seat should contact me prior to the Reunion.

Recording Secretary needed

Your Board of Directors is looking for an individual to fill the position of recording secretary. The duties are to take minutes for the 2 Board of Directors meetings and the General Membership Meeting at the Reunion. Anyone interested in filling this position should contact me prior to the Reunion.


With thanks and appreciation to Dot Tucker-Houk of Maryland who makes much of this list possible each newsletter. I rely on the �cousins� to add in current info on daughter lines and I thank them for their updates. There are far too many 70 year olds in this list for my liking as I am one year away from that mark. No Williams this issue but some surprising Hannahs. Last month�s unknown list led to the identification of Evelyns, the wife of Paul Francis, thank you Joyce Wiegand. Here are the only 4 we haven�t IDed in the last 4 years. Since the elimination of listings at roots web, it seems ancestry has been extremely slow in posting new listings. Competition is always good for the consumer.

  • Betty L Chaneyworth. b: Mar 20, 1958 d: Jun 19, 2009 issued: AR res: AR
  • Lillian Marie Chenoweth b: Apr 07, 1924 d: Oct 07, 2009 issued: WV res: CA
  • Marie A. Chenoweth b: Aug 07, 1938 d: Oct 26, 2010 issued: MO res: MO
  • Mary Chenoweth b: Jul 27, 1927 d: May 03, 2011 issued: PA res: PA

age 74 - ARLENE RUTH9 GILLILAND nee CHENOWETH (CURTIS HANGER8, JOSEPH WOOD7, ROBERT JAMES6, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 01, 1937 in Minnora, Calhoun Co., WV, and died March 21, 2012 in Soldotna, AK. She married CARROLL GILLILAND April 14, 1956 in Ohio.

age 89 - LYDIA IOLA10 STREETER nee HEWITT (KATIE RAE9 FULLER, JENNIE HURST8 REITER, SARAH C.7 DAVIS, RACHEL6 CHENOWETH, JONATHAN5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 26, 1921 in Stafford Co., KS, and died June 16, 2011 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. She married RAYMOND ELKANAH STREETER September 18, 1954 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. He was born July 03, 1918 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS, and died January 31, 1961 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS. � JE: I was really sad to find this. Lydia and I connected early in 1996. She helped so much with the Reiter family of Sarah Davis, the daughter of Rachel Chenoweth Davis of Pike Co., IL.

age 95 - CHARLOTTE WINIFRED9 NELSON nee RATTRAY (WINNIE ETHEL8 MORGAN, CHAROLETTE SIMMONS7 CHENOWETH, GIDEON6, SAMUEL5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 03, 1916 in Mayville, Gilliam County, OR, and died March 15, 2012 in Oregon. She married (1) WILLIAM E. LOGAN August 24, 1934 in Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington. He was born Bet. 1901 - 1916. She married (2) LEE JORGEN NELSON December 26, 1940 in Reno, Washoe Co., NV. He was born September 22, 1912 in Eddyville, Lincoln Co., OR, and died June 12, 1989 in Tigard, Washington Co., OR. � JE: This is Greg Nelson�s mother. Greg is cousin #15 on my list and the only cousin besides Pete to visit my home in Woodinville. The family extends their condolences for his loss. They descend from the children of Gideon who migrated to SW Oregon in the late 1800s from Missouri.

age 72 - JEROME DANIEL MURRAY9 CHENOWITH (ROBERT DANIEL 'BOB'8, ROBERT COLFAX 'BOB'7, JOSEPH STEAVEN6, JAMES HACKLEY5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 22, 1937 in Santa Clara Co., CA, and died April 19, 2010 in California. JE: it is rare to find a descendant of William, Jr of Nelson Co., KY that uses a Chenowith spelling. Jerome was born Chenoweth. As it was related to me, his father Robert at some point changed the family name to Murray. Jerome did not find out he was born Chenoweth until he obtained his birth certificate, He apparently took the name back as Jerry Murray Chenowith. I don�t know if he changed it to Chenowith or this is a typo in the SSA listings. See Dec 2010 newsletter An old story that needs to be told

age 77 - ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE10 WHETSELL nee TSCHAEN (RALPH CHENOWETH9, VERNA D.8 CHENOWETH, ISAAC P.7, ELIAS6, JACOB5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born March 27, 1935 in Richmond, Wayne Co., IN, and died April 05, 2012. She married EUGENE RUSSELL WHETSELL. He was born November 06, 1929 in Indiana, and died September 17, 1980 in Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo Co., CA.

age 86 - THELMA L.9 BOSSORT nee CHENOWETH (HAROLD REED8, JAMES HENRY7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 21, 1925 in Illinois, and died May 18, 2012 in Arizona. She married (1) VIRGIL HAMMOND. She married (2) THOMAS BOSSORT.

age 86 - WILLIAM9 HEYBURN II (NANCY CREEL8 CHENOWETH, JAMES SHREVE7, JOHN HENRY6, STEPHEN ROSS5, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 29, 1924 in Jefferson Co., KY, and died September 01, 2011. He married BONNIE BARR June 10, 1944, daughter of WRIGHT BARR and CHAMIE WOLFE. She was born May 14, 1921, and died October 16, 2011. � JE: this line has been in Kentucky now for over 200 years! William & Bonnie, died within a month and a half of each other.


age 92 - MARJORIE VIOLET9 EMMERT nee NICHOLLS (OLIVE RENARD8 WHITAKER, LEVI GRAFTON7, JAMES KENNER 'BIG JIM'6, BLANDFORD B.5, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 SEATON, RACHEL3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 24, 1918 in Indiana, and died March 11, 2011. She married FRED W. EMMERT. He was born January 28, 1914 in Clay Co., IN, and died June 22, 1995.

age 81 - ANNA L. NICHOLLS nee SCHOPMEYER was born November 19, 1928 and died October 15, 2010. She married JOHN EDWARD9 NICHOLLS (OLIVE RENARD8 WHITAKER, LEVI GRAFTON7, JAMES KENNER 'BIG JIM'6, BLANDFORD B.5, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 SEATON, RACHEL3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1). He was born. January 11, 1921 in Indiana and died June 07, 1973 in Poland, Clay Co., IN

age 68 - NICHOLAS FLOYD9 CHENOWETH (LEVI FLOYD 'JACK'8, WILEY MCELHANEY 'FRED'7, HENRY SEAMAN6, HENRY5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born April 30, 1943 in Mooreland, Woodward Co., OK, and died March 09, 2012. He married ANNAMARIE SCHUCHT November 15, 1968 in GERMANY.

