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This is an attempt by me to relate some of the more interesting discoveries I find as I work the database. Each day is a new journey into the family, diiferent lines and different locations. The database is so large, there are always places to expand on the family and add cousins. Sometimes interesting discoveries come to light. Well see how this goes.

: Sunday, February 7, 2021 - Ding! A Sixth Cousin Marriage!
Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - Coastal families

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Ding! A Sixth Cousin Marriage!

I got a notice this morning on find-a-grave, from Sheryl, inquiring about the YOB for Lydia Elizabeth Chenoweth page: 30202809. This page is under my management and I had posed a short blurb about how her birth year was different from the tombstone date: 1860. As you learn in genealogy, nothing is etched in stone even if it is. In the 1860 census, Lydia is 5 years old, born first, one year after the marriage of James Prather Chenoweth to Maria Regan on 24 Sep 1854. In the 1870 census she is 14. It is only after she married William Harvey Hubbard, 5 years her junior, that the census data started reflecting a younger age. In 1900 she is listed as b: Jul 1859. She wouldn’t be the first woman to fudge her age. Sheryl had also posted an obit for Lydia. It helped refine the data I had. First I now had exact date for her July 24, 1928; second, it told me that she was born in Greenville, Darke Co., OH. James married Maria in Pike Co., OH in 1854. In 1860, they are in Logan Co., IL. Of the three children born to them at that point, the first two, Lydia and Charles were born in Ohio. The youngest, Benjamin, was born in Illinois, assumed to be Logan Co., where they are found in 1860. But the obit tells us that Lydia started her life in Greenville. This makes sense as the parents of James, John Chenoweth and Elizabeth Foster were living in Darke Co.,, OH in 1850 and made the same move to Logan Co., IL in 1860. [John was the son of Thomas, Jr. who had settled in the south west corner of Franklin Co., OH in the late 1790’s after migrating from Allegany Co., MD through Mason Co., KY before crossing the Ohio and traveling up the Scioto River Valley north to Franklin Co.] So James had headed to Darke Co. after marrying in Maria in Pike Co. and Lydia was born there, and spent her earliest years there.

As I started looking at this family, I saw they had moved to Sumner Co., KS and had three children. All of them married but only two grandchildren were born and one these died young. So Gretchen Hubbard, the daughter of James Willis Hubbard and Anita Schermerhorn, was Lydia's only surviving grandchild. I had her still living with her parents in the 1940 census at the age of 24. I searched her name and came up with her SSA application, where her birth was given as 04 Nov 1915 in Conway Springs, Sumner Co., KS. This fit the census data, all confirmed by the names of her parents. I put this date in to the data base and started to look for her husband who was given as a Heaton, by the same SSA application tracking of her SSA status. Sure enough she popped up in find-a-grave with matching dates buried in Highland Memory Gardens, Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, LA. Her husband was Byron Hal Heaton b: 31 Jul 1906. But when I entered his name and birth into the database, he was already there. So was Gretchen, but the program had not recognized it as I did not have her middle initial. (Her middle name was Lucille.) Bryon was a Chenoweth descendant from the line of William, Gretchen from Thomas. This was a 6th cousin marriage, the common ancestors, John and Mary Calvert Chenoweth. Thus was only the sixth I knew about, the first two found in the Harris book involving a Chenoweth surname marriage. This is a wow to me. I also found that Gretchen's father, James had died on 18 Feb 1964 in , Calcasieu Parish.

Bryon's Heatons go back to Ebenezer Heaton who married Joanna Sutton in Washington Co., PA about 1778. Joanna was the daughter of Abraham Sutton and Mary Chenoweth, Mary in turn, the daughter of William and Anne Chenoweth of Mill Creek in Berkeley Co., VA (then it was Frederick Co, now it's West Virginia). Byron was the son of Byron Heaton and Myrtle G. Seely of Pawnee Co., KS Byron, Sr. had been born in Lee Co., IA to Jacob Goodlander Heaton and Letitia Kennedy. This body of information had been a large study that Mary Lou Hermiller of Ohio had put together on the Suttons. Jacob was from Fayette Co., IN, the son of Eli H. Heaton and Margaret Oller Goodlander. Eli was born in Warren Co., OH, where so many of the children and grandchildren of William and Mary had settled. Eli's father, Ebenezer Heaton Jr. had been born on Washington Co., PA and had married Mary Ann Ross in Warren Co. His mother was Joanna Sutton. Wow again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Coastal families.

