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At present we have a database of about 1700 Chenoweth names, spouses and descendants that cannot be linked to the families of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert. They are presented on two pages: Chenoweth Surnamed and Other Surnamed. Our Blind Ally page is another page dealling with the end points of our knowledge. If you have information on any person listed on these pages please contact me: Jon Egge: I will sent you the surrounding tree for this individual and the sources. At present the primary sources for this material are the Harris and Buckey books and Broderbund World Family Trees vol 1-7.

Unknown Chenoweths

Ordered by Name, Birth date, Birth location, Death date,Death location, Spouse and comment where available

CHENOWETH, Aaron b: Abt 1782 in Virginia, comment: see Matilda, wife or daughter
CHENOWETH, Aaron b: Abt 1834 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Abraham d: July 25, 1884 in Salem, Steuben Co., IN spouse: Brown, Mary Ann, comment: 2nd husband
CHENOWITH, Absalom spouse: Duvall, Eleanor
CHENOWETH, Absolom b: Abt 1827 in Tennessee spouse: Cox, Sarah M. M.
CHENOWETH, Achash Marie b: August 17, 1886 in Clay Co., TX
CHENOWETH, Achsah D. b: Abt 1839 in Maryland spouse: Kirkpatrick, William
CHENOWETH, Ada b: in Macon Co., IL spouse: Willoughby, ?
CHENOWETH, Addie Irene b: March 29, 1892 in Canadian Co., OK d: July 1985
CHENOWETH, Adolphus H. b: December 1850 in Maryland spouse: Clarke, Florence P.
CHENOWETH, Alan Leroy spouse: Hartke, Linda Rita
CHENOWETH, Albert spouse: Blume, Frances
CHENOWETH, Albert Lewis b: Abt 1925 spouse: Brownell, Elsie Lea, comment: COULD BE LEWIS ALBERT
CHENOWETH, Alexander b: April 19, 1839 in Wayne Co., OH d: January 08, 1879 in Wabash Co., IN spouse: Tidball, Hannah Maria
CHENOWETH, Alexander T. b: 1830 in Virginia spouse: Eshleman, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, Alfred b: 1879 in Texas, comment: twin to Annie
CHENOWETH, Alice b: 1858 in Lawrence Co., IL spouse: Robinson, Edward H.
CHENOWETH, Alice b: Abt 1875 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Alice b: January 1886 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Allen Bronson b: Abt 1902
CHENOWETH, Alma D. b: February 18, 1883 in Grayson Co., TX d: March 06, 1899 in Oklahoma?
CHENOWETH, Alonzo b: September 26, 1867 in Piatt Co., IL d: December 26, 1929 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Cunningham, Anna Elzina
CHENOWETH, Alpha Etta b: July 05, 1877 in Grayson Co., TX spouse: Mears, ?
CHENOWETH, Alphea b: Abt 1871 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Alphea b: 1871 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Alta b: Abt 1848 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Amanda b: November 23, 1854 in Lawrence Co., IL d: October 31, 1875
CHENOWETH, Amon (Amos?) b: Abt 1812 in Pennsylvania d: September 30, 1874 in near Yankeetown, Warrick Co., IN spouse: ?, Maria
CHENOWETH, Amos spouse: Banta, Jane
CHENOWETH, Andrew b: Abt 1835 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Andrew J. b: January 11, 1872 in Baltimore Co., MD
CHENOWETH, Andrew Jackson b: November 10, 1845 in Gentry Co., MO d: March 19, 1932 in Jasper Co., IA spouse: Sampson, Mary J.
CHENOWETH, Angela Nichole
CHENOWETH, Ann spouse: Kemp, Jan Lewis
CHENOWETH, Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie" b: July 16, 1852 d: January 03, 1879 in Wabash Co., IN spouse: Brown, Edward Erastus
CHENOWETH, Anna b: Abt 1875 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Anna b: 1875 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Anna A. b: Abt 1848 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Anna Adeline b: February 12, 1862 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Anna B. b: 1884 in Illinois d: 1900 in Macon Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Anna M. b: Abt 1875 in Maryland
CHENOWITH, Anna Margaruite spouse: Corns, Franklin
CHENOWETH, Anna Maud b: August 11, 1871 in Jasper Co., IA spouse: Turk, Bertram, comment: had 3 additional children
CHENOWETH, Annie b: 1879 in Texas, comment: twin to Alfred
CHENOWETH, Anthony W. b: December 19, 1852 in Warrick Co., IN d: December 05, 1853 in Warrick Co., IN
CHENOWETH, April spouse: Lambirth, John J.
CHENOWETH, Areatha Hazel b: September 17, 1905 in Illinois d: June 25, 1986 in Illinois spouse: Tohill, Jesse "Jack"
CHENOWETH, Arthur b: Abt 1786 in Maryland d: June 05, 1859 in White Co., IN spouse: Warren, Anna, comment: this could be two different Arthurs for each wife
CHENOWETH, Arthur b: Bef 1795 spouse: Lake, Catherine, comment: Jacob Weaver wittness
CHENOWETH, Arthur b: Abt 1804 in Pennsylvania spouse: McElish, Mary, comment: the 1850 Census has an Aaron DeLong living with the family
CHENOWETH, Arthur b: July 25, 1836 in Lawrence Co., IL d: April 01, 1870 in Lawrence Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Arthur A. K. b: December 11, 1846 in Knox Co., TN d: December 12, 1912 in Los Angles Co., CA spouse: Bell, Mary Louise
CHENOWETH, Arthur Logan b: February 03, 1885 in Jasper Co., IA d: May 06, 1954 in Pierce Co., WA spouse: Topper, Theodosia "Lucille"
CHENOWETH, Arthur M. b: 1917 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Asbury Grant b: May 1864 in Maryland spouse: ?, Cora
CHENOWETH, Asbury Independance b: 1823 in Maryland spouse: Sanderson, Ann Jane
CHENOWETH, Ashley Brooke
CHENOWETH, Ashley Michelle
CHENOWETH, Augustus b: 1883 in Missouri Valley, Iowa d: September 26, 1953 spouse: Double, Lockie
CHENOWETH, Ballard F. b: December 25, 1866 in Baltimore Co., MD, comment: Twin to William B.
CHENOWETH, Bell b: 1865 in Wabash Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Benia b: May 1891 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Benjamin b: Abt 1853 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Benjamin b: 1873 in Grand Junction, CO d: 1947 spouse: Hill, Lucia
CHENOWITH, Benjamin b: Bef 1850 spouse: Cobert, Margarett
CHENOWETH, Bertha b: December 1880 in ENGLAND spouse: Neel, Robert P.
