Chenoweth families in the 1850 Census

7th Census: "the first modern Census"

The Families of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

(research by Peter Chenoweth & Jon Egge)

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note: The area of the future state of West Virginia has been broken out separately. The name of the third generation line is given in brackets. The color of this name represents which 2nd generation line it belongs to, so each entry is assigned to its third generation branch.
[1850 USA]

This is my crude attempt at showing the family distribution in 1850 with the states colored with the various family branches settled in each. Descendants of John were in 13 states, Hannah 8, Richard 7, Arthur 14, William 6, Thomas 11 & Ruth 5.

Some 953 households and some 5,019 family members of the families of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert found in the 1850 Census are depicted on this page. This is about 90% of what might be possible at this point from what is known. The page originally posted in the fall of 2004 was augmented by 103 plus families found using the new enhanced indexing found at It also included 13 additional Chenoweth families we believe are part of the family but lack proper identification. The reader is urged to read a fuller discusssion of the 1850 Census as found on the site Census page.

Note: in 1850 Indiana was often marked on the Census as IA. This is now used for Iowa and a cause of confusion to Census readers. Caveat: The detail here is my transcription and subject to error and interpretation. Census records and the cursive used are often difficult to decipher. The quality of the transcript varies and can border on illegible. One should always examine the record itself to be sure.) The relationships given in each detail are my interpretation. Such relationships were not given in Census detail until 1880. Married daughters listed by married name.

HEADINGS: Last Name, Given name + maiden name (for females), Line, Location, Detail

Acker: Margaret AnnBrown(6) m: Adam Acker [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Clayton twp: page 420B: dwelling 1450 (Adam 29-OH farmer, wife: Margaret A 24-OH, sons: Carmi? 5-OH, Otto Jas 2-OH & Herman 4/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Adams: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Lawrence Co: page 30: dwelling 435 the family of Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) & Samuel Adams, both deceased - 5 children 10 known living children are found in Lawrence Co with other families. 2 of these [John Miles Adams & Finas Marion Adams] are living below with the family of John Miles Duvall Chenoweth. 3 others are: [Luncinda Adams] page 30: dwelling 435 (Family of Watler Buchanan 46-KY & wife Jane 47-Ireland, 6 sons, Lucinda Adams 15-IL, Elizabeth Enlow 10-IL), [Ellen Adams] page 28: dwelling 402 (Family of John Shephard 28-IN & wife Alvira 29-IL, 2 daughters & a son, Ellen Adams 21-IL) & [Mahala Anne Adams] page 41: dwelling 597 (Family of James Gibson 60-KY & 1 daughter & 2 sons, Rebecca Rogers 9-IL, Mahala Adams 8-IL)
Aiken: Phoebe Ashbrook(4) m: 2nd John Aiken, Sr. [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 46: dwelling 326 (John 73-VA farmer, 2nd wife Phoebe 74-VA, son Augustus 32-TN, dau-in-law & wife Phebe A 19-IL, granddau: Josephine 1-IL, grandson: James? 1/12-IL & [Phebe A. is Phebe Ann Alsbury, granddaughter of Phoebe Ashbrook])
Aikman: Eliza Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas A. Aikman [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: page 260: dwelling 663 (Thomas A 28-IN farmer, wife: Eliza J 28-KY, dau: Mary E 1-IL, uncle: William Chenoweth 50-VA farmer, aunts: Mary Chenoweth 52-VA & Elizabeth Chenoweth 46-VA, unknown William Chenoweth 16-IL farmer - [could be 2nd listing]) [IL: 1860]
Albert: Ruth Foreman Hawkins(6) m: Peter Albert [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: town of Perry: page 59: dwelling 513 (Peter 26-KY shoemaker, wife: Ruth 20-KY) [KY: 1860]
Allen: Chloe Casebier(6) m: Lewis Allen [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Platte twp: page 78: dwelling 657b (Lewis 55-KY farmer, wife: Chloe 45-KY, dau: Susanah 20-IL, son William L. 18-IL, daus: Mahaly 16-IL & Martha L 11-IN, sons: Nelson M 8-MO & Jonathan B 6-MO) - same househould as daughter Louisa. [MO: 1860]
Allen: Martha Downing(5) widow of James Allen [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 344B: dwelling 1167 (Martha 45-OH, son: Albin 17-OH farmer, dau: Sarah 13-OH, sons: Mathias 10-OH & William R 8-OH) [OH: 1860]
Allison: Nancy Heaton(6) m: Charles E. Allison [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 291: dwelling 674 (Charles Allison 23-OH cabinetmaker, wfe: Nancy Allison 20-IN, bro: Robert Allison 27-OH cabinetmaker)
Amos: Damaris C. Thurman(6) m: Thomas Amos [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 407: dwelling 32 (Thomas 28-IN farmer, wife: Damaris 28-IN, sons: Elijah 6-IN & John W 4-IN, dau: Mary 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Antil: Isabel Chenoweth(5) m: John Antil [ISAAC3] > PA: Greene Co: Perry twp: page 210: dwelling 177 (John 88-MD none, wife: Isabel 48-PA, sons: Harvey 20-PA laborer, Ison 18-PA laborer, Asbury 15-PA, Jacob 12-PA, David 12-PA & George 9-PA) [WV: 1860]
Applegate: Cynthia Ann Whitaker(6) m: Thomas Applegate [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 69: dwelling 825 (Thomas 25-KY farmer, wife: Syntha 24-KY, dau: Elizabeth 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Applegate: Margaret Ann Whitaker(6) m: Hezekiah Applegate [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 75: dwelling 893 (Hezekiah 30-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 28-KY, son: John M 5-IN, dau: Elizabeth 3-IN, son: James 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Appling: Caltha Clementine Peteet((5) m: William Burwell Appling [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > AL: Tuscaloosa Co: district 2: page 424B: dwelling 717 (Burwell 48-GA farmer, wife: Cata 38-GA, sons: Francis M 21-GA & William M 18-GA, daus: Sara R 16-GA, Mary E 14-GA, Nancy L.C. 9-GA, & Cordelia A.C. 12-GA, son: John R. 6-GA, dau Americus C 4-GA, son: Oscar C 2-GA, dau: Aletha D 3-12-AL) [TX: 1860]
Armacost, Christopher(6) [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Washington twp: page 49: dwelling 716 (Christopher 30-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 37-OH, son: Jerome 5-OH, assumed sister-in-law: Martha Jane Walker 20-OH) [IN: 1860]
Armacost, Elijah(6) [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Washington twp: page 35: dwelling 526 (Elija 21-OH Laborer, wife: Lovina 25-OH, bro: Isack 27-OH Engineer) [this is a 2nd listing for Isaac] [OH: 1860]
Armacost: Susan Downing(5) m: Mark Armacost [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Franklin twp: page 408: dwelling 1864 (Mark 53-KY farmer, wife: Srah 51-KY son: Isaac 27-OH farmer, dau: Catherine 17-OH, sona: Levi 15-OH & Aaron 10-OH, boarding: John Eaton 19-OH med student) [Sarah is assumed to be Susan] [OH: 1860]
Arnold: Eunice Peteet(4) m: Allen Jennings Arnold [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 328: dwelling 618 (Allen J. 66-GA farmer, wife: Eunice 50-GA, sons: Richard P 28-GA, Allen 21-GA & Moses 19-GA, dau: Susan A 17-GA, son: Oliver 15-GA) [GA: 1860]
Asbury: Catherine A. 'Kate' Peteet(5) m: Richard Thomas Asbury [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Taliaferro Co: division 78: page 31: dwelling 837 (Richard 25-GA school teacher, wife: Catherine 21-GA, dau: Ann R 4/12-GA, students: Jesse Asberry 16-GA, Simeon Asberry 14-GA, Sydney Akins 16-GA) [GA: 1860]
Ashbrook, Aaron(4) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 350: dwelling 209 (Aaron 70-VA, wife: Abigail 60-VA) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Absalom C.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Floyd Co: New Albany: page 297: dwelling 7 (2nd husband: George Miller 42-PA hatter, wife: Sarah Payton 41-PA, stepsons: George T Ashbrook 17-IN, Clarence P 15-IN & Hubert C 11-IN, dau: Sarah Miller 7-IN, the family of James Haslett 28-PA & wife Sarah B. as a hatter, Anne M Fitch 49-PA)
Ashbrook, Absalom P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Johnstown: page 193: dwelling 371 (A.P. 42-VA tanner, wife: Miranda 39-OH, daus: Oliva P 16-OH & Mary D 13-OH, son Austin G 12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Absolom M(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Walnut twp: page 29: dwelling 360 (Absolom 39-OH, daus: Vienna 16-OH & Amanda 14-OH, sons: Benjamin F 12-OH & George W 9-OH, daus: Pamelia 7-OH & Minerva 5-OH, son: Monroe 3-VA, Adam Haff 27-MD, Daniel Haff 26-PA, mother: Pamelia Ashbrook 57-VA) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Edward P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Amanda twp: page 269: dwelling 2032 (Edward 33-OH, wife: Margaret 25-OH, sons: James 7-OH, Thomas 3-OH & Lafayett 1-OH, Isaac Lafee 16-OH laborer) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Eli(4) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 205: dwelling 537 (Eli 68-VA clergyman, wife: Cata 66-VA, dau: Julia A 32-OH, son William 26-OH, dau: Rebecca 24-OH, Son: Eli 28-OH, David Harzard 16-OH) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Eli Peters(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 350: dwelling 210 (Eli 34-VA, dau: Laura 4-VA) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Ethan(5) [MARY3] > IL: Richland Co: Shelby twp: page 172: dwelling 1146 (Ethan 30-OH no occ given, wife: Permilla 33-OH, sons: Thomas 8-IL & John 7-IL, dau: Mary 5-IL, son: Alfred 3-IL, dau: Isabell 8/12-IL) [indexed as Shalbrook] [IL: 1860]
Ashbrook, Henry(6) [JOHN3] > MO: St Louis Co: 4th ward: page 24: dwelling 208 (Henry 30-KY pork dealer, Wilhedmena 32-MD) [MO: 1860 apparently widowed with parents]
Ashbrook, Henry Lewis Ashbrrok(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Kenton Co: Covington City, 4th ward: page 271: dwelling 901 (H. L. 29-KY stock dealer, wife: Lucinda 32-IN, dau: Matilda 6-KY, sons: William 6-KY & John T 4-KY, dau: Sarah 3-KY, son: Charles L 1-KY) [KY: 1860]
Ashbrook, Hiram(5) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 205: dwelling 524 (Hiram 30-OH farmer, wife: Sarah A 29-OH, dau: Lucy H 5-OH, sons Albert 3-OH & Hiram M 1/12-OH, Abel Jewett 16-OH) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, James Adams(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 345: dwelling 150 (James 39-OH, 2nd wife: Rebecca 38-OH, [by 1st wife] son: ELi 17-OH, dau: Esla 15-OH: [by Rebecca] sons: L K -13-OH & J M 11-OH, daus: Abigale 10-OH, Mary C 8-OH, Mariah A 6-OH & Frances A D 1-OH) [next door the unknown family of Reason Ashbrook, 29-OH & wife Elizabeth. It is my belief that Reason may be Aaron's son Aaron b: 1821] [IL: 1860]
Ashbrook, John(5) [JOHN3] > KY: Kenton Co: page 138: dwelling 116 [hotel] (John 60-KY, wife: Sallie 56-VA, daus: Adeline 36-KY, Harriet 23-KY, Ann 20-KY & Minerva 19-KY, son Benjamin 12-KY, dau: Adeene 10-KY, John Lewis 66-VA & Margaret 67-unk, David unknown 7-IRE, Mary Cooper 65-VA) [KY: 1860]
Ashbrook, John(5) [MARY3] > IL: Lawrence Co: page 47: dwelling 674 (Thomas F. Watts 30-IL clerk, wife: Ellen 35-KY [remarried], stepsons J.D. Ashbrook 10-IL & William Ashbrook 8-IL, son J.A. Watts 4-IL, dau E.J. Watts 2-IL) [IL: 1860]
Ashbrook, John(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Harrison twp: page 50: dwelling 626 (John 20-OH distilling, living with family of William Whitehead 34-VA)
Ashbrook, John Monroe(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 345: dwelling 149 (John M 41-VA, Catherine 32-OH, sons: Eli P 11-OH, Tunis P 9-OH & Oscar A 7-OH, daus: Amelia J 5-OH, Ann M 3-OH & Mat Christina 1/12-OH, John Rees 23, Andrew Crose 23, Elsey A Bagenright 13) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Jonathan P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Franklin Co: Reynoldsburg: page 158B: dwelling 62 (Jonathan 49-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 49-PA, dau: Malisa 18-OH, sons Wm H H 15-OH & Newton 12-OH, daus: Amerit 7-OH & Milinda 3-OH) [Malinda should be 23 and will marry the following year] [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Levi Louis(5) [JOHN3] > MO: St Louis Co: 6th ward: page 454: dwelling 1373 (Levi 56-KY speculator in beef, wife: Mary 45-KY, dau: Ann 23-KY, son: Levi 19-KY, daus: Elizabeth 17-KY & Susan 11-KY, sons James 9-KY & John 7-KY) [MO: 1860]
Ashbrook, Mahlon(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Harrison twp: page 50: dwelling 624 (Mahlon 35-OH distilling, wife: Mary 30-OH, daus: Melissa 13-OH & Jane 12-OH, son John E 9-OH, Sarah Moorhead 14-OH) [MO: 1860]
Ashbrook, Thomas(4) [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Washington twp: page 213: dwelling 638 (Thomas 57-VA, wife: Nancy 43-MD, sons: Ira 13-OH, Samuel 12-OH, John 9-OH, Wilson 7-OH, Alvin 4-OH & Alton 9/12-OH, daus: Mary 15-OH & Maranda 2-OH) [IL: 1860]
Ashbrook, Tunis P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Morrow Co: Lincoln twp: page 18: dwelling 240 (Tunis P 44-OH farmer, wife: Ann 42-OH, dau: Laura 17-OH, Sons: Milton 16-OH & William 13-OH, dau: Naomi 12-OH, son: Welcome 10-OH, dau: Savilla 6-OH, son: Lemuel 3-OH) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, Tunis Peters(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 346: dwelling 159 (Tunis P 48-VA, wife: Anna 44-VA, dau: Louisa 20-OH, son: Aaron P 17-OH, dau: Sivella A 14-OH, son: Alva F 2-OH, Samuel Sands 33-?, Daniel Pence 28-?) [OH: 1860]
Ashbrook, William(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Amanda twp: page 268: dwelling 2026 (William 28-OH, wife: Nancy 29-OH, daus: Eliiz 2-OH, son: Samuel 5/12-OH, Evar Hyatt 23-PA laborer) [OH: 1860]
Ashton, Edward(4) [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 51: dwelling 560 (Edward 60-MD farmer, Chuzzia Streetts 45-MD)
Ashton, Edward(5) [HANNAH3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Violet twp: page 132: dwelling 29 (Edward 33-Fairfield Co., OH farmer, wife Amelia 25-VA, dau: Elizabeth 4-Fairfield Co., OH, son: Joseph T. 4/12-Fairfield Co., OH) [OH: 1860]
Ashton, Joseph Ashton, III(5) [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 66: dwelling 784 (Joseph 41-MD blacksmith, wife: Hannah 44-MD, daus: Susan 16-MD & Sarah 14-MD, sons: Joseph 12-MD & David 10-MD, dau: Mary 9-MD, Isabel 7-MD, Joan 5-MD, Amanda 3-MD & Hannah 1-MD) [MD: 1860]
Ashton, Joseph Ashton, Jr.(4) [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 51: dwelling 556 (Joseph 66-MD farmer, wife: Elizabeth 67-MD, dau: Ellen 25-MD, blacks: Ellick Lumer 14-MD & Alveste Blaney 9-MD)
Ashton, Richard(4) [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 51: dwelling 557 (Richard 74-MD farmer, son: William 29-MD, dau-in-law: Ann R. 27-MD, son: Richard 4-MD, dau: Margaret 2-MD)
Ashton, William(5) [HANNAH3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Violet twp: page 132: dwelling 28 (William 61-MD farmer, widowed sister-in-law: Lora 57-VT, Nephew: Chenoth 33-Fairfield Co., OH, niece: Keziah 21-Fairfield Co., OH, nephew: Joseph 18-Fairfield Co., OH) [note: Laura was the 2nd wife of Thomas Ashton, Chenoweth is by the first wife, and Keziah and Joseph are Laura's] [OH: 1860]
Austill: Abigail Chenoweth(5) m: Isaac G. Austill [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Seal twp: page 302: dwelling 572 (Isaac 40-OH farmer, wife: Abigail 36-OH, sons: Absalom C 13-OH, William H 9-OH & Isaac N 5-OH, Jacob Monts 27-Germany laborer) [OH: 1860]
Bailey: Rebecca P. Seaton(5) m: Thomas 'Squire' Bailey [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: town of Camp Point: page 33: dwelling 95 (Thomas 35-ME farmer, wife: Rebecca 24-KY, dau: Eleamor 5-IL) [IL: 1860]
Bair: Elizabeth S. 'Eliza' Chenoweth(5) m: William H. Bair [JOHN3] > IN: Jay Co: Jackson twp: page 333: dwelling 61 (William 36-OH farming, 2nd wife Elizabeth A. 25-OH, children by 1st wife: Hiram 12-OH & Ann R 10-IN, daus: Margery 7-IN, Nancy 6-IN & Isabel 2-IN)
Baker: Delilah Ashbrook(5) m: Aaron Baker [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 203: dwelling 506 (Aaron 32-OH farmer, wife: Delila 34-OH, daus: Arrilla 10-OH & Semfrona 9-OH, son: Alonzo 8-OH, daus: Vienna 6-OH & Cateann 5-OH, son Harry E 3-OH, Robert Irvin 22-OH laborer) [OH: 1860]
Baker: Harriet Butler(5) m: Joseph Baker [RUTH3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Falls twp: page 115: dwelling 652 (Joseph 54-VA farmer, wife: Harriet 31-OH, sons: James 22-OH & Samuel 20-OH, dau: Sarah A 16-OH, son: Thomas 14-OH, daus: Martha 11-OH, Jemima 9-OH, Mary 7-OH & Ruth 4-OH, son: William 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Baker: Sarah Baxter(6) m: Henry Baker [ARTHUR3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Perry twp: page 78: dwelling 156 (Henry 53-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 37-VA, dau: Mary 14-OH, sons: Charles H 12-MS, William F 10-MS, Francis R 7-MS & James R 5-OH, dau: Amanda 2-OH, son George 2/12-OH, ? John 21-MS laborer) [OH: 1860]
Baker: Sidney Carter(4) m: Henry P. Baker [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: Winchester: page 278 & 279: dwelling 1118 (Henry F 49-VA farmer, wife Sidney A 47-VA, son: John F 25-VA ?, dau: Cornelia J 22-VA, sons: Charles H 20-VA telegraphic operator, Edward C 18-VA telegraphic operator, Lycurgus C 14-VA & Otto K 10-VA) [VA: 1860]
Baldwin, Absolom C.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Seneca Co: Tiffin City: page 455: dwelling 488 (Absolom C. 33-VA merchant, wife: Mary J 27-OH, dau: Elenor E 8-OH, son Charles C 5-OH, dau Mary 3-OH, Laura Barlett 13-VA) [OH: 1860]
Baldwin, William H.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay: page 29B: dwelling 94 (Wm H 40-OH physican, wife: Mary Jane 33-OH, son: Augustus A 14-OH, daus: Elizabeth E 12-OH & Mary J 7-OH, sons: Wm H 4-OH & John J 2-OH, father: Joshua 71-VA, Harriet Alban 21-OH, Mary Adams 20-OH, Geo Cutwaite 57-ENG, laborer) [OH: 1860]
Bales: Rachel Foster Chenoweth(5) m: Moses Bales [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 203: dwelling 6 (Moses 38-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 35-OH, daus: Catalena 14-OH, Malinda 13-OH & Louisa J 9-OH, sons: Thomas M 6-OH, William P. 3-OH, & John C 2-OH, Mary M. 1/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Ball: Elizabeth Gist(6) m: Peter Ball [ARTHUR3] > WI: Green Co: Jordon: page 297: dwelling 35 (Peter 27-IN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 26-OH)
Ball: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Oliver Cromwell Ball [JOHN3] > IN: Henry Co: Jefferson twp: page 388: dwelling 77 (Oliver C 47-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 40-VA, son: James 21-OH, dau: Lydia 15-OH, sons: Newton 7-IN & Benjamin 4-IN, dau: Sarah Anne 11/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Bane: Hannah Carter(5) m: Nathan [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Wayne twp: page 132: dwelling 167 (Nathan 47-PA farmer, wife: Hannah 41-PA, daus: Savira 18-PA, Rebecca 17-PA, Louisa 15-PA & Emeline 13-PA, son: Joseph 9-PA, dau: Sintha 7-PA, son: Harvey 2-PA) [PA: 1860]
Banks: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(6) m: Joel Banks [ARTHUR3] > OH: Darke Co: Harrison twp: page 371: dwelling 288 (Joel 'blank'-VA farmer, wife: Sarah A 22-MD, Dau: Diana 1/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Barnard: Joanna Carter(5) m: Josiah Barnard [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: McDonough Co: page 251: dwelling 302 (Joel 32-MA school teacher, wife: Jonah 22-OH, daus: Abby 2-IL & Emeline 9/12-IL, Charles Hatch 30-NY shoemaker) [IL: 1860]
Barrett: Malona Severns(6) m: Alexander Barrett [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Perry twp: page 75: dwelling 116 (Alexander 25-OH farmer, wife Malona 23-OH, daus: Hannah 5-OH & Elizabeth 3-OH, son: William 11/12-OH) [IN: 1860]
Batchelor: Mary Ashbrook(6) m: Joseph Batchelor [JOHN3] > KY: Kenton Co: Covington City, 7th ward: page 309: dwelling 1547 (Joseph 41-PA trader, wife: Mary 28-KY, daus: Sarah E 7-KY & Eliza Jane 9-KY, sons: Charles 4-KY & Richard 2-KY) [KY: 1860]
Baxter, John(6) [ARTHUR3] > WI: Green Co: Clarno twp: page 197: dwelling 26 (John 38-OH farmer, wife: Harriet 23-OH, son: forman 10-OH, daus: Isabelle 8-OH & Sarah 3-OH, son: Charles 11/12-WI)
Baxter: Lavina Heaton(6) m: Thaddeus Baxter [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 421: dwelling 17 (Thadeus 37-CAN farmer, wife: Levina 25-IN, dau: Nancy 10-IN, sons: Allen 6-IN, Joseph 4-IN & William 2-IN, dau: Mary 3/12-IN)
Baxter, Samuel Baxter, Jr.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 124B: dwelling 763 (Samuel 52-MD farmer, wife: Actus 56-MD, dau: Sarah M 21-OH, son: Samuel 19-OH, dau: Eliza 17-OH & Actus 15-OH, son: Charles 13-OH, daus: Mary 11-OH & Clarissa 8-OH, son: Joshua 5-OH, sister: Rachel 50-MD, William Raymond 37-MD) [OH: 1860]
Baxter, William Buckingham(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Perry twp: page 78: dwelling 157 (William 34-OH, wife: Eliza 30-OH, daus: Charity 8-OH, Ellazah 6-OH & Emeline 5-OH, son: John 3-OH, dau: Sarah A 11/12-OH)
Baxter, William Buckingham(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Shannon twp: page 131: dwelling 855 (Hiram Swain 68-NJ farmer, wife: Sarah 69-MD, daus: Polly 47-PA & Charity 45-OH, granddaus: Manvera Baxter 12-OH & Mary Baxter 10-OH, Mary Morris 58-MD, William Morgan 22-OH laborer)
Beck: Hardin Thomas(7) remarried to James Eden Williams [WILLIAM3] > TX: Miliam Co: Miliam & Williamson district: page 15: dwelling 409 (James E. 32-IL farmer, wife: Nancy 45-KY, Nancy's granddau: Nancy A Beck 4-TX) [CA: 1860]
Beekman: Catherine Chenoweth(5) m: Oliver Perry Beekman [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Sunfish twp: page 361B: dwelling 1406 (Oliver P 34-OH farmer, wife: Catherine 25-OH, son: Francis A 5-OH, daus: Druzilla 3-OH & Sophronia 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Bell, James L.(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Bureau Co: Greenville: page 220: dwelling 482 (John S. Montgomery 29-OH, wife [remarried widow of James L. Bell] Euretta A 33-OH, Bell children: Ranchel Ann Bell 14-OH, George W 12-OH, Martha J 10-IL)
Bell: Rachel Bruce Chenoweth(5) m: Vincent Bell [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Seneca Co: Pleasant twp: page 310: dwelling 47 (Vincent 60-MD farmer, wife: Rachel 60-VA, dau: Sarah E 20-VA)
Berry: Elizabeth Ashbrook(5) m: Peter Berry [JOHN3] > AR: Crittenden Co: Jasper twp: page 359: dwelling 2 (Peter 57-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 57-KY, son: Oliver 17-AR, unknown [probable dau-in-law]: Nancy 21-AR, [probable dranddau]: Ann 1-AR)
Berry, James(6) [JOHN3] > AR: Crittenden Co: Jasper twp: page 359: dwelling 4 (James 23-KY farmer, wife: Susan 19-KY, Minerva Lyles 28-AR) [AR: 1860]
Betz: Catherine Chenoweth(5) m: David Betz [ISAAC3] > IA: Iowa Co: Marengo twp: page 4: dwelling 39 (David 48-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Catherine 34-VA, 1st marriage children: Rosanna 21-OH, Elizabeth 19-OH & William 17-OH, [by Catherine] daus: Ann R 16-OH & Caroline 13-OH, son: Isaac H 10-OH, daus: Lorana 7-OH, Malinda 4-OH, Lawery E 2-OH & Sarah E 10-12-OH) [IA: 1860]
Black: Mary Ann Williamson(6) m: Samuel Williams Black [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 251: dwelling 447 (Sam'l W 23-KY farmer, wife: Mary 23-KY, dau: Martha 1/12-KY, ?: Martha 47-IN) [KY: 1860]
Blackstone: Hannah Chenoweth(4) m: Thomas Blackstone [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Ross Co: Paxton twp: page 208: dwelling 843 (Thomas 43-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 44-OH, sons: William 17-OH & John 16-OH, dau: Rebecca 15-OH, son: Abraham 13-OH, daus: Susan 9-OH & Harriett 7-OH, son: Thomas 4-OH) [OH: 1860]
Bond, Andrew Jackson(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: 5th district: page 188: dwelling 268 (Jackson 21-MD, wife Maryann 22-MD) [MD: 1860]
Bond, Benjamin Franklin(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: 4th district: page 188: dwelling 267 (Benjamin 34-MD farmer, wife Caroline 30-MD, son: Wesley W 5/12-MD) [MD: 1860]
Bond: Charity Chenoweth(5) m: Henry 'Harry' Bond [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: 4th district: page 188: dwelling 269 (Henry 65-MD farmer, son: William 21-MD, Elizabeth Tanley 14-MD) [not between this dwelling and that of his son Benjamin Bond: dwelling 268 Jackson Bond 21-MD farmer, wife Margaert 22-MD, Robert Painter 39-MD, black laborer - his relationship to Henry is unknown] [MD: 1860]
Bonham, Beverly Carter(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: twp 9N 6W: page 86: dwelling 717 (Beverly Bonham 15-OH clothier - living in home of Thomas & Marshall 25-PA clothier & wife Catherine) [MN: 1860]
Boswell: Ada Chenoweth(4) m: Charles Parnam Boswell [ARTHUR3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Randolph twp: page 223: dwelling 423 (Parnham 55-MD farmer, wife: Adah 45-OH, son: Arthur 17-IL dau: Harriet 15-IN, son: George 11-IN, dau: Adah 9-IN, sons: William 8-IN & Hiram 6-IN, dau: Melissa 2-IN, Andy Parks 25-IN laborer, Cristian Muck 23-GERMANY laborer, Luke Misner 17-OH laborer, Thomas Parks 18-IN laborer, nephews: Joseph Chimeth 19-IN, Arthur 16-IN & John 13-IN) [IN: 1860]
Bowers: Sarah Chenoweth(6) m: William M. Bowers [RICHARD3] > IN: Boone Co: 7th district: page 79: dwelling 376 (William 28-OH saddler, wife: Sarah 25-IN, son: Homer 4-IN, dau: Alice 2-IN, Joseph Heller 16-IN saddler) [IN: 1860]
Boyle: Frances 'Fanny' Nash(5) m: Thomas Boyle [RICHARD3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville, ward 7: page 383: dwelling 353 (Thomas 53-PA waggon maker, wife: Frances 47-KY, dau: Susan 18-KY, son: Thomas 11-KY, sister-in-law, Mary Nash 55-KY) [KY: 1860]
Boynton: Mary Nevling(5) m: Jonathan Boynton [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Lawrence twp: page 309: dwelling 338 (Johnathan 36-VT lumberman, wife: Mary 33-PA, son: A J 7-PA, dau: Edith 5-PA, son: Ira 3-PA, other: David Herling 17-PA blacksmith) [PA: 1860]
Braddock: Sarah Jane Condit(6) m: James Tucker Braddock [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Morris twp: page 400: dwelling 33 (Tucker 29-PA carpenter, wife: Sarah J 24-PA) [parents of James Tucker, Francis and Elizabeth Braddock are in dwelling 25, between Daniel Condit and Samuel Condit] [IL: 1860]
Bradford: Sarah Ann 'Sallie' Ellis(5) m: Simeon Bradford [WILLIAM3] > KY: Bracken Co: page 477: dwelling 1404 (Simeon 32-KY farmer, wife: Sallie 25-KY, sons: James 7-KY & John 5-KY, dau: Mary 9/12-KY) [KY: 1860]
Brooks: Sarah Brown Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas Martin Brooks [JOHN3] > IL: Edgar Co: 19th district: page 139: dwelling 326 (Thomas M 47-Fayette, PA farmer, wife: Sarah B 43-Frederic, VA?, dau: Caroline E 23-Edgar, IL, son: Robert L 21-Edgar, IL student, daus: Catherine A 19-Edgar, IL, Maria J 17-Edgar, IL & Mary E 15-Edgar, IL, sons: John C 12-Edgar, IL & Thomas W 10-Edgar, IL, dau: Nancy M 8-Edgar, IL, sons: James A 6-Edgar, IL & Henry E 4-Edgar, IL) [Amanda Catherine listed as Catherine A is married and also found living with her husband in Franklin Co., OH] [IL: 1860]
Brown: Cynthia Ellen Fox(6) m: Ezekiel Brown [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 113: dwelling 1649 (Ezekiel 37-OH farmer, wife; Cynthia 34-OH, Amanda Goodpaster 5-OH)
Brown: Eleanor Scott 'Nellie' Chenoweth(5) m: Isaac Newton Brown [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Clayton twp: page 419: dwelling 1426 (Isaac 79-IRELAND, wife: Ellen 52-VA, daus: Susan 22-OH, Eliza 20-OH & Matilda 18-OH, son Absolom 16-OH, daus: Martha 15-OH & Harriett 13-OH) [OH: 1860]
Brown: Henrietta Arthura Chenoweth(5) m: Richard Brown [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Shenanga twp: page 157: dwelling 47 (Richard 25-MD iron maker, wife: Henrietta 23-PA, mother: Elizabeth 65-England) [OH: 1860]
Bryan: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: James Bryan [RICHARD3] > IN: Warren Co: Medina twp: page 67: dwelling 52 (James 26-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca 19-OH, son: William M 1-IN, sister?: Mary A Bryan 13-PA) [IN: 1860]
Buckingham, Perrygrine(6) [THOMAS3] > VA: Wythe Co: 68th district: page 230: dwelling 85 (P S Buckingham 28-VA lawyer ) [The family if Isaac Kegley starting on the next line should be assigned to dwelling 86 which is omitted]
Buckingham: Rachel Switzer(5) m: Richard Nathan Buckingham [THOMAS3] > VA: Montgomery Co: 41st district: page 51: dwelling 695 (Nathan 67-MD farmer, wife: Rachel 56-VA, sons: Thomas B 21-VA farmer, Joseph B 19-VA farmer & Lewis A 16-VA farmer, probable niece: Martha J Stewart 19-VA, 12 other people listed as paupers) [Rachel had a niece the same age as Martha Stewart. She is also listed living with her parents in Botetourt Co.] [VA: 1860]
Bunnell: Christianna Fox(5) m: Henry Bunnell [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Turtle Creek twp: page 164: dwelling 2393 (Henry 57-NJ farmer, wife: Christianna 56-PA, son: Isaac 19-OH, assumed brother: Abner 53-NJ laborer, Insane, granddau: Caroline Brown 17-OH, Melissa Bunnell 4-OH) [family indexws as Burrell, it is unknown how Melissa relates to this family] [OH: 1860 living with son Isaac]
Bunnell, David(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 2: dwelling 24 (David 29-OH farmer, wife: Mary 27-OH, dau: S M 4-OH, son: C F 2-OH, niece: Caroline Brown 17-OH, James Bellingsby 16-OH farmer, cousin: D H Fox 16-OH farmer ) [SM is Sarah Marie, CF Seberry Filmore Bunnell, and David Fox is the s/o William. Caroline is also found with her grandparents] [OH: 1860]
Burch: Barbara Downing(6) m: Israel Burch [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Butler twp: page 260: dwelling 585 (Isreal 31-NY farm, wife: Barbara 20-OH, son: Truman 9/12-OH, father: Jas 64-NY, assumed brothers: Truman 12-OH, Jas 26-OH) [WI: 1860]
Burkholder: Elizabeth Rees(6) m: John Burkholder [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IN: Carroll Co: Tippecanoe twp: page 327: dwelling 156 (John 22-PA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-OH, others: Lewis T. Berry 21-IN, George W. Reece 10-IN, John L. Reece 5-IN) [IN: 1860]
Burnett: Cinderella 'Lucinda' Chenoweth(6) m: William D. Burnett [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Savannah twp: page 61: dwelling 429 (William 36-VA physician, wife: Cinderella 32-KY, daus: Comelia A 7-MO, Stella A 3-MO & Cavelliers L 8/12-MO, James Goodman 10-KY) [CA: 1860]
Burns: Elizabeth Kinnear(6) m: Abner M. Burns [RICHARD3] > IA: Davis Co: Salt Lick twp: page 259: dwelling 29 (Abner M. 35-IA wagonmaker, wife: Elizabeth 30-IA, sons: Thomas 13-IA, Robert 11-IA, Henry B 9-IA, Simon 9-IA, Isaac 3-IA & James C 9/12-Iowa) [note in 1850 the abbreviation "IA" was used for Indiana] [IA: 1860]
Burson, Edward 'Neddy'(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morgan twp: page 172: dwelling 17 (Edward 35-PA mechant, wife: Mariah 35-PA son: Alex 13-PA, dau: Ruth 11-PA, sons: David 11-PA & William 5-PA, dau: Melvina 3-PA) [PA: 1860]
Burson: Mary 'Polly' Carter(4) m: Abraham Burson [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 128: dwelling 435 (Abraham 55-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Hannah 44-PA, [by Mary] son: James 25-PA, dau: Ruth 18-PA, [by Hannah] dau: Mary Margaret 1-PA, mother: Elizabeth 88-PA, [wife of James] dau-in-law: Rebecca 22-PA, Oliver Perry Crawford 6-PA) [PA: 1860]
Burson: Ruth Carter(4) m: Levi Burson [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 125: dwelling 386 (Levi 62-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah 65-PA, Elisabeth Walton 7-OH) [PA: 1860]
Busick: Martha Morrison(5) m: Benjamin F. Busick [MARY3] > WI: Green Co: Monroe twp: page 225: dwelling 167 (Benjamin 46-MD farmer, 3rd wife: Alfinira 32-OH, sons [assumed by 1st marriage]: Benj F 19-OH, Edward 16-OH, James M 12-OH, [children by marriage to Martha] son: Wm M 9-OH, dau: Susan 6-WI, dau: [assumed by 3rd wife] Nancy 10/12 WI)
Butler, Absolom(6) [RUTH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Truro twp: page 178: dwelling 232 (Absolom 32-OH farmer, wife: Martha 26-OH, daus: Mary A 8-IL & Nancy 6-OH, sons: Joseph 5-OH & Silas 4-OH, dau: Hanit 6/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Butler: Amanda Gist(6) m: Harrison Butler [ARTHUR3] > IA: Fayette Co: Westfield twp: page 133: dwelling 32 (Harrison 34-OH farmer, wife: Amanda 31-OH, daus: Arianna 10-OH & Mary E 6-OH, son: Absolom 5-WI, dau: Sarah E 2-WI, son: Joseph 9/12-WI) [IA: 1860]
Butler: Charity Ann Baxter(5) m: Henry Butler [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Shannon twp: page 132B: dwelling 872 (Henry 68-MD farmer, wife: Charity 63-MD, son: Joshua 36-OH, dau: Rachel A 18-OH, grandson: George Palmer 8-OH, sister-in-law: Sarah Gist 54-MD)
Butler, Greenberry(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Shannon twp: page 139: dwelling 959 (Greenberry 29-OH, wife: Elizabeth 24-OH, son: Gilman 2-OH, dau Almy 10/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Butler, Nicholas(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Shannon twp: page 132B: dwelling 876 (Nicholas 37-OH, wife: Aberilla 36-MD, son: Charles H 9-OH) [IL: 1860]
Butler, Samuel Baxter(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 124B: dwelling 764 (Samuel B 30-OH carpenter, wife: Lucinda 26-OH, daus: Rebecca M 6-OH & unnamed 1/12-OH [Matilda Jane], William Yost 19-OH carpenter & Samuel McGee 26-OH carpenter [will marry Sarah M. Baxter next door: January 21, 1851]) [OH: 1860]
Butler, Samuel(5) [RUTH3] > IL: Richland Co: district 14: page 175: dwelling 1322 (Samuel 36-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 35-OH, dau: Jemima -14-OH, sons: John 12-OH, Amon 11-OH & George 9-IL, dau: Martha A 8-IL, sons: Joseph 6-IL, Benjamin 5-IL & Henry 2-Il, dau: Sarah C 4/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Butler, William(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Shannon twp: page 132B: dwelling 874 (William 39-VA carpenter, wife: Elizabeth 34-OH, dau: Honor 11-OH, son: Henry J 9-OH, dau: Charity E 5-OH, Mary Conn 21-OH) [OH: 1860]
Calderwood: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Henry Calderwood [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Mahoning twp: page 3: dwelling 32 (Henry 35-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca 33-PA, sons: William 11-PA, Alexander 9-PA, Alford 6-PA & Henry M 1-PA) [Henry is living next door to his father, William Calderwood] [PA: 1860]
Callaway, Chenoweth(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 324: dwelling 562 (Chenoth 36-GA farmer, wife: Emily 25-GA, son: John W? 3-GA, dau: Mary 2-GA) [GA: 1860]
Callaway: Delphia Peteet(4) m: Seaborn Callaway [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 314: dwelling 409 (Seaborn, Sr. 52-GA farmer, wife: Delphia 46-GA, son: Francis 17-GA) [GA: 1860]
Callaway, Miles R.(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 326: dwelling 587 (Miles 27-GA farmer) [GA: 1860]
Callaway, Seaborn(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 327: dwelling 602 (Seaborn, Jr. 33-GA farmer, wife: Olive M 24-GA, son: Simeon P 10-GA, daus: Martha S 8-GA & Eugenia A 6-GA, sons: Levi M 4-GA [aka Marshall Seaborn] & Chandler 1-GA) [GA: 1860]
Callaway: Susannah Peteet(4) m: Parker Callaway [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 315: dwelling 417 (Parker 60-GA farmer, wife: Susan 54-GA, Sons: Carlton 30-GA & Aristides 25-GA, daus: Eugenia 14-GA, Indiania 12-GA, & Ann 18-GA) [GA: 1860]
Callen: Hannah Cromwell Chenoweth (5) m: (1) Richard Ridgeway, (2) John Callen [JOHN3] > OH: Belmont Co: Barnsville: page 368: dwelling 128 (John Callin 65-VA farmer, wife: Hanna 46-VA, stepchildren: Alfred Ridgeway 19-VA, Ann Ridgeway 20 VA,& Ellen Ridgeway 16-VA, dau: Rebecca Callin 12-VA, son George 12-VA, dau: Mary 8-OH, son: Coulson 6-OH) [OH: 1860]
Calvert: Mary Lent(6) m: William Calvert [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Liberty twp: page 446: dwelling 688 (Wm 26-OH coal auger, wife: Mary 24-OH) [OH: 1860]
Caplinger: Margaret 'Peggy' Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas Jefferson Caplinger [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 75: dwelling 728 (Thomas 43-VA farmer, wife: Margaret 34-VA, dau: Eliza W 14-VA, sons: John C 12-VA & Adam 10-VA, dau; Sarah E 8-VA, son: George C 5-VA, Jehu C 3-VA & Lloyd 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Caplinger: Nancy Chenoweth(6) m: Soloman Colett Caplinger [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 65: dwelling 590 (Soloman C 39-VA farmer, wife: Nancy C 35-VA, daus: Laben D 14-VA, Martha B 12-VA Phobe 10-VA, Sarah E 8-VA, son: Calvin L 7-VA, daus: Margaret 1-VA & Mary ? 1-VA) [note: Phobe and Calvin are said to be twins] [WV: 1860]
Carter: Elizabeth K.(4) widow of Joseph Kerfoot Carter [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: 12th district: page 199: dwelling 439 (Elizabeth K 46-VA ?, sons: Joseph K 24-VA manager ?, Charles J 22-VA laborer, Franklin B 17-VA, dau: Lucy A 20-VA) [VA: 1860]
Carter, Harvey(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 370: dwelling 28 (Charlotte 45-PA, son: Ezekiel 24-PA drover, dau: Deborah 21-PA, sons: John ?-PA farmer, William 18-PA & Harvey 17-PA, dau: Rebecca 10-PA) [IL: 1860]
Carter, Henry Bowen(4) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: town of Warren: page 66: dwelling 423 (Henry B,Sr. 64-PA farmer, wife: Bethany 63-PA)
Carter, Henry Bowen Carter, Jr.(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: town of Warren: page 66: dwelling 425 (Henry B, Jr. 35-PA farmer, wife: Lucy 33-OH, son: Percy S 9-IL, dau: Esther A 6-IL, son: Josiah B 3-IN, dau: Sarah 4/12-IL, in-law S.P. Sprague 24-OH laborer) [IL: 1860]
Carter, Isaac(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 378: dwelling 135 (Isaac 51-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 47-VA, daus: Margaret 16-PA & Priscilla 12-PA) [PA: 1860]
Carter, James(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Washington twp: page 331: dwelling 117 (James 32-PA farmer, wife: Jane 23-PA, dau: Margaret C 10/12-PA) [PA: 1860]
Carter, Jesse(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morris twp: page 360: dwelling 106 (Jesse 43-PA farmer, wife: Susan 44-PA, son: James 49-PA, dau: Rebecca 16-PA, son: George 14-PA, dau: Margaret 12-PA, sons: Samuel 10-PA, John 8-PA & Henry 4-PA, dau: Mary 3-PA)) [PA: 1860]
Carter, John Arthur(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: 12th district: page 190: dwelling 306 (John A 37-VA farmer, wife: Betty C 36-VA, sons: Lawrence P 7-VA, Charles W 4-VA, Joseph K 2-VA & Wiliam W 9/12-VA) [VA: 1860]
Carter, John(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Washington bourough: page 353: dwelling 239 (John 24-PA grocer, wife: Emaline 19-PA, dau: Permelia 1-PA, living in same dwelling father-in-law: David Birch 51-Ireland grocer & mother-in-law & wife Lucretia 43-PA, brother-in-law: George F Birch 26-PA physican, ? Jane 18-PA) [PA: 1860]
Carter, John(4) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: 16th district: page 245: dwelling 646 (Susan P Carter 55-VA, nephew: John H Rutherford 29-VA farmer, niece & wife: Camilia 29-VA, grand niece: Susan 4/12-VA, housekeeper : Anna R. Ridgeway 24-VA, niece: Mary S. Pittman 9-VA) [Thanks to Ann Lieberson for the proper identification of this household] [VA: 1860]
Carter, John(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Wayne twp: page 220: dwelling 583 (John 37-OH farmer, wife: Mary 33-OH, daus: Rebecca 13-IL, Eliza 11-IN & Lydia 9-IN, son: Thomas 7-IN, dau: Isabel 4-IN, laborers: Thomas Ward 44-Eng, Henry Shetz 23-unk, John West 20-Ger, John James 20-unk & Benjamin Hatfield 19-unk)
Carter, Joseph Wilson(4) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: 12th district: page 197: dwelling 422 (John B 23-VA farmer, mother: Elizabeth N 56-VA, bro: Jacquelin W 19-VA)
Carter, Lorenzo(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Wayne twp: page 220: dwelling 582 (Lorenzo 36-OH farmer, wife: Deborah 34-MD, son: Argileus 3-IL, dau: Rebecca 1/12-IN, David Baker 37-unk farmer) [IL: 1860]
Carter: Rebecca Chenoweth(4) widow of Thomas Carter [JOHN3] > IL: Champaign Co: 21st district: page 98: dwelling 108 (sons: Abm 29-OH farmer, James 21-OH & Josiah 19-IL, granddau: Amanda Madden 6-IL, Rebecca 60-KY)
Carter, William Kerfoot(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: 12th district: page 188: dwelling 286 (William K 29-VA farmer, wife: Catherine 23-VA, son: Charles F 2-VA, dau: Edmonia 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Casebier, David Jackson(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: district 18: page 146: dwelling 802b (J. D. 33-IL, son: Moses 9-MO, dau: Mary 7-MO, Hulda Anderson 20-IN) [living in same house is the family of David's brother Joshua Carman]
