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VOLUME 5 NUMBER 2 - June 2006
EDITOR: PETER C. CHENOWETH - E-MAIL: p.chenoweth@comcast.net


I know quite a few of us are looking forward to the 2006 Baltimore Family reunion, cradle, so to speak, of the American family. Certainly Baltimore is the first permanent settlement. Many people have told me of their interest in attending, but Joyce tells us the registrations are just beginning to come in. So far she has 55 adults registered and another 15 attending for one-day events.

The Chinworth family will be there in droves, so the orange T-shirts of Arthur will be prominent. They should be joined by the many descendants of Arthur who still live in the [DIRECTORS] local area. In the 1920 Census 331 people named Chenoweth were living in Maryland (about 10% of the entire known family). Throw in a few daughter lines and 86 years and you have a sizable local population. Could this be the first reunion where the Johns are finally outnumbered?

This will be my 4th blue T-shirt but the first time that I know that it is my rightful place. Daniel from Sonora will be there with his new bride, Marisela. After a long military career, Peter Chenoweth and his wife, Janet, will be attending their first Reunion. Albert Heller Chenoweth, host of the Portland reunion is coming, as well as a number of reunion regulars.

It will be interesting to see how many of the hundreds of Chenoweths in the Baltimore area show up. Peter is planning a special Reunion newsletter for the event, that will list all the Attendees and their family lines.

The Holiday Inn in Timonium is not far from where Richard Chenoweth lived and that is the same area where John, the progenitor, is found in the 1737 Tax list in what was called the Back River Upper Hundred.

For those coming in from out of town, Baltimore presents the opportunity to visit many places:, Ft McHenry, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DC, The recently dedicated World War II Memorial, the VietNam Memorial, The Smithsonian Museum, Fords Theater, the Capitol, the White House, just to name a few. I know Deanna is looking forward to a special pottery shop in Pennsylvania and I am at last going to see Gettysburg. Pete and Jan, after a trip to Gettysburg, have planned a leisurely trip through the Shenandoah Valley visiting many Civil War Battle sites.

Jon Egge





(The following e-mails have been received from members of the family with regards to the newsletter. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated.-editor)


Dear Cousin Jon, Once again I thank you for the newsletter. It is so nice that you do this for all us cousins, and I must say we do have a goodly number. I am getting to be in the "Old Group" as I will reach 85 in June, if the Good Lord is willing. I am still in my own home, but can no longer drive, which I miss very much. But have family here in town that take me any time I wish to go somewhere. Thank you for all the good work.
15 Mar 2006
Mary McNeese


I'm writing for my uncle which was in the 24th Infantry Division in Korea. He is looking for a gentleman by the name of John Chenowith, 24th Signal Company from 1950 to 1951, If you have any information on this gentleman could you e-mail myself as to how my uncle can get in touch with him.
Terry L. Hull

This e-mail was originally sent to me in Mar 1998. Even with all our military listings, I am not able to verify this gentleman and hope that someone can help. Periodically I reprint it with those hopes. - editor


(Printed in the July 1999 issue of Momentum, as one of a series under the pen name Macavity.

The Night Train to Scotland

(James Harvey Chenoweth)
(with grateful thanks to Winnie Crockett who took the train)

"I finally got you figured, Mac" announced the Creative Writer. She plunked herself down next to where I was busy helping out at our monthly R&R (rest & recreation) session. "You do a great job making sense out of clues in puzzles which usually have only one logical answer but how good are you at creating your own solutions?"

"Well, if someone is trying to solve a puzzle and places a premature perimeter around potential answers, I'd say he's headed in the wrong direction." Unfortunately my pomposity failed to distract her.

"For example, let me tell you a story I've just written," she plowed on. "It's about a woman who flies to London for a brief visit with her daughter, her son-in-law, and her two grandchildren. They decided to take a look at Scotland while she's there, and arrange to travel on a night sleeper train from London to Edinburgh. In addition to a porter, each car on the train contains several sleeping compartments for two. Her daughter and husband will occupy one compartment, the two children another, but our heroine will have to share her sleeping compartment with a total stranger. Having never met that person, she has no idea whether her roommate will be a man or a woman."

"When they board the train, she stashes her travel gear on one berth in her compartment, sees no sign of anyone else, and then goes to her grandchildrens' room where she enjoys a late snack with the rest of the family. Naturally, she gets a lot of joshing from them about the stranger she sleeps with. She makes arrangements with the porter to have an early breakfast with her grandchildren in their room. At a late hour, she returns to her own compartment. In the dimly lit room, she sees that the blankets in the other berth have been bulked up, completely hiding the unseen sleeper."

"Slipping quietly out of her compartment early the next morning to breakfast with her grandchildren, she glances at the other berth where its occupant still remains completely hidden. Oddly enough, she no knows nothing more about her overnight roommate than she did the night before. The train approaches Edinburgh. She returns to her compartment to get ready for their arrival. And to find out at last with whom she had shared sleeping arrangements."

At this point, the Creative Writer stood up, preparing to leave. "Hey, wait a minute," I said. "How does your story end?"

"Tell you next month, she grinned. "This isn't one of your logical puzzles, Macavity. There's more than one ending to any story. You have whole month to see if you can come up with a better one than mine. Ta-ta!"

A month later, she settled down beside me again. "How where were we when we talked last month?" asked the Creative Writer. "Oh, yes. that night train to Scotland. I promised to tell you how I ended the story. Well, this is my ending."

"As the train draws near to Edinburgh, our heroine returns to her sleeping compartment, hoping to learn at last whether the unseen companion with whom she had shared it all night was a man or a woman. She was astounded to find the compartment completely empty. Except for the rumpled berth, there was absolutely no sign that anyone other than she had spent the night there. Soap was dry in the soap dish by the sink. No tissues in the waste baskets. No hand luggage. Nothing at all to show anyone had been there except herself! Even the bathroom down the corridor was empty. How could two strangers pass the night in the same room and yet know so little about each other? It was really weird!"

"The arrival at the Edinburgh Train Station gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs. Our heroine pauses at a news stand to glance at the papers. One small paragraph on the front of a London paper catches her eye. She reads that paragraph:

When a police dragnet closed in around the house where he was thought to be living in London, Angus MacTavish had already disappeared. MacTavish is wanted for the brutal murder of two women, having murdered them both with a carving knife while they slept. Wary police are carefully watching all exits from London, but they now believe he has found some way to slip out of London, unseen by anyone.

"Well, that's my ending, Macavity." The Creative Writer nudged me with her elbow. "How about your imaginary ending? Any better than mine?"

"Afraid I'm way behind," I admitted, getting up from my chair. "Forget about my ending. It's not anything as good as yours." I started moving away.

"Macavity," she cried. "Come on! The least you can do is give me a hint about your ending!"

"Okay, but just one hint. My ending had a transvestite in it. Ta -ta!"

And I kept on going. Had I stayed, she'd have eventually gotten me to admit that I had no ending at all to her story. But I smiled at her puzzled frown as I left. Now she had something new to think about. And that's all it takes to keep a Creative Writer happy.


Bill Chinworth, Tucson, AZ
Apr 28, 2006

Hi, Everyone,

Not sure if I wrote about this before but about a month ago I was surfing the net and up came a picture of a chough (pronounced chuff). This is the bird that is mentioned as the earlier image for the family [chough] crest. It is the one that was embroidered on a crest that hangs on the wall of our house. Pete has a crest with three birds in black but the birds have human eyes and are cartoon like. It should be noted that when artisans made items of heraldry it was with an artistic touch and not to be realistic. That is what originally got me going on this.

A further description of a chough can be found at www.rspb.org.unk/birds/guid/c/chough/index.asp

Anyway, Monday, I went over to the sign place and I'm working with Rudy to make an oil cloth family crest using the little black bird on the gold bar as noted in Cora's book. The signage will be the exact size as the one we have. It should be really cool.

Later, I plan to have Rudy make the crests into TIFF format. Then I'll put them on the Chenoweth Store and the forms page and people can choose a JPG, BMP or TIFF for personal use in making thank you cards, embroidered clothes, whatever.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore in August.

Here's the "boid":


age 96 - RONALD B. WILSON was born August 31, 1909 in Oakley, ID, and died February 16, 2006. He married January 09, 1934 in Latah Co., ID EDITH9 WILSON CHENOWETH (CURTIS WORTH8, WILLIAM WORTH7, ROBERT JAMES6, ROBERT T.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born March 18, 1912 in Massachusetts, and died December 14, 1992.

age 75 - HOWARD DORDE 'BUD' DEAN, son of DURARD DEAN and NOVA LANTZ, was born November 13, 1930 in Bayard, Grant Co., WV, and died March 21, 2006 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV. He married CAROLDEEN BELLE10 CHENOWETH (JAY FRANKLIN9, GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE8, MARSHALL7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1)

age 66 - THOMAS LEE 'TOMMY'10 CHENOWETH (CARL BEVERAGE9, DELIA8, MARSHALL7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 19, 1939 in West Virginia, and died March 27, 2006 in Geneva, Ashtabula Co., OH.

age 87 - AMIE VIOLA9 BADER nee CHENOWETH (IRA8, DANIEL MCLEAN7, ISAAC NEWTON6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 15, 1918 in Colorado, and died December 07, 2005. She married (1) EDGAR NILES PETER HANSEN April 24, 1937. He was born January 09, 1914, and died December 14, 1989 in Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO. She married (2) FRANK EDWARD BADER March 27, 1948 in New Mexico, son of GOHOLB BADER and LUCY ORCUTT. He was born June 19, 1916 in Kanza?, CO, and died May 20, 1989 in Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., CO. She married (3) ROY CURTIS THOMAS December 26, 1970 in Nevada. He was born November 18, 1928 in Kansas.

age 88 - ROBERT ENOCH9 MUNRO (ESTHER BAIRD8 CHENOWETH, ZACHARY TAYLOR7, LEMUEL6, JOHN I.5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 16, 1917 in Luray, Page Co., VA, and died April 08, 2006 in West River, Anne Arundel Co., MD. He married MARGARET ANN BISSEY.

age 47 - ROBERT CHRISTOPHER11 CHENOWETH (ROBERT ALLEN10, CHRISTOPHER CARROL9, CHARLES CLARENCE8, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS7, EDWARD PUGH6, JEHU5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 29, 1958 in Rahway, Union Co., NJ, and died May 18, 2006 in Cape Coral, Lee Co., FL. He married PHYLLIS ANN ORLANDO.

