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EDITOR: PETER C. CHENOWETH - E-MAIL: p.chenoweth@comcast.net


I t is with great joy that your newsletter staff takes this opportunity to wish each every member of the Chenoweth Clan a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy 2005. A look back at the past year finds several milestones. [DIRECTORS] Our webmaster was able to place his family line with the main tree (see article, "Oh Happy Day" in this issue); many people responded to our column, "Do You Know These People", by helping to identify a large number of these individuals; The Family Clan had a successful 3rd National Family Reunion in Beaverton, OR; we added a new column "In Memoriam Honor Roll" and honored more than 140 of our departed family members; the online database was updated and now numbers more than 125,000 individuals, more than 44,000 marriages and an average life span of 60yrs 9mos; and we asked for assistance in identifying more than 400 individuals and more than 100 of them were identified.

SONS OF JOHN1 In the August 2003 Newsletter our Webmaster, Jon Egge, described what we knew of Richard, one of the 5 sons of the original family. To continue in that vein we will take each of the remaining sons in turn, in featured article in the next 4 newsletters. We will start this series in this newsletter with an article about the youngest son, Thomas.


The Chenoweth-Sellens Reunion has been in Russell Co., KS, for a long time having passed their 25th a few years back. It is always held on the third Sunday of August either in Russell or Bunker Hill, KS. They have now stated it will always be in Bunker Hill, KS, unless notified otherwise. The pot luck luncheon is at 12:00 noon. This reunion is the families and relatives of the 7th generation William Alva Chenoweth (John1, John2, John3, William S.4, Casper5, Hezekiah6) and his wife, Louisa Sellens (James1, John2, Robert3, Robert, Jr4).

On August 15th, 2004, 22 cousins of William and Louisa's six children who grew to adulthood and married were in attendance. Iva Chenoweth Dauber was the only child not represented by a descendant.

They sadly missed Iva's daughter, Elizabeth Louise Dauber Helscher (known by her family as Louise), May 6, 1921, Russell Co., KS-August 29, 2003, Wichita, KS. Louise lived her retirement years in Russell, KS, and was a Russell County school teacher for many years. She and Brian did not have any children.


(The following was received from Mary Ann Plater Chenoweth, wife of George Samuel Chenoweth, Anna, IL)

Reunion Tidbits


(The following e-mails have been received from members of the family with regards to the newsletter. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated.-editor)


It is my privilege to be addressing you again as I feel like I too am a Chenoweth since attending your reunion this past August. Thank you for welcoming me and my family into your family for a weekend. Thank you for inviting me to share with you the exciting world of Genetic Genealogy. There seemed to be a great sense of purpose and camaraderie in your group after I presented the current findings of the DNA testing. I really felt like you had all caught the vision of what DNA testing could do for you and your family. You don't realize what a great situation you have as the participants for your testing have already been identified and it is just up to you to inspire them to turn in their cheek swab in order to further your genealogical work. Thank you again for providing me with opportunity to attend your reunion. Hopefully we can put a bit of fire under your Chenoweth Family Project so that in the future each reunion attendee will have a T-shirt depicting their DNA profile and those who wore brown (was it brown or tan?) this last year because they are part of an unknown Chenoweth branch can proudly sport their green, orange, or red T-shirt at the next reunion, after their DNA test has helped to define their lineage.

19 Nov 2004
Diahan Southard
Molecular Genealogist
Relative Genetics

We thank Diahan for her excellent presentation at our Family Reunion this year. - editor!!.


Enjoy so much the great work you are doing with the Chenoweth newsletter. We were hoping to be able to meet you at the reunion. I think each one has been more fun than the one before.

We've had notes from a few people who attended the reunion and were concerned about our safety in returning home to the infamous Florida hurricane season. We are in good shape, as is our home and all our family. Taking cold showers by candlelight in a boarded-up house is no longer romantic after about three days. We were powerless for eight days after Frances and three days after Jeanne. My old battery-powered radio was our lifeline, and the people taking calls at the local station 24/7 were wonderful. The newsletter asks for names for the "Till Death Do Us Part" feature. We certainly qualify for that one, as Harold Newby and I were married November 10, 1952 in Arcadia, Indiana. To celebrate our 50th anniversary two years ago we took our entire four-generation family to Maui, a group of twenty altogether. Our most recently-arrived great-grandson, born in January, will probably wonder why he was not included in the group photo, but I don't think we can do it again.

My sister, Phyllis Chenoweth, married Francis Baitz on July 25, 1954, so they have also celebrated their 50th with all their family gathering at the home of their daughter in Indiana. Congrats on the newsletter!

5 Oct 2004
Carolyn Chenoweth Newsby
Melbourne, FL

You most certainly do qualify and are the first individuals to be listed in that category. We are all glad that you are safe and sound after a hectic storm season. - editor.


Hi Pete. Read the new newsletter this week, saw my poem (nice of you to egin with it), so much to read, loved Jon's comments on reunion. Hope you have not had serious damage by hurricanes, this last one must have been very bad and the suffering continues. Thanks,

18 Sep 2004
Mary Ann Chenoweth

All are doing well after this most damaging hurricane season. We thank you for your contributions to the newsletter and enjoy your latest one in this issue. � editor


Just finished reading the latest Newsletter, every word. Thank you so much for sending it, although I'm not more help in this effort. You may be interested to know Lucille and Leo Wood have been in the middle of these hurricanes for weeks. They did go to Tampa for Frances but I haven't heard what they did about Ivan. Certainly, Tampa was no place to be in Ivan. They do not have a computer and the only way I can communicate with them is through Leo's stepdaughter. Both Mary Ellen and Joe, his stepchildren are so good to them. They are lucky as I to have all that waiting on.

I have copied for Lucille the married names of Uncle Josiah's children. We never did know, other than Annabell, who they married. Now I can put that in my book of our family.

Adele is telling me to get off the computer. We've had storms all day and it appears "here we go again." I was so glad you got to see and visit with Elmer. Although he and I corresponded for years, I never met him. Everyone going to Maryland to look for their "Roots" may be disappointed. Until Elmer took a trip to Richmond, VA, we were completely stumped. God Bless and Stay Safe

15 Sep 2004
Shannon Graham


Hi, The newsletter is great, especially enjoyed the Pomeroy part. I plan to send it to about 20 or more Beale cousins. I hope it isn't copyrighted. My cousin Dorine (Mildred Dorine Nichols) is helping do William Beale's line and may contact you. Thanks again for newsletter.

15 Sep 2004
Wynne and Maxine Henderson

We encourage the newsletter to be distributed, but one should take not pieces out of it without citing it as a source�.as to Dorine, bring it on�.. � Jon Egge.


Thanks for the wonderful newsletter � I haven't been all the way thru yet but plan on it over the week-end. My cousin/friend Georgia Behrens brought all the Wing family info that she has. I am going to copy it and send to you by "snail-mail". Our personalities are so alike that I really wasn't surprised to find her in my family tree. It is raining here today � we needed it

15 Sep 2004
Linda Sade(11) from Sarah Mayfield

Earlier Linda had written: "I am still exploring the Chenoweth website and finding some very interesting things!�.I also found my best friend's (several greats) grandfather � Commodore Perry Wing. She is bringing her papers over so that we can compare notes." � Jon Egge.


Bank teller to man cashing a check: "Aside from your family coat of arms, do you have any other identification?"

From The Sunny Side of Genealogy, by Fonda D. Baselt


Thank you so very much for e-mailing me newsletters! Hooray for all of your troops!

14 Sep 2004
Julia Marple


By Jon Egge
(Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA)
(Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH)

This summer I had the opportunity to visit Missouri where my grandfather, H.E. "Harry" Chenoweth was born. Pineville is a very small town today, but it is still the county seat of McDonald County. As there were no accommodations in Pineville, we had to stay in Neosho, about 20 miles north. One of the things we did in Neosho was to visit the IOOF cemetery where my ancestor, Dr Henry S. Chenoweth was buried, with his wife, Lavina White. We found the cemetery in late afternoon and had no idea where to look among the hundreds of stones there, but my wife, Deanna, suggested a corner which looked older than the rest, and within a few minutes we happened on the right stones. Now that I think back on it, maybe Henry was somehow guiding me from the start, almost 9 years ago, to take up the family genealogy and correct past mistakes.

Some 6 years ago, Peter Chenoweth sent me the will of James (s/o John) in Grant Co. IN. That document shook the Cora Hiatt structure of things. To my dismay, I came to realize that my great great grandfather, Dr Henry S. Chenoweth, of Chillicothe, OH, was misplaced in the two Chenoweth books. The problem was not that Henry was not mentioned in the will, but rather, that the children mentioned were very different from those enumerated in the books. I easily found the right grouping of the children of James misplaced in another part of the book, but the larger mystery has been, where did Henry and his siblings then belong?

I was lucky enough to enlist my uncle, Harry Holt Chenoweth, in this effort and continued to gather what information I could find on the Chenoweth family. Harry, a retired Mechanical Engineering professor at the University of Washington, celebrated his 90th birthday this spring. My uncle and I agreed that the names of Henry's siblings were probably right and that what we were looking for was another James who had children born in Virginia. Harry came up with a solution that subsequent facts seem to fit as the only real possibility. In the last few months that possibility has become more certain with another discovery by Uncle Harry of the Ohio will of Henry Safley.