CHENOWETH, Bertha b: Abt 1909 in Missouri spouse: Adams, Louis
CHENOWETH, Bertha Florence b: June 05, 1889 in Illinois d: December 21, 1966 spouse: Cleary, Robert
CHENOWETH, Bessie b: July 1892 in Illinois
CHENOWITH, Betty Kathryn spouse: Sisk, Alvin Thomas
CHENOWETH, Blanche b: March 1898 in Clinton  Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Blanche Rosey b: December 25, 1896 in Piatt Co., IL d: March 26, 1991 spouse: Black, Herman
CHENOWETH, Bobby Lynn spouse: Perry, Janice Elaine
CHENOWETH, C.W. b: Bef 1895
CHENOWETH, Calvin C. b: December 13, 1924 in North Dakota d: March 21, 1953
CHENOWETH, Carl spouse: Wells, Marie
CHENOWETH, Carla Marie spouse: Splaingard, Randy Alan
CHENOWITH, Carol Francine b: September 12, 1953 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Caroline spouse: Watts, ?
CHENOWETH, Carrie B. b: February 1896 in Pope Co., AR spouse: Morphis, Walter J.
CHENOWETH, Carrie Frances b: July 15, 1888 in Cape Girardeau, MO d: June 16, 1976 in Cape Girardeau, MO
CHENOWETH, Cassander C. b: Abt 1848 in Tennessee
CHENOWETH, Catherine spouse: Stephenson, William Wallace
CHENOWITH, Catherine b: Bef 1827 spouse: Smith, Warren, comment: 2nd wife
CHENOWETH, Catherine A. b: January 1897 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Charles b: 1854 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Charles b: Abt 1875 in Kentucky
CHENOWETH, Charles b: Abt 1877
CHENOWETH, Charles b: March 02, 1922 d: July 23, 1950 spouse: England, Lois Janet
CHENOWITH, Charles b: July 23, 1902 in Maryland d: June 14, 1934 in Maryland spouse: ?, ?
CHENOWETH, Charles A. b: June 1862 in Ohio d: February 12, 1941 in Pierce Co., WA spouse: Morris, Mary C. "Maggie"
CHENOWETH, Charles A. b: February 1872 in Clinton  Co., IN d: 1960 in Clinton  Co., IN spouse: Dunbar, Alta S.
CHENOWETH, Charles A. b: August 28, 1875 in Jasper Co., IA, comment: Twin to Jessie
CHENOWITH, Charles Francis b: December 07, 1925 in Maryland spouse: Zeinog, Jeanne Dorothy
CHENWORTH, Charles Francis b: 1901 in Georgia spouse: Adams, Mabel
CHENOWETH, Charles George b: November 1883 in Maryland spouse: ?, Eva
CHENWORTH, Charles Johnson b: 1878 in Maryland spouse: Dooley, Loretta A.
CHENOWETH, Charles R. b: March 1876 in Illinois spouse: ?, Maud
CHENOWETH, Charles Raymond b: April 15, 1900 in Baltimore., MD d: June 27, 1958 spouse: Krause, Hazel Melvina
CHENOWETH, Charlotte Emma b: April 19, 1869 in Wabash Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Charotte b: Abt 1836 in Ohio spouse: Hill, William E.
CHENOWETH, Chelsea Lourine b: September 14, 1982 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Cheri Ann b: July 17, 1955 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Clara B. b: 1913 in Pope Co., AR
CHENOWETH, Clara E. b: Abt 1866 in Indiana d: March 15, 1943
CHENOWETH, Clarence spouse: Hall, Mary Elizabeth, comment: had 3 sons
CHENOWETH, Clauda b: Abt 1878 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Claude b: August 15, 1902 in Piatt Co., IL d: March 18, 1916
CHENOWETH, Clayanna spouse: Kutlik, ?
CHENOWETH, Clement b: February 01, 1872 in Warsaw, Kosciousko Co., IN d: June 29, 1949 in Indiana spouse: Washington, Pamela S. " Permilia"
CHENOWETH, Clifton Calvin, Jr.
CHENOWETH, Clifton Calvin, Sr. spouse: ?, Marjorie
CHENOWETH, Coleman b: 1844 in Maryland d: February 24, 1865 in Richmond, Virginia
CHENOWETH, Cora b: Abt 1867 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Cora Frances b: July 25, 1874 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Foreman, George W.
CHENOWETH, Corinne b: 1894 in Missouri spouse: Cleveland, Charles
CHENOWETH, Cynthiann Eliza b: Abt 1844 in Warrick Co., IN d: March 06, 1884 spouse: Wangler, Sundalien
CHENOWETH, Daisy b: January 1900 in Decatur Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Daniel b: 1884 in 1884
CHENOWETH, Daniel "Rusty" Russell spouse: Gierhart, Christine Kay
CHENOWETH, Darrell spouse: Groff, Edna, comment: Spelled name Chenowith
CHENOWETH, David spouse: Weigel, Liz
CHENOWETH, David b: in Three Rivers, Michigan
CHENOWETH, David C. b: March 1893 in Maryland spouse: Watts, Emma H.
CHENOWETH, David C., Jr b: 1918 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, David Earl b: June 10, 1894 in Lintner, Piatt Co., IL d: October 05, 1962 in Ft Worth, TX spouse: Moore, Faye Beatrice
CHENOWETH, David Edward b: March 02, 1893 in Cape Girardeau, MO d: 1925 in Cape Girardeau, MO
CHENOWETH, David M. b: Abt 1846 in Indiana spouse: ?, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, David Newton d: October 1892 in Missouri spouse: Proffer, Demerius Amanda
CHENOWETH, Davies b: Abt 1840 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Don L. spouse: Dowler, Alice Everretta (Wigal), comment: 2nd husband
CHENOWETH, Donald Dean "Peas" b: July 31, 1908 in Piatt Co., IL d: June 18, 1976 spouse: Lowe, Ferne Celeste
CHENOWETH, Donald Eugene spouse: Hillier, Rebecca Belle, comment: 3rd of 4 husbands
CHENOWETH, Donald Eugene
CHENOWETH, Donald Lee b: September 16, 1927 in Maryland spouse: Baake, Frances Louise
CHENOWETH, Donald Mathew b: July 03, 1939 in Middlebury, Indiana spouse: Koepke-Lansberg, Diana J.
CHENOWETH, Dora E. b: Abt 1879 in Indiana d: 1947
CHENOWETH, Dora Jane b: December 09, 1930 in Kosciousko Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Dorcas spouse: Skowden, Alexander, comment: marriage is only probable
CHENOWETH, Doris b: 1912 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Doris Ellen b: November 27, 1940 spouse: Pagel, Herman Eugene
CHENOWETH, Douglas Edward b: December 10, 1961
CHENOWETH, Druzilla Luana b: Abt 1850 in Warrick Co., IN d: January 30, 1915 in Warrick Co., IN spouse: Goins, William R.
