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VOLUME 7 NUMBER 2 - June 2008
EDITOR: PETER C. CHENOWETH - E-MAIL: p.chenoweth@comcast.net

National Reunion a Go In Ft Wayne, IN

To paraphrase The Bard (Hamlet Act 1 Scene 3) �To be, or not to be: that WAS the question��. It came down to the eleventh hour as to whether or not there would even be a 5th National Reunion. With the 23rd of May fast approaching (the deadline for settling on the number of rooms that would stay reserved at Don's Guesthouse) it was questionable as to whether or not there would be enough individuals registered to allow the Association to break even, cost wise. After tabulating all the figures, 60 individuals would be needed to break even and as of the 23rd there were 58 registered.


Whether due to the economy or other factors, it has noted that there has been a steady decline in attendance over the last 4 reunions. The first reunion, in 2000 at had more than 175 individuals in attendance, while the last one in Baltimore, MD had just over 80 individuals there. The initial concept to hold the reunion in different locations was to give all individuals an opportunity to attend one, without undue travel costs. If there is a 6th National Reunion in 2010 it is expected to be in the Midwest. But this reunion is a go. So, with the suspense out of the way, what is it that those individuals attending have to look forward to next month.

Allen County Public Library � has the second largest genealogical collection in the country. (Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT has the largest) In existence since 1895 it contains more than 350,000 printed volumes and 513,000 microfilm and microfiche items in its genealogical collection, plus access to many online databases. Plenty of time is made available for researching your family line.

Shipshewana Day trip � this unique Indiana town is surrounded by both Mennonite and Amish communities. Named for Chief Shipshewana of the Potawatomi Indian tribe, the town is less than one mile square with a population of approximately 550. It hosts one of the nations largest flea markets and some 150 retail shops. Bringing this trip to a conclusion, there will be a late lunch at Das Dutchman Essenhaus � considered the largest family restaurant in Indiana, it is an Amish-style restaurant and bakery with both Amish and Mennonite cooks.

Guest speakers: always an enjoyable and informative part of every reunion is Jon Egge�s presentation of Chenoweth family history of that area. Now that Ancestry.com has taken over Relative Genetics DNA program, Pete Chenoweth will give an updated presentation of where we stand with this ongoing project. Greg Wulker will be having a discussion on current Cavert research.

Photo � traditionally all family members in attendance don their lineage colored T-shirts and pose in front of one of the areas landmarks. This reunion will be no different with the photo being take at our lodging for the reunion: Don�s Guesthouse.

On Friday evening there will be a reunion banquet. At this time any announcements, recognitions and awards will be made. On Saturday evening there will be our traditional coffee, cake and ice cream social. And on Sunday morning there will be the family brunch and general membership meeting.

Want to take part in this enjoyable event? It�s never too late. Registration forms (courtesy of Bill Chinworth) can found at:

  • The Chenoweth Family The Chenoweth Family

    �How Cold Is It?�

    Ever wonder whether someone was being vulgar when they said that it was �cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey?� As almost any Naval veteran would tell you the truth is:

    It was necessary to keep a good supply of cannon balls near the cannon on old war ships. But how to prevent them from rolling about the deck was the problem.

    The best storage method devised was to stack them as a square based pyramid with one ball on top, resting on four, resting on nine, which rested on sixteen. Thus a supply of 30 cannon balls could be stacked in a small area right next to the cannon.

    There was only one problem � how to prevent the bottom layer from sliding/rolling from under the others. The solution was a metal plate with 16 round indentations called a Monkey. But if this plate were made of iron then the balls would quickly rust to it. The solution to the rusting problem was to make Brass Monkeys.

    Few landlubbers realize that brass contracts much more and much faster than iron when chilled. Consequently when the temperature dropped too far the brass indentations would shrink so much that the iron cannon balls would come right off the monkey.

    Thus it was quite literally cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.


    A belated happy 50th Anniversary is sent to Mr & Mrs Richard Lee Chenoweth. Dick married Mildred Marie Jackson on 26 January 1958 in Cerro Gordo, Piatt Co., IL. An open reception was held for the couple on 12 Apr 2008 in the La Place Community Center. He is retired from Transport Service Co. and she is the retired owner of the Wheel Inn restaurant and a retired caregiver. They are the proud parents of two sons, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


    By Peter Clinton Chenoweth, Editor

    For years, while I was in the military, I had a poster that hung in my offices:

    �Not My Job�

    This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got upset about that, because it was Everybody�s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn�t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have

    Someone Else

    I know that all of you will be saddened to learn this week of the death of one of our most valuable acquaintances � Someone Else. Someone�s passing creates a vacancy that will be difficult to fill.

    Our friend had been with us for many years, and for every one of those years, Someone did more than the normal person�s share of the work. Whenever leadership was called for, this wonderful individual was looked to for inspiration as well as results.

    Whenever there was a job to do, a problem to tackle, a meeting to attend, one name was on everyone�s lips. �Let Someone Else do it,� everybody would say. It was common knowledge that whenever the need arose, Someone Else was one of the biggest contributors of time, spirit, self, and resources. Whatever the shortfall, everyone assumed that Someone Else would make up the difference. Someone Else was an extraordinary person, almost superhuman. But a person can only do so much.

    Were the truth known, everyone expected too much of Someone Else. Someone set a wonderful example for us to follow. But now, Someone is gone.

    Who is going to do all the things we expected Someone Else to do?. We can�t depend on Someone Else anymore.

    It should be noted that as of the date of this publication there have NO nominations or volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors. I guess Someone Else was expected to serve on the board.

    �96 Summer Olympics Revisited
    By Peter Chenoweth

    I am happy to say that 2 more of the bricks have been identified:

    • Raymond M. of Apollo Beach is Raymond Murray Chenoweth. Ray passed away 8 May 2008.
    • Cody Waters �95 brick � There is a Marist High in Eugene, OR and this is what the Oregon Death index shows:

    Name: Waters, Jon Cody
    County: Lane (Eugene)
    Death Date: 4 Dec 1995
    Certificate: 95-25238
    Age: 17
    Birth Date: 16 Dec 1977

    What is not known is the Chenoweth who purchased Cody�s brick and their relationship to him.


    (The following e-mails have been received from members of the family with regards to the newsletter. Comments, articles, questions and other items for this newsletter are always appreciated.-editor)

    My compliments to Peter for a fine newsletter..

    In �Comments from the Clan� Sue Solomon on 3/28/07 draws attention to the first auto license issued in Texas to W.B. Chenoweth for his bus. Your comment back was that this is really William Benjamin Wood is inaccurate. This is William Benjamin Chenoweth(6) from Joseph(5) Benjamin F.(4) Thomas Jr(3) Thomas(2) John(1) � my grandfather. The Dallas Morning News article you included was fairly accurate, except that he died April 1, 1946 in Terrill, TX.

    7 March 2008
    Ted Bird

    I am copying this to Pete, but his email address is p.chenoweth@comcast.net. At some point there will be an article about the Downings, as last fall we accepted Dorcus Downing and William Downing as children of Mary Chenoweth and Timothy Downing. � Jon Egge


    I just pulled up the newsletter and was briefly scanning it --- The Pike County, IL caught my eye --- You are mentioning Paul Durbin --- He is my sister, Nina�s, ex father-in-law. His son, Steve is shown on our line. Also my son, Charles Sade, has a son now � Charles Henry Sade�.

    I know I am supposed to write down on the ancestors, but I don�t have time right now to check it. Both my parents, Charles and Grace Wendling, have been moved to a nursing home and I am on my way there.

    Thanks for the newsletter. I really enjoy it. I am in international Masonic organization for women and whenever I have time I check names against the Surname list.

    7 Mar 2008
    Linda Sade

    My goodness�.I missed this one. Your sister Nina married her 7th cousin once removed in the form of Steven Dwayne Durbin�Paul, as described in the article, goes back to the Ashbrooks of Mary Chenoweth and your line is from Jonathan�s daughter Sally who married Seaborn Mayfield. This is news to me and I have now correctly merged Paul for I think the second time. So Paul married his cousin from the line of William of Nelson Co., then remarried and had a son, who married his cousin from the line of William�s brother, Jonathan. That forms a sort of hybred family that encompasses all three early lines of John(2) that settled in Pike Co., IL. � Jon Egge


    Cousin Pete, I read the most recent newsletter to the end when I noticed that you live in St Cloud, FL. I live down the road west of you (Hwy 192) in Celebration! Maybe we can get together some weekend; possibly a regional �mini� reunion CHENOWETH cousins living in the Orlando area. I am usually home on weekends, but not the next 2�floating on a drilling rig way off the coast of Louisiana (200+ miles) looking for oil.

    I can appreciate all the work you do putting together the Chenoweth Family newsletter. I got burned out a few years ago doing the same for my Gibbs family line. There is evidence of that burnout in the story in this edition re: The CF board members.

    7 Mar 2008
    Tom Wilson

    It so good to hear from cousins and though records indicate St Cloud as my home it should be noted that though I grew up there and married my high school sweetheart from �across the tracks�(Kissimmee) we are currently living in the Augusta, GA area. We do still have a son that lives in that area and the next time we go to visit I will be sure to give you a call. - editor


    I submit the following information for the IN MEMORIAM HONOR ROLL. (Paul Stalnaker10 Burns deceased 29 Feb 2008) Also I have attached Paul�s obituary (as a Word document) since it contains some information which may not yet be in the Chenoweth database.

    7 Mar 2008
    Darrell Stalnaker

    Sorry to hear your cousin died. I will add him to the World War II listings. There has been a bunch of these vets lately in obits I have got. Anyone serving in the war would be into their 80�s or beyond, so that is not surprising, but there are so many that people never mentioned their service when we first added them in.�. Last week I was at 599 and scratching around to get to 600, and now already we are at 604 listings (it should be noted that since the answer to this email we are now at 700) I had to look Raleigh Co., WV up. Even though the Chenoweth family is sprawled all over West Virginia, I had not remembered seeing Raleigh Co. before. I have a new simple method to finding counties. I just go to Google, put in the City and State and add the word County and it generally comes up in the description snippets � Jon Egge


    My heart skipped a beat when I read the following: �I would be happy to have this discussion with you at the Fort Worth reunion.� I live but a few miles from Fort Worth and how convenient it would be for me to attend a Chenoweth reunion.

    Actually, I knew it was a typo. People get the 2 cities confused all the time (Ft Worth and Ft Wayne).

    Here�s hoping that one of these days I will be financially able to attend a Chenoweth reunion. Thanks for all of your hard work to keep the association viable.

    7 Mar 2008
    Ruth Roberts Coker

    O dear, I suppose I will be hearing about this boo-boo. Yes I am getting dyslexic� It is Ft Wayne. Texas is a very Chenoweth place, I am sure all it would take would be a volunteer to lead it. They are talking about trying to stage one in Branson, MO, but have not lined up a volunteer� The 6th reunion at this point could be anywhere. � Jon Egge


    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your newsletter and would eventually like to get involved in some aspect of keeping the Website alive in the future. I have found my grandfather�s family lineage on the site as well as my father and other family members I have actually met.

    I currently live in Porterville, CA. There are some family members in the area that spell their names like mine in addition to a few that do not, in which I am not sure of the relationship if any. In the nearby city of Visalia, CA There is a street named Chinowth. On that street there used to be a place called the �Chinowth House�, which used to be a well known restaurant. Not sure if the business exists any more. I never took the time to go in to do any research when I should have to find out if the owners were related.

    Truthfully, until I started reading the newsletter I didn�t give much thought to the possibility of so many descendants even existing. Anyway, just wanted to say hey and hope someday to be able to take my family to one of the family reunions as well as get involved in the development and continued upkeep of the family web site. I may not have many skills that would be beneficial to the Chenoweth Web site, but would like to get involved in someway in the next year or so.

    I have recently remarried and in addition to my new beautiful wife I also have four new children which more than doubled my original count. (Currently stands at seven children) Not much time for extracurricular activities at this time if you know what I mean.

    7 Mar 2008
    David Chenowith

    You are from the marrying man, John P. There are a couple of possibilities as to who his father, Thomas, was. I don�t think we have a DNA sample yet from John P. lines. Recently Greg Wulker found that Mason Chenoweth had the same modus operandi as John P. Chinowth in a Tennessee line. That was a migration out of Baron Co., KY to Tulare Co. Sons of Joseph Nickolos Chinowth settled there: Rollie Ewing & Joseph Nevins.

    I have this in my notes about Rollie (from: Everett Joe Chinowth, Jr: � He ran a country store and gas station called Chinowth Corners on Chinowth Road in Vasalia, CA. They closed the store and opened Chinowth House Restaurant a few years ago. My family ate there probably 15 years ago. To my knowledge Chinowth Road is till named that today.)