Casebier, Jonathan Chenoweth(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: district 18: page 146: dwelling 806 (Jonathan 40-KY, wife: Barbara 38-KY, daus: Lucinda 19-Il, Mary 14-IA, Elizabeth 12-IA & Catherine 9-IA, son: David 5-MO, dau: Matilda 2-IA) [KS: 1860]
Casebier, Joshua Carman(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: district 18: page 146: dwelling 802 (J.C. 41-KY miller, wife: Loiza 36-KY, sons: Niles N 17-IL & Simon G 14-IA, dau: Eliza A 8/12-IA) [living in same house is the family of Joshua's brother David Jackson]
Casebier, Samuel Bristow(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: district 18: page 146: dwelling 807 (Samuel 29-IN, wife: Nancy 19-IN, son: Absolom 8/12-IA) [KS: 1860]
Cathcart: Ruth Tredway(5) m: Joseph Cathcart [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 74: dwelling 913 (widow: Ruth 34-MD, son: John 12-MD, dau: Jemima 11-MD, sons: William 8-MD & Benjamin 5-MD)
Caulfield: Mahala Casebier(6) m: Owen Caulfield [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Platte twp: page 78: dwelling 653 (Oran 44-TN farmer, wife: Mahaly 32-IN, dau: Elizabeth 15-IN, sons Joseph 11-IN, James 8-MO & Green 8-MO, Louisa 2-MO) [KS: 1860]
Cecil: Priscilla A.K.(6) m: Thomas K. Cecil [THOMAS3] > VA: Pulaski Co: 48th district: page 228: dwelling 89 (Baster W 32-VA farmer, wife: Purcilla 24-VA, son: William W 4-VA, daus: Mary F 3-VA & Rachel A 1-VA) [this is the correct detail. Thomas is living next door to his father John. Why he is listed as Baster is unknown] [VA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Abraham(5) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 50: dwelling 388 (Abraham 63-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 61-KY, dau: Malinda J 18-IN) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Abraham(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Huntington Co: 52nd district: page 51: dwelling 721 (Abraham 27-OH farmer, wife: Jane 28-IN, daus: Sarah E 4-IN & Amelia 2-IN, son Albert C 1-IN) [living next door to mother-in-law, Demaris Starbuck Fisher 64-NC & family] [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Abraham C.(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 348: dwelling 1218 (Abraham 42-OH farmer, wife: Jemina 35-OH, daus: Ann E 11-OH & Rebecca 9-OH, son: Thomas -OH, dau: Mary J 4-OH, son: James M 3-OH, dau: Margaret 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Abraham J.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Randolph Co: Wayne twp: page 104: dwelling 888 (Abraham 35-OH farmer, wife: Susan P 27-VA, daus: Rebecca J 5-IN & Mary C 2-IN, John Manning 14-MD) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Abraham John(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Randolph Co: Wayne twp: page 104: dwelling 890 (Abraham J 23-OH farmer, wife: Celia P 22-VA) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Absolom(4) [RICHARD3] > TN: Knox Co: 15th subdivison: page 170: dwelling 1071 (Absolom 22-TN, farmer, wife: Sarah M M 21-TN, son: Arthur A K 3-TN, dau: Cassandra C 2-TN & Luretta 6/12-TN) [TN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Absolum(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Lexington: page 234: dwelling 487 Absolum 46-OH bricklayer, wife: Sarah 38-MD, daus: Jerusha 16-OH, Amelia 14-OH, Angeline 9-OH, Celesta 2-OH, Ephraim Colburn 25-OH school teacher, William Miller 21-OH school teacher, John Adams 23-OH school teacher) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Absolum(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 742: dwelling 518 (Absolom 60-OH farmer, wife: Eleanor A 60-OH, son Joseph 36-OH, dau: Mary A 25-OH, Sons: William 25-OH & Absolom, Jr 27-OH carpenter, dau: Elenor 17-OH) - note, son Joseph is also next door with his family [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Absolum(4) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 348: dwelling 1221 (Absolum 60-OH farmer, wife: Mary 62-OH, daus: Eunice 31-OH & Elizabeth 23-OH, sons: Stephen B 22-OH & John W 21-OH, dau: Mary J 18-OH, sons: Abraham L 17-OH & Arthur W 14-OH, Isaac 28-OH farmer) [Abraham L is Absolum Loraine, it is not certain who Isaac is, perhaps Absolom's nephew who is also found in California] [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Absolum B.(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 19th ward: page 204: dwelling 909 (A 25-MD wagoner, wife: Ann 22-MD, son: Chester 2-MD) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Alba David(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 676 (Alba 25-VA farmer, wife: Emily 24-VA, dau: Virginia 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Alexander Holmes(5) [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Mahoning twp: page 3: dwelling 35 (Alexander 28-PA farmer, wife: Barbry 26-Germany, dau: Mary E 3-PA, son: William A 1-PA, sister-in-law: Mary Ann Schull 23-Germany) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Alfred Griffith(5) [JOHN3] > VA: Loudon Co: page 251: dwelling 1283 (Alfred 40-VA minister, wife Catherine 38-VA, sons: Jno 11-VA & Wm 9-VA, dau: Catherine 6-VA, son: Alfred 4-VA, dau: Rebecca 11/12-VA) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Alfred W.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > MO: St Louis Co: 5th ward: page 306: dwelling 1657 (------ Chinawerth, male 35-VA carpenter, son: Alfred 8-IL, living in home of John Anwright 57-MD schoolteacher & family, with several other lodgers) - note Alfred W's name is not given and the location of his other younger children is not known, his wife, Sarah Jane Walters died in February of 1849) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Alpheus Ward(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Jackson Co: Ravenwood: page 262: dwelling 1104 (A W 29-VA carpenter, wife: Hannah 27-VA, son: Marcellus 8-VA, dau: Sarah 5/12-VA) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Amos(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: town of Perry: page 59: dwelling 519 (home of Johnatan Force 35-NJ shoemaker, boarding: Amos Chenoweth 22-KY laborer, Willliam Fletcher 22-KY laborer [this may be the William Fletcher who married Peggy Chenoweth the sister of Amos] others: Fleming Taylor, Emily Thompson)
Chenoweth, Archibald(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly: page 66: dwelling 608 (Archibald 33-VA wagon maker, wife: Margaret A 23-VA, son: Worthington 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Archibald S.(5) [JOHN3] > KY: Barron Co: district 2: page 463: dwelling 853 (Archibald S. 37-TN farmer, wife: Malvinia 34-KY, son: Isaac N 8-KY, dau: Mary A 4-KY, Joseph N. 3-KY) [KY: 1860]
Chenoweth, Arthur(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 51: dwelling 391 (Maria 30-IN, daus: Rachel 10-IL, Sarah A 7-IL & Mahala 4-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Arthur(4) [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: New Castle Borough: page 233: dwelling 167 (Rebecca 60-PA, dau: Harriett 28-PA, son: William 25-PA painter)
Chenoweth, Arthur(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 263: dwelling 588 (Arthur 15-MD, living with Ann Austin 52-MD, Mary W. Austin 16-MD, Eliza Ryley 22-Ireland) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Arthur(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Adams Co: Franklin twp: page 1: dwelling 13 (Arthur 26-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 29-OH, dau: M.A. 4, son S.T. 5/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Arthur(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 160: dwelling 99 (Arthur 64-MD farmer, wife: Anna 48-NC, dau: Lucinda 12-IN , son: Isaac 9-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Arthur IV(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Harrison Co: Franklin twp, district 71: page 451: dwelling 1231 (Arthur 46 farmer, wife Mary 58-OH, sons: John 20-OH & Solloman 19-OH, dau: Charlotte 14-OH, bro-in-law: Aaron Delong 65-unknown) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Benjamin(5) [JOHN3] > WI: Green Co: Monroe twp: page 214: dwelling 3 (Benjamin 30-IN merchant, wife: Rosana 28-VT, dau: Isabel 11/12-WI) [WI: 1860]
Chenoweth, Benjamin Franklin(4) [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Linn twp: page 381: dwelling 566 (B 55-KY farmer, wife: F 50-VA, daus: M 27-IN, C 25-IN, S 18-IN & R 16-IN, son J 13-IL, dau: M 10-MO) living in same dwelling is daughter Elizabeth below and her husband and family) [TX: 1860]
Chenoweth, Benjamin Thomas(5) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 4th ward: page 30: dwelling 330 (Benjamin T 32-MD plowmaker, wife: Mary 26-MD, sons: Alfred R 4-MD, James B 3-MD, Harry C 8/12-MD, newphew & niece: Edward C. Canoles 7-MD & Sarah A 5-MD, Reba Dorett 63-MD, LA R Brooks 22-MD paperhanger, [black] Ann Jones 23-MD)
Chenoweth, Charles S.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: district 130: page 405: dwelling 137 (Charles 25-OH farmer, wife: Esther 25-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Cyrus Pepper(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 672 (Cyrus 23-VA farmer, wife: Judith 22-VA, dau: Sarah 1/12-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Daniel(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: district 18: page 152: dwelling 890 (Daniel 32-KY, wife: Elizabeth 25-MO, sons: John 3-IA & Hardin 1-IA) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, David(5) [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 761: dwelling 678 (David 27-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 25-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Edmund Bean(6) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 252: dwelling 57 (Edmond B 26-TN farmer, wife: Agnes 21-TN, dau: Lydia 1-AR) [AR: 1860]
Chenoweth, Edmund D(2) [unknown: THOMAS] > LA: DeSoto Co: page 205: dwelling 688 (Nancy H 35-LA, sons: James 10-LA, Thos 8-LA & Francis 6-LA, dau: Aulina 6/12-LA) [LA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Edward Pugh(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 673 (Pugh 25-VA farmer, wife: Martha 18-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Eli(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly: page 67: dwelling 622 (Eli 25-VA bridge builder, living in home of David & Rebecca Blackman) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Elias(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Wayne Co: Franklin twp: page 264: dwelling 205 (Elias 27-OH plasterer, wife: Mary M 21-PA, daus: Amand 4-IN & Anna E 2-IN, son: William S 2/12-IN)
Chenoweth, Elias(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 228: dwelling 345 (Elias 41-OH blacksmith, wife: Elizabeth 37-IN, daus: Mary E 16-IN, Susan 12-IN, Sarah 8-IN, Harriet 6-IN, Adeline 1-IN & Caroline 1-IN) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Elias(4) [JOHN3] > IN: Jay Co: Jackson twp: page 334: dwelling 68 (Elias 69-VA farming, wife: Nancy 66-VA) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Elijah H.(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 668 (Elijah H 30-VA farmer, wife: Nancy C 21-VA, dau: Martha 3-VA, son: La Fayette 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Elijah, Jr.(4) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 57B: dwelling 138 (Elijah 44-VA farmer, wife: Nancy 45-OH, sons: Thomas 21-OH, John 20-OH & Joseph 17-OH, daus: Elizabeth 15-OH, Sarah 10-OH & Rebecca 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Ephraim B.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 77: dwelling 920 (Ephraim 45-VA carpenter, wife: Mariah 39-KY, dau: Jane 15-KY, sons: Stephen 13-IN, Grafton 11-IN & Jefferson 9-IN, dau: Sarah 7-IN, sons: James 4-IN & John 1/12-IN, mother-in-law: Sarah Resinger 62-KY) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Evan B.(5) [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 761: dwelling 677 (Evan 29-OH farmer, wife: Mary Ann 27-OH, dau: Eliza A 6-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Everett(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 41: dwelling 252 (Everett 27-VA farmer, wife: Virginia ?-VA, son: Hyre 3-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Ezekial R.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 232: dwelling 1812 (Ezekial 33-MD farmer, wife: Elizabeth 30-TN) [TN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Francis A.(5) [ELIJAH3] > WA: Clark Co: page 40: dwelling 58 (F A T 32-NY Lawyer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 20-IL, George H Johnson 41-MA merchant, W B Hills 26-NY, O bradford 30-NY) [WA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Gabriel(5) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 669 (Gabriel 56-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 54-VA, daus: Julia A 21-VA, Rebecca 19-VA, Susan E 17-VA, Sarah A 15-VA & Dorcas 13-VA) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, George(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 248: dwelling 399 (George 26-MD laborer, wife: Anjaline 22-MD, dau: Mary C 3-MD, son: William 2-MD, dau: Anna L 1/12-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, George Davenport(5) [JOHN3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 6th ward: page 245: dwelling 1307 (George D 39-VA methodist minister, wife: Frances A 33-PA, sons: George D 2-VA & Alexander 1-MD) [PA: 1860]
Chenoweth, George Henry(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 747: dwelling 566 (George 22-OH laborer, wife: Letitia 19-OH) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, George Washington(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 68: dwelling 636 (George W 37-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 32-VA, dau: Rebecca J 13-VA, son: david B 10-VA, daus: Mary M 9-VA & Anzina E 3-VA, son Jasper F 6/12-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, George Washington(4) [RICHARD3] > TN: Anderson Co: 16th subdivison: page 7: dwelling 100 (George 34-TN, farmer, wife: Nancy 33-TN, dau: Jemima E 14-TN, son: Samuel N 12-TN, daus: Mary E 10-TN, Malinda J 8-TN, Elizabeth 3-TN & Henryetta 4/12-TN) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Gideon(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: De Kalb Co: 28th district: page 430: dwelling 252 (Gideon 35-KY farmer, wife: Mary 31-KY, sons: Hardin 14-IL & Samuel 12-IA, dau: Susanna 11-IA, son William 10-MO, dau Mary 7-MO, sons: John 6-MO & Andrew J 5-MO) - John's name is hard to read as the entry was first Andrew J and then written over with John [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Gideon(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 289B: dwelling 399 (Mariah M 34-OH living with family of James B Turner 57-DE merchant & wife: Sarah N 44-OH & family) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Hamilton J.(5) [JOHN3] > MA: Essex Co: Lynn: page 293: dwelling 913 (boarding home of Mercy Allen: Hamilton J 33-OH cordwainer)
Chenoweth, Hardin Thomas(5) [WILLIAM3] > TX: Miliam Co: Miliam & Williamson district: page 8: dwelling 325 (home of John C. Bates 45-England framer, 2nd wife Eliza 40-VA [widow of widow of Hardin Thomas Chenoweth], Bates children: Henry E 8-TX, Amos C 4-TX, Georgiana 1-TX, Edmondson stepchidren: Thomas J. 11-AR & Jane 8-TX, other John W. O'Neil 10-TX, stepdau: Elizabeth Chenoweth 5-TX)
Chenoweth, Harriet & Sarah(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 124: dwelling 1657 (Harriet 23-MD & Sarah 21-MD, living in home of Lena Everett 64-MD & 8 other women) [MD: 1860 Harriett is living with sister Sarah now married]
Chenoweth, Harvey R.(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Greene Co: Sugar twp: page 118B: dwelling 1632 (Harve 30-OH laborer, wife: Sarah 28-F, unnamed dau: 3-OH, unnamed son: 1-OH) [these children are Catherine & Samuel James] [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Havilah A.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Bartholomew Co: German twp: page 428: dwelling 832 Havilah A 39-KY farmer, wife: Mary 38-KY, dau: Malinda 16-IN, Lucinda 14-IN & Mary 12-IN, son: William 10-IN, father: Arthur 66-KY, bros: Arthur L 20-IN, Newton 18-IN [note: Newton is believed to be William N age 11]
Chenoweth, Henry(5) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 252: dwelling 53 (Henry 45-TN farmer, wife: Indiana 40-TN, daus: Louisanna 19-TN & Roena 18-TN, son: John 16-TN, daus: Sarah 15-TN, Arena 10-TN & Milissa 2-TN) [AR: 1860]
Chenoweth, Henry(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 13: dwelling 175 (Henry 46-OH farmer, wife: Ann E 37-VA, daus: Margaret 17-OH, Elizabeth 14-OH & Emerila 11-OH, sons Robert 8-OH & Thomas 5-OH, dau: Alice 1-OH, Edward Lee 20-Ireland laborer) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Henry S(5) [THOMAS3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Circleville: page 197: dwelling 414 (Henry S 45-OH dentist, wife: Lavinia 39-OH, sons: William H 15-OH, Albert W 13-OH, daus: Emma 6-OH, Harriet 4-OH, Clara 3-OH & Elziabeth 1-OH, father-in-law: Robert White 86-PA) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Hezekiah Stites(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Huntington Co: 52nd district: page 43: dwelling 602 (Hezekiah 23-IN farmer, wife: Sarah E 22-OH, son John C 1-IN) [living next door to brother-in-law, John J. Parker & family and father-in-law, William Parker & family] [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Hezikiah(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Union twp: page 180: dwelling 57 (Hezikiah 32-OH farmer, wife: Lucretia 33-KY, sons: Joseph 8-OH, John 7-OH & Thomas 4-OH, dau: Mary Ann 3-OH, son: Simon 5/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Hickman(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 42: dwelling 267 (Hickman 33-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Julia 35-VA, stepdau: Eliza McLean ?-VA, step son Percy McLean ?-VA, son: William, [by 1st wife] dau: Leah ?-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Hiram(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 56: dwelling 143 (Hiram 30-OH farmer, wife: Sarah J 22-OH, son: William H 1-IN, Sabina Sanders 8-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Horace 'Horris' O.(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 19th ward: page 205: dwelling 928 (Harris 30-MD wagoner, wife: Henrietta 24-MD, dau: Lavinia 6-MD, son: Charles 3-MD & dau: Emma 1-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Ira M.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: district 130: page 403: dwelling 96 (Ira 34-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 33-OH, son Josiah 11-IN, dau Assinth 9-IN, sons John 5-IN & Thomas 2-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Ira Stout(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Wirt Co: 17th district: page 59: dwelling 65 (Ira S 25-VA farmer, wife: Matilda 22-VA, dau: Martha J 3-VA, son: James O T 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Isaac(4) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 72: dwelling 364 (Isaac 51-KY farmer, wife: Isabella 50-KY, dau: Isabella 18-IN, sons: Fredinand 16-IN & Franklin 13-IN)
Chenoweth, Isaac Calvert(5) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1: page 332: dwelling 395 (Isaac C 61-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 59-KY, dau: Cinderella 18-KY, sons: Isaac 25-KY & Miles 20-KY, widowed dau: Ruth Kennedy 27-KY, grandsons: John McNeil 8-KY & Francis McNeil 10-KY, granddaus: Mary Burdine 20-KY & Sarah Burdine 17-KY, grandchildren: John Kennedy 4-KY, Zackariah T 3-KY & Mary J 1-KY) [KY: 1860 - widow Sally living with son]
Chenoweth, Isaac J.(4) [ISAAC3] > OH: Seneca Co: Hopewell twp: page 300: dwelling 138 (Isaac 58-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 54-VA) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Isaac N(5) [ARTHUR3] > CA: Sacremento Co: Prairie twp: page 178: dwelling 849 (Isaac 31-OH merchant, living with 3 other men: Moses Amburg 23-Germany, John Southworth 24-VA & Andrew Vancrevee 24-Germany)
Chenoweth, Isaac Newton(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Barbour Co: 5th district: page 106: dwelling 1452 (Newton 27-VA farmer, wife: Prudence 22-VA, dau: Columbia 2-VA, son: William 9/12-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Isaac S(5) [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 441: dwelling 18 (Issac 23-OH farmer, wife Cynthia 18-OH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Ison(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Vinton Co: Swan twp: page 643: dwelling 76 (Ison 45-PA farmer, dau: Hannah 15-OH, son: John 11-OH, dau: Easter 8-OH, mother: Mary 74-VA, sister Hannah 50-PA) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, J. Elijah(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 56: dwelling 120 (Elijah 28-MD farmer, wife: Susan 33-MD, daus: Mary 7-MD, Margaritt 5-mD & Susan 1-MD, Joseph Ingram 5-OH, Rebecca Ingram 1-OH, Joseph Sheetus 20-MD laborer, James O'Day 23 laborer) [Elijah and Children are born in Ohio and only the wife is born in Maryland despite the record] [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Jacob(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Greene Co: Xenia twp: page 52: dwelling 714 (Jacob 32-OH laborer, wife: Mary A 22-F, William 7/12-OH) note: home is shared with Mary's brother's family Ruben Pritchard)
Chenoweth, Jacob(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 442: dwelling 39 (Jacob 56-KY farmer, wife Sarah 53-MD, dau: Mary a 22-OH, son: Noah 16-OH, dau: Eliza 14-OH, son: Gideon 10-OH, grandson: John W 4-OH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Jacob Van Meter(5) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 54: dwelling 433 (Jacob V 66-KY farmer, Mary 63-KY, sons: Miles H 19-IL, son-in-law: Samuel H Williams 30 KY carpenter, dau & wife: Nancy 27-KY grandsons: John H. 7-IL & James E 6-IL, granddau: Isabel 3-IL, dau: Hester Chenoweth 16-IL, others: William Dorman 11-OH & Margaret Robison 14-IL) [IL: 1860 widow Mary living with daugther]
Chenoweth, James(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 674 James 31-VA farmer, wife: Mary 35-VA, son: Andrew 8-VA, dau: Eliza 5-VA, son: Perry 1-VA, Elizabeth 70-VA) (there is no known Elizabeth Chenoweth b: ca 1780. More likely this is Mary He;mick's mother, whose name is unknown, mistakely listed as a Chenoweth] [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, James(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Johnson Co: Ninevah twp: page 135: dwelling 781 (James 50-KY farmer, son: Thomas 27-IN, daus: Katurah 20-IN, Lydia 16-IN & Jane 14-IN) [The future husband of Katurah, Charles Bay, a widower, is living in dwelling 763] [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, James Bruce(5) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Bureau Co: page 233: dwelling 92 (James B 49-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 47-PA, sons: James A 16-VA & William E 13-IL, dau: Rebecca B 13-IL, son: Isaac E 11-IL, dau: Eliza 9-IL, son David 5-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, James Foster(5) [THOMAS3] > TX: Dallas Co: page 78: dwelling 77 (Jas F. 30-OH farmer, wife: Matilda 28-TN, daus: Cassandre 3-MO & Mary J 1-TX, John L. Pullim 40-TN)
Chenoweth, James Francis, Jr.(6) [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: page 260: dwelling 668 (James 28-KY farmer, wife: Ann 40-TN, son: William 15-IL, dau Mary 14-IL, Sons James 13-IL, John 11-IL, Josiah 10-IL, & Miles 9-IL, dau: Elizabeth 7-IL, son: Charles 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, James H.(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 60: dwelling 525 (home of inlaws Micajah Triplett 50-SC farmer & wife: Sarah Stepp 50-KY: dau: Melissa Chenoweth 26-KY, son-in-law: James H 27-KY farmer, granddau: Mary E 2-IL) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, James Hackley(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: town of Perry: page 58: dwelling 459 (James 30-KY farmer, wife: Margaret E 24-KY, dau: Maria 7-IL, son: Abraham 2-IL) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, James Hackley(5) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 55: dwelling 443 (James 48-KY farmer, wife: Artemisia 39-KY, sons: Abraham 18-KY, James 16-IL, Joseph 9-IL, Robert 7-IL, David 2-IL, Mary 12-IL, Ruth 4-IL, James Tuey 25-Canada [James Tuey is the future husband of Hester Brisco, a niece of James Hackley's]) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, James 'Lewis'(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Perry twp: page 299B: dwelling 918 (James 38-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 32-OH, sons William 12-OH & Maynard 10-OH, dau Sarah 8-OH, sons John 3-OH & David 1-OH, Charles Anderson 10-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, James M.(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 742: dwelling 517 James 36-OH farmer, wife: Cynthia A 27-OH) [OH: 1860 living with father]
Chenoweth, James Matison(6) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 164: dwelling 534 (James M 24-TN farmer, wife: Martha 23-TN, dau: Abigal M 6/12-TN) [TN: 1860]
Chenoweth, James Prather(5) [THOMAS3] > OH: Ross Co: Jefferson twp: page 296: dwelling 1162 (James 21-OH tanner, living with the family of John Harbert, mercahant) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, James R.(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 229: dwelling 404 (Elizabeth 44-PA, son Jonas S 16-OH farmer, daus: Mary 13-OH, Phebe 12-OH & Margaret 5-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, James Ross(5) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Bullitt Co: page 159: dwelling 145 (James R 39-KY shoemaker, wife: Margaret 30-IN, son: Al G 12-KY, daus: Angeline 10-KY, Isabella 8-KY, Damaris 6-KY & Attarh J 4-KY, son: John R 2-KY) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth: James S.(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: Johnson Co: Pleasant twp: page 15: dwelling 7 (William Smith 47-VA farmer, wife: Jane 40-KY, son: John T 17-IN, daus: Mary F 15-IN & Eliza R 12-IN, son: James C 10-IN & William G 7-IN, daus: Marella J 2-IN & Margaret C 4/12-IN, father-in-law James Chineworth 74-VA, wife: and monther-inlaw, Martha 70-KY, Nancy E Brown 18-VA)
Chenoweth, James William(5) [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: 9th district: page 417: dwelling 1516 (Samuel 75-VA farmer, son: James 40-VA farmer, dau-in-law: Mrs. Ann 35-VA, son: George: 14-VA, daus: Nancy 11-VA, Hester 9-VA, Mary 9-VA, Eliza 7-VA & Isabelle 5-VA, son: John 2-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, James, Jr.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: White Co: district 130: page 431: dwelling 494 (James 40-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 38-PA, sons Jasper 14-IN, James R. 12-IN & Wm H. 9-IN, dau: Sarah C. 6-IN, sons Milton 5-IN & Eli 11/12-IN) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Jehu(5) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 671 (Jehu 58-VA farmer, son: John S 18-VA, dau: Mary E 13-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Jeremiah Browning(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Range twp: page 237: dwelling 139 (Jerimiah 34-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 26-OH, sons: James 6-OH, John 4-OH & Daniel 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joel(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Huntington Co: 52nd district: page 53: dwelling 737 (Joel 23-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-IN, son George F 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joel(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 348: dwelling 1217 (Joel 39-OH farmer, wife: Harriett 36-OH, son: William 12-OH, dau: Rachel 9-OH, son: Joel 6-OH, dau: Susan 3-OH, son: Joseph C 1-OH, Mary A Cruth 23-OH & Hiram Cruth 23-OH laborer) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Jackson Co: Washington twp: page 336B: dwelling 1482 (John 35-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 26-OH, dau: Samantha 2-OH, George A. Brown 9-OH, Mary Brown 6-OH, father: Absolom Chenoweth 83-VA) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 222: dwelling 311 (John 39-VA laborer, wife: Margaret 24-VA, daus: Sarah 11-OH, Mahala 9-OH & Rachel 7-OH, son: William 6-OH, dau: Harriett 4-OH, son John W 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(5) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 282: dwelling 846 (John 51-VA farmer, dau: Sara 30-KY) [KY: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(4) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: Darwin precinct: page 226: dwelling 119 (John 70-VA farmer, sons: Charles 29-IL & Robert 22-IL, dau-in-law: Emiline 26-IL (widow of William Western), granddau: Eleanor 6-IL)
Chenoweth, John(5) [JOHN3] > IA: Van Burean Co: Union twp: page 394: dwelling 145 (John 45-VA, wife: Catherine 50-VA, son: Jackson 21-VA, daus: Margaret 18-VA, Rachel 17-VA, Mary 14-VA & Eliza 12-VA, son: Richard 10-VA, dau: Eveline 7-VA) [ages of Rachel and Richard are reversed] [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(4) [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: 9th district: page 417: dwelling 1517 (Isabella 52-VA living with William Y Grove 28-PA famer and wife, Jackem Commer 9-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 416: dwelling 2527 (John 34-MD shoemaker, wife: Temperance 32-MD, dau: Hannah 12-MD, sons: William H 9-MD, James 7-MD, John 4-MD & Arthur 2-MD, Ellen Selman 37-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 701: dwelling 193 (John 34-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-OH, son: Isaac 6-OH, daus: Margaret A 5-OH & Eliza J 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 743: dwelling 522 (John 60-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 58-KY, son: Edwin 26-OH, daus: Catherine A 24-OH & Rachel 16-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(4) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Perrysville: page 54: dwelling 137 (John 65-VA farmer, dau: Jane 22-IN, widowed daus: Sidney Carter 36-OH & Malinda Davidson 40-OH, grandsons: Melville Carter 8-IN, Sylvannus Carter 9-IN, John Davidson 13-IL, James Davidson 8-IL & Robert Davidson 7-IL, granddaus: Elizabeth Davidson 11-IL & Rachel 9-IL)
Chenoweth: John(5) m: & Rhoda Rogers widow of Eli(4) [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Otter Creek twp: page 112: dwelling 43 (John 34-OH farmer, daus: Rachel 5-IN & Rhoda 2-IN, mother Rhoda 59-OH, sister: Rebecca 16-IN)
[note: There are families of a John & a Lewis Rogers in this county who may be sons of Sarah Chenoweth & Lewis Rodgers: ]
Chenoweth, John(5) [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 57: dwelling 160 (John 25-OH farmer, wife: Mary 21-OH, sons: Daniel 1-IN, Corwine 6/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 447B: dwelling 111 (John 50-OH farmer, wife Mary 45-VA, sons: Jacob 26-OH & John 20-OH, daus: S. 18-OH & Rebecca 12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, John(2) [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 59: dwelling 667 (John 50-MD laborer, wife: Spohia 50-MD, dau: Elizabeth 16-MD, son: John 13-MD, dau: Axtir 11-MD, son: George 8-MD) [PA: 1860 widow, Sophie living with daughter]
Chenoweth, John(1) [unknown: JOHN] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 5th ward: page 151: dwelling 753 (Asbury 27-MD brass finisher, mother: Ann 47-MD, bros: John 19-MD tinner & Thomas 9-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, John B.(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Seneca Co: Hopewell twp: page 300: dwelling 139 (John 24-OH farmer, brothers: James 20-OH & Isaac 14-OH) [IA: 1860 living with father]
Chenoweth, John Baxter(5) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: 8th district: page 182: dwelling 172 (John B 55-MD farmer, wife Sarah 41-MD, son: Asbury 18-MD farmer, daus: Dianah 16-MD, Maryetta 15-MD, Susanan R 13-MD & Ann Elizabeth 11-MD, son: John M. 9-MD, daus: Sarah J 8-MD, sons: Richard M 6-MD, Samuel B 4-MD, Christian E 2-MD & Thomas B 4/12-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Bradford(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 129: dwelling 1736 (Bradford 23-MD cooper, living with family of Charles Standiford 30-MD cooper) [also 2nd listing: page 139: dwelling 1854: Bradford 22-MD cooper, living with family of John Clark 40-MD nailcutter] [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, John C.(4) [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 441: dwelling 17 (John 63-VA farmer, wife Elizabeth 65-MD, son Jacob 23-OH, dau: Rachel 15-OH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, John F.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Warren Co: Mound twp: page 12: dwelling 7 (John F 28-OH farmer, wife: Mary 24-KY, dau: Elisabeth 2-IN, mother-in-law: Mary Foster 58-VA, James A. Castine 18-IN farmer) [note John's wife Clarissa Foster is listed as Mary. neither Mary Foster nor James A. Castine indexed] [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Foster(5) [THOMAS3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 169: dwelling 1174 (John F 27-OH farmer, wife: Mary J 27-OH, dau: Hannah E 3-IN) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Foster(4) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 203: dwelling 1 (John F 56-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 55-KY, sons: Samuel D 23-OH, Lewis F 22-OH, Elijah 19-OH & Francis M 18-OH, Margaret Columber 13-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Harrison(5) [SAMUEL3] > MO: Ripley Co: 77th district: page 443: dwelling 440 (Sarah 31-MO, son: Newton 3-MO, Benjamin Dial 24-TN, farmer)
Chenoweth, John Henry(6) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: [2 listings]- Louisville: district 3: page 282: dwelling 43 (Henry 26-KY M.D. living in boarding house) & district 7: page 342: dwelling 93 (Henry 25-KY physican living alone) [KY: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Henton(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s4w : page 122: dwelling 1399 (John 33-IN farmer, wife: Emarine KY-NY, sons: Lemuel 8-IL, James 6-IL & Hardin 4-IL) [CA: 1860]
Chenoweth, John I(5) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 667 (John I 58-VA farmer, wife: Mary 60-VA, dau: Mratha C 22-VA, son: Thomas 17-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Johnston(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 374: dwelling 164 (John 31-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 31-OH, sons: Henry 7-IL & James 5-IL, dau: Mary J 3-IL, son: Thomas 1-IL, Elizabeth Hinkel 12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth: John K.(5) m: 2nd Warren Smith [JOHN3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 208B: dwelling 1154 (Warren 46- carpenter, wife Catherine 50-VA, step-dau: Sarah Chenoweth 25-OH: Smith children: Allen 18-OH, Elijah 16-OH, Laura 11-OH, Henry 9-OH)
Chenoweth, John Kittle(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 675 (Sarah 37-VA, son: Marshall 16-VA farmer, daus: Mary A 14-VA & Elatea 12-VA, son: Jacob 11-VA, dau: Catherine 6-VA, son: Coffman 5-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, John M(1) [unknown: JOHN M] > TX: Williamson Co: Miliam & Williamson district: page 343: dwelling 184 (John 49-PA stonemason, wife: Elizabeth 33-KY, stepchildren: Henry Reid 15-TX, Julia A Reid 13-TX, Milan Reid 11-TX, Volummia Reid 9-TX, Emily Reid 7-TX, son: John Chinneth 2-TX)
Chenoweth, John Miles Duvall(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Lawrence Co: page 56: dwelling 804 (John M. 34-KY farmer, wife: Mary 23-IL [2nd wife Mary Fail], son Arthur 13-IL, daus Emily 2-IL & Mary 4/12-IL, nephews John M. Adams 12-IL & Marion Adams 5-IL, 'Parces' Fail (F) 5-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, John P.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 447: dwelling 194 (John 46-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Catherine 42-KY, Hezekiah 17-IN [by first wife, listed as female but also a farmer], son: William R 11-IN daus: Nancy 10-IN & Lucretia 7-IN, son: Henry 6-IN, dau: Sarah 4-IN, son: John A 2-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Smith(5) [RICHARD3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Cincinnati, 1st ward: page 37B: dwelling 462 (John S 46-KY merchant, 2nd wife: Julia 38-KY, daus: Elizabeth 21-KY & Margaret 18-KY, son: Thomas 18-KY, dau: Laura 13-KY) [KY: 1860]
Chenoweth, John W.(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Rochester twp: page 100: dwelling 943 (John 25-KY farmer, wife: Melinda 21-IN, [?] John Q 2-MO, son: James 2/12-MO) - house is next door to a Dixon, Melinda's maiden name. The child John Q is listed as a Chenoweth but is a child from Melinda's first marriage to John Q. Adamson and mis-entered by the Census taker. [Research by Greg Nelson] [OR: 1860]
Chenoweth, John W.(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Greene Co: Springfield: page 268: dwelling 343 (J.W. 43-VA physican, wife: Francis 39-IL, dau: Lucinda F 13-AR, son: James F 10-IL, daus: Lavina G. 8-IL, Elizabeth A 6-MO, Harriet E. 4-MO & Maria 2-MO) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, John Wesley III(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Putnam Co: Greencastle twp: page 515: dwelling 42 (John W 44-VA farmer, wife: Sarah M 40-VA, son: John H 18-VA, dau: Mary E 16-VA, sons: Robert 14-VA, James 10-VA & Cornelius 8-VA, dau: Anne E 6-VA, sons: Alfred 4-OH & George 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, John, Jr.(4) [JOHN3] > VA: Frederick Co: 16th district: page 243: dwelling 605 (John 76-VA farmer, wife: Mary 70-VA, David Kerfoot 26-VA laborer, granddau: Rebecca A Kerr 10-VA) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Jonathan(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Gentry Co: Athens twp: page 234: dwelling 553 (Jonathan 38-KY farmer, wife: Mary Ann 22-KY, dau: Elizabeth 6/12-MO) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 228: dwelling 348 Joseph 51-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 37-IN, daus: Eleanor 15-IN & Phebe 13-IN, son: William 11-IN, dau: Elmira 7-IN, Rachel 5-IN & Matha A 2-IN, son [by 1st wife:] John 21-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph(5) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 252: dwelling 59 (Joseph 53-TN, wife: Lydia 49-TN, sons: Nicholas 27-TN, William 22-TN & Osmyn 19-TN, daus: Margaret 17-TN & Ruthy 15-TN, sons Joseph 13-TN & John 7-AR) [AR: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 743: dwelling 519 (Joseph 36-OH farmer, wife: Bethany 20-OH, son: Absolom 2-OH, dau: Eleanor 1/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph(4) [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Swan twp: page 343: dwelling 119 (J 45-OH farmer, wife: R A 31-KY, son J W 10-MO daus: M 8-MO & M 6-MO, sons: J M 3-MO & J M 7/12-MO, P Sage 16-MO, female) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph(4) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Harrisburg: page 60B: dwelling 172 (Joseph 52-OH farmer, wife: Margaritt 50-KY, sons: Joseph 27-OH & William 19-OH, dau: Isabella 17-OH, son: Jeremiah 14-OH, Eliza heth 14-OH, David Melvin 22-MD laborer, Alexander DeVoll 24-VA laborer, David Terry 18-VA laborer, Andrew Whitley 23-VA laborer, William Scott 28-VA carpenter) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph C.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 444: dwelling 151 (Joseph 40-KY farmer, wife: Sophia 51-MD, dau: Sarah 14-IN, sons: Thomas 13-IN & Joseph 12-IN, daus: May 10-IN & Martha 6-IN, son: William 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph Foster(5) [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 443: dwelling 45 (Joseph 41-OH farmer, wife Anna 35-NJ, dau: Martha 18-OH, sons: Nathaniel 16-OH, William 13-OH & Richard 10-OH, dau: Elizabeth 8-OH, sons: Peter 6-OH & Timothy 4-OH) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph Foster(5) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 291B: dwelling 435 (Joseph F 26-OH clerk, 2nd wife: Mary J 20-OH, [by 1st wife] son: John W 3-OH, sister: Martha 18-OH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joseph, Jr (Nancy Ann widow)(4) [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 761: dwelling 679 (Ann 66-VA, dau: Jane Lyte 34-OH)
Chenoweth, Joshua(6) [JOHN3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 205: dwelling 1104 (Joshua 22-OH laborer, wife Elizabeth 24-OH, dau: Martha 1/12-OH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Joshua(4) [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Mahoning twp: page 3: dwelling 36 (Joshua 80-MD farmer, wife: "Houer" 68-MD [assumed to be Elnora 71-PA who is founded widowed in the 1860 Census]) [PA: 1860 widow Elnora living with daughter]
Chenoweth, Joshua(4) [RICHARD3] > OH: Hardin Co: Marion twp: page 196: dwelling 1177 (Joshua 58-MD farmer, living with family of James Thompson 60-NJ & wife Machey 58-MD & children) though not proven this closely fits the s/o Richard mentioned inhis will of 1821.