In brief, there were no instances of the use of the name James within the family until the 4th generation, but in that generation, all born in the middle of the last part of the 18th century, there were 5 male sons bearing the name James Chenoweth. Now that James the son of John of Hampshire Co., VA was eliminated by the discovery of his will, the careful examination of the others really narrowed down to James Francis, b: ca 1774 in Maryland, as suggested by Uncle Harry. And though this seemed like a highly likely possibility there were problems with understanding the story and how it fit. There was also no proof.

Uncle Harry's more recent discovery of the will of Henry Safely has solved the story part of this dilemma. The story, though likely, still has to be proven, but I am certain enough of its validity to now use it. James Francis was the son of a 3rd generation Thomas Chenoweth, one of the 29 grandsons of John Chenoweth, the progenitor who founded the Chenoweth family of America. This Thomas was probably born about 1737 in Baltimore Co., MD, though this is uncertain. He was the son of John Chenoweth, the oldest son of the original family, and Mary Smith his wife. One of his brothers was John, the Hampshire Co., VA father of the James described in error in the Chenoweth books as the ancestor of Henry.

Thomas did something very different from the rest of his 5 brothers. Raised in Virginia, he returned to the Baltimore area where he married Rachel Ruxton Moore in Baltimore Co., MD. Rachel was from a family of some substance, the daughter of James Moore, Jr and Hannah Wilmoth. She and Thomas had four known children before her early death at about age 28. Thomas, with four young children remarried to an Ann Carroll and soon thereafter migrated south to Botetourt Co., VA. This area is located near present day Fincastle and a place where no other Chenoweth family lived. The son, James Francis, married here in 1799 to Rebecca Safley, the daughter of Henry Safley and Margaret Dunlap. In the 1810 Census James and Rebecca were listed as living in Botetourt Co. with 5 children, 2 daughters and 3 sons. Until recently, that was all that the Chenoweth genealogy had knowledge of. The family just seems to have vanished.

The list of children in the 1925 book of Cora Hiatt that were misplaced under James Chenoweth the s/o John were Margaret, Sarah, Thomas, James, Henry S. and John W. The only continuation of these lines given were for Henry and John, both of whom became doctors in Missouri. I am uncertain as to who sent this information in to Cora, her research papers were lost in a fire in 1976. It is the only listing of this grouping of children that we have found, and our assumption has been that it was sent in by descendants of Henry and or John and placed by Cora under the wrong James.

This assumption by Uncle Harry and myself, that Henry and John were indeed brothers, was a key factor that precluded Henry from being the son of the James who died in Grant Co., IN. The will of that James mentions a son, John, who had died, and Henry's brother John was very much alive at the time, dying much later in the 1870s in Texas. Various Missouri records appear to bear this relationship out as both Henry and John lived for a short time together in Greene Co., MO. One record mentions John as an uncle to one of Henry's sons. Another in celebrating early settlers of Greene Co. mentions John and Henry as brothers. In another instance, they are named as co-defendants in a lawsuit.

When we look at the broad question of the cited names of other siblings there appears to be marriages for both a Sarah and Margaret, not previously identified in the Chenoweth books, who are born in Virginia and of the right age. There is a possible candidate for a Thomas who may be a brother. But these children all married in different areas of Ohio and the question became: why would this happen? This was especially puzzling in regards to the two daughters, Sarah and Margaret, both of whom married in Champaign Co., OH. The story was at best awkward .

Recently Uncle Harry found the will of Henry Safley, the father of Rebecca Chenoweth who married James Francis in Botetourt Co., VA. Henry died in December of 1838 and left his will in Champaign Co., OH. In it he mentions his deceased daughter Rebecca Chenoweth and directs her share to go to her unnamed children. This document tells us several things. James Francis and Rebecca had children (confirming the 1810 census), these children were very much alive in 1838 and there was a natural reason for some of these children to have come to Champaign Co., OH. As a tweak to this, the wife of Henry Safley and mother of Rebecca was a Margaret and there was also a daughter Sarah, giving reason to the naming of the two daughters of Rebecca and James, i.e. Margaret and Sarah, that would marry in Champaign Co.

While we will continue looking for evidence, but I am convinced we have found the right lineage. The website database has been corrected from Cora's incorrect JOHN(1) JOHN(2) JOHN(3) JAMES(4) HENRY S(5) to JOHN(1) JOHN(2) THOMAS(3) JAMES FRANCIS(4) HENRY S(5). It is my belief that Henry was actually named Henry Safley Chenoweth after his grandfather.

JAMES FRANCIS4 CHENOWETH (THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1774 in Maryland, and died Bef. 1825. He married (1) REBECCA ROBINA SAFLEY August 20, 1799 in Botetourt Co., VA, daughter of HENRY SAFLEY and MARGARET DUNLAP. She was born November 18, 1784 in Rockingham Co., VA and died February 28, 1813 in Botetourt Co., VA. He married (2) NANCY CRAWFORD November 14, 1813 in Botetourt Co., VA, daughter of WILLIAM CRAWFORD. She was born Bet. 1769-1789 and died Unknown.


  1. THOMAS5 CHENOWETH, b. Aft 1799
  2. MARGARET CHENOWETH, b. Aft 1802, Virginia; d. 1853, Ohio; m. BENJAMIN N. THARP, January 10, 1822, Champaign Co., OH; b. Bet. 1787-1804
  3. HENRY S. CHENOWETH, b. December 13, 1804, Virginia; d. April 19, 1869, Nesosho, Newton Co., MO; m LEVINA FRANCES WHITE, August 26, 1829, Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH; b. 1811, Ohio; d. May 29, 1889, Newton Co., MO
  4. SARAH CHENOWETH, Abt 1806, Virginia; d. Bef. 1900, Missouri; m. JESSE TUTTLE, February 26, 1834, Champaign Co., OH; b. Abt. 1801, Ohio; d. Bef. 1880
  5. JOHN W. CHENOWETH, b. December 25, 1807, Virginia; d. October 5, 1874, Grayson Co., TX; m. FRANCES JACKSON RANDLE, September 1, 1831, Madison Co., IL; b. November 20, 1811, Illinois; d. April 24, 1894, Texas.
  6. JAMES CHENOWETH, b. Aft 1799.

A Love Story

Contributed by James Harvey Chenoweth, Jr as told by his mother, Louisa Martina (Simpson) Chenoweth

I first met James Harvey Chenoweth in a church in Newark, NJ. It was late afternoon of an early fall Sunday in 1916. I was practicing the piano, and a lady from the missionary home next door was picking up hymnbooks and straightening the chairs on the speaker's platform in preparation for the evening services. She told me that she was expecting ayoung man named Chenoweth to come in and stoke up the furnace. I think it was the unusual name that first interested me in the young man who presently entered from the street, and was introduced to me.

He was the fourth child, and the oldest son, of William and Elizabeth (Van Houten) Chenoweth. He had three older sisters and a younger brother. I later learned from his mother, that when she told her family that she wanted to marry a man by the name of Chenoweth, they objected strenuously, saying she would be marrying beneath her. This was because the Van Houtens belonged to the descendents of the early Dutch settlers who came to the New World after Peter Stuyvesant's famous bargain with the Indians for Manhattan Island. The Dutch had largely colonized Manhattan, Westchester, and Northern New Jersey. In their way of thinking, "Who were these upstarts with the strange name?"

William Chenoweth died when his son, James Harvey, was four years old. He left Elizabeth with five children and very little money. She went to work for a machinist, a Belgian by the name of Boschman. After about ten years she married him and together they made a home for her five children and two of his own by a former marriage.

In the year following my seventeenth birthday, I became more and more attracted to young Chenoweth. He was then in his twenty-second year, and was beginning to think seriously of becoming a missionary. We were both attending a missionary training school and because I had lived in China, our mutual interests grew.

The year of 1917 was marked by three events: - James Harvey's first proposal of marriage to me; the entrance of America into World War I; and the death of my mother.

The proposal was not accepted, due mainly to the strenuous opposition of my mother that I was too young and the young man was too unstable.

The entrance of America into World War I made James Harvey's future uncertain because of the draft. And when my mother died in the fall, my father began to make preparations to return to China with what was left of his family. This he did in early February of 1918.

Went first to a mission station in Shensi province, where my sister and I spent the summer, while my father and brother went back to Kansu and the Tibetan border. My brother began learning the Tibetan language, making ready to carry out my father's old dream of beginning the evangelizing of Tibet.

In the meantime, my father returned to Central China and my sister and I joined him for the trip back west to Kansu. We got as far as Sian, the capitol of Shensi province, and decided to spend the winter there. We were joined by a young Canadian missionary, Reginald Jamieson, who later married my sister, Margaret. While in Sian we received word of the end of World War I, and also heard that the US Government had granted a passport to James Harvey and that he would be sailing for China in the Spring.

In March came a telegram from Shanghai that said, "I am coming to Sian alone." This told us that his plans to marry a certain young lady had fallen through, and he was still single.

After his arrival in Sian, we started on our long journey to the Tibetan Border. Besides my father, my sister and myself, there were two young men, Jamieson and Chenoweth, and of course several Chinese. This was a journey of mingled hardship and delight � hardship in the rough bumpy motion of the springless mule carts � and delight in the wild mountain scenery, the oncoming spring, with trees and wild flowers beginning to bud and bloom. There were rough rocky roads that made for difficult climbing � and then the breath-taking beauty of mountain-top scenery, a panorama of green valleys and other mountain ranges still to climb. And of course we were young and healthy and romantic. Even those days when the sky was clouded, and the fierce winds blew down from the desert of Gobi, carrying the sands that stung our faces and filled the folds of our clothing with their sharp particles � even then we laughed and sang � and vied with each other to see who could walk the farthest ahead of the caravan of mule carts and reach a wayside Inn where we cold sit on a bench and drink hot tea and wait for the slower travellers to come along.



