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At present we have a database of about 1700 Chenoweth names, spouses and descendants that cannot be linked to the families of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert. They are presented on two pages: Chenoweth Surnamed and Other Surnamed. Our Blind Ally page is another page dealling with the end points of our knowledge. If you have information on any person listed on these pages please contact me: Jon Egge: I will sent you the surrounding tree for this individual and the sources. At present the primary sources for this material are the Harris and Buckey books and Broderbund World Family Trees vol 1-7.

Unknown descendants and spouses of Chenoweths

Ordered by Name, Birth date, Birth location, Death date,Death location, Spouse and comment where available

ADAMS, Aaron
ADAMS, Angela
ADAMS, Louis b: Abt 1909 spouse: Chenoweth, Bertha
ADAMS, Mabel b: 1910 spouse: Chenworth, Charles Francis
ADAMS, Nathan
ADAMS, Richard spouse: Demire, Karla
AKERS, Leota Lucille d: March 07, 1919 spouse: Chenoweth, John Emory
ALVORD, ? b: 1671
ALVORD, Abigail b: October 06, 1647
ALVORD, Alanson b: June 30, 1803
ALVORD, Alexander b: October 15, 1627 in England d: October 03, 1687 in Northampton, Massachusetts spouse: Vore, Mary
ALVORD, Alvin b: July 18, 1794
ALVORD, Amanda b: March 07, 1808 in Granby, Massachusetts d: December 06, 1888 in Jersey City, New Jersey spouse: Hooker, Oliver
ALVORD, Asher b: June 04, 1761
ALVORD, Benjamin b: February 11, 1657/58
ALVORD, Clarissa b: June 21, 1792
ALVORD, Dorcas b: March 28, 1720
ALVORD, Ebenezer b: December 23, 1665
ALVORD, Electa b: July 23, 1798
ALVORD, Electa b: February 01, 1801
ALVORD, Elijah b: January 17, 1718/19
ALVORD, Elizabeth b: November 12, 1655
ALVORD, Enos b: August 15, 1768
ALVORD, Esther
ALVORD, Gad b: 1723 d: 1723
ALVORD, Gad b: 1726 in Northampton, Massachusetts d: May 11, 1810 in Wilmington, Vermont spouse: Smith, Lydia
ALVORD, Gad b: June 27, 1759 in South Hadley, Massachusetts d: August 29, 1817 in Granby, Massachusetts spouse: White, Phebe
ALVORD, Gaius b: March 27, 1788
ALVORD, Gideon b: June 12, 1734
ALVORD, Jeremiah b: May 09, 1663
ALVORD, Job b: 1729
ALVORD, John b: August 12, 1649
ALVORD, John b: August 10, 1682 d: August 25, 1682
ALVORD, John b: October 19, 1685 in Northampton, Massachusetts d: November 21, 1757 in South Hadley, Massachusetts spouse: Lyman, Dorcas
ALVORD, John b: October 29, 1711
ALVORD, Jonathan b: April 06, 1669
ALVORD, Josiah b: February 07, 1687/88 d: December 13, 1691
ALVORD, Lucina b: April 15, 1755
ALVORD, Mary b: July 06, 1651
ALVORD, Mindwell b: August 04, 1713
ALVORD, Nathan
ALVORD, Polly b: April 28, 1790
ALVORD, Rhoda b: August 26, 1753
ALVORD, Rhoda b: January 10, 1786
ALVORD, Rhoda Clarissa b: October 06, 1796
ALVORD, Samuel b: November 27, 1751
ALVORD, Sarah b: June 24, 1660
ALVORD, Saul b: April 23, 1717
ALVORD, Seth b: June 29, 1763
ALVORD, Sewel b: April 17, 1782
ALVORD, Sybil b: March 23, 1757
ALVORD, Theodocia b: February 22, 1784
ALVORD, Thomas b: October 27, 1653 in Windsor, Connecticut d: July 22, 1688 in Northampton, Massachusetts spouse: Taylor, Joanna
ALVORD, Thomas b: August 28, 1683
ALVORD, Zerah b: November 10, 1765
ANDERSON, Mary Ann b: January 13, 1840 in Indiana d: January 26, 1910 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Chenoweth, John Wesley
APPLEGATE, Danielle Nicole
APPLEGATE, Gale Evans spouse: Chenoweth, Linda May
APPLEGATE, Robert Edward spouse: Smith, Kimberly Ann
APPLEGATE, Tammy Lin spouse: Jones, Roy Gaylor
APPLEGATE, Theodore Edward b: January 12, 1921 d: April 14, 1996 in DAYTON, OH spouse: Fithen, Eva Jeanette
ARNOLD, Margaret Elizabeth b: July 25, 1886 d: October 19, 1954 spouse: Teague, Edward Wheeler
AUSTIN, Charles Luther b: February 09, 1884 in Saginaw Co., MI d: September 17, 1966 in Salt Lake City, UT spouse: Burt, Helen
AUSTIN, Florence b: October 01, 1920 in Bingham Canyon, UT d: July 31, 1988 in Long Beach, CA spouse: Linsley, Edward Gilbert
AUSTIN, Helen Catherine spouse: Hogden, Lloyd
AUSTIN, Margaret Jane spouse: Brown, Sumner Churchill
BAAKE, Frances Louise b: November 12, 1931 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, Donald Lee
BACON, Harriet spouse: Chenoweth, Samuel
BALDWIN, Charles Green III spouse: Linsley, Frederica Susan
BALDWIN, Josuha spouse: Chenoweth, Eleanor
BALL, Charolette b: 1805 spouse: Tidball, Joseph M.
BANTA, Jane spouse: Chenoweth, Amos
BARRY, Gay Ann spouse: Chenoweth, John Eugene "Gene"
BARTHOLOW, Ada Belle b: August 15, 1884 d: November 17, 1962 spouse: Minnear, William Columbus "Lum", Sr.
BASELER, Mary b: October 1855 in Ohio spouse: Chenoweth, George W.
BATCHELOR, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Priscilla
BATCHELOR, Marietta b: 1857 in Maryland
BATSON, Francis Joan spouse: Mowdy, Jack Ray
BECK, Elizabeth spouse: Chenoweth, Gary
BELL, Mary Louise b: 1865 in Indiana d: 1947 spouse: Chenoweth, Arthur A. K.
BERGMAN, Esther b: March 04, 1898 spouse: Hufford, Rettger Schuler
BETTINGER, Arthur B. b: 1894 in California spouse: Chenoweth, Florence
BETTINGER, Jeanne b: April 12, 1918 in California spouse: Kearing, Jack D.
BIGELOW, Mabel b: Abt 1890 in Michigan spouse: Chenoweth, George Daniel
BILLMAN, Lela Mae b: July 22, 1899 in Champaign Co., IL spouse: Chenoweth, Leroy Thomas "Roy"
BINA, Kelly Margaret b: 1969
BINA, Rodney spouse: Daspit, Marie Frances Theresa
BINGHAM, Mildred b: Abt 1897 in Kentucky
BITZES, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Mary
BLACK, Herman b: December 25, 1896 d: March 31, 1991 spouse: Chenoweth, Blanche Rosey
BLACK, James
BLACK, Louise Maurene spouse: Chenoweth, William Jonathan
BLAIR, James b: 1830 in Pittsburg, PA spouse: Chenoweth, Hannah
BLAIR, Mary Ellen b: June 07, 1860 in Ashland, Harding Co., OH d: June 10, 1936 in San Fernando, Los Angeles Co., CA spouse: Shire, John Fippin
BLAIR, William b: 1855
BLAKE, Beth Anna b: November 22, 1976 in Brush, CO
BLAKE, Danny James b: November 20, 1980 in Brush, CO
BLAKE, Donny Albert b: January 11, 1984 in Brush, CO d: April 27, 1984 in Brush, CO
BLAKE, LeKell Kelly b: November 11, 1979 in Brush, CO
BLAKE, Mitch Alan b: March 15, 1985 in Brush, CO
BLAKE, Stanley Alan b: March 26, 1956 in Brush, CO spouse: Chenoweth, Karen June
BLANCHARD, Mattie Louisa b: March 22, 1882 spouse: Dixon, James Edmond
BLAZEK, Eleanor Mae spouse: Fox, Bill Harlow
BLUME, Frances spouse: Chenoweth, Albert
BOND, Floy b: 1907 spouse: Chenoweth, Mack B.
BOWERS, ? spouse: Dunbar, Elias
BOYD, Clara Cassandra b: October 21, 1859 in Washington Co., OR d: July 05, 1895 in Whitman Co., WA spouse: Chenoweth, Joseph Richard
BOYD, William a. spouse: Ingram, Sarah
BRINER, Charles spouse: Shire, Jennie Rachael
BROLLIAR, Margaret Elizabeth b: 1857 in Benton Co, IA d: 1929 spouse: Van Cleef, George C.
