Chenoweth families in the 1860 Census

8th Census: "the eve of the Civil War"

The Families of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

(research by Peter Chenoweth, Dot Tucker-Houk & Jon Egge)

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note: The area of the future state of West Virginia has been broken out separately. The name of the third generation line is given in brackets. The color of this name represents which 2nd generation line it belongs to, so each entry is assigned to its third generation branch.

This is my crude attempt at showing the family distribution in 1860 with the states colored with the various family branches settled in each. Descendants of John were in 16 states, Richard 8, Hannah 11, Arthur 18, William 8, Thomas 11 & Ruth 6.

Some 1,476 households and some 7,434 family members of the families of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert found in the 1860 Census are depicted on this page, up a remarkable 46% over the 1850 households. The listings include 21 additional Chenoweth families of 12 seperate lines we believe are part of the family but lack proper identification. The reader is urged to read a fuller discusssion of the 1860 Census as found on the site Census page.

Caveat: The detail here is my transcription and subject to error and interpretation. Census records and the cursive used are often difficult to decipher. The quality of the transcript varies and can border on illegible. One should always examine the record itself to be sure.) The relationships given in each detail are my interpretation. Such relationships were not given in Census detail until 1880. Married daughters listed by married name.

HEADINGS: Last Name, Given name + maiden name (for females), Line, Location, Detail

Acker: Margaret Ann Brown(6) m: Adam Acker [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Clayton twp: page 176: dwelling 279 (Adam 39-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 34-OH, daughter: Carrin 14-OH, sons: Otto 12-OH, Herman 10-OH, daughter: Ellen 6-OH) [OH: 1850]
Adams, Alfred Greer(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Knox Co: Elba twp: page 365: dwelling 619 (Alfred 26-IL farmer, wife: Matilda 28-IL)
Adams, Mahala Anne(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Peoria Co: Brimfield twp: page 780: dwelling 159 (Mahala Adams, living as a dometic in the household of David Kemp 42- wife Sarah 38-OH & family) [IL: 1850 root family]
Agee: Mahala Allen(7) m: Michael Agee [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Platte twp: page 299: dwelling 549 (Michael 28-TN farmer, wife: Mahala 24-KY, sons: Jas L 6-MO & Thos B 4-MO, dau: Sarah 1-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Aiken: Phebe Ann Alsbury(6) m: Augustus Aiken [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 461: dwelling 51 (Augustus 43-TN farmer, wife: Ann 30-IL, dau: Josephine 12-IL, son: James 10-IL, dau: A. 7-IL, sons: Douglass 6-IL & Richardson 4-IL, dau: Mary 3-IL, son: John 4/12-IL)
Aikman: Eliza Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas A. Aikman [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: Marion PO: page 814: dwelling 101 (F.A. 38-IN miller, wife: E.J. 39-KY, daus: Elizabeth 11-IL & Harriet A 9-IL, son: Willis 5-IL, Frances A. Aikman 18-IL teacher) [IL: 1850]
Akin: Mary Alvira Alsbury(6) m: Joel Akin [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 459: dwelling 37 (Joel 30-IL farmer, wife: Alvira 24-IL, son: John 6-IL, daus: Martha 4-IL & Mary 2-IL [indexed as Akers])
Albert: Ruth Foreman Hawkins(6) m: Peter Albert [WILLIAM3] > KY: Anderson Co: Lawrenceburg PO : page 91: dwelling 749 (Peter 38-KY shoemaker, wife: Ruth 28-KY, dau: Texanner 8-KY) [IL: 1850]
Alexander: Mary McKee(6) m: James Alexander [MARY3] > IN: Wells Co: Jackson twp: page 1032: dwelling 795 (James 32-OH farmer, wife: Mary 27-OH, sons: Robert P. 5-IN & Edward W. 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Allen: Chloe Casebier(6) m: Lewis Allen [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Platte twp: page 300: dwelling 554 (Lewis 65-KY farmer, wife: C. Allen 55-KY, dau: M. L. Allen 21-IL, sons: W.L. 20-MO farmer, N.M. 17-MO & J.B. 15-MO) [MO: 1850]
Allen: Martha Downing(5) widow of James Allen [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Waverly: page 374: dwelling 821 (Martha 54-OH, sons: Meshack 20-OH farm hand & William 19-OH farm hand) [OH: 1850]
Allison, Joseph H.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 788: dwelling 239 (Jo 28-KY farmer, wife: Nancy 25-KY)
Allison: Margaret Frederick(5) m: Elijah Allison [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 781: dwelling 175 (Elijah 54-KY - farmer, wife: Margaret 51-KY, dau: Malinda 16-IN, sons: Kinner 15-IN, John 11-IN & James 9-IN, dau: Sarah 6-IN)
Allison, William T.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 781: dwelling 176 (Wm 21-IN tenant, wife Ann 20-KY, dau: Alice 6/12-IN)
Alsbury, Charles Thomas(6) [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Barry twp: page 768: dwelling 161 (Charles 29-IL farm laborer, wife: Margaret A 24-IL, son: James 5-IL, dau: Mary 2-IL)
Alsbury, John Morris(6) [MARY3] > MO: Cape Girardeau Co: Camden twp: page 190: dwelling 494 (Sally Nunns 58, John M Alesbury 26-IL farmer, wife: Mary A 18, Douglas 1) [It is hard to interpret this listing with listed family. Possibly John's first wife Mary died and he has remarried to another Mary]
Alsbury: Rachel Tucker(5) m: Brice William Alsbury [MARY3] > IL: Adams Co: Richfield twp: page 728: dwelling 1593 (Price 54-VA farmer, wife: Rachael 53-VA, sons: Price 15-IL & Buchanan 4-IL)
Amos: Damaris C. Thurman(6) m: Thomas Amos [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 352: dwelling 1011 (Thomas 38-IN farmer, wife: Damaris 38-KY, sons: Elijah 15-IN & John W. 14-IN, daus: Mary M. 10-IN, Minerva J. 7-IN & Sarah A. 3-IN, son: Milton M. 8/12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Amoss: Hannah Elizabeth Streett(6) m: William T. Amoss [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: Marshall: page 537: dwelling 1830 (William 30-MD, wife Hannah 25-MD, dau: Sallie 6/12-MD, living with relatives: Thomas 35-MD, Nicholas 33-MD, Mary 25-MD, Wm T 1-MD) [MD: 1850 root family]
Anderson: Mary Frances Smith(6) m: Hugh D. Anderson [RICHARD3] > IN: Greene Co: Smith twp: page 547: dwelling 842 (Hugh D. 26-NY farmer, wife: Mary F. 24-IN, dau: Jane L. 4-IN, son: William 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Antil, Asbury Antill(6) [ISAAC3] > PA: Greene Co: Aleppo twp: page 10: dwelling 272 (Asbery Antle 25-PA farm laborer, wife: Sarah 22-PA, sons: William 3-PA & Harvey 1-PA [indexed:Antle]) [PA: 1850 root family]
Antil, Edward(6) [ISAAC3] > PA: Greene Co: Aleppo twp: page 238: dwelling 243 (Edward 25-PA farmer, wife: Sylpha 28-PA, dau: Isabell 7-PA, son: Uriah L. 4-PA, brother: [2nd listing] Jacob 23-PA [indexed:Antle]) [Edward should be 38] [PA: 1850 root family]
Antil, Harvey(6) [ISAAC3] > PA: Greene Co: Whiteley twp: page 849: dwelling 1819 (Harvey 30-PA farmer, wife: Emeline 17-PA, James Goodwin 15-PA day labor [indexed as Henry Antle]) [PA: 1850 root family]
Antil: Isabel Chenoweth(5) m: John Antil [ISAAC3] > WV: Marshall Co: Cameron PO: page 304: dwelling 1341 ([widow] Isabelle 57-PA, sons: Jacob 22-PA farm laborer & George L 19-PA day laborer) [PA: 1850]
Antil, Ison(6) [ISAAC3] > PA: Greene Co: Aleppo twp: page 252: dwelling 344 (Ison Antle 28-PA farm laborer, wife: Susan 30-PA, son: Richard A 9-PA, dau: Sarah E 4-PA, son: Edward J 1-PA [indexed:Antle]) [PA: 1850 root family]
Apperson: Sarah L. Chenoweth(6) m: Richard Lafayette Apperson [JOHN3] > IL: Clay Co: twp 3 range 7, Clay PO: page 514: dwelling 867 (Lafyett 24-IL farmer, wife: Sarah L 19-IN, dau: Sarah E 1-IL) [IN: 1850 root family]
Applegate: Cynthia Ann Whitaker(6) m: Thomas Applegate [RACHEL3] > IN: Owen Co: Harrison twp: page 111: dwelling 768 (Thos 34-KY farmer, wife: Cyritha A. 34-KY, daus: Elizabeth 12-IN, Margrate A. 10-IN & Alcy 6-IN, son: Bland B. 4-IN, dau: Minerva 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Applegate: Margaret Ann Whitaker((6) m: Hezekiah Applegate [RACHEL3] > IN: Owen Co: Harrison twp: page 111: dwelling 770 (Hez 42-KY farmer, wife: Mergate 38-KY, son: Jno M. 15-IN, dau: Elizabeth 13-IN, son: Jas 11-IN, dau: Juliett 10-IN) [IN: 1850]
Appling: Caltha Clementine Peteet(5) m: William Burwell Appling [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Guadalupe Co: Prairie Lea: page 319: dwelling 590 (B. 57-GA farmer, wife: Caltha C. 48-GA, son: Francis M. 31-GA clerk, dau: Nancy A. 18-GA sons: John R. 15-AL student, Americus C. 13-AL & Oscar C. 12-AL, daus: Alethea C. 10-AL & Caltha C. 7-AL, son-in-law: William G. Sherrell 27-NC farmer, wife & dau: Mary E. Sherrell 23-GA) [AL: 1850]
Appling, William Mercer(6) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Guadalupe Co: Prairie Lea: page 319: dwelling 589 (Wm 27-GA farmer, Emeline S 22-NC, son: Chas B 1-TX, dau: Frances E 2/12-TX) [AL: 1850 root family]
Armacost, Christopher(6) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Lawrence twp: page 212: dwelling 347 (Christopher 38-OH farmer, wife: Betsey 48-OH, son; Jerome 14-OH, others: Mary A Lee 5-IN, Lavina J. Lee 16-OH domestic) [OH: 1850]
Armacost, Elijah(6) [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: town of Moscow: page 462 : dwelling 585 (Elijah 31-OH laborer, wife: Levinia 34-OH, son: George 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Armacost, Ellis(6) [MARY3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Cincinnati, 17th ward: page 150: dwelling 132 (Ellis 40-OH carpenter, wife: Ann 39-OH, daus: Annie 9-OH & Louisa 7-OH)
Armacost, Levi(6) [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Jackson twp: page 377 : dwelling 423 (Levi 25-OH farmer, wife: Olive 25-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Armacost: Susan Downing(5) m: Mark Armacost [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Felicity twp: page 493: dwelling 1020 (Mark 63-KY, wife Sarah 63-NJ) [like the 1850 Susan is Sarah? Ten years prior she was from KY) [OH: 1850]
Arnold: Eunice Peteet(4) m: Allen Jennings Arnold [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 831: dwelling 434 (Allen J. 78-VA farmer, Eunice R. 61-GA, Joseph H. Murray 22-GA farm laborer) [GA: 1850]
Arnold, Moses H.(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 831: dwelling 435 (Moses H 29-GA farmer, wife: Mary S 23-GA, son: David H 3-GA, dau: Sarah E 2-GA, son: Richard 2/12-GA) [GA: 1850 root family]
Arnold, Oliver Hazzard Perry(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Oglethorpe Co: Dryfork, Militia District 233: page 637: dwelling 247 (Oliver H. 25-GA farmer, wife: Nancy 21-GA, son: Nathan 1-GA) [GA: 1850 root family]
Asbury: Catherine A. 'Kate' Peteet(5) m: Richard Thomas Asbury [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Monroe Co: Forsyth: page 716: dwelling 83 (R.T. 34-GA Prof mathematics, wife: Kate 30-GA, daus: Mattie 8-GA & Lula 3-GA, possible nephew: Matt Cofer 16-GA) [GA: 1850]
Ashbrook, Aaron(4) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 129: dwelling 1775 (Aaron 80-VA farmer, wife: Abigail 77-VA) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Aaron Pence(6) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 128: dwelling 1766 (AP 27-OH teacher, wife: MA 25-OH, son: Virgie 5-OH, Cara 3-OH, son: LA 1-OH, JP Sane 21-OH, Jacob Hite 29-OH)
Ashbrook, Absalom M.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Amanda twp: page 383: dwelling 190 (A.M. 50-OH farmer, wife: Frances 42-OH, son: Benjamin F 22-OH teacher & George 19-OH farmer, daus: Permelia 18-OH & Manerva 16-OH, sons: Monroe M 14-OH & John C 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Absalom P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 340: dwelling 674 (A.P. 51-VA farmer, wife: Miranda 42-OH, son: Austin G. 20-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook: Clarence P.(6) m: & brother Hubert C. [MARY3] > TN: Shelby Co: Memphis PO: page 95: dwelling 118 (C.P. 24-IN salesman & bro H C 21-IN bookkepper living with 2 others) [Hubert is a likely half-brother born well after Absolom Ashbrook died] [IN: 1850 root family]
Ashbrook, Edward P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Amanda twp: page 376: dwelling 98 (Edward 42-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 40-OH, sons: James 17-OH farmer, Thomas 12-OH & Lafayette 9-OH, dau: Mehala E. 6-OH, Susannah Housely 18-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Eli(4) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 340: dwelling 669 (Eli 79-VA minister, wife: Katy 76-VA, dau: Juliann 42-VA) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Eli Ashbrook, Jr.(5) [MARY3] > IL: Coles Co: Humboldt twp: page 92: dwelling 641 (Eli 36-OH farm tenant, wife: Lovina 29-OH, daus: Rosa Dell 8-OH & Alice 7-OH, sons: Noah 2-OH & Resin 1-IL, Marion B McKee 4-IL, Alia F 9/12-OH, W.H. Harvey 20-OH)
Ashbrook, Eli P.(6) [MARY3] > IL: Moultrie Co: Sullivan PO: page 993: dwelling 742 (Eli P. 26-OH farmer, wife: Iva A. 27-OH, daus: Saveilda A 5-OH, son: James F. 3-OH) [Eli and Iva Ann Williams were 2nd cousins] [OH: 1850 root family]
Ashbrook, Eli Peters(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 119: dwelling 1623 (Eli P 43-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 27-OH, [by 1st wife] dau: Laura 14-OH, [by Mary] daus: Adeline 7-OH, Harriet E 5-OH & Adelaid E 2-OH, William Cloud 16-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Ethan(5) [MARY3] > IL: Coles Co: Humboldt twp: page 95: dwelling 659 (Ethan Ashbrook 40-OH farmer, wife: Pernelia 40-OH, son: John H 17-IL, dau: Mary E 16-IL, son: Albert 13-IL, dau: Isabel 11-IL, son: Thornton 10-IL, dau: Nancy 8-IL)
Ashbrook, H. Lewis(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Kenton Co: Covington City, 4th ward: page 687: dwelling 1084 (Lewis 38-KY drover, wife: Lavnia 43-IN, dau: Kate 16-KY, sons: William 16-KY & John 14-KY, daus: Sarah 13-KY, Laura 9-KY & Lilla 5-KY) [KY: 1850]
Ashbrook, Hiram(5) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 341: dwelling 680 (Hiram 40-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 39-OH, dau: Helen L. 16-OH, son: Hiram M. 10-OH, dau: Emma A. 9-OH, sons: Omer D. 7-OH & David G. 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Ira(5) [MARY3] > IL: Moultrie Co: Sullivan PO: page 1002: dwelling 800 (Ira 23-OH farmer, wife: Wealthy 18-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Ashbrook, James Adams(5) [MARY3] > IL: Shelby Co: Shelbyville: page 674: dwelling 614 (James 49-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Rebecca 48-OH, sons: Louis 21-OH farmhand & John M 21-OH farm hand, daus: Abigail J 19-OH domestic, Mary H 17-OH, Maria A 15-OH & Francis D 10-OH, sons: James S 8-OH & Samuel C 6-OH, Henry 30-Germany) [last name of Herny no given.] [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, John(5) [JOHN3] > KY: Kenton Co: Covington City, 4th ward: page 687: dwelling 1085 (John 69-KY drover, wife: Sarah 66-VA. dau: Minerva 27-KY) [KY: 1850]
Ashbrook: John(5) remarried to Thomas F. Watts, also deceased [MARY3] > IL: Lawrence Co: Lawrenceville : page 129: dwelling 902 (widow: Ellen Watts 46-KY seamstress, son: John Davis Ashbrook 19-IL farm hand, dau: Elen Watts 8-IL, step son: Feliz Watts 22-IL farm hand) [IL: 1850]
Ashbrook, John Mahlon(5) [MARY3] > MO: Buchanan Co: St. Joseph, 3rd ward: page 505: dwelling 1701 (M. 43-OH merchant, 2nd wife: M. OH, dau: J. 32-OH, sons: J.A. 10-OH, J.E. 17-OH & J.R. 8-OH, daus: J. 7-MO & G. A. 1-WI, 5 other people) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, John Monroe(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 129: dwelling 1786 (John M 51-VA farmer, wife: Catharine 43-OH, sons: Eli P. 20-OH farmer, F. P. 18-OH student & Oscar 16-OH student, daus: Amelia 14-OH, Annie 12-OH & Malinda S 10-OH, sons: John M 8-OH, James A. 5-OH & Levi 2-OH, Ann Beery 16-OH domestic) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, John Quincy(6) [MARY3] > OH: Franklin Co: Franklin twp: page 162B: dwelling 164 (J.Q. 28-OH farmer, Susan 24-OH, son: Corwin 4-OH, daus: Ella 2-OH & Emma 5/12-OH, unknown: Sarah A. Berry 12-OH)
Ashbrook, Jonathan P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Wyandot Co: Upper Sandusky: page 379: dwelling 413 (J.P. 57-VA grocer, wife: Sarah 58-PA, son: William 24-OH clerk, dau: Armaritta 17-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Levi Louis(5) [JOHN3] > MO: St Louis Co: 6th ward: page 883: dwelling 1930 (Levy 66-MO pork packer, wife: Mary 58-MO, sons: Henry 36-MO pork packer & Levy 28-MO pork packer, assumed son: James 20-MO pork packer, unknown relationship: Mary 16-MO & Kate 12-MO, assumed son: John 17-MO, Henry Burdex 30-Germany coachman) [Mary and Kate are not in the 1850 Census with Levi and his wife Mary] [MO: 1850]
Ashbrook, Obediah(6) [JOHN3] > MO: St Louis Co: 10th ward: page 883: dwelling 1931 (Obidiah 33-KY pork packer, wife: Harriet 39-MO, sons: William 6-MO & Thomas 5/12-MO, Charlotte Lonex 71-NC +3 other people)
Ashbrook, Thomas(4) [MARY3] > IL: Coles Co: Fayette twp: page 151: dwelling 1054 ([2nd wife] widow: Nancy Ashbrook 53-MD, sons: John 19-OH, Samuel 22-OH, Wilson 17-OH & Alvin 14-OH, dau: Miranda 12-OH, son: Alton 12-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Tunis P.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Morrow Co: Lincoln twp: page 37: dwelling 7 (Louis P. 54-VA farmer, 2nd wife [McCreary]: Elizabeth 39-OH, [by 1st wife] dau: Naomi 21-OH teacher, stepdau: Mary McCreary 19-OH teacher, [by first wife] son: Welcome Ashbrook 19-OH farmer, dau: Civilla 17-OH, stepson: Davis McCreary 14-OH, [by first wife] son: Lemuel 12-OH, [by Elizabeth] son: Lewis L. 7-OH, dau: Emma 2-OH) [Tunis is misrecorded as Louis P] [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, Tunis Peters(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 132: dwelling 1824 (TP 58-VA farmer, wife: Annie 53-VA, dau: Alma 12-OH, David Shilter 22-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, William A.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 340: dwelling 668 (William 34-OH farmer, wife: Lucy 27-OH, son: Milan 7-OH, dau: Abbie 5-OH, son: Byron 3-OH, dau: Ora 1-OH)
Ashbrook, William(6) [MARY3] > OH: Morrow Co: Peru twp: page 56: dwelling 228 (Wm 23-OH farmer agt, wife: Perah 23-OH, son: Judson 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Ashbrook, William(5) [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Amanda twp: page 380: dwelling 157 (William Ashbrook, 38-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 39-OH, dau: Alex 11-OH, sons: Samuel 10-OH, John 7-OH, Malhon 5-OH, Ira 4-OH & Wm 1-OH, David Campton 18-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashbrook, William Thomas(6) [MARY3] > IL: Lawrence Co: Allison twp : page 18: dwelling 124 (W.T. 28-IL farmer, wife: Sarah 29-KY, sons: John 7-KY & Thomas 3-KY, cousin: William 17-IL day laborer, William Robinson 17-IL day laborer)
Ashton, Chenoweth(5) [HANNAH3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Violet twp: page 170: dwelling 536 (Chinworth 43-OH farmer, step mother: Lora 67-VT, uncle: William Ashton 78-MD)
Ashton, Edward(5) [HANNAH3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Violet twp: page 170: dwelling 537 (Edward 42-OH farmer, wife: Arbelia 39-VA, dau: Elizabeth 13-OH, sons: Joseph 10-OH & Thomas C 8-OH, dau: Margey 5-OH) [OH: 1850]
Ashton, Joseph(5) [HANNAH3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Violet twp: page 191: dwelling 539 (Joseph 26-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 23-OH)
Ashton, Joseph Ashton, III(5) [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: Marshall: page 455: dwelling 1245 (Joseph 52-MD farmer, wife: Hannah 55-MD, dau: Ann 26-MD, son: Joseph 23-MD farmer, daus: Mary 19-MD, Isabel 17-MD, Joan 15-MD, Amanda 13-MD & Hanna 11-MD, son: William 9-MD) [MD: 1850]
Ashton, William(5) [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: Marshall: page 455: dwelling 1244 (William 39-MD farmer, wife: Ann 37-MD, son: Richard 14-MD, daus: Margaret 12-MD & Kate 6-MD, son Abner? 4-MD, dau: Martha 1-MD, apprentice: Wm Turner 21-MD [black]) [MD: 1850 root family]
Ashton, William(5) [HANNAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Reynoldsburg twp: page 119: dwelling 605 (William 40-OH farming, wife: Augusta A 28-NY, son: William E 10-OH, dau: Eliza Jane 6-OH, son: Charles 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Austill: Abigail Chenoweth(5) m: Isaac G. Austill [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 392: dwelling 1076 (Isaac 57-OH farmer, wife Abigal 47-OH, sons: Absalom C 23-OH farmer, William H H 19-OH farmer & Isaac N 14-OH, dau: Emma 7-OH, son: George W. 4-OH, Jacob Frank? 57-Bavaria farm laborer) [living next door to Absolom Chenoweth)] [OH: 1850] "
Bail: Catalina Bales(6) m: Hiram W. Bail [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 448: dwelling 879 (Hiram 30-OH farmer, wife: Catalina 25-OH, other: William Newsser 13-OH) [indexed as Bales] [OH: 1850 root family]"
Bail: Melinda Ann Bales(6) m: Gibson Bail [ELIJAH3] > IL: Logan Co: town of Lincoln: page 342: dwelling 2428 (Gibson Bail 27-OH "", wife: Melinda 23-OH, sons: Walter 6-IL & Alfonzo 4-IL, dau: Lola 2-IL) [OH: 1850 root family]
Bailey: Amelia Chenoweth(6) m: James H. Bailey [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Jackson twp, New Lexington: page 264: dwelling 293 (James H. 27-PA plastering, wife: Amelia 24-OH, daus: Emma L 5�OH & Cari Adeline 3-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Bailey: Eleanor A. Wallace(6) m: Silas Bailey [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Camp Point twp: page 973: dwelling 3068 (Silas 38-ME merchant, wife: Eleanor 21-IL, dau: Lois 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Bailey: Rebecca P. Seaton(5) m: Thomas 'Squire' Bailey [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Camp Point twp: page 975: dwelling 3085 (Thomas 42-ME farmer, wife: Rebecca 36-KY, Eleanor 14-IL, Julius Hanback 12-IN, Margaret 5-IL, E.E.B. Sawyer 24- ME school teacher) [IL: 1850]
Baker: Delilah Ashbrook(5) m: Aaron Baker [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 338: dwelling 641 (Aaron 42-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah 26-OH, [by 1st marriage] daus: Anila 20-OH & Sophronia 19-OH, son: Alonzo 18-OH, daus: Vianna 16-OH & Cate A. 15-OH, son: Elias 14-OH, daus: Mary 9-OH & Abigail 5-OH, [by 2nd wife] children: Porter 4-OH, Gilbert 2-OH & Ester 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Baker: Harriet Butler(5) m: Joseph Baker [RUTH3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 80: dwelling 1138 (Joseph 64-OH farmer, wife: Harriet 51-OH, daus: Jemima 18-OH milliner, Mary Jane 17-OH & Ruth 14-OH, sons: Wm H 10-OH & Elias Ellis 9-OH, Athea 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Baker: Sarah Baxter(6) m: Henry Baker [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Licking twp: page 248: dwelling 500 (Henry 62-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 48-VA, dau: Mary 23-OH, sons: Charles H. 22-MS D.S. teacher, Wm S. 20-MS farmhand, Francis R. 17-MS farmhand & James A. 15-MS, dau: Amanda E. 13-OH, sons: George B. 10-OH & David N. 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Baker: Sidney Carter(4) m: Henry P. Baker [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: Winchester PO: page 442: dwelling 984 (Henry F. 59-VA, wife: Sydnia A. 57-VA, sons: John 27-VA artist, Edward 26-VA, Licurgus 22-VA & Atta 19-VA, domestic: Racy, Alcinda 25-VA) [VA: 1850]
Baldwin, Absolom C.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Seneca Co: Tiffin City: page 326: dwelling 41 (A.C. 43-VA ret merchant, wife: Mary J. 36-OH, dau: Eleonora 18-OH, son: Charles 15-OH - appren printer, dau: Mary 12-OH, sons: William 9-OH & Frank 7-OH, servant: Mary Connor 21-Ireland) [OH: 1850]
Baldwin, William H.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 55: dwelling 753 (Wm H. 50-VA physician, wife: Mary J. 52-OH, daus: Elizabeth E. 22-OH teacher & Mary 16-OH, son: John 11-OH, daus: Caroline 7-OH & Nancy 5-OH, teacher: Harriett Alban 30-OH) [OH: 1850]
Bales: Rachel Foster Chenoweth(5) m: Moses Bales [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 448: dwelling 878 (Moses 50-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 46-OH, dau: Louisa J. 19-OH, sons: Thomas 16-OH, William 14-OH & John 12-OH, dau: Mary 10-OH, sons: Charles 7-OH & Elijah 5-OH, dau: Ada L. 3-OH) [indexed as Bailes] [OH: 1850]
Ball, James(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Henry Co: Jefferson twp: page 302: dwelling 624 (James 31-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 35-VA, dau: Nancy 9/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Ball: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Oliver Cromwell Ball [JOHN3] > IN: Henry Co: Jefferson twp: page 304: dwelling 633 (Oliver 57-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 51-VA, sons: Newton 18-IN & Benjamin 13-IN, dau: Sarah 10-IN) [IN: 1850]
Ballinger: Rebecca McKee(6) m: Talbott Ballinger [MARY3] > IN: Blackford Co: Washington twp: page 597: dwelling 410 (Tolbert 25-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 21-OH) [IN: 1850 root family]
Bane: Hannah Carter(5) m: Nathan [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Wayne twp: page 820: dwelling 1413 (Hannah 45-PA farm manager, son: Joseph 19-PA, dau: Cintha 16-PA, son: Harvey 14-PA, dau: Caroline 10-PA) [PA: 1850]
Banks: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(6) m: Joel Banks [ARTHUR3] > OH: Darke Co: Harrison twp: page 14: dwelling 210 (Joel 40-VA farmer, wife: Sarah A. 32-MD, dau: Virginia 10-OH, son: G.W. 3/12-OH, bro-in-law: G.W. Chenoweth 21-MD dailry laborer) [OH: 1850]
Barnard: Joanna Carter(5) m: Josiah Barnard [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Bureau Co: Tiskilwa twp: page 67: dwelling 497 (Josiah 43-VT - farmer, wife: Joanna 30-OH, daus: Arametha 11-IL & Emiline 10-IL, sons: Edwin 8-IL & Frank 4-IL) [IL: 1850]
Barnett: Letitia Hawkins Forman(6) m: George Washington Barnett [WILLIAM3] > TX: Collin Co: Plano PO: page 117: dwelling 69 (Geo W 41 farmer, wife: Letticia H 23, dau: Kate E 4, sons: William Y 2 & Frank 1) [No birth states given. George and Letitia were born in KY. The children were all born in Plano, TX]
Barrett: Malona Severns(6) m: Alexander Barrett [JAMES PETEET3] > IN: Fulton Co: Newcastle twp: page 654: dwelling 972 (Alexander 38-OH farmer, wife: Malona 36-OH, daus: Hannah 17-OH & Elizabeth 13-OH, son: William 11-OH, dau: Mary 8-IN, sons: John 5-IN & Lema 3-IN, dau: Sarah 2/12-IN) [indexed as Banet] [OH: 1850]
Barrett: Sarah E. Peteet(6) m: Milton R. Barrett [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 855: dwelling 604 (M.R. 29-GA farmer, wife: Sarah E. 19-GA, son: John R. 1-GA, dau: Alice 3/12-GA) [GA: 1850 root family]
Batchelor: Mary Ashbrook(6) m: Joseph Batchelor [JOHN3] > KY: Kenton Co: Covington City, 5th ward: page 294: dwelling 1722 (Joseph 52-PA trader, wife: Mary 38-KY, daus: Lida 19-OH & Sally 16-KY, sons: Charles 12-KY & Richard 10-KY) [indexed as Bachelor] [KY: 1850]
Bateman: Elizabeth J. Grimes(5) m: Robert Bateman [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 381: dwelling 920 (Robert 40-OH gunsmith, 2nd wife: Elizabeth J 27-OH, [by 1st wife] son: John R 11-OH, [by Elizabeth] dau: Mary A. 5-OH, Caroline Lewis 15-OH servant) [in other Censuses Elizabeth is older born ca 1826]
Baxter, Samuel Baxter, III(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Falls twp: page 61: dwelling 892 (James Geyer 55-VA master cooper, wife: Isabella 56-PA, son-in-law: Samuel Baxter 29-OH farmer, wife: Mary 28-OH, son: Howard 4-OH, dau: Laura 2-OH, unknown: Francis Lewis 18-OH, Jane France 19-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Baxter, Samuel Baxter, Jr.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 79: dwelling 1105 (Samuel 63-MD farming, wife: Actus 59-MD, dau: Actus 25-OH, son: Charles 22-OH, daus: Mary 20-OH & Clarissa 18-OH, son: Joshua 15-OH, farm laborer: Thomas Steep 20-VA) [OH: 1850]
Bay: Katurah Chenoweth(6) m: Charles Bay [RICHARD3] > IN: Johnson Co: Ninevah twp: page 649: dwelling 767 (Charles 40-KY farmer, 3rd wife: Harriet 26-IN [by 1st wife] sons: Joseph 12-IN & Israel 10-IN, [by Katurah] dau: Mary J. 6-IN, [by 3rd wife] son: Edward 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Beale: Rebecca Bell Chenoweth(6) m: William J. Beale [WILLIAM3] > IL: Monroe Co: Heckler PO: page 65: dwelling 527 (Wm 47-ENG farmer, 2nd wife Rebecca 29-ENG [s/b VA], [dau by 1st wife] Mary 14-ENG, [by Rebecca] dau: Sebrau 2-IL, son: Wm 1/12-IL, laborer: Pier Patt 21-OH, probable niece: Elise Tagard 19-VA) [Louisa & Elizabeth Taggart are also listed with their parents]
Beaver: Sarah Ann White(7) m: Josiah Beaver [MARY3] > IN: Huntington Co: Union twp: page 305: dwelling 817 (Josiah 28-PA farmer, wife: Sarah A. 31-IN, son: Daniel M. 10-IN, daus: Hannah E. 9-IN & Florence 7-IN, sons: John 2-IN & Harvey 2/12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Beck: Lavina Chenoweth(6) m: John R. Beck [WILLIAM3] > CA: Tulare Co: township 3: page 57: dwelling 229 (John 34-IN � rancherro, 2nd wife: Amanda 27-AR [by 1st wife Lavinia] dau: Nancy 13-TX, [by 2nd wife] son: John 9-TX, assumed brother: Thomas 27-IN - farmer) [TX: 1850]
Beekman: Catherine Chenoweth(5) m: Oliver Perry Beekman [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Miflin twp: page 314: dwelling 150 (Oliver P. 42-OH farmer, wife: Catharine 35-OH, son: Francis P 15-OH farmer, daus: Drusilla M 13-OH, Sophronia 11-OH & Louisa D. 6-OH, sons: Clarence S 4-OH & Wesley E. 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Bell: Amanda Cofer(6) m: John Barnard Bell [JOHN3] > IN: Hendricks Co: Union twp: page 830: dwelling 1054 (John 27-OH, wife Amanda S. 22-IN, sons: Thomas S. 2 & Joshua F. 1) [IN: 1850 root family]
Bell, George W.(7) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Bureau Co: Greenville: page 472: dwelling 3244 (George W 22-IL school teacher, wife: Hannah 23-NY, son: Eugene 3-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Berdine: Mary Jane Wilson(6) m: John Berdine [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Trivoli twp: page 597: dwelling 1653 (John 29-NJ � farmer, wife: Mary 28-IN, son: Cornelius 2-IN & Wm 2/12-IN) [IL: 1850 root family]
Berry, James G.(6) [JOHN3] > AR: Crittenden Co: Jasper twp: page 850: dwelling 92 (James G. 33-KY county sheriff, wife: Susan A 27-TN, Lewis Perkins 5-AR, father: Peter H. Berry 66-KY, Miss America Crump 27-VA school teacher) [AR: 1850]
Berry: Mary J. Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Jefferson Berry, Jr [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Newton twp: page 855: dwelling 5 (Thomas 21-MO farmer, wife: Mary 17-MO) [indexed as Perry] [MO: 1850 root family]
Betz: Catherine Chenoweth(5) m: David Betz [ISAAC3] > IA: Iowa Co: Sumner twp: page 596: dwelling 752 (David 68-PA farmer, wife: Catherine 44-VA, son: Isaac 20-OH, dau: Lurann 18-OH, sons: L.D. 7-IA & John D 9/12-IA) [IA: 1850]
Biggs, Hezekiah(6) [RUTH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Truro twp: page 144: dwelling 958 (Hezekiah 24-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 17-OH, grandfather: Amon Butler 79-MD, Thomas Dayle 16-NY) [indexed as Briggs]
Black: Mary Ann Williamson(6) m: Samuel Williams Black [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Henderson Co: Henderson: page 7: dwelling 43 (Samuel W. 33-KY farmer, wife: M.A. 33-KY, dau: M.J. 11-KY, sons: S.C. 9-KY, F.P. 7-KY, C.A. 3-KY & J.E. 1-KY) [KY: 1850]
Blackstone: Hannah Chenoweth(4) m: Thomas Blackstone [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Ross Co: Paxton twp: page 286: dwelling 288 (Thomas 52-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 53-OH, daus: Rebecca 23-OH, Susan 19-OH & Harriett 16-OH, sons: Gideon 15-OH & Thomas 13-OH, John Woodland 18-OH farmhand) [OH: 1850]
Blackstone, John(5) [ABRAHAM3] > KS: Bourbon Co: Mapleton PO: page 413: dwelling 300 (John 24-OH - farmer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Blackstone, William C.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > KS: Bourbon Co: Mapleton PO: page 413: dwelling 299 (William C. 26-OH surveyor, wife: Anna 24-OH) [indexed as Blackstar] [OH: 1850 root family]
Blair: Hannah Chenoweth(6) m: James Blair [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Perry twp: page 209: dwelling 135 (James 33-OH farm laborer, wife: Hanah 20-OH, son: Wm 6-OH, dau: Mary E. 4/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Blair: Margaret Marble(6) m: Josephus Blair [JOHN3] > OH: Greene Co: Ross twp: page 329: dwelling 1302 (Josephus 33-VA clergy, wife: Margaret 25-IN, son: David M. 3-OH, dau: Sarah 1-OH, other: Noah Baily 14-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Blunt: Ary Ann Butler(7) m: Harrison Blunt [ARTHUR3] > IA: Fayette Co: Westfield twp: page 205: dwelling 1620 (H 31-OH farmer, wife:Ellen M 20-OH [this is Ary Ann], dau: Nancy J 1-IA) [IA: 1850 root family]
Board, Richard(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Shelby Co: Harrison PO: page 147: dwelling 1086 (Richd 34-KY merchant, wife: Virginia 21-KY, son: Joel 1/12-KY, presummed bro-Wm Thacker 19-KY cir ct clerk)
Bond: Andrew Jackson(6) m: Mary Ann ? [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: Woolerys: page 32: dwelling 258 (Jackson 21-MD, wife Maryann 22-MD) [MD: 1850]
Bond, Benjamin Franklin(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: Woolerys: page 32: dwelling 262 (Benjamin 44-MD farmer, wife: Caroline 40-MD, son: Wesley 11-MD, daus: Ann 7-MD & Laura 5-MD, son: Benjamin 4-MD) [MD: 1850]
Bond: Charity Chenoweth(5) m: Henry 'Harry' Bond [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: Woolerys: page 32: dwelling 257 (Henry 75-MD - farmer, son: William 31-MD - farm laborer, unknown: Sarrapta, Summer 45-MD) [MD: 1850]
Bond: Rachel Guyer(7) m: Judiah Bond [JOHN3] > IA: Lee Co: Marion twp: page 362: dwelling 913 (Jediah 28-IN, ifw: Rachel 21-IN, son: Wm E 3-IA, dau: Ida Jane 2-IA, son: Benjamin F 2/12-IA)
Bonderant, Benjamin T.(6) [RICHARD3] > MO: Pike Co: Spencer twp: page 360: dwelling 2672 (B.F. 30-MO farmer, wife: Martha S. 23-MO, dau: Fannie E. 5-MO, son: Joseph R. 2-MO)
Bonderant, Joseph H. C.(6) [RICHARD3] > MO: Sullivan Co: Wintersville PO: page 691: dwelling 474 (Joseph F. C. 31-MO farmer)
Bonham, Beverly Carter(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > MN: Hennepin Co: St Anthony: page 1041: dwelling 761 (B.C. 25-OH farmer, wife: A.M. 23-ME, daus: Eva V. 3-MN, & Sarah C. 1-MN) [indexed as Borum] [IL: 1850]
Bonner: Eliza Baxter(6) m: John S. Bonner [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Falls twp: page 60: dwelling 869 (John G. 25-OH farming, wife: Eliza 28-OH, daus: Mary Ellen 4-OH & Inez V. 9/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Borders: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: William Blizzard Borders [ABRAHAM3] > IL: DeWitt Co: Clintonia: page 599: dwelling 798 (William B. 49-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 42-OH, dau: Angeline 22-IN, son: Asbery 21-IN, daus: Emeline 18-IN school teacher, Lydia 15-IN & Ann Eliza 14-IN, son: Finby 8-IN, dau: Lucilla 1-IL, school teacher: Ed Allyn 22-OH)
Boswell: Ada Chenoweth(4) m: Charles Parnam Boswell [ARTHUR3] > IN: Benton Co: Parish Grove and York twp: page 462: dwelling 12 (Parnham 66-MA trader & farmer, wife: Ada 56-OH, son: Arthur C. 29-IL farmer, dau: Ada 19-IN, sons: Wiliam H. 16-IL farmer & Alonzo 14-IN, dau: Melissa 11-IN, Elisabeth Roberts 9-IN, Patrick � 26-IRELAND farm labor) [IN: 1850]
Boswell, Charles P.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Benton Co: Parish Grove and York twp: page 462: dwelling 13 (Charles P. 23-IN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 23-KY)
Boswell: Margaret Ann Seaton(6) m: Taylor Boswell [RACHEL3] > KY: Shelby Co: district 1: page 181: dwelling 240 (M.T. 31-KY farmer, wife: Margaret A. 24-KY, sons: Clinton E 4-KY, Edward S 3-KY & Charles E. 2-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Boughton: Viola Miller(6) m: Hiram R. Boughton [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: twp 9N 5W: page 421: dwelling 1043 (Hiram 27-NY farmer, wife: Villa 21-OH, son: Willis 2-IL, dau: Dora 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Bowen: Elizabeth A. 'Eliza' Tredway(6) m: John S. Bowen [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 12th district: page 36: dwelling 248 (wife: Eliza A 28-MD, daus: Ellenora 7-MD, Mary 5-MD & Anna 2-MD) [husband John 36-MD next door (#247) with mother Mary & family] [MD: 1850 root family]
Bowen: Mary Etta Chenoweth(6) m: James Dwiggins Bowen [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 801: dwelling 782 (James 28-IN daylaborer, wife: Mary 24-IN, sons: John 3-IN & Charles 1-IN) [MD: 1850 root family]
Bowers: Sarah Chenoweth(6) m: William M. Bowers [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Tippecanoe twp: page 682: dwelling 533 (William 38-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 35-IN, sons: Homer 14-IN, Webster 6-IN, Fremont 3-IN, Dayton 3-IN & Edward 1-IN, dau: Emma 1-IN, brother-in-law: Thomas H. Chenoweth 38-IN) [IN: 1850]
Bowman: Cecilia Ashbrook(5) m: Benjamin Bowman [MARY3] > IN: Miami Co: Clay twp: page 387: dwelling 370 (Benjamin Bowman 33-OH farmer, Selisia A 30-OH, dau: Emma A 9-OH, sons: Willis M 8-OH & Chester E 4-OH) [This is assumed to be Cecilia, not proven]
Boyle: Frances 'Fanny' Nash(5) m: Thomas Boyle & Tabitha(4) [RICHARD3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville, 7th ward: page 449: dwelling 308 ([widow] Frances 50-KY, aunt: T Chenoweth 65-KY, James Canola 47-IRELAND blacksmith, wife: Mariah 44-IRELAND, dau: Mary 15-KY) [KY: 1850]
Boynton: Mary Nevling(5) m: Jonathan Boynton [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Clearfield twp: page 887: dwelling 102 (Jonathan 49-VT merchant, wife: Mary 43-PA, son: Ai 17-PA, dau: Edith 15-PA, son: Ira 13-PA, others: Philipina Korb 16-GER servant, Elizabeth Glazier 16-GER servant & Eli Woods 31-PA laborer) [PA: 1850]
Braddock: Sarah Jane Condit(6) m: James Tucker Braddock [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Edgar Co: Kansas twp: page 642: dwelling 1947 (James T 35-PA grocery store, wife: Sarah J 32-PA) [PA: 1850]
Bradford: Sarah Ann 'Sallie' Ellis(5) m: Simeon Bradford [WILLIAM3] > KY: Bracken Co: Brookville PO, district 1: page 249: dwelling 710 (Simeon 42-KY farmer, wife: Sally A. 37-KY, sons: James T. 17-KY & Franklin 14-KY, dau: Mary T. 12-KY, sons: Nelson 9-KY, Joseph H. 5-KY, William O. 2-KY (twin) & Henry T. 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Bragg: Ruth Haines(5) m: (1) David Richman (2) Alexander Bragg [ELIJAH3] > IL: Douglas Co: Bourbon PO: page 957: dwelling 1247 (Alexander 38-VA farmer, wife: Ruth 38-OH [children by 1st husband] John 20-IL, George 18-IL, James 16-IL, Samuel 14-IL, William 12-IL & Thomas 12-IL, [children by 2nd husband] Sarah 6-IL & Albert 4-IL, other: Sarah Frazer 18-IL, Emily 14-IL) [IL: 1850]
Brisbin: Martha Jane Smith(5) m: George Brisbin [ARTHUR3] > IA: Linn Co: Boulder twp: page 144: dwelling 995 (George N. 24-Canada farmer, wife: Martha J. 23-IN, son: Walter B. 2-IA)
Brook : Rachel Alice Chenoweth(7) m: George Thomas Brook [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 495: dwelling 286 (G.L. 25-England painter, wife: Rachael 20-IL, son: W.A. 3-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Brooks: Lavina Heaton(6) m: (2) James Brooks [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 780: dwelling 482 (James 49-OH farmer, wife: Levina 36-IN, stepchildren [by Levina] William Baxter 12-IN & Mary Baxter 10-IN) [IN: 1850]
Brooks: Sarah Brown Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas Martin Brooks [JOHN3] > IL: Edgar Co: Paris twp: page 447: dwelling 513 (Thomas M 56-PA farmer, wife: Sarah B. 52-VA, son: John 21-IL domestic, dau: Nancy M. 18-IL domestic, sons: James 15-IL & Henry 13-IL, daus: Flora A. 9-IL & Mary J. 17-IL domestic) [Mary J. should be Marie J age 27] [IL: 1850]
Broughton: Mary Tredway(6) m: Samuel Broughton [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 7th ward: page 461: dwelling 2293 (Saml H. 31-MD farrier?, wife: Mary 31-MD, dau: Anni E 2-MD, others: Stephen D Alwell 45-MD ropemaker, Mary A 55-MD, Stephen L 12-MD, George N 4-MD, Elijah Ramsey 18-MD) [MD: 1850 root family]
Brown, Absolom Chenoweth(6) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Clayton twp: page 176: dwelling 281 (Abslom 27-OH � farmer, wife: Mary 26-OH, dau: Clara 3-OH & Isaac 2-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Brown: Eleanor Scott 'Nellie' Chenoweth(5) m: Isaac Newton Brown [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Clayton twp: page 176: dwelling 282 (Ellen 63-VA, daus: Metilda 28-OH & Martha 25-OH) [OH: 1850]
Brown: Hannah Cromwell Chenoweth (5) m: (1) Richard Ridgeway, (2) John Callen (3) Moses Brown [JOHN3] > OH: Belmont Co: Barnsville: page 331: dwelling 150 (Hannah 54-VA, [children by 2nd marriage] dau: Mary Callen 17- OH, sons: George 22- OH & Coulson 16-OH) [OH: 1850]
Brown: Henrietta Arthura Chenoweth(5) m: Richard Brown [JOHN3] > OH: Mahoning Co: Youngstown: page 81: dwelling 1208 (Richard 32-Wales iron manager(?), wife: Henrietta 32-PA, mother: Elizabeth 73-England, other: Mary Edwards 16-PA, Hitchcock, clerk: Peter 22-OH, niece: Etta Tidball 6-PA [2nd listing for Henrrietta]) [PA: 1850]
Brown: Keziah Ashton(5) m: Abner G. Brown [HANNAH3] > OH: Allen Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 331: dwelling 1006 (A.G. 32-OH farmer, wife: R 27-OH, assumed bro: P.M. 15-OH farm labor)
Brown: Sarah Ellen Scofield(7) m: Wilson T. Brown [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 69: dwelling 173 (W T 33-OH laborer, wife: Sarah E 23-OH, son: John E 3-OH, dau: Eva 6.12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Brown: Sarah Frances Chenoweth(7) m: James Quinn Brown [WILLIAM3] > IL: Macon Co: Oakley PO: page 913: dwelling 2371 (James Q 32-OH farmer, wife: Sarah E 24-IL sons: Semour 3-IL & Cleo B 1/12-IL, sister-in-law: Nancy A. Chenoweth 21-IL, William Smith 17-IL farm hand, Isaac N Lunea 24-OH farmer) [IL: 1850 root family]
Bryan: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: James Bryan [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Shelby twp: page 634: dwelling 174 (James 35-PA farmer, 2d wife: Mary Ann 24-IN, [by 1st wife: Rebecca] William M. 10-IN, [by 2d wife] Oscar 6-IN, Laura Ann 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Bryant: Lucinda Jane 'Lou' Chenoweth(6) m: Henry Bryant [ARTHUR3] > MO: Harrison Co: Bethany twp: page 620: dwelling 895 (Henry O. 33-IN teacher, 2nd wife: Lucinda J. 26-IN teacher, assumed children by 1st marriage: George A. 10-IN, Thomas O. 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Buchanan: Sarah Whitaker(6) m: William H. Buchanan [RACHEL3] > IN: Owen Co: Taylor twp: page 129: dwelling 888 (W. H., 37-KY , wife: Sarah 27-KY) [IN: 1850 root family]
Buckingham, Lewis Amiss(6) [THOMAS3] > VA: Floyd Co: Indian Valley PO: page 561: dwelling 913 (L A 25-VA lawyer, wife: Martha J 24-VA, dau: Laura 1-VA living with family of father-in-law: Thos Crandal 54-VA farmer, wife: Rebecca Crandal 48-VA, children: Elizabeth Crandal 19-VA, Rhoda F Crandal 14-VA, David P Crandal 11-VA, Catharine Crandal 8-VA, servant: Caroline Croy 25-VA, other: L C Bishop 25-VA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Buckingham, Nathan S.(6) [THOMAS3] > PA: Juniata Co: Perrysville burough: page 757: dwelling 1294 (N S 39-PA minister, wife: Margaret 28-PA, sons: William 6-PA, John 5-PA, dau: Elizabeth 3-PA, other: Margaret Hunt 50-PA)
Buckingham: Rachel Switzer(5) m: Richard Nathan Buckingham [THOMAS3] > VA: Pulaski Co: Western district: page 769: dwelling 529 (Richard 77-MD meth minister, wife: Rachael 65-VA, son: Joseph B 27-VA farmer, dau-in-law: Sarah 24-VA,grandchildren: Susan 6-VA, Mary 4-VA & Wm 1/12-VA) [VA: 1850]
Buckingham, Thomas B.(6) [THOMAS3] > TX: Brazoria Co: Columbia PO: page 79: dwelling 420 (T B 31-VA minister, wife: C B 25-LA living in home of Nancy McKinny 63-GA, A W Walts 79-GA, J C Walts 18-GA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Buckey: Rebecca J. Chenoweth(7) m: Alpheus Buckey [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 110: dwelling 797 (Alpheus 26-VA farmer, wife: Rebecca J. 24-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Bunn: Rusena Downing(5) m: (1) Samuel Day (2) Phillip Reed Bunn [MARY3] > OH: Putnam Co: Blanchard twp: page 352: dwelling 599 (Philip 45-NJ farmer, wife: Rhusina 31-OH, [children by his 1st wife] John 22-OH, James 20-OH, Jane 17-OH, Jefferson 12-OH Rosan 6-OH [children by her 1st husband] Nancy 11-OH, Margaret 9-OH, [their children] Mary 4-OH, Reed 2-OH) [indexed as Burns]
Bunnell, David(6) [MARY3] > MO: Scotland Co: Sand Hill twp: page 916: dwelling 926 (David 39-OH physican, wife: Mary 38-OH, dau: Sarah 14-OH, son: Sebery 12-OH, daus: Mary 9-OH & Viola 5-OH, son: Ornar 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Bunnell, Isaac(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Turtle Creek twp: page 238: dwelling 1 (Isaac 29-OH farmer, wife: Malinda 26-IN, dau: Ida 2-IN, mother: Christina 66-VA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Burch: Barbara Downing(6) m: Israel Burch [MARY3] > WI: Bad Ax Co: town of Forest: page 302: dwelling 1103 (Isreal 40-NY minister, wife: Barbary 28-OH, son: Currence? 10-OH, dau: Alice 3-WI) [OH: 1850]
Burkholder: Elizabeth Rees(6) m: John Buckholder [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IN: Carroll Co: Tippecanoe twp: page 223: dwelling 425 (Elizabeth 40-OH farmer, unk relation: John Reece 15-IN, sons: John B. 10-IN, Columbus 8-IN & Joseph 3-IN, unknown: Mary Berry 43-IN, James Emery 22-IN) [indexed as Buckholder] [IN: 1850]
Burley: Susannah Nevling(5) m: Jonathan Hopkins Burley [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Blair Co: Tyrone twp: page 532: dwelling 80 (Josiah 33-PA cabinet maker, wife: Susan 36-PA, daus: Edith 9-PA, Malissa 7-PA, Calza 5/12-PA & Mary 4-PA, others: Rudol Gingery 17-PA cabinet maker & Thead McFarlin 12-PA cabinet maker) [PA: 1850 root family]
Burnett: Cinderella 'Lucinda' Chenoweth(6) m: William D. Burnett [WILLIAM3] > CA: Sonoma Co: Petaluma twp: page 586: dwelling 396 (William 45-VA physician, wife: Cindardia 45-KY, daus: Augusta 17-MO & Stella 13-MO, Angelina Thomas 5-CA, Mary Thomas 2-CA) [the listing of Angelina and Mary Thomas is on the following page. It appears to be a Census error. William and Cinderella had 2 younger daughters of matching ages: Lamiartine & Flora, not otherwise found. Flora is found in the 1870 Census. Both were born in Missouri] [MO: 1850]
Burns: Elizabeth Kinnear(6) m: Abner M. Burns [RICHARD3] > IA: Decatur Co: Center twp: page 145: dwelling 1091 (Abner M. 45-IN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 39-IN, sons: Robert K. 19-IN, Isaac 13-IN & James C. 10-IA, daus: Isabella 5-IA & Emma D. 3-IA) [IA: 1850]
Burroughs: Urannah S. O'Neal(7) m: Lewis Burroughs [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 965: dwelling 1089 (Lewis L 25-KY farmer, wife: Uraney S. 20-KY, sons: William H. 2-KY & John H. 9/12-KY)
Burson, Edward 'Neddy'(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morgan twp: page 616: dwelling 1018 (E.C. 45-PA merchant, wife: Maria 45-PA, son: Alexander 22-PA carpenter, dau: Ruth 20-PA, son: William 16-PA carpenter, daus: Melvina 12-PA & Elizabeth 6-PA) [PA: 1850]
Burson, James Carter(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 512: dwelling 693 (James C. 33-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca 31-PA, sons: John R. 8-PA, David M. 6-PA, Abraham 4-PA & Alexander 7/12-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Burson: Mary 'Polly' Carter(4) m: Abraham Burson [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 512: dwelling 692 (Abraham 66-PA farmer, 2d wife: Hannah 55-PA, [by 1st wife] dau: Ruth 23-PA) [PA: 1850]
Burson: Ruth Carter(4) m: Levi Burson [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: East Bethlehem: page 438: dwelling 241 (Levi 72-PA - laborer, dau: Sarah 26-PA) [PA: 1850]
Busick, William & Susannah(6) [MARY3] > WI: Green Co: Monroe twp: page 373: dwelling 544 (Living with half brother & family: Benj A 29-OH farmer, wife: Rosanna 23-IN, daus: Hester 5-WI & Laura E. 4-WI, sister: Susan A 16-WI, bro: Wm J 17-WI) [indexed as Burrick] [WI: 1850 root family]
Butler, Absolom(5) [RUTH3] > OH: Putnam Co: Blanchard twp: page 343: dwelling 476 (Absolom 40-OH farmer, wife: Martha 36-OH, daus: Mary 17-IL & Nancy 16-OH, sons: Joseph 14-OH & Silas 12-OH, daus: Susannah 10-OH & Esther 7-OH, son: Thomas 4-OH) [OH: 1850]
Butler: Amanda Gist(6) m: Harrison Butler [ARTHUR3] > IA: Fayette Co: Westfield twp: page 205: dwelling 1619 (Harrison 45-OH farmer, wife: Amanda 41-OH, dau: Mary E. 17-OH, son: Absolem 14-OH, dau: Sarah E. 12-OH, sons: Joseph 10-WI, George 7-IA & John 3-IA, brother-in-law: John Gist 31-OH) [IA: 1850]
Butler: Apphia W. Seaton(6) m: Norman R. Butler [RACHEL3] > IL: Hancock Co: St. Albans twp: page 388: dwelling 941 (Norman Butler 33-KY farmer, wife: Apthea W. 25-KY, daus: Armeta E 7-IL & Amy G. 5-IL, son: Charles C. 1-IL, Mildred A. Davis 26-IL, Ida M. Davis 2-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Butler, Greenberry(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 78: dwelling 1098 (Greenberry 39-OH farming, wife: Elizabeth 34-OH, son: Gilman 13-OH, dau: Alma 10-OH, son: Carlton 8-OH, daus: Rachel H. 7-OH, Eve Angeline 5-OH & Levisa 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Butler, Jesse(6) [ARTHUR3] > WI: Green Co: Clarno twp: page 121: dwelling 1057 (Jesse 33-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 30-OH, son: Lyle 10-OH, daus: Clara 8-OH, Virginia 6-OH, Mary 3-WI & Charity 1-WI)
Butler, Joshua(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Falls twp: page 51: dwelling 754 (Joshua 35-OH farmer, wife: Alice 36-VA, sons: George G. 8-OH & Millard F. 2-OH, mother-in-law: Rachel Gist 70-MD, unknown: Catharine Bush 15-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Butler, Nicholas(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Hancock Co: La Harpe: page 990: dwelling 5280 (Nicholas 47-OH farmer, wife: Aba 46-OH, son: Charles H. 19-OH - farmer) [OH: 1850]
Butler, Samuel Baxter(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 73: dwelling 1020 (Saml B. 40-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Catherine 29-OH, [by first wife] daus: Rebecca M. 16-OH & Matilda J. 10-OH, [children by Catherine] dau: Alice D. 5-OH, son: Henry 3-OH, dau: Mary E. 1-OH, farm laborer: Boylan, Walter 21-OH) [OH: 1850]
Butler, Samuel(5) [RUTH3] > IL: Richland Co: German twp: page 221: dwelling 203 (Samuel 46-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 44-OH, sons: John 21-OH farmer, Amos 20-OH farmer, George 18-OH farmer, Joseph 16-OH farmer, Benjamin 15-OH farmer & Henry 15-OH, dau: Sarah 11-OH & Emily 9-OH, son: Samuel 6-OH, dau: Mary 1-OH) [the Census mistakenly lists all children born in Ohio. In reality all those from George after were born in Illinois] [IL: 1850]
Butler, William(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 73: dwelling 1019 (William 50-VA O.S. Baptist clergyman, wife: Elizabeth 44-OH, dau: Honor 21-OH, son: Henry 20-OH, dau: Charity 15-OH) [OH: 1850]