Age 85 - ALBERT CHARLES10 SPIETH (NELLIE MAY9 STARKEY, MARY EDITH8 SMITH, ELIZABETH JANE7 REIP, EDITH AMANDA6 CHENOWETH, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born March 07, 1919 in Lorain Co., OH, and died May 07, 2004 in Lagrange, Lorain Co., OH. He married (1) NAOMI ELLEN HUTCHISON. She was born March 27, 1918, and died July 23, 1997. He married (2) VELMA E. (MOHR) KAFER Private. She was born November 08, 1920, and died April 27, 2000.

Age 90 - LENNIE (ANDERSON) CHENOWETH nee unknown. She was born September 24, 1914 in Dillon Co., SC, and died October 12, 2004 in Zephyrhills, Pasco Co., FL. She married DUANE10 CHENOWETH (HARLAN JAY9, BEEBE8, MARSHALL7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 21, 1932 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, and died October 10, 1994 in Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL.

Age 71 - EFFEEN CAROLINE CHENOWETH nee unknown. She was born November 05, 1932 in Galveston, Galveston Co., TX, and died September 04, 2004 in Texas City, Galveston Co., TX. She married RICHARD THEODORE8 CHENOWETH (RICHARD JACKSON7, DAVID THEODORE6, ISAAC JACKSON5, ISAAC J.4, ISAAC3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born February 14, 1930 in Orange Co., TX, and died December 29, 1991 in Galveston Co., TX.

Age 94 - MARCELLA H. CHENOWETH nee unknown. She was born January 19, 1910, and died September 24, 2004 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN. She married ALFRED 'PETE'7 CHENOWETH (JOHN H.6, EPHRAIM B.5, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 24, 1900 in Morgan Co., IN, and died December 24, 1954.

Age84 - CARL VINCENT3 CHENOWETH (JESSE E.2, SAMUEL REED1)* was born May 20, 1920 in Lexington, Cleveland Co., OK, and died October 07, 2004 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK. He married MARIE WELLS (note though Jesse listed Samuel Reed as his father on his marriage certificate, it is believed he was a ward of Samuel's and actually a son of Samuel's unwed sister, MARTHA EVALINE6 CHENOWETH (JOSEPH5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1))

Age84 - CLARK BRADEN 'CLICK'8 CHENOWETH, JR. (CLARK BRADEN7, JOSEPH STEAVEN6, JAMES HACKLEY5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 11, 1920 in Noble Co., OK, and died September 03, 2004. He married (1) FRANCES HURT. He married (2) SUSAN ?.

Age81 - FRANCES LUE8 CHENOWTH (HOWARD PINCKNEY7, JOHN ADDISON 'GUS'6, JOHN AUGUSTUS5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born August 15, 1922 in San Paulo, BRAZIL, and died January 05, 2004.

Age80 - JAMES WILBERT8 CHENOWETH (JAMES NELSON7, GEORGE THOMAS6, GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born May 12, 1924 in Baltimore Co., MD, and died October 21, 2004 in Covington, LA. He married (1) DELPHINE ADA BULL She was born July 30, 1926 in Parkton, Baltimore Co., MD, and died July 05, 2002 in Baltimore City, MD. He married (2) DOROTHY VIRGINIA. She was born December 28, 1928, and died May 28, 2001 in Baltimore Co., MD. He married (3) MARGARET KATHRINE SCHMIDT. She was born June 16, 1920 in Baltimore Co., MD, and died October 07, 1996 in Berlin, Worcester Co., MD. He married (4) DELPHINE ADA BULL , a 2nd time

Age59 - JOHN HENRY8 CHENOWETH, JR. (JOHN HENRY CLEMENTS7, CHARLES MILTON6, CHARLES EDWIN 'EDWARD'5, LUKE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born September 06, 1945 in Oroville, Butte Co., CA, and died September 19, 2004. He married GLORIA J. ORMAN

Age96 - JOHN THOMAS 'TOM'8 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM OTIS7, ISAAC NEWTON6, ARCHIBALD S.5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born August 09, 1908 in Barren Co., KY, and died September 13, 2004 in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. He married BESSIE JEWEL MILLER 1929. She was born June 16, 1908 in Kentucky, and died September 07, 1991 in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.

Age66 - PAUL LEE9 CHENOWETH (RAYMOND WILLIAM8, PAUL EARL7, WILLIAM EDWARD6, OLIVER BUCKMAN5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born October 20, 1938 in Baltimore City, MD, and died November 14, 2004 in Towson, Baltimore Co., MD. He married SHARON RUTH

Age81 - PHILIP ELLIS8 CHENOWETH (LOUIS CASPER7, CASPER6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born July 31, 1923 in Galesburg, Knox Co., IL, and died October 2004 in Minnesota. He married SHIRLEY GAYLE SMITH

Age60 - RAYMOND WILLIAM9 CHENOWETH, JR. (RAYMOND WILLIAM8, PAUL EARL7, WILLIAM EDWARD6, OLIVER BUCKMAN5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born August 30, 1944, and died September 03, 2004 in Baltimore Co., MD. He married ALICE MARIE BASTA, daughter of ANTHONY BASTA and ALICE CONKLIN.

Age60 - WAYNE GARY8 CHENOWETH (RICHARD JACKSON7, DAVID THEODORE6, ISAAC JACKSON5, ISAAC J.4, ISAAC3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born March 07, 1944 in Galveston, Galveston Co., TX, and died October 04, 2004 in Houston, Harris Co., TX. He married JANICE L. SMITH.

Age86 - WILLIAM BURREL8 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM GUY7, HENRY SEAMAN6, HENRY5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born October 07, 1917 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK, and died September 09, 2004 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co., NM. He married JO ANNA LYMAN, daughter of PATRICK LYMAN and LULA WALKER.

Age90 - FLORENCE A.9 ZUMWALT nee COPE (MYRTLE EMARINE8 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM LEMUEL7, JOHN HENTON6, JACOB VAN METER5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 20, 1904 in Langlois, Curry Co., OR, and died October 18, 2004 in Myrtle Point, Coos Co., OR. She married FREDERICK 'FRED' ZUMWALT September 27, 1924. He was born May 12, 1904 in Oregon, and died January 1969.

Age87 - ARIST EUGENA 'SUE'9 BRANNEMAN nee GOBEL (MYRTLE8 WILHITE, LIEUSELY 'LUCILLE'7 JOHNSON, MARY ELIZABETH6 SEATON, ALLEN ROSE5, GEORGE4, RACHEL3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 08, 1916 in Morgan Co., IN, and died September 09, 2004 in Clermont, Lake Co., FL. She married JEWEL BRANNEMAN March 12, 1935. He was born January 21, 1910, and died September 1983.

Age86 - MARY IDA CHENOWETH daughter of SAMUEL KUMMER and CLARA MERRITT. She was born July 23, 1917 in Bluffton, Wells Co., IN, and died May 10, 2004 in Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX. She married CLAUDENE RAY9 CHENOWETH July 02, 1938 in Wells Co., IN, (AARON WOODWARD8, JOHN WILLIAM7, ELIAS6, WILLIAM E.5, ELIAS4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 23, 1916 in Wells Co., IN, and died March 02, 1990 in Navarro Co., TX.

Age90 - VONALBADE DANIEL OEHMIG, son of WILLIAM OEHMIG and RUTH DANIEL. He was born September 14, 1914 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, and died October 10, 2004 in Lookout Mountain, Hamilton Co., TN. He married MARGARET ILLGES8 CHENOWETH (BEACH MEAD7, WILLIAM ARTHUR6, JAMES MARELYA5, JAMES S.4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1)

Age87 - DORIS JEAN10 KNAPPAGE nee PADGETT (GLADYS ALFARETA9 POE, BERTHA8 EDWARDS, HARRIET ELIZABETH7 CHENOWETH, LEMUEL6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 01, 1920 in Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS, and died January 06, 2004. She married ROBERT WILFRED KNAPPAGE May 20, 1942 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. He was born December 31, 1919 in Ramey, Clearfield Co., PA, and died July 02, 1969 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX.

Age78 - PAULINE O. CHENOWETH nee PALMER. She was born April 01, 1926, and died August 11, 2004. She married Abt. 1944 LEROY DONALD8 CHENOWETH (JAMES WALTON CECIL7, CHARLES SHERMAN6, JAMES WALTON5, ISAAC J.4, ISAAC3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born January 18, 1926 in Los Angeles Co., CA, and died April 18, 2001 in Los Angeles Co., CA.

Age95 - HELEN E. CHENOWETH nee PATTERSON. She was born June 03, 1908 in Mercer Co., PA, and died April 26, 2004 in Mercer Co., PA. She married IVAN EUGENE9 CHENOWETH (THEODORE CHARLES8, GEORGE WASHINGTON7, HICKMAN6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 07, 1904 in Smithfield, Wetzel Co., WV, and died June 24, 1995 in Sheakleyville, Mercer Co., PA.

Age85 - OLIVE 'SIS' CHENOWETH, daughter of OLIVER STARR and MARY SNYDER. She was born September 05, 1919 in Gary, Lake Co., IN, and died October 17, 2004. She married August 24, 1940 HARRY WESLEY9 CHENOWETH, JR. (HARRY WESLEY8, WILLIAM ALBERT7, CHARLES WESLEY6, WILLIAM THOMAS5, WILLIAM4, ARTHUR3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1)

Age80 - WILODENE MAXINE9 BERKEY nee WALTERS (ETHEL G.8 HALL, JOSEPHINE A. 'JOSIE'7 CHENOWETH, FRANKLIN P.6, HARVEY R.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born April 16, 1924, and died September 21, 2004. She married (1) DENNIS J. COUCH April 25, 1943. He was born April 19, 1918, and died January 22, 1991. She married (2) unknown BERKEY.