age ca 50 - SCOTT A.11 CHURCHILL (JACKIE G.10 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM CARL9, CLYDE WILLIAM8, WILLIAM JACKSON7, CYRUS PEPPER6, JEHU5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1955, and died April 25, 2006 in Elyria, Lorain Co., OH.

age 79 - WESLEY ROBERT10 CARTER (LEE9, ELDERADA 'ELLA'8 THORNTON, SUSANNAH7 CHENOWETH, GIDEON6, SAMUEL5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 14, 1926 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor Co., WA, and died October 11, 2005 in Sparks, Washoe Co., NV. He married PEARL ISABEL "HONEY B" BIRTH April 25, 1949 in Camden, Camden Co., NJ, daughter of FREDRICK BIRTH and LOIS HARMON. She was born September 30, 1928 in Atco, Camden Co., NJ, and died September 24, 2001 in Poway, San Diego Co., CA.

age 88 - HELEN ELIZABETH9 CHENOWETH (EARL WARDEN8, WILLIAM M.7, WILLIAM6, SAMUEL5, JONATHAN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 1918 in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, and died April 21, 2006 in Largo, Pinellas Co., FL.

age 93 - ORA MAE9 LEETH nee CHENOWETH (THOMAS ADISON8, JOHN BENTLY7, WILLIAM HAYCRAFT6, JACOB VAN METER5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 15, 1912 in Lyon Co., KS, and died August 06, 2005. She married CLARENCE LEETH. He was born February 01, 1895, and died December 1973.

age 92 - WILMA LYNELL9 WILSON nee KLEPSER (METTA HAZEL 'MEG'8 CHENOWETH, JAMES MONROE7, JOEL6, JACOB5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born November 16, 1913 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI, and died March 29, 2006 in Goshen, Elkhart Co., IN. She married EDWARD WALLACE WILSON, JR. 1937 in Milford, Oakland Co., MI. He was born April 08, 1914 in Perrysburg, Wood Co., OH, and died June 1985 in Indiana.

age 75 - DORIS10 KELSO nee WAIT (ELLENOR ALMA9 CHENOWETH, JOHN JAY8, JOHN CASPER7, HEZEKIAH STITES6, CASPER5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 11, 1931 in Concordia, Cloud Co., KS, and died March 12, 2006 in North Kansas City, Clay Co., MO. She married DAVID G. KELSO.

age 97 - HARRY FRANKLIN8 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM HARRISON 'SWELLY'7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 23, 1908 in Fulton Co., IL, and died March 28, 2006 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL. He married LUELLA MAE BARKER February 08, 1930 in Lewistown, Fulton Co., IL, daughter of ELMER BARKER and MAUDE WRIGHT. She was born August 13, 1909 in Fulton Co., IL, and died December 07, 2003 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL.

age 77 - ROSS OLIVER9 CHENOWETH (ARTHUR RAYMOND8, WILLIAM HARRISON 'SWELLY'7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born April 05, 1925 in Peoria Co., IL, and died September 13, 2002 in Peoria, Peoria Co., IL. He married MURIEL D. COURTNEY July 29, 1949 in Bloomington, McLean Co., IL. She was born May 09, 1920, and died April 27, 2006 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL.

age 60 - RONALD DEAN9 CHENOWETH (IRL GHLEE 'GLENN'8, EZRA WILLIAM7, MILTON ANDREW 'MILT'6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 13, 1945 in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL, and died March 23, 2006 in Missouri. He married KATHY NIKSCH, daughter of JACK NIKSCH and V. BERLINCOURT.

age 91 - MARGIE IRENE TRINKLE nee KEITH, daughter of VIRGIL KEITH and LULA THORTON, was born July 08, 1914 in Amity, AR, and died March 16, 2006 in California. She married ROBERT LEE9 TRINKLE (JAMES VIRGIL8, SUSAN MARGARET7 REEVES, RACHEL6 CHENOWETH, LEVI5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 14, 1919 in Marion Co., IA, and died May 18, 2000 in California.

age 87 - MARY M.10 BROOKS (HARRIET A. 'HATTIE'9 CHENOWETH, JAMES MILTON8, WILLIAM7, JAMES FRANCIS6, JAMES FRANCIS5, NICHOLAS RUXTON4, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 12, 1918 in Near Greenville, Wayne Co., MO, and died March 01, 2006 in St Louis, MO.

age 75 - MILROY MILTON9 CHENOWETH II (JOSEPH FRANCIS HENRY8, MILROY MILTON7, JOSEPH HAMILTON DAVIESS6, THOMAS JEFFERSON5, THOMAS4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 23, 1930 in St Paul, Ramsey Co., MN, and died May 25, 2002 in Palm Desert, Riverside Co., CA. He married ARLAYNE V. COOPER July 27, 1948 in St Paul, Ramsey Co., MN. She was born March 15, 1931 in Minnesota, and died January 31, 2006.

age 80 - ERNEST BAKER HENNING, son of ERNEST HENNING and MAY BAKER, was born June 10, 1925 in Gibson Wells, Gibson Co., TN, and died March 27, 2006. He married July 15, 1947 KATIE SUE9 CRISMON (ANNA ISABELLA8 SAGO, ALVIN ALEXANDER7, SARAH FRANCIS6 ALSBURY, RACHEL5 TUCKER, PHOEBE4 ASHBROOK, MARY3 CHENOWETH, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 03, 1926 in Attica, Randolph Co., AR, and died December 1984 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN.

age 80 - JANE L. CHENOWETH nee MARZELLA was born April 30, 1925, and died January 09, 2006. She married ROBERT VERNON9 CHENOWETH (ROBERT STILLWELL 'BOB'8, WILLIAM LEWIS7, MATHIAS ROSE6, LEWIS ROSE5, JOHN4, ARTHUR3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 14, 1923 in Flathead Co., MT, and died May 22, 2000 in Los Angeles Co., CA.

age 82 - ERNEST FRANKLIN9 CHENOWITH, JR. (ERNEST FRANKLIN 'FRANK'8, HENRY N.7, NELSON H.6, JOSEPH5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born August 02, 1923 in Grove, Delaware Co., OK, and died February 16, 2006. He married BETTY YOUNKER


age 77 - WILLIAM JOSEPH ALEXANDER was born March 30, 1938 in Lookeba, Caddo Co., OK, and died June 13, 2005 in Hydo, Caddo Co., OK. He married KAREN ROBERTA9 KNUTSON (BESSIE8 BUFFUM, BESSIE7 PACKER, MARY LUELLA6 OAKES, MARY5 CARTER, HENRY BOWEN4, JAMES3, HANNAH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1)


age 97 - LILLIAN ADAIR MCBATH nee RUSSELL, daughter of SAMUEL RUSSELL and MARY ADAIR, was born November 10, 1908 in Anniston, Calhoun Co., AL, and died March 31, 2006. She married in 1933 in Alabama, BARTLEY RUSSELL6 MCBATH, JR. (BARTLEY RUSSELL5, ELIZA JANE4 CHENOWETH, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born January 14, 1901 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN, and died October 31, 1978 in Kilmarnock, Lancaster Co., VA.

age 53 - CARLA LYNN CHENOWETH nee KNUTSON was born December 11, 1952, and died February 20, 2006 in Wisconsin. She married DANIEL SCOTT10 CHENOWETH (MARION LEE9, RUSSELL EMERSON8, JOHN HENRY7, WILLIAM C.6, WILLIAM5, THOMAS4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1)

age 80 - CHARLES EDWIN8 CHENOWETH (CAREY ROSS7, GEORGE W.6, ISON5, EDWARD4, ISAAC3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born March 16, 1925 in Parsons, Labette Co., KS, and died February 22, 2006 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS. He married TINA E. BANZET

age 82 - HOWARD8 CHAMBERS (ETHEL7 HOON, MARY MAUDE6 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM5, ISAAC4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born January 20, 1924, and died May 10, 2006 in Ventura Co., CA.

age 70 - PAUL THOMAS9 CHENOWETH (LOWELL FOREST8, THOMAS W.7, NELSON TILLMAN6, THOMAS FOSTER5, JOHN C.4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born May 31, 1935 in Muncie, Delaware Co., IN, and died March 24, 2006 in Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN. He married REBECCA A. FOUST

age 93 - MARGARET ARLENE8 CANNADY nee JOYCE (NELLIE REBECCA7 LAMB, JOHN WILLIAM6, SUSANNAH5 CHENOWETH, JOHN4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born July 13, 1912 in Atlantic, Cass Co., IA, and died October 18, 2005 in Massachusetts. She married (1) ELLARD WINFRED FISHER, son of HOYT FISHER and BERNICE GINGERY. He was born June 15, 1909 in "Washington Springs", SD. She married (2) CLAUD CANNADY October 18, 1957. He was born October 05, 1915, and died February 12, 1973. Unknown lines

age 70 - WILLIAM EDWARD AKEHURST, son of DORIS REBECCA MILLING. was born July 18, 1935, and died March 01, 2006. He married LOIS SUE5 KIDD (HELEN ELIZABETH4 CHENOWETH, ASBURY GRANT3, ASBURY INDEPENDANCE2, JOHN1) William will be sorely missed as the co-host with his wife Lois of the Baltimore Reunion this summer.

age 75 - LAWRENCE EDWARD4 CHENOWITH (LAWRENCE GEORGE3, WILLIAM EDWARD2, THOMAS J.1) was born November 30, 1930, and died May 21, 2006. He married JUANITA M. WALTMAN, daughter of DEFORD WALTMAN and VIRGINIA FREEBURGER.

age 79 - PAUL EDWARD3 CHENOWITH, JR. (PAUL EDWARD2, HARRY JEROME1) was born June 01, 1926, and died January 28, 2006. He married (1) BARBARA ?. He married (2) MARY ?