CHENOWETH, E. W. b: 1896-1923 spouse: Peters, Alliese
CHENOWETH, E.B. b: 1872 in Polk Co., MO spouse: Irvin, Susan Eleanor
CHENOWETH, Earl b: August 1894 in Iowa spouse: ?, Eva
CHENOWETH, Eddie W. b: June 09, 1867 in Wabash Co., IN d: February 19, 1868 in Wabash Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Edmund D. b: January 1816 in Natchitoches Parrish, LA d: Bef 1850 spouse: Loggins, Nancy Oliphant
CHENOWETH, Edna b: April 02, 1904 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Edna "Eddie"
CHENOWETH, Edna E. b: March 17, 1887 d: March 07, 1907
CHENOWETH, Edward b: Bef 1800 d: Bef October 17, 1813
CHENOWETH, Edward b: February 1895 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Edward Leroy b: October 06, 1935
CHENOWETH, Edwin b: August 1868 in West Virginia d: Aft 1900 spouse: ?, Sarah Frances "Frankie"
CHENOWETH, Edwin A. b: Abt 1843 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Eleanor b: Bef 1795 spouse: Baldwin, Josuha, comment: Wiiliam Chenoweth wittness
CHENOWETH, Eleanor Routh
CHENOWETH, Eliza J. b: Abt 1843 in Missouri spouse: Jackson, M.E.
CHENOWETH, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, Elizabeth b: Abt 1805 spouse: Mattox, ?
CHENOWETH, Elizabeth b: 1847 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Elizabeth b: 1858 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Elizabeth b: March 04, 1870 in Indiana d: September 19, 1891 in Indiana, comment: never married
CHENOWITH, Elizabeth b: Bef 1775 in Pennsylvania spouse: Williamson, Elliott
CHENOWETH, Elizabeth Ann b: August 13, 1935 in Kosciousko Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Ella b: March 1884 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Ellen b: January 1886 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Ellen "Ella" b: 1853 in Lawrence Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Ellen E. b: 1920 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Ellender R. b: April 01, 1866 in Baltimore Co., MD d: 1940 spouse: German, Issac
CHENOWETH, Ellinore b: Abt 1845 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Elmer b: May 1891 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Elmer b: Abt 1907 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Elmer b: April 06, 1918 in Constantine, Michigan spouse: Shumacher, Lucille
CHENOWETH, Elmer E. b: April 1880 in Maryland spouse: ?, Mary
CHENOWETH, Emily b: 1848 in Lawrence Co., IL spouse: Thompson, James N.
CHENOWETH, Emma spouse: Dixon, ?
CHENOWETH, Emma b: October 20, 1869 in Piatt Co., IL d: February 28, 1870 in Piatt Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Emma b: August 1883 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Emma b: 1918 in Oklahoma
CHENOWETH, Emma A. b: July 28, 1877 in Illinois d: May 14, 1920 in California
CHENOWETH, Emma E. b: Abt 1879 in Maryland spouse: Hess, Charles B.
CHENOWETH, Eppia A. b: 1880 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Erastus M. b: June 1859 in Ohio d: Bef 1920 spouse: ?, Jennie
CHENOWETH, Ermena b: Abt 1851 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Ernest b: January 02, 1906 in Cleveland Co., OK d: January 1981 in McClain Co., OK
CHENOWETH, Esther spouse: Hawley, ?
CHENOWETH, Esther b: Abt 1869 in Indiana spouse: Murphy, Ulysses S. G.
CHENOWETH, Ethel George b: March 23, 1889 in Matagora Co., TX
CHENOWETH, Etta May "Wanda" b: March 24, 1891 in Piatt Co., IL d: February 06, 1989 spouse: Wadell, Arthur, comment: had child
CHENOWETH, Eva spouse: Fisher, ?
CHENOWETH, Eva b: 1857 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Evert b: September 26, 1895 in Piatt Co., IL d: November 11, 1895 in Piatt Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Ezra D. b: June 07, 1861 in Ohio d: August 02, 1923 in California
CHENOWETH, Faye b: January 1886 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Fern b: May 1887 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Finis Wilson b: February 19, 1915 d: January 14, 1916
CHENOWETH, Fleeta Edna b: November 22, 1908 in Piatt Co., IL d: January 17, 1911 in Piatt Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Florence b: September 27, 1892 in Indiana d: 1990 spouse: Bettinger, Arthur B.
CHENOWETH, Florence Virginia b: September 1891
CHENOWETH, Francis L. b: Abt 1844 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Francis M. b: Abt 1827 in Alabama spouse: ?, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, Francis M. b: February 02, 1902 in Clinton  Co., IN d: October 18, 1902 in Clinton  Co., IN
CHENOWITH, Frank spouse: Gall, Martha
CHENOWETH, Frank B. b: 1883 d: November 23, 1940 in Oregon spouse: Holt, Edith
CHENOWETH, Frank B. b: July 1884 in Iowa d: November 23, 1940 in Oregon spouse: Shafer, Edith
CHENOWETH, Frankie E. b: February 17, 1876 in Maryland d: February 12, 1878 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Franklin E. b: December 07, 1882 d: September 14, 1883
CHENOWETH, Fred Lawrence b: October 25, 1911 in Piatt Co., IL d: July 1977 in Douglas Co., IL spouse: Rambo, Ida
CHENOWETH, Gary spouse: Beck, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, George b: Bef 1800 d: Aft 1816
CHENOWETH, George b: Abt 1844 in Tennessee spouse: ?, Susan
CHENOWETH, George b: 1849 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, George b: November 16, 1869 in Macon Co., IL
CHENOWETH, George A. b: Abt 1876 in Sykesville, Maryland d: in Constantine, Michigan spouse: McNeal, Jennie R.
CHENOWETH, George B. b: March 1863 in Indiana d: March 22, 1917 in California spouse: ?, Alice M., comment: once attempted suicide
CHENOWETH, George Barton, Jr.
CHENOWETH, George Barton, Sr. spouse: ?, ?
CHENOWETH, George Daniel b: Abt 1888 in Indiana d: December 10, 1952 in California spouse: Bigelow, Mabel
CHENOWETH, George M. b: 1842 in Maryland d: November 10, 1898 in Pottawatomie Co., OK spouse: Fox, Josephinne Marie Narcissa
CHENOWETH, George Nelson b: 1913
CHENOWETH, George Thomas b: July 1852 in Maryland d: September 25, 1914 in Carroll Co., MD spouse: Robinson, Hannah
CHENOWETH, George Thomas "Tom" III spouse: ?, ?