Age73 - DAVID A.9 WHITCOMB (THURMAN A.8, RACHEL MARGARET7 THURMAN, JOSEPH ABSOLOM6, MARY5 CHENOWETH, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 25, 1931 in Michigantown, Clinton Co., IN, and died November 01, 2004 in Westville, La Porte Co., IN. He married ESTHER IONA BAIR September 29, 1951, daughter of HUGH BAIR and ESTHER LONG. She was born March 16, 1935 in Valparaiso, Porter Co., IN

Age76 - JOHN THURMAN9 WHITCOMB (THURMAN A.8, RACHEL MARGARET7 THURMAN, JOSEPH ABSOLOM6, MARY5 CHENOWETH, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 25, 1928 in Michigantown, Clinton Co., IN, and died September 18, 2004 in Valparaiso, Porter Co., IN. He married BETTY LOU BUZALSKI December 30, 1950 in San Diego, San Diego Co., CA, daughter of ANTHONY BUZALSKI and GENEVA HARNESS. She was born September 10, 1930.


Age91 - REBA LORENE CHENOWETH, daughter of EDWARD TEAGUE and MARGARET ARNOLD. She was born July 19, 1913 in Atkins, Pope Co., AR, and died August 30, 2004 in Russellville, Pope Co., AR. She married JOSEPH LEONARD 'JOE'3 CHENOWETH (JAMES GARRISON2, JOHN PRICKETT1) was born March 31, 1907 in Pope Co., AR, and died August 31, 1984 in Pope Co., AR.


Age87 � RONALD3 CHENOWETH (EDWIN JOHN RICHARD2, JOHN CHARLES1) was born September 12, 1916 in Wisconsin, and died August 06, 2004. He married ALICE unknown

Age69 - HELEN CARDELL CHENOWETH nee KELLER. She was born May 03, 1934 in Georgia, and died February 09, 2004 in Florida. She married EDWIN JOHN5 CHENOWETH, JR (EDWIN JOHN "EDWARD"4, FREDERICK3, FREDERICK2, JOHN1) was born December 19, 1938 in Alabama, and died June 01, 1981 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL.

UNRESOLVED LINES: can you help?

Social Security listing for 2004 still unidentified:

A Love Story (continued)

No wonder that when we finally reached our destination, the western borders of Kansu, and we found the hills and valleys were covered with the pink and white star flowers, the blue and white flag lilies, and the rosy peonies; and we could go for rides on the hardy little ponies, native to the region, - that the barriers between James Harvey and myself came tumbling down, like the walls of Jericho.

Remembering his former experience with me and "parental consent", he asked me to promise that I would marry him whether or not my father agreed. I gave him the promise, but I felt sure that I could win my father over.

We were married that fall on November 12, 1919 (which was my husband's 24th birthday). We settled in the mission station in the suburbs of the city of Minchow. In due time we (had) three sons. They were Christian Wallace, born on December 11, 1920; James Harvey, Jr, born on February 14, 1922; and William Frank, born on July 29, 1924.

Here is the genealogy as it appears at this point:

William Clawson Chenoweth (17 Apr 1868-1899) married Elizabeth Van Houten (2 Jan 1869-May 1947). They had five children:

James Harvey Chenoweth (12 Nov 1896-19 May 1950) married Louise Martina Simpson, November 12, 1919 (13 Jan 1900-18 May 1989). They had three children:

Editor's Note: James Harvey, Jr is author of "Oddity Odyssey: A Journey Through New England's Colorful Past" and soon to be released "Down Darkness Wide."

SONS OF JOHN1 - Thomas
By Jon Egge, WA
Part2: A continuing series of the children of John
Part1: Richard

Though there is much we know of the lines of Thomas and their genealogy is probably the least controversial, there are many things we do not know of Thomas himself. He was one of the 3 sons that accompanied John Chenoweth to Virginia about 1740.

Thomas as the youngest son was named executor of his father's will dated April 11, 1746. It is very probably that he was in Virginia at the time for he signed for the posted bond on May 6th when the will was placed into probate. Cora Hiatt says that Thomas was born about 1720. In the 1737 Tax Rolls, Thomas does not appear with his father or brothers, indicating he was less than 16 years of age. Thomas, alone of the 5 sons, left no will that has been uncovered. In fact neither Chenoweth history has much about his life.

Thomas married Mary Prickett about 1742. She was the daughter of John and Martha Prickett. Most likely this was in Frederick Co., VA. Mary Louise Henke gives a date for this of November 11, 1742, which is reasonable, but her source for this date is unknown. She gives the place as Baltimore Co., MD, but no record there has been found and the evidence seems to give the Virginia location more credence. Thomas settled on land on Back Creek on the west side of North Mountain. His two older brothers lived on the eastside of North Mountain in the Mill Creek drainage area. For neighbors, Thomas had his brother-in-law, Abraham Prickett and Abraham Sutton, who had married his niece, Mary Chenoweth, a daughter of William. In 1755 Thomas is recorded as voting in a Virginia Burgess election.

Thomas purchased this 276 acres of land on April 13, 1751 from John Bozarth. The sale stated that he was already living on the property. Title was not granted from Lord Fairfax until 1761. On November 2, 1762 Thomas sold this property to Benjamin Haines. Mention of Thomas and his family in this Virginia area has not been found after this date. It is known that Thomas moved to the vicinity of Old Town in present day Allegany Co., MD. Until 1789 it was called Washington Co., MD and in 1776 it was still part of Frederick Co., MD. But this area was also in constant dispute by Virginia, Pennsylvania and I suppose Maryland where it ended up. It was under the protection of Fort Cumberland.

From this location the sons of Thomas enlisted in the American Revolution. Five sons are purported to have served in the American Revolution and one in the War of 1812. The DAR however only lists service for John, Thomas, Jr and Richard. They have not listed Elijah (the SAR has recently listed Elijah) and William, the latter perhaps because of the lack of proven descendant lines. They do however list Thomas himself, under the category of "patriot" for having taken the oath of fidelity. Service is not specified and it is doubtful whether Thomas, in his 50s, actually served.

It is likely that the younger children of the family were born in this area of Old Town. Here too, most of his children also appear to have married. Though we have accounts of the family's presence in Allegany Co., MD during this period from well before the Revolution to sometime after, we have no fixed dates and no records, other than the several enlistments. Thomas himself is not seen in Virginia after the 1761 land sale in Frederick Co., VA and in Maryland, the 1778 oath is the only record we presently know of in this area. Harris states that Thomas died in Maryland about 1787, if so this was probably in this area of Allegany Co., before his children started their move to Kentucky. This is corroborated by the writings of his grandson, Thomas Scott, who states that his grandfather Chenoweth died when he was a young boy on the North Branch of the Potomac River. The Potomac splits into a north and south fork just before Old Town, which is on the North Branch. As Thomas Scott was born in 1772 it would seem that the date was probably before the 1787 date Harris gives. We do know that Thomas gave an oath of fidelity taken in Montgomery Co. in 1778. Thomas Scott also tells us that Mary, his grandmother died in Mason Co., KY after migrating there just before 1790. A Mary Chenoweth and William Chenoweth witnessed a marriage of the daughter Hannah in Bourbon Co., KY in 1789. The latter was Hannah's brother, the former is thought by some to be Mary, the wife of Thomas, but may be William's wife Mary, as William's wife is now believed to have also been a Mary. The Allegany Co., MD location has been confusing to researchers for years as they have mistaken the Maryland births of the grandchildren as an indication that Thomas and his families were still in Baltimore Co. That is not the case.

Thomas and Mary had 12 children, seven sons and five daughters, known by bible listings that came from the family of Thomas, Jr after they settled in Franklin Co., OH. The last 3 were born after 1765 and therefore may have been born in Allegany Co., MD. As indicated, the timing for that move is uncertain. This was the largest family of any of the five original sons of the family. Of those 12 children we have indications that 11 of them married. Thomas Scott tells us in his writings that all of these eleven children had large families. Of the eleven marriages, we have no follow-up for two of the daughters, Martha (also called Patsy) and Hannah. This gives us descendant lines for 2 of the daughters and all seven of the sons, though in the latter case, the lines of the son William are not proven or even fully known.

We do know that most, if not all, of the children of Thomas and Mary moved from Allegany County to Mason Co., KY where they are found in the 1790 tax rolls. As soon as Ohio was opened up to settlement after the Treaty of Greenville was signed, following the defeat of the Indian Tribes at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, most of the families of Thomas crossed the Ohio River, moving up the Scioto River Valley. John, Richard, Arthur and Abraham settled in Pike Co. Thomas, Jr and his brother Elijah settled on side by side farms in the southwest corner of Franklin Co. It is believed that William stayed behind for a while, then traveled to the area of Cincinnati, then returning to Kentucky just after 1800. The Downings of Mary likewise went to Pike Co. and Sarah's Scotts lingered in Kentucky. Some of them would later move up to Ohio.