age 74 - RALPH CHENOWETH9 DEPP (FLOYD8, MARY ANNA7 CHENOWETH, ISAAC NEWTON6, ARCHIBALD S.5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born February 19, 1929in Barren Co., KY, and died July 27, 2011. He married MARTHA WELLS Abt. 1940. � JE: I always love to see Chenoweth used as a middle name. It is a complement to the family name.

age 55 - RONNIE LEE BEATY, son of LEONARD and EULA BEATY, was born January 22, 1957 in Vinita, Craig Co., OK, and died April 22, 2012 in west of Welch, Craig Co., OK. He married WENDY LEIGH10 CHENOWETH (DONALD LEE9, ISAAC NEWTON 'IKE'8, ROBERT PACE7, ISAAC NEWTON6, ARCHIBALD S.5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1)

age 89 - ROBERT MATTHEW TURMAN, son of ROBERT TURMAN and EL PURVIS, was born December 16, 1922 in Haileyville, Pittsburg Co., OK, and died February 19, 2012 in Talihina, Le Flore Co., OK. He married February 04, 1942 in Reno, Washoe Co., NV HAZEL MAE8 CHENOWETH (HENRY PERRY7, WILLIAM H. 'WILLIS'6, NICHOLAS HALE5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) She was born March 12, 1923 in Commerce, Ottawa Co., OK, and died June 20, 1960 in Tulare, Tulare Co., CA.

age 75 - BARBARA ALICE9 FREDRICKS nee POLLOCK (JOHN BAYARD8, JOHN BAYARD7, HARVEY CARTER6, CYNTHIA5 CARTER, JOHN4, JAMES3, HANNAH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born August 02, 1935, and died October 20, 2010. She married CARL FREDRICKS. He was born February 22, 1928, and died July 29, 2007.

age 94 - PAUL JAMES9 FELLOWS (HOPE ELIZABETH8 STEWART, LILY BELLE7 BROOKS, CHRISTIE ANN6 CARTER, RICHARD SUTVEN5, JAMES4, WILLIAM3, HANNAH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born May 28, 1915 in Van Buren Co., IA, and died March 30, 2010. He married ELIZABETH P. SMITH � JE: last month I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Debbie Kann who connected in new line from William Carter�s son James.

age 95 - JOHN ELDER VERMILLION was born January 27, 1915 in Cunningham, Kingman Co., KS, and died August 06, 2010 in Pratt Co., KS. He married January 01, 1938 ALBERTA A.8 RHEA (RENA7 CARTER, MORTIMER HERBERT6, RICHARD SUTVEN5, JAMES4, WILLIAM3, HANNAH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) She was born December 10, 1918 in Pratt Co., KS, and died March 27, 1992 in Pratt Co., KS � JE: Debbie�s contact above was soon followed by another descendant from James Carter: Stan R. Ewy

age 89 - DOLLY RUTH9 HERWIG nee BRAUSE (IVY PEARL8 BUTLER, WILLIAM HARRISON7, AMANDA6 GIST, SARAH5 BAXTER, SARAH4 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born April 02, 1922 in West Union, Fayette Co., IA, and died December 21, 2011 in West Union, Fayette Co., IA. She married RAY HERWIG 1945. He was born June 03, 1901, and died August 1987 in Fayette Co., IA.

age 90 - GEORGE WILLIAM9 CHENOWETH (JAMES EMORY8, WILLIAM HENRY7, WILLIAM COLUMBUS 'LUM'6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born November 04, 1921 in Lynn, Randolph Co., IN, and died March 21, 2012 in Richmond, Wayne Co., IN. He married (1) AUDREY DORIS NOLTE April 20, 1946, daughter of JULIE REDMOND. He married (2) ROSELLEN (VAN DEVANTER) TRIMBLE October 07, 1999 in Pigeon Forge, Sevier Co., TN.

age 86 - GEORGE LEROY �LEE�9 CHENOWETH, JR. (GEORGE LEROY8, GEORGE CLARK7, GEORGE EDWARD6, RICHARD BELT5, RICHARD BEASMAN4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born April 19, 1925 in Baltimore City, MD, and died March 30, 2012. He married JEANE LOUISE BALDWIN August 29, 1964.

age 78 - ARBON EARL9 MAUK (BULAH FLORINE8 CHANEYWORTH, ALFRED 'DANIEL BOONE'7, VINCENT 'VINCE'6, JOHN M.5, JOSHUA4, JOHN3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born December 27, 1933 in Franklin, Robertson Co., TX, and died April 11, 2012. He married EVA NELL WILEY June 02, 1956 in Elm Mott, McLennan Co., TX. She was born February 14, 1938 in Houston, Harris Co., TX.

age 70 - DONALD CARL RAPP was born May 30, 1941, and died April 29, 2012 in Maryland. He married LYNETTE9 CHENOWETH (PHILIP EDWARD8, RICHARD THOMAS7, ARTHUR PHILIP6, JOHN5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1)

age 74 - JEAN MARIE8 ZAWITOSKI nee GIVEN (MARIE LORETTA7 SHIELDS, JEFFERSON DAVIS6, ABSOLOM BUTLER CHENOWETH5, HARRIET M.4 BUTLER, RUTH3 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born December 01, 1926 in Baltimore, MD, and died March 02, 2011 in Englewood, Charlotte Co., FL. She married EDWARD LEONARD ZAWITOSKI September 12, 1948.

age 82 - RUBY A. LIGHTLE nee QUICK was born August 07, 1929 in Pittsburg, Hickory Co., MO, and died April 06, 2012 in Humansville, Polk Co., MO. She married April 03, 1957 THEODORE E.10 LIGHTLE, JR (THEODORE DICK9, EVANGELINE8, SENA7 DOWNING, TIMOTHY6, WILLIAM5, TIMOTHY4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, THOMAS2, JOHN1). He was born February 25, 1928 in Benton Co., MO, and died January 1990.

age 74 � ESTHER10 CATES nee LIGHTLE (THEODORE DICK9, EVANGELINE8, SENA7 DOWNING, TIMOTHY6, WILLIAM5, TIMOTHY4, MARY3 CHENOWETH, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born July 03, 1937 in Hickory Co., MO, and died December 27, 2011 in Lees Summit, Jackson Co., MO. She married THOMAS GORDON CATES, JR..

age 56 - SHERRIL JEAN10 ROWELL nee CROUSE (BETTY LOU9 GLENN, MURRY EVERETT8, THOMAS NATHANIEL7, HANNAH ELIZABETH6 CHENOWETH, JOHN FOSTER5, JOHN C.4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born May 08, 1955 in Denver Co., CO, and died August 14, 2011 in Denton Co., TX. She married BILL ROWELL May 02, 1992.