Unidentified Chenoweth SSAs in the last three years:

  • Chenoweth, Ann S b: Jun 11, 1917 d: Mar 17, 2006 issued: CA res: NV (maybe Ann S. Petersen w/o Charles William 'Bill')
  • Chenoweth, Helen M b: Mar 24, 1920 d: Mar 10, 2006 issued: IN res: CA
  • Chenoweth, Renee b: Apr 21, 1933 d: 29 Jul 2005 issued: NY res: NY
  • Chenoweth, B.J. b: Jun 15, 1913 d: Jun 03, 2004 issued: CA res: TX
  • Chenoweth, Bobbie N. b: May 01, 1934 d: Apr 02, 2004 issued: IL res: AR
  • Chenowith, Mary b: Feb 20, 1948 d: May 04, 2004 SSA: 431-90-4591 issued: IL res: AR

By Jon Egge, WA
Part 8: concluding the series of the children of John
(This is the final installment in the series dealing with the Children of John. In the next issue we will start on the grandchildren.)
Part1: Richard
Part2: Thomas
Part3: William
Part4: Arthur
Part5: John
Part6: Mary
Part7: Hannah

Ruth and the Peteets

Nothing is given us in the Chenoweth books about the family of Ruth. We know her husband as John Petit by the will of John Chenoweth who named Ruth's husband as a recipient of "deeds of gift" already given along with Thomas his son. This spelling perhaps became a family stone wall. In 1998 I found a World Family Tree submitted by Walter Wilson McMillan, Jr. of Texas that traced the family of Ruth's son Richard Peteet, who apparently went to North Carolina with his father, John, following Ruth's death. Richard later settled in Wilkes Co., GA, where his descendants became firmly established. One of Richard's sons was Chenoweth Peteet, a name that firmly connotes linkage to Ruth and the Chenoweth family. Marie Eberle in her Carter Cousins Vol II, likewise found traces of this family and its genealogy. Over the years I have contacted nearly 2 dozen descendants of this Georgian family. Living in the "Deep South", it has a very different character to it. Two daughters married Callaways and there were both Peteet and Callaway plantations of some size established within the family. Many descendants would serve the Confederacy.

Richard Peteet married Delphia Henderson, the daughter of Joseph Henderson and Isabel Delphy Lea. They had seven children. John Peteet, the oldest of the threes sons, married first Hester Strozier and second, Ellizabeth Colley, and had 3 children. Chenoweth married Martha Ann Evans and had eleven children. Simeon married Matilda Jones and had seven children. Daughters, Susannah and Delphia married brothers Parker and Seaborn Callaway. Nine Callaway children are known for Susannah and Parker and only one for Delphia and Seaborn. Elizabeth Peteet married Garrett Newman but no continuation is presently known. The fourth daughter, Eunice, married Allen Jennings Arnold and 5 children are known. In the 1850 Census we find 11 families living in Georgia and one in Alabama.

There are several variations of spellings in this family, none like Petit as found in John's will. There is Poteet, Peteate, and Perteet. Using the spelling Peteet, I found listings of Ruth's family. There appear to be at least 5 children, Richard was the youngest. One of the sources for the listing of these children, Linda Murray of Georgia, who descends from a sibling of John Peteet, told me that she had received most of her information from a Poteet family researcher, Jennie Vee Poteet Pitts, of Atlanta. As Linda told me, "Jennie was reported to her to be the undisputed Poteet expert of that time. And indeed she was. I was always in awe when I visited her home office to see the multitude of loose leaf volumes of typed and xeroxed documents she had collected in prior years." I would like to have seen what all Jennie had on this family.

As near as I can tell, John and Ruth moved up to Baltimore Co., MD from Virginia acquiring some land from his brother James. Their daughter Hannah is the likely wife (though not proven) of John Haile, whose son Thomas would marry Elizabeth Chenoweth and live in Washington Co., TN along with the other Hailes and children of John Chenoweth, the son of Richard. The daughter, Mary Peteet, married Thomas Vaughn and lived in Harford Co., MD. Some descendants of this family went to Centre Co., PA. I don't know what happened to John, Jr. who is said to have served in the American Revolution. His brother James Peteet married Elizabeth Crabtree and we know of two daughters, Ruth and Elizabeth, who married Tredway brothers and lived in Harford Co. Ruth Peteet and her husband John Norris Tredway named their first son, Chenoweth Tredway. Some of these Tredways can be found in the 1850 Census of Maryland. Elizabeth Peteet and Crispen Tredway went to Coshocton Co., OH. John and Crispen Tredway were sons of Daniel Tredway and Sallie Norris. This Norris family is likely related to Rachel Norris who married Thomas Chenoweth, s/o Richard, who also lived in Hartford Co. The Tredways will be the subject of a later article.

There is still much to be learned of this line.

RUTH2 CHENOWETH (JOHN1) was born 1722 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and died Abt. 1760. She married JOHN PETEET Bef. 1743, son of JOHN PETTIT and ELIZABETH CRASWELL. He was born 1721 in Virginia, and died 1788 in Caswell Co., NC.


  1. JOHN3 PETEET, JR., b. Abt. 1743.
  2. JAMES PETEET, b. Aft. 1740; d. Unknown; m. ELIZABETH CRABTREE; b. Aft. 1740.
  3. HANNAH PETEET, b. Abt. 1746; m. JOHN HAILE, September 04, 1762, Baltimore, Baltimore Co., MD; b. Abt. 1737, Maryland; d. Abt. 1798, Sullivan Co., TN.
  4. MARY PETEET, b. April 16, 1747; m. THOMAS VAUGHN, December 15, 1763, St. John's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD; b. Bef. 1733; d. Abt. 1805, Center Co., PA.
  5. RICHARD JOHN PETEET, b. December 22, 1750, Virginia; d. August 03, 1827, Wilkes Co., GA; m. (1) ISABELLA ADELPHIA "DELPHIA" HENDERSON, 1777; b. 1758; d. September 25, 1826, Wilkes Co., GA; m. (2) SUSANNAH CALLAWAY, January 13, 1827, Wilkes Co., GA; b. Bet. 1750 - 1780; d. Aft. 1827.

[Unknown lines]: John Wesley
(first of a series)
By Jon Egge, WA

There are about a dozen strings of unknown lines that are in all probability part of the family but have never been proven. Half of these are in the Baltimore area and half with the families that moved west. One of these is a John Wesley Chenoweth who married Mary Ann Anderson on April 05, 1860 in Piatt Co., IL. John and Mary had a large family, nine children in all. The lines are documented in the Harris book on page 622. Very early in our project, Evelyn Eads of Cerro Gordo, IL sent much of the material I have today. She is a great great granddaughter of this marriage and many descendant families still live in Piatt Co. or adjoining areas. At the time I had no idea who John was. There were other Chenoweth families in this part of Illinois, but a reasonable fit does not appear likely. John McCall, now of Nevada, looked into this for me at one time but could find no leads. Often unconnected families like this happen because of an early death of a parent, or some other disruption that would cause a broken family.

As our work with the family continued and my grasp of the possibilities evolved, a solution came to me that is highly likely, but so far unproven. The name John Wesley implies a Methodist-Episcopalian family. Most of the Virginia families of John and William were Baptists. It was the families of Thomas that converted to the Methodist-Episcopalian religion during their stay in Old Towne. John Wesley was born May 16, 1836 in Indiana. He should be in the 1850 Census of Indiana and Illinois as a teen and I think he is. I know of only 2 John Chenoweths born in Indiana in the 1830s. One was John W. Chenoweth who married Harriett Bills. He is known to be the son of James Chenoweth and died in the Civil War. The other is John Chenoweth, the son of Hiram. In 1850 John and his two brothers, Joseph and Arthur are living in Tippecanoe Co., IN with their aunt Ada Chenoweth Boswell. Their parents, Hiram Chenoweth and Nancy Wolfe died in 1843 in Vermillion Co., IN. John was 6 years old at the time. Hiram was a son of Arthur Chenoweth of Pike Co., OH, one of the 7 sons of Thomas. John is not seen again. Joseph Chenoweth, the oldest brother married a year after this census in Tippecanoe County to Luna Elvira Boswell, probably of some unknown relation to Ada's husband Charles Parnam Boswell. Joseph and Luna are found in Iroquois Co., IL in 1860. This is on the border of Benton Co., IN where Ada and Parnum are living in the 1860 Census. Benton Co. abuts Tippecanoe Co. on the east. Strangely Joseph's family is not found after 1870 where they are found in the Census still in Iroquois Co. The following lives of the children have never been developed though the two daughters have known marriages and there were 4 sons living in the 1870 Census. Census work has not been able to extend these families as yet and I have never been in contact with a descendant.

Joseph's brother Arthur married Mary DeFreese in 1864 in Tippecanoe Co. Though the detail on Arthur's family is better, it too lacks information that would bring it down to modern times. Only one of Arthur's sons, Charles Hiram Chenoweth, lived to marry, but never had any children. Three daughters married but again the lines are scantily developed. Joseph and Arthur had an older sister Elizabeth who married Nathaniel P. Merritt in 1861 but is never found in a later Census. Then there is John, the youngest son, who is not seen after 1850. John is a very nice match to John Wesley of Piatt Co. which lies some 60 to 70 miles west of Bention Co., IN near where Ada Boswell, and Joseph and Arthur Chenoweth are found in 1860. The "state of birth" is right and age is right. A good fit. Interesting enough, John Wesley named a son Alonzo Chenoweth, unusual for the Chenoweth family, and Ada had a son, Hiram Alonzo Boswell, who John would have known growing up. The family background of early deaths of the parents fits the pattern for a break that would lead to an unknown line. The lack of information on the siblings deprives us of information that would have been picked up by Cora Hiatt or other researchers. Solutions usually begin with descendants and family knowledge that is carried down. What is missing is that one little piece of proof. A DNA sample would help to prove that the line is part of the family.

Though I have never "placed" this line, I am sure we have found the right solution. It is however without proof and John's descendants need to take ownership of it.


  1. JAMES EDWIN 'ED'2 CHENOWETH, b. January 25, 1861, Piatt Co., IL; d. April 23, 1924, Piatt Co., IL; m. ANNA RACHEL STOUT, September 10, 1891, Piatt Co., IL; b. February 11, 1873, Illinois; d. March 08, 1926, Piatt Co., IL.
  2. MELLISSA JANE CHENOWETH, b. April 01, 1862, Piatt Co., IL; d. January 17, 1863, Piatt Co., IL.
  3. MARTHA ELLEN 'ELLA' CHENOWETH, b. October 26, 1863, Piatt Co., IL; m. GEORGE W. SHIELDS, March 25, 1886, Piatt Co., IL; b. Abt. 1857, Indiana.
  4. MARY SUSAN 'MOLLY' CHENOWETH, b. September 04, 1865, Piatt Co., IL; d. 1939, Hammond, Piatt Co., IL; m. JOSEPH MARION FOREMAN, December 25, 1883; b. March 26, 1863; d. 1945.
  5. ALONZO CHENOWETH, b. September 26, 1867, Piatt Co., IL; d. December 26, 1929, Hammond, Piatt Co., IL; m. ANNA ELZINA CUNNINGHAM, January 24, 1889, Piatt Co., IL; b. November 15, 1869, Illinois; d. December 26, 1968, Piatt Co., IL.
  6. EMMA CHENOWETH, b. October 20, 1869, Piatt Co., IL; d. February 28, 1870, Piatt Co., IL.
  7. WILLIAM CHENOWETH, b. June 26, 1872, Piatt Co., IL; d. September 15, 1878, Piatt Co., IL.
  8. CORA FRANCIS CHENOWETH, b. July 25, 1874, Piatt Co., IL; d. April 22, 1969, Hydro, Caddo Co., OK; m. GEORGE ARTHUR FOREMAN, August 20, 1891, Piatt Co., IL; b. October 10, 1870, Chesnut, Piatt Co., IL; d. May 04, 1931, Hinton, Caddo Co., OK.
  9. JOHN WESLEY CHENOWETH, JR., b. January 31, 1878, Piatt Co., IL; d. December 02, 1946, LaPlace, Piatt Co., IL.