Chenoweth, Justin(5) [ARTHUR3] > OR: Washington Co: Linn City: page 122: dwelling 1 (Justin 23-IL lawyer: living in "Inn" of A.H. Frier) [OR: 1860]
Chenoweth, Lemuel(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly: page 66: dwelling 599 (Lemuel 39-VA bridge builder, wife: Nancy A 29-VA, sons: Joseph 13-VA & John 11-VA, dau: Mary 9-VA, Bernard B 7-VA, daus: Harriet 7-VA & Christina 5-VA, son: Taylor 3-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Lemuel Lemon(5) [RICHARD3] > MO: Grundy Co: 35th district: page 389: dwelling 41 (Liman 25-OH farmer, wife: Eliz'th 17-OH) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Lemuel 'Lemon'(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 71: dwelling 357 (Lemon 30-OH farmer, wife: Susan 27-IN, Elizabeth Hutsonpillan 11-IN, John Galvin 11-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth: Levi(5) m: & mother: Mary Ann 'Polly' Switzer, widow of John(4) [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 228: dwelling 347 (Levi 36-OH farmer, wife: Susanah 30-IN, daus: Rachel 16-IN & Elizabeth 12-IN, son: Elias 11-IN, daus Sarah E 8-IN, Mary A 3-IN & Emily J 5/12-IN, mother: Mary A 76-VA) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Lewis Rose(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: Martinville precinct: page 254: dwelling 1286 (Lewis 43-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 34-NC, sons: Mathias 18-IL & Morton 13-IL, dau: Mary 10-IL, son: John 3-IL, inlaws: Joseph Bell 60-NC & Elizabeth 50-NC [Beall]) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Luke(4) [ARTHUR3] > IA: Wapello Co: district 13: page 456: dwelling 782 (Mary 35-OH, son: Edwin 17-IN, dau: Susanah 15-IN, sons: David M 12-IN, Benjamin F 8-IN, George W 5-IA & John W 3-IA) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Mary(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 743: dwelling 521 (Mary 70-VA - never married) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Mason(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Hancock Co: page 423: dwelling 2190 (Mason 25-OH tailor)
Chenoweth, Miles Briscoe(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 50: dwelling 389 (Miles B 23-IN farmer, wife: Ann E 20-NY) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, Miles Hart(5) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Jefferson twp: page 97: dwelling 907 (widow: Rebecca 56-KY, son: Andrew F. 29-KY, dau: Louisiana 28-KY, sons: Miles H. 21-KY, dau: Rebecca 19-OH, son Isaac 16-KY, dau: Mary Falkner 24-KY, grandson: Miles H Falkner 5-MO, Arthur Morris 25-TN teacher)
Chenoweth, Nelson H.(6) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 230: dwelling 1787 (Nelson 25-TN farmer, wife: Sarah 26-TN, sons: John K 3-TN, Henry 2-TN & Isaac P 5/12-TN) [AR: 1860]
Chenoweth, Nicholas(4) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 227: dwelling 1739 (Nicholas 77-MD farmer, wife: Ruth 76-MD, dau: Elizabeth 48-TN, [Hale]?: Rich'd Heale 78-MD)
Chenoweth, Nicholas & Osmund(6) [JOHN3] > CA: El Dorado Co: Placerville: page 272 & 273: dwelling 2 (Nicholas 28-TN miner - living in housing) & dwelling 3 (Osmund 21-TN miner - living in housing)
Chenoweth, Nicholas Hale(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 226: dwelling 1733 (Nicholas H 33-TN farmer, wife: Eleanor 28-TN, sons: Wm H 9-TN, Archibal H 7-TN & Joseph M 5-TN, daus: Ruth A 3-TN & Sarah C 1-TN) [TN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Nimrod Hunter(5) [SAMUEL3] > OH: Butler Co: Middletown: page 447: dwelling 992 (N.H. 40-VA carpenter, wife: J.A. 35-OH, daus: Mary 1-OH & Clara 4-OH, Maria Cunningham 15-OH, Charles Oglesby 5/12-OH, J.G. Bowen 36-OH R B clergyman) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Noah(4) [ABRAHAM3] > IL: Logan Co: page 190: dwelling 328 (Noah 57-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 40-OH, daus: Rebecca 16-OH, Hannah 14-OH, Sarah Ann 12-OH & Susan 9-IL, son Jacob 7-IL, dau Mary K 5-IL, son Abraham 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Oliver Buckman(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 20th ward: page 264: dwelling 453 (Catherine 26-MD, sons: James 12-MD, William 6-MD, Jn 5-MD, Oliver 4-MD & Jerome 1-MD, Hiram ? 23, shoemaker)
Chenoweth, Peter H.S.B.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: district 130: page 405: dwelling 139 (Peter 25-OH farmer, wife: Magdeline 25-IN, son Wm 10/12-IN, Elias Jackson 22-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Presley Haycraft(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Gregsville: page 68: dwelling 635 (Presley H 34-KY teamster, wife: Lucy F 30-NH, son: George W 7-IL, dau: Mary E 6-IL, sister-in-law Clarissa I Winslow 24-NH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Randolph(6) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Mason Co: page 20: dwelling 278 (Randolph 31-VA carpenter, wife: Martha 28-VA, Carlisle 5-VA, Robert 6/12-VA) [Randolph, the first grandson of John Chenoweth of Randolph Co., WV to leave Virginia is enroute to Oregon] [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Reason Shriver(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Newton twp: page 350B: dwelling 1251 (Reason S 38-OH farmer, wife: Mary 33-OH, daus: Harriett L 9-OH, Louisa R 8-OH & Sarah 5-OH, sons: William H 2-OH & Samuel B 5/12-OH, Joseph Hays 22-NC laborer) [IA: 1860 widow remarried to Joel]
Chenoweth, Richard(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 226: dwelling 1734 (Richard 48-TN farmer, wife: Martha 45-TN, dau: Ruth 18-TN, son: John 16-TN, Wm 14-TN, ?, ?, ?, son: Rich'd 9-TN, dau: Martha 5-TN) [note the pages in this Census are severely blackened at the bottom. There are 3 unreadable lines in the family of Richard Between son William and Richard on the next page. By the next census we know two of these to be Elizabeth Jane and Hannah Eliza. There appears to be a 3rd unknown child.) [TN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Richard(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Preble Co: Jackson twp: page 449B: dwelling 955 (Richard 31-VA innkeeper, wife: Jane 31-OH, son John H 4-OH, daus: Mary F 2-IN & Virginia 1-OH, 6 other people probably guests at the hotel, Apparent father-in-law: John Hough 65-PA, sister-in-law: Ruth Hough 25-OH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Richard(3) [RICHARD3] > TN: Knox Co: 15th subdivison: page 170: dwelling 1070 (Ellen 59-MD, daus: Adeline S 33-TN & Henrietta 23-TN, granddau: Sarah E 7-TN, sister?: Mary Hammer 60-MD) [Sarah is an out of wedlock daughter of Henrietta]
Chenoweth, Richard(4) [RICHARD3] > TN: Roane Co: 20th subdivision: page 173: dwelling 722 (Richard 31-TN, wife: Polly 28-TN, sons: Alexander M 6-TN & William A 2-TN) [TN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Richard(4) [RICHARD3] > MO: Grundy Co: 35th district: page 389: dwelling 40 (Rich'd 60-KY farmer, wife: Eliz'th 45-MD, sons: Hiram 23-OH, Isaac 20-OH, Joseph 18-OH & Uriah 12-IN) - Hiram Smith is dwelling 44 and Edward Smith dwelling 45, both brothers of Elizabeth Smith, wife of Joseph [MO: 1860 idow living with son]
Chenoweth, Richard (2) [unknown: RICHARD] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 127B: dwelling 1706 (Keziah 36-MD, brothers: Wm Coe 40-MD laborer & John 38-MD laborer)
Chenoweth, Richard B.(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 20th ward: page 299: dwelling 934 (Richard 19-MD painter) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Richard Belt(5) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 6th ward: page 214: dwelling 837 (Mary 36-NY, sons: George E 17-MD machinist & Benjamin T 12-MD, daus: Ann O 10-MD, sons: Charles H 7-MD & Ferdinand 5-MD)
Chenoweth, Richard Belt, Jr.(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 6th ward: page 224: dwelling 982 (Richard B 23-MD clerk, wife: Amelia J 23-MD, son: William 10/12-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Richard C(1) [unknown: RICHARD C] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 17th ward: page 301: dwelling 2086 (Richard C 25-MD blacksmith, wife: Ann L. 19-MD, son: William H 1-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Richard Foster(5) [ELIJAH3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Shelby twp: page 3: dwelling 33 (R. F. 32-OH doctor, wife: Sarah J 26-IL, sons: Caleb A 7-IN & Wilbur F 3-WI) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Richard Prather(5) [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 451: dwelling 158 (Richard 30-OH farmer, wife July 28-OH, dau: Emeline 8-OH, sons James 4-OH & Thomas 1-OH) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Rixton(5) [RICHARD3] > PA: Cumberland Co: Carlisle: page 364: dwelling 511 (living with family of William Harn 40-MD carpenter wife: Martha Harn 33-MD, daus: Martha 10-MD & Emma 2-PA: Chenoweth: Rixton 34-MD shoemaker, wife: Rebecca 32-PA, son: William 13-PA, daus: Mary 9-PA & Martha 3-PA) [there is an unknown marriage of a Martha Chenoweth to a William Harn in Carroll Co., MD on the as found in the "History of Frederick Co., MD". In the long list of 11 children for William Chenoweth and Amy Davis there are 10 sons and one daughter. It is possible that there were more daughters who married before the 1850 Census. Martha maybe one of these, why else would Rixton be living with them?. There are no other "close relatives" as Richard(4) only had one Maryland son who survived with family, William.] [PA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Robert(5) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Braxton Co: 4th district: page 213: dwelling 559 (Robert 69-VA, wife: Edith 62-VA, dau: Sarah 22-VA, sons: Davie 18-VA & Francis 12-VA) [WV: 1860 - living with son]
Chenoweth, Robert(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 374: dwelling 1975 (Robert 29-MD shoemaker, wife: Mary 31-MD, daus: Olivia V. 3-MD & Mary E 1-MD, Rich Reeves 19-Ireland Shoemaker, Elizabeth Dawsey 38?-MD) [There is a Dawsey family next door to Robert] [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Robert James(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Braxton Co: 4th district: page 212: dwelling 555 (age 25-VA, laborer, single, living family of John G. Wilson) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, Robert S.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Wabash Co: Pleasant twp: page 405: dwelling 201 (Robert 39-VA farmer, wife: Ann 34-PA, sons: Matthew 14-OH, William 12-OH, Alexander 10-OH & John 7-OH, dau: Jane 3-IN, son: Henry 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Samuel Haycraft(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s4w : page 122: dwelling 1398 (Samuel 36-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 37-KY, dau: Sarah 14-IL son: Walter 12-IL, dau: Nancy 11-IL, son James 10-IL, daus: Mary 8-IL & Jane 6-IL, son Albert 2-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, Samuel Josephus(7) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 161: dwelling 1659 (Samuel J 1-IN is living with his Grandmother Elizabeth Parker 50 PA & family) [IN: 1860 living with father]
Chenoweth: Simon M. (6) [RICHARD3] > IN: Johnson Co: Franklin twp: page 66: dwelling 7 (Mariah Abbott 38-NY, son Simon M. Chenoweth 4-IN living with parents and family: Simon Moore 66-CT & wife: Silenda 58-VT etal) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Stephen K.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Grant Co: Jefferson twp: page 190: dwelling 378 (Stephen 32-OH farmer, wife: Casander 28-VA, son: John 6-IN, daus: Sarah 4-IN & Minerva J 2-IN, sister-in-law Rachel Perfect 17-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Stephen Ross(5) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville: district 3: page 289: dwelling 136 [county jail] (S R 53-VA Jailor, 2nd wife: Jane 42-KY, daus: Mary 12-KY & J... 6-KY, son: Stephen 4-KY, unknown relaton: Angelina Stuckey 16-KY, 16 male prisoners) [The value of the real estate of Stephen Ross is given as $20,000 the most I have viewed for any Chenoweth named male in 1850.] [KY: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 444: dwelling 152 (Thomas 78-VA farmer, wife: Nancy 73-VA) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas(4) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 11th ward: page 213: dwelling 1044 (living in St. Mary's female orphanage, Cecelia 13-MD & Marion 10-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 17th ward: page 205: dwelling 1432 (Thomas 27-MD carpenter, wife: Emily 27-MD, daus: Ellenora 5-MD & Ann A 2-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 13: dwelling 174 (Thomas 75-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 71-MD, son: John 36-OH)
Chenoweth, Thomas(2) [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 98: dwelling 1307 (Thomas 44-MD carpenter, wife: Rhoda 30-MD, sons: Coleman 7-MD & Thomas 5-MD, daus: Mary 10-MD & Elizabeth 3-MD, son George 1-MD)
Chenoweth, Thomas Benjamin(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clinton Co: Vernon twp: page 215: dwelling 317 (Thomas 32-OH carpenter, wife: Matilda 29-OH, sons: John L 7-OH, James H 3-OH) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas F.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 60: dwelling 195 (Thomas 30-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth Jane 29-OH) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas Foster(5) [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 440: dwelling 15 (Thomas 42-OH farmer, wife Christina 39-TN, son: John 17-OH, dau: Louisa 15-OH, sons: Nelson 13-OH & Levi 10-OH, dau: Catherine 8-OH, son Jacob 5-OH, dau: Mary 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas Hanna(5) [RICHARD3] > KY: Mercer Co: Harrodsburg: district 2: page 357: dwelling 758 (Elias Passmore 66-VA blacksmith, wife: Elizabeth 64-MD, sons: Arthur 25-KY, Holeman 22-KY, dau: Sarah 18-KY, widows and daus: Nancy Chenoweth 30-KY & Cassander 27-KY, grandchildren by Nancy: James Chenoweth 10-KY, Julia 5-KY & Thomas 2-KY) [Elizabeth, the wife of Elias is believed to be the daughter of Arthur Chenoweth, s/o Richard2 of Maryland. daughters Nancy and Cassandra married sons of James S. Chenoweth of Kentucky] [KY: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas III(4) [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 57: dwelling 164 (Thomas 49-OH farmer, wife: Rachel 44-OH, daus: Mary 25-OH, Ruth 20-OH, Catherine 16-IN, Anna 14-IN & Sarah 10-IN, son: Jonathan 8-IN, dau: Rebecca 5-IN, son: Elijah 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas Jefferson(5) [RICHARD3] > IA: Lee Co: district 29: page 489: dwelling 1530 (Thomas 40-KY farmer, wife: Mary 41-OH, dau: Nancy 14-IN, son: Joseph 8-IA, dau: Ruhannah 6-IA, son: Henry 4-IA, dau: Amanda 2-IA) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas Johnston(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Warren Co: Liberty twp: page 31: dwelling 31 (Thomas 28-OH farmer, wife: Lavina 21-OH, son: William 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas Lewis(5) [THOMAS3] > TX: Dallas Co: page 78: dwelling 83 (Tho L 28-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 16-OH, other: Josephine Elkins 12-IN) [note son John P. not listed] [TX: 1860]
Chenoweth, Thomas T.(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: district 130: page 405: dwelling 138 (Thomas 63-MD farmer, wife: Sarah 47-VA, daus Sarah 11-IN & Margaret 8-IN) [IN: 1860 living with son]
Chenoweth, Uriah(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Shelby twp: page 3: dwelling 41 (Uriah 55-KY farmer, wife: Mary 43-OH, son: James 21-OH, dau: Hannah 15-OH, sons: Thomas 17-OH, William 13-OH & Isaac 11-OH, dau: Martha 9-OH, son: George 2-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, Washington(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Harford Co: 2nd district: page 110: dwelling 469 (Washington 28-MD cooper, wife Sidney 25-MD, son: William E 4-MD, dau: Gertrude 1/12-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, Wesley T.(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 5th precinct, twp5 s2w : page 89: dwelling 938 (Wesley T 35-IN farmer, wife: Rhoda 26-NY, son: Miles 7-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Gentry Co: Athens twp: page 236B: dwelling 578 (William 37-KY farmer, wife: Susannah 23-IL, dau: Nancy 7-MO, son: William 4-MO, dau: Sarah 3-MO, son: Samuel 11/12-MO) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 50: dwelling 390 (Sarah 33-IN, sons: Abraham 15-IN & John 12-IL, daus: Calista 10-IL, Rachel 8-IL & Mary A 6-IL, son James 4-IL) [MO: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Lexington: page 238: dwelling 549 (William 43-VA day labor, wife: Marellender 34-MD, sons: James A 7-OH & Harrison C 4-OH, dau: Matilda 2/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Fulton Co: town of Farmers: page 77 & 78: dwelling 113 (William 39-OH farmer, wife: Martha A 33-KY, son: Elias 15-IN, dau: Adeline 12-IL, sons: Joseph 5-IL, Edward W 4-IL, James L 3-IL, inlaw? Catherine Jones 60-MD) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > PA: Bedford Co: West Providence twp: page 109: dwelling 156 (William 43-VA innkeeper, wife: Lucinda 36-PA, dau: Mary Ann 16-PA, Margaret Otto 22-PA) [PA: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(4) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 414: dwelling 2494 (William 60-MD laborer, wife: Amy 59-MD, Ruth Moran 16-MD living in home of Benjamin Brady 22-MD farmer) [Ruth Morgan will marry William's widowed son George in the mid 1850s] [MD: 1860 widow Amy living with son]
Chenoweth, William(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 242: dwelling 322 (Living with grandparents: Enoch Hiser 55-MD laborer & wife Rebecca 44-MD & family, John H Chenoweth 8-MD & William 5-MD) [Note there is a 29 years old Martha Wilson in the household with 2 small children 3 & 1 years old. It is quite possible that this Martha Wilson is the Martha Hiser, the widow of William, remarried] [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(4) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Clark Co: Morefield twp: page 258B: dwelling 1317 (S.A. Chenneth 57-VA living with brother: Horatio Banes 59-VA & family) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(5) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 296: dwelling 613 (William 49-VA farmer, wife: Eliz'th 48-OH, son: Joseph 25-OH, dau: Sarah 21-OH, sons: Elijah 19-OH & Wm 7-OH [should be 17], dau: Mary 12-IL, son Thomas 9-IL, dau: Eliz'th 7-IL, son Nelson 3-IL) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 743: dwelling 520 (William 69-OH farmer, dau: Elizabeth S 34-OH, sons: Isaac 29-OH, Levi 25-OH & Milton 19-OH, dau: Barbara 14-OH)
Chenoweth, William(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Greene Co: Sugar twp: page 121: dwelling 1647 (William 37-VA, wife: Sarah 40-VA, Son: Casper 6-OH, daus: Clarinda 5-OH & Amanda J 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 72: dwelling 365 (William 25-IN farmer, wife: Ferba 19-OH) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, William(4) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Warren Co: Liberty twp: page 34: dwelling 77 (Nancy 49-OH, son: Isaac 20-OH farmer, dau-in-law: Sally L 22-IN)
Chenoweth, William Bond(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Cincinnati, 1st ward: page 389: dwelling 1206 (William 29-MD carpenter, wife: Henrietta 21-PA, son: George 4/12-OH) Note: George has a twin brother John, but strangely he is never found in a Census until 1900 when he is living with his parents) [OH: 1860]
Chenoweth, William Columbus 'Lum'(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 155: dwelling 1586 (William 21-MD farmer, wife: Hannah 18-MD) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, William Currence(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 670 (William 27-VA farmer, wife: Caroline 29-VA, bro: Edwin 25-VA & sis: Jemimia 23-VA) [WV: 1860]
Chenoweth, William E.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Jay Co: Jackson twp: page 334: dwelling 67 (William 40-VA farming, wife: Charity 38-OH, sons Elias 15-OH, Peter 12-IN, John 9-IN & William 7-IN, daus: Jemima 5-IN, Nancy 4-IN, Margary 2-IN & Sarah J 1/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, William Haycraft(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 54: dwelling 431 (William 40-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 26-OH, son: Joseph 12-IL, dau: Sarah 10-IL, sons: John 8-IL & Isreal 1-IL) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, William James(6) [RICHARD3] > KY: Fleming Co: Poplar Plains: page 335: dwelling 1022 (W.J. 27-KY physican, wife: America 25-KY, son: Cassady 2-KY) [IL: 1860]
Chenoweth, William Pugh(5) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 71: dwelling 679 (William P 67-VA farmer, wife: Lydia 65-VA)
Chenoweth, William R(1) [unknown: WILLIAM R] > OR: Washington Co: Milton City: page 137: dwelling 182 (William 25-OH laborer) [OR: 1860]
Chenoweth, William Robinson(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 114B: dwelling 1522 (William 25-MD cooper, wife: Ann 22-MD, son: James 3-MD, dau: Emily 1-MD, father Benjamin N 53-MD) [MD: 1860]
Chenoweth, William S(4) [JOHN3] > OH: Clinton Co: Union twp: page 363: dwelling 636 (Ann Chinoweth 73-VA, living with John McWhoter 63-VA & family)
Chenoweth, William Thomas(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Wayne Co: New Garden twp: page 280: dwelling 174 (William 21-IN farmer, is listed as William Harris living with his mother Sarah 45-PA who has remarried to Elijah Harris 51-NC. Also in the household is Elijah's son George, and the children of Elijah and Sarah)
[in dwelling 181, Sarah's sister Charlotte is living with her new husband Jacob Jennings and their children. Also in the home is the mother of Sarah and Charlotte, Sarah Cabe 79-PA. All Charlotte's Chenoweth sons are grown and married) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, William Thomas(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 160: dwelling 1653 (William 47-MD farmer, wife: Katurah B 44-MD, sons: Augusta W 18-MD, Oliver M 16-MD, Edwin M 14-MD, George W 12-MD, Benjamin F 9-MD, Joshua B 7-IN & Calvin W 3 IN, dau: Henrietta C 1-IN, son John T 24-MD carpenter) [Rhoda Parker, the wife of John Thomas is said to have died August 1850, this Census is taken Aug 7th and John is living with his parents while his son is with Rhoda's grandmother in dwelling 1659 below. Rhoda is not listed] [IN: 1860]
Chenoweth, William, Jr(1) [unknown: WILLIAM, JR] > IA: Jasper Co: district 16: page 381: dwelling 174 (William 47-OH, wife Sarah 37-OH, daus: Mary 19-IA, Margaret 15-OH, Samantha 9-MO, & Eliza 7-MO, son: Andrew 4-MO) [IA: 1860]
Chenoweth, Wilson(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 371: dwelling 8 (Wilson 24-IN farmer, wife: Mary 19-IN) [IN: 1860]
Christian: Hannah E. Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Jefferson Christian [JOHN3] > OH: Licking Co: Newark twp: page 15: dwelling 204 (T.J. 44-VA grocer, wife: H.E. 44-VA, daus: Hannah 14-VA & Anna 12-OH, son: Lawrence 13-OH, twins: Thos 7-OH & Eloisa 7-OH, Levesett 5-OH, Margaret Davis 17-unk, Mary E. Taylor 24-VA, M.A. Elwood 20-unk, sister-in-law: Rachel G. Davis 32-VA, Thos Lanlie 18-Wales, Clerk, Margaret Sewell 14-OH Black) [OH: 1860]
Clark, John(5) [MARY3] > IL: Brown Co: twp 1S R1W: page 127: dwelling 391 (John 26-OH cooper, wife: Elizabeth 18-KY, dau: Sarah 5/12-IL, possible sister-in-law: Nancy J Irwin 17-KY) [indexed as Clarke]
Clark: Sarah Tucker(5) m: Joseph Clark [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 46: dwelling 336 (Joseph 70-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 53-VA, daus: Phoebe A. 25-IL, Lovina 15-IL & Martha 12-IL)
Clymer: Emilia Downing(5) m: Samuel Clymer [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Union twp: page 484: dwelling 142 (Samuel 27-OH farmer, wife: Emily 27-OH, dau: Mary E 4-OH, son: Albert j. 2-OH, dau: Jane 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Coberly: Margaret Chenoweth(6) widow of Jesse Coberly & David Whiseman [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 73: dwelling 698 (Margaret 46-VA, son: Robert C 28-VA, Sarah C 15-VA) [Sarah is believed to be the daughter of David Whiseman and Margaret] [WV: 1860 living with son]
Coberly, William Harrison(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 61: dwelling 527 (William H 25-VA farmer, wife: Ruth 25-VA, son: Jesse 1-VA) - pages 73: dwelling 697 (Harrison 25-VA farmer, wife: Ruth A 27-VA, son: Jesse C 1-VA) [latter listing next door to mother] [WV: 1860]
Cofer: Mary Hannah Peteet(5) m: Thomas Langham Cofer [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 300: dwelling 169 (Thos L 31-GA farmer, wife: Mary H 24-GA, dau: Martha 6-GA, sons: Joseph 4-GA & Henry 1-GA)
Cofer: Melinda Ashbrook(5) m: Stephen Cofer [JOHN3] > IN: Hendricks Co: Middle twp: page 141: dwelling 846 (Stephen 41-KY farmer, wife: Melinda 46-KY, dau: Mary Jane 17-KY, sons: Levi 15-IN & Henry 13-IN, daus: Amanda 12-IN, Eliza B 10-IN, Nancy F 7-IN & Martha 4-IN) [IN: 1860]
Collins, John Ashbrook(6) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: page 334: dwelling 626 (John A 25-KY farmer, wife: July A 32-KY, son: Richard 10-KY, dau: Louisa 8-KY, son: Thomas 6-KY, daus: Calista 4-KY & Ann 2-KY, son: James 9/12-KY, William Ebbs 30-VA laborer, mother: Rachel Collins 58-KY) [KY: 1860]
Collison: Mary Virginia Chenoweth(5) m: Absolum Collison [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 276: dwelling 320 (Absolum 40-VA farmer, wife: Mary 38-OH sons: Thomas 16-IL & Asbury 13-IL, daus: Eliza 11-IL & Mary 8-IL, son: John M 3-IL, nephew: Wm Chenoweth 13-IL) [IL: 1860]
Collom: Catherine R. Chenoweth(6) m: George S. Collom [JOHN3] > IL: Coles Co: Charleston precinct: page 36: dwelling 193 (George T 48-TN farmer, wife: Catherine R. 44-OH, son: John C. 18-IL, dau: Martha J. 16-IL, son: Wm N. 14-IL, dau: Susan E. 12-IL, sons: Jonathan H. 10-IL & Jacob 7-IL, dau: Rachel A. 2, IL, sister? Martha 43-TN) [IL: 1860]
Condit: Elizabeth Carter(5) m: Samuel Condit [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Morris twp: page 399: dwelling 28 (Samuel 47-PA farmer, dau: Mary A 21-PA)
Condit: Prisciila Carter(5) m: Daniel Condit [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Morris twp: page 399: dwelling 24 (Daniel 37-PA farmer, wife: Prisciila 31-PA, sons: William C 10-PA, daus: Mary J 7-PA & Ruth A 2/12-PA, ?: Charlotte 13-PA, mother-in-law Ruth Carter 65-PA) [PA: 1860]
Connaway: Maria G. White(6) m: Charles Connaway [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Liberty twp: page 281: dwelling 4 (Charles 47-SC farmer, wife: Maria 38-OH, sons: James M. 18-IN, John S 16-IN, Joseph 14-IN & Harrison 12-IN, dau: Nancy 9-IN & Mary 7-IN, son: Meridith 5-IN, dau: Sarah 1-IN) - [Index as Coneway, the parents of Charles are living next door] [IN: 1860]
Cook: Emeline 'Emma' Carter(5) m: Joseph T. Cook [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Bureau Co: Indiantown: page 228: dwelling 17 (family: 17 Nathan & Sarah Magoon, family 18: Joseph T 26-OH blacksmith, wife: Emiline OH-KY, dau: Armenilla F 6/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Cooper: Sarah Downing(5) widow of Frederick Cooper [MARY3] > IL: Marshall Co: page 127: dwelling 8 (son: Abram 22-OH farmer, widow: Sarah 45-OH, sons: William 9-IL, Jeremiah 10-IL & Isaac 17-OH, daus: Elizabeth 14-OH & Cythnia Ann 11-OH, son: Jacob 12-OH)
Copeland: Eliza Antil(6) m: Alfred B. Copeland [ISAAC3] > PA: Greene Co: Whiteley twp: page 189: dwelling 47 (Alfred 28-PA none, wife: Eliza 25-PA, son: Alphias 4-PA, dau: Mary 1-PA) [IL: 1860]
Corson: Lucinda Carter(6) m: Benjamin Corson [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Canton twp: page 431: dwelling 193 (Benjamin 28-NJ farmer, wife: Lucinda 20-PA, sons: Theodore 3/12-PA, Mary E. Corey 13-PA) [PA: 1860]
Couchman: Lavina Hester Chenoweth(5) m: George Couchman [SAMUEL3] > OH: Wayne Co: Wayne twp: page 294: dwelling 304 (George 61-PA farmer, wife: Mary 40-VA, daus: Rebecca 20-VA, Mary 18-VA & Eliza 16-VA, son: David 14-VA, daus: Sarah 12-VA, Lydia 9-VA & Isabella 6-VA, sons: John Luther 1-OH & George 4-VA) [Why Lavinia Hester is listed as Mary is unknown. It appears to be a misunderstanding by the Census taker] [IN: 1860]
Cowan: Lurena Wilson(5) m: Patrick Cowan [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 322: dwelling 188 (Patrick 56-PA carter?, wife: Lurena 54-PA, daus: Mary 23-IN & Sarah 17-IL, son: William 20-IN, dau Elizabeth 15-IL, other: Elishu Clark 35-OH) [IL: 1860]
Cowan, Robert Wilson(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 321: dwelling 182 (Robert 29-OH carpenter, wife: Louisa 27-OH) [note Robert is on page 321B and Louisa on top of page 322, between on the bottom of 321B is Levin smith with and asterick being omitted from a family atop the page] [IL: 1860]
Crabtree: Mary Ann Baxter(6) m: John Crabtree [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Jefferson twp: page 147: dwelling 1028 (John 47-ENG farmer, wife: Mary A 39-VA, dau: Francis 18-OH, sons Peter 16-OH & William 14-OH, mother-in-law: Mary Baxter 63-MD) [OH: 1860]
Creamer: Clarinda Chenoweth(5) m: Godfrey Creamer [ARTHUR3] > OH: Highland Co: Paint twp: page 188: dwelling 1231 (Godfrey 40-GER farmer, wife: Clarina 35-OH, dau: Mary J. 14-OH, Jacob 13-OH, dau: Christina A. 11-OH, sons: Henry 9-OH & Milton 6-OH, dau: Margaret 4-OH, John W. 3/12-OH, Barton Leafis 19-NY) [OH: 1860]
Creeger: Belinda Chenoweth(5) m: Lawrence Creeger [ISAAC3] > OH: Seneca Co: Hopewell twp: page 300: dwelling 131 (Lawrence 34-MD farmer, 2nd wife: Malinda 24-OH, [by 1st wife] daus: Catherine 4-OH & Mary 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Cresswell, James(6) [JOHN3] > WV: Hampshire Co: 24th district: page 149: dwelling 142 (James 33-VA farmer, wife: Margaret K 20-VA, dau: Mary V 2-VA, son: Charles Wm 2/12-VA) [WV: 1860]
Cresswell: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: Abraham Cresswell [JOHN3] > WV: Hampshire Co: 24th district: page 160: dwelling 282 (Abraham 70-VA farmer, sons: John 36-VA & Abraham 22-VA, dau: Elizabeth Pugh 29-VA, grandchildren: Mary J. Pugh 4-VA & David Wm 1-VA)
Crouch: Hannah Downing(5) m: (2) Hiram Crouch [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Butler twp: page 260: dwelling 584 (Hiram 50-NY farmer, 2nd wife: Hannah 42-OH. [son by 1st wife] Albert 19-OH, stepson: Jas 16-OH [s/b a Lewis], [son by 1st wife] Wakeman 12-OH, [by Hannah] Julia 6-OH, Hiram 4-OH & Hannah 2-OH) [WI: 1860]
Culp: Elizabeth A. Chenoweth(6) m: Jacob Culp [JOHN3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 207: dwelling 1132 (Jacob 26-OH laborer, wife Elizabeth 27-OH, son: William 4/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Curtis: Harriett A. Chenoweth(5) m: Jacob Curtis [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: 9th district: page 399: dwelling 1239 (Jacob 58-VA farmer, wife: Harriet 42-VA, son: John 20-VA, dau: Mary 14-VA, son: Philip 9-VA, Wesley Johnston 17-VA mulatto)
Daingerfield: Eleanor Davenport 'Ellen' Chenoweth(5) m: Lawrence Lewis B. Daingerfield [JOHN3] > IN: Putnam Co: Greencastle twp: page 515: dwelling 40 (Lawrence L. B. 51-VA, wife: Ellen D 57-VA, son Edwin B 22-VA, dau Eliza C. 16-VA, son: Lawrence L B 12-VA) [IN: 1860 widowed, living with parents]