    There is also another spelling � Chenowth in California from the Tennessee lines of John Augustus. The fore-mentioned Baron Co., KY lines were of Archibald S. He was an uncle of the Gus Chenowth that went out to Arizona and whose descendants have since spilled over into Southern California. There are also some Tennessee line Chenowiths who settled in Placer Co., CA. The Chenowith I have never figured out is Robert Chenowith, the father of Eric, the NBA basketball player. I suspect he might be a John P as I have gaps in that family. � Jon Egge


    Thanks for the new pdf format Chenoweth newsletter. This is the first time I�ve been able to open and read it! I have an older computer that couldn�t handle your other format.

    7 Mar 2008
    Mary Christiansen

    You are the first to comment on the PDF format. I�ll put you in the positive column J Previously I used RTF which is supposed to be universal, but I guess not in your case. I wish you had said something. But all the newsletters are posted at the website, so you shouldn't have missed anything. My only problem now is the PDF file tends to be largish and as I can't use Comcast with their spam rules, it takes about 2 1/2 �rs to send the newsletter out. Groan L �. � Jon Egge


    Here are two of your unknowns from the newsletter list. Ruth Chenoweth to James McCalb married 4 June 1812, Ross Co., OH � she is of Thos(2), daughter of Richard(3). Nellie E. Chenoweth to Wallace Clark married 22 Feb 1895 in Warren Co., OH � She is of Wm(2) Wm(3), daughter of John William and Hannah J. Starkey Chenoweth. Nellie was b 1875/76 and in 1943 she was living in Columbus Co., OH. I have ID�d one child listed: Nancy Maria Clark b: Mar 15, 1897.

    8 Mar 2008
    Greg Wulker

    Thanks for the heads up on Nellie. I found her and Wallace Clark in the 1910 Census of Warren Co. with 3 children and it�s a good fit.As to Ruth� I know that is what is in Harris, that Ruth married James McCalb, but Joyce (Weigrand) found that when Richard died, in his estate Ruth (deceased) had been married Samuel Findley with 3 children as her heirs. The oldest was born about 1815. Now maybe Ruth was married first to James, but he would have had to died quickly thereafter. � Jon Egge


    Each time I receive a newsletter or scan back to read the volumes of literature you have provided regarding the Chenoweth clan, I am utterly amazed at what you have done. It is truly appreciated and I have my own �family reunion� each time I read it.

    19 Mar 2008
    Leonard Max Burris

    I looked up the 1910 Census for you. Fleta was 21 or so born about 1888 in Ohio. Things have changed radically in the last 12 years to have complete Census indexes and pages available sitting at my laptop watching �Dancing with the Stars� with my wife. I just finished an interesting �find�. As I told you I am trying to index Cora�s book (now completed). When I see something that is incomplete, I try to complete it.

    This evening on page 69 in Parry Co., OH line of Elias(4), [actually he was the Elias in the family] his son John had an older daughter Julia. She wasn�t with the family in 1850 at age 15. Don�t know why. I had no census infor for her, and Cora said she married a White. Ten years ago that was a goose chase. White is really ugly. I have two White ancestors in my own tree and they are DEAD ENDS. But Cora gave a location, Millersport, OH.

    I googled it and found that Millersport was in Fairfield Co. Actually there was lot of the family in Fairfield, but not from Elias. So using Julia White born ca 1835 in Fairfield Co., OH I searched the 1860 Census and got a hit in Walnut twp. This Julia was married to Joseph White and had a son Thomas. She was born in Ohio. They were there again in 1870 and 1880, now with 4 children.

    1880 is a break through year as they give the birth states of the parents. Sure enough both of Julia�s parents were born in Virginia. I regoogled Millersport for a township and it is in Walnut. Eureka I had found them! A White family, 6th generation. Then I had to go back and add in the 1860 Census detail for the 3 posted pages. I like puzzles and this is one grand puzzle.

    When I get done with the index I will write an article about and fit this in. There have been several of these. I am very curious as to how many people are in her book. My loose count of the Harris book is 12,865 excluding present unknowns. I think Cora will more like 5 to 6 thousand. I am up to 1,432 at this point. � Jon Egge


    I�m a descendant of Jacob C. (Ohio) and have contributed to the site over the years. Could you please provide the name of the person (maybe Jon Egge?) to whom I should address corrections and additions relating to my lineage?

    Thank you for such a professional newsletter and I�m so proud to be a teensy part of the C. heritage.

    3 Apr 2008
    Becky Dillon Steinmetz

    Yes you are correct in that it is Jon Egge (jegge@chenowethsite.com) - editor

    Eighth Grade Education

    Remember when grandparents and great-grandparents stated that they only had an 8th grade education? Well, check this out. Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895? This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina, KS. It was taken from the original document on file at the Smokey Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, and reprinted by the Salina Journal.

    Grammar (Time, one hour)

    1. Give nine rules for the use of capital letters.
    2. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications.
    3. Define verse, stanza and paragraph.
    4. What are the principal parts of a verb? Give principal parts of �lie�, �play�, and �run�.
    5. Define case; illustrate each case.
    6. What is punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of punctuation.
    7. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.

    Arithmetic (Time, 1 hour 15 minutes)

    1. Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
    2. A wagon box is 2 ft deep, 10 feet long, and 3 feet wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?
    3. If a load of wheat weighs 3,942lbs, what is it worth at 50cts/bushel, deducting 1.050 lbs for tare?
    4. District No. 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals.
    5. Find the cost of 6,720lbs coal at $6.00 per ton.
    6. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7%.
    7. What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16ft long at $20 per metre?
    8. Find bank discount on $300 for 90 days (no grace) at 10%.
    9. What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per acre, the distance of which is 640 rods?
    10. Write a Bank Check, a Promissory Note, and a Receipt.

    U.S. History (Time 45 minutes)

    1. Give the epochs into which U.S. History is divided.
    2. Give an account of the discovery of America by Columbus.
    3. Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.
    4. Show the territorial growth of the United States.
    5. Tell what you can of the history of Kansas.
    6. Describe three of the most prominent battles of the Rebellion.
    7. Who were the following: Morse, Whitney, Fulton, Bell, Lincoln, Penn, and Howe?
    8. Name events connected with the following dates: 1607, 1620, 1800, 1849, and 1865.

    Orthnography (Time, one hour) Do we even know what this is??

    1. What is meant by the following: alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, syllabication?
    2. What are elementary sounds? How classified?
    3. What are the following, and give examples of each: trigraph, subvocals, diphtong, cognate letters, linguals.
    4. Give four substitutes for caret �u� (HUH?)
    5. Give two rules for spelling words with final �e�. Name two exceptions under each rule.
    6. Give two uses of silent letters in spelling. Illustrate each.
    7. Define the following prefixes and use in connection with a word: bi, dis, mis, pre, semi, post, non, inter, mono, sup.
    8. Mark diacritically and divide into syllables the following, and name the sign that indicates the sound: card, ball, mercy, sir, odd, cell, rise, blood, far, last.
    9. Use the following correctly in sentences: cite, site, sight, fane, fain, feign, vane, vain, vein, raze, raise rays.
    10. Write 10 words frequently mispronounced and indicate pronunciation by use of diacritical marks and by syllabication.

    Geography (Time, one hour)

    1. What is climate? Upon what does climate depend?
    2. How do you account for the extremes of climate in Kansas?
    3. Of what use are rivers? Of what use is the ocean?
    4. Describe the mountains of North America.
    5. Name and describe the following: Monrovia, Odessa, Denver, Manitoba, Hecia, Yukon, St Helena, Juan Fernandez, Aspinwall and Orinoco.
    6. Name and locate the principal trade centers of the U.S.
    7. Name all the republics of Europe and give the capital of each.
    8. Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same latitude?
    9. Describe the process by which the water of the ocean returns to the sources of rivers.
    10. Describe the movements of the earth. Give the inclination of the earth.

    Notice that the exam took FIVE HOURS to complete. Gives the saying �he only had an 8th grade education� a whole new meaning, doesn�t it? Also shows you how poor our education system has become and, NO, I don�t have the answers.

    The Chenoweth�s Enter Virginia

    By Gregory George "Greg" Wulker
    (Milford, OH)
    (Margaret Mary8 Lacy, Charles Edgar7 Lacy, Martha Jane6 Chenoweth, Joseph5, Absolom4, William3, William2, John1)
    A listing of other articles by Greg can be found on the
    newsletter menu

    At the end of our winter here in Cincinnati, I was contemplating about the church in which my Chenoweth line had been members, and that church was called Middle Run. It is located just over the Warren County, Ohio border in Sugar Creek Township, Greene Co., Ohio. It was first organized in 1799, by members of the Mill Creek Baptist Church, Berkeley County, Virginia, now West Virginia. The current building is the third church on the site and it was built in 1855.

    Mill Creek Baptist Church and the former site near Gerrardstown, West Virginia have been referred to over the years as the �mother of Middle Run�. About ten years ago, I started a list of people who I knew had been members at Mill Creek, including a list of 57 members when the church was reconstituted in 1761.

    I�ll give you a history of the Mill Creek Baptist Church but first, because of it�s relevance to our Chenoweth�s, the reason they were able to cross over the Blue Ridge Mountains into Virginia in the first place.

    By the 1720�s to the 1730�s, a small influx of brave pioneers went into the Valley of Virginia. It was still Indian Territory, forests, and the Valley was pretty much unpopulated. There had been larger groups of Indians there, but one account says an Indian war destroyed the tribe living in the Valley and afterwards was used mainly for a hunting ground for several tribes.

    In September 1701, the Burgesses had passed an act, �For The Better Strengthening of the Frontiers and Discovering the Approaches of an Enemy.� This law empowered the Governor to allot 10,000 to 30,000 acres of unclaimed frontier land to any suitable �society�. Governor Spotswood was reluctant to populate the Valley, as to go against the wishes of England, but by 1727 when William Gooch became governor, he immediately began to promote the Valley as a place to live. He was acting on instructions from London where there was growing concern that the French in the Mississippi Valley might be planning some military move against England�s Colonies. By the late 1720�s, there were already families starting to enter the Valley. One such family was Abraham Hollingsworth, cousin to John Chenoweth, through his wife Mary Calvert. He had ventured into Virginia near present day Winchester in 1729 with his wife and four children from �New Ark� in Delaware. There had also been German families venture into the Shenandoah Valley in the late 1720�s.

    It was a decision that Governor Gooch would offer large tracts of land numbering thousands of acres to expedite the situation. That�s why especially in northern Virginia, there were such large land grants. Many of these thousands of acres were originally purchased by Quakers including John Calvert, Mary Chenoweth�s brother who entered the valley about 1730 to 1732. This was also part of Gooch�s plan, as he wanted a sturdy, hard working people there who were committed to staying. And they did.

    In actuality hundreds of acres of the northern neck were already claimed by an Englishman, Thomas Lord Fairfax, through an inheritance of his mother � all the lands between the Potomac and the Rappahannock Rivers. Robert �King� Carter was Fairfax� land agent and also senior member of Governor Gooch�s Council. He objected to Gooch�s plan to grant away the Valley but Gooch moved forward with his plan. So between 1728 and 1736, 15 large tracts of land were granted by Council.

    In 1743 it was ordered for Frederick County to be formed from Orange County and a separate court house be built. James Wood, surveyor, laid out Winchester, Virginia the same year.

    With the movement of so many Quakers in the northern neck, Opeckan Quaker meeting was formed in the early 1730�s and by 1735 a meeting house was constructed that was later named Hopewell, after the town in New Jersey where many of the immigrants had their roots. The first 25 years of the Hopewell Meeting Records unfortunately were destroyed in 1759, at the home of William Jolliffe, Jr., who was acting clerk at the time.

    As early as 1737, Quaker George Robinson, along with John Petitt (Poteet) probably a Quaker too, purchased a large tract of land southwest of present day Martinsburg and north of Winchester. The land was sold to Richard Beeson in 1738, the same year that Robinson died. Pettit must have decided to return to Maryland at that time, or shortly thereafter. That property was later to become the Providence Quaker Meeting house and graveyard. The graveyard is till visible today.

    In researching further the history of Mill Creek Baptist Church, I found the church is recorded in Baptist Histories as the second of three movements which brought the Baptist Faith into Virginia. The first was in 1714, in southeastern Virginia. The third being about 1761 with the movement of Baptists from the areas of New England. And guess who was there on the forefront of this movement? Chenoweths!

    We probably will never know all the details, but I know that the movement of John Chenoweth(1) into Virginia and his son William(2), who he was probably living with was part of this movement. In further research the moth of Mill Creek Baptist Church was called Sater�s Church, located in no other than Lutherville, MD, not 3 miles from our last Chenoweth reunion.