BROMLEY, (Daughter) b: 1920
BROMLEY, Wallis S. b: 1896 spouse: Chenoweth, Gladys
BROWN, Brandi
BROWN, Edward Erastus spouse: Chenoweth, Ann Elizabeth "Lizzie"
BROWN, George b: February 08, 1786 in Sharon, CT d: December 23, 1844 in Steuben Co., IN spouse: Wright, Elizabeth
BROWN, Mary Ann b: March 06, 1834 in Phelps, NY d: April 06, 1920 in Salem, Steuben Co., IN spouse: Chenoweth, Abraham
BROWN, Sumner Churchill spouse: Austin, Margaret Jane
BROWN, Telitha d: December 04, 1897 in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: Chenoweth, Thomas J.
BROWN, Thomas spouse: Russell, Kathy
BROWNELL, Elsie Lea b: January 13, 1927 in Baldwin Park spouse: Chenoweth, Albert Lewis
BRUNDAGE, Annette b: Abt 1842 in Ohio spouse: Chenoweth, Mathew P.
BRUNDIGE, John G. spouse: Chenoweth, Jane S.
BURLINGAME, Delores Irene spouse: Chenowith, Kenneth
BURLINGAME, Frank Charles spouse: Keys, Uarda
BURT, Carroll Williamson b: April 06, 1894
BURT, Florence Louise b: June 05, 1886
BURT, Helen b: May 19, 1890 in Moorefield, NE d: June 1980 in Long Beach, CA spouse: Austin, Charles Luther
BURT, Homer Pierce b: January 27, 1860 in Indiana Co., PA d: June 19, 1946 in Los Angeles, CA spouse: Williamson, Virginia Agnes
BUSSING, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Henly
CARPENTER, Samuel spouse: Chenoweth, Hester
CASH, H.W. spouse: Chenoweth, Sarah Margaret
CASKEY, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Lois Marie
CASKEY, Elizabeth P. b: in Pennsylvania spouse: Chenoweth, William
CASKEY, Nicole
CATLIN, Blanche b: December 27, 1908 in Illinois spouse: Chenoweth, Paul
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary Margaret b: 1889 d: 1982 spouse: Priest, Grover Cleveland
CHAVERS, Billie b: June 13, 1878 d: May 1971 spouse: Watts, Lula May
CHAVERS, Velma b: January 13, 1923 in Uniontown, Alabama d: October 1981 spouse: Chenoweth, Wilbert Proctor, Jr
CHICARELLI, John spouse: Storage, Mary Jo
CHRISTOPHER, David spouse: Minnear, Marsha
CLARK, Howard spouse: Shire, Mae Estella
CLARK, Karrie
CLARK, Roy spouse: Demire, Gerry
CLARK, Wanetta B. b: February 01, 1901 in Indiana d: September 23, 1979 in Wisconsin spouse: Chenoweth, Grant I.
CLARKE, Florence P. b: July 1879 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, Adolphus H.
CLEARY, Kathy spouse: Fox, Michael Craig
CLEARY, Robert spouse: Chenoweth, Bertha Florence
CLEVELAND, Charles b: 1892 in Missouri spouse: Chenoweth, Corinne
CLEVELAND, Joan b: Aft 1930 in Pennslyvania spouse: Stewart, James
COBERT, Margarett spouse: Chenowith, Benjamin
COLLETT, Ruth spouse: Chenoweth, David Earl
CONNELL, Myrtle b: Abt 1885 in Texas spouse: Chenoweth, George W.
COOK, John W. spouse: Dooley, Etta M.
CORNS, Franklin spouse: Chenowith, Anna Margaruite
CORNS, Joyce Aileen spouse: Wiegand, Richard Dale
COX, Gertrude b: 1878 d: 1924 spouse: Gowan, James
COX, Sarah M. M. b: Abt 1828 in Tennessee spouse: Chenoweth, Absolom
CRAFT, Joyce Arlene b: December 29, 1930 in Iowa spouse: Chenoweth, John Edwin
CRAIG, Lucy b: March 1880 in Iowa spouse: Chenoweth, William
CREAGER, Bessie May spouse: Chenoweth, Lloyd Henry
CREW, Josephine Susannah b: 1855 d: 1881 spouse: Chenoweth, James Stansbury
CRISWELL, John W b: 1867 spouse: Criswell, Mary Jane Burnham
CRISWELL, Mary Jane Burnham b: 1872 spouse: Criswell, John W
CRISWELL, Mildred Rosina b: March 27, 1901 in Baltimore, Maryland d: 1963 spouse: Chenoweth, Wilbert Proctor, Sr.
CUNNINGHAM, Anna Elzina b: November 15, 1869 in Illinois d: December 26, 1968 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Chenoweth, Alonzo
DASPIT, Bryan Daniel b: 1986 in Nebraska
DASPIT, David Michael b: 1972 in Ohio
DASPIT, Eugene Joseph b: 1945 in Louisiana spouse: Manley, Mavourneen Ann
DASPIT, Eugene Philip b: 1911 in Louisiana d: 1978 spouse: Chenworth, Margaret Ann
DASPIT, Gregory Thomas b: 1988 in Nebraska
DASPIT, Jennifer b: 1974 in Montana
DASPIT, John b: 1978 in Illinois
DASPIT, Joseph Charles Patrick b: 1949 in Louisiana spouse: Jones, Pamela J.
DASPIT, Kathleen Mavourneen b: 1969 in California spouse: Hussey, Larry
DASPIT, Lisa Michelle b: 1985 in Nebraska
DASPIT, Marie Frances Theresa b: 1946 in Louisiana spouse: Klos, Michael
DASPIT, Mark Eugene b: 1971 in North Dakota
DASPIT, Michael Chenworth b: 1951 in Mississippi spouse: Sempek, Diane Marie
DASPIT, Philip Gregory b: 1950 in Louisiana spouse: Pugh, Kay
DAVIS, Charles Forrest
DAVIS, David Matthew b: January 18, 1893 in Carrollton, KY d: August 07, 1972 in Indianapolis, IN spouse: Schmidt, Charlotte Ruth
DAVIS, Edward Bridges spouse: Chenoweth, Helen
DAVIS, Luella spouse: Ragains, Owen E.
DEAL, Ernest Linwood b: February 20, 1893 in Tuscaloosa, AL d: June 13, 1962 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX spouse: Willingham, Nell Nichols
DEAL, Sarah b: December 23, 1926 in Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL d: October 1990 in Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX spouse: Chenoweth, Henry Louis Eugene
DEARING, Richard E. spouse: Chenoweth, Shirley Ann
DEMIRE, Gerry spouse: Clark, Roy
DEMIRE, Karla spouse: Adams, Richard
DEMIRE, Melissa
DEMIRE, Phillip, Jr.
DEMIRE, Phillip, Sr. spouse: Minnear, Barbara
DILL, Anna Letitia b: February 28, 1852 spouse: Stout, David
DIXON, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Emma
DIXON, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Lois
DIXON, James Edmond b: July 15, 1880 spouse: Blanchard, Mattie Louisa
DIXON, Mary Lee spouse: Chenoweth, Lee
DOGETT, Rhoda Ann b: 1819 d: June 04, 1900 spouse: Chenoweth, Thomas
DOGGED, Almira Groh b: January 21, 1847 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, Anna R. b: 1843 in Maryland
DOGGED, Charles Fletcher b: June 04, 1859 in Baltimore, Maryland d: November 29, 1859 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, Emily Jane b: December 15, 1836 in Baltimore, Maryland d: July 12, 1838 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, Emma Jane b: January 08, 1839 in Baltimore, Maryland d: July 29, 1851 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, James M. b: 1848 in Maryland
DOGGED, James Stevenson b: October 13, 1852 in Baltimore, Maryland d: April 08, 1871 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, John Whitridge b: January 19, 1843 in Baltimore, Maryland d: July 15, 1862 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, Martin b: November 05, 1811 in Northumberland County, Virginia d: May 19, 1860 in Baltimore, Maryland spouse: Johnson, Eliza
DOGGED, Martin Harrison b: January 22, 1841 in Baltimore, Maryland d: February 26, 1886 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, Mary Eliza b: December 11, 1848 in Baltimore, Maryland d: November 29, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, Sarah Elizabeth b: December 05, 1845 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, Thomas Clemn b: March 09, 1857
DOGGED, Thomas L.