Daniels: Jerusha Chenoweth(6) m: Allison Daniels [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 63: dwelling 559 (Allison 40-VA farmer, wife: Jerusha 26-VA, sons: John 8-VA, Elmore 7-VA & Elijah 4-VA, Cathereine Helmick, 40-VA) [WV: 1860]
Daniels: Mary Chenoweth(6) m: William Daniels, Jr. [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 63: dwelling 557 (William 45-VA farmer, wife: Mary 42-VA, son: Catherine R 14-OH, sons: William C. 15-OH & Asa 7-OH, Ann E 4-OH) [William is living next door to his parents] [MO: 1860]
Darby: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: William Darby [JOHN3] > OH: Vinton Co: Richland twp: page 278: dwelling 195 (Joel 42-PA farmer, wife: Rachel 34-OH, son Marion 17-OH, daus: Margaret M 14-OH & Ann 12-OH, son: Thomas 10-OH, dau: Ellen 8-OH, sons John C 5-OH & James W 3-OH, dau: Jerusha 4/12-OH) [IA: 1860]
Davidson: Ruth C. Chenoweth(4) m: James Davidson [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 374: dwelling 165 (James 43-OH farmer, 2nd wife Sarah 37-KY, son[by Ruth], : Robert 20-IL, [by 2nd wife]: John I 12-IL, Andrew 10-IL, Susan 8-Il, Quincey S 5-IL, Margaret E 3-IL, Sarah J 1-IL, Angeline Fairchild 21-IN, Joseph Marine 17-OH) [IL: 1860]
Davis, John H.(5) [RICHARD3] > OH: Ross Co: Jefferson twp: page 223: dwelling 1168 (John W 43-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Rachel 22-OH, [presume by 1st wife] dau: Martha J. 11-OH, sons: Wm H. 9-OH & Jerry G. 7-OH, dau: James 4-OH, [by 2nd wife] dau: Elizabeth 9/12-OH, other: William Clark 21-OH, Margaret Bodkin 22-OH, Hulga Kurd 21-OH, & Samuel Loughton16-OH) [it is likely that John is a son of a prior wife of John Davis and not Martha] [OH: 1860]
Davis: Martha 'Patty' Chenoweth(4) m: John Davis [RICHARD3] > OH: Ross Co: Jefferson twp: page 296: dwelling 1169 (John 69-VA farmer, wife: Martha 51-OH, other: Elizabeth Wood 43-VA, nephew: James Findley 18-OH, other: Monah Valet 7-OH) [OH: 1860]
Davis: Nancy Chenoweth(5) m: James William Davis [RICHARD3] > OH: Pike Co: Benton twp: page 379: dwelling 1663 (James W 32-OH farmer, wife Nancy 31-OH, son: Lewis G 4-OH, dau: Elizabeth J. 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Davis: Rachel Chenoweth(6) m: John F. Davis [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: town of Perry: page 56: dwelling 458 (John 39-NY laborer, wife: Rachel 36-KY, daus: Sarah 12-IL & Chloe J 10-IL, sons: Jonathan 7-IL, John 5-IL, dau: Nancy 3-IL, James 3/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Davis: Sarah Gordon(5) m: David Davis [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Highland twp: page 424B: dwelling 973 (David 56-VA, wife: Sarah 43-PA, son: John 22-OH, dau: Margaret 14-OH, sons: Robert 10-OH, David M. 6-OH, James 2-OH & Thomas 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Day: Sarah Ann Carter(6) m: Francis Day [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morris twp: page 361: dwelling 115 (Francis 31-PA merchant, wife: Sarah Anne 20-PA, dau: Charlotte 2-PA, son: John 2/12-PA) [PA: 1860]
Death: Mary C. Petro(6) m: John M. Death [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Center twp: page 496: dwelling 146 (John M 37-OH farmer, wife: Mary C 27-OH, son: James C 12-IN, dau Rebecca E 11-IN, son George M 9-IN, daus Mary J 7-IN, Anchor C 5-IN & Hannah A 3-IN, son John P 11/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
DePew: Rebecca Rogers(5) m: Lewis Depew [JOHN3] > IN: Parke Co: 85th district: page 308: dwelling 327 (Lewis Depew 46-VA farmer, wife: Rebecca 38-OH, son [believed to be by a 1st wife] Albert 8-IN, sons [by Rebecca] Fletcher 5-IN & Clay 3-IN, stepson: Mortimer Denny 13-IN) [Rebecca married Lewis on July 27, 1843] [IN: 1860]
Derryberry: Elizabeth 'Betsey' Chenoweth(5) m: John A. Derryberry [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Linn twp: page 381: dwelling 566 (J 28-TN farmer, wife: E 23-IN, daus: S 2-MO & M 1-MO + Chenoweth family above) [same house as Benjamin Frankin Chenoweth] [MO: 1860]
Derryberry: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: Henry Alexander Derryberry [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: page 37: dwelling 472 (Henry 22-TN farmer, wife: Sarah 20-IN, son: James 7/12-MO) [TX: 1860]
DeWitt: Mary Jane Hawkins(6) m: John Henry DeWitt [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 61: dwelling 542 (home of Jacob W. Putz 48-PA farmer & family: John 36-KY farmer, wife: Mary 20-KY, son: Jerome 5-IL) [IL: 1860]
Dimond: Lydia Morgan(5) m: Mathew Thornburg Dimond [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IA: Jackson Co: Canton twp: page 333: dwelling 776 (Matthew T 28-PA farmer, wife: Lydia 27-PA, dau: Phoebia 5-IL, sons: Sidney B 3-IL & George W. 8/12-IA) [IA: 1860] "
Dogged: Priscilla Chenoweth(5) m: William Clemn Dogged [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 6th ward: page 220: dwelling 924 (William C 33-VA painter, wife: Priscilla 30-MD, dau: Anna 7-MD, sons: William 5-MD & James 2-MD, mother-in-law: Elizabeth Chenoweth 47-MD, Joseph Norman 17-MD, Jane Prescott 14-MD [black]) [MD: 1860 remarried, living with mother]"
Dowis: Mary Ann Downing(6) m: James Bowman Dowis [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Jackson twp: page 327: dwelling 914 (James 31-OH Laborer, wife: Mary A. 23-OH, daus: Elizabeth J 6-OH, & Mary A 5-OH, sons: Taylor 3-OH & John 1-OH) [indexed as Davis] [OH: 1860]
Downing, David(5) [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Union twp: page 483: dwelling 125 (David 35-OH farmer, wife: Maretta 31-OH, son: Geo 11-OH, daus: Mary Jane 8-OH & Savina 5-OH, son John 4-OH, dau: Harriet V 8/12-OH) [David is also found in California with his 2 brothers George and William] [OH: 1860]
Downing, George, David & William(5) [MARY3] > CA: El Dorado Co: Weaverville and vicinity: page 253: dwelling 3 (George 30-OH trader, David 34-OH trader, William 28-OH trader) [OH: 1860]
Downing, Harrison(5) [MARY3] > OH: Miami Co: Newberry twp: page 396: dwelling 1227 (Harrison 34-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 25-OH, sons: Geo W 8-OH, Hugh L 7-OH & William 5-OH, dau: Eliza E 2-OH) [WI: 1860]
Downing, James(5) [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Granville twp: page 254: dwelling 482 (Jas 46-KY farmer, wife: Susan 36-PA, sons: John 22-OH & Henry 17-OH, dau: Caroline 16-OH, sons: Marion 8-OH, Jacob 6-OH & Jas 2-OH) [WI: 1860]
Downing, John(5) [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Butler twp: page 259: dwelling 578 (John 25-OH farm, wife: Emily 24-NY, dau: Sarah 2-OH, son: George 1-OH)
Downing, John(4) [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Blanchard twp: page 404: dwelling 67 (John 62-KY farmer, wife: Mary 55-VA, sons: Isaac 23-OH farmer & Timothy 13-OH, Mathew Basset 18-NY, laborer, dau-in-law (wife of William): Elizabeth 24-PA, granddaus: Jane 4-OH, Susannah 2-OH, Mary 1-OH) [William, the husband of Elizabeth, is in the California gold fields with his brothers] [KS: 1860]
Downing, Joseph(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 342B: dwelling 1134 (Joseph 49-VA farmer, 3rd wife: Susan 30-OH, [by 1st wife: Sarah Puffer] son: Perry 19-OH farmer, daus: Emily 13-OH & [by Susan] Elizabeth 5-OH, son: William W 3-OH, dau: Catherine M 1-OH, [by Susan's 1st marriage to Abisha Downing] stepsons: Isaac E 14-OH & Elisha 12-OH, Ann Huff 35-PA) [OH: 1860]
Downing: Sarah(4) m: Mesheck Downing [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 344B: dwelling 1166 (widowed husband: Meshair 75-MD farmer, 2nd wife Sarah 55-PA, & dau Isadore 13-OH)
Downing, Taylor(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Jackson twp: page 327: dwelling 912 (Taylor 46-OH farm, wife: Elizabeth 55-VA, daus: Margaret J 16-OH & Elizabeth 13-OH, son: John P 11-OH) [OH: 1860]
Downing, William B.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 344B: dwelling 1168 (William 38-OH farmer, wife: Mary 36-OH, son Meshair 16-OH, daus: Samantha 13-OH & Margaret 7-OH, sons: Joseph 2-OH & Alexander 5/12-OH) [IL: 1860]
Downing, William(4) [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Butler twp: page 259: dwelling 577 (Wm 77-PA farmer, wife: Malinda 70-VA)
Downing, William(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 343: dwelling 1153 (William 24-OH laborer, wife: Deborah 33-OH, son: James 11-OH, daus: Phebe F 10-OH & Malinda 9-OH, son: George 7-OH, dau: Rachel A 6-OH, son: Isaac 4-OH, dau: Sarah 1-OH)
Downing, William Washington(6) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Waverly: page 334: dwelling 1006 (William W. 23-OH cooper, wife: Mary 23-OH: son: Abington 1-OH, father: Timothy 48-OH carpenter, mother: Rachel 34-OH [s/b 43], sisters: Malinda 19-OH & Susan 15-OH [Sena], brother Henry 4-OH) [OH: 1860]
Dryden: Mary J. Chenoweth(5) m: William Dryden [WILLIAM3] > KY: Mason Co: Maysville district 2: page 110: dwelling 758 (William 36-KY wagoner, wife: Mary J 29-KY, Sarah Whaley 50-KY) [KY: 1860]
Dunn: Rachel Williams(5) m: George Dunn [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Walnut twp: page 19: dwelling 221 (George 45-MD trucking, wife: Rachel 30-OH, dau: Francina 8-OH, son: Thomas 7-OH, daus: Sarah 5-OH & Catherine 3-OH, son: John M 8/12-OH) [IL: 1860]
Dunnick: Minerva Ashbrook(5) m: Benjamin Tallman Dunnick [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Walnut twp: page 18B: dwelling 219 (Benjamin 31-OH farmer, wife: Minerva 31-OH, daus: Missouri 7-OH, Amelia 4-OH, Phebe E 3-OH & Iva A 3-OH, brother Thomas J, 20-OH, (?) Amanda D 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Dyer: Mary Ann Hale(6) m: James Tolbert 'Toby' Dyer [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 227: dwelling 1743 (Tolbert 32-TN farmer, wife: Mary A 33-TN, daus: Betsy 5-TN, Susan 3-TN, Eliza 2-TN & Mary 4/12?-TN) [KY: 1860]
Ebaugh, William H.(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 244: dwelling 348 (William H 29-MD miller, wife Sophia 28-MD, daus: Martha 6-MD & Sarah 4-MD, father-in-law John Loyde 69-MD, Robert D. Ambrose 24-MD laborer, Hyantha Malonce 18-MD) [MD: 1860]
Edwards, Amos(6) [MARY3] > IN: Switzerland Co: Cotton twp: page 385: dwelling 150 (Amos 30-OH mercant, wife: Orpha 30-IN, son: Ulyssus 6-IN, dau: Sarah H 3-IN) [IL: 1860]
Edwards, Charles(6) [MARY3] > IN: Switzerland Co: Cotton twp: page 380: dwelling 69 (Charles 28-OH farmer, wife: Julia 28-NY, son: Henry E 1-IN) [IL: 1860]
Edwards: Sarah Edmonson 'Sally' Chenoweth(5) m: James Edwards [ARTHUR3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 201: dwelling 47 (James 46-KY farmer, wife: Sarah E 37-KY, sons: Arthur 16-IN & James H 11-IN, dau: Mary 9-IN, son: William F 7-IN) [IN: 1860]
Ellis: Mercy 'Massey' Chenoweth(4) m: Thornton Ellis [WILLIAM3] > KY: Bracken Co: page 467: dwelling 1236 (Thornton 57-VA farmer, wife: Mercy 54-KY, son: Nelson 29-KY, dau: Susan 19-KY, son: William 18-KY, dau: Elizabeth 16-KY, son: John 13-KY) [KY: 1860]
Etzler: Ann Elizabeth Doll(5) m: Dennis Etzler [THOMAS3] > MD: Frederick Co: 8th district: page 448: dwelling 579 (Dennis 37-MD wheelwright, wife: Mary 32-MD, sons: Archibald 13-MD, Hammelton 8-MD & Edward 5-MD, dau: Mary C 2-MD, mother-in-law Mary Doll 78-MD) [MD: 1860]
Evans: Catherine Chenoweth(5) m: Charles Evans [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 741: dwelling 507 (Charles 22-NJ, Catherine 29-OH, son John W 1-OH) - age between Charles and Catherine badly mixed up [OH: 1860]
Evans: Elizabeth Weir(6) m: Abel McFarland Evans [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 381: dwelling 184 (Able 33-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Elsusy 30-PA, sons by Elizabeth: Samuel 11-PA & James 9-PA, children by 2nd wife: Nathan 7-PA, Sarah E. 4-PA & Lucenda 2-PA, others: Henry B Sanders 19-PA Eunice Baker 30-PA) [PA: 1860]
Evans: Nancy Carter(5) m: Caleb Evans [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Washington twp: page 338: dwelling 256 (Caleb 43-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah 39-PA, [by Nancy, 1st wife] daus: Elizabeth 19-PA & Sally Ann 17-PA, [by 2nd wife] dau: Nancy 9-PA, son Joseph 7-PA)
Evans: Rachel Sophia Trimble(5) m: Harvey Evans [WILLIAM CARTER3] > IL: Kane Co: Burlington: page 83: dwelling 82 (Harvey 36-OH farmer, wife Rachel 35-OH, son: William W 15-IL, daus: Lucinda 13-IL & Louisa 12-IL, sons: George M 6-IL, daus: Maryette 4-IL & Martha J 2-IL) [indexed as Ewins]
Farrar: Malinda Horatio Chenoweth(5) m: Henry Farrar [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: London: page 196B: dwelling 13 (Henry 30-ENG butcher, wife: Malinda 30-OH, dau: Mary Jane 11-OH, sons: Horatio N. 9-OH, Thomas J. 7-OH & Jonathan 5-OH, daus: Margaret 3-OH & Isabelle 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Fee: Mary Ann Armacost(6) m: Aaron Fee [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Washington twp: page 34: dwelling 509 (Aaron 41-OH farmer, wife: Mary A 32-OH, sons: Leander 13-OH, Josephus 12-OH & Lorenzo 9-OH, daus: Louisa 8-OH & Mary 3-OH) [indexed as Lee] [IN: 1860]
Ferguson: America 'Amelia'(6) m: James H. Ferguson [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: page 351: dwelling 874 (James H 29-KY farmer, wife: America A 25-KY, dau: Martha 4-KY, son: John J 3-KY, dau: Margaret 1-KY) [KY: 1860]
Ferguson: Jemima Gist(6) m: John S. Ferguson [ARTHUR3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jefferson twp: page 341: dwelling 29 (John S 29-OH physican, wife: Jemima 24-OH) [IN: 1860]
Findley: Deborah Ann Hart(6) m: John L. Findley [WILLIAM3] > WV: Barbour Co: 5th district: page 106: dwelling 1453 (John 27-VA farmer, wife: Deborah 23-VA, sons: James C 3-VA & Francis 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Fisher: Eliza Armacost(6) m: Samuel T. Fisher [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Washington twp: page 39: dwelling 573 (Samuel 32-OH teamster, wife: Eliza 26-OH, dau: Sarah Jane 5-OH, Amanda 3-OH, Emma M. 2-OH & Elizabeth C 1/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Ford: Susannah Hale(6) m: Benjamin W. Ford [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 224: dwelling 1699 (Benjamin 42-TN farmer, wife: Susannah 20-TN, son: John 4-TN) [KY: 1860]
Forman: Ruth Chenoweth(5) m: William Forman [WILLIAM3] > KY: Nelson Co: district 1: page 319: dwelling 758 (William 58-KY farmer, wife: Ruth 51-KY, sons: Wm 30-KY, Joseph 28-KY, James 24-KY, & Clinton 21-KY, grandson: Philip Crume 10-KY, dau-in-law: E. Forman: 27-KY, granddau I 11/12-KY) [TX: 1860 living with son]
Fossett: Sarah 'Sallie' Chenoweth(2) m: Richard Fossett [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 29: dwelling 172 (Richard 49-MD laborer, wife: Sarah 47-MD, son: John T 22-MD laborer, dau: Margaret 15-MD, son: Richard 13-MD, daus: Mary E 11-MD & Sarah J 4-MD, Jacob Manhall 17-MD laborer) [MD: 1860]
Fox, Absalom(5) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 116: dwelling 1689 (Absolom 62-PA miller, wife: Margaret 54-PA, daus: Amanda 30-OH & Sarah 26-OH, son: Absolom 23-OH, Rosetta Wilson 9-OH) [OH: 1860]
Fox, Charles Fox, Jr.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 4: dwelling 52 (Charles 23-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 25-OH, son: Ambrose 6/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Fox, David Fox, Jr.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 4: dwelling 51 (David Fox 48-OH-farmer, wife: Catherine 36-OH, son: Simon 15-OH, daus: Ann 13-OH & M.E. 12-OH, sons: William 8-OH, Harry 5-OH & Clinton 3-OH, dau: M.E. 7/12-OH, in-laws: Nancy Spencer 43-OH & Clarence 11-OH) [William is David Spenser] [OH: 1860]
Fox, David M.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 113: dwelling 1652 (David M 36-OH carpenter, wife: Eliza 43-KY, daus: Maria L 9-OH & Sarah E 5-OH, others: Nelson Dilse 22-KY labor, W W Young 13-OH) [OH: 1860]
Fox, J. William(5) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 112: dwelling 1632 (William 44-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 41-OH, dau: Sarah 18-OH, sons: David H 16-OH & Wm M 14-OH, daus: Anchor A 10-OH, Minerva 8-OH & Frances 4-OH. son: George W? 4/12-OH)
Fox: Joanna(6) m: Jonathan Fox [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 116: dwelling 1685 (Jonathan 24-OH farmer, wife: Joanna 26-OH) [OH: 1860]
Fox: Mary(6) m: Bonham Fox [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 112: dwelling 1636 (Bonam 48-OH farmer, wife: Mary 33-OH, son: Harvey N 10-OH, dau: Cynthia E 6-OH, son: Bonam 4-OH, Laborer: Joseph Smith 27-OH) [Joseph is the apparent husband to Sarah Fox in 1851] [MI: 1860]
Fox, Morris(5) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 113: dwelling 1643 (Morris 36-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 36-OH, sons:James E 13-OH, David 11-OH, Amos 9-OH, Charles 7-OH & John M 5-OH, dau: Rebecca A 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Fox, Thomas M.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 3: dwelling 46 (Thomas W 27-OH farmer, wife: Mary Ann 27-OH, dau: P A 6-OH, son: Asa 4-OH) [son Charles age 2 missing] [IL: 1860]
Francies: Priscilla Chenoweth(2) m: Thomas Francies, deceased [unknown: RICHARD] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 91A: dwelling 1207 ([widow] Prisciila 58-MD, dau: Maria 36-MD, son: Richard 23-MD farmer, dau: Mary 20-MD, son: Charles 17-MD laborer, niece: Elizabeth Cole 9-MD [s/b Coe], Aaron Moore 12-MD) [MD: 1860]
Francies, Thomas Francies, Jr.(3) [unknown: RICHARD] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 91A: dwelling 1206 (Thomas 34-MD, wife: Ann 30-MD, son: Wm 10-MD, Eli�th Gray? 74-DE) [MD: 1860]
Frank: Delilah Downing(5) m: Stephen C. Frank [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Butler twp: page 259: dwelling 569 (Stephen 44-OH farm, wife: Delilah 41-OH, son: Denas 14-OH, daus: Marg 13-OH & Sarah 11-OH, son: Wm 9-OH, dau: Cath 5-OH, son: Perry 1-OH) [WI: 1860]
Franklin: Ellen 'Neda' Chenoweth(5) m: Eli Franklin [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Perry twp: page 297B: dwelling 896 (Eli 49-NY farmer, wife: Eleanor 38-OH, son James 17-OH, dau Hannah 15-OH, sons Lewis 13-OH, William 11-OH & Nathaniel 8-OH, dau Jane 4-OH) [OH: 1860]
Franklin: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: John Henry Franklin [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Perry twp: page 297B: dwelling 895 (John 40-NY farmer, wife: Sarah 43-VA, sons William 17-OH, Henry 15-OH & Amos 12-OH, daus Sarah 10-OH, Catherine 8-OH & Elisabeth 5-OH, son James 3-OH) [OH: 1860]
Frederick, Joseph Jefferson(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Owen Co: Wayne twp: page 13: dwelling 169 (Joseph J 15-IN farmer, living family of Jefferson H Woodsmall 66-VA farmer & family) [IN: 1860]
Frederick: Richard S.(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 184: dwelling 108 [George Washington Frederick] Gregg twp: page 184: dwelling 108 (George 17-IN farming, living with family of Samuel Wilhite 36-KY blacksmith & family), [Joseph Jefferson Frederick] see Owen Co: Wayne twp: page 13: dwelling 169 below, [Sarah Jane Frederick] Gregg twp: page 183: dwelling 98 (Sarah 13-IN farming, living with family of William M. Wellman 31-KY farmer & family), [Levi W. Frederick] see Ray twp: page 16: dwelling 918 above, [Elvira Seaton Frederick] see Ray twp: page 77: dwelling 918 above
Friend: Eleanor Tucker(5) m: Charles Friend [MARY3] > IA: Keokuk Co: district 26: page 237: dwelling 201 (Charles 50-KY, farmer, wife: Eleanor 43-OH, sons: Price T 16-IL, Ephraim 14-IL & Miles 13-IL, daus: Amilla 11-IA & Jane 10-IA, son: William A 8-IA) [IA: 1860]
Fuller: Mary Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: Benjamin Franklin Fuller [ABSOLOM3] > VA: Clarke Co: 12th district: page 189: dwelling 294 (Benjamin F 25-VA merchant, wife: Mary E 24-VA, dau: Adelaide H 4-VA, son: Henry C 1-VA) [IL: 1860]
Furgason: Nancy Leith White(6) widow of Samuel Forgason [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 268: dwelling 247 (Nancy 48-OH farmer, sons: Joseph E 26-IN & Leander 10-IN, dau: Nancy 8-IN, Ann Roberts 25-NC mulatto) [IN: 1860]
Furgason, Samuel W.(7) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 278: dwelling 400 (Samuel W 24-IN merchant, wife: Mary 23-OH, dau: Hariet 4/12-IN, Edward F Holloway 21-IN clerk) [IN: 1860]
Garrett: Amanda Chenoweth(5) m: Elijah Garrett [WILLIAM3] > IN: Putnam Co: Greencastle twp: page 524: dwelling 167 (Elijah 35-KY laborer, wife: Amanda 29-KY, sons: William E 5-IN, dau: Mary E 4-IN, son: Monroe 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Gayler: Casandra Parrish(5) m: Calvin Gayler [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: James twp: page 356: dwelling 222 (C S 28-TN farmer, wife: C 29-O, sons: A W W 11-MO, J B 9-MO & J E 6-MO, dau: S A 4-AR, son: J M 1-MO) [MO: 1860]
George: Rachel Chennoweth Kerr(5) m: James George [ELIJAH3] > WI: Green Co: Adams: page 298: dwelling 41 (James 33-ENGLAND farmer, wife: Rachel 33-OH, dau: Mary E. 8-IL, son: henry 6-WI, daus: Rebecca 5-WI & Alice A 1-WI) [note: daughter Barbara Ellen missing but appears in the 1860 Census] [IA: 1860]
Gilmore: Angeline 'Ann' Carter(5) m: Liberty M. Gilmore [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Hancock Co: page 422: dwelling 2177 (Liberty 27-OH cooper, wife: Angeline 26-OH, daus: Mary B 5-IL & Emma E 3-IL, son: William P 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Gist, Jesse(6) [ARTHUR3] > WI: Green Co: Cadez twp: page 274B: dwelling 10 (Jesse 34-OH farmer, wife: Harriet 34-NJ, dau: Clarissa 8-OH, sons: George 5-WI, Isaac 3-WI & George 1-WI) [2nd listing of George should be son John] [WI: 1860]
Goddin: Rachel Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas Jefferson Goddin [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 40: dwelling 246 (Jefferson 43-VA cabinet maker, wife: Rachel 36-VA, son: Jesse W 18-VA farmer, dau: Melissa E 16-VA, son: Andrew J 13-VA, dau: Virginiaetta 11-VA, sons: Isaac P 9-VA, Judson C 7-VA & Thomas J ?-VA, Mary E 3-VA, George N 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Goode: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Milton Goode [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 366: dwelling 443 (Thomas M. 37-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah A. 37-OH, [by 1st wife] son: George 12-OH, [by 2nd wife] dau: Elizabeth 7-OH, son: Milton 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Gordon: Esther Chenoweth(5) m: Joseph Gordon [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Washington twp: page 365B: dwelling 41 (Joseph 33-OH, wife: Esther 34-PA, sons: James C 11-OH & Robert 10-OH, daus: Martha 9-OH & Mary 6-OH, son: Joseph L 4-OH) [OH: 1860]
Gordon, James(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Washington twp: page 366B: dwelling 48 (James 38-PA farmer, wife: Eva 37-PA, dau: Jane 12-OH, sons Ebenezer 10-OH & Erastus 9-OH, daus: Mary 7-OH, Naoma 4-OH & Hester 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Gorsuch: Sarah A. Tredway(6) m: Nicholas Gorsuch [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 32: dwelling 727 (Nicholas 26-MD miller, wife: Sarah 23-MD) [MD: 1860]
Granger: Joanna V. Heaton(6) m: Chester D. Granger [MARY3] > IN: Hamilton Co: Noblesville : page 101: dwelling 16 (Chester D. 39-NY, wife: Joanna V. 37-OH, son: William L. 12-IN & dau: Malissa A. 9-IN) [IN: 1860]
Gray: Agnes Chenoweth(5) m: Robert Gray [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 252: dwelling 55 (Robert 45-TN minister, wife: Agnes 42-TN, daus: Malissa 17-TN & Elizabeth 15-TN, sons: Joseph 12-TN & George 10-TN, dau: Cornelia 8-TN, sons: Robert 6-TN & Nathan 3-AR) [OR: 1860]
Gray: Ruth Ann Chenoweth(5) m: George W. Gray [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 227: dwelling 1738 (George 39-TN farmer, wife: Ruth A 30-TN, son: Nelson 7-TN, daus: Mary A 5-TN & Leny 1-TN) [TN: 1860]
Green: Permelia Ashbrook(5) m: Reazen Green [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 194: dwelling 377 (Reason 35-OH farmer, wife: Permelia 37-OH, son: Corwin 8-OH, dau: Delia 4-OH) [OH: 1860]
Greer: Mahala Tredway(6) m: James Greer [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Knox Co: Jefferson twp: page 458B: dwelling 3249 (James 40-IRELAND farmer, 2nd wife: Mahala 26-OH, [children by first wife] Benjamin F 16-OH, Paulina 13-OH & Sarah Ann 11-OH, [by Mahala] dau: Barbara 2/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Gregg: Eliza Thurman(6) m: James Gregg [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 411: dwelling 82 James 32-KY farmer, wife: Eliza 23-KY, dau: Elizabeth 4-IN, son John T 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Gregory: Mary Chenoweth(6) m: Matthias W.B. Gregory [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 45: dwelling 314 (Matthias 27-TN farmer, wife: Mary 25-KY, sons: John 4-IL & Robert 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Gregory, Philip(5) [RICHARD3] > NY: Yates Co: Italy twp: page 90: dwelling 158 (Phillip 49-NY farmer, wife: Eunice 48-NY, dau: Ann 20-NY, son Charles 17-NY, dau: Sarah 13-NY) [NY: 1860]
Griffin: Ruth Morgan(5) m: David Griffin [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Marshall Co: page 293: dwelling 1725 (Nevin 42-PA farmer, wife: Ruth 40-PA, daus: Amanda 17-PA & Mary 15-IL, sons: Charles 8-IL & George 5-IL, dau: Caroline 3-IL, son: Hamilton 2/12-IL, Ruth Sevens 70-PA, Mary Rue 68-PA [this is Mary Rees, an aunt]) [IL: 1860]
Groom: Martha Simmons(7) m: Henry H. Groom [WILLIAM3] > IL: Hancock Co: page 310: dwelling 574 (Henry 28-KY farmer, wife: Martha 28-KY, son: William B 1-IL) [MO: 1860]
Guyer: Ann Martindale(6) m: Benajah A. Guyer [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 117: dwelling 535 Benajah 30-OH farmer, wife: Ann 28-IN, son: Easten 9-IN, dau: Alice 3-IN, mother: Rachel 60-NC) [IN: 1860]
Guyer: Margaret 'Peggy' Martindale(6) m: Joseph France Guyer [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 117: dwelling 536 (Margaret 24-IN, stepdau: Rachel 11-IN [Rachel was a daughter of the first wife to Joseph Guyer, Catherine Martindale, a sister of Margaret], son: Amos 5-IN, dau: Louisa 2-IN, son: Barton S 1-IN) [IA: 1860]
Haines, Elijah C.(5) [ELIJAH3] > IL: Champaign Co: 21st district: page 119: dwelling 457 (Elijah C 34-OH farmer, wife: Matilda 31-OH, daus: Sarah 10-IL, Lucy 7-IL) [IL: 1860]
Haines, Joseph C.(5) [ELIJAH3] > IL: Coles Co: Upper Okaw Precinct: page 49: dwelling 22 (J C 37-OH farmer, wife: Eliza J. 36-KY, son: John W. 9-MO, dau: Nancy 7-MO, sons: Thomas T 2-MO & Joseph E. 1/12-IL) [MO: 1860]
Hale, Archibald B.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: McMinn Co: 23rd subdivision: page 224: dwelling 44 (Arch 48-TN blacksmith, wife: Nancy 50-TN, sons: John 21-TN, Thomas 18-TN, Henry 13-TN) [TN: 1860]
Hale, Chenoweth B.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 227: dwelling 1744 (Chinouth 43-TN farmer, wife: Amanda 43-TN, daus: Anna 16-TN, Sarah 9-TN & Mary 13-TN, sons: Walter 14-TN & Thomas 12-TN, daus: Fanny 11-TN, Louiza 8-TN & Harriet 6-TN, son: Harvey 2-TN) [TN: 1860]
Hale, Henry D.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 229: dwelling 1768 (Henry 36-TN farmer, wife: Mary 35-TN, dau: Harriet 10-TN, son: John 9-TN, dau: Elizabeth 9-TN, sons: Chinouth 6-TN, Danl 5-TN & Thomas 1-TN, Mother: Elizabeth Heale 80-MD, ?: Frances Chinouth 60-MD) [It is not known who Frances is. As she is too young to be a child of John Chenoweth(3), it must be assumed she is a widow of a wife of one of his sons. If she is Frances, the daughter, she would be 84] [TN: 1860]
Hale, John B. 'Jackson'(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 228: dwelling 1759 (Elizabeth 47-KY, wife: son: Arch 16-TN farmer, daus: Elizabeth 12-TN, Sarah 10-TN & Jane 7-TN, son: John 6-TN)
Hale, Mark W.(5) [JOHN3] > KY: Barron Co: division 1: page 391: dwelling 1232 (Mark 40-TN farmer, wife: Eliza 26-TN, sons: Albert 21-TN, James H. 15-TN, Isaac 17-TN, John A. 3/12-KY, Malekials Martin 24-KY blacksmith) [KY: 1860]
Hale, Nelson(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Barron Co: division 1: page 391: dwelling 1233 (Nelson 19-TN farmer, wife: Margaret 24-KY) [KY: 1860]
Hamilton: Anchor Piper(6) m: James Hamilton [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville: page 188: dwelling 281 (James 29-OH carpenter, wife: Anker 22-OH, dau: Sarah E 1-IN, James Long 19-OH apprentice) [IN: 1860]
Hampton: Elizaebth H. Rice(5) m: Albert J. Hampton [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clinton Co: Marion twp: page 222: dwelling 421 (Albert 32-VA farmer, wife: Elisabeth 30-OH, daus: Permelia 10-OH & Martha 7-OH, sons: Harvey 4-OH & Courtland 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Hardesty: Mary Eliza Carter(5) m: Richard L. Hardesty [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: 12th district: page 190: dwelling 314 (Richard 32-VA farmer, wife: Eliza 29-VA, son: Lycergus 4-VA) [WV: 1860]
Hardin: Mary Ann Chenoweth(6) m: John Hardin, Jr. [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 371: dwelling 9 (John 23-IN farmer, wife: Mary Ann 19-IN, mother-in-law: Martha Ann Chinoworth 37-KY, bro-in-law: Levi Chinoworth 17-IN) [Martha is Martha Ann Sallee, widow of Philip C.(5)] [IN: 1860]
Harlan, Burns(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: Martinville precinct: page 255: dwelling 1293 (Harlan 26-IL farmer, wife: America 25-IN, son: Curtis 4-IL, dau: Lydia 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Harper: Margaret(5) m: James William Harper [JOHN3] > OH: Jackson Co: Washington twp: page 336: dwelling 1479 (James W. 40-PA farmer, wife: Margaret 39-VA, dau: Rachel 14-OH, sons: Thomas K. 13-OH, Samuel A. 10-OH, George 8-OH & Silas 6-OH) [IA: 1860]
Harris: Eliza A. Chenoweth(5) m: William Harris [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 200: dwelling 7 (William 24-KY farmer, wife: Eliza 21-IN. son: John 1-IN) [MO: 1860]
Harritt: Lydia Dusenbery(5) m: Jeremiah Harritt [JOHN3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Circleville: page 202: dwelling 498 (Jeremiah 31-PA laborer, wife: Lydia 28-OH, daus: Eliza 10-OH & Mahala 8-OH, sons: Mahlon D 5-OH & John D 2-OH, dau: Maria 2/12-OH, mother-in-law Rachel Dusenbury 70-VA [this is Rachel Chenoweth, who first married Absolom Ashbrook]) [IL: 1860]
Harryman: Eleanor Chenoweth(4) m: Job Harryman [ARTHUR3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 450: dwelling 236 (Job 67-PA farmer, wife: Eleanor 59-KY, son: Newton 26-KY, Sarah E 18-KY, Doke Wright 12-IN, Elizabeth Chenoweth 9-IN, Solomon Young 7-IN) [Elizabeth is believed to be a daughter of Eleanor's brother Arthur and his 2nd wife Jackealina Wall]
Hart: Eleanor 'Nellie' Chenoweth(5) m: James Montgomery Hart [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 69: dwelling 648 (James M 59-VA farmer, wife: Eleanor 49-VA, son: Hugh S 21-VA, daus: Margaret 19-VA, Eleanor 17-VA & Mary E 15-VA, sons: Chenoweth B 12-VA, Calvin C 7-VA & Wayne B 5-VA, widowed dau: Amy Triplett 25-VA, granddau: Philadelphia Triplett 2-VA) [WV: 1860]
Hart, Ezra Pugh(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 65: dwelling 588 (Ezra P 29-VA cabinet maker, wife: Jerusha 30-VA, son: John 2-VA, dau: Elmira J 5-VA, son: Abel 1/12-VA) [WV: 1860]
Hartley: Mary Ann Burson(5) m: Benjamin Hartley [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Cumberland twp: page 102: dwelling 59 (Benjamin 37-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Dorothy 36-VA, [by Mary] sons: Lesley 8-PA & Levi 6-PA, [by 2nd wife] daus: Rebecca 4-PA, Cinthia 3-PA & Mary Anne 1-PA, James M. Snyder 20-PA farmer) [PA: 1860]