    Sater�s church group was organized before 1740 by a man named Henry Sater (1690-1754), who came to America about 1709 and began to practice the Baptist faith. He became a prosperous farmer in the area of Chesnut Ridge, MD and later welcomed traveling ministers to preach on his land. By 1742, he had donated a 1 acre lot and built a church of bricks (actually he used slave labor) and thus began this congregation of General Baptists. The proximity of this church to where the Chenoweth�s were living was very close. Unfortunately, the early church records of Saters� church did not survive or I believe we would find the Chenoweth name on them. It is possible that John Chenoweth�s new wife, Jane Wood, or possibly William(2)�s wife, Ann, or all of them together had made a connection to Sater�s church. Sometime around 1740-1743, they removed to Frederick County, Virginia.

    It wasn�t by chance that William(2) purchased his land right next door to John Hays in Frederick County. The land on which they settled and which was recorded in 1743, was purchased from John Mills, a Quaker. The land was part of Mills� 1,315 acre purchase some years earlier.

    According to the Baptist Church histories, Sater�s Church had a couple of evangelists who are credited with bringing a �Company� to Mill Creek and starting a congregation. The evangelists were Edmund Hays and Thomas Yates. Edmund Hays was John Hays� brother. Ruth Chenoweth, sister of William(2), had married John Pettit (Poteet). John Poteets� brother James and sister Susannah had married siblings Elizabeth and Thomas Crabtree, respectively. John Hays� wife was Grace Crabtree, another sibling. So these families had a somewhat connection by marriage.

    The initial settlement of what would become Mill Creek Baptist Church had been set up by the earlier pioneers and the traveling evangelists, but then a minister was finally summoned. That minister was sent from Sater�s Church. His name was Henry Loveall who was the first permanent minister at Sater�s. Loveall it is written, had a colorful past. His real name was Desolute Baker who came into some trouble at his church in England and signed on as an indentured servant to America in order to leave his country. Later, he was ordained a minister in New Jersey and two of his sons had left and went south to near Baltimore, where they must have found their way to Sater�s. Henry Loveall followed them shortly after, and in 1744 was sent from Sater�s to Mill Creek to become their first permanent minister. Again something happened, and his �licentious� life style as it was called, caused him to be sent away from the Mill Creek church. Also, there had been trouble with the Indians, and so this early church was dissolved. The evangelists Hays and Yates and some of the congregation had removed into Louden County, Virginia. It wasn�t long before the Mill Creek congregation requested from the Philadelphia Association a new minister, and in 1754 a Reverand Gerrard was sent. He was the minister at Mill Creek for 30 years, when a petition was gathered to lay out the town of Gerrardstown in 1784. It was constituted and approved in 1787, the same year John Hays passed away. The graveyard and historical marker mark the site of the Mill Creek Baptist Church, now in Berkeley County, West Virginia. There are only a few stones visible today and the church building has long been gone. This graveyard is probably the burial place for some of the earlier generations of Chenoweths. Reverend Gerrards family married into the Buckles and Seaman families from Berkeley County, and it was these families who eventually migrated to Warren and Greene Counties, Ohio to start Middle Run.

    List of members of Mill Creek Baptist Church (begun 1743)

    A list of members as found in historical documents, dates of membership not listed. The church was begun by a gathering of early settlers to Frederick County Virginia as early as 1740. It was the oldest Baptist church west of the Blue Ridge Mountains at the time, and organized by Edmund Hayes and Thomas Yates. The two were evangelists serving from the Sater�s Baptist Church, at Chestnut Ridge, Maryland, near Lutherville. They arrived on Mill Creek in 1744. The land given to the church was on a land grant of John Mills , and the acreage for the church lot was given by Henry Switzer.

    The church preceded the town of Gerrardstown, by about 40 years, which was laid out in 1784, and constituted in 1787. The church and graveyard later came to be in Berkeley County with it�s formation from Frederick in 1772. After the Civil War, the area became Berkeley County, West Virginia. The church for a time was dissolved in the 1750�s, due to the Indian wars, and was re-constituted 25 May 1761. I�ve added maiden names where known. An (*) denotes part of the names that were mentioned from a list of 57 members in 1762.

    • Jacob Van Metre - 1723-1798 to Uniontown, Pa., later to Hardin Co.,Ky. [father of Mary Van Meter]
    • Letitia (Stroud) Van Metre - 1725-1799 [mother of Mary Van Meter]
    • Edward Lucas - married prior to 1764, later of Shepherdstown, Va.
    • Elizabeth(Corn) Lucas
    • *Isaac Evans - died 1786. His nephew Gabriel Evans married Charity Hays
    • *Alice w/o Isaac - died after 1772
    • *Elizabeth Evans - prob. daughter of Isaac and Alice Evans
    • *Jane Evans � � � � �
    • *Mary Chenoweth
    • *Ann Chenoweth
    • *Ruth Chenoweth - widow of Absolom Chenoweth and George Cunningham. She died 26 July, 1815. Listed as �Alias Cunningham�
    • Hannah Chenoweth - �received by letter�
    • Isaac Chenoweth - 1752-1792
    • Sarah Chenoweth - �excommunicated� (wife of Isaac)
    • William Chenoweth
    • James Chenoweth - �May 1794 (probably indicates when he joined Mill Creek.
    • Nancy Chenoweth - �received by letter 1811, dismissed 1812( moved?)
    • Richard Chenoweth - �received by baptism 1821; dead�
    • Rachel Chenoweth - �received by baptism 1821.
    • Isabella Chenoweth - � received by baptism, 1823; excluded,�
    • *John Gerrard
    • *Elias Gerrard - b.c.1730, Long Island N.Y. mar�d c.1749, Cumberland, Alleghany Co.,Md. He died 31 Dec.1797 at Columbia, Hamilton Co.,Ohio (now called Cincinnati)
    • *Rachel Gerrard - wife of Elias, c1730-1784.
    • *Isom Bennett
    • *Elizabeth Bennett
    • *Isaac Sutton - b.1729, d.1799 at Uniontown, Fayette Co.,Pa.; mar�d.c1750 Son of Rev David Sutton
    • *Rachel (Doty) Sutton - wife of Isaac
    • *Ebenezer Osburn
    • *Mary Osburn - wife of Ebenezer
    • *David Ruble - 1736-1808, son of Ulrick Ruble. David had 272 acres on Back Creek, Frederick Co.,Va. in 1765
    • *Nathaniel Bell - died after 1774. His wife was Hannah. He sold 217 acres on Mill Creek that year toDavid Gerrard.
    • *John Keith
    • *John Corbly
    • *Jonathon Edwards
    • *Susanna Edwards
    • *David Booth - b.c.1714, d.c.1765. Mar�d c.1739 in Berkeley Co.,Va.
    • *Abigail Booth - wife of David Booth
    • *Peter Cornwell - b.c.1735, later went to Fauquier Co.,Va., and died before 2 June, 1776. He married c1758
    • *Sarah Cornwell - wife of Peter
    • *Joshua Dotson - b.25 May 1725, mar�d Ruth c1748. , he died c1793.
    • *Ruth Dotson - wife of Joshua
    • *Thomas Dotson - prob. Son of Joshua and Ruth
    • *John Hayes Sr. - b.c.1711, mar�d. 31 Oct. 1727, Baltimore Co.,Md.
    • *Grace (Crabtree) Hayes - wife of John Sr.
    • *John Hays Jr. - 1735-1787 not married by 1762. Wife was Jean/Jane.
    • *Edmond Hays - brother of John Sr., or son
    • *Elizabeth Hays - wife of Edmund


    With thanks and appreciation to Dot Tucker-Houk of Maryland who makes much of this list possible each newsletter. So far in 2008 there have been 21 Chenoweths entered in toe SSA listings. All have been identified. Three remain unidentified from 2007 Any help in placing these individuals would be appreciated:

    • Richard J. Chenowith b: Sep 09, 1949 d: Oct 26, 2007 issued MD (Westminster, Carroll, MD)
    • Shirley Terry Chenoweth b: Aug 05, 1919 d: Dec 09, 2007 issued IN (Billings, Yellowstone, MT)
    • Susan J. Chenoweth b: Jan 01, 1942 d: Dec 18, 2007 issued MI (Detroit, Wayne, MI)

    age 61 - DONALD LEE10 CHENOWETH (CHARLES BERNARD9, GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE8, MARSHALL7, JOHN KITTLE6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 19, 1947 in Beverly, Randolph Co., WV, and died March 14, 2008 in Elkhart, Elkhart Co., IN. He married JO ANN SMITH October 15, 1966.

    age 57 - ROBERT NEWTON10 CHENOWETH, III (ROBERT NEWTON9, ROBERT NEWTON8, JOHN DOTHERDY7, ISAAC NEWTON6, WILLIAM PUGH5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born September 22, 1950, and died January 18, 2008.

    age 81 - PAUL STALNAKER10 BURNS (VERA MAY9 STALNAKER, JAMES JASPER8, SULLIVAN ISAAC7, ELI CHENOWETH6, MARY M.5 CHENOWETH, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 22, 1926 in Todd, Huntingdon Co., PA, and died February 29, 2008 in Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV. He married ALICE PEARL JOHNSON June 10, 1950 in Trout, Greenbriar Co., WA, daughter of WILLIAM JOHNSON and LOTTIE SIZEMORE.

    age 92 - EVA LOUISE9 PARRISH (MATTIE BILLIE8 CHENOWETH, GEORGE WASHINGTON7, JAMES6, JEHU5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 16, 1904 in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV, and died August 04, 2007 in Randolph Co., WV.

    age 71 - BETTY CHENOWETH nee WOLFORD was born May 10, 1936 in Harman, Randolph Co., WV, and died May 03, 2008 in Clarksburg, Harrison Co., WV. She married January 18, 1964 CLAIR10 CHENOWETH (OKEY EVERETT9, ULYSSES THOMAS8, LLOYD HYRE7, EVERETT6, JEHU5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1)


    age 80 - MILDRED CHENOWETH nee HEERE, daughter of HOWARD and CORAL HEERE. She was born August 31, 1927 in Kansas, and died April 07, 2008 in Kansas. She married 1946 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS ALVIN BENTON10 CHENOWETH (ALFRED BENTON9, THOMAS ADISON8, JOHN BENTLY7, WILLIAM HAYCRAFT6, JACOB VAN METER5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1). He was born December 18, 1925 in Lyon Co., KS, and died January 15, 1991 in Mississippi.

    age 48 - JANINE ROBERTA ARUNDEL was born October 18, 1959 in Sacramento Co., CA, and died March 14, 2008 in California. She married July 09, 1983 in Sonoma Co., CA, STEVEN HUGH10 CHENOWETH (DONALD ROY 'BUD'9, LELAND ADELBERT8, CHARLES JASPER7, JOHN HENTON6, JACOB VAN METER5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1)

    age 83 - JAMES HAROLD10 WEISEMILLER (BERTHA9 PERCEFULL, JAMES ATKINSON8, JAMES CHENOWETH7, MARIAH JANE6 CHENOWETH, ISAAC CALVERT5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born May 19, 1924 in Hardin Co., KY, and died August 06, 2007 in Louisianna.

    age 91 - VETA GENEVA10 BAIRD nee ALLEN (IDA9 LARUE, ALFRED THOMAS 'TOM'8, SARAH MARIA7 BURDINE, REBECCA 'SARAH ANN'6 CHENOWETH, ISAAC CALVERT5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 21, 1917 in Warner, Muskogee Co., OK, and died February 23, 2008 in Ozark, Christian Co., MO. She married HURLEY WILLIAM BAIRD July 27, 1936 in Beggs, Okmulgee Co., OK, son of OSCAR BAIRD and MABEL BURKS. He was born December 18, 1916 in Weatherford, Custer Co., OK, and died December 13, 2001 in Springfield, Green Co., MO.

    age 92 - NEALY IRENE CHENOWETH nee HUMPFREY was born Abt. 1916 in Fulton, Hanson Co., SD, and died March 31, 2008 in Scottsdale, Maricopa Co., AZ. She married (2) CHESTER ALVA8 CHENOWETH (HARRY JESSE7, WILLIAM THOMAS6, CASPER5, WILLIAM S.4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1). He was born June 10, 1907 in Eugene, Lane Co., OR, and died October 22, 1983 in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., AZ.

    age 37 - MINDY LOU10 SLOAT nee SINNETT (ROBERTA ANN9 CHENOWETH, HERMAN ADOLPH8, JAMES HENRY7, ELIAS BIRDINE6, WILLIAM5, JOHN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born December 26, 1970 in McComb, McDonough Co., IL, and died May 04, 2008 in Burlington, Des Moines Co., IA. She married (2) SAM SLOAT June 04, 2005.