DOGGED, Thomas Lemon b: February 07, 1851 in Baltimore, Maryland d: September 11, 1851 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, William C. b: 1845 in Maryland
DOGGED, William Clemn b: January 19, 1816 in Northumberland County, Virginia d: March 25, 1851 in Baltimore, Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, Priscilla
DOGGED, William George b: May 24, 1835 in Baltimore, Maryland d: May 25, 1854 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGED, William George b: February 12, 1855 in Baltimore, Maryland d: January 05, 1873 in Baltimore, Maryland
DOGGETT, Clemn spouse: ?, Hannah, comment: surname maybe Dogged
DONLAN, Kathleen b: 1906 in Maryland d: August 26, 1962 spouse: Chenowith, Charles
DOOLEY, Etta M. b: Abt 1871 spouse: Cook, John W.
DOOLEY, George spouse: Chenoweth, Mary Jane
DOOLEY, Loretta A. spouse: Chenworth, Charles Johnson
DOOLITTLE, James spouse: Kappel, Ruth L.
DOUBLE, Lockie spouse: Chenoweth, Augustus
DOWLER, Alice Everretta (Wigal) b: 1922-1924 spouse: Chenoweth, Don L.
DOWLER, Ottie Otis b: November 24, 1883 d: June 18, 1948 in Dowler Ridge, OH spouse: Evener, Nellie B.
DOWNING, Doris spouse: Chenoweth, James
DRABELL, Sarah L. b: October 20, 1833 in Morgantown, VA (now WV) d: March 17, 1878 in Indianola, IA spouse: Williamson, James Elliott
DUKE, Anna Ross b: 1884 d: April 08, 1961 spouse: Chenoweth, John Walter
DUNBAR, Alta S. b: January 1876 in Indiana d: 1921 spouse: Chenoweth, Charles A.
DUNBAR, Elias spouse: Bowers, ?
DUNBAR, Esther b: August 20, 1840 d: August 02, 1866 spouse: Chenoweth, William N.
DUNN, Martha White spouse: Chenoweth, Preston Charles
DURM, Christopher Michael b: July 30, 1990
DUVALL, Eleanor b: Abt 1775 in St. Mary's Co.,  MD spouse: Chenowith, Absalom
DUVALL, John Miles b: 1745 in Prince Georges Co.,  MD d: Abt 1787 in Potomac River, St. Mary's Co.,  MD spouse: Tarleton, Anne Rosella Philomena
EDWARDS, Emma Hortense spouse: Hurley, Arthur
ELIOT, Katherine spouse: Linsley, Austin Gilbert
ENGEL, ? spouse: ?, Lulu
ENGLAND, Lois Janet spouse: Chenoweth, Charles
ERWIN, Lawrence R. "Teak" spouse: Chenoweth, Susan
ESHLEMAN, Elizabeth b: February 28, 1836 in Ohio d: October 18, 1889 in San Francisco, CA spouse: Chenoweth, Alexander T.
EVANS, Tina b: February 12, 1961 in Illinois spouse: West, Scott Lynn
EVANTO, Christopher
EVANTO, Larry, Jr.
EVANTO, Larry, Sr. spouse: Rutter, (daughter)
EVENER, Nellie B. b: March 15, 1891 in New England d: December 03, 1974 in Lancaster, OH spouse: Dowler, Ottie Otis
FACKLER, Emory b: April 18, 1863 spouse: McCelland, Frances Jane
FACKLER, Wallace Downing b: August 22, 1892 spouse: Chenowith, Isadore B.
FAIL, Elizabeth d: Abt 1836 in Illinois spouse: Chenoweth, John Miles D.
FAIL, Mary b: February 07, 1829 in Lawrence Co., IL d: November 17, 1889 in Lawrence Co., IL spouse: Chenoweth, John Miles D.
FEDAK, Robert spouse: Chenoweth, Penny
FISHER, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Eva
FITHEN, Eva Jeanette spouse: Applegate, Theodore Edward
FLAHERTY, Theresa Marie spouse: Linsley, Bruce Charles
FOREMAN, Flossie
FOREMAN, G. Wayne b: 1897 d: 1963 spouse: ?, Geneva
FOREMAN, George W. spouse: Chenoweth, Cora Frances
FOREMAN, Guy b: 1887 d: 1973 spouse: Huff, Pearl
FOREMAN, Harvey Earl b: 1893 spouse: Pearl, Essie
FOREMAN, Joseph M. b: 1863 d: 1945 spouse: Chenoweth, Mary Susan "Molly"
FOSSETT, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Sallie
FOX, ? b: in Tennessee spouse: ?, ?
FOX, Anchor b: August 24, 1772 in Washington Co., PA d: August 11, 1855 in Jennings Twp., Fayette Co., IN spouse: Sutton, David
FOX, Bill Harlow spouse: Blazek, Eleanor Mae
FOX, Dylan John
FOX, Josephinne Marie Narcissa b: February 08, 1855 in Tennessee d: February 08, 1935 in Los Angeles, CA spouse: Chenoweth, George M.
FOX, Michael Craig spouse: Cleary, Kathy
FOX, Orlow Willis b: February 11, 1911 in Los Angles, Los Angles Co., CA d: May 18, 1958 in Colorado River, Lake Mead, NV spouse: Tomlinson, Mattie Maude
FOX, Raymond Eli b: January 14, 1909 in Denver, Denver Co., CO d: in Utah spouse: Robinson, Lela Easter
FOX, Willis Leroy b: October 24, 1886 in Hayes, Ellis Co., KS d: July 01, 1957 in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA spouse: Shire, Myrtle Victoria
FRANCES, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Virgie
FREEBURG, Karen Rene b: June 04, 1953 spouse: Chenoweth, John Eugene "Gene"
FREEMAN, Clarinda spouse: Hooker, Oliver
FRIEER, Annie spouse: Murphy, James
FRYATT, Robert spouse: Chenoweth, Rachel
FULLER, Mary E. b: August 19, 1870 in Baltimore., MD d: December 18, 1942 spouse: Chenoweth, John George
FULLER, William H. b: March 28, 1827 d: February 03, 1916 spouse: Reese, Mary P.
FURGASON, Mary b: 1791 spouse: Heaton, Daniel
GALL, Martha spouse: Chenowith, Frank
GALL, Thomas spouse: Kuehm, Marie
GALPIN, Chuck spouse: Chenoweth, Penny
GAMMA, Grace C. b: January 15, 1887 in Illinois d: March 23, 1979 in Franklin Co., IL spouse: Chenoweth, J. Foster
GARDNER, Ralph L. spouse: Turk, Jessie
GARNER, Theodore spouse: Chenoweth, Pamela Sue
GAUSS, Bradford William
GAUSS, Curtis Henry
GAUSS, Henry Fallenstein b: April 21, 1885 in Pernambuco, BRAZIL spouse: Leisk, Myrtle Elizabeth
GAUSS, Sandra Jane
GAUSS, Sharon Marsha Conley
GAUSS, William Henry spouse: Chenoweth, Rachel Julia
GEARLOCK, Jessie spouse: Shire, Guy Ambrose
GEIGER, Richard George spouse: Linsley, Frederica Susan
GERMAN, Issac b: 1865 d: 1935 spouse: Chenoweth, Ellender R.
GIBSON, Eliza J.  "Ella" b: April 13, 1852 in Indiana d: August 15, 1887 spouse: Chenoweth, William N.
GIERHART, Christine Kay spouse: Chenoweth, Daniel "Rusty" Russell
GLASS, Chett E. spouse: Hufford, Lois Jeanette
GLASS, James Clifford b: September 20, 1937
GOEHRING, Florence Ellen b: March 29, 1899 in Louisa, IA d: January 31, 1982 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE spouse: Watts, Charles Perry
GOEHRING, John E. b: August 04, 1856 d: March 06, 1935 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE spouse: Johnson, Clara Ellen
GOINS, William R. d: January 19, 1896 in Warrick Co., IN spouse: Chenoweth, Druzilla Luana, comment: last name maybe Gowens
GORRELL, Martha spouse: Chenoweth, John
GORSUCH, Sally spouse: Minnear, Rex
GOWAN, Dorine Lydia Marjerie b: May 18, 1929 in Leyton, England spouse: Sherwood, William
GOWAN, Edwin John b: June 24, 1899 in Leytonstone, England d: August 17, 1985 in Fort Worth, Texas spouse: White, Emmeline Lydia
GOWAN, Elizabeth
GOWAN, Eustace
GOWAN, Gillian
GOWAN, Harold
GOWAN, Hazel Edwina b: April 12, 1933 in Leyton, England spouse: Chenoweth, Wilbert Proctor III
GOWAN, James
GOWAN, James b: 1874 d: 1954 spouse: Cox, Gertrude
GOWAN, Lillian
GOWAN, Winifred
GOWLER, Linda b: December 20, 1938 in Illinois spouse: Chenoweth, Roger Wayne
GRANGER, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Jessie
GRANGER, Charles b: 1913 in Iowa
GRANT, Esther b: 1896 d: October 04, 1923 spouse: Chenoweth, William Jonathan
GREEN, Jeffrey Allen b: September 17, 1944
GREEN, Laurel b: June 20, 1943
GREEN, Shelly b: August 19, 1947
GREEN, Sidney spouse: Hufford, Dorothy Jeannette
GRIMM, Dale Lee spouse: Pagel, Tracy Pagel
GROFF, Edna spouse: Chenoweth, Darrell
GRONEK, David b: September 13, 1959 spouse: West, Lori Lourine
GRONEK, Michael David b: March 07, 1989
GROSS, Frank spouse: Chenoweth, Ida G.