age 79 - FRED HENRY8 SEAL, JR. (OPAL MAY7 CHENOWETH, GEORGE EDGAR6, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, LUKE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born September 30, 1932 in Enid, Garfield Co., OK, and died April 07, 2012 in Pocatello, Bannock Co., ID. He married JOANNE DENECE LASHLEY July 18, 1952 in Grace, ID.

age 73 - CRAIG MANSFIELD MECUM was born July 22, 1927 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA, and died June 25, 2011 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA. He married EMMA LOUISE9 O'NEAL (NEVA MERDITH8 NOLAND, MARY EMMA7 MATTHEWS, ISAAC NEWTON6, RHUAMA5 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1). She was born November 25, 1921 in Coatesville, Hendricks Co., IN, and died April 26, 2009 in Mount Holly, Burlington Co., WA. � JE: Carolyn Pinkerton was a happy find on find-a-grave and added this continuation of the line of Arthur�s daughter Rhuama, a unique instance of this name in the family.

age 80 - SHIRLEY JEAN2 CREWS nee O�NEAL (NEVA MERDITH8 NOLAND, MARY EMMA7 MATTHEWS, ISAAC NEWTON6, RHUAMA5 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1). was born June 14, 1930 in Coatesville, Hendricks Co., IN, and died November 14, 2010 in Lafayette, Boulder Co., CO.

age 74 - MARY VIRGINIA9 EASLEY nee DINSMORE (CHARLOTTE MARGUERITE8 NOLAND, MARY EMMA7 MATTHEWS, ISAAC NEWTON6, RHUAMA5 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born June 09, 1925 in Marshall, Parke Co., IN, and died January 16, 2010 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.

age 78 - THERESA M.3 HALL nee DINSMORE (CHARLOTTE MARGUERITE8 NOLAND, MARY EMMA7 MATTHEWS, ISAAC NEWTON6, RHUAMA5 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) born July 10, 1932 in Covington, Fountain Co., IN, and died June 12, 2011 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM.

age 80 - WILLIAM LLOYD8 MULFORD (NELLIE GRACE7 CHENOWETH, ANDREW CARSON6, JOHN JOHNSTON5, WILLIAM4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born August 13, 1931 in Stuart, Holt Co., NE, and died March 20, 2012 in Kansas. He married JEAN ELINOR MENKE August 12, 1958. � JE: The Rev. Mulford was one of the first family tree submittals I found in 1996 and incorporated into the database.

age 91 - THELMA MAXINE8 COOK nee CHENOWETH (ELMER ELLSWORTH7, JOHN ARTHUR6, ABRAHAM JOHN5, JOHN4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born November 18, 1920 in Livingston Co., MI, and died April 22, 2012 in Highland, Oakland Co., MI. She married JAMES C. COOK June 1946. He was born December 25, 1918, and died March 31, 2004.

age 95 - CLAIRE HERMINE GATES nee LECLAIRE, daughter of JAMES LECLAIRE and MARIE JACQUES, was born May 17, 1916 in Lake Linden, Houghton Co., MI, and died June 02, 2011 in Mattoon, Coles Co., IL. She married May 15, 1942 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL EDWARD CHANDLER8 GATES (LELA MARIAN7 CHENOWETH, EDWARD BENTON6, GIDEON5, JACOB4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1). He was born March 22, 1916 in Deland, Piatt Co., IL, and died December 07, 2008 in Mattoon, Coles Co., IL.

[Thomas] The worst spelling ever

Over the years I have seen many butchered spellings of Chenoweth. In November 2009 Pete sent me the California death record of Charles Blennerhassett who died in Santa Cruz Co. on Nov 28, 1958. His mother was Mary Ellen Chenoweth, but the death certificate transcription reads Sanowitt. We would have never found this in a million years. We did not have Mary Ellen�s marriage. She was last seen in the 1870 Census with her father Charles Chenoweth and stepmother Lucy Connor. Pete noticed that a Mary Ellen born in Missouri was living next door to Charles and Lucy in the 1880 married to an Ed Blennerhassett. Mary Ellen had 3 children so we did extend the line a bit, but not to anyone living. This is a Thomas line of George of Pike Co., OH, one of Arthur�s sons, and has always been difficult to trace. I have written about this line on several occasions. We still have less than 90 names from this 4th generation son born in 1787 in Mason Co., OH

MARY ELLEN6 CHENOWETH (CHARLES5, GEORGE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1861 in Platte Co., MO. She married ED BLENNERHASSETT. He was born Abt. 1843 in South Carolina.


  1. VIRGINIA7 BLENNERHASSETT, b. Abt. Dec 1878, Nevada.
  2. CHARLES BLENNERHASSETT, b. Feb 07, 1880, California; d. Nov 28, 1958, Santa Cruz Co., CA.
  3. HARMON BLENNERHASSETT, b. Mar 1884, California; m. ADA 'CEDA' SMITH; b. Abt. 1884, California.

An interesting search

As you become immersed in genealogy, you get interested in names. The internet with its massive scope can often yield some interesting light on the subject. More often I am interested in the usages of surnames, but given names have their own allure. Certainly in the Chenoweth family there are common given names, often reflecting the 5 original sons of the progenitor family. Based on the 1990 Census James was the most common name in the US followed by John. In 2007, the most common name for newborn boys was Jacob. Neither James nor John appears. The most common name in the Chenoweth family is William, ranking 8th in the list for 2007 baby boys. Not surprising, there are a greater variety and variation to the names for girls. Recently I happened on this site. For John there are 3,706,652 listings. For my own name, Jon, there are 162,969. My wife Deanna, who thinks her name somewhat unique, the site finds 105,151 people in the US. For my daughter Amity there are only 1,058. For my niece Refawne there is only one. Now that is remarkable. PS: I tried last names and found that California, not surprisingly leads the list, followed by Texas, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. Since Indiana was in the lead in 1930, it seems it has been overtaken.


(The following e-mails have been received from members of the family. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated.-editor)


Jon, I so admire you for all you do for all of us. I just felt a need to say that!

28 Dec 2011 Bill McCown

Thanks. I do this because I love doing it, but it never hurts to have an �atta boy�. Happy New Year and Thanks! � Jon Egge.

3 March 2012
Kim DiGiulio (daughter of Linda Chenoweth)

Dear Jon,
Hi there. My name is Kim DiGiulio and apparently we are 7th cousins twice removed. Wow, it sure has been an exciting and emotional week. I cannot thank you enough for responding so quickly to my friend Bridget. Your insight and information was so helpful to me in solving a puzzle that I thought I would never figure out. I don�t know how well you know my half-brother, Kevin, and his older brother, but I imagine that this can�t be easy for them. I am not sure yet how I fit into this family tree, but I am so touched that you wanted to include me. I look forward to learning more about my heritage and am so glad to finally know where my roots are.

Again, thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.