Cade: Ruth P. Lowe(5) m: Henry Cade [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 63: dwelling 72 (Henry 24-IN - farmer, wife: Ruth 23-IN, sons: Lewis 3-IN & David 2-IN, unknown: David Cade 28-IN - farmer)
Cadwell: Minerva MacKey(6) m: William Cadwell [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: town of Bruce: page 614: dwelling 5349 (William 35-NY farmer, wife: Manerva 19-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Calderwood: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Henry Calderwood [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Union twp: page 489: dwelling 56 (Henry 44-PA farmer, wife: Rebeca 44-PA, sons: Wm 21-PA blacksmith, Alex 21-PA farm labor, J.A. 19-PA & H.M. 15-PA, dau: Martha 12-PA, son: James 5-PA, dau: N.J. 4-PA) [PA: 1850]
Caldwell: Jane Elizabeth Nevling(5) m: George Washington Caldwell [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Beccaria twp: page 711: dwelling 1660 (G W 38-PA physican, wife: Jane 28-PA, dau: Jane 3-PA, son: Daniel 2-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Callaway, Arstides(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 840: dwelling 492 (A. 32-GA farmer, wife: Martha 19-GA, son: Richard 2-GA) [GA: 1850 root family]
Callaway, Chenoweth(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 824: dwelling 376 (Chin. 46-GA farmer, wife: Emily 35-GA, son: John 13-GA, dau: Louisa A. 12-GA, sons: Levi 7-GA & Teasdale 4-GA, daus: Mary 3-GA & Fannie 3/12-GA) [GA: 1850]
Callaway: Delphia Peteet(4) m: Seaborn Callaway [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 796: dwelling 195 (Sea, Sr 62-GA farmer, wife: Delphia 56-GA, grandnephews: Chandler M. 11-GA [assumed to be Jacob Chanler, 2nd listing] & Reuben H. 9-GA, unk Cofer 33-GA farm Laborer ) [GA: 1850]
Callaway, Enoch Francis M.(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Green Co: Union Point PO: page 480: dwelling 212 (E F M 24-GA famer, wife: Louisa J 17-GA) [GA: 1850 root family]
Callaway: Eugenia A.(5) m: John Thomas Callaway [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 851: dwelling 576 (John T 32-GA farmer, wife: Eugenia 24-GA, dau: Mary W 5-GA, son: Linton 3-GA) [GA: 1850 root family]
Callaway, Miles R.(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Oglethorpe Co: district 233: page 638: dwelling 251 (Miles R. 35-GA farmer, wife: Mary 22-GA, dau: Margret 1-GA) [GA: 1850]
Callaway, Seaborn(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 839: dwelling 488 (Sea, Jr. 45-GA farmer, wife: Mildred J. 36-GA, son: Simeon P. 19-GA, daus: Martha V. 17-GA & Eugenia 14-GA, son: Seaborn M. 12-GA, Jacob C. 10-GA & Levi T. 5-GA, daus: Indiana F. 3-GA & infant 3/12-GA) [GA: 1850]
Callaway: Susannah Peteet(4) m: Parker Callaway [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 824: dwelling 391 (Parker 69-GA farmer, widower: son-in-law: E. C. Jones 22-GA farmer, wife & dau: Indiana Jones 21-GA) [GA: 1850]
Calvert: Mary Lent(6) m: William Calvert [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Liberty twp: page 192: dwelling 1636 (William 37-OH laborer, wife: Mary 34-OH, daus: Mary 9-OH & Sarah-OH) [OH: 1850]
Canady: Martha Williams(5) m: Robert Canady [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Honey Creek: page 394: dwelling 685 (Martha 28-IN, daus: Sarah 7-IN, Mary B. 5-IN & Allice 2-IN, brother: James B. Williams 22-IN - farmer) [IA: 1850 root family]
Caplinger: Margaret 'Peggy' Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas Jefferson Caplinger [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 46: dwelling 320 (Thomas J 54-VA farmer, wife: Margaret 45-VA, son: John C 22-VA farmer, dau: Eliza W 24-VA, sons: Adam 20-VA farmer & George C 17-VA farmer, dau: Sarah E 18-VA, sons: Jehu C 14-VA & Loyd 11-VA, daus: Rachael 8-VA & Ann 5-VA) [WV: 1850]
Caplinger: Nancy Chenoweth(6) m: Soloman Colett Caplinger [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 47: dwelling 326 (Sol C 48-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Mary A 26-VA, [by 1st wife Nancy], dau: Phebe C 20-VA, son: Calvin L C 17-VA farmer, twin daus: Margarette 11-VA & Maryette 11-VA) [WV: 1850]
Carter, Abraham(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Chillicothe: page 422: dwelling 353 (Abram 46-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 29-OH, sons: Charles 6-IL & Frank A. 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Carter, Charles Jackson(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: 4th district: page 532: dwelling 1930 (Charles J. 32-VA farmer, wife: Mary J. 24-VA, son: William W. 3-VA, dau: Ernestine 8/12-VA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Carter: Elizabeth K.(4) m: Joseph Kerfoot Carter [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: Berryville PO: page 607: dwelling 71 (Joseph 34-VA farmer, sister: Elizabeth 23-VA, mother: Elizabeth K. 60-VA) [VA: 1850]
Carter, Ezekiel(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Edgar Co: Grandview twp: page 590: dwelling 1550 (Ezekiel 34-PA farmer, wife: Cecile 31-OH, dau: Charlotte 7-PA, sons: John 6-PA & Alexander 4-IL, dau: Mary A. 1-IL) [PA: 1850 root family]
Carter, Franklin Baker(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: Wadesville PO: page 598: dwelling 10 (Frank B. 28-VA farmer, wife: Lucy 26-VA, daus: Tripbett 4-VA & Catharine 2-VA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Carter, George F.(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morris twp: page 631: dwelling 513 (George 23-PA - farmer, wife: Amy 18-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Carter, Harvey(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Edgar Co: Grandview twp: page 590: dwelling 1551 ([widow] Charlotte 57-PA, dau: Deborah 32-PA domestics living in household of Alexander Mann) [PA: 1850]
Carter, Harvey Carter, Jr.(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 601: dwelling 364 (Harvey 26-PA - farmer, wife: Matilda 24-OH, dau: Adda M. 1-IL, unknown: Hunt, Richard 11-OH) [PA: 1850 root family]
Carter, Henry Bowen Carter, Jr.(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: Warren: page 461: dwelling 1284 (Henry B. 45-PA - miller, wife: Lucy 43-OH, son: Peter S. 19-IL, sons: Janey B. 13-IA [Josiah B], William D. 8-IL & Liberty G. 6-IL, daus: Mary 2-IL & Emma B. 7/12-IL) [IL: 1850]
Carter, Isaac(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 19: dwelling 23 (Isaac 66-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 64-PA) [PA: 1850]
Carter, Jacquelin W.(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: Winchester PO: page 472: dwelling 1756 (Jackaline 29-VA farmer, wife: Sarah E 25-VA, daus: Sarah E 7-VA, Mary A 4-VA, Olivia 2-VA & Ida V 8/12-VA, mother: Elizabeth A 67-VA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Carter, James(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morris twp: page 632: dwelling 516 (James 42-PA farmer, wife: Jane 32-PA, dau: Margaret C. 10-PA, son: Thos. T. 9-PA, daus: Rebecca S. 7-PA, A.M. 6-PA & Mary J. 3-PA, son: John P. 1-PA) [PA: 1850]
Carter, Jesse(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morris twp: page 631: dwelling 514 (Jesse 55-PA farmer, wife: Susan 55-PA, son: James H. 27-PA farm laborer, daus: Rebecca 24-PA & Margaret 22-PA, sons: Saml A. 20-PA, John 18-PA & Henry 16-PA, unknown: Mary Bryan 11-PA) [PA: 1850]
Carter, John A.(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 601: dwelling 362 (John 31-PA farmer, wife: Jane 28-PA, daus: Mary E. 4-PA & Annie B. 2-IL) [PA: 1850 root family]
Carter, John Arthur(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: Wadesville PO: page 600: dwelling 25 (John A. 42-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 40-VA, sons: Pittman 16-VA, Chas 14-VA, Joseph 12-VA, Auther 10-VA, Edgar 8-VA & Porterfield 6-VA, daus: Ida 4-VA & Mary 2-VA, seamstress: Caroline Glenn 21-VA) [VA: 1850]
Carter, John(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Washington bourough: page 516: dwelling 716 (John 34-PA miller, wife: Emeline 30-PA, daus: Permelia 11-PA, Lucretia 8-PA & Nancy 6-PA, son: David 3-PA) [PA: 1850]
Carter, John(4) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: 4th district: page 530: dwelling 1908 (Susan P. 65-VA, nieces & nephews: Archibald H. Pitman 28-VA - farmer, Elizabeth A. 17-VA, Susan M. 19-VA) [VA: 1850]
Carter, Josiah(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Chillicothe: page 425: dwelling 376 (Josiah 28-OH farmer, wife: Clara 22-NH, son: Charles 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Carter, Lorenzo(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Chillicothe: page 423: dwelling 363 (Lorenzo 45-OH farmer, wife: Deborah 43-MD, son: Orgelus? 13-IL, dau: Mary 1-IL) [IN: 1850]
Carter: Sidney Chenoweth(5) m: Absalom B. Carter [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Perrysville twp: page 43: dwelling 68 (Sidney 42-OH farmer, sons: Melvin 18-IN & Sylvanus 16-IN)
Carter, William(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 601: dwelling 363 (William 28-PA - farmer, wife: Margaret 24-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Carter, William Kerfoot(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > WV: Jefferson Co: Charleston PO: page 856: dwelling 28 (William K. 39-VA farmer, wife: Catherine E. 33-VA, son: Charles F. 12-VA, dau: Edmonia V. 11-VA, sons: Walter W. 8-VA & Reese F. 6-VA) [VA: 1850]
Casebier, Absalom Burdine(6) [WILLIAM3] > AR: Benton Co: Flint: page 318: dwelling 584 (A.B. 46-KY, wife: Elena 42-KY, dau: Margaret 22-MO, sons: Madison 19-MO, John 13-MO, Whitfield 11-MO, Henry 9-AR & David 3-AR)
Casebier, Jonathan Chenoweth(6) [WILLIAM3] > KS: Chase Co: district 18: page 41: dwelling 369 (J.C. 50-KY farmer, wife: Barbara 48-KY, son: David 14-MO, daus: Matilda 12-IA, Mariah 9-IA & Barbara 7-IA) [IA: 1850]
Casebier, Louis Dudley(7) [WILLIAM3] > AR: Benton Co: Flint: page 318: dwelling 583 (Luis 24-MO farmer, wife: Martha 19-TN, dau: Mary 4-KS, son: Henry 3-KS, dau: Elizabeth 5/12-AR)
Casebier, Samuel Bristow(6) [WILLIAM3] > KS: Jefferson Co: Oskaloosa: page 58: dwelling 376 (Samuel 39-IN � grocer, wife: Nancy 29-IN, sons: Absalom 10-IA, Charles 7-IA, Samuel 5-MO & John 3-KS, mother: Elizabeth 77-VA) [IA: 1850]
Cassady: Melissa Stelle(6) m: Sampson Cassady [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Rushville twp: page 539: dwelling 154 (Sampson 32-IN farmer, wife: Melissa 27-IN, sons: Ransom 9-IN, Oscar 7-IN & Isaac 4-IN, daus: Sarah 3-IN & Julia 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Caulfield: Mahala Casebier(6) m: Owen Caulfield [WILLIAM3] > KS: Jefferson Co: Jefferson twp: page 44: dwelling 347 (Owen 54-TN farmer, wife: Mahala 43-IN, sons: James 18-MO, Greene 15-MO, James 11-MO, niece: Susan Simons 23-IA)[indexed as Cawlfield - 11 year old James is really daughter Louisa) [MO: 1850]
Chandler: Elizabeth Sheets(6) m: Hartwell Chandler [JOHN3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 3: page 38: dwelling 278 (living with family of: Albert G. Weathers 40-KY farmer, Mary W 41-KY, Nathan A. 10-KY, Mary E. 5-KY, Elijah Grisby 74-AZ, Hartwell Chandler 42-KY plasterer, wife: Elizabeth 31-TN) [KY: 1850 root family]
Chapman: Harriet Lavina Chenoweth(6) m: Madison Green Chapman [ARTHUR3] > IA: Louisa Co: Grand View twp: page 1000: dwelling 332 (M.G. 24-IN master carpenter, wife: Harriett 20-OH, son: Emerson 1-IA, dau: Mary 4/12-IA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Cecil: Priscilla A.K. Buckingham(6) m: Thomas K. Cecil [THOMAS3] > VA: Pulaski Co: Western district: page 763: dwelling 493 (Thomas 41-VA farmer, wife: Priscilla 33-VA, son: William N 14-VA, daus: Mary F 12-VA, Rachael 10-VA & Amanda 8-VA, son: Richd T 6-VA, daus: Margaret 2-VA & Sarah 7/12-VA) [VA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Abraham(5) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Sullivan Co: Owasco PO: page 644: dwelling 156 (Abraham 74-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 72-KY, son-in-law: Edwin Hutchison 35-NY, dau & wife: Malinda 28-IN, grandchildren: Rachel 7-IL, Mary 5-IL & Miles 4-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, Abraham(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Huntington Co: Huntington twp: page 31: dwelling 207 (Abraham 36-OH farmer, wife: Jane 39-IN, daus: Elizabeth 13-IN, Ann 12-IN & Hannah 9-IN, sons: Leander 6-IN, John 4-IN & William 1-IN, Daniel Fisher 19-IN farm laborer, John Bloss 21-IN farm laborer) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Abraham C.(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 392: dwelling 1082 (Absolum 71-KY farmer, wife: Jemimah 45-OH, daus: Ann E 22-OH & Rebecca 21-OH, son: Thomas 16-OH, dau: Mary 14-OH, son: James 13-OH, daus: Margaret 11-OH & Sarah 9-OH, son: Joseph 7-OH, daus: Susan 5-OH & Ada 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Abraham Glass(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Floyd Co: Franklin twp: page 304: dwelling 949 (Abraham 22-KY farm laborer, sis: Demerest 16-KY domestic living with family of Gabril Farmsley 34-IN farmer, wife: Jane 27-IN, children: Mary 7-IN, Joshua 6-IN, Sarrah 5-IN & Peter 2-IN) [this is a 2nd listing, they are also found with their parents] [KY: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Abraham J.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IA: Johnson Co: Big Grove twp: page 519: dwelling 272 (Abraham 44-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Catharine 21-IN, [by first wife] daus: Rebecca 14-IN & Mary C. 12-IN, son: Richard 8-IN, [by Catherine] dau: Martha 2-IA, son: Thomas T. 6/12-IA [indexed as Chneworth]) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Abraham John(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Randolph Co: Wayne twp: page 1003: dwelling 794 (Abraham 34-OH, wife: Celia 32-VA, daus: May 10-IN, Lucy 7-IN & Lyda R. 5-IN, son: G.H. 1-IN, other: Jacob Hains 14-IN) [indexed Clenoworth] [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Abraham Van Meter(7) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 19, Enterprise PO: page 666: dwelling 443 (A.B. 24-IL laborer, wife: Jane M. 18-IN, son: William H. 1-MO, dau: Elsa 2-MO) [instead of 2 years, Elise is 2 mos, Abraham is living next door to his mother and stepfather] [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Absolom(4) [RICHARD3] > TN: Knox Co: district 19: page 197: dwelling 1 (Absalom 33-TN farmer, wife: Sarah M. 32-TN, son: Arthur A. 13-TN, daus: Cassander C. 11-TN, Satella A. 10-TN, Malinda E.D. 8-TN & Olivia O. 6-TN, son: William B.W. 4-TN, dau: Margart 1-TN) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Absolum(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Jackson twp, New Lexington: page 264: dwelling 292 ([widow] Sarah 44-MD milliner, daus: Jerusha 26-OH, Ester L 13-OH & Cleopatra 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Absolum(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 106: dwelling 431 (Absolom 74-VA farmer, wife: Ellinor 70-VA, widowed sister:Sarah Lawrence 76-VA, son: William Chenoweth 35-OH farmer, wife & dau-in-law: Mary J. 32-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Absolum(4) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 392: dwelling 1077 (Absalom 71-KY farmer, wife: Mary 72-VA, son: Stephen 30-OH farm laborer, dau: Elizabeth 26-OH housework, son: William 22-OH farm laborer, [by Reason Shriver] grandchildren Sarah 14-OH & William C. 12-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth: Absolum B.(5) remarried to Samuel Bofres [RICHARD3] > OH: Seneca Co: Bascom twp: page 204: dwelling 820 (Samuel Bofres 42-MD hotel keeper: wife: Anna 31-MD, daus: Frances 3-OH & Clara 6/12-OH, stepson: Adolphus Chinaweth) [Anna is Ann E. Carter, the widow of Absolom B. Chenoweth remarried. Adolphus will grow up to return to Maryland found in the unknown section of the Harris book on page U589] [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, Alba David(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 6: dwelling 33 (Alba 35-VA farmer, wife: Emily 34-VA, daus: Anxina 11-VA & Louisa 4-VA, nephew: Ely Kelly 15-VA farmer) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Albert White(6) [THOMAS3] > MO: McDonald Co: Pineville twp: page 22: dwelling 148 (A.W. 24-OH physician living with the family of John Price 34-TN farmer, wife: Lucinda 29-TN, daus: Eliza T 10-TN, Minerva N 7-TN, Mary J 5-TN & Nancy C 3-MO, son: James M 1-MO) [the nephew of John Price will married Albert�s daughter Emma yet unborn] [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Alexander Holmes(5) [JOHN3] > MO: Madison Co: St Francis: page 474: dwelling 772 (Alexander 38-PA farmer, wife: Barbary 36-Baden, dau: Elizabeth 14-PA, son: William 12-PA, dau: Elnora 10-PA, son: Alexander 8-MO, daus: Emily 6-MO, Sarah 4-MO & Nancy 7/12-MO) [PA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Alexander T.(1) [unknown: ALEXANDER T] > OH: Wayne Co: Green twp: page 47: dwelling 640 (Alexander 30-VA joiner, wife: Elizabeth 26-OH, sons: Wellington 6-OH, William 2-OH & John 1-OH)
Chenoweth, Alfred Griffith(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Putnam Co: Greencastle twp: page 369: dwelling 269 (Alfred G. 51-VA - M.E. clergyman, wife: Catharine 48-VA, sons: Bernard P. 20-VA, William C. 18-VA, dau: Catharine D. 16-VA, son: Alfred H. 13-VA, daus: Julia R. 10-VA, Mary A. 7-VA) [VA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Alfred W.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > MO: St Louis Co: 9th ward: page 805: dwelling 1667 (A.W. 47-VA clerk, 2nd wife: Mary 35-MO, [by 1st wife] sons: James 15-MO, Charles 13-MO & William 11-MO) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, Alfred W., Jr.(6) [ABSOLOM3] > MO: Ralls Co: Spencer twp: page 629: dwelling 317 (Alfred 17-KY farm labor, living with the family of John D. Biggs 49-KY farmer, wife: Harriet 39-KY, children: Julia A. 20-MO, Susan M. 18-MO, James D 16-MO, George D 13-MO, Mary R 11-MO, Marion C 8-MO, Emily A 7-MO & Nancy M. 5-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth: Almeda(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 114: dwelling 826 (Collett, Thomas 72-VA - Baptist preacher, wife: Nancy 66-VA, sons: Jacob C. 36-VA � farmer, Parkison 31-VA � merchant, Andrew J. 23-VA lawyer, Margaret 24-VA Elizabeth Wise 19-VA, granddaus: Almeda Chenoweth 9-VA, Lucinda 7-VA & Caroline 6-VA)
Chenoweth, Alpheus Ward(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Hancock Co: Walker twp: page 867: dwelling 4294 (Alpheus 40-VA carpenter, wife: Hannah 36-VA, son: Morris 18-VA, daus: Sarah 11-VA & Virginia 7-IA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Archibald(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 110: dwelling 795 (Arch�d 43-VA wagon maker, wife: Margaret 35-VA, son: Washington 10-VA, dau: Bella 8-VA, son: Caleb 6-VA, dau: Rosa 4-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Archibald S.(5) [JOHN3] > KY: Barron Co: district 1, Glasgow PO: page 853: dwelling 750 (Arch�d S 47-TN farmer, wife: Melvina 42-KY, son: Isaac N 17-KY, daus: Mary N 15-KY & Malissa J 8-KY, sons: Joseph M 13-KY & John W 5-KY, dau: Margaret L 2-KY & Jessica D 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth: Arthur(6) remarried to B.S. Dimmitt [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 495: dwelling 282 (B.S. Dummitt 52-VA farmer 2nd wife: Mary 40-IN, stepdau: M. 16-IL, William Smith 5-IL, dau: Emely Dummitt 2-MO, [assumed by prior wife] children: George 10-IL, Mary 9-IL & Joseph 6-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, Arthur(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 3rd district, Pikesville: page 134: dwelling 2129 (Arthur 30-MD farm habd, mother Annie 70-MD, niece: Eliza 7-MD, John Bowen 25-MD) [Annie is Amy Davis, Elize the daughter of George whose first wife had died. John Bowen is probably related to the Angeline Bowen, George�s first wife. Angeline had a brother John who should be 30] [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, Arthur(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Adams Co: Franklin twp: page 255: dwelling 1159 (Arthur 38-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 39-OH, dau: Mary E. 14-OH, son: Samuel 10-OH, daus: Sarah I. 9-OH & Serepha B. 3-OH, son: Reason C. 2-OH, dau: Nancy C. 2/12-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Arthur(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: Boone Co: Washington twp: page 848: dwelling 357 (widow: Anna 58-NC, son: Isaac N. 17-IN farmer) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Arthur IV(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Paulding Co: Harrison twp: page 97: dwelling 69 (Arthur 53-OH farmer, wife: Mary 40-OH, son: Solomon 26-OH day laborer, John W. Hoockis 19-OH day laborer) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Arthur Lawrence(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Stark Co: Wayne twp: page 430: dwelling 365 (A.L. 30-IN - farmer, wife: Hannah S. 25-IN, son: Elisha A. 6-IN, dau: Abigail J. 3-IN, son: William H. 2-IN, dau: Mary J. 1-IN)
Chenoweth, Benjamin(5) [JOHN3] > WI: Green Co: Monroe twp: page 313: dwelling 49 (Benj. 40-IN merchant, wife: Ros 36-VT, dau: Mary B. 10-WI, sons: Ch 8-WI & Fr 6-WI, dau: Car 4-WI, Elsey Hill 18-OH servant) [WI: 1850]
Chenoweth, Benjamin(2) [unknown: RICHARD] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 6th ward: page 38: dwelling 1736 (Benj 26-MD painter, living in boarding house run by Mary Sherwood 36-MD) [this is believed to be the son of Richard Chenoweth and Kezia Coe. In 1870 he his married and living with his mother. That Census listing appaers to be off by 10 years in age and this age of 26 would put Benjamin born a year after the Richard�s marriage and prior to his death in 1841]
Chenoweth, Benjamin Davenport(5) [JOHN3] > TX: McLennan Co: Waco PO: page 392: dwelling 95 (BD Chenoworth 27-VA lawyer, living with others)
Chenoweth, Benjamin Franklin(4) [THOMAS3] > TX: Dallas Co: 4th precinct, Farmers Branch PO: page 330: dwelling 458 (Fanny 60-VA farmer, daus: Mary 35-OH & Rebecca 26-IA [IA = Indiana], son: Joseph 23-IL farm labor, dau: Missouri 19-MO) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, Benjamin Lewis(5) [THOMAS3] > IL: DeWitt Co: town of Clintonia: page 601: dwelling 811 (Benj 42-OH farmer, wife & 2nd cousin: Jane 25-IN, son: Samuel 2-IL & dau: Josephine 1-IL, nephew: James L. Davison 17-IL) [Benjamin, a grandson of Thomas, Jr. married Jane Chenoweth, a granddaughter of John, a brother to Thomas, Jr.]
Chenoweth, Charles(5) [ARTHUR3] > MO: Platte Co: Lee twp: page 804: dwelling 860 (Charles 22-VA farmer, wife: Virginia 22-KY)
Chenoweth, Charles(1) [unknown: CHARLES] > MD: Howard Co: Elysville district: page 816: dwelling 35 (Charles 26-MD factory hand, wife: Martha A 26-Prussia, sons: Samuel M. 5-MD & William H. 1-MD)
Chenoweth, Charles M. (5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: Marshall twp: page 237: dwelling 1147 (Charles 30-Il trader, wife: Nancy A. 25-NY, Lenny A. Nye 18-NY, Jane Chapman 16-IL)
Chenoweth, Charles S.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: Big Creek twp: page 681: dwelling 838 (Charles 35-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 25-IN, son: Francis 9-IN, daus: Amanda 6-IN & Gertrude 4-IN, son: Cullen 1-IN, father: Thomas 73-MD farmer, mother: Sarah 60-England) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Charles Wesley(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Darke Co: Harrison twp: page 14: dwelling 208 (Charles 29-MD farmer, wife: Minerva 22-MD, sons: W.A. 5-IN & James A 2-OH)
Chenoweth, Chester(6) [RICHARD3] > OH: Crawford Co: Lykens twp: page 254: dwelling 491 (Chester 12-MD, living with family of John Glaze 27-PA farmer & Sarah 24-PA) [note, Chester�s mother has remarried and is living in neighboring Seneca Co.] [MD: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Cyrus Pepper(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Upshur Co: Buckhannon PO: page 168: dwelling 21 (Cyrus 35-VA farmer, wife: Susan 26-VA, dau: Florence V. 5-VA, son: John O 2-VA, dau: Jerusha E. 1-VA [indexed as Chenoworth]) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth: Daniel(6) remarried to John Bancroft [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: Center twp: page 714: dwelling 473 (John Bancroft 35-ENG farmer, 2nd wife [widow of Daniel] Elizabeth 35-IL, stepsons [mistakenly listed as Bancroft] John 13-IA & Hardin 11-IA, [by 1st wife] son George Bancroft 9-IA, stepchildren [mistakenly listed as Bancroft] Martha 9-IA & James 9-IA [by 1st wife] son: Charles 8-IA, dau: Lucy 6-IA) [IA: 1850]
Chenoweth, David(5) [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 100: dwelling 338 (David 34-OH farmer, wife: Elizh 35-OH, Hy C. Ward 18-OH farm app.) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, David Washington(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Calhoun Co: Arnoldsburg PO: page 43: dwelling 1008 (David W 28-Randolph Co., VA farmer, wife: Caroline 23-Braxton Co., VA, sons: Elliott B. 2-Calhoun Co., VA & Robert F. 4/12-Calhoun Co., VA, possible niece: Malissa Gibson, 19-Jackson Co., VA)
Chenoweth, Edmund Bean(6) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 375: dwelling 232 (E.B. 36-TN farmer, wife: Agnes 32-TN, dau: Lydia A. 11-AR, son: Nicholas 9-AR, dau: Josephine 7-AR, son: William 4-AR, dau: Sophronia 2-AR, bot identified N.A. Chenwth 22-TN [it is possible that NA is John Addison �Gus� (age 26) or Henry Preston, both cousins or William Douglas (age 32) or Osmund (age 29) bother brothers, none of whom are otherwise found.) [AR: 1850]
Chenoweth, Edmund D(2) [unknown: THOMAS] > LA: DeSoto Co: Mansfield PO: page 930: dwelling 780 ([widow] Nancy 45-NC famer, sons: James M 20-TX farm labor, Thomas L. 18-TX farm labor & Francis 16-TX) [LA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Edward(5) [ARTHUR3] > TX: Galveston Co: Galveston Isalnd: page 428: dwelling 1294 (E 31-OH farmer, wife: Louisa 22-GER, mother: Mary 60-VA, F. Valonsky 35-POL laborer)
Chenoweth, Edward Pugh(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 8: dwelling 35 (Pugh 36-VA farmer, wife: Martha 27-VA. sons: Columbus 8-VA & Mandaril 6-VA, daus: Rachael 4-VA & Mary 2-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Edwin Milton(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 792: dwelling 743 (Edward 24-MD tenant, wife: Ruth 21-IN, dau: Hannah 1-IN)
Chenoweth, Eli(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Marion Co: Barracksville PO: page 600: dwelling 1162 (Eli 33-VA carpenter, wife: Rebecca 22-VA, son: Lewis 5-VA, dau: Zantippe 2-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Elias(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Clay Co: Hoard PO: page 604: dwelling 1519 (Elias 52-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 48-KY, daus: Harriett 15-IN, Aba A 12-IN & Caroline E 11-IN, son: Samuel 7-IL, daus: Rachel E. 5-IL & Eliza J. 3-IL) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Elias(4) [JOHN3] > IN: Jay Co: Jackson twp: page 242: dwelling 706 (Elias 79-VA farmer, wife: Nancy 75-VA) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Elias(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Jay Co: Jackson twp: page 259: dwelling 832 (Elias 24-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 26-IN housekeeper, son: John W. 3-IN, dau: Sarah M. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Elijah(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Champaign Co: Point PO: page 576: dwelling 2146 (Elijah 26-OH farmer, wife: Harriet 18-IN [married within 1 year]) [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Elijah(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Oak Run twp: page 346: dwelling 653 (Elijah 29-OH farmer, wife: Susan 18-OH, son: William 8/12-OH, Miller, Mary J. 16-OH)
Chenoweth, Elijah H.(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 114: dwelling 829 (Elijah H 41-VA farmer, wife: Nancy 33-VA, dau: Martha 13-VA, sons: Lafayette 11-VA & William 6-VA, dau: Louisa 4-VA, Joseph Lance 22-PA - Presbyterian preacher) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Elijah, Jr.(4) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 182: dwelling 430 (Elijah 53-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 53-OH, son: Joseph H. 27-OH farmer, daus: Sarah J 17-OH & Rebecca E 14-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth: Elizabeth(6) daughter of Hardin Thomas & Elizabeth 'Betsy' (Edmondson) ? [WILLIAM3] > TX: Collin Co: McKinney PO: page 32: dwelling 515 (John C. Bates 55-Stafford Shire, ENG farmer, 2nd wife: Eliza 52-VA, sons: Henry E -18 TX, Amos C 13-TX & George A 11-TX, stepdaughter: Elizabeth Chiniworth 15-TX) [taken July 5th: Elizabeth married in May and is also found with her husband in Arkansas] [TX: 1850]
Chenoweth, Ephraim B.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Morgan Co: Adams twp: page 820: dwelling 478 (Stephen 23-IN tenant, wife: Bena 21-IN, father: Ephraim B. 55-VA, wife: Maria 49-KY, bros: Grafton W. 21-IN & Jefferson S. 18-IN, sis: Sarah 15-IN, bros: James E. 13-IN, John H. 10-IN, Clinton L. 8-IN & Allen S. 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Evan B.(5) [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 100: dwelling 337 (Evan 39-OH farmer, wife: Merriam 35-OH, dau: Eliza A 15-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Everett(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 90: dwelling 639 (Everett 37-VA farmer, wife: Virginia 33-VA, son: Lloyd H. 13-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Ezekial R.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 60: dwelling 483 (Ezekial 48-TN farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah 39-TN, son: John A. 1-TN [Indexed Chinowth]) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Ferdinand C.(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Douglas Co: Camargo PO: page 855: dwelling 570 (F.C. 25-IN farmer, wife: Fanny 21-IN, living in home of in-laws: F.B. Lyons 45-NJ farmer & Anna 38-OH & family) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Francis A.(5) [ELIJAH3] > WA: Island Co: Whidbey Island: page 4: dwelling 36 (F.A. 39-OH lawyer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 30-OH, dau: Mary 9-WA, sons: Ross 7-WA & Lindus 5-WA) [WA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Francis Marion(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Oak Run twp: page 347: dwelling 672 (Francis M 29-OH farmer, wife: Margaret E. 22-OH, Joseph Rea19-OH farm laborer)
Chenoweth, Franklin M.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 80: dwelling 194 (Franklin 22-IN farmer, wife: Mary R. 20-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Gabriel(5) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Randolph Co: twp 5 S Range 8 W, RedBud PO: page 111: dwelling 807 (Gabriel 66-VA farmer, son-in-law: E Wallace 22-KY laborer, dau & wife: Sarah 24-VA, grandson: Louis 3-IL) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, George(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 4th district, Reisterstown: page 174: dwelling 233 (George 33-MD laborer, 2nd wife: Ruth 23-MD, sons: Edward 2-MD, Frank 1-MD & Charles 1/12-MD, [by 1st wife] dau: Emily 10-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, George Cromwell(6) [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Gerardstown PO: page 901: dwelling 1586 (George C 24-VA farmer, wife: Virginia 23-VA, son: Walker P 1-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, George Davenport(5) [JOHN3] > PA: Cumberland Co: Carlisle, west ward: page 115: dwelling 273 (GD 49-VA ME minister, wife: Frances 39-MD, sons: George 12-VA & Alexander 11-MD, daus: Mary 9-VA & Elizabeth 3-MD, mother-in-law: Elizabeth Crawford 68-PA, Henrietta Addison 19-VA domestic [black]) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, George Edward(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 3rd ward: page 974: dwelling 2426 (George 27-MD machinist, wife: Mary 25-MD, son: John 4-MD, sister Anna 16-MD living in same house as Thomas 35-MD & Mary Dukehart 35-MD) [MD: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, George Henry(5) [WILLIAM3] > IN: Randolph Co: Ward twp: page 912: dwelling 327 (Geo H 31-OH farmer, wife: Lettecie 27-OH, son: Thos H 10-OH, dau: Mary E. 7-OH, sons: Edvin 5-IN & Geo W 2-IN) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, George Thomas(6) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 722: dwelling 1027 (George T 6-MD living with: John A. Deries 26-MD farm hand & wife Margaret A. 26-MD & family)
Chenoweth, George W.(7) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Chambersburg: page 309: dwelling 4 (George 16-IL laborer on farm of James Suttshire 40-NJ & Caroline 34-NJ) [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, George Washington(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 119: dwelling 859 (Geo W 46-VA farmer, wife: Rachael 43-VA, son: David B. 20-VA, daus: Mary M. 19-VA & Anxina 13-VA, son: Jasper 10-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, George Washington(4) [RICHARD3] > MO: Camden Co: Osage twp: page 11: dwelling 68 (George W 57-MD farmer, wife: Nancy 44-TN, son: Samuel 22-TN, daus: Jane 18-TN, Margaret 13-TN, Henrietta 10-TN & Casanna C 2-MO + 2 others) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Gideon(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: De Kalb Co: Washinton twp: page 637: dwelling 520 (Gideon 46-KY farmer, wife: Mary 42-KY, sons: Samuel 23-IA farmer, William 18-MO � farmer, dau: Mary 17-MO, sons: John 14-MO & Andrew J 13-MO, daus: Elizabeth 6-MO, Lesiana 5-MO & Charlotte 2-MO) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, Gideon(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IL: DeWitt Co: Clinton twp: page 573: dwelling 588 (Gideon 20-OH farmer, wife: Mary 22-IL, son: George 5/12-IL)
Chenoweth, Gideon(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Scioto Co: Jefferson twp: page 523: dwelling 284 (Miss Chiniwait, 44-OH, living with Elizabeth Evans 55-OH, Elizabeth Williams 26-OH, Polly Stewart 12-OH) [this is Maria A. 'Minta' Millar, widow of Gideon] [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Gracy Canpelan(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Montgomery Co: Madison twp: page 375: dwelling 84 (Grace, 44-OH domestic living with John Marker 40-OH farmer & family)
Chenoweth, Harvey R.(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 107: dwelling 444 (Harvey R 38-OH farmer, wife: Sarah A. 38-OH, dau: Catharine 12-OH, son: Samuel J 11-OH, dau: Lucinda M 8-OH, sons: Franklin P 6-OH, William W 5-OH, Benjamin L 3-OH & Isaac W 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Henrietta(4) [RICHARD3] > TN: Knox Co: district 8: page 197: dwelling 148 (Henrietta Chinowith 38-TN, son: Rufus A. 7-TN, living with son-law: Abraham Hoover, 38-PA physician, wife and dau: Sarah E. 18-TN, grandson:Carsin B. 11/12-TN) [Henrietta had married John P. Chenowith] [TN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Henry(5) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 376: dwelling 238 (Henry 56-TN farmer, wife: Indiana 50-TN, daus: Lydia 22-TN, Martha 17-TN & Malissa 12-AR, son: Henry 9-AR, apparent grandchildren of daugther Rowena Wilson, Mary 5-AR & John 1-AR, Levi Randolph 56-TN - Baptist preacher) [AR: 1850]
Chenoweth, Henry(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 79: dwelling 581 (Henry 56-OH farmer, wife: Ann 43-VA, daus: Margaret 23-OH, Elizabeth 21-OH & Emma 19-OH, son: Robert 17-OH, dau: Alice 11-OH, son: William 7-OH, dau: Olive 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Henry S(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Newton Co: Neosho twp: page 869: dwelling 403 (H.S. 55-VA physician wife: Lavina 49-OH, daus: Emma 17-OH, Harriet 15-OH & Clarissa 12-OH, son: George 8-MO) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Hezekiah Stites(6) [JOHN3] > IA: Taylor Co: Ross twp: page 31: dwelling 210 (H.S. 33-IN farmer, wife: Sarah 32-OH, sons: John C. 12-IN, James 8-IN, Rolin 7-IN, Alonzo 3-IA & William 1-IA [indexed as Cusworth]) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Hezikiah(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 445: dwelling 859 (Hezekiah 42-OH farmer, wife: Lucretia 43-KY, sons: Joseph 18-OH, John 17-OH & Thomas 14-OH, dau: Mary 13-OH, sons: Simon 10-OH, Zenis 8-OH, Foster 6-OH & Zendarf 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Hickman(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 82: dwelling 574 (Hickman 43-VA farmer, wife: Julia A. 45-VA, niece: Martha Kelly, 28-VA, Perry H. McLane 18-VA laborer, sons: William N. Chenoweth 12-VA & George W. 7-VA, daus: Emma J. 5-VA & Martha E. 3-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Hiram(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 80: dwelling 191 (Hiram 44-OH farmer, wife: Sarah J. 34-OH, son: John L. 9-IN, daus: Sabina S. 18-IN & Nancy R. 7-IN, son: Hiram H. 2-IN, laborers: William Martin 31-PA, Edward Noel 17-IL) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Horace 'Horris' O.(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 8th ward: page 68: dwelling 439 (Harris 35-MD laborer, wife: Henrietta 26-MD, dau: Cecelia 16-MD, son: Charles 12-MD, daus: Emma 4-MD & Belle 3-MD living in home of Margeret Egenton 63-NY, also present Sophia Corpat 70-MD [indexed: Chnewick]) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth: Ira L.(5) remarried to Eli Pond [RICHARD3] > IA: Decatur Co: High Point twp: page 134: dwelling 1376 (Eli Pond 48-NY farmer, wife [widow if Ira L.]: Jane 36-IN, sons Lewis F 4-MO & Willard B 8/12-TN, stepsons: Lemuel 15-MO & Ira J 13-MO [indexed as Chinoweth])
Chenoweth, Ira M.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: Big Creek twp: page 678: dwelling 819 (Ira M. 44-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 44-OH, son: Josiah 22-IN farm laborer, dau: Acenath 20-IN, sons: Jessee 15-IN farm laborer & Thomas 13-IN, dau: Hannah 9-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Ira Stout(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Reedy PO: page 661: dwelling 814 (Ira S 38-VA farmer, wife: Matilda 35-VA, dau: Martha J. 12-VA, sons: James C. 11-VA, General W. 9-VA, dau: Nancy E. 3-VA, son: Jacob M. 1-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Isaac(5) [RICHARD3] > MO: Daviess Co: Jamesport: page 347: dwelling 2 (Isaac 30-OH cabinet maker, wife: Mary J. 23-KY, dau: Elenora B 2-MO)
Chenoweth, Isaac(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Warren Co: Liberty twp: page 480: dwelling 223 (Isaac 30-OH farmer, wife Sallie 32-OH, dau: Mary J 9-IN & Nancy J 7-IN, son: Benjamin W 3-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Isaac Calvert, Jr.(6) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 164: dwelling 498 (Isaac 35-KY farmer, mother: Sallie 67-KY mother, sister: Cinderella 24-KY, niece: Frances McNeal 20-KY, nephew: John H McNeal 18-KY, niece Fanny Young 9-KY)
Chenoweth, Isaac J.(4) [ISAAC3] > IA: Iowa Co: Sumner twp: page 602: dwelling 798 (Isaac 60-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 59-MD, son: John 31-OH farm laborer [indexed as Chinoweth]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Isaac Newton(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Barbour Co: Phillipi PO: page 65: dwelling 454 (Newton 37-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah Ann 39-VA, [by 1st wife] dau: Columbia 12-VA, son: William W. 10-VA, [by Sarah] sons: John D. 6-VA & Daniel M. 1-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Isaac Newton(5) [JOHN3] > IA: Benton Co: Eden twp: page 830: dwelling 596 (Isaac N 32-IN farmer, wife: Rebecca A. 30-VA, dau: Isabell 8-IN, sons: Russell B. 6-IA, Charles 3-IA & Jefferson 1-IA [indexed as Chineworth])
Chenoweth, Isaac S(5) [THOMAS3] > IL: Logan Co: Prairie Creek twp: page 164: dwelling 1186 (Isaac 31-OH farmer, wife: Synthia 27-OH, son: Lyman B 9-IN, dau: M.C. 7-IN, son: William F 5-IL, daus: M.R. 4-IL & Emma F. 2-IL) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Ison(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Perry twp: page 206: dwelling 91 (Ison 56-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 46-OH, daus: Hester 18-OH, Ermena 9-OH & Jane 5-OH, son: George 3-OH [Indexed: Chenyworth]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, J. Elijah(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 183: dwelling 451 (Elijah, Jr 38-OH farmer, wife: Susan 41-MD, daus: Mary 17-OH, Margaret 13-OH, Isabel I. 11-OH, Nancy J 6-OH, Matilda F 6-OH & Emma 5-OH, son: Charles 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Jacob(4) [ABRAHAM3] > IL: DeWitt Co: Clinton twp: page 586: dwelling 689 (Sarah Chenoweth 63-MD widow [of Jacob]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Jacob B.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 396: dwelling 971 (Jacob B 36-Ross Co., OH farmer, wife: Sarah 21-Darke Co., OH, son: John W 1-Darke Co., OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Jacob Lowe(5) [THOMAS3] > IA: Clarke Co: Knox twp: page 438: dwelling 682 (J.L. 33-OH farmer, wife: N. 35-OH, daus: J. 7-OH & M.J. 6-OH)
Chenoweth, James(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 7: dwelling 34 (James 44-VA farmer, wife: Mary 43-VA, son: Andrew 16-VA, dau: Eliza 14-VA, son: Geo W 9-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, James(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Boone Co: Center twp: page 668: dwelling 144 (James 60-KY farmer) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, James Bruce(5) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Bureau Co: Arispie twp: page 533: dwelling 3633 (James B 60-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 58-PA, sons: James A 26-VA, William E 23-IL & Isaac E 21-IL, dau: Eliza E 19-IL, son: David 16-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, James Coleman(3) [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Harford Co: Bel Air: page 300: dwelling 136 (Coleman 16-MD farmer living with family of James Wilson 37-PA farmer, wife: Louisa 26-PA & children)
Chenoweth, James Francis, Jr.(6) [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: Marion PO: page 829: dwelling 207 (James F 46-Ky farmer, wife: Ann 49-KY, sons: James 22-IL, John 20-IL, Josiah 19-IL & Miles18-IL, dau: Elizabeth 16-IL, son: Charles 10-IL, Martha R Allen 14-TN) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, James H.(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Shelby Co: Black Creek twp: page 242: dwelling 587 (James 35-KY farmer, wife: Melissa 35-KY, daus: Mary 12-IL & Ann E. 6-IL, son: Edgar 2-MO, Marion DeSpain 18-Il farm laborer) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, James Hackley(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 20, Linnens PO: page 727: dwelling 843 (J.H. 40-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 34-KY, daus: Maxine17-IL, Martha 9-IL & Delilia 7-IL, son: David 6-IL, dau: Rachel 1-MO) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, James Hackley(5) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 467: dwelling 85 (J.H. 59-KY farmer, wife: Artemisia 48-KY, son: Abraham 28-IL laborer, nephew: John 25-IN, his wife: Martha 18-IL, sons: Joseph 20-IL laborer & Robert 18-IL, dau: Ruth 16-IL, sons: David 12-IL & Jacob 10-IL, daus: Susan 6-IL) [John Shoemaker Chenoweth and is wife Martha Jane Irving are living with John's uncle - Abraham is married but his wife and children are not found] [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, James Harrison(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 166: dwelling 83 (James 26-IL farmer, wife: Kate 22-IL, son: W.V. 3-IL, dau: R.M. 5/10-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, James 'Lewis'(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Perry twp: page 492: dwelling 1523 (James 47-OH farmer, wife: N. 47-OH [Nancy], son: H.H. 22-OH [William Hugh], daus: M.A. 20-OH [Margaret A] & S.C. 18-OH [Sarah C], sons: J.L. 15-OH [John Leonard], D.H. 11-OH [David H] & C.N. 8-OH [Casper Nelson], dau: M. A 5-OH [Mary Armista], sons: A.M. 3-OH [ unknown or may be Erastus M] & J.E. 11/12-OH [James Edgar]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, James M.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Warren Co: Medina twp: page 576: dwelling 893 (James M., 31-OH teacher, wife: Jane, 27-MO, son: Frank, 6-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, James Marelya(5) [RICHARD3] > KY: Kenton Co: Covington City, 4th ward: page 700: dwelling 1168 (James 35-KY merchant, wife: Harriet 33-OH, son: William 5-KY, dau: Martha 1-KY, son: Henry 6/12-KY + 3 servants living with family of Alexander Jamison 52-VA & Maria 35-OH may be sister to Harriet)
Chenoweth, James Matison(6) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 56: dwelling 421 (James M 29-TN farmer, wife: Martha A. 29-TN, daus: Abigail M. 10-TN, Nancy F. 8-TN. Martha J E 6-TN & Amanda 2-TN [Indexed Chinowth]) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, James Prather(5) [THOMAS3] > IL: Logan Co: Lincoln precinct: page 216: dwelling 1535 (James 31-OH farmer, wife: Mary A. 25-OH, dau: Lydia 5-OH, sons: Charles 3-OH & Benjamin 8/12-IL, probable mother-in-law: Lydia Rankin 62-VA) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, James R.(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 294: dwelling 728 ([widow] Elizabeth 54-PA weaver, son: James 26-OH farm laborer, dau: Margaret 16-OH) [James is Jonas] [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, James Ross(5) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Harrison Co: Posey twp: page 366: dwelling 209 (James R. 50-KY shoe maker, wife: Margaret C. 42-IN, son: Abraham G. 22-IN farm laborer, daus: Angeline 19-IN teacher com school, Sarah J. 17-KY domestic, Demericus 16-KY & Clara J. 14-KY, sons: John R. 12-KY & French M. 9-KY) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, James T.(6) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 20th ward: page 465: dwelling 866 (Jas 21-MD carpenter, wife: Mary 19-MD, living in the home of Robert Hampton 44-MD carpenter & wife: Ann 32-MD & family) [MD: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, James Walton(5) [ISAAC3] > IA: Iowa Co: Sumner twp: page 601: dwelling 797 (James W 30-OH farm labor, wife: Mary A. 26-ENG, dau: Elizabeth 11/12-IA [indexed as Chinoweth]))
Chenoweth, James William(5) [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Martinsburg PO: page 826: dwelling 521 (Jas W 50-VA farmer, wife: Ann 45-VA, daus: Mary F 18-VA, Hester 16-VA, Eliza A 16-VA & Isabella 14-VA, son: John 12-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, James, Jr.(5) [JOHN3] > MO: Dent Co: Watkins twp: page 824: dwelling 906 (Jones 50-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 48-PA, sons: Reubin 22-IN & William 20-IN, dau: Sallie 18-IN, son: Milton 14-IN, dau: Nancy 13-IN, sons: Eli 11-IN & David 9-IN, dau: Matilda 5-IN, son: Hesekiah 1-MO [indexed: Jones Chinewertt]) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Jasper P.(6) [JOHN3] > MO: Dent Co: Watkins twp: page 699: dwelling 78 (Jasper 21-unk carpenter living with family of Daniel flint 53-NY carpenter and wife Eliza) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Jehu(5) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 9: dwelling 36 (Jehu 68-MD farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 60-VA, Elizabeth Helmick 32-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Jeremiah Browning(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Range twp: page 369: dwelling 950 (Jeremiah 43-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 36-OH, sons: James F 15-OH, John W 13-OH, David B 11-OH, Nelson P 9-OH, George W 6-OH, Jeremiah C 5-OH & Newton M 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Jeremiah M. 'Jerry'(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp, Harrisburg: page 182: dwelling 427 (Jeremiah 23-OH farmer, wife: Statira 41-22-NY � married within one year)