GUNTHER, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Margaret
GUNTHER, Darlene
GUNTHER, Timothy
HALL, Christina b: January 12, 1842 in Ohio d: April 04, 1928 in Macon Co., IL spouse: Chenoweth, John
HALL, Mary Elizabeth b: 1891 spouse: Chenoweth, Clarence
HAMBRIS, ? spouse: Moore, Sarah Elizabeth
HAMMMAN, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Susan
HARRIS, Lauda spouse: Minnear, William Columbus, Jr.
HARTKE, Linda Rita spouse: Chenoweth, Alan Leroy
HATCHER, ? spouse: Chenoweth, (daughter)
HATLOY, Karen Margaret spouse: Stephenson, William Wallace, Jr.
HAVENS, Linda Sue b: July 30, 1950 spouse: West, Roger Allen
HAWLEY, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Esther
HAWLEY, Esther Jane b: February 1847 in Miami Co., IN d: March 1944 spouse: Chenoweth, William H.
HEATON, Daniel b: August 27, 1780 d: 1863 in Indiana spouse: Furgason, Mary
HEATON, Ebenezer b: June 18, 1750 in New Jersey d: 1836 in Indiana spouse: Sutton, Joanna
HEATON, Melinda Pearl spouse: Waggaman, Samuel
HEFFLEY, Loretta b: October 24, 1956 spouse: McCartney, Martin Sean
HEFLIN, Ada b: Bef 1925 d: Bef 1985 spouse: Minnear, Jack, Sr.
HERMAN, Max Robert spouse: Chenoweth, Rosa Belle
HESS, Charles B. spouse: Chenoweth, Emma E.
HESTER, Mary Ruth spouse: Smith, Emery Earl Chenoweth
HILL, Lucia spouse: Chenoweth, Benjamin
HILL, Retha M. b: June 14, 1909 d: February 19, 1979 in McKee, KS spouse: Spriggs, Luther Lincoln
HILL, William E. spouse: Chenoweth, Charotte
HILLIER, Preston W. d: 1973 spouse: Scafe, Rebecca Belle
HILLIER, Rebecca Belle spouse: Chenoweth, Donald Eugene
HITCHCOCK, Benjamin spouse: Chenoweth, Mary Ellen
HOGDEN, Deborah Ann
HOGDEN, John Edward spouse: ?, Marian
HOGDEN, Laura Jean
HOGDEN, Lloyd spouse: Austin, Helen Catherine
HOGDEN, Sandar Marie
HOLLAND, Abisha spouse: Wells, Thankful
HOLT, Edith d: 1959 spouse: Chenoweth, Frank B.
HOLT, Joyce spouse: Hufford, William Vance
HOOKER, Celia Lucinda b: July 26, 1836 in Southbridge, Massachusetts d: August 08, 1837
HOOKER, Harriet White b: October 12, 1831 in Southbridge, Massachusetts d: January 26, 1836
HOOKER, Henry Dwight b: December 19, 1829 in Southbridge, Massachusetts d: June 08, 1891 in New York City, New York spouse: Young, Louise
HOOKER, Lucy Comins b: December 05, 1840 in Southbridge, Massachusetts d: July 22, 1858 in New York City, New York
HOOKER, Mary Alvord b: July 05, 1838 in Southbridge, MA d: December 12, 1922 in Los Angles Co., CA spouse: Chenoweth, Thomas W.
HOOKER, Oliver spouse: Freeman, Clarinda
HOOKER, Oliver b: November 04, 1806 in Southbridge, Massachusetts d: November 11, 1869 in New York, New York spouse: Alvord, Amanda
HORTON, Clarence b: 1896 in Maryland spouse: Chenowith, Gladys H.
HUBBLE, Hanna b: October 05, 1803 d: April 28, 1879 spouse: Sutton, Johnathon
HUDSON, Margaret Emma spouse: Irvin, James Houston
HUFF, Pearl spouse: Foreman, Guy
HUFFORD, Bryan b: April 15, 1952
HUFFORD, Dorothy Jeannette b: January 12, 1920 spouse: Green, Sidney
HUFFORD, Eli Eldo b: September 21, 1869 in Clinton Co., IN d: March 18, 1935 in Los Angles, CA spouse: Chenoweth, Hanna Elizabeth
HUFFORD, Justin Vernon b: August 13, 1905 in Indiana d: October 03, 1908 in California
HUFFORD, Lois Jeanette b: September 05, 1907 spouse: Glass, Chett E.
HUFFORD, Marc Vance b: April 30, 1949
HUFFORD, Rettger Schuler b: December 21, 1897 spouse: Bergman, Esther
HUFFORD, Robert Russell b: October 21, 1931
HUFFORD, Russell Myrle b: October 27, 1896 spouse: Wilson, Gladys
HUFFORD, Vallery b: May 24, 1951
HUFFORD, Warren Ernest b: April 30, 1922
HUFFORD, William Vance b: September 26, 1924 spouse: Holt, Joyce
HUMPHRIES, Leonard M. spouse: Chenoweth, Sarah Orlena
HURLEY, Arthur spouse: Edwards, Emma Hortense
HUSSEY, Larry spouse: Daspit, Kathleen Mavourneen
HYATT, Hollea Rae spouse: Linsley, Scott Edward
HYER, Dale spouse: Chenoweth, Susan Clark
HYER, Ed. b: March 01, 1922 in Elyria, OH d: January 02, 1963 in Elyria, OH spouse: Smith, Evelyn
HYER, Mandy
INGRAM, Sarah spouse: Boyd, William a.
IRVIN, James Houston b: April 16, 1836 d: June 14, 1910 spouse: Hudson, Margaret Emma
IRVIN, Susan Eleanor spouse: Chenoweth, E.B.
JACKSON, M.E. spouse: Chenoweth, Eliza J.
JAMES, (Unknown) spouse: Shelley, Michele Juanita
JARBOE, Dan spouse: Chenoweth, Pamela Sue
JEFFERS, Joseph spouse: Chenoweth, Hanna Sarah Jane
JENNINNGS, George spouse: Chenoweth, Jane
JOHNSON, Clara Ellen b: July 19, 1859 in Louisa, IA d: June 09, 1912 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE spouse: Goehring, John E.
JOHNSON, Dana Elizabeth b: September 26, 1971 spouse: Morre, Gregory Alan
JOHNSON, Doug spouse: Chenoweth, Pam
JOHNSON, Eliza b: June 23, 1816 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland d: February 16, 1869 in Baltimore, Maryland spouse: Dogged, Martin
JOHNSON, Kayla Daniella b: April 18, 1994
JOHNSON, Larry Kent b: June 30, 1968
JOHNSON, Todd Douglas b: May 07, 1966 spouse: Jordan, Shonna Lorraine
JOHNSON, William "Billy" b: November 30, 1832 in Montgomery Co., OH d: September 14, 1919 in Hardin Co., IA spouse: Chenowith, Levisa Brown
JONES, Charles
JONES, Cory Marie
JONES, Dee spouse: Smith, Ruth Dian
JONES, Kimberly
JONES, Michael Allen spouse: Chenoweth, Jill Diane
JONES, Pamela J. b: 1947 in Vermont spouse: Daspit, Joseph Charles Patrick
JONES, Roy Gaylor spouse: Applegate, Tammy Lin
JORDAN, Shonna Lorraine b: February 19, 1968 spouse: Johnson, Todd Douglas
JUDKINS, Elizabeth "Lizzie" b: November 1875 in Pope Co., AR d: 1934 in Pope Co., AR spouse: Chenoweth, James Garrison
JULIAN, Nancy b: Abt 1814 in Ohio spouse: Chenoweth, Ison (Isaac?)
KANKA, Paul Edward spouse: Watts, Shirley Ruth
KAPPEL, Albert
KAPPEL, Charles M. spouse: Chenoweth, Margaret A.