Hawkins, James Monroe(6) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 2: page 319: dwelling 230 (James M 30-KY, wife: Angeline 30-KY, sons: Andrew J 3-KY & Zachariah T 1-KY, Elizabeth Dewitt 21-KY)
Hawkins: Lettia Van Meter Chenoweth(5) m: William Hardin Hawkins [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1: page 344: dwelling 540 Hardin 59-KY chair maker, wife: Letitia 54-KY, daus: Christina 16-KY & Elenora 14-KY, son: Henry C 8-KY) [IL: 1860 living with daughter]
Hawkins, Miles Hardin(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: town of Perry: page 59: dwelling 514 (Miles 25-KY painter, Elizabeth 24-KY) [KY: 1860]
Hawkins, Wlliam Chenoweth(6) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 2: page 318: dwelling 212 (William 33-KY painter, wife: Lucy 28-KY, daus: Ellen 8-KY & Nancy A 6-KY, son: John H 4-KY, dau: Letitia 1-KY) [KY: 1860]
Hazzard: Rebecca Ashbrook(5) m: (3) Henry H. Hazzard [JOHN3] > KY: Shelby Co: district 1: page 286: dwelling 206 (H H 73-VA farmer, wife R 52-KY, [stepchildren by Rebecca], J McKee 21 farmer, R McKee 17-KY, W McKee 15-KY, E McKee 13-KY) [index Hazard] [KY: 1860]
Heaton, Aaron(6) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 412: dwelling 1058 (Aaron 28-IN farmer, wife: Lucinda 20-IN, son: Daniel 6-IN, dau: Mary 3-IN, father: Ebenezer 63-PA, bro: David 22-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Asa Clay(6) [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 37: dwelling 500 (Asa 25-IN farmer, wife: Rebecca 31-OH, dau: Emeline 1-IN, unknown: Elizabeth Low 27-OH, William W Low 1-IN, George Barnhart 8-IN) [MO: 1860]
Heaton, Asa(5) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 275: dwelling 347 (Acy 53-OH merchant, wife: Mary 38-OH, sons: Abraham 18-IN � saddler, Joseph 13-IN & Waitstell 10-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Daniel(6) [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Washington twp: page 41: dwelling 536 (Daniel 39-OH farmer, wife: Mrs Sarah 30-IN, daus: Christina 13-IN, Jane 10-IN, Mary 8-IN & Sarah 5-IN, son: Sylvester 3-IN, dau: Elizabeth 2/12-IN)[Daniels wife, Elizabeth Procter, is lsited as Mrs Sarah] [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Daniel(5) [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 431: dwelling 154 (Daniel 70-VA farmer, 2nd wife Sarah 52-SC, son John 30-IN, Mary 17-IN, sons: Daniel 15-IN & Ebenzer 10-IN, others: Nathaniel McCool 14-OH, Elisha 17-OH & Sarah A 11-OH) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, David Fox(5) [MARY3] > OH: Scioto Co: Portsmouth: page 200: dwelling 357 (D F Heaton 58-KY lawyer, wife: M S Heaton 53-KY) [Mira is listed as a male] [OH: 1860]
Heaton, David(6) [MARY3] > IN: Clinton Co: Kirklin twp: page 240: dwelling 171 (David 38-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 35-PA, daus: Louisa 14-IN, Melissa 9-IN & Mary A. 6-IN, sons: William 4-IN & David 1-IN, dau: Nancy 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, David S.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 279: dwelling 418 (David Heaton 21-In blacksmith living in household of: Warner Cox 23-IN farmer, Caroline 19-OH) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Ebenezer Ross(6) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 413: dwelling 1069 (Ross 30-IN farmer, wife: Hannah 28-IN, dau: Milla 8-IN, son: Eli 6-IN, daus: Lucinda 3-IN & Sarah 10/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Eli H.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Ripley twp: page 551: dwelling 921 (Eli H 36-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 33-IN, son: Jacob 12-IN, dau: Mary A 9-IN, sons: Elmore 7-IN & Theadore 4-IN, dau: Sarah 1-IN) [IA: 1860]
Heaton, Eli(5) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 412: dwelling 1060 (Eli 54-PA farmer, wife: Mary 56-MD, daus: Malissa 22-IN & Cynthia 18-IN, grandson: Eli Cook 18-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Israel(6) [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 37: dwelling 504 (Israel 36-IN farmer, wife: Mrs Irena 30-IN, sons: John 11-IN & Lester 10-IN, daus: M 8-IN [Mary], Sophia 4-IN & Ellen 2-IN, son: Erastus A 5/12-IN) [a George Senior 60-IRE appears to be in the househild, but actually belongs next door] [MI: 1860]
Heaton, John W.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 277: dwelling 379 (John Heaton 18-IN clerk living in houseldof Amos Fithian 27-OH merchant, Joana 20-IN, Frances 4/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Joseph W.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 422: dwelling 18 (Joseph 41-OH farmer. wife: Hannah 42-CAN, sons: Thaddeus 18-IN, daus: Delia 15-IN & Hannah 12-IN, sons: Daniel 9-IN, Henry 7-IN, Eli 2-IN & Cornelius 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Joseph W.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 289: dwelling 544 (Joseph 44-OH farmer, wife: Edith 43-OH, dau: Joannah 16-IN, son: Eli 13-IN & Marietta 6-IN) [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Leonidas C.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Jasper twp: page 349: dwelling 1229 (Leonidas C 27-OH merchant, John W Pine 22-Jamaica merchant) [OH: 1860]
Heaton, Phineas(6) [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 38: dwelling 506 (Phineas 41-OH farmer, wife: Mrs Florinda 36-VA, daus: Catherine 15-IN & Hannah 9-IN, son: Abram 7-IN, dau: Sarah 5-IN, son: Henry 3-IN, dau: Malinda 5/12-IN) [Florinda is Clarinda] [IN: 1860]
Heaton, Samuel(6) [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 37: dwelling 498 (Samuel 48-OH farmer, wife: Mary 45-OH, dau: Eliza 20-IN, son: William 15-IN farmer, dau: Catharine 12-IN, son: Abram 10-IN son: Jane 4-IN) [MI: 1860]
Helmick: Jane Chenoweth(5) m: 3rd: Joseph Helmick [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Harrisburg: page 60B: dwelling 174 (Joseph 31-OH doctor, wife: Jane 26-OH, step dau: Elizabeth Foster 10-OH, step son: Joseph Lammons 8-OH) [note Joseph is listed as James in Cora Hiatt's history] [OH: 1860]
Henkle: Elizabeth Wood(5) m: Jacob Henkle, Jr. [ELIJAH3] > IA: Lee Co: Fort Madison: page 374: dwelling 1284 (Jacob 35-PA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 30-PA, dau: Rachel 4-IA) [OR: 1860]
Henry: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: Andrew Henry [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: page 296: dwelling 1168 (Andrew 46-KY farmer, daus: Mary 24-KY, Isabelle 21-KY & Nancy 14-KY, son: James 14-KY, Dau: Harriet 12-KY) [James Harris Russell, future husband of Isabelle is living with mother Nancy on page 285 of Williamson Co] [IL: 1860]
Herring: Elizabeth Ann Board(6) m: Edwin Owings [JOHN3] > MO: Buchanan Co: Tremont twp: page 69: dwelling 613 (Creed 41-NC farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-KY, dau: Mary 14-KY, son: Henry C 13-KY, dau: Ann 10-KY, sons: Joel 7-MO & Richard 3-MO) [MO: 1860]
Hibben: Mary Chenoweth(4) m: James R. Hibben [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Waverly: page 336B: dwelling 1134 (James 50-OH merchant, wife: Mary 36-OH, sons: Granville 20-OH, Samuel 16-OH, Abraham 14-OH & William 12-OH, dau: Rebecca A 10-OH, Adam Ollinger 23-VA tailor) [OH: 1860]
Hickman: Elizabeth Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Leven Henry Hickman [JOHN3] > IN: Warren Co: Warren twp: page 75: dwelling 47 (Eleven 29-DE farmer, wife: Elizabeth 24-OH, daus: Charlotte A. 7-IN & Mary E. 6-IN, sons: William H. 2-IN & James F. 6/12-IN, probable sister-in-law Best, Sarah L. 13-IL)
Hiett: Cecilia Chenoweth(5) m: William Penn Hiett [ISAAC3] > OH: Sandusky Co: Ballville: page 972: dwelling 1319 (Wm 30-VA farmer, wife: Cecelia 27-OH, dau: Mary E. 4-OH, sons: John D 2-OH & James W. 2/12-OH) [IA: 1860]
Higgins: Almira Whittredge(6) m: William W. Higgins [WILLIAM3] > OH: Preble Co: Jefferson twp: page 478B: dwelling 1366 (W.W. 31-OH miller, wife: Almira 18-OH) [OH: 1860]
Hilger: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(6) m: Ferdinand R. Hilger [ARTHUR3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Cincinnati, 2nd ward: page 164B: dwelling 754 (Ferdinan 28-MD upholstery, wife: Sarah 24-MD, son: John M 6-MD, daus: Victoria 3-OH & Anna L 6/12-OH, bro-in-law: William H Chenoweth 24-MD, upholstery) [IL: 1860]
Hill: Celia Heaton(7) m: Reuben Hill [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 37: dwelling 499 (Reuben 24-NY farmer, wife: Selia 18-IN, dau: Mary 5/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Hilyard: Mahala J. Tucker(6) m: William Hilyard [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: page 156: dwelling 435 (Family of Thomas Grissam 36-KY & wife Martha 31-KY, 4 sons & 1 dau, William Hilliard 38-VA, Mahaly 28-VA, dau Catherine 3-IL, Thomas Neff 21-IL) [IL: 1860]
Hollenback, William(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 170: dwelling 256 (William 25-OH, wife: Nancy 17-IN) [assumed son of Rebecca Chenoweth and Thomas Hollenback] [IN: 1860]
Hollowell, John C.(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: Stampers Creek twp: page 367: dwelling 85 (John 29-IN farmer, wife: Pheby Ann 26-IN, sons: Samuel 6-IN & Silas 4-IN dau: Rachel 4-IN, son: William 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Hollowell: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: Smithson Hollowell [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 247: dwelling 637 (Smithson 34-NC farmer, wife: Rachel 51-NC, daus: Mary A 22-IN, Elen 30-IN & Elizabeth 17-IN, son: Silas 14-IN, dau: Martha 11-IN, Margaret 7-IN, Silas M 10-IN) [there are many errors in this record: Smithson is 55, Rachel born VA and Ellen 20, nor is it known who the second Silas is] [IN: 1860]
Hollowell, Robert(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: Stampers Creek twp: page 369: dwelling 126 (Robert 30-IN farmer, wife: Sarah 24-IN) [IN: 1860]
Hollowell, Thomas(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 371: dwelling 12 (Thomas 25-IN farmer, wife: Malinda 18-IN, son William P 9/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Hollowell, William(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 248: dwelling 638 (William 27-IN farmer, wife: Emily 26-IN, dau: Sarah 5-IN, John Deremiah 13-IN) [John Deremiah is a relation to Emily thru the Coulters. He will marry Elizabeth Chenoweth d/o Levi] [IN: 1860]
Holt: Elizabeth S. Casebier(6) m: Allen Holt [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Platte twp: page 78: dwelling 655 (Allen 32-NC farmer, wife: Elizabeth 31-IN, sons: John 8-MO & Lewis A 6-MO, dau: Lavina 3-MO, (? brother, but maybe Finis Simmons) Lewis 20-IL, stepdau [from Elizabeth's 1st marriage]: Susanna Simmons 15-IN) [MO: 1860]
Holton: Elvira Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas M. Holton, Jr. [ARTHUR3] > OH: Adams Co: Franklin twp: page 1: dwelling 14 (Thomas 33-VA farmer, wife: Albira 32-OH, son: Isaac 10-OH, dau: Catherine 8-OH) [OH: 1860]
Homan: John(5) m: , remarried to Alexander M. Homan [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Bath twp, district 6: page 256B: dwelling 308 (Listed as Horner: Alexander Homan 27-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 36, Chenoweth daus listed as Horners: Ellen 14-OH, Elizabeth 12-OH & Rebeca 7-OH, Homan daus: Sarah 3-OH & Martha 1-OH)
Hoobler: Elizabeth Lowe(5) m: Jeramiah Hoobler [THOMAS3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 103: dwelling 115 (Jeramiah 27-TN farmer, wife: Eliz'th 22-TN? son: Elijah 1-IL, Rebecca A. Winsett 9-IL) [IL: 1860]
Hoover: Mary C. Ashbrook(5) m: Malhon M. Hoover [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 204: dwelling 519 (Malhon 46-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 39-OH, son [by 1st wife]: Giles W. 19-OH, [by Mary]: Sons John N. 14-OH, Elam C. 11-OH, Truman D. 9-OH & Byron 1-OH, daus: Cordelia 5-OH & Mary E. 2-OH, dau [by 1st wife]: Catherine 17-OH) [OH: 1860]
Houston: Cindrallia Simmons(7) m: Silas E. Houston [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Rochester twp: page 113: dwelling 1123 (Silas 26-IN farmer, wife: wife: Cinderella 20-IL, son: Edward 1-MO) [MO: 1860]
Hubbard: Amanda M. Chenoweth(6) m: William Hubbard [JOHN3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 164: dwelling 1703 (William 19-IN farmer, wife: Amanda L 22-OH) [IN: 1860]
Huffman: Sarah Findley(5) m: 2nd: William Huffman [RICHARD3] > IN: Clay Co: Washington twp, City of Bowling Green: page 241: dwelling 277 (William 35-NC farmer, wife: Sarah 35-OH, children by 1st marriage of Sarah: James Powders 18-IN, Margaret Powders 16-IN & Jacob Powders 11-IN, son believed to be by prior marrige John 9-IN, daus: Malecda 3-IN & Mary 2 -IN) [IA: 1860]
Hughes: Amanda Chenoweth(6) m: William Hughes [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: 4th subdivison: page 141: dwelling 534 (William 26-TN farmer, wife: Amanda 22-TN, son: James 2-TN) [TN: 1860]
Hunter: Deliah Chenoweth(5) m: John S. Hunter [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Salt Creek twp: page 387B: dwelling 440 (John 29-OH laborer, wife: Delilah 25-OH, sons: William 6-OH, Levi 4-OH & Charles 2-OH, dau: Mary J. 5/12-OH) This line is not proven [OH: 1860]
Hyatt: Eleanor Baldwin(5) m: A.H. Hyatt [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 35: dwelling 175 (Alex H 41-PA merchant, wife: Elenor 28-VA, son: Benjamin F 11-OH, dau: Emily 9-OH, son: Absolom 5-OH, John G. Hyatt 23-OH clerk, Philander Lewis 16-OH, Mary Lewis 25-OH) [OH: 1860]
Hyatt: Harriet R. King(5) m: Alpheus Hyatt [RUTH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 19th ward: page 178: dwelling 541 (Aphius 36-MD grocer, wife: Harriet 26-MD, unknown relatives: Annilee 23-DC & Eliot 21-DC, dau: Ida 5-MD: Others: Louisa 40-DC & Nancy Steaney20-NY, son: Alpheus Hyatt 12-DC, Others: Eliza Kirkpatrick 34-IRE, Amanda Freys 23-IRE, Eliz Martin 32-GER, Chs Qunnig 23-MD waiter, Dan? Bennett 40-GER gardner, Stephn Hyland 40-MD waiter) - note son Alpheus also fond in school, age 11-MD in Baltimore Co: Eastern district : page 4 [MD: 1860]
Ingram: Amelia Tucker(5) m: Samuel Ingram [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: twp 3, S Range 3 West 4th : page 47B: dwelling 348 (widower: Samuel 41-TN farmer, son: George W 16-IL, dau: Amanda J 14-IL, sons: Rufus 10-IL, Harvey 8-IL, William H 6-IL & Wilson 1-IL) [TX: 1860]
Irwin: Elmira Rice(5) m: John R. Irwin [WILLIAM3] > IN: Union Co: Union twp: page 332: dwelling 750 (Jno 29-PA pumpmaker, wife: Elmira 27-OH, daus: Mary E 8-OH & Dorcus 5-IN, son: Jack K? 3-IN, Esther Rice 51-PA) [IN: 1860]
Irwin, William C.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Bartholomew Co: city of Columbus: page 294: dwelling 43 (William C 32-KY tanner, wife: Mary 28-OH, dau: Jane 12-IN, son: John 11-IN, dau: Mary 6-IN)
Jaques: Mary 'Polly'(6) m: William Hudson Jaques [WILLIAM3] > IL: Brown Co: twp 2 SR3W 4th precinct: page 141: dwelling 721 (William 33-KY miller, wife: Mary 29-KY, daus: Mary 10-IL, Laucinda 8-IL & Hester 4-IL, son: Nathan 3-IL, dau: Agnes 3/12-IL, Lydia Dorman 18-OH, Benjamin Jaques 27-OH, Samuel Reaves 21-KY) [MO: 1860]
Jean: Sarah L. 'Sallie' Seaton(5) m: John Ward Jean & Sarah Drake widow of George Seaton(4) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 192: dwelling 259 (J W 29-KY saddler, wife: Sarah 22-KY, sons: G W 2-KY & Wm C 7/12-KY, mother-in-law: Sarah Seaton 67-VA) [KY: 1860]
Jennings, Edward(5) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Champaign Co: Urbana: page 383: dwelling 135 (Edward 40-VA merchant, wife: Ann M 27-OH, dau: Columbia 7-OH, sons: Pratt 5-OH and Absolom C 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Jennings: Jane Chenoweth(4) widow of George Jennings [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Champaign Co: Urbana: page 383: dwelling 134 (Jane 59-VA, dau: Nancy 28-OH, sister: Nancy Chenowith 56-VA) [OH: 1860]
Jessop: Elizabeth Ashton(5) m: George Jessop [HANNAH3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 22: dwelling 303 (George 47-MD farmer, wife: Elizabeth 33-MD, daus: Josephine 9-MD, Georgianna 7-MD & Harriet E 5-MD, son: George 3-MD, dau: Ellen 11/12-MD, black laborers: David Johnson 50-MD & Thom Thomas 44-MD)
Jett: Hannah Martindale(6) m: William Jett [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Union twp: page 158: dwelling 1112 (Wm 33-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 24-VA, daus: Matilda 7-IN, Ann 5-IN, Sarah 3-IN, Eliza 2-IN, son: Wesley 6/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Johnson: Julia Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel B. Johnson [JOHN3] > OH: Darke Co: Twin twp: page 404: dwelling 3 (Samuel B 39-NJ farmer, wife: Julia Ann 30-VA, dau: Sarah Maria 6-OH, sons: Nelson R. 4-OH & John W 1-OH, brother: Gabriel 33-NJ, Sophia Arnetta 5-OH) [MO: 1860]
Jonas: Margaret 'Margery' Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Jonas [JOHN3] > IA: Jackson Co: Tete des Morts twp: page 288: dwelling 92 (Samuel 51-MD farmer, wife: Marga 38-VA, daus: Lucy Ann 14-OH, Altha 13-OH, Harriet 9-IA, Elizabeth 7-IA & Ellen 5-IA) [IA: 1860]
Jones: Mary Carter(6) m: John Jones [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: West Finlay twp: page 461: dwelling 155 (John abt 41-PA farmer, wife: Mary 24-PA, assumed son by previous marriage: Morgan V 8-PA, son: Samuel C 1-PA) [this detail is assumed based on 1860 Census info. It assumes that John had a prior marriage which seems reasobale given the age gap between children and Mary's age] [PA: 1860]
Joy: Eliza Gordon(5) m: Henry Joy [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Monroe twp: page 304: dwelling 551 (Henry 35-MD farmer, wife: Eliza 34-OH, son: Uriah 13-OH, daus: Elizabeth 10-OH & Lurena 9-OH, son: James 6-OH, dau: Grace 4-OH, son Robert 3/12-OH)
Joy: Grace Gordon(5) m: Alfred Joy [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Adams twp: page 321: dwelling 687 (Alfred 32-MD farmer, wife: Grace 40-PA, Elizabeth 11-OH) [OH: 1860]
Kagy, Aaron Albert(6) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 217B: dwelling 1303 (Aaron 25-OH none, wife Mary 20-OH, Anne Wiser 8-OH) [IL: 1860]
Kagy: Francinah 'Fanny' Ashbrook(5) m: Lewis B. Kagy [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 213: dwelling 1240 (Lewis B 52-VA farmer, wife Francina 48-VA, son: Tunis 20-OH, dau: Laura 18-OH, son John 16-OH, dau: Rebecca 14-OH) [IL: 1860]
Kellerman: Iva 'Ivy' Ashbrook(5) m: Daniel Kemberling Kellerman [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Walnut twp: page 25: dwelling 302 (Daniel 29-PA merchant, wife: Ivy 23-OH, son: Hugh C 3-OH, dau: Dorothy P 1-OH, son: William J 3/12-OH, Elizabeth Well 13-OH) [OH: 1860]
Kelley: Caroline Chenoweth(6) m: James Kelley [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 160: dwelling 1655 (James 31-MD farmer, wife: Caroline 27-MD, son John 7-OH, dau May E 5-IN, sons Washington 3-IN & William E 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Kelley, Lucinda(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 61: dwelling 536 (Lucinda Kelly 17-VA living with the family of Joseph & Lydia Wilmoth) [WV: 1860]
Kelley: Ruth Chenoweth(6) m: Absolom Kelley [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 72: dwelling 686 (Absolom 47-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Susan 35-VA, daus: Martha 19-VA & Caroline 15-VA, sons: Jasper 13-VA & William 9-VA, dau: Sarah A 7-VA, son: Eli 5-VA) [all children by 1st wife, Ruth]
Kelly: Jane Seaton(6) m: Joseph Kelly [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Gilmer twp : page 103: dwelling 115 Joseph 4-KY farmer, wife: Jane 22-KY, dau: Elizabeth 5-KY, son: Samuel 2-IL, dau: Sarah L 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Kendrick: Nancy Ann Rose(7) m: Allen Kendrick [RACHEL3] > TN: Hardin Co: district 10: page 220: dwelling 72 (Allen 39-TN C of C clergyman, wife: Nancy A 29-KY, sons: Mansel 4-KY & Allan B 10/12-MS) [TN: 1860]
Kerney: Aurelia 'Emily' Chenoweth(5) m: John T. Kerney [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: 9th district: page 390: dwelling 1121 (John 48-VA farmer, wife: Emily 40-VA, son: Robert 20-VA, dau: Harriet 16-VA, son: John 14-VA, daus: Eldegest 12-VA & Emily 10-VA, son: James 7-VA, daus: Mary 6-VA, Eliza 4-VA & Nancy 1-VA, bro-in-law: Samuel Chenoweth 34-VA farmer) [WV: 1860]
Kerr: Elizabeth Chenoweth(4) widow of John Foster Kerr [ELIJAH3] > IA: Fayette Co: Westfield twp: page 138: dwelling 104 (Elizabeth 56-OH widow, son: Thomas 41-OH, dau Mary 30-OH, sons John 22-OH & Charley 12-IL) [IA: 1860 living with daughter]
Kerr, Lewis(5) [ELIJAH3] > IA: Fayette Co: Westfield twp: page 138: dwelling 101 (Lewis 35-OH farmer, wife: Jane 30-IL, daus: Mary 12-IL & Matilda R. 10-WI, son: John F. 7-WI, dau Rebecca 1-WI) [IA: 1860]
Kerr: Ruth Chenoweth(5) m: John Kerr [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: New Castle Borough: page 223: dwelling 22 (Jno Kerr 46-PA Preacher, wife: Ruth 43-PA) [this appears to be Ruth. Ruth is said to have married and had no children. In 1860 Ruth's mother Elnora is living with them in Union twp] [PA: 1860]
Ketchum: Lydia Chenoweth(5) widow of John Holmes Ketchum [JOHN3] > IA: Davis Co: Prairie twp: page 305: dwelling 29 (Lydia 36-OH, sons: James W. 13-OH, Jacob 11-IA*, William C 9-OH, dau: Sarah 5-OH, son: John A 1-OH) [note the reading of the last 3 children born in Ohio maybe a Census typo, Jacob marked IA used in 1850 for Indiana] [IA: 1860]
Kile: Mary M. Chenoweth(6) m: John D. Kile [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s4w : page 128: dwelling 1482 (John 30-OH farmer, wife: Mary 21-IN, dau: Belzora 3-IL) [IL: 1860]
Kilgore: Assinith Williams(5) m: James D. Kilgore [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 169: dwelling 352 (James 28-OH farmer, wife: Asenett 26*-OH, sons Allen 5-IN, Albert 3-IA & Emillous 1-IA, sister-in-law: Emeline Williams 24-OH) [*could be 36] [IN: 1860]
Kinnear: Katurrah Chenoweth(5) m: Robert Kinnear [RICHARD3] > IN: Jefferson Co: Monroe twp: page 289: dwelling 68 (Robert 53-VA farming, wife: wife Keturah 50-KY, daus: Isabella 24-IN & Margaret H 22-IN, sons: John A 17-IN & Thomas 12-IN, dau: Rahma 9-IN) [IA: 1860]
Kittle: Terza Stalnaker(6) m: Cyrus Kittle [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 38: dwelling 216 (Cyrus 30-VA farmer, wife: Tizah 25-VA, sons: Levi S 4-VA & George M 2-VA) [WV: 1860]
Koscialowski: Mary Ann D. "Polly" Chenoweth(5) m: Napoleon Koscialowski [JOHN3] > IL: Morgan Co: Jacksonville twp: page 187: dwelling 232 (N. 38-Poland surveyor, wife: M. 28-AL, son: C 10-IL, dau: S 6-MO, son: E 3-MO, dau: M 11/12-IL) [indexed as Roseialonskia] [IL: 1860]
Kownslar: Mary Davenport Chenoweth(5) m: Remington R. Kownslar [JOHN3] > WV: Berkeley Co: 9th district: page 389: dwelling 1103 (Remington B 32-VA farmer, wife: Mary 29-VA, William Vink 32-VA farmer)
Kraner: Ellen Ashbrook(6) m: Emanuel Kraner [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 346B: dwelling 155 (Emaniel 29-OH, wife: Ellen 25-OH, son: Aaron F 4-OH, dau: Ann 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Kyle: Rebecca M. Fox(6) m: Thomas E. Kyle [MARY3] > OH: Miami Co: Elizabeth twp: page 3: dwelling 29 (Thomas B Kyle 40-OH school teacher, wife: Rebecca M Kyle 35-OH, daus: Sarah E Kyle 12-OH, Frances A Kyle 9-OH, Mary C Kyle 6-OH & Evy Jane Kyle 4-OH, son: John M Kyle 10/12-OH) [Franes is Hannah] [OH: 1860]
Laizure: Ann Chenoweth(5) m: William B. Laizure [ARTHUR3] > OH: Tuscarawas Co: Uhricksville: page 586: dwelling 24 (W.B. 49-PA laborer, 2nd wife: Ann 36-PA, [by 1st wife] sons: James 18-OH & Robert 13-OH, [by Ann] dau: Susan 7-OH, sons Franklin 5-OH & John 2-OH, Martin Keeler 35-PA laborer) [OH: 1860]
Lamon, James Chenoweth(6) [ABSOLOM3] > CA: Mariposa Co: page 60: dwelling 236 (John C Lymn - 42 miner living with 3 other men) [inexed as Lymo - this entry, despite the discrepancies, appears to be James Lamon who was known to be a continuous resident of Yosemite area from 1849, a recluse miner] [CA: 1860]
Lamon, Joseph Brown(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville: page 302: dwelling 35 (J.B. 38-VA Gent, 2nd wife Melissa 20-IL, son: Edw Chas 7-IL, daus: Virginia 5-IL & Mary 5/12-IL [by 2nd wife]) [IL: 1860]
Lamon: Mary(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 267: dwelling 177 (Mary 32-VA, sisters: Ann 30-VA, Rebecca Cromwell 35-VA, Ellen 18-VA, Lucy 16-VA) [IL: 1860 living with sister]
Lamon, Theodore(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville: page 304: dwelling 70 (Theodore 37-VA physican, wife: Lavinia E 22-KY, son: Albert Bell 1-IL, bro: Charles E 13-IL) [IL: 1860]
Law: Eleanor Moore 'Ellen' Brown(6) m: Samuel Law [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Clayton twp: page 422B: dwelling 1477 (Samuel 34-PA farmer, wife: Ellen 26-OH, sons: William F 3-OH & Thomas I 1-OH, father: Herbert 80-PA) [OH: 1860]
Lemons: Nancy Ashbrook(6) m: Thomas T. Lemons [MARY3] > IL: Lawrence Co: page 55: dwelling 798 (Thomas 35-TN farmer, wife: Nancy 24-IL, Son George 9-IL, daus Sarah 3-IL & Mary 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Lent: Hannah Wilson(5) m: Ludlow Lent [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 481: dwelling 1362 (Ludlow 52-NY farmer, wife: Hanna 51-VA, sons: Wm 10-OH & John K 4-OH) [OH: 1860]
Lent, James(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Liberty twp: page 447B: dwelling 909 (James 30-OH salt boiler, wife: Nancy 26-OH, daus: Nancy J 6-OH & Martha E 4-OH, son: Wm D 2-OH, dau: Mary Ann 1-MD) [OH: 1860]
Levi: Hannah Scott(4) widow of John Levi [SARAH3] > OH: Adams Co: Tiffen twp: page 134: dwelling 1260 (widow: Hannah 61-VA) [OH: 1860 living with son]
Levi, Judas B.(5) [SARAH3] > OH: Adams Co: Tiffen twp: page 133: dwelling 1259 (Judas 36-OH � farmer, wife: Mahala 33-OH, dau: Elizabeth 11-OH, sons: John 9-OH & Walter 6-OH, dau: Mary 4-OH, sons: Camden 2-OH & Thomas C. 6/12-OH) [note: Thomas C. is probably William J who was born in Feb 1850 and shound be in the Census, in 1860 William is 10 years old and no Thomas is found] [OH: 1860]
Lewis, Cyrus(6) [SARAH3] > OH: Champaign Co: Urbana: page 419B: dwelling 82 (Cyrus 31-OH farmer, wife: Ann 24-PA, son: James E 4-OH, dau: Emma 3-OH, son: William 1-OH, mother-in-law? Sally Given 52-PA) [OH: 1860]
Lewis: Mary Ann Ashbrook(6) m: Richard Lewis [MARY3] > IL: Lawrence Co: page 55: dwelling 793 (Richard 23 farmer, wife: Mary 24-IL, daus Harriet 3-IL & Maria 6/12-IL, mother-in-law Sarah Ashbrook 63 KY, Sister-in-law Elizabeth Ashbrook 15 IL) [IL: 1860]
Lilley: Amanda Catherine Brooks(7) m: Mitchell Campbell Lilley [JOHN3] > OH: Franklin Co: Columbus, 2nd ward: page 326: dwelling 17 (Mich C. Lilley 30-OH bookbinder. wife: Ann 21-OH, child: Henry 1/12-OH livng aunt and foster mother: Ellen Campbell 66-VA) [This surely Mitchell Campbell Lilley and his wife Amanda, even though the birth places are wrong. Ellen Campbell was Mitchell�s foster mother and raised him from the age of 5. Amanda and Mitchel had a daughter Sarah born in June. The child listed as Henry must be Sarah. The Census was taken in September] [OH: 1860]
Liston: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Jesse Liston [ARTHUR3] > IA: Warren Co: page 511: dwelling 1017 (Jesse 30-OH, wife: Rebecca 28-OH, dau: Clarinda 4-OH) [IA: 1860]
Loney: Elizabeth Williams(5) m: Alfred H. Loney [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 169: dwelling 354 (Alfred 35-OH blacksmith, wife: Elizabeth 36-OH, dau Joanna 17-OH, sons Richard 14-OH, John 12-OH, James 6-IN & Joseph 3-IN, bro-in-law Richard Williams 35-OH farmer)
Louthan: Sarah Chenoweth(4) m: (1) John Haines (2) John Louthan [ELIJAH3] > IL: Coles Co: Lower Okaw twp: page 61: dwelling 74 (John 59-VA, 2nd wife: Sarah 55-KY [children by first wife Margaret Carter] Geo W 23-VA, James F 22-VA, Moses 21-VA, Dudley B 19-VA, Charles N 15-VA & Margaret 12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Love: Maria Chenoweth(5) m: John Brown Love [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: New Castle Borough: page 233: dwelling 168 John B 39-PA painter, wife: Maria 35-PA, sons: Alfred 11-PA, George 8-PA & Charles 4-PA)
Lowe, Benjamin C.(5) [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 57: dwelling 157 (Benjamin C 31-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 27-OH, son: Elijah 8-IN, dau: Catherine 4-IN, son: Franklin 2-IN, Henry Cado 13-IN, Catherine Mieners 64-GERMANY) [IN: 1860]
Lowe: Rachel Chenoweth(4) m: Elijah Lowe [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 57: dwelling 159 (Elijah 64-MD farmer, wife: Rachel 57-KY, son: Joseph 23-OH, daus: Nancy 17-IN & Ruth 13-IN, William Pierce 17-IN, Malinda J Persons, 4-IN) [IN: 1860]
Lowe, Richard(5) [THOMAS3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 357: dwelling 100 (Rich'd S. 26-OH farmer, wife: Hanna 23-OH, dau: Mary 3-IN, son: Edw 11/12-IN) [indexed as Low]
Lucas: Abigal Hollenback(5) m: Samuel Lucas [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Fairfield twp: page 118B: dwelling 1558 (Samuel Lucas 23-PA farmer, wife: Abigal 23-PA, son: Richard 1/12-IN, assumed bros: Abraham 19-PA labor & Jacob 26-PA labor) [IN: 1860]
Machen: Amanda Ashton(5) m: George Machen [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: 3rd district: page 113: dwelling 527 (George 42-MD, wife: Amanda 38-MD, sons: Thomas 15-MD, George W 12-MD, Joseph A 10-MD & Francis 8-MD, dau: Elizabeth 6-MD, sons: Richard 4-MD & Marion 2-MD)
MacKey: Ann Morgan(5) m: Rush MacKey [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Farm Ridge twp: page 258: dwelling 1215 (Rush 32-PA farmer, wife: Ann 28-PA, sons: Benton 7-IL & Norvil 5-IL) [IL: 1860]
MacKey: Sarah Ann Morgan(5) m: Samuel MacKey [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Farm Ridge twp: page 258: dwelling 1214 (Samuel 38-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 36-PA, dau: Melvina 15-IL, son: Stephen 14-IL, dau: Minerva 9-IL, sons George W 6-IL & Jaby 3-IL, dau: Emily 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Madden: Amanda Carter(5) m: Zephaniah Madden [JOHN3] > IL: De Witt Co: Clinton: page 425: dwelling 408 (Zephaniah 23-KY physican, 2nd wife Angeline 27-VA, dau: America R 7-IL) [IL: 1860]
Mallahan: Jane Downing(5) m: Charles Fountain Mallahan [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Union twp: page 487: dwelling 180 (Chas F. 31-OH farmer, wife: Jane 32-OH, dau: Rusena 2-OH, son: David S 9/12-OH, Sarah Sheet 12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Marble, Rachel Minerva Taylor(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Clinton Co: Green twp: page 187: dwelling 308 (Daniel 44-PA Lawyer, 2nd wife: Eliza 41-OH, [by 1st wife, Rachel] dau: Mary Jane 20-IN, son: John M 18-IN lawyer, dau: Margaret 15-IN, [by 2nd wife]: daus: Susan E 5-OH, Martha M 3-OH & Elizabeth 7/12-OH, John Lewis 32-OH school teacher)
Marshall: Mary Tredway(5) m: Owen Marshall [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 146B: dwelling 124 (Owen 47-MD farmer, wife: Mary 35-OH, sons: Thomas 14-OH, Christman 12-OH & Owen 10-OH, daus: Elizabeth 8-OH, Mary 7-OH & Nancy 4-OH, son: Allen 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Martin: Cassandra Chenoweth(5) m: John Holmes Martin [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 445: dwelling 84 (John H 40-OH farmer, wife Cassandra 37-OH, daus: Elizabeth 11-OH & Mary J 9-OH, son: Wm H 7-OH, dau: R.N. 4-OH, John F 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Martindale: Barbara Chenoweth(5) m: Jesse Martindale [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 117: dwelling 532 (Jesse 52-SC farmer, wife: Barbary 49-VA, son: William 19-IN, daus: Sarah 17-IN& Amanda 15-IN, son: George 11-IN, daus: Mary J 9-IN & Lucy 7-IN) [IN: 1860]
