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The fourth generation of the Chenoweth family is the bridge between the records of the early family and the modern history as traced by descendants and Census records. The first 3 generations are all basically described by will or bible entries and are ambiguous only in the lines of the daughters. The structure was basically explained by Arthur Keith and incorporated in Cora Hiatt's book. Though Cora misidentified and confused several of the third generation, her work began the task of defining the 4th generation and their descendants. Cora listed 187 in the 4th generation, though some certainly were duplicates or bogus. The Harris book corrected some of this and listed 207. The database lists about 310 such 4th generation descendants, primarily by including daughter lines not followed in either book. 45 of these lines are known to have ended. None of the 3rd generation lived to the 1850 Census. 93 of these lines are male with the Chenoweth surname, the balance are daughter lines. Over 90, or about a third of these survived to the first modern Census in 1850. None were alive when Cora wrote her book. This listing gives a snapshot look at the 4th generation and where they lived. The lines of roughly 50% [157] of these great grandchildren have been extended to living present day descendants in the database. That is an increase of 17 lines since 2004 when I first did this page. 51 of these 155 lines still bear the Chenoweth name. Their lives spanned the years between 1750-1898 with 1800 to 1840 marking their dominant years. There are approximately 106 lines that we have insufficient information on. It is likely that at least 50% of these had no continuation, but that leaves a another possible 50 of more possible lines to find someday.

Fourth generation Chenoweth males who made it to the 1850 Census are (39 out of 93, nearly half in the line of Thomas):

Children of the first family: [John] [Mary] [Richard] [Hannah] [Arthur] [William] [Thomas] [Ruth]

continuing lines in bold, continuing Chenoweth named male lines in Green, lines in red have ended

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