One of the differentiating aspects of the families of Thomas are that they were generally Methodist-Episcopalian as opposed to the Baptist families of the two older Virginia brothers, John and William. Most likely this stems from the migration of Thomas out of Virginia before the Baptist religion took hold in the area. Thomas Scott tells us this was true for all but Richard and Hannah. He also tells us the conversion began with the sons Thomas, Jr. and Elijah in Maryland. Perhaps this was in association with the Foster marriages.

As previously stated, there appears to be fewer unknowns with the genealogy lines of Thomas. There are several reasons for this. First they were younger, at least by a generation from the older lines. Second, there are several early genealogy accounts down by family members in the late 1800s. Then, the records of Ohio, given the later timing, seem to be better and more available than early Maryland and Virginia records. The movement from Virginia to Kentucky is a long black hole which certainly bears more examination. Richard Harris mentions property of a Thomas Chenoweth that was found in Kanawha Co., VA (now WV).

It appears that a source of more information on Thomas may be from other families. Certainly there is more to be learned from family researchers in the lines of the marriages. John McCall of Missouri uncovered "The Prickett Fence" a newsletter edited by Kimberlee Miller of the Prickett family of Mary. Mary Louise Henke, cited above was the previous editor, until she died in December of 2000. Dorothy Scott led me to the biographical writings of Thomas Scott, written in Oct 31, 1851 from Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH.

THOMAS2 CHENOWETH (JOHN1) was born 1720 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and died 178? in Washington Co., MD on the North Branch of the Potomac River. He married MARY PRICKETT November 11, 1742 in Baltimore Co., MD, daughter of JOHN PRICKETT and MARTHA ?. She was born 1723 in Burlington Co., NJ and died in Mason Co., KY.


  1. MARTHA3 CHENOWETH, b. December 20, 1744, Baltimore Co., MD or Frederick Co., VA; d. Unknown; m. HENRY CARTER; b. Bet. 1735-1748; d. Unknown
  2. SARAH3 CHENOWETH, b. May 12, 1747, Frederick Co., VA; d. 1814; m. JOHN SCOTT, 1768; b. 1734; d. 1804.
  3. MARY3 CHENOWETH, b. July 23, 1749, Frederick Co., VA; d. Unknown; m. TIMOTHY DOWNING, Mason Co., KY; b. 1744, Maryland; d. Bef 1799.
  4. JOHN3 CHENOWETH, b. May 15, 1751, Frederick Co., VA; d. March 3, 1820, Vigo Co., IN; m (1) RACHEL KERR, 1780; b. Bef 1766; d. January 16, 1792; m. (2) MARY VAN BUSKIRK, March 11, 1793, Shelby Co., KY; b. October 17, 1766, Virginia; d. October 24, 1849, Vermillon Co., IN
  5. THOMAS3 CHENOWETH, JR, b. September 10, 1753, Frederick Co., VA; d. August 17, 1814, Pleasant Twp, Franklin Co., OH; m CASSANDRA FOSTER, March 17, 1785, Allegany Co., MD; b. December 30, 1762, Allegany Co., MD; d. January 1850, Vermillon Co., IN
  6. ARTHUR3 CHENOWETH, b. December 6, 1755, Frederick Co., VA; d. October 2, 1821, PeePee Twp, Pike Co., OH; m (1) ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, November 1783; b. July 7, 1753, Maryland; d. Aft 1798, Ross Co., OH (now Pike Co.); m (2) SUSANNAH CARTER, Abt 1798; b. Bet. 1760-1780.
  7. RICHARD3 CHENOWETH, b. April 1, 1758, Frederick Co., VA; d. December 28, 1847, Tippecanoe Co., IN; m. MARTHA SMITH; b. December 25, 1758; d. December 4, 1845, Tippecanoe Co., IN.
  8. WILLIAM B.3 CHENOWETH, b. May 3, 1760, Frederick Co., VA; d. Aft. 1830; m. MARY ?, Bef 1789; b. Abt 1771; d. Aft. 1830.
  9. ELIJAH3 CHENOWETH, b. June 12, 1762, Frederick Co., VA; d. December 5, 1828, Franklin Co., OH; m. RACHEL FOSTER, August 25, 1785, Allegany Co., MD; b. August 11, 1768, Virginia; d. April 17, 1825, Franklin Co., OH.
  10. ANN3 CHENOWETH, b. May 6, 1765, Frederick Co., VA; d. Unknown.
  11. HANNAH3 CHENOWETH, b. August 18, 1767, Frederick Co., VA; d. Unknown; m (1) JOHN KERR, February 5, 1789, Bourbon Co., KY; b. Bet 1752-1771; d. Unknown; m (2) HENRY DAVIS, Aft 1790; b. Bet 1752-1772; d. Unknown.
  12. ABRAHAM3 CHENOWETH, b. January 25, 1770, Frederick Co., VA?; d. October 29, 1845, Pike Co., OH; m REBECCA KERR, May 26, 1790, Mason Co., KY; b. December 26, 1773; d. January 24, 1831, Pike Co., OH.

Dec 2004


[Jon] By Jon Egge
Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

Thomas Proven!

One of the first errors I realized in Cora's work, was that of Thomas who married Elizabeth Watson. I have referred to this error several times in other articles. Once I had researched Baltimore for a period, it was quite evident that Thomas was not at all the son of Richard, Jr. Richard, Jr. had never left Baltimore and was certainly there in the 1780s, well after Thomas was born in Berkeley Co. Of course knowing something is wrong is only the first step. Finding the right answer is often a long careful journey

For a time, as this search for the placement of Thomas evolved, I thought he might be a son of Absolom, a brother to William, Jr. The family of Absolom was never included in either of the two Chenoweth books. Greg Wulker, a descendant of the cousin marriages of Warren Co., OH involving the sons of William, Jr. finally found Absolom's marriage with his search for the "2nd Hayes-Chenoweth" marriage. John Hayes had been a neighbor of William(2) on Mill Creek in Berkeley County. Greg had uncovered that two of the daughters of John Hayes had married Chenoweths. The marriage of Sinah Hayes to Joseph, one of the sons of William(2) was known. The 2nd marriage was not. But Greg's persistence paid off and her name was revealed as Anne Hayes, wife of Absolom.

Once Greg established that Absolom had a family, missing pieces began to fall into place. There were several daughter marriages in Berkeley Co. where the suretor was an Absolom Chemoweth. At least one Ohio history account of one of these daughters gave her father's name as Absolom and a Berkeley Co., VA location. From the estate papers of Absolom in Clark Co., OH we find that his daughter Nancy is cited in the estate papers where Absolom's wife, "Amy" declined to act as executor. An account of an unknown William Chenoweth who had married a daughter of Sinah Hayes by her 2nd marriage, mentioned a sister Nancy. Most all these people are found at sometime in or near Clark Co., OH. The first impulse guess was that Thomas, too, was a son of Absolom.

The ultimate solution took many more steps. On a parallel track it had become apparent that William who married Catherine Rinker had been misplaced twice. First by Cora and then by Shirley. The first step in solving this riddle was the realization that the description of William, Jr as presented by Cora Hiatt and echoed in the Harris book was a totally wrong. Nothing fit, the record was either made up of non-existent names or badly distorted versions of descendants that belonged elsewhere. William, Jr. himself was real, but who was he? The easy answer and available answer was William who married Catherine Rinker who was again available.

These two guess placements, made by me in an attempt to correct obvious errors, both proved wrong. They were however steps on a longer road that eventually cleared away the debris and opened the path to the right solution. In the aftermath, Greg and I began a discussion about the possibility that the two William's of Warren Co. were misplaced as well. The more I studied the records the more convinced I became that they were exactly reversed. The stories were mixed up. The facts were shouting that William who married Elizabeth Hutchison and lived in Berkeley Co. was William, Jr. who shared his father's land with his brother Absolom. On the other hand, William who married Catherine Rinker and lived on Back Creek in Frederick Co., VA was the son of John(3) of Hampshire Co., VA.

Though Greg told me I was "messing with his ancestors", I did win him over to my side. The switch produced a solution that seemed highly probably. In the summer of 2002, Greg and I, meeting in Winchester, VA, found the proving links in the Berkeley Co. land records. Indeed William, Jr. was the William who married Elizabeth Hutchinson. The stage was now set for the rightful placing of Thomas. Once again Greg Wulker came up with the kernel for this solution. Thomas was mentioned in the will of William, Jr. written in 1816 and living at that time. The Thomas of Clark Co. fit all the circumstances of this lost son of William, Jr.

This is where we were in the summer of 2002. We now had the right story that fit, but there was no proof. About the same time Roberta Burnes found an old daybook that belonged to Elijah, Jr., the husband of Nancy Chenoweth. Nancy was a daughter of Thomas Chenoweth and Elizabeth Watson. This daybook gave us the exact birth day for both Thomas and his wife. (May 10, 1777 for Thomas). This fall, in 2004, Herman William Chenoweth has come up with a bunch of family papers from the Warren Co., Chenoweths of William, Jr. One document listed the names of William and Elizabeth and listed their first 7 children with birth dates. With the addition of a daughter Ann, the names matched the list that was developed from the will of William, Jr. The birth date for his son Thomas matches exactly with the birthday in the day book of Elizjah, Jr. This is a fairly round about proof but it is precise and can only mean that our placement three years ago is exactly correct and Thomas IS PROVED to be the son of WIlliam, Jr. Case closed.

Thomas and Elizabeth founded a large family based in Clark Co., where they had migrated just after the start of the 19th century.

THOMAS4 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born May 10, 1777 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV), and died February 25, 1856 in Clark Co., OH. He married ELIZABETH WATSON April 02, 1801 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV), daughter of HENRY WATSON. She was born July 26, 1779 in Maryland, and died March 07, 1856 in Clark Co., OH.