Chenoweth, Joel(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Huntington Co: Huntington twp: page 34: dwelling 221 (Joel 35-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 36-OH, sons: George 12-IN, Addison 9-IN, William 7-IN & James 5-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joel(4) [ABRAHAM3] > IA: Louisa Co: Grandview twp: page 1008: dwelling 392 (Joel 49-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 43-OH, [by 1st wife] dau: Rachel 19-OH, son Joel 16-OH, dau: Susan 13-OH, son: Joseph 11-OH, stepson: Samuel 10-OH, [by 1st wife] daus: Mary 8-IL & Rebecca 8-IL) [indexed a Chenawoth, Mary was the widow of Joel�s cousin Reason Shriver Chenoweth & Samuel was the son of Reason & Mary] [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Jackson Co: Washington twp: page 222: dwelling 239 (John 45-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 36-OH, daus: Mary 16-OH & Samantha 12-OH, sons: Alison 9-OH [though listed as (f) this is Absolum], Harvey 7-OH & Lewis 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 550: dwelling 151 (John 31-IN miller, 2nd wife: Matilda 23-IN, [by 1st wife] dau: Mary A. 5-IN, [by Matilda] son: George W. 2/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 284: dwelling 592 (John 49-VA day laborer, wife: Margary 47-VA, daus: Sarah J 21-OH, Mahala 20-OH & Rachel 18-OH, son: William 16-OH, dau: Harriet 14-OH, son: Thomas 9-OH, dau: Angeline 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(5) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2, Hayes Spring PO: page 1008: dwelling 455 (John 61-VA farmer, dau: Tearah 40-KY idiotic [this is Sarah]) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Greene Co: Greenfield twp: page 178: dwelling 2482 (John 24-TN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 22-TN, sons: Martin 6-TN, Elbert 4-TN & Joseph 1-TN) [living next door to Elizabeth Crouch�s parents] [TN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John(5) [JOHN3] > IA: Wayne Co: Southfork twp: page 424: dwelling 295 (John 53-VA farmer, wife: Catherine 57-VA, daus: Mary J 19-OH, Rachel 16-OH & Eveline 14-OH [indexed as Cenowith]) [IA: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(4) [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Arden PO: page 84: dwelling 528 (Isabella 62-VA superannuated, nephew: Samuel F 40-VA, no occupation) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 3rd district, Pikesville: page 135: dwelling 2140 (John 46-MD farmer, wife: Temperance 41-MD, sons: William C 19-MD, John R 15-MD, Arthur 13-MD, Abraham 10-MD, Daniel 6-MD & Eli H. 3-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Massie twp: page 334: dwelling 19 (John 34-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 38-OH, son: Isaac L 17-OH, daus: Margaret E 15-OH, Eliza J 13-OH & Mary E 6-OH [indexed: Chineway]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 106: dwelling 430 (Jno 71-VA farmer, son: James 46-OH farmer, wife: Cynthia 36-OH, sons: George D 9-OH, Thomas P 4-OH & John E 4-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(5) [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 79: dwelling 184 (Nathan Jacobs 39-OH farmer, wife: Mary 33-OH, [children from 1st marriage to John Chenoweth] Daniel 11-IN, John C. 9-IN & Rachel 7-IN, [children by Nathan] Maria 4-IN, Eliza J. 1-IN, brother-in-law: William Sparks 26-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(4) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 396: dwelling 972 ([widow] Mary E 61-PA, dau: Rachel 22-Darke Co., OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(1) [unknown: JOHN] > MD: Baltimore Co: 11th district, Little Gunpowder: page 816: dwelling 1338 ([widow] Ann 50, son: Asbury 32-MD, dau-in-law: Jane 30-MD, granddau: Elizabeth 2-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, John(2) [unknown: JOHN] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 7th ward: page 62: dwelling 1893 (John Berry 51-MD carpenter, wife Ellen 51-MD, sons: John 23-MD & Thomas 20-MD, dau: Sarah J 24-MD, son-in-law, John Chenowith 28-MD tinner, grandson: John 7-MD) [MD: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John Skidmore 'JS'(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 112: dwelling 816 (John S 29-VA carpenter, wife: Deborah 23-VA, daus: Maud 2-VA & Alice 6/12-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John Baxter(5) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Carroll Co: Hampstead PO: page 780: dwelling 454 (John 45-MD farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah 50-MD, daus: Dianah 27-MD & Eliza 22-MD, son: John 21-MD farm hand, dau: Sarah 18-MD, sons: Richard 17-MD farm hand, Samuel 15-MD, Christopher 13-MD & Thomas 12-MD, dau: Ann E 8-MD [indexed: Chenwick]) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Bradford(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 11th district, Little Gunpowder: page 157: dwelling 1055 (John 30-MD farmer, wife: Barbara 25-MD, daus: Lillian 5-MD, Mary 3-MD & Issidore 4/12-MD, aunt: Wilson, Harriet 56-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, John C.(4) [THOMAS3] > IL: Logan Co: Prairie Creek twp: page 164: dwelling 1187 (John 75-OH, wife: Betsey 73-OH) [lives same dwelling as son Richard Prather] [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John F.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Madison Co: Fall Creek twp: page 72: dwelling 499 (J.F. 38-OH miller, wife: Clarissa 34-KY, dau: Mary J. 13-IN, sons: Asbury 10-IN & Avery B. 7-IN, daus: Rachel E. 4-IN & Sarah A. 1-IN, bro: Noah 25-OH) [Census taker has this in the same household as Paul Maul & family. It would appear though that John F�s home was not properly numbered] [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Foster(5) [THOMAS3] > IA: Clarke Co: Knox twp: page 438: dwelling 679 (J.F. 38-OH farmer, wife: M.J. 38-OH, dau: H.E. 12-IN, son: J.M. 9-IN, daus: N.J. 5-IA & R.A. 2-IA) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Foster(4) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 448: dwelling 870 (John F. 67-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 66-KY, son: S. D. 36-KY) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Henry(6) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: (Henry 35-KY md, wife: Helen M. 25-KY, daus: Mildred A. 4-KY & Fanny B. 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Henton(6) [WILLIAM3] > CA: Sonoma Co: Salt Point: page 689: dwelling 190 (J.H. 42-KY farmer, wife: E. 38-KY, sons: William L. 18-MO, J.M. 15-IL, H. 13-IL & Charles 7-CA, dau: J. 5-CA, son: A. 2-CA) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, John I(5) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 95: dwelling 681 (John I 70-VA farmer, wife: Mary 70-VA, son: Thomas 28-VA farmer, Catherine Helmick 45-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Johnston(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Ross twp: page 814: dwelling 1803 (John J 41-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 41-OH, sons: H.W. 16-IN & J.D. 14-IN, dau: M.J. 12-IL, sons: Thomas 11-IL & Robert 4-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Kittle(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 5: dwelling 32 (Sarah 48-VA, son: Jacob 21-VA farmer, daus: Elethea 22-VA & Catherine 16-VA, son: Coffman 15-VA farmer) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Miles Duvall(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Lawrence Co: Rupell twp, Russellville PO: page 36: dwelling 245 (M.D. 46-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 33-IL, son: Arthur 23-IL, daus: Emily 12-IL, Ellen 7-IL, Amanda 5-IL & Allace 2-IL, John Moor 16-VA, Samuel Adams 21-I living in dwelling of Margaret Thompson 46-KY) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, John P(2) [unknown: JOHN P] > WV: Gilmer Co: Glennville PO: page 972: dwelling 335 (John P 45-unk baptist minister, wife: Ruth 30-Mongolia Co., VA, son: Thomas 1- Mongolia Co., VA [indexed as Chenith])
Chenoweth, John P.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 27: dwelling 189 (J.P. 57-KY farmer, wife: Katharine 49-KY, son: Wm. R. 20-IN farmer, daus: Nancy 19-IN & Lucretia 17-IN, sons: Henry C. 15-IN, dau: Sarah 12-IN, son: John Q. A. 10-IN & dau: Jane 8-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Smith(5) [RICHARD3] > KY: Mason Co: district 2, town of Washington: page 96: dwelling 980 (John 55-KY merchant, wife: Julia 40-KY, sons: Frank K 3-OH & Henry P 1-OH, dau: Julia L 1-OH, +2servants, a nurse and a laborer) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, John Thomas(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 772: dwelling 569 (John 34-Md farmer, wife: Emily 27-MD, [by 1st wife] son: Samuel J 12-IN, [by Emily] dau: Clara C 7-IN, mother-in-law: Mary Lawrence 60-PA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John Thomas(6) [THOMAS3] > IN: Randolph Co: West River twp: page 905: dwelling 281 (John 26-OH physican, wife H.V. 24-OH, son Forest 2-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John W.(6) [WILLIAM3] > OR: Douglas Co: Winchester precinct: page 149: dwelling 497 (John 26-IL farmer, wife: Malinda 32-IN, son: James 10-MO, daus: Nancy 7-OR & Rebecca 3-OR, son: William 1-OR [Indexed: Chinerworth]) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, John W.(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Cedar Co: Lynn twp: page 63: dwelling 447 (John W 54-VA, wife: Frances J 50-IL, son: Thomas J 21-AR student , dau: Lavinia 18-IL seamstress, Harriett 15-MO & Martha J 11-MO [indexed Chinoth]) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, John W.(6) [RICHARD3] > IN: Boone Co: Center twp: page 1078: dwelling 295 (John 29-IN farm laborer, wife: Hariet 22-IN, daus: Laura 4-IN, Mary 3-IN & Sarah 1-IN)
Chenoweth, John W. (5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 392: dwelling 1079 (John 31-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 25-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John Wesley(5) [ARTHUR3] > TX: Hopkins Co: town of Tarrant: page 129: dwelling 380 (JW 35-OH merchant, wife: Rachel 32-VA, daus: Mary M 7-TX & Margaret A 5-TX, son: John P 2-TX, dau: Rachel J 3/12-TX, Frances E Bennett 15-IL domestic, Wm R Brown 58-KY merchant [indexed as Chinnewoth])
Chenoweth, John Wesley(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Darby twp: page 56: dwelling 738 (John W 29-OH farmer, wife: Elisabeth M. 27-OH, daus: Laura E 7-OH, Anna W 4-OH & Mary E. 1-OH, James Seaman 20-OH farm hand) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, John Wesley(1) [unknown: JOHN WESLEY] > IL: Piatt Co: William Branch: page 9: dwelling 55 (John 22-IN farm laborer, wife: Mary A. 19-IN living with in-laws: Rheuben Anderson 50-OH farmer, Gertrude 52-MD, Caroline 22-OH, Wm 17-IN, Marrah 15-OH, Martha 13-OH, James 9-OH, Cynthia 6-OH, Alonzo 4-OH) [indexed as Chamwith]
Chenoweth, John Wesley III(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 932: dwelling 640 (John W. 54-VA farmer, wife: Sarah M. 51-VA, sons: James W. 22-VA day laborer & Cornelius B. 19-VA day laborer, dau: Anna E. 15-VA, son: Alfred D. 13-VA) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, John William(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 136: dwelling 263 (John W 32-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 33-VA, son: Thomas J 4-OH & dau: Phoebe A 2-OH, James N. Moore 15-OH)
Chenoweth, John, Jr.(4) [JOHN3] > IN: Putnam Co: Marion: page 431: dwelling 47 (John 86-VA gentleman, wife: Mary 81-VA, dau: Ellen Dangerfield 59-VA, grandson: Lawrence 22-IN - farmer) [VA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Jonathan(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Gentry Co: twp 64, Grants Hill: page 853: dwelling 1369 (Jonathan 53-KY farmer, wife: Mary 31-KY, dau: Elizabeth 10-MO, son: James 9-MO, dau: Cynthia 7-MO, son: Jonathan, Jr 4-MO) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph(7) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Appanoose Co: Unionville: page 547: dwelling 36 (Joseph 22-IL apprentice carpenter, wife: Mary H. 31-IN) [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Joseph(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 391: dwelling 15 (Joseph 61-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 42-IN, son: William 21-IN - farm hand, daus: Rachel 17-IN, Myra 18-IN, Emily 14-IN, Martha 11-IN, Caroline 9-IN & Clara 3-IN, son: Samuel 6-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph(6) [RICHARD3] > IN: Allen Co: Wayne twp: page 462: dwelling 1750 (Col 33-IN saddler, wife: Eliza 20-OH, son: Thos 2-IN) [This is belived to be Joseph, who is not otherwise found. The listed son Thomas is belived to be daughter Florence] [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Joseph(5) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 367: dwelling 175 (widow of Joseph: Lydia 62-TN farmer, daus: Margaret 25-TN & Ruth A. 23-TN, sons: J.J. 22-TN & John 16-AR) [AR: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 106: dwelling 432 (Joseph 44-OH, wife: Bethany 24-OH [should be ca. 30], son: Absalom 12-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph(4) [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Newton twp: page 856: dwelling 16 (Joseph 58-OH farmer, wife: Rosanna 40-KY, son: James 19-MO, dau: Mildred 15-MO, sons: John 13-MO & Isaac 10-MO, dau: Victoria 8-MO, Sarah 3-MO & Alice 1-MO) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Iroquois Co: Belmont twp: page 100: dwelling 730 (J. 29-OH farmer, wife: Luna 25-VA, sons: Willey 8-IN & Charles 6-IN, daus: Eva 3-IL & & Hattie 1-IL)
Chenoweth, Joseph(4) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp, Harrisburg: page 182: dwelling 426 (Joseph 62-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 62-KY) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph C.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 30: dwelling 201 (Joseph 54-KY farmer, wife: Sophia 60-IN, dau: Sarah A. 25-IN, sons: Thomas 23-IN & Joseph 21-IN, dau: Martha 16-IN, son: William 13-IN, daus?: Lansetta 4-IN & Eliza 1-IN) [The family genealogy has Lauretta and Laura listed as daughters but it would appear that Sophia would have been too old, No other explanation is known. Neither appear in a subsequent Census] [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph Foster(5) [THOMAS3] > IA: Montgomery Co: Red Oak twp: page 472: dwelling 168 (J.F. 50-OH farmer, wife: Anna 45-NJ, sons: Nathanial 26-OH farmer, William 22-OH farmer & Richard 20-OH farmer, dau: Elizabeth 18-OH, sons: Peter 16-OH farm laborer & Timothy 13-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph Foster(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IL: Brown Co: Versailles twp: page 782: dwelling 815 (J.F. 36-OH farmer, 2nd wife: M.J. 30-OH, sons: James L. 8-IL & J.F. 4-IL, M.M. White 10-MO [female], sister: E.A. Chinoweth 24-OH schoolteacher) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Joseph Hart (7) [WILLIAM3] > VA: Rockbridge Co: Lexington: page 35: dwelling 92 (Jos'p H. 23-VA prof math - VMI Academy [indexed as Jno H Cheneweth]) [WV: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Joseph Heath(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp, Harrisburg: page 180: dwelling 405 (Joseph, Jr 37-OH farmer, wife: Mary 28-OH, dau: Martha J 8-OH & Rachel R 6-OH, sons: Milton L. 4-OH & Lee T. 1-OH)
Chenoweth, Joseph Smith(5) [RICHARD3] > MO: Daviess Co: Grand River twp: page 352: dwelling 23 (Joseph 27-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 26-OH)
Chenoweth, Joshua(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Blount twp: page 794: dwelling 1672 (Joshua 32-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 34-VA, daus: Martha A 10-OH & Sarah C 8-OH & Mary J 5-IN, son: James H. 3-IN) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Justin(5) [ARTHUR3] > OR: Wasco Co: Dalles precinct: page 596: dwelling 2138 (Justin 35-IL farmer, wife: Mary 24-OH, son: John 6-OR, dau: Emily 4-WA Terr, son: Justin 8/12-WA Terr) [OR: 1850]
Chenoweth, Lemuel(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 114: dwelling 825 (Lemuel 48-VA bridge builder, wife: Nancy A. 38-VA, daus: Mary 19-VA, Harriett 17-VA & Christina 15-VA, son: Z. Taylor 13-VA, daus: Louella Mary 8-VA & Blanch 5-VA, son: Charles 2-VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Lemuel Lemon(5) [RICHARD3] > MO: Grundy Co: Jefferson twp: page 479: dwelling 1538 (Lemon 35-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-OH, daus: Alice 5-MO & Huldah 1-MO) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, Lemuel 'Lemon'(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 80: dwelling 192 (Lemon 42-OH farmer, wife: Susan 37-IN, other: James Galvin 20-unk, probable mother-in-law: Ann English 74-PA) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth: Levi(5) remarried to Milford Mattox [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 389: dwelling 4 (Milford 39-KY - farmer, wife: Susan 40-IN, Manetta 15-IN, Valentine 12-IN, Sarah 10-IN, David 9-IN, John 6-IN, Susan M. 3-IN, James 8/12-IN, [children by 1st marriage of Susan] Elizabeth Chenoweth 21-IN, Elias 19-IN, Sarah 16-IN, Mary A. 13-IN, Emily 10-IN & Harriet 7-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Lewis Foster(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Fayette Co: Paint twp: page 404: dwelling 1264 (L.F. 32-OH farmer, wife: Martha 30-OH, daus: Mary E. 7-OH, Laura J. 5-OH, Rachel E. 2-OH & Eleda M. 4/12-OH, sister-in-law Morgan, Elizabeth 21-OH)
Chenoweth, Lewis Rose(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: York twp: page 5: dwelling 36 (Lewis R 53-KY, wife: Mary 47-NC, dau: Mary T. 20-IL, son: John B. 12-IL, Angeline Candler 11-OH) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth: Luke(4) remarried a Phillips [ARTHUR3] > MO: Webster Co: Union twp: page 807: dwelling 723 (Mary Phillips 44-OH, [by Luke] sons: Edwin Chenoweth 26-IN farm labor, B.F. 17-IN, George W. 14-IA & John W. 12-IA, [by 2nd husband] dau: Adalbert K 6-IA) [Adalbert should be listed as a Phillips] [IA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Mary(6) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 7: dwelling 43 (Mary 19-IN, living with family of Thomas C. Bailey 28-IN farmer, wife: Ann 32-IN, dau: Emely 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Mary(4) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 106: dwelling 429 (Mary 82-VA, deaf [spinster]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Mathias Rose(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: York twp: page 5: dwelling 35 (Mathais R. 28-IL farmer, wife: Francis A. 22-IL, daus: Winona A 1-IL & Eliza A. 7/12-IL, George Graham 16-OH, Eliza A Candler 7-OH) [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Matthew P.(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Wabash Co: Pleasant twp: page 51: dwelling 367 (Matthew 24-OH farmer, wife: Ann 18-OH) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Miles Briscoe(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 20, Linnens PO: page 727: dwelling 842 (M.B. 40-KY farmer, wife: Ann 30-NY, daus: Alzada 5-IL, Sarah 4-IL & Rachel 1-MO) [Miles should be 33-IN. On the next page there is an entry for Miles Chinneworth 33-IN crossed out. It appears that the Census taker had the correct information and misplaced it] [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, Miles Hart (6) [WILLIAM3] > CA: Sonoma Co: Armally twp: page 497: dwelling 135 (Miles 27-KY farm labor, Living with family of Clyman Lancaster, 39-OH � farmer & wife: Mary 37-IN & 5 children)
Chenoweth, Milton T.(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 166: dwelling 703 (Milton 28-OH farmer, wife: Mary 22-OH, son: John Wm 1-OH, Elvia Hicks 34-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Morton L.(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: York twp: page 3: dwelling 18 (wife: Margaret 19-OH school teacher living with mother: Esther Hutchinson 67-PA, sons: Robert S 20-OH, Wm B 13-OH, John 10-OH) [Morton L. her husband is not found] [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Nelson H.(6) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 376: dwelling 234 (Nelson H 36-TN farmer, wife: Sarah W. 36-TN, sons: John 14-TN, Henry 12-TN, Isaac 10-TN & William 9-TN, dau: Elizabeth 7-TN, son: Joseph 2-TN, aunt Elizabeth 60-TN) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Nicholas Hale(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 56: dwelling 424 (N.H. 44-TN farmer, wife: Ellen 39-TN. Sons: Archibald 17-TN & Joseph 15-TN, dau: Orlena 5-TN, son: John B 2-TN [Indexed Chinowth]) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Nimrod Hunter(5) [SAMUEL3] > OH: Butler Co: Middletown: page 31: dwelling 423 (Nimrod 48-VA house carpenter, wife: Jane A 44-OH, daus: Mary 16-OH, Clara 14-OH & Jennie 4-OH [indexed: Chineowith]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Noah(4) [ABRAHAM3] > IL: Logan Co: Lincoln precinct: page 211: dwelling 1502 (Noah 57-OH farmer, wife: Eliza A. 50-OH, daus: Sarah A 22-OH & Susan 19-IL, son: Jacob 17-IL, dau: Mary 15-IL, sons: Abraham 11-IL & James 8-IL, Nancy Day 3-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, Oliver Murray(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 800 : dwelling 777 (Oliver 25-MD farmer, wife: Sarepta 23-IN, son: Nathan R. 3-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Peter H.S.B.(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: Big Creek twp: page 678: dwelling 816 (Peter 38-OH carpenter, wife: Magdalene 33-IN, sons: Wm 10-IN & Gilbert 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Philip C.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 549: dwelling 148 (Martha A. 47-KY, son: Levi 27-IN)
Chenoweth, Phoebe Ann(6) [JOHN3] > CT: New Loudon Co: Norwich: page 90: dwelling 327 (N.H. Sherman 67-RI � stonemason, wife: Phoebe 62-RI granddau: Josephine Chenowith 16-CT, weaver, + 5 others [this is Phoebe Ann])
Chenoweth, Phoebe Ann(6) [JOHN3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Washington twp: page 75: dwelling 2 (Phoebe 22-OH serving for family of Samuel Seall 62-OH farmer & Mary 54-PA, plus 2 adult children and one other) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Presley Haycraft(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 470: dwelling 113 (Pressley 44-KY farmer, wife: Harriet 33-OH, son: Charles 10-IL, stepsons: James Morrison 18-IL & F.M. Morrison 15-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, Randolph(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Wayne Co: Corydon: page 384: dwelling 30 (Randolph 45-VA master carpenter, wife: Martha J. 33-VA son: J.S.C. 14-VA, dau: Mary V. 9-VA, son: Albert M. 5-VA, dau: Martha W. 1-IA) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, Richard(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 56: dwelling 423 (Richard 58-TN farmer, daus: Elizabeth 18-TN, & Eliza 15-TN, son: Richard 17-TN, dau: Martha 11-TN [Indexed Chinowth]) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Richard(5) [JOHN3] > IL: La Salle Co: town of Groveland: page 197: dwelling 76 (Richard 40-VA farmer, wife: Jane 40-OH, son: John 15-OH, dau: Virginia 10-IN, sons: Charles 8-OH & William 2-IL) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Richard(4) [RICHARD3] > TN: Knox Co: district 19: page 197: dwelling 4 (Richard 41-TN farmer, wife: Mary 38-TN, sons: Alex M. 15-TN & William A. 12-TN) [TN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Richard B.(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 20th ward: page 535: dwelling 1327 (Rich�d 27-MD painter, wife: Mary 24-MD, sons: Frank 5-MD & William 2-MD, Augusta Weeks 18-MD [black]) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, Richard Belt, Jr.(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 5th ward: page 250: dwelling 192 (Richard 31-MD, liquor dealer, wife: Amelia 28-MD, son: William 10-MD living in Hotel run by Lewis Brown) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, Richard C(1) [unknown: RICHARD C] > MD: Baltimore Co: 1st district: page 870: dwelling 2089 (Richard 38-MD blacksmith, wife: Ann 36-MD, sons: William 11-MD & Benjamin 7-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth: Richard Foster(5) m: Caleb Asbury(6) & Mary Alice [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 536: dwelling 76 (W. Vredenburg 70-NY clergyman, wife: Sarah 68-NY, son Caleb V. 40-NY, grandchildren: Caleb A. Chenoweth 17-IN & Alice 8-IN)
Chenoweth, Richard Michael(6) [JOHN3] > CA: Tuolumne Co: 2nd twp: page 362: dwelling 3132 (R.M. 26-VA miner, wife: Charlotte 28-ENG, son: William E.J. 3-CA [indexed as Chenowish]) [IA: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Richard Prather(5) [THOMAS3] > IL: Logan Co: Prairie Creek twp: page 164: dwelling 1187 (R.P. 40-OH farmer, wife: Julia 39-NY, married dau: Emailine Ashley 18-OH, dau: Joanna Chenoweth 14-OH, son: Thomas C 12-OH, daus: Martha 9-OH, Betsey 6-OH & Mary 3-OH, son-in-law: Wm Ashley 22-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Rixton(5) [RICHARD3] > PA: Cumberland Co: Carlisle, west ward: page 139: dwelling 445 (R 45-PA iron shoemaker, wife: Rebecca 39-PA, son: William 22-PA huckster, daus: Mary 20-PA tailoress & Martha 15-PA, son: George 8-PA [indexed: Chenyworth]) [PA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Robert(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 19th ward: page 151: dwelling 985 (Robert 39-MD shoemaker, daus: Olivia 13-MD, Ann 8-MD & Laura 7-MD, son: William 5-MD, probable sister-in-law Elizabeth Dorsey 42-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, Robert James(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Calhoun Co: Arnoldsburg PO: page 42: dwelling 1000 (Robert J 30-Randolph Co., wife: Elizabeth J. 21-Jackson Co., VA, son: William W 6-Gilmer Co., VA, daus: Jemima B 3-Calhoun Co., VA & Mary M 1-Calhoun Co., VA, father: Robert 78-Hampshire Co., VA, William P Harding 15-Gilmer Co., VA) [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, Robert S.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Wabash Co: Pleasant twp: page 51: dwelling 365 (Robert 49-VA farmer, wife: Amr [Ann] 40-PA, sons: William A. 21-OH, Alexander 19-OH & John S. 17-OH, daus: Jane H. 13-IN & Elizabeth A. 8-IN, others: Rebecca J. White 21-OH) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Robert W.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Coles Co: Hutton twp: page 315: dwelling 2183 (Robert 33-IL farmer, wife: Mary 30-TN)
Chenoweth, Samuel Haycraft(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Macon Co: Decatur: page 729: dwelling 1138 (Samuel 48-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 45-KY, sons: Walter 22-IL farmer & James 19-IL farmer, dau: Mary 17-IL & Jane 14-IL, sons: Albert 12-IL, Jacob 7-IL & Charles 5-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, Sarah Frances 'Fannie'(4) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 57: dwelling 435 (Fanny Chinowth, 80-MD spinnging? living alone)
Chenoweth, Sarah Orlena(3) [unknown: THOMAS] > LA: DeSoto Co: Mansfield PO: page 930: dwelling 784 (Sarah O 10-LA living with James Cox 57-SC � farmer & family) [LA: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth: Simon M. (6) [RICHARD3] > IA: Storey Co: Nevada twp: page 761: dwelling 497 (Simon Moore 76-CT & wife Silena 68-VT: dau: M.A. Chenowith 48-NY: grandson: S.M. 14) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Stephen K.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Henry Co: Prairie twp: page 294: dwelling 573 (Stephen 53-OH farmer, wife: Cassanda 49-VA, son: John 16-IN farm laborer, daus: Minerva 12-IN & Emma 8-IN, son: George 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Stephen Ross(5) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2, Ferm Creek PO: page 983: dwelling 256 ([widow] Jane 53-KY farmer, dau: Jane 15-KY, son: Stephen 13-KY, son-in-law:, Franklin Garr 23-KY, dau & wife: Mary 21-KY married within the year) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 31: dwelling 211 (Mary 70-VA living with family of Lee Wainscott 60-KY,& wife Mahulda 49-KY & others) [The relationship of Mary Bibb to this family is unknown] [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth: Thomas(4) m: & stepdaughter: Priscilla(6) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 7th ward: page 715: dwelling 2019 ([widow] Elizabeth 57-MD, stepdau: Priscilla Blutchly 38-MD, grandchildren: Anna R. Dogged 17-MD, William C 15-MD James M.12-MD, Marietta Blutchly 3-MD) [Priscilla was previously married to William Clemn Dogged and widowed. She remattied to a unknown Batchelor] [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 17th ward: page 141: dwelling 874 (Thomas 35-MD carpenter, wife: Emily 35-MD, daus: Ellenora 14-MD & Anna 11-MD, son: John 5-MD, dau: Mary 2-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Darby twp: page 55: dwelling 722 (Thomas 32-OH miller, wife: Emma 27-OH, son: Charles 4-OH, daus: Ida 2-OH, [twins] Olana 6/12-OH & Laona 6/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Thomas Benjamin(5) [WILLIAM3] > IN: Huntington Co: Huntington twp: page 34: dwelling 222 (Thomas 42-OH farmer, wife: Minerva 28-OH, [by 1sr marriage] sons: John 17-OH & James 12-OH, dau: Elizabeth 9-OH, [by Minerva] sons: David 3-OH & Charles 4/12-IN) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas F.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Warren Co: Mound twp: page 662: dwelling 397 ([widow] E. Janes 39-OH, daus: Harriet 8-IN, Americus 6-IN & Florence 3-IN, farm laborers: George Wilmeth 20-IN, Peter Burns 18-PA, servant: Jane Evans 18-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas Foster(5) [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Washington twp: page 190: dwelling 925 (Thomas 52-Franklin Co., OH farmer, wife: Christina 50-TN, sons: Nelson 23-Darke Co., OH teacher & Levi 19- Darke Co., OH farmer, dau: Catharine 17- Darke Co., OH, son: Joel 16- Darke Co., OH, dau: Mary N 11- Darke Co., OH, son: Benjamin 7- Darke Co., OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth: Thomas Hanna(5) m: & mother, Elizabeth(4) [RICHARD3] > KY: Mercer Co: Harrodsburg: district 2: page 708: dwelling 166 (Elias Passmore 72-VA boss blacksmith, wife: Elizabeth 72-MD, son: E.H. 31-MD, dau: Sarah 23-MD, married dau & widow: Nancy T. Chenowith, grandchildren: James T. 20-MD, Julia 14-MD & Thomas H. 12-MD) [Elizabeth, wife of Elias is believed to be the daughter of Arthur(3) Richard(2). Thomas H. is a daughter, Thomas Hanna 'Tommie Ann', named for her father. The Maryland locations for all except Elizabeth are the Census takers error, all the children, Passmore and Chenoweth were born in Kentucky] [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas III(4) [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 79: dwelling 189 ([widow] Rachel 54-OH, dau: Cassandre 27-IN, son: Jonathan 18-IN farmer, dau: Rebecca 15-IN, son: Elijah 12-IN, others: Morris Perrin 16-IL, Joseph 17-IL laborer) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas Jefferson(5) [RICHARD3] > IA: Lee Co: Jackson twp: page 386: dwelling 2020 (T.J. 511-KY farmer, wife: Mary 51-OH, dau: Melvina 22-IN, son: Joseph 18-IA, dau: Ruehana 15-IA, son: Henry 14-IA, dau: Amanda 12-IA, nephew: Thomas H. 37-IN peddler [2nd listing for Thomas H]) [IA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas John(6) [RICHARD3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Cincinnati, 1st ward: page 47: dwelling 423 (Thos 26-KY comm merchant, Shults Leech 18-KY bookkeeper) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Thomas Johnston(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IN: Warren Co: Liberty twp: page 480: dwelling 224 (Thomas 37-OH farmer, wife: Lovina 32-OH, son: William 12-IN, dau: Nancy A. 9-IN, sons: Edward 7-IN, Thomas 6-IN & John W. 2-IN, domestic: Elizabeth Berryman 22-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas Lewis(5) [THOMAS3] > TX: Dallas Co: precinct 4, Farmers Branch PO: page 330: dwelling 457 (Thos L 39-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 27-OH, son: Jasper 8-TX, dau: Martha E 5-TX, son: Thos J 2-TX) [TX: 1850]
Chenoweth, Thomas N.(5) [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Georgetown: page 1013: dwelling 3189 (Thomas 39-OH farmer, wife: Mary 36-OH, dau: Sarah 16-IL, Emily 14-IL & Sarah 8-IL, son: Thomas 4-IL, dau: Laura 1-IL, William Jenks 19-OH) [The second daughter Sarah should be Mary]
Chenoweth, Thomas Worth(6) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 80: dwelling 586 (Thomas 15-OH, living with family of Samuel Ramsey 38-Ireland farmer & wife: Catherine 33-Ireland) [note, Thomas was written in later between lines 28-29] [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, Uriah(5) [RICHARD3] > MO: Grundy Co: Jefferson twp: page 475: dwelling 1503 (Uriah 21-IN farmer, wife: Hannah 19-MO, mother: Elizabeth 55-MD)
Chenoweth, Uriah(4) [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Shelby twp: page 632: dwelling 160 (Uriah 65-KY farmer, wife: Mary 53-OH, son: Isaac W. 20-OH, dau: Martha 18-OH school teacher, sons: George 12-IN, Richard 10-IN & William E.T. 22-OH) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, Washington(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Harford Co: Bel Air: page 347: dwelling 473 (Michael Noonan 60-MD cooper, wife: Letitia 60-MD, dau: Sidney Chenoweth 35-MD, grandchildren: William E 14-MD & Gertrude 10-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth: Wesley T.(6) remarried to George Church [WILLIAM3] > IL: Macon Co: Decatur: page 687: dwelling 855 (George Church 34-KY, wife: Rhoda 37-NY, sons: Charles 4-IL & Martin 2-IL, stepson: Wesley 11-IL) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(6) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Johnson Co: Jackson twp: page 806: dwelling 560 (Wm 47-KY farmer, wife: Susan 34-IL, dau: Sarah 14-MO, son: Wm 12-IA, dau: Mercy 8-MO, son: Gideon 5-MO, dau: Susannah 2-MO) [MO: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Madison twp: page 164: dwelling 95 (William 53-VA mail carrier, wife: Maryellen 45-MD, sons: Alfred 17-OH & Ezra 6-OH, dau: Ann 2-OH [indexed: Chonoweth]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Fulton Co: Farmers twp: page 237: dwelling 1740 (William 49-OH farmer, wife: Martha 42-KY, sons: Joseph W 17-IL farmer, Edward 16-IL farmer, James 11-IL & Milton 7-IL, Catharine 60-CT) [Catherine is not identified. It is belived that her listing as a Chenoweth is a mistake on the part of the Census taker and she may some how be related to Martha] [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(7) [THOMAS3] > IL: Franklin Co: twp 7 S Range 2E, Benton PO: page 408: dwelling 420 (William 25-IL farmer, wife: Harriett 25-IL, son: James M. 2-IL, dau: Mary A.E. 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth: William(5) m: & sisters [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: Marion PO: page 829: dwelling 210 (William 60-VA farmer, sisters: Mary 62-VA & Elizabeth 56-OH, Austin E. 17-IN) [it is likely that Austin, although listed as a Chenoweth is someone else]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > PA: Bedford Co: Bedford twp: page 35: dwelling 189 (William 53-VA farmer, wife: Lucinda 44-PA, Definbaugh, Belle 10-PA, 3 others) [PA: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(5) [RICHARD3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 4th district, Reisterstown: page 213: dwelling 528 (William 17-MD laborer, brother John H. 19-MD laborer, living with grandfather Enoch Hisor 62-MD laborer) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(4) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Champaign Co: Urbana twp: page 152: dwelling 791 (Evan Banes 63-OH physician. Wife: Margaret 58-OH, son: Henry C. 33-OH physician, Martha W. 23-OH, Evan B. Ward 11-OH, sister: Sarah Chenowith 68-VA, Sarah Warton 77-ENG) [Sarah is the widow of William Chenoweth. Evan Babes is the son of the 2nd marriage of Sinah Hayes who was 1st married to William�s uncle, Joseph] [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(5) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Middlefork twp : page 958: dwelling 2787 (William 51-VA farmer, son: Thomas 17-IL, dau: Elizabeth 15-IL, son: Nelson 12-IL, son-in-law: John Wright 31-IL farmer, dau & wife: Mary 20-IL, John Kerr 19-IL farm hand) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Greene Co: Sugarcreek twp: page 35: dwelling 451 (William 40-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 53-VA, dau: Elizabeth 18-OH, son: Casper 17-OH, daus: Clarissa 15-OH & Amanda 12-OH, son: Christopher 9-OH) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 82: dwelling 206 (William 38-OH farmer, wife: Ferby 36-OH, son: Ferdinand 8-IN, dau: Emeline 6-IN, son: William 2-IN, farm laborer: Alfred Richardson 32-OH) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, William(5) [ABRAHAM3] > IA: Louisa Co: Grandview twp: page 1008: dwelling 388 (William 21-OH farm labor, wife: Sarah 22-ENG, son: John 1-IA, mother-in-law: Sarah Bessant, 60-ENG, sister in law: Elizabeth 14-PA) [indexed a Chenawoth, living 4 houses from his father Joel] [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, William(1) [unknown: WILLIAM] > IA: Des Moines Co: Burlington City: page 628: dwelling 728 (Daniel Ingersoll, 31-OH fisherman, wife: Elizabeth 31-OH, sons: James 9-IA, Daniel 3-IA & Horace B.R. 8/12-IA, William Cheworth 19-OH fisherman, Christina Simmons 22-PA servant)
Chenoweth, William B.(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp, Harrisburg: page 181: dwelling 429 (Wm 29-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 27-OH, dau: Mary 6-OH, son: Frank 4-OH, dau: Orlena 1-OH)
Chenoweth, William Bond(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Cincinnati, 16th ward: page 39: dwelling 396 (William B 36-MD carpenter, wife: Henrietta 30-PA, son: George M 10-OH, daus: Fanny L 7-OH & Ida 3/12-OH, Catherine Talmen [indexed: Shenoweth]) [OH: 1850]
Chenoweth, William C.(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Champaign Co: Point PO: page 573: dwelling 2118 (William 26-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 22-IN, son: John H. 3/12-IL, Jacob Jones 22-Il farm labor) [daugther Mary Clarenda missing] [IL: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, William Columbus 'Lum'(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 793: dwelling 749 (Wm C. 30-MD farmer, wife: Mary J. 25-MD, sons: William H. 9-IN & James B 8-IN, daus: Julietta 2-IN & Emma 1/12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, William Currence(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Dry Fork PO: page 98: dwelling 699 (Wm C 37-VA trader living with family of Charles & Nancy Myers & several others) [recently widowed, william's children are living with his in-laws, Thomas & Nancy Collett] [WV: 1850]
Chenoweth, William E.(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Jay Co: Jackson twp: page 244: dwelling 725 (William 54-VA farmer, wife: Charity 46-OH, sons: John 20-IN farmer & W.H.H. 18-IN laborer, daus: G.A. 16-IN, N.E. 14-IN, M.E. 12-IN, S.J. 10-IN, E.R. 8-IN & M.L. 7-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, William Edward(6) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 2nd district: page 717: dwelling 991 (William E 17-MD miner, in boarding house with a number of other miners) [MD: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, William H.(6) [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: town of Forsyth: page 658: dwelling 96 (William 26-OH physician living with family of Jacob Girder 45-KY blacksmith & wife Nancy 38-KY & children) [OH: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, William H.(6) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Broylesville PO: page 135: dwelling 72 (William 22-TN carpenter living with family of William D. Seaton 38-TN farmer [indexed as Chinnell, spelled Chinnith) [TN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, William H.(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Kosciusko Co: Plain twp: page 113: dwelling 795 (William 22-OH farm laborer living with family of Ebaneser Rolsten 54-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 36-OH children: Caroline 14-OH, Moriah 10-OH, Florance 8-OH, Georgeanna 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, William H. 'Miles'(6) [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Prairie twp: page 376: dwelling 233 (W.H. 20-TN farmer, wife: Rachel E. 21-TN) [TN: 1850 root family]
Chenoweth, William Hall(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Cook Co: Chicago, 5th ward: page 45: dwelling 393 (W.H. 33-IL horse smith, wife: Sophia 25-GER, daus: Sarah 5-OH & Louisa 3-IL, sons: Frederick 1-IL & unnamed 1/12-IL [this is Charles Langfeldt], Catherine Cady 15-IRE servant)
Chenoweth, William Haycraft(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Appanoose Co: Washington twp: page 590: dwelling 334 (Wm 51-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 35-OH, [by first wife] son: John 18-IL [by 2nd wife] son: Israel F. 11-IL, dau: Josephine 9-IL, son: Miles L. 6-IA, dau: Mary A. 1-IA) [IL: 1850]
Chenoweth, William James(6) [RICHARD3] > IL: Macon Co: Decatur, 4th ward : page 666: dwelling 722 (Wm J 36-KY physician, wife: America 35-KY, son: Cassidy 12-KY, dau: Eliza 8-KY, + 3 others) [KY: 1850]
Chenoweth, William R(1) [unknown: WILLIAM R] > OR: Douglas Co: Winchester precinct: page 152: dwelling 526 (Wm 29-OH laborer, wife: Maria 23-OH, sons: Joseph 7-OR & James 4-OR [indexed: Chinaworth]) [OR: 1850]
Chenoweth, William Robinson(5) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 3rd ward: page 880: dwelling 1816 (Wm 38-MD cooper, wife: Ann 31-MD, sons: James 13-MD, Washington 9-MD, William 6-MD & Benjamin 3-MD) [MD: 1850]
Chenoweth, William S.(5) [JOHN3] > IL: Henderson Co: Oquawka: page 316: dwelling 365 (Wm S 34-PA painter, wife: Caroline W. 29-PA, daus: Alice E 8-IL, Mary P 5-IL & Louisa 2-IL)
Chenoweth, William Smith(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Logan Co: town of Lincoln: page 342: dwelling 2426 (W. 39-OH blacksmith, 2nd wife: Harriet 28-NY, sons: Lewis 7-IL & Bruce 5-IL, daus: Gertrude 3-IL & Eugene 1-IL)
Chenoweth, William Thomas(6) [JOHN3] > IA: Taylor Co: Ross twp: page 31: dwelling 211 (William 31-IN farmer, wife: Minerva 27-IN, dau: Sarah 6-IN, sons: Charles 3-IN & James 1-IA, posible in-law Starbuck, Hester A. 11-IN [indexed as Cinaworth) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, William Thomas(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 792: dwelling 742 (William 58-MD farmer, wife: Caturah 55-MD, sons: Benjamin F. 20-IN, Joshua B. 17-IN & Calvin M. 13-IN, dau: Henrietta F. 11-IN, unknown: Panina J. Peelle 16-IN) [IN: 1850]
Chenoweth, William Western(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Sullivan Co: Fairbanks twp: page 964: dwelling 574 (Emily 35-IL - seamstress, dau: Emma 16-IL [idiot])
Chenoweth, William Zebanoff(6) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 106B: dwelling 434 (William Z Chenoweth 7-OH & Joshua 2-OH listed with family of John W. Cornell 44-OH farmer & wife Mary 32-NJ) [this appears to be a mistake in the Census. These are the 2 younger sons of Joseph and Bethany. The listing for Absolum was at the bottom of page 106, William and Joshua probably should have followed at the top of the next page but were instead inserted in the 2nd house down]
Chenoweth, William, Jr(1) [unknown: WILLIAM, JR] > IA: Jasper Co: Buena Vista twp: page 876: dwelling 555 (Sarah M 47, OH, dau: Eliza J. 16-MO, son: Andrew J. 14-MO, dau: Margaret A. 22-OH [indexed as Chmowick]) [IA: 1850]
Chenoweth, Wilson(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Martin Co: Halbert twp: page 910: dwelling 1066 (Wilson 33-IN miller, wife: Mary 29-IN, sons: John 9-IN, Danl 7-IN & Saml 4-IN, Zeno W. Coffin 40-IN miller) [IN: 1850]
Cherry: Amelia Ashbrook(5) m: William Cherry [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 234: dwelling 1465 (William 49-PA farmer, wife: Amelia 37-OH, dau: Abigail E 14-OH, son: Aaron A 12-OH, daus: Diana D 11-OH, Merrellah C 9-OH & Ellen L 7-OH, son: David M 5-OH, dau: Emma F. 3-OH, son: James A. 1-OH) "
Christian: Hannah E. Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Jefferson Christian [JOHN3] > OH: Licking Co: Newark twp: page 65: dwelling 107 (Thomas J. 50-VA tinker dealer(?), wife: Hannah E. 50-VA, son: Lorance 23-OH, daus: Anna B. 20-OH & Louesa 16-OH, son: Thomas J. 16-OH) [indexed as Christon] [OH: 1850]"
Church: Laura Catherine Kagy(6) m: James T. Church [MARY3] > IL: La Salle Co: Ottawa twp: page 497: dwelling 4068 (James T 31-OH, wife: Laura C 28-OH, daus: Francisanna 6-OH & Mary 3-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Clark, John(6) [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: New Salem twp: page 452: dwelling 234 (John 35-OH laborer [living with family of Elias Ellis 60-OH, wife SF 53-OH, sons: Wm 18-OH & Wilson 12-OH, dau: CF 15-OH, son Scott 10-OH, and laborer A Calahan 23-OH) [John is recently widowed] [IL: 1850]
Clark, Sarah Jane(7) [MARY3] > IL: Brown Co: Cooperstown twp: page 236: dwelling 490 (Sarah J 11-IL school [living with family of WF Cox 45-KY JofP, wife:EF 43-KY, sons: Marcelus 18-IL farming, Steph 16-IL farming, Shipton 13-IL sch, James 11-IL sch & Mortimer 6-IL sch, dau: Rhodus 2-IL, coppers JC Orr 21-IL & Crayton Barker 22-OH) [IL: 1850 root family]
Clyde: America Ellen Westrope(6) m: Robert Clyde [MARY3] > WI: Grant Co: Wingville: page 770: dwelling 996 (Robert 27-PA farmer, wife: Ellen 30-IL, sons: Alonzo 8-WI & William A 6-WI, dau: Clara 4-WI)
Clymer: Emilia Downing(5) m: Samuel Clymer [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Blanchard twp: page 122: dwelling 1769 (Amelia 37-OH weaving, dau: Mary E. 14-OH, son: Albert J. 12-OH, dau: Jane 11-OH, son: P. Samuel 9-OH, dau: M. Alice 7-OH) [indexed as Claymer] [OH: 1850]
Coberly, John Perry(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO : page 93: dwelling 670 (John P 31-VA farmer, wife: Prudence 29-VA, dau: Mary E 9-VA, sons: Winfield S 8-VA, George W 5-VA, Haymand H 3-VA & Alfred 1/2-VA, mother: Margaret 56-VA, bro: Robert G 38-VA shoemaker)
Coberly, William Harrison(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO : page 93: dwelling 669 (Wm H 35-VA farmer, wife: Ruthet 29-VA, son:Jesse C 10-VA, dau: Columbia 8-VA, Levi Rosecrantz 22-VA laborer, Jemima Kelly 20-VA) [WV: 1850]
Cochran: Mary E. Fox(6) m: James T. Cochran [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Turtle Creek twp: page 239: dwelling 21 (James S 27-OH farmer, wife: Mary E 22-OH, son: John F 1-OH, unknown relation: Robert 11-OH) [This appears to be the right record as the ages and placesmatch, but their son who dies young an a few years should be Charles and the miidle inital for James should be "T".] [OH: 1850 root family]
Cofer: Melinda Ashbrook(5) m: Stephen Cofer [JOHN3] > IN: Hendricks Co: Danville: page 497: dwelling 126 (Stephen 51-KY farmer, wife: Ashbrook 56-KY, sons: Thomas 25-KY & Levi 24-KY, daus: Eliza 20-KY & Nany 18-KY, sister: Martha 44-KY, nephews?: Thomas 23-KY, William 22-KY) [IN: 1850]
Collins, John Ashbrook(6) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Crittenden PO: page 933: dwelling 166 (John A 45-KY farmer, wife: Julia A 41-KY, son: Thomas C 16-KY, daus: Calista M 14-KY & Ann E 12-KY, son: James B 10-KY, daus: Rachel 8-KY, Agness 6-KY & Genevera 2-KY, Richard Davis 24-KY farm laborer) [KY: 1850]
Collins: Mary Jane Sutton(6) m: Henry S. Collins [MARY3] > IL: Cass Co: Beardstown twp: page 259: dwelling 1858 (Henry 33-OH farmer, wife: Mary J. 26-IN, daus: Emeline 8-IL, Hannah O. 6-IL & Laura 4-IL, son: Francis M. 2-IL)
Collins, Richard Lewis(7) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Town of Crittenden: page 997: dwelling 1312 (Richard L 21-KY merchant, wife Elizabeth 21-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Collison: Mary Virginia Chenoweth(5) m: Absolum Collison [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Pilot twp: page 928: dwelling 2584 (Widow Mary 48-OH farmer, son: James 23-IL [should be Francis Asbury], dau: Mary J 17-IL, sons: John M 12-IL, James A 9-IL & Samuel 7-IL, mother: Rachel Chineworth 75-VA, cousin: William 23-IL) [The household number appears 2 lines up with John Rees, s/o Morgan Rees see: Hannah�s line] [IL: 1850]
Collison, Thomas F.(6) [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Pilot twp: page 920: dwelling 2530 (Thomas 25-IL farmer, wife: Mary 23-IL, sons: Charles E 3-IL & Francis 1-IL, Charles Farend 25-NY farmer) [IL: 1850 root family]
Collom: Catherine R. Chenoweth(6) m: George S. Collom [JOHN3] > IL: Coles Co: Charleston precinct: page 226: dwelling 1556 (George S 58-TN farmer, wife: Catharine 51-OH, dau: Susan 21-IL domestic, sons: Jonathan W. 18-IL farm laborer, Jacob 16-IL farm laborer & Robert 11-IL, dau: Harriet J. 9-IL) [IL: 1850]
Condit: Prisciila Carter(5) m: Daniel Condit [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 25: dwelling 67 (Daniel 47-PA farmer, wife: Prisila 41-PA, daus: Mary A. 17-PA & Ruth J. 10-PA) [PA: 1850]
Condit, William Carter(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 25: dwelling 66 (Wm 20-PA farmer, wife: Mary 21-PA, son: Silas 1-PA, John Broen 14-PA (black)) [PA: 1850 root family]
Connaway, James M.(7) [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Liberty twp: page 249: dwelling 260 (James M. 29-IN farmer, wife: Clerrissa 26-OH, daus: Mary E. 4-IN 7 Martha E. 3-IN, son: Ira W. 8/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Connaway, John(7) [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Liberty twp: page 250: dwelling 268 (John 26-IN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 23-IN, daus: Maria 3-IN & Rebecca J. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Connaway: Maria G. White(6) m: Charles Connaway [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Liberty twp: page 250: dwelling 267 (Charles 58-SC farmer, sons: Joseph 24-IN CS teacher & Harrison 22-IN farmer, dau: Mary E. 16-IN, son: Meredith 14-IN, dau: Sarah 11-IN, son: Charles 9-IN, dau: Anna E. 5-IN) [IN: 1850]
Cook, Eli(7) [MARY3] > IL: Mercer Co: page 1036: dwelling 2652 (Eli 23-IN farmer, wife: Nancy 18-IL, dau: Ella 6.12-IL, laborer: George Hill 21-PA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Cook: Emeline 'Emma' Carter(5) m: Joseph T. Cook [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Bureau Co: Tiskilwa twp: page 69: dwelling 518 (Joseph 36-OH Justice of Peace, wife: Emeline 34-OH, dau: Armanilla 10-IL, sons: William H. 6-IL & Edward 4-IL, dau: Viola 2-IL) [IL: 1850]
Cook: Margaret Skinner(6) m: Chesley P. Cook [JOHN3] > IA: Appanoose Co: Taylor twp: page 86: dwelling 585 (Chesley P. 24-TN farm laborer, wife: Margaret 23-OH, son: William D. 1-IA, brother-in-law: Thomas M. Skinner 20-OH farm laborer, sister-in-law: Sarah S. 4-IA) "
Coombs: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: Sampson Coombs [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Sunfish: page 451: dwelling 1552 (Sampson 38-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 48-OH (age off by 10yrs) [daughter by 1st wife] Rachel 14-OH) [This entry is a puzzle. Elizbateh would marry her cousin Isaac Chenoweth in 1862. She is also shown with her parents in 1860. Harris cites this 1853 marriage, maybe he has the wrong Elizbeth] [OH: 1850 root family]"
Cooper, Isaac(6) [MARY3] > KS: Nemaha Co: Home: page 127: dwelling 579 (Isaac 26-OH farmer, wife: Nancy J 21-IL, dau: Lettie 2-KS) [OH: 1850 root family]
Copeland: Eliza Antil(6) m: Alfred B. Copeland [ISAAC3] > IL: Warren Co: Berwick twp: page 611: dwelling 2900 (Alfred 35-PA farmer, wife: Eliza 32-PA, son: Alpheus 13-PA, dau: Mary A. 11-PA, sons: Benjamin R. 10-PA & John J. 7-PA, dau: Sarah B. 3-IL, son: David L. 1-IL) [PA: 1850]
Coplin: Sarah Severns(6) m: Martin V. Coplin [JAMES PETEET3] > IN: Fulton Co: Newcastle twp: page 652: dwelling 955 (Martin 23-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 21-OH, son: Wilson 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Corrick: Emaline 'Emma' Stalnaker(6) m: Washington G. Corrick [WILLIAM3] > WV: Tucker Co: district 3: page 936: dwelling 193 (Wash. G 34-VA farmer, wife: Emaline 33-VA son: Lafayette 4-VA, daus: Edith 3-VA & Mary 6/12-VA)
Corson: Lucinda Carter(6) m: Benjamin Corson [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Franklin twp: page 502: dwelling 866 (Benjamin 37-NJ - farmer, wife: Lucinda 33-PA, sons: William 10-PA & John 8-PA, daus: Nancy 6-PA, Margaret 4-PA & Jane 1-PA) [indexed as Carson] [PA: 1850]
Couchman: Lavina Hester Chenoweth(5) m: George Couchman [SAMUEL3] > IN: La Porte Co: Galena twp: page 246: dwelling 460 (George 56-VA farmer, wife: Elvena H. 53-VA, son: David S. 23-VA, daus: Sarah 19-VA, Lydia E. 17-VA & Isabel F. 15-VA, sons: George W. 14-VA & John L. 11-VA) [OH: 1850]
Cowan: Lurena Wilson(5) m: Patrick Cowan [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Georgetown: page 977: dwelling 2928 (Patrick Cowin 66-PA minister, wife: Lucinda 64 VA, Melvina 18-VA) [this is Lurena & her spouse, the relationship of the Melvina in the household is unknown] [IL: 1850]
Cowan, Robert Wilson(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 104: dwelling 2898 (Robert 39-OH carpenter & Louisa 38-OH) [IL: 1850]
Cowan, William Chenoweth(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Georgetown: page 969: dwelling 2867 (William 30-IN wagon maker, wife: Sarah 20-IN, son: Luke 1-IL [misindexed as Corwin])
Cox: Susan Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Jesse Cox [THOMAS3] > TX: Dallas Co: precinct 1: page 299: dwelling 1133 (Jesse 35-MO farmer, 2nd wife: Susan 30-IN, [children by 1st wife] Amon 9-TX, Jno 7-TX, [Francis by 2d wife Susan] (infant) 5/12-TX) [MO: 1850 root family]
Crabtree: Mary Ann Baxter(6) m: John Crabtree [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Cass twp: page 517: dwelling 322 (John 57-England farmer, wife: Mary A. Mary A. 49-VA, son: Petter 26-OH farm laborer, mother-in-law: Mary Baxter 78-MD) [OH: 1850]
Crabtree, William B.(7) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Licking Co: Perry twp: page 248: dwelling 500 (William B. 24-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 24-OH, brother: Peter 26-OH laborer, niece: Edmonia Tomilson 12-OH) [note Pete is also listed with his parents] [OH: 1850 root family]
Cramer: Barbara J. Chenoweth(5) m: Dennis F. Cramer [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 106: dwelling 427 (Dennis F. 25-OH farmer, wife: Barbara I. 24-OH, dau: Sarah A. 2-OH, son: Charles M. 8/12-OH, bro-in-law: Isaac Chenoweth 40-OH farmer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Creamer: Clarinda Chenoweth(5) m: Godfrey Creamer [ARTHUR3] > OH: Highland Co: Paint twp: page 217: dwelling 320 (Godfrey 47-GER farmer, dau: Christina 20-OH, sons: Henry 17-OH & Milton 15-OH, dau: Margaret 13-OH, son: Wesley 9-OH, dau: Louisa 7-OH, Harriet Cox 19-OH, Asbury Browning 32-OH clerk) [OH: 1850]