CHENOWETH, George W. b: May 1857 in Ohio spouse: Baseler, Mary
CHENOWETH, George W. b: August 28, 1876 in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: ?, Alice
CHENOWETH, George W. b: January 1884 in Illinois spouse: Connell, Myrtle
CHENOWITH, Gerald Dwain b: June 13, 1932 in Arkansas spouse: Ragains, Mary Margaret
CHENOWITH, Gerold spouse: Lyman, Jean Leslie
CHENOWETH, Gertrude Letitia "Gertie" b: September 27, 1892 in Piatt Co., IL d: June 26, 1971 in Illinois spouse: Miller, Raymond May
CHENOWETH, Gladys spouse: Matrey, ?
CHENOWETH, Gladys b: July 1897 in Arkansas spouse: Bromley, Wallis S.
CHENOWITH, Gladys H. b: 1902 in Maryland spouse: Horton, Clarence
CHENOWETH, Gladys Mary b: March 23, 1901 in Piatt Co., IL d: October 11, 1962 spouse: Probst, Ed Anderson
CHENOWITH, Glenna Sue b: March 12, 1931 in Arkansas
CHENOWETH, Gra-er b: July 1876 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Grant I. b: August 24, 1896 in Indiana spouse: Clark, Wanetta B.
CHENOWETH, Grisan Ross b: Abt 1849 in Louisiana d: Bef 1860
CHENOWETH, Gus b: Abt 1880 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Hanna Elizabeth b: December 19, 1870 in Wabash Co., IN spouse: Hufford, Eli Eldo, comment: Same marriage date as sister Nellie
CHENOWITH, Hanna Louise b: October 18, 1940 in Arkansas
CHENOWETH, Hanna Sarah Jane b: Abt 1848 in Warrick Co., IN spouse: Jeffers, Joseph
CHENOWETH, Hannah b: Abt 1800 in Pennsylvania
CHENOWETH, Hannah b: Abt 1835 in Logan, Hocking Co., OH spouse: Blair, James
CHENOWETH, Harold Everett b: June 26, 1933 in Illinois spouse: Rhodes, Jacqueline Marie
CHENOWETH, Harold W. b: April 28, 1898 in Decatur Co., IN d: December 14, 1979 in Los Angles Co., CA spouse: ?, Hazel Iona
CHENOWETH, Harry spouse: Smith, Lona
CHENOWETH, Harry Milton b: Abt 1885 d: 1898, comment: age at death was 13yrs 7mos
CHENOWETH, Harry R. b: October 1882 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Harry Walter b: December 25, 1892 d: 1950
CHENOWETH, Harvey b: 1909 in Pope Co., AR d: 1959 spouse: Taylor, Velma Rhea
CHENOWETH, Hattie b: 1859 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Hattie Viola b: 1911
CHENOWETH, Hazel E. b: 1902 in Baltimore., MD
CHENOWETH, Helen spouse: Davis, Edward Bridges
CHENOWETH, Helen b: 1918 in Iowa
CHENWORTH, Helen Anita b: 1909 in Georgia spouse: Upchurch, Douglas
CHENOWETH, Henly b: 1879 in New York spouse: Bussing, ?
CHENOWETH, Henry b: January 1889 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Henry A. b: November 07, 1849 in Indiana d: July 05, 1853 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Henry Louis Eugene d: in Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX spouse: Deal, Sarah
CHENOWETH, Herman M. b: 1890 d: 1890
CHENOWETH, Hester b: Abt 1842 in Ohio spouse: Carpenter, Samuel
CHENOWETH, Hettie Aline
CHENOWETH, Howard spouse: Yeakle, Ruth Caroline
CHENOWETH, Howard b: May 1890 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Howard C. b: January 1875 in Indiana d: March 21, 1958 in Los Angles Co., CA spouse: McCune, Jessie Belle
CHENOWETH, Ida b: Abt 1866 in Clinton Co., IN d: 1949 spouse: Timmons, John W.
CHENOWETH, Ida b: 1866 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Ida G. b: Abt 1877 in Maryland spouse: Gross, Frank
CHENOWETH, Imma (Erma?) b: January 1898 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Ira G. b: August 1883 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Irene b: 1877 in Warsaw, Kosciousko Co., IN d: May 22, 1910
CHENOWETH, Irene b: December 1899 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Isaac b: Abt 1803 in Virginia spouse: ?, Catherine
CHENOWETH, Isaac N. b: Abt 1840 d: November 18, 1862 in Bowling Green, KY
CHENOWITH, Isadore B. spouse: Fackler, Wallace Downing
CHENOWETH, Ison (Isaac?) b: Abt 1805 in Pennsylvania d: August 25, 1881 spouse: ?, ?, comment: his name might have been Isaac
CHENOWETH, J. Foster b: November 15, 1888 in Texas d: March 14, 1950 spouse: Gamma, Grace C.
CHENOWETH, James spouse: Downing, Doris
CHENOWETH, James b: 1856 in Douglas Co., OR d: January 25, 1867
CHENOWETH, James b: November 1864 in Des Moines Co., IA spouse: ?, Rosa
CHENOWETH, James b: Abt 1873
CHENOWETH, James A. G. b: September 23, 1894 spouse: Millington, Amy K.
CHENOWETH, James Edwin "Ed" b: January 25, 1861 in Piatt Co., IL d: April 23, 1924 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Stout, Anna Rachel
CHENOWETH, James Garrison b: July 20, 1873 in Pope Co., AR d: May 25, 1958 in Pope Co., AR spouse: Judkins, Elizabeth "Lizzie"
CHENOWETH, James H. b: March 1865 in Iowa spouse: ?, Della B.
CHENOWETH, James M. b: Abt 1840 in Ohio, comment: first names given as Jas.
CHENOWETH, James Nelson b: March 02, 1887 in Baltimore Co., MD d: in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: Teal, Hattie Olea
CHENOWETH, James Odis b: February 05, 1896 in Piatt Co., IL d: April 21, 1899 in Piatt Co., IL
CHENOWETH, James S. spouse: Edwards, Emma Hortense
CHENOWETH, James Stansbury b: September 08, 1852 in Maryland spouse: Crew, Josephine Susannah
CHENOWETH, James T. b: Abt 1872 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, James W. b: Abt 1843 in Texas
CHENOWETH, James Wilbert
CHENOWETH, Jane b: Bef 1795 spouse: Jenninngs, George, comment: Wittness - Absalom Chenoweth
CHENOWETH, Jane b: 1840 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Jane b: Abt 1855 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Jane b: 1869 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Jane S. b: 1847 in Indiana spouse: Brundige, John G.
CHENOWETH, Janetta b: 1862 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Jasper Adolphus b: September 12, 1867 in Wabash Co., IN d: December 17, 1896
CHENOWETH, Jay H. b: July 1882 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Jeanette b: Abt 1861 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Jeffery Dean
CHENOWETH, Jeremy Ryan
CHENOWETH, Jerome Lewis b: July 1888 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Jesse b: Abt 1882 in Indiana d: 1946 in Cleveland Co., OK spouse: ?, Hattie
CHENOWETH, Jessie b: August 28, 1875 in Jasper Co., IA, comment: twin to Charles A.