It was a pleasure to be able to assist you in this. It is not the first time we have been able to aid in this kind of process, but each has been a fine moment. When Peter sent it to me, he suggested the right Linda, my problem was in finding a way to contact this family. Neither of her brothers were listed in the phone pages (alas, it is getting harder to contact people by phone in this �connected world�). From the obit I had on Mona, Linda�s mother, I knew the name of her 2nd husband, Robert Larsen and fortunately he had a phone listing that was right. He was kind enough to talk with me and I quickly determined that we had found the right Linda, but sadly that she was in no shape to be contacted. Robert handed me off to Kevin Miller, your half-brother, who happened to be visiting him at the moment and the rest you know.

I was assisted in this by our extensive knowledge of the family and the age of Linda and the location. It is a product of many family members and 17 years of my life. We were fortunate that we found receptive people and this is one of those moments where God smiled at all of us. Of course, we include everyone in the family. You are now among cousins in a file of 185,000 people. Nine out of ten Chenoweths in the US are all one family, so when you see the name, it is likely a cousin. I am Egge and you are now DiGiulio, but Chenoweth is the glue that ties us together with a common heritage of a Cornish family that became American pioneer settlers. There were 4,699 Chenoweths in the 2000 Census and as I said, most are related, but the family is much bigger than that. I hope that this goes well for you. It is always a good thing to know your family and its roots. Of course, you have but half of this now and a lot to absorb. God bless. Are you still in Illinois? I also would like permission to have a story about this in our newsletter. This is a link to a previous �happening� � http://www.chenowethsite.com/newsletter/nlvol8-4.htm#rl

  • 1. Lauron Dean Chenoweth, Jr. b: June 04, 1928 in Chicago, Cook Co., IL d: September 07, 2007 in Richton Park, Cook Co., IL Comment: Richton Park, IL
  • +Mona Kovach b: October 08, 1926 d: November 28, 2010 in Illinois m: June 1950
    • 2 Linda Chenoweth b: in Illinois
      • 3 Kim Chenoweth b: Cook Co., IL
      • +? DiGiulio b: Aft. 1962
      • +? Miller b: Aft. 1940
      • 3 Kevin Miller
    • 2 James L. Chenoweth b: in Illinois
    • +Patricia ?
    • 2 Michael Phillip Chenoweth b: in Illinois


28 March 2012
Virginia M. Partch

I am so happy to see some others volunteering to carry on this vital work, which I know can be overwhelming at times! I just wish I were younger and knew more or I would have offered to help. Good luck in your position as Editor! You have the expert (Jon) beside you as well as Pete.

We are really hoping to go to the reunion, but right now it is a little �iffy�. I will say we are celebrating our Golden Year this year and are happy to shout it from the rooftops, because we did not expect to as we had both been married before. I always say we walked thru our bit of hell, then met each other.

Anyway, good luck with your editorial duties!

Thank you for your kind words. This is truly a �labor of love� for me and I am honored to be a part of it! Enjoy those Golden years ahead!


28 March 2012
Mary Beth Noonan Jensen

Much good luck on your downsizing! WHAT a job you have�.both with your genealogy interests and your new home to be. Glen and I are in the same boat. We wound up deciding to stay in our home�..just not quite ready to deal with all that�s involved with moving�.plus, we LOVE our lake view here and hate to leave it. Good luck!

Thanks for the note. Then we are both lake people! I agree there is something quite peaceful in looking out on a lake. It was a principle reason we bought here. Mainly it is the yard amid all the cedar and fir trees that require more maintenance than I can tackle. Deanna and I had the original conversation six years ago when Ally went off to college and we made the decision to stay here because we loved it so much. But, that was pre-stroke, pre-fire, pre-second home, and pre-economic disaster. Now we both want to spend more time at Whidbey. We want to reduce the cost and the work, so we are off to condo-land. We still have the beach home, which will be our primary refuge and the condo a place Deanna can stay in touch with civilization (and shopping). I still have the water, Saratoga Passage, but it gets far more �turmoiled� on the sound at times than our peaceful lake. I did have one �aha� moment, something I had not thought of earlier. It is easier to move and chuck the accumulation when you are younger. Wow, lakes in Iowa. Lakes are everywhere!

28 March 2012 Lawra Duy

Thanks for another labor of love. I sure do like hearing from you�..and the newsletter is always a treat! And, I am looking forward to your 2nd �labor of love�, the Winchester Reunion. Hope you get a zillion registrations.

So do I! (hint! hint!)


26 March 2011
Bev Thompson

Hi Jon,
Hadn�t heard from you in a long time and was wondering when the next family reunion will be?

I just finished my book titled �The Colonel is a Lady�, about an Army nurse that was in three wars. Not many women stayed in for three wars. They usually married and went home. My heroine, Lt. Colonel Evangeline Jamison, was also the driving force behind the foundation and creation of Vietnam Women�s Memorial. She is a very dear friend of mine. I am busy giving speeches and promoting my book. Would you consider putting the word out to all of our cousins for me? I would really appreciate it. If you give me your address, I will mail you a signed copy if you would like one.

Thanks�.sounds interesting. My father is now in a small nursing home in Langley, WA, run by et. Col. Gerthe Cammermeyer, the same as the recent movie. What can I say? Army nurses are interesting.

I am sorry this won�t get in until the June newsletter, but I am forwarding it on.


4 May 2012
Donna McDonald

Someday I wish to make it to a reunion, would be great to meet more of my roots. Three yeas ago, I met my father�s side of the family as a result of your hard work. Thank you very much! My Aunts and Uncles I met are terrific. Found out that my father passed away many years ago, but the rest of the family is doing great in his stead.

Hope the reunion goes great this year and thanks for keeping me in the loop through these emails � much appreciated!


12 May 2012
Chris T. Walls

Hi Jon,
I found I have Chenoweth�s on both sides of my family. I know my g-grandmother on my father�s side was a Chenoweth (Martha Adaline Chenoweth). I just found out that on my mother�s side, her g-grandmother on her mother�s side was Anzina E. Chenoweth b. abt. 1846 in Randolph, Virginia d. btwn 1880-1900 m. William A. Walton b. abt Sep 1836 West Virginia d. unknown Virginia.

My mother never knew this till recently. I forwarded her your newsletter now that she too is officially a Chenoweth descendant. Her name is Irene �Andrea� (Millard) Walls-Strassburg.

What a joy! I have always liked finding long reach cousin marriages. You have found one I don�t have. Link it in so I can add it to my kissing cousins page. A Richard line connects to a Randolph Co., WV, John is unusual. Here is what little I have on the Waltons. Where do we go? P.S. I just looked your mother up in the 1940 Census.