Creamer, Jacob(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Highland Co: Paint twp: page 224: dwelling 419 (Jacob 22-OH farmer, wife: Maria 21-OH, farm hands: William Little 19-OH & William Jones 17-OH, brothers: Henry Creamer 18-OH & Milton Creamer 15-OH) [Jacob is indexed as Cramer, Henry and Milton are also listed with their father�s household] [OH: 1850 root family]
Creeger: Belinda Chenoweth(5) m: Lawrence Creeger [ISAAC3] > OH: Seneca Co: Hopewell twp: page 192: dwelling 675 (Lawrence 40-MD farmer, wife: Belinda 32-OH, dau: Catharine 14-OH, son: Christopher 9-OH, dau: Amanda 8-OH, son: Henry 7-OH, dau: Alice 4-OH, son: Lawrence 3-OH, dau: Emma 1-OH, farm laborer: Traugott Kipke 19-Germany) [OH: 1850]
Cresswell, Abraham(6) [JOHN3] > WV: Hampshire Co: Eastern district: page 33: dwelling 4 (Abraham 32-VA farmer, Wife: Salena 27-VA, sons: Evan P. 8-VA & John L. 5-VA, dau: Mary L.M. 1-VA)
Cresswell, James(6) [JOHN3] > WV: Hampshire Co: Eastern district: page 105: dwelling 7 (James Creswell 43-VA farmer, wife: Margaret R. 31-VA, dau: Mary F. V. 12-VA, son: Charles W. 10-VA, daus: Pamphelia A. E. 8-VA, Frances M. J. 6-VA & Margaret A. C. 4-VA, sons: Philip L. 3-VA, James B. 1-VA) [WV: 1850]
Cresswell, John(6) [JOHN3] > WV: Hampshire Co: Eastern district: page 22: dwelling 4 (John 45-VA farmer, sis: Elizabeth Pugh 31-VA, Jeremiah Pugh 20-VA farmer, niece: Isabella Pugh 13-VA, nephew David W. Pugh 11-VA) [relationship of Jeremiah Pugh is unknown] [WV: 1850 root family]
Crist: Elizabeth W. Simpson(7) m: John M. Crist [MARY3] > IN: Montgomery Co: Union twp: page 222: dwelling 624 (John M 29-IN famer, wife: Elizabeth W 23-IN, daus: Mary E A 3-IN & Laura J 1.12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Cromley: Amanda Ashbrook(6) m: Joash Cromley [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Walnut twp: page 95: dwelling 261 (Jonas Cromley 56-PA, wife: Amelia 53-MD, children: Ann M. 30-OH & David 26-OH, William G. Knight 10-OH, Mary C. Knight 5-OH, son: Joash Cromley 32-OH, dau-in-law: Amanda Cromley 21-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Crouch: Hannah Downing(5) m: (2) Hiram Crouch [MARY3] > WI: Bad Ax Co: town of Forest: page 221: dwelling 1114 (Hannah 52-OH, dau: Julia 16-OH, son: Hiram 14-OH, dau: Hannah 12-OH, nephew: James Combest 19-IN farm laborer) [OH: 1850]
Cullison: Elizabeth Severns(6) m: Joseph Cullison [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: New Castle twp: page 232: dwelling 361 (Joseph 26-OH famer, wife: Elizabeth 29-OH, dau: Martha 5-OH, son: Leonard 3-OH, dau: Mary 6/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Culp: Elizabeth A. Chenoweth(6) m: Jacob Culp [JOHN3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 238: dwelling 1576 (Jacob 36-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 37-OH, son: William T 10-OH, dau: Catharine 7-OH, son: David 5-OH, dau: Elmyra 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
Cunningham: Lucy A. Lamon(6) m: Washington T. 'Bud' Cunningham [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 568: dwelling 107 (W T 26-IL clerk, wife: Lucy A 25-IL, Charles 1/12-IL, Martha Albaugh 24-IL domestic) [IL: 1850 living with sisters]
Curry: Amanda Williams(5) m: LeRoy Curry [JOHN3] > KS: Jefferson Co: Oskaloosa twp: page 437: dwelling 402 (LeRoy 35-VA stone mason, wife: Amanda 26-IN, daus: Elizabeth 9-IA & Emily 7-IA, son: Alonzo 5-IA)
Curtis, John W.(6) [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Martinsburg PO: page 680: dwelling 950 (John W. 30-VA bank teller, wife: Margaret 24-VA, son: Charles 2-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Daingerfield, Edwin B.(6) [JOHN3] > CA: El Dorado Co: Placerville: page 901: dwelling 1518 (E B 32-IN miner, wife: Ellen 18-IN, dau: Laura 3-CA, son: Francis 1-CA living in the home of Francis Chesterfield 30-ENG water agent) [IN: 1850 root family]
Daniels: Jerusha Chenoweth(6) m: Allison Daniels [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 2: dwelling 11 (Allison 48-VA farmer, wife: Jerusha 40-VA, sons: John J 20-VA farmer, Elmore 18-VA farmer, Elijah S 12-VA & George W 9-VA, daus: Mary 6-VA & Nancy C 3-VA, son: David 2-VA) [WV: 1850]
Daniels: Martha E. Chenoweth(6) m: Job Weblton 'Webley' Daniels [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 5: dwelling 37 (Job W 29-VA farmer, wife: Martha 31-VA, dau: Francis A 6-VA, son: Emmet 3-VA, dau: Lucy 1-VA)
Daniels: Mary Chenoweth(6) m: William Daniels, Jr. [WILLIAM3] > MO: Putnam Co: Breckenridge twp: page 528: dwelling 1294 (William 54-VA inn keeper, wife: Mary 52-VA, son: Asa 11-OH, dau: Analiza 15-OH) [WV: 1850]
Daniels, William C.(7) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Putnam Co: Breckenridge twp: page 529: dwelling 1301 (John Drane 34-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 34-KY, William Daniels 25-VA farmer, wife: Mary 25-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Darby: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: William Darby [JOHN3] > IA: Appanoose Co: Union twp: page 33: dwelling 228 (William 52-OH - farmer, wife: Sarah 51-VA, sons: Smiley C. 15-OH, Harper D. 14-OH, Thos J. 12-OH & Wm B 8-OH) [OH: 1850]
Davidson, John(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Ross twp: page 814: dwelling 1798 (John 23-IL farmer, wife: Maria 24-IL)
Davidson, Robert(5) [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Ross twp: page 824: dwelling 1862 (Robert 28-IL, wife: Almira 20-IL, daus: Mary 4-IL & Elizabeth 2-IL, others: Rachel Mathews 18-IN, Henry Berger 28-GER, C.H. Hartleb 25-GER, Margaret Johns 18-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Davidson: Ruth C. Chenoweth(4) m: James Davidson [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Ross twp: page 815: dwelling 1806 (James 54-OH - farmer, 2d wife: Sarah F. 47-KY [children by 2d wife] J.J. 22-IL, Andrew 20-IL, Susanah 18-IL, S.Q. 15-IL, M.E. 12-IL, unknown: Milton Stewart 12-IL) [IL: 1850]
Davis: Clarissa Miller(6) m: Andrew Jackson Davis [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: twp 9N 5W: page 421: dwelling 1042 (Andrew 33-NY farmer, wife: Claria 33-OH, son: Charles H. 5-IL, daus: Ella R. 4-IL & Frances M. 1-IL, Charles Apert 20-PA - farmer) [IL: 1850 root family]
Davis, John H.(5) [RICHARD3] > OH: Ross Co: Jefferson twp: page 234: dwelling 343 (John H. 42-OH farmer, 2nd: wife: Rachel 32-OH, [by first wife] sons: William H. 19-OH, John J. 16-OH & James 13-OH, dau: Elizabeth 11-OH, [by Rachel] son: Thomas B. 4-OH, daus: Hannah 1-OH & Rebecca 1-OH) [it is likely that John is a son of a prior wife of John Davis and not Martha] [OH: 1850]
Davis: Martha 'Patty' Chenoweth(4) m: John Davis [RICHARD3] > OH: Ross Co: Jefferson twp: page 234: dwelling 344 (Martha 61-OH) [OH: 1850]
Davis: Mary Louisa Tucker(6) m: Thomas M. Davis [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 1024: dwelling 577 (Thomas M 24-KY farmer, wife: Mary L 20-KY, son: James W 4/12-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Davis: Nancy Chenoweth(5) widow of James William Davis [RICHARD3] > OH: Pike Co: Benton twp: page 465: dwelling 53 (Nancy 41-OH farming, son: Lewis G 15-OH farming, dau: Elizabeth A. 13-OH, son: Wm 9-OH) [OH: 1850]
Davis: Rachel Chenoweth(6) m: John F. Davis [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 465: dwelling 73 (John 49-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 46-KY, sons: Jonathan 21-IL, John 18-IL & James 15-IL, dau: Nancy 12-IL, sons: Charles 10-IL, Alpheus 8-IL, Harvey 6-IL & Horace 3-IL, dau: Susan 1-IL) [IL: 1850]
Day: Hannah Chenoweth(5) m: Joshua Day [ABRAHAM3] > IL: Logan Co: Elkhart twp: page 302: dwelling 2121 (Joshua 36-MA farmer, wife: Hannah 24-OH, son: Henry M. 12-IL, daus: Martha 10-IL, Mary E. 7-IL, Eliza J. 4-IL & Nancy 3-IL, others: Jno E. Waley 12-IL, Vanbry Sheers 15-IL, Pat Malony 18-IRE farm hand) [IL: 1850 root family]
Day: Louisa Bane(6) m: Harvey Day [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Franklin twp: page 403: dwelling 1244 (Harvey 29-PA farmer, wife: Louisa 26-PA, daus: Sarah E. 7-PA & Hannah J. 2-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Day: Sarah Ann Carter(6) m: Francis Day [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morris twp: page 630: dwelling 503 (Frank 41-PA - merchant, wife: Sarah A. 29-PA, sons: George F. 8-PA & H.B. 4-PA, dau: M.E. 2-PA, son: James L. 2/12-PA, dau: P.J. 2-PA) [PA: 1850]
Death: Mary C. Petro(6) m: John M. Death [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Spiceland twp: page 185: dwelling 1348 (John 48-OH farmer, wife: Mary 47-OH, dau: Elizabeth 21-IN, son: George 20-IN, daus: Mary 17-IN, Anchor 15-IN & Hannah 13-IN, son: Henry 5-IN, other: James Peter 12-IN) [IN: 1850]
DeHart: Emaline Williams(5) m: Allen DeHart [RICHARD3] > IL: Champaign Co: twp 19N, range 7E: page 587: dwelling 535 (Allen 34-OH � farmer, wife: Emeline 33-OH, son: Lewis 5-IN, Phebe Campbell 19-IN, nephew: Joseph Loney 14-IN, Rachel DeHart 14-IN)
DeLong: Mary A. Williard(6) m: William J. DeLong [ISAAC3] > OH: Licking Co: Hanover twp: page 227: dwelling 200 (Wm J. 40-OH carpenter, wife: Mary A. 27-OH, son: James A. 8-OH, dau: Catherine A. 3/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Depew: Rebecca Rogers(5) m: (1) James Denny (2) Lewis Depew [JOHN3] > IN: Parke Co: Wabash twp: page 466: dwelling 655 (Lewis 56-VA miller, wife: Rebecca 48-OH, sons: Albert 19-IN, John F. 16-IN, Henry C. 14-IN, daus: Sarah M. 8-IN, Marietta 6-IN, farm hand: Daniel Clift 18-IN) [IN: 1850]
Derryberry: Elizabeth 'Betsey' Chenoweth(5) m: John A. Derryberry [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Swan twp: page 32: dwelling 216 (John 41-TN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 30-IN, dau: Adaline 11-MO, son: James 7-MO, daus: Susan 4-MO & Rebecca 6/12-MO) [MO: 1850]
Derryberry: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: Henry Alexander Derryberry [THOMAS3] > TX: Collin Co: precinct 5, Lebanon: page 71: dwelling 193 (Henry 34-TN blacksmith, wife: Sarah 30-IN, sons: James T. 10-MO, Esaac M. 7-MO & Joseph W. 6-MO, dau: Fannie M. 2-TX, 2 other workers [indexed as Derbrory]) [MO: 1850]
DeWitt: Mary Jane Hawkins(6) m: John Henry DeWitt [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 471: dwelling 114 (John 36-KY farmer, wife: M.J. 32-KY, sons: Jerome 15-KY & Hardin 10-KY, daus: M.B. 7-TX & Safayetta 3-IL, son: William 1-IL, mother-in-law: L. Hoggens, bro-in-law C.H. 18-KY) [Hoggens is Hawkins: Lettia & son Henry Clay] [IL: 1850]
Dickerson: William(6) remarried to Harvey Dickerson [WILLIAM3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 19, Enterprise PO: page 667: dwelling 444 (Harvey Dickerson 60-NY farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 43-IN [this is Sarah Shoemaker, widow of William], [by Sarah - should be Chenoweth]: stepchildren [Rachel 17-IL, Mary A 15-IL & James 13-IL, [by 1st wife] son Harvey N 16-IN) [IL: 1850]
Dickey: Nancy Ward Petro(6) m: Hugh Dickey [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville twp: page 688: dwelling 868 (Hugh 50-KY furniture store, wife: Nancy 32-IN, son: Emery 8-IN, daus: Rhoda 6-IN & Iva Amie 2-IN, Mary Ostro 40-IN tailoress)
Dillman: Ann Marie Griffin(6) m: William P. Dillman [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Marshall Co: Evans twp: page 256: dwelling 1857 (Wm 31-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Ann 27-PA, [by 1st wife] dau: Francis 10-IL [by Ann] son: Alfred 7-IL, daus: Mary 4-IL & Ida 1/12IL, Peter Reagan 15-IRELAND farm labor) [IL: 1850 root family]
Dimond: Lydia Morgan(5) m: Mathew Thornburg Dimond [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IA: Jackson Co: Brandon twp: page 146: dwelling 1150 (M.T. 41-PA farmer, wife: Lydia 38-PA, dau: Phebe A. 15-IL, sons: Sydney B. 12-IL, Geo W. 10-IA, Mathew 8-IA & Benj F. 5-IA, dau: Rosanna 3-IA) [indexed as Dinson] [IA: 1850]
Dogged, Thomas L.(6) [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 7th ward: page 716: dwelling 2022 (Thomas Dogged 9-MD living with Isaac C Pill 44-MD shoemaker & wife Elizabeth 38-MD & family) [his mother is 3 houses away]
Dooley: Mary Jane Chenoweth(2) m: George Dooley [unknown: WILLIAM, JR] > IA: Jasper Co: Buena Vista twp: page 874: dwelling 155 (George 39-VA farmer, wife: Mary J 29-OH, dau: Sarah A 9-IA, son: Jesse H 7-IA, dau: Mary E 5-IA, son: Wm C 3-IA, dau: Lucy E 8/12-IA) [IA: 1850 root family]
Dowis: Mary Ann Downing(6) m: James Bowman Dowis [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pebble twp: page 415: dwelling 1383 (James 40-OH day laborer, wife: Mary 36-OH, dau: Mary 13-OH, sons: Taylor 11-OH, John 10-OH & Wesley 8-OH, dau: Catherine 6-OH, sons: Saugham 45-OH, William 3-OH & Henry 1-OH) [indexed as Dows] [OH: 1850]
Downey: Amanda Ellen Martindale(6) m: James Downey [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Union twp: page 219: dwelling 570 (James 30-MD farmer, wife: Amanda 23-IN, daus: Sarah 6-IN & Mary J. 5-IN, son: Walter 10/12-IN)
Downing, Alfred(5) [MARY3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Georgetwon twp: page 1014: dwelling 3199 (A 36-OH farmer, wife: Ann 30-OH, sons: Henry 11-OH & Edward 8-OH)
Downing, David(5) [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Blanchard twp: page 118: dwelling 1709 (David 44-OH farmer, wife: Maretta 42-OH, son: George T. 20-OH, dau: Mary J. 18-OH & Lovina 16-OH, son: John L. 14-OH, farmer: John Lamot 26-OH) [OH: 1850]
Downing, George(5) [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Blanchard twp: page 122: dwelling 1771 (George 41-OH farmer, wife: Louisa 30-OH, dau: Mary A. 7-OH, son: David T. 5-OH, daus: Eleanor 5-OH & Nancy J. 1-OH)
Downing, Harrison(5) [MARY3] > WI: Dane Co: town of Dane: page 268: dwelling 726 (Harrison 49-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 36-OH, sons: George 17-OH, Hugh 15-OH & William 14-OH, daus: Ellisa 11-OH [as male], Sarah 10-OH, Emily 8-OH & Isabel 6-OH, son: Edwin 3/12-WI) [OH: 1850]
Downing, Isaac(5) [MARY3] > KS: Morris Co: Neosho twp: page 15: dwelling 131 (Isaac 33-OH farming, wife: Seloma 29-PA, dau: Eliza 7-OH, sons: Samuel 5-OH & John 4-OH, dau: Mary 2-OH)
Downing, James(5) [MARY3] > WI: Bad Ax Co: town of Forest: page 219: dwelling 1102 (James 62-OH farmerm wife: Susan 57-VA, sons: John 32-OH, Marion 19-OH & Jacob 17-OH) [OH: 1850]
Downing, John(4) [MARY3] > KS: Morris Co: Neosho twp: page 15: dwelling 130 (Mary 68-VA farming, son: Timothy: 23-OH) [OH: 1850]
Downing, John P.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Ross Co: Franklin twp: page 443: dwelling 496 (John 22-OH farmer, wife: Elisabeth 19-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Downing, Joseph(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 390: dwelling 1053 (Joseph 60-OH farmer, wife: Susan 44-OH, ?: Abigail 22-OH [probably stepson: Abisha, Jr], dau: Elizabeth 16-OH, son: William W. 13-OH, dau: Catherine 10-OH, sons: David D. 8-OH, James M. 7-OH & Fremont 4-OH) [OH: 1850]
Downing, Mescheck(6) [MARY3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 609: dwelling 423 (Messick 25-OH farmer, wife: Jane 22-IL, daus: Jantha 4-IL & Josephine 1-IL) [OH: 1850 root family]
Downing, Oliver Perry(6) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 390: dwelling 1054 (Oliver P 28-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 28-OH dau: Henrietta 6-OH, sons: Eldridge 4-OH, Benjamin 10/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Downing, Taylor(5) [MARY3] > OH: Ross Co: Franklin twp: page 443: dwelling 494 (Taylor 57-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 60-VA) [OH: 1850]
Downing, Timothy(5) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Waverly: page 385: dwelling 989 (Timothy 59-OH farmer, wife: Rachel 57-OH, son: Henry C 16-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Downing, William B.(5) [MARY3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Carroll: page 747: dwelling 1378 (W.B. 47-OH farmer, dau: Margaret 16-OH, son: Joseph 12-OH, dau: Amelia 10-OH, sons: Alvin 7-OH & W.N. 6-IL living in household of Simeon Scott 24-OH farmer, wife: Mahala 22-OH, John Wikles 7-IL) [OH: 1850]
Downing, William(5) [MARY3] > KS: Morris Co: Neosho twp: page 14: dwelling 125 (William 38-OH farming, wife: Eliza 33-PA, daus: Jane 14-OH, Susan 12-OH & Mary 10-OH, sons: Isaac 7-OH & John 6-OH, daus: Margaret 4-OH & Victarine 2-OH, teacher: Robert Green 21-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Downing, William Washington(6) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 390: dwelling 1057 (WW 32-OH day laborer, 2nd wife: Rachel 27-OH, [by first wife] son: Arlington 11-OH, dau: Lilly Ann 8-OH, [by Rachel]: son: Timothy 4-OH, [3 children listed on following page do not seem to correspond with the name of William�s daughter Rebecca Victoria age 3] Williminna 8-OH, Andrew 6-OH, Edward 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
Dryden: Mary J. Chenoweth(5) m: William Dryden [WILLIAM3] > KY: Mason Co: Maysville district 2: page 20: dwelling 135 (William 46-KY farmer, wife Mary J. 44-KY, Sarah Whaley 75-MD, George Crawford 10-KY [ages for William and Mary are younger than the 1850 & 1870 Censuses indicate]) [KY: 1850]
Dunbar: Eliza Jane Chenoweth(5) m: Silas Dunbar [ARTHUR3] > IN: Montgomery Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 100: dwelling 128 (Cilas 35-OH - farmer, 2d wife: Eliza J. 19-IN, children by 1st wife: William T. 10-IN, Thomas C. 8-IN, unknown: Henry McCluer 30-IN laborer)
Dunevant: Sarah Jane Chenoweth(5) m: Zadok Dunevant [WILLIAM3] > OH: Greene Co: Spring Valley twp: page 14: dwelling 197 (Zadock 34-OH - farmer, [2d wife and her children] wife: Sarah 30-OH, sons: Elam 6-OH, Luther 5-OH, Samuel 2-OH, John 1/12-OH)
Dunn: Rachel Williams(5) m: George Dunn [MARY3] > IL: Shelby Co: Richland twp: page 158: dwelling 1088 (Geo 55-MD - farmer, wife: Rachel 42-OH, daus: Frances A. 18-OH, Sarah 16-OH, Catharn 12-OH, Martha M. 7-IL & Mary M. 4-IL, unknown: Geo 14-IL Hood, mother-in-law: Rhoda Williams 75-VA) [OH: 1850]
Dunnick: Minerva Ashbrook(5) m: Benjamin Tallman Dunnick [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Walnut twp: page 93: dwelling 240 (widow: Minerva Dunnick 40-OH, daus: Missouri 16-OH, Amelia 14-OH, Phoebe 14-OH, Sarah A. 12-OH, Amanda 10-OH & Mary 8-OH, sons: Henton M 6-OH & Benj M 4-OH, mother: Permelia Ashbrook 67-VA, Enos Wyond 30-PA) [OH: 1850]
Dyer: Mary Ann Hale(6) m: James Tolbert 'Toby' Dyer [JOHN3] > KY: Monroe Co: Tompkinsville PO: page 74: dwelling 512 (J.T. 36-TN farmer, wife: M.A. 34-TN, daus: Elizabeth 15-TN, Susan 13-TN & E.J. 12-TN, sons: John 8-TN, Robt 6-TN, Saml 4-TN & Wm 8/12-TN) [TN: 1850]
Eaker: Mary Elizabeth Singleton(7) m: John Volney Eaker [MARY3] > KY: Graves Co: Mayfield PO: page 203: dwelling 1442 (John V 24-KY farmer, wife: Mary E 22-KY, son: James W 1-KY, probable bro: Elf 22-KY farmer) [KY: 1850 root family]
Earle: Labanna Stalnaker(6) m: John Bayles Earle [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 110: dwelling 800 (John B 47-VA miller, 2nd wife: Lebana 43-VA, [by 1st wife] children: Matilda V 18-VA, Burma L 16-VA farmer, C. Page 15-VA (male), [by Labanna] sons: Balis 7-VA, dau: Leonora 5-VA, son: Floyd B. 2-VA)
Ebaugh, David Chenoweth(6) [ARTHUR3] > SC: Charleston Co: St John's Berkley Parish: page 154: dwelling 143 (D.C. 35-MD machinist, wife: Martha A. 17-SC, dau: Sarah L. 2-SC)
Ebaugh, William H.(6) [ARTHUR3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 4th district: page 67: dwelling 494 (Wm H. 38-MD miller, wife: Sophia 36-MD, daus: Martha 16-MD & Sophia 14-MD, others: George Leer 23-MD, Thomas Derrix 16-MD, Tabiatha Painter 21-MD) [MD: 1850]
Edwards, Amos(6) [MARY3] > IL: Peoria Co: Kickapoo twp: page 482: dwelling 795 (Amos 40-OH farmer, son: Ulysse 16-IN, daus: Sarah 13-IN & Hattie 8-IN) [IN: 1850]
Edwards, Charles(6) [MARY3] > IL: Peoria Co: Radnor twp: page 855: dwelling 654 (Charles 38-OH farmer, wife: Julia 38-NY, son: Henry 11-IN, dau: Mary 8-IN, sons: Griffith 4-IL & William 5/12-IL) [IN: 1850]
Edwards: Cynthia Jane Snead(7) m: James Edwards [MARY3] > WI: Lafayette Co: Kendall: page 566: dwelling 725 (Ann 68-England, son: James 28-England farmer, daughter-in-law: Cynthia J. 19-WI, unknown: Elizabeth J. Harris 13-IL, William Garber 13-WI, son: Matthew Edwards 25-England farmer) [WI: 1850 root family]
Edwards: Sarah Edmonson 'Sally' Chenoweth(5) m: James Edwards [ARTHUR3] > IN: White Co: Monong twp: page 470: dwelling 26 (Sarah E. 47-KY farmer, son: J.H. 21-IN dau: Mary Ann 19-IN, son: W.F. 17-IN) [IN: 1850]
Ellis: Mercy 'Massey' Chenoweth(4) m: Thornton Ellis [WILLIAM3] > KY: Bracken Co: Brookville PO, district 1: page 218: dwelling 500 (Thornton 68-VA farmer, wife: Mercy 64-KY, son: John 23-KY farm laborer, dau-in-law: Victoria 22-KY) [KY: 1850]
Ellis, William T.(5) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Bracken Co: Brookville PO, district 1: page 177: dwelling 228 (W.T. 28-KY farmer, Sally 26-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Elrod: Elizabeth Francis Ellis(5) m: Leven T. Elrod [WILLIAM3] > KY: Pendleton Co: Falmouth PO: page 252: dwelling 1743 (Eleven T. 25-KY - farmer, wife: Elizabeth F. 25-KY, dau: Hariet 1-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Engels: Charlotte Simmons(7) m: Abraham Allen Engels [WILLIAM3] > OR: Douglas Co: Scott precinct: page 128: dwelling 444 (Abraham 29-AR farmer, son: Hiram 1-OR, George Lawrence 30-AR laborer) [Hiram will grow to marry Sarah Lawrence] [MO: 1850 root family]
Etzler: Ann Elizabeth Doll(5) m: Dennis Etzler [THOMAS3] > MD: Frederick Co: Liberty: page 62: dwelling 427 (Dennis 47-MD wheelwright, wife: Ann 44-MD, sons: Archibald 22-MD wheelwright & Hamilton 18-MD, dau: Mary 11-MD, son: Thomas 8-MD) [MD: 1850]
Evans: Catherine Chenoweth(5) m: Charles Evans [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 103: dwelling 397 (Charles 33-NJ farmer, wife: Catharine 39-OH, sons: John W. 11-OH, Joseph 9-OH, Absalom 5-OH & Henry 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Evans: Elizabeth Weir(6) m: Abel McFarland Evans [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 38: dwelling 159 (Abbe M. 43-PA - farmer, 2d wife: Elma 41-PA, [sons by 1st wife] Samuel 20-PA, James 18-PA [children by 2d wife] Nathan 16-PA, Elizabeth 13-PA, Lucinda 11-PA, Ruth 7-PA, Boker 5-PA, Neetarene 3-PA, William 6/12-PA, Bance, Simon 23-PA � school teacher) [PA: 1850]
Fant: Martha A. Ferguson(6) m: Lucian B. Fant [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 958: dwelling 1032 (Lucian B 43-KY, wife: Martha A 32-KY, daus: Mary M 8-KY & Ann E 6-KY, son: John W 5-KY, daus: Melissa 1-KY & Louisa 9/12-KY)
Farrar: Malinda Horatio Chenoweth(5) m: Henry Farrar [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: London: page 300: dwelling 215 (living with: Thomas Wood 28-England butcher, wife Mary A. 25-OH, Henry Farrar 45-England butcher, wife: Rachel 29-OH, sons: Horatio 19-OH, Thomas J. 17-OH & Jonathan 15-OH, daus: Margaret 13-OH & Isabell 11-OH, son: William H. 7-OH, Eva Seal 5-OH) [OH: 1850]
Faulkner: Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Joseph Faulkner [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Tippecanoe twp: page 682: dwelling 534 (Joseph 25-IN farmer, wife: Jennie 24-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Fee, Josephus(7) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Lawrence twp: page 219: dwelling 389 (Josephus 22-OH farm laborer, wife: Nancy A 22-IN, dau: Mary F 2-IN) [OH: 1850 root family]
Fee, Leander(7) [MARY3] > IN: Miami Co: Harrison twp: page 389: dwelling 741 (Leander 23-OH farmer, wife: Malinda 26-IN, dau: Mary A 3-IN, son: William F 1-IN) [OH: 1850 root family]
Fee: Mary Ann Armacost(6) m: Aaron C. Fee [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Lawrence twp: page 219: dwelling 392 (Aaron 50-OH farmer, wife: Mary A 42-OH, son; Lorenzo 19-OH, dau: Mary 13-OH, son: John-3-IN) [OH: 1850]
Ferguson: America 'Amelia'(6) m: James H. Ferguson [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 978: dwelling 1184 (James H. 45-KY farmer, wife: America 40-KY, dau: Martha E 15-KY, son: John J 13-KY, dau: Margaret P 11-KY, sons: Samuel D 9-KY, David N 7-KY & Henry T 5-KY, daus: Nancy M 3-KY & Rachel A 1-KY) [KY: 1850]
Ferguson, Henry T.(6) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 977: dwelling 1173 (widow: Martha A 24-KY, son: John 4-KY, dau: Margaret L 2-KY, son: James W 1-KY)
Ferguson, James W.(6) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Cordova PO: page 823: dwelling 122 (James W 24-KY farmer, wife: Mary C. 16-KY)
Ferguson: Jemima Gist(6) m: John S. Ferguson [ARTHUR3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Lauramie twp: page 398: dwelling 289 (John S. 39-OH physician, wife: Jemima 33-OH, daus: Margret 10-IN, Mary 8-IN & Amey 6-IN, son: Harry 1-IN, mother-in-law: Sarah Gist 67-Ireland?, others: John Fernald 23-PA, David Pouedben 38-PA) [IN: 1850]
Ferguson: Margaret A. 'Peggy' Ashbrook(5) m: John Ferguson [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 970: dwelling 1119 (John 70-TN farmer, wife: Margaret 56-KY, son: Newton J 21-KY farmer, dau-in-law: Elizabeth 44-KY, grandson: James W. 1-KY, [by daughter Rachel] granddaughters: Margaret E. Wallace 2-KY & Julia A. Wallace 1-KY, Thomas J. Laer 14-KY)
Findley: Deborah Ann Hart(6) m: John L. Findley [WILLIAM3] > WV: Barbour Co: 5th district: page 63: dwelling 440 (John 36-VA farmer, wife: Debrah Ann 31-VA, sons: James C 13-VA, Francis 10-VA, Page B 7-VA & Hugh 5-VA, dau: Elizabeth 3-VA, son: Ira 2-VA, dau: Mary L 6/12-VA) [WV: 1850]
Finkbone: Martha A. Pittsford(6) m: Isaac Finkbone [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Harrison twp: page 154: dwelling 244 (Isaac 30-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Martha A 20-OH, [by 1st wife] son: John M 6-OH, dau: Mary E 4-OH, [by Martha] son: Harry A 1-OH, sis-in-law: Diana B. Pittsford 18-OH, Jacob Wycoff 19-OH farmer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Fisher: Eliza Armacost(6) m: Samuel T. Fisher [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Washington twp: page 458: dwelling 573 (Saml P 40-OH farmer, Eliza 37-OH, daus: S.J. 14-OH, Amandah 12-OH, Emma 11-OH & Elizabeth 10-OH, sons: O.P. 9-OH & J.M. 7-OH, dau: Frances E 6-OH, son: John W 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Fisher: Martha J. Bell(7) m: John Fisher [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Bureau Co: Walnut twp: page 658: dwelling 4454 (John 29-NY farmer, wife: Martha 21-OH, sons: James 5-IL, William 3-IL & Albert 9/12-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Flood: Martha S. Chenoweth(6) m: Jonah H. 'James' Flood [THOMAS3] > IA: Montgomery Co: Red Oak twp: page 472: dwelling 167 (James H. 27-OH farmer, wife: Martha 27-OH, sons: Johnathan 1-IN & Nathaniel S. 3/12-IA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Foggy: Martha B. Caplinger(7) m: Hanning Foggy [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 50: dwelling 351 (Hanny 24-VA deputy sheriff, wife: Martha 23-VA [listed as Fogg]) [WV: 1850 root family]
Follett: Olivia P. Ashbrook(6) m: George Follett [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: town of Johnstown: page 343: dwelling 712 (George 32-OH merchant. wife: Olivia 26-OH, dau: Ella M. 6-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Ford: Povey Jane Hale(6) m: Lloyd Jordan Ford [JOHN3] > KY: Monroe Co: Tompkinsville PO: page 40: dwelling 270 (Lloyd 23-TN farmer, wife: P.J. 16-TN) [TN: 1850 root family]
Ford: Susannah Hale(6) m: Benjamin W. Ford [JOHN3] > KY: Monroe Co: Tompkinsville PO: page 73: dwelling 502 (B.W. 53-TN farmer, wife: Susan 30-TN, son: J.H. 15-TN) [TN: 1850]
Forman, Dewitt Clinton 'Clint'(6) [WILLIAM3] > TX: Collin Co: Plano PO: page 112: dwelling 8 (D.C. 30-KY, wife: Mary E 18-KY, dau: Arabell 1 6/12-TX, son: Crume 3-TX, mother: Ruth 60-KY, HH Gossom30-KY gentleman) [KY: 1850 root family]
Forman, James C.(6) [WILLIAM3] > TX: Collin Co: Plano PO: page 111: dwelling 6 (James 33-KY farmer, wife: Jane 19-KY, nephew: P.D. Crume 19-KY gentleman) [KY: 1850 root family]
Forman, Joseph Foreman(6) [WILLIAM3] > TX: Collin Co: Plano PO: page 115: dwelling 46 (Joseph 37-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 35-KY, dau: Josphine 10-KY, sons: Scott 9-TX, William 5-TX & Ford 3-TX, dau: Irean 1-TX, bro-in-law: William Hughs 25-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Forman, William Forman, Jr.(6) [WILLIAM3] > TX: Collin Co: Plano PO: page 111: dwelling 5 (William 39-KY farmer, wife: Abigill 36-KY, stepchildren: Samuel Howard 16-KY, James 14-KY, Harmon 10-KY, Luceta 8-KY & Jarett 6-TX, dau: Ruth 2-TX) [though listed in the Census as a Howard Ruth should be Forman] [KY: 1850 root family]
Fort: Margaret Elizabeth Noe(7) m: Joseph Fort [MARY3] > IL: Clark Co: Cumberland twp: page 93: dwelling 156 (Joseph 21-IN farmer, wife: Margaret E 18-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Fossett: Sarah 'Sallie' Chenoweth(2) m: Richard Fossett [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Baltimore Co: 10th district: page 195: dwelling 1392 (Richard 60-MD farmer, wife: Sarah 58-MD, daus: Margaret 14-MD & Jane 6-M) [MD: 1850]
Fox, Absalom(5) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 143: dwelling 363 (Absolom 72-PA, wife: Elizabeth 60-OH, Ruth Mendenhall 48-OH) [OH: 1850]
Fox, Absolom Milton(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 146: dwelling 404 (A.M. 33-OH miller, wife: Sarah 29-OH, son: Albert 8-OH, dau: Emma 1-OH, nephew: D.H. 26-OH - farmer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Fox, Bonham Harvey(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 151: dwelling 551 (B.V. 31-OH marketing, wife: Martha E. 28-TN, dau: Ellen 8-OH, sons: John 5-OH & Wm 1-OH, wagon maker: Andrew Mohan 23-OH)
Fox, Bonham Harvey(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 155: dwelling 551 (B.H. 31-OH marketing, wife: Martha E. 23-TN, dau: Ellen 8-OH, sons: John 5-OH & William 1-OH, Andrew Mohan 43-OH wheel maker) [OH: 1850 root family]
Fox, Charles Fox, Jr.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 151: dwelling 487 (Charles 35-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 37-OH, sons: Ambrose 10-OH & David 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Fox, David Fox, Jr.(5) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 70: dwelling 195 (David 58-OH-farmer, wife: Catherine 48-OH, dau: Ann 22-OH, sons: David 19-OH, Harry 15-OH & Clinton 13-OH, dau: Martha 10-OH, son: Wm 10-OH, dau: Emma B 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Fox, David M.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 144: dwelling 384 (David 45-OH carpenter, wife: Eliza 52-VA, daus: Maria L 18-OH & Sarah E 15-OH, [next page] unk: Elizabeth 54-KY widow, Sister: Amanda 41-OH, Wm Wallace 22-OH laborer) [Elizabeth listed at the top of the next page David's family becomes a puzzle. The same household number is given, but Elizabeth is unknown. Moreover in the 1850 Census David's wife Elizabeth Hill as Eliza was in KY. Is this some sort of transcription mistake on the part of the Census taker? a wiodowed Elizabeth of this age is unknown within the family] [OH: 1850]
Fox: Joanna(6) m: Jonathan Fox [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 140: dwelling 330 (Jonathan 34-OH farmer, wife: Joanna 35-OH, son: Milton F 9-OH, dau: Sarah A 7-OH & Eliza J 3-OH, son: Arthur F 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Fox, John Bell Mason(6) [JOSEPH3] > OH: Greene Co: Spring Valley twp: page 13: dwelling 174 ([wife] Mary Mason 22-MI, daus: Marillu 2-OH & Elizabeth 1-OH) [husband John listed next door with father]
Fox, Joseph Mason(5) [JOSEPH3] > OH: Greene Co: Spring Valley twp: page 13: dwelling 173 (Joseph Mason 59 OH farmer, wife: Mary 52 PA, son: John 24 OH, dau [married]: Marillu Rust 27-OH, other: Elizabeth Penncent? 15-OH) [John's family is living next door]
Fox: Mary(6) m: Bonham Fox [MARY3] > MI: Hillsdale Co: village of Hillsdale: page 669: dwelling 391 (Bunham 58-OH farmer, wife: Mary 48-OH, son: Harvy N 20-OH, son: Cinthy E 16-OH, son: Bunham Mc 15-OH, dau: Mary 6-OH) [OH: 1850]
Fox, Morris(5) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 149: dwelling 462 (Morris 49-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 45-OH, sons: David 20-OH farmer, Amos E. 19-OH, Charles 17-OH & John M. 15-OH, dau: Rebecca A. 11-OH, son: William H. 9-OH, dau: Sarah 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Fox: Ruth Chenoweth(6) m: Adam C. Fox [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 54: dwelling 401 (Daniel Fox 57-MD farmer, wife: Ann Fox 60-TN, son: Adam C. 25-TN farmer, wife: Ruth A. 28-TN sons: Daniel Fox 2-TN & not named Fox 2/12-TN) [TN: 1850 root family]
Fox, Simon(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Hamilton twp: page 47: dwelling 292 (Simeon 28-OH farm laborer, wife: Caziah 20-OH, unknown relation: Jasper 15-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Fox, Thomas M.(6) [MARY3] > IL: McDonough Co: Scotland twp: page 723: dwelling 3022 (Thomas 41-OH farmer, wife: Mary 34-OH, dau: Ann 15-OH, sons: Asa 14-OH, Charles 12-OH, David 10-OH & John 9-OH, daus: Rebecca 7-IL & Emily 5-IL, son: Thomas 2-IL) [OH: 1850]
Frame: Rachel D. Stalnaker(7) m: Isaac James Frame [WILLIAM3] > WV: Braxton Co: Braxton PO: page 461: dwelling 772 (Isaac 30-VA farmer, wife: Rachael 30-VA, sons: Wille 9-VA (f), Herbert 7-VA, Andrew 5-VA, John B 3-VA, dau: Gabril 6/12-VA (m), Jacob Riffe 23-VA farmer) [indexed under France] [WV: 1850 root family]
Francies: Priscilla Chenoweth(2) m: Thomas Francies [unknown: RICHARD] > MD: Baltimore Co: 11th district, Little Gunpowder: page 186: dwelling 1273 (Charles 28-MD - farmer, mother: Percilla 64-MD, sisters: Maria 40-MD, Percilla Whittle 38-MD, nieces: Sarah 7-MD, Mary 5-MD, niece: Elizabeth Cole 20-MD [s/b Coe], Jonathan Gray 40-MD) [indexed as France] [MD: 1850]
Francies, Richard Chenowith Francis(3) [unknown: RICHARD] > MD: Baltimore Co: 11th district, Little Gunpowder: page 188: dwelling 1283 (Richard 33-MD - farmer, wife: Ellenora 27-MD, sons: John C. 6-MD, Lewis 3-MD) [indexed as France] [MD: 1850 root family]
Francies, Thomas Francies, Jr.(3) [unknown: RICHARD] > MD: Baltimore Co: 11th district, Little Gunpowder: page 179: dwelling 1219 (Thomas 44-MD farmer, wife: Ann 38-MD, sons: William 19-MD & George 5-MD, unk relation: Elizabeth 90-MD) [MD: 1850]
Frank: Delilah Downing(5) m: Stephen C. Frank [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Butler twp: page 449: dwelling 1199 (Delila 49-OH farmeress, son: William 18-OH, dau: Catherine 15-OH) [OH: 1850]
Frank, Denas 'Dennis'(6) [MARY3] > OH: Mercer Co: Butler twp: page 450: dwelling 1205 (Denis 25-OH farmer, wife: Rachel 24-OH, daus: twins:Idella 2-OH & Arminella 2-OH, Rosetta 8/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Franklin: Ellen 'Neda' Chenoweth(5) m: Eli Franklin [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Perry twp: page 493: dwelling 1527 (E. 58-NY farmer, wife: E. 47-OH, son: J 27-OH, dau: H .24-OH, son: N.G. 18-OH, dau: E.J. 14-OH, son? [maybe grandson] E.S. 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Franklin: John Henry(6) m: & siblings [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Perry twp: page 491: dwelling 1501 (J.H. 24-OH, bro: A 22-OH, sis: S.E. 20-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Franklin: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: John Henry Franklin [JOHN3] > OH: Allen Co: Perry twp: page 494: dwelling 1543 (John 50-PA farmer, wife: S 53-VA, daus: N. 17-OH & M. 15-OH, son: J. 13-OH ) [OH: 1850]
Frederick, George Washington(6) [RACHEL3] > KS: Breckinridge Co: Emporia twp: page 552: dwelling 462 (G.W. 27-IN farmer, wife: Paulina 26-NC, dau: Florentilla 4-IN, son: Augustus C 6-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Frederick, Joseph Jefferson(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Jasper Co: Gillam twp: page 908: dwelling 674 (Joseph 25-IN farmer, wife: Parthina 23-IN, dau: Olive Vina 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
French: Sarah Elizabeth 'Eliza' Seaton(6) m: James W. French [RACHEL3] > KY: Shelby Co: district 1: page 163: dwelling 93 (J.W. 24-KY farmer, wife: S. Elizabeth 17-KY, mother: Catharine 54-KY widow, siblings: Martha 15-KY seamstress, Robert 17-KY farm hand) [KY: 1850 root family]
Friend: Eleanor Tucker(5) m: Charles Friend [MARY3] > IA: Adair Co: Harrison twp: page 19: dwelling 147 (Ellen 52-KY, sons: Brice 26-IL, Ephraim 24-IL & Miles B 22-IL, dau: Rachel 16-IA, sons: Wm A 14-IA & Marshal 8-IA) [IA: 1850]
Fullen: Elizabeth Foster(6) m: James Fullen [ELIJAH3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Mulhenberg twp: page 27: dwelling 361 (James 35-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 19-OH, son: Joseph 3/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Fuller: Mary Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: Benjamin Franklin Fuller [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Stark Co: Toulon twp: page 567: dwelling 849 (Benjamin F 35-PA, wife: Mary E 34-VA, dau: Adelaide H 14-IL, sons: Henry C 11-VA, James C 8-VA & Miles 2-IL) [VA: 1850]
Furgason, Joseph J.(7) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 500: dwelling 368 (J.J. 36-IN, wife: Mary J. 28-IN, son: Charles 4-IN, dau: Margaret 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Furgason: Nancy Leith White(6) widow of Samuel Forgason [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 500: dwelling 360 (Nancy 59-OH, son: J.L. 20-IN clerk in store, dau: Nannie 18-IN) [IN: 1850]
Furgason, Samuel W.(7) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 453: dwelling 6 (S W 34-IN dry goods merchant, wife: Mary A 31-OH, daus: Hattie E 11-IN & Maud M 1-IN) [indexed as Fargason] [IN: 1850]
Gainer: Virginia Etta Goddin(7) m: Bryan C. Gainer [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 85: dwelling 598 (Bryan G 27-VA farmer, wife: Virginia E 22-VA, dau: Malissa E 1-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Gardner: Susan Clara Smith(5) m: Stephen A. Gardner [ARTHUR3] > IA: Clinton Co: Spring Rock twp: page 438: dwelling 211 (Stephen Gardner 29-PA laborer, wife: Susan 22-IN, twin daus: Alvira J 10/12-IA & Almira O. 10/12-IA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Garrett: Amanda Chenoweth(5) m: Elijah Garrett [WILLIAM3] > IN: Putnam Co: Cloverdale: page 162: dwelling 156 (Elijah 41-KY farmer, wife: Amanda 38-IN, son: Wm S. 16-IN farm laborer, dau: Mary E. 13-IN, son: Monroe 12-IN, dau: Hester 8-IN, son: Orlando 6-IN, dau: Almira 4-IN, son: Elmsley 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Garrett: Melissa S. Gray(6) m: Warren W. Garrett [JOHN3] > OR: Benton Co: Lloyds precinct:: page 29: dwelling 554 (Warren 26-IL farmer, wife: Melissa 26-TN, son: John 6-OR, daus: Leona A 4-OR & Sarah A 3-OR) [AR: 1850 root family]
Gaston: Brunetta McGee(6) m: John M.C.P. Gaston [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 460: dwelling 42 (John 30-OH farmer, wife: Lunnette 21-IL, daus: BA 4-IL, MC 3-IL & Mary 6/12-IL) [indexed as Galton] [IL: 1850 root family]
Gayler: Casandra Parrish(5) m: Calvin Gayler [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Swan twp: page 867: dwelling 72 (Calvin 38-TN smith, wife: Cassander 39-OH, sons: Merideth 20-MO farming, James 18-MO farming & Joseph 16-MO farming, dau: Mary 13-AR, son: John 10-MO, dau: America 8-MO, sons: Ira 6-MO & Campbell 4-MO, dau: Elizabeth 2-MO) [MO: 1850]
Geddes: Sarah Martindale(6) m: James Smiley Geddes [JOHN3] > IN: Stark Co: Jackson twp: page 424: dwelling 323 (James S 35-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 28-IN, dau: Harriet E 4-IN, son: Frank M 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Gentry: Margaret Elinor Alsbury(6) m: Caleb Gentry [MARY3] > IL: Adams Co: Richfield twp: page 728: dwelling 1592 (Caleb 27-SC, wife: Margarett 23-IL, dau: Fanne 1-IL)
George: Rachel Chennoweth Kerr(5) m: James George [ELIJAH3] > IA: Fayette Co: Dover twp: page 52: dwelling 377 (James 41-England farmer, wife: Rachel C. 39-OH, dau: Mary E. 18-IL, son: Henry 16-WI farm laborer, daus: Rebecca 15-WI, Barbara 13-WI, Allice A. 11-WI, Rachel 10-WI & Lucretia 8-IA, son: Levella 4/12-IA, nephew: John J. Morrison 20-IL - farm laborer, mother-in-law: [widow] Elizabeth 71-KY, brother-in-law: Thomas 46-OH) [WI: 1850]
Gibson: Lucinda Frances Chenoweth(6) m: William Aiken Gibson [THOMAS3] > MO: Greene Co: Campbell twp: page 305: dwelling 946 (W.A. 29-TN doctor, wife: L.F. 23-IL, son: E.C. 4-MO, dau: Corah 3-MO, son: John 6/12-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Gilmore: Angeline 'Ann' Carter(5) m: Liberty M. Gilmore [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Warren Co: Tompkins twp: page 415: dwelling 1595 (L.M. 38-KY - grocer, wife: Angeline 37-OH, daus: Mary B. 15-IL & Emma E. 12-IL, son: William F. 10-IL) [IL: 1850]
Gist, Jesse(6) [ARTHUR3] > WI: Green Co: Mt Pleasant: page 412: dwelling 1310 (Jesse 44-OH farmer, wife: Harriet 44-NJ, dau: Clarissa 19-OH, sons: George 15-WI, Isaac 13-WI, John 11-WI & Charles 9-WI, daus: Carrina 6-WI & Ellanora 1-WI) [indexed as Fist] [WI: 1850]
Glenn: Sarah Lorenzo Ashton(6) m: Willliam Glenn [HANNAH3] > MD: Harford Co: Marshall: page 537: dwelling 1835 (William 27-MD farmer, Sarah 23-MD, Ida 5/12-MD) [MD: 1850 root family]
Goddin, Jesse W.(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 46: dwelling 322 (Jesse W. 28-VA carpenter, wife: Mary E 27-VA, son: Floyd 2-VA, dau: Lucy 1/12-VA, bro: Isaac 21-VA carpenter) [WV: 1850 root family]
Goddin: Rachel Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas Jefferson Goddin [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO: page 92: dwelling 667 (Jefferson 52-VA farmer, wife: Rachel 48-VA, sons: Andrew J 24-VA farmer, Judson C 17-VA & Thomas J 15-VA, dau: Mary E 12-VA, son: Emmet 9-VA, dau: Eliza E 6-VA) [WV: 1850]
Good: Mary Jane Martindale(6) m: Philip Good [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 158: dwelling 164 (Philip 23-OH wagonmaker, wife: Mary J. Good 18-IN, son: Arthur 2-IN)
Goode: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Milton Goode [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 95: dwelling 265 (Thomas M 47-OH farmer, 2nd: wife: Sarah A 41-OH, [by 1st wife] son: George W 21-OH school teacher, [by Sarah] dau: Ann E. 17-OH, sons: Milton J 11-OH & Burwell 9-OH, dau: Laura Ive? 7-OH & Jane 4-OH, Barry Gilies farm laborer [black], mother: Elizabeth Goode 73-NC) [OH: 1850]
Gordon: Esther Chenoweth(5) m: Joseph Gordon [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Washington twp: page 21: dwelling 293 (Joseph 43-OH farm, wife: Hester 44-OH, sons: James C. 21-OH farm & Robert 19-OH, dau: Mary 17-OH, son: Joseph F. 15-OH) [OH: 1850]
Gordon, James R.(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Washington twp: page 4: dwelling 51 (James 48-PA farmer, wife: Eve 47�PA, son: Ebenezer 19-OH farm, daus: Mary 17-OH, Naoma 14-OH, Hester 12-OH & Eveline 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Gordon, Robert Gordon, III(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Washington twp: page 12: dwelling 153 (Robert 35-OH farmer, wife: Mary 34-OH, sons: Francis 11-OH, Henry 7-OH & George 5-OH, dau: Amanda 3-OH, son: Albert 3/12-OH) [assumed correct]
Gordon, William(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Wheeling twp: page 197: dwelling 20 (William 51-PA farmer, wife : Lurena 48-PA, dau: Sarah 18-PA)
Gorsuch: Sarah A. Tredway(6) m: Nicholas Gorsuch [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 7th district: page 348: dwelling 913 (Nicholas 36-MD miller, wife: Sarah 32-MD, dau: Rachel 9-MD, Elizabeth 7-MD, Laura 5-MD & Mary 3-MD, son: Daniel 7/12-MD) [MD: 1850]
Granger: Joanna V. Heaton(6) m: Chester D. Granger [MARY3] > IN: Hamilton Co: Noblesville: page 262: dwelling 273 (Chester D. 49-NY farmer, wife: Johana 45-OH, dau: Johana M. 9-IN, others: John McEllory 13-NJ & George Gaul 23-OH laborer ) [IN: 1850]
Gray: Agnes Chenoweth(5) m: Robert Gray [JOHN3] > OR: Benton Co: Lloyds precinct:: page 29: dwelling 552 (Robert 55-TN baptist clergy, wife: Agnes 50-TN, sons: Joseph L 22-TN & George 20-TN, dau: Cornilia 17-TN, sons: Robert N 14-TN & Nathan L 13-AR) [AR: 1850]
Gray: Ruth Ann Chenoweth(5) m: George W. Gray [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 56: dwelling 422 (George Gray 50-TN farmer, wife: Rutha 38-TN, son: Nelson 17-TN, daus: Mary A 14-TN & Suna G 10-TN) [TN: 1850]
Green: Permelia Ashbrook(5) m: Reazen Green [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 336: dwelling 610 (Reason 45-OH farmer, wife: Permelia 47-OH, son: Corwin 19-OH, dau: Delia 16-OH) [daughter Iva missed, last line left blank] [OH: 1850]
Greer: Mahala Tredway(6) m: James Greer [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Knox Co: Jefferson twp: page 350: dwelling 197 (James 50-Ireland farmer, 2nd wife: Mahala 35-OH [bu 1st wife] daus: Paulina 22-OH school teacher & Sarah J. 20-OH, [by Mahala] dau: Barbara 10-OH, son Justin Black 5-OH) [OH: 1850]
Greer: Maria B. Stelle(6) m: Joshua Greer [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville twp: page 644: dwelling 545 (Joshua 31-OH farmer, wife: Maria 29-IN, daus: Mary 6-IN & Isabell 1-IN) [Mary is possibly from a prior marriage of Joshua's] [IN: 1850 root family]
Gregg: Eliza Thurman(6) m: James Gregg [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 351: dwelling 1005 (James 43-KY farmer, wife: Eliza 34-KY, son: John T. 10-IN, dau: Sarah A. 8-IN, son: Joseph 6-IN, daus: Ruth 4-IN, Angeline V. 2-IN & Alvina 5/12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Gregory, John C.(5) [RICHARD3] > MI: Wayne Co: Detroit, 7th ward: page 144: dwelling 1093 (John Gregory 61-NY Turgevn?, wife: Mary 61-NY)
Gregory: Mary Chenoweth(6) m: Matthias W.B. Gregory [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 466: dwelling 81 (M. 38-TN farmer, wife: Mary 36-KY, sons: John 17-IL, Robert 12-IL, James 10-IL, Wm 7-Il & Alexander 4-IL, Joel 19-IL) [Joel's relation to the family is unknown] [IL: 1850]
Gregory, Philip(5) [RICHARD3] > NY: Ontario Co: Seneca: page 169: dwelling 1361 (Philip 58-NY - farmer, wife: Eunice 58-MA, dau: Sarah 21-NY, mother: Sarah 80-MD, unknown: Charlotte A. Butler 13-NY, Joseph Hardy 20-NY, Thomas Waugh 70-Ireland) [NY: 1850]
Gremm: Hester M. 'Hettie' Vertrees(7) m: Frederick Charles Gremm [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 498: dwelling 309 (Fred 36-GER cabinet maker, wife: Hestor 26-IL, son: Aaron 6-IL, daus: Lucretia 5-IL, Mary 2-IL, & Frances 1-IL, Elizabeth Cutter 12-IL [detailed as Graham]) [IL: 1850 root family]
Griffin: Ruth Morgan(5) m: David Griffin [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Marshall Co: Evans twp: page 272: dwelling 1972 (David Griffin 52-PA farmer, wife: Ruth 50-PA, sons: Clarence 18-IL, George 15-IL & Ham 9-IL, dau: Carrie 12-IL, son: David 6-IL, B. Jane Wright 18-IL, aunt: Mary Reese 79-PA) [IL: 1850]
Grimm: Malinda Ashbrook(6) m: Lewis Weize Grimm [MARY3] > OH: Franklin Co: Reynoldsburg twp: page 121: dwelling 638 (Lewis 36-Germany carriagemaker, wife: Malinda 34-OH, sons: Lewis 6-OH & Francis N. 4-OH, dau: Rosabell 2mos-OH, William Ashbrook 12-OH, sister-in-law: Amaretta Ashbrook 17-OH) [this a second listing for Amarretta. It is not known whom William is unless the age is wrong and William is the brother of Malinda and Amaretta] [OH: 1850 root family]
Groom: Martha Simmons(7) m: Henry H. Groom [WILLIAM3] > MO: Montgomery Co: Danville twp: page 344: dwelling 301 (H.H. 38-KY �laborest�, wife: Martha 38-KY, son: William 10-IL, daus: Lucinda 8-IL, Emma 6-IL & Lydia 2-IL. son: Hayne 2/12-MO) [IL: 1850]
Grove: Mary Chenoweth(6) m: John Grove [JOHN3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Washington twp: page 77: dwelling 33 (John 24-OH farmer, wife: Mary 24-OH, son: William A. 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Guyer: Ann Martindale(6) m: Benajah A. Guyer [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 157: dwelling 163 (Benage 39-IN farmer, wife: Ann 37-IN, son: Easten 17-IN, dau: Allis 13-IN, sons: Abert 9-IN & Merrit 7-IN, dau: Effa 1-IN, niece Sarah E. Fitts 13-IN) [this is Sarah Jett] [IN: 1850]
Guyer: Margaret 'Peggy' Martindale(6) m: Joseph France Guyer [JOHN3] > IA: Lee Co: Marion twp: page 360: dwelling 901 (J.F. 42-IN blacksmith, wife: Margaret 35-IN, son: Amos 15-IN, dau: Louisa 12-IA, son: L. Barton 10-IA, dau: Catherine 10-IN, Jane 8-IN, Keziah 7-IA, Angeline 5-IA, Emily 3-IA, Martha 1-IA, son: Alexander 3/12) [IN: 1850]
Gwinn: Sarah Morgan(6) m: Sampson Cicero Gwinn [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IA: Poweshiek Co: Warren twp: page 93: dwelling 671 (Sampson C. 28-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 33-PA, sons: Franklin D. 7-IA, Henry W. 5-IA, Marion 2-IA & William 8/12-IA, unknown: Cary Morgan 21-IL, Henry Tilton 28-NY)
Haines, Elijah C.(5) [ELIJAH3] > IL: Champaign Co: Sadorus PO: page 294: dwelling 51 (Eliza C. 40-OH farmer, wife: Matilda 40-OH, dau: Lucy Jane 17-IL, son: William 10-IL, daus: Lorra 6-IL & Mary 3-IL) [indexed as Hainer] [IL: 1850]
Haines, Joseph C.(5) [ELIJAH3] > MO: Knox Co: Salt River twp: page 143: dwelling 1019 (Eliza 46-KY, dau: Nancy J. 17-MO, sons: Thomas T. 12-MO, Joseph E. 10-IL, George A. 7-IL & Squire L. 4-IL) [IT is not known where Joseph is. He is not found with Eliza in this or the 1870 Census.] [IL: 1850]
Hale, Archibald B.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: McMinn Co: district 10: page 286: dwelling 369 (widow: Nancy 60-TN farmer, son: Thomas 27-TN farm hand, James Fellagan 16-TN farm laborer) [TN: 1850]
Hale, Archibald(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Monroe Co: Tompkinsville PO: page 54: dwelling 372 (Thos Ford 60-TN blacksmith, wife: E. 58-NC, sons: D.M. 18-TN, T.F. 16-TN & J.A. 13-TN, son-in-law: Arch�d Hale 23-TN, wife & dau: E. 24-TN, son: 1-KY) [TN: 1850 root family]
Hale, Chenoweth B.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 54: dwelling 404 (Chinowth 56-TN, wife: Nancy 55-TN, daus: Sarena 22-TN, Mary 20-TN, Sarah 18-TN, Fannie 16-TN, Louisa 15-TN & Harriett 14-TN, son: Harvey 11-TN) [TN: 1850]
Hale, Henry D.(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 57: dwelling 439 (Henry 25?-TN farmer, wife: Mary 45-TN, daus: Harist 31-TN & Elizabeth 19-TN, sons: Chinouth 15-TN, Daniel 13-TN, Thomas 11-TN & Mark 8-TN) [TN: 1850]
Hale, Henry H.(6) [JOHN3] > TN: McMinn Co: district 11: page 301: dwelling 583 (Henry Hale 22-KY farmer, ? T. Kindrell 36-NC) [It is unclear what this Census means. Henry is given to have married a unkown Simmons in 1860 who would have to have been younger] [TN: 1850 root family]
Hale, Isaac(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Monroe Co: Tompkinsville PO: page 152: dwelling 1070 (Isaac 22-Tn farm labor, wife: Elizabeth 20-TN, dau: M.E. 3-MO, son: W.E. 1-KY [indexedas Hall]) [KY: 1850 root family]
Hale, James Harlin(6) [JOHN3] > MO: Stone Co: Cass twp: page 580: dwelling 215 (James 28-TN blacksmith, wife: Nancy M. 28-TN, stepdau: Hester M. 6-MO, daus: Martha J 3-MO & Julia A 2-MO [indexed as Hail]) [KY: 1850 root family]
Hale, John G.(6) [JOHN3] > TN: McMinn Co: district 10: page 286: dwelling 368 (John G. 30-TN blacksmith, wife: Nancy 25-TN, sons: Thomas W. 5-TN & Timothy 3-TN) [TN: 1850 root family]
Hale, Mark W.(5) [JOHN3] > KY: Monroe Co: Tompkinsville PO: page 165: dwelling 1166 (M.W. 51-TN blacksmith, dau in law: M.J. 24-VA, son: John 10-KY, grandsons: Jos 6-KY & W.P. 6-KY, granddau: Elizabeth 4-KY, son: Henry 4-MO, grandsons: J.N. 3-KY & Turner 6/12-KY [indexed as Hall]) [Son Elbert, Mark�s son is not with the family at this point] [KY: 1850]