CHENOWETH, Jessie b: June 1888 in Iowa spouse: Granger, ?
CHENOWETH, Jill Diane spouse: Jones, Michael Allen
CHENOWETH, Joan Caroline b: January 15, 1929 in Maryland spouse: Meekins, Gilbert Edison
CHENOWETH, Joan Leslie
CHENOWETH, Joan May b: March 09, 1928 spouse: West, Vernell Veryl
CHENOWETH, Joanna G. b: January 02, 1846 in Warrick Co., IN d: February 24, 1851 in Warrick Co., IN
CHENOWETH, John d: Bef October 02, 1877 spouse: Hall, Christina
CHENOWETH, John spouse: Gorrell, Martha, comment: Wittness - Robert Wilson
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1789 d: March 17, 1846 in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: Perinne, Ann
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1800 in Maryland d: 1855 in Maryland spouse: Stover, Sophia
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1801 in Pennsylvania spouse: ?, Elizabeth N.
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1830 in Ohio spouse: ?, Luna
CHENOWETH, John b: 1831 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1839 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1848 in Texas
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1853 spouse: Williams, Lucy
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1855 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1867 in Maryland d: Bef 1880 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, John b: Abt 1874 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, John b: July 1886 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, John b: July 1892 in Maryland spouse: ?, Agnes
CHENOWETH, John b: October 1892 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, John b: May 15, 1893 d: September 07, 1894
CHENOWETH, John b: August 27, 1916 in Indiana d: April 1979 in South Dakota
CHENOWITH, John b: March 04, 1870 in Maryland d: March 24, 1947 in Maryland spouse: Slade, Susan, comment: had 3 additional children, died young
CHENOWETH, John D. spouse: Williamson, Margaret
CHENOWETH, John Dudley b: October 04, 1942 d: October 24, 1972 spouse: Tracey, Elizabeth Lucille
CHENOWETH, John Edwin b: February 18, 1931 in Illinois spouse: Craft, Joyce Arlene
CHENOWETH, John Emory b: August 07, 1898 in Piatt Co., IL d: October 03, 1977 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Akers, Leota Lucille
CHENOWETH, John Eugene "Gene" b: May 01, 1954 in Illinois spouse: Freeburg, Karen Rene
CHENOWETH, John F. b: Abt 1844 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, John George b: November 18, 1872 in Baltimore., MD d: December 16, 1959 spouse: Fuller, Mary E.
CHENOWETH, John George, Jr. b: 1908 in Baltimore., MD
CHENOWETH, John L. b: July 1850 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, John Lewis b: August 20, 1920 in Kosciousko Co., IN
CHENOWETH, John M. b: February 1859 in Ohio d: August 28, 1890 in San Francisco, CA
CHENOWETH, John Matthew b: February 03, 1984 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, John Miles D. b: September 01, 1814 in Jefferson Co., KY d: January 11, 1870 in Lawrence Co., IL spouse: Fail, Mary
CHENOWETH, John P. b: December 11, 1822 in Ross Co., OH d: August 02, 1913 in Rockbridge Co., VA spouse: ?, ?
CHENOWETH, John P., Jr. b: November 18, 1863 in Indiana d: February 24, 1918 in Adams Co., IN spouse: Smith, Mary C.
CHENOWETH, John R. b: Bef 1800 d: 1875 spouse: Miller, Margaret
CHENOWETH, John S. b: December 21, 1842 in Wayne Co., OH d: July 06, 1894 in Laketon, IN spouse: Schuler, Sarah E., comment: no children
CHENOWETH, John Samuel b: December 15, 1891 in Cape Girardeau, MO d: September 26, 1892 in Cape Girardeau, MO
CHENOWETH, John T. b: Abt 1837 in Baltimore, MD d: November 26, 1919 in Baltimore, Co., MD spouse: Stover, Mary E.
CHENOWETH, John Thomas b: December 18, 1863 in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: ?, Lulu
CHENOWETH, John Walter b: April 14, 1874 in Macon Co., IL d: August 15, 1950 spouse: Duke, Anna Ross
CHENOWETH, John Wesley b: May 16, 1836 in Indiana d: September 02, 1891 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Anderson, Mary Ann
CHENOWETH, John Wesley, Jr. b: January 31, 1878 in Piatt Co., IL d: 1946, comment: never married
CHENOWETH, Jonathan Charles b: August 23, 1990 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Joseph b: Abt 1809 in Virginia spouse: ?, Hannah
CHENOWETH, Joseph B. b: Abt 1823 in Virginia spouse: ?, Elizabeth
CHENOWITH, Joseph L. "Joe" b: March 31, 1907 in Pope Co., AR d: August 31, 1984 spouse: Teague, Reba Lorene
CHENOWETH, Joseph Richard b: June 26, 1854 in Douglas Co., OR d: November 20, 1928 in Coos Co., OR spouse: Boyd, Clara Cassandra
CHENOWETH, Joseph Wallace b: July 17, 1872 in Wabash Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Joseph Wallace b: August 19, 1921 in Kosciousko Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Joshua d: 1802 in Fayette Co., PA spouse: ?, Sarah
CHENOWETH, Joyce Elaine b: August 30, 1929
CHENOWETH, Julia b: Bef 1795 spouse: Stephen, Alexander, comment: Wittness - Robert Wilson
CHENOWETH, Julian spouse: Kerney, William, comment: Wittness - Samuel Chenoweth
CHENOWETH, Karen June b: March 06, 1957 in Brush, CO spouse: Blake, Stanley Alan
CHENWORTH, Katherine
CHENOWETH, Katherine C. b: 1917 in Maryland
CHENOWITH, Katherine Margaret b: March 24, 1876 in Maryland spouse: Zirl, ?
CHENOWETH, Kathryn Irene b: July 21, 1926 in Kosciousko Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Kathryn Rene b: December 09, 1988 in Illinois
CHENOWITH, Kenneth d: May 1969 spouse: Burlingame, Delores Irene
CHENOWETH, Krista Rene b: May 10, 1982 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Laura b: 1902 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Laura J. b: 1871 in Macon Co., IL d: Aft 1950 spouse: Wolfer, J. Fred
CHENOWETH, Lawrence b: February 1897 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Lee spouse: Dixon, Mary Lee
CHENOWETH, Lee b: 1912 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Lee Hale b: May 10, 1916 in Kansas
CHENOWETH, Lemuel b: Abt 1812 in Virginia spouse: ?, Mary
CHENOWETH, Leo Vern b: March 24, 1900 in Iowa d: February 1974 in Polk Co., IA spouse: Mundy, Verda A.