  • 1 William A. Walton b: 1837 in Virginia (now West Virginia) (Comment: Also, Wilham A. Waldon Military: Civil War: Confederacy)
  • +Anzina E. Chenoweth b: Abt. 1846 in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) d: Bef. 1880 m: November 24, 1864 in Randolph Co., WV Father: George Washington Chenoweth; Mother: Rachel Wees
    • 2 Clarence Edward Walton b: August 1868 in Randolph Co., WV d: in Colorado
    • + Eliza A. Hall b: June 1872 in Ohio m: Abt. 1892
      • 3 Clarence A. Walton b: September 1892 in Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
      • +Ethel ? b: Abt. 1893 in Arkansas
      • 3 James E. Walton b: December 1894 in Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
      • 3 Cecil R. Walton b: November 10, 1896 in Indian Territory (Oklahoma) d: March 1983
      • +Eva Mildred Bailey b: Abt. 1900 in Missouri m: Abt. 1918
        • 4 Virginia E. Walton b: Abt. 1920 in West Virginia
        • 4 Irene June Walton b: Abt. 1923 in Kansas
        • 4 Margaret Adelle Walton b: 1927 in Missouri
        • + Robert C. Garrison, Jr. b: 1918
          • 5 Ann J. Garrison b: 1949
          • +Carl Korschgen b: 1948
        • 4 Gloria O. Walton b: Abt. January 1930 in Saline Co., MO
        • 4 John Walton b: Aft. 1930
        • 4 Norma Walton b: Aft. 1930
    • 2 Howard M. Walton b: Abt. July 1869 in West Virginia
    • 2 Guy Walton b: Abt. 1871 in West Virginia
    • 2 Jessie Walton b: Abt. 1874 in West Virginia
    • 2 Mary E. Walton b: Abt. 1877 in West Virginia

Oops! Correction: Guy Livingstone Walton is NOT the son of William Walton and Anzina Chenoweth. Anzina�s son is living in Montgomery Co., KS in 1910 and 1920. He did not die in Oregon. These are two different people. Sigh.

Year: 1910, Census Place: Coffeyville Ward 4, Montgomery, Kansas; Roll: T624-448; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 0167; Image: 815; FHL microfilm: 1374461.

  • G W Walton 38-WV (WV WV) elect supt inspection
  • Essie Walton 37-OH (OH-OH) married 8 child 1/1
  • Wayne Walton 7-KS (WV OH)

Year: 1920; Census Place: Coffeyville Ward 4, Montgomery, Kansas; Roll: T625-541; Page 14A; Enumeration District: 179; Image: 1065

  • Guy Walton 48
  • Essie Walton 46
  • Wayne Walton 16

[family tree]


[Jon] By Jon Egge
Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

Unknown Lines, now placed: William R. Chenoweth - An instructive email and a lost daughter

[in the June 2010 newsletter this unknown line was given an assumed placement as Thomas(2) Abraham(3) Jacob(4) William(5) : This article was written before that but not published until now.] The family of William R. Chenoweth, who came to Oregon before 1850, is listed in the Harris book on page 637. Born in Pike Co., OH on August 2, 1826, he married in Washington Co., OR on May 29, 1853 to Mary Ann �Maria� McKinney who was also an Ohio native. Mary�s parents Joseph Z. McKinney and Dorcas Vermillion. Her brothers, John and George, served in the Civil War. William himself is found as a young single man in the 1850 Census in Washington Co., OR. By Census we know that William and Mary Ann had two sons, one of whom died young. This detail comes from the 1860 Census in Douglas Co. William is said to have died there on August 23, 1886.

Joseph Richard Chenoweth, the surviving son, married Clara Cassandra Boyd on June 26, 1879 in Douglas Co. Joseph and Clara are found there in the 1880 Census with a new born daughter, Myrtle. In all they would have 5 children. One, Rudolph William Chenoweth, born January 13, 1885 in Nez Perce Co., ID would carry down the family bible that was passed on to his son Phillip Howard Chenoweth. His wife Vivian Nina Harshman spent a good deal of time researching the line and looking for the parents of William. I spoke with Vivian before her death in 2004 and she mailed me family group sheets that she had assembled. Vivian confirmed to me that the Pike Co., OH location as the birthplace for William had come from the family bible.

One wonders why and how young William came to Oregon. I have looked at this material for hours. My only possible placement for William comes as a son of Jacob Chenoweth, the son of Abraham. Jacob married Sally �Sarah� Foster on December 22, 1814 in Ross Co. A few years later this area became Pike Co. In the 1820�s Jacob moved his family to Darke Co., OH. Harris gives this move as between 1823 and 1824. I don�t know the specifics of the source of this timing, but the move puts the William on the cusp of being born either place and certainly given the family background, it would be understandable that Pike Co. could be listed either way. Jacob�s William was born April 2, 1827. Aug and Apr could look similar in cursive and without seeing both source documents no judgment can be made. The dates are remarkably close as are the places. Cora�s account says that William was born 1827, Texas. Certainly he wasn�t born in Texas, so the implication is that he went there (or somewhere). Harris says only that William was in Vermilion Co., IL in 1855. It is a curious statement as none of the family of Jacob are found in a Census in Vermilion Co., though his brother Thomas did reside across the river in Vermilion Co., IN. There are so many Williams, I wonder how Harris sorted this out? It is one of the problems with having the Harris research buried in Bowling Green, KY. Whatever, William is not with the family in 1850 and is never found. Jacob died on March 9, 1853 in Darke Co at the age of 59. I have no indication if there was a will, but it is a point that needs to be researched to see if William is mentioned.

During the winter of 2008 Christina Chenoweth contacted me. She had inherited her mother, Vivian�s genealogy work. She set about seeing what she could find out about William. It was her thought that there may have been more children of William and Mary. Given the Census data, that does not seem likely. Although we have not found William�s family in the 1870 Census, they are both living together in Douglas Co. in 1880 with no children. Their son Joseph Richard Chenoweth, newly married was there as well as mentioned above. I gave Chris details on the 1900 Census listing of Mary Ann McKinney Chenoweth. In that Census she had said that she had had 2 children and 2 were living. Our count would have been 2 with 1 living, so it was a bit ambivalent. She was living with a William Hobson and the listed relationship was something like �mol�. What did this mean? By using a genealogy post on the Hobson�s, Chris found a Willard Anderson who knew this family and stated that Eliza listed William Hobson�s wife was name Eliza Chenoweth in the marriage record. But Eliza says her parents were born in Germany and Vermont, so perhaps she was adopted. Born in 1878, she is not with William and Mary in the 1880 Census. The places for her parents would preclude them being Chenoweth.