HIRAM4 CHENOWETH (ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born 1806 in Ross Co., OH (now Pike Co.), and died 1843. He married NANCY WOLFE April 02, 1829 in Pike Co., OH. She was born Bet. 1801 - 1813, and died 1843. Children of HIRAM CHENOWETH and NANCY WOLFE are:

  1. ELIZABETH5 CHENOWETH, b. Aft. 1829, Pike Co., OH; m. NATHANIEL P. MERRITT, June 01, 1851, Benton Co., IN; b. Aft. 1819.
  2. JOSEPH CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1831, Vermillion Co., IN; m. LUNA ELVIRA BOSWELL, March 09, 1851, Tippecanoe Co., IN; b. Abt. 1835, Virginia.
  3. ARTHUR CHENOWETH, b. November 24, 1834, Vermillion Co., IN; d. August 10, 1897; m. MARY DEFREESE, November 26, 1864, Tippecanoe Co., IN; b. July 1846, HOLLAND; d. April 22, 1910, Otterbein, Benton Co., IN.
  4. JOHN CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1837, Vermillion Co., IN.


[Jon] By Jon Egge
Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

A Baltimore Study

In 2001, Dot Tucker Hock sent me an article on Gladys Mae Chenoweth Wimert who wrote about local events for the Hanover Evening Sun newspaper. I was intrigued. The article recounted how Arthur Chenoweth, the grandfather of Gladys, had shaken the hand of Abraham Lincoln on the day he delivered the Gettysburg Address. This was a story I would like to read. Casting about I was able to locate Paul Wimert, Jr., the son of Gladys, in Virginia. This eventual led me to his son Michael Chenoweth Wilmert of California who sent me a copy of a study that Gladys had done on her Chenoweth line correctly connecting it back to Richard Chenoweth, the son of Arthur of Reisterstown, one of the sons of the original family. Would that Shirley Harris had found this study, for Gladys had it right thanks to her grandfather's knowledge of the family and unfortunately, Richard's line, resurrected by The Harris book got it wrong. This was not my first acquaintance with Arthur as James Eippert of Rocky River, OH, a descendant of Richard's Tennessee daughter, Henrietta, gave me in part a letter written by Arthur wherein he stated "I am 63 years old. I am the son of Wm Chenoweth who was the son of Richard Chenoweth all of Balto County. My Grandfather was married to Ellen Asque of Delaware September 14th, 1776. My Father was born March 9th 1791, died April 13th 1853. My Grandfather owned considerable property in this County. He left here sometime about 1812 or before. He made several trips to Tennessee and returned and after Grand Mother died he returned and got his housekeeper and they left here on horse back for Tennessee were (where) they were married."

Gladys was the only child of Lewis Naylor Chenoweth by his first wife Florence May Parsons. They had divorced and Florence died when Gladys was just 18 years old. Gladys ended up with a handsome painting of Arthur, which sat on her wall while inspiring her articles. Arthur, one of the ten sons of William Chenoweth and Amy Davis, married Harriet Jones on January 10, 1861, just before the Civil War. They are buried in Stone Chapel M.E. Church, Reisterstown, MD. Though they had nine children, only three survived to marry. It is a thin line that could use some work. Gladys died in 1969. I would have loved to have talk with her.

ARTHUR5 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born November 18, 1833 in Baltimore Co., MD, and died July 03, 1914 in Pikesville, Baltimore Co., MD. He married HARRIET JONES January 10, 1861 in Maryland, daughter of JAMES JONES and ELLEN DIXON. She was born October 02, 1840 in Maryland, and died April 07, 1923 in Maryland.


  1. ELIZABETH B.6 CHENOWETH, b. November 25, 1861, Baltimore Co., MD; d. January 11, 1867, Maryland.
  2. FRANK GILMORE CHENOWETH, b. September 03, 1863, Baltimore Co., MD; d. January 08, 1867, Maryland.
  3. MARY FLORENCE CHENOWETH, b. 1866, Baltimore Co., MD; d. Unknown; m. JOSEPH J. DAVIS; b. Bet. 1851 - 1871; d. Bef. 1920.
  4. CHARLES HERBERT CHENOWETH, b. November 28, 1869, Baltimore Co., MD; d. September 07, 1887.
  5. BASIL BENNETT CHENOWETH, b. December 30, 1870, Baltimore Co., MD; d. July 11, 1871, Maryland.
  6. WILLIAM A. CHENOWETH, b. January 1872, Baltimore Co., MD; d. 1928; m. (1) EDNA K. SHIPLEY, Bef. 1895; b. March 1875, Maryland; d. January 10, 1939, Maryland; m. (2) CARRIE VIOLA PAYNTER, Bef. 1906; b. 1886; d. March 25, 1925, Harford Co., MD; m. (3) MARY HILDA CAMERON, Private; b. Bet. 1867 - 1887.
  7. LEWIS NAYLOR CHENOWETH, b. January 1874, Baltimore Co., MD; d. April 24, 1959, Sabillasville, Frederick Co., MD; m. (1) FLORENCE MAY PARSONS, October 30, 1899; b. May 15, 1878, Baltimore City, MD; d. July 29, 1919, Baltimore City, MD; m. (2) NORA MARCELLA ARNSBARGER, Bef. 1920; b. August 31, 1889, Maryland; d. December 15, 1981.
  8. ARTHUR BENNETT CHENOWETH, b. June 08, 1878, Baltimore Co., MD; d. August 04, 1878, Maryland.
  9. KATE MAY ARMITAGE CHENOWETH, b. March 01, 1880, Baltimore Co., MD; d. November 06, 1881, Maryland.

Present Family Knowledge

We have been working on the database for some 10 years now. John Chenoweth had 8 children and 59 known grandchildren. The question becomes what happened and what do we know today? Most of the early genealogy mix-ups made in Cora's epic 1925 work have been corrected. Much is now known about the various family branches and how and when they migrated west. The present composition of the database has 54% of the known family descending from the first born son John. Thomas is 2nd, followed by Arthur, William, Hannah, Richard, Ruth and Mary. Within John, 27%, or over half of the entire known family of John comes from the 3 sons of William. The son John is the next biggest at 10%, exceeding every other 2nd generation family except Thomas. The balance of John(2) would read Mary, Rachel, Arthur, Absolom, Thomas and Richard totaling 16%. There is always more to explore and find in the daughter lines.

The tracing of the Chenoweth name itself is somewhat different than the tracing of the broader family including daughter lines. 29 of the 59 grandchildren were males bearing the Chenoweth name. 20 of these lines brought the Chenoweth name into the 20th century, but this number is now reduced to 18 if we talk of continuing the name into the future. The Chenoweth name line of Richard's son Thomas died in 1973 with the death of his great great grandson, James William Chenoweth and George Samuel Chenoweth is the last of the line of Arthur's son Samuel with no heirs (George and his wife Mary have been to several Reunions). As usual the strong male line of John, the oldest, is not only the largest part of the family, it has continuing Chenoweth males in each of the lines of the 6 sons. None of the other 4 brothers has such a complete picture. With the end of the Thomas line from Richard, only his son John, whose children moved to Tennessee, remain to carry on the name. This could change if the "lost lines of Baltimore" are ever identified. Apart from the projected ending of Samuel's line, fours sons of Arthur carry his name forward, Arthur, Jr, John, Thomas and Richard. The lines of Thomas however are extremely thin. Most of William, goes though his son William, Jr. with Isaac being a thin line. Joseph and Absolom both died out in the early 1800s. The lines of Thomas are fairly evenly spread between 5 of his 7 sons. John, the oldest is the thinner and rarer of the sons. A male line from William has never been proved, but there is an "unknown" line that is believed to possibly be from a son of his.

The information we have today on the family is fairly solid. Peter Chenoweth's work has found and identified what exists for the Chenoweth name in every Census. We have identified over 90% of some 2,000 people listed in the SSA roles. These two broad based databases form a firm basis for family knowledge. There is little out there in the Chenoweth name that has not been identified. At present 85% of the close to 2,000 listings belong to the family of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert. Another 11% are identified to what we call our unknown files. In my opinion well over half, if not most of these, should be part of the family, we just have not, so far, proved the link, though in many case we suspect were it belongs. Only 5% of the listings have been identified to other immigrations. Thanks to a generous contribution by Kay Bogart of Delaware, Peter is in the process of obtaining about a third of the remaining unknown social security listings.