Hale, Nelson(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Barron Co: district 1, Glasgow PO: page 877: dwelling 923 (Nelson 29-TN �blking�, wife: Margaret A 30-KY, dau: Susan F 9-KY, son: George H 6-KY, daus: Louisa W 5-KY & Sarah B. 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Hale, Thomas(5) [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Knob Creek district: page 108: dwelling 174 (William Duncan 77-TN farmer, Thomas Hale 23-TN farmer, wife: Sarah 29-TN)
Hale, Thomas Logan(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Monroe Co: Tompkinsville PO: page 132: dwelling 917 (T.L. 28-TN blacksmith, wife: Cas�a 36-TN, sons: John 8-KY, Alex�a 5-KY & G.W. 3-KY) [indexed as Hall]
Hall: Martha Ann Chenoweth(6) m: William Hall [RICHARD3] > KY: Carroll Co: district 2: page 58: dwelling 418 (William 39-KY farmer, wife: Martha Hall 34-KY, dau: Elizabeth 12-OH, sons: John 9-KY, Lewis 8-KY & William 4-KY)
Hamilton: Anchor Piper(6) m: James Hamilton [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville twp: page 673: dwelling 760 (James 42-OH carpenter, wife: Anchor 33-OH, daus: Lizzie 12-IN, Estellee 9-IN, Ema 6-IN & Mary 4-IN, son: William 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Hampton: Elizabeth Hannah Rice(5) m: Albert J. Hampton [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clinton Co: Marion twp: page 515: dwelling 1745 (Cyrus 52-OH - farmer, wife: Elizabeth 40-OH, [by 1st wife] Ann 19-OH, Mary 13-OH, Eliza 11-OH, [by Elizabeth] Sophia 6/12-OH [step-children] Hampton, Amelia 21-OH, Jane 17-OH, James 15-OH, Amanda 13-OH, Elwood 10-OH, John 8-OH) [OH: 1850]
Hankins: America Parrish(5) m: Thomas Hankins [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: Benton twp: page 78: dwelling 534 (Thomas 26-TN farm laborer, wife: America 27-IN, sons: Joseph 4-MO & Robbert 3-MO)
Hardesty: Mary Eliza Carter(5) m: Richard L. Hardesty [JOHN CARTER3] > WV: Jefferson Co: Charleston PO: page 767: dwelling 1764 (Richard G. 41-VA farmer, wife: Mary 40-VA, sons: Lycurgus K. 15-VA, Othe J. 10-VA & Edward G. 7-VA, daus: Lucy C. 7-VA, Eugenia F. 14-VA [s/b 4], & Olivia P. 2-VA) [VA: 1850]
Hardin: Martha Hollowell(6) m: Leander Hardin [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 389: dwelling 1 (Leander 23-IN farmer, wife: Martha 21-IN, son: Jas S. 2-IN, dau: Elisa T. 3/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Hardin: Mary Ann Chenoweth(6) m: John Hardin, Jr. [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 549: dwelling 147 (John 34-IN farmer, wife: Mary A. 29-IN, son: Leander A. 9-IN, daus: Martha E. 8-IN & Sarah A. 4-IN, son: Aaron E. 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Hardin: Winnaford 'Winnie' Chenoweth(6) m: Aaron Tomlinson Hardin [JOHN3] > IL: Clay Co: twp 4 range 7, Bible PO : page 264: dwelling 1488 (Aaron T 26-IN farmer, wife: Winaford 28-IN, son: William A 6-IL, dau: Ellen C 4-IL, son: John 2-IL, Nathan P. Smith 21-NC)
Harlan: Amanda C. Weir(5) m: William L. Harlan [JAMES CARTER3] > MO: Adair Co: Kirksville: page 15: dwelling 131 (Amanda C. 27-PA, sons: Chas E. 7-IA, Wm L. 4-IA)
Harlan, Burns(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Clark Co: Auburn twp: page 227: dwelling 1077 (Burns 36-IL post master, wife: America 35-IN, son: Curtis 12-IL, daus: Dollas 10-IL, Esther 8-IL & Floret 6-IL, son: Hudson 3-IL, Isabel 1mo-IL) [ Harlan named his children in alphabetical order, starting with C as he and his wife were B & A) [IL: 1850]
Harlan, Martin Chenoweth(6) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Peoria Co: Princeville twp: page 917: dwelling 1067 (living with Roda Coburn 64-KY, Elizabeth 35-IN, Martin C. Harlan 24-IL carpenter, wife: Martha J. 21-IA) [IL: 1850 root family]
Harless: Martha H. Chenoweth(5) m: Jacob S. Harless [ABRAHAM3] > MO: Henry Co: Osage twp: page 819: dwelling 294 (Jacob L. 31-VA, wife: Martha H. 28-OH, William Gouyne 14-IN)
Harper: Margaret Chenoweth(5) m: James William Harper [JOHN3] > IA: Appanoose Co: Taylor twp: page 311: dwelling 518 (James W. 46-VA - farmer, wife: Margaret 48-VA, sons: Geo 17-OH, Silas 16-OH, nephew: Skinner, Jerusha 9-OH) [OH: 1850]
Harper, Thomas K.(6) [JOHN3] > IA: Appanoose Co: Taylor twp: page 311: dwelling 519 (Thomas 22-OH farm labor, wife: Margaret 23-KY, son: Geo M 1-IA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Harris: Eliza A. Chenoweth(5) m: William Harris [JOHN3] > MO: Gentry Co: Twp 62: page 58: dwelling 374 (William 32-KY farmer, wife: Eliza 31-IN, son: John 12-IN, daus: Rhoda 10-IN, Serrilda 8-IA, Emma 4-MO, Lurana 2-MO & Lorena 2-MO) [IN: 1850]
Harris: Martha Peteet(5) m: Thomas Harris [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Morgan Co: Shepherds: page 976: dwelling 480 (Thomas 53-NC farmer, wife: Martha 35-GA, son: Charles 19-GA, dau: Kate 11-GA)
Harris, Thomas Alexander(5) [JOHN3] > MO: Marion Co: Hannibal, 1st ward: page 769: dwelling 893 (Thomas A 33-VA att-at-law, wife: Imogen 27-PA, Sorter Eralaw 65-VA, Bridget 33-IRE domestic)
Harritt: Lydia Dusenbery(5) m: Jeremiah Harritt [JOHN3] > IL: Fulton Co: Farmington: page 572: dwelling 1578 (Jermiah 44-PA laborer, wife: Liddie 44-OH, dau: Mahala 17-OH, sons: Malon 15-OH & John 13-OH, dau: Mariah 10-OH, mother-in-law: Racheal Dusenbery 84-VA [this is Rachel Chenoweth, who first married Absolom Ashbrook] ) [IN: 1850]
Harryman, Newton S.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 61: dwelling 420 (N.S. 36-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 32-OH, dau: Clarinda 6-IN, son: John A. 3-IN, dau: Sarah E. 1-IN, unknown: John M. Shay 11-Ireland, James Dunn 23-IN farmer) [IN: 1850 root family]
Harsh: Josephine V. O'Neal(6) m: James 'Frank' Harsh [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 59: dwelling 822 (James 25-OH student at law, wife: Josephine N. 24-OH, son: Charles W. 7/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Hart: Eleanor 'Nellie' Chenoweth(5) m: James Montgomery Hart [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 76: dwelling 532 (James M 69-NJ farmer, wife: Eleanor 59-VA, sons: Elmer 25-VA & Chenoweth B. 22-VA, dau: Mary 20-VA, sons: Calvin 16-VA & Wayne B. 13-VA) [WV: 1850]
Hart, Ezra Pugh(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 10: dwelling 66 (Ezra P 39-VA carpenter, wife: Jerusha 40-VA, son: John C 15-VA, dau: Almira J 14-VA, son: Abel 10-VA, dau: Virginia E 7-VA, sons: James F. 5-VA & B 1/12-VA, probable sister-in-lawJemima Kelly 27-VA) [WV: 1850]
Hartley: Mary Ann Burson(5) m: Benjamin Hartley [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Carmichaels: page 267: dwelling 347 (Benjamin 47-PA shoemaker, 2d wife: Hannah 44-PA, [by 1st wife]: sons: Leslie 19-PA - shoemaker & Levi 17-PA - shoemaker, [children by 2d wife]: Rebecca 14-PA, Cynthia 13-PA, Mary 11-PA, Sarah 9-PA, William 3-PA) [PA: 1850]
Hatfield: Margret Jane Downing(6) m: Henry Hatfield [MARY3] > OH: Ross Co: Franklin twp: page 442: dwelling 470 (Herny 29-VA farmer, wife: Margaret 27-OH, son: John D 8-OH, daus: Sarah E 6-OH & Mary C 5-OH, sons: Jacob F 3-OH, Henry 2-OH, & George W 11/12-OH) [indexed as Hotfield] [OH: 1850 root family]
Hawkins: Christiana Crume(6) m: Hardin Hawkins [WILLIAM3] > KY: Anderson Co: Lawrenceburg PO : page 535: dwelling 1032 (Hardin 31-KY farmer, wife: Christa 26-KY, son: Areallis I. 7-KY, dau: Victoria 3-KY, son: Miles H. 2/12-KY, George Baxter 13-KY)
Hawkins: Martha Jane Hobbs Porter(6) m: Reuben Walker Hawkins [RICHARD3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 173: dwelling 1260 (R.W. 38-KY merchant, wife: Martha J. 34-KY, daus: Henrietta B. 8-KY & Lizzie F. 4-KY, son: Ruben W. 1-KY, unknown: Kate C. 15-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Hawkins, Miles Hardin(6) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Anderson Co: Lawrenceburg PO : page 56: dwelling 455 (Miles 36-KY � painter, 2nd wife: Belsora 18-KY, [by wife wife Elizabeth] son: William 9-KY, dau: Flora 5-KY) [IL: 1850]
Hawkins, Wlliam Chenoweth(6) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 2: page 191: dwelling 8 (William C. 42-KY � hotel keeper, wife: Lucy C. 36-KY, dau: Nancy A. 16-KY, son: John H. 13-KY, dau: Lettitia 10-KY, sons: Wm C. 9-KY & Robert H. 6-KY) [KY: 1850]
Hayes: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: Richard W. Hayes [ELIJAH3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Darby twp: page 58: dwelling 765 (Richard W. 53-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 32-OH [by 1st wife] Leah J. 18-OH, [by 2d wife, Sarah] Jerusha T. 11-OH [1870 indicates this is Joseph], Mallard S. 8-OH, Jeremiah 6-OH, Mary L. 3-OH other: McDowell White 25-OH)
Hazzard: Rebecca Ashbrook(5) m: (1) Joel Board, (2) Joshua McKee & (3) Henry H. Hazzard [JOHN3] > KY: Shelby Co: district 2: page 14: dwelling 88 (Rebecca 60-KY, sons: Joshua McKee-KY 31 farmer, Levi McKee 29-KY farmer & William McKee-KY 26 apprentice to blacksmith ) [KY: 1850]
Head: Elizabeth Jane Alsbury(6) m: James Willson Head [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Pleasant Vale twp: page 847: dwelling 821 (James 32-SC farmer, wife: Elizabeth 30-IL, daus: Cynthia 7-IL & Elizabeth 5/12-IL, Edwin Garrison 22-MO, John Woodruf 29-OH farmer, wife: Galena 27-SC [indexed as Hood])
Heaton, Aaron(6) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 973: dwelling 386 (Aaron 38-IN farmer, wife: Lucinda 33-IN, sons: Daniel 14-IN & Charles 6-IN, dau: Florance 3-IN, servant: Jane St John 17-IN, farm hand: Edwin Woodworth 23-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Asa Clay(6) [MARY3] > MO: Lewis Co: Reddish twp: page 109: dwelling 51 (A C 35-IN farmer, wife: R 38-OH, dau: E 8-IN, sons: F A 5-IA & G E 2-MO, others: C French 11-IN, H Bausley 20-ENG) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Asa(5) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 508: dwelling 438 (Mary M. 49-OH seamstress, sons: Abram C. 28-IN master saddle & harness maker, J.M. 22-IN saddle & harness maker & Waitsel M. 20-IN shoemaker) [IN: 1850]
Heaton: Christina(7) m: Daniel Gemberling [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Washington twp: page 62: dwelling 398 (Daniel 29-PA farmer, wife: Christena 23-IN, daus: Emma 4-IN & Ellen 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Heaton, Daniel(6) [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Washington twp: page 57: dwelling 363 (Daniel 49-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 41-IN, daus: Jane 20-IN & Sarah 15-IN, son: Sylvester 12-IN, daus: Elizabeth 10-IN, Vienna 7-IN, Viola 5-IN & Theodocia 4/12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Daniel(5) [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 771: dwelling 416 (Whitaker, Joseph H. 23-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 17-KY, dau: Marietta 1-IN, Thadeus B. Heaton, 28-IN - farmer, Matilda 22-IN. Daniel 80-VA) [It is probable that Daniel is the granfather of Thaddeus] [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Daniel W.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 771: dwelling 420 (Daniel W 26-IN master carpenter, wife: Elizabeth 19-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Heaton, David Fox(5) [MARY3] > OH: Scioto Co: Portsmouth: page 430: dwelling 420 (David F 67-KY lawyer, wife: Mira S 62-KY, other: Matilda R Scott 58-OH) [OH: 1850]
Heaton, David(6) [MARY3] > IN: Clinton Co: Michigan twp: page 240: dwelling 171 (David 49-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 46-PA, dau: Abigail 16-IN, son: William J. 14-IN, twins: Nancy J. 10-IN & David J. 10-IN, dau: Minerva 7-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, David R.(6) [MARY3] > IA: Lee Co: Cedar twp: page 331: dwelling 661 (D R 32-IN farmer, wife: Jane 29-IN, sons: William 8-IN & F D 6-IN, daus: Sarah A 4-IA & Margaret 2-IA, others: Nancy Whitinger 15-IN & Jacob Whitinger 12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Heaton, David S.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 479: dwelling 194 (David S 32-IN farmer, wife: Sarah O 22-IN, dau: Betsy A 7-IN, son: Joseph M 5-IN, dau: Nancy C 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Ebenezer(6) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 974: dwelling 396 (Ebenezer 19-IN farm hand with St John family: Edward 59-NY gentleman, wife: Harriet 44-IN & children) [IN: 1850 root family]
Heaton, Ebenezer Ross(6) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 973: dwelling 387 (Ross 40-IN farmer, wife: Hannah 38-IN, dau: Emilla 17-IN, son: Eli 16-IN, daus: Lucinda 12-IN & Sarah 11-IN, sons: Ebenezer 9-IN, Charles 6-IN & Benjamin 3-IN, dau: Jane 1-IN, father: Ebenezer 73-VA) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Eli H.(6) [MARY3] > IA: Lee Co: Cedar twp: page 311: dwelling 352 (Eli H 46-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 43-OH, son: Jacob G 21-IN, dau: Mary A 18-IN, sons: Elmore E 15-IN & Theodore F 12-IN, dau: Sarah E 10-IN. sons: John 8-IN, Aaron H 6-IA & George G 2-IA, farm laborer: John Baty 21-xx) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Eli(5) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 977: dwelling 415 (Eli 65-OH farmer, dau: Cynthia A. 26-IN, granddau [by Cythnia]: Alice B. Cottingham 1-IN) [Cynthia married Henry Austen Cottingham, but they were apparently seperated by 1860] [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Israel(6) [MARY3] > MI: Cass Co: Porter twp: page 240: dwelling 1790 (Israel 46-IN farmer, wife: Irene 42-IN, son: John 22-IN, dau: Mary 19-IN, son: Harry G 8/12-MI) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, John Crooks(6) [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 780: dwelling 483 (John 40-IN farmer, wife: Isabel 41-OH, unknown: Sarah Lamaster 16-IN, John J. 14-IN) [Census has Eaton]
Heaton, John W.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 506: dwelling 418 (John W 28-IN dry goods merchant, wife: Caroline 23-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Joseph W.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 266: dwelling 465 (Joseph 51-OH farmer, wife: 2nd wife: Rachel 48-OH, unk?: Susan 18-IN, sons: Henry C 17-IN, Daniel 20-IN, Eli 15-IN farm laborer, & Cornelius 13-IN, day laborers: Charles Harrison 14-IN, William 14-IN & Eli L 12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Joseph W.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 465: dwelling 92 (Joseph W. 54-OH farmer, wife: Edith 53-OH, son: Eli 22-IN, dau: Marietta 17-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Leonidas C.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 328: dwelling 181 (L C 32-OH grocery keeper, wife: Kate M 22-KY, daus: Laura B 3-OH & Corrinne 1-OH, inlaws? Mary Coleman 16-KY house keeping & Lionnel O. Coleman 18-KY clerk) [OH: 1850]
Heaton, Lester(7) [MARY3] > MI: Cass Co: Porter twp: page 219: dwelling 1650 (Lester 20-IN farmer, wife: Mary A 20-IN, dau: S E 1-MI) [IN: 1850 root family]
Heaton, Phineas(6) [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 41: dwelling 252 (Phineas 51-OH farmer, wife: Clorinda 47-VA, dau: Hannah 19-IN, son: Abram 17-IN, dau: Sarah 15-IN, son: Henry 12-IN, daus: Marinda 9-IN & Clara 6-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Samuel(6) [MARY3] > MI: Cass Co: Porter twp: page 218: dwelling 1643 (S 57-OH farmer, wife: Mary 54-OH, son: Abm 20-IN, dau: Jane 14-IN) [IN: 1850]
Heaton, Thaddeus(7) [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 974: dwelling 396 (Thadeus B. Heaton 28-IN farmer, wife: Matilda 22-IN. grandfather: Daniel 80-VA living in household of : Whitaker, Joseph H. 23-KY - farmer, wife: Elizabeth 17-KY, dau: Marietta 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Heaton, William(7) [MARY3] > MI: Cass Co: Porter twp: page 220: dwelling 1658 (Wm 24-IN farmer, wife: Rebecca 23-MI, dau: M F 10/.12-MI) [IN: 1850 root family]
Helmick: Jane Chenoweth(5) m: 3rd: Joseph Helmick [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Harrisburg: page 181: dwelling 418 (Joseph 40-OH physican, wife: Jane 39-OH, stepson: Joseph 18-OH, black: Willis Musson? 15-IA) [not in index - living next to G.W. Helmick] [OH: 1850]
Henderson: Ruth Chenoweth(5) m: David G. Henderson [THOMAS3] > IN: Warren Co: Mound twp: page 587: dwelling 70 (D.G. 29-IN farmer, wife: Ruth 29-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Henkle: Elizabeth Wood(5) m: Jacob Henkle, Jr. [ELIJAH3] > OR: Benton Co: Corvallis: page 12: dwelling 182 (Jacob 35-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 31-OH, daus: Rachael A. 14-IA, Mary M. 8-IA, Nancy C. 5-OR & Elizabeth 1-OR [read as Hinkle]) [IA: 1850]
Henry, James Frances(6) [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: Bainbridge PO: page 825: dwelling 181 (J.H. 25-IL farmer, wife: Mary 30-IL, Willis Angel 18-TN laborer) [IL: 1850 root family]
Henry: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: Andrew Henry [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: twp 9, range 2E: page 25: dwelling 184 (Andrew 55-KY farmer, daus: Mary 32, Harriet 21-IL, unk:Elisha Blackburn 19-TN) [IL: 1850]
Henwood: Sarah Ann Tucker(6) m: Henry Henwood [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: Springfield: page 184: dwelling 1222 (Henry 35-VA R.R. man, wife: Sarah 27-IL, dau: Sarah Ann 5-IL, son: William L. 3-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Herring: Elizabeth Ann Board(6) m: Creed Herring [JOHN3] > MO: Buchanan Co: Tremont twp: page 231: dwelling 1539 (O. 50-NC farmer, wife: Eliza A. 41-KY, son: Henry C. 24-KY, daughter: Ann C. 18-KY, sons: Joel C. 16-MO & Richard T. 12-MO) [MO: 1850]
Hibben, Granville C.(5) [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 393: dwelling 1095 (Granville C. 30-OH - farmer, wife: Desiah 25-OH, dau: Mary Ann 7/12-OH, brother: Samuel 26-OH � farm laborer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Hibben: Mary Chenoweth(4) m: James R. Hibben [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Pee Pee twp: page 396: dwelling 1132 (James R. 60-PA farmer, wife: Mary 61-OH, sons: Abraham 36-OH & William 22-OH) [OH: 1850]
Hickey, Richard Coleman(5) [RICHARD3] > AL: Talledega Co: Southern division: page 919: dwelling 747 (R. C. Hickey 33-TN farmer, wife: Jane 21-AL, dau: Missouri 2-AL, son: Montgomery 1-AL) [AL: 1850 root family]
Hieronimus: Cassandra Passmore(5) m: 2d Henry W. Hieronimus [ARTHUR3] > KY: Mercer Co: Herrodsburg: page 699: dwelling 103 (Henry 46-KY sporting gentleman, wife: Cassandra B.C. 40-KY, [children by previous marriage] son: Owen 12-KY, dau: Caroline 11-KY, son: Frank 8-KY, dau: Lucy 3-KY, unknown: Susan Pettibone 23-KY, Claud Pettibone 4-KY)
Hiett: Cecilia Chenoweth(5) m: William Penn Hiett [ISAAC3] > IA: Iowa Co: Sumner twp: page 117: dwelling 800 (Wm 38-VA farmer, wife: Clara 36-OH, dau: Mary E. 14-OH, sons: John D. 12-OH & James 10-OH, daus: Lydia 7-OH, Rebecca 6-OH & Jenet 1-IA) [OH: 1850]
Hiett: Elizabeth Ruth Carter(5) m: Levi Hiett [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: 4th district: page 537: dwelling 1962 (Levi 48-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 34-VA [son by 1st wife?] Joseph 20-VA � farm hand [children by Elizabeth] Lucy V. 10-VA, Edward C. 7-VA, Mary C. 5-VA, William 3-VA)
Higgins: Almira Whittredge(6) m: William W. Higgins [WILLIAM3] > OH: Montgomery Co: Dayton Ward 5: page 85: dwelling 1251 (William B. 44-OH clerk, wife: Almira 26-OH, daus: Alice 10-OH, Ella 8-OH & Lida 4-OH, unknown: Cather Herling 17-OH) [OH: 1850]
Hilger: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(6) m: Ferdinand R. Hilger [ARTHUR3] > IL: Cook Co: Chicago, Ward 5: page 46: dwelling 402 (Fredk S. 39-MD salesman, wife: Sarah 35-MD, daus: Victoria 13-OH & Anna 9-OH, cousins: Edwin Hills 46-OH, Charles 15-MD & Waldo 10-OH, other: Susan Nolan 19-IL) [OH: 1850]
Hill: Celia Heaton(7) m: Reuben Hill [MARY3] > IN: Marshall Co: Polk twp: page 437: dwelling 23 (Reuben 35-NY farmer, wife: Celia 29-IN, dau: Mary 10-IN, son: Adolphus 8-IN, dau: Sarah A 3-IA) [IN: 1850]
Hill: Charlotte Chenoweth(6) m: (2) William E. Hill [ARTHUR3] > OH: Allen Co: Spencer twp: page 383: dwelling 526 (Wm H. 34-PA merchant, wife: Charlotte 25-OH, dau: Emma 6-OH, others: Mary Kelly 70-NJ, Mary Haroff 16-OH - domestic, David S. Vompret 24-IN - merchant) [OH: 1850 root family]
Hill: Lorena Ashbrook(6) m: John R. Hill [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Richland twp: page 328: dwelling 545 (John R 32-OH farmer, wife: Luvinna P 30-OH, son: Leslie A 8-OH, daus: Mary E 7-OH & Anna F 3-OH, Orlo D. Shoup 16-OH farm laborer, Sarah Miller 19-OH domestic)
Hilyard: Mahala J. Tucker(6) m: William Hilyard [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: district 16 : page 49: dwelling 346 (William 40-VA wood chopper, wife: Mahala 37-VA, daus: Elizabeth 12-IL, Martha 8-IL, M. I. 6-IA, sons: George M 4-IA & Brice 2-IA, James Beadly 35-NY wood chopper [indexed as Hullyard] [IL: 1850]
Hite: Mary Eliza Rose(6) m: William C. Hite [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville, 4th ward: page 53: dwelling 404 (Eliza V. Hite 66-NJ, son: W. C. 41-KY furnishing store, dau-in-law: Mary E. 30-KY, grandchildren: Mary E. 9-KY, William W. 5-KY, Nannie 3-KY)
Hodgen: Attarah Jane Thurman(6) m: Pleasant Hodgen [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Jackson twp: page 8: dwelling 48 (Pleasant 33-IN farmer, wife: Altazah 25-IN, son: Josiah 5-IN, daus: Rebecca 3-IN & Mariah L. 3-IN, son: Albert 1-IN, prob bro: Isaac M. 14-IN, Joseph B. Gaddis 23-PA farmer) [IN: 1850 root family]
Hollenback, James(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Wea twp: page 585: dwelling 523 (James 29-OH farmer, wife: Duratha 24-IN, farm laborer: William Coleum 20-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Hollenback, William(5) [RICHARD3] > IN: Clinton Co: Perry twp: page 101: dwelling 735 (William 35-OH farmer, wife: Rosanna 26-IN [by 1st wife: Nancy] Nancy H 8-IN, [by Rosanna] Horace 6-IN & Florence 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Hollowell, John Chenoweth(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 403: dwelling 99 (John 39-IN farmer, wife: Clara 26-IN, son: Silas 14-IN, dau: Rachel 13-IN) [IN: 1850]
Hollowell: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: Smithson Hollowell [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Madison twp: page 437: dwelling 335 (Smithson 64-NC farmer, wife: Rachel 59-VA, son: Silas 24-IN, unknown: Levi 16-IN, grandchildren: William 11-IN, Mary 7-IN) [IN: 1850]
Hollowell, Robert(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Crawford Co: Whiskey Run twp: page 405: dwelling 264 (Robert 41-IN farmer, wife: Sarah A. 34-IN, sons: Daniel Mc. 10-IN, Robert E. 5-IN & Harvey L. 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Hollowell, Thomas(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 550: dwelling 155 (Thomas 35-IN farmer, wife: Malinda 28-IN, son: Wm. R. 10-IN, dau: Mary E. 9-IN, sons: S. L. 7-IN & Thomas H. 4-IN, dau: Rachel L. 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Hollowell, William(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Madison twp: page 437: dwelling 334 (William 37-IN farmer, wife: Emily 36-IN, dau: Sarah 15-IN, son: Benjamin F. 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Holt: Elizabeth S. Casebier(6) m: Allen Holt [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Nodaway: page 14: dwelling 97 (Allen 38-NC, 2nd wife: H.E. 29-NC, [by first wife, Elizabeth] sons: John J. 17-MO & Lewis A. 16-MO, dau: Louisa C. 14-MO, [by 2nd wife] daus: Susan A. 8-MO & Henrietta A. 6-MO, sona: Isaac S. 3-MO & William C. 1/12-MO, [assumed step children] Mary J. 14-MO & Jerusha Yates 10-MO) [MO: 1850]
Holton: Elvira Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas M. Holton, Jr. [ARTHUR3] > OH: Henry Co: Middletown : page 364: dwelling 1979 (Thomas 54-VA dry goods merchant, wife: Alvinah 42-OH, son: Isaac 20-OH clerk, dau: Catharine 17-OH) [OH: 1850]
Hoobler: Elizabeth Lowe(5) m: Jeramiah Hoobler, widower of [THOMAS3] > IL: Livingston Co: Newtown twp: page 728: dwelling 254 (Jeramiah 38-PA, 2nd wife: Mary 36-KY, [by 1st wife Elizabeth] son: Elijah 10-IL, [by Mary] Mary C 4-IL, Emma J 1-9/12-IL & Eber L 9 mos-IL) [IL: 1850]
Hoover: Mary C. Ashbrook(5) m: Malhon M. Hoover [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 339: dwelling 647 (Mahlon 55-OH farmer, wife: Mary C. 48-OH, sons: Newton 25-OH, Elom C. 21-OH, Truman P. 19-OH & Byron G. 17-OH, daus: Cordelia A. 15-OH, Mary 12-OH & Sylvia H. 7-OH) [OH: 1850]
Hopkins: Martha Ann Stalnaker(7) m: Robert Hopkins [WILLIAM3] > WV: Jackson Co: Frozen Camp PO: page 517: dwelling 500 (Ro 38-VA farmer, wife: Martha A 26-VA, daus: Melissa J 8-VA & Minerva S 6-VA, sons: M.A. 4-VA & Jno L 2-VA, dau: M. S 3/12-VA dau) [WV: 1850 root family]
Hopkins: Sarah J. Chenoweth(6) m: William Hopkins [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Leroy PO: page 635: dwelling 642 (William 32-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 34-VA)
Horn: Sinah Burson(5) m: Thaddeus McFarland Horn [JAMES CARTER3] > IN: Cass Co: Bethlehem twp: page 883: dwelling 1039 (Thaddeus M. 32-PA farmer, wife: Sinah 31-PA, sons: Levi B. 9-IN & George 7-IN, Sarah E. 5-IN, Lucia L. 3-IN & Mary E. 1-IN)
Houseworth: Mary E. 'Molly' Curtis(6) m: John W. Houseworth [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Martinsburg PO: page 683: dwelling 348 (John W. 30-VA ticketagent, wife: Mary E 22-VA, sons: William 4-VA & Charles 5/12-VA, Mary Daily 55-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Houston: Cindrallia Simmons(7) m: Silas E. Houston [WILLIAM3] > MO: Gentry Co: 63rd twp: page 804: dwelling 1052 (Silas E. 36-IA - miller, wife: Cincica 30-IA, son: Edward 11-MO, daughter: Elizabeth 10-MO, son: Henry 8-MO, daughter: Mary 6-MO, son: Jonathan 2-MO, daughter: Nancy 7/12-MO) [MO: 1850]
Howard: Nancy C. Chenoweth(7) m: Joseph Howard [WILLIAM3] > MO: Johnson Co: Jackson twp: page 807: dwelling 560 (Joseph Howard 19-MO farm hand wife: Nancy 17-MO, bro-in-law: Samuel 10-MO) [living in same dwelling as William Chenoweth] [MO: 1850 root family]
Hubbard: Amanda M. Chenoweth(6) m: William Hubbard [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Jackson twp: page 438: dwelling 1062 (William 28-IN farmer, wife: Amanda 31-OH, son: Alfred 9-IN, daus: Sarah 7-IN & Martha 5-IN, son: William 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Huffman: Margaret Powders(6) m: John Huffman [RICHARD3] > IA: Wapello Co: Green twp: page 144: dwelling 1020 (John W 26-IN daylaborer, wife: Margaret 24-IN, son: Solomon 2-IA & dau: Sarah E 1-IA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Huffman: Sarah Findley(5) m: 2nd: William Huffman [RICHARD3] > IA: Wapello Co: Green twp: page 163: dwelling 1153 (William 49-NC farm laborer, wife: Sarah 47-OH, daus: Melissa 13-IN, Mary 10-IN, Christena 9-IN & Sarah J. 6-IA, son: William R. 2-IA) [IN: 1850]
Hughes: Amanda Chenoweth(6) m: William Hughes [JOHN3] > TN: Washington Co: Buffalo Ridge district: page 54: dwelling 403 (William 40-TN, wife: Amanda 26-TN, son: James 12-TN, dau: Elizabeth 8-TN) [TN: 1850]
Humphrey: Charlotte Carter Weir(6) m: Daniel F. Humphrey [JAMES CARTER3] > IA: Lee Co: Keokuk, 3rd ward: page 108: dwelling 730 (Daniel 35-NH auctioneer, 2nd wife: Harriet 39-CT, [by first wife] daus: Ida 7-MO & Elizabeth C 5-MO, [by Harriet] dau: Alice C 6/12-IA, Victoria Robinson 18-OH servant) [PA: 1850 root family]
Hunter: Deliah Chenoweth(5) m: John S. Hunter [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Highland twp: page 38: dwelling 143 (John S. 39-OH carpenter, wife: Delila 37-OH, sons: William 17-OH farm laborer, Levi 15-OH & Chas 13-OH, daus: Mary 11-OH & Amanda 9-OH, son: Jacob M. 6-OH, dau: Ida E. 4-OH, son: Walter V. 8/12-OH) [OH: 1850]
Hyatt: Eleanor Baldwin(5) m: A.H. Hyatt [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 54: dwelling 749 (Elenor Z. 38-VA boarding house, son: Benjamin 20-OH clerk, dau: Elmira L. 17-OH, others:: Sarah J. Maiam 22-OH, James R. Maleey 23-Canada) [OH: 1850]
Hyatt: Harriet R. King(5) m: Alpheus Hyatt [RUTH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 19th ward: page 204: dwelling 1320 (Alphius 66-MD merchant, wife: Harriet 45-MD, dau: Ida 15-MD, Lawrence Stern 50-MD, Fanny Sins 30-MD, Alice 5-MD, + 5 other people working all born Ireland) [MD: 1850]
Hyre: Mary Ann Chenoweth(7) m: Garrison D. Hyre [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 89: dwelling 640 (G.D. 28-VA farmer, wife: Mary A 23-VA, sons: Granville 5-VA & Abel 2-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Ingram: Amelia Tucker(5) m: Samuel Ingram [MARY3] > TX: Bastrop Co: Bastrop PO: page 287: dwelling 713/714 (Sam'l 52-TN, 2nd wife: Jane 50-OH, [by Amelia] sons: George 26-IL, Ruffner 21-IL, Harvey 18-IL, W.H. 15-IL & Wesson A 11-IL, [by 2nd wife] Michael 7-IL & Henry 2-TX, other; Susan Purcell 28-IN)
Inks: Mary "Polly" Rogers(5) m: Beecher Inks [JOHN3] > IN: Noble Co: Noble twp: page 81: dwelling 556 (Beecher 40-OH marble cutter, wife: Mary 40-IN, daus: Sarah 15-IN & Anna 11-IN, sons: Brice 10-IN & Franklin 8-IN, dau: Phila Delphine 4-IN, son: Beecher 2/12-IN, farm hand: Joseph 23-IN)
Irwin: Elmira Rice(5) m: John R. Irwin [WILLIAM3] > IN: Union Co: Union twp: page 370: dwelling 1173 (John R. 38-PA farmer, wife: Elmira 36-OH, daus: Mary E. 18-OH & Dorcas 14-IN, sons: John W. 12-IN & Oliver P. 10-IN, daus: Elmira 7-IN, Frances E. 4-IN & Georgiana 1-IN) [OH: 1850]
Jaques: Mary 'Polly' Chenoweth(6) m: William Hudson Jaques [WILLIAM3] > MO: Sullivan Co: Bairdstown and West Locust PO: page 703: dwelling 533 (William H. 44-NY farmer, wife: Polly 35-KY, married daughter: Mariah 20-IL cook, daus: Hester 15-IL & Agnes 11-IL, son: Thomas 5-IL, dau: Lydia 3-MO & Miles 1-MO, son-in-law: Denis Adams 25-MA farm hand, Lydia A Reeves 29-IL domestic, William Prichart 32-AR farm hand, grandson: Charles W. Adams 8mos-MO) [Mariah should be listed as an Adams] [IL: 1850]
Jean: Sarah L. 'Sallie' Seaton(5) m: John Ward Jean & Sarah Drake widow of George Seaton(4) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 993: dwelling 337 (John W. 39-KY saddler, wife: Sarah 32-KY, sons: George 12-KY, Jesse S 8-KY & Myers S 6-KY, daus: Alice M 4-KY & Lucretia 2-KY, mother-in-law: Sarah Seaton 77-PA) [KY: 1850]
Jefferis: Louisa Chenoweth(6) m: Milton Moore Jefferis [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: German twp: page 99: dwelling 1362 (Milton 29-OH farmer, wife: Lousa 25-OH, son: Franklin 4-OH, dau: Victoria 2-OH, James McCabell 18-?) [OH: 1850 root family]
Jeffries: Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: Howell Lewis Jeffries [WILLIAM3] > AR: Columbia Co: town of Magnolia: page 249: dwelling 222 (Howell 28-VA grocer, wife: Elizabeth Jeffries 17-TX) [taken June 15th, Elizabeth is found a month later under her maiden name in Texas] [TX: 1850 root family]
Jenkins: Calista Chenoweth(7) m: Hiram Jenkins [WILLIAM3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 20: page 784: dwelling 1214 (Hiram 33-OH, wife: Calistia 20-IN, dau: Florella 6/12-MO) [IL: 1850 root family]
Jennings, Absolum C.(5) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Champaign Co: Salem twp: page 49: dwelling 127 (A. C. 44-OH model farmer, wife: Julia A. Jennings 36-VA + 7 other people - workers)
Jennings, Edward(5) [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Mill Creek twp: page 162: dwelling 687 (Edward 48-VA wholesale grocer, wife: Anna M 34-OH, dau: Columbia 16-OH, sons: Edward 15-OH & Absolom 12-OH, dau: Anna 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Jennings: Jane Chenoweth(4) widow of George Jennings [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Champaign Co: Urbana twp: page 110: dwelling 233 ([widow] Jane Jennings 69-VA, dau: Nan C. 38-OH, sister: Nancy Chineworth 66-VA [spinster]) [OH: 1850]
Jessop: Ellen Ashton(5) m: George W. Jessop [HANNAH3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 8th district: page 397: dwelling 2540 (George W. 56-MD farmer, wife: Ellen 34-MD, [by 1st wife: Elizabeth Ashton, Ellen's sister] daus: Josephine 19-MD, Georgeanna 17-MD, Harriet 15-MD, son: George 13-MD, daus: Ellen 11-MD, Kate 9-MD, [by Ellen] Elizabeth 2-MD, son: Charles 9/12-MD) [MD: 1850 root family]
Jett: Hannah Martindale(6) m: William Jett [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Clary twp: page 386: dwelling 727 (Hannah 35-IN, dau: Barbara 15-IN, son: Wesley D. 10-IN, daus: Amanda E. 8-IN & Clarinda 6-IN, son: William M. 3-IN, dau: Leona E. 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Jett, Matilda(7) [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Richland twp: page 158: dwelling 165 (Matilda 18-IN housework working for Amos Murphy 48-OH farmer & wife: Hannah 41-IN & children) [IN: 1850 root family]
Johnson: Ellen J. Wright(6) m: George Johnson [RICHARD3] > IA: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 465: dwelling 3579 (Geo 31-IA farmer, wife: Ellen 26-IA, son: John 4-IA, dau: Ninna 2-IA, Samuel Johnson 18-IA laborer, Sarah Johnson 20-IA, N. T. Shane 25-OH laborer) [IA: 1850 root family]
Johnson: Julia Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel B. Johnson [JOHN3] > MO: Gentry Co: twp 63: page 138: dwelling 905 (Samuel 48-NJ farmer, wife: Julie 46-VA, dau: Sarah 15-OH, sons: Nelson 13-OH, John 11-OH & Gabrial 8-OH, daus: Martha 7-IA & Anker 3-IA) [OH: 1850]
Johnson: Mary Davidson Kerr(5) m: Eliff Johnson [ELIJAH3] > IA: Fayette Co: Dover twp: page 51: dwelling 372 (Eliph 40-Norway farmer, wife: Polly 40-OH, sons: John T. 8-IA, Lewis F. 5-IA & Henry 1-IA) [IA: 1850 root family]
Johnson: Mary Elizabeth Seaton(6) m: Jesse Brooks Johnson [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 788: dwelling 232 (J. 24-IN merchant, wife: Mary 21-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Johnson: Susan F. Brown(6) m: Robert Johnson [JOHN3] > IL: Whiteside Co: Hopkins twp: page 806: dwelling 1307 (Robt 38-PA farmer, wife: Susan 31-OH, daus: Alice 7-OH & Sarah 5-IL, son: Monroe 3-IL, dau: Julia 1-IL, Augustus Steam 23-GER farmer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Johnston: Emeline Bane(6) m: Columbus Johnston [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Franklin twp: page 433: dwelling 1446 (Columbus 28-PA farmer, wife: Emeline 24-PA, son: Nathan 2-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Johnston: Mary Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: Thomas Jefferson Johnston [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Newburgh twp: page 342: dwelling 124 (Thomas 38-IL farmer, wife: M. L. 23-IL, son: Joseph 1-IL [indexed as Johnson]) [IL: 1850 root family]
Jonas: Margaret 'Margery' Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Jonas [JOHN3] > IA: Jackson Co: Tete des Morts twp: page 52: dwelling 359 (Samuel 60-MD farmer, wife: Margarett 48-VA, daus: Harriett 20-IA & Elizabeth 17-IA, married dau: Lucy A. Cheeny 25-OH, grandchildren: Samuel Cheeny 7-WI, Susan 5-IA & Abbie 3-IA, probable step-dau of Lucy�s: Hannah Cheeny 12-IA) [IA: 1850]
Jones, Ellis Downing(6) [MARY3] > IL: Adams Co: Honey Creek twp: page 1059: dwelling 3656 (E.D. 38-OH school teacher, wife: Elizabeth 30-OH, son: William 6-OH, dau: Josephine 3-IL)
Jones: Lucy Ann Callaway(5) m: Willis A. Jones [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Lee Co: Starkville PO: page 678: dwelling 45 (Willis A. 29-GA planter, wife: Lucy A. 29-GA, son: John P. 8-GA, other: L.A. Williams 25-GA) [GA: 1850 root family]
Jones: Mary Carter(6) m: John Jones [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 19: dwelling 24 (John 45-PA farmer, wife: Mary 37-PA, sons: Samuel 10-PA & Isaac 8-PA, daus: Nancy 5-PA & Percilla 4-PA, son: Simeon 2-PA) [PA: 1850]
Jones: Rebecca Ann McKee(6) m: William F.Jones [JOHN3] > KY: Spencer Co: district 2: page 28: dwelling 193 (William T 35-KY wagonmaker, wife: Rebecca 26-KY, son: James 9-KY, daus: Mary J 6-KY & Harriet 3-KY, son: George 3/12-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Jones: Timothy Ellis(6) m: Hannah Utter widow of [MARY3] > OH: Clermont Co: Washington twp: page 477: dwelling 782 (Hannah 45-OH domestic duties, sons: Doughty 17-OH farm laborer & Wm H 15-OH farm laborer, daus: Margaret 12-OH, Sarah 8-OH & Nancy L 7-OH)
Joy: Eliza Gordon(5) m: Henry Joy [ISAAC3] > KS: Douglas Co: Eudora twp: page 163: dwelling 1284 (Henry 45-OH farmer, wife: Eliza 43-OH, sons: Enrich 22-OH farmer & James 16-OH, dau: Grace 15-OH, sons: Robt 12-OH & Thos 10-OH, unknown: Geo 24-OH farmer) [no surname given] [OH: 1850]
Joy: Grace Gordon(5) m: Alfred Joy [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Washington twp: page 18: dwelling 243 (Alfred 43-MD farm, wife: Grace 49-PA, Lucinda Chilcote 23- serving) [OH: 1850]
Kagy, Aaron Albert(6) [MARY3] > IL: Effingham Co: town of Mason: page 946: dwelling 10 (Aaron A. 34-OH grocer, wife: Mary 30-VA, daus: Fedelia A 10-OH, Clara F 8-OH, Mary E 6-OH & Lois E 3-MD, son: John W 2/12-IL) [OH: 1850]
Kagy: Francinah 'Fanny' Ashbrook(5) m: Lewis B. Kagy [MARY3] > IL: La Salle Co: Manlius twp: page 237: dwelling 1709 (Lewis 63-VA farmer, wife: Francinah 51-VA, widowed dau: Rebecca Walters 24-OH, grandson: L. Douglas 2-OH, William Keith 16-IRE farm labor [recorded as Caggy]) [OH: 1850]
Kellerman: Iva 'Ivy' Ashbrook(5) m: Daniel Kemberling Kellerman [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Amanda twp: page 378: dwelling 132 (Daniel Kellerman 39-PA farmer, wife: Iva 33-OH, son: H.C. 13-OH, dau: D.P. 11-OH, sons: W.A. 10-OH, E.B. 8-OH, F.M. 7-OH & R. C. 4-OH, daus: L.A. 3-OH, son: Charley 1-OH male) [OH: 1850]
Kelley: Caroline Chenoweth(6) m: James Kelley [ARTHUR3] > IN: Randolph Co: Greensfork twp: page 794: dwelling 757 (James 46-MD farmer, wife: Caroline 36-MD, son: John 18-IN, dau: Mary E. 16-IN, sons: William E. 11-IN & Clifton M. 5-IN, farm laborer: Tarlton Nichols 16-IN) [IN: 1850]
Kelley, Jasper(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Barbour Co: Phillipi PO: page 74: dwelling 520 (Jasper Kelly 23-VA tenant, wife: Deborah 18-VA & dau: Elizabeth A. Moore 2-VA) [It appaers to be a mistake that Elizabeth is listed as a Moore, her mother's maiden name. Jasper Kellley and Deborah Moore were married 9 months prior to Elizabeth's birth] [WV: 1850 root family]
Kelly: Jane Seaton(6) m: Joseph Kelly [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Gilmer twp : page 649: dwelling 879 (widow: Mrs. Jane 32-KY, dau: Elizabeth 15-KY, son: Samuel H. 12-IL, dau: Sarah 11-IL, sons: Charles 9-IL & George 7-IL, dau: Joan 5-IL) [IL: 1850]
Kelsey: Margaret Carter(6) m: Albert Kelsey [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 30: dwelling 100 (Albert 26-PA farmer, wife:Margaret 25-PA, daus: Mary 3-PA & Flora 7/12-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Kelso: Melissa Ashbrook(6) m: Levi Baker Kelso [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Harrison twp: page 118: dwelling 543 (L.B. 28-OH grocery keeper, wife: Malissa 23-OH, sons: Malan 3-OH & Evan 1/12-OH [indexed as Kelsoe]) [OH: 1850 root family]
Kendrick: Nancy Ann Rose(6) m: Allen Kendrick [RACHEL3] > TN: Hardin Co: district 10: page 361: dwelling 1005 (Nancy H. 39-KY - farming, sons: Mansel 14-KY, Allen R. 10-MS, Carrol 8-TN, dau: Pauline 6-TN) [TN: 1850]
Kerney: Aurelia 'Emily' Chenoweth(5) m: John T. Kerney [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Martinsburg PO: page 828: dwelling 537 (John S. 58-VA farmer, wife: Amelia 51-VA, sons: Robert S. 31-VA farmer & John 23-VA farmer, daus: Emily S. 19-VA seamstress, Mary F. 16-VA seamstress, Eliza V. 12-VA, & Nancy L. 11-VA [indexed as Keaveney] [WV: 1850]
Kerr, Lewis(5) [ELIJAH3] > IA: Fayette Co: Dover twp: page 57: dwelling 425 (Lewis 49-OH miller, wife: Jane E. 40-OH, dau: Matilda 18-IL, son: John F. 16-WI, dau: Rebecca 11-WI, son: Lewis 2/12-IA) [IA: 1850]
Kerr: Ruth Chenoweth(5) m: John Kerr [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Union twp: page 490: dwelling 63 (Jno Kerr 60-PA farmer, wife: Ruth 43-PA Miliss Harah 13-PA, mother-in-law Ellen 81-PA) [this is Elnora Holmes, apparently living with her daughter Ruth. Ruth is said to have married and had no children. In 1850 John is a preacher age 46 and Sarah is 43 matching her DOB. This entry appears to be 10 years off, but indicates who Ruth married] [PA: 1850]
Ketchum: Lydia Chenoweth(5) m: John Holmes Ketchum [JOHN3] > IA: Wapello Co: Keokuk twp: page 176: dwelling 1243 (Lydia 40-OH, sons: James N. 23-OH, Jacob 22-OH & William 20-OH, daughter: Sarah 16-IN, son: John 12-IA) [IA: 1850]
Kile: Mary M. Chenoweth(6) m: John D. Kile [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 467: dwelling 86 (John 41-OH farmer, Mary 30-IN, daus: B. 13-IL, Malinda 7-IL & S.L. 1-IL) [IL: 1850]
Kilgore: Assinith Williams(5) m: James D. Kilgore [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 302: dwelling 113 (James L. 38-OH farmer, wife: Angline 26-OH, sons: Josep 14-IN & Albert 13-IN, daus: Emerler 11-IN, Emeline 6-IL & Hanah 4-IL, farm laborer: James Packer 16-IN) [IN: 1850]
Kinnear: Katurrah Chenoweth(5) m: Robert Kinnear [RICHARD3] > IA: Decatur Co: Leon: page 135: dwelling 1019 (Robert 64-VA justice of the peace, wife: Keturah 62-KY, son: Thomas 23-IN cabinet maker, unknown: Belle Kelso 32-IN, Martha Roland 19-KY) [IN: 1850]
Kirkpatrick: Susan Victoria Jewell(6) m: Robert Gilmore Kirkpatrick [RACHEL3] > KY: Hickman Co: Clinton district: page 93: dwelling 64i (R G 20-VA farmer, wife: Susan V 21-KY)
Kittle: Terza Stalnaker(6) m: Cyrus Kittle [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Roaring Creek PO : page 75: dwelling 528 (Cyrus Kittle 40-VA farmer, wife: Terza 36-VA, sons: Levi S 14-VA, George M 12-VA, Creed 10-VA, Amasa 8-VA & Emmet 6-VA, dau: Mary L 4-VA, son: Vernon W 9/12-VA) [WV: 1850]
Klepfer: Louisa Fee(7) m: Omri D. Klepfer [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Lawrence twp: page 199: dwelling 258 (Omri 25-PA carpenter, wife: Louisa 17-OH, son: George W 1-IN, Eliza Kinny 7-IN) [OH: 1850 root family]
Knapp: Sophia Neale(6) m: Frederick H. Knapp, Jr. [ARTHUR3] > LA: Orleans Co: New Orleans, 3rd ward: page 210: dwelling 1156 (F. H., Jr 46-NY dentist, wife: Sophia 38-MD, son: F H. 14-MD) [this line is in question] "
Koscialowski: Mary Ann D. ""Polly"" Chenoweth(5) m: Napoleon Koscialowski [JOHN3] > IL: Morgan Co: Jacksonville twp: page 369: dwelling 317 ([widow] Mary 39-KY teacher, daus: Sophia 16-MO, Mary 11-IL & Priscilla 9-IL [Priscilla s/b Philip Leon]) "
Kraner: Ellen Ashbrook(6) m: Emanuel Kraner [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 132: dwelling 1821 (Emanuel Kraner, 34-OH farmer, wife: Eleanor 32-OH, son: A.F. 14-OH, dau: Ann M 12-OH, son: David F 6-OH, dau: Levina H 3-OH, Henry Shank 30-GER farm hand) [OH: 1850]
Kyle: Rebecca M. Fox(6) widow of Thomas E. Kyle [MARY3] > OH: Miami Co: Troy twp: page 353: dwelling 279 (Rebecca 45-OH, daus: Sarah 22-OH teacher & Hannah 18-OH teacher, son: John 10-OH, twins: Mary 5-OH & Maggie 5-OH, Mary Slade 17-OH) [OH: 1850]
Laizure: Ann Chenoweth(5) m: William B. Laizure [ARTHUR3] > OH: Tuscarawas Co: Uhrichsville: page 241: dwelling 2 (William B. 59-PA - shoemaker, wife: Anne 44-PA, sons: Franklin W. 15-OH, John W. 13-OH, dau: Mary L. 8-OH) [indexed as Layniel] [OH: 1850]
Lamb: Susannah Chenoweth(5) m: Jonathan Mason Lamb [ABRAHAM3] > IA: Cass Co: Pymosa twp: page 22: dwelling 198 (Jonathan M. 29-VA farmer, wife: Susan 28-OH, son: John W. 6-OH)
Lamon, George Washington(6) [ABSOLOM3] > TX: Burnet Co: Burnet PO: page 165: dwelling 170 (George W Lamon 41-VA farmer, wife: Ruth 27-IL, son: James 8-TX, dau: Lucy K 6-TX & Nancy E 3-TX, son: John W 1-TX)
Lamon, James Chenoweth(6) [ABSOLOM3] > CA: Mariposa Co: Agua Fria PO: page 604: dwelling 632 (John Lamon 32-NORWAY miner) [this entry, despite the discrepancies, appears to be James Lamon who was known to be a continuous resident of Yosemite area from 1849, a recluse miner] [CA: 1850]
Lamon, John E.(6) [ABSOLOM3] > TX: Victoria Co: Victoria PO: page 74: dwelling 333 (J.E. 34-VA farming, wife: Mary E 21-TX, daus: Lucy L 4-TX &: R.A. 1-IL [Ruth is listed as a male]) [indexed as Lemons]
Lamon, Joseph Brown(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 579: dwelling 183 (widow: Melissa 28-IL, stepchildren: Edward 17-IL & Virginia 15-IL, daus: Mary 9-IL & Laura 8-IL) [IL: 1850]
Lamon, Theodore(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 558: dwelling 43 (Theodore 47-VA physician, wife: Lavinia E. 32-KY, sons: Albert T. 10-IL, Charles V. 6-IL & Edward B. 3-IL, dau: Laura D. 1-IL) [IL: 1850]
Lamott: Lucinda Adams(6) m: Jackson Lamott [ARTHUR3] > IL: Lawrence Co: Christy: page 126: dwelling 877 (Jackson 33-IL hotel keeper, 2nd wife: Lucinda 25-IL, [apparent children by 1st marriage] sons: Charlton 5-IL, Elliott 3-IL, dau: Clara 9/12-IL, sister-in-law: Mary Adams 21-IL, unknown: John Caldwell 24-OH - teamster) [indexed as Laurett]
Lance: Nancy Cheatam Wees(7) m: James Lance [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Walton PO: page 600: dwelling 398 (James 26-VA farmer, wife: Nancy 24-VA, sons: Marcellus 4-VA & Granville F. 3-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Lane: Frances Crabtree(7) m: Jacob Lane [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 83: dwelling 1167 (Jacob 29-OH farmer, wife: Frances 28-OH, sons: Marion F. 4-OH & George M. 10/12-OH, niece Laura Tomlinson 10-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Lane: Rachael E. Wilson(6) m: Johnson H. Lane [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Trivoli twp: page 597: dwelling 1654 (Johnson 22-IL farmer, wife: Rachell 21-IL, son: Leander 1-IL) [indexed as Lain] [IL: 1850 root family]
Lane: Sarah Butler(6) m: Abner Lane [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 83: dwelling 1165 (Abner 45-OH farming, wife: Sarah 44-OH, daus: Mary F. 9-OH & Rachel A. 3-OH, son: William L. 2-OH, [children by 1st husband]: Palmer, George 18-OH farmer, Charity A. 15-OH) [OH: 1850]
LaRue: Mary Burdine(7) m: Samuel L. LaRue [WILLIAM3] > KY: LaRue Co: Hodgenville PO: page 128: dwelling 876 (Saml 31-KY farmer, wife: Mary 31-KY, daus: Elvira 8-KY & Frances 4-KY, son: Col 2-KY)
LaRue: Sarah Maria Burdine(7) m: James C. LaRue [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 164: dwelling 499 (James C 28-KY farmer, wife: Sarah M 28-KY, sons: William 6-KY & Benjamin 3-KY, probable sister: Sarah 18-KY)
Law: Eleanor Moore 'Ellen' Brown(6) m: Samuel Law [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Redding twp: page 364: dwelling 502 (Samuel 45-PA farmer, wife: Ellen M. 35-OH, sons: Wm F. 12-OH, Thomas J. 10-OH, daus: Emma L. 8-OH, Mary Ellen 6-OH, sons: James B. 6-OH, Andrew J. 4-OH) [OH: 1850]
Leach: Eliza Jane Joy(6) m: John Thomas Leach [ISAAC3] > OH: Hocking Co: Washington twp: page 4: dwelling 47 (John S. 26-OH farm, wife: Eliza Jane 22-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Leach: Isabella Chenoweth(5) m: John V. Leach [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp, Harrisburg: page 181: dwelling 422 (John 28-OH farmer, wife: Isabel 26-OH, dau: Margaret 8-OH, sons: Robert 6-OH & Lynus 4-OH)
Lemons: Nancy Ashbrook(6) m: Thomas T. Lemons [MARY3] > IL: Lawrence Co: Allison twp : page 21: dwelling 148 (Tomas 47-TN farmer, wife: Nancy 37-KY, son: George 18-IL, daus: Sarah 14-IL, Mary 11-IL, Amand 9-IL & Frances 7-IL, mother-in-law: Sarah Ashbrook 58-KY) [IL: 1850]
Lent: Hannah Wilson(5) m: Ludlow Lent [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 216: dwelling 298 (Ludlow 62-NY farming, wife: Hannah 62-VA, dau: Hannah 15-OH, son: John 14-OH) [OH: 1850]
Lent, James(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Liberty twp: page 187: dwelling 1147 (James 40-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 35-OH, dau: Nancy J. 16-OH & Martha E. 14-OH, son: William D 12-OH, dau: Mary A. 10-OH, son: Thomas T 7-OH, dau: Hannah 5-OH, son: John W. 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
Lent, William(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Monroe twp: page 451: dwelling 174 (William 25-OH farmer laborer, wife: Cynthia 19-OH, dau: F.C. 1/12-OH, son: John R 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Lentz: Melvina Trimble(6) m: Christian Lentz [WILLIAM CARTER3] > IA: Keokuk Co: Benton: page 196: dwelling 1394 (C. 34-Germany farmer, wife: Melvina 23-IL, daus: Anna M. 8-IA, Caroline 6-IA & Rachael 5-IA, son: William A. 2-IA, dau: Amy 3/12-IA)
Levi, Judas B.(5) [SARAH3] > OH: Adams Co: Monroe twp: page 91: dwelling 107 (Judas B. 47-KY farmer, wife: Mahala 43-OH, sons: Jno P. 19-OH & Walter S. 15-OH, dau: Mary E. 14-OH, sons: Alexander C. 12-OH & William W.S. 10-OH, daus: Mahala L. 8-OH & Eveline B. 6-OH, son: Charles B. 3-OH, mother: Hannah 71-OH) [OH: 1850]
Lewis, Cyrus(6) [SARAH3] > OH: Champaign Co: Urbana twp: page 141: dwelling 667 (Siah C. 40-OH laborer, wife: Ann 33-PA, son: James Edwin 13-OH, dau: Emma 12-OH, son: William 11-OH, dau: Mary A. 8-OH, sons: Albert 6-OH & John 4-OH, dau: Elizabeth 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Lewis, James W.(6) [MARY3] > WI: Bad Ax Co: town of Forest: page 219: dwelling 1104 (James 26-OH farm laborer, wife: Mary 24-OH, daus: Emarilla 5-OH & Medorah 3-WI) [OH: 1850 root family]
Lewis: Mary Ann Ashbrook(6) m: Richard Lewis [MARY3] > IL: Lawrence Co: Allison twp : page 17: dwelling 119 (Richard 26-NC farmer, wife: Mary 35-IL, daus: Harete 13-IL, Maria 10-IL, Sarah 7-IL & Lucinda 2-IL, Daniel Catterton 20-IL day laborer) [IL: 1850]
Liggett: Elizabeth Joy(6) m: Marshall Morgan Liggett [ISAAC3] > KS: Douglas Co: Eudora twp: page 163: dwelling 1285 (M Morgan 23-IN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 20-OH, son: Wm H 8/12-KS ) [no surname given] [OH: 1850 root family]
Lilley: Amanda Catherine Brooks(7) m: Mitchell C. Lilley [JOHN3] > OH: Franklin Co: Montgomery : page 349: dwelling 969 (Mitchel C 40-VA bookbinder, wife: Amanda C 28-IL, dau: Eleanor C 8-OH, son: Thomas M 6-OH, dau: Kate May 6/12-OH, Eleanor W. Campbell 76-VA, Philip Miller 20-OH farmer, wife: Annie 17-OH) [IL: 1850 root family]
Liston: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Jesse Liston [ARTHUR3] > IA: Warren Co: Greenfield twp: page 134: dwelling 955 (Jesse 40-OH merchant, wife: Rebecca 39-OH, dau: Clarinda 14-OH, son: Wm A. 9-OH) [IA: 1850]
Lockridge: Elizabeth Jane Simmons(7) m: William Lockridge [WILLIAM3] > IA: Warren Co: Jefferson twp: page 151: dwelling 1074 (William 27-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 22-IA, son: Leander 3-1A) [IA: 1850 root family]
Louthan: Lucy Ann Carter(5) m: John K. Louthan [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Clarke Co: Berryville PO: page 680: dwelling 607 (John K. 31-VA farmer, wife: Lucy A. 30-VA, daus: Georgeanna 6-VA & Josephine 4-VA, son: John C. 1-VA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Louthan: Sarah Chenoweth(4) m: (1) John Haines (2) John Louthan [ELIJAH3] > IL: Coles Co: South Okaw twp: page 175: dwelling 1190 (John 69-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah 55-KY [s/b 65], children by 1st wife: Isaac 21-OH & Ann E 24-OH, farm laborers: John M Bruna 30-IN & Jas W Bruna 20-IN) [indexed as Southam] [IL: 1850]
Lowe, Benjamin C.(5) [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 75: dwelling 157 (Benjamin C. 45-OH - farmer, 2nd wife: Rachel 34-IN, [step-children?] David 14-IN Talbert, Sarah R. 11-IN, Mary E. 10-IN, [1st marriage children] Catharine 14-IN & Franklin 11-IN, [2nd marriage children] John J. 4-IN & Elizabeth 2-IN, laborers: Benjamin R. Marks 21-IN, Irvin C. Dennis 18-IN) [IN: 1850]
Lowe, Joseph C.(5) [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 63: dwelling 70 (Joseph C. 34-OH farmer, wife: Matilda C. 33-VA, son: Albert 6-IN, dau: Jency A. 4-IN, son: Herskin 2-IN, other: Mary A. White 11-IN)