WILLIAM R.1 CHENOWETH was born August 02, 1826 in Pike Co., OH, and died August 23, 1886 in Douglas Co., OR. He married MARY ANN 'MARIA' MCKINNEY May 29, 1853 in Washington Co., OR. She was born August 16, 1836 in Logan Co., OH, and died December 11, 1908 in Medford, Jackson Co., OR.


  1. JOSEPH RICHARD2 CHENOWETH, b. June 26, 1854, Douglas Co., OR; d. November 20, 1928, Coquille, Coos Co., OR; m. CLARA CASSANDRA BOYD, June 26, 1879, Douglas Co., OR; b. October 21, 1859, Washington Co., OR; d. July 05, 1895, Pullman, Whitman Co., WA.
  2. JAMES H. WILBUR CHENOWETH, b. April 15, 1856, Douglas Co., OR; d. January 25, 1867.

[Arthur] The Robey mystery

On page 91 of her book, Cora Hiatt goes into a considerable description of a Charles Franklin Robey that died in Elkins, WV who was a researcher and correspondent on the goose chase of the �lost leases�. She said he was a son of Mary Ann Chenoweth who was a daughter of James, but she put this information under Mary Ann the daughter of George Cromwell. Richard Harris picked this up and added a 2nd marriage for Mary Ann to J.N. Clarkson on page 378. This was recently brought to my attention when I ran across the grave of Anna Chenoweth Clarkson on Find-a-grave. Anna�s husband was buried there as well, Joseph Nelson Clarkson. Harris had the marriage on October 18, 1894 in Berkeley Co., WV. I was able to locate the couple in the 1900 and 1910 Censuses, first in Nelson Co., and later in Augusta Co. The listing made it obvious that Joseph had been married before, but in both instances Anna said she had but one son, and it was also obvious that this son was Charles Nelson Clarkston, born July 03, 1898 in Virginia. This information casts a big doubt on a prior Robey marriage. It at least appears that Cora was confused as to where this Mary Ann Chenoweth Robey fit. As Cora said he died in Elkins, a search produced the record that Charles F. Robey, single, age 75, died in Elkins on Jan 5, 1913. He is buried in the IOOF cemetery known as Midland in the Beverly District. The Chapman book says he was born in Clay Co., WV in 1833. His age on the death record would give us 1837. But Mary Ann, or Anna as we found her, was born in 1860, or maybe 1864. Whoa, no way does Cora have the right Mary Ann. Moreover, I know of nothing even remotely close that would fit a Robey Chenoweth marriage that lived in Clay Co., VA (now WV) in the 1830s. Accordingly I am removing this Robey marriage to the scrap heap of unknowns. Anna, Joseph, Charles and Effie are all buried in the Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Augusta Co., VA

MARY ANNA7 CHENOWETH (GEORGE CROMWELL6, JAMES WILLIAM5, SAMUEL4, SAMUEL3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born November 01, 1860 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV), and died 1932. She married JOSEPH NELSON CLARKSON October 18, 1894 in Berkeley Co., WV. He was born 1861 in Virginia, and died 1942.


  1. CHARLES NELSON8 CLARKSON, b. July 03, 1898, Virginia; d. June 1981; m. EFFIE BLANKENSHIP; b. Abt. 1900, Virginia; d. 1959.

[Richard] Amanda went to West Virginia

I am doing an arduous thing, trying to insert find-a-grave keys into a new field in the database. I am not well organized any more so I am doing this in some sort of haphazard way. Working off my list of daughters we have found, I started working on Hannah�s Ashtons on a Saturday morning at Whidbey. This is of course Richard�s daughter and only one of two 3rd generation Baltimore daughters we have developed trees on (the other is Arthur�s daughter Ruth). I first got started on Hannah when Shirley Helen Muszynski contacted me in June 2000 about her Ashton line that went to Fairfield Co., OH. This was a huge breakthrough. Today Hannah�s line runs 15 pages of about 900 names. That is about 100 more than it was that Saturday morning. This happened as I ran through Hannah�s family adding in Ashtons buried in the Rock Spring Cemetery, Harford Co., MD, also as known as Christ Church Cemetery and I came to Amanda Ashton, the d/o Joseph, Jr. My info was that she had married George �Machan� and we had found them in the 1850 Census with 7 children. It had ended there. Multiple searches on the 1860 and 1870 Censuses had yielded nothing. The family had vaporized. I now tried find-a-grave and got nothing. As find-a-grave requires exact names, no wild cards allowed, I started altering the surname. Bingo, after several tries �Mechem� worked, they had gone to Morgan Co., WV, well it was still Virginia back then. I did the full court press, opening up Mechems in Morgan Co. on find-a-grave, searching the 1860-1930 Censuses and using the wonderful collection of vital statistics at the West Virginia Archives and History. George was the apparent son of Francis Mechem, who had married in Chester Co., PA and moved to Harford Co., MD where George married Amanda on December 13, 1832. Both George and Amanda are buried in the Greenway Cemetery, Berkeley Springs, Morgan Co., WV with a number of their children and descendants. Morgan Co. abuts Berkeley Co. which has a rich Chenoweth history. In fact the present mayor of Berkeley Springs is a Chenoweth descendant, Susan J. Webster.

I was able to add 2 1860 listings and 3 1870 listings to my all family Census spreadsheets and it�s been a while since I have done that. So the Mechems were the first family members in Morgan Co., WV. Others would follow, including some of Hannah�s Carter line spilling over from their original Frederick Co., VA ties as the family grew in the area. Obviously there are cousins still there. Of the 7 children, Thomas, Joseph, Francis and Marion all married. The daughter Elizabeth died shortly after their arrival in Morgan Co. The son George is not found after the 1850 Census when he was 12 and his brother Richard not after the 1860 Census when he was 16. Joseph had no children by Census. Marion�s two children died young. This left the line to the 10 children of George and Francis, evenly divided. The Mechem name would be carried on by the 4 sons, Harry, George William, John Ashton and Cleveland Francis. We have marriages for 5 of the 6 daughters, and Elizabeth was living in the 1900 Census according to her mother, so we have one more to find. On a lark I called Joe Mechem in Berkeley Springs and invited him to our Winchester Reunion only a few miles away. This was a nice find.

AMANDA5 ASHTON (JOSEPH4, HANNAH3 CHENOWETH, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born December 19, 1814 in Harford Co., MD, and died February 08, 1896 in Morgan Co., WV. She married GEORGE MECHEM December 13, 1832 in Harford Co., MD, son of FRANCIS MECHEM and NAOMI GOODWIN. He was born March 04, 1804 in Pennsylvania, and died June 28, 1873 in Morgan Co., WV.