    age 79 - RAYMOND MURRAY10 CHENOWETH (RAYMOND ALPHUS9, JAMES MILTON8, WILLIAM7, JAMES FRANCIS6, JAMES FRANCIS5, NICHOLAS RUXTON4, THOMAS3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 11, 1928 in Massachusetts, and died May 08, 2008 in Apollo Beach, Hillsborough Co., FL. He married JACQUELIN PRISCILLA DUNNAM Abt. 1951. She was born April 17, 1931, and died December 18, 2000 in Apollo Beach, Hillsborough Co., FL. - Ray was a big help to me in filling out the family of James Milton.

    age 89 - SAMUEL HARRISON9 POWER (GOLDIE8 SCIRCLE, RUTH7 GREGG, ELIZA6 THURMAN, MARY5 CHENOWETH, ABSOLUM4, ABSOLUM3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born February 18, 1918 in Clinton Co., IN, and died September 03, 2007 in Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN. He married (1) RITA MILNER. He married (2) MARY M. BAJINOFF January 25, 1941. She was born October 29, 1916, and died March 1995 in Frankfort, Clinton Co., IN.

    age 85 - CLIFTON ALEXANDER 'PETE'9 BRANDON (ALICE8 HALE, ALEXANDER A.7, THOMAS LOGAN6, JOHN B. 'JACKSON'5, ELIZABETH4 CHENOWETH, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born January 23, 1922, and died March 14, 2007 in Davidson Co., TN. He married GRACE DIMPLE HARLIN, daughter of NORMAN HARLIN and MARY FORD.

    age 60 - DONNA LOUISE9 COVER nee CHINOUTH (EVERETT RUSSELL8, GEORGE ARTHUR7, JOHN ALBERT6, EZEKIAL R.5, ARCHIBALD4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born February 18, 1947 in Dixon, Lee Co., IL, and died August 01, 2007 in Illinois. She married (2) ROGER COVER 1981.

    age 59 - PATRICIA JEAN9 MEHRENS nee CHINOUTH (EVERETT RUSSELL8, GEORGE ARTHUR7, JOHN ALBERT6, EZEKIAL R.5, ARCHIBALD4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born February 06, 1948 in Polo, Ogle Co., IL, and died January 18, 2008 in Rockford, Winnebago Co., IL. She married (1) ? KILDAY. She married (2) JERRY D. MEHRENS October 12, 1987 in Dixon, Lee Co., IL.

    age 83 - CLIDE MAXINE9 MARTIN nee CHENOWETH (JEFF WILLIAM8, JOHN KING7, NELSON H.6, JOSEPH5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born July 05, 1924 in Healing Springs, Benton Co., AR, and died July 14, 2007 in Bentonville, Benton Co., AR. She married (1) BEECHER CHARLES OWENS. He was born March 27, 1926, and died August 1976. She married (2) CHARLES MARTIN

    age 83 - ISABELL HAYCOCK, was born March 23, 1925 in Escalante, Garfield Co., UT, and died March 31, 2008 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., UT. She married HARRY WINFIELD9 CHENOWETH (HARRY JOSEPH8, WILLIAM JOSEPH7, JOHN6, RICHARD5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1). He was born March 12, 1919 in Illinois, and died February 1980 in Utah.

    age 81 - ELDON LEWIS, son of RENICK LEWIS and RUBY SMITH, was born October 08, 1926 in Warren Co., KY, and died May 07, 2008 in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. He married ELFREDA LORAINE9 CHENOWETH (JOHN THOMAS 'TOM'8, WILLIAM OTIS7, ISAAC NEWTON6, ARCHIBALD S.5, NICHOLAS4, JOHN3, RICHARD2, JOHN1)

    age 76 - RICHARD JOHN DAHLGREN, son of FRANK DAHLGREN and ELLA FREDERIC, was born May 26, 1930 in St. Louis, MO, and died April 14, 2007 in Maryland. He married March 20, 1954 in Baltimore City, MD MARCIA LEE9 ARRINGTON (MAE CLARA8 BROOKS, FLORENCE MABEL IRENE7 CHENOWETH, ANDREW JAMES6, WILLIAM ROBINSON5, BENJAMIN NORRIS4, THOMAS3, RICHARD2, JOHN1). She was born July 14, 1932 in Baltimore City, MD, and died August 21, 2003.

    age 59 - STEPHEN ANDREW9 CHENOWETH (WILLIAM ANDREW8, JAMES WILLIAM7, WILLIAM ANDREW6, RICHARD5, RICHARD B.4, JOHN3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born April 07, 1948 in Tennessee, and died August 28, 2007 in New York. He married (1) BRENDA GAYLE McCLURE February 15, 1969 in Henry Co., TN. He married (2) BRENDA DARLENE WYATT June 09, 1975 in Henry Co., TN.

    age 86 - BETTY LOUISE8 HOKE nee CHENOWETH (ARTHUR TRIMMER7, GEORGE F.6, RIXTON5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born September 09, 1921 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA, and died March 29, 2008 in Linglestown, Dauphin Co., PA. She married HARRY HOKE. He was born August 19, 1920, and died August 15, 1990.

    age 68 - BERTHA JANET EASTON, daughter of EVERETT EASTON and MINNNIE CHANDLER, was born January 17, 1940, and died March 14, 2008 in Wisconsin. She married KENNETH ALBERT8 CHENOWETH (CARL HENRY7, THOMAS HENRY6, GEORGE HENRY5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1). He was born September 22, 1933 in Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN, and died October 18, 2005 in Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN.

    age 95 - EDNA LAVINA CHENOWETH nee GROFF, daughter of ALBERT GROFF and GENEVIEVE ?, was born December 09, 1912, and died April 02, 2008. She married DARRELL LEROY8 CHENOWETH (OLIVER H. 'OLLIE'7, THOMAS HENRY6, GEORGE HENRY5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1). He was born September 28, 1907 in Ohio, and died February 05, 1990 in Ohio.

    age 96 - HENRY CLINTON BARNETT was born Abt. 1911 in Missouri, and died May 12, 2008 in Washington, DC. He married Abt. 1934. RUTH HELEN8 CHENOWETH (ELMER THOMAS7, JEFFERSON HAMILTON6, ISAAC NEWTON5, ISAAC4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, JOHN1). She was born February 07, 1913 in Iowa, and died April 21, 1989 in Johnson Co., KS

    age 51 - ROBERT WAYNE9 CHENOWETH (ROBERT CHARLES8, JW7, JAMES WILLIAM6, THOMAS LEWIS5, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born September 13, 1956 in Tarrant Co., TX, and died March 14, 2008.

    age 54 - MICHAEL WILLIAM8 CHENOWETH (JAMES IRVIN 'IRV'7, CHARLES MILTON6, CHARLES EDWIN 'EDWARD'5, LUKE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born June 23, 1953 in Sloam Springs, Benton Co., AR, and died April 10, 2008 in Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., AR.

    age 84 - THERESA E. CHENOWETH nee HECKNER was born March 27, 1924, and died April 04, 2008 in Maryland. She married September 28, 1940 GEORGE BARTON8 CHENOWETH (GEORGE THOMAS7, GEORGE THOMAS6, GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, ARTHUR2, JOHN1)

    age 71 - JOAN LEE8 SHOEMAKER nee CHENOWETH (CLIFTON EARL7, REASON COLONY 'REESE'6, ARTHUR5, JOSEPH4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born July 22, 1936 in Ohio, and died February 17, 2008 in Portsmouth, Scioto Co., OH. She married PAUL SHOEMAKER.

    age 96 - ROY MORRIS7 CHENOWETH (GEORGE EDGAR6, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5, LUKE4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born February 06, 1912 in Hinton, Caddo Co., OK, and died March 09, 2008 in Carnegie, Caddo Co., OK. He married MILDRED ALICE LIVENGOOD April 26, 1935 in Clinton, Custer Co., OK. She was born February 27, 1918 in Indianapolis, Custer Co., OK, and died June 26, 2006 in Oklahoma.

    age 66 - CHRISTINA L. SCOWDEN nee DARLING, daughter of JOHN DARLING and MARIANNA BAUM, was born December 30, 1941 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN, and died April 08, 2008 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN. She married February 08, 1960 in Illinois JESSE J.9 SCOWDEN (JAMES EARL8, JAMES EVERETT7, SAMUEL PARKER6, DORCAS5 CHENOWETH, ARTHUR4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born July 23, 1942 in Tippecanoe Co., IN, and died February 04, 2007 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN.

    age 94 - FRANCES PATRICIA8 KRAMER nee CHENOWETH (CHARLES S.7, GILBERT ALLISON6, PETER H.S.B.5, THOMAS T.4, RICHARD3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born September 17, 1913 in Sterling, Logan Co., CO, and died May 13, 2008 in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara Co., CA . She married MERLYN J. "SKIP" KRAMER 1943. He was born June 01, 1917, and died May 17, 2001 in California.

    age 84 - ROBERT EMMETT8 LEE (SYLVIA B.7 CHENOWETH, FOSTER6, HEZIKIAH5, JOHN FOSTER4, ELIJAH3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born April 09, 1924 in Aurora, Kane Co., IL, and died May 06, 2008 in Batavia, Kane Co., IL. He married GERALDINE MATTHEWS July 07, 1945.

    age 79 - THELMA RUTH CHENOWETH nee TYLER was born April 22, 1928, and died March 16, 2008 in California. She married August 12, 1950 ROLAND EUGENE8 CHENOWETH (ANDREW GLENN7, ANDREW CARSON6, JOHN JOHNSTON5, WILLIAM4, ABRAHAM3, THOMAS2, JOHN1)

    Unknown lines:

    age 87 - HELEN M.4 BUELL (ROSINA 'ROSE'3 CHENOWETH, WILLIAM EDWARD2, THOMAS J.1 married Telitha Brown) was born June 04, 1920 in Baltimore City MD, and died April 17, 2008 in Taneytown, Carroll Co., MD. She married CHARLES G.R. ARNOLD. He was born August 06, 1918, and died April 06, 2007.

    age 83 - ESTHER MARIE4 CHENOWETH (LAWRENCE GEORGE3, WILLIAM EDWARD2, THOMAS J.1 married Telitha Brown) was born October 26, 1924 in Baynesville, Baltimore Co., MD, and died April 20, 2008 in Williston, Chittenden Co., VT. She married WILLIAM PAUL "TED" BERES Abt. 1942. He was born December 07, 1918, and died April 1987 in Maryland.

    age 55 - MARK KEEN5 CHENOWETH (RALPH KEEN4, HARRY KEEN3, ASBURY INDEPENDANCE2, JOHN1 married Ann Perinne) was born September 13, 1952, and died March 17, 2008 in Maryland. He married SUSAN M. ?. She was born October 20, 1951.

    age 99 - EDNA CHENOWETH nee MENKE She was born October 04, 1908, and died March 15, 2008 in Maryland. She married HARRY JOHN CARLTON4 CHENOWETH (HARRY KEEN3, ASBURY INDEPENDANCE2, JOHN1 married Ann Perinne). He was born October 11, 1908 in Maryland, and died August 15, 1965 in Maryland.

    Other lines:

    age 47 - FRANCES JEANNETTE CHENOWETH nee ARNOLD , daughter of BILLY ARNOLD and LUCINDA STARNS, was born January 24, 1961, and died March 29, 2008 in Brainerd, Crow Wing Co., MN. She married MICHAEL FRANKLIN9 CHENOWETH (EDWARD MURRAY8, EDWARD KNEREM7, EDWARD FURZE6, FRANCIS "FRANK"5, THOMAS4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, THOMAS1 married Joan Phillips)

    FT WAYNE, INDIANA 23-27 JULY 2008

    By Jon Egge, WA
    (16th Installment of a series - This is the 8th installment on the grandchildren.)
    Menu of previous series articles

    The 5 Williams

    William is the only name in the family that was used in the family of all 5 male sons. It was also used by 2 of the 3 daughters. Early records tell us that John Chenoweth, the progenitor named his first known son William, and it appears that this William died young. So William is a very important name within the family. Perhaps John�s father was William, it would follow traditional naming practices. Today there have been as many Williams within the family as any other name, rivaling the other most popular name of John. There were 13 or 14 Williams in the first 4 generations making the name hard to sort out and it is not surprising that a few William�s got mixed up in Cora�s tangle. Yet despite the fact that there were 5 Williams in the 3rd generation, only 2 come down to today as founders of large strong branches. These were Virginia Williams and the possibility of a third William line is also Virginia based. The use of William in Baltimore was a 3rd generation failure that was compensated for by a very prolific 4th generation Williams in Baltimore.

    Today we know little of Arthur�s William. His name was duly recorded with Arthur�s early born at St Thomas Parish, but Arthur never deeded him land, nor mentioned him in his will. Cora Hiatt tells us he married twice, first to Elizabeth Richardson and 2nd to Harriet Norris. Nothing more is really known. It is possible that at least one of these records is for William�s Richard. The lack of legacy between Arthur and William would indicate that William died with no heirs. Also puzzling is this record: Susanna Chenoweth b. July 9, 1791 daughter of William and Elizabeth (St. James parish register -Lothian, MD). Lothian is nowhere near where any of Arthur�s family lived. Logically this record could be associated with the William and Elizabeth Richard record. Susanah was a name first used in Richard�s family. This remains a puzzle.