CHENOWETH, Leonard b: February 1894 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Leonard L. b: 1938 d: 1964
CHENOWITH, Leonard Levoin b: February 04, 1938 in Arkansas
CHENOWETH, Leroy Thomas "Roy" b: March 19, 1893 in Piatt Co., IL d: September 14, 1974 in California spouse: Billman, Lela Mae
CHENOWETH, Lester Grant b: February 03, 1898 in Baltimore., MD d: October 15, 1980 in Maryland spouse: Sampler, Margaret Dobler
CHENOWITH, Levisa Brown b: March 06, 1841 in Tippecanoe Co., IN d: January 21, 1909 in Hardin Co., IA spouse: Johnson, William "Billy"
CHENOWETH, Lillian M. "Lillie" b: July 1891 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Linda May b: March 29, 1949 d: July 26, 1985 in ST. LEWIS, MO spouse: Applegate, Gale Evans
CHENOWETH, Lloyd b: Abt 1905 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Lloyd Henry b: August 28, 1889 in Kansas d: Bef 1920 spouse: Creager, Bessie May, comment: had 2 additional children
CHENOWETH, Lois b: in White Pigeon, Michigan spouse: Losik, ?
CHENOWETH, Lois b: March 1900 in Pope Co., AR spouse: Dixon, ?
CHENOWETH, Lois Marie spouse: Caskey, ?
CHENOWETH, Loren V. b: January 21, 1900 in Piatt Co., IL d: March 22, 1976 in Macon Co., Il spouse: Langrede, Adeline J.
CHENOWETH, Loretta A. b: Abt 1850 in Tennessee spouse: Weaver, David M.
CHENOWITH, Loretta Ann b: August 29, 1947 in Arkansas
CHENOWETH, Lucinda b: Abt 1838
CHENOWETH, Lynda Diane spouse: Mowdy, Joe Lynn
CHENOWETH, M. Genevieve b: 1906 in Baltimore., MD
CHENOWETH, Mack B. b: August 02, 1902 in Pope Co., AR d: January 02, 1967 spouse: Bond, Floy
CHENOWETH, Malinda E. D. b: Abt 1852 in Tennessee
CHENOWETH, Mamie b: February 1890 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Mandy b: Abt 1878
CHENOWETH, Mandy b: July 1887 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Margaret spouse: Gunther, ?
CHENOWETH, Margaret b: Abt 1835 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Margaret b: Abt 1859 in Tennessee
CHENOWETH, Margaret b: 1861 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Margaret b: 1879 in Baltimore, MD d: 1880 in Baltimore, MD
CHENOWITH, Margaret d: 1987 in River Falls, WI spouse: Oleson, Lyle
CHENOWETH, Margaret A. b: Abt 1835 in Ohio spouse: Kappel, Charles M.
CHENWORTH, Margaret Ann b: 1910 in Washington, D.C. spouse: Daspit, Eugene Philip
CHENOWETH, Margaret Esther b: June 21, 1926 in Kosciousko Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Margaret Jean b: 1928 d: January 17, 1952
CHENOWETH, Margaret Katherine
CHENOWETH, Marguerite b: Abt 1897 in Kentucky
CHENOWETH, Marion Alexander
CHENOWETH, Mark Andrew spouse: Kidder, Laura Kay
CHENOWETH, Mark Edwin b: October 25, 1955 in Illinois spouse: Stumeier, Teresa Rose
CHENOWETH, Martha b: Abt 1869
CHENOWETH, Martha Ellen "Ella" b: October 26, 1863 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Shields, George W., comment: had 2 children
CHENOWETH, Martin b: Abt 1847 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Martin E. b: 1917 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Martin L. b: December 1890 in Maryland spouse: ?, Florence
CHENOWETH, Mary spouse: Stump, ?
CHENOWETH, Mary b: January 29, 1850 in Lawrence Co., IL d: October 14, 1853 in Lawrence Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Mary b: Abt 1858 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Mary b: Abt 1873 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Mary b: September 1898 spouse: Bitzes, ?
CHENOWITH, Mary (Sarah?) b: March 22, 1743/44 in Somerset Co., NJ d: in Washington Co., PA spouse: Sutton, Abraham
CHENOWETH, Mary A. b: February 1870 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Mary Eliza Jane b: October 12, 1900 in Clinton  Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Mary Ellen b: 1840 in Maryland spouse: Hitchcock, Benjamin
CHENOWETH, Mary Frances b: August 16, 1863 in Baltimore Co., MD d: August 08, 1873 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Mary I. b: 1918 in Texas
CHENOWETH, Mary Jane b: Abt 1831 in Ohio spouse: Dooley, George
CHENOWETH, Mary M. b: March 1888 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Mary Mabel b: Abt 1895, comment: age at death was 4 mo
CHENOWETH, Mary Susan "Molly" b: September 04, 1865 in Piatt Co., IL d: 1939 spouse: Foreman, Joseph M.
CHENOWETH, Mathew P. b: May 23, 1836 in Wayne Co., OH d: September 13, 1862 in Kentucky spouse: Brundage, Annette
CHENOWETH, Matilda b: Abt 1810, comment: See Aaron, husband or father
CHENOWETH, Matilda b: Abt 1842 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Matilda J. spouse: Linn, Adam
CHENOWETH, Maude b: 1911 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Mellissa Jane b: April 01, 1862 in Piatt Co., IL d: January 17, 1863 in Piatt Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Michael Charles b: August 31, 1943 in Illinois d: October 13, 1949
CHENOWETH, Michael Christian b: February 28, 1960
CHENOWETH, Michael James b: October 31, 1958 in Montgomery, Alabama spouse: ?, Sheila
CHENOWETH, Michael John b: July 10, 1959 in Illinois spouse: Shelley, Michele Juanita
CHENOWETH, Mildred b: June 14, 1898 d: June 1981
CHENOWETH, Mildred b: March 25, 1903 in Clinton  Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Mildred Anne Paradis b: May 31, 1944 spouse: ?, Roger
CHENOWETH, Miles b: 1902 d: 1979 spouse: Priest, Edith
CHENOWETH, Milton d: September 01, 1973 spouse: Spriggs, Audrey, comment: 2nd husband
CHENOWETH, Minnie b: December 1881 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Moses E. b: Abt 1848 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Myrtle E. b: March 27, 1880 d: April 09, 1930
CHENOWETH, Nada Carol b: June 28, 1938 spouse: McCartney, William Ward
CHENOWETH, Nancy Carol spouse: Kramer, Dean
CHENOWITH, Nell Etta b: January 10, 1950 in Arkansas
CHENOWETH, Nella Roena b: August 20, 1892 in Warren Co., OH
CHENOWETH, Nellie b: 1911 in Oklahoma
CHENOWETH, Nellie T. b: December 13, 1876 in Wabash Co., IN spouse: Watson, James T., comment: same marriage date as sister Hanna
CHENOWETH, Neva b: March 1916 in Three Rivers, Michigan spouse: Pierce, ?