Martindale, Benjamin Griffith(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 117: dwelling 534 (Benj G. 22-IN farmer, wife: Margaret 19-OH, son: Sobeiski 6/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Martindale, Martin Herbert(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 117: dwelling 533 (Martin 30-IN farmer, wife: Polly 29-OH, dau: Catherine 2-OH & son: Clarence 6/12-OH) [note: the children were born in Indiana. Here the Census taker put dittos under the mother's OH instead of writing in the correct state. moreover we believe that Clarence was born March 1, and so it appears that the Census taker here did not use the Census day but the recording date of August 23 - On the same Census page Indiana was referred as Ia, I, and Ind] [TX: 1860]
Matthews: Rhuama Chenoweth(5) m: John Matthews [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: district 130: page 40: dwelling 72 (John 41-PA farmer, wife: Rhuma 36-OH, dau: Elizabeth 14-IN, sons: Isaac N 8-IN& Ezekial 6-IN) [IN: 1860]
Mayfield: Sarah 'Sally' Chenoweth(6) m: Seaborn Solomon Mayfield [WILLIAM3] > IL: McDonough Co: page 245: dwelling 226 (Seborn 35-TN farmer, wife: Sarah 32-KY, dau: Mary J 7-IL, son Jasper 4-IL, dau: Rachel 9/12-IL)
McBath: Eliza Jane Chenoweth(4) m: Russell McBath [RICHARD3] > TN: Blount Co: 11th civil district: page 90: dwelling 1302 (Russell 38-TN, Miller, wife: Eliza 26-TN, dau Lorelda 7-TN, sons: And 5-TN (as F) & James 2-TN, Margaret Paul, 16) [note: son: Robert 2-TN, twin to James, is listed in the next dwelling with is McBath uncles] [TN: 1860]
McCann: Caroline S. Shriver(5) m: James F. McCann [ARTHUR3] > OH: Clermont Co: Franklin twp: page 375B: dwelling 1382 (James 36-OH carpenter, wife: Caroline 33-KY, daus: Martha J 13-OH, Mary C 11-OH & Sarah A 9-OH, son: Hyman N 5-OH) [IN: 1860]
McCarty, John(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 3: dwelling 36 (John 26-OH farmer, wife: Sophia 28-OH, sons: Christopher 2-OH & David 2-OH, dau: Sarah 1-OH) [index as McCarter]
McCarty, Peter W.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 2: dwelling 25 (Peter 24-OH farmer, wife: Martha 22-OH, dau: Rosetta 3-OH) [OH: 1860]
McClain: Elizabeth Burson(5) m: David McClain [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Cumberland twp: page 118: dwelling 297 (David 26-PA farmer, wife: Elisabeth 28-PA, son: James A 4-PA, dau: Margaret 3-PA, son: Abraham B 1-PA) [PA: 1860]
McClean: Jane Carter(6) m: Simon McClean [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Morris twp: page 398: dwelling 10 (Simon 32-PA farmer, wife: Jane 30-PA, son: John 8-PA, dau: Elizabeth 6-PA, son: William 2-PA, dau: Sarah E 2-PA) [PA: 1860]
McClenathan: Mary Carter(5) m: Thomas McClenathan [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 380: dwelling 179 (Thomas 32-PA farmer, wife: Mary 29-PA, daus: Sarah E 6-PA , Mary J 2/12-PA, mother: Mary 69-PA) [PA: 1860]
McClenathan: Rachel Carter(5) m: John McClenathan [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Morris twp: page 413: dwelling 226 (John 43-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Rachel 38-PA, [by 1st wife] daus: Mary 17-PA & Jane 13-PA, son Thomas 10-PA, [by Rachel] dau: Martha J 1-PA) [PA: 1860]
McConnell: Elizabeth Irwin(5) m: James L. McConnell [ARTHUR3] > IN: Boone Co: 7th district: page 663: dwelling 39 (James L 52-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 34-KY, dau: Elizabeth 17-OH, [by Elizabeth] dau: Mary J 7-IN, son: Alexander 3-IN, William Boyd 16-IN) [IN: 1860]
McCormick: Emily Morgan(5) m: John Wesley McCormick [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Farm Ridge twp: page 259: dwelling 1217 (John 36-PA farmer, wife: Emily 30-PA, dau: Charlotte 11-IL, sons: Charles 10-IL, Nelson 8-IL & Ralph 8-IL, dau: Olive 3-IL, son: Zachary T 1-IL, Joe 18-KY farmer [no last name]) [IL: 1860]
McCormick: Mary Morgan(5) m: William McCormick [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Farm Ridge twp: page 258: dwelling 1209 (William 37-PA farmer, wife: Mary 37-PA, sons: Sanders 13-IL & Hampton 12-IL, dau: Sarah J 10-IL, sons: Bruce 8-IL, Julius 7-IL & Wm 5-IL, dau: Ann E 3-IL, son: Lewis Cass 2-IL) [IL: 1860]
McDonough: Sarah Fox(6) m: Redman McDonough [MARY3] > IL: McDonough Co: page 241: dwelling 186 (Redmun 35-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 32-OH, daus: Rachel A 11-OH & Jemima 9-OH, son: John 5-OH, dau: Mary E 3-IL, son: Charles 6/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
McDowell: Catherine Crissy Casebier(6) m: Nelson James McDowell [WILLIAM3] > MO: Dade Co: 25th district: page 262: dwelling 3 (Nelson 48-IL clerk, wife: Catherine C 43-KY, son William G 20-IL dau: Kitty E 19-IL, son: Lewis A 17-AR, daus: Louiza E 15-MO & Polly E 13-MO, sons: Nelson B 11-MO, James D 9-MO, John W 7-MO, Elijah W 4-MO & Thomas K - twin 4-MO) [MO: 1860]
McFarland: Nancy Carter(5) m: John McFarland [JAMES CARTER3] > WV: Monongalia Co: 37th district: page 303: dwelling 159 (John 40-VA farmer, [by 1st wife]: dau: Ruth 17-PA, sons: Wm 15-PA & Cephas 12-PA, [by 2nd wife Nancy] dau: Joanna 4-VA, son: james D 2-VA, Mary Millikin 24-PA [note wife Nancy Carter is missing] [PA: 1860]
McIntosh: Mary Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Daniel McIntosh [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 371: dwelling 7 (Daniel 26-IN farmer, wife: Mary J 25-IN, dau: Emily Ann 4-IN, sons: George W 2-IN & Joseph E 2/12-IN, sister-in-law: Juliann Chinoworth 17-IN) [IN: 1860]
McKanna, William H.(7) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Washington bourough: page 350: dwelling 198 (William McKenna 8-PA, living with family of Henry and Rebecca Knox) [Sarah Weir , his mother died in 1843 and his father George R. McKanna is living with a new wife and 2 daughters on page 363]
McKee, Levi(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Shelby Co: district 1: page 284: dwelling 186 (L McKee 19-KY farmer living with the family of C. Thompson 30-KY) [KY: 1860]
McKee: Rhoda Peters(5) m: Peter McKee [MARY3] > IN: Blackford Co: Washington twp: page 31: dwelling 34 (Peter A 50-OH cabinet maker, wife: Rhoda 47-VA, son: William 18-OH farmer, daus: Mary 16-OH, Sarah 14-OH, Rebecca 11-OH, Elizabeth 8-OH & Laura 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
McKinley: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: David W. McKinley [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 54B: dwelling 101 (David 32-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 26-OH, dau: Sarah 7-OH, sons: William 5-OH & Joseph 3-OH, Wesley Merpen 22-OH labor) [OH: 1860]
McNaughton: Deborah Ashbrook(5) m: David Y. McNaughton [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 217B: dwelling 1304 (D.T. 25-OH none, wife Deborah 30-OH, son: Aaron 12-OH, dau: Mary 9-OH, son: James 4-OH, dau: Rebecca 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Meadows: Amelia E. Alsbury(6) m: Joel H. Meadows [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 46: dwelling 327 (Joel 19-TN farmer, wife: Amelia E. 18-IL, son: Brice M. 4/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Mechling: Celia Heaton(6) m: New Jacob Mechling [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 38: dwelling 516 (Jacob 36-PA farmer, wife: Seeby 31-IN, daus: Catherine 9-IN & Charlotte 7-IN, sons: Jonas 6-IN & Phieas 1-IN) [indexed as Michling] [IN: 1860]
Merchant: Mary Peters(5) m: Myron Merchant [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Harrison twp: page 287: dwelling 1693 (Menon 49-NY farmer, wife: Mary 38-OH, son: Charles 1/12-OH, stepchildren by Mary: Martha Pitsford 14-OH, Hiram 11-OH, Diana B 9-OH, John A 7-OH & Timothy N 5-OH) [OH: 1860]
Meredith, Benjamin John(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Greene Co: Taylor twp: page 412: dwelling 89 (Benjamin J. 27-OH cooper, wife: Rebecca 29-PA, sons: Ambrose E 7-OH & William A.D. 3-OH) [IN: 1860]
Meredith, Charles Adam(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Perry twp: page 71: dwelling 57 (Adam 22-OH laborer, wife: Margaret 24-OH, other Ann E Carney 20-OH) [OH: 1860]
Meredith, Samuel(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Greene Co: Taylor twp: page 279: dwelling 7 (Samuel 34-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 32-OH, daus: Rebecca 8-OH & Caroline 6-OH) [IN: 1860]
Meredith: Sarah Tredway(5) m: John Meredith [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 139: dwelling 15 (John S 30-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 33-MD, daus: Elizabeth 9-OH & Margaret 6-OH, sons: Christian 5-OH & Benjamin 3-OH, dau: Mary 11/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Merriam: Sarah Ann Baldwin(5) widow of Arnold F. Merriam [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay: page 32B: dwelling 144a (widowed: Sarah A. 31-VA teacher, daus: Sarah Jane 12-OH & Emily C 10-OH, son: Wm D. 7-OH) living in same house as sister Melinda & family as well as the family of Adam Steinman [OH: 1860]
Miller, John(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: town of Warren: page 66: dwelling 421 (John 22-OH grocerykeeper, wife: Ann 24-KY, dau: Clarissa L 1/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Miller: Margaret Haycraft Chenoweth(6) m: James Bowman Miller [WILLIAM3] > IL: Morgan Co: Jacksonville twp: page 170: dwelling 10 (Jonas B. 31-KY brick layer, wife: M.H. 24-KY, son J.H. 4/12-IL ) [MO: 1860]
Miller: Mary Patience Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Cromwell Miller [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: 9th district: page 425: dwelling 1640 (Thomas 60-VA farmer, wife: Mary 40-VA, sons: Joseph 18-VA & Cromwell 16-VA, dau: Mary 9-VA, mother-in-law: Rachael Chenoweth 60-VA) [WV: 1860]
Miller: Mary 'Polly' Seaton(5) m: John T. Miller [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 297: dwelling 1065 (John 49-KY Merchant, wife: Mary 39-KY, daus: Sarah 15-KY, sons: Peter [listed as female] 13-KY, Henry 9-KY, Emory 5-KY & Selden 2-KY) [KY: 1860]
Miller: Nancy Rees(5) m: John Miller, Jr. [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 385: dwelling 244 (John 56-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 44-PA, son: Abraham 17-PA, daus: Mary E 13-PA, Martha 11-PA & Ruth 9-PA, sons: Joseph 7-PA, John 3-PA & Davie 3/12-PA) [PA: 1860]
Miller: Phoebe Ann Friend(6) m: John Miller [MARY3] > IA: Keokuk Co: district 26: page 237: dwelling 195 (John 21 farmer, wife: Phebe A 19-IL, son: Newton 6/12-IA) [IA: 1860]
Miller: Priscilla Carter(5) m: Ira W. Miller [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: page 258: dwelling 722 (Ira 45-PA farmer/cooper, wife: Priscilla 42-PA, son: Henry B 21-OH cooper, dau: Clarissa 17-OH , son: Silas 16-IL farmer, daus: Viola 11-OH & Rachel 8-IL, son: William 6-IL twin, daus: Elizabeth 6-IL twin, Celia 3-IL twin & Silvia 3-IL twin, son: Ira 11/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Miller, Thomas Hutchinson(5) [WILLIAM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Ross twp: page 364: dwelling 179 (Thomas 34-OH physican, wife: Frances 26-PA, daus: Ann Lu 8-OH & Mary E 6-OH, sons: Theodore A 4-OH & Samuel R 1-IN) [living next door to Thomas is a James Miller age 36 & family and his sister Eliabeth age 41 all born in Ohio, likely siblings to Thomas] [IN: 1860]
Montgomery, David Carter(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > OH: Knox Co: Mt Vernon, 5th ward: page 215: dwelling 133 (D,C. 33-Washington Co., PA sheriff, wife: Jane P. 36-Lancaster Co., PA, other: Mary Hadley 22-Knoz Co., OH) [OH: 1860]
Montgomery: Hannah Carter(4) m: David Montgomery, widower of [JAMES CARTER3] > OH: Knox Co: Mt Vernon, 1st ward: page 236: dwelling 385 (David Montgomery 81-PA living with Amos Morgan 26-OH clerk & wife: Mary 26-PA)
Montgomery: Martha Carter(5) m: James B. Montgomery [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 374: dwelling 79 (James 45-PA millwright, wife: Martha 36-PA, sons: John 15-PA & James 8-PA, dau: Martha 6-PA, sons: William 3-PA & Benjamin 1-PA) [PA: 1860]
Montgomery, Samuel Sutton(7) [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Union twp: page 337: dwelling 832 Samuel Montgomery 35-OH. wife: Mary 26-IN, Rebecca J 1-IN, relative: Samuel 10-IN) [In 1850, Samuel Sutton Montgomery, the 10 year old son of Anchor Petro and Joseph Armstrong Montgomery, appears to be living with some unkown relative. His mother Anchor died in 1846. Samuel would married in Union Co. in 1861. What happened to father and sisters is unknown]
Moore: Anne 'Nancy' Chenoweth(4) m: James S. Moore [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 289: dwelling 397 (James 56-OH merchant, wife: Ann 53-KY, nephew: Joseph G 14-OH, Isabella Elzy 15-OH, John Feree 24-OH Methodist clergyman) [OH: 1860]
Moore: Maria Jones Clark(6) m: Hambleton Moore [SARAH3] > WV: Jackson Co: 27th district: page 234: dwelling 636 (Hambleton 30-MD miller, wife: Maria 24-OH, dau: Virginia 3-VA, son: James 7/12-VA, Solomon Sharer 10-VA) [IA: 1860]
Moore: Martha Bowman Scott(5) m: Oscar Fitzallen Moore [SARAH3] > OH: Scioto Co: Portsmouth: page 218: dwelling 599 (O.F. 33-OH att-at-law, wife: Martha B 30-OH, daus: Clay Ann 6-OH & SC 4-OH, Mary Davis 17-Wales) [OH: 1860]
Moores: Virginia Lafayette Lamon(6) m: John H. Moores [ABSOLOM3] > MO: Scott Co: 92nd district: page 168: dwelling 152 (John H 29-TN, wife: Virginia 25-VA, son: Charles B 1-MO) [OR: 1860]
Morgan, John 'Leide'(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IA: Mahaska Co: page 193: dwelling 527 (John 45-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 44-VA, son: William B. 17-IL, daus: Emily I 15-IL, Caroline L 11-IL & Lydia 2-IL) [IA: 1860]
Morgan: Melvina Chenoweth(6) m: John C. Morgan [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 2: page 315: dwelling 158 (John C 32-KY farmer, wife: Melvina 33-KY, daus: Roseann 11-KY & Sarah E 10-KY, son: William 8-KY, dau: Mary J 5-KY, son: Isaac 3-KY, dau: Malvina 1-KY) [KY: 1860]
Morgan, Nelson F(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Darby twp: page 78: dwelling 193 (Nelson F 25-OH farmer, wife: Mary 18-OH, laborers: James Rallah 22-OH, Godfrey Kegg 22-PA, James Sanders 22-VA, Washington Sanders 18-OH, Jackson 19-OH & Reuben Whittaker 20-VA, mother: Cassandra Morgan 50-OH, sisters: Ruth 18-OH & Elvira 15-OH, Mary Dalton 6-OH, George 14-Eng) [OH: 1860]
Morgan, Rees(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Dayton twp: page 293: dwelling 1725 (Rees 42-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca 36-OH, son: Philander 15-IL, dau: Mary 13-IL, sons: Foster 11-IL, David 9-IL & Courtland 7-IL, daus: Rebecca 5-IL, Sarah 3-IL & Susan 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Morris: Louisiana Percefull(7) m: Elija T. 'Elzy' Morris & Percefull: Mariah Jane Chenoweth(6) widow of William Percefull [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 2: page 315: dwelling 160 (Elzy 29-KY farmer, wife: Louisiana 18-KY, dau: Mary 1-KY, mother-in-law: Maria Percefull 40-KY, sister-in-law: Rebecca 20-KY, brothers-in-law: Isaac 15-KY, Abram 13-KY, James 12-KY, Zedeck 9-KY & Andrew 7-KY) [KY: 1860]
Morris: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: John Morris [THOMAS3] > IN: Madison Co: Anderson twp: page 62: dwelling 886 (John 50-VA farmer, wife: Mary 34-OH, dau: Mary J 14-OH [by William Cole] son: John G. 8-OH daus: Cassandra 5-OH & Rachel 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Morrison, James Nelson(5) [MARY3] > WI: Green Co: Jordon: page 296: dwelling 5 (James N. 31-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 25-OH, son: Charles M 3-WI, Dau: Mary J 1-WI) [WI: 1860]
Morrison, John(5) [MARY3] > WI: Green Co: Adams: page 297: dwelling 39 (John 38-OH farmer, wife: Mahala 34-OH, son: Wm 15-IL, dau: Martha 14-IL, son: Reason H 9-IL, dau: Margaret 4-WI, son: James 7-WI, dau: Ellen 2-WI) [William and Martha are prior to the indicate marriage: either there was a prior wife or the 1839 marriage date is a typo] [WI: 1860]
Morrison: Nancy E. Daniels(7) m: Samuel Morrison, Jr. [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 64: dwelling 575 (Samuel 25-VA farmer, wife: Nancy E 17-VA) [MO: 1860]
Morrison, Tevis(5) [MARY3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 271: dwelling 250 (2nd husband: Curtis Elliot, 32-OH farmer, wife: & widow: Eunice 26-OH, stepdau: Morrison 9-IL, stepson Eli 7-IL, new son: James Elliot 9/12-IL, Horace Palmer 30-KT trucker) [IL: 1860]
Morrison, William(5) [MARY3] > WI: Green Co: Adams: page 297: dwelling 38 (Wm Brotson 43-MD, [2nd wife] Rebecca 24-OH, apparent children by first wife: Allen L. 15-IN Emily 9-In & Eliza 5-IN, dau by Rebecca: Clarissa J. 2-WI, Children by Rebecca's 1st marriage: John Morrison 9-Il & Elizabeth R. 8-WI) [As this record is found next door to John and matches information by the Morrison line that William Morrison married Rebecca Allen b: March 25, 1825-OH on May 23, 1839, Vermilion Co., IL. However the Kerr line has that Rachel Kerr [d/o Elizabeth 'Sally' Chenoweth & John Foster Kerr] b: February 27, 1825 OH marriage a (1) William Morrison & (2) William Allen Broxson. In both cases, both lines list the same two Morrison children. The Morrison side doesn't have a continuation for the children. The Kerr side has marriages for the children and that Rachel ends up in Oregon. It is unclear what is right. It may be that William was married twice, the 2nd time to his cousin Rachel Kerr.]
Murphy: Emma Ellen Chenoweth(6) m: Owen Jarrett Murphy [WILLIAM3] > IL: McHenry Co: Greenwood twp: page 471: dwelling 38 (Owen J 33-VA farmer, wife: Emma E 26-VA, daus Melissa 7-IL, Minerva 5-IL & Melvina 3-IL, James Croner 9-?) [IL: 1860]
Nash, Thomas J.(5) [RICHARD3] > KY: Union Co: district 2: page 497: dwelling 515 (Thomas J 50-KY farmer, wife: M.M. 37-KY, dau: A. M. 19-KY, sons: Harmon B. 17-KY, Thomas J 9-KY, & F. M. 7-KY, dau: Mary B 5-KY, son: Jas G 2-KY) [KY: 1860]
Neale, James Francis(6) [ARTHUR3] > TN: Humphreys Co: page 96: dwelling 57 (James 24-MD, farmer, wife: Katherine 20-MD, son: James 2-TN, dau: Elizabeth 3/12-TN) [TN: 1860]
Needham: Nancy Ann Petro(6) [widow of William Sutton] m: (2)Adoniram Needham [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jackson twp: page 294: dwelling 192 (Adoniram 35-SC farmer, wife: Nancy 30-OH, stepsons [listed as Needham s/b Sutton]: Ambrose 11-IN, James H 10-IN & William S 9-IN, dau [by 1st wife]: Margaret 6-IN, [by Nancy] son: G.W. 3-IN, dau Rebecca 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Nelson: Sarah Heaton(6) m: James A. Nelson [MARY3] > IL: Mercer Co: Keithsburg: page 346: dwelling 36 (James 36-KY laborer, wife: Sarah 29-IN, son: William 11-IN, daus: Mary 9-IA, Syntha 7-IL & Elanor J 6-IL, son: Eli R 3-IL) [IL: 1860]
Netherton: Elizabeth Ellen Chenoweth(5) m: William E. Netherton [ARTHUR3] > IN: Bartholomew Co: Columbus twp: page 315: dwelling 349 (William 42-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-KY, son: George 10-IN, Nancy Ann 5-IN, Havilah 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Nevling: Edith Vaughn(4) widow of John Adam Nevling [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Beccaria twp: page 376: dwelling 1309 (Edith 60, son: Abraham, dau: Susannah 27-PA, son: William 24-PA miller, dau: Jane 18-PA, son: Greenbury 15-PA blacksmith)
Nevling, George Washington(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Penn twp: page 350: dwelling 935 (George W 35-PA pump maker, wife: Ethlinde Nevlin 27-PA, son: Ferdinand 2-PA, dau: Sarah E 3/12-PA)
Nevling, John(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Huntingdon Co: Warriors Mark twp: page 11: dwelling 144 (widow: Mary 36-PA, son: W H H 9-PA & J 7-PA, dau: M C 3-PA, other: Jane Cross 35-IRE) [PA: 1860]
Nevling, Thomas(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Beccaria twp: page 376: dwelling 1308 (Thomas 38-PA millwright, wife: Caroline 36-PA, daus: Lisinda 8-PA, Henryette 6-PA & Ami 4-PA, sons John A 3-PA & William 1-PA, Charles A.W. Dingee 34-PA dentist. Caroline Dingee 21-CT) [PA: 1860]
Nevling, Wesley H.(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Woodward twp: page 347: dwelling 875 (Wesley 21-PA blacksmith, wife: Sarah 19-PA) [PA: 1860]
Nichols: Nancy Carter(5) m: Isaac Nichols [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: page 75: dwelling 549 (Isaac 34-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 36-OH, daus: Emily 2-IL & Amanda 5/12-IL, William Henry 15-IN, Mary Long 10-KY) [IL: 1860]
Noe: Nancy J. Ferguson(6) widow of James T. Noe [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: page 357: dwelling 971 (Nancy J 29-KY, daus: Elisabeth 9-KY & Mary C 7-KY, son: Isaac N 5-KY) [IL: 1860]
Oakes: Mary Carter(5) m: Thomas Alexander Oakes [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: town of Warren: page 66: dwelling 424 (Thomas A 28-PA grocerykeeper, wife: Ann 31-OH, daus: Cerilda J 8-IL, Volissa 4-IL, Joanna 3-IL) [IL: 1860]
O'Neal: Amy Jane Baldwin(5) m: Charles P. O'Neal [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay: page 25B: dwelling 42 (Chas W. 39-MD lawyer, wife: Amy Jane 36-VA, daus: Josephine 15-OH, Mary E. 12-OH & Emma F 7-OH) [OH: 1860]
O'Neal: Eleanor 'Ellen' Ashbrook(5) m: George O'Neal & Ferguson: Margaret A. 'Peggy' Ashbrook(5) m: John Ferguson [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson district: page 356: dwelling 959 (George 55-VA farmer, wife: Hellen 50-KY, bro-in-law Jno Furguson ?-TN farmer, sister-in-law: Margerett 48-KY, nieces: Sarah 21-KY & Rachel 17-KY, nephew: James 14-KY, niece: Melissa 13-KY, nephews: Newton 10-KY & Henry 24-KY) [niece Martha Ferguson missing, she married Lucian B. Fant 6 days before the Census was taken on August the 9th) [KY: 1860]
O'Neal, George Washington(6) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: page 360: dwelling 1003 (George 31-VA blacksmith, wife: Harriett 33-KY, sons: James H 9-KY & George W 1/12-KY, mother-in-law?: Delila Williams 60-MD, sister-in-law?: America Williams 24-KY) [KY: 1860]
O'Neal, William Harrison(6) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: page 296: dwelling 86 (William H 31-KY farmer, wife: Mary 31-MD, daus: Mary E 8-KY, Elizabeth C 6-KY & George Ann 4-KY, son: John A 2-KY) [Urannah S., age 10 missing] [KY: 1860]
Orr: Elizabeth Tredway(6) m: William Orr [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jefferson twp: page 171B: dwelling 123 (William 24-DE blacksmith, wife: Elizabeth 23-OH, dau: Mary 3/12-OH, Joseph 20-DE blacksmith, Jack Levenz 20-OH blacksmith) [OH: 1860]
Owings: Kitturah Ann Baxter(6) m: Silas Houston [ARTHUR3] > MO: Andrew Co: Jackson twp: page 125: dwelling 1279 (Edwin 37-OH farmer, wife: Ruth A 24-OH, dau: Elumirah 2-OH, Sarah Roher 26-PA, Mary Roher 2-IL) [MO: 1860]
Painter: Hannah Chenoweth(5) m: John Painter [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Neshannock twp: page 190: dwelling 97 (John 53-MD farmer, wife: Hannah 49-VA, sons: Albert 24-PA & William 23-PA, dau: Martha 18-PA, sons: Joseph 16-PA & John 9-PA, Martin Neass 48-unk miner) [PA: 1860]
Palmer: Azubah 'Zuba' McKee(6) m: Joseph Palmer [MARY3] > IN: Blackford Co: Washington twp: page 32: dwelling 39 (Joseph 24-VA farmer, wife: Azubah 22-OH, dau: Mary S 2-IN) [IN: 1860]
Palmer: Lucinda Ashbrook(6) m: Joel Palmer [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Etna twp: page 314: dwelling 2431 (William 41-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 41-PA, dau: Mary A. 18-OH, sons: George 16-OH, Elias 13-OH, Henry 13-OH & Philip 12-OH, dau: Eliza J 10-OH, son: John 8-OH, dau: Sarah 5-OH, son: David A 1-OH, Elizabeth 4-OH) [spelled Willyard, furnished by Linnea Hyder] [OH: 1860]
Palmer: Sarah Butler(6) widow of Augustus Palmer [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 124: dwelling 762 (widow: Sarah 35-OH, dau: Elizabeth 10-OH, son: George 8-OH, dau: Augusta 5-OH, James Van Winkle 35 laborer, Abner Lane 35, constable) [OH: 1860]
Paris: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: John R. Paris [WILLIAM3] > IN: Putnam Co: Greencastle twp: page 522: dwelling 130 (John R 36-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth M 29-KY, sons: John M 6-IN, Lewis A 4-IN & "N M Paris" [Oscar F] 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Parrish, Barnett Powers(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: page 36: dwelling 461 (Barnet P. 31-OH farmer, wife: Emiline 28-IL, dau: Mary J 9-MO, sons: Ira 7-MO & William L 6-MO, dau: America 4-MO, son: John 1-MO, Jesse Hill 15-TN) [MO: 1860]
Parrish, Joseph Washington(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: page 36: dwelling 464 (Joseph 29-OH farmer, wife: Mary 29-IL, daus: Cassander 7-MO & Nancy 5-MO, son: John 1-MO) [MO: 1860]
Parrish, Meredith L.(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: page 36: dwelling 460 (Meridith 26-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 31-TN, sons: Hiram 5-MO & John 1-MO) [MO: 1860]
Parrish: Ruth Chenoweth(4) m: Ira Owen Wingfield Walker Parrish [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: page 36: dwelling 459 (wife: Ruth 53-KY, sons: John 22-IN farmer & Ira 20-IN, dau: Josephine A 17-IN, sons: Elijah 12-MO & George W 8-MO, Ira 59-VA farmer) [MO: 1860]
Partlow: Rachel Davidson(5) m: Jesse L. Partlow [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 295: dwelling 604 (living in parents houshold: parents: John Partlow 60-VA farmer & Nancy 50-KY, siblings: Emaline 31-KY & Maurice 17-IL, Jesse 25-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 21-IN, dau: Mary E 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Patterson, Kinchloe(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 281: dwelling 826 (Kincheloe 38-KY, wife: Suzy 38-KY, sons: John 12-KY & Thomas 9-KY, daus: Savinia 7-KY & Mary 2-KY) [KY: 1860]
Patterson, Seaton K.(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Daviess Co: 21st district: page 360: dwelling 207 (Seaton K 36-KY merchant, wife: Eliz'th 29-KY, son: James W 7-KY, daus: Mary C 5-KY & Eliz'th J 3-KY, son: John 1-KY, Ruth D. Jewell 14-KY) [KY: 1860]
Patton: Ann Burson(5) m: Alexander Patton [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morgan twp: page 173: dwelling 26 (Alex 30-PA M. doctor, wife: Ann 20-PA dau: Elizabeth 2-PA, son: Alex 10/12-PA) [PA: 1860]
Pearcy: Mary Coberly(7) m: Patterson Pearcy [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 72: dwelling 691 (Patterson 38-VA farmer, wife: Mary 19-VA, son: Perry 1/12-VA) [WV: 1860]
Pennington: Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: Aaron J. Pennington [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville, ward 7: page 383: dwelling 662 (Aaron 30-PA pilot, wife: Elizabeth 24-KY) [KY: 1860]
Peteet, Chenowith(4) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 303: dwelling 208 (spelled Perteet: Martha 46-GA, sons: William 19-GA farmer, John C 17-GA, Simeon M. 15-GA & Marshall 7-GA) [GA: 1860]
Peteet: John Richard Peteet, Jr(5) remarried to William Lunceford [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 301: dwelling 191 (William Lunceford 35-GA farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 28-GA [Mary Spratlin, widow of John Richard Peteet, Jr.], Lunceford children : MAry Ann 11-GA, Henry E 10-GA, Wm T 7, Peteet children: Sarah 10-GA, John J 8-GA, Mary J. 6-GA, Susan C 4-GA) [GA: 1860]
Peteet, Richard(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > AL: Macon Co: district 21: page 286: dwelling 1302 (Richard 26-GA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 20-GA, son: Richard 2/12-AL) [TX: 1860]
Peteet, Richard Wilson(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 303: dwelling 209 (spelled Perteet: Richard 26-GA brick mason) [MS: 1860]
Peteet, Simeon(4) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Meriwether Co: 59th division: page 324: dwelling 270 (Simeon 60-GA farmer, wife: Matilda 43-GA, son: John C. 16-GA, dau: Louisa A. 13-GA, son Simeon D 9-GA, dau: Ketturah 4-GA, James DuBerry 27-GA) [TX: 1860]
Peteet, William Rabun(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: 94th subdivision: page 293: dwelling 75 (Wm R 31-GA farmer, wife: Martha J 22-GA, son: Jno C 4-GA, dau: Martha E 2-GA, son: Infant 3/12-GA [this is Rabun H]) [indexed Perteet] [GA: 1860]
Peters, Aaron(5) [MARY3] > OH: Franklin Co: Prairie twp: page 116: dwelling 96 (Aaron 49-VA farmer, [4th wife] wife: Mary 44-DE?, children by 3rd wife: Lyman 14-OH & Cementha 13-OH) [OH: 1860]
Petro, David(6) [MARY3] > IN: Porter Co: Jackson twp: page 163: dwelling 12 (David 27-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 27-IN, sons: John M 7-IN, George M 6-IN, Michael C 4-IN & James 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Petro: Ivah Sutton(5) m: Michael See Petro [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jennings twp: page 226: dwelling 104 (Michael 60-VA farmer, wife: Ivah 58-PA, sons: Absolom 30-IN laborer, George 24-IN, David 20-IN, Gabriel 19-IN & Henry 12-IN, daus: Mary 26-IN & Nancy 22-IN) [IN: 1860]
Petro, James H.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville: page 180: dwelling 159 (James 33-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 29-IN, sons: Daniel M 7-IN & James A 5-IN, dau: Nancy A 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Petro, John(6) [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Center twp: page 330: dwelling 724 (John 28-IN laborer, wife: Mary J. 22-OH) [IN: 1860]
Petro, Jonathan Perry(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 233: dwelling 215 (Jonathan 34-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 28-OH, sons: Absolom 8-IN & Hiram 5-IN dau: Mary E 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Petro, Leonard(6) [MARY3] > IN: Randolph Co: Nettle Creek twp: page 35: dwelling 161 (Leonard 37-IN farmer, wife: Sarah 39-KY, daus: Maey E. 18-in & Iva J. 13-IN, son Edmund M. 9-IN, daus: Margaret D 8-IN & Eliza 5-IN, son Michael C. 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Petro, Michael C.(6) [MARY3] > IN: La Porte Co: Center twp: page 330: dwelling 76 (Michael C. 24-OH farmer, wife: Catherine J. 28-VA, daus: Rebecca D 2-IN and Mary C. 8/12-IN) [IL: 1860]
Piper: Joanna Fox(5) m: William Piper [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville: page 180: dwelling 155 (William 51-PA, wife: Joannah 47-OH, son: B F 20-OH, dau: Martha 17-OH & Maria 15-OH, sons: Oliver 12-OH, David 10-OH & William 8-OH, dau: Christiana 6-OH, son: John 3-IN, David McCann 24-IN farmer) [IN: 1860]
Piper, Osa 'Osie'(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jennings twp: page 223: dwelling 70 (Osa Piper 18-IN is living with her parents: William Lavie 59-VA farmer & mother: Emily Lavie 47-KY & 8 siblings) [married in June to Benjamin Piper, the Census taken in September records her living with her parents probably reflecting the household on June 1st, the Census Day] [IN: 1860]
Place: Eleanor Baxter(6) m: Joseph Farrow Place [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Falls twp: page 105: dwelling 527 (Joseph 32-OH farmer, wife: Eleanor 29-OH, dau: Abarilla 1-OH, 1st cousin once removed [to Eleanor]: Lewis Lane 32-OH farmer) [OH: 1860]