    WILLIAM3 CHENOWETH (ARTHUR2, JOHN1) was born July 29, 1750, and died Unknown. He married (1) ELIZABETH RICHARDSON April 08, 1789 in Baltimore Co., MD. He married (2) HARRIET NORRIS.


    1. SUSANNA4 CHENOWETH, b. July 09, 1791; m. JOHN BOND CARROLL, April 04, 1812; b. Bet. 1776 - 1794.

    In the Chenoweth histories, the William of Richard has a prominent place as the William who lived in Hampstead and the founding of the well documented lines of Cora Hiatt�s Randolph Co., IN Chenoweths. My research with the help of Jane Ryan and Elmer Haile, Jr. indicates that this is probably incorrect. This William married Sarah Baxter. Sarah�s brother John married Sarah Chenoweth, a daughter to Arthur, Jr., who also had a son William.

    Sarah�s sister, Elizabeth, married Arthur, III. There is a land transaction between Arthur, Jr. and his son William that tells us this William�s wife was a Sarah. Cora�s own book, duplicates the marriages of Sarah Baxter to William, telling us that Arthur, Jr.�s son William married Sarah Baxter, but then she ignores this fact and places a second marriage of Sarah Baxter onto Richard�s son. By location, we would suspect that William of Hampstead would be an Arthur line as this was the Arthur side of early Baltimore and Richard�s line gravitated from Towson east to Harford Co. Then there are court records that tell us that Richard�s son was often with his brother Thomas in the 1780s and having some financial difficulties, while Cora�s William appears to have been somewhat prosperous securing property at Hampstead, hardly what one would picture of someone being pursued as a debtor. The weight of evidence is that it is almost certain that the William of Hampstead was the son of Arthur, Jr. and as to Richard�s son William, like many of Richard�s other sons, we know little of him passed the 1780s and are uncertain if he ever marriage. In passing I might add that the other big William line in Baltimore was 4th generation as well in the form of William who married Amy Davis. This WIlliam was the son of a Richard, but this Richard was the son of Arthur. It is interesting that the two biggest 4th generation lines of Baltimore Chenoweths stem from a William, both of them being in the line of Arthur.

    WILLIAM3 CHENOWETH (RICHARD2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1753.

    So today, the lines that trace back to 3rd generation Williams trace to the Virginia Chenoweths. The big dog in this is William of Frederick Co., VA, the son of John. Today a full one-quarter of the whole known male line comes from this William. His was the oldest, earliest blood and it was strong. The first grandson in the family, this William only had 4 children, one daughter Mary who is only mentioned in his will, and 3 sons, John, Jonathan and William, who went to different places and who each founded very large distinctive families. Each served in the American Revolution. The oldest John settled in Randolph Co., VA (now WV) with his wife Mary Pugh, the parents of today�s large population of West Virginia Chenoweths. This was in the Tygart River Valley, tucked away in the hills of the Appalachians, outside of the westward movement followed by other Virginia Chenoweths. Jonathan and William went to Kentucky like so many others of John�s line. William was only in his late teens when he followed his Uncle Richard to the Louisville area. Perhaps he went with the Vertrees of his stepmother Jane. Once in Louisville he married well to Mary Van Meter, the widow of David Henton who had died on the trip down the Ohio River. This William settled in Nelson Co., KY and his children today are well known, spreading out to Illinois and Texas, as well as maintaining a large daughter line presence in present day Kentucky. Jonathan married Chloe Atchison and settled in Hardy Co., VA (now WV), but just before 1800, Jonathon took his family to Kentucky. In 1800 he is found in Nelson Co., KY as is his brother William. He then moved to the south and west to the Logan Co. area. His descendants went to Illinois and Missouri and later Iowa and Oregon. Though there is much we don�t know of Jonathan today, the lines of his son Samuel (misplaced by Cora) and his daughter Elizabeth who married David Casebier are large indeed. More so than his two brothers, Jonathan�s lines are distinguished by a large body of daughter lines. These three remarkable sons, lost their father while teen-agers. William the oldest of John�s sons was the first to die, still in his young 40s, a year and a few months after his father. His first wife, the mother of his 4 children was Ruth, thought to be Ruth Calvert. By his will we know that Ruth had passed away and William had remarried to a Jane. This Jane would later marry Jacob Vertrees. Marie Eberle suspects that this Jane may have been Jane Carter, Hannah�s daughter, but that is far from proven. A puzzle today of William is that we have no record of what land he owned. He was left land in Hampshire Co. jointly with his brother John by the will of John, his father, but he quickly sold his half to his brother. He sold land to Henry Switzer earlier, but where did he get it. Perhaps it was through his wife Ruth. Cora Hiatt did create some confusion about William�s line, placing a Samuel under his 2nd marriage with Jane as well as another daughter Jane. This error is repeated in the Harris book. It is far more likely however that Samuel was his grandson and Jonathon�s son, and the Jane who married Jacob Vertrees was the widow Jane and not a daughter. William did not mention either of them in a very careful will, written long after either would have been born. The antidotal evidence today seems to corroborate these corrected placements

    WILLIAM3 CHENOWETH (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 08, 1731/32 in St John's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD, and died Bef. September 01, 1772 in Frederick Co., VA. He married (1) RUTH CALVERT Bef. 1755 in Hopewell MM, Clearbrook, Frederick Co., VA, daughter of ISAIAH CALVERT. She was born Abt. 1730, and died Bef. 1772. He married (2) JANE ? Aft. 1760.


    1. JOHN4 CHENOWETH, b. November 16, 1755, Frederick Co., VA; d. June 16, 1831, Randolph Co., VA (now WV); m. MARY PUGH, January 07, 1779, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV); b. January 29, 1762, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV); d. February 01, 1849, Randolph Co., VA (now WV).
    2. JONATHAN CHENOWETH, b. 1757, Frederick Co., VA; d. Muhlenberg Co., KY; m. CHLOE ATCHISON, March 1779, Patterson Creek, Hampshire Co., VA (now WV); b. Abt. 1760; d. Aft. 1822.
    3. MARY CHENOWETH, b. 1759; d. Unknown
    4. WILLIAM CHENOWETH, b. June 10, 1760, Frederick Co., VA; d. August 16, 1828, near Deatsville, Nelson Co., KY; m. MARY M. �POLLY� VAN METER, October 04, 1781, Nelson Co., KY (then Jefferson Co.); b. February 11, 1757, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. June 29, 1832, Nelson Co., KY.

    The second William line of the Virginia Chenoweths is that of William, Jr. This William was absolutely butchered by Cora Hiatt. He is actually found misplaced in Cora Hiatt as a 4th generation son of John of Hampshire Co. As proven in a field trip with Greg Wulker to Winchester, the William who married Elizabeth Hutchinson, was William, Jr. and lived in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV) on lands divided from his father�s will on Mill Creek between him and his brother Absolom. William and Elizabeth evidently sold and left Virginia for Warren Co., OH. Here three of his four sons, each of whom married a cousin, daughters of William Chenoweth and Catherine Rinker, would receive the legacy of William, Jr.�s will by trisecting in lands. These lines continue a strong presence in this area of Ohio down to today. The other son, Thomas, was the oldest. He too is in Cora�s book misplaced as the son of the Baltimore Richard, Jr. This connection was proven and discussed in the December 2004 newsletter. William, Jr. had many daughters, but these lines are not well developed at all, not one exceeding a single outline page, where the 4 sons divide 80 pages and the least of these is Absolom with 4 pages, more than all his sisters combined.

    WILLIAM3 CHENOWETH, JR. (WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born Bet. 1750 - 1754 in Frederick Co., VA, and died November 21, 1820 in Warren Co., OH. He married ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON in Virginia. died Aft. 1820 in Warren Co., OH. Children of WILLIAM CHENOWETH and ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON are:

    1. ANNE4 CHENOWETH, b. May 04, 1772, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. November 18, 1808; m. DANIEL WILSON, Abt. 1795; b. February 14, 1765, prob Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. March 23, 1852.
    2. HANNAH CHENOWETH, b. February 12, 1774, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); m. (1) ? FULLERTON, Abt. 1792, Virginia; m. (2) SAMUEL DUNHAM, JR., Abt. 1812; b. 1774, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d: Highland Co., OH.
    3. ELIZABETH JANE CHENOWETH, b. December 25, 1775, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV).
    4. THOMAS CHENOWETH, b. May 10, 1777, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. February 25, 1856, Clark Co., OH; m. ELIZABETH WATSON, April 02, 1801, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); b. July 26, 1779, Maryland; d. March 07, 1856, Clark Co., OH.
    5. MARY CHENOWETH, b. September 20, 1779, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. Aft. 1860.
    6. NANCY CHENOWETH, d. 1836, Warren Co., OH; m. JAMES MILLER; b. March 07, 1768, Virginia; d. 1848.
    7. WILLIAM CHENOWETH, b. April 13, 1781, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. Aft. 1850, Warren Co., OH; m. CATHERINE CHENOWETH, December 17, 1814, Warren Co., OH; b. December 17, 1794, Racoon Run, Back Creek area, Frederick Co., VA; d. April 20, 1844, Warren Co., OH.
    8. SARAH CHENOWETH, b. September 02, 1783, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. August 25, 1872, Warren Co., OH; m. WILLIAM LAWRENCE, October 23, 1825, Warren Co., OH; b. 1786; d. January 16, 1848, Warren Co., OH.
    9. ABSOLOM CHENOWETH, b. September 16, 1785, Berkley Co., VA; d. February 05, 1872, Wayne Twp., Warren Co., OH; m. ELEANOR CHENOWETH, November 04, 1810, Virginia; b. January 20, 1790, Frederick Co., VA; d. February 14, 1868, Wayne Twp., Warren Co., OH.
    10. JOSINAH �LIND� CHENOWETH, b. February 26, 1788, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. April 19, 1843, Warren Co., OH; m. JAMES HARVEY RICE, October 13, 1813, Warren Co., OH; b. September 01, 1793, Botetourt Co., VA; d. November 09, 1866, Warren Co., OH.
    11. JOHN CHENOWETH, b. September 30, 1789, Berkeley Co., VA (now WV); d. January 22, 1862, Warren Co., OH; m. ELIZABETH S. CHENOWETH, Abt. 1809, Virginia; b. January 23, 1792, Frederick Co., VA; d. December 05, 1855, Warren Co., OH.

    The enigma is William the son of Thomas. Cora said nothing about him and Harris mistakenly claimed he was the William who married Catherine Rinker, who turns out to be the 4th generation son of John of Hampshire Co. by John�s first wife Mary Smith. It is possible to assemble a family for this William however by location records, and though we can�t prove it, it is most likely that we know at least some of his family. The best clue to William comes from the writings of his grand nephew, Abraham J. Chenoweth of Kansas in a letter dated July 12 1887 as found in the Draper Papers. "Several years ago I undertook to gather information concerning my ancestors so as to make a family tree. I have corresponded with persons, mostly Chenoweths, in KY, OH, IN, IL, IA, WI, NE, KS, CO, MO, TX, MD, and DC and have been unable to learn anything concerning my grandfather's brother William, son of Thomas. �. I don't know at what date, but possibly the same, that William located on the big Miami where Dayton is. He returned to Kentucky in a few years and all trace of him and his family was lost as far as I have been able to learn��

    The 1790 Tax rolls of Mason Co., KY show William present there with his brothers. He is gone in 1800, but he is not with his brothers who are to be found in Ross Co and Franklin Co. OH. The details of the route described by Abraham are mistakenly included in the Harris narrative on William, Jr. who married Elizabeth Hutchison on page 140. There is a tax record of a William Chenoweth in Warren Co., OH in 1800, but the two Williams we know who did settle there later did not leave Virginia until after 1810, and there is no other William to account for this presence. We know that these travels could not be William, Jr. as he was at the time still on his land in Berkeley Co. and would not sell and move until 1810. By that time a William re-appears in Mason Co. where he is listed in 1810 and 1820. By this time he was the only Chenoweth in Mason Co. which would naturally indicate that the Chenoweth records found there in this time frame are most like those of his family. And there are records. In 1791 we have this record of a lease: Thomas Marshall of Woodford Co.,Ky, by Thomas Marshall Jr. his attorney; and William Chenoweth ,aged 31 yrs., Mary his wife, aged 20 years, and Michael, his son aged 2yrs. This can only be the son of Thomas and matched the bible birth date of May 03, 1760 we have for William and we know that in 1790 the only Chenoweths in Mason Co., KY were the children of Thomas(2).