KAPPEL, Ruth L. b: Abt 1872 spouse: Doolittle, James
KEARING, Jack D. spouse: Bettinger, Jeanne
KEEHLER, ? spouse: Pittenger, Jane
KELLAMS, Liz spouse: Chenoweth, Steven Charles
KEMP, Angela Christine
KEMP, Carl Douglas
KEMP, Dennis Allen
KEMP, Jan Lewis spouse: Chenoweth, Ann
KENT, Kimberly spouse: Chenoweth, Rick
KENT, Rolland L spouse: Steinke, Martha Mary
KERNEY, William spouse: Chenoweth, Julian
KEYS, Uarda spouse: Burlingame, Frank Charles
KIDDER, Laura Kay spouse: Chenoweth, Mark Andrew
KIDDER, Richard "Dickie" Lee spouse: Yerian, Deanna Joy
KING, Mary O. b: April 1852 spouse: Chenoweth, William N., comment: no children, this marriage
KIRKPATRICK, William spouse: Chenoweth, Achsah D.
KLOS, Michael spouse: Daspit, Marie Frances Theresa
KLOS, Rachel Frances b: 1975
KNISH, Eugene spouse: Sutton, Betty Jean
KOEPKE-LANSBERG, Diana J. b: October 21, 1939 in LaPorte, Indiana spouse: Chenoweth, Donald Mathew
KRAMER, Dean spouse: Chenoweth, Nancy Carol
KRAUSE, Hazel Melvina b: September 15, 1902 in Maryland d: December 09, 1986 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, Charles Raymond
KRESIN, (Unknown) spouse: Chenoweth, Sierra Sue
KUEBRICH, Daniel spouse: Chenworth, Rosemary
KUEHM, Marie b: September 17, 1892 in Indiana? spouse: Gall, Thomas
KUHN, Gertrude b: in Victoria, KS d: in Victoria, KS spouse: Weigel, Albert J.
KUTLIK, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Clayanna
KUTLIK, Charles
LACY, Cynthia Ellen spouse: Chenoweth, Timothy Allen
LAFLUER, Suzette b: 1972 spouse: Chenoweth, Richard Alan
LAKE, Catherine spouse: Chenoweth, Arthur
LAMBIRTH, John J. spouse: Chenoweth, April
LANE, Chasity
LANE, Heather
LANE, Heidi
LANE, Holly
LANE, Josuha
LANE, Ricky spouse: Minnear, Linda
LANE, Shane
LANE, Shawn
LANGREDE, Adeline J. b: 1906 spouse: Chenoweth, Loren V.
LEISK, Myrtle Elizabeth b: October 29, 1891 spouse: Gauss, Henry Fallenstein
LINN, Adam b: April 20, 1818 in Guernsey Co. OH d: June 26, 1873 in Vinton Co. OH spouse: Chenoweth, Matilda J.
LINN, Joseph b: February 18, 1787 in Virginia d: February 01, 1875 in Vinton Co. OH spouse: Montgomery, Martha
LINSLEY, Austin Gilbert spouse: Eliot, Katherine
LINSLEY, Bruce Charles spouse: Flaherty, Theresa Marie
LINSLEY, Daniel Charles
LINSLEY, Edward Gilbert b: November 24, 1913 in Salt Lake City, UT d: March 19, 1967 in Long Beach, CA spouse: Austin, Florence
LINSLEY, Elliott Bruce
LINSLEY, Frederica Susan spouse: Geiger, Richard George
LINSLEY, Johanna Helen
LINSLEY, Matthew Edward
LINSLEY, Peter Stephen
LINSLEY, Scott Edward spouse: Hyatt, Hollea Rae
LINSLEY, Suzanne Christine
LOGGINS, Nancy Oliphant b: Abt 1815 in North Carolina spouse: Chenoweth, Edmund D.
LOSIK, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Lois
LOWE, Ferne Celeste b: May 22, 1912 in Illinois d: June 1976 in Illinois spouse: Chenoweth, Donald Dean "Peas"
LYMAN, Dorcas b: August 11, 1690 in Northampton, Massachusetts d: November 15, 1770 in South Hadley, Massachusetts spouse: Alvord, John
LYMAN, Jean Leslie spouse: Chenowith, Gerold
LYMAN, John spouse: Sheldon-Pomeroy, Mindwell
MADDEN, Lydia spouse: Williamson, Robert
MAJOR, Anna V. b: 1858 in Pennsylvania
MAJOR, Elmer E.
MAJOR, Harry A.
MAJOR, James H.
MAJOR, Jones b: July 28, 1835 in Chester Co., PA spouse: Chenoweth, Sarah Elizabeth
MAJOR, Samuel E.
MAJOR, William J. spouse: Marshall, Jane
MAJOR, Wilmer F. b: 1859 in Pennsylvania
MANLEY, Mavourneen Ann spouse: Daspit, Eugene Joseph
MARGERY b: Abt 1868 in Kentucky spouse: Chenoweth, William B. W.
MARSHALL, Jane spouse: Major, William J.
MARTIN, Betty spouse: Sawhill, ?
MARTIN, Helen spouse: Melacky, ?
MARTIN, Homer spouse: Minnear, June
MARTIN, Jacob b: 1844 in Ohio d: 1906 in Indiana spouse: Waggaman, Mary Ann
MARTIN, Melinda Pearl b: November 06, 1873 in Indiana d: 1916 in North Dakota spouse: Rittenous, Frederick William
MATREY, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Gladys
MATREY, Anthony
MATREY, Joseph
MATREY, Mary Louise
MATTHEWS, Elizabeth
MATTHEWS, Emma R. b: Abt 1857
MATTHEWS, Ezekial b: Abt 1847
MATTHEWS, Isaac Newton b: December 26, 1841
MATTHEWS, John b: May 19, 1808 in Pennsylvania d: 1881 in White Co., IN spouse: Chenoweth, Rhuama
MATTHEWS, Nancy E. b: Abt 1851
MATTOX, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Elizabeth
MATTOX, Amos b: 1839 in Virginia
MATTOX, George C. b: 1833 in Virginia
MATTOX, Mary b: 1841 in Virginia
MATTOX, Rebecca b: 1836 in Virginia
MATTOX, Sarah b: 1834 in Virginia
MAY, Samuel spouse: Chenoweth, Ollie Bell
MCCARTNEY, David William b: January 13, 1967 in Illinois
MCCARTNEY, Jeffrey Scott "Jeff" b: October 26, 1962 in Illinois
MCCARTNEY, Kaci Michelle b: October 09, 1985
MCCARTNEY, Lee Ann b: July 06, 1958 in Illinois d: July 06, 1958 in Illinois
MCCARTNEY, Leslie Dawn b: October 10, 1964 in Illinois spouse: Watson, Philip W.
MCCARTNEY, Lindsey Danielle b: March 29, 1984 in Illinois
MCCARTNEY, Martin Sean b: August 25, 1961 in Illinois spouse: Heffley, Loretta
MCCARTNEY, William Ward b: July 16, 1937 spouse: Chenoweth, Nada Carol
MCCELLAND, Frances Jane b: June 07, 1865 spouse: Fackler, Emory
MCCLELLAND, Sarah M. b: Abt 1812 in Ohio d: May 04, 1891 in Jasper Co., IA spouse: Chenoweth, William
MCCREADY, ? spouse: Donlan, Kathleen
MCCUNE, Jessie Belle b: October 30, 1858 in Indiana d: June 18, 1968 in Los Angles Co., CA spouse: Chenoweth, Howard C., comment: it is belived that her last name is McCune
MCELISH, Mary b: Abt 1792 in Ohio spouse: Chenoweth, Arthur, comment: living with family, maybe not wife but mother
MCHONE, Minnie Ann b: September 09, 1873 d: December 15, 1947 in West Branch, Ogemaw Co., MI spouse: Sutton, John Ultimo
MCKENNA, John Francis b: July 07, 1945 in California
MCKENNA, Robert F. spouse: Bettinger, Jeanne
MCKINNEY, Mary Ann b: August 16, 1836 in Logan Co., OH d: December 11, 1908 in Jackson Co., OR spouse: Chenoweth, William R.
MCLAIN, Rufus spouse: Chenoweth, Olivia O.
MCNEAL, George b: 1848 in Michigan
MCNEAL, Jennie R. b: 1886 in Three Rivers, Michigan d: in Constantine, Michigan spouse: Chenoweth, George A.
MCSHERRY, Frederick Arthur b: August 28, 1867 spouse: Tucker, Dora Alice
MCSHERRY, Lillie Fern b: April 15, 1891 in Kosciousko Co., IN d: May 28, 1972 in Kosciousko Co., IN spouse: Chenoweth, Robert Lewis
MEARS, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Alpha Etta
MEEKINS, Donna Rae b: March 03, 1953 in Maryland
MEEKINS, Gilbert Edison b: February 08, 1927 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, Joan Caroline
MEEKINS, James Gilbert b: November 28, 1951 in Maryland
MEEKS, ? spouse: ?, Maria
MELACKY, ? spouse: Martin, Helen
MERLO, Rose Mary spouse: Splaingard, Louis Eugene
MILLER, Leaster William b: December 25, 1920 in Indiana spouse: Peacock, Mary Ellen
MILLER, Margaret b: in Erie Co., NY spouse: Chenoweth, John R.