Pollock: Cynthia Carter(5) m: Thomas Patterson Pollock [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morgan twp: page 174: dwelling 40 (Thomas P. 52-PA millwright, wife: Sinthe 46-PA, son: John 26-PA miller, dau: Rebecca 25-PA, sons: Thomas P 24-PA & David 22-PA, dau: Hannah 20-PA, sons: Wm 18-PA & James 15-PA, dau: Sintha 12-PA, son: Havery 7-PA, dau: Nancy 3-PA) [note son Thomas is also listed as married in Jefferson twp above] [PA: 1860]
Pollock, Thomas Patterson Pollock, Jr.(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 128: dwelling 433 (Thomas 23-PA millwright, wife: Mary 22-PA) [PA: 1860]
Pool: Ruth Bell(6) m: Cyrus Pool [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Seneca Co: Pleasant twp: page 309B: dwelling 36 (Cyris 39-PA miller, wife: Ruth 28-VA, Hiram? 29-PA miller, Laura Becktie 19-PA) [OH: 1860]
Porter: Amelia Naomi Nash(5) m: James Porter [RICHARD3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 199: dwelling 367 (James 71-MD farmer, wife: Naomi 52-KY, daus: Martha 22-KY & Eliz 17-KY, sons: J A 18-KY, J B 12-KY, Ben R 9-KY, sister-in-law: Elizabeth Nash 55-KY) [KY: 1860]
Pugh: Jane Cresswell(6) m: David Pugh [JOHN3] > WV: Hampshire Co: 24th district: page 160: dwelling 285 (David 44-VA farmer, wife: Jane 40-VA, dau: Mary C 17-VA, son Jno Wm 13-VA, dau: Maria E 11-VA, son: James N 7-VA, daus: Almira V 4-VA & Martha J 1-VA, laborers: William Stewart 19-VA, James C Sloanacre 18-VA & Wm G Ridgeway 28-VA, John H Lewis 12-VA Black) [WV: 1860]
Pyle: Abigail Chenoweth(6) m: Joseph Pyle [JOHN3] > IN: Wayne Co: Franklin twp: page 258: dwelling 113 (Joseph 34-PA plasterer, wife: Abigail 19-OH) [IN: 1860]
Ramsburg: Julia Ann Dickey Chenoweth(5) m: John George Ramsburg [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: 9th district: page 398: dwelling 1236 (John 41-VA farmer, wife: Julia 35-VA, dau: Mary 7-VA, son: George 4-VA) [son John missing from record] [WV: 1860]
Randles: Elizabeth Shaw(6) m: John E. Randles [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bethlehem twp: page 204: dwelling 138 (John 31-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 25-OH, son: James 6-OH, dau: Margaret 4-OH, son: Enoch 1-OH, other Nancy Cloues 22-OH) [index as Shan] [OH: 1860]
Rarick: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: Philip Rarick, Jr. [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 443: dwelling 58 (Philip 41-OH farmer, wife Sarah 38-NJ, sons: Abram 17-OH, Isaac 15-OH, Jacob 13-OH, Adam 9-OH, Charles 7-OH & Ira 5-OH, daus: Susanah 2-OH & Catherine 1-OH) [IN: 1860]
Readnower: Mary Ann Ferguson(6) m: John Readnower [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: page 352: dwelling 891 (John 48-KY farmer, wife: Mary A 30-KY, dau: Margaret 11-KY, sons: John N 7-KY, Lewis H 5-KY & James 4-KY, dau: Sally A 2-KY, son: Francis M 11/12-KY, James Christten 12-KY) [KY: 1860]
Rees, Bowen(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: West Bethlehem: page 175: dwelling 78 (B 33-PA farmer, wife: Elisabeth 31-PA, son: John 13-PA, dau: Mary J 11-PA, son: Francis D 2-PA) [PA: 1860 living with father]
Rees, Elijah(4) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: West Bethlehem: page 175: dwelling 77 (Elijah 78-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Hannah 69-Ireland) [PA: 1860]
Rees, James Monroe(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 283: dwelling 426 (James M 25-IN farmer, wife: Mary 24-IL, sons: Ebenezer 6-IL & Wm 5/12-IL, mother: Cath'ne 58-PA) [IL: 1860]
Rees, Morgan(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 277: dwelling 332 (Morgan 41-PA farmer, wife: Eliza 35-NY son: John E 16-IL, daus: Catherine 17-IL & Mary 10-IL, sons: William 8-IL & Elijah 3-IL) [IL: 1860]
Rees, William(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IN: Carroll Co: 9th district: page 252: dwelling 39 (Mary 49-PA, widow: children by first marriage: Sarah Martin 17-PA and Abraham Martin 15-PA, stepdau: Mary Rees 14-IN, son: David B. 6-IN and dau: Nancy A 4-IN) - note Abraham Martin will mary his step sister Mary Rees [IN: 1860]
Reineking: Angelina Chenoweth(5) m: (1) Emanuel Stuckey (2) Henry Reineking [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Floyd Co: New Albany: page 335: dwelling 523 (Angelina Reineking 43-VA, stepsons: Lewis Reineking 17-IN & John W. Reineking 15-IN clerk, sons: Stephen Stuckey 15-IN student, unknown: Mahala Stuckey 12-IN & Harriett Stuckey 10-IN) [This entry remains a puzzle. Emanuel Stuckey supposedly died in 1837, but the last two daughters are after this date, yet bear the name of Stuckey not Reineking, Angelina's 2nd husband, also deceased by 1850] [IN: 1860 living with son]
Reip: Edith Amanda Chenoweth(6) m: Adam Reip [WILLIAM3] > WV: Gilmer Co: 17th district: page 14: dwelling 188 (Adam 30-PA farmer, wife: Edith 28-VA, daus: Jerusha 2-VA & Ellen 1-VA, bro-in-law: James R Cheneth 20-VA) [this is a 2nd listing for Robert James Chenoweth in the 1850 Census] [WV: 1860]
Rennix: Martha 'Patsy'(6) m: George Washington Rennix [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 44: dwelling 291 (George W 27-VA farmer, wife: Martha 23-VA, sons: Hickman 3-VA, Christopher C 2-VA & William M 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Reynolds: Elizabeth Hughes Seaton(5) m: Thomas Mercer Swann Reynolds [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 296: dwelling 1052 (Thomas 32-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-KY, sons: Simpson 8-KY & Theodore 6-KY, daus: Louisa 4-KY & Mary 1-KY) [MO: 1860]
Reynolds: Permelia 'Millie' Chenoweth(4) m: 2nd Jacob J. Reynolds [ARTHUR3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 73: dwelling 383 (Jacob 34-PA farmer, wife: Pamelia 37-OH, [by Millie's 1st marriage] stepson: Erastus Smith 16-IN, stepdau: Martha Smith 12-IN, daus: Josephine A Reynolds 6-IN & Susanna 4-IN) [IA: 1860]
Rice, John W.(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 119: dwelling 1735 (John W. 35-OH farmer, wife Martha K. 21?-OH, son: William H 11-OH, dau: Sarah M 9-OH, son: John B 4-OH) [OH: 1860]
Rice: Josinah 'Lind'(4) m: James Harvey Rice [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 220: dwelling 1602 (James H. 57-VA farmer, daus: Hannah M 22-OH & Sidney C 21-OH) [OH: 1860]
Richman : Ruth Haines(5) m: David Richman [ELIJAH3] > IL: Coles Co: New Albany precinct: page 3: dwelling 43 (David 33-VA farmer, wife: Ruth 26-OH, sons John A 10-IL, Geo W 8-IL, James 6-IL, Samuel 4-IL, Wm ? 1-IL, Thomas T 1-IL, Jonas Bragg 33-?*) *Note after the death of David Richman, Ruth would marry Alexander Bragg and name a son Jonas. The Braggs were from the same area of Virginia as David Richman. [IL: 1860]
Ridgeway, David Henry(6) [JOHN3] > OH: Highland Co: Fairfield twp: page 117: dwelling 999 (David H. 26-VA � farmer, wife: Jane 21-OH dau: Martha 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Rigg: E. Mary 'Polly' Tucker(5) m: 2nd Zachariah Rigg [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s2w : page 43: dwelling 285 (Zachariah 63-NC farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 53-VA, dau [by 1st wife]: Levenia 16-KY, step dau: Brunetta McGee 12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Rizer: Mary G. Chenoweth(5) m: Daniel Rizer [JOHN3] > OH: Clinton Co: Clark twp: page 261: dwelling 945 (Daniel 41-VA carpenter, wife: Mary G 41-VA, son: John R. J. 20-OH, dau: Mary 21-OH, sons: James 14-OH, Ellsworth 11-OH and Daniel M 5-OH, dau: Florence A 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Roan: Margaret Peteet(5) m: Willis Ivey Roan [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Grimes Co: page 377: dwelling 222 (Willis J. 59-GA farmer, wife: Margarite 50-GA, son: John P 22-GA, assumed children: Margaret 10-AL & Benjamin F 7-TX)
Rodgers, John(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Otter Creek twp: page 118: dwelling 121 (John 35-OH farmer, wife Susannah 29-IN, daus: Mary A 6-IN & Sarah E 6/12-IN, and two boarders) [IN: 1860]
Rodgers, Lewis, Jr.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Otter Creek twp: page 118: dwelling 129 (Lewis 35-OH farmer, son: Benjamin 6-IN)
Rogers: Mary Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Zadock Lovelace Rogers [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 3: page 366: dwelling 179 (Zadack 35-KY farmer, wife: Mary J 34-KY, dau Sarah P 15-KY, son: Jacob J 11-KY) [KY: 1860]
Romine: Elizabeth Haines(5) m: George W. Romine [ELIJAH3] > IL: Coles Co: Upper Okaw precinct: page 51: dwelling 55 (Geor 24-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 20-OH, dau: Saama J 1-IL) [indexed Momines]
Rose, Eli(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 213: dwelling 556 (Eli 52-KY farmer, wife: Eliz 53-KY, sons James 21-KY & John T. 14-KY) [IN: 1860]
Rose, James Seaton(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Union Co: district 2: page 486: dwelling 376 (James R 46-KY farmer, 2nd wife: J 35-KY, stepson: D A Thomason 15-KY, sons: R K 7-KY & C 3-KY, dau: M E 9/12-KY) [KY: 1860]
Rose, Tobias Butler(6) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 212: dwelling 539 (Tobias 28-KY merchant, wife: Martha 23-KY, dau Mary 3-KY, bro George 19-KY, mother Mary 48-KY) [KY: 1860]
Rose, William S.(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 214: dwelling 578 (C A 42-KY, dau: M A 18-KY, sons: R S 12-KY & J A 7-KY, R A 3-KY, mother: Margaret Seaton 70-VA, Thomas Bradberry 14-KY) [TX: 1860 widow Cynthia Seaton Rose living with daughter]
Rowan: Rachel A. Chenoweth(6) m: John Addison Rowan [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 38: dwelling 209 (John A 22-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 21-VA, bro: Eli 16-VA) [Eli Rowan will marry Rachel's sister Mary Ellen in 1855] [WV: 1860]
Rowe: Hannah Taylor(6) m: Samuel Rowe [JOHN3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Washington twp: page 207: dwelling 563 (Samuel 39-OH farmer, 2nd wife wife: Hannah 26-PA, son [by 1st wife]: Rueben L 12-OH, [by Hannah] dau: Susan 5-OH, sons: George T 3-OH & William C 10/12-OH, [by 1st wife] dau: Catherine 18-OH, possible aunt: Susannah Shoemaker 67-PA, Susannah Lee 18-MD) [OH: 1860]
Royal: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Royal [THOMAS3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 153: dwelling 6 (Thomas 36-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 35-OH, sons: John 2-IN & James 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Rutherford, James William(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Augusta Co: 2nd district: page 218: dwelling 118 (James W 32-VA farmer, sons: John 7-VA & Archibald 6-VA, wife Susan 26-VA, mother: Mary 63-VA, daus: Laura 3-VA & Cammilla 1-VA, Joseph Marshall 17-VA laborer) [VA: 1860]
Sago: Sarah Francis Alsbury(6) m: Samuel Sago [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp4 s6w : page 179: dwelling 640 (Samuel 31-PA cooper, wife: Sarah F 22-IL, son Charles 1-IL & family of Hugh W. Wrenn, cooper) [IL: 1860]
Salisbury: Frances Rice(5) m: James Salisbury [WILLIAM3] > IN: Huntington Co: 52nd district: page 2: dwelling 17 (James 32-OH farming, wife: Frances 30-OH, son: James E. 2-OH) [IN: 1860]
Sargent: Nancy Rose Chenoweth(5) m: 2nd Stephen Sargent [ARTHUR3] > IL: Coles Co: Salisbury precinct: page 78: dwelling 237 (Stephen 54-NH farmer, wife: Nancy 44-KY, dau: Margaret 6-IL, son: John 4-IL, stepson: Martin Harlan 16-IL, stepdau: Mary Harlan 21-IL - [missing George Harlan 18]) [IL: 1860]
Satterthwaite: Rebecca Chenoweth(6) m: George Ward Satterthwaite [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 752: dwelling 606 (George 24-OH, Rebecca 18-OH, son Evan 2/12-OH, bro-in-law: Joseph Chenoweth 15-OH)
Scofield: Huldah Jane Fox(6) m: Alva Dean Scofield [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 113: dwelling 1637 (Alvey D 48-OH farmer, wife: Hulda 38-OH, daus: Sarah 13-OH, Mary A 9-OH, Malina J 6-OH, Matilda 3-OH & Alvey Mc 1/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Scott: Anna Malvina Cowan(6) m: Thomas Scott [WILLIAM3] > IL: Edgar Co: 19th district: page 165: dwelling 687 (Thomas 33-Adams, OH farmer, wife: Melvinia 28-Johnson, IN, sons: Thomas 6-Edgar, IL & Alexander 4-Edgar, IL) [IL: 1860]
Scott, James B. Ford(5) [SARAH3] > OH: Ross Co: Chillocothe: page 58: dwelling 894 (James B Scott 29-OH teller in bank, wife: Catherine 22-OH, daus: E.F. 5-OH & C.O. 3-OH, other: Catherine Griffin 17-OH) [OH: 1860]
Scott, Levi(5) [SARAH3] > OH: Adams Co: Tiffen twp: page 147B: dwelling 1459 (Levi 22-OH waggonmaker, wife: Martha 22-OH, sons: John W 1-OH, Margaret Copes 16-OH, father: John Scott 64-VA) [OH: 1860]
Scott: Priscilla Gist(6) m: Thomas Scott [ARTHUR3] > IA: Fayette Co: Westfield twp: page 134: dwelling 41 (Thomas 33-PA farmer, wife: Pricilla 29-OH, sons: William 6-WI, Ashford 1/12-IA)
Scott, Thomas(4) [SARAH3] > OH: Ross Co: Chillocothe: page 67: dwelling 1016 (Thomas 77-MD lawyer, wife: Catherine 72-MD, daus: Catherine A 41-OH & Amanda 41-OH, son: Thomas T 37-OH Lawyer, Barbara Moore 19-Germany, John Brown 13-Germany)
Scowden: Dorcas Chenoweth(5) m: Alexander Scowden [RICHARD3] > OH: Pike Co: Benton twp: page 377: dwelling 1631 (Alexander 34-OH farmer, wife: Dorcas 34-OH, son: William 9-OH, daus: Nancy 7-OH & Elizabeth 4-OH, son: Samuel 2-OH, mother-in-law: Elizabeth Chenoweth 58-KY) [OH: 1860]
Seaton, Allen Rose(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Monroe twp: page 134: dwelling 357 (Allen R 42-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 38-KY, sons: George 19-KY, Charles 16-KY & John 15-IN, Dau: Mary 11-IN, son: James 8-IN, dau: Sarah 6-IN, son: Grafton W 4-IN, dau: Appia 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
Seaton, Charles Drake(5) [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: town of Camp Point: page 45: dwelling 32 (Charles D 46-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 46-VA, son: George 20-KY, daus: Sarah 17-KY, Appia 15-KY, son: James A 10-KY, daus: Mary L 7-KY & Lavina 3-KY) [IL: 1860]
Seaton, John Simpson(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 298: dwelling 1086 (John S 37-KY M.D., wife: Mary 32-KY, dau: Alice 7-KY, sons: Crittenden 4-KY & Curran 1-KY, Dan'l Butler, 31-Ireland? laborer, Sam'l Wells 22-KY, Walker Kelly 21-KY) [KY: 1860]
Seaton, Kenner(5) [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Clayton twp: page 40: dwelling 89 Kenner 27-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 27-KY, daus: Margaret A. 8-IL, Rebecca E. 5-IL & Mary J. 3-IL, Richard 8/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Seaton, Richard Aliph(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 208: dwelling 503 (R A 38-MD farmer, wife: Eleanor 32-KY, dau: Margaret 16-KY, Eliza 8-KY & Isabel 6-KY, son: James 4-KY, dau: Elode 2-KY, Jame Mohler 48-TN teamster, Martin 6-KY) [KY: 1860]
Severns: Hannah Tredway(5) m: William Severns [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: New Castle twp: page 5: dwelling 60 (William 49-VA farmer, wife: Hannah 45-MD, sons Leonard 23-OH & James 22-OH, daus: Elizabeth 18-OH, Mary 17-OH & Sarah 11-OH, son: Samuel 9-OH, Justina 6-OH, Crispin 5-OH, Ransom 3-OH, Almeda 1/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Shaw, Daniel(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 21: dwelling 85 (Daniel 27-OH farmer, wife: Atlishia 25-OH, dau: Viola 1-OH, bro John 26-OH) [Johnis also listed with his parents] [OH: 1860]
Shaw: Sarah Tredway(5) m: James Shaw [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 138: dwelling 10 (James 58-MD farmer, wife: Sarah 48-MD sons: Joshua 23-OH laborer, John 27-OH laborer, James 21-OH laborer & Kinsey 18-OH laborer � son Lewis 15-OH, daus: Mary 14-OH & Hannah 12-OH, son: Jesse 10-OH, dau: Sarah 8-OH) [last 5 children starting with Lewis found on top of next page incorrecly added to next household #11] [OH: 1860]
Sheets, Sarah Chenoweth(5) [JOHN3] > KY: Hardin Co: northern district: page 375: dwelling 317 Family of Sarah Chenoweth(5) & Jacob Sheets, deceased - [Elizabeth Sheets] - Northern district, page 375: dwelling 317 (Elizabeth 22-KY, living with Jesse S. Young & wife), [Eldridge Sheets] - Northern district, page 309: dwelling 78 (Eldridge 19-KY saddler living with Thomas W. Schuckelford & family)
Shields, Absolom Butler Chenoweth(5) [RUTH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 19th ward: page 140: dwelling 15 (Absolom 26-MD shoemaker, wife Margt 25-ENG, mother: Harriet 55-MD, assumed sister: Margt 15-MD, son: Melvin 8/12-MD) [MD: 1860]
Shields: Nancy Chenoweth(5) m: Joshua Shields [JOHN3] > IN: Henry Co: Prarrie twp: page 338: dwelling 179 (Joshua 57-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 53-VA, sons: Joshua 19-OH & Marion 17-OH, daus: Lydia 14-IN, Ellen 11-IN & Margaret 8-IN, son: James 7-IN) [IN: 1860]
Shoemaker, Leonard C.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 448: dwelling 205 (Leonard 21-IN farmer, wife: Mariah 18-IN, bros: James 19-IN farmer & Newton 17-IN farmer, mother: Anna Smith 56-KY [Ann Chenoweth married (1) John Ritchie Shoemaker (2) ? Smith], Amelia A. Chenoweth 6-IN) [Amelia is believed to be a daughter of Ann's brother Arthur and his 2nd wife Jackealina Wall] [MO: 1860]
Shoemaker: Rebecca Chenoweth(4) widow of Daniel Shoemaker [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Lauramie twp: page 177: dwelling 66 (Rebecca 52-KY, son [by 1st marriage]: James Hollenback 19-OH farmer, dau: Martha Shoemaker 9-IN, son John 11-IN, stepdau: Mary 24-OH, niece: Rebecca Williams 29-OH) [IN: 1860]
Shoot: Maria Louisa Harlan(6) m: John Sanford Shoot [ARTHUR3] > IL: Coles Co: Hitesville: page 106: dwelling 11 (John L. 27-KY farmer, wife: Louisa 26-IL, daus: Mary V 5 & Maria A 3, son Tilford 2, Lalitha Brouns 12) [indexed a Shutes] [IL: 1860]
Shriver, Arthur C.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Clermont Co: Franklin twp: page 375B: dwelling 1383 (Arthur 38-KY tinner, wife: Nancy 36-OH, son: C 10-OH, dau: Alvina 5-OH, son George A. 2-OH) [IL: 1860]
Shriver, George A.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Highland Co: Concord twp: page 235: dwelling 328 (George Shriver 30-OH farmer, wife: Mary A 28-OH, sons: Joseph 7-OH & Wm A 6-OH, dau: Eunice E 4-OH, son: James M 2-OH) [IL: 1860]
Shriver, Joseph M.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Adams Co: Sprigg twp: page 91: dwelling 631 (Joseph 34-OH tinner, wife: Catherine 35-OH, sons: William & Daniel, dau: Darcus 7-OH, son: Levi: 4-OH, dau: Sarah 2-OH, Mary Jane Coppel 22-OH, William Thurman 31-OH tinner, Jacob Coppel 18-OH tinner) [OH: 1860]
Shriver, Levi B.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Clermont Co: Franklin twp: page 385: dwelling 1535 (Levi 22-OH tinner, wife: Elizabeth E 22-OH) [IL: 1860]
Shriver, William F.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Clermont Co: Franklin twp: page 377B: dwelling 1414 (William F 35-KY merchant, wife: Eliza E 27-OH, daus: Lorilla 7-OH & Martha J 5-OH, son: Franklin L. 3-OH, dau: Mary M. 1-OH, ? Francis M. 19-OH clerk) [It is not presently known who Francis M. Shriver was] [OH: 1860]
Shrontz: Rebecca Carter(5) m: George Shrontz [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: West Bethlehem twp: page 187: dwelling 245 (George 35-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca 34-PA, daus: Elisabeth 8-PA & Catherine 7-PA son: John 6-PA, daus: Margaret A 4-PA & Mary E 1-PA , Frederick Staley 22-PA laborer) [PA: 1860]
Simmons, Hiram(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Hancock Co: page 309: dwelling 561 (Hiram 47-KY farmer, wife: Nancy 46-??, sons: Hiram S 19-IL & Isaac 10-IL, dau: Jane 8-IL, son-in-law: Aaron Carlisle 24-KY & dau: Mary E 24-IL) [IL: 1860]
Simmons, Jonathan(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Rochester twp: page 113: dwelling 1122 (Jonathan 45-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 39-KY, sons: John W 20-IN, Robert 15-IL, Jonathan 13-IA & Osborne 11-IA, daus: Charlotte 8-MO, Mary 5-MO, Catherine 2-MO & Elizabeth 1-MO) [OR: 1860]
Simmons: Mahala(6) m: Henry Childs Simmons [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: district 18: page 146: dwelling 803 (H. 30-KY miller, wife: C.M. 28-KY, daus: Luiza 7-MO, Christopher C. 6-MO, Mary C. 4-IA & Andrew Jack 8/12-IA) [IA: 1860]
Simmons: Robert Dudley(6) remarried to Franklin Kennedy [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: twp6 s2w : page 96: dwelling 1046 (Franklin Kennedy 39-KY carpenter, 2nd wife: Ann 35-NC, unk: James Hunt 16-IN & Amul 14-IL, stepchildren [by Ann]: Elizabeth Simmons 11-IA, Marion 6-MO, & John 4-MO, children [prior marriage]: William F. Kennedy 10-IL, Amira E 8-IL & Elisa J 4-IL) [WA: 1860]
Simmons, Robert Henry(7) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Hancock Co: page 309: dwelling 562 (Henry 21-IL farmer, wife: Sarah 18-IN, dau: Marinda 1-IL) [MO: 1860]
Simmons, William C.(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Warren Co: district 18: page 503: dwelling 915 (William C 31-KY, wife: Mary 29-IN, dau: Elizabeth J 12-IA, son James 3-MO, dau: Mary Ann 3-IA, son Lewis 8/12-IA) [IA: 1860]
Simons: Rachel Coberly(7) m: John P. 'Job' Simons [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 73: dwelling 699 (Job 27-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 23-VA, dau: Eliza 9-VA, sons: William H 5-VA & George W 2-VA)
Simpson: Joanna S. White(6) m: Thomas Simpson [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 238: dwelling 267 (Thomas 49-TN farmer, wife: Joanna 46-OH, daus: Nancy 23-IN, Mary 16-IN, Elizth 13-IN, Cintha A 11-IN & Mira E 6-IN) [IN: 1860]
Singleton: Louisa Collins(6) m: Samuel F. Singleton [MARY3] > KY: McCraken Co: district 1: page 136: dwelling 2 (S.F. 45-VA druggist, 2nd wife: Elizabeth R 28-TN, [children by first wife Louisa]: James W 24-KY druggist, Mary E 12-KY & John C 9-KY, dau: [by 2nd wife] Fannie W. 9/12, Ruben L Radford 7-KY, unk'n relation: Hannah W. Singleton 14-TN, L. J. Pace 24-KY grocer) [indexed as D.Z. Singleton]
Skinner: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: Joel Skinner [JOHN3] > OH: Vinton Co: Richland twp: page 276: dwelling 165 (William 42-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 44-VA, sons: Smiley C 6-OH, Harper D 4-OH & Thomas J 2-OH, dau: Jerusha M 1/12-OH)
Sligh: Frances J. Peteet(5) m: Emanuel Sligh [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > AL: Macon Co: district 21: page 234: dwelling 568 (Emanua 43-SC, wife: Francis 22-GA, sons: Soleman 8-GA & Simion 6-AL, dau: Fancy 3-AL & Mary 6/12-AL) [GA: 1860]
Smallwood: Elizabeth Scott(4) m: Walter Smallwood [SARAH3] > OH: Clark Co: Springfield: page 171: dwelling 164 (Walter 69-MD blacksmith, wife: Elizabeth 65-KY, son: T.W. 30-OH, dau: Amanda 36-OH, unknown relation Martha J 16-OH) [MO: 1860]
Smallwood, Lewis W.(5) [SARAH3] > MO: Lafayette Co: 46th district: page 155: dwelling 137 (Lewis W. 33-OH clk Ct Court, wife: Levenia I 25-NY, bro: Walter M 24-OH clerk, presumed in-laws: Eliza E. Eddy 27-NY, John 42-NY farmer, Maria 35-NY & John G 18-NY) [MO: 1860]
Smith: Eleanor 'Ellen' Chenoweth(5) m: George Smith [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 12: dwelling 160 (George 38-VA farmer, wife: Ellen 33-OH, daus: Elizabeth 7-OH, Adaline 5-OH & Mary 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Smith: Harriett Chenoweth(4) m: Amos Branson Smith [ARTHUR3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 56: dwelling 147 (Amos B 43-VA farmer, wife: Harriet 44-OH, daus: Sarah J 16-IN, Susan 13-IN & Mary E 11-IN, sons: Isaac N 10-IN, Nathan S 7-IN, Joseph W 5-IN & David M 1-IN) [IA: 1860]
Smith: Louisa Catherine 'Susan' Allen(7) m: Thomas K. Smith [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Platte twp: page 78: dwelling 657 (Thomas K. 25-MO farmer, wife: Louisa C. 22-IL, son: James F. 1-MO) - same househould as Louisa's parents. [MO: 1860]
Smith: Mary Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Henry Smith [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 46: dwelling 6 (Thomas H 33-VA merchant, wife: Mary A 25-IN) [IN: 1860]
Smith: Mary L. Bell(6) m: Daniel Smith [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Seneca Co: Pleasant twp: page 325B: dwelling 261 (Daniel 28-NY farmer, wife: Mary 28-VA, daus: Martha 6-OH & Mary B 4-OH, George V 14-NY) - this Census detail appears confused [IL: 1860]
Smith: Rachel Seaton(5) m: Washington Smith [RACHEL3] > KY: Boyle Co: district 1: page 325: dwelling 146 (Washington 33-KY teacher, wife: Rachel 27-KY, sons: Marsellus 7-MO, Canning 5-MO & Chalmers 3-KY, Mary Nicholson 14-KY, Mary C Lettiner 10-KY) [IL: 1860]
Smith: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Charles G. Smith [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 14: dwelling 181 (Charles G 48-VA farmer, wife: Rebecca 40-OH, daus: Elizabeth 17-OH, Margaret 14-OH, Manda J 11-OH, Sarah 8-OH, Nancy 6-OH & Angelina 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Smith: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: David W. Smith, Jr. [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 53: dwelling 113 (David, Jr. 28-VA cooper, wife: Rebecca 24-IN, son Henry T 1-IN, Lucetta Sanders 5-IN, Rebecca Hansicker 20-VA) [IN: 1860]
Snead: Louisa Westrope(6) m: William Gude Snead [MARY3] > WI: Grant Co: Wingville: page 181: dwelling 1405 (William 33-TN farmer, wife: Louisa 27-IL, daus: Cynthia 9-WI, Mary E 7-WI, Ellen 5-WI, Louisa 3-WI & Clementine 1-WI, bro?: Robert A. Snead 27-TN) [WI: 1860]
Southworth: Hulda Rogers(5) m: Asa Southworth [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 289: dwelling 393 (Asa S 29-OH tailor, wife: Hulda 30-OH, son: Arthur 2-OH) [OH: 1860]
Sperry: Ruth Rees(5) m: Erastus Sperry [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 282: dwelling 406 (Erastus 31-OH farmer, wife: Ruth 31-IN son: Wallace 9-IL, daus: Arminda 7-IL & Amanda 5/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Stalnaker, Eli Chenoweth(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Gilmer Co: 17th district: page 24: dwelling 351 (Eli 56-VA farmer, wife: Mary 48-VA, sons: Jacob 25-VA laborer & Uzile 23-VA laborer, dau: Rachel 20-VA, sons: Dyer 16-VA & Salathiel 13-VA) [it is assumed that 'Salathiel' is Sullivan Isaac, twin to Dyer, but the record is unclear] [WV: 1860 living with son]
Stalnaker, George Washington(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 70: dwelling 662 (Elizabeth 37-VA, dau: Mary E 9-VA, sons: Addison 8-VA & George W ?-VA) [WV: 1860]
Stalnaker, Levi Ward(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 41: dwelling 248 (Levi ?-VA farmer, wife: Amanda ?-VA, son: Isaac ?-VA) [WV: 1860]
Stalnaker: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: John White Stalnaker [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 41: dwelling 247 (John ?-VA farmer, wife: Mary ?-VA, daus: Labina 33-VA, Eliza 32-VA, Edith 21-VA & Emma 21-VA, son: John I. 19-VA) [WV: 1860]
Stalnaker: Rachel(6) m: Asbury Stalnaker [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 44: dwelling 294 (Asbury 43-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 45-VA, son: Oliver 19-VA, dau: Harriet 17-VA, sons: Henson 16-VA & Alba 5-VA, Catherine 3-VA) [WV: 1860]
Stalnaker, Richard(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Kanawha Co: Charleston: page 40: dwelling 53 Richard 43-Kanawha Co., VA? boat builder, wife: Mary 40-Nicholas Co., VA, sons: Wellington 15-Braxton Co., VA, Asbury 8-Braxton Co., VA, Morgan 4-Braxton Co., VA & Richard J 15-Braxton Co., VA) [besides listing counties of birth, the next dwelling was no marked so the record is not clear who else mayhave been in Richard's home and where the next household starts] [WV: 1860]
Stalnaker: Susannah Chenoweth(6) m: John W. Stalnaker [WILLIAM3] > WV: Wirt Co: 17th district: page 62: dwelling 105 (John 46-VA farmer, wife: Susan 37-VA, son: Marshall C 18-VA daus: Martha 16-VA, Indiana 14-VA & Virginia 11-VA, son: Milton ?-VA, dau: Louisa 3-VA, son: Mordica 1-VA) [WV: 1860]
Stanton: Malinda Wilson(6) m: Daniel Stanton [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Peoria: page 304: dwelling 2586 (Daniel 34-CT farming, wife: Melinda 26-IN) [IL: 1860]
Stell: Ivah Petro(6) m: Oliver Stell [MARY3] > IN: Porter Co: Jackson twp: page 164: dwelling 22 (Oliver C 33-OH farmer, wife: Joy 32-OH, son: Albert 6-IN, dau: Sarah J 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Stelle: Sarah Fox(5) m: Isaac Stelle [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville: page 179: dwelling 149 (Isaac 62-NJ farmer, daus: Malissa 17-IN & Maria 20-IN) [indexed as Still]
Stephenson: Indiana Chenoweth(5) m: Archibald Stephenson [JOHN3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Wayne twp: page 220: dwelling 591 (Archibald 34-TN farmer, wife: Indiana 31-IN, dau: Elizabeth 8-IN, sons: William 6-IN, Eli 5-IN & Albert 2-IN, Herny Mires 21-IN laborer) [IN: 1860]
Stewart: Luranna Gordon(5) m: Hugh Stewart [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Monroe twp: page 315: dwelling 604 (Hugh 25-OH farmer, wife: Lourane 23-OH, son: James W 1-OH, mother-in-law: Elizabeth Gordon 63-PA) [OH: 1860]
Stewart: Lydia Ann Stuckey(6) m: Benjamin B. Stewart [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Floyd Co: New Albany: page 414: dwelling 379 (Benjamin B 26-IN merchant, wife: Lydia A 19-IN, dau: Clara Stewart 4/12-IN living parents: D C Stewart 45-GA physican, wife: Althea B -OH 42, D L Stewart 22-IN physican, Sarah Holmes 24-IN) [IN: 1860]
Stewart: Prisciila Switzer(5) widow of Samuel Stewart [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: 8th district: page 142: dwelling 1403 (Priscilla 49-VA, daus: Elizabeth 25-VA, Mary 22-VA, Martha 19-VA & Priscilla 17-VA, son: Lewis S 14-VA, daus: Rachel V 9-VA & Jane E 6-VA) [VA: 1860]
Still: Eliza Petro(6) m: Jeptha Still [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville: page 179: dwelling 148 (Jeptha 30-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 25-IN, son: Omar 2-IN, dau: Olive 2-IN, son: Silas W 8/12-IN) [lives next door to father Isaac, Omar & Olive possible twins] [IN: 1860]
Stoneburner: Eleanor Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Stoneburner [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 238: dwelling 551 (Samuel 44-MD teamster, wife: Ellen 24-OH,dau: Elisa A 24-OH, son: William 23-OH, daus: Nancy A 17-OH & Margaret 15-OH, son: James 2-OH) [indexed as Shredevner] [OH: 1860]
Stover: Susan Chenoweth(2) m: Francis H. Stover [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 49: dwelling 520 (Francis 45-MD tavern owner, wife: Susan 32-MD, son: Jacob 15-MD, dau: Susan 12-MD, 4 others) [MD: 1860]
Strawn: Anna Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Cooper Strawn [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 221: dwelling 302 (Thomas 52-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Anna 52-VA [by 1st wife] daus: Martha 17-OH, Rebecca 17-OH, son Thomas 14-OH, daus: Hannah 13-OH & Catherine 11-OH) [OH: 1860]
Streett, Joseph(5) [HANNAH3] > MO: St Louis Co: district 82: page 515: dwelling 1717 (Joseph 27-MD house joiner, wife: Eliza 35-MO, dau: Isabella 1-MO) [indexed aa Strus] [MO: 1860]
Streett: Sarah Ashton(4) widow of David Streett, Jr. [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 52: dwelling 564 (Sarah 41-MD, dau: Ruth 20-MD, son: William 18-MD farmer, dau: Hannah 16-MD, sons: David 14-MD, Richard 11-MD, James 5-MD & John 3-MD) [family except for Hannah has nt be found in subsequent Censuses]