  1. THOMAS G.6 MECHEM, b. November 15, 1836, Harford Co., MD; d. March 15, 1906, Morgan Co., WV; m. MARGARET A. LARUE; b. Abt. 1841, Maryland.
  2. GEORGE W. MECHEM, b. Abt. 1838, Harford Co., MD.
  3. JOSEPH A. MECHEM, b. October 23, 1840, Harford Co., MD; d. October 13, 1912, Phoenixville, Morgan Co., WV; m. (1) CAROLINE V. WHISHER, August 16, 1864, Morgan Co., WV; b. Abt. 1843, Virginia; d. November 09, 1903, Berkeley Springs, Morgan Co., WV; m. (2) MARTHA J. MILLER, January 07, 1906, Morgan Co., WV; b. February 07, 1877, Morgan Co., WV; d. April 12, 1954, Morgan Co., WV.
  4. FRANCIS MECHEM, b. September 21, 1841, Harford Co., MD; d. January 21, 1911, Morgan Co., WV; m. (1) LAURA ANN JANE FLEECE, August 08, 1863, Morgan Co., WV; b. January 05, 1845, Morgan Co., WV; d. October 28, 1863, Morgan Co., WV; m. (2) SARAH SOPHIA FLEECE, September 08, 1870; b. March 09, 1849, Morgan Co., WV; d. July 18, 1919, Berkeley Springs, Morgan Co., WV.
  5. ELIZABETH MECHEM, b. June 01, 1844, Harford Co., MD; d. August 18, 1856, Morgan Co., WV.
  6. RICHARD MECHEM, b. Abt. 1846, Harford Co., MD.
  7. MARION MECHEM, b. April 1849, Harford Co., MD; d. September 02, 1900, Morgan Co., WV; m. MARGARET JANE VANORSDEL; b. November 1848, West Virginia; d. 1919.

[John] The Joys of Census Work, two Wilson daughters

Going through the 1870 Census has been an ongoing project for over a year. I have been diverted many times and at times just bogged down in the minutia of it. Sometimes it gets quite frustrating not finding something, or finding a record that creates questions. But then there are those few moments when something hidden is revealed. The Chenoweth file is a large, highly organized jumble of many trees from research and traditions. Some families are well defined, others are portrayed in glimpses. There are many family researchers and many surnames, some uncommon and some common. Chenoweth research has the benefit of being a fairly unique name in America. Wilson does not. I did however have the benefit of a good deal of Whitaker research, which included the marriage of Elizabeth Whitaker to a James Wilson, and nothing else.

A long time ago, Betty Jo Blunk sent me this copy of a newspaper article.

��Uncle� Jimmy Wilson, who spent the last few years of his life in Morgan County and died on his little farm near the caves, August 12, 1890, at the age of 77years and some months, and whose remains now repose in the beautiful cemetery on the hill at Samaria Church, formerly owned and lived upon a farm in the eastern edge of Putnam County. [Betty adds as an insert: this farm is in a section that bounced back and forth between Owen, Putnam and Morgan Counties] where lately occurred the suicidal death of Elijah Mannan, the last owner of the place. Wednesday May 27, 1896 being the date of the sale of the personal property of the said Mannan deceased, the surviving children of Uncle Jimmy Wilson, by his first wife, whose maiden name was Mannan, together with the numerous grandchildren, decided it would be appropriate for them to meet and have a reunion at the home where they were born and where they grew to manhood and womanhood and where most of them were married. Those present of the children of James Wilson, Joseph W. Wilson, Mrs. Perthena J. Whitaker, wife of James K. Whitaker of Morgan Co., Mrs. Matilda Whitaker, wife of Levi W. Whitaker, of Owen County, Mrs. Margaret Bell, wife of James W. Bell of Putnam County. One sister, Mrs. Elizabeth McKamey wife of James B. McKamey of Cloverdale having died two years since the husband and children represented her at this reunion. One brother, Will R. Wilson was absent, living somewhere in Kansas.�

James Wilson was in my file for multiple reasons. Betty had assisted me in piecing this together. As the article stated, by his wife Sarah Ann Mannan, James was the father of two daughters who became spouses of the family: Perthena Wilson, the widow of William Asher, had married second, James K. Whitaker, also widowed [there were no children from this late marriage]; and Matilda A. Wilson had married Levi W. Whitaker. Both Whitakers were part of the family of Margaret Seaton Whitaker, the daughter of Rachel. But James had also married a second time to Elizabeth Whitaker. Elizabeth was the sister of Levi W. Whitaker, becoming the step-mother-in-law of her younger brother Levi. No one seemed to have any information on James and Elizabeth. When I did the 1880 Census, I found a match for this couple living in Cloverdale Township, in Putnam Co., IN. Now, 8 years later, doing the 1870, I found what appeared to be the same couple in the same location. With them were 3 children. This is the record:

Year: 1870; Census Place: Cloverdale, Putnam, Indiana; Roll: M593_353; Page: 20 dwelling 107

  • James Wilson 58-KY farmer
  • Elizabeth Wilson 46-KY
  • Louisa Wilson 12-IN
  • Martha F Wilson 9-IN
  • Franklin A Wilson 13-IN

Who were these children? I had no marriage record yet and the information of James Wilson was in fragments. I did not know anything about his first marriage to Sarah Ann Mannan, nor did I have any dates for her. Ancestry Tree searches on James Wilson are an impossible maze. I tried Sarah Mannan and got a fragmentary tree of the Wilson family, but nothing about any children from Elizabeth. Then I looked at the 1860 Census, same location and got this:

Year: 1860; Census Place: Cloverdale, Putnam, Indiana; Roll: M653_291; Page: 177;dwelling 258

  • Jas Wilson 48-KY farmer
  • Elizabeth Wilson 36-KY
  • Wm R Wilson 19-IN
  • Joseph Wilson 14-IN
  • Louisa Wilson 2-IN

This looked like the break. The older children would be Sarah�s and Louisa was Elizabeth�s. Franklin, listed out of order in 1870 appears to be a nephew as the 1860 listing for Franklin has him as a son of John Wilson, presumably the brother of James. Checking the 1850 we get back to Sarah and confirm that William and Joseph were her�s.

Year: 1850; Census Place: Cloverdale, Putnam, Indiana; Roll: M432_167; Page: 550; dwelling 68

  • James Wilson 38-KY farmer
  • Sarah Ann Wilson 33-OH
  • Margaret A Wilson 15-IN
  • Parthena J Wilson 14-IN
  • Matilda Wilson 12-IN
  • William Wilson 10-IN
  • Elizabeth Wilson 7-IN
  • Joseph W Wilson 4-IN
  • William Mannan 66-VA
  • Margaret Mannan 76-IRE

This was good proof that Elizabeth had had two daughters. To confirm I finally found the Indiana marriage of Elizabeth to James Wilson on November 27, 1856 in Owen Co. This was sweet confirmation. Back to ancestry trees and 4 hours later I had a page of descendants for Elizabeth, a family that had been missed in the Whitaker genealogies.