    There are subsequent marriages of a Thomas, Anne and Massey in Mason Co. which seem to fit children of William and have no other possibility. Mary Dix, the bride of the marriage to Thomas, later remarries and takes her daughter Amanda to Putnam Co., IN where she married Elijah Garrett. Family records have that Mary was born in Mason Co. There is a record of the unknown William, Jr. who is born in Ohio and married in Adams Co., OH. He has not fit in with other Ohio Chenoweths. Adams Co. is just across the river from Mason Co. and William was born in the period that William the son of Thomas was making his Ohio loop before returning to Mason Co. DNA testing on this William, clearly shows him to be part of the larger Chenoweth family. These are good fits and make a strong case for the William of Thomas.

    WILLIAM B.3 CHENOWETH (THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born May 03, 1760 in Frederick Co., VA, and died Aft. 1830. He married MARY ? Bef. 1789. She was born Abt. 1771, and died Aft. 1830.

    Children of WILLIAM CHENOWETH and MARY ? are:

    1. MICHAEL4 CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1789, Mason Co., KY.
    2. ANNE CHENOWETH, b. Bet. 1782 - 1794; m. CHARLES FITZPATRICK, August 27, 1811, Mason Co., KY
    3. THOMAS CHENOWETH, b. Bet. 1794 - 1800, Kentucky; d. Bef. 1838; m. MARY �POLLY� DIX, January 01, 1820, Mason Co., KY; b. 1796, Kentucky.
    4. MERCY �MASSEY� CHENOWETH, b. April 20, 1796, Kentucky; d. September 08, 1878, Kentucky; m. THORNTON ELLIS, March 12, 1819, Mason Co., KY; b. 1791, Faquier Co. VA; d. 1874.

    In the 1850 Census there were 120 families, 608 people from William of John, living in WV, KY, IL, MO, IA and TX. There were 30 families and 142 people from William, Jr, mostly living in OH, with some in IN and IL. There were 6 possible families of William the son of Thomas in KY, IN and IA.

    On My Way Home From The War
    A James Harvey Chenoweth Memory

    In the fall of 1945 I was in Berlin, a member of America�s occupation military force there, - the 82nd Airborne Division. I was with regimental intelligence and had a four powers pass allowing me access to the British, French and Russian zones, along with a stern admonition to stay out of trouble in all of them.

    I had no problem with that. The shooting war was over in Europe. In order to decide who should go home, the Army had a point system, based on each soldier�s length of service, combat activities, military awards, and ease of replacements. They added up my score. The Division would be in Berlin for some time. I was told to go home.

    Camp Lucky Strike was a transient billet where some of us who were headed home waited for our travel orders. After the usual �hurry up and wait� delay, I found myself in Calais, boarding a baby flat-top aircraft carrier, now dragooned into becoming a temporary troop ship for guys like me. This was the port through which the Germans expected us to invade Europe. Instead, it was the port from which I was going home.

    Compared with boarding the Queen Mary, things were pretty casual. No loudspeaker welcome. Signs posted everywhere. Questions were answered with a waving hand or pointed fingers. Passing by a galley where half-cooked bacon was sizzling, I helped myself to a semi-raw bacon sandwich and promptly became seasick while we were still anchored at Calais!

    We were headed for Norfolk, VA, until a storm blew us too far north. New York was our new port call. And there it was, - just as I had last seen her. The Statue of Liberty! Welcome back, soldiers! You�ll be home in time for Christmas.

    Prior to my military service, I had worked in a New York bank. I knew how to get to the midtown bus terminal from the docks in lower Manhattan. Emerging from the subway, I found myself in a kaleidoscope of Christmas decorations, colors and music. In the terminal, I checked information to locate the bus ramp my bus home would use, bought a ticket, and found the waiting area for my bus.

    There was almost no room for me. The area was packed tightly with Christmas shoppers carrying their purchases and waiting for a bus to appear. Standing in the back, it looked like a long wait for me. Apparently I was the only male caught up in this mad melee.

    Someone else noticed. She clutched my arm, a woman about my height and weight with a no-nonsense attitude.

    �Going home?� I nodded. She dragged me forward.

    �Excuse me, ladies. Sorry. Soldier going home. Let us through, please. Soldier going home for Christmas. Let us through, please. Thank you! Soldier going home for Christmas.�

    Somehow she squirmed the two of us to the front of the platform, - elbowing, pushing, cajoling, demanding. No one seemed to object to her tugboat technique. A bus pulled to a stop in front of us and the door opened. I waited for her to board first. She shook her head.

    �Not my bus,� she told me and slid off into the crowd, heading for another ramp.

    I took a window seat so I could look out into the gathering darkness. As lights and building slowly went by, I thought about the many ways I had traveled during the war. An Army bus had taken me to a ship so I could go to war in Europe. Now a ship had brought me back so a civilian bus could take me home. Trucks, trains, cars, planes. Parachutes. Bicycles. Horses. Tanks. Ferries. Collapsible boats for river crossings. I had used them all, including my own legs. I wondered if there was anything I had missed.

    The bus driver announced my stop. The town center hadn�t changed much. I crossed to where a cab was parked by the railroad station, got in and gave him my home address. We pulled out.

    �Going home?� he asked. I nodded. �Been away long?� �Couldn�t make it last Christmas.� I replied.

    We pulled up in front of my home. I started peeling off money but he waved it away. �On the house,� he said and drove off.

    I opened the porch door and then the door into the house. �Mom,� I called. �Mom?� A woman moved into the kitchen doorway and stared at me. �Where�s Mom?�

    �Jimmy? You�re Jimmy?� Where�s Mom?� I answered.

    �Oh my God! She just left! She was going up to the corner to catch a bus to New York. Hurry!�

    I was out the door and headed up to the corner. A woman stood under the single street light. �Mom! MOM! MOM!!� I raced toward her just as a bus pulled up. The door opened. About to climb aboard, she hesitated and turned around.

    �Mom!� I yelled and then we were hugging each other and she was saying, �Jimmy. Oh, Jimmy. Jimmy�

    With the door still open, the bus driver smiled out at us. I looked at him over Mom�s shoulder. �Home for Christmas?� he asked. I shook my head.

    �Home for good,� I told him. �What a great Christmas present for both of you.� he said.

    The door hissed close and the bus slowly pulled away, leaving a mother and her son standing together under the street light. We turned and started walked back to the house.


    [Jon] By Jon Egge
    Cottage Lake, Woodinville, WA
    Descendant of Dr Henry S.5 Chenoweth of Chillicothe, OH

    And the answer is �

    In the last newsletter, Pete wrote a teaser �How�s your Chenoweth Expertise? - Name the 3 Chenoweth males, as part of the family of John and Mary, who are recorded in Cora Hiatts book, but omitted from the Harris book: There are well over 1,000 names in the Cora Hiatt book, not contained in the Harris book. Most all of these are daughter lines, which the Harris book did not pursue. This was a conscious decision to limit the book to primarily following male lines to keep the size of the book under control. If one counts the names, excluding present unknown lines, by my count, there are 916 Chenoweth males in Cora�s book and 2,486 in the Harris book. Yet there are 3 males contained in Cora�s book that were omitted in the Harris book. One is Finis Edwin, the son of James Foster, a unique name within the family. Finis was born on February 11, 1856 in Texas, probably Denton Co. The family could not be found in the 1860 census, having immigrated to Texas from Missouri. Cora on page 97 listed him as Funias N. I think that Finis often ran into problems with people butchering his name. There is no real following detail on much of the family of James Foster in the Harris book. The detail is taken from the 1850 Census and 1870 Census, totaling 8 children. Only a marriage is given for the youngest daughter Fanny E. The older 7 children are listed followed by �no further info�. Sadly this is still the case for many of them. Cora listed 7 children, missing Fanny. She had no detail on them either. Technically Harris listed Finis as Thomas W. Chenoweth based on the 1870 Census. If this was all one knew, a lifetime of looking would not find what happened to Thomas. Rather a hard close look at the Census page will give you the name as Phinus W. Oh the bane of Census cursive! In Oct 1997, Mary Susanne Martinez found us on the web. She is a great great granddaughter of Finis. The male name in this line has died out with her grandfather, Jesse Lee Chenoweth who died on September 12, 1999 in Hidalgo Co., TX. Jesse had 3 daughters, one, Susanne�s mother, Dixie Lee.

    Except for the 1860 Census, Finis is found in every available Census during his lifetime. Each listing is in Denton Co., TX In 1880 he was living with his aunt Rebecca Chenoweth Hardwick, listed as �Finnes Chmneyworth� in the LDS version. In 1900 Pete found him married and read the name as Furn E. In 1910, it finally comes out right as Finis E., though by then, Pete may have had the benefit of hindsight. It always helps a bit if you know what the name is supposed to be. In 1920, he was thought to be T.E. instead of F.E. Finis died on March 16, 1926 probably in Denton Co. His wife was Dixie Lee Parr, the namesake for Susanne�s mother. Of the other children of James Foster, we do not know what happened to Cassandre, Mary Jane or Benjamin F. the other son, Francis M., married Etta and had 5 daughters, which we have no known marriages for. Julia married James McElroy and this has been brought down to a cousin contact. Sarah married Albert William Parr, obviously related to the wife of Finis and is not found after the 1880 Census. She did re-marry in 1890 to J.E. Nell. Stated previously, Harris says that Fanny married M.L. Carr, but we have never found the family.

    JAMES FOSTER5 CHENOWETH (BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born July 11, 1819 in Franklin Co., OH, and died January 29, 1886. He married MATILDA MOSS. She was born January 06, 1825 in Tennessee, and died January 31, 1887 in Dallas Co., TX.

    Children of JAMES CHENOWETH and MATILDA MOSS are:

    1. CASSANDRE6 CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1847, Taney Co., MO; d. Unknown.
    2. MARY JANE CHENOWETH, b. 1849, Texas; d. Unknown.
    3. FRANCIS M. CHENOWETH, b. June 1851, Texas; d. Unknown; m. (1) SUSAN ?, Bef. 1880; b. Abt. 1865, Illinois; m. (2) ETTA H. ?, Abt. 1892; b. July 1859, Arkansas; d. Unknown.
    4. JULIA A. CHENOWETH, b. December 20, 1854, Texas; d. July 31, 1925; m. (1) JAMES MCELROY, July 14, 1870, Dallas, TX; b. Abt. 1845, Tennessee; m. (2) ROBERT NORRIS, Abt. 1899; b. January 1851, Tennessee.
    5. FINIS EDWIN CHENOWETH, b. February 11, 1856, Texas; d. March 16, 1926, Texas; m. DIXIE LEE PARR, July 04, 1880, Texas; b. December 08, 1863, Texas; d. August 14, 1933, Texas.
    6. SARAH J. CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1859, Texas; d. Unknown; m. (1) ALBERT WILLIAM PARR, February 08, 1880, Denton Co., TX; b. August 07, 1859, Grayson Co., TX; m. (2) J.E. NELL, May 01, 1890, Texas; b. Bet. 1844 - 1864; d. Unknown.
    7. BENJAMIN F. CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1861, Texas; d. Unknown.
    8. FANNY E. CHENOWETH, b. Abt. 1865, Texas; d. Unknown; m. M.L. CARR, July 04, 1880, Denton Co., TX; b. Bet. 1855 - 1864; d. Unknown.

    The other 2 males omitted in the Harris book are Clarence William and John Henry sons of Orien Steele. On page 152, Harris just states that Orien and his wife Winifred had a son (name not known) born Oct 18, 1906. This is George Alfred and we will give Harris credit for George. But on page 56 Cora says Orien had sons Clarence, John and George, exactly right. If these are the only omissions in the Harris book it is a credit to their thoroughness. Cora�s book is very difficult to work with, unindexed and with all sorts of anomalies.

    ORIEN STEELE7 CHENOWETH (GEORGE WILLIAM6, GEORGE HENRY5, JOHN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born March 15, 1880 in Greene Co., OH, and died July 15, 1959 in Atlanta, Hamilton Co., IN. He married WINIFRED McMULLAN August 01, 1901 in Hamilton Co., IN, daughter of HENRY McMULLAN and MATHILDA WALTZ. She was born May 09, 1882 in Atlanta, Hamilton Co., IN, and died October 07, 1952 in Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN.