This morning has been a bit crazy. It started off with a new fine-a-grave page for Wayne Chenoweth of Gillman, WV. Wayne died 03 Feb 2021, 6 days ago. I had met Wayne's brother, Okey, Jr., at the 2002 Elkins Reunion. As I was working down his family in the posted obit, I saw that his granddaughter had married a Joe Tallman. When I entered it, there, beside him, in the index, was Joseph Daniel Tallman, about the same age range. I started looking at it and give it a 80% change that he was the Joe Daniel in my file, a 5th cousin marriage going back to Jehu Chenoweth, one of the sons of John Chenoweth and Mary Pugh who helped settle this Appalachian valley 225 years ago. Of course I expect this sort of thing in Randolph County; there are so many families that have lived in that lovely area for 10 generations. They keep getting intertwined.

But this didn't end my adventure. I saw that the page for Charles Jasper Chenoweth had become available. He becomes a interesting nexus in the tree. His father, John Henton Chenoweth, born in Kentucky, in the line of William Chenoweth, the brother of the John Chenoweth that settled in the Elkins area of Randolph Co., came out to California from Missouri just after 1850. As I started to write a short bio about him, I realized that he was probably the frist Chenoweth male, bearing the family surname, to be born in California, on 04 Jul 1853 in Sonoma County. The family he would found has lived in this charming county ever since. Charles married Julia Steward on 23 Apr 1884 in Occidental. She was the daughter of William Stewart, an Irish immigrant, and Elizabeth Main, who had been born in Australia. Charle and Julia had 7 children. Hardin, Leslie, William, Leland, Josephine, Myrtla and Verna, a spate of sons and then 3 daughters. I remember following the line of the brother of Charles, William Lemuel Chenoweth as he had taken his family up the coast to Curry Co., OR near where Gold Beach is and where a fishermen's paradise, the Rogue River, empties. The coast ot Oregon is wonderful. I have driven along it many times. This is not only is scenic, it enjoys a sun-lit summer with the Pacific constant beating against sandy beaches and rock lined cliffs, dotted with pleasant towns. We would take the family to Cannon Beach several times.

Seeing that links to a couple of his children were missing I set out to find them. Actually two were already in my find with pages, they just hadn't been linked. When I linked in Josephine, I saw she was buried in Alsea, OR, or at least that's where her marker is. In the Harris book, she and her husband were cremated and their ashes spread over the ocean, off Oregon, near Walport. The Alsea River empties here. Deanna and I had stayed Just up the coast in Newport where the picturesque Yaquina Bay Bridge sits. The first Josephine in the file was born in 1843, Josephine, the daughter of Hamilton J.'s first marriage to Phoebe Ann Sherman. She is listed in the Harris Book as Phoebe Ann, and that name is reflected in the 1850 census where she is living with her grandparents in Connecticut. But in 1860 and then on, she is Josephine. Was the 1850 a mistake, and if not what was the reason for the name change? Without more records it is an unresolved item. AS for Josephine, there are 12 in the file, four less than Absolom; and, like Absolom, Josephine seems to have gone out of style, the last one was born in 1917. Absolom died much earlier, in 1851.

Josephine married Calvin Frederick Stouder on 22 Dec 1917 in Santa Rosa. Calvin was born in Arcata, CA, another scenic spot, the gateway to the Redwoods. Calvin was a US Marine in the First World War. They had two children after the war and somewhere in the 1930's headed north to Benton County where they are found in the 1940 census. I noticed that Josephine's sister had married Chester Hazelton Stouder and immediately wondered whether they were brother. I confirmed this as right, they were children of Charles Shrouder, whose parents had come here from Switzerland, and Mary Dodge. The family had started in Humboldt County and had moved to Sonoma where Charles would find Josephine. I had that Josephine's son, George Albert Stouder, had married Alvanita Irene Nyhus, a young woman from Bellingham, WA, in Clark Co., WA, where my wife grew up. They ended up back in Lincoln Co., OR and had 3 children. I had little for his sister, Lois Arlene. She was born in 01 May 1930 in Sonoma County. I found that she married Kenneth Dale Thissell and they had 2 children and lived in Tidewater, OR. Their grave in the Tidewater Cemetery reads "Skeeter" and "Stubby". Their son Kenneth Loren, is buried there as well, dying tragically young, at 19. Kenneth, Sr, called "Skeeter", was about 11 years older that Lois. He died in 1994 and Lois in 2010. Their daughter Vickie, did her mother one better and married a man twenty six years older than her. They ended up with a couple of daughters. Now that would be an interesting family story.

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