Lowe: Rachel Chenoweth(4) m: Elijah Lowe [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Highland twp: page 80: dwelling 190 (Rachel 66-KY farmer, grandson: Elijah 18-IN, others: Jane 15-IN Persons, Mahala Wlmoth 18-IN domestic, Thomas Dukes 25-MD - laborer) [IN: 1850]
Lucas: Abigail Hollenback(5) m: Samuel Lucas [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Lauramie twp: page 377: dwelling 146 (Same�l 32-PA farmer, wife: Abigal 33-OH, son: Richard 9-IN, dau: Melisa 5-IN, son: Ira 5/12-IN, unknown relative: Albert Lucas 21-OH day laborer) [IN: 1850]
Luellen: Mary Ann Condit(6) m: Jonathan Luellen [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 50: dwelling 247 (Jonathan 32-PA farmer, wife: Mary 30-PA, dau: Sarah 7-PA, son: Samuel 4-PA, unknown: Simon 12-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Lyle: Jane Chenoweth(5) m: Joseph Lyle [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 100: dwelling 335 (Joseph 47-OH farmer, wife: Jane 44-OH, daus: Jennetta 7-OH & Ann 2-OH, Etta 8-OH) [Etta appears to be a duplication of Jenetta, Jenetta died shortly after this Census. Etta is not in the 1870 Census either] [OH: 1850 root family]
Lytle: Elinor H. 'Ellen' Tredway(6) m: Thomas Lytle [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 10th district: page 160: dwelling 1151 (Thomas 31-MD farmer, wife: Ellen 29-MD, son: William 5-MD, dau: Mary 3-MD, other: John Climper 12-MD, unknown relation: John Sytle 33-MS farm laborer) [indexed as Sytle] [MD: 1850 root family]
MacKey: Ann Morgan(5) m: Rush MacKey [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: town of Bruce: page 615: dwelling 5360 (Rush 43-PA farmer, wife: Ann 36-PA, sons: Burton 17-IL, Norville 14-IL, William 8-IL, Howard 5-IL & Rush 3-IL, nephew: Foster Morgan 21-IL) [IL: 1850]
MacKey: Sarah Ann Morgan(5) widow of Samuel MacKey [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: town of Bruce: page 614: dwelling 5351 (widow: Sarah Mackey 46-PA, sons: George 16-IL & Jabez 14-IL, dau: Agnes 8-IL) [IL: 1850]
MacKey, Stephen M.(6) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: town of Bruce: page 614: dwelling 5350 (Stephan 23-IL farmer, wife: Emily 22-OH, son: Jason 2-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Madden: Amanda Carter(5) m: Zephaniah Madden [JOHN3] > IL: DeWitt Co: Clinton twp: page 578: dwelling 525 (Zepheniah H. 41-KY doctor, 2nd wife: Angeline 37-VA, [by 1st wife: Amanda Carter] daus: America R. 17-IL & Amanda 15-IL [by 2nd wife] dau: Laura C. 8-IL, son: Erik 1-IL) [IL: 1850]
Maddox: Sarah Jane Frederick(6) m: George Washington Maddox [RACHEL3] > IN: Pulaski Co: White Post twp: page 1042: dwelling 729 (William H. 46-KY farmer , wife: Malinda 45-KY, daus: Nancy E. 8-IN & Martha O. 5-IN, son: George W. 25-KY farming, dau-in-law: Sarah J. 23-IN, grandson: William M. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Magee: Hannah Chneoweth(5) m: Benjamin F. Magee [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Shelby twp: page 625: dwelling 109 (B.F. 25-IN farmer, wife: Hannah 25-OH, dau: Luonia 2-IN)
Mahana: Rebecca B. Callen(6) m: James S. Mahana [JOHN3] > OH: Belmont Co: Barnsville: page 333: dwelling 186 (J S 25-PA house painter, wife: Rebecca 22-VA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Maharg: Elizabeth Ann Levi(6) m: John Jackson Maharg [SARAH3] > OH: Adams Co: Tiffin twp: page 57: dwelling 808 (John 26-Ireland farmer, wife: Elizabeth 21-OH, sons: Francis A. 1-OH & James N. 3/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Major: Sarah Elizabeth Chenoweth(3) m: Jones Major [unknown: GEORGE] > PA: Lebanon Co: Lebanon Borough: page 372: dwelling 613 (Jonas 26-PA carpenter, wife: Sarah 25-MD, dau: Susanna 2-PA, son: Wilner 7/12-PA, mother-in-law: Sophia Chinworth 60-MD, bro-in-law: George 17-MD carpenter) [MD: 1850 root family]
Mallahan: Jane Downing(5) m: Charles Fountain Mallahan [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Union twp: page 151: dwelling 354 (Charles F. 48-OH farmer, wife: Jane L. 43-OH, daus: Susanna 12-OH & Sarah 8-OH, son: 7-OH, dau: Mary 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
Mallory: Melissa A. Granger(7) m: Calvin Mallory [MARY3] > IN: Hamilton Co: Wayne twp: page 131: dwelling 931 (Calvin 22-IN farmer, wife: Malisa 20-IN, son: Chester 6/12-IN, other: John Shey 10-NY) [IN: 1850 root family]
Malosh: Caroline Downing(6) m: John S. Malosh [MARY3] > WI: Bad Ax Co: town of Forest: page 220: dwelling 1107 (John 30-OH farmer, wife: Caroline 24-OH, son: Joshua 4-WI, dau: Ida 1-WI)
Marshall: Mary Tredway(5) m: Owen Marshall [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 163: dwelling 137 (Owen 50-VA farmer, wife: Mary 49-MD, sons: Crispin 22-OH farm labor & Owen 20-OH carpenter app., daus: Elizabeth 19-OH, Mary 16-OH & Nancy 14-OH, sons: Allen 11-OH & Erwin 6-OH) [OH: 1850]
Marshall, Thomas(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 315: dwelling 711 (Thos 24-OH farm laborer, wife: Susan 19-OH, dau: Clara T 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Martin: Cassandra Chenoweth(5) m: John Holmes Martin [THOMAS3] > OH: Darke Co: Greenville twp: page 129: dwelling 45 (John H. 49-OH farmer, wife: Casandra 36-OH, daus: Margaret 25-OH, Elizabeth 22-OH school teacher & Mary J. 18-OH school teacher, son: W.H. 15-OH, dau: Rachel A. 13-OH, sons: John F. 10-OH & James P. 7-OH, other: Margaret Murphy 81-PA) [OH: 1850]
Martin: Elizabeth Rachel Collison(6) m: Calvin J. Martin [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Pilot twp: page 909: dwelling 2458 (C.J. 25-IL - farmer, wife: Elizabeth 21-IL, dau: Mary A. 1-IL, unknown: Ralph 59-MD - farmer, Andrew Sunders 14-KY) [IL: 1850 root family]
Martin: Mary Rees(6) m: Abraham B. Martin [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IN: Carroll Co: Deer Creek twp: page 279: dwelling 825 (Abraham 25-PA farmer, wife: Mary 25-OH, son: Silas B. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Martin: Savira Bane(6) m: Milton B. Martin [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Center twp: page 291: dwelling 824 (Milton 27-PA farm laborer, wife: Sevina 29-PA, dau: Margaret E. 1-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Martindale: Barbara Chenoweth(5) m: Jesse Martindale [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Perry twp: page 196: dwelling 419 (Jessey 61-NC farmer, wife: Barbary 56-VA, son: George 21-IN schoolteacher, dau: Nancy 15-IN, granddau: E. J. Lett 11-IN [s/b Jett]) [IN: 1850]
Martindale, Benjamin Griffith(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Miami Co: Perry twp: page 196: dwelling 418 (Be G. 31-IN carpenter, wife: Margaret 30-OH, dau: Cristina S. 10-IN & Madara J. 8-IN, son: Amos M. 5-IN, daus: Mary C. 3-IA & Allis 8/12-IA) [IN: 1850]
Martindale, Martin Herbert(6) [JOHN3] > TX: Fayette Co: LaGrange PO: page 312: dwelling 822 (M H 39-IN farmer, wife: Polly 38-OH, dau: Catharine 12-IN, son: C.M. 10-IN, dau: C.B. 8-IN, sons: J.W. 6-IN & J.C. 4-TX, dau: L. M. 1-TX) [IN: 1850]
Martindale, William Chenoweth(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Wabash Co: Noble: page 190: dwelling 561 (William C. 29-IN farmer, wife: Hanna 31-IN, daughter: Gertrude M. 6-IN, son: Fremont B. 3-IN, daughter: Eliza J. 2-IN, son: Owen D. 2/12-IN)
Matthews: Rhuama Chenoweth(5) m: John Matthews [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: Prairie twp: page 550: dwelling 602 (John 52-PA farmer, wife: Buama 48-OH, sons: Isaac H. 18-IN & Ezekial 15-IN, daus: Nancy E. 9-IN & Emenlls 5-IN, sister-in-law: Lucinda Chineworth 21-IN, other: Terry Hanson 14-IN, Sarah Matthews 32-OH) [IN: 1850]
Mattox: Margaret D. Petro(7) m: D. Joshua Mattox [MARY3] > IN: Randolph Co: Nettle Creek twp: page 679: dwelling 1098 (Da J 24-IN farmer, wife: Margaret 18-IN, sons: Lenoard 1-IN & David E 0/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Mayfield: Adelaide Wilson(6) m: Francis Fresh Mayfield [RICHARD3] > IN: Jefferson Co: Lancaster twp: page 894: dwelling 1189 (F.F. 41-KY farmer, wife: Adalade 29-IN, son: Gifford E. 8-IN, daus: Victoria 6-IN, Eugenia 6-IN & Jasaphine 4-IN, son: Frances F. 2-IN, brothers-in-law: Norval 27-IN & R.A. 20-IN, unknown: Bridget 16-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
McAfee: Melissa Ashbrook(6) m: William McAfee [MARY3] > OH: Wyandot Co: Upper Sandusky: page 389: dwelling 528 (Wm 25-OH, wife: Malissa 24-OH, sons: Leonard 3-OH & James 2-OH, unk relations: William McAfee 24-OH, Jonathan McAfee 50-OH) [The sons: do not match family Ashbrook study names of Lewis and Rowe. The correct family structure is presently unknown] [OH: 1850 root family]
McBath: Eliza Jane Chenoweth(4) m: Russell McBath [RICHARD3] > TN: Knox Co: district 11: page 222: dwelling 10 (Russell 47-TN farmer, wife: Eliza J 36-TN, dau: Serilda E 17-TN, sons: Andrew M 15-TN farmer, James A 12-TN farmer & Robert H 12-TN [twins], dau: Coldonia E 8-TN, son: Bartly R 5-TN, dau: Carolina J. 2-TN) [TN: 1850]
McCain: Lydia H. Chenoweth(6) m: John W. McCain [RICHARD3] > IN: Johnson Co: Ninevah twp: page 647: dwelling 753 (John W. 28-IN farming, wife: Lydia 24-IN, son: Joseph W. 6-IN, daus: Dosha 4-IN & Ida 3-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
McCann: Caroline S. Shriver(5) m: James F. McCann [ARTHUR3] > IN: Morgan Co: Washington twp: page 902: dwelling 441 (J.F., 45 �OH minister, wife: C.S. 43-KY, sons: H.M. 15-OH & W.G. 9-OH & dau: F.A 6-IN [listed as male]) [OH: 1850]
McCarty, Peter W.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Union twp: page 25: dwelling 210 (Peter W. 34-OH farmer, dau: Rosetta 13-OH, sons: W.S. 8-OH & D.F. 1-OH, laborer: John Thompson 22-OH, Salley 19-OH) [OH: 1850]
McClain: Elizabeth Burson(5) m: David McClain [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Cumberland twp: page 335: dwelling 107 (David 37-PA farm laborer, wife: Elizabeth 38-PA, son: James 14-PA, dau: Margaret 13-PA, son: Abraham 12-PA, dau: Mary 10-PA, son: John 8-PA, daus: Ruth 7-PA & Hannah 3-PA, domestic: Horner, Mary 16-PA) [PA: 1850]
McClean: Jane Carter(6) m: Simon McClean [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Franklin twp: page 488: dwelling 767 (Simeon 43-PA farmer, wife: Jane 40-PA, son: John 18-PA, dau: Elizabeth 16-PA, son: William 13-PA, dau: Sarah 13-PA, son: Winfield S. 6-PA, dau: Mary 3-PA) [PA: 1850]
McClenathan: Mary Carter(5) m: Thomas McClenathan [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 620: dwelling 1050 (Thomas 43-PA - farmer, wife: Mary 39-PA, daus: Sarah Ellen 16-PA & Mary J. 10-PA) [PA: 1850]
McClenathan: Rachel Carter(5) m: John McClenathan [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 20: dwelling 34 (John 53-PA - farmer, wife: [s/b Rachel, misentered] Richard 48-PA, sons: Thomas 20-PA - laborer, John 8-PA & William 2-PA) [PA: 1850]
McConnell: Elizabeth Irwin(5) m: James L. McConnell [ARTHUR3] > IN: Boone Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 916: dwelling 847 (Jos S. 63-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 40-KY, daus: [by 1st wife] Elizabeth 28-OH, [by Elizabeth] Mary J. 15-IN, son: Alexander 12-IN, unknown: Alice Boyd 5-IN, Josephine Boyd 1-IN, Elizabeth Stephens 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
McCormick: Emily Morgan(5) m: John Wesley McCormick [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Farm Ridge twp: page 567: dwelling 4992 (John 45-PA farmer, wife: Emily 40-PA, dau: Charlotte 20-IL, sons: Charles18-IL farm laborer, Nelson 16-IL farm laborer & Ralph 14-IL, dau [as male]: Alefah 12-IL, sons: Zachanah 10-IL & Dow 5-IL) [IL: 1850]
McCormick: Mary Morgan(5) m: William McCormick [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Farm Ridge twp: page 567: dwelling 4993 (William 47-PA farmer, wife: Mary 48-PA, sons: Saunders 23-IL & Hampton 21-IL, dau: Sarah 20-IL, sons: Bruce 18-IL, Julius 16-IL & William 14-IL, dau: Annette 12-IL, son: Coss 11-IL, dau: Mary 9-IL, sons: Rees 6-IL, Wolf 6-IL & Morgan 4-IL) [IL: 1850]
McDonough: Sarah Fox(6) m: Redman McDonough [MARY3] > IL: McDonough Co: Macomb twp: page 144: dwelling 998 (Redman 46-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 43-OH, dau: Gemima 21-OH, son: John 15-OH, dau: Mary 12-IL, son: Charles 10-IL & Thomas 7-IL) [IL: 1850]
McDowell: Catherine Crissy Casebier(6) m: Nelson James McDowell [WILLIAM3] > MO: Dade Co: Greenfield twp: page 107: dwelling 707 (Nelson 59IL farmer, wife: Catherine C 53-KY, dau: Elizabeth 29-IL, sons: Lewis A 27-AR school teacher, Nelson B 21-MO farmer, John W 17-MO, Elijah W 14-MO twin & Thomas K 14-MO twin, dau: Martha L 10-MO, son-in-law: William H Brassington 23-NC house carpenter, dau & wife: Mary E 23-MO) [MO: 1850]
McDowell, William Greene(7) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Dade Co: Greenfield twp: page 108: dwelling 713 (William G 30-IL lawyer, wife: Mary J 27-TN, daus: Adia 2-MO & Maggie 3/12-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
McFarland: Nancy Carter(5) m: John McFarland [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Franklin twp: page 492: dwelling 796 (John 51-PA - farmer, wife: Mary 50-PA, dau: Joanah 15-PA, son: James 13-PA) [WV: 1850]
McGee: Sarah Margaret Baxter(6) m: Samuel McGee [ARTHUR3] > IL: McDonough Co: Blandinsville: page 236: dwelling 1697 (Samuel 35-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 31-OH, daus: Ida 4-OH & Emma 8/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
McGraw: Nancy Joanne Sutton(6) m: Francis McGraw [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 708: dwelling 1026 (Frank 24-IN no occ, wife: Nancy 23-IN, probable siblings: Harrison 16-IN & Darla 13-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
McIntosh: Mary Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Daniel McIntosh [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 549: dwelling 146 (Daniel 36-IN farmer, wife: Mary J. 35-IN, dau: Emily F. 15-IN, sons: George M. 13-IN, Joseph E. 11-IN, John W. 8-IN & William A. 6-IN, daus: Sarah F. 3-IN & Matilda 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
McKee: Rhoda Peters(5) m: Peter McKee [MARY3] > IN: Blackford Co: Washington twp: page 596: dwelling 408 (Peter 60-OH farmer, wife: Rhoda 56-VA, dau: Laura 12-IN, mother-in-law: Mary Peters 76-VA, Edmund Oliver 9-IN) [IN: 1850]
McKenny: Phebe Susan Tucker(6) m: Ephraim McKenny [MARY3] > IL: Knox Co: Maquon twp: page 731: dwelling 1191 (Ephraem 34-IL miller, wife: Phebe S 32-IL, son: Levi 6-IL, dau: Sarah J 3-IL, son: Ephraem 1-IL)
McKinley: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: David W. McKinley [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 184: dwelling 456 (David 41-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 34-OH dau: Sarah A. 15-OH, sons: William 13-OH, Joseph 11-OH & John 9-OH, dau: Margaret J. 7-OH, son: Jerry S. 3-OH, dau: Harriet 1-OH, 3 other farm laborers) [OH: 1850]
McKinney, Absolom Milton(6) [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Deerfield twp: page 7: dwelling 107 (Milton 30-OH farm renter, wife: Hellen 29-OH, son: William 11-OH, dau: Lucinda 10-OH, son: Joseph 9-OH)
McKinney: Angelina Thurman(6) m: William VanHook McKinney [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 354: dwelling 1024 (William V. 46-KY farmer, wife: Angeline 30-KY, [by first marriage] children: James 21-IN farmer, Nancy A. 18-IN, Angeline 15-IN, William 14-IN, John 11-IN, & Henry C. 9-IN, [by Angeline] daus: Jesse 2-IN & Elizabeth 1-IN, step-daus: Martha Low 8-IN & Jane 6-IN) [both William and Angeline had prior marriages]
McKinney: Lydia Ann Thurman(6) m: Asa McKinney [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 353: dwelling 1016 (Asa 21-IN farmer, wife: Lydia D. 20-IN, son: John G. 1-IN, separate family: Marcella Boyer 44-KY, Samuel J. 22-IN, Charles F. 19-IN school teacher, Lucinda 12-IN, Daniel M. 7-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
McNaughten: Maria P. Ashbrook(6) m: Noah McNaughten [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Richland twp: page 329: dwelling 557 (Noah 39-OH farmer, wife: Maria P 33-OH, sons: Allen 8-OH & David 4-OH, dau: Ann 1-OH, Mary Jane Cherry 18-OH, Edwin Landfrey 19-OH farm hand)
McNaughton: Deborah Ashbrook(5) m: David Y. McNaughton [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 231: dwelling 1424 (David Z. 44-OH farmer, wife: Deborah 62-OH [should be 42], son: Aaron 21-OH farmer, dau: Mary N. 18-OH, son: Jonas N. 14-OH, dau: Rebecca C. 12-OH, Rosealpha 3-OH) [OH: 1850]
McVicker: Elizabeth Davis(6) m: Alexander McVicker [ISAAC3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Linton twp: page 122: dwelling 704 (Alex 30-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 30-OH, daus: Margaret J 5-OH & Mary E 3-OH, son: David H 4.12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Meadows: Amelia E. Alsbury(6) m: Joel H. Meadows [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Barry twp: page 775: dwelling 309 (Josep 29-TN farmwork, wife: Amelia 27-IL, sons: Brice 10-IL, Charles 7-IL, James 5-IL & Joel 4-IL, dau: Mary 1-IL, son: George 3/12-IL) [indexed as Medaull] [IL: 1850]
Mechling: Celia Heaton(6) m: New Jacob Mechling [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 49: dwelling 314 (Jacob 47-PA farmer, wife: Selva 41-IN, dau: Catharine 20-IN, sons: Jonas 16-IN, Phineas 11-IN, Eli 9-IN & John M 6-IN, dau: Mary 4-IN & Irena 2-IN ) [Indexed as Meckling] [IN: 1850]
Mechling: Eliza Heaton(7) m: Solomon Mechling [MARY3] > MI: Cass Co: Jefferson twp: page 169: dwelling 1308 (Solomon 40-IN farm laborer, wife: Eliza 30-IN, dau: Mariette 7-MI, son: John 5-MI) [John listed as 5 years old. Could this be 5 months. The son John William is born December 28, 1859 and does not appear, nor does a 15 year old John appear in 1870, but a 10 year old John W.] [IN: 1850 root family]
Meddis: Apphia Ward Seaton(5) m: Matthew Meddis [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1, Louisville PO: page 926: dwelling 1365 (Mathew 56-KY farmer, wife: Aphia 40-KY, son: George 18-KY, dau: Adeline 14-KY, son: Edw�d 9-KY, dau: Ellen 12-KY, son: Curtis 6-KY)
Mellott: Elizabeth Smith(6) m: John Mellott [WILLIAM3] > IN: Wabash Co: Liberty twp: page 484: dwelling 257 (John 29-PA, wife: Elizabeth 27-OH, dau: Sarah A 7-OH, son: Charles S 5-OH, dau: Eliza E 4-OH, son: Elmore C 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Merchant: Mary Peters(5) m: Myron Merchant [MARY3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 65: dwelling 924 (Myron 62-NY agt for fruit nursery, wife: Mary 49-OH, son: Seymour W. Merchant 9-OH) [OH: 1850]
Meredith, Benjamin John(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Greene Co: Centre twp: page 671: dwelling 598 (Benjamin J. 42-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 36-PA, sons: Ambrose 10-OH, William 9-OH, Samuel 7-OH, John 4-IN & Frederic L. 6/12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Meredith, Charles A.(6) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 160: dwelling 197 (Charles 32-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 34-OH, dau: Nancy 9-OH, son: John A. 6-OH, dau: Hannah 1-OH, aunt(?): Elizabeth 83-PA, farm laborer: Henry Williams 17-OH � )
Meredith, Samuel(6) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Greene Co: Centre twp: page 671: dwelling 597 (Samuel 45-OH farming, wife: Margret 38-OH, daus: Rebecca 18-OH & Caroline 15-OH, sons: William W. 8-IN & John M. 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Meredith: Sarah Tredway(5) m: John Meredith [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bethlehem twp: page 288: dwelling 324 (John T. 49-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 43-MD, daus: Elizabeth Jane 18-OH & Margaret E. 16-OH, sons: Crispin T. 14-OH & Benjamin 12-OH, daus: Mary L. 10-OH & Hannah J. 8-OH, sons: John L. 5-OH & James L. 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Millar: Mary J. Chenoweth(5) m: Cornelius Elton Millar [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Scioto twp: page 364: dwelling 684 (C. 27-OH - farmer, wife: Mary 28-OH, son: Austin 1-OH, dau: Mary C. 5/12-OH, unknown: Drake, Margaret 18-PA - servant, Gibson, Calvin 25-OH � farm laborer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Miller, Henry Bowen(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: twp 9N 5W: page 415: dwelling 999 (Henry B. 31-OH - farmer, wife: Adaline 21-IL, son: Holtis 1-IL, living with family of Solomon Green 30-IN - farmer, wife: Lucinda 23-IN, dau: Benona 7/12-IL, unknown: Newton M. Ward 24-OH farmer, Martin Griffin 24-OH) [index as Milles] [IL: 1850 root family]
Miller, John(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: twp 9N 5W: page 415: dwelling 1003 (John 33-OH - farmer, wife: Ann M. 34-KY, dau: Henrietta B. 8-IL, son: William L. 2-IA) [IL: 1850]
Miller, Joseph(6) [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Gerardstown PO: page 901: dwelling 1591 (Joseph 28-VA farmer, wife: Adelaide 24-VA, niece?: Louisa Waite 11-VA [Joseph�s sister is said to have married a Waite, but Louise appears to be too old to be a child of Joseph�s sister unless Maary�s given age is in error � more research is needed]) [WV: 1850 root family]
Miller: Margaret Haycraft Chenoweth(6) m: James Bowman Miller [WILLIAM3] > MO: Lewis Co: La Grange PO: page 284: dwelling 928 (J. B. 41-KY brick mason, wife: Margaret H 33-KY, daus: Julia 8-MO, Belle 3-MO & Henrietta 1 6/12-MO) [IL: 1850]
Miller: Mary Patience Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Cromwell Miller [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Gerardstown PO: page 903: dwelling 1605 ([widow] Mary P 45-VA) [WV: 1850]
Miller: Mary Herring(7) m: Richard H. Miller [JOHN3] > MO: Buchanan Co: Tremont twp: page 231: dwelling 1548 (Richard 26-TN farmer, wife: Mary E 25-KY, dau: Mary F 4-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Miller: Mary 'Polly' Seaton(5) m: John T. Miller [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville, 2nd ward: page 432: dwelling 1244 (John 58-KY Carpenter, wife: Mary S. 49-KY, sons: Peter G. 23-KY clerk, Henry C. 18-KY medical student, Emory K. 15-KY & John S. 12-KY) [KY: 1850]
Miller: Mary Tuttle(6) m: Tyre Landrus Miller [THOMAS3] > IL: DeWitt Co: Wapella: page 662: dwelling 1218 (Tyree L. 24-IL farmer, wife: Mary 22-OH, sons: Benj F. 3-IL & David 1-IL)
Miller: Nancy Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: Absolum Cromwell Miller [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Gerardstown PO: page 901: dwelling 1592 (Absolom C 26-VA farmer, wife: Nancy 28?-VA, dau: Ida 3-VA, son: James 1-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Miller: Nancy Rees(5) m: John Miller, Jr. [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 58: dwelling 306 (John 60-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 50-PA, daus: Martha 18-PA, Ruth 17-PA, sons: Joseph 16-PA, John 13-PA, David 9-PA, James 7-PA) [PA: 1850]
Miller: Phoebe Ann Friend(6) m: John Miller [MARY3] > IA: Marion Co: Clay twp: page 404: dwelling 15 (John 31-IL, wife: Phebe A 29-IL, son: Newton 10-IA, dau: Mary E 8-IA, sons: Charles 6-IA, Eli 4-IA & Alvin 1-IA) [IA: 1850]
Miller: Priscilla Carter(5) m: Ira W. Miller [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: twp 9N 5W: page 419: dwelling 1030 (Ira 55-PA - laborer, wife: Percilla 52-PA, dau: Rachel 18-IL, son: William 16-IL, daus: Elizabeth 16-IL, Clelia 13-IL & Amanda 8-IL) [IL: 1850]
Miller: Sarah Allen(6) m: Jacob Miller [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Waverly: page 374: dwelling 822 (Jacob 26-OH teamster, wife:Sarah 24-OH, son: John 4/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Miller, Thomas Hutchinson(5) [WILLIAM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Ross twp: page 186: dwelling 1363 (Thomas H. 44-OH farmer, sons: Theodore A. 14-OH & Samuel R. 11-IN, dau: Florence L. 8-IN, son: Edward B. 3-IN) [IN: 1850]
Mitchell: Cassandra A. Chenoweth(5) m: Isaac Forgey Mitchell [THOMAS3] > TX: Dallas Co: Farmers Branch PO: page 330: dwelling 459 (Cassandra 33-IA, sons: Jn C 7-MO, Joseph F 5-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Moberly: Mary J. Cofer(6) m: John 'Jack' Moberly [JOHN3] > IN: Hendricks Co: Union twp: page 830: dwelling 1053 (John 29-KY farmer, wife: Mary J. 27, son Joseph T. 8, dau: Malinda E.7, son: Stephen A 2) [IN: 1850 root family]
Montgomery, David Carter(5) [JAMES CARTER3] > OH: Knox Co: Mount Vernon: page 70: dwelling 483 (D.C. 44-PA - attorney, wife: Jane 45-PA) [OH: 1850]
Montgomery: Martha Carter(5) m: James B. Montgomery [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Amwell twp: page 52: dwelling 267 (James 54-PA farmer, wife: Martha 46-PA, sons: John 24-PA & James 19-PA, dau: Martha 15-PA, sons: William 13-PA & Benjamin 10-PA, daus: Hanah 9-PA & Sarah 6-PA) [PA: 1850]
Moore: Anne 'Nancy' Chenoweth(4) m: James S. Moore [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 332: dwelling 239 (James 67-VA - merchant, [2d wife] Anna E. 52-VA, unknown: Bateman, Thomas M. 26-VA, Brown, Mary S. 10-OH, Leatherwood, Walter 9-OH) [OH: 1850]
Moore: Lucinda Kelley(7) m: William Randolph Moore [WILLIAM3] > WV: Barbour Co: Phillipi PO: page 220: dwelling 1556 (William R 37-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Lucinda 26-VA, [by 1ts wife] children: Silas R. 16-VA laborer, Alpheus 14-VA, Granville 12-VA, Isaac 10-VA, S.M. 7-VA [by Lucinda] daus: Louisa 6-VA, Massalona 3-VA & Cordelia 1-VA) [Louis is considered a daughter of Lucinda�s. Dadtabase records say she was born May 22, 1855, 3 months before the marriage] [WV: 1850]
Moore: Maria Jones Clark(6) m: Hambleton Moore [SARAH3] > IA: Iowa Co: Fillmore: page 27: dwelling 188 (Honeble 39-VA - farmer, wife: Maria J. 32-OH, dau: Virginia 13-VA, sons: James H. 11-VA, Osker S. 9-OH, Harry 5-IA, daus: Caroline 3-IA, Hetty 1-IA) [WV: 1850]
Moore: Martha Bowman Scott(5) m: Oscar Fitzallen Moore [SARAH3] > OH: Scioto Co: Portsmouth: page 462: dwelling 911 (Oscar F. 43-OH lawyer, wife: Martha 39-OH, daus: Clayana 16-OH & Kate 13-OH, domestic: Mary Murphy 23-Ireland, John Armour 16-OH, Caliphurnia Scott 11-OH) [OH: 1850]
Moore: Sarah Chenoweth(4) m: Joseph Moore [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Scioto Co: Niles twp: page 577: dwelling 1013 (Joseph 70-VA - farmer, wife: Sarah 54-OH, others: William Wails 14-OH, Mary Masters 11-OH)
Moores: Ella R. Lamon(6) m: J.R. Moores [ABSOLOM3] > OR: Marion Co: Salem twp: page 435: dwelling 3658 (J R. 29-IL merchant, wife: E.R. 29-VA, son: E.R. 1-OR, bro-in-law: C.E. Limon 23-IL, other: E. Neaves 17-unk) [IL: 1850 living with sisters]
Moores: Virginia Lafayette Lamon(6) m: John H. Moores [ABSOLOM3] > OR: Marion Co: Salem twp: page 435: dwelling 3657 (John H 39-AL merchant, wife: V.L. 35-VA, son: C.B. 11-MO, dau: G.E. 9-IL, son A.N. 5-OR, twin daus: A 3-OR & B 3-OR) [MO: 1850]
Moredock: Hannah Carter Pollock(6) m: James Moredock [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 514: dwelling 700 (James 35-PA farmer, wife: Hannah 30-PA, dau: Cythnia 10-PA, sons: Thomas P. 4-PA & William 6/12-PA, Priscilla Ned 21-PA housekeeper)
Morgan: Anna Chenoweth(5) m: Lewis Amsey Morgan [THOMAS3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Perrysville twp: page 42: dwelling 62 (Lewis A. 24-NY confectioner, wife: Anna 24-IN, dau: Emma 5/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Morgan: Elvira A. Woods(6) m: Charles D. Morgan [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 505: dwelling 408 (Charles D 30-IN attorney-at-law, wife: Elvira A 24-IN, son: Willer V 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Morgan, John 'Leide'(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IA: Wayne Co: Union twp: page 615: dwelling 227 (John 55-PA retired, wife: Nancy 53-VA, son: William D 27-IL farmer, dau: Lydia A 12-IL) [IA: 1850]
Morgan: Melvina Chenoweth(6) m: John C. Morgan [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 159: dwelling 461 (John C. 43-KY farmer, wife: Malvina 22-KY, son: William H. 18-KY, dau: Mary J. 16-KY, sons: Isaac 14-KY & John 10-KY, dau: Ellen 6-KY, son: Jonas 4-KY, nephew: Charles Young 15-KY) [KY: 1850]
Morgan, Nelson F(5) [ELIJAH3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Darby twp: page 71: dwelling 923 (Nelson F. 36-OH farmer, wife: Mary E. 30-OH, son: Edward F. 9-OH, daus: Mary E. 7-OH & Lacy A. 4-OH) [OH: 1850]
Morgan, Rees(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: La Salle Co: Dayton twp: page 30: dwelling 204 (Rees 52-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca 47-OH, son: Philander 25-IL, dau: Mary 23-IL, sons: Foster 22-IL, David 19-IL & Courtland 17-IL, daus: Rebecca 15-IL, Sarah 10-IL & Annette 10-IL) [IL: 1850]
Morris: Louisiana Percefull(7) m: Elija T. 'Elzy' Morris [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 170: dwelling 541 (Elza 38-VA farm laborer, wife: Louisa 26-KY, dau: Mary 9-KY, son: John 7-KY, daus: Mariah 4-KY & Elizabeth 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Morris: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: John Morris [THOMAS3] > IN: Madison Co: Anderson twp: page 272: dwelling 316 (John 56-VA farmer, wife: Mary 44-OH, son: John 18-OH, daus: Casandra 15-OH & Rachel 12-OH, son: Albert 10-IN, daus: Josephine 8-IN & Elmina 6-IN) [IN: 1850]
Morrison, James Nelson(5) [MARY3] > WI: Green Co: Claro twp: page 117: dwelling 1028 (Nelson 41-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 36-OH, son: Cha. 13-WI, dau: Mary J. 12-WI, son: As. 10-WI, daus: Almira 7-WI & Ellen 5-WI, son: John 2-WI) [WI: 1850]
Morrison, John(5) [MARY3] > WI: Green Co: Monroe twp: page 386: dwelling 645 (John 48-OH farmer, wife: Mahela 44-OH, son: James 17-WI, daus: Margantha 14-WI, Ellen 11-WI & Mada 9-WI, son: Henry 6-WI) [WI: 1850]
Morrison: Nancy E. Daniels(7) m: Samuel Morrison, Jr. [WILLIAM3] > MO: Putnam Co: Breckenridge twp: page 529: dwelling 1302 (Samuel 34-VA farmer, wife: Nancy 27-VA, sons: George 9-VA & William 7-VA, dau: Mary 6-VA, sons: Jerfferson 4-MO & Judson 2-MO) [WV: 1850]
Morrison: Tevis(5) remarried to Curtis Elliot [MARY3] > IL: Vermilion Co: 21st district: page 843: dwelling 1982 (Curtis Eliot 42-OH farmer, wife: Unice 35-OH [this is Eunice Sperry, widow of Tevis Morrison], sons: James 10-IL, Edwin 5-IL & Elam 1-IL, stepchildren: Caroline Morrison 18-IL & E. U. Morrison 16-IL) [IL: 1850]
Murphy: Amilla Friend(6) m: John Murphy [MARY3] > IA: Adair Co: Harrison twp: page 19: dwelling 146 (John 28-IN farmer, wife: Amelia 21-IA, sons: Robert A 2-IA & Riley 1/12-IA) [IA: 1850 root family]
Murphy: Emma Ellen Chenoweth(6) m: Owen Jarrett Murphy [WILLIAM3] > IL: McHenry Co: Greenwood twp: page 15: dwelling 98 (Owen 46-VA farmer, wife: Emma E. 41-VA, daus: Malissa 16-IL teach school, Manerva 15-IL, Malvina 13-IL, Emma 11-IL & Sarah 7-IL, son: Owen 2-IL, Osmon Osmonson 13-Norway, James Murphy 17-IL farm laborer) [IL: 1850]
Murray: Eleanor Chenoweth(5) m: Charles F. Murray [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 104: dwelling 410 (Charles F 35-NJ laborer, wife: Ellinoir J 27-OH, son: Joseph C. 4-OH & dau: Mary H. 2-OH)
Myers: Harriett Kerney(6) m: Jacob S. Myers [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Haynesville PO: page 814: dwelling 431 (Jacob 35-VA farmer, wife: Harriet 24-VA, daus: Emily 5-VA 7 & Mary S. 3-VA, other: Henry Herring 11-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Nash, Richard C.(5) [RICHARD3] > KY: Hardin Co: Stephensburg PO: page 273: dwelling 552 (R.C. 50-KY preacher, wife: Lutitia A. 42-KY, sons: James P 18-KY & Edmind 3-KY)
Nash, Thomas J.(5) [RICHARD3] > KY: Union Co: Morganfield: page 88: dwelling 697 (Thos J. 60-KY farmer, wife: Mary 46-KY, dau: Amanda M. 26-KY, sons: Thos S. 19-KY & Thos M. 17-KY, dau: Mary B. 15-KY, son: Joseph G. 12-KY, dau: Martha 9-KY, unknown: Alf Eggleston 20-OH, John Kibby 23-KY) [KY: 1850]
Neale, James Francis(6) [ARTHUR3] > TN: Humphreys Co: Waverly PO: page 148: dwelling 664 (J F Niel 36-MD engineer, wife: Catherine 28-MD, son: Frances 12-TN (f), dau: Elizabeth 10-TN, Catherine 6-TN & Mary 2-TN, Julia Vernon 18-MD) [This line is in question] [TN: 1850]
Needham: Nancy Ann Petro(6) [widow of William Sutton] m: (2)Adoniram Needham [MARY3] > IN: Delaware Co: Niles twp: page 665: dwelling 200 (A.43-NC merchant, 2nd wife: Nancy 40-OH, son: George W. 12-IN, dau: Rebecca 9-IN, sons: Frederick 8-IN & Emgley H. 5-IN, daus: Francis C. 2-IN, Rosalie 1/12-IN & Marita 1/12-IN, [by 1st wife] Margaret E. 16-IN, others: Amanda Wilson 18-IN, J.H. Runnion 26-? - teacher) [IN: 1850]
Nelson: Sarah Heaton(6) m: James A. Nelson [MARY3] > IL: Mercer Co: Keithsburg: page 772: dwelling 858 (James A 46-KY laborer, wife: Sarah 39-IN, son: William 20-IN, daus: Margaret 18-IN milliner, Cynthia E 16-IL & Elleanor 15-IL, sons: Eli R 13-IL & James W 6-IL, dau: Sarah M 5-IL) [IL: 1850]
Netherton, Elizabeth Ellen Chenoweth(5) [ARTHUR3] > IN: Stark Co: Wayne twp: page 429: dwelling 356 (William 54-KY farmer, son: George 20-IN farm laborer, dau: Nancy 15-IN housework, son: Havilah 12-IN, dau: Mary 9-IN, son: William 6-IN) [IN: 1850]
Nevling, Abraham(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Gulch twp: page 1009: dwelling 1295 (Abram 39-PA pump maker, wife: Catherine 25-PA, daus: Mary 4-PA & L Z 2-PA, son: Edmond 9/12-PA, Rachiel Woviek 19-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Nevling, Caldwell(6) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Gulch twp: page 1009: dwelling 1921 (probable grandparents: Joseph Burley 67-PA gentleman & Mary 68-PA, grandson: Caldwell Nevlin 4-PA)
Nevling, David G.(6) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Clearfield twp: page 901: dwelling 191 (David 28-PA merchant, wife: Elizabeth 26-PA)
Nevling, Greenbury Blake(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Gulch twp: page 1018: dwelling 1376 (G B 26-PA farmer, wife: Ann 25-PA, dau: Mary 1-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Nevling, John(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Huntingdon Co: Warriors Mark twp: page 698: dwelling 200 (widow: Mary 47-PA, sons: William H 18-PA carpenter & John A 16-PA farm laborer, dau: Mary C 13-PA) [PA: 1850]
Nevling, Thomas(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Gulch twp: page 1013: dwelling 1338 (Thomas 46-PA farmer, wife: Caroline 45-NY, daus: Lucinda 19-PA, Henrietta 16-PA, Amy 13-PA, sons: John 11-PA, William 10-PA & Fillmore 6-PA, daus: Marietta 4-PA & Malinda 2-PA) [PA: 1850]
Nevling, Wesley H.(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Gulch twp: page 1018: dwelling 1375 (Wesley 32-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 30-PA, daus: Edith 9-PA & Mary 8-PA, sons: Boynton 6-PA & Wm 5-PA) [PA: 1850]
Nevling, William A.(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Gulch twp: page 1009: dwelling 1292 (Wm A 32-PA farmer) [living next door to son and probable in-laws] [PA: 1850 root family]
Nichols: Nancy Carter(5) m: Isaac Nichols [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: twp 9N 5W: page 426: dwelling 1073 (Isaac 44-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 44-OH, daus: Mary F. 14-IL & Amanda V. 12-IL) [IL: 1850]
Noe: Nancy J. Ferguson(6) m: William A. Noe [MARY3] > IL: Clark Co: Cumberland twp: page 79: dwelling 64 (W. A. Noe 41-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Nancy J 39-KY, son: Charles 17-KY farm laborer, niece & stepdau: Mary C. 16-KY, son: David 15-KY, nephew & stepson: Isaac N 14-KY, son: Mathew J 13-KY, dau: Martha A 11-KY, [by Nancy] dau: Alice A. 8-KY) [Mary and Issac are children of Nancy�s by William�s brother James] [KY: 1850]
Oakes: Mary Carter(5) m: Thomas Alexander Oakes [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Bureau Co: Tiskilwa twp: page 69: dwelling 516 (Thomas O. 48-VA laborer, wife: Mary 41-OH, daus: Ceribela 19-IL schoolteacher & Volina 15-IL, son: James 8-IL, dau: Sarah E. 6-IL, son: Thomas B. 4-IL, dau: Mary E. 2-IL) [IL: 1850]
O'Neal: Amy Jane Baldwin(5) m: Charles P. O'Neal [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 59: dwelling 821 (Charles W. O'Neal 47-MO lawyer, wife: Amy J 46-VA, dau: Emma J. 17-OH, niece: Emily C. Merriam 19-KY) [OH: 1850]
O'Neal: Eleanor 'Ellen' Ashbrook(5) m: George O'Neal [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 965: dwelling 1093 (Geroge 68-VA farmer, wife: Ellen 63-VA) [KY: 1850]
O'Neal, George Washington(6) [MARY3] > KY: Woodford Co: Versailles district: page 825: dwelling 19 (G.W. 42-Bourbon Co. KY stage driver, wife: Harriett 41-Scott Co., KY, son: George W 10-Grant Co., KY) [KY: 1850]
O'Neal, William Harrison(6) [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 990: dwelling 1269 (William H 42-KY landlord, wife: Mary S 41-MD, daus: Mary E 18-KY & Elizabeth E 16-KY, sons: George A 14-KY, John A 12-KY, & James 9-KY, dau: Julia A 5-KY, nephew: James 19-KY day laborer + 6 other people) [KY: 1850]
Orr: Elizabeth Tredway(6) m: William Orr [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 312: dwelling 674 (William 34-OH farmer, wife: Elisabeth 32-OH, daus: Elizabeth 10-OH & Oliva Jane 8-OH, son: Alexander F. 5-OH, Athaliah Dunlap 17-OH domestic) [OH: 1850]
Overhiser: Sarah McKee(6) m: Henry Overhiser [MARY3] > IN: Blackford Co: Washington twp: page 591: dwelling 364 (Henry 25-NY farmer, wife: Sarah 24-OH, sons: Lanson 5-OH & William A 3-OH, dau: Olive J. 1-OH) [IN: 1850 root family]
Owings: Kitturah Ann Baxter(6) m: Edwin Owings [ARTHUR3] > MO: Andrew Co: Jackson twp: page 110: dwelling 792 (Edward 47-OH farmer, wife: Keturah 35-OH, dau: Elmira 12-OH, son: Charles 10-MO, dau: Susan 7-MO, sons: Samuel 4-OH & Theadore 2-MO) [MO: 1850]
Painter, Albert G.(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Clark Co: Jeffersonville twp: page 485: dwelling 308 (Albert G. Painter 34-PA laborer serving in penitentery - for larceny) [PA: 1850 root family]
Painter: Hannah Chenoweth(5) m: John Painter [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: Neshannock twp: page 140: dwelling 141 (Hannah 61-PA farmer, sons: Wm 30-PA farm labor, J.C. 23-PA farm labor & Jno 20-PA farm labor) [PA: 1850]
Palmer: Azubah 'Zuba' McKee(6) m: Joseph Palmer [MARY3] > IN: Blackford Co: Washington twp: page 597: dwelling 416 (Joseph 34-VA farmer, wife: Zuba 33-OH, dau: Mary S. 12-IN, sons: Cassius M. 9IN & William W. 7-IN, dau: Maria M. 4-IN. son: Milliard F. 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Palmer: Lucinda Ashbrook(6) m: Joel Palmer [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Lima twp: page 198: dwelling 889 (Joel 38-OH farmer, wife: Lucinda 36-OH, sons: Corwin 12-OH, William 10-OH, Norman 7-OH, Marion G. 3-OH, Byron G. 10/12-OH, Mary Edgar 7-ME, Jane Reed 19-OH school teacher, bro-in-law: Newton Ashbrook 21-OH farmer) [OH: 1850]
Paris: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: John R. Paris [WILLIAM3] > IN: Putnam Co: Jefferson twp: page 229: dwelling 613 (Jno D. 45OH shoemaker, wife: Elizabeth S. 39-KY, sons: Jno M. 16-IN farm laborer, Lewis A. 14-IN, Oscar F. 11-IN, Tighlman A.H. 9-IN, Stephen E. 6-IN & Joseph H. 3-IN) [IN: 1850]
Parr: Emily Morgan(6) m: David Parr [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IA: Wayne Co: Wright twp: page 433: dwelling 355 (David Parr 28-IN farmer, 2nd wife: Emily 23-IL, [by 1st wife?] dau: Euadice 8-IA) [IA: 1850 root family]
Parrish, Barnett Powers(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: Marion twp: page 31: dwelling 200 (Barnet T. 41-OH farmer, wife: Emiline 38-IL, dau: Mary 18-MO, sons: Ira 17-MO farmhand & Thomas 15-MO farmhand, dau: America 13-MO, sons: John 11-MO, Landon 9-MO, Calvin 7-MO & Robert 5-MO, dau: Sarah 2-MO) [MO: 1850]
Parrish, John Henry(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: Benton twp: page 65: dwelling 441 (John 33-IN farmer, wife: Hariet 28-TN, twin son William 4-MO, twin dau: Mary 4-MO, dau: Lucinda 2-MO, son: Mary 5/12-MO [This is Marion mistakenly listed]) [MO: 1850 root family]
Parrish, Joseph Washington(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Swan twp: page 888: dwelling 231 (Joseph 38-IN farmer, wife: Mary 39-IL, dau: Nancy 15-MO, son: John 11-MO, daus: Sarah 9-MO & Harriet 6-MO, son: Meredith 3-MO, dau: Cretia 6/12-MO) [MO: 1850]
Parrish, Meredith L.(5) [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: Marion twp: page 36: dwelling 234 (Meridith 35-OH farmer, wife: Sally 42-TN, sons: Hiram 14-MO & John 11-MO, daus: Ruth 7-MO & Deborah 4-MO, sons: James 3-MO & Ira 7/12-MO) [MO: 1850]
Parrish: Ruth Chenoweth(4) m: Ira Owen Wingfield Walker Parrish [THOMAS3] > MO: Polk Co: Benton twp: page 78: dwelling 535 (Ira 66-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Nancy 53-OH, sons: Elijah 20-MO farm laborer & George 17-MO farm laborer, stepchildren: Ira Grigg 15-MO farm laborer, Benjamin Grigg 12-MO & Rachel Grigg 23-OH) [MO: 1850]
Partlow: Rachel Davidson(5) m: Jesse L. Partlow [ELIJAH3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Middlefork twp : page 951: dwelling 2741 (Jesse 34-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 30-OH, daus: Mary E. 10-IL, Ann 8-IL, Nancy 4-IL & Lilly 3-IL, Nelson Lewis 18-OH laborer) [IL: 1850]
Passmore, Arthur C.(5) [ARTHUR3] > KY: Mercer Co: Herrodsburg: page 695: dwelling 71 (Arthur C. Passmore 35-KY livery keeper living with family of Elijah H. Burford 53-KY & family)
Patterson, John S.(6) [RACHEL3] > KY: Hancock Co: Hawesville PO: page 986: dwelling 534 (J.S. 21-KY farmer, wife: J. 23-KY, dau: R.L. 2-KY, son: K.A. 7/12-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Patterson, Kinchloe(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Hancock Co: Hawesville PO: page 985: dwelling 533 (K. 50-KY farmer, wife: L 48-KY, son: T.B. 18-KY, daus: L.A. 17-KY & M 12-KY) [KY: 1850]
Patterson, Seaton K.(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Daviess Co: Owensboro PO: page 811: dwelling 1145 (widow: Elizabeth 40-KY farmer, son: James W 18-KY, daus: Mary C 15-KY & Elizabeth J 13-KY, son: John H 11-KY, daus: Ann R 9-KY & C.V. 5-KY) [KY: 1850]
Patton: Ann Burson(5) m: Alexander Patton [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morgan twp: page 617: dwelling 1026 (Alexander 39-PA physician, wife: Ann 32-PA, dau: Elizabeth 12-PA, sons: Alexander 10-PA & Abraham 8-PA, dau: Ruth 6-PA, son: Joseph 5-PA, daus: Hannah 3-PA & Hadassah 8/12-PA, brother?: James 25-PA) [PA: 1850]
Pearcy: Mary E. Coberly(7) m: Patterson Pearcy [WILLIAM3] > WV: Gilmer Co: Glennville PO: page 980: dwelling 393 (Patterson 39-VA farmer, wife: Mary E 29-VA, son: Perry P 10-VA, daus: Gilda Ann 8-VA, Zelpha E 6-VA, Margaret V 4-VA & Rebecca B 10/12-VA) [WV: 1850]
Pennington: Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: Aaron J. Pennington [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville, 2nd ward: page 1094: dwelling 1111 (Aaron 38-PA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 34-KY) [KY: 1850]
Peoples: Sarah Ann Chenoweth(7) m: George P. Peoples [WILLIAM3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 20, Linnens PO: page 727: dwelling 844 (George 23-NC blacksmith, wife: Sarah Peoples 18-IN) [IL: 1850 root family]
Percefull, Isaac Chenoweth(7) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 218: dwelling 186 (John Swan 27-KY miller, wife: Ann Swan 29-KY, Isaac Perciful 29-KY, wife: Melvina J. 23-KY)
Perrine: Ellen 'Angeline' Wees(7) m: Miles P. Perrine [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Spencer PO: page 608: dwelling 442 (Miles 28-VA farmer, wife: Ellen 24-VA, son: Elijah L 5-VA, dau: Leah 2-VA, son: Frederick 5/12-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Peteet, Chenowith(4) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Morgan Co: Mann twp: page 974: dwelling 462 (Martha 57-GA farmer, sons: John C. 26-GA & Marshall 16-GA) [GA: 1850]
Peteet, John C.(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Upshur Co: western district: page 446: dwelling 319 (John 23-GA farmer, wife: Permelia 16-GA, dau: Mary 5/12-TX)
Peteet: John J.(6) living with Norman family [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 825: dwelling 392 (John J. 18-GA) [indexed as Perteet] [GA: 1850 root family]
Peteet: John Richard Peteet, Jr.(5) remarried to William Lunceford [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 835: dwelling 467 (William Lunceford 46-GA farmer, wife: Mary 39-GA, daus: Mary Ann 21-GA & Elaine H. 20-GA, son: Thos W. 17-GA, dau: Cleopatra P.E. 10-GA, son: James 8-GA, dau: Martha G. 6-GA, son: William W. 3-GA [by 1st husband] stepdau: Mary J. Perteet 16-GA) [GA: 1850]
Peteet, Richard(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Upshur Co: western district: page 445: dwelling 810 (Richard 35-GA - farmer, wife: Sarah 30-GA, son: John 9-AL, dau: Emma 7-GA, son: Simeon 5-GA, dau: Kittena 1-TX)
Peteet, Richard Wilson(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > MS: Carroll Co: Carrollton twp: page 58: dwelling 451 (Robert W. 35-GA � inn keeper) [GA: 1850]
Peteet, Simeon(4) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Upshur Co: western district: page 445: dwelling 821 (Mrs. M. 52-GA farmer, son: Darius 19-GA, daus: Kittie 14-GA & Artemesia 9-GA, A. Hawkins 27-TX [male] worker) [GA: 1850]
Peteet: Susan C.(6) living with Wooten family [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 781: dwelling 93 (Susan C. 14-GA) [indexed as Perteet] [GA: 1850 root family]
Peteet, William Rabun(5) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Wilkes Co: Washington PO: page 796: dwelling 192 (Wm R 41-GA farmer, wife: Martha J 33-GA, son: John C 14-GA, dau: Martha E 12-GA, son: Rabun H 10-GA, daus: Carrie W 8-GA & Pauline 6-GA, Thomas S Nash 24-GA school teacher, Cyrus V. Strozier 22 farm laborer) [indexed as Perteet] [GA: 1850]
Peters, Aaron(5) [MARY3] > OH: Franklin Co: Prairie twp: page 443: dwelling 1072 (Aaron 60-VA farmer, 4th wife: Mary 46-DE) [OH: 1850]
Peters, Lyman(6) [MARY3] > OH: Franklin Co: Prairie twp: page 443: dwelling 1073 (Lyman 26-OH farmer, wife: Harriet 29-OH, sons: James E 3-OH & Francis M 2-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Peters: Phoebe Chenoweth(6) m: Martin Peters [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 571: dwelling 296 (Martin 27-IN farmer, wife: Phebe 23-IN, son: Joseph R. 4-IN, daus: Emily A. 2-IN & Mary E. 5/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Petro, Absolom(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville twp: page 695: dwelling 930 (Absolom 43-IN farmer, wife: Lucinda 38-CT, dau: Ida 3-IN, unknown: Bell Petro 15-IN , Ada 12-IN, Jas Fitgerald 75-NY)
Petro, David G.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jennings twp: page 606: dwelling 264 (David Petro 28-IN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 25-IN, dau: Florence 6-IN)
Petro, David(6) [MARY3] > IN: Porter Co: Jackson twp: page 436: dwelling 42 (David 38-OH - farmer, sons: John M. 18-IN, George M. 16-IN, Michael C. 14-IN & James G. 12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Petro, Gabriel Sutton(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fountain Co: Davis twp: page 686: dwelling 1208 (Gabriel 29-IN farmer, wife: Mary J. 26-KY, son: George W. 5-IN, dau: Cynthia A. 2-IN, unknown: Francis M. Mattox 9-IN, cousin: William Sutton 18-IN - farm laborer) [indexed as Peter]
Petro, George Whitfield(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jennings twp: page 605: dwelling 263 (George Petro 34-PA farmer, wife: Hannah 23-KY, cousin: Ambrose Sutton 21-IN farm laborer)
Petro: Ivah Sutton(5) m: Michael See Petro [MARY3] > IN: Fountain Co: Davis twp: page 686: dwelling 1172 (Michael 69-VA - farmer, unknown: Anna 55-OH, Martha Funk15-IN, Caroline 14-IN, Hiriam 25-IN, Elijah Mattox 18-IN - farm laborer) [IN: 1850]
Petro, James H.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Centre twp: page 882: dwelling 1004 (James 42-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 39-OH, sons: Daniel 18-IN farmer & James 16-IN farmer, daus: Nancy A. 14-IN, Mary 9-IN & Sarah 7-IN, son: Joseph 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Petro, John(6) [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Union twp: page 368: dwelling 1163 (John 39-IN farmer, wife: Mary J. 32-OH, dau: Sarah 9-IN, son: Milton 7-IN, dau: Hannah 6-IN) [IN: 1850]
Petro, John Petro, Jr.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Porter Co: Centre twp: page 279: dwelling 156 (John 44-OH farmer, wife: Keziah 40-OH, daus: Cynthia 17-IN, Melvina 15-IN & Emma 6-IL)
Petro, Jonathan Perry(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 712: dwelling 1051 (Jonathan 44-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 40-OH, sons: Abraham 17-IN & Hiram 16-IN, daughter, Mary 12-IN & Joa 5-IN) [indexed as Peter] [IN: 1850]
Petro, Leonard(6) [MARY3] > IN: Randolph Co: Nettle Creek twp: page 678: dwelling 1091 (Lenward 48-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 50-KY, son: Edmund 20-IN, dau: Eliza 16-IN, sons: Michael 12-IN & Benj H. 9-IN, daus: Anchor 6-IN & Nancy 3-IN) [IN: 1850]
Petro, Michael C.(6) [MARY3] > IL: Effingham Co: twp 8N, range 4E: page 1080: dwelling 969 (Michael Petro 34-OH day laborer, wife: Catharine J. 37-VA, daus: Rebeca 12-IN & Mary C 10-IN, sons: Edgar G 8-IN, Wheeler 6-IN & George 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Phares: Edith Stalnaker(6) m: Elias W. Phares [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO: page 78: dwelling 547 (Elias W. 30-VA farmer, Edith 31-VA, dau: Emma J 5-VA, Martha E. 3-VA & Ann E. 1-VA, Robert Turner 14-VA)
Phillips: Mary Couchman(6) m: John Phillips [SAMUEL3] > IN: La Porte Co: Galena twp: page 246: dwelling 442 (John 31-PA tailer, wife: Mary 26-VA, son: Eugene A. 5-OH, dau: Elvenia 3-IN, son: Wm Oliver 1-IN) [OH: 1850 root family]
Piper, Benjamin F.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Madison Co: Monroe twp: page 165: dwelling 1160 (Benjmine F 31-OH farmer, wife: Osee 29-IN, son: William 7-IN, dau: Emma 3-IN, William Price 24-MD farme labor) [IN: 1850]
Piper: Joanna Fox(5) widow of William Piper [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville twp: page 623: dwelling 393 (Joanna 56-OH, dau: Martha 26-OH, sons: David 20-OH farmer & William 18-OH farm laborer, dau: Christinia 15-OH, son: John 13-OH) [IN: 1850]
Piper, Oliver S.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville twp: page 622: dwelling 392 (Oliver 23-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 21-IN, son: Charlie 2-IN, dau: Eltie 4/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Pittsford, Hiram D.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Harrison twp: page 154: dwelling 247 (Hiram 20-OH farmer living with family of E.H. Gilmore 38-OH & wife Lydia 31-OH [indexed as Pitterford]) [OH: 1850 root family]
Pittsford, John A.(6) [MARY3] > OH: Morrow Co: Chester twp: page 11: dwelling 179 (John A 16-OH farm labor living with family of Moses Powell 65-Wales & wife Elizabeth 56-PA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Place: Eleanor Baxter(6) m: Joseph Farrow Place [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Falls twp: page 60: dwelling 868 (Joseph F. 44-VA no occupation given, wife: Elizabeth 36-OH, dau: Abrella 11-OH, sons: Charles 9-OH & John 3-OH, sister?: Elizabeth 46-VA) [OH: 1850]
Pollock: Cynthia Carter(5) m: Thomas Patterson Pollock [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Morgan twp: page 621: dwelling 1061 (Thomas P. 61-PA � mill wright, wife: Cynthia 56-PA, son: James 24-PA, daus: Rebecca 35-PA & Cynthia 21-PA, son: Harry 16-PA - farmer, dau: Nancy 13-PA, son: Charles H. 10-PA) [PA: 1850]