MILLER, Raymond May spouse: Chenoweth, Gertrude Letitia "Gertie"
MILLINGTON, Amy K. b: 1896 in Indiana spouse: Chenoweth, James A. G.
MINNEAR, Barbara spouse: Demire, Phillip, Sr.
MINNEAR, Elma Jeam spouse: Rutter, Howard
MINNEAR, Ezra "Zack" b: Bef 1890 spouse: Chenoweth, Rachel
MINNEAR, Helen spouse: Russell, Arnett
MINNEAR, Jack, Jr. spouse: ?, Sally
MINNEAR, Jack, Sr. b: Bef 1923 d: Bef 1985 spouse: Heflin, Ada
MINNEAR, Jacqueline
MINNEAR, Jess b: Bef 1924 spouse: Yeager, Kathryn
MINNEAR, June b: Bef 1922 d: Bef 1985 spouse: Martin, Homer
MINNEAR, Kimberly
MINNEAR, Kristine
MINNEAR, Linda spouse: Lane, Ricky
MINNEAR, Marsha spouse: Christopher, David
MINNEAR, Mary Kathryn spouse: Storage, Joseph
MINNEAR, Rex spouse: Gorsuch, Sally
MINNEAR, Thomas spouse: Ridenour, Betty Lou
MINNEAR, Timothy
MINNEAR, William Columbus "Lum", Sr. spouse: Bartholow, Ada Belle
MINNEAR, William Columbus, Jr. b: Bef 1925 d: October 03, 1983 spouse: Harris, Lauda
MONTGOMERY, Martha b: January 11, 1796 d: July 07, 1884 in Swan Twp., Vinton Co. OH spouse: Linn, Joseph
MOODY, Rachel b: July 12, 1819 in onboard ship enroute, off Maine, Altlantic Ocean from IRELAND spouse: Sampson, Joseph
MOORE, Faye Beatrice b: December 02, 1897 in Piatt Co., IL d: October 26, 1971 in Decatur, IL spouse: Chenoweth, David Earl
MOORE, Sarah Elizabeth b: November 1846 in West Virginia d: Aft 1910 spouse: Chenoweth, John P.
MORPHIS, Walter J. b: 1896 d: 1963 spouse: Chenoweth, Carrie B.
MORRE, Gregory Alan spouse: Johnson, Dana Elizabeth
MORRIS, Mary C. "Maggie" b: July 1863 in Illinois d: May 16, 1940 in Pierce Co., WA spouse: Chenoweth, Charles A.
MOWDY, Jack Ray spouse: Batson, Francis Joan
MOWDY, Joe Lynn spouse: Chenoweth, Lynda Diane
MOWDY, Ronald Andrew
MOWDY, Stacy Lynn
MUNDY, Verda A. b: 1903 in Illinois spouse: Chenoweth, Leo Vern
MURPHY, Cora Gay
MURPHY, Ernest
MURPHY, James spouse: Frieer, Annie
MURPHY, Samuel spouse: Chenoweth, Samantha B.
MURPHY, Sarah E.
MURPHY, Ulysses S. G. b: Abt 1864 in Indiana spouse: Chenoweth, Esther
NEEL, Robert P. spouse: Chenoweth, Bertha
NORDIN, Ruth Amanda b: January 17, 1910 spouse: Chenoweth, Ruben
NORTON, Carla Marie spouse: Chenowith, William
NULL, M.M. spouse: Chenoweth, Florence
OLESON, David, comment: married  with daughter
OLESON, Lyle spouse: Chenowith, Margaret
OLESON, Mark Clark
PAGEL, Herman Eugene b: January 21, 1925 spouse: Chenoweth, Doris Ellen
PAGEL, Tracy Pagel b: June 26, 1969 in Illinois spouse: Grimm, Dale Lee
PARHAM, Mary spouse: Chenoweth, William H.
PATTERSON, Annette spouse: Chenoweth, Preston Charles
PEACOCK, John R. b: July 29, 1904 in Indiana spouse: Rittenous, Goldie May
PEACOCK, Mary Ellen b: April 24, 1927 in Indiana spouse: Miller, Leaster William
PEARL, Essie spouse: Foreman, Harvey Earl
PEASE, Margaret Jane spouse: Smith, Emery Earl Chenoweth
PERINNE, Ann b: 1803 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, John
PERKINS, Robert A. spouse: Chenoweth, Racheal Anna
PERRY, Janice Elaine spouse: Chenoweth, Bobby Lynn
PETERS, Alliese spouse: Chenoweth, E. W.
PHILLIPS, Pamela Kay spouse: Fox, Michael Craig
PIERCE, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Neva
PINKHAM, Beatrice M. b: January 22, 1908 in Saginaw, Saginaw Co., MI d: December 12, 1989 in Taylor, Wayne Co., MI spouse: Sutton, Charles A.
PITTENGER, Jane b: September 22, 1825 in Ohio d: February 15, 1921 in Missouri Valley, Iowa spouse: Chenoweth, Robert, comment: 2nd husband
PITTENGER, John b: October 27, 1787 d: November 24, 1844 spouse: Smith, Ann
PONTCHAS, Margaret b: 1814 in Ohio spouse: Chenoweth, Ison (Isaac?)
POTTER, Gerald Harrison spouse: Chenoweth, Shirley Jane
PRIEST, Edith spouse: Chenoweth, Miles
PRIEST, Grover Cleveland b: 1884 in Van Wert, OH d: 1961 spouse: Chamberlain, Mary Margaret
PROBST, Ed Anderson spouse: Chenoweth, Gladys Mary
PROFFER, Demerius Amanda b: 1859 in Cape Girardeau, MO d: January 18, 1930 in Cape Girardeau, MO spouse: Chenoweth, David Newton
PROVINES, Mary Ann b: April 23, 1814 in Pennsylvania d: September 07, 1862 in Wabash Co., IN spouse: Chenoweth, Robert
PUGH, Kay b: 1948 in Maryland spouse: Daspit, Philip Gregory
QUIRK, Ann b: February 08, 1790 in Nachitoches Parrish, LA spouse: Chenoweth, Thomas
RAGAINS, Mary Margaret spouse: Chenowith, Gerald Dwain
RAGAINS, Owen E. b: October 16, 1896 in Missouri d: June 15, 1973 in Springfield, IL spouse: Davis, Luella
RAMBO, Ida spouse: Chenoweth, Fred Lawrence
REED, ? spouse: ?, Elizabeth N.
REESE, Mary P. b: November 30, 1829 d: October 18, 1916 spouse: Fuller, William H.
RHODES, Jacqueline Marie b: August 10, 1935 spouse: Chenoweth, Harold Everett
RIDENOUR, Betty Lou spouse: Minnear, Thomas
RITTENOUS, Frederick William b: 1855 in Virginia spouse: Martin, Melinda Pearl
RITTENOUS, Goldie May b: October 09, 1905 in Indiana d: March 08, 1955 in Indiana spouse: Peacock, John R.
ROBERTS, Robert L. b: 1893 in Iowa spouse: Chenoweth, Ora V.
ROBERTS, Roberta L. b: 1920 in California
ROBINSON, Edward H. spouse: Chenoweth, Alice
ROBINSON, Hannah b: March 1857 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, George Thomas
ROBINSON, Lela Easter spouse: Fox, Raymond Eli
RUGG, Lydia spouse: White, Jonathan
RUPP, Pearl b: December 19, 1900 in California d: March 01, 1983 in Los Angles Co., CA spouse: Chenoweth, William Arthur
RUSSELL, Arnett spouse: Minnear, Helen
RUSSELL, Harold spouse: Shire, May Bell
RUSSELL, Kathy spouse: Brown, Thomas
RUTTER, (daughter) spouse: Evanto, Larry, Sr.
RUTTER, Howard spouse: Minnear, Elma Jeam
SAMPLER, Margaret Dobler b: August 23, 1904 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, Lester Grant
SAMPSON, Joseph d: 1868 spouse: Moody, Rachel
SAMPSON, Mary J. b: March 16, 1846 in Illinois d: June 07, 1898 in Jasper Co., IA spouse: Chenoweth, Andrew Jackson
SANDERSON, Ann Jane b: 1830 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, Asbury Independance
SAWHILL, ? spouse: Martin, Betty
SAWHILL, Stephen
SCAFE, Rebecca Belle b: November 01, 1902 in Burns, La Crosse Co., WI d: 1979 in Morgan Hill, CA spouse: Hillier, Preston W.