Lines of the Chenoweth name from the 3rd generation:

  • JOHN: William (173 - 8th generation males) - DNA sample on record
  • JOHN: John (126 - 8th generation males)
  • JOHN: Thomas (15 - 8th generation males)
  • JOHN: Richard (22 - 8th generation males)
  • JOHN: Absolum (22 - 8th generation males)
  • JOHN: Arthur (12 - 8th generation males)
  • RICHARD: Richard - no known children, but believed to be the source of unknown Baltimore Chenowith and Chenworth lines
  • RICHARD: John (61 - 8th generation males)
  • RICHARD: Arthur (one known daughter)
  • RICHARD: William (no known children)
  • RICHARD: Thomas (male name died in 1973)
  • RICHARD: Joseph (no known children)
  • ARTHUR: Arthur, Jr. (72 - 8th generation males) - DNA sample on record
  • ARTHUR: John (20 - 8th generation males)
  • ARTHUR: Samuel (George Samuel is the end of the male line)
  • ARTHUR: William (no known children)
  • ARTHUR: Thomas (4 - 8th generation males)
  • ARTHUR: Richard (63 - 8th generation males)
  • WILLIAM: Joseph (male line died in 1900)
  • WILLIAM: Absolom (male line died in 1838)
  • WILLIAM: William (57- 8th generation males)
  • WILLIAM: Isaac (13- 8th generation males) - DNA sample on record
  • THOMAS: John (5- 8th generation males)
  • THOMAS: Thomas, Jr. (26- 8th generation males)
  • THOMAS: Arthur (34- 8th generation males) - DNA sample on record
  • THOMAS: Richard (25- 8th generation males)
  • THOMAS: William B. (no known male lines, but could include one of the unknown lines)
  • THOMAS: Elijah (36- 8th generation males) - DNA sample on record
  • THOMAS: Abraham (39- 8th generation males)

1920 Census revisited

As you are probably aware, Ancestry.com has been re-indexing Censuses to include every individual. Recently they completed the 1920 and are working on the 1910, which will complete their re-indexing of every Census. The 1920 Census had previously been soundexed with basic information included for individuals in the actual index. In haste, researchers often never made the 2nd step to look at the actual Census unless there was a question. Internet indexing directly to the Census page was a major step forward. But now, this total re-indexing of every name instead of just heads of households and name changes within the household provides the researcher with better tools. I should comment that some of the interpretations of the Census cursive in the indexing by Ancestery.com are quite wild. One should always look at the actual record. It also helps when looking at the Census to know the actual names you are looking at to enable one to recognize what is there. Census reading can be somewhat an art.

This May I started to assemble a spreadsheet based on the 1920 Census. Though I am still working on it, already we have gleaned some interesting information from it. It has helped up our "found males" listings to over 86%, a 4% improvement. At present this spreadsheet has 3,383 people named Chenoweth in the 1920 Census. This is up from about 2,100 in the 1880 Census, a 50% increase in 40 years. In 1850 there were roughly 1,050 individuals named Chenoweth found in the family, excluding unknowns and other lines. Just looking at Chenoweth named males in the family for these same periods, we believe:

1850 - 580 living males (541 found)
1880 - 1,047 living males (945 found)
1920 - 1,620 living males (1,403 found).

In 1920 the found Chenoweth population is very evenly divided between male and females. Included in this number are 26 duplicate listings and we have given some sort of identity to 95% of the listings. 2,853 individuals or roughly 84% have been identified to the main file and 261 (or about 8%) to our unknown lines. 133 have been identified to "other" immigrations, 39 of these being part of Pete's family.

About half of our unknown lines are in the Baltimore area and make up 40% of the Chenoweth listing there. It is our premise that most of these are lost lines of Richard. Indiana has clearly the biggest Chenoweth name population with 410 listings. This predominance has continued from 1860 when Indiana took over from Ohio as the most populated Chenoweth state. Roughly 50% of the listing are found in the early settlement states of Maryland, the Virginias, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. As with other 20th Century Censuses there is a noticeable shift of the family into cities. Roughly 1/3 of the listings are under the age of 20.

The oldest person in the Census is Jane K Chinworth, nee Pittenger, at age 95 in Indiana. This is the widow (and 2nd wife) of Bill Chinworth's ancestor Robert Chinworth, the son of the assumed line of Arthur III. The oldest male is Charles Wesley Chenoweth, a cousin to Cora Hiatt's father, and a 6th generation descendant living in Darke Co., OH and 89 years old. Both are in the line of Arthur. Maybe Arthur's family has the trait of long life. I have a sense that Chenoweths in general had good longevity. Arthur himself was the last to die living to age 85 and the only son to make it to the 19th century. Another long-lived Arthur was his son Richard, who fathered children into his 70s.

The 1920 Census gives us the general Chenoweth population in the same time framework that Cora Hiatt was assembling her book. Her book has a population by her count of 4,664. Maybe a third to a half of those were living. (The all encompassing 1850 posted family Census at the site has 4,380 actual found family members some 70 years earlier). It would be instructive to count the ones named Chenoweth and compare (in fact it would be a wonderful project to actual index the book).

The re-indexing of the Censuses has proven very useful indeed.

Kay Bogart and many treasures

In January of 2005, Kay Bogart contacted me. She and her husband Barry live in Delaware, and Barry is part of the family. Kay had researched her husband's line back to a Gertrude Chenoweth who married John S. George on October 21, 1868 in Cecil Co., MD. Kay led me to this census listing found in the Upper Falls PO of Harford Co., MD in 1870 (dwelling 637, Lettitia Noomin 79-MD, Sidney Chenith 40-MD, Gertrude 20-MD, Laura 1-MD, John George 23-MD). This was clearly Sidney Alvera Noohan, the wife of Washington Chenoweth, living with her mother and daughter Gertrude, newly married to John George. Washington was the son of Benjamin Norris Chenoweth, the sole line of descent we have from Thomas Chenoweth the son of Richard. The Chenoweth name in this line died out in 1973. This line is a rarity. Thomas is the only son of Richard that we have found continuing lines for in Maryland. We have few daughter lines in Maryland that have been identified. Kay's information was a welcome addition to the file.

More recently Kay made a LARGE donation sum to Pete's effort to identify SSA listings by obtaining the actual SSA application. Often these applications contain the parents of the applicant. While Pete is still waiting on the last set, we have obtained 50 applications resulting in 30 identifications. The list is now down to 188 unidentified. I am amazed at the work that has been made over the years to pare this list. Roughly 90% of the total listings are now identified, 85% to the main file and another 11% to the unknown files we track that we believe are for the most part part of the family. Another 1% or 19 listings are to Pete's family and the remaining 2% attributed to other immigrations. Of those still unidentified, with 10 applications from Kay's donation still pending, only 22 of them are males. We have found little success in placing applications by females. Most of these are spouses and had no information linking them to a husband. Many I suppose are 2nd marriages that we have no knowledge of. We have some good guesses for a couple of the names remaining males, but need confirmation, several that we have obtained had the parents masked out for privacy purposes. Besides concentration on males Pete also asked for applications that had names that could not be identified by sight as to sex, so we have also narrowed what I call the "Pat" category (kudos to SNL). There is no doubt that we have whittled the list to things not easily solved. Here is a short look at some of the stories

Listings with no parents given:

  • Harry Patrick - died in the Palm Springs area of California. Was born in Clifton Co., NJ on August 11 either 1927 or 1928. I have a copy of his obit. His mother was listed as Madeline M. Kaufman.
  • Lester Allen - born December 12, 1944 in NYC died November 1996
  • Richard Terry - born in Detroit, MI on July 4, 1945, died Oct 3, 1990 in Boston. I have a copy of his obit, his mother given as Mrs. Mary Murphy Scully. He was married to Ann Marie Twedten
  • Robert Rolland - born Dec 14, 1959 in Kansas City MO, died December 1978

Born to parents we don't recognize:
  • John Earl - born May 7, 1925 in Plattesburg, MO (Clinton Co). His parents are given as John Earl and Marget Horde. In the 1930 census he is found in St Louis Co. as ward of John F. Ferrero & wife. He died Feb 5, 1988
  • Joseph Maxwell - Born May 20, 1938 in Portsmouth, VA to Oliver Edwin and Lettie Odell Long. Lettie is also in our unidentified SSA listings. Oliver and Lettie are found in the 1930 Census in North Carolina. Oliver, age 32, says he was born in New York to a father born in Maryland and a mother born in Germany. Though there are many German line spouses in Baltimore, very few were actually born in Germany, most were born in the US from immigrant parents. It happens that there is a Maryland native Chenoweth in New York in the 1900 Census with a German wife Margaret. That is Jerome N. Oliver Edwin is not listed but if his age is slightly off maybe he was born after the 1900 Census. The father of Jerome N. was Oliver Buckman Chenoweth, so Oliver would be a family name. Jerome is never found again but Margaret is found in the 1920 Census back in Baltimore living close to her husband's cousin Paul Earl Chenoweth. It would be nice to prove this one. When Oliver died is unknown, Joseph Maxwell died June 15, 2001
  • William Chenoweth - born August 22, 1898 in Tom Green Co., TX. His parents are John Chenoweth and Florence Elizabeth Obles (Ables?). This may be the John Chenoweth in our unknown file married to Florence April. William is not listed in the 1900 Census and John and Florence are not found in a Census until 1930 when Florence is a widow in Travis Co. the same place they were in 1900. William died in Los Angeles in April 1968