CHENOWETH, Norman b: 1915 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Olive Jane b: 1904 in Baltimore., MD
CHENOWETH, Olivia O. b: Abt 1854 in Tennessee spouse: McLain, Rufus
CHENOWETH, Ollie Bell b: in Macon Co., IL spouse: May, Samuel
CHENOWETH, Ona B. b: December 11, 1869 in Jasper Co., IA d: July 22, 1890 in Jasper Co., IA
CHENOWETH, Opal Len b: January 11, 1907 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Vant, Elzy Hinds, comment: twin to Olin G.
CHENOWETH, Ora V. b: 1898 in California spouse: Roberts, Robert L.
CHENOWETH, Orin Glen b: January 11, 1907 in Piatt Co., IL d: September 12, 1927, comment: twin to Opal G.
CHENOWETH, P.G. b: Abt 1825 in Virginia d: in Nancy spouse: ?, Nancy
CHENOWETH, Pam b: June 18, 1943 spouse: Johnson, Doug
CHENOWETH, Pamela Sue b: September 09, 1954 in Illinois spouse: Garner, Theodore
CHENOWETH, Patricia Marie b: January 07, 1986 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Patrick Damian
CHENOWETH, Paul b: September 07, 1904 in Piatt Co., IL d: March 10, 1985 in Moulltrie Co., IL spouse: Catlin, Blanche
CHENOWETH, Paul Duncan
CHENOWETH, Paul R. b: February 1886 in Michigan spouse: ?, Lulu
CHENOWETH, Pearl b: December 1888 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Penny b: November 23, 1940 in San Fransico? spouse: Fedak, Robert
CHENOWETH, Persilla b: Abt 1840 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Philip b: February 1897 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Phoebe b: Abt 1837 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Preston Charles spouse: Patterson, Annette
CHENOWETH, Priscilla b: Abt 1820 in Maryland spouse: Dogged, William Clemn
CHENOWETH, Racheal Anna b: Abt 1866 in Indiana spouse: Perkins, Robert A.
CHENOWETH, Rachel b: Bef 1770 spouse: Fryatt, Robert
CHENOWETH, Rachel b: Abt 1879 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Rachel b: 1879 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Rachel b: Bef 1890 spouse: Minnear, Ezra "Zack"
CHENOWETH, Rachel Julia spouse: Gauss, William Henry
CHENOWETH, Ralph J. b: 1919 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Ray C. spouse: Van Cleef, Marjorie
CHENOWETH, Rhuama b: 1812 d: 1873 in White Co., IN spouse: Matthews, John
CHENOWITH, Richard b: January 1872 in Maryland spouse: ?, Catherine "Kate"
CHENOWETH, Richard Alan b: April 08, 1970 in Kitery, ME spouse: Lafluer, Suzette
CHENOWETH, Richard C. b: Abt 1825 in Maryland spouse: ?, Anne L.
CHENOWETH, Richard Dean b: September 18, 1936 d: May 19, 1944
CHENOWETH, Richard Hill
CHENOWETH, Rick spouse: Kent, Kimberly
CHENOWETH, Robert b: Abt 1810 in Virginia d: January 11, 1879 in Wabash Co., IN spouse: Provines, Mary Ann
CHENOWETH, Robert b: September 08, 1855 in Indiana d: September 12, 1855 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Robert Day b: August 01, 1898
CHENOWETH, Robert Frederick b: August 29, 1919 in Kosciousko Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Robert James spouse: Worthman, Vonda Ellen
CHENOWETH, Robert Justin b: March 14, 1875 in Wabash Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Robert Lewis b: May 03, 1879 in Warsaw, Kosciousko Co., IN d: December 31, 1957 in Kosciousko Co., IN spouse: McSherry, Lillie Fern
CHENOWETH, Robert Paul b: July 19, 1967 in Kansas City, MO
CHENOWETH, Roberta b: 1883-1884 d: 1884, comment: died at age of 7mos 25 days
CHENOWETH, Roderick b: 1914 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Rodney spouse: Taylor, Cynthia Lynn
CHENOWETH, Roger Wayne b: June 05, 1938 in Illinois spouse: Gowler, Linda
CHENOWETH, Roger, Sr. spouse: ?, ?
CHENOWETH, Ronald John b: April 02, 1976 in Tacoma, Pierce Co., WA
CHENOWETH, Rosa Belle b: April 25, 1903 in Piatt Co., IL d: March 07, 1926 spouse: Herman, Max Robert
CHENOWETH, Rose b: October 1894 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Rose Marie b: January 22, 1953 in Illinois
CHENWORTH, Rosemary b: 1923 spouse: Kuebrich, Daniel
CHENOWETH, Roy I. b: May 12, 1891 in Arkansas d: January 25, 1962 spouse: ?, Irene T.
CHENOWETH, Roy Reid b: March 15, 1908 d: May 19, 1971 in Jackson Co., IL
CHENOWETH, Ruben b: June 05, 1893 in Pope Co., AR d: April 30, 1953 spouse: Nordin, Ruth Amanda
CHENOWETH, Rudolph William b: January 13, 1885 d: December 18, 1973
CHENOWETH, Russell b: 1895 in Tennessee
CHENOWETH, Russell b: 1910 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Ruth b: July 15, 1899 in Indiana d: April 07, 1903 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, Ryan Steven
CHENOWETH, Sallie spouse: Fossett, ?
CHENOWETH, Samantha B. b: Abt 1841 in Missouri spouse: Murphy, Samuel
CHENOWETH, Sameul G. b: Abt 1834 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Samuel b: Abt 1811 in Pennsylvania spouse: Bacon, Harriet
CHENOWETH, Sarah b: in Virginia spouse: Tuttle, Jesse
CHENOWETH, Sarah b: Abt 1858 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Sarah b: February 1890 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Sarah Elizabeth b: Abt 1834 in Maryland spouse: Major, Jones
CHENOWETH, Sarah J. b: Abt 1849 in Alabama
CHENOWETH, Sarah Margaret b: September 27, 1883 in Indiana spouse: Cash, H.W.
CHENOWETH, Sarah Orlena b: Abt 1849 in Louisiana spouse: Humphries, Leonard M.
CHENOWETH, Shirley b: August 1899 in Missouri
CHENOWETH, Shirley Ann
CHENOWETH, Shirley Ann spouse: Dearing, Richard E.