  1. WILLIAM5 CHENOWETH, b. January 25, 1802, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. October 03, 1869; m. (1) ELIZABETH MORGAN, February 26, 1824, Fayette Co., OH; b. March 15, 1803, Fayette Co., OH; d. July 25, 1856; m. (2) EMILY O. (LIONBERGER) SKIDMORE, August 27, 1861, Tippecanoe Co., IN; b. January 26, 1826; d. August 28, 1904, Champaign Co., IL.
  2. HENRY CHENOWETH, b. April 26, 1804, Clark Co., OH; d. April 11, 1880, Clark Co., OH; m. ANN ELIZA HILL, March 24, 1831, Clark Co., OH; b. December 09, 1812, Virginia; d. December 15, 1900, Clark Co., OH.
  3. NANCY CHENOWETH, b. October 25, 1806, Clark Co., OH; d. March 20, 1874, Franklin Co., OH; m. ELIJAH CHENOWETH, JR., April 16, 1827, Clark Co., OH; b. August 15, 1806, Pleasant Twp., Franklin Co., OH; d. April 07, 1898, Franklin Co., OH.
  4. ELIZABETH CHENOWETH, b. July 15, 1809, Clark Co., OH; m. THOMAS WHITTREDGE, November 29, 1827, Clark Co., OH; b. July 29, 1801, Plainfield, Washington Co., VT; d. 1869, Clark Co., OH.
  5. REBECCA CHENOWETH, b. December 14, 1811, Clark Co., OH; d. December 25, 1891, South Charleston, Clark Co., OH; m. CHARLES G. SMITH, December 27, 1831, Clark Co., OH; b. August 01, 1802, Virginia; d. August 15, 1855, Harmony twp., Clark Co., OH.
  6. JOHN CHENOWETH, b. August 15, 1814, Clark Co., OH; d. October 07, 1869, Franklin Co., OH.
  7. ELEANOR 'ELLEN' CHENOWETH, b. March 16, 1817, Clark Co., OH; d. October 20, 1878, Clark Co., OH; m. GEORGE G. SMITH, February 27, 1842, Clark Co., OH; b. September 04, 1812, Virginia; d. March 04, 1898, Clark Co., OH.

The Smiths of Clark Co., OH

One of the early most obvious errors of the Cora Hiatt book was the placement of Thomas, who married Elizabeth Watson and settled in Clarke Co., OH, as a son of Richard, Jr. of Baltimore Co. This was not Cora's fault. By her own account, the record was a last minute insertion from a descendant of this Clark Co. line, a Miss Elva Wilson of South Carolina. I am not certain as to who Elva was. My best guess is that she is the Alta Wilson, daughter of Nancy Smith and Timothy Wilson found in the 1880 Census of Clark Co., OH. Alta was born in 1879 so about 46 when Cora published her book. The database has not yet a continuation for lines of Nancy's children. Elva's placement in the family was not included in Cora's book.

This is an aspect of genealogy I find somewhat irksome. Some descendants and researchers often give no or scant mention of their immediate family and it's inclusion in the record, but leave off at some distant point in the past, leaving the questions and the accurate inclusion of these family members to some chance in the future. Many times I have to reply to mailings asking how the sender fits into the family. On too many occasions there is no answer. Whereas I can understand the desire for privacy, there are other ways to achieve this than leaving out the genealogy detail. It is unlikely that we will ever know what this letter of Miss Wilson said. Cora's records are sadly, forever lost to us.

It is apparent that Elva was mistaken. Richard, Jr. is very real, but there is no indication that he ever left Baltimore Co. It is thought that he had a family, and it is probably that his family is responsible, at least in part, for some of the "lost lines" of present day Baltimore. Indeed records clearly show Richard, Jr. being in Baltimore during the 1780s and he is probably one of the Richards found there in the 1790 Census. Thomas was born on May 10, 1777 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV). There is no way he could be a son of Richard, Jr.

But knowing that Thomas was misplaced was the easy part of the analysis. Knowing where he belonged took much more understanding and years to sift out. Just recently this line of Thomas was proven to be to be the eldest son of William, Jr. as we had suspected for some time. This proof is found in the immediatly preceding article. Perhaps one day our DNA samples will be thorough enough to corrobborate this proof case. It would be a matter of having two samples from current descendants, one from the line of this Thomas in question and one from a line of one of William, Jr.'s other sons. Alas, though there are plenty to choose from, we have found no volunteers.

The family of Thomas and Elizabeth Watson is quite large. Thomas had been the first of the family of William, Jr. to leave Virginia. He apparently went first to Warren Co., OH where his Aunt Sinah had settled with her son Joseph, Jr. Thomas had next moved up to Clark Co. and eventually was joined there by his uncle Absolom. William, Jr. and family followed later to Warren Co. The biggest line of Thomas goes though his first son, William who migrated to Illinois. Another larger line was the cousin marriage of his daughter Nancy to Elijah, Jr. of the Thomas(2) lines from the families that settled in Franklin Co., OH. The son Henry, named for the presumed father of Elizabeth, married well and stayed in Clarke Co. The daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Whittredge and too remained in Clark Co. So did the two youngest daughters, Rebecca and Eleanor. They both married Smiths, and after this lengthy introduction, are the subject of this article.

Smith is an impossible name. The most common name in America today, at present it is easily the second most prevalent name in the database after Chenoweth. But unlike the other major surnames in the family it is comprised of many scattered unconnected Smith families. The root name, taken from the smith crafts of yesteryear is primarily both English and German. The first Smith tie in the family is the marriage of the oldest son John Chenoweth to Mary Smith. Like many early spouses, her parents are unknown. In the 3rd generation there were two Smith marriages, again daughters. John Chenoweth, the son of John(2) married first a Mary Smith, as had his father, and Richard Chenoweth, son of Thomas married Martha Smith. In the 4th generation there are 4 Smith marriages, including the first two male Smith lines that help disseminate the name within the family. These latter two Smiths were brothers that married two daughters of Arthur of Pike Co., OH

The Clarke Co. Smiths are 5th generation marriages. Rebecca married Charles G. Smith on December 27, 1831 and her sister Eleanor married George G. Smith on February 27, 1842. Both were from Virginia and it is thought that the two Smiths were brothers, but their parentage is presently unknown. The children of these two marriages were all enumerated in Cora's book, perhaps through the courtesy of the aforementioned Elva Wison, a descendant of Nancy Smith, one of Rebecca's many daughters. Rebecca and Charles had 8 daughters, no sons. Seven of these eight daughters grew to marry. Eleanor and George had 4 daughters followed by 3 sons. All of the daughters and two of the sons married. So of the 13 marriages only two continued the Smith name within the family. The beauty of the genealogy though is the work done to date on tracing the lines of the 11 Smith daughters.

My first contact with these families came in the fall of 1998 from Jerry Roland Strayer, a descendant of Rebecca's daughter Laura, who married Isaac Patterson Hedrick. Jerry was born in 1941 in Franklin Co., OH, two counties to the east of Clark Co. Sadly Jerry died in the summer of 2002 at the age of 61, the same age I have obtained at the time of this writing. Jerry introduced me to Shirley Oliver who was a descendant of Laura's sister Amanda Jane. At the time Shirley lived in Redmond, WA, a Seattle suburb, just south of Woodinville where I live. Shirley has recently moved to Montesano, WA and attended the reunion this summer where we had a delightful meeting. Amanda married John Clinton DeGroot and Shirley had traced most of this family. As the years went on Shirley would contact me with a marriage or descendant information on other Smith daughters of Rebecca until finally she had tracked them all down at least through the next generation.

Just recently Carolyn Hines Smith has contacted me with the families of Eleanor's Smiths. Carolyn married Roger Lamar Smith, her 2nd cousin and also a descendant of Eleanor. As of this writing I have added Carolyn's extensive knowledge of Eleanor's family into the database. Unlike Rebecca's children, many of whom moved west, most of Eleanor's descendants stayed on in Clark Co to present day. Combined these two Smith marriages total some 500 individuals in present knowledge. There is still however more that can be recovered including the Wilsons of Nancy, which may eventually lead us to someone who knows of Elva.

John P. Chenowith � an enigma

There are three mentions in the Harris book of a John P. Chenoweth who is not identified within the main body of the family line. There are also multiple listings of marriages of a John P. Chenoweth to various partners in various places from the 1840s to the 1880s. In all three instances this John used the spelling of "Chenowith". Little of these records give a good indication of just who John P. Chenoweth was. Was it one man, or more? It is an open question.

Within the main text of the Harris book (page 259) we are introduced to a John P. Chenowith who just after the 1850 Census, on November 20, 1850, married Henrietta Chenoweth, a daughter of Richard Chenoweth in Knox Co., TN. Henrietta and John had one son Rufus and John left. No information about him is known. But this pattern is not an isolated instance. Henrietta remarried to Allen Dalrimple in 1860. The family genealogy work of Bartley Russell McBath claims that John was from Kentucky and that he and Henrietta went to Alabama. Certainly Henrietta's sister, Anna Mariah went to Alabama, but we have no record evidence of Henrietta being there. Rufus states he was born in Tennessee and Henrietta later remarried in Knox Co. Peter Chenoweth has found evidence of a John Chenault and a son Rufus in Alabama. The Chanault family has been confused with the Chenoweth family on more than one occasion, and the Chanault family was Kentucky based. The underlying truth is unclear and elusive.