Some interesting identifications:
  • Carl Walter "Worth" is listed as Carl but known by the Census listing of Worth. This is a Randolph Co., WV line that came to Idaho. Born October 20, 1894 in Gilmer Co., WV, his parents were William Worth Chenoweth and Ann Hannah Stump
  • Donald George - born in Harrisburg, PA was the son of George Walter Chenoweth and a 2nd marriage we did not know to Clara Palmer. I was able to place this in talking to Donna Sprague, a niece of Donald who lives in Carisle. This line descends from Rixton who settled in Carlisle, PA in the 1830s, a son of William Chenoweth and Amy Davis of Reisterstown, MD.
  • Howard Arnold born Jan 1, 1910 in DeSoto, MO to Frank Norton Chenoweth and Vera May Huskey. This line is in the unknowns coming from an Amon Chenoweth who settled in Indiana in the early 1800s. It is very thin. I talked once to Blanchard Joe, a half brother to Howard. If this line is part of the larger family and I had to guess, it might be that "Amon" is Absolom the son of Thomas of Frederick Co., MD who were have never traced after he left for Kentucky.
  • Howard Crawford was born November 18, 1891 in Nevada, Collin Co., TX to Joseph Chenoweth and Rebecca Ann Crawford. This is a Thomas, Jr. line from his son Benjamin Franklin that settled in Taney co., MO. Though he was in the file, we did not have his date of death as his date of birth was incorrectly listed.
  • Howard Thomas, Jr. - born March 20, 1930 was the son of Howard Thomas and Mable Chilcoat. We believe this Howard was the s/o John Thomas Chenoweth in the Thomas J. line of lost Baltimore lines
  • John Bunte clears up some ambiguities. - born February 09, 1900 in Portsmouth, VA the son of Ezra William Chenoweth and Sophie Bunte (William's 3rd wife), he was listed in the 1900 Census as a 1 month old daughter. In 1910 his name was interpreted as James B. In 1930 a John Chenoweth with wife Olive appears living with the widowed Sophie, but the ages are way off and John didn't follow easily from a blank and then James. A John Chenoweth remembered by descendants had been attributed to Ezra's 2nd wife but never found. This record clears up all these loose ends.
  • John Duane - died at age 29. He was a son of John Jackson Chenoweth and Juanita 'Nita' Green from the Randolph Co., IN Chenoweths, We did not have dates or a middle name for him before.
  • John Edward had been identified by Census work but this gave us a full name and dates. He was the son of Joseph Edwin Chenoweth and Sarah Elizabeth Levisay. This is a Tennessee line from Nicholas that came to Arkansas. John was born October 22, 1886 in Siloam Springs, Benton Co., AR
  • John Frank Chenoweth the son of James Samuel Chenoweth now has 3 different cited dates of birth. Harris says he was born September 12, 1903. The SSA listings have September 27, 1902. Indiana death records have September 21, 1903. Go figure, this is what makes genealogy sometime wacky.
  • John George, Jr. - born February 26, 1909 to John George and Mary Eugenia Fuller is in the lost Baltimore line of John Chenoweth and Ann Perinne
  • John Hayes was confirmed as the son of John Chenoweth and Susan Carnahan. He died February 1981 in Oregon.
  • John Jewel - though we had his information it was only listed as 'J' with no date of birth. We had failed to make this ID.
  • Joseph Harrison was born March 04, 1889 in Charles Hill, Tippecanoe Co., IN. He was born to Cullen Colten Chenoweth and Nora Lunetta Milligan in the line of Richard Chenoweth the s/o Thomas who settled in Tippecanoe Co in the 1830s.
  • Karl Fletcher was born October 30, 1896 in Hollansburg, Darke Co., OH. He died May 1978. We had last seen him in 1920 aboard the USS Oklahoma in Norfolk, VA. He was the son of Washington Ellsworth Chenoweth and Nellie Mary Cook of the Randolph Co., IN Chenoweths.
  • Milton Clyde was born March 12, 1878 in Bunker Hill, Russell Co., KS. He died October 15, 1972 the son of John Casper Chenoweth and Mary Eliza Puckett, a William S. line of Warren Co., OH.
  • Oscar Buckman was born December 01, 1880 in Baltimore City, MD the s/o Oliver Buckman Chenoweth, Jr. and Martha S. Morrison. Oscar died October 1969. His daughter Nettie is last seen in the 1920 Census.
  • Ray Harold Chenoweth of Massachusetts was confirmed to be of "other immigrations and not part of the family.
  • Remedios Gonzales was the wife of Arthur Thomas Chenoweth. She was born in The Philippines. Though I had her name, I did not have dates for her and failed to make the connection.
  • Reuben Junior of Florida was, as we suspected, a son of Mack Burgess Chenowith and Floy Bond. Named for his uncle, this line is one of the scattered many of the marrying man John P. Chenowith.
  • Richard LeRoy - born February 10, 1914 in Spencer, Clay Co., IA as son of Walter Chenoweth and Bessie May Shephard. This is the line of William, Jr. and his son Thomas. Richard was listed under Robert in the SSA listings. He had left his family and was known to have been living in Nevada.
  • Robert Carey was born January 12, 1899 in Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN, the son of Daniel Austin Chenoweth and Blanche Estelle Espy. This is a Washington Co., IN line. Robert died October 21, 1960 in Houston.
  • Robert Henry Chenoweth was the son of Robert Day Chenoweth. Robert Day in turn was the son of William Chenoweth and Lucy M. Craig of Iowa. William appears to belong to an "other immigration"
  • Russell James was born a Garrett and adopted by Theodore Charles Chenoweth as a son of his 2nd wife.
  • Sallie Edith Allen was the 2nd wife of John Wesley Chenoweth in the line of Abraham s/o Thomas (listed as "S")
  • Salem Blair Chenoweth was the son of William Salem Chenoweth. We had found him in a Census but never had his exact dates and that of his first name (listed as "S")
  • Sandra Gale Signor was the 1st wife of Charles Edward Chenoweth. This Chicago family is in the line of William, Jr. and his son Thomas. (listed as "S")
  • Vance Collin, Jr. is a bit strange. Apparently he was born Vance Collier so we never found him in a Census. How he obtained the name Chenoweth remains unknown
  • William Herchel was born September 04, 1892 in Hamden Junction, Franklin Co., OH, the s/o Harvey Arthur 'Harry' and Minnie Mae Chenoweth. This is a line from Absolom of Perry Co., OH. William died on January 1965.

By the way, this is the fine family listing that Kay furnished:

GERTRUDE L.6 CHENOWETH (WASHINGTON5, BENJAMIN NORRIS4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born August 24, 1850 in Harford Co., MD, and died March 14, 1932 in White Marsh, Baltimore Co., MD. She married JOHN S. GEORGE October 21, 1868 in Cecil Co., MD. He was born January 1847 in Pennsylvania, and died March 15, 1925 in Texas, Baltimore Co., MD.


  1. EMMA LAURA7 GEORGE, b. March 23, 1869, Harford Co., MD; d. June 24, 1935, Conshohocken, Montgomery Co., PA; m. WILLIAM KENNARD RICHARDSON, November 1886, Maryland; b. August 07, 1865, Maryland; d. June 13, 1940, Mount Ephraim, Camden Co., NJ.
  2. WILLIAM R. GEORGE, b. October 1870, Harford Co., MD; d. 1943, White Marsh, Baltimore Co., MD; m. MARY M. SINGLETON, 1894, Maryland; b. Bet. 1865 - 1876.
  3. HANNAH GERTRUDE GEORGE, b. Abt. 1872, Maryland; m. WILLIAM A. WEIDNER; b. 1862, Maryland.
  4. ELLA C. GEORGE, b. Abt. July 1879, Maryland.
  5. VIOLA M. GEORGE, b. 1882, Maryland; m. GEORGE KEITHLEY; b. 1871, Maryland.
  6. JOHN E. GEORGE, b. January 1886, Maryland; d. 1952; m. ANNA T. ANDREWS; b. Abt. 1890.

Missing in the Census

Having done Census work long enough, you learn that the record is not always perfect. Census data can confirm facts and add people, but if there is something wrong or missing, it does not necessarily mean anything, rather it is just a missed opportunity to corroborate facts. Usually you have a couple of Census years to compare. But with the destruction of the 1890 Census, the 20-year gap often presents problems and questions for those descendents born in the 1880s. The case of Joseph Wright Chenoweth is one such instance. Johnny Lloyd Chenoweth of Centralia, WA first presented this line to us in a phone conversation I had made in checking on Washington State Chenoweths. His father Royl Howard was a son of a Joseph Chenoweth and his wife Lena Myers. At the time Johnny thought his grandfather's name was Joseph Edward. 'Roy' was born in Seward Co., NE in 1917. He had two brothers, Edward Sterling born in Logan Co., CO and Lloyd born in Nebraska. We eventually found the family in the 1920 Census. The two older sons, Edward and Roy are found with the mother Lena and her parents, Joseph and Magdalena Myers, in Seward Co., NE. Joseph was not present, probably off working some where, as Lloyd was born in 1923. In 1930, the three boys are found in Park Co., CO in a boarding house. The connections were somewhat tenuous.

The 1910 Census finds another clue. In Logan Co., CO where Edward was born, there is a 21-year-old Joseph working in a meatpacking plant, born in Iowa. The only family in that area at the time was that of Gilbert Allison Chenoweth and his wife, who is known as "Missouri" or "Zora Jane" Wright. In the 1900 Census she is 'Jennie M', born in Missouri. She is subsequent listed as Jenie, Jennie and Jenny in the next 3 Censuses. We have not found them in 1880. We knew of 6 children, but in 1900 Jennie said she had 7 children and in 1910 she said she had 8. Either way we were missing a child. It seemed logical that this might be Joseph, but at age 11, he was either omitted from the listing or maybe off living with a relative. So we continued to look and gather information. Recently Pete got the SSA application for Roy. This was a effort to figure out who Roy was as Pete had originally assigned this SSA listing to Roy the son of Roy Albert Chenoweth who also was born in 1917. There was a third Roy born that year in California, the son of Forest Chenoweth, but he was more easily identified. Dot suspected that Pete had made the wrong identification and that the SSA listing was for Royl Howard. That seemed to me to be more logical by the Colorado location where the SSA number was issued and the Lewis Co., WA location on the last residence where Johnny Lloyd now lives. The application has proved Dot right and the correction has been made. Roy was the son of Joseph Wright Chenoweth and Lena Myers. The inclusion of the middle name Wright sealed the deal for me, as Gilbert's wife was Jennie Wright. Though this is not absolute proof, it is a compelling case and we are now including the family of Joseph Wright Chenoweth as part of this Thomas(2) line from the son Richard Chenoweth of Tippecanoe Co., IN. Glibert's family lived both in Nebraska and Iowa before coming to Colorado matching the 1910 Census data we had for Joseph. It is a good fit.

GILBERT ALLISON6 CHENOWETH (PETER H.S.B.5, THOMAS T.4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born August 21, 1851 in White Co., IN, and died March 31, 1938 in Douglas Co., NE. He married MISSOURI "JENNIE M." OR "ZORA JANE" WRIGHT January 20, 1876 in Sullivan Co., IN. She was born March 1860 in Missouri, and died April 07, 1936 in Douglas Co., NE.


  1. CHARLES S.7 CHENOWETH, b. January 19, 1877, White Co., IN; d. July 19, 1951; m. JOANNA MARY SHEEHAN, Abt. 1900; b. June 30, 1882, Iowa; d. March 24, 1947.
  2. FLORENCE CHENOWETH, b. October 1879, Nebraska.
  3. MYRTLE CHENOWETH, b. July 04, 1881, Montgomery Co., IA.
  4. FRANK PETER CHENOWETH, b. April 25, 1883, Nebraska; d. December 1969, Omaha, Douglas Co., NE; m. (1) LILLIAN MAE KELLEY, Abt. 1903; b. 1890, Nebraska; d. Bef. 1925; m. (2) JENNY (EROSS) ?, Aft. 1920; b. Abt. 1894, Nebraska.
  5. JOSEPH WRIGHT CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1889, Iowa; m. LENA MYERS; b. Abt. 1894, Nebraska.
  6. (DAUGHTER) CHENOWETH, b. October 20, 1891, Montgomery Co., IA.
  7. EDWARD RAYMOND 'EDDIE' CHENOWETH, b. September 30, 1899, Douglas Co., NE; d. February 17, 1987, Douglas Co., NE; m. WILMA BELLE CAIN, June 27, 1921, Montgomery Co., IA; b. July 18, 1904, Daviess Co., MO; d. August 30, 1993.