ELIZABETH6 WHITAKER (BLANDFORD B.5, MARGARET ELIZABETH4 SEATON, RACHEL3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 29, 1824 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1890. She married JAMES WILSON November 27, 1856 in Owen Co., IN, son of JOHN WILSON and PARTHENIA TRUAX. He was born March 04, 1812 in Kentucky, and died August 12, 1889 in Morgan Co., IN.


  1. LOUISA7 WILSON, b. Abt. 1858, Putnam Co., IN; d. January 20, 1925, Elwood, Madison Co., IN; m. WILLIAM HENRY WHITE; b. Abt. 1852, Kentucky.
  2. MARTHA F. WILSON, b. Abt. 1861, Putnam Co., IN; m. JOSEPH WRIGHT BEAMAN, November 08, 1877, Putnam Co., IN; b. December 1858, Indiana.

[Thomas] An another interesting day

I started the morning in the line of Mary Chenoweth who married Timothy Downing in the process of my 1870 review. I was a little frustrated from the day before which had brought little progress but discovered a 6th generation daughter marriage and subsequent tree I had not yet added to the file, in the form of Elizabeth Cooper in Vermilion Co., IL who had gone to Iowa. Deciding to work backwards with the family of Susannah Downing who had married James Morrison, I found the 1870 listing for Eli Morrison in Vermilion Co., IL. There were all sorts of Chenoweth families in Vermilion Co. In 1860 we had found 35 families living there and this number was likely to expand. Four of the lines of the original child [John, Hannah, William and Thomas] had found their way to this east side of Illinois, named for the Vermilion River which runs through it.

Checking, I found a tree on Ancestry that gave me the family of Eli�s son, Charles Thomas Morrison, who had married Margaret E. 'Maggie' Cozad on October 17, 1890 in LaSalle Co. The submitter descended from Kenneth L. Morrison, the son of Charles and Maggie. It was a nice little tree of a couple of dozen descendants. The submitter, known as �dgroom�, is a grandchild of Florence Mae Morrison, the daughter of Kenneth. He had included the children of Charles Thomas Morrison�s brother George P, which basically matched Pete�s findings in the 1900 Census. But there was a 4th child added, a daughter, Pearl Leone Morrison with a date that was 5 months different from Jennie Morrison listed in the Census as b: May 1896. I checked the detail again. Pearl was not in the Census and Atha, the mother, stated she had 3 children. I assumed that Pearl must be Jennie with some date discrepancy in the Census. But I wanted to look some more.

�dgroom� had added Atha�s maiden name as Coake and I corroborated this in the Illinois marriage listings. They had married December 08, 1887 in Vermilion Co., IL. Pearl died in California so I looked that up as well and her mother�s maiden name was Coake. To be sure, I tried looking for them in 1910. This was a bit frustrating, but I finally found the right record in Payne Co., OK under the name �E P Marrison�. It was Atha�s first name that finally worked. Even though the �E� did not match for anything I could think of for George, the couple was from Illinois and they had been married for 22 years. There was Pearl and now Atha said she had had but 1 child and Pearl was listed as a daughter. There was also a nineteen year old Estell Coon in the household listed as a daughter. This was getting very messy. I did confirm the couple was still there in 1920 with matching data and the husband was now George.

Pearl had married to William A. Stockwell by the tree. On a whim, while entering this I checked my index for Stockwells and we had a William A. Stockwell in the database married to a Pearl ? from the WWI draft registration listings. A long reach cousin marriage! When I entered William�s date of birth the program asked for a merge. I find close cousin marriage every now and then but it had been years since I found one in the long reach category. This was 6th cousin, once removed going back to John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert as the common ancestors. The Stockwell line was John(2) from the Hollowells of Rachel in Washington Co., IN. Pearl�s Morrisons were my search for the descendants of Susannah Downing. William and Pearl had a slew of children, many of whom went to California.

I wondered how all this got into �dgroom��s tree? The citation showed me it was linked to many ancestry trees. Not being able to access the tree through the citation, I opened a 2nd search page and looked for the name William Stockwell. A likely looking tree under �James Stockwell� by David Stockwell appeared promising, and it was. David did not identify himself under home person, but I had a feeling he was part of this. I sent messages to him and �dgroom� and we will see. Most of my messages lately on ancestry have gone unanswered. As I surfed the Stockwell tree, I found nips and snaps to add into the file. Besides I had to stop to add in a new entry to the kissing cousin page. An email from Joe Downing from those discoveries had given me a new Civil War listing and I took the time to add that in as well.

Then checking my mail page, I saw an inquiry about the picture I was using on the �Chenoweths who served� war page. The graphic, which I had scanned from the book �Art of War�, was done by Col H. Avery Chenoweth, depicting tanks in the Gulf War. I had never really gotten permission to use this picture and it nagged at me. The writer was asking me for permission to use the picture, so I set about to see if I could clear this up. Two of Avery�s sons had contacted me at some point in the 1990s, but their email addresses had long since gone bad. After some miscues I was able however to find a number and my call went through to Avery himself, who I had always wanted to talk to. This is a line from Richard of Louisville and steeped in Kentucky. We had a pleasant conversation, my lapse was forgiven, I added Col. Chenoweth to the cousin�s list and sent him a copy of the inquiry to use his picture for a textbook cover. Elated as I was, the day was mostly gone and I had managed only one Census detail to my spreadsheet. At this rate, I will not finish soon.

Winchester, Virginia Here We Come!


Hello Cousins,

Are you concerned about keeping in touch with family? It�s a common theme around dinner tables these days. Texting, computers, and social media have infiltrated our June and Ward Clever homes! There is a way to get to the root of the family and create a forever bond and surround yourself with cousins from around the country.

The hottest gathering of 2012 is taking place in Winchester, Virginia this summer and we can�t wait! We sure are excited to meet you.

Our 7th Biennial Chenoweth Family Reunion formally begins on Thursday, July 26, 2012 with registration and an afternoon breakout session sure to please family members no matter what level of interest in the �old� family history. �Genealogy Gift To My Family� is a hands on activity for everyone and kicks off the family-oriented theme of the event. The agenda for the weekend allows ample opportunity to have time getting to know your cousins, visiting historic sites, and renewing an interest in genealogy. For those bringing younger family members, what a wonderful environment to create memories and historical perspective.

As a past host (TX �10) and attendee (Portland, Baltimore, Ft. Wayne, Texas), I can promise that this weekend will be interesting, fun, and surprising. I look forward to sharing another wonderful experience with my family and yours. I�ll look forward to seeing you in Winchester.

Lawra Duy

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