SCHELLENBERGER, Mary M. b: January 02, 1853 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA d: May 12, 1932 in Toppenish, Yakima Co., WA spouse: Sutton, Leonard Hubble
SCHMIDT, Charlotte Ruth b: November 22, 1892 in Madison, IN d: September 12, 1979 in Martinsville, IN spouse: Davis, David Matthew
SCHULER, Sarah E. b: February 19, 1847 in Indiana d: May 16, 1940 spouse: Chenoweth, John S.
SEAMAN, Laura Frances spouse: Shire, Raymond Harry
SEMPEK, Diane Marie b: 1952 in Nebraska spouse: Daspit, Michael Chenworth
SHAFER, Edith b: 1887 in Iowa d: 1959 spouse: Chenoweth, Frank B.
SHELDON-POMEROY, Mindwell spouse: Lyman, John
SHELLEY, Michele Juanita b: October 02, 1953 spouse: Chenoweth, Michael John
SHERWOOD, Lynn b: January 05, 1959
SHERWOOD, William b: 1922 in Walthamstow, England d: 1988 in Seaford, England spouse: Gowan, Dorine Lydia Marjerie
SHIELDS, George W. spouse: Chenoweth, Martha Ellen "Ella"
SHIRE, Ad Ran b: 1894 in Litchfield, Montgomery Co., IL
SHIRE, Ada Blanche b: March 19, 1892 in Litchfield, Montgomery Co., IL spouse: Young, Boyd A.
SHIRE, Guy Ambrose b: April 04, 1880 in Ashland, Harding Co., OH d: April 02, 1964 spouse: Gearlock, Jessie
SHIRE, Jennie Rachael b: December 27, 1888 in Litchfield, Montgomery Co., IL spouse: Briner, Charles
SHIRE, John Fippin b: February 27, 1855 in Ashland, Harding Co., OH d: January 23, 1946 in San Fernando, Los Angeles Co., CA spouse: Blair, Mary Ellen
SHIRE, Mae Estella b: July 26, 1884 in Ashland, Harding Co., OH spouse: Clark, Howard
SHIRE, May Bell b: June 05, 1896 in Alton, Madison Co., IL spouse: Russell, Harold
SHIRE, Minnie Luella b: March 12, 1890 in Litchfield, Montgomery Co., IL spouse: Veale, John Wesley
SHIRE, Myrtle Victoria b: April 04, 1882 in Ashland, Harding Co., OH d: January 27, 1966 in Downey, Los Angeles Co., CA spouse: Fox, Willis Leroy
SHIRE, Raymond Harry b: June 01, 1886 in Ashland, Harding Co., OH spouse: Seaman, Laura Frances
SHUMACHER, Lucille b: September 1919 spouse: Chenoweth, Elmer
SIDWELL, Emma Lourene b: December 28, 1903 in Illinois d: June 05, 1986 in Piatt Co., IL spouse: Chenoweth, John Emory
SISK, Alvin Thomas spouse: Chenowith, Betty Kathryn
SISK, Julia Susanne
SISK, Thomas Wade
SKOWDEN, Alexander spouse: Chenoweth, Dorcas
SLADE, Susan b: December 30, 1882 in Maryland d: July 19, 1909 spouse: Chenowith, John
SMEAD, Elizabeth spouse: Wells, Joshua
SMITH, Ann b: July 10, 1787 d: May 06, 1843 spouse: Pittenger, John
SMITH, Anna B. b: 1822 in Indiana d: December 29, 1852 in Warrick Co., IN spouse: Chenoweth, Amon (Amos?)
SMITH, David Earl
SMITH, Emery Earl Chenoweth spouse: Hester, Mary Ruth, comment: appears children adopted Last Name of 2nd husband
SMITH, Evelyn b: April 14, 1923 in Elyria, OH d: July 14, 1987 in Elyria, OH spouse: Hyer, Ed.
SMITH, Kimberly Ann spouse: Applegate, Robert Edward
SMITH, Lona spouse: Chenoweth, Harry
SMITH, Lydia spouse: Smith, Samuel
SMITH, Lydia b: April 07, 1728 in South Hadley, Massachusetts spouse: Alvord, Gad
SMITH, Mary Ann spouse: Chenoweth, Samuel
SMITH, Mary C. b: August 1866 in Adams Co., IN d: 1956 in Adams Co., IN spouse: Chenoweth, John P., Jr.
SMITH, Ruth Dian spouse: Jones, Dee
SMITH, Samuel spouse: Smith, Lydia
SMITH, Sharon Marie
SMITH, Thelma Marie Chenoweth, comment: appears children adopted Last Name of 2nd husband
SMITH, Warren b: 1788-1817 in Middleborough, MA spouse: Chenowith, Catherine
SPILLAR, Catherine Vera
SPILLAR, Charles Stephenson
SPILLAR, Paul Victor spouse: Stephenson, Ann Catherine
SPLAINGARD, Andrew Randal
SPLAINGARD, Louis Eugene spouse: Merlo, Rose Mary
SPLAINGARD, Randy Alan b: 1940-1950 spouse: Chenoweth, Carla Marie
SPRIGGS, Audrey b: October 13, 1928 in Hallowell, Cherokee Co., KS d: November 01, 1993 in Columbus, Cherokee Co., KS spouse: Chenoweth, Milton
SPRIGGS, Luther Lincoln b: March 08, 1906 in Columbus, Cherokee Co., KS d: August 21, 1979 in Columbus, Cherokee Co., KS spouse: Hill, Retha M.
STEINKE, Martha Mary spouse: Kent, Rolland L
STEPHEN, Alexander spouse: Chenoweth, Julia
STEPHENSON, ? spouse: Bacon, Harriet
STEPHENSON, Ann Catherine spouse: Spillar, Paul Victor
STEPHENSON, William Wallace b: May 18, 1900 d: January 01, 1953 spouse: Chenoweth, Catherine
STEPHENSON, William Wallace, Jr. spouse: Hatloy, Karen Margaret
STEWART, James spouse: Cleveland, Joan
STEWART, Pamela spouse: Chenoweth, Thomas
STIFLER, Gertrude Elizabeth spouse: Tracey, Richard David
STORAGE, Joseph spouse: Minnear, Mary Kathryn
STORAGE, Mary Jo spouse: Chicarelli, John
STOUT, Anna Rachel b: February 11, 1873 d: March 08, 1926 spouse: Chenoweth, James Edwin "Ed"
STOUT, David b: April 02, 1841 spouse: Dill, Anna Letitia
STOVER, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Susan
STOVER, Jacob b: September 08, 1797 d: August 25, 1868 spouse: ?, Eleanor
STOVER, Mary E. b: Abt 1829 d: November 22, 1919 in Baltimore Co., MD spouse: Chenoweth, John T.
STOVER, Sophia b: Abt 1800 in Maryland d: 1874 in Lanchaster, PA spouse: Chenoweth, John
STUMEIER, Teresa Rose b: November 23, 1956 in Illinois spouse: Chenoweth, Mark Edwin
STUMP, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Mary
SUTTON, Abraham b: Abt 1739 in Basking Ridge, Somerset Co., NJ d: 1796 spouse: Chenowith, Mary (Sarah?)
SUTTON, Betty Jean spouse: Knish, Eugene
SUTTON, Charles A. b: April 08, 1904 in Arkansas d: August 14, 1960 in Dearborn Heights, Wayne Co., MI spouse: Pinkham, Beatrice M.
SUTTON, David b: March 15, 1766 in Washington Co., PA d: August 15, 1845 in Jennings Twp., Fayette Co., IN spouse: Fox, Anchor
SUTTON, Joanna b: in New Jersey d: April 01, 1836 in Indiana spouse: Heaton, Ebenezer
SUTTON, John Ultimo b: September 16, 1873 in Arkansas d: August 25, 1953 in West Branch, Ogemaw Co., MI spouse: McHone, Minnie Ann
SUTTON, Johnathon b: June 04, 1804 d: June 08, 1868 spouse: Hubble, Hanna
SUTTON, Leonard Hubble b: February 11, 1839 in Muncie, Delaware Co., IN d: October 12, 1920 in Toppenish, Yakima Co., WA spouse: Schellenberger, Mary M.