On page 620, in the unknown sections, Harris describes another John P. Chenowith who was born in Ross Co., OH in 1822. His father was Thomas, his mother Rachel Ann Swane. It is not clear who this Thomas was. It is possible he was the son of Richard Chenoweth, son of Thomas(2) who lived in Pike Co., OH. He also could be a brother to my ancestor, Henry S. Thomas never made it to the 1850 Census. It appears that he may have left Ohio for what is now West Virginia at some point, for at least his son shows up there. John P. Chenowith married in Braxton Co., WV on June 11, 1859 to Ruth Mickle. He was 36 years of age at the time of his marriage, so it is not known whether he was married before or not. He is found in the 1860 Census of Gilmer Co. and had 4 children. John is listed as a minister. He is said to have served in the Civil War. Ruth died in 1866 and the family does not appear again in a Census until 1900. At that point John is in Rockbridge Co., VA with another wife, Sarah Elizabeth Moore, whom he married on November 16, 1882 in West Virginia. His son, John P. Chenowith, Jr is married and living in Wells Co., IN.

On pages 611-612, again in the unknown sections, Harris describes the family of James Garrison Chenowith of Arkansas. This is a large group of descendant families today. James was born July 20, 1873 in Pope Co., AR. We first find him in a marriage record on September 20, 1892 in Pope Co., AR when he married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Judkins. They had 8 children and never left Pope Co. Pete has found the family in the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 Census in Gum Log, Pope Co., AR. He was the son of John P. Chenowith and Margaret Williamson. Harris gives "D" as John's middle initial. Others say his middle name was Prickett, which evokes the possibility of a tie to the Thomas(2) line and his wife, Mary Prickett. Again nothing is known of this John other than he is said to have left his wife Margaret before James was born.

One would expect to find James Garrison in the 1880 Census at age 7. I have looked in vain to locate a boy in Arkansas name James Chenoweth of that age and have only run across the record below which may be James and his mother Margaret. The question becomes, did she remarry to a Virdin? My assumption here is that the 7-year old son is James Garrison Chenowith.

Census Place: Gum Log, Pope, Arkansas
Source: FHL Film 1254054 National Archives Film T9-0054 Page 110A

                                          Relation      Sex     Marriage     Race      Age      Birthplace    Occupation          Father       Mother
Eleanor WILLIAMSON    Self             F            M             W         66            VA           Keeping House       VA             VA
Margaret VIRDIN             Wife            F            M             W        28             TN          Keeping House        VA             TN
Thomas B. VIRDIN           Son            M           S               W         --              AR          Farmer                     AR             TN
James S. VIRDIN               Son           M            S               W         7              AR           --                             AR             TN

At least three descendants in this line, Jerry Don Chenowith of Texas; Bob Luningham of Arizona; and David James Chenowith of California, have related family recollections of John P. that "he was a wanderer and may have had a dozen or more children by various wives. That he was in at least TN, AR, MO, and KS." Bob's account added "My grandfather never knew his father as he left his wife, my great grandmother before my grandfather was born. The word we had was that he was from St Louis, MO, was a lawyer, and was killed in an automobile accident in St Louis in 1921." These stories lend credence to a belief that all these instances of John P. may be the same person. It would explain why there is no consistent Census record of the man.

There are other records of marriages of a John P. Chenowith, some have circumstances that fit the pieces above. Including the marriages above the list looks like this:

  • John P. Chenowith m: Sarah Stultz on April 16, 1843 � Highland Co., OH
  • John P. Chenowith m: Maria Dines on July 13, 1843 � Pickaway, OH
  • John P. Chenowith m: Mary Elizabeth Howard on September 26, 1845 � Hardin Co., KY
  • John P. Chenowith m: Susannah Huff on June 30, 1847 � Clark Co., IL
  • J.P. Chenowith m: Lucy J. Lumsden on February 20, 1848 � Sumner Co., TN
  • John P. Chenowith m: Henrietta Chenoweth on November 20, 1850 � Knox Co., TN
  • John P. Chenowith m: Martha J. Armstrong on April 10, 1852 � Butts, GA
  • John P. Chenowith m: Mary Ann Snyder on March 22, 1856 � Harford Co., MD
  • John P. Chenowith m: Ruth Mickle on June 11, 1859 � Braxton Co., WV (had son Ruben)
  • John P. Chenowith m: Harriet Leonard on January 23, 1867 � Miami, IN
  • John P. Chenowith m: Judith ? on November 25, 1869 � Adams Co., IN
  • John P. Chenowith m: Mrs Rachel Disbrow on November 25, 1869-December 22, 1870 � Neosho, KS (John was born in 1822)
  • John P. Chenowith m: Margaret Williamson (parents of James Garrison) about 1872
  • John P. Chenowith m: Mary Francis Wilkerson on July 28, 1879 � Muhlenburg Co., KY
  • John P. Chenowith m: Sarah Elizabeth Moore on November 16, 1882 � West Virginia

This is a singular, stunning list. There John P. Chenoweths within the main database body, but most of these can be accounted for and do not fit these marriages. Now these all may not be the same person, but certainly there are not that many unknown John P. Chenowiths running around the countryside. Many of these have to be the same person. There are some interesting things that can be drawn from this. The John P. who married Mary Howard was a minister from Ohio who lived in the St. Louis area of Missouri. Two years before John P. Chenowith married Henrietta in Knox Co., TN, a John P. married in Sumner Co., TN. The wife of this marriage would remarry to George W. Pryor. There is a gap in the marriages that corresponds the Census listing in 1860 and the marriage to Ruth Mickle until her death in 1866. The string ends with the final marriage of John P. to Sarah Moore who he is found with 18 years later in Virginia in the 1900 Census.

Though this enigma may never be solved it is interesting that two of these three lines mentioned in the Harris book stemming from the marriages to Henrietta Chenoweth, Ruth Mickle and Margaret Williamson have male lines that exist in modern times. This may lend itself to a DNA matching if volunteers can be found. The results could confirm the theory being advanced that this is the activity of one unusual man. Unfortunately the male line of Henrietta's son Rufus appears to have died out.

Social Security Tidbit

People often ask how we know where a social security number was issued. Most of the time the Death Index will indicate it, but there is a logic to the social security number. The first three numbers of the social security number identify the state where the number was issued:

001-003 New Hampshire

362-386 Michigan

526-527 Arizona

004-007 Maine

387-399 Wisconsin

600-601 Arizona

008-009 Vermont

400-407 Kentucky

528-529 Utah

010-034 Massachusetts

408-415 Tennessee

646-647 Utah

035-039 Rhode Island

416-424 Alabama

530 Nevada

040-049 Connecticut

425-428 Mississippi

531-539 Washington

050-134 New York

587-588 Mississippi

540-544 Oregon

135-158 New Jersey

429-432 Arkansas

545-573 California

159-211 Pennsylvania

433-439 Louisiana

602-626 California

212-220 Maryland

440-448 Oklahoma

574 Alaska

221-222 Delaware

449-467 Texas

575-576 Hawaii

223-231 Virginia

627-645 Texas

577-579 Dist of Columbia

232-236 West Virginia

468-477 Minnesota

580 Virgin Islands

232, 237-246 North Carolina

478-485 Iowa

580-584 Puerto Rico

247-251 South Carolina

486-500 Missouri

596-599 Puerto Rico

252-260 Georgia

501-504 North Dakota

586 American Samoa

261-267 Florida

505-508 Nebraska

586 N. Mariana Island

589-595 Florida

509-515 Kansas

586 Guam

268-302 Ohio

516-517 Montana

586 Philippines

303-317 Indiana

518-519 Idaho

318-361 Illinois

520-524 Colorado

525, 585, 648-649 New Mexico


As we close out 2004 we will once again look at the data that started this column. The Social Security Death Index. There are 1914 Chenoweths (and variations of the name) listed in the Index. Of those 1652 have been identified. This leaves us with approximately 262 individuals that we are still trying to place. It should be noted that with regards to the death date, dates that are the 1st or the 15th could be default dates and only the month and year should be considered. Any help in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Chenoweth, Ann 17 Apr 1878-1 Dec 1969 issued in FL (ID�d as Ana Wright but who is she)
    2. Chenoweth, Ann K. 10 Apr 1918-22 Dec 2001 issued in KY
    3. Chenoweth, Anna 24 Oct 1882-15 Feb 1968 issued in IN
    4. Chenoweth, B. 12 Jan 1932-15 May 1988 issued in TX
    5. Chenoweth, B. 8 Nov 1947-15 Aug 1994 issued in HI
    6. Chenoweth, B.J.15 Jun 1913-3 Jun 2004
    7. Chenoweth, Barbara 28 Feb 1905-3 Sep 1995 issued in IL
    8. Chenoweth, Barbara 16 Feb 1924-1 Dec 1985 issued in MI
    9. Chenoweth, Beatrice 8 Jul 1904-7 Feb 1989 issued in NJ
    10. Chenoweth, Belle 21 Mar 1890-1 Jan 1979 issued in MI
    11. Chenoweth, Bessie 1 Sep 1905-17 Nov 2000 issued in MI
    12. Chenowith, Betty 18 Mar 1877-1 Feb 1966 issued in GA
    13. Chenoweth, Betty 18 Jan 1925-1 Nov 1990 issued in IL
    14. Chenoweth, Betty Lee 29 Mar 1937-4 Apr 1997 issued in TX
    15. Chenoweth, Billy 15 May 1928-10 Jan 1990 issued in WA
    16. Chenoweth, Billye Frank 16 Mar 1935-15 Jan 1993 issued in TX
    17. Chenoweth, Blanche 28 Aug 1880-1 Mar 1971 issued in WY
    18. Chenoweth, Bobby N. 1 May 1934-2 Apr 2004
    19. Chenoweth, Brettawnya M. 8 May 1984-29 Mar 2002 issued in AZ
    20. Chenoweth, C. 29 Jul 1938-15 Jul 1997 issued in MI
    21. Chenoweth, C.C. 16 Dec 1916-3 Apr 1992 issued in PA
    22. Chenoweth, Carl W. 20 Oct 1894-1 Aug 1966 issued in OR
    23. Chenoweth, Carmen 8 Jul 1918-31 Jan 1997 issued in CA (maiden name is Casillas, but who is she)
    24. Chenoweth, Carrol 27 May 1914-1 Nov 1972 issued in IL
    25. Chenoweth, Catharine 13 Feb 1889-1 Nov 1965 issued in MD
    26. Chenoweth, Charlene R. 3 Aug 1950-26 Feb 2002 issued in OR
    27. Chenoweth, Charles 2 Jun 1918-24 Jun 1991 issued in IA
    28. Chenoweth, Charlotte Jean 27 Nov 1915-29 Jan 1988 issued in WI
    29. Chenoweth, Clara 26 Jul 1887-1 Jul 1974 issued in OH
    30. Chenoweth, Clara 27 Oct 1889-1 Dec 1982 issued in MD
    31. Chenoweth, Clara 13 Feb 1895-15 Oct 1987 issued in NY
    32. Chenoweth, Claire B. 7 Jul 1948-12 Mar 2002 issued in MI
    33. Chenoweth, Cordelia 1 Jun 1885-1 Jan 1980 issued in CA (maiden name is Clark, but who is she)
    34. Chenoweth, Cordelia 21 Sep 1921-25 Apr 2001 issued in IN
    35. Chenoweth, David 21 Oct 1969-14 Mar 2000 issued in OK
    36. Chenoweth, Dollie 28 Apr 1908-15 Nov 1995 issued in WV
    37. Chinoweth, Dolores 20 Jul 1914-4 Aug 1995 issued in NC
    38. Chenoweth, Donabelle 19 Aug 1924-25 Jul 1995 issued in MI
    39. Chenoweth, Donald 15 May 1925-8 Jan 1989 issued in IL
    40. Chenoweth, Donald L. 16 Nov 1930-1 Mar 1972 issued in CA (born in KS)
    41. Chenoweth, Doris 26 Jan 1918-1 Jul 1977 issued in IL
    42. Chenowith, Doris B. 11 Jul 1907-2 Mar 1990 issued in IN (maiden name is Bond, but who is she)
    43. Chenoweth, Dorothea 22 Jan 1905-1 Mar 1986 issued in PA
    44. Chenoweth, Dorothea I. 1 Oct 1925-8 Nov 2001 issued in VA
    45. Chenoweth, Dorothy 14 Oct 1891-1 Jan 1975 issued in CA
    46. Chenoweth, Earl 10 Feb 1902-1 Mar 1960 issued in NY
    47. Chenoweth, Edith 5 Jun 1894-1 Dec 1963 issued in WI
    48. Chenoweth, Edith 15 Mar 1913-7 Mar 1992 issued in MA
    49. Chenoweth, Edna 8 Oct 1900-1 Sep 1972 issued in IN
    50. Chenoweth, Edna Vera 27 Aug 1909-13 Feb 1995 issued in CA (maiden name is Hamm born in MT, but who is she)
    51. Chenoweth, Edward 11 Jan 1901-1 May 1989 issued in OH
    52. Chenoweth, Edythe 6 Sep 1906-1 Jun 1986 issued in MD
    53. Chenoweth, Elaine 1 Aug 1940-1 Oct 1977 issued in IL
    54. Chenoweth, Eleanor 19 Jul 1906-1 May 1991 issued in IN
    55. Chenoweth, Eleanor 28 Jul 1920-1 Sep 1992 issued in NJ
    56. Chenoweth, Elizabeth 1 Feb 1884-1 Mar 1965 issued in NJ
    57. Chenowith, Elizabeth 28 Oct 1896-1 Aug 1975 issued in NJ
    58. Chenoweth, Elizabeth 23 Nov 1906-1 Mar 1974 issued in PA
    59. Chenoweth, Ella 3 Jul 1912-21 Dec 1990 issued in IL
    60. Chenoweth, Ella May 19 Sep 1890-1 Aug 1979 issued in CA
    61. Chenoweth, Elsie 23 Nov 1924-19 Jan 1999 issued in IL
    62. Chenoweth, Elvira 5 Mar 1900-1 Mar 1978 issued in MA
    63. Chenoweth, Emily V. 22 Dec 1906-31 Aug 2001 issued in NJ
    64. Chenoweth, Emma 28 Aug 1898-5 Nov 1993 issued in OR
    65. Chenoweth, 3 Jan 1906-1 Apr 1985 issued in NJ
    66. Chenoweth, Emma 15 Jan 1909-19 Apr 1999 issued in CA
    67. Chenoweth, Emma 25 Feb 1914-19 May 1989 issued in OH
    68. Chenoweth, Estle 18 Apr 1929-1 Sep 1975 issued in OH
    69. Chenoweth, Ethel 14 aug 1909-28 Mar 1996 issued in CO
    70. Chenowth, Ethel B. 6 Feb 1888-1 Aug 1975 issued in TX
    71. Chenoweth, Ethel M. 4 May 1890-1 Feb 1973 issued in CA (born in NY)
    72. Chenoweth, Eugenia D. 10 Oct 1944-17 May 2002 issued in OK
    73. Chenoweth, Eva 8 Nov 1895-1 Aug 1980 issued in OH
    74. Chenoweth, Evelyn 17 Feb 1910-1 May 1993 issued in NE
    75. Chenoweth, Evelyn 30 Aug 1912-28 Jan 1995 issued in IL
    76. Chenoweth, Faye 22 Nov 1903-1 Apr 1982 issued in OH
    77. Chenoweth, Florence 19 Aug 1923-15 Nov 1996 issued in OH
    78. Chenoweth, Frances 2 Nov 1887-1 Jan 1968 issued in MD
    79. Chenoweth, Frances 4 Sep 1899-1 Mar 1987 issued in IN
    80. Chenoweth, Frances 12 Dec 1914-1 Jun 1981 issued in WI
    81. Chenoweth, G. 9 Aug 1923-14 Aug 1989 issued in NJ
    82. Chenoweth, G. Virginia 19 Jul 1914-27 Nov 2001 issued in OH
    83. Chenoweth, Gail 29 Aug 1923-1 Jan 1966 issued in OH (believed to be the wife of George M.)
    84. Chenoweth, Gale 1 Nov 1898-1 Feb 1968 issued in OH
    85. Chenoweth, George 12 Jan 1906-27 Jan 1995 issued in NY
    86. Chenoweth, George 20 Dec 1923-12 Jul 1986 issued in PA
    87. Chenoweth, Georgia 10 Jan 1936-26 Aug 1996 issued in OH
    88. Chenoweth, Gertrude 16 Apr 1908-1 May 1992 issued in OH
    89. Chenoweth, Gertrude N. 17 Sep 1911-1 Jul 1976 issued in CA
    90. Chenoweth, Gladys 22 Feb 1922-10 Oct 1992 issued in MI
    91. Chenoweth, Gloria 11 Sep 1932-5 Nov 1995 issued in IN (maiden name is Gloria Jones, but who is she)
    92. Chenoweth, Gloria C. 8 Mar 1924-15 Apr 2003 issued in OR
    93. Chenoweth, Goldie 26 Sep 1895-1 Aug 1980 issued in KS
    94. Chenoweth, Grace 16 Oct 1906-1 Dec 1977 issued in PA
    95. Chenoweth, Grace 18 Jun 1912-1 May 1975 issued in MA
    96. Chenoweth, H. Virginia 12 Feb 1915-23 Mar 2001 issued in DE
    97. Chenoweth, Harry 11 Aug 1927-19 Nov 1999 issued in NY
    98. Chenoweth, Hazel 11 Feb 1911-1 Jan 1974 issued in MO
    99. Chenoweth, Helen 2 Jul 1887-1 Aug 1977 issued in IA
    100. Chenoweth, Helen 26 May 1891-1 Mar 1971 issued in PA
    101. Chenoweth, Helen 8 Aug 1911-11 Feb 1999 issued in OH
    102. Chenoweth, Helen 12 Feb 1913-8 May 1989 issued in TN
    103. Chenoweth, Helen 22 Aug 1914-1 May 1973 issued in OH
    104. Chenoweth, Helen 28 Apr 1917-1 Apr 1992 issued in NY
    105. Chenoweth, Helen 27 Sep 1917-1 Dec 1975 issued in OH
    106. Chenoweth, Helen 21 Sep 1918-1 Nov 1976 issued in MT
    107. Chenoweth, Helen 3 Oct 1954-1 Apr 1979 issued in OR
    108. Chenoweth, Helen L. 12 Sep 1915-29 Apr 2002 issued in CA
    109. Chenoweth, Hettie 5 Sep 1877-15 Jun 1966 issued in LA
    110. Chenoweth, Howard 18 Nov 1891-1 Apr 1970 issued in CA
    111. Chenoweth, Howard 1 Jan 1910-1 Mar 1978 issued in MO
    112. Chenoweth, Howard 20 Mar 1934-1 Jun 1986 issued in MD

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