Streett: Susan Ashton(4) m: Thomas Streett [HANNAH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 5th ward: page 95: dwelling 84 (Thomas 55-MD hotelkeeper, wife: Sarah 55-MD, sons: David 28-MD, John 24-MD & Charles 15-MD, many hotel guests) [MD: 1860]
Stump: Catherine Ann Stalnaker(7) m: Silas Stump [WILLIAM3] > WV: Gilmer Co: 17th district: page 20: dwelling 281 (Silas 23-VA farmer, wife: Catherine 20-VA, dau: Melissa 10/12-VA) [WV: 1860]
Sturgeon: Margaret Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Sturgeon [JOHN3] > IN: Cass Co: Eel twp: page 511: dwelling 112 (Samuel 33-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 27-IN, son: Winfield Scott 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Sutton, Abraham B.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jennings twp: page 225: dwelling 99 (Abraham 41-OH farmer, wife: Sarah ?-SC, son: William: 14-IN, dau: Jane 12-IN, son: William 10-IN, daus: Samantha 8-IN & Elizabeth 6-IN, sons: Lafayette 4-IN & Thompson 2-IN, dau: Mary 10/12-IN, mother: Anchor Sutton 78-NJ) [IN: 1860]
Sutton, Andrew R.(6) [MARY3] > MO: Clark Co: 19th district: page 263: dwelling 336 (Andrew R 28-OH farmer, wife: Ann 24-IN, dau: Rebecca I 2-MO, son: Jefferson 5/12-MO) [MO: 1860]
Sutton, Daniel H.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Miami Co: Perry twp: page 136: dwelling 807 (Danl 32-IN laborer, wife: Martha 32-KY, dau: Nancy 7-IN, sons: Wm 5-IN & Zera 2-IN, dau: Laura 4/12-IN)
Sutton, David Sutton, Jr.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Center twp: page 491: dwelling 79 (David 48-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 52-KY, dau Margaret 25-IN, sons William 21-IN, John 19-IN, & Samuel 17-IN) [IN: 1860]
Sutton, Ebenezer Heaton(6) [MARY3] > IN: Miami Co: Perry twp: page 136: dwelling 804 (E H 36-IN phys, wife: Laura 26-NY, daus: Azra 2-IN & Maria 1/12-IN, brother-in-law: Jame Sutherln 30-NY, assumed niece: Cynthia Sutherln 8-IN, others: Ezra Ash 17-OH lab & Danl Thurston 13-IN) [IN: 1860]
Sutton, Jonathan(5) [MARY3] > IL: Scott Co: page 87: dwelling 1185 (Jonathan 46-OH carpenter, wife: Hannah 47-OH, daus: Sarah 21-IN & Rebecca 16-IN, son: Leonard 11-IN) [IL: 1860]
Switzer, George Washington(5) [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: 8th district: page 113: dwelling 1013 (George 37-VA farmer, wife: Sarah A 37-VA, daus: Roberta 7-VA & Penelope W 5-VA, son: Cephas P 4-VA, daus: Isabelle S 3-VA & Emma S 1-VA, sister: Magdelan 44-VA) [VA: 1860]
Switzer, Lewis(6) [THOMAS3] > VA: Carroll Co Co: 11th district, Hillsville: page 384: dwelling 987 (Lewis 38-VA house farmer, wife: Solinda K 32-VA, sons: Joseph L 15-VA & Augustus M. 11-VA, dau: Edmonia 6-VA & Parthenia 4-VA, probable sister-in-law: Simpkins, Sarah 19-VA) [KY: 1860]
Switzer, Madison Monroe(5) [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: 8th district: page 151: dwelling 1524 (Madison M 40-VA farmer, wife: Lucy A 40-VA, sons: James W 18-VA, dau: Mary 17-VA, sons: George W 16-VA & William B 14-VA, dau: Ann E 11-VA, sons: James H 9-VA & Nathan 7-VA, daus: Janetta 5-VA & Lucretia 3-VA) [VA: 1860]
Switzer, Thomas(5) [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: 8th district: page 151: dwelling 1522 (Thomas 50-VA farmer, wife: Mary H 45-VA, sons: Jonathan 21-VA, George H 15-VA, Will H 14-VA & Rufus 6-VA, dau: Virginia O 4-VA) [VA: 1860]
Taggart: Mary M. Chenoweth(6) m: Soloman P. Taggart [WILLIAM3] > WV: Wood Co: 65th district: page 182: dwelling 1280 (Solomon T 34-VA farmer, wife: Mary 32-VA, dau: Louisa 10-VA, son: Lourman 8-VA, dau: Elizabeth 6-VA, sons: Columbus 4-VA & William 2-VA) [IL: 1860]
Talbot: Lucy B. Daingerfield(6) m: Thomas E. Talbot [JOHN3] > IN: Putnam Co: Greencastle twp: page 503: dwelling 112 (Thomas E 29-KY, wife: Lucy B 20-VA) [IN: 1860]
Talbot: Rebecca Chenoweth(4) m: William S. Talbot [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Seal twp: page 295B: dwelling 478 (William S 43-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Rebecca 40-OH, [by 1st wife] dau: Mary S 15-OH: [by Rebecca] stepdaus: Mary Reid 13-OH & Sarah Reid 11-OH, Jas Ratcliff 45-NY laborer) [OH: 1860]
Taylor, John(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Wayne Co: Canaan twp: page 399: dwelling 247 (John 61-PA farmer, 2nd wife: Jane 37-OH, assumed dau by 1st wife: Eleanor 26-PA, Margaret Crawford 12-PA) [OH: 1860]
Taylor: Melinda Chenoweth(6) m: George Washington 'Wash' Taylor [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 41: dwelling 253 (George W 47-VA farmer, wife: Melinda 46-VA, sons: David B 21-VA & Isaac ?-VA, daus: Louisa -VA & Emaline -VA, sons: Francis 11-VA, Henderson 9-VA & Obed ?-VA, dau: Mary 4-VA) [WV: 1860]
Taylor, Richard(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Clermont Co: Monroe twp: page 16: dwelling 234 (Richard 53-PA farmer, wife: Eliza 48-PA, daus: Sarah Ann 28-PA, Mary Jane 26-PA, Maria 24-PA & Esther 22-PA, sons: Joseph S. 19-PA coppersmith & John 17-PA, daus: Eliza 14-PA, Ruth 12-PA & Caroline 10-PA, Richard E 8-PA) [OH: 1860]
Taylor: Ruth Ann Davis(5) m: Hezekiah Taylor [RUTH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 18th ward: page 8: dwelling 89 (Hezekiah Taylor 49-MD clerk, wife: Ruth A 50-MD, sons: Henry T 18-MD & Hezs B. 16-MD, daus: Ann R 13-MD, Julia A 11-MD & Adeline 8-MD, son: William H 4-MD, Elizabeth Ogle 50-MD) [MD: 1860]
Taylor: Sarah C. Gray(6) m: Elbert E. Taylor [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 252: dwelling 56 (Elbert 24-TN farmer, wife: Sarah 22-TN, dau: Cynthia 5-TN, sons: Hugh 3-AR & Elbert 1-AR) [OR: 1860]
Taylor, William Cromwell(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Circleville: page 190: dwelling 288 (William C 52-PA tinner, 2nd wife wife: Phebe 50-PA, son [by 1st wife] Jacob 30-PA brickman, [by 2nd wife] son: William 20-OH clerk, daus: Jane C 14-OH & Phebe E 12-OH, son: Allen V 8-OH)
Tharp: Margaret Chenoweth(5) m: Benjamin Northcote Tharp [THOMAS3] > IL: Tazewell Co: Pekin: page 124: dwelling 1720 (Benjn N 49-KY cooper, wife: Margarett 48-VA, son: John 16-IL)
Thompson: Anna Mariah Chenoweth(4) m: 2nd James H. Thompson [RICHARD3] > AL: Talledega Co: Talledega district: page 463: dwelling 1543 (James 37-TN farmer, wife: Ann Margaret 37-TN, dau: Margaret 12-AL, sons: William 10-AL & John 8-AL, daus: Peroxcena 6-AL & Susan 4-AL, son Felix 1-AL, stepsons: Richard 17-TN & James 15-TN) [Richard and James were Coleman sons of Anna Mariah but listed as Thompson] [TX: 1860]
Thompson: Martha 'Patsy' Chenoweth(6) m: James S. Thompson [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: town of Perry: page 56: dwelling 460 (James H 50-IN laborer, wife: Patsy 39-KY) [IL: 1860]
Thornton: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: William G. Thornton [ISAAC3] > OH: Seneca Co: Hopewell twp: page 300: dwelling 140 (William 34-OH laborer, 2nd wife wife: Elizabeth 27-OH, [by 1st wife] daus: Mary 9-OH & Sara M 6-OH)
Thurman: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: Elijah Thurman [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 407: dwelling 33 (Elijah 48-KY farmer, wife: Mary 50-VA, son: Josph 20-IN, dau: Attarah 16-IN, Ephram 15-IN, Lydia A 12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Tidball: Sarah Pearson Chenoweth(5) m: James S. Tidball [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: New Castle Borough: page 238: dwelling 256 (James S 38-PA tailor, wife: Sarah 27-PA, sons: George 3-PA & Edwin 1-PA, Thomas Marshall 18-PA tailor) [PA: 1860]
Tomlinson: Sarah Crabtree(7) m: James Tomlinson [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Jefferson twp: page 168: dwelling 1387 (James 24-OH peddler, wife: Sarah 21-OH, daus: Edmony F. 1-OH & Laura 6/12-OH)
Tredway, Chenoweth(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 158: dwelling 2155 (Chinswith 64-MD farmer, wife: Matilda 50-MD, daus: Mary 20-MD, Eliza 18-MD, Sarah 14-MD & Caroline 9-MD, James Hoff 18-MD laborer, George Howe 22-MD laborer)
Tredway, Corbin(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 139B: dwelling 18 (Corbin 37-MD farmer, wife: Mary 35-OH, sons: Abraham 17-OH, Christain 16-OH, Thomas 14-OH, Calvin 12-OH & Eliza 10-OH, dau: Martha 9-OH, Son: Daniel 7-OH, dau Elizabeth 5-OH, son: Aaron 3-OH, dau: Nancy 7/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Tredway, Daniel N.(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 32: dwelling 729 (Daniel 48-MD, wife Elizabeth 44-MD, son: James 21-MD, dau: Ellen 19-MD, Sons: John 17-MD & Daniel 15-MD, Miranda 10-MD) [MD: 1860]
Tredway, Nicholas N.(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 20th ward: page 300: dwelling 940 (Nicks 29-MD wagoner, wife: Mary 29-MD, son: Wm 6-MD, dau: Sarah 4-MD, son: Francis 1-MD, bro: John 25-MD bricklayer) [MD: 1860]
Tredway: Ruth Peteet(4) m: John Tredway [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 17B: dwelling 938 (John 79-MD farmer, wife: Mary 32-MD, son: John 39-MD farmer, dau-in-law: Mary 40-MD, grandchildren: Eliza 14-MD, Hanna 12-MD, James 10-MD, Lucretia 8-MD, John 5-MD & Mary 2-MD)
Tredway, Thomas P.(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 20th ward: page 299: dwelling 939 (Thos 50-MD milkman, 2nd wife: Jemima 40-MD, [children by 2nd wife] son: Nelson 9-MD, dau: Elmira 8-MD, sons: Silas 5-MD & James 4-MD, dau: Mary 2/12-MD, Mary Hamelton 19-MD) [MD: 1860]
Tredway, Thomas(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 164B: dwelling 27 (Thomas 50-MD farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 45-PA, sons: [by 1st wife] Rezin H 17-OH, Christman L 15-OH, Joseph L 13-OH, [by Mary]: Garrett L 4-OH & Thomas F 2-OH, apparent stepchildren: Priscilla 13-OH & Aaron C 11-OH) [OH: 1860]
Tricker: Margaret 'Peggy' Seaton(5) m: Nelson Tricker [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 294: dwelling 1019 (Nelson 33-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 29-KY, dau: Louisa 10-KY, sons: Jas 8-KY & Wm 6-KY, dau: Alice 1-KY) [KY: 1860]
Trimble: Ann 'Nancy' Carter(4) widow of William Trimble [WILLIAM CARTER3] > IL: Kane Co: Burlington: page 83: dwelling 83 (Allen 22-OH farmer, mother Nancy 62-PA)
Trimble: Edward(5) m: Abbrilla Ross, widowed, remarried to Thomas Powell [WILLIAM CARTER3] > OR: Marion Co: page 81: dwelling 124 (Thomas Powell 39-ENG blacksmith, wife: Avillia 35-OH, [Trimble step children of Avillia ]: Franklin 11-IA, Marth 9-IA, Angus 7-IA & Mary 4-OT [Oregon Territory]) [OR: 1860]
Trimble, George Washington(5) [WILLIAM CARTER3] > WI: Walworth Co: Linn: page 274: dwelling 773 (George 39-PA farmer, wife Lucinda 28-IL, son: Franklin 14-IL, daus: Sarah 12-IL, Mary 9-IL, Elizabeth 6-WI, Abigial 4-WI & Harriet A 2-WI) [Indexed as Tremble] [WI: 1860]
Trimble, William Trimble, Jr.(5) [WILLIAM CARTER3] > IA: Keokuk Co: district 26: page 251: dwelling 401 (Wm 44-PA farmer, wife: Caroline 43-NY, daus: Almeda 11-IL & Phelena 8-IL [believed to be Julia]) [IA: 1860]
Triplett: Nancy Chenoweth(6) m: William Triplett [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: page 190: dwelling 791 (William 26-KY farmer, wife: Nancy 26-KY, sons: Lewis 3-IL & John 1-IL, father: Lewis 55-KY carpenter, sister: Mary A 22-KY) [IL: 1860]
Tucker, John(5) [MARY3] > IA: Keokuk Co: district 26: page 238: dwelling 211 (John 50-VA farmer, Emma 38-NC, daus: Susan 13-IL & Mary A 12-IL, son: Charles A 9-IA, daus: Martha E 7-IA & Elizabeth 4-IA, son: John 1-IA) [IL: 1860]
Tucker, Levi(5) [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: page 116: dwelling 664 (Levi 55-VA cooper, wife: Sarah 49-VA, son Charles 25-VA cooper, dau Sarah 20-IL, son Brice 18-IL, dau Eliz 17-IL, son John 15-IL, dau M.A. 12-IL, son Henry 10-IL, dau Harriet 10-IL, Joseph McKenzie 30, Mary 26, Martha 7/12-IL)
Tucker, Thomas A.(6) [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: page 155: dwelling 403 (Thomas 26-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 20-IL, dau Sarah 2-IL, son George 4/12-IL) [IA: 1860]
Tucker, Thomas Wheeler(6) [MARY3] > IA: Keokuk Co: district 13: page 441: dwelling 575 (Thos W. 27-OH - farmer, wife: Sarah 19-OH, dau: Betsy A. 1-IA) [IA: 1860]
Tucker, William(6) [MARY3] > IA: Keokuk Co: district 26: page 236: dwelling 179 (Wm 22-IL farmer, wife: Elizabeth 22-IN, presumed bro-in-law: Edward Parnel 6-IL, dau: Louisa 1-IA) [IA: 1860]
Tucker: William(5) m: Harriett Doughty [MARY3] > MO: Jasper Co: 41st district: page 402: dwelling 605 ([widow] Hariett 45-OH, sons: John 22-OH farmer, Thomas 18-IN, daus: Phoebe 15-IN, Martha 13-IN & Harriett 10-IN) [MO: 1860 widow Harriet living with son]
Turner: Susannah Chenoweth(4) m: John R. Turner [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Scioto Co: Portsmouth: page 208: dwelling 450 (Jno R. 63-VA clerk of court, wife: Susan 50-OH, Samuel S. Dineham 14-OH clerk, Mary S Reed 14-OH) [OH: 1860]
Tuttle: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: Jesse Tuttle [THOMAS3] > IL: Woodford Co: 56th district: page 493: dwelling 708 (Jesse 50-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 43-OH, son: Henry 15-OH, dau: Rebecca 10-IN, Wesley 5-IL, dau Mary age 11 missing) [IL: 1860]
Tyler: Mary 'Polly' Seaton(5) m: Milton William Tyler [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 198: dwelling 344 (Milton 38-KY farmer, wife: Mary 36-KY, son: Lewis 15-KY, dau: L J 14-KY, sons: L S 12-KY & Ch's T 10-KY, dau: M J 4-KY, son: Milton 5/12-KY, John Bradberry 16-KY laborer) [IN: 1860]
Van Cleave: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: Joseph Van Cleave [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Otter Creek twp: page 118: dwelling 123 (Joseph W 26-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 32-OH, others: James Dias 13-IN, Thomas Adams 27-IN, Mary Ann 20-IN, Minor 2-IN, Samuel 11/12-IN) [IA: 1860]
Vance: Malinda Bromwell Baldwin(5) widow of Joseph Colville Vance, Jr. [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay: page 32B: dwelling 144b (widowed: Malinda 25-VA, Son: Joshua 5-OH, dau: Amy Jane 2-OH, son: Joseph C 6/12-OH) living in same house as sister Sarah & family as well as the family of Adam Steinman [OH: 1860]
Vance: Sarah Heaton(6) m: William Wolsey Vance [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 412: dwelling 1057 (William 44-PA farmer: wife: Sarah 34-IN, sons: Ebenezer 13-IN & David 11-IN, dau: Mary A 8-IN, Minda 6-IN, Miranda 5-IN, son: William 2-IN & Leander 0-IN) [IN: 1860]
Vaughn, Christian(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Centre Co: Taylor twp: page 281: dwelling 26 (Christian 34-PA colier, daus: Susan 11-PA, Catherine 10-PA, Tamar 8-PA & Sarah Jane 5-PA, son: John 2-PA, brother; William 19-PA, ?: Susanna Emigh 47-PA) [PA: 1860]
Vaughn, John(4) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Centre Co: Taylor twp: page 281: dwelling 28 (John 62-PA, wife: Catherine 56-PA, daus: Tamer 15-PA & Charlotte 5-PA) [there is an unkown Richard Vaughn living in dwelling 20] [PA: 1860]
Vaughn, Thomas(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Centre Co: Taylor twp: page 283: dwelling 50 (Thomas 42-PA farmer, wife: Susan 32-PA, sons: Benjamin 14-PA & Henry 12-PA, daus: Nancy 11-PA, Mary 8-PA & Eppy 6-PA, son: Thomas 3-PA) [PA: 1860]
Vertrees: Lucinda Chenoweth(6) m: Joseph Vertrees [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: town of Perry: page 55: dwelling 454 (Joseph 45-KY cabinet maker, wife: Lucinda 33-KY, daus: Hester 15-IL, Cinderella 13-IL, Amelia A 10-IL, son: Jacob 9-IL, dau: Mary J. 7-IL, sons Charles 5-IL & John 1/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Vroman: Mary Ellen Westrope(6) m: Joseph Vroman [MARY3] > WI: Dane Co: Greenfield: page 306: dwelling 607 (Joseph 34-NY farmer, wife: Mary 28-NY [s/b IL], son: George 9-WI, daus: H 8-WI & Emiline 6-WI, sons: Hiram 4-WI & John 2-WI, Francis Knowles 24-NY, Samuel Littlefield 22-ME) [WI: 1860]
Waggaman: Melinda Pearl Heaton(6) m: Samuel Waggaman [MARY3] > IN: Clinton Co: Michigan twp: page 422: dwelling 13 (Samuel 27-NC farmer, wife: Malinda 22-IN, sons: David J 5-IN, Andrew L 2-IN, dau: Mary A 11/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Wallace: Margaret Seaton(5) m: James A. Wallace [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: town of Camp Point: page 33: dwelling 96 (James A 35-K6 farmer, wife: Margaret 31-KY, dau: Eleanor A. 8-IL, sons: Richard 6-KY & William K 3-IL, dau: Rebecca A. 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Walters: Katherine Ashbrook(5) m: Samuel Walters [MARY3] > OH: Perry Co: Thorn twp: page 411: dwelling 1278 (Samuel 38-OH farmer, wife: Catherine 36-OH, sons: Eli P 12-OH & Aaron A 10-OH, daus: Lara K 7-OH & Adeline A 10/12-OH, Jacob Salliday 22-OH) [OH: 1860]
Walters: Mary Kagy(6) m: Jacob M. Walters [MARY3] > OH: Franklin Co: Prairie twp: page 156: dwelling 173 (Jacob 28-OH farmer, wife: Mary 22-OH, dau Ophelia 1/12-OH, Henry Jones 10-OH) [this entry is not proven but appears to fit] [IL: 1860]
Walton: Catherine Chenoweth(6) m: Lester Wayne Walton [JOHN3] > IN: Huntington Co: 52nd district: page 82: dwelling 1172 (Lester 35-PA farmer, wife: Catherine 25-OH, son Abraham 8-IN , daus: Phebe 6-IN & Sarah 1-IN, mother: Ruth 53-PA, brother: Lewis 25-PA) [IN: 1860]
Warner: Isabell Jane Chenoweth(5) m: Charles R. Warner [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 203: dwelling 5 (Charles 30-OH farmer, wife: Isabella J 24-OH, dau: Sarah J 2-OH, son Francis M 1-OH) [OH: 1860]
Warner: Margaret Jane(5) m: John Warner [ARTHUR3] > OH: Union Co: Claibourne: page 14: dwelling 172 (John 27-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 34-OH, sons: Robert N 14-OH & John E 12-OH, dau: Anna J 9-OH, sons: George B 4-OH, James 3-OH & William A 1-OH, mother Julia A 73-MD) [OH: 1860]
Warner: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: Dennis Warner [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: London: page 198B: dwelling 39 (Dennis 30-OH physican, wife: Mary 20-OH) [OH: 1860]
Watkins: Mary J. Clark(6) m: Stephen Watkins [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp3 s3w : page 46: dwelling 329 (Stephen 25-IN farmer, wife: Mary J. 23-IL, sons: John 2-IL & Thomas 3/12-IL) [IL: 1860]
Weatherman: Delilah Chenoweth(5) m: 2nd John Weatherman [WILLIAM3] > MO: Taney Co: Jasper twp: page 371B: dwelling 436 (J 71-NC, farmer, wife: D 55-VA, (step) dau: M 25-KY) - this is belived to be a 2nd marriage of Delilah Chenoweth. Her husband, Frederick Casebier, is given to have died in 1826. There is a 1828 marriage in Morgan Co., IL, a place where the Casebiers and Chenoweths of Jonathan were, of a Delilah L. Casebier to John Weatherman. 'M' is most likely Minerva Casebier who is living with Delilah in 1860 [MO: 1860]
Webb: Nancy C. Gist(6) m: Benjamin Webb, Jr. [ARTHUR3] > IN: Clinton Co: Washington twp: page 333: dwelling 47 (Benjamin 55-ME farmer, wife: Nancy 44-VA, dau: Emily 18-OH, sons: Samuel 15-OH & George 12-OH, dau: Ann M 10-OH, son Charles 6-OH, John McClurge 13-OH) [IL: 1860]
Wees: Leah Chenoweth(6) m: Elijah Wees [WILLIAM3] > WV: Jackson Co: 27th district: page 197: dwelling 123 (Elijah 38-VA cabinet maker, wife: Leah 35-VA, daus: Angeline E 16-VA, Nancy 13-VA, Edith 11-VA & Martha 9-VA, son: John R 3-VA) [WV: 1860]
Weese: Edith Chenoweth(6) m: Eli Weese [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: 52nd district: page 69: dwelling 644 (Eli 34-VA farmer, wife: Edith 37-VA, son: Talbert 12-VA, Phebe A. 11-VA, Lydia M. 1-VA, mother: Sarah Buckey 69-VA) [Sarah Isner remarried to Peter Buckey, II after Jacob Weese, Jr. died] [WV: 1860]
Weir: Mary Carter(5) m: Adam Weir, II [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Morris twp: page 400: dwelling 35 (Adam 54-PA farmer, wife: Mary 53-PA, daus: Maria 23-PA & Charlotte 21-PA, sons: John 19-PA, William 17-PA, Henry C 14-PA, Caleb 11-PA & James P 9-PA, 2nd family in household: son-in-law James N Ringland 34-PA drover, dau & wife: Jane B 26-PA, grandsons: Bernard 4-PA, Thomas 3-PA & Adam W. 5/12-PA) [IA: 1860]
West: Rachel C. Chenoweth(5) m: Charles West [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 54: dwelling 91 (Chas 36-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 33-OH, sons: Joseph 12-OH & Charles 8-OH, daus: Margaritt 4-OH & Mary 2-OH, Femonds Swaggan 18 laborer) [OH: 1860]
Westrope: Sarah 'Sallie' Ashbrook(5) m: Abner Westrope [MARY3] > WI: Lafayette Co: Kendall: page 337: dwelling 28 (Abner 52-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 45-KY, dau: Ellen A 20-IL, son: Austin 16-IA, dau-in-law Sarah A. 20-IN, Robert Clyde 19-PA) [WI: 1860]
Westrope: William Boone(6) m: Sarah Rebecca Evans [MARY3] > WI: Lafayette Co: Kendall: page 337: dwelling 27 (mother: Ann Evans 42-PA, wife of WIlliam: Sarah R Westrophe 20-PA, brothers: Jonathan H Evans 19-PA, Thomas E 17-PA & George F 15-PA) [William though married has not bene found] [WI: 1860]
Whitaker, Blandford B.(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Owen Co: Wayne twp: page 14: dwelling 179 (Bland B 52-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 59-VA, dau: Elizabeth 25-KY sons Bland 21-IN & Newton J 16-IN, & Levi W 14-IN, grandau Elizabeth 6-IN, grandson: Bland B 4-IN) [IN: 1860]
Whitaker, Grafton Baker(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 68: dwelling 803 (G.B. 51-KY farmer, wife: Margrot 49-KY, stepdau: Sarah J Pemberton 28-KY, sons: Levi B 22-IN, Wm K 21-IN, David L 20-IN & Eli D 15-IN, daus: Louisa J 14-IN, Delila C 12-IN & America T 5-IN) [IN: 1860]
Whitaker, James Kenner 'Big Jim'(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 76: dwelling 912 (James K 31-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Elender 25-IN, [by 1st wife] dau: Elibesiah 6-IN) [Note 2 sons living with grandparents in neighboring Owen Co.] [IN: 1860]
Whitaker, John J.(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 77: dwelling 916 (John J 44-KY farmer, wife: Mary 43-PA) [IN: 1860]
Whitaker, Kenner Seaton(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 77: dwelling 918 (Rebecka 50-KY farmer, dau: Sarah 21-KY, sons: George W 17-KY, John J 15-KY, James K 13-KY & Cornelius H 10-KY, cousin: Elvisa S. Fredrick 8-IL) [for Elvisa's family see family of Richard S. Frederick(5) below] [IN: 1860]
Whitaker, Levi W.(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 76: dwelling 910 (Levi 47-KY farmer, wife: Mary 40-KY, dau: Margaret 24-KY, cousin: Levi W Fredrick 11-IN) [for Levi W's family see family of Richard S. Frederick(5) below] [IN: 1860]
White, Daniel Heaton(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 235: dwelling 232 (Daniel 46-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 37-KY, son Arvin: 22-IN dau: Nancy 17-IN son: John 18-IN, dau: Hannah, 13-IN, son: Harvey 11-IN, daus: Mary 5-IN & Lavina 1-IN) [IN: 1860]
White: Mary Heaton(5) m: Joseph White [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 235: dwelling 234 (Joseph 76-MD farmer, wife: Mary 68-PA) [State locations appear to be reversed]
White: Sarah Ann(7) m: Josiah Beaver [MARY3] > IN: Huntington Co: 52nd district: page 9: dwelling 113 (Josiah 28-PA farmer, wife: Sarah Ann 20-IN, dau: Marian D 10/12-IN) [IN: 1860]
Whittredge: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Whittredge [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 12: dwelling 161 (Thomas 49-VT farmer, wife: Elizabeth 41-OH, sons: Horace 15-OH, John 12-OH & Thomas 9-OH, dau: Elizbeth 6-OH) [OH: 1860]
Williams: Anna Chenoweth(4) m: Thomas Williams [JOHN3] > IA: Mahaska Co: Oskaloosa: page 173: dwelling 266 (Thomas 43-VA, wife: Anny 41-OH, daus: Mary 21-IN, Martha 18-IN & Amanda 15-IN, sons: William C 14-IN, John B 9-IN, Ferdinand 2-IN, James B 12, IN, dau: Isabel 4-IA)
Williams: Elizabeth K. Whitaker(5) m: John Williams, Jr. [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 183: dwelling 98 (John 48-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth K 38-KY, children by 1st wife: John 19-KY, William 18-IN, Milita 15-IN, & Levi 9-IN) [note there is a curious line space following this family. As John and Elizabeth had a daughter Mary that year it may be that the Census taker intended but forgot to write her down] [IN: 1860]
Williams: Francina A. Ashbrook(5) m: Thaddeus Williams [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 203: dwelling 503 (Thadius 48-PA farmer, wife: Francina 46-VA, dau: Joyann 18-OH, sons Miner 15-OH & Orman 11-OH, dau: Alma L. 5-OH) living next door is an unknown Levi Ashbrook 23-OH [OH: 1860]
Williams, Joseph A.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Wells Co: Harrison twp, Bluffton: page 379: dwelling 15 (Joseph A. Williams, 43-VA miller, wife: Francis 39- PA, bro: William 36-OH school teacher, Minerva French 22-NY, Minerva Huffman 8-OH) [IN: 1860]
Williams: Mary Polly Ashbrook(5) m: Elijah Williams [JOHN3] > KY: Kenton Co: Covington City: page 289: dwelling 1204 (E. 53-VA, wife: Mary 48-KY, son: George 22-KY, child or grandchild: Elijah 5-KY & Harriet 3-KY, dau: Elizabeth 16-KY, mother-in-law: Ellen Ashbrook 79-VA)
Williamson: Jane Chenoweth(5) m: John Pierce Williamson [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 252: dwelling 454 (Jno P 59-PA farmer, ?: Sarah 39-KY, dau: Eliza 32-KY, sons: Jno 20-KY & James 18-KY, ?: Elizabeth 16-KY & Washington 14-KY) [it is not knowm how Sarah, Elizabeth and Washington fit into this family. Jane Chenoweth died about 1836]
Williamson, Oliver Perry(6) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 266: dwelling 608 (Oliver P 30-KY farmer, wife: Columbiana 28-KY, sons: Geo 6-KY, Wm 5- KY & Oliver 6/15-KY, Nevi Nett 19-KY) [KY: 1860]
Williard: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: William Williard [ISAAC3] > OH: Licking Co: Hanover twp: page 339: dwelling 301 (William 4-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 41-PA, dau: Mary A. 18-PA, sons: George 16-OH, Elias 13-OH, Henry 13-OH & Phillip 12-OH, dau: Eliza 10-OH, son: John 8-OH, son: Sarah M 5-OH, son: David A. 1-OH, dau: Elizabeth 4 OH) [indexed as Wilyard] [OH: 1860]
Wilson, Edward Chenoweth(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 480B: dwelling 1354 (Edw'd 42-PA farmer, wife: Jane 42-PA, dau: Martha 21-OH, son: James 19-OH, dau: Sarah 17-OH, sons: John 15-OH & Robt 11-OH, dau: Cythnia 9-OH, son Edw'd 8-OH, dau: Mary E 6-OH, son: Thomas 3-OH, Harriet M 6/12-OH) [OH: 1860]
Wilson: Eleanor Chenoweth(5) m: William C. Wilson [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Peoria: page 301: dwelling 2548 (William 51-NC farming, wife: Ellen 47-VA, son: Samuel S 22-IN, dau: Mary J 20-IN, sons John 17-IN & William 14-IL, dau Rachel 13-IL, James M 10-IL, dau Martha E 3-IL, Calvin & Joseph Ramsey 24/22-Il brickmakers) [IL: 1860]
Wilson, Frederick(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 479B: dwelling 1339 (Frederick 23-OH farmer, wife: Adeline T 19-OH) [OH: 1860]
Wilson: Harriet(4) m: James Wilson [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 114: dwelling 1535 (James 60-MD laborer, wife: Harriet 50-MD, Robt Montgomery 30-MD cooper, dau: Alse? 33MD) [This Census listing, found by Rick Dahlgren, is assumed to be Harriet. It is 13 houses from her nephew William Robinson Chenoweth. In 1860 Harriet Wilson, age 56, apparently widowed, is living with her other nephew, John Bradford Chenoweth] [MD: 1860 widowed Harriett living with nephew]
Wilson, Joseph Chenoweth(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Peoria: page 301: dwelling 2547 (Joseph C 27-IN farming, wife: Susannah E 29-VA, son: John C 3-IL) [TX: 1860]
Wilson, Joseph R.(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 480: dwelling 1340 (Joseph 28-OH farmer, wife: Tamer 19-OH, bro: James 16-OH) [OH: 1860]
Wilson: Margaret Whitaker(6) m: Andrew Wilson [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 77: dwelling 919 (Andrew 28-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 23-KY) [IA: 1860]
Wilson, Norval(6) [RICHARD3] > IN: Jefferson Co: Madison, 5th ward: page 99: dwelling 112 (Norval 17-IN clerk is listed in a hotel run by A.H. Reed) [IN: 1860 living with sister]
Wilson: Rachel Chenoweth(5) widow of Spencer Wilson [ABRAHAM3] > IA: Louisa Co: Grandview twp: page 73: dwelling 79 (Rachel 29-OH, son : John 8-IA, daus: Nancy 6-IA & Rachel S 2-IA)
Wilson: Ruhanna Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Wilson [RICHARD3] > IN: Jefferson Co: Madison, 6th ward: page 109: dwelling 447 (Samuel 62-ENGLAND, wife: Ruhanna 40-KY, son: T.R. 21-IN farmer, dau: Adelade 18-IN, sons S.R. 12-IN & Richard 10-IN) [note 12 year old son S.R. appears to be 21 year old daughter Stella R. in 1860 Census) [IN: 1860]
Wilson, Zachariah(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 479B: dwelling 1338 (Zachariah 26-OH farmer, wife: Mary A 24-OH, dau: Elisabeth 1-OH, bro: Robert 17-OH) [OH: 1860]
Wing: Elizabeth M. Chenoweth(6) m: Matthias Wing [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: 4th precinct, twp 5s Range 3w: page 29: dwelling 92 (Matthias 27-TN farmer, wife: Mary 25-KY, sons: John 4-IL & Robert 1-IL) [IL: 1860]
Wirick: Isabel Brown(6) m: John Wirick [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Reading Twp: page 353: dwelling 451 (John 24-OH farmer, wife: Isabel 20-OH)
Wood: Rachel Ann Cowan(6) m: Andrew Buchanan Wood [WILLIAM3] > IL: Edgar Co: 19th district: page 166: dwelling 691 (A. B. 32-Clermont, OH farmer, wife: Rachel A 32-Cumberland, PA, daus: Melvina 8-Edgar, IL, Julia A 6-Edgar, IL, Lurena 4-Edgar, IL & Mary L 2-Edgar, IL) [IL: 1860]
Wood: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: David T. Wood [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Swan twp: page 340B: dwelling 9 (D T 36-KY farmer, wife: R 33-OH, sons: W 9-MO, T M 7-MO, G W 5-MO & J B 3-MO, dau: P 1/12-MO) [MO: 1860]
Woods: Hannah Heaton(5) m: Robert Woods [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 276: dwelling 366 (Robert 44-KY farmer, wife: Hannah 42-OH, daus: Elvira 16-IN & Nancy 13-IN, son: Henry 11-IN, dau: Caroline 5-IN, son: Robert 3-IN) [IN: 1860]
Wright: Catherine Nevling(5) m: Henry Boehm Wright [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Beccaria twp: page 379: dwelling 1339 (Henry B 40-DE farmer, wife Catherine 34-PA, daus: Edith A 10-PA & Mary B 8-PA, sons: William M 6-PA & John A 3-PA, dau: Harriet M. 1-PA) [PA: 1860]
Wright: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: James Wright [RICHARD3] > IA: Lee Co: district 29: page 490: dwelling 1542 (James 44-OH farmer, wife: Mary 23-KY, dau: Ellen J 17-IN, sons: John T 15-IN & Norville A 12-IA, dau: Martha A 9-IA, son: Samuel B 5-IA, dau: Mary A 2-IA) [IA: 1860]
Wright: Olive C. Whittredge(6) m: Benjamin Wright [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 12: dwelling 157 (Benjamin 23-OH farmer, wife: Olive 20-OH, dau: Estella 11/12-OH, Thomas Wright 23-OH, living with Marcus A Barnett 29-OH farmer & son Henry 3-OH) [OH: 1860]
Young: Hester 'Hetty' Chenoweth(6) m: John Young [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: northern district 2: page 322: dwelling 270 (John 30-KY farmer, wife: Hester 30-KY, sons: Isaac 8-KY, Charles 5-KY, John 3-KY & Thomas 1-KY)
Zell: Margaret Eveline Chenoweth(5) m: Lewis A. Zell [THOMAS3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Martinsburg: page 351: dwelling 351 (Lewis 23-MD moulder, wife: Margaret 17-MD, dau: Emma 1-MD) [MD: 1860]

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