TARLETON, Anne Rosella Philomena b: Abt 1748 in St. Mary's Co.,  MD d: Aft 1792 in Kentucky spouse: Duvall, John Miles
TATIN, Dan b: October 26, 1968
TATIN, Mike spouse: Chenoweth, Penny
TAYLOR, Cynthia Lynn spouse: Chenoweth, Rodney
TAYLOR, Joanna b: September 27, 1655 in Northampton, Massachusetts d: February 28, 1737/38 in Northampton, Massachusetts spouse: Alvord, Thomas
TAYLOR, John spouse: Woodward, Thankful
TAYLOR, Velma Rhea b: July 16, 1913 d: May 1970 spouse: Chenoweth, Harvey
TEAGUE, Edward Wheeler d: January 24, 1958 spouse: Arnold, Margaret Elizabeth
TEAGUE, Reba Lorene b: February 20, 1911 spouse: Chenowith, Joseph L. "Joe"
TEAL, Hattie Olea b: Abt 1895 d: Aft 1989 spouse: Chenoweth, James Nelson
THOMPSON, James N. spouse: Chenoweth, Emily
TIDBALL, Hannah Maria b: 1841 in Holmes Co., OH spouse: Chenoweth, Alexander
TIDBALL, Joseph M. b: October 17, 1801 d: February 09, 1856 spouse: Ball, Charolette
TIMMONS, John spouse: Wyatt, Harriett
TIMMONS, John W. b: September 27, 1864 spouse: Chenoweth, Ida
TIMMONS, Russell
TOBIN, ? spouse: ?, Catherine "Kate"
TOHILL, Jesse "Jack" b: April 13, 1906 in Illinois d: October 02, 1962 in Illinois spouse: Chenoweth, Areatha Hazel
TOMLINSON, Mattie Maude spouse: Fox, Orlow Willis
TOPPER, Theodosia "Lucille" b: February 07, 1886 in South Dakota d: February 1969 in Oregon spouse: Chenoweth, Arthur Logan
TRACEY, Elizabeth Lucille spouse: Chenoweth, John Dudley
TRACEY, Richard David spouse: Stifler, Gertrude Elizabeth
TUCKER, Dora Alice spouse: McSherry, Frederick Arthur
TURK, Bertram b: May 18, 1873 d: August 03, 1951 spouse: Chenoweth, Anna Maud
TURK, Jessie b: October 20, 1899 in Jasper Co., IA spouse: Gardner, Ralph L.
TUTTLE, Henry b: Abt 1835 in Ohio
TUTTLE, Jesse b: Abt 1799 in Ohio spouse: Chenoweth, Sarah
TUTTLE, John W. b: Abt 1850 in Illinois
TUTTLE, Mary b: Abt 1839 in Ohio
TUTTLE, Rebecca b: Abt 1840 in Indiana
TUTTLE, Wesley b: Abt 1845 in Illinois
UPCHURCH, Douglas spouse: Chenworth, Helen Anita
UPCHURCH, Douglas Bernard
VAN CLEEF, George C. d: 1936 spouse: Brolliar, Margaret Elizabeth
VAN CLEEF, Marjorie b: 1894 d: 1939 spouse: Chenoweth, Ray C.
VANT, Elzy Hinds spouse: Chenoweth, Opal Len
VEALE, John Wesley spouse: Shire, Minnie Luella
VICKERS, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Opal Len
VORE, Mary d: Bef 1686 spouse: Alvord, Alexander
VORE, Richard spouse: ?, Ann
WADDELL, (Unknown) spouse: Pease, Margaret Jane
WADELL, Arthur d: 1960 spouse: Chenoweth, Etta May "Wanda"
WADELL, Timothy
WAGGAMAN, Mary Ann b: April 01, 1850 in Indiana d: September 22, 1910 in Indiana spouse: Martin, Jacob
WAGGAMAN, Samuel spouse: Heaton, Melinda Pearl
WAGNER, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Susie
WAGNER, Mabel b: October 1896 in Iowa
WANGLER, George b: Abt 1866
WANGLER, Sundalien b: Abt 1835 d: February 27, 1883 spouse: Chenoweth, Cynthiann Eliza
WARREN, Anna b: Abt 1802 in North Carolina d: Abt 1874 spouse: Chenoweth, Arthur
WASHINGTON, Jonathan S. b: 1847 d: 1926 spouse: ?, Catherine
WASHINGTON, Pamela S. " Permilia" b: 1875 d: December 25, 1958 spouse: Chenoweth, Clement, comment: date of death is a guess as given as 1858
WATSON, James T. spouse: Chenoweth, Nellie T.
WATSON, Philip W. b: August 04, 1960 spouse: McCartney, Leslie Dawn
WATTS, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Caroline
WATTS, Charles Perry b: March 02, 1885 in Jonesboro, Washington Co., TN d: July 31, 1960 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE spouse: Goehring, Florence Ellen
WATTS, Emma H. b: 1891 in Maryland spouse: Chenoweth, David C.
WATTS, Lula May spouse: Chavers, Billie
WATTS, Shirley Ruth spouse: Kanka, Paul Edward
WEAVER, David M. spouse: Chenoweth, Loretta A.
WEIGEL, Albert J. b: October 13, 1891 in Victoria, KS d: 1918 in Victoria, KS spouse: Kuhn, Gertrude
WEIGEL, Liz spouse: Chenoweth, David
WELLS, Joshua spouse: Smead, Elizabeth
WELLS, Marie spouse: Chenoweth, Carl
WELLS, Thankful b: July 14, 1741 in Greenfield, Massachusetts d: May 20, 1812 in Wilmington, Vermont spouse: Alvord, Gad
WEST, Brooke Renee b: January 28, 1982 in Illinois
WEST, Caleb Daniel b: November 27, 1988 in Illinois
WEST, Derek Alan b: October 26, 1978 in Illinois
WEST, Gail Elaine b: August 14, 1951 in Illinois
WEST, Jennifer Lynne b: October 29, 1981 in Illinois
WEST, Jeremy Scott b: March 21, 1984 in Illinois
WEST, Lori Lourine b: December 19, 1958 in Illinois spouse: Gronek, David
WEST, Roger Allen b: February 26, 1948 in Illinois spouse: Havens, Linda Sue
WEST, Scott Lynn b: April 15, 1957 in Illinois spouse: Evans, Tina
WEST, Vernell Veryl b: December 28, 1919 spouse: Chenoweth, Joan May
WHITE, Emmeline Lydia b: January 21, 1900 in Stratford, England d: October 17, 1949 in Woodford Green, England spouse: Gowan, Edwin John
WHITE, Jonathan spouse: Rugg, Lydia
WHITE, Phebe b: February 27, 1762 in South Hadley, Massachusetts d: March 20, 1846 in Granby, Massachusetts spouse: Alvord, Gad
WIEGAND, Gregory Allen
WIEGAND, Richard Dale spouse: Corns, Joyce Aileen
WILLIAMS, Lucy b: Abt 1857 in Tennessee spouse: Chenoweth, John, comment: Williams is not certain
WILLIAMS, Mary b: Abt 1861 in Arkansas
WILLIAMS, Willian b: Abt 1865 in Arkansas
WILLIAMSON, Bradford Lynn b: 1974 spouse: Chenoweth, Suzanne Tara
WILLIAMSON, Elliott b: Abt 1750 in Northern Ireland spouse: Chenowith, Elizabeth
WILLIAMSON, James Elliott b: August 08, 1827 in Florence, KY d: November 10, 1911 in Indianola, IA spouse: Drabell, Sarah L.
WILLIAMSON, Margaret spouse: Chenoweth, John D.
WILLIAMSON, Robert b: February 14, 1795 spouse: Madden, Lydia
WILLIAMSON, Virginia Agnes b: October 10, 1857 in Indianola, IA d: 1945 in Los Angeles, CA spouse: Burt, Homer Pierce
WILLINGHAM, Nell Nichols b: April 15, 1903 in Wetumka, AL d: May 27, 1989 in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX spouse: Deal, Ernest Linwood
WILLOUGHBY, ? spouse: Chenoweth, Ada
WILLOUGHBY, Ray spouse: Chenoweth, Sierra Sue
WILSON, ? b: in Ireland spouse: Chenoweth, Thomas
WILSON, Gladys b: December 20, 1896 spouse: Hufford, Russell Myrle
WOLFER, J. Fred d: Aft 1950 spouse: Chenoweth, Laura J.
WOODWARD, Thankful spouse: Taylor, John
WORTHMAN, Vonda Ellen spouse: Chenoweth, Robert James
WRIGHT, Elizabeth b: October 24, 1790 d: October 28, 1880 in Steuben Co., IN spouse: Brown, George
WYATT, Harriett spouse: Timmons, John
YEAGER, Kathryn spouse: Minnear, Jess
YEAKLE, Ruth Caroline spouse: Chenoweth, Howard
YERIAN, Deanna Joy spouse: Kidder, Richard "Dickie" Lee
YOST, Grace Adele b: 1883 in Washington, D.C. d: 1919 spouse: Chenworth, Charles Johnson
YOUNG, Boyd A. spouse: Shire, Ada Blanche
YOUNG, Louise spouse: Hooker, Henry Dwight
ZEINOG, Jeanne Dorothy b: January 05, 1927 in Maryland spouse: Chenowith, Charles Francis
ZIRL, ? spouse: Chenowith, Katherine Margaret

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