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Descendants of John Chenoweth & Mary Calvert

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Alphabetical Tables

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PLEASE NOTE: this alphabetic list contains birth date and place where known except for living persons. The descendant line of the children of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert is in brackets. The number following the indicated descendant line is the generation in America. A number in brackets after the name indicates a person may belong to more than one Chenoweth line of ancestry. (i.e. a marriage of cousins occurred or a person married more than one family member). Thus the name will appear in duplicate for a link to each line.

Name, Date, Place of Birth, [descendent line, generation]
Ubatuba, Alexander Chenoweth [John 11]
Ubatuba, Anne Theresa Chenoweth [John 11]
Ubatuba, Gabriel Chenoweth [John 11]
Ubatuba, Jo�o Gabriel [John 10 (spouse)]
Ubatuba, Mary Elizabeth Chenoweth [John 11]
Ugartechea, Andrea [John 9 (spouse)]
Uhiren, Harry [John 10 (spouse)]
Uhl, Donald [1233] b: Aft. 1895 [John 9 (spouse)]
Uhl, Donald [1233] b: Aft. 1895 [John 9 (spouse)]
Uhler, ? [Arthur 6 (spouse)]
Uhler, Arthur b: Aft. 1897 [Arthur 8]
Uhler, Berthie b: Aft. 1897 [Arthur 8]
Uhler, Estelle M. [Arthur 8]
Uhler, Harry b: Aft. 1869 [Arthur 7 (spouse)]
Uhler, Lillie b: Aft. 1897 [Arthur 8]
Uhler, Mable b: Aft. 1897 [Arthur 8]
Uitts, Lela b: February 18, 1935 in Colchester, McDonough Co., IL [William 9 (spouse)]
Ulery, ? [Hannah 11 (spouse)]
Ulery, Douglas Lee [Arthur 9]
Ulery, Lee Robert b: February 12, 1900 in McCune, Crawford Co., KS [Arthur 8 (spouse)]
Ulery, Lou A. [John 10 (spouse)]
Ullom, Nancy C. b: February 04, 1868 in Pennsylvania [Hannah 7 (spouse)]
Ulm, Robert [Thomas 9 (spouse)]
Ulmer, Aster Roberta [John 10 (spouse)]
Ulmer, Emily Catherine b: February 05, 1857 in Scott Co., IN [John 7 (spouse)]
Ulmer, Gerald Max [William 9 (spouse)]
Ulmer, Jacqueline Ann [William 10]
Ulmer, Margaret Ann b: August 05, 1861 in Scott Co., IN [John 7 (spouse)]
Ulmer, Max Christopher [William 11]
Ulmer, Nora Josephine b: May 12, 1875 in Randolph Co., AR [John 8 (spouse)]
Ulmer, Scott Christopher [William 10]
Ulrich, Charles [Thomas 10 (spouse)]
Ulrich, Christopher Garrett [unknown 7]
Ulrich, Donald Charles [unknown 6 (spouse)]
Ulrich, Jonathon Ryan [unknown 7]
Ulrich, Michael Lee [Thomas 11]
Ulrich, Stephen Duane b: December 31, 1948 [Thomas 11]
Umberger, Robin Laura [John 10 (spouse)]
Umphress, (boy) [John 9]
Umphress, (boy) [John 9]
Umphress, Dwight [John 9]
Umphress, Fayne [John 9]
Umphress, John b: Bet. 1881 - 1901 [John 8 (spouse)]
Umphress, Raymond [John 9]
Umpke, Dorothy L. b: July 04, 1906 in Illinois [William 8 (spouse)]
Umspach, Glenn [5322] b: Aft. 1851 [John 7]
Umspach, Glenn [5322] b: Aft. 1851 [Hannah 7]
Umspach, Jesse [5323] b: Aft. 1851 [John 7]
Umspach, Jesse [5323] b: Aft. 1851 [Hannah 7]
Umspach, John [5321] b: Bet. 1818 - 1838 [John 6 (spouse)]
Umspach, John [5321] b: Bet. 1818 - 1838 [Hannah 6 (spouse)]
Unaght, Joseph [John 10 (spouse)]
Underhill, Ralph Charles III [John 10 (spouse)]
Underhill, Robert Dwight [John 10]
Underhill, Robert Richard [John 9 (spouse)]
Underwood, ? [William 8 (spouse)]
Underwood, Aileen b: Abt. 1879 in Pike Co., OH [Thomas 7]
Underwood, Albert b: Abt. 1845 in Indiana [Thomas 6 (spouse)]
Underwood, Betty Lou [John 9 (spouse)]
Underwood, Carl b: Aft. 1900 [John 9]
Underwood, Enoch b: Bet. 1833 - 1953 [John 6 (spouse)]
Underwood, Ethel b: Abt. 1876 in Pike Co., OH [Thomas 7]
Underwood, Frank b: October 1859 in Missouri [John 8 (spouse)]
Underwood, Gavin W. [John 11]
Underwood, Griffin [John 11]
Underwood, James [John 10]
Underwood, John b: Bet. 1927 - 1947 [John 10 (spouse)]
Underwood, Juanita B. b: Aft. 1903 in West Virginia [John 9]