    1. CLARENCE WILLIAM8 CHENOWETH, b. March 04, 1903, Hamilton Co., IN; d. June 20, 1950, Arcadia, Hamilton Co., IN; m. MARY ELIZABETH HALL, February 15, 1926, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO; b. July 29, 1906, Puxico, Stoddard Co., MO; d. March 18, 1997, Humble, Harris Co., TX.
    2. JOHN HENRY CHENOWETH, b. November 19, 1904, Arcadia, Hamilton Co., IN; d. January 25, 1999, Carmel, Hamiltion Co., IN; m. ESTELLE MARIE LONG, August 08, 1933, Westfield, Hamilton Co., IN; b. September 04, 1912, Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN; d. February 08, 1984, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN.
    3. GEORGE ALFRED CHENOWETH, b. October 18, 1906, Indiana; d. September 20, 1984, Clinton, Simpson Co., NC; m. (1) HANNAH INEZ HERRING, September 15, 1930, Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC; b. August 10, 1907, Wayne Co., NC; d. July 07, 1953, Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV; m. (2) MARY LOUISE RAWLS, 1954; b. December 15, 1915, Simpson Co., NC; d. July 05, 2000, Clinton, Simpson Co., NC.

    A better look at Sarah�s Lewis family

    The family of John Chenoweth, son of Thomas, has always been difficult to trace out. Not that there isn�t good information, there is. Rather so many of the lines cited are hard to extend to present day. John, the oldest son of Thomas had a very large family spread between two wives, much like his brother Arthur. John settled in Vigo Co., IN from Ohio just before 1820, and was one of the earlier Chenoweths into Indiana. Vigo Co. is where Terre Haute is located on the border with Illinois. Just across the border, two Chenoweths from Kentucky, John and Absolom, sons of Arthur in the John(2) line settled in Clark and Crawford Counties. One wonders if they ever ran across each other. John died in Vigo Co. on March 03, 1820 at the age of 68, a veteran of the American Revolution

    Sarah Chenoweth was the 2nd child, born while John still lived in Maryland near Old Towne. The family journeys had brought them to Mason Co., Kentucky and then Ross Co., OH where it is believed that Sarah married Lewis Rogers. The family appears to have moved with John and his family to Vigo Co., IN before 1820. Sarah died 3 years after her father and is buried, according to Shirley Harris, in the Lyons Cemetery. Her husband was listed in John�s estate papers as receiving Sarah�s share. Harris listed no children for Sarah, but there were plenty of Rogers in the area by Census. Thomas Raymond Brodbeck, Jr. who descends from Sarah�s younger sister Rebecca who married Thomas Carter, gave the names of 6 of Sarah�s children in 1999 when he contacted me. Rose Inks found us in 2004 and added the last child, her ancestor, Mary Rogers who married Beecher Inks. At the time I tried to trace the Inks out using the Census but was largely unsuccessful in extending anything past what Rose had furnished. We did suspect that the John and Lewis Rogers found in Vigo Co., IN in 1850 were children of Lewis and Sarah.

    The day after I sent out the June 2006 newsletter, Rose wrote me with information that she had gleaned on the Lewis Rogers by finding a copy of his will in a Land abstract. Lewis had 5 children after Sarah Chenoweth died in 1823. Apparently Lewis remarried to another Sarah and she is found in both the 1850 and 1860 Censuses. She is some 10 years younger and born in Virginia. We have pretty good evidence that Sarah Chenoweth, the first wife, did die in 1823 in Vigo Co.

    Rose was able from this to pinpoint marriages and this led to finding the family of Rebecca Rogers who had married James Denny. I had looked without success to find Rebecca and James in the 1850 Census. Rose found that James had apparently died and that Rebecca had married Lewis Depew. Sure enough, Rebecca and Lewis were in Parke Co., IN in 1850 with 3 children and Mortimer Denny, a son of Rebecca�s from her first marriage. Mortimer apparently went on to serve the Union in the Civil War, dying of wounds received on August 16, 1864. The oldest Depew child, Albert, appears to be from a first marriage of Lewis Depew, but the ones that followed, Fletcher and Clay, were obviously Rebecca�s. The next Census in 1860 had 2 additional daughters and told us that Fletcher was really John Fletcher and Clay was Henry Clay Depew. By 1870 the family had relocated to Terre Haute in Vigo Co. The youngest daughter, Marietta had died, but the 2 sons, John and Henry, and the daughter, Sarah, were still at home. In 1880, I was only able to find John Fletcher Depew farming in Nebraska with his wife Areta and 2 sons. In 1900, they had moved to Denver, CO and only their one son, Charles Myron Depew, was alive. John was a gold miner now. In 1910, John and Areta are in Chicago and he is a stockbroker. Charles is still in Denver married to Minnie Thomas and driving a Laundry wagon. In 1920 Charles and Minnie are not found and Areta is a widow, living with her relatives in Kansas City, MO. As Charles and Minnie had no children in 1910 with 9 years of marriage it is likely that the line ends there.

    This is typical of the frustration with many of the lines of John. They are as I have said, very hard to come by.

    SARAH4 CHENOWETH (JOHN3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born April 08, 1783 in Maryland, and died March 22, 1823 in Vigo Co., IN. She married LEWIS ROGERS. He was born February 02, 1780, and died March 06, 1838 in Vigo Co., IN.

    Children of SARAH CHENOWETH and LEWIS ROGERS are:

    1. JOHN5 ROGERS, b. August 17, 1807, Ross Co., OH; d. June 03, 1864.
    2. ELIZABETH �BETTY� ROGERS, b. Aft. 1800; m. (1) JONATHAN CARTER, December 18, 1828; b. Aft. 1800; m. (2) JACOB KESTER, May 11, 1840; b. Aft. 1800.
    3. REBECCA ROGERS, b. Abt. 1812, Ross Co., OH.
    4. THOMAS ROGERS, b. Aft. 1800; m. SARAH ANN BRASHER, February 16, 1826; b. Aft. 1800.
    5. LEWIS ROGERS, JR., b. April 22, 1814, Ross Co., OH; d. January 19, 1853, Vigo Co., IN.
    6. WILLIAM ROGERS, b. March 23, 1817; d. March 10, 1845; m. ELIZABETH CHENOWETH, July 01, 1844; b. Aft. 1815.
    7. MARY ROGERS, b. June 21, 1821, Vigo Co., IN; d. February 17, 1901, Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN.

    Generation No. 2

    REBECCA5 ROGERS (SARAH4 CHENOWETH, JOHN3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1812 in Ross Co., OH. She married (1) JAMES DENNY December 05, 1835. He was born Aft. 1800. She married (2) LEWIS DEPEW July 27, 1843. He was born Abt. 1804 in Virginia.


    1. MORTIMER6 DENNY, b. March 24, 1838, Indiana; d. August 16, 1864.

      Children of REBECCA ROGERS and LEWIS DEPEW are:

    2. JOHN FLETCHER6 DEPEW, b. August 1844, Indiana; m. ARETA ?; b. September 1844, Ohio.
    3. HENRY CLAY DEPEW, b. Abt. 1847, Indiana.
    4. SARAH M. DEPEW, b. Abt. 1852, Parke Co., IN.
    5. MARIETTA DEPEW, b. Abt. 1854, Parke Co., IN.

    Four for the 1850

    In February of 2007 I was able to add 7 records to our 1850 Census study which now includes 911 households. Four of these listings included 4th generation family descendants. No third generation Chenoweth made it to the 1850 Census. This is understandable, as there is between 140 to 120 years intervening between the births of the children of 2nd generation parents and 1850. It is just too great of a span. Three of the grandsons did survive into 1840s: Samuel, s/o Arthur in Virginia died 1841, Richard s/o Thomas died 1847 in Tippecanoe Co., IN and his brother Abraham died in 1845 in Pike Co., OH. The 4th generation is the leading edge of the family in the 1850 Census. There were 42 fourth generation Chenoweth males bearing the family name living in 1850. There are 83 households in 1850 with a 4th generation members as the head of household. There are about 21 plus others living within their children�s homes, bringing the total to 104. In all there were supposedly 315 descendants in the 4th generation which began in 1750 and ended in 1827. Naturally a few of the younger ones had not married or never would. Many of the older of the generation had died. There were a number who either died young or never married. There are a number who we don�t know what happened to. Some are just names passed down through the histories, with no record of what happened to them at all. With the available data presently in hand, I can only point to 4 people who are known to have lived into the 1850 census in the 4th generation that we have not found. Still there will always be new information and unexpected surprises. Adding 4 in one month on top of what was already established is an extraordinarily good result. The four were Nancy Carter Trimble, the daughter of William Carter, Hannah Scott Levi and Elizabeth Scott Smallwood, both daughters of Sara Chenoweth and Rachel Chenoweth Ashbrook Dusenbery, the daughter of John Chenoweth.

    Peter helped me find Nancy by sending me some material on her daughter Rachel Sophie Trimble who married Harvey Evans. I actually had received the raw material about Rachel in January while in Idaho and had set it aside until I had access to the 1850 Census material. In looking up Rachel in Illinois I found her mother Nancy age 62, born in Pennsylvania was living with her son Allen next door in Kane Co., IL. I have never had a date for her prior to this. The original information on the Trimbles had come from Kitt Caroll of Oklahoma. Though Kitt had the Trimble children, the only continuation that Kitt had given me was that of her ancestor William Trimble, Jr. Nancy was one of the children of William Carter who died as a young man of 38, leaving his widowed wife Elenor with 5 young children. They are known by the orphan court proceedings, but until Kitt contacted me in 1998, little was known. Now finding Nancy�s age in the Census places her as probably the youngest of William�s children. What happened to her siblings is still unknown. Pete�s material from Ancestry.com had opened up a second line and by chance this same month (Feb 2007) I received a contact from a descendant of George Washington Trimble, another of Nancy�s children.

    ANN �NANCY�4 CARTER (WILLIAM3, HANNAH2 CHENOWETH, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1788 in Washington Co., PA, and died Aft. 1850 in Iowa or Oregon. She married WILLIAM TRIMBLE Bef. 1806 in Washington Co., PA. He was born Abt. 1785 in Pennsylvania, and died 1830 in Liberty twp., Knox Co., OH.

    Children of ANN CARTER and WILLIAM TRIMBLE are:

    1. WILLIAM5 TRIMBLE, JR., b. 1806, prob Washington Co., PA; d. Bef. 1869; m. CAROLINE POPPLETON, Abt. 1829, Knox or Licking Co., OH; b. 1807, Wellsbourg, Essex Co., NY; d. March 03, 1869, Keokuk Co., IA.
    2. GEORGE WASHINGTON TRIMBLE, b. Abt. 1810, Pensylvania; m. LUCINDA PAYNE; b. Abt. 1817, Illinois.
    3. JESSE TRIMBLE, b. Aft. 1807; m. ROSANNAH POPPLETON; b. Aft. 1811.
    4. RACHEL SOPHIA TRIMBLE, b. October 29, 1817, Knox Co., OH; d. Abt. 1882, Lamar, Barton Co., MO; m. HARVEY EVANS; b. July 25, 1816, Knox Co., OH; d. February 28, 1904, Lamar, Barton Co., MO.
    5. EDWARD TRIMBLE, b. 1816, Knox Co., OH; d. 1846, enroute to Oregon; m. ABBRILLA ROSS; b. Bet. 1811 - 1824.
    6. MARY ELLEN TRIMBLE, b. Aft. 1816; m. JONATHAN HILL BRATTAM, 1839; b. Aft. 1806.
    7. ROBERT TRIMBLE, b. Aft. 1819.
    8. ALEXANDER P. TRIMBLE, b. Aft. 1820.
    9. ALLEN TRIMBLE, b. Abt. 1828, Knox Co., OH; m. (1) NANCY ?; b. Abt. 1835, Ohio; m. (2) JANE b. Abt. 1832, Indiana.

    Mid February, Pete contacted me about a tree he had found for Hannah Scott Levi at Ancestry.com. We had only known to this point that Hannah had married a Mr. Levi and that there were children. The material led me to look in Adams Co., OH where I found the widowed Hannah living next door to her son, Judas Levi. The material from the posted trees was fairly well developed and I think we will soon be in contact with a few of these descendants. Adams Co., OH is on the Ohio River, just across from Mason Co., KY where Hannah�s parents John Scott and Sarah Chenoweth settled from Maryland along with the other Chenoweth children of Thomas. The Scotts had remained a while longer in Kentucky. Hannah�s branch marked the 4th Scott line we have now included in the database down to present time.

    HANNAH4 SCOTT (SARAH3 CHENOWETH, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1789 in Allegheny Co., MD, and died Abt. 1860. She married JOHN LEVI November 19, 1811 in Mason Co., KY, son of JUDEH LEVI and MARY McGRAW. He was born Abt. 1790 in Fauquier Co., VA, and died Abt. 1830.