Generation No. 2

JOSEPH WRIGHT7 CHENOWETH (GILBERT ALLISON6, PETER H.S.B.5, THOMAS T.4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1889 in Iowa. He married LENA MYERS, daughter of JOSEPH MYERS and MAGDALENA ?. She was born Abt. 1894 in Nebraska.


  1. EDWARD STERLING8 CHENOWETH, b. July 21, 1915, Sterling, Logan Co., CO; d. April 05, 1997, Apache Junction, Pinal Co., AZ; m. LENA MAY LEWIS; b. January 26, 1926; d. June 29, 1995.
  2. ROYL HOWARD 'ROY' CHENOWETH, b. May 21, 1917, Beaver Crossing, Seward Co., NE; d. May 1973, Lewis Co., WA; m. VIRGINIA LEWIS
  3. LLOYD CHENOWETH, b. May 09, 1922, Nebraska; d. September 04, 1982.

Margaret and a marriage found

In September of 2005, Helen Robinson, contacted me about a Maggie Chenoweth, who she found in the Civil War pension papers of Jerome Johnson of Knox Co., TN. On his application he stated that his first wife was Maggie Chenoweth and that they married in 1868. Helen assumed the marriage had been in Knox Co., TN where Jerome was born and had married for the second time. But there just was no fit in the families of this area. Further reading however gave the marriage location as Madison Co., AR. That certainly was a Chenoweth place as several families from Washington Co., TN had settled there in the 1840's. A quick search of our 1860 Arkansas data produced Margaret age 25 in that Census as a daughter of Joseph Chenoweth and Lydia Bean. The clincher was that Jerome stated that Maggie's father had been a doctor and, indeed, Joseph Chenoweth was in the Harris book records as a doctor and certainly the only Chenoweth doctor in Madison Co., AR.

Jerome served with Company C. of the 6th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry. Apparently after the war he went to Arkansas. Helen found that he was a cattle buyer and roved around frequently. He was known to be in Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama and made his headquarters in St. Louis. The papers stated that Jerome lived with Maggie for 14 years and that Maggie died in May 1886 after they had returned to Knox Co. Since they were married for 18 years, there was a good bit of time away, and that may account to Margaret still living with her mother in 1870 in Madison Co. Neither is found yet in the 1880 Census. There were no children from this marriage. Margaret was about ten years older than Jerome who was born about 1842 and about 26 years old when he married the 36 year old Margaret. This was a nice detail to add to Joseph's family and I thank Helen for contacting me.

While we are on the family of Joseph, there are two other details that should be explained. On page 262, Harris notes of the 1870 Census, where Margaret, though married, is still living with her mother Lydia, that besides Margaret, a Bertha Chenoweth 35-TN, "Jename" 29-TN and John A. 9-AR are also in the household. He states "as listed, these last three are not known, but Bertha may have been the wife of one of the sons, "Jename" may have been a mistaken spelling or reading for the son Joseph; and John A. was possibly a child of one of the sons. Harris is correct in this. "Jename" is the son Joseph Jeremy. Bertha is his wife and John A. their son who grows to marry a Mabel "Belle" and father Swepson Jerome Chenoweth of Dallas Co., TX. Another John A. is enumerated in the nearby family of Joseph's son, Edmund Bean. In 1870 Edmund's widow, Agnes C. Pickett, is taking care of the 5 year old John. Harris mistakenly includes him as a son. But Edmund died two years before John was born and their last child was Jefferson B. Chenoweth, born 5 months after his father's death. The explanation is that the five-year-old John was a son of Edmond's sister Ruth, born out of wedlock. Ruth would eventually marry to Addison A. Gibbs in 1872. John is known as John Andre Chenoweth and would marry Beulah Lee Turner in Oklahoma. In the 1910 Census living with John and Beluah is his half brother, Adison Wilcox "Scrab" Gibbs, Ruth's other child. Ruth truthfully stated in the 1900 Census that she had 2 living children. The one not present with her in that Census was John Andre.

JOSEPH5 CHENOWETH (NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born October 01, 1797 in Washington Co., TN, and died March 22, 1858 in Madison Co., AR. He married LYDIA BEAN July 30, 1818 in Washington Co., TN, daughter of EDMUND BEAN and MARGARET ELLIS. She was born November 04, 1801 in Washington Co., TN, and died February 18, 1880 in Madison Co., AR.


  1. ELIZABETH6 CHENOWETH, b. 1819, Washington Co., TN; d. July 1850, Madison Co., AR.
  2. NICHOLAS CHENOWETH, b. 1822, Washington Co., TN. (went to California for the gold rush)
  3. NELSON H. CHENOWETH, b. August 15, 1823, Washington Co., TN; d. November 14, 1879, Washington Co., AR; m. SARAH W. KING; b. January 03, 1823, Tennessee; d. May 18, 1890, Washington Co., AR. (this family is still in Arkansas)
  4. EDMUND BEAN CHENOWETH, b. March 21, 1824, Washington Co., TN; d. November 25, 1862, Madison Co., AR; m. AGNES C. PICKETT, February 22, 1846, Arkansas; b. January 18, 1829, Tennessee; d. June 02, 1925, Dallas Co., TX. (went to Texas)
  5. WILLIAM DOUGLAS CHENOWETH, b. 1828, Washington Co., TN; d. 1864; m. ORPHA A. WILLIAMS, February 04, 1861, Washington Co., AR; b. September 12, 1835, Washington Co., AR; d. September 09, 1925, Washington Co., AR.
  6. OSMUND CHENOWETH, b. 1831, Washington Co., TN. . (went to California for the gold rush)
  7. MARGARET CHENOWETH, b. 1833, Washington Co., TN; d. May 1886; m. JEROME JOHNSON, 1868, Madison Co., AR; b. Abt. 1843, Knox Co., TN.
  8. RUTH A. CHENOWETH, b. 1835, Washington Co., TN; m. (2) ADDISON A. GIBBS, Abt. 1872, Madison Co., AR; b. April 1844, Knox Co., TN.
  9. JOSEPH J. "JEREMY" CHENOWETH, b. 1837, Washington Co., TN; m. BERTHA ?; b. Abt. 1835, Tennesse.
  10. JOHN W. CHENOWETH, b. 1843, Madison Co., AR; d. Bef. 1900, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; m. LILLIE LORY, November 01, 1883, Wise Co., TX.

A Query Answered

In February of 2006, I receive an Email from a researcher who was writing a book on the early days of Abraham Lincoln in Spencer Co., IN where Abe lived as a young boy. One of the neighbors of Thomas Lincoln was David Casebier who had married Elizabeth Chenoweth, Jonathon's daughter. I looked in a study that had been put together by Marry Padden of Tacoma on her Casebier and McDowell ancestors that traced back to David and Elizabeth. Mary had found that Catherine Crissy "Kitty' Casebier, their daughter, had at age 14 attended school with Abe and that David Casebier had sworn in court as a witness to the will of Nancy Lincoln, Abe's mother. The 1820 Census records the Casebier family in Spenser Co. Sometimes, early America was a small place with Chenoweths spread across the emerging West. There were Tucker descendants of Phoebe Ashbrook that lived in Springfield and outlying Sagamon County in Illinois in the 1850s and 1860s where Lincoln practiced and was elected to the Presidency. Having just finished reading the fine book of Doris Kearns Goodwin on Abraham Lincoln titled, "A Team of Rivals", I was struck by these connections to this pivotal leader of our nation.

The closest connection in the family to any president is that of Richard Nixon. His ancestry goes back to Isaac Newton Brown, an Irish immigrant, who was Nixon's great, great, great grandfather and his daughter Jane Brown who married Joseph Dickinson Moore in Perry Co., OH. Jane's mother, Mary Clayton died and Isaac remarried to Eleanor Scott "Nellie" Chenoweth, the daughter of Absolom Chenoweth and Nellie Read. Isaac and Eleanor had 9 children. There is also a vague connection to Harry Truman. Grafton Baker Whitaker, a grandson of Rachel Chenoweth, married Margaret Gregg, the daughter of David Gregg and Sally Scott. Margaret's sister, Harriet Luisa Gregg, married Solomon Young. They were the grandparents of Harry Truman. In terms of actual family members and national politics, there have been a few US congressmen in the family. Perhaps most notably, was John Edgar Chenoweth of Colorado who helped establish the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. John Edgar and other noteworthy Chenoweths can be viewed on the main website page.