CHENOWETH, Shirley Jane b: March 27, 1934 in Maryland spouse: Potter, Gerald Harrison
CHENOWETH, Shirley Patricia b: December 18, 1925
CHENOWETH, Sierra Sue spouse: Willoughby, Ray
CHENOWETH, Silvania Arizona b: September 18, 1889 in Cape Girardeau, MO d: 1909 in Cape Girardeau, MO
CHENOWETH, Solloman b: Abt 1831 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Stella J. b: December 1884 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Steven Charles spouse: Kellams, Liz
CHENOWETH, Steven Leroy b: July 10, 1958
CHENOWETH, Susan spouse: Stover, ?
CHENOWETH, Susan spouse: Hammman, ?
CHENOWETH, Susan b: Abt 1879
CHENOWETH, Susan Clark spouse: Hyer, Dale
CHENOWETH, Susan Eileen b: May 27, 1959 in Illinois d: May 27, 1959 in Illinois
CHENOWETH, Susie b: August 1877 in Iowa spouse: Wagner, ?
CHENOWETH, Suzanne Tara b: July 01, 1974 in Hampton, Virginia spouse: Williamson, Bradford Lynn
CHENOWETH, Sylvester B. b: Abt 1844 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Sylvia B. b: December 1884 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, Thelma Louise b: 1908
CHENOWETH, Thelma Lucille b: 1908 in California
CHENOWETH, Thomas spouse: Stewart, Pamela
CHENOWETH, Thomas d: May 15, 1864 in Georgia spouse: Quirk, Ann
CHENOWETH, Thomas b: 1806 in Maryland d: July 19, 1857 spouse: Dogett, Rhoda Ann
CHENOWETH, Thomas b: Abt 1823 in Maryland spouse: ?, Emily
CHENOWETH, Thomas b: Abt 1843 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, Thomas b: 1845 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Thomas b: Abt 1875
CHENOWETH, Thomas A. b: Abt 1847 in Maryland spouse: ?, Ellen K.
CHENOWETH, Thomas Eugene
CHENOWETH, Thomas J. b: March 18, 1833 in Baltimore Co., MD d: March 22, 1917 in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: Brown, Telitha, comment: year of birth could have been 1838
CHENOWETH, Thomas L. b: Abt 1842 in Texas d: May 15, 1864 in Resaca, GA
CHENOWETH, Thomas N. b: February 16, 1859 d: April 26, 1878 in Adams Co., IN
CHENOWETH, Thomas W. b: August 10, 1840 d: January 25, 1893 in New York, NY spouse: Hooker, Mary Alvord
CHENOWETH, Tillie b: May 1894 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Timothy Allen spouse: Lacy, Cynthia Ellen
CHENOWETH, Tunie, Sr. spouse: ?, ?
CHENOWETH, Uriah b: Abt 1838 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, Vera Jean b: January 01, 1925 d: January 02, 1925
CHENOWETH, Vincent "Vince" b: Abt 1849 in Texas spouse: ?, Flora
CHENOWETH, Virgie b: 1917 spouse: Frances, ?
CHENOWETH, W. W. Lloyd b: January 18, 1896 in Baltimore., MD
CHENOWETH, Walter b: 1916 spouse: ?, ?
CHENOWETH, Wellington H. b: Abt 1854 in Ohio d: June 02, 1912 in San Francisco, CA spouse: ?, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, Wilbert Proctor III b: September 03, 1942 in Wetumpka, Alabama spouse: Gowan, Hazel Edwina
CHENOWETH, Wilbert Proctor, Jr b: January 27, 1918 in Baltimore, Maryland d: December 1968 in Thomasville, Alabama spouse: Chavers, Velma
CHENOWETH, Wilbert Proctor, Sr. b: December 11, 1895 in Maryland d: February 1964 in Alabama spouse: Criswell, Mildred Rosina
CHENOWETH, Wilhelmina b: October 1898 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, Willey b: 1852 in Indiana
CHENOWETH, William spouse: Caskey, Elizabeth P.
CHENOWETH, William d: 1898-1900 in Iowa spouse: Craig, Lucy
CHENOWETH, William b: March 03, 1803 in Ohio d: May 11, 1858 in Jasper Co., IA spouse: McClelland, Sarah M.
CHENOWETH, William b: October 1831 in Missouri d: Bef 1920 spouse: ?, Elizabeth
CHENOWETH, William b: Abt 1840 in Ohio d: March 09, 1905 in Des Moines, IA spouse: ?, Christina
CHENOWETH, William b: Abt 1858 in Ohio
CHENOWETH, William b: Abt 1867
CHENOWETH, William b: June 26, 1872 in Piatt Co., IL d: September 15, 1878 in Piatt Co., IL
CHENOWETH, William b: 1873 in Iowa
CHENOWETH, William b: October 1873 in Iowa spouse: ?, Nellie
CHENOWETH, William b: February 1893 in Missouri
CHENOWITH, William spouse: Norton, Carla Marie
CHENOWETH, William Arthur b: August 29, 1894 d: April 26, 1977 in Los Angles Co., CA spouse: Rupp, Pearl
CHENOWETH, William B. b: December 25, 1866 in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: ?, Annie K., comment: twin to Ballard F.
CHENOWETH, William B. "Willie" b: Abt 1869 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, William B. W. b: Abt 1856 in Tennessee spouse: Margery
CHENOWETH, William C. b: August 1860 in Ohio d: 1935 spouse: ?, Eva P., comment: spelled name Chenowyth
CHENOWETH, William E. b: May 1889 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, William H. b: 1837 in Wayne Co., OH d: 1894 spouse: Hawley, Esther Jane
CHENOWETH, William H. b: Abt 1849 in Maryland
CHENOWETH, William H. b: June 15, 1916 in Pope Co., AR d: August 16, 1978 in California spouse: Parham, Mary
CHENOWETH, William J b: September 02, 1873 in Jasper Co., IA d: October 02, 1874 in Jasper Co., IA
CHENOWETH, William J. b: January 29, 1862 in Baltimore, MD d: July 04, 1927 in Elizabeth City, VA, comment: never married
CHENOWETH, William Jonathan b: October 15, 1898 spouse: Grant, Esther, comment: has 2 children by Louise
CHENOWETH, William L. b: March 14, 1842 in Warrick Co., IN d: November 10, 1844 in Warrick Co., IN
CHENOWETH, William L. b: November 18, 1918 in California
CHENOWETH, William M. b: Abt 1848 in Virginia
CHENOWETH, William N. b: April 20, 1839 in Indiana d: 1921 spouse: King, Mary O., comment: 1920 Clinton Co, IN census- William married 4x
CHENOWETH, William R. b: August 02, 1826 in Pike Co., OH d: August 23, 1886 in Douglas Co., OR spouse: McKinney, Mary Ann
CHENOWETH, Willie b: August 1894 in Illinois
CHENWORTH, Winfield Scott b: June 1879 in Maryland

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