    Children of HANNAH SCOTT and JOHN LEVI are:

    1. JUDAS B.5 LEVI, b. Abt. 1813, Mason Co., KY; d. Abt. 1870, Bracken Co., KY; m. MAHALA BOLES, October 30, 1835, Brown Co., OH; b. January 23, 1817, Brown Co., OH; d. 1880, Scioto Co., OH.
    2. JAMES LEVI, b. Abt. 1816, Mason Co., KY; m. MARY GALLOWAY, August 09, 1842, Fayette Co., KY; b. Abt. 1821, Fayette Co., KY

    Inspired by the addition of Hannah I started looking for the Smallwoods of Elizabeth. The material on this family had come from the writings of Thomas Scott giving us Elizabeth�s husband as Walter Smallwood and the names of her 6 children. I found them living in Lafayette Co., MO in 1860. There was no mistaking who they were, and the detail told me I should look back to Ohio. In a short time I located Walter and Elizabeth in Clark Co., OH. Their sons Lewis and Walter had already left for Missouri and would be found there. The Census work however did not lead me far. It appears that the son Thomas and daughter Amanda never married. Sarah is widowed in 1880 having married an unknown Martin. The son Walter is not found yet after 1850, but there are possibilities. Lewis had 4 children but the only one I have tracked so far into California had but one son, Dr Walter Charles Smallwoood, who never married and died in 1955 in Los Angeles. More work needs to be done.

    ELIZABETH4 SCOTT (SARAH3 CHENOWETH, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1785 in Kentucky, and died Bef. 1860. She married WALTER SMALLWOOD. He was born Abt. 1781 in Maryland.


    1. SARAH5 SMALLWOOD, b. Abt. 1815, Ohio; m. ? MARTIN.
    2. AMANDA SMALLWOOD, b. Abt. 1816, Ohio.
    3. LEWIS W. SMALLWOOD, b. Abt. 1817, Ohio; m. LEVINA EDDY; b. Abt. 1825, New York.
    4. THOMAS W. SMALLWOOD, b. Abt. 1820, Ohio.
    5. AMELIA SMALLWOOD, b. Abt. 1825, Ohio.
    6. WALTER SMALLWOOD, b. Abt. 1826, Ohio.

    I had documented the above 3 entries over President�s day weekend. Tuesday morning, an email from Cinda Justice who has been nosing around Southern Ohio found this stunning narrative�

    "Rachel Chenoweth was born about 1775 in Virginia to John Chenoweth. She was previously married to Absolum Ashbrook. Henry Dusenbery and Rachel Chenoweth Ashbrook married on July 31, 1816 in Muskingum Co., OH. Henry was 36 years old at the time , so this may not have been his first marriage, although a previous marriage has not been found. Henry and Rachel had two children, Compton and Lydia. Compton was born in 1818, but died at age five and was buried in the William Dusenbery family cemetery. Lydia was born about 1822. Both of these children were probably born on Henry Dusenbery's farm in Perry Co., OH. In Nov. of 1824, Rachel Chenoweth left her husband, Henry Dusenbery, for unknown reason. She took her daughter, Lydia, and moved to Fairfield Co., Oh, where she leased some land four miles west of the farm of Richard Harritt. It is presumed that she moved close to one of her sons from her first marriage. Lydia Dusenbery later married, Richard Harritt's son, Jeremiah."

    The names of the children of the cousin marriage of Absolom Ashbrook and Rachel Chenoweth are unknown as of yet, but here was the first clue as to what had happened to Rachel. I had believed that she had gone to Kentucky like her other two sisters who had married Ashbrooks. It appears that she had gone instead to Ohio and ended up in the Fairfield area where the younger Ashbrook children had gone. The 1850 Census found her as Rachel Dusenbery living with her daughter Lydia and her family in Circleville, in Pickaway Co. Rachel was in fact living 84 houses from my own ancestor Dr Henry S. Chenoweth. Henry�s father, James Frances, was a 1st cousin to Rachel, but the families had never met being separated by the singular migrations of her Uncle Thomas back to Baltimore and then to Botetourt Co. I wonder if Rachel had ever got curious about the young dentist who bore her family name and introduced herself. I have this fascination with distance family members who come to settle within close proximity to one another.

    RACHEL4 CHENOWETH (JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1777 in Hampshire Co., VA (now WV). She married (1) ABSOLUM ASHBROOK in Frederick Co., VA, son of LEVI ASHBROOK and MARY CHENOWETH. He was born Bet. 1770 - 1774 in Hampshire Co., VA (now WV), and died Bef. March 1841 in Kentucky. She married (2) HENRY DUSENBERY July 31, 1816 in Muskingum Co., OH. He was born Abt. 1780.


    1. COMPTON5 DUSENBERY, b. 1818, Perry Co., OH; d. Abt. 1823.
    2. LYDIA DUSENBERY, b. 1822, Perry Co., OH.

    DNA further into the pudding

    We had not made much progress coming into the Baltimore reunion. Over a 4-year period we had obtained 7 samples covering 4 sons of the family of John and one unknown line and the �other� line of Pete�s ancestors. Only two were an exact match, that of the unknown line of Thomas m: Ann Quirk and the Thomas line of Elijah. All indications were that the markers were related to common ancestors and were consistent with Cornish lines. What was needed was more testing to create a broader spectrum to compare with the unknown lines. Pete has asked that the marker comparison be expanded from 20 to 36. Relative Genetics had lowered their price structure so that this broader test would cost the same as the previous 20 marker test. They then offered a Reunion Special that lowered the price until September to $140 and the board agreed to pay $50 dollars of this cost for those who did not feel they could pay this much bring the cost as low as $90.

    Pete patiently introduced us to the subject and Diahan Southard made an excellent presentation. Each time I listen to one of these, I learn something new. The genetic marker that is passed down from father to son is found in what Diahan calls the junk DNA areas between strands. This material cannot identify an individual nor does it give any medical information. All it does is identify a male line that is only of worth when comparing it to other matching lines. The sampling does hold promise in identifying the family of John and Mary and enabling us to determine if the lost lines are indeed part of the family. The goal is to get a sample from each of the 20 existing males lines of the 29 Chenoweth grandsons of the original family. Based on the excellent presentation Pete managed to get promised 10 samples and the results are now in. Presently we have 14 samples from the family of John and Mary. There are 14 major unknown lines and we only have samples from 3 so far. This is a total of 34 samples possible and 17 obtained. In addition we have 2 samples from Chenoweths that are outside the family of John.

    It is still too early to read that much from the sampling to date. We have, it appears, isolated the DNA of John the progenitor, as we have 5 samples from 36 markers that match 100%, 2 from unknown lines (Thomas m: Ann Quirk and John m: Ann Pernine) and one each from John, Richard and Thomas. Another 20 marker test matches 100% in the line of Arthur. Another 7 of the samples are off by 1 mutation, an event that occurred randomly every 12 or so generation. One of these samples is from Pete�s line, marking it to be very close to the family of John Chenoweth. Samples from the line of William 2, may indicate that there was a William, Jr. mutation in the 3rd generation. It does not appear that there was any mutation in the 2nd generation. Three of the samples in the Thomas line have 2 mutations. As only the one line of William, Jr. gives us an indication that a mutation may have occurred in the 3rd generation, it may be that the line of John�s line was close to a mutation. It could even be that John�s DNA would match 100% with Pete�s ancestor William with a single mutation happening in that line as well. The best news so far to come out of the testing is the confirmation that most probably all three unknown lines tested appear to place them squarely within the family.

    3rd Lines needed:

    • John2 Richard
    • John2 Arthur
    • Arthur2 John
    • Arthur2 Thomas
    • Arthur2 Richard
    • Thomas2 John
    • Thomas 2 Richard

      Some of the unknown Lines needed

    • MD: George m Ruth Haile
    • John Wesley m Mary Anderson
    • John M. m Elizabeth ?
    • John E. m Christine Hall
    • Thomas m Rachel Swane
    • James Garrison
    • William m McKinny
    • MD: Richard m: Anne
    • MD: Thomas J
    • MD: Charles


    In past issues we asked you to take a look at information that we had gathered with regards to 750 Chenoweth marriages. In this issue we offer another 62 marriages that we have been unable to place. As always with this column any help in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated..







    spouse bdate


    Sondra S.

    12 Aug 1973


    Jarvis, Harold J.


    Stephen M.

    Abt 1958

    14 Jan 1994


    Sriratikanful, Pratoom

    Abt 1957


    Steven James

    3 Apr 1981


    Biggers, Teresa Ann


    Steven Ross

    4 Oct 1963

    15 Aug 1998


    Johnson, Kimberly Dee Beam

    15 Sep 1963


    Sue C.

    Abt 1955

    5 Aug 1979


    Caracapra, Steven M.

    Abt 1953


    Sue J.

    9 Jul 2004


    Gays, Everett Ukle


    Sue Lynn

    13 Mar 1988


    Nyako, Vincent Alan


    Sue Lynn

    28 Oct 2001


    Biegner, Adam Brett



    30 Dec 1848


    Jenkins, Alexander



    25 Sep 1868


    Thompson, Charles



    Abt 1972

    Mar 1994


    Bohlander, John III

    Abt 1972


    Susan C.

    30 Apr 1877


    Scott, Vincent


    Susan Delaine (Cogar)

    26 Nov 1994


    Paradise, Donald Marcel


    Susan Katherine

    19 Jul 1981


    Jones, Terry D.


    Suzanne Michelle



    Baker, Harry Harold




    Richardson, Susan


    Tami L.

    Abt 1967

    30 Jul 1987


    Martinez, Richard R.

    Abt 1963


    Tami L.

    Abt 1967

    18 May 1991


    Moore, Christopher L.

    Abt 1969


    Tara Lea

    21 Aug 1999


    Yamamoto, Andy Kenchan



    11 Jun 1874


    Collins, George


    Terry Edward

    15 Aug 2003


    Kesterson, Diane Ella


    Terry Ellis

    10 Nov 1987


    Johnson, Sandra L.


    Terry Wayne

    10 Feb 1994


    Reece, Robyn Lynn


    Themus M.

    16 Jan 1959


    Wallace, James Dixon



    Abt 1845

    4 Oct 1866


    Hollis, Phebe

    Abt 1844


    Theresa R.

    Abt 1946

    31 Dec 1983


    Marvich, Paul M.

    Abt 1952



    Abt 1804-VA

    Bef 1841

    ?, Belinda



    Abt 1900

    Clark, Kevin(?)



    12 Jan 1866


    Gatlin, Martha




    Goodman, Artie M.


    Thomas B.

    1 Oct 1855


    Curtis, Addie B.


    Thomas D.

    Abt 1931

    31 Jan 1960


    Hall, Marion L. Foley

    Abt 1924


    Thomas Lee

    23 May 1987


    Kristensen, Elsie Jayne


    Tommy R.

    Abt 1953

    10 Mar 1973


    House, Sevola D.

    Abt 1954


    Tracey Ann (Campbell)

    15 Nov 1992


    Robertson, Thomas William


    Valerie J.

    20 Apr 1990


    Rudibaugh, Jote



    23 Oct 1911-OH

    8 Aug 1936


    Kerns, Elzie

    1 Oct 1901-WV


    Vickey R.

    Abt 1949

    17 Jun 1973


    Scates, Tomas M.

    Abt 1946


    Virginia Diania (Weninger)

    Widow of Larry Allen Chenoweth

    30 May 1970


    Woodlock, Dennis Michael


    Virginia M.

    Abt 1922

    11 Nov 1967


    Stearns, Truman M.

    Abt 1926


    Vondah L.

    Abt 1927

    15 Jun 1956


    Spurlock, James L.

    Abt 1933



    26 Jan 1881


    Stewart, Mary I.


    Wanda L.

    7 Jun 1995


    Kleinlein, Kenneth Wayne



    6 Nov 1953


    Penrod, Bobby D.



    Dec 1875-MO

    ?, Ella

    Jan 1865-MO



    Feb 1874-IA

    ?, Leatha

    Jan 1876-IA



    Abt 1831-OH

    ?, Maria



    23 Oct 1934


    Blackwood, Susie



    7 Nov 1865


    Hamilton, Fannie A.



    20 Feb 1846


    Noel, Sarah


    William C.

    Abt 1954

    14 Apr 1984


    Juwle, Frances N.

    Abt 1954


    William Darryl

    3 Jun 2002


    McLinden, Leona


    William F.

    Abt 1940

    7 Jul 1967


    McCall, Sharon A.

    Abt 1948


    William G.

    28 Nov 1983


    Houtsma, Mary L.


    William H.

    20 May 1836

    Hockley, Jane

    25 Dec 1831-Eng


    William H.

    27 Dec 1876


    Wagner, Emma C.


    William M.

    13 Oct 1836


    Hunter, Cassandra


    William T.

    Jun 1862-KY

    ?, Minnie T.

    Jan 1863-KY


    William Thomas

    Mar 1848-KY

    ?, Artemisea

    Abt 1837-MS


    Willie Mae

    15 Mar 1969


    Ross, William H.


    Pamela Chenoweth

    30 Jan 1950-MA

    2 Dec 1989


    Aamodt, Samuel Mathias

    8 Apr 1928


    Jay Chenoweth

    11 Jan 1974


    Milling, Martha Anne

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