In the last three issues we presented birth records of individuals that we had obtained from a website known as Any Birth Date. We continue that list in this issue. The information contained at this website is a name, birthdate and possible residential address. To this we add remarks (other information we have obtained on the individual). Some of the females may be spouses, while some may be daughters. As always with this column any help in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Chenoweth, Opal C. b: May 15 1908 in St. Louis, MO
  2. Chenoweth, Ora G. b: Sep 25 1946 in Tarrant Co., TX
  3. Chenoweth, Owens A. b: Jan 01 1959 in Cobb Co., GA
  4. Chenoweth, P.W. b: Apr 04 1937 in Clark Co., NV
  5. Chenoweth, Pamela J. b: Jul 09 1951 in Lane Co., OR
  6. Chenoweth, Pamela L. b: Sep 20 1958 in Johnson Co., KS comment: wife of John H. (b: 20 Dec 1955)
  7. Chenoweth, Patricia A. b: Sep 25 1965 in Monmouth Co., NJ
  8. Chenoweth, Patricia C. b: Aug 09 1945 in Orange Co., FL
  9. Chenoweth, Patricia D. b: May 29 1957 in Lane Co., OR
  10. Chenoweth, Patrick D. b: Dec 05 1965 in Killeen Co., TX
  11. Chenoweth, Patsy S. b: Jun 01 1936 in Grimes Co., TX comment: could be Patsy S. Doss
  12. Chenoweth, Pattie L. b: Oct 04 1941 in Will Co., IL
  13. Chenoweth, Paul E. b: Jun 01 1976 in St Lucie Co., FL
  14. Chenoweth, Paul F. b: Sep 20 1923 in Marion Co., IN
  15. Chenoweth, Paula D. b: Jul 09 1977 in York Co., SC
  16. Chenoweth, Paula R. b: Oct 28 1954 in St. Joseph, MI comment: wife of David A.
  17. Chenoweth, Paulette N. b: Oct 28 1945 in Portage Co., OH
  18. Chenoweth, Pauline I. b: Dec 09 1920 in Jackson Co., MO
  19. Chenoweth, Peggy G. b: Aug 16 1928 in Franklin Co., MO comment: possibly wife of Ralph A.
  20. Chenoweth, Penny b: Jun 09 1961 in Clark Co., WA
  21. Chenoweth, Penny b: May 14 1957 in Whatcom Co., WA comment: wife of Randal L.
  22. Chenoweth, Penny A. b: Sep 22 1940 in Union Co., OR
  23. Chenoweth, Peter J. b: Jun 24 1946 in Alachua Co., FL
  24. Chenoweth, Phillip b: Jul 20 1966 in Jefferson Co., CO comment: Phillip Daniel
  25. Chenowith, Phillip M. b: Apr 06 1962 in Baltimore Co., MD
  26. Chenoweth, Phillip W. b: Jan 28 1976 in Macon Co., IL
  27. Chenoweth, Phyllis b: May 05 1961 in Broward Co., FL
  28. Chenoweth, Phyllis G. b: Nov 22 1947 in Pinellas Co., FL
  29. Chenoweth, Phyllis R. b: Sep 08 1963 in La Salle Co., IL
  30. Chenoweth, Priscilla R. b: Jun 07 1930 in Hudson Co., NJ comment: wife of Donald R.
  31. Chenoweth, Rachell b: Jun 13 1952 in Lexington Co., SC
  32. Chenoweth, Randal L. b: Jul 31 1953 in Whatcom Co., WA
  33. Chenoweth, Randy W. b: Sep 22 1970 in Duval Co., FL
  34. Chenoweth, Raul M. b: Oct 24 1963 in Bexar Co., TX
  35. Chenoweth, Raymond D. b: Jul 12 1944 in Riverside Co., CA comment: married to Shirlene R. Pullins
  36. Chenoweth, Rebecca J. b: Jul 15 1940 in San Mateo Co., CA
  37. Chenoweth, Rebecca J. b: Nov 24 1956 in Los Angeles Co., CA
  38. Chenoweth, Rebecca S. b: Sep 07 1961 in Fulton Co., IL comment: possibly son of Mark E.
  39. Chenoweth, Reece A. b: Nov 15 1960 in Galveston Co., TX comment: Reece Aldo (twice married)
  40. Chenoweth, Regina I. b: Oct 13 1951 in Broward Co., FL
  41. Chenoweth, Rene B. b: Jan 11 1963 in Humboldt Co., CA
  42. Chenoweth, Renee b: Apr 21 1933 in Bronx Co., NY
  43. Chenoweth, Richard b: May 23 1939 in Piatt Co., IL comment: maybe Richard Lee
  44. Chenoweth, Richard b: Oct 04 1950 in Routt Co., CO
  45. Chenoweth, Richard b: Aug 19 1931 in Todd Co., MN
  46. Chenoweth, Richard A. b: Jan 26 1954 in Manatee Co., FL
  47. Chenoweth, Richard F. b: Apr 26 1927 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
  48. Chenowith, Richard L. b: Sep 09 1949 in Carroll Co., MD
  49. Chenowith, Richard P. b: Mar 01 1961 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
  50. Chenoweth, Richard W. b: Feb 27 1942 in Wayne Co., MO
  51. Chenoweth, Richard W. b: Jan 15 1946 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
  52. Chenoweth, Rita b: Mar 22 1948 in Oakland Co., MI
  53. Chenowith, Robert b: Mar 16 1943 in Elkhart Co., IN
  54. Chinneth, Robert b: Oct 29 1955 in Pierce Co., WA
  55. Chenoweth, Robert A. b: Mar 22 1953 in Hillsborough Co., FL
  56. Chenoweth, Robert B. b: Oct 28 1960 in Cuyahoga Co., OH
  57. Chenoweth, Robert D. b: Mar 13 1947 in Cook Co., IL
  58. Chenoweth, Robert D. b: Mar 04 1947 in DuPAge Co., IL
  59. Chenoweth, Robert D. b: Sep 27 1952 in Richland Co., SC
  60. Chenoweth, Robert E. b: Jul 16 1956 in Jasper Co., MO
  61. Chenowith, Robert G. b: Nov 05 1950 in Le Flore Co., OK
  62. Chenoweth, Robert G. b: Mar 07 1930 in Tarrant Co., TX
  63. Chenoweth, Robert J. b: Aug 04 1931 in St Louis, MO
  64. Chenowith, Robert S. b: Feb 06 1949 in San Diego Co., CA
  65. Chenoweth, Robert S. b: Dec 26 1956 in Whatcom Co., WA
  66. Chenowth, Robert W. b: Jun 16 1920 in Dallas Co., TX
  67. Chenoweth, Roberta S. b: Dec 31 1934 in Bell Co., TX
  68. Chenoweth, Robin M. b: Dec 11 1964 in Franklin Co., OH
  69. Chenoweth, Rod R. b: Jan 23 1949 in Clark Co., WA
  70. Chenoweth, Roger b: Jul 13 1958 in Baltimore Co., MD
  71. Chenoweth, Rolland b: Mar 18 1954 in Randolph Co., WV
  72. Chenoweth, Ronald b: Sep 14 1949 in Routt Co., CO comment: husband of Beverly K.
  73. Chenoweth, Ronald P. b: Dec 02 1967 in Pinellas Co., FL
  74. Chenoweth, Rosaria b: Sep 13 1962 in Anne Arundel Co., MD
  75. Chenoweth, Rose R. b: Jul 22 1947 in Harford Co., MD
  76. Chinneth, Rosie L. b: Jul 27 1936 in Tulsa Co., OK
  77. Chenoweth, Russell b: Aug 07 1935 in Montgomery Co., PA
  78. Chenoweth, Ruth b: Aug 29 1909 in Maricopa Co., AZ
  79. Chenoweth, Ruth Y. b: Apr 02 1936 in Lexington Co., SC comment: wife of Donald D.
  80. Chenoweth, Sallie L. b: Jul 15 1936 in Jefferson Co., KY
  81. Chenoweth, Sally b: Jan 06 1942 in King Co., WA comment: possibly 3rd wife of Charles Curtice, Jr
  82. Chenoweth, Sally G. b: Jul 27 1956 in Shelby Co., IL
  83. Chenoweth, Sandra b: Jun 14 1959 in King Co., WA
  84. Chenoweth, Sandra b: Dec 04 1960 in Galveston Co., TX comment: wife of Reece Aldo
  85. Chenoweth, Sandra L. b: Jul 29 1954 in San Francisco Co., CA comment: married Derran S.Peck
  86. Chenoweth, Sarah J. b: Jun 25 1963 in Bell Co., TX
  87. Chenoweth, Scott B. b: Apr 13 1959 in Harris Co., TX comment: married Jann E. Hughes
  88. Chenoweth, Sharon L. b: Feb 21 1953 in Jackson Co., OR comment: wife of Douglas (b: 18 Jun 1952)
  89. Chenoweth, Sharon M. b: Oct 09 1936 in Pasco Co., FL
  90. Chenoweth, Sheila F. b: Sep 11 1953 in Richland Co., SC comment: wife of Robert D.
  91. Chenoweth, Shelly K. b: Jun 08 1966 in Horry Co., SC comment: wife of Steven K.
  92. Chenoweth, Shirlene R. b: Feb 07 1945 in Riverside Co., CA comment: wife of Raymond D.
  93. Chenoweth, Shirley b: Apr 01 1941 in Kern Co., CA
  94. Chenoweth, Shirley D. b: Sep 04 1933 in Hennepin Co., MN
  95. Chenoweth, Sonya J. b: Aug 01 1952 in Cobb Co., GA
  96. Chenoweth, Stephanie L. b: Apr 12 1950 in Anne Arundel Co., MD comment: wife of Richard W.
  97. Chenoweth, Stephen L. b: Nov 24 1963 in Winnebago Co., IL
  98. Chenoweth, Stephen M. b: Apr 16 1957 in Dallas Co., TX
  99. Chenoweth, Stephen R. b: Jan 27 1974 in Sangamon Co., IL
  100. Chenoweth, Steve K. b: Sep 19 1955 in Montgomery Co., OH
  101. Chenoweth, Steven R. b: Oct 04 1963 in Clay Co., FL
  102. Chenoweth, Steven T. b: Oct 11 1965 in Pinellas Co., FL
  103. Chenoweth, Sue b: Jul 14 1968 in St Lucie Co., FL
  104. Chenoweth, Sue b: May 27 1953 in Maricopa Co., AZ
  105. Chenoweth, Sue A. b: Feb 11 1940 in Linn Co., OR comment: related to Leston Lee
  106. Chenoweth, Sue C. b: Feb 23 1955 in Delaware Co., OH
  107. Chenoweth, Sue J. b: Dec 20 1953 in Santa Cruz Co., CA
  108. Chinouth, Susan A. b: Apr 12 1958 in Ogle Co., IL
  109. Chenowith, Susan B. b: Jan 31 1954 in Volusia Co., FL
  110. Chenoweth, Susan D. b: May 08 1964 in York Co., SC
  111. Chenoweth, Susan F. b: Aug 26 1971 in Tulsa Co., OK
  112. Chenoweth, Susan J. b: Feb 27 1955 in Jackson Co., OR comment: wife of Douglas A. (b: 18 Jun 1952)
  113. Chenoweth, Susan K. b: Jun 30 1965 in Rock Island Co., IL
  114. Chenoweth, Susan L. b: Mar 14 1949 in Clark Co., WA
  115. Chenoweth, Susan M. b: Oct 20 1951 in Anne Arundel Co., MD comment: wife of Mark K.
  116. Chenoweth, Susan M. b: Jul 08 1960 in Travis Co., TX
  117. Chenoweth, Susan W. b: Jul 30 1959 in Gregg Co., TX
  118. Chenoweth, Suzanne b: Aug 02 1951 in Spokane Co., WA
  119. Chenoweth, Suzanne b: Dec 21 1967 in King Co., WA comment: wife of Terrence E. (b: 1 Jun 1963)
  120. Chenoweth, Suzanne N. b: Sep 15 1952 in Sand Diego Co., CA comment: wife of Dennis E.
  121. Chenoweth, Tamara L. b: Apr 30 1951 in Norfolk Co., MA
  122. Chenowith, Tami b: Sep 09 1966 in Tarrant Co., TX
  123. Chenoweth, Tammy Lou b: Oct 24 1969 in Cheshire Co., NH
  124. Chenoweth, Tara b: Jan 30 1969 in King Co., WA comment: daughter of Marc
  125. Chenoweth, Terence E. b: Jun 01 1963 in King Co., WA comment: husband of Suzanne (b: 21 Dec 1967)

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