Underwood, Latha C. b: October 1882 in Tyler Co., WV [John 8 (spouse)]
Underwood, Linda [Arthur 9 (spouse)]
Underwood, Maurice J. b: Aft. 1900 [Thomas 8 (spouse)]
Underwood, Maurice J., Jr. [Thomas 9]
Underwood, Nettie M. [John 9 (spouse)]
Underwood, Oren b: Aft. 1900 [John 9]
Underwood, Orlo R. b: Aft. 1903 in West Virginia [John 9]
Underwood, Pauline Miram b: February 28, 1897 in Roseburg, Douglas Co., OR [John 8 (spouse)]
Underwood, Rita N. [John 9]
Underwood, Romonica Jasmine [John 9 (spouse)]
Underwood, Russell J. b: Aft. 1903 [John 9]
Underwood, Ruth [John 9 (spouse)]
Underwood, Ruth Ann [John 10 (spouse)]
Underwood, Stephen Edward [John 10 (spouse)]
Underwood, Steven [John 11]
Underwood, Tammy Lynn [John 11]
Underwood, Todd [John 10 (spouse)]
Unger, Albert James [John 10]
Unger, Albert James, Jr. [John 11]
Unger, Carrie b: Aft. 1894 [unknown 4]
Unger, Charles b: Aft. 1864 [unknown 3 (spouse)]
Unger, Chatr� Cheyenne [John 11]
Unger, Edna b: Aft. 1894 [unknown 4]
Unger, Erica Malane Marie [John 11]
Unger, Henry [Thomas 6]
Unger, James Wright [John 9 (spouse)]
Unger, James Wright II [John 11]
Unger, Jennifer [John 11]
Unger, Jermey Todd [John 11]
Unger, Joshua Allen [John 11]
Unger, Kelly [John 11 (spouse)]
Unger, Kenneth Adam [John 11]
Unger, Mary Frances [Hannah 8 (spouse)]
Unger, Melvin Allen [John 10]
Unger, Richard Cole [John 10]
Unger, Rosa b: Aft. 1894 [unknown 4]
Unger, Sarah Rene [John 11]
Unger, Stacie Elizabeth [John 11]
Unger, Walter R. [Hannah 8 (spouse)]
Unsett, Sharon Y. [Hannah 10 (spouse)]
Unsworth, Helen [John 10 (spouse)]
Unteriser, Louis Joseph b: May 28, 1884 in Louisville, Boulder Co., CO [Thomas 7 (spouse)]
Unterseher, Joann Ruth [John 10 (spouse)]
Untiedt, Art b: Aft. 1876 [Thomas 8 (spouse)]
Untiedt, Bryan b: Aft. 1901 [Thomas 9]
Unzicker, Bethany Rae [William 12]
Unzicker, Donald Roy [William 11]
Unzicker, Kenneth Lester b: July 22, 1936 [William 10 (spouse)]
Unzicker, Rhonda Kay [William 12]
Unzicker, Ronald Ray [William 11]
Unzicker, Sue Elaine [William 11]
Upchurch, Bernie [unknown 7]
Upchurch, Charles Johnson [unknown 6]
Upchurch, Charles Johnson, Jr. [unknown 7]
Upchurch, Douglas [unknown 5 (spouse)]
Upchurch, Douglas Bernard [unknown 6]
Upchurch, Lynne [unknown 7]
Upchurch, Mary Vann [unknown 7]
Updegraff, Dixie [John 10 (spouse)]
Updyck, Kenneth Michael [unknown 6 (spouse)]
Upham, Betty [Hannah 8 (spouse)]
Uphoff, Rheinhold b: Bet. 1890 - 1910 [John 8 (spouse)]
Uptergrove, Clyde Herschel [Richard 10 (spouse)]
Upton, Susan Jane [John 10 (spouse)]
Urban, Audrey Ann [Hannah 10 (spouse)]
Urbanawicz, Jacob [Richard 8 (spouse)]
Urbanek, Betty Ann [Thomas 9 (spouse)]
Urbansky, Evelyn [John 9 (spouse)]
Urchek, Matthew [John 10]
Urchek, Ronald [John 9 (spouse)]
Urchek, Shelly Lynn [John 10]
Ury, Mary A. b: Abt. 1844 [unknown 2 (spouse)]
Usadvenus, Frank J. b: July 17, 1907 [John 9 (spouse)]
Uselton, Jewell [John 9]
Uselton, Joe b: March 1874 in Tennessee [John 8 (spouse)]
Usery, Grady [Thomas 10 (spouse)]
Usher, Martha Martin [Arthur 10 (spouse)]
Ussery, Frances b: Abt. 1828 [Ruth 6 (spouse)]
Utendorf, Janice [unknown 6 (spouse)]
Utke, William b: Bet. 1878 - 1898 [Richard 8 (spouse)]
Utley, Curtis John [John 11]
Utley, Dale Wayne [John 10 (spouse)]
Utley, Zachary Thomas [John 11]
Utter, Harold [John 10]
Utter, John Henry b: Bet. 1894 - 1914 [John 9 (spouse)]
Utter, Leroy [John 10]
Utter, William S. Jennings b: April 24, 1906 in Pea Ridge twp., Brown Co., IL [John 9 (spouse)]
Utter, Wilma [John 10]
Utz, Curtis b: June 1896 in Indiana [John 8]
Utz, Jeraldine L. 'Jerri' [Arthur 9 (spouse)]
Utz, Nolan b: August 22, 1899 in Indiana [John 8]
Utz, Shelby b: October 1874 in Indiana [John 7 (spouse)]
Utzinger, Arthur [William 10 (spouse)]
Uy, Virginia [Thomas 10 (spouse)]

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