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Military service is but one of many records that become genealogy clues to family members. This page presents Chenoweths that served in the Civil War that either belong to other branches of the Chenoweth family, unrelated to John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert, or unidentified individuals, of whom there is not enough information at present to fit into the family framework. There are few of the first category, as most early sightings of Chenoweths appear to be part of John and Mary's family, and the several known later immigrants were not timely for participation in the Civil War. The unidentified Chenoweth participants have been divided into those who appear in the Harris book as unknown, but of whom a body of other information is known, and those whose only existence is presently limited to this Civil War record. It is hoped that this page may lead someone to added clues that may lead to proper identification.

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Chenoweths of other lines

Unknown Chenoweths from Harris

Unidentifed Chenoweths who served

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