Pollock, David(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 518: dwelling 730 (David 32-PA - carpenter, wife: Jane 29-PA, son: George 1-PA)
Pollock, John Carter(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 507: dwelling 657 (John C. 34-PA - clerk, wife: Melissa 26-PA, dau: Mary 2-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Pollock, Thomas Patterson Pollock, Jr.(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Jefferson twp: page 521: dwelling 764 (Thomas 34-PA � grocer & confectioner, 2nd wife: Nancy 21-PA, [by 1st wife] son: Thomas 7-PA, [by Nancy] dau: Mary 3-PA) [PA: 1850]
Pollock, William Carter(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Greene Co: Wayne twp: page 812: dwelling 1362 (Wm 28-PA - farmer, wife: Rachel 26-PA, sons: John 6-PA, Thomas P. 4-PA, dau: Nancy A. 2-PA, domestic: Clayton, Delila 57-VA)
Pomeroy: Martha Jane Trimble(6) m: J.M. Pomeroy [WILLIAM CARTER3] > OR: Marion Co: Salem twp: page 435: dwelling 3649 (J M 30-OH wagonmaster, wife: M 18-IA, dau: C 2-OR, sister-in-law: E Tremble 13-OR) [OR: 1850 root family]
Pool: Ruth Bell(6) m: Cyrus Pool [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Seneca Co: Pleasant twp: page 185: dwelling 554 (Cyrus 50-PA master miller, wife: Ruth 31-VA, dau: Laura 2-OH, Sarah Davison 20-OH, James Davison 17-OH) [OH: 1850]
Porter: Amelia Naomi Nash(5) m: James Porter [RICHARD3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 1047: dwelling 755 (Naomi 63-KY farmer, sons: Thomas B. 22-KY farmer & Benjamin R. 18-KY farmer, sister: Elizabeth Nash 65-KY) [KY: 1850]
Porter: Joanna Heaton(6) m: John Porter [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 486: dwelling 249 (John 31-IN farmer, wife: Joanna 25-IN, son: Oliver 1-IN, bro: Simon 28-IN farmer) [IN: 1850 root family]
Powders, James(6) [RICHARD3] > IA: Davis Co: Soap Creep twp: page 709: dwelling 358 (James 27-IN farmer, wife: Elizabeth 20-IL, son: John H 8/12-IA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Pratt: Rebecca Ashbrook(5) m: Isreal 'Mac' Pratt [MARY3] > IL: Carroll Co: York twp: page 1019: dwelling 1414 (Israel 34-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 34-OH, son: Willie 3-IL, John Buckler 25-ME farm laborer)
Price: Elizabeth J. 'Eliza' Matthews(6) m: James K. Price [RICHARD3] > IN: White Co: Prairie twp: page 550: dwelling 604 (James 23-In farmer, wife: Elizaneth 22-IN, daus: Sarah O 3-IN & Ella M 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Price: Rebecca Sutton(6) m: John Bird Price [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: subdivision 17: page 689: dwelling 1796 (J. B. 26-NJ farmer, wife: R. 25-IN, dau: E. 4-IL, son: G.W. 2-IL, unknown: A.C. 12-IL [male]) [IL: 1850 root family]
Pugh: Jane Cresswell(6) m: David Pugh [JOHN3] > WV: Hampshire Co: Eastern district: page 22: dwelling 1 (David 53-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth A. 39-VA [by 1st wife, Mary] son: John W. 23-VA farmer, daus: Maria E. 20-VA, Almyra V. 14-VA & Martha J. 11-VA, [2nd wife] children: Florence M. 5-VA & David C. 4-VA, Lilla J. Seibert 2-VA, George B. Garvin 23-VA, James A. Creswell 17-VA, + 3 others) [the relationship of James Cresswell is unknown] [WV: 1850]
Purcell: Amanda Jane Ingram(6) m: Charles McLane Purcell [MARY3] > TX: Bastrop Co: Bastrop PO: page 287: dwelling 715 (Charles 30-IN, wife: Amanda J 24-IL, dau: Susannah 3-TX, sons: Samuel 2-TX & Daniel 6/12-TX) [IL: 1850 root family]
Pyle: Abigail Chenoweth(6) m: Joseph Pyle [JOHN3] > IN: Wayne Co: New Garden twp: page 92: dwelling 644 (Joseph 41-PA - farmer, wife: Abigail 25-IN, daughter: Melinda 14-IN, son: Andrew 9-IN, daus: Joanna 7-IN, Sarah A. 5-IN, Susanna 4-IN, Orpha 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Radebaugh: Sarah Chenoweth(6) m: Noah Radebaugh [JOHN3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 238: dwelling 1516 (Noah 36-OH carpenter, wife: Sarah 36-OH, dau: Margaret 6-OH & son: Lewis C. 3-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Ramey: Mary Ann Cowan(6) m: Jonathan Ramey [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Georgetown: page 971: dwelling 2882 (Jonathan Ramey 54-VA farmer, wife: Mary 34-IN, Benj Edmons 24-IN farm hand)
Ramsburg: Julia Ann Dickey Chenoweth(5) m: John George Ramsburg [SAMUEL3] > WV: Berkeley Co: Gerardstown PO: page 901: dwelling 1593 (John 53-MD farmer, wife: Julia 45-VA, sons: George 16-VA & John 13-VA) [WV: 1850]
Ramsey: Priscilla Carter(6) m: Benjamin Ramsey [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: Franklin twp: page 491: dwelling 787 (Benjamin 30-PA farmer, wife: Prisila 26-PA, son: John 4-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Ramsey: Sarah Gordon(5) m: (2) Thomas Ramsey [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Highland twp: page 466: dwelling 410 (Thomas 50-PA boot shoemaker, 2nd wife: Sarah 51-PA, son: Samuel Ramsey 14-OH, stepson: Harvy T. Davis 11-OH, Sarah Davis 22-OH, William Davis 5-OH) [it is hard to determine who Sarah Davis is. She could a daughter of Sarah�s, the listings say that Sarah had a daughter Sarah Jane Davis, but who then is William as he was born after Sarah�s first husband David Davis died. Given the listing order, it may be that Sarah is a wife of one of Sarah�s sons and William is her child] [OH: 1850]
Randles: Elizabeth Shaw(6) m: John E. Randles [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bethlehem twp: page 287: dwelling 315 ([widow] Elizabeth 35-OH, dau: Margaret 12-OH, sons: Enoch 10-OH & Nelson 8-OH, dau: Sarah 6-OH, sons: Lewis 4-OH & John 3-OH) [indexed as Reynolds] [OH: 1850]
Rarick, Abraham C.(6) [THOMAS3] > IA: Clarke Co: Knox twp: page 441: dwelling 702 (A C 27-OH farmer, wife: M 20-VA) [index Rarrick] [OH: 1850 root family]
Rarick: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: Philip Rarick, Jr. [THOMAS3] > IN: Jay Co: Pike twp: page 44: dwelling 315 (Philip 51-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 48-OH, sons: Jacob J. 23-OH, Adam C. 18-OH, Charles W. 16-OH & Ira O. 14-OH, dau: Susanna E. 12-OH, Caroline 9-OH & Catharine 7-IN) [OH: 1850]
Readnower: Mary Ann Ferguson(6) m: John Readnower [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 827: dwelling 147 (John 56-KY farmer, wife: Mary Ann 41-KY, dau: Margaret E 21-KY, sons: John Newton 17-KY, Lewis Henry 15-KY & James 14-KY, dau: Sarah Ann 12-KY, sons: Francis M. 11-KY, Thomas 10-KY, Joseph 7-KY & George W. 5-KY, dau: Mary E 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Reeder: Chloe Jane Davis(7) m: John William Reeder, Jr. [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 462: dwelling 56 (John Reeder 33-KY cooper, wife: C. J. 19-IL, son: Benjamin 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Reeder: Margaret Smith(6) m: Russell B. Reeder [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: South Charleston: page 61: dwelling 319 (Russell B 32-OH grocer, wife: Margaret 23-OH, son: Ora 3/12-OH, sister-in-law: Amanda J Smith 20-OH)
Rees, Elijah(4) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: West Bethlehem: page 1097: dwelling 1187 (Elijah 84-PA farmer, wife: Margaret 78-Ireland, son: Boan 45-PA, daughter-in-law: Elizabeth 40-PA, grandchildren: Jane 20-PA & Francis 15-PA, unknown: Eliza Pratten 13-PA) [PA: 1850]
Rees, James Monroe(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Pilot twp: page 928: dwelling 2579 (J.M. 35-IN - farmer, 2d wife: Manavoa E. 21-IL, [children by 1st wife] sons: Elneser 14-IL, William 10-IL, James E. 7-IL, daus: Mary 5-IL, [child by 2d wife] Mary Res 3-IL) [indexed as Rus] [IL: 1850]
Rees, John E.(6) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Pilot twp: page 928: dwelling 2584 (John Rees 25-IL farmer, wife: Louisa 19-IL [s/b Josina]) [IL: 1850 root family]
Rees, Morgan(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Pilot twp: page 928: dwelling 2583 (Morgan 51-PA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 27-NY [age should be 40], daus: Catharine 20-IL & Mary 18-IL, son: William 16-IL, daus: Elizabeth 10-IL & Ardelia 9-IL) [IL: 1850]
Rees, William(5) [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IN: Carroll Co: Delphi twp: page 342: dwelling 1299 ([widow] Mary 60-PA, son: David 17-IN - clerk, dau: Nancy 14-IN [daughter by 1st wife] Mary J. Smith 23-PA) [IN: 1850]
Reese: Mariah Jane Chenoweth(6) m: (2) William Reese [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 163: dwelling 496 (William 52-Wales brick & stone mason, Mariah J 50-KY, [by Mariah] stepsons: Abraham Perceful 22-KY farmer, James 21-KY farmer, Zaddock 19-KY blacksmith & Andrew 17-KY) [KY: 1850 living with daughter]
Reeves: Rachel Chenoweth(6) m: John R. Reeves [JOHN3] > IN: Washington Co: Posey twp: page 393: dwelling 31 (John R. 27-IN miller, wife: Rachel 23-IN, daus: Elizabeth 6-IN, Susan 5-IN, Ellen 3-IN & Harriet 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Reid: Sarah Ann Cowan(6) m: Darius Boswell Reid [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Georgetown: page 973: dwelling 2899 (Boswell 27-KY carpenter, wife: Sarah 27-IL, dau: Mary 5/12-IL)
Reip: Edith Amanda Chenoweth(6) m: Adam Reip [WILLIAM3] > WV: Calhoun Co: Arnoldsburg PO: page 5: dwelling 718 (Adam 41-PA farmer, wife: Edith 38-VA, daus: Jerusha 11-VA, Elizabeth 10-VA & Edith 9-VA, sons: Alonze 7-VA, David W 5-VA, Peter 3-VA & Robert J 1-VA) [WV: 1850]
Remington, William Remington, Jr.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Brownsville twp: page 245: dwelling 254 (Wm. 37-IN farmer, wife: Rebecca 37-IN, sons: John 14-IN & George 12 �IN, daus: Barbara A. 10-IN & Mary J. 8-IN, son: Ira 6-IN, daus: Sarah 4�IN & Nancy H. 7/12-IN)
Rennix: Martha 'Patsy'(6) m: George Washington Rennix [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO: page 88: dwelling 625 (George W 34-VA farmer, wife: Patsie 30-VA, sons: Hickman 15-VA farmer, Columbus 13-VA, William 11-VA, Angeline 9-VA [though listed as a female, this is Sylvenes Randolph Rennix] & Cornelius 5-VA, dau: Luceba 6/12-VA) [son: Alba David Rennix age 3 not listed] [WV: 1850]
Reynolds: Elizabeth Hughes Seaton(5) m: Thomas Mercer Swann Reynolds [RACHEL3] > MO: Saline Co: Miami twp: page 529: dwelling 1149 (T.M.S. 43-VA farmer, wife: Elizabeth 37-KY, sons: Simpson S. 17-KY & Theodore F. 15-KY, daus: Louisa A. 13-KY, Mary E. 11-KY & Sarah Va 8-KY, sons: George G. 5-KY, William 4-KY & Charles 2-KY, dau: Emma 8mos-KY) [KY: 1850]
Reynolds: Harriett Chenoweth(5) m: William Painter Reynolds [JOHN3] > MO: Marion Co: Hannibal, 2nd ward: page 788: dwelling 1015 (William P. 47-PA, wife: Harriet 40-PA, daus: Ella 9-PA & Minnie 5-PA, son: Charles 4/12-MO) [PA: 1850 root family]
Reynolds: Permelia 'Millie' Chenoweth(4) m: 2nd Jacob J. Reynolds [ARTHUR3] > IA: Linn Co: Jackson twp: page 165: dwelling 1132 (Jacob J. 40-PA � farmer, wife: Pamelia 46-OH, daus: Josephine 17-IN, Susannah 15-IN & Belinda 10-IN, other: Thomas Swan 6-IA) [IN: 1850]
Rice, John W.(5) [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 147: dwelling 429 (John W. 45-OH farmer, wife: Martha K. 40-OH, Wm H. 21-OH farmer, dau: Sallie T. 19-OH teacher, son: John J.A. 13-OH, dau: Ella 4-OH) [OH: 1850]
Rice: Josinah 'Lind'(4) m: James Harvey Rice [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 148: dwelling 438 (James H. 66-OH farmer) [OH: 1850]
Rice: Sarah Haines(6) m: David Rice [ELIJAH3] > IL: Champaign Co: Sadorus PO: page 289: dwelling 16 (David 24-VA farmer, wife: Sarah 21-IL, dau: Sarah 2/12-IL, other: John Roe 12-NY) [IL: 1850 root family]
Rich : Rebecca Petro(6) m: Wheeler Rich [MARY3] > IN: Porter Co: Jackson twp: page 445: dwelling 116 (Wheeler 29-IN farmer, wife: Rebecca D. 35-OH)
Richardson: Mary Heaton(6) m: John Henry Richardson [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 773: dwelling 428 (John H. 30-OH master carpenter, wife: Mary F. 27-IN, son: Daniel W. 7-IN, daus: Medora 5-IN, Elizabeth 3-IN & Alamanda 2-IN, son: Orlando C. 4/12-IN, unknown: Joanna Heaton 14-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Ridgeway, Alfred Chenoweth(6) [JOHN3] > OH: Belmont Co: Barnsville: page 332: dwelling 166 (Alfred C 29-VA ties tobacco, wife: Anne 22-OH, dau: Mary 2-OH, son: Richard 6/12-OH, John Ensminger 21-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Ridgeway, David Henry(6) [JOHN3] > OH: Highland Co: Penn twp: page 146: dwelling 2158 (David H 36-VA farmer, wife: Jane 30-OH,daus: Martha 10-OH & Emma 8-OH, sons: Richard 6-OH & Charley 3-OH) [indexed as Ridgney] [OH: 1850]
Rigg: E. Mary 'Polly' Tucker(5) m: 2nd Zachariah Rigg [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Chambersburg: page 323: dwelling 97 (Jacob 72-NC - farmer, wife: Mary 62-VA) [Jacob appears to be Zachariah] [IL: 1850]
Ringland: Jane Bane Weir(6) widow of John Newton Ringland [JAMES CARTER3] > IA: Lee Co: Marion twp: page 357: dwelling 880 (Jane B 36-PA, son: Adam 11-PA, dau: Mary 5-IA, unknown in law; A.H. 32-PA teacher, bro: C.B. Weir 23-PA merchant) [PA: 1850]
Rizer: Mary G. Chenoweth(5) m: Daniel Rizer [JOHN3] > OH: Clinton Co: Clark twp: page 214: dwelling 1100 ([widow] Mary 51-VA, son: John 29-OH, dau: Elizabeth 23-OH, sons: Ellsworth 19-OH & Americus 15-OH, daus: Florance 13-OH & Virginna 7-OH) [indexed as Rigan] [OH: 1850] "
Roan, John Peteet(6) [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Grimes Co: Anderson PO: page 228: dwelling 89 (J.P. 29-GA - farming, wife: M.F. 23-VA, daus: M.F. 3-TX, S. Ida 1-TX, bro(?): J.F. 18-TX (male � maybe Benjamin F.?) [TX: 1850 root family]"
Robards: Elizabeth McKee(6) m: Mauris W. 'Morris' Robards [MARY3] > IN: Grant Co: Monroe twp: page 18: dwelling 136 (Morris H. 22-IN farm laborer, wife: Elisabeth 18-OH, Louis Roush 7-IN [indexed as Roberts]) [IN: 1850 root family]
Rodgers, John(5) [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Otter Creek twp: page 610: dwelling 1029 (John 52-OH farmer, wife: Susannah 39-IN, daus: Mary A. 16-IN & Martha J. 8-IN, sons: John F. 5-IN & George A. 2-IN, others: John Reed 14-England, John Fisher 16-IN) [IN: 1850]
Rogers, Jacob Isaac 'Jake'(7) [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 3: page 2: dwelling 12 (Jacob 21-KY farmer, wife: Martha A. 18-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Rogers: Mary Jane Chenoweth(6) m: Zadock Lovelace Rogers [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 3: page 1: dwelling 10 (Zedock 47-KY farmer, wife: Mary Jane 48-KY, dau: Ruth F. 5-KY) [KY: 1850]
Rose, Eli(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Clark Co: Utica twp: page 530: dwelling 269 (Eli 60-KY merchant, wife: Elizabeth 61-TN, son: J. T. 23-KY) [KY: 1850]
Rose, George S.(6) [RACHEL3] > KY: Nelson Co: district 1: page 228: dwelling 805 (G.S. 29-KY merchant, wife: Alfy 19-KY)
Rose, James Seaton(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Hopkins Co: Madisonville : page 833: dwelling 1661 (James S. 66-KY keeping boardinghouse, 2nd wife: Julia A. 46-KY, sons: Rufus R. 16-KY & C. C. 12-KY, dau: Martha E. 10-KY, & ten other people) [KY: 1850]
Rose, Tobias Butler(6) [RACHEL3] > KY: Nelson Co: district 1: page 228: dwelling 804 (T.B. 38-KY merchant, wife: Martha 32-KY, dau: Mary 12-KY, son: George B. 8-KY, dau: Anna 4-KY, son: Newton 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Ross: Levinia Emeline Clark(6) m: George W. Ross [MARY3] > KS: Bourbon Co: Marmaton PO: page 474: dwelling 1252 (George 30-KY farmer, wife: Lavina 24-IL) [entered as Rose] [IL: 1850 root family]
Ross: Rebecca Carter(6) m: John M. Ross [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 601: dwelling 361 (John M. 25-IL - farmer, wife: Rebecca 20-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Rowan: Mary Ellen Chenoweth(6) m: Eli Howard Rowan [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Roaring Creek PO : page 53: dwelling 377 (Eli H 26-VA farmer, wife: Mary E 23-VA, dau: Florence A. 4-VA, son: Baily 2-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Rowan: Rachel A. Chenoweth(6) m: John Addison Rowan [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 94: dwelling 672 (John A 32-VA farmer, wife: Rachael 31-VA, sons: William J 8-VA, Ely 6-VA, Lee 4-VA & Kent 4-VA, dau: Delphia 1-VA, James Anthony 15-VA farmer) [WV: 1850]
Rowe: Hannah Taylor(6) m: Samuel Rowe [JOHN3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Washington twp: page 75: dwelling 1 (Samuel 48-OH farmer, 2nd wife: Hannah 37-PA, [by first wife] son: Reubin L. 22-OH, [by Hannah] dau: Susana 15-OH, sons: George T. 15-OH, William C. 10-OH & Henry H. 8-OH, dau: Eliza J. 5-OH, son: Charles P. 1-OH, others: Eliza A. Dishong 23-OH, Susana 76-PA Shoemaker) [indexed as Ross] [OH: 1850]
Royal: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Royal [THOMAS3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 503: dwelling 728 (Thomas 36-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 35-OH, sons: John T. 12-OH & James P. 11-IN, daus: Harriet A. 8-IN, Celesta A. 3-IN & Eliza J. 1-IN, son: William A. 6-IN, nephew: Levi Chenethwith 19-OH) [IN: 1850]
Rucker: Rebecca Fairleigh Chenoweth(6) m: Alfred Rucker [WILLIAM3] > CA: Sonoma Co: Vacaville: page 384: dwelling 302 (Alfred 29-MO farmer, wife: Rebecca 28-KY, son: Miles 3-TX) [MO: 1850 root family]
Russell: Elizabeth Isabella Henry(6) m: James Harris Russell [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: Bainbridge PO: page 825: dwelling 174 (J.H. 31-IL farmer, wife: Elizabeth 30-KY, dau: Martha A 9-IL, sons: Monroe 7-IL & William McDowell 5-IL, dau: Mary E. 6/12-IL, John Appleton 23-TN laborer) [John Appleton will marry Harriet Henry, the sister of Elizabeth] [IL: 1850 root family]
Rutherford, James William(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Augusta Co: N. Subdivision: page 957: dwelling 965 (Jas W. 42-VA hotel keeper, wife: Susan 37-VA, son: John C. 17-VA, daus: Mary L. 13-VA, Cornelia J. 11-VA & Susan V. 9-VA, sons: Jas P. 6-VA, Wm R. 3-VA & Charles K. 4/12-VA, unknown: Susan Pane 23-VA) [VA: 1850]
Rutherford, John Henry(5) [JOHN CARTER3] > VA: Frederick Co: 4th district: page 530: dwelling 1907 (John H. 39-VA farmer, wife: Carmilla 40-VA, dau: Susanna 10-VA, son: William B. 9-VA, dau: Mary E. 7-VA, sons: John C. 5-VA & Albert G. 2-VA, domestic: Mary Spence 25-VA, farm laborer: James Townson 30-VA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Sago: Sarah Francis Alsbury(6) m: Samuel Sago [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Derry twp: page 889: dwelling 1104 (Sam 36-PA wagon maker, wife: Sarah F 32-IL, sons: C. Morris 10-IL, George A 8-IL & Alexander 5-IL, dau: Eleanor 4-IL, sons: Asbury 3-IL & Lewis 1-IL) [IL: 1850]
Sain: Savilla Ashbrook(6) m: Samuel M. Sain [MARY3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Pleasant twp: page 960: dwelling 123 (Samuel M. 32-OH - farmer, wife: Sevilla A. 28-OH, sons: Wilson F. 5-OH & Tunis P. 3-OH, dau: Emma 6/12-OH, inknown: Jesse March 28-GER hired hand, Solomon Miller 19-OH, Sarah 21-OH)
Salisbury: Frances Rice(5) m: James Salisbury [WILLIAM3] > IN: Huntington Co: Jackson twp: page 293: dwelling 744 (James 41-OH farmer, wife: Frances J. 35-OH, son: James E. 10-OH, daus: Mary J. 7-IN & Maria A. 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Sanders: Anna H. 'Orleana' Chenoweth(6) m: Washington Jefferson Madison Sanders [JOHN3] > AR: Madison Co: Huntsville: page 502: dwelling 1062 (Wash Sanders 26-TN farmer, wife: Sarah 24-TN) [there are several differences, but this is likely the right people] [AR: 1850 root family]
Sargent: Nancy Rose Chenoweth(5) m: 2nd Stephen Sargent [ARTHUR3] > IL: Coles Co: Hutton twp: page 298: dwelling 2057 (Stephen Sargeant 63-NH farmer, wife: Nancy 53-KY, dau: Margaret 16-IL domestic, son: John 14-IL) [IL: 1850]
Satterthwaite: Joshua Chenoweth(5) remarried to Caleb Satterwaite, also deceased [JOSEPH3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 85: dwelling 113 (Lucinda Satterthwaite 54-NC, dau: Rebecca Satterthwaite 28-OH, son: Joseph J. [Chenoweth] 25-OH, grandsons: Evan C. 10-OH & Joshua 4-OH) [Rebecca married George Ward Satterthwaite and her mother, Lucinda remarried to Caleb Satterthwaite. Both are widowed in the 1860 Census. Joseph J. is Lucinda�s son by Joshua and should be listed as Chenoweth]
Schee: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: James Schee [JOHN3] > IN: Vigo Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 273: dwelling 193 (James 29-DE coal miner, wife: Rebecca 26-IN, daus: Indian 4-IN & Mary 3-IN) [indexed as Schei]
Scofield: Huldah Jane Fox(6) m: Alva Dean Scofield [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 145: dwelling 396 (A D 57-OH farmer, wife: Huldah J 47-OH, daus: Mary A 18-OH, Malinda J 15-OH & Matilda F 12-OH, son: Alva Mc F 10-OH) [OH: 1850]
Scott: Anna Malvina Cowan(6) m: Thomas Scott [WILLIAM3] > IL: Edgar Co: Broulitts Creek twp: page 735: dwelling 43 (Thomas 43-OH farmer, wife: Melvina 37-IN, sons: Thomas M. 15-IL, Alexander 14-IL, George F. 5-IL & Winfield S. 2-IL, dau: Sarah B. 10/12-IL) [IL: 1850]
Scott, James B. Ford(5) [SARAH3] > OH: Ross Co: Chillocothe: page 70: dwelling 931 (James B. 38-OH wholesale dealer grocer, wife: Catherine 32-OH, [unknown relation] Rosa 18-IN, daus: Elizabeth 15-OH & Cary 13-OH, son: Alfred 3-OH, unknown: Magdalena Sweenzer 30-Bavaria) [OH: 1850]
Scott, Levi(5) [SARAH3] > OH: Adams Co: Winchester twp: page 192: dwelling 257 (Levi 32-OH - carriage maker, wife: Martha 30-OH, sons: John W. 10-OH & Charles B. 6-OH, dau: Anna L. 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Scott: Melissa Ferguson(6) m: William H. H. Scott [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamson PO: page 985: dwelling 1230 (William H. H. 22-KY carpenter, wife: Melissa 22-KY, bro: John C. 30 carpenter)
Scowden: Dorcas Chenoweth(5) m: Alexander Scowden [RICHARD3] > OH: Pike Co: Benton twp: page 468: dwelling 94 (Alexander 44-OH farmer, wife: Dorcas 45-OH, son: Wm 20-OH, daus: Nancy 16-OH & Elizabeth 17-OH, son: Sam'l 11-OH, dau: Mary A 6-OH, mother-in-law: Elizabeth Chenoweth 68-KY [indexed: (Scouden]) [OH: 1850]
Seago: Frances J. Peteet(5) m: (2) Eli M. Seago [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > GA: Fulton Co: Atlanta: page 759: dwelling 415 (E.M 37-SC - Produce broker, wife: Francis 34-GA [1st marriage] sons:John S. Sligh 17-AL, Sinnon 15-AL, dau: Matilda 12-AL, son: James M. 11-AL (1850 Mary?), son: Seago, B.W. 7-GA, other: Abbott, Benj 40-SC � law student) [AL: 1850]
Seaman: Edith Indiana Stalnaker(7) m: Moses A. Seaman [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Reedy PO: page 637: dwelling 655 (M.A. 27-VA farmer, wife: Edith 23-VA, daus: Sarah E 5-VA & Virginia A 4-VA, son: Silas B 2-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Seaton, Allen Rose(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 790: dwelling 250 (Allan 52-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 49-KY, son: James 18-IN, dau: Sarah 16-IN, son: Grafton 14-IN, dau: Apphia 11-IN) [IN: 1850]
Seaton, Charles Drake(5) [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: town of Camp Point: page 600: dwelling 545 (Charles 56-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 56-VA, son: James A 20-IL, daus: Mary 17-IL & Lavina 13-IL, Theophotus Remkey 28-OH, Grafton Asher 28-IN) [IL: 1850]
Seaton, Charles H.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 788: dwelling 236 (Charles 25-IN md [doctor]) [IN: 1850 root family]
Seaton, George Kenner(6) [RACHEL3] > IL: Hancock Co: Chili twp: page 487: dwelling 1627 (Geo R. 30-KY - farmer, wife: Eliza Ann 25-IL, unknown child: Wm Colwell 6-PA) [IL: 1850 root family]
Seaton, George W.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 790: dwelling 254 (George 27-IN farmer, Deuranda 22-KY, dau: Oliver 4-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Seaton, John Pound(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Gregg twp: page 790: dwelling 249 (John 29-KY farmer, wife: Ruith 23-KY, dau: Joanna 2-IN, sister-in-law: Alice Carder 19-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Seaton, John Silas(5) [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Camp Point twp: page 949: dwelling 2692 (John 32-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 25-IL, dau: Maria 3-IL, son: James 1-IL, Cordelia Vicars 11-IL, Whitney Castle 21-IN)
Seaton, John Simpson(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: Louisville, 4th ward: page 71: dwelling 511 (J.S. 45-KY doctor, wife: Mary 42-KY, sons: Crittenden 14-KY & Corran L. 11-KY, daus: Amanda B. 7-KY & Eliza W. 5-KY, son:George H. 2-KY) [KY: 1850]
Seaton, Kenner(5) [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Clayton twp: page 899: dwelling 2563 (Kenner 38-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 37-KY, daus: Margaret 16-IL, Rebecca 14-IL & Mary 12-IL, sons: Richard 10-IL & Jacob 8-IL, daus: Sarah 4-IL & Susan 1-IL) [IL: 1850]
Seaton, Richard Aliph(5) [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 1021: dwelling 551 (Richard A 48-KY farmer, wife: Eleanor M 42-KY, dau: Elodie 10-KY, son: Samuel 8-KY, mother: Margaret Seaton 79-VA) [KY: 1850]
Seaton, Richard(4) [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Camp Point twp: page 975: dwelling 3084 (Richard 70-KY farmer, wife: Eleanor 65-KY)
Seaton, Richard Seaton, Jr.(5) [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Camp Point twp: page 948: dwelling 2691 (Richard 24-IL farmer, wife: Eleanor 20-IL, son: William 2-IL)
Severns: Hannah Tredway(5) m: William Severns [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: New Castle twp: page 233: dwelling 367 (William 59-VA - farmer, dau: Mary 26-OH, son: Samuel 20-OH, dau: Christena 17-OH, sons: Crispan 15-OH, Ransom 13-OH, dau: Almeda 11-OH) [OH: 1850]
Severns, James(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > IN: Fulton Co: Newcastle twp: page 656: dwelling 985 (James 35-OH laborer, wife: Mariah 33-PA, son: William 8-OH, dau: Malona 4-OH) [indexed as Sorem] [OH: 1850]
Severns, Leonard(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: New Castle twp: page 233: dwelling 362 (Leonard 33-OH farmer, wife: Sarah E. 23-OH, dau: Martha 11 mos.-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Shaw, Daniel(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 312: dwelling 670 (Daniel 39-OH farmer, wife: Etheliah 37-OH, dau: Alvin Aley 10-OH [this is Viola], sons: Janes Wilson 9-OH & William H. 7-OH, dau: Sarah L. 5-OH, son: Lewis Case Shaw 4-OH, daus: Meliva 2/12-OH twin, Almeda 2/12-OH twin, Nancy E. Carroll 17-OH domestice, George Johnson 56-Scotland stone mason) [OH: 1850]
Shaw, James(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 312: dwelling 669 (James 31-OH farm labor, wife: Mary 29-OH, dau: Mimdy? Jane 6-OH)
Shaw, John(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 318: dwelling 752 (John 37-OH farmer, wife: Asseneth 30-OH, son: William 6-OH, dau: Mary L. 4-OH, sons: James H. 2-OH & John 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Shaw, Joshua(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Perry twp: page 490: dwelling 525 (Joshua 32-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 22-OH, daus: Ruth E. 4-OH, Sarah A. 2-OH & Rebeca E. 1-OH)
Shaw: Sarah Tredway(5) m: James Shaw [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 155: dwelling 132 (James 60-MD - farmer, wife: Sarah 50-MD, son: Lewis 24-OH, daus: Mary 22-OH, Lennie 20-OH, Sarah 18-OH) [OH: 1850]
Sheets, Samuel E.(6) [JOHN3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 3: page 32: dwelling 235 (S.E. Sheets 27-KY constable living with family of: Bernard McCoy 41-KY merchant) [KY: 1850 root family]
Shepherd: Elizabeth Watson Chenoweth(5) m: Andrew J. Shepherd [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 443: dwelling 807 (Andrew 28-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 24-OH, daus: Rebecca J. 7-OH, Josephine 3-OH & Clairetta 1/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Sherwood: Laura J. Ashbrook(6) m: Levi Sherwood [MARY3] > OH: Morrow Co: Peru twp: page 57: dwelling 301 (Lewis 31-VA farmer, wife: Laura 27-OH & dau: Lucy 3-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Shields, Absolom Butler Chenoweth(5) [RUTH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 18th ward: page 412: dwelling 2642 (Absolom 35-MD shoemaker, wife: Margaret 35-ENG, sons: Mellin 11-MD & Edwin 7-MD, daus: Harriett 5-MD & Ellen 1-MD) [indexed as Desheilds] [MD: 1850]
Shields, Joshua(6) [JOHN3] > IN: Carroll Co: Jefferson twp: page 192: dwelling 216 (Joshua 28-OH farmer, dau: Sarah P. 5-IN, wife: Lucinda 28-OH, Wm. Copic 11-IN, William Boggs 41-IN) [this household is split over 2 pages. The Census taker appears to have skipped 2 children and got Lucinda out of order] [IN: 1850 root family]
Shields: Malissa Heaton(6) m: James Hosic Shields [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 977: dwelling 416 (James 29-IN farmer, wife: Melissa 32-IN, daus: Mary E 2-IN & Margaret B. 5/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Shields: Nancy Chenoweth(5) m: Joshua Shields [JOHN3] > IN: Carroll Co: Jefferson twp: page 206: dwelling 309 (Joshua 66-PA farmer, wife: Nancy 62-VA, son: Marion 25-OH laborer, daus: Lydia 23-OH & Margaret 18-IN, son: James 17-IN laborer) [IN: 1850]
Shockey: Evelinah Chenoweth(5) m: John Shocky, Jr. [JOHN3] > OH: Lucas Co: Toledo, 4th ward: page 242: dwelling 2364 (Eveline 50-VA, dau Virginia 18-OH living with Augustus and Hannah How) [indexed as Shockly, this appears to be the correct record as cited by Cora Hiatt who stated that Evelinah has a daughter 'Jennie' who married in Ohio - A corresponding record in 1850 has not be found]
Shoemaker, Leonard C.(5) [ARTHUR3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 20, Enterprise PO: page 728: dwelling 846 (Leonard 30-IN farmer, wife: Mariah 28-IL, daus: Ann 2-MO & Virginia 3/12-MO, mother: Ama 67-KY) [IN: 1850]
Shoemaker: Nancy Chenoweth(6) m: George Shoemaker [JOHN3] > IL: Bond Co: Greenwood PO: page 165: dwelling 301 (George 30-OH, wife: Nancy 23-OH, son: Walter 4-IL, dau: Fanny 2-IL)
Shoemaker, Newton H.(5) [ARTHUR3] > MO: Linn Co: twp 60 range 20, Linnens PO: page 722: dwelling 811 (Newton 28-IN farmer, wife: Rebecca L. 27-IN, dau: Ida Ann 1-MO)
Shoemaker: Rebecca Chenoweth(4) widow of Daniel Shoemaker [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Lauramie twp: page 374: dwelling 126 (Rebecka 63-KY, dau: Mathe 24-IN, son: John 21-IN farmer [in the 1850 Census Martha is 2 years younger than John]) [IN: 1850]
Shoot: Maria Louisa Harlan(6) m: John Sanford Shoot [ARTHUR3] > IL: Coles Co: Ashmore twp: page 260: dwelling 1796 (John Shoots 40-KY farmer, wife: Mary L. 33-IL, dau: Maria 14-IL, sons: Tilford T. 11-IL & Albert 8-IL, dau: Martha 6-IL, son: William 3-IL) [IL: 1850]
Shreve: Mary Ellen Chenoweth(6) m: James H. Shreve [JOHN3] > WI: Bad Ax Co: Greenwood: page 258: dwelling 944 (James 27-OH farmer, wife: Mary 24-OH, sons: John 5-OH & James 1-WI)
Shriver, Arthur C.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Coles Co: Charleston twp: page 195: dwelling 1324 (A.C. Shriver 47-KY merchant, wife: Nancy 45-OH, sons: Alvin 14-OH, George 11-OH & Charles 7-OH, dau: Callie 5-OH, Robert Kimble 21-IN) [OH: 1850]
Shriver, George A.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Pike Co: Newburgh twp: page 347: dwelling 157 (George 40-OH farmer, wife: Mary 38-OH, sons: J.H. 18-OH & W.A. 17-OH, dau: Eunice E 14-OH, son: J.M. 12-OH, daus: Catherine 10-OH & G 6-IL, son: H P 2-IL son) [OH: 1850]
Shriver, Joseph M.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Adams Co: Manchester: page 103: dwelling 268 (Joseph M. 44-KY master farmer, wife: Katherine 46-OH, sons: Danl 19-OH & Levi 14-OH, daus: Madaline 12-OH & Rebecca 10-OH, sons: Jasper 8-OH & Caleb 6-OH, in-laws: Daniel Copple 62-PA & Martha 54-PA) [OH: 1850]
Shriver, Levi B.(5) [ARTHUR3] > IL: Coles Co: Charleston twp: page 61: dwelling 520 (L.B. 35-OH tinner, wife: E.M. 35-OH, dau: Sallie 3-IL) [OH: 1850]
Shriver, William F.(5) [ARTHUR3] > OH: Clermont Co: Franklin twp: page 499: dwelling 1123 (Wm F. 46-KY merchant, wife: Eliza 37-OH, daus: Ella 16-OH & Isabel 15-OH, son: Franklin L 14-OH, daus: Mary A 11-OH, Carrie 5-OH & Emma 3-OH, son: Lincoln 3/12-OH, Amy Joslin 73-NJ) [OH: 1850]
Shrontz: Rebecca Carter(5) m: George Shrontz [JAMES CARTER3] > PA: Washington Co: West Bethlehem: page 1097: dwelling 1186 (George 45-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca 44-PA, daus: Elizabeth 18-PA & Kate 17-PA, son: John 16-PA, daus: Anne 14-PA & Ellen 13-PA, son: Alexander 9-PA, dau: Hannah 6-PA, sons: Harvey 4-PA & Thomas 1-PA) [PA: 1850]
Simmons: Elizabeth Jane Caulfield(7) widow of Finis Simmons [WILLIAM3] > KS: Jefferson Co: Jefferson twp: page 45: dwelling 349 (living with relative David Caulfield 28-TN & family: Elizabeth Simmons 24-IA, son Lewis 3-KS, Amanda 1-KS) [MO: 1850 root family]
Simmons, Hiram(6) [WILLIAM3] > IL: Hancock Co: Bear Creek twp: page 428: dwelling 1240 (Hiram 56-KY - farmer, wife: Nancy 55-NY, daus: Jane 18-IL & Mary Carlile 33-IL, granddaughter: Clara 7-IL, future husband of Nancy Jane?: William Howard 33-NY - engineer) [IL: 1850]
Simmons, Jonathan(6) [WILLIAM3] > OR: Douglas Co: Mount Scott: page 128: dwelling 447 (John 56-KY farmer, wife: Elisabeth 50-KY, sons: Robert 25-IA & Jonathan 23-IL, daus: Mary 16-MO, Catharin 13-MO & Elisabeth 10-MO, sons: Mitchel 7-OR & Joshua 3-OR) [MO: 1850]
Simmons: Lydia P. Ball(6) m: James A. Simmons [JOHN3] > IN: Henry Co: Jefferson twp: page 314: dwelling 706 (James 30-IN farmer, wife: Lydia 25-OH, son: Oliver 4-IN) [indexed as Symons] [IN: 1850 root family]
Simmons: Mahala(6) m: Henry Childs Simmons [WILLIAM3] > IA: Madison Co: Center twp: page 132: dwelling 904 (Henry 39-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Nancy A. 38-IN, [by 1st wife Mahala] dau: Louisa 17-MO, son: Christopher C. 15-MO, dau: Mary C. 13-IA, son: Andrew J. 11-IA [by 2nd wife] children: William D. 7-IA, James M.T. 4-IA, Jeremiah C. 3-IA, Jasper N. 1-IA, Sarah E.1/12-IA) [IA: 1850]
Simmons: Robert Dudley(6) remarried to Franklin Kennedy [WILLIAM3] > WA: Snohomish Co: Arkada PO: page 185: dwelling 12 (Franklin Kennedy 49-KY farmer, wife: Ann 45-NC [widow of Robert Dudley Simmons], unk: Jemius Hunt 26-IN, stepdau: Simmons, Marion 17-MO, children: Kennedy, Eliza J. 15-IL, Asenath A. 9-IL & James G. 5-WA) [IL: 1850]
Simmons, Robert Henry(7) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Montgomery Co: Loutre twp: page 508: dwelling 1381 (Henry 28-IL carpenter, wife: Sarah D. 25-IL, dau: Marinda 11-IL, son: Wm. E. 2-IL) [IL: 1850]
Simmons, William C.(6) [WILLIAM3] > IA: Warren Co: Jefferson twp: page 151: dwelling 1073 (William C. 40-KY farmer, wife: Mary 38-IN, son: James 15-MO, dau: Mary A. 12-IA, son: Lewis 10-IA, dau: Mahala 5-IA sons: John 2-IA & Joseph 7/12-IA, nephew: Bartholemew Simmons 19-MO laborer, Lewis Allen 18-MO laborer & Thomas Allen 16-MO laborer) [William�s wife Mary is an Allen] [IA: 1850]
Simonds: Marie Hannah Rice(5) m: Almond Z. Simonds [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Hamilton twp: page 41: dwelling 207 (A.Z. 33-NY painter, wife: M.T. 33-OH, dau: C.M. 3-OH)
Simpson: Joanna S. White(6) m: Thomas Simpson [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 702: dwelling 980 (Thos 60-TN farmer, wife: Joanna 55-OH, daus: Mary 22-IN & Mira 16-IN) [IN: 1850]
Singleton, James William(7) [MARY3] > KY: Livingston Co: Smithland: page 277: dwelling 633 (J.W. 30-SC physican, wife: Mary E 21-TN, son: Samuel H 2-TN, dau: Mary E [KY: 1850 root family]
Skinner: Harriet Newell Brown(6) m: Thomas Peter Skinner [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Clayton twp: page 169: dwelling 167 (son: Thomas Skinner 26-OH, dau-in-law: Harriet 23-OH living with paremts: Lemuel Skinner 54-VA farmer, wife: Lucinda 53-VA, dau: Sarah 24-OH, sons: Nathan 17-OH & Samuel 15-OH, unknown relations: Lemuel Paxton 7-OH & S Paxton 7-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Skinner, Marion Harper(6) [JOHN3] > IA: Monroe Co: Monroe: page 165: dwelling 1195 (Marion H. 26-OH engineer, wife: Sarah 21-IN, sons: Sanford 2-IA & Charles 3/12-IA)
Slater: Edna Elizabeth Gray(6) m: James Harvey Slater [JOHN3] > OR: Benton Co: Corvalis: page 6: dwelling 81 (James H. 33-IL lawyer, wife: Edna E. 24-TN, sons: Robt J. 4-OR, James D. 3-OR & Woodson T. 1-OR, dau: Olive 2/12-OR) [AR: 1850 root family]
Small: Martha T. Painter(6) m: James B. Small [JOHN3] > IA: Warren Co: Jackson twp: page 856: dwelling 1345 (James 27-PA carpenter, wife: Martha 25-PA, daus: Rosanna 5-IA & Hannah 3-IA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Smallwood: Elizabeth Scott(4) m: Walter Smallwood [SARAH3] > MO: Lafayette Co: Freedom twp: page 571: dwelling 306 (Walter B. 80-VA, son: Tho W. 40-OH lumber merchant, daus: Amanda 44-OH & Amelia 35-OH) [OH: 1850]
Smallwood, Lewis(5) [SARAH3] > MO: Lafayette Co: Lexington twp: page 352: dwelling 52 (Lewis 45-OH farmer, wife: Lavinia 33-NY, dau: Mary 7-MO, son: Edward 6-MO, dau: Laura 2-MO, mother-in-law: Sara Eddy 65-NY) [MO: 1850]
Smith: Eleanor 'Ellen' Chenoweth(5) m: George Smith [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 91: dwelling 753 (George G. 47-VA farmer, wife: Ellen 42-OH, daus: Elizabeth 17-OH, Adeline 14-OH, Melinda 10-OH & Margret 8-OH, sons: Charles 4-OH & John 3-OH, farm hand: Bastle Ward 23-OH) [OH: 1850]
Smith: Elizabeth Ann Cowan(6) m: David Ackley Smith [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Georgetown: page 971: dwelling 2883 (Ackley 26-OH harness maker, wife: Elizabeth 24-IL, sons: Chas 4-IL & Robert 1-IL)
Smith: Harriett Chenoweth(4) m: Amos Branson Smith [ARTHUR3] > IA: Linn Co: Jackson twp: page 177: dwelling 1223 (Amos B. 51, wife: Harriet 52, dau: Mary E. 18, sons: Isaac N. 17, Henry C. 16, Joseph W. 14, David M. 9 & John F. 7) [IN: 1850]
Smith: Jane Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: William G. Smith [RICHARD3] > IN: Greene Co: Stockton twp: page 538: dwelling 782 (William 51-VA farmer, wife: Jane 54-KY, sons: James C. 18-IN & William G. 16-IN, dau: Marilla J. 12-IN & Margaret 10-IN)
Smith, John T. (6) [RICHARD3] > IN: Greene Co: Richland twp: page 744: dwelling 1087 (John T. 28-IN atty at law, wife: Mary C. 22-IN, dau: Anna L 1-IN, sister-in-law: Nancy J. Armstrong 14-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Smith: Louisa Catherine 'Susan' Allen(7) m: Thomas K. Smith [WILLIAM3] > MO: Andrew Co: Platte twp: page 300: dwelling 555 (Thos K. Smith 33-MO farmer, wife: L.C. 30-IL, sons: J.F. 10-MO, G.W. 8-MO & F.M. 6-MO, dau: S.A. 4-MO, son: T.N. 11/12-MO) [MO: 1850]
Smith: Malvina Wood(7) m: George W. Smith [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Elwood twp: page 898: dwelling 2376 (George W. 20-ME? farmer, wife: Melvina 18-IL, dau: Lisletta? 6/12-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Smith: Mary Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Henry Smith [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Perrysville twp: page 52: dwelling 137 (Thomas H. 44-VA merchant, wife: Mary A. 35-IN, dau: Lille M. 8-IN, sons: Byron E. 6-IN & Edwin C. 3-IN, laborer: William Stockwell 25-IL) [IN: 1850]
Smith: Mary Ashbrook(5) m: Henry A. Smith [MARY3] > IL: Coles Co: South Okaw twp: page 168: dwelling 1150 (H.A. 23-IN farm tenant, wife: Mary 25-OH, twins: Alma 1/12-IL & Alvin 1/12-IL, farm laborer: Lilburn G Dixon 20-IL, G W Bishop 27-IL & Patrick Summers 23-IRE) [OH: 1850]
Smith: Mary L. Bell(6) widow of Daniel Smith [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Bureau Co: Greenville: page 466: dwelling 3208 (Mary 35-VA, dau: Martha 15-OH, sons: George 14-OH & Daniel 10-OH, dau: May 5-OH) [OH: 1850]
Smith: Rachel Seaton(5) m: Washington Smith [RACHEL3] > IL: Moultrie Co: Sullivan PO: page 914: dwelling 193 (Washington 42-KY principal teacher, wife: Rachael 36-KY, sons: Marcellus 17-MO farm laborer, Canning 14-MO, Chalmers 11-KY & James Seaton Smith 8-KY, dau: Susannah 11mos-IL) [KY: 1850]
Smith: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Charles G. Smith [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 80: dwelling 585 (Rebecca 46-OH farmer's widow, daus: Sarah 18-OH, Nancy 15-OH, Anselema 12-OH & Laura 5-OH) [OH: 1850]
Smith: Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: David W. Smith, Jr. [JOHN3] > IN: Vermillion Co: Perrysville twp: page 49: dwelling 119 (David, Jr 39-VA merchant, wife: Rebecca 34-IN, sons: Henry T. 11-IN & John W. 5-IN, unknown: Lucetta Sanders 15-IN) [IN: 1850]
Smith: Sarah Fox(6) m: Joseph David Smith [MARY3] > OH: Warren Co: Salem twp: page 140: dwelling 329 (Joseph P 36-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 37-OH, dau: Emma A 8-OH, son: David M 6-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Snead: Louisa Westrope(6) m: William Gude Snead [MARY3] > WI: Grant Co: Wingville: page 776: dwelling 1044 (Robert 35-MO farmer, wife: Louisa 35-IL, daus: Ellen 15-WI, Allace 13-WI, & Clementine 11-WI, son: Charles 6-WI [indexed as Smead]) [WI: 1850]
Snyder: Mary Lucinda Morrison(5) m: Asa Snyder [MARY3] > KS: Linn Co: Mound City : page 109: dwelling 802 (A. Snyder 28-IN no occ listed, wife: Mary 28-IL, son: Ezra 7-IL, dau: Annetta 2-KS)
Snyder: Vienna Ashbrook(6) m: William Fredrick Snyder [MARY3] > OH: Pickaway Co: Walnut twp: page 93: dwelling 241 (William 37-PA farmer, wife: Vienna 26-OH, daus: Mary J 3-OH & Eugenie A 1-OH, mother: Catharine Snider 77-PA [indexed as Snider]) [OH: 1850 root family]
Southworth: Hulda Rogers(5) m: Asa Southworth [ARTHUR3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 325: dwelling 138 (Asa A 40-VA tailor, wife: Huldah 42-OH, son: Arthur J 12-OH, dau: Margaret R 10-OH) [OH: 1850]
Spangler: Rachel Ann McDonough(7) m: Jacob J. Spangler [MARY3] > IL: McDonough Co: Macomb twp: page 151: dwelling 1052 (Jacob 24-OH farmer, wife: Rachall 22-OH, son: Reuben 2-IL, dau: Sarah 7/12-IL)
Spencer: Roxanna 'Roxie' Morgan(7) m: Calvin Spencer [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 164: dwelling 500 (Calvin 28-KY farmer 2nd wife Roxy A 21-KY married with 1 year, children by 1st wife: Dr Franklin 6-KY & Sarah E 4-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Spencer: Sarah Elizabeth Morgan(7) m: James M. Spencer [WILLIAM3] > KY: LaRue Co: Hodgenville PO: page 30: dwelling 195 (J.M. 24-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 18-KY, son: J.G. 4/12-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Sperry: Ruth Rees(5) m: Erastus Sperry [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Blount twp: page 790: dwelling 1642 (Ruth 41-IN - farmer, son: Walace 19-IL, dau: Amanda 10-IL) [IL: 1850]
Spining: Mary Ellen Brooks(7) m: Charles Spining [JOHN3] > IL: Edgar Co: Grandview twp twp: page 591: dwelling 1562 (Charles P. 29-OH O.S.P.P, wife: Mary E. 25-IL, dau: Lila M. 3mos-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Stallard: Jemima Butler(6) m: George Stallard [RUTH3] > IL: Richland Co: German twp: page 225: dwelling 227 (George 34-OH farmer, wife: Jemimah 21-OH, sons: Edward 5-IL & William 2-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Stalnaker: Emaline E. Taylor(7) m: Hyre B. Stalnaker [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO : page 91: dwelling 652 (Hyre 22-VA farmer, wife: Emaline 23-VA, son: Rufus 6/12-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Stalnaker, George Washington(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO: page 50: dwelling 552 (widow: Elizabeth 49-VA, dau: Mary C. 19-VA, sons: Addison C. 18-VA farmer & George W. 16-VA) [WV: 1850]
Stalnaker, Henson W.(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 90: dwelling 641 (Henson 21-VA farmer & Anxina 21-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Stalnaker, Isaac White(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Taylor Co: Puntytown PO: page 633: dwelling 983 (J.W. 51-VA merchant, wife: Harriet 39-VA, dau: Lucinda A. 18-VA, son: Lloyd C. 15-VA, daus: Mary A. 8-VA & Laura 6/12-MD)
Stalnaker, Jehu Chenoweth(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Braxton Co: Braxton PO: page 435: dwelling 591 (Jehu 35-VA farmer, wife: Rebecca 35-VA, sons: Lemuel 5-VA, Isaac 3-VA & William 2-VA) [indexed as John] [WV: 1850 root family]
Stalnaker, John I.(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO: page 78: dwelling 545 (John I. 30-VA farmer, wife: Mary 31-VA, Brown Turner 10-VA)
Stalnaker, Levi Ward(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO: page 78: dwelling 546 (Levi W 37-VA farmer, wife: Amanda 33-VA, son: Isaac D 12-VA) [WV: 1850]
Stalnaker, Marshall Allen Chenoweth(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Leroy PO: page 635: dwelling 641 (M.A.C. 29-VA farmer, wife: Delila 21-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Stalnaker: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: John White Stalnaker [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO: page 78: dwelling 544 (John W 77-VA farmer, wife: Mary 75-VA, dau: Eliza 40-VA) [WV: 1850]
Stalnaker, Oliver Cromwell(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 90: dwelling 642 (Oliver 27-VA farmer, wife: Susannah 25-VA, sons: William 6-VA & J. Asberry 5-VA, daus: Martha E. 4-VA & Ann E. 2/12-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Stalnaker: Rachel(6) m: Asbury Stalnaker [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 90: dwelling 640 (Asberry 55-VA farmer, wife: Rachael 55-VA, son: Alba 15-VA farmer, daus: Harriet 24-VA & Catherine 11-VA) [WV: 1850]
Stalnaker, Richard(6) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Kanawha Co: Charleston: page 144: dwelling 1002 (Richard 53-VA day boatman, wife: Mary 50-VA, sons: Asbury 18-VA, Morgan 14-VA & Richard 12-VA, dau: Mary 10-VA) [WV: 1850]
Stalnaker, Sullivan Isaac(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Braxton Co: Braxton PO: page 454: dwelling 731 (Sullivan J 24-VA farmer, wifw: Drusilla 20-VA, father: Eli 56-VA farmer, mother: Mary 55-VA)
Stalnaker: Susannah Chenoweth(6) m: John W. Stalnaker [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Leroy PO: page 635: dwelling 640 (John 56-VA farmer, wife: Susan 48-VA, son: Milton E 16-VA farm laborer, dau: Louisa 13-VA, son: David 10-VA) [WV: 1850]
Stalnaker, Uzzill William(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Gilmer Co: DeKalb PO: page 1009: dwelling 608 (Uzial 35-Randolph VA, Martha J 20 Lewis VA, dau: Mary E. 1-Gilmer VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Stalnaker, Wellington(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Kanawha Co: Charleston: page 81: dwelling 470 (Wellington 26-VA boatman, wife: Susan 23-VA, son: James R 2-VA, dau: Nancy G 3/12-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Stanton: Malinda Wilson(6) m: Daniel Stanton [JOHN3] > IL: Fulton Co: Orion twp: page 521: dwelling 1212 (Daniel 42-CT farmer, wife: Malinda 36-IN, sons: Henry 10-IL & Alford 1-IL, Frances Gines 17-VA) [IL: 1850]
Staples: Cordelia Corintha Appling(6) m: John Douglas Staples [RICHARD JOHN PETEET3] > TX: Guadalupe Co: Prairie Lea: page 312: dwelling 490 (J. D. 30-TN farmer, wife: Cordelia 22-GA, sons: Francis 3-TX & Augustus 1-TX, mother: Nancy Staples 60-TN) [AL: 1850 root family]
Stapleton: Elizabeth McKee(6) m: James Samuel Stapleton [JOHN3] > KY: Shelby Co: district 2: page 85: dwelling 630 (Saml 29-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 25-KY, son: George 4-KY, dau: Josephine 2-KY) [indexed as Stapelton] [KY: 1850 root family]
Stark: Sarah Precious Rogers(7) m: John C. Stark [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 3: page 2: dwelling 11 (John C 28-KY farmer, wife: Sarah P 25-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Stell: Ivah Petro(6) m: Oliver Stell [MARY3] > IN: Porter Co: Jackson twp: page 439: dwelling 69 (Oliver 43-OH farmer, wife: Ivy 41-OH, son: Albert 16-IN, dau: Sarah J. 13-IN, sons: Marvin 8-IN & Harris 6-IN, daus: Martha M. 4-IN & Rebecca 1-IN) [indexed as Steel] [IN: 1850]
Stephenson: Indiana Chenoweth(5) m: Archibald Stephenson [JOHN3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Wayne twp: page 533: dwelling 190 (Archibald 43-TN farmer, [2d wife] Mahala 34-OH, [children by 1st wife Indiana] dau: Elizabeth 17-IN idiotic, sons: William P. 16-IN & Eli C. 15-IN, daus: Josephine 9-IN & Rhoda R. 8-IN, unknown [step-children?]: William W. Resar 15-IN, Eunice 13-IN, servant: Elizabeth Miller 23-IN, [brother?] Stevenson, Thomas 30-IN farmer) [IN: 1850]
Stevens: Ann Rebecca Betz(6) m: Anson Alden Stevens [ISAAC3] > IA: Iowa Co: Dayton twp: page 577: dwelling 626 (Anson 29-NY farmer, wife: Ann 26-OH, son: David 4-IA, dau: Alice A 3-IA, sons: John W 1-IA & Ira E 2/12-IA, unknown relation: Susan Betz 33-OH [indexed as Stephens]) [OH: 1850 root family]
Stewart: Luranna Gordon(5) m: Hugh Stewart [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Adams twp: page 448: dwelling 130 (Hugh 36-OH farmer, wife: Luranah 37-OH, son: James W. 11-OH, daus: Anna E. 9-OH, Mary E. 7-OH & Margaret J. 6-OH, son: John H. 2-OH [indexed as Stuart]) [OH: 1850]
Stewart: Lydia Ann Stuckey(6) m: Benjamin B. Stewart [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Floyd Co: New Albany: page 343: dwelling 169 (D.G. 55-GA - physician, wife: Althaia 52-OH, daus-in-law: Lydia A. 28-IN, Helen B. 25-IN, grandchildren: Clara 10-IN, Benjamine 8-IN, David L. 6-IN, Charles 5-IN, unknown: Josiah Young17-IN) [IN: 1850]
Stewart: Prisciila Switzer(5) m: Samuel Stewart [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: page 253: dwelling 927 (widow: Pracilla 58-VA, daus: Mary M 30-VA, Martha J 26-VA, Pracilla 25-VA, Virginia 20-VA & James 17-VA) [VA: 1850]
Still: Eliza Petro(6) m: Jeptha Still [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Connersville twp: page 622: dwelling 391 (Isaac 72NJ farmer, son: Jeptha 39-OH farmer, dau-in-law: Eliza 34-IN, grandchildren: Olive 12-IN, Omer 12-IN, Wright 10-IN, Harrison 5-IN, Emaline 5-IN & Isaac 3-IN) [indexed as Stelle] [IN: 1850]
Stinson: Louisa Ellen McDowell(7) m: Obed D. Stinson [WILLIAM3] > MO: Jasper Co: Carthage twp: page 830: dwelling 460 (Obed D. 32-NC blacksmith, wife: Louisa E 25-MO, son: Theodore 5-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Stone: Catherine Tobitha Casebier(7) m: William Stone [WILLIAM3] > KS: Chase Co: Toledo PO: page 685: dwelling 380 (William 37-England farmer, wife: Catharine 21-IA, son: James R. 1-KS) [IA: 1850 root family]
Stone: Margaret Kinnear(6) m: William P. Stone [RICHARD3] > IA: Lucas Co: Benton twp: page 579: dwelling 632 (William P 43-MA farmer, wife: Margaret 31-IN, son: Clark 4-IA, dau: Kittie 2-IA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Stoneburner: Eleanor Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Stoneburner [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Lexington: page 270: dwelling 383 (Samuel 57-VA day laborer, wife: Eleanor 47-VA, dau: Margaret 22-OH, son: James 12-OH, Charles H. Bumgarner 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Stoneburner, William(6) [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 293: dwelling 709 William 31-OH farm laborer, wife: Cintha 22-OH, dau: Margaret A 5-OH, son: Jesse B 3-OH, dau: Nancy E 1-OH) [indexed as Stoneberner, Wm is incorrectly assigned to house next door] [OH: 1850 root family]
Storm: Rebecca Williams(5) m: Levi Storm [RICHARD3] > IN: Tippecanoe Co: Sheffield twp: page 499: dwelling 697 (Levi 35-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 39-OH, son: Joseph 4-IL, nephew: James Loney 17-IN - domestic, farm hand: Royal S.Runs 30-OH)
Stover, Jacob Henry(3) [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Harford Co: Marshall: page 489: dwelling 1482 (Jacob 26-MD laborer, wife: Elizabeth 23-MD, dau: Rebecca 4-MD, son: Abraham 2-MD)
Stover: Susan Chenoweth(2) m: Francis H. Stover [unknown: GEORGE] > MD: Harford Co: 1st district: page 49: dwelling 520 ([widow] Susan Stover 44-MD, granddau: Rebecca 4-MD, niece: Mary Chinowith 20-MD steamstress) [MD: 1850]
Strawn: Anna Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Cooper Strawn [JOHN3] > OH: Perry Co: Pike twp: page 283: dwelling 577 (Thomas 62-PA farmer, wife: Ann 61-VA, [by previous marriage] Thomas J. 25-OH, Hannah J. 23-OH, Martha Wilson 33-OH, Jane E. 8-OH, Isaac Bennett 14-NJ - farmer) [OH: 1850]
Streett, Joseph(5) [HANNAH3] > MO: St Louis Co: 8th ward: page 841: dwelling 1201 (Joseph 35-MD house builder, wife: Elizabeth 30-MO, daus: Isabella11-MO, Sarah 6-MD & Julia 4-MD, son: Eugene 10/12-MD) [MO: 1850]
Streett: Susan Ashton(4) m: Thomas Streett [HANNAH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 8th ward: page 78: dwelling 1993 (Thomas 67-MD hotelkeeper, wife: Sarah 65-MD, sons: David 39-MD hotelkeeper, unknown relation: Mary 50-MD, son: Charles 18-MD, grandson: Henry 5-MD, many hotel guests) [MD: 1850]
Strother: Sarah Ann Baldwin(5) m: 2nd Robert Lawson Strother [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 85: dwelling 1212 (Robert L 58-VA farmer, 2nd wife: Sarah A 40-VA, [by 1st wife] dau: Laura A. 11-OH, [by Sarah] daus: Eva A. 7-OH, Sidney S 3-OH & Elanor C 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Stuckey: Stephen Van Buren(6) m: & Angelina(5) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Floyd Co: New Albany: page 374: dwelling 394 (Stephen 26-KY finher?, wife: Margaret 28-IN son: Allen C. 2-IN, dau: Augustina 5/12-IN, mother: Angelina Reineking 53-VA, nephew: Benjamin Stewart 8-IN [indexed as Stickey]) [IN: 1850 root family]
Stump: Catherine Ann Stalnaker(7) m: Silas Stump [WILLIAM3] > WV: Calhoun Co: Arnoldsburg PO: page 6: dwelling 730 (Silas 32-VA farmer, wife: Catharine A 28-VA, daus: Laverna J. 10-VA & Blanche G 8-VA, sons: Eli J. 6-VA, Dyer W 4-VA & Sullivan J 10/12-VA) [WV: 1850]
Sturgeon: Margaret Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Sturgeon [JOHN3] > IN: Warren Co: Williamsport: page 698: dwelling 870 (Margaret 30-IN widow, son: Scott: 12-IN, daus: Harriet 10-IN & Frances 8-IN, son: Edward 6-IN, niece: Rachel Davison 20-IL - servant) [IN: 1850]
Sunderland: Ann Elizabeth Ridgeway(6) m: George W. Sunderland [JOHN3] > OH: Belmont Co: Barnsville: page 329: dwelling 124 (Geo W 35-MD ties tabacco, wife: Ann E Sunderland 29-VA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Sutton, Abraham B.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jennings twp: page 606: dwelling 267 (Abraham 52-OH farmer, wife: Sarrah 57-IN, son: William 22-IN farm laborer, dau: A. 19-IN [Anchor], sons: David 18-IN farm laborer & Thompson 13-IN, dau: Sarah 12-IN) [IN: 1850]
Sutton, Andrew R.(6) [MARY3] > MO: Clark Co: Folker twp: page 802: dwelling 37 (Andrew R. 38-IN, wife: Ann Sutton 34-IN, unk: Charles Ellire? 15-KY, son: J. Sutton 10-MO, dau: M. M. Sutton 5-MO [this is Amanda], son: J. F. Sutton 1-MO) [MO: 1850]
Sutton, David Sutton, Jr.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Center twp: page 877: dwelling 964 (David 58-OH farmer, wife: Caroline 35-PA, dau: Laura M. 1-IN, farm hand: Arthur Boyd 23-IN) [IN: 1850]
Sutton, Ebenezer Heaton(6) [MARY3] > IN: Kosciusko Co: Seward twp: page 304: dwelling 589 (Ebenezer 45-IN farmer, wife: Laura A 36-NY, probable nieces: Cynthia Sutherland 18-IN & Emaline Sutherland 10-IN, daus: Mariah Sutton 7-IN, Corrine 5-IN & Laura 1-IN, nehews: Wm Sutton 15-IN & Ebenzer 13-IN, others: Phebe Dail 22-SCOT domestic, Ludorf Roloff 36-PRUS laboror) [Mariah etal listed in household 590] [IN: 1850]
Sutton, John(6) [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Center twp: page 877: dwelling 963 (John 29-IN - farmer, wife: Hannah P. 22-NC, daus: Frances A. 2-IN, Perdita 10/12-IN, unknown: Naomi Davis 38-OH) [IN: 1850 root family]
Sutton, Jonathan(5) [MARY3] > IL: Menard Co: twp 18, range 8: page 798: dwelling 360 (Jonathan 55-OH farmer, wife: Hannah 56-OH, dau: Sarah 32-OH, son: Leonard 21-OH farm laborer) [IL: 1850]
Sutton, Samuel H.(6) [MARY3] > IN: Rush Co: Center twp: page 881: dwelling 995 (Samuel H 25-IN farmer, wife: Naomi A 19-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Switzer, George Washington(5) [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: page 138: dwelling 113 (George 46-VA farmer, wife: Sarah A 46-VA, daus: Roberta 17-VA & Penelope 15-VA, son: Cephas 14-VA, daus: Isabella 12-VA, Emma 10-VA & Paulina 8-VA, son: Charles W. 6-VA, sister: Magdalina 52-VA, unknown relation: Demias 32-VA [f]) [VA: 1850]
Switzer, James Wilson(6) [THOMAS3] > WV: Nicholas Co: Summerville: page 1047: dwelling 32 (James W 27-VA wagonmaker, wife: Hudlah Ann 20-VA, dau: Edmonice Alice 3-VA, son: Charles Charmers 11/12-VA) [VA: 1850 root family]
Switzer, Jonathan(6) [THOMAS3] > WV: Cabell Co: Cabell Court House PO: page 22: dwelling 145 (Jonathan 30-VA lawyer, wife: Ellen 31-VA, sons: Rufus P 4-VA & E C R 2-VA, dau: Vara A. 6/12-VA, Frances Peyton 20-VA domestic) [VA: 1850 root family]
Switzer, Lewis(6) [THOMAS3] > KY: Ballard Co: Tharps district: page 696: dwelling 907 (Lewis 47-VA carpenter, wife: Celinda R 43-VA, son: Augustus M 19-VA, daus: Edmonia C 16-VA, Sally C 9-VA, Martha L 7-KY & Alverda 5-KY, son: Canaro D. 2-KY) [VA: 1850]
Switzer, Madison Monroe(5) [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: page 139: dwelling 115 (Madison 50-VA farmer, wife: Lucy A 50-VA, sons: George M. 25-VA school teacher & William B 22-VA, dau: Ann E. 20-VA, sons: Jane H. 18-VA [listed as female] & Nathaniel 16-VA, daus: Janetta 14-VA & Lucretia 12-VA, son: Joseph B. 9-VA, daus: Ellen P. 7-VA & Allice 5-VA) [Ellen P. is believed to be Louise] [VA: 1850]
Switzer: Rebecca Ann Couchman(6) m: John Switzer [SAMUEL3] > IN: La Porte Co: Kankakee twp: page 297: dwelling 867 (John 40-PA farmer, wife: Rebecca A. 34-VA, sons: William A. 5-OH, Wellington 4-OH & George W. 3-OH, dau: Minnie J. 3-IN, son: David 1-IN, other: Isabella Francis 14-VA) [OH: 1850 root family]
Switzer, Thomas(5) [THOMAS3] > VA: Botetourt Co: page 318: dwelling 1380 (Thomas 59-VA farmer, wife: Mary 53-VA, son: Rufus 16-VA, dau: Virginia 13-VA) [VA: 1850]
Taggart: Mary M. Chenoweth(6) m: Soloman P. Taggart [WILLIAM3] > IL: Monroe Co: Red Bud PO: page 143: dwelling 1068 (Soloman 32-VA farmer, wife: Mary 40-VA, dau: Louisa 20-VA, son: Loman 18-VA, dau: Elizab 16-VA, sons: Carol 14-VA & William 11-VA, dau: Celliet 8-IL, son: Edwin 5-IL) [WV: 1850]
Talbot: Lucy B. Daingerfield(6) m: Thomas E. Talbot [JOHN3] > IN: Putnam Co: Floyd: page 490: dwelling 433 (James E. 29-KY farmer, wife: Lucinda 29-KY, laborer: Thomas Doshortyv 21-IN) [IN: 1850]
Talbot: Rebecca Chenoweth(4) m: William S. Talbot [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Pike Co: Piketon: page 332: dwelling 243 (William 53-OH farmer, wife: Rebecca 50-OH, daus: Mary S. 23-OH & Sarah 20-OH) [Though Mary and Sarah are listed as Talbot, they appear to be the Reed daughters of Rebecca's first marrige to William Reed]
Tamsett: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: John Tamsett [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 106: dwelling 428 (Jno 42-OH, wife: Rachel 26-OH dau: Mary C. 9-OH, farmer: Albert Cornell 23-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Tarr: Eleanor Chenoweth(6) m: Green Tarr [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: Paoli twp: page 742: dwelling 781 (Green 26-IN miller, wife: Ellen 24-IN, daus: Mary E. 6-IN, Martha E. 2-IN & Rebecca A. 1-IN, Miles Miller 36-KY shoemaker) [IN: 1850 root family]
Tarr: Julia Ann Chenoweth(6) m: William Tarr [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: South East twp: page 554: dwelling 181 (William 32-IN farmer, wife: Julia A. 26-IN, sons: Joseph W. 5-IN & John M. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 living with sister]
Tate: Margaret Kincaid Chenoweth(6) m: John Humphreys Tate [RICHARD3] > OH: Hamilton Co: Cincinnati, 1st ward: page 47: dwelling 422 (John H 43-VA doctor, George Andrew 22-FRA musical teacher, wife: Maggie Kate Tate 28-KY, son: John C 16-OH, dau: Abbie H 4-OH, son: William P 2-OH, Hanna Williams 36-WALES servant) [OH: 1850 root family]
Taylor, David Blackman(7) [WILLIAM3] > WV: Gilmer Co: Glennville PO: page 978: dwelling 375 (David B 30-VA farmer, wife: Mary 29-VA, son: Isaac B 7-VA, dau: Madora A 5-VA, son: Jacob S 3-VA, bro: Isaac C 27-VA farmer, George W Townsend 18-VA service) [WV: 1850 root family]
Taylor, John(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Ashland Co: Sulliavn twp: page 28: dwelling 445 (John 70-PA mason, 2nd wife: Jane 47-OH, [by 2nd wife Jane] dau: Hannah 8-OH, sons: John Q A 7-OH & Hiram L. 5-OH) [OH: 1850]
Taylor: Mary Ann Chenoweth(5) m: Hiram W. Taylor [WILLIAM3] > OH: Warren Co: Wayne twp: page 105: dwelling 416 (Hiram W. 64-VA school teacher, wife: Mary A. 41-OH) "
Taylor: Melinda Chenoweth(6) m: George Washington 'Wash' Taylor [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Leedsville PO : page 91: dwelling 651 (Washington 56-VA farmer, wife: Malinda 54-VA, sons: Francis M. 21-VA farmer, Henderson H. 18-VA farmer, & Oler W. 16-VA farmer, dau: Mary 15-VA) [WV: 1850]"
Taylor, Richard(5) [JOHN3] > OH: Clermont Co: Monroe twp: page 422: dwelling 11 (Richard 63-PA - farmer, wife: Eliza 58-PA, son: Evans 17-PA) [OH: 1850]
Taylor: Ruth Ann Davis(5) m: Hezekiah Taylor [RUTH3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 12th ward: page 245: dwelling 1540 (Hezekiah 60-MD clerk, wife: Ruth 61-MD, daus: Rebecca 23-MD, Julia 19-MD & Adaline 17-MD, son: William 14-MD) [MD: 1850]
Taylor: Sarah C. Gray(6) m: Elbert E. Taylor [JOHN3] > OR: Benton Co: Corvalis: page 19: dwelling 86 (Elbert E 34-TN trader, wife: Sarah C 32-TN, dau: Cynthia A 14-TN, sons: Hugh R 12-AR, Elbert G 10-AR & Jay L 6-OR, dau: Martha E 4-OR, son: James B 1-OR) [AR: 1850]
Tennant: Mary Ellen Chenoweth(6) m: Elijah G. Tennant [JOHN3] > IN: Putnam Co: Greencastle twp: page 356: dwelling 178 (Elijah Y. 35-KY farmer, wife: Mary E. 24-VA, sons: Lawrence 7-IN & Henry 3-IN,laborer: James Nelson 15-IN , Samuel Emerson 60- NJ carpenter, Unknown relations: Mary Tennant 61-KY & Elizabeth Tennant 58-KY, bro-in-law: Robert Chenoweth 23-VA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Tharp: Margaret Chenoweth(5) m: Benjamin Northcote Tharp [THOMAS3] > IL: Tazewell Co: Pekin: page 306: dwelling 433 (Benj N Tharp 58-KY laborer, 2nd wife: Emaline A 43-KY) [Benjamin has remarried to Emaline Stone] [IL: 1850]
Thomas: Mary Jane Farrar(6) m: Owen Thomas [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Oak Run twp: page 345: dwelling 648 (Owen 24-OH farmer, wife: Mary J. 20-OH, son: Byron 3/12-OH, others: Laura Chapman 13-OH, Michael Neal 19-Ireland � farm laborer) [OH: 1850 root family]
Thomas: Sarah Seaton(6) m: William Reader Thomas [RACHEL3] > MO: Linn Co: page 736: dwelling 901 (W.R. 30-IL farmer, wife: Sarah 27-KY, sons: Charles 9-IL, James H 6-IL, Arthur E. 3-MO & Newton 1-MO) [IL: 1850 root family]
Thompson: Anna Mariah Chenoweth(4) m: 2nd James H. Thompson [RICHARD3] > TX: Smith Co: Jones: page 51: dwelling 339 (Jas H. 44-TN farmer, wife: Ann 46-TN, sons: William 20-AL farm laborer & John W. 18-AL farm laborer, dau: Susan 13-AL, sons: Felix 10-AL & Wiley 9-AL) [AL: 1850]
Thompson: Catherine R. Daniels(7) m: Burl B. Thompson [WILLIAM3] > MO: Putnam Co: Breckenridge twp: page 528: dwelling 1296 (B. 27-VA farmer, wife: Catharine 29-VA, son: Marshall 3-MO) [WV: 1850 root family]
Thompson: Martha 'Patsy' Chenoweth(6) m: James S. Thompson [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 465: dwelling 77 (James 60-KY, wife: Patsy 45-KY, nephew: Miles Chenowoth 18-IL) [IL: 1850]
Thompson: Nancy Simpson(7) m: G.C.W. Thompson [MARY3] > IN: Union Co: Liberty twp: page 298: dwelling 621 (G C W 42-MD justice of the peace, wife: Nancy F 33-IN, son: Claudius W 7-IN, other family: John Leek 31-PA blacksmith, Narrissa Leek 20-IN, Charles W Leek 1-IN, Margaret E Leek 8.12-IN, David M Little 16-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Thompson: Rebecca Bruce Chenoweth(6) m: Oran S. Thompson [ABSOLOM3] > NE: Cass Co: Plattsmouth PO: page 76: dwelling 176 (O.S. 28-NY farmer, wife: Rebecca 22-IL, son: Francis 4-IL, dau: Ella 2-IL, carpenter: Joseph Kerr 25-OH, clothier J.M. Bradly 35-NY) [IL: 1850 root family]
Thornton: Malinda J.(6) m: Daniel T. Thornton [ARTHUR3] > IN: Putnam Co: Monroe twp: page 31: dwelling 230 (Danl 49-KY farmer, wife: Malinda 27-KY, [children by 1st wife] James 10-IN, Charley 4-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Thornton: Susannah Chenoweth(7) m: William Edward Thornton [WILLIAM3] > MO: De Kalb Co: Washinton twp: page 641: dwelling 544 (William E. 19-MO farmer, wife: Susannah 21-IA, twins: Samuel J. 1-MO & Mary E. 1-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Thurman, Ephraim Ross(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 353: dwelling 1013 (Ephraim 26-IN farmer, wife: Sarah 21-IN, son: Orville S. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Thurman, Joseph Absolom(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Kirklin twp: page 340: dwelling 914 (Joseph 28-IN farmer, wife: Eveline F. 22-KY, daus: Mary F. 5-IN, Attara M. 2-IN & Rachel F. 7/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Thurman: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: Elijah Thurman [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Clinton Co: Sugar Creek twp: page 353: dwelling 1012 (Elijah 58-KY farmer, wife: Mary 59-KY, Rachel Meece 13-IN, Edna Thurman 5-IN) [it is not known who Edna is] [IN: 1850]
Tidball: Sarah Pearson Chenoweth(5) m: James S. Tidball [JOHN3] > PA: Lawrence Co: New Castle Borough: page 181: dwelling 292 (J.S. 38-PA grocer, wife: Sarah 37-PA, sons: Geo P. 13-PA, Ed E. 12-PA & Jno C. 9-PA, dau: Hetty 7-PA, son: Arthur 1-PA, servant: May Hay 19-PA) [PA: 1850]
Tonsley: Sarah Tharp(6) m: Francis Tonsley [THOMAS3] > IL: Tazewell Co: Pekin: page 306: dwelling 434 (Francis 37-OH laborer, wife: Sarah 30-IL, sons: Olin W 1-IL & Joseph B 1/12-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Toops: Emily Downing(6) m: Henry Toops [MARY3] > OH: Pike Co: Waverly: page 384: dwelling 979 (Henry 33-OH day laborer, wife: Emily 23-OH, son: Jefferson 5-OH, dau: Elizabeth 3-OH, son: Jacob 3/12-OH) [indexed as Tubs] [OH: 1850 root family]
Tredway, Abraham Fry(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 308: dwelling 614 (A.F. 27-OH lawyer, wife: Elisabeth 23-OH, dau: Viola 2-OH & Florida M 4/12-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Tredway, Corbin(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 159: dwelling 179 (Corbin 48-MD farmer, wife: Mary 45-OH, dau: Martha 19-OH, son: David 17-OH farm labor, dau: Betsey 15-OH, son: Aaron 13-OH, dau: Nancy 10-OH, sons: Charles 9-OH, William 7-OH & Reason 4-OH, dau: Mary 2-OH, mother: Elizabeth Treadway 85-MD) [OH: 1850]
Tredway, Crispen(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bedford twp: page 313: dwelling 690 (Crispin 26-OH farmer, wife: Malvina 21-OH, dau: Clara V. 2-OH, Isaac Middleton 18-OH farm labor) [OH: 1850 root family]
Tredway, Daniel N.(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 7th district: page 126: dwelling 920 (Daniel 61-MD farmer, wife: Elizabeth 56-MD, sons: John N. 25-MD & Daniel 23-MD, dau: Clarenda 18-MD) [MD: 1850]
Tredway, Elijah Lovejoy(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 159: dwelling 177 (Elijah 20-OH farm labor, wife: Eliza 23-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Tredway, James B.(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Butler Co: Union twp: page 90: dwelling 1245 (James B 30-MD farmer, wife: Mary S. 25-MD, son: Decatur 5-OH, other: Frank Grissom 9-OH) [MD: 1850 root family]
Tredway, John Norris(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Harford Co: Marshall: page 501: dwelling 1575 (John 49-MD farmer, wife: Mary 49-MD, daus: Elizabeth 24-MD & Hannah 22-MD, son: James B. 19-MD, dau: Lucretia 18-MD, son: John H. 14-MD, dau: Mary E. 10-MD)
Tredway, John(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > DC: Washington Co: 2nd ward: page 470: dwelling 361 (Jno 40-MD bricklayer, wife: Mary 28-DC, dau: Kate 4-DC, son: Willie 10/12-DC, in-laws: William Noerr 26-DC, Virginia Noerr 22-MD, Susan C Noerr 3/12-DC, servants: Emily Sonkenstine 15-MD, Clara Sochr 9-PA)
Tredway, Nicholas N.(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 11th ward: page 463: dwelling 12 (Nicholas 38-MD police officer, wife: Mary 39-MD, son: William T 16-MD carter, dau: Sarah A 14-MD, son: James M 12-MD, dau: Amanda E. 7-MD, son: George W 5-MD, dau:Mary A 3-MD) [MD: 1850]
Tredway, Thomas B.(6) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Bethlehem twp: page 282: dwelling 179 (Thomas 23-MD farmer, wife: Mary 22-OH, dau: Labina 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Tredway, Thomas P.(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 9th district: page 529: dwelling 194 (Thomas 65-MD farmer, 2nd wife: Jemmima 30-MD, [children all by 2nd wife] son: Nelson R 18-MD farmer, dau: Elmira J 15-MD, sons: Silas B 13-MD, James T 12-MD & Charles W 3-MD, dau: Mary A 9-MD) [MD: 1850]
Tredway, Thomas(5) [JAMES PETEET3] > OH: Coshocton Co: Jackson twp: page 300: dwelling 497 (Thomas 59-MD farmer, 2nd wife: Mary 48-PA, sons: Joseph 22-OH farm labor, Garrett 17-OH farm labor & Thomas T. 11-OH, Priscilla Clark 22-OH, Aaron 20-OH, David Marshall 23-NY) [OH: 1850]
Trimble, Allen(5) [WILLIAM CARTER3] > MO: Mercer Co: Madison twp: page 325: dwelling 1571 (Allen 28-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 25-OH, dau: Martietta 4-IA & son: J.W. 2-MO) [IL: 1850 root family]
Trimble: Edward(5) m: Abbrilla Ross, widowed, remarried to Thomas Powell [WILLIAM CARTER3] > OR: Marion Co: Harrisburgh PO: page 304: dwelling 146 (Thomas 47-ENG farmer, wife: Abavilla 44-OH, [Trimble step child by Avillia listed as Powell], Ellen 13-OR, Powell chilren: Abavilla 8-OR, Abrey 7-OR, Sherman 5-OR, Betty 4-OR & Sarah 8.12-OR) [Ellen is also listed with her sister Martha Jane] [OR: 1850]
Trimble, George W.(5) [WILLIAM CARTER3] > WI: Walworth Co: Linn: page 434: dwelling 563 (Geo W. 49-PA farmer, wife: Lucinda 42-IL, daus: Sarah 21-IL, Mary 19-IL, Elizabeth 17-WI, Abagail 13-WI & Harriet 11-WI, son: Alfred 6-WI, dau: Harriet A. 1-WI, son: Franklin 23-IL, dau-in-law: Hanna 18-IL) [WI: 1850]
Trimble, William Trimble, Jr.(5) [WILLIAM CARTER3] > IA: Keokuk Co: Benton: page 181: dwelling 1300 (William 54-PA, wife: Caroline 53-NY, son: Charles 25-NY, dau: Julia 18-NY) [IA: 1850]
Triplett: Margaret Elizabeth Hart(6) m: Eli Triplett [WILLIAM3] > MO: Jackson Co: Fort Osage: page 226: dwelling 1627 (Eli 41-VA carpenter, wife: Margaret 29-VA, son: Daniel 1-MO, probable halfbro: John Triplett 25-VA farm hand)
Triplett: Nancy Chenoweth(6) m: William Triplett [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Barry twp: page 796: dwelling 457 (William 36-KY farmer, wife: Nancy 35-KY, sons: Lewis 12-IL, John 11-IL & Albert 9-IL, daus: Nancy 6-IL & Martha 5-IL, son: William 2-IL & dau: Ida 2/12-IL) [IL: 1850]
Trout: Martha Anne Smith(6) m: Stephen Trout [RICHARD3] > IN: Greene Co: Stockton twp: page 538: dwelling 781 (Stephen 38-VA farmer wife: Martha A. 26-IN, daus: Sarah J. 8-IN, Eliza A. 7-IN, Julia M. 4-IN & Harriet M. 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Tucker, Charles M.(6) [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: district 16 : page 49: dwelling 347 (Charles 36-OH woodchopper,, wife: Sarah 23-MO, bro: Henry 19-IL woodchopper) [IL: 1850 root family]
Tucker, John M.(6) [MARY3] > MO: Jasper Co: Northfork twp: page 819: dwelling 385 (John M 32-OH, bro: Thomas 27-IN, sis: Martha J 22-IN & Harriett F 20-IN, mother: Harriett 53-OH) [MO: 1850 root family]
Tucker, John(5) [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 462: dwelling 52 ([widow] A.A. 23-SC, daus: Susan 20-IL & M.A. 16-IL, son: Charles 15-IL, dau: Elizabeth 14-IL, son: Levi 8-IL, dau: Hannah 7-IL, son: JB 4-IL) [A.A. is Amy Ann Aiken, she should be 47] [IA: 1850]
Tucker: Margaret 'Peggy' Seaton(5) m: Nelson Tucker [RACHEL3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 2: page 1025: dwelling 590 (Nelson W 41-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 39-KY, sons: James T 19-KY & William M 17-KY, dau: Alice E 10-KY) [KY: 1850]
Tucker, Thomas A.(6) [MARY3] > IA: Monroe Co: Albia twp: page 2: dwelling 24 (Thomas A Tucker 36-OH butcher, wife: Elizabeth 28-IL, dau: Sarah E. 12-IL, sons: George L 9-IL, Franklin P 7-IL & Squire E. 5-IA, sis: Harriet 18-IL domestic work, niece: Lucinda A 3/12-IA) [IL: 1850]
Tucker, Thomas Wheeler(6) [MARY3] > IA: Jasper Co: Mariposa: page 10: dwelling 73 (Thos W. 35-OH farmer, wife: Sarah 30-OH, dau: Betsy A. 11-IA, sons: Isaac N. 9-IA & Henry 5-IA, dau: Clarissa 3-IA, son: John 9/12-IA, sister: Louisa 30-IL, unknown:Wm J. Graves 14-IA) [IA: 1850]
Tucker, William(6) [MARY3] > IA: Keokuk Co: Jackson twp: page 139: dwelling 999 (William 32-IL farmer, wife: Elizabeth 32-IN, Edward 16-IL (in 1850 Edward is a Parnell, probable brother to Elizabeth), dau: Louisa J. 11-IA, son: James N. 9-IA, daus: Margret 5-IA & Martha E. 3-IA) [IA: 1850]
Tuey: Hester Brisco Chenoweth(6) m: James J. Tuey [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 484: dwelling 208 (Hester 26-IL, sons: Miles 7-IL, James 4-IL, Walter 2-IL, mother: Mary Chennry 72-KY [indexed as Snoey]
Turner: Ann E. Lamon(6) unknown Turner [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Danville twp: page 567: dwelling 104 (widow: Ann 36-VA, son: Robert G. Turner 3-IL, sister Mary Lemon 45-VA, brother: Robert B. Lemon 30-VA lawyer) [IL: 1850] "
Turner: Susannah Chenoweth(4) m: John Russell Turner [ABRAHAM3] > OH: Scioto Co: Portsmouth: page 432: dwelling 449 ([widow] Susan 60-OH, nephew: Joseph Reed 25-OH � salesman) [OH: 1850]"
Tuttle, Henry(6) [THOMAS3] > IL: McLean Co: Funks Grove: page 157: dwelling 1049 (Henry 25-OH farmer, wife: Nancy 21-IL, son: John 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Tuttle: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: Jesse Tuttle [THOMAS3] > IL: Logan Co: Atlanta twp: page 70: dwelling 545 (Jesse 58-? laborer, wife: Sarah 54-?, dau: Bella 19-?, son: J.W. 16-?, unknown: Phenix, J.W.W. 2-?) [IL: 1850]
Tygett: Mary Chenoweth(7) m: John P. Tygett [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: Carbondale PO: page 1038: dwelling 1832 (John P 29-TN farmer, wife: Mary 24-IL, sons: James A 2-IL & Thomas R 1-IL, George W. Gain 24-KY laborer, mother: Nancy Tygett 66-VA) [IL: 1850 root family]
Tyler, James Kenner(6) [RACHEL3] > MO: Johnson Co: Knob Noster : page 886: dwelling 1060 (James K 25-KY grocer merchant, wife: Amanda J 19-MO, A.S. Harper 30-TN clerk, Thomas O'Brien 19-OH blacksmith) [KY: 1850 root family]
Tyler: Mary 'Polly' Seaton(5) m: Milton William Tyler [RACHEL3] > IN: Johnson Co: Franklin twp: page 528: dwelling 1001 (Milton W 49-KY farmer, wife: Mary 45-KY, dau: Eliza I. 23-KY domestic, sons: Levi S. 20-KY farm hand & Charles 18-KY, dau: Josephine 13-KY, sons: Milton 10-KY & Richard S. 4-IN) [KY: 1850]
Van Cleave: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: Joseph Van Cleave [JOHN3] > IA: Webster Co: Douglass twp: page 579: dwelling 249 (Joseph W. VanCleave 36-KY, wife Elizabeth 40-OH, son William, niece: Rachel Chenowith, 15-OH) [Rachel will later marry Cornelius Van Cleave.]
Vance: Hannah White(6) m: Samuel Vance [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 718: dwelling 1099 (Samuel 71-MD - farmer, Mary 41-VA Thompson, William V. Crawford 13-IN) [this agrees with the 1850 Census, but Hannah who is said to be alive is in both]
Vance: Malinda Bromwell Baldwin(5) m: Joseph Colville Vance, Jr. [ABSOLOM3] > OH: Hancock Co: Findlay twp: page 54: dwelling 752 (Malinda 35-VA school teacher, son: Joshua 14-OH, Amy Jane 12-OH) [OH: 1850]
Vance: Sarah Heaton(6) m: William Wolsey Vance [MARY3] > IN: Marion Co: Washington twp: page 973: dwelling 389 (Wm 54-VA farmer, son: David 19-IN, daus: Mary A 16-IN, Margaret 15-IN, Miranda 15-IN, sons: Wm 12-IN, Leander 10-IN & Walter 7-IN, dau: Sarah E 4-IN) [IN: 1850]
Vanderpool: Sarah J. Smith(5) m: William H. Vanderpool [ARTHUR3] > IA: Linn Co: Jackson twp: page 168: dwelling 1151 (living with family of John B. Cutter 46-VT farmer & wife: Ami 37-Nova Scotia & children, William Vanderpool 22-TN, wife: Sarah J. 25-IN, son: John H. 3/12-IA) [IN: 1850 root family]
Vantilburg: Charlotte Mechling(7) m: Benjamin Vantilburg [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 51: dwelling 327 (Benjamin 29-PA farm laborer, wife: Charlotte 18-IN, son: Irving 3.12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Vaughan: Margaret A. Rose(6) m: James Vaughn [RACHEL3] > TX: Johnson Co: Alvarado PO: page 470: dwelling 463 (James L. 36-KY stockkeeper, wife: Margaret A. 26-KY, mother-in-law: Cynthia A. Rose 49-KY, bro-in-law: James 14-KY, sis-in-law: Alice 11-KY)
Vaughn, Christian(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Centre Co: Taylor twp: page 900: dwelling 2680 (Christian 48-PA day laborer, wife: Sarah 24-PA, daus: Mary 5-PA, Elizabeth 4-PA & Hannah 2-PA, son: John 1-PA) [PA: 1850]
Vaughn, John(4) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Centre Co: Taylor twp: page 900: dwelling 2678 (John 66-PA day laborer, wife: Catherine 67-PA) [PA: 1850]
Vaughn: Novella Bethany Bonham(6) m: Charles Vaughn [JAMES CARTER3] > IL: Henderson Co: Shokokon: page 413: dwelling 995 (Charles 27-England farmer, wife: Novella 22-OH, dau: Estella 1-IL)
Vaughn, Thomas(5) [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Centre Co: Taylor twp: page 680: dwelling 2641 (Thomas 25-PA day laborer [should be 45], wife: Susan 42-PA, sons: Benjamin 22-PA, Henry 21-PA, daus: Elizabeth 20-PA, Mary 18-PA, Eve 16-PA. other: Handerson, Thomas 7/12-PA) [indexed as Vohn] [PA: 1850]
Vertrees: Lucinda Chenoweth(6) m: Joseph Vertrees [WILLIAM3] > IL: Brown Co: Elkhorn twp: page 810: dwelling 1021 (Joseph 63-KY painter, wife: L. 56-KY, A. A. Scanland 20-IL, son: Jacob Vertres 19-IL painter, dau: M.J. 17-IL, sons: Charles 15-IL, J.C. 10-IL & Edgar 4-IL, dau: Lucinda Vertres 2-IL) [IL: 1850]
Vertrees: Rebecca 'Beckie' Percefull(7) m: Jacob Vertrees [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: district 1, Elizabethtown PO: page 164: dwelling 497 (Jacob 28-KY laborer, wife: Rebecca 28-KY, daus: Eliza 8-KY, Louisianna 6-KY & Mary E 4-KY, son: Miles C 1-KY)
Vick: Nancy Henry(6) m: Joseph James Vick [THOMAS3] > IL: Williamson Co: Marion PO: page 828: dwelling 202 (J.J. Vick 28-KY farmer, wife: Nancy 25-IL, unknown rel: Monroe 11-KY & Nathan 9-KY, son: James 1-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Voshell: Louisa Jane Whitaker(6) m: Ephraim Newton Voshell [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 942: dwelling 712 (Ephraim N. 24-IN farmer, wife: Louisa J. 24-IN, dau: Margaret A. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Vroman: Mary Ellen Westrope(6) m: Joseph Vroman [MARY3] > WI: Dane Co: Fitchburg: page 393: dwelling 668 (Joseph 44-NY farmer, wife: Mary 39-IL son: George 16-WI farmer, daus: Harriet 17-WI & Emeline 15-WI, sons: Hiram 13-WI & William 12-WI) [WI: 1850]
Waggaman: Melinda Pearl Heaton(6) m: Samuel Waggaman [MARY3] > IN: Howard Co: Harrison twp: page 771: dwelling 419 (Samuel 36-NC farmer, wife: Malinda S. 33-IN, sons: David 13-IN & Leander 11-IN, dau: Mary A. 9-IN, son: William 5-IN, dau: Synthia E. 4-IN, son: Charles E. 2-IN) [IN: 1850]
Wait: Eliza Carter(6) m: Benjamin Wait [JOHN3] > IL: Iroquois Co: Ash Grove: page 279: dwelling 2185 (Benjamin A. 30-MA farmer, wife: Eliza Jane 20-IN, dau: Prudence A. 6/12-IL, 2 other people from Canada) [IN: 1850 root family]
Walker: Ellen Eleanor Hollowell(6) m: James Harvey Walker [JOHN3] > IN: Orange Co: Stampers Creek twp: page 539: dwelling 85 (J.H, 33-IN farmer, 2nd wife: Elenor 28-IN, sons: S.L. 3-IN & J.L. 6/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Walker: Frances 'Frank' Morgan(6) m: Perry Walker [NANCY ANN CARTER3] > WI: Monroe Co: Little Falls: page 102: dwelling 849 (P.C. 40-NY farm laborer, wife: Francis 28-IL, dau: Adelia 9-WI)
Walker: Samantha Adeline Sutton(6) m: Henry Walker [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Jennings twp: page 609: dwelling 298 (Henry 28-IN no occ listed, wife: Samantha A 20-1N, son: Marshall 2-IN, dau: Anchor 3/12-IN, cousin: Jam H Sutton 20-IN farm labor) [IN: 1850 root family]
Wallace: Margaret Seaton(5) m: James A. Wallace [RACHEL3] > IL: Adams Co: Camp Point twp: page 948: dwelling 2690 (James A 46-KY farmer, wife: Margarett 41-KY, sons: Richard 16-IL & William 13-IL, daus: Elizabeth 8-IL, Rachel 5-IL & Alice 3-IL, son: John 1-IL) [IL: 1850]
Wallace: Rachel Ferguson(6) m: Grimes Wallace [MARY3] > KY: Grant Co: Williamstown: page 147: dwelling 993 (Grimes 39-KY, farmer)
Walters: Katherine Ashbrook(5) m: Samuel Walters [MARY3] > OH: Perry Co: Thorn twp: page 388: dwelling 856 (Samuel 48-OH farmer, wife: Catharine 45-OH, sons: Eli 22-OH school teacher & Aaron 20-OH farmer, daus: Laura 17-OH, Adaline 10-OH & Lorania 4-OH, son: John 2-OH) [OH: 1850]
Walters: Mary Kagy(6) m: Jacob M. Walters [MARY3] > IL: La Salle Co: Ottawa twp: page 511: dwelling 4582 (Jacob M 39-OH rectifier & grocer, wife: Mary 32-OH, sons: Tunis M 7-OH, James A 3-OH & William B 2-IL) [* a rectifier blends or dilutes whiskey or other alcoholic beverages.] [OH: 1850]
Walton: Catherine Chenoweth(6) m: Lester Wayne Walton [JOHN3] > IN: Huntington Co: Jefferson twp: page 126: dwelling 848 (Lester 45-PA farmer, wife: Catherine 34-OH, son: Abram 18-IN, daus: Phoebe 16-IN, Sarah 14-IN, Ruth 12-IN & Mary 10-IN, son: James 3-IN, William Lester 8-IN, Lewis Lester 3-IN, mother: Ruth 60 Walton-PA) [IN: 1850]
Wann: Sarah Rebecca Chenoweth(5) m: Benjamin Franklin Wann [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore Co: 11th district, Little Gunpowder: page 158: dwelling 1063 (Benjamin 42-MD farm labor, 2nd wife: Sarah 31-MD, [by first wife] children: Mary A 18-MD, Hannah 16-MD, Archabel 13-MD & James 10-MD [by Sarah] son: Jacob 4-MD, sister-in-law: Harriet Chenoth 25-MD factory hand, Mary Beard 25-MD factory hand, Arch Holland 25-MD factory hand [indexed as Ware])
Ware: Susan Ellis(5) m: Thomas G. Ware [WILLIAM3] > KY: Bracken Co: district 1: page 223: dwelling 535 (Thomas G. 32-KY carpenter, wife: Susan 28-KY, son: Edwin 4-KY, dau: Martha 2-KY, son: Thornton 7/12-KY) [KY: 1850 root family]
Warner: Isabell Jane Chenoweth(5) m: Charles R. Warner [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: Fairfield twp: page 448: dwelling 869 (Charles R. 40-OH farmer, wife: Isabel J. 34-OH, dau: Sarah J. 12-OH, sons: Francis M. 11-OH, Thomas G. 9-OH, John S. 6-OH, Joseph H. 5-OH, Milton 3-OH & Charles S. 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Warner: Margaret Jane Chenoweth(5) m: John Warner [ARTHUR3] > OH: Union Co: Leesburg: page 33: dwelling 496 (John 47-OH farmer, wife: Margaret 43-OH, sons: Robert N. 24-OH, John A. 18-OH, Geo B. 13-OH, William 11-OH & Frances 8-OH) [OH: 1850]
Warner: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: Dennis Warner [ELIJAH3] > OH: Madison Co: London: page 310: dwelling 170 (Dennis 42-OH physician, wife: Mary Warner 30-OH, son: James M. L. Warner 9-OH) [OH: 1850]
Watkins: Mary J. Clark(6) m: Stephen Watkins [MARY3] > IL: Pike Co: Perry twp: page 460: dwelling 40 (Stephen 36-IN farmer, wife: MJ 34-IL, sons: JH 17-IL & Thomas 10-IL, dau: Caroline 8-IL, sons: William 6-IL & Joseph 4-IL) [IL: 1850]
Watts: Catherine Heaton(7) m: Reuben Watts [MARY3] > IN: Elkhart Co: Osolo twp: page 41: dwelling 253 (Catherine 25-IN housekeeper, sons: Alva 5-IN, William F 2-IN & Charles 9/12-IN) [It is not known where Samuel is. Catherine will remarry in 1870] [IN: 1850 root family]
Weatherford: Ruth Doriette Jewell(6) m: John S. Weatherford [RACHEL3] > KY: Hickman Co: Clinton district: page 92: dwelling 640 (John S. 29-KY carpenter, sons: Eugene C 7-KY & Samuel L 5-KY, living with Sophia Kirkpatrick 57-VA)
Weatherman: Delilah Chenoweth(5) m: John Weatherman (2nd marriage) [WILLIAM3] > MO: Taney Co: Jasper twp: page 935: dwelling 554 (Delilah 63-VA, dau: Minerva Casebier 33-IN) [MO: 1850]
Webb: Nancy C. Gist(6) m: Benjamin Webb, Jr. [ARTHUR3] > IL: Richland Co: Madison twp: page 171: dwelling 1196 (Benj 63-MA farmer, wife: Nancy 55-VA, sons: Geo W. 23-OH � farm laborer & Chas 16-OH) [IN: 1850]
Wees: Leah Chenoweth(6) m: Elijah Wees [WILLIAM3] > WV: Roane Co: Spencer PO: page 595: dwelling 360 (E 49-VA jailor, wife: Leah 45-VA, daus: Eda A 16-VA & Martha 14-VA, sons: John Robert 9-VA & Fleet W 7-VA) [WV: 1850]
Weese: Edith Chenoweth(6) m: Eli Weese [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 4: dwelling 26 (Ely 44-VA farmer, wife: Edith 47-VA, son: Tolbert 22-VA farmer, dau: Phebe A 21-VA, Lydia P. 11-VA & Delia 7-VA) [WV: 1850]
Weese: Emila Jane 'Amy' Hart(6) m 2nd: Andrew Crouch Weese [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Beverly PO: page 4: dwelling 24 (Andrew 25-VA farmer, wife: Emma J 34-VA, stepdau: Philadephia Triplett 13-VA, dau: Almeda Weese 1-VA, son: Alba C 5/12-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Weir, John Buckingham(6) [JAMES CARTER3] > IA: Lee Co: Marion twp: page 357: dwelling 876 (J.B. 29-PA merchant, wife: Ester 24-IN, daus: Lotte 3-IA & Mary B 1-IA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Weir: Mary Carter(5) m: Adam Weir, II [JAMES CARTER3] > IA: Lee Co: Marion twp: page 358: dwelling 884 (Adam 70-PA farmer, wife: Mary 64-PA, dau: Maria 31-PA, sons: Henry C. 24-PA farmer & James P. 20-PA, unknown: Lizzy Umphrey 5-MO, Rebecca Gunderson 12-Norway) [PA: 1850]
Wells: Rachel A. Butler(6) m: Harrison Wells [ARTHUR3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Muskingum twp: page 73: dwelling 1021 (Harrison 27-OH farm laborer, wife: Rachel A. 27-OH, dau: Rosanna 1-OH, unknown: Catherine Boylan 14-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
West: Rachel C. Chenoweth(5) m: Charles West [ELIJAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Pleasant twp: page 199: dwelling 671 (Charles 54-PA farmer, wife: Rachel 43-OH, son: Charles 17-OH, daus: Margaret 15-OH & Mary 11-OH, son: William 9-OH, dau: Jane 6-OH, son: Elijah 3-OH, one farm hand) [OH: 1850]
Westrope: Sarah 'Sallie' Ashbrook(5) m: Abner Westrope [MARY3] > WI: Lafayette Co: Town of Kendall: page 755: dwelling 735 (widow: Sarah 55-KY, son: Austin 26-WI, grandson: Charles H. 7-WI + 3 other people) [WI: 1850]
Westrope, Thomas Richard(6) [MARY3] > WI: Lafayette Co: Town of Kendall: page 773: dwelling 880 (Thomas R 32-KY farmer, wife: Sarah 29-WI, dau: Mariah J. 11-WI, sons: Frank E. 8-WI, Abner 5-WI, Perry A. 2-WI & Thomas R. 3/12-WI + 4 other people)
Westrope, William Boone(6) [MARY3] > WI: Lafayette Co: Town of Kendall: page 757: dwelling 752 (William B 32-IL farmer, wife: Sarah 30-PA, daus: Virginia 8-WI, Mary E 7-WI & Sarah A 5-WI , son: Henry 1-WI, dau: Jessie E 3/12-WI + 2 others) [WI: 1850]
Wheeler: Catherine Ashton(5) m: Samuel Wheeler [HANNAH3] > OH: Franklin Co: Madison twp: page 199: dwelling 340 (Samuel 41-MD farmer, wife: Catherine 37-OH, daus: Malissa 4-OH & Emeline 10/12-OH)
Whitaker, Bland Bowen(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 950: dwelling 759 (Bland 30-IN farmer, wife: Fanny 25-IN, son: John 10-IN, daus: Mariah 7-IN, Barthen 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Whitaker, Blandford B.(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Owen Co: Wayne twp: page 155: dwelling 1094 (B.B. 62-KY - farmer) [IN: 1850]
Whitaker, David L.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 933: dwelling 647 (David L. 30-IN, wife: Mary J. 19-IN, son: John S. 8/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Whitaker, Grafton Baker(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 933: dwelling 646 (Grafton B. 60-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 60-KY, daus: Delia C. 22-IN & Mercia 15-IN, John Foot 13-IN) [IN: 1850]
Whitaker, James Kenner 'Big Jim'(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 929: dwelling 618 (James K. 41-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Elender 37-IN, [by 1st wife] daus: Elizabeth G. 16-IN & Mariah C. 15-IN, son: Bland B. 13-IN, [by Elendor] son: Levi W. 9-IN, daus: Elender 7-IN & Mary S. 6-IN, son: James J. 3-IN, dau: Louisa 1-IN) [IN: 1850]
Whitaker, John J.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 928: dwelling 608 (John J., Jr. 25-KY day laborer, wife: Martha J. 22-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Whitaker, John J.(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 931: dwelling 629 (John J. 53-KY farmer, wife Mary A. 53-KY) [IN: 1850]
Whitaker, Kenner Seaton(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 931: dwelling 628 (Rebecca 61-IN farmer, sons: James 23-IN farmer & Cornelius 20-IN farmer) [IN: 1850]
Whitaker, Levi B.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 933: dwelling 644 (Levi B. 32-IN farmer) [IN: 1850 root family]
Whitaker, Levi W.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Jennings twp: page 154: dwelling 1083 ( Levi W. 24-IN farmer, wife: Matilda 20-IN, dau: Sarah 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Whitaker, Levi W.(5) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 927: dwelling 603 (Levi 56-KY farmer, sis: Mary S. 50-KY, son of cousin: Levi W. Frederick 22-IN day laborer) [IN: 1850]
Whitaker, Newton J.(6) [RACHEL3] > KY: Harrison Co: page 685: dwelling 913 (Newton 34-KY - farmer, 2d wife: Sarah 35-KY, son [by 1st wife]: Willis 3-KY) [IN: 1850 root family]
Whitaker, William K.(6) [RACHEL3] > IN: Morgan Co: Ray twp: page 928: dwelling 609 (William K. 31-IN farmer, wife: Jane 25-IN, sons: Eli G. 4-IN & Nathan A. 1-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
White: Ann Stalnaker(6) m: George W. White [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: Valley head PO: page 35: dwelling 243 (Geo W 46-VA farmer, wife: wife: Ann 48-VA, son: Fredine 15-VA, other: Almon Arbogast 10-VA)
White, Daniel Heaton(6) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 713: dwelling 1063 (L.H. 56-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 50-KY, son: Joseph 32-IN, daus: Nancy 26-IN & Hannah 22-IN, son: Harvey 22-IN, daus: Mary 16-IN & Lavina 10-IN) [IN: 1850]
White, John(7) [MARY3] > IN: Fayette Co: Waterloo twp: page 713: dwelling 1061 (John 27-IN farmer, wife: Mary 21-IN, dau: Lurisa 4-IN, son: Daniel 8/12-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
White: Julia A. Chenoweth(6) m: Joseph White [JOHN3] > OH: Fairfield Co: Walnut twp: page 236: dwelling 1497 (Joseph 24-OH farmer, wife: Julia White 25-OH, son: Thos M White 4-OH, day labor: Saml Applegate 27-PA)
White: Rachel Ann Chenoweth(5) m: James M. White [THOMAS3] > OH: Pike Co: Jackson twp: page 398: dwelling 1141 (James M. 32-NJ school teacher, wife: Rachel Ann 28-OH, daus: Alice 3-OH & Mary 1-OH)
White: Sarah Elizabeth Antil(6) m: Milton Bailey White [ISAAC3] > IL: Warren Co: Berwick twp: page 612: dwelling 2905 (M B White 30-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 28-PA, sons: William 12-PA & John 10-PA, dau: Eliza 6-PA, son: Jacob 3-PA) [PA: 1850 root family]
Whited: Miriam A. Tucker(6) m: James V. Whited [MARY3] > IL: Sangamon Co: Ball twp: page 42: dwelling 297 (J.V. 21-TN farmer, wife: Mariam 21-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Whittredge: Elizabeth Chenoweth(5) m: Thomas Whittredge [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Harmony twp: page 79: dwelling 579 (Thomas 58-VT, wife: Elizabeth 51-OH, sons: Horace 24-OH, John 22-OH & Thomas 18-OH, dau: Elizabeth 15-OH) [OH: 1850]
Wiblin: Susan Virginia 'Jennie' Stalnaker(7) m: James Wiblin [WILLIAM3] > WV: Jackson Co: Frozen Camp PO: page 518: dwelling 501 (James 38-VA farmer, wife: Virginia 21-VA, son; William age 2-VA, mother: Debora 60-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Williams: Elizabeth Boswell(5) m: Duncan McArthur Williams [ARTHUR3] > IN: Benton Co: Parish Grove and York twp: page 465: dwelling 28 (Duncan McArthur 29-OH farmer, wife: Elizabeth 29�IL, sons: Perry 8-IN & Edwin 3�TX, John Douglas 26-CANADA farm laborer, James Vanover 26-SWITZERLAND farm laborer, John Johnson 18-IN farm laborer, prob sis: Lucretia Williams 23-OH)
Williams: Elizabeth K. Whitaker(5) m: John Williams, Jr. [RACHEL3] > IN: Owen Co: East Division: page 50: dwelling 366 (Jno 58-KY farmer, wife: Elizabeth 48-KY, dau: Mary M. 10-IN, unknown: Isaac Johns 8-IN, Jno Phillips 22-IN, Wm Harris 16-IN) [IN: 1850]
Williams: Francina A. Ashbrook(5) m: Thaddeus Williams [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: Monroe twp: page 340: dwelling 688 (widow: Francina 55-OH farmer, dau: Alma Williams 15-OH) [OH: 1850]
Williams, Joseph A.(5) [MARY3] > IN: Wells Co: Harrison twp, Bluffton: page 925: dwelling 26 (Joseph A. 53-VA - farmer, wife: Francis W. 49-PA, unknown: Louisa M. Hoffman 17-OH) [IN: 1850]
Williams: Mary Polly Ashbrook(5) m: Elijah Williams [JOHN3] > MO: Randolph Co: Prairie twp: page 43: dwelling 281 (C 63-VA farmer, wife: Mary 59-KY, son: Elizah 15-KY, dau: Harriet 13-KY, laborer: H Loffady 25-NY) [KY: 1850]
Williams, Minor(6) [MARY3] > IL: Coles Co: Humboldt twp: page 92: dwelling 637 (Minar 26-OH, wife: Margaret 28-OH, son: Dell 4-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Williams: Nancy Vertrees Chenoweth(6) m: Samuel Haycraft Williams [WILLIAM3] > MO: Lewis Co: La Grange PO: page 266: dwelling 769 (S.H. 40-KY merchant, wife: Nancy V. 38-KY, sons: John H. 17-IL & Edgar 15-IL, daus: Kate 8-MO & Amanda 1-MO, probable mother: Margaret 65-KY)
Williamson, Absalom C.(6) [ABSOLOM3] > IN: Floyd Co: New Albany, 5th ward: page 396: dwelling 558 (Absalom C 34-KY living in home of George Schumly 74-PA & wife Elizabeth)
Williamson, James Henry(6) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: McCracken Co: Paducah: page 107: dwelling 750 (James H. 28-KY farmer, wife: Elender S. 20-KY, dau: Lawra 1-KY) [KY: 1850]
Williamson, John Elliott(6) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: McCracken Co: Paducah: page 105: dwelling 731 (John E. 30-KY marble worker, wife: Lizzie 24-IL, sons: Charley 3-IL & Harry 8/12-KY, father: John P. 69-PA, unknown: George C. Dutton 30-OH agent in store, Andrew Check 17-PA stone cutter) [KY: 1850 root family]
Williamson, Oliver Perry(6) [ABSOLOM3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 195: dwelling 1413 (O.P. 41-KY farmer, wife: Columbiana 39-KY, sons: George 15-KY, Wm 13-KY & Oliver 10-KY, dau: Jane 8-KY, son: Edwd 5-KY & John 3-KY, dau: not named [Dora] 7/12-KY, unknown: Miles 28-KY) [KY: 1850]
Williard, Elias(6) [ISAAC3] > IL: McLean Co: Twp 26N, range 3E: page 235: dwelling 220 (Elias 25-OH farmer, wife: Rachel A. 23-OH, dau: Mary L. 4-OH, son: Melvin W. 2-IL, farmer: Abram Wilson 33-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Williard, George(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Licking Co: Hanover twp: page 225: dwelling 172 (George 26-OH laborer, wife: Elizabeth 23-OH, sons: James C. 3-OH, George E. 2-OH & Wm H. 5/12-OH, unknown: Sarah J. Shannon 9-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Williard, Henry(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Licking Co: Hanover twp: page 226: dwelling 186 (Henry 23-OH laborer, wife: Rebecca 20-OH, unknown: Wm S. Pane 4-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Williard: Sarah Chenoweth(5) m: William Williard [ISAAC3] > OH: Licking Co: Hartford twp: page 226: dwelling 190 (William 51-PA farmer, wife: Sarah 51-PA, sons: Ellis 21-OH & John 17-OH, dau: Sarah M.15-OH, sons: David A. 10-OH & William A. 7-OH, sister-in-law: Hannah Chinnowith 61-VA) [OH: 1850]
Wilmoth: Louise C. Taylor(7) m: Oliver Wilmoth [WILLIAM3] > WV: Randolph Co: New Interest PO: page 87: dwelling 618 (Oliver 25-VA farmer, wife: Louisa C. 24-VA, dau: Alice M. 2-VA, son: Eugene 6/12-VA) [WV: 1850 root family]
Wilson, Edward Chenoweth(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Monroe twp: page 451: dwelling 181 (Edward 51-PA shoemaker, wife: Jane 51-PA, sons: Robert 21-OH farm laborer & Edward 18-OH farm laborer, dau: Mary M. 15-OH, son: Thomas 12-OH, daus: Harriet M 10-OH, Lyda 5-OH & Elizabeth 9-OH) [OH: 1850]
Wilson: Eleanor Chenoweth(5) m: William C. Wilson [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Trivoli twp: page 597: dwelling 1651 (William 60-NC farmer, wife: Eleanor 58-VA, son: James 19-IL & Ellen 15-IL) [IL: 1850]
Wilson: Elizabeth Whitaker(6) m: James Wilson [RACHEL3] > IN: Putnam Co: Cloverdale twp: page 177: dwelling 258 (Jas 48-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Elizabeth 36-KY, [by 1st wife Sarah] sons: Wm R 19-IN & Joseph 14-IN, [by Elizabeth] dau: Louisa 2-IN) [IN: 1850 root family]
Wilson, Frederick(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Monroe twp: page 454: dwelling 217 (Frederick 37-PA farmer, wife: Adaline P. 30-PA, son: Thomas 8-OH, dau: Mary E. 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Wilson, James(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Monroe twp: page 462: dwelling 334 (James 26-OH farmer, wife: Sarah M. 22-PA, dau: Sarah 4-OH, son: John A. 1-OH)
Wilson, John(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Trivoli twp: page 597: dwelling 1650 (John 27-IN farmer, wife: Jane 24-PA, son: Joseph 4-IL, dau: Ellen 2-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Wilson, Joseph Chenoweth(6) [JOHN3] > TX: Ellis Co: Milford PO: page 8: dwelling 50 (J.T. 38-IN, wife: S 39-VA, sons: J.C. 13-IL, F.P. 4-TX & J.M. 9/12-TX) [TX: 1850]
Wilson, Joseph R.(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 216: dwelling 304 (Joseph 30-OH farmer, wife: Tamer 30-OH, sons: George 8-OH, William S. 6-OH, Resin 5-OH & Sydlow 1-OH) [OH: 1850]
Wilson, Joseph R.(5) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 219: dwelling 336 (Joseph R 43-OH farmer, wife: Rachel 26-PA, dau: Mary C. 9-OH, son: James C 7-OH, dau: Sarah E 6-OH, son: William A 4-OH, son: Sarelda T 2-OH)
Wilson: Margaret Whitaker(6) m: Andrew Wilson [RACHEL3] > IA: Appanoose Co: Independence: page 101: dwelling 730 (Andrew 38-KY farmer, wife: Margaret 36-KY, dau: Sarah 9-IN, sons: John 8-IN & William 2-IN, unknown: James Hickock 19-IN farm laborer, James Hendle 21-OH farm laborer) [IN: 1850]
Wilson, Robert A.(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Muskingum Co: Monroe twp: page 462: dwelling 335 (Robert 28-OH farmer, daus: Abagail 18-OH & Amanda 3-OH, son: Henry 1-OH)
Wilson: Rowena R. Chenoweth(6) m: Eldridge Wilson [JOHN3] > AR: Washington Co: Prairie twp: page 675: dwelling 1384 (Elridge 29-KY farmer, wife: Roewi 28-TN, dau: Margaret 7-AR, sons: William 4-AR & John 1-AR [indexed as Wikson]) [AR: 1850 root family]
Wilson: Ruhanna Chenoweth(5) m: Samuel Wilson [RICHARD3] > IN: Jefferson Co: Madison: page 676: dwelling 222 (widow: Ruhama 51-KY, dau: Stella R. 21-IN, son: David M. 13-IN) [IN: 1850]
Wilson, Samuel Shannon(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Trivoli twp: page 596: dwelling 1609 (Samuel Wilson 33-IA farmer, wife: Tabitha 27-KY, daus: Emily 3-IL & Marietta 8/12-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Wilson, William C.(6) [JOHN3] > IL: Peoria Co: Trivoli twp: page 597: dwelling 1652 (William 23-IL blacksmith, wife: Mary 20-IL & dau: Nancy 6/12-IL) [IL: 1850 root family]
Wilson, Zachariah(6) [ISAAC3] > OH: Guernsey Co: Knox twp: page 216: dwelling 297 (Zacharia 36-OH day laborer, wife: Mary A. 33-OH, dau: Elisabeth 11-OH, son: Clark 9-OH, dau: Margaret 7-OH, son: George 5-OH, dau: Rose A. 7/12-OH) [OH: 1850]
Wing: Elizabeth M. Chenoweth(6) m: Matthias Wing [WILLIAM3] > IL: Pike Co: Detroit twp: page 699: dwelling 126 (Mathie 48-NY laborer, 2nd wife: Lovina 46-VA, sons by Elizabeth: J. R. Wing 14-IL & N. A. Wing-IL) [IL: 1850]
Withers: Providence Jane Sheets(6) m: Alfonso B. Withers [JOHN3] > KY: Jefferson Co: district 1: page 74: dwelling 750 (A.B. 41-KY farmer, wife: Jane 30-KY, sons: Eugene 9-KY & Sanford 5-KY, dau: Annie 4-KY, son: William 2-KY)
Wolf: Rachel Ann Bell(7) m: Joseph B. Wolf [ABSOLOM3] > IL: Bureau Co: Greenville: page 473: dwelling 3254 (Joseph 34-OH farmer, wife: Rachel A. 24-OH, sons: James 6-IL, Truman 4-IL & Davis 2-IL + 2 other people) [IL: 1850 root family]
Wood, Joseph C.(5) [ELIJAH3] > OR: Benton Co: Kings Valley: page 26: dwelling 507 (Joseph 28-IN farmer, wife: Caroline 22-OH, dau: Clara J. 5-OR [Sarah Isabel], son: George A. 3-OR, dau: Mary J. 1-OR)
Wood: Rachel Ann Cowan(6) m: Andrew Buchanan Wood [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Elwood twp: page 897: dwelling 2287 (A. B. 41-OH clergyman, wife: Rachel A 40-PA, daus: Lourana 14-IL & Mary 12-IL, John Webb 14-Ireland) [IL: 1850]
Wood: Rachel Chenoweth(5) m: David T. Wood [THOMAS3] > MO: Taney Co: Swan twp: page 32: dwelling 218 (David 45-KY farmer, wife: Rachel 43-OH, sons: William 19-MO farmer, Thomas 17-MO, George 15-MO & James 13-MO, daus: Larlee 11-MO, Velvaretta 9-MO & Sarah 7-MO, sons: John 4-MO & Henry 1-MO) [MO: 1850]
Wood: Rachel Chenoweth(4) m: Jesse Wood [ELIJAH3] > OR: Benton Co: Corvallis: page 9: dwelling 137 (Jesse 55-VA - farmer, [2d wife & their children] Margret 42-VA, John D. 22-IL, Susana 19-IA, Abraham 15-IA, Milliam 13-IA, Mahala 10-IA, Sarah E. 8-IA, Martha 6-OR, Jesse 3-OR)
Woods: Hannah Heaton(5) m: Robert Woods [MARY3] > IN: Henry Co: Wayne twp: page 455: dwelling 22 (Robt 53-KY farmer & trader, wife: Hannah 52-OH, son: Henry 21-IN son & assistant, dau: Caroline 15-IN, son: Robt E 12-IN, dau: Florence A 9-IN, domestic: Biddy Casey 40-NC) [IN: 1850]
Work: Mary D. Ashbrook(6) m: Robert Work [MARY3] > OH: Licking Co: town of Johnstown: page 344: dwelling 744 (Robert 26-OH shoe merchant, wife: Mary 22-OH, son: Willard 1-OH) [OH: 1850 root family]
Wrenn: Elizabeth A. Chenoweth(6) m: Robert W. Wrenn [THOMAS3] > MO: Cedar Co: Lynn twp: page 45: dwelling 291 (R.W. 29-TN merchant, wife: Elizabeth 16-MO) [MO: 1850 root family]
Wright: Catherine Nevling(5) m: Henry Boehm Wright [MARY PETEET3] > PA: Clearfield Co: Beccaria twp: page 725: dwelling 1561 (Henry B. 50-PA farmer, wife: Catherine 45-PA, daus: Edith 24-PA & Mary 22-PA, son: Mayberry 16-PA, dau: Martha 9-PA, son: baby 3/12-PA [it is unclear if the baby is Luella born in July 1860]) [PA: 1850]
Wright: Mary Chenoweth(5) m: James Wright [RICHARD3] > IA: Lee Co: Montrose twp : page 87: dwelling 622 (James 53-OH farmer, wife: Mary 45-KY, sons: John 25-IN farmer & Norvel 21-IA farmer, dau: Martha 19-IA teacher, son: Samuel 15-IA teacher, dau: Mary 12-IA) [IA: 1850]
Wright: Mary Elizabeth Chenoweth(6) m: John Allen Wright [WILLIAM3] > IL: Vermilion Co: Middlefork twp : page 958: dwelling 2790 (John 31-IL farmer, wife: Mary 20-IL, farm hand: John Kerr 19-IL ) [IL: 1850 root family]
Wright: Olive C. Whittredge(6) m: Benjamin Wright [WILLIAM3] > OH: Clark Co: Springfield: page 486: dwelling 1643 (Benj F. 33-OH farmer, wife: Olive 30-OH, daus: Estella 10-OH, Almiretta 8-OH, Florence 6-OH & Almira 4-OH, son: Thomas L 1-OH) [household number is misplaced and starts with dau: Estella] [OH: 1850]
Young: Ruth F. 'Ruthie' Chenoweth(6) m: John Young [WILLIAM3] > KY: Hardin Co: Elizabethtown: page 76: dwelling 539 (John 41-KY farmer, 2nd wife: Ruth 37-KY, daus: Hetter 4-KY & Isabel 10/12-KY, stepsons: John C. 14-KY & Zachary Kennedy 13-KY)
Zell: Margaret Eveline Chenoweth(5) m: Lewis A. Zell [THOMAS3] > MD: Baltimore City Co: 19th ward: page 311: dwelling 2022 (Lewis Zell 33-MD huckster, wife: Margaret 28-MD, daus: Barbara 9-MD, Ida 4-MD & Catherine 1-MD) [